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Is Peace & Freedom in their Future? Are you familiar with the Invisible Children? Here in San Diego, through the efforts of key leaders such as Tasha Griffin, Social Sciences teacher at Del Norte High School, this “neglected humanitarian emergency” has been brought to light in our picturesque little town of 4S Ranch.

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Movie at the Park! Movies start at dusk. Shay & Associates and the 4S Ranch HOA are back for more as your co-sponsors for the event. The Little League snack bar will be open for snacks!  Don’t forget your blankets and chairs, as it gets pretty cold in the evening! Check inside for the dates for this summer’s movies. Get ready for some fun Saturday nights!

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Celebrating Sports Achievements 4S Ranch and Del Sur residents spent the spring working hard with their sports teams. Our community is proud of all of our Champs!

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Volume 6. numb e r 7

july 2011 editor’s corner

Debi Renken

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness community news & lifestyle for 4S Ranch

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Summer is in full swing in July and the need to slow down and do nothing but fun stuff is at an all time high! I have the beach calling me from the left, the pool calling me from the right, and vacation calling me from all around! Do you know how difficult it is to focus when the world is having fun and you have responsibilities? Freedom from responsibilities is not just a summer thing, but let’s face it, it’s more pronounced during the summer. It’s especially notable during this month since we celebrate our independence. The Fourth of July commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence - we declared independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. The Declaration of Independence justified the independence of the United States by listing colonial grievances against King George III. It further asserted certain natural rights, but there is one sentence that contains enormous historical significance: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Okay, so I would like to exercise my right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. I am here by declaring my independence, justified by my many grievances against my family and their activities: I drive too much. I cook too much. I schedule too much. I manage too much. I organize too much and I work too much. (The one thing I do not do is clean too much, but we’ll save that for another day.) I guess now that I have made this sweeping declaration, the next step is to pursue life, liberty and happiness. Soon after I am done writing this article, I believe I am going to sign it, date it and post it on the refrigerator. This way I can point to it whenever someone is asking for something. Wish me luck, I’ll let you know how it goes! In the meantime, read about all of the exciting activities happening right here in 4S on the fouth and get out there to celebrate our independence. There’s a carnival at Linear Park and free entrance to the 4S pool. To top it off, you can end this perfect day with fireworks at Del Norte! Happy Fourth, Everyone!

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Our mission for Back At The Ranch is to connect 4S residents to each other and to key resources with the goal of building community in 4S Ranch and the greater Rancho Bernardo area. Back at The Ranch is a great example of what can happen when neighbors build strong relationships and get busy putting their ideas and skills together for the good of the community. We hope you find this community publication reflective of our excitement to be in 4S Ranch and our desire to build something that brings us all closer together. We invite you to join in the fun and get involved. Copyright 2010. All rights reserved. Reproduction in any form, in whole or part, without written permission is prohibited. Back at the Ranch (BATR) is a monthly publication highlighting house, home and community building. BATR accepts freelance contributions, though there is no guarantee that unsolicited material will be returned. BATR is not responsible for the views of contributing writers and assumes no responsibility for errors appearing within. Opinions expressed are those of the writers and not necessarily those of the Publisher or advertisers. We reserve the right to restrict all advertisements to their proper classification and to edit or reject any copy.

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on your doorstep Invisible Children – Is Peace & Freedom in their Future? Are you familiar with the Invisible Children? Here in San Diego, through the efforts of key leaders such as Tasha Griffin, Social Sciences teacher at Del Norte High School, this “neglected humanitarian emergency” has been brought to light in our picturesque little town of 4S Ranch. Students and teachers from both Del Norte High School and Oak Valley Middle School recently participated either wholly or partially in 25 hours of silence in support of ending 25 years of war in Northern Uganda. The Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and At lunch time students put their hand prints on a 25 poster Ashley Han student president of the Invisible as a way to show their support of the cause and their supChildren Club on campus poses with the VP and the Government of Uganda (GoU) have been port for each other during the 25 hours of silence. a student donating during the 25 Campaign. waging a war that has left nearly two million innocent civilians caught in the middle. The were able to do a portion of the 25 hours. On that day, through donations GoU’s attempt to protect its citizens from this rebel militia has largely failed, and purchases of Invisible Children merchandise - which is a main source of resulting in an entire generation of youth that has never known peace. Many fundraising for the organization - $3,535 was raised on the campus. of these children were abducted into the rebel’s ranks and have been forced Because of students like ours at Del Norte, the protection plan exceeded to fight as adults. its goal and will be able to implement life saving systems in the Congo. The In the words of Mrs. Tasha Griffin, here is a firsthand account of how students at Del Norte High School were greatly impacted by their participathe 25 Campaign rolled out here in 4S… tion in a global movement for change. They were able to see that each indiIn March, Del Norte High School hosted the Invisible Children NGO vidual can be a part of a larger plan and that their small donations of time, and their Congo Tour. Three college-aged “Roadies” from their California money, and passion equated to one large impact. Pacific volunteer team and one Ugandan named Peter brought an amazing Invisible Children is an organization that was started by Poway Unified movie screening and presentation that rallied the students behind their latest students, was inspired by the desire to help child victims of war, and continues campaign to end “Africa’s Longest Running War”. The campaign they rolled to empower students in America to help children in Africa. To do something out was their “25 Campaign”- to commemorate the 25 years of war that they to help this cause today, you can go to and donate are fighting to end in Africa. to one of their programs to help Uganda, such as “schools for schools” or purThe latest efforts are aimed at the war torn areas affected today, which include the Democratic Republic of Congo and Southern Sudan. In these areas where the jungle is thick and communication in primitive, Invisible Children is building radio towers to connect villages and allow an early warning system to be established. The protection plan also includes search and rescue teams to aid war victims and escaped child soldiers as well as plans to build a child soldier rehabilitation center. This center will help former child soldiers return home and be reunited with their family and village community after being rehabilitated. The “25 Campaign” set a goal to raise $650,000 to fund this protection plan. They hoped to do this by getting 250,000 people to join this effort and stay silent for 25 hours on April 25th to raise awareness about the war in Africa. If each of the participants raised $25, the goal would be met. Over 200 students at DNHS took part in the 25 hours of silence campaign. Some students stayed silent for the entire 25 hours, while others

chase merchandise, which is made in Africa and benefits programs there.

Mrs. Griffin shared, “As I went through my day as a teacher at Del Norte High School conducting AP European history art lessons in silence and orchestrating various other activities with the students, all in silence, I have to admit that I laughed a lot. It is amazing how handicapped I felt without my voice. I had to be creative in my delivery of my lessons and my forms of communication with my students. It was challenging, it stretched me and my students, and it was empowering. All of us, students and teachers, that were able to accomplish a little or the whole day of silence were able to feel a sense of empowerment that we could do something difficult for a cause we believed in. This message is one that was well received by the students at Del Norte High School and I was amazed and encouraged by their willingness to rise to the challenge. Many of them are already globally minded and have a passion for helping others and for learning about how they can make a difference in our world today.”

4TH OF JULY IN 4S RANCH! Carnival Time! 4S Ranch HOA presents the July 4th Carnival on July 4 from 1 to 4 pm at

pets, NO alcohol and NO tobacco products allowed on school

Linear Park. This year’s theme is a day at the beach!  Water slides will entertain

grounds. Bring your resident ID for resident specials during the

the kids along with games, jumps, food, DJ and LOTS of fun! Residents can pre-

evening. Don’t forget the Del Norte Athletes will be selling food

purchase tickets for $6 per child online at  Don’t forget to

and glow items to benefit their teams, so bring some cash!

bring your resident ID for a special treat during the event.  Purchase tickets for $10 per child the day of the event.  Adults & children 2 & under free.

4S Pool Day! 4S Ranch HOA will be renting out the 4S Ranch Pool again

Fireworks at Del Norte! The skies in 4S Ranch will be lit up on July 4th as the 4S Ranch HOA pres-

for Free Resident Swim on July 4th. The pool will be open to all residents who show their resident ID’s from 10 am to 4 pm

ents fireworks hosted at Del Norte High School.  Gates open at 7 pm, fireworks

on July 4th. Resident IDs can be ordered online at 

start at dusk. This event is open to the community.  Parking is a suggested $5

Guests and residents without IDs can join the fun for $5 per person.

donation. The parking donations benefit the Del Norte Athletes.  NO chairs, NO

pag e 6 : ba ck a t th e ra n ch

www. backattheranch-online.c om

4S Ra nch

on your doorstep

Girls & Boys Club Volleyball Champs

Beach Soccer Champs!

The Spring 2011 Boys & Girls Club at 4S Ranch held their annual end of season volleyball tournament in late May. In the 6th-8th grade division, Team “Orange Crush” – emerged victorious as the Girl’s Volleyball Champions!

A small handful of San Diego Soccer Club boys (several from 4S Ranch) won the BU9/10 Beach Soccer Jam Championship over Easter weekend! They played amazingly well, even though they were the underdogs against the favorites AC Milan! With no subs, they fought to the last minute and won 7-4. It was a very, happy Easter!

Front row: Georgia Young, Lauren Bergmark, Julia Lawrenz. Back row:  Madison Levesque, Annamarie Seguban,  Patricia Martin,  Coach Tammy Young. Not pictured:  Coach Tom Neppl, Kaitlin Neppl, Kaitlyn Rios-Carlsen

The triumphant teammates were: Zachary Mansi, Ethan Albertson, Bradley Jahanpanah, Ryan Trecker, Alex Hernandez, and Noah Lee, (missing from photo Zachary Grissom).

4S AAA Baseball Champs 4S Ranch Little League AAA Division Champions are the New York Yankees! Under Manager Bob Hartung, and Coaches Craig Ostrander and Tony Pidding, the AAA Yankees finished their regular season 10-6-1 to clinch the AAA East Division Championship. Then, in a double elimination end of season tournament, the Yankees won 4 straight games to win the 2011 AAA Division Tournament.  It was a true team effort by a group of exceptional young men.

Front row: Jack Hartung, Garret Ostrander, Gil Pidding, Kevin Salceda, Logan Schwarz, Dominick Perez. Second row: Christopher Kane, Tyler Mosteller, Wesley Petrick, Marcello Alva, Davis Messih. Third Row:  Manager Bob Hartung, Coach Craig Ostrander, Mason Pelio, Coach Tony Pidding

Notts Forest Memorial Day Tournament Champs! Congratulations to the San Diego Soccer Club GU13 Team (coached by Chris Talbott) for winning the Notts Forest Memorial Day Tournament!  The team, mostly comprised of 4S residents, won in the finals 4-3 over Nomads.  

Pictured standing from left to right are Olivia Kroop, Laura Peterson, Ali Atkinson, Sarah Adams, Vanessa Costa, Audra Silva, Reilly Bosworth, Savannah Kennedy and Coach Chris Talbott. Pictured seated from left to right are Madisyn Navarro, Erica Bondoc, Alexa Angelini, Francesca Laskero, Tammy Vo, Sarah Davidson, Phoebe Lam and Madison Resolme. 

4S Ranch-Del Norte Nighthawks Complete Undefeated Season Congratulations to the Del Norte Nighthawks, Sophomore Blue Football Team of 4S Ranch for an undefeated spring season. Head Coach, Chad Mitten and Assistant Coaches, Shaka Greene & Tony Roberts led this team to an impressive 8-0 season. This group of 3th and 4th grade boys worked hard and met each opponent with a fierce desire to win. The results speak for themselves. This has been the first team in Del Norte history to end with an undefeated season.   Special thanks goes out to the coaches, players, team moms Jenn Smith & Rosa Luo, and to the parents for all of their hard work and dedication this season. The Del Norte Night Hawks Youth Football Team is still having sign-ups with room on most teams, but they are filling up quickly.  Please check the website at:

w w cka tth e ra n ch - o nli ne .co m

Congratulations to the following boys: Jake Mitten, Oscar Colon, Mason Casey, Joseph Hopper, Jacob Peavy, Jonah Hebreo, Ethan Smith, Patrick Smith, Sam Roberts, Shaka Greene, Ryan Larramendy, Hunter Fridolfs, Anthony Meader

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4S Ra nch

on your doorstep The 4SRanch-Del Sur Community Foundation Holds its 4th Annual Grant Awards Celebration The 4S Ranch-Del Sur Community Foundation, an affiliate of The San Diego Foundation, held its 4th Annual Grant Awards Celebration, donating $12,500 to three organizations that provide outstanding community resources in the area of health and human services. The programs include the 4S Ranch Youth Soccer Association -- Oak Valley Field Repair ($5,000); Oak Valley Middle School Physical Education – Fitness Room Upgrade ($5,000); and the Rancho Santa Fe Fire Department – Technology Upgrade ($2,500). “We’re honored to present the 4SRanch-Del Sur Community Foundation grants to these outstanding organizations,” said Judy Simeroth, Foundation Chair. “Our focus this year on Health and Human Services brought many high quality community organizations to our attention, and we look forward to continuing the Foundation’s commitment to philanthropy.” Simeroth noted that the 4S Ranch~Del Sur Community Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life and meeting emerging needs in 4S Ranch~Del Sur by increasing responsible and effective philanthropy; building a community endowment for the benefit of the region; providing funds annually to community organizations and causes, and giving the community a vehicle for legacy planning and gifts that will benefit 4S Ranch~Del Sur now and forever.

About the Grantees 4S Ranch Youth Soccer Association The 4S Ranch Youth Soccer Association programs offer soccer fun and games to boys and girls starting at the age of three and up to the age of 18. The Foundation will work with the Poway Unified School District to repair the Oak Valley Middle School soccer fields during the summer months.

Oak Valley Middle School Physical Education The Oak Valley Middle School physical education department will use Foundation funds to expand and upgrade its workout/fitness room. This will allow for more students to participate in weight and core training programs with the goal of improving overall “fitnessgram” test scores in the spring. The grant will be used to purchase imperative floor-padding/ flooring to cover the entire exercise area of the fitness room.

About the San Diego Foundation

The Rancho Santa Fe Fire Department

The San Diego Foundation is proud to stand as San Diego’s leading resource for information about charitable giving and community needs. We encourage, support and facilitate meaningful dialogue on issues affecting each of our communities, and work with philanthropists to develop creative solutions to meet critical community needs. Since its inception in 1975, The San Diego Foundation has helped public-spirited citizens find ways to address community problems. The funds we manage now number in the thousands. Through them, our donors support numerous organizations and serve a variety of extraordinary causes. Our donors and funds all share a common purpose: to make San Diego a better place to live, work and play. For more information, visit The San Diego Foundation at

The Rancho Santa Fe Fire Protection District has observed that many homeowners are unaware of their fire sprinkler system or don’t think about their fire protection systems. This project is intended to make it easier for homeowners to find the necessary information to keep their homes safe.

Carolyn White D.D.S. 8910 University Center Lane, Suite 670, San Diego, CA 92122

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About the 4SRanch-Del Sur Community Foundation The 4SRanch-Del Sur Foundation is part of a network of local affiliates of The San Diego Foundation, each serving the unique needs of communities throughout the region. To join the 4SRanch-Del Sur Community Foundation, or get more information, please call Trudy Armstrong at 858-674-6979, or e-mail


Any Invisalign Treatment Please visit our website for details. Exp 07/31/11

SUMMER CAMPS, CLASSES, & INTENSIVES Tap - Ballet - Contemporary - Jazz Lyrical - Hip Hop - Yoga Sculpt

10750 Thornmint Road, Suite 102 4S Ranch Business Park, San Diego, CA 92127 | (858) 613-1155

YOUR CHILD CAN GET AHEAD THIS SUMMER We make summer learning fun, interesting, and best of all...EFFECTIVE!

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www.clubztutoSing.cPN pag e 8 : ba ck at th e ra nch


 lift your seat  tone your thighs  burn fat


4S Commons Town Center

www. backattheranch-online.c om

It’s Not How Many – It’s How Well!


²"/"$"%&.*$"--:#"4&% 13&4$)00-130(3".³

Approved Short Sale $400,000



4S Ranch 10414 Craftsman Way San Diego, CA 92127 (858)675-7000

16506 Manassas St. Summerwood at 4S Ranch. 3-bedrooms & 2.5-baths ¡ oversized back patio & yard ¡ attached 2-car garage ¡ beautiful upgrades throughout. Offered at $499,990 - $529,990.


Sale Pending

Short Sale Contingent

JUST SOLD $730,000 Closed 4/11

9856 Fieldthorn St. Tanglewood at 4S Ranch. 3-bedrooms & 2.5-baths ¡ numerous upgrades ¡ backyard oasis ¡ 2-car attached garage ¡ and more. Offered at $389,990 $412,990.

At Skoglin Real Estate, Inc., it’s not how many homes we sell, but how well! With our highest priority on first-rate customer service, it’s no wonder we are one of only a few San Diego brokers/agents to win San Diego Magazine’s “Best in Client Satisfaction� survey – four years in a row! To schedule a personal tour of our current listings, call us at 858.592.0100.

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Rancho Penasquitos 9995 Carmel Mountain Rd. San Diego, CA 92129 (858)538-KIDS(5437)

10548 Hollingsworth Wy. – Amante at 4S Ranch. 3-bedrooms & 2.5-baths ¡ neutral carpet & tile ¡ open living room with fireplace ¡ community pool, spa, BBQ and tot lot. Offered at $369,900 - $394,900.

10262 Cassia Glen Dr. Travata at 4S Ranch. 5-bedrooms & 5.5-baths ¡ model quality upgrades ¡ large backyard with built-in BBQ ¡ fully landscaped ¡ so much more. Offered at $730,000.


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Your local community law firm, with over 20 years of combined experience in the areas of: xDivorce xCivil Litigation xReal Estate Law/Litigation xWills & Trusts xPersonal Injury xImmigration xLoan Modification/Foreclosure

TEL. 858.592.9522 / FAX. 858-592-9822 / EMAIL.

PARHAM & HEIDI FIROUZI Š2011 | Legal Advertisement

William Harpur, O.D.

Ngoc Nguyen, O.D.

10531 4S Commons Drive Ste. 168 San Diego, CA 92127

Keith Wan, O.D.

Natalie Li, O.D.

Jay Mashouf, O.D.

Located in the Ralphs Center

Next to Bed ,Bath & Beyond 858.675.2020

4S Ra nch

on your doorstep OF GREATER SAN DIEGO

Call or visit the 4S Boys and Girls Club for more information including rates and fees. We are located at 16118 4S Ranch Parkway, San Diego, 858-676-2230. Site Supervisor is Jack T. Nguyen. If you would like information on fall or winter sports programs or about coaching a team, please contact Nate Fenlason, Sports Coordinator - 4S Ranch Branch, 858-676-2230,,

Exciting Summer Day Camps The Fun Begins June 10 with a variety of Theme Weeks at 4S Ranch Boys & Girls Club. · Wk #4 - Star Spangled · Wk #5 - Survivor

· Wk #6 - Go Green!

· Wk #7 - Wacky Holidays

· Gym & Outdoor Sports · Cooking Classes

· Swimming & Water Slide  

CAMP VELOCITY [ K-5th Grade ] $90 per week/first child

(Includes 1 trip & 1 pool day/week)

Membership valid July 1, 2011-June 30, 2012

*Scholarships available for those who qualify*

Day Camp Hours

7 am – 1 pm [ M-F ]

· Wk #10 - Wild & Wacky Water

(Members must be signed up for sumRegistration includes summer camp t-shirt. mer camp to be at the club before 1pm. All morning day campers may stay till 20% discount for each additional child 6:00pm for no extra charge.)

Activities Include...

ADVENTURE CLUB [ 6th-8th Grade ] $100 per week/first child

$10 Camp Registration Fee


· Wk #8 - Sports of all Sorts

· Wk #9 - Under the Big Top  

· Field Trips

· Contests, Games & Parties

(includes 3 trips & 2 pool days/week) 20% discount for each additional child

· Computers

$60 Membership Fee

· Arts & Crafts

4S Ranch Sports Park Sports Leagues Youth Roller Hockey Clinics Saturdays – 8 am to 12 pm Ages: 5-18 Cost: $25 Session: 10 Weeks - Clinics are on-going Summer 2011: Jun. 18 – Aug. 27

Adult Roller Hockey League Mondays 6 pm to 10 pm Ages: 18 and Above Cost: $700 Team Fee Session: 10 Weeks + Playoffs and Championships Summer 2011: Jun. 13-Sept. 12 Tuesdays 6:30 pm to 10 pm Ages: 18 and Above Cost: $700 Team Fee Session: 10 Weeks + Playoffs and Championships Summer 2011: Jul. 5-Sept. 13 Fall 2011: Sept. 20-Dec. 6 Wednesdays 7 pm to 9:45 pm Ages: 30 and Above Cost: $60 Player Fee Session: 10 Weeks + Playoffs and Championships Summer 2011: Jun. 22-Aug. 31

Adult Men’s Basketball League Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays 6 pm to 10 pm Ages: 18 and Above Cost: $425 Team Fee Session: 10 Weeks + Playoffs and Championships

pag e 10 : ba ck a t th e ra n ch

Mondays Summer 2011: Jul. 25-Oct. 17 Tuesdays Summer 2011: Jun. 28-Sept. 13 The adult men’s basketball league is the talk of the town. They currently have 3 nights of basketball being played on Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays and allow for a maximum of a 12-man roster. There are 10 games plus playoffs, team and individual stats that are posted weekly on the league website. For more information, please visit or contact the 4S Ranch Recreation Office at 858-673-3900.

Ironman Roller Hockey

Saturday – June 11, 2011 Start Time: 11:30 am Ages: 18 and Above Cost: $175 Team Fee- by June 8 For more information, visit or contact the 4S Ranch Recreation Office at 858-673-3900.

Youth Tennis Camp

June 27 – August 26, 2011 Morning Session: 9 am – 12 pm Afternoon Session: 1 – 4 pm Ages: 7 - 14 Cost: $150 per week Dates:

#3 July 11-July15, #4 July 18- July 22 #5 July 25-July 29, #6 August 1August 5 #7 August 8- August 19

For more information, visit www. or contact the 4S Ranch Recreation Office at 858-673-3900.

Drop In Hours

1 pm - 6 pm [ M-F ] (No extra fees for current members.)

COMMUNITY CALENDAR OF EVENTS July – 4S Ranch Library Summer Reading Program (858) 673-4697. July – August 4S Ranch Parks and Rec – Various Roller Hockey, Basketball, Tennis programs. (858) 673-3900, July – August – Boys & Girls Club Summer Camps,, (858) 676-2230, July – Del Norte High School Basketball Camps. www.delnortehoops. com. July – Aug 12 – Del Norte High School Aquatics http://www.powayusd. com/pusddnhs/athletics/Aquatics/,, July 4 – Fair at Linear Park, Free Pool Day at 4S Ranch Pool and Fireworks at Del Norte High School, July 23, dusk. Movies at the Park, Despicable Me,

Rancho Bernardo Eyecare is Now 4S Eyecare Rancho Bernardo Eyecare, an original tenet in the 4S Commons Town Center, will be changing their name to the appropriately titled 4S Eyecare. The name change became effective at the end of June. Rancho Bernardo Eyecare has provided 4S Ranch residents with optometric services since 2006. This private practice offers comprehensive eye examinations, contact lens fittings, a full optical department with an onsite lab, and keeps over 1000 designer frames on site for selection. They also provide vision therapy services for children and adults. Owners Jay Mashouf O.D. and Keith Wan O.D envisioned an established optometry office heavily involved in the local community when the practice first started. After five years of an ever-increasing patient base, along with a growing reputation of outstanding service, Dr. Mashouf and Dr. Wan’s dream has come to fruition. “We are changing our name to 4S Eyecare to better identify ourselves to the local families of the 4S community,” said Dr. Wan. 4S Eyecare takes pride in their involvement with the community, including active participation in the 4S-Del Sur Foundation, along with annual donations to Stone Ranch Elementary, Monterey Ridge Elementary, Oak Valley Middle School and Del Norte High School. Joining the practice is one of 4S Ranch’s own, Dr. Natalie Li, who lives locally and is prominently involved in the community with her husband David and their two children, Maddy and Jonathan. 4S Eyecare is located in the 4S Commons Town Center next to Bed, Bath & Beyond. Their experienced staff is friendly and takes the time to give you that eye to eye service. They are open Monday through Friday from 8 am -6:30 pm and Saturday 9 am – 2 pm. A large majority of vision and medical insurances are accepted at 4S Eyecare. They can be reached at 858-675-2020. Visit their website at

www. backattheranch-online.c om

4S Ra nch

library events 4 S R ANCH LIBR ARY (858 ) 67 3 -4697

Highlighted Events and Classes for July | Summer Special Family Reading Program Runs Through End of July Wednesday, July 6 at 1 pm and 3 pm Amazing Dana Magic Show

Wednesday, July 20 at 1 pm and 3 pm Swazzle Puppet Show

Wednesday, July 13 at 1 pm and 3 pm Senorita Carmelita Tangerine with Mary Beach

Wednesday, July 27 at 1 pm End of Supper Reading Program Ice Cream Social

Reading goals for this year’s Summer Reading, Babies (Birth-Age 3) 10, 20, 30 activities completed Kids (Age 4-2nd grade) 5 hours, 10 hours, 15hours Tweens (3rd-5th grade) 10 hours, 20 hours, 30 hours Teens (6th grade and up) 10 hours, 20 hours, 30 hours Adults 4 books (one goal) “Activities completed” for babies and toddlers means babies and toddlers reach a reading goal after completing 10 activities. The activities include “Read to Your Baby” and other literacy-based activities, such as playing peek-a-boo, singing a song or playing Itsy-Bitsy Spider.

Adult Programs

Children’s Program

4S Foodies - 4th Tuesday of the month at 6 p.m. starting in June Food and Cooking Enthusiasts Group: Bring your best recipe!

Willow Grove Tutoring Tutoring with teachers from Willow Grove Elementary. Tuesdays at 9:30 a.m. on 7/5, 7/12, 7/19, 7/26, 8/2 & 8/9. 1st-2nd Grade ONLY. Sign-up Required

Baby & Me Fitness   - 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at 10:30 a.m. Personal trainer Andrea exercises with moms while entertaining babies 4 weeks to 1 year. No class in July. Class resumes in August Basic Computer Training in Farsi - Tuesdays at 8:30 a.m. Open for Farsi speakers interested in learning basic computer skills. Citizenship Class - Mondays at 6:30 p.m. Open for all interested in taking citizenship tests Knitting Circle - Wednesdays at 5 p.m. Join your fellow knitters by the fireplace every Wednesday evening and knit for fun. Knitting with Allison - 2nd Saturday of the month at 10 a.m. Basic knitting class for adults and older teens. Friends of the 4S Ranch Library Meeting - 4th Wednesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. Fine Free Friday @ all SDCL Branches- Return your County owned books, CDs, DVD, or other overdue materials on the last Friday of each month and we’ll get rid of the fines for those items!

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Play to LearnTime with Teacher Lee - Thursdays at 10:30 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. Music, Stories, Art and Fun! For children 5 years old and under. Kids Fitness - 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at 9:35 a.m. Personal trainer Andrea exercises with kids ages 18 months to 5. No class in July. Class resumes in August. Crafts for a Cause - Thursdays at 4 p.m. Arts and crafts for K-3rd grade students. Sign-ups required Homework Club - Fridays at 4 p.m. Students from Del Norte High tutor children from Kindergarten through 9th grade. Walk-ins Welcome in July and August. Chess Club - Saturdays at 3 p.m. For 1st - 12th Grades - Bring your own Chess set. Challenge your friends, practice your skills and learn new techniques! Chess Master Coach, Dawn Erikson, on specified days ONLY!

Teen Programs Teen Power: “Full of Ourselves” Tuesday at 4 p.m. on 7/5, 7/12, 7/19 & 7/26 Health Wellness Program for Girls 6th grade and up. Sign-up required. (8 weeks)

Buckheart Ranch – A Caring, Supportive Place For Troubled Boys Chuck and Julie Dilts feel they were called by God to start Buckheart Ranch. They weren’t exactly sure about the setup of the ranch, but they knew it was their mission to start something. Since both of them had worked at youth camps, they at first envisioned Buckheart Ranch as a week long camp where kids would come to enjoy the outdoors, ride horses and learn about Jesus and the Bible and then go home. Soon after finding the perfect property (no easy task), a mom called and said, “I heard you are starting a ranch and wondered if you would be willing to take my son and work with him there?” Chuck and Julie did bring him on and they began to see a great turnaround in his life.  That’s when another mom called asking for help with her son.  By word of mouth, Buckheart Ranch soon had six teenaged boys living on the ranch with the Dilts family. Slowly, but surely, the Ranch has come together and now has volunteer teachers and mentors, as well as families who come play board games with them on Friday nights. The boys go to church with the Dilts on Sundays. They go to youth group on Wednesdays. They get to learn to play instruments and go places like aircraft carrier tours, rock climbing, biking, hiking, and summer and winter camps at Forrest Home.  For many of the boys, they learn a whole new way of life -- eating around the table together three meals a day, learning life skills like cooking, cleaning, maintenance, and landscaping, just to name a few.  Some of these boys have histories of abuse, depression, drug addiction, violence and dropping out of school.  Nearly 30 boys have come to the program over the eight years Chuck and Julie have been serving. Buckheart Ranch can accommodate up to six boys at a time. The families are not required to pay anything, but are encouraged to give as they can.  The boys stay for an entire year and can earn a weekend home every six weeks.  What’s a regular day like at the ranch? Well, to start, they are required to wake up at 6 am and fix breakfast.  Each boy is assigned responsibilities around the ranch including fixing the meals and cleaning up.  They work part of the day and do their schooling part of the day.  They have math, English, history, and other courses that teachers come out to teach weekly. The Dilts find great joy in watching a young boy transform.  It takes time, but the investment is eternal and to them it is a ministry of reconciliation.  There is no plan of ever stopping what they are doing; they hope to continue serving the community in this way as long as there is a need. Buckheart Ranch is an amazing sanctuary for troubled teenage boys. The work Chuck and Julie do is loving, selfless and benevolent. In as such, they could use any type of donations.  They have a truck available to pick up unwanted items.  They’re looking for a van. They need a veterinarian. The boys need work boots. Of course, these and cash donations are all tax deductible.  Also, on Fridays between 30-60 families come to the ranch to get free food from the Food Bank, which Chuck & Julie pick up weekly. For a quick view of the ranch, visit If you have questions, need more information or want to donate call the office at 760-738-8878. 

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w h o a r e the

people in your neighborhood Marian Syage Our little town of 4SRanch is, well, small scale, and the same goes for most of the businesses that are housed within our boundaries. But one such business has an office manager that is very large in personality and qualifications. Many of you know Marian Syage who works in the 4S Ranch Eyecare office (formally RB Eyecare). Because she has always been so helpful to me, I figured there are others that feel the same way and it would be interesting to find out more about her. Not only is she a wealth of knowledge, having been in the eye care industry for over 27 years, she is welcoming, thorough and resourceful. You walk out of the office knowing that beyond a shadow of a doubt your eyecare needs have been met and exceeded. Since she joined the office, the customer base has literally doubled in size. So what’s this friendly lady all about? Marian is from San Diego, spent 21 years in Poway and raised two kids, Alex, 22 and Allison, 21. Both graduated from Poway High. Alex is following in Mom’s footsteps and intends to enter the eye care industry. He recently graduated from Vanderbilt University in Nashville. He currently works in the 4S Eyecare office gaining valuable experience before he takes his OAT – Optometry Exams. Allison is a senior at the University of Colorado in Boulder and is majoring in Communications and minoring in Biology. After she’s done in Boulder,

she will be applying to nursing school and hopes to become an RN. Allison recently returned from a 5-month study abroad in London! The entire family has a love affair with the sport of soccer – Alex and Allison both played in college and have been involved in soccer since they were toddlers! They also LOVE to travel together and as soon as Allison graduates, they are off to Spain. When Marian is not working or traveling to visit her kids in college, she is an avid reader and enjoys walking for exercise. Her passion, however, is collecting antiques. She often purchases an antique, refurbishes it, and turns it over. It’s that turning over part she has trouble with - sometimes she admires her work so much that her projects don’t leave the house. Marian thinks the 4S Eyecare office patient base is like the United Nations of 4S Ranch. There are so many different people from different cultures and she truly enjoys talking with everyone. She says clients have become like a family. She loves making sure she has obtained the maximum benefits available from people’s insurance, and loves helping them find the right frames with the right fit. Marian has been in the 4S Eyecare office for 2 ½ years and has no intention of going anywhere. Next time you’re in the center, stop in and say hi! Also, take a look at the article in this issue about RB Eyecare changing their name to 4S Eyecare.


TENNIS CAMPS June 20 – August 18

Available all summer 11am3pm, Mon - Thurs Ages 6-15, skill level beginner to advanced Camp is held at RB Westwood Club (non-members welcome) Group lessons are available year around

The club is located 5 minutes from the 4S Commons Comprehensive Eye Examination Treatment of Eye Diseases Lasik Consultation Glasses & Contact Lens Evaluations

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Contact Ray Smith, USPTA Pro 1 (858) 487-6861 or RAYSMITHSTENNIS.COM www. backattheranch-online.c om

4S Ra nch

school news Monterey Ridge Elementary

Del Sur Elementary School

2011 – 2012 Enrollment

Charity Stone, Del Sur Elementary School Named One Of PUSD Volunteers of the Year

During July, new student enrollment for Kindergarten through 5th grade will be taking place at the District Office. Check the website for exact dates. Please call for an enrollment appointment: 858-521-2800. You will be able to download enrollment forms, fill them out and bring them with you.  Forms will be available on the District website at Having the forms completed ahead of time and all documentation up to date is required to complete enrollment and will save time.

Congratulations To Vonnie Warrick - 2011 PUSD Classified Employee of the Year On paper, Vonnie’s official job title is Administrative Assistant, but in real life Vonnie does far more and she does it all with a friendly smile on her face. Vonnie is naturally personable, an indispensable problem solver and her leadership qualities are highly effective. “Vonnie is a person who is open and honest, yet strives to always be diplomatic. She is someone who listens carefully to others and gets the ‘lay of the land’ before she proposes a solution to help our school run smoothly,” said Dr. Richard Newman, Monterey Ridge principal. “Her integrity and her sense of humor guide her interactions with others.  She is bound by the desire to always do what is ‘right’ and most helpful to the school.  This speaks volumes about her desire to ensure that all children are provided the best opportunity to learn,” said Dr. Newman.  “As to Vonnie’s sense of humor, our profession is one that is met daily by challenges.  Some see these ‘challenges’ as obstacles.  Yet her sense of humor has had an enormous impact on helping those around her see the light at the end of the tunnel and to enjoy the hard but rewarding work we face daily.” Along with a group of other volunteers, Vonnie spends several hours on Saturday mornings at a Rancho Bernardo Senior Center providing snacks, manicures, and social interaction with the residents.  She also leads a group of dedicated parents that provide first-year college students with monthly care packages filled with essentials for dorm life and a taste of home.

“When Del Sur opened, one of our visions was to build a strong partnership among our parents, community, and staff, “ said Doug Johnson, Principal of DelSur. “This year Charity became our ‘educational compass’ that helped build the spirit of collaboration. She has made it possible for every parent to feel like a true ‘hero’ on campus.” One of the most exciting initiatives that Charity developed is Heroes of the Hallway. This incredible opportunity invites parents to help in the school for the whole day - not just in their child’s classroom. Parents have the opportunity to see how different classrooms and grade levels work. It has attracted many parents that work full-time and don’t normally volunteer on a regular basis. Our sense of community has grown greatly thanks to this program. In addition to Heroes of the Hallway, Charity found a way to provide computer access for our students who do not have computers at home. By working with parents, she set up the schedule for the computer lab to allow access for students before school. In addition, she organized a rummage sale that generated much-needed funding. Charity has been heavily involved with the school while completing her degree (she has since been accepted at UCSD in the Fall) and with her husband serving our country in Afghanistan. Congrats Charity and thanks so much for all you do!

Broadway West With Mrs. Ellis Is Back This summer students will enter the world of creativity and love of music and theater. Students will work on singing, improv, juggling, and acting skills. Students will receive a Broadway West t-shirt and perform in a celebration showcase on July 29. Joining Mrs. Ellis in the teaching of the class will be Bushwalla, a song writer and actor, and David Geist, a Broadway pianist who has worked on shows such a Wicked, The Lion King, and many other such plays. The class is open to students entering third grade through tenth grade. The workshop will be held from Monday, July 18 to Friday, July 29. The class will be held Monday – Friday from 11:30 to 2:30 pm. Cost is $350 for two weeks and $250 for one week. Sign up by visiting the following website:

Stone Ranch Elementary Stone Ranch Board Openings

Write On!

The Stone Ranch Foundation has several board positions opening up for the 2011-2012 school year. Come and join the organization that brings Physical Education, Kindergarten Aides, Reading Specialists, Computer Resources, and more to Stone Ranch.  Applicants can send their interest to or visit the SRF website at and complete the volunteer interest form.

Sharpen up your pencils and join us for two weeks of rocking, writing and sharing stories. The Stone Ranch Young Writers Camp begins July 1122, from 8:30 - 11:30 am and is for students entering 2 – 6th grades.   This year we also have two one-week camps designed for High School Students entering 9 – 12th grades. The first one is July 25 – 29 and the second one is August 1 – 5, from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm.  For more information, contact or call 858-487-8474 x4307. 

Summer CELDT Testing If you are one of our lucky students who are fortunate to have multiple languages spoken at home, then you know we have a terrific English Language Learner program! To prevent us from having students removed from class for the annual CELDT tests, we are tentatively scheduled for Monday, August 15 through Friday, August 19, for summer CELDT test.   We encourage ALL families that received the CELDT letter to sign up for summer CELDT.   w w cka tth e ra n ch - o nli ne .co m

Looking to Enroll Your Children? For complete information about Stone Ranch enrollment procedures and forms necessary, please visit the stone ranch website at http://www.

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school news Del Norte High School Del Norte Baseball Teams Clean Up In Valley League

Del Norte Dive Team Flips For A Great Season

The Del Norte Baseball department had a lot to cheer about this past spring. All three teams, Varsity, JV and Freshmen, emerged victorious as Valley League Champions! The JV squad finished strong with a final record of 11 wins 3 losses. After a slow start, the Varsity squad overcame a 1 – 8 start to win 10 games in a row and end the season with an overall record of 18 wins, 14 ties and zero losses. For Valley League only games they had a strong record of 9 wins, 3 ties and zero losses. This record secured the Valley League Championship for Del Norte. The following players were named to the All North County Team’s # 1 and # 2 for Division IV.

Del Norte Nighthawk Megan LeBlanc finished her successful dive season placing in 3rd place in the Valley League and taking 6th place in Division 2 San Diego Section CIF. This is Megan’s second high school season diving for Del Norte. This 11th grader is a former gymnast, is current a member of the DNHS Dance team and is a member of the ASB.  “Megan  is athletic and both strong mentally and physically a great combo for spring board diving,” says DNHS Coach Nick Naiman.  DNHS Dive Team Megan says she is going to work hard in the off season with her Club Coach Dennis Taylor of the San Diego State Dive Club in hopes to climb the ladder of placing higher in both the Valley League and CIF next year. For more information on diving and Del Norte, go to and the Del Norte Aquatic Center Facebook page. Other divers finishing strong were Matt Schrag and Devin Foster. Matt (sophomore) finished in 1st place in the Valley League, and ninth in D2 CIF for the boys, Devin (junior) finished 4th in Valley League for the girls.

DNHS Varsity Winners

1st Team Seth Bowles Kevin Koch Garrett Reese


2nd Team Cameron Toor Dakota Wilson

Honorable Mentions Jason Glatt Stephen Xirinachs Travis Potter

Seth Bowles was also voted Pitcher of the Year (Division IV) The following players received the “NIGHTHAWK AWARD” given for outstanding achievement to players on the team. Kevin Koch, Connor Toor , Seth Bowles

DNHS Water Polo Hey incoming freshmen! Are you interested in playing water polo at Del Norte HS next year? Get a head start for the school season by doing club water polo this summer. Visit for a month and a half long club water polo experience, including games and tournaments, or get a feel for the game by doing a 2 week introductory camp at Del Norte:   (Click on register now, then Introduction to Water Polo).

1st Annual SPLASHDOWN Makes Waves SPLASHDOWN at Del Norte consisted of music, live student performances from the recent Talent Show, Hip Hop, Dive Demonstrations, and DNHS Splashdown dinner provided by L and L Hawaiian. There was open swimming, physics boat races, and the ultimate - a water displacement contest! SPLASHDOWN was a wonderful opportunity to reconnect, build community, celebrate some of the highlights of Year Two, and launch into the summer beyond!

Specialists in Dentistry & Orthodontics for Children & Young Adults ➢
















Gordon H. Dixon, DDS, MS • Christy Lam, DDS Christopher J. Eitzen, DDS • Martin H. Thurston, DDS, MS Michael J. Amodeo, DDS • Lori C. Good, DDS, MS

11616 Iberia Place • San Diego, CA 92128

(858) 676-5000

pag e 14 : ba ck a t th e ra nch

www. backattheranch-online.c om

4S Ra nch

school news Del Norte High School Dad And Daughter Team Attend 112th Annual PTA Convention Steve Tutunjian and daughter, Stephanie (a sophomore at Del Norte HS), attended the 112th Annual California PTA Convention in Long Beach, California, as Del Norte High School PTSA delegates. Stephanie was the sole student representative from the Palomar Council PTA and Ninth CAPTA Convention Long Beach District PTA to attend. Del Norte PTSA is a member of the 36-unit PUSD Palomar Council PTA, which is part of Ninth District’s 17 Councils comprising 376 PTA unit organizations throughout southern California. The four-day convention was non-stop. Students participated in workshops such as College Survival Guide, Helping Achieve Academic Success, and Dealing with Stress and Anxiety, while adult attendees participated in workshops ranging from leadership, financial management, and parliamentary procedure, to legislation and how to increase unit membership.  There were 28 Palomar Council PTA  unit presidents and  officers attending  the state  convention, which drew over 4000 delegates,  nondelegates, guests, and exhibitors during the 4-day event held in the Long Beach Convention Center.  Next year’s  State PTA Convention will be in Anaheim, California.

DNHS Golf Tournament The Del Norte High School Golf Team will be hosting the 2nd Annual Del Norte Golf Tournament on the 11th of September at the Rancho Bernardo Inn. They are looking for Golfers, raffle items, and golf hole sponsors. If registered by July 21, 2011, the cost for a foursome is $500. The cost for an individual player is $125 (registered at any time). Costs include greens fees, cart, tee prizes and dinner. If you have an interest in attending or learning more about this event please call Betty Sturgeon 858-449-2995.

DNHS Summer Basketball Camps Have kids that love basketball or have been wanting to try some hoops. Then sign them up for the summer basketball camps at Del Norte High School. Run through the Nighthawk Youth Basketball Club (NYBC). On July 18-22 from 9 am to 3 pm, Coach Spahn will be hosting his annual Del Norte hoops youth camp for both boys and girls grades 4-8. Please visit for more details on cost and registration information.

Future Nighthawks The Del Norte PTSA Board needs YOU! There are several open board positions just waiting for your enthusiasm and expertise: President, VP Membership, VP Ways and Means, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer and Financial Secretary.  Please click on the PTSA tab on the Del Norte website for job descriptions and more information about these positions. Please contact Debbie Ludwin, Del Norte PTSA President 2010 – 20011, with any questions. She can be reached at:

Oak Valley Middle School 2011 Volunteer of the Year Each year, Oak Valley selects a Volunteer of the Year. This year, our Volunteer of the Year is Arij Aljalabi. Arij volunteers in many classrooms supporting students, chaperoning field trips, and making supply runs. Not only that, she supports the staff too with donations, treats, and her big smile that always brightens a day.  Arij is a huge help with a kind heart. Congratulations Arij Aljalabi! Additionally, we’d like to extend our sincere appreciation for all our volunteers. You help us make a difference each and every day and it is your generous support of time, energy, and donations that allow us to do the wonderful things we do!

DNHS Golf Tournament The Del Norte High School Golf Team will be hosting the 2nd Annual Del Norte Golf Tournament on the 11th of September at the Rancho Bernardo Inn. They are looking for Golfers, raffle items, and golf hole sponsors. If registered by July 21, 2011, the cost for a foursome is $500. The cost for an individual player is $125 (registered at any time). Costs include greens fees, cart, tee prizes and dinner. If you have an interest in attending or learning more about this event, please call Betty Sturgeon at 858-449-2995.

w w cka tth e ra n ch - o nli ne .co m

Teacher Appreciation Week Was A Wonderful Success On behalf of the OVMS PTSA volunteers, I want to thank all the wonderful parents and businesses that helped to make Teacher and Staff Appreciation week so successful. We were able to provide apples and oatmeal on Monday; muffins, pastries, coffee, and tea on Tuesday; and three delicious lunches on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to our 105 staff members. Also, we raffled off more than 30 gift baskets/gift certificates on Friday. Thank you for your GENEROUS donations of time, food and/or raffle items. In addition, a BIG thank you to our local businesses: Coke Company, Jamba Juice, Jimbo’s, Starbucks, Traders Joe’s, Daphne’s California Café, Mariska Absil-Mill Gift Baskets, and Traditional Martial Arts Center, who supported our school. Next time you frequent their stores, please take a moment to tell them that OVMS families appreciate their support!

OV Falcon Foundation Board Opportunities for 2011-2012 Did you enjoy our Casino Night Auction Dinner and our Holiday Boutique? If so, would you like to work on the Holiday Boutique & Octoberfest for next year? The Oak Valley Falcon Foundation welcomes you to become a member of our board for 2011- 2012. If you are interested in being a member or need more information, please contact

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communi t y l if e s t y le : h om e By S te phan ie G ar r is o n

The Joy of Reading – Outdoors N

ow that it’s the start of the summer season, take a moment to remember all of the books you’ve been meaning to read. We’re so plugged into a fast-paced existence these days, that slowing things down to achieve balance in our lives is incredibly important. Nothing is more satisfying (and sometimes, challenging!) than making an effort to appreciate the written word. This is the perfect season to set up a fabulous exterior room, break out a good story and spend some quality time outdoors. Whether you have a designated nook in the back yard, an interior courtyard, a deck, a balcony, or a tiny front patio entrance, you can carve out a space to suit your lounging needs. This doesn’t have to mean an extensive outlay of cash – in fact, you may already have most of the components you need to create your retreat – but it does require some planning.

First, designate your area of choice. If you have the square footage to do so, find a locale that gets less foot traffic – next to the kids’ playset won’t work. Is there a forgotten or under-used spot in the yard? That’s your best bet: remember, this is meant to be a place to escape to and get lost in a book. Next, clear up any debris or items that aren’t being used – this is a good opportunity to either store, donate or dump any excess baggage. Once you have a level area, secure the surface – ideally, there should be some solid form of exterior flooring, whether it’s concrete or pavers or even loose flagstone. It’s more durable for furniture to sit upon in the long run. The best way to define your “reading room” is to anchor it with an outdoor mildew-resistant carpet. This immediately frames your location and


gives it a measure of importance. Even a tiny 3’ x 5’ throw rug can support a small-scale chair, side table and potted floor plant. Select the largest size rug possible for the space – if need be, combine two for larger areas. Create a polished look by using larger-scale planters and greenery to border the perimeter of your retreat. Not only does this element of nature soften any stucco walls and hardscape, but it provides shade and can help muffle sounds. Speaking of walls, if you are in a covered space, consider softening it further by hanging outdoor curtains. Even a pocked-sized front porch reading area can feature a pretty Balinese screen for interest. You can achieve a polished indoor look with outdoor-grade décor- think about mounting an interesting set of Shabby Chic vintage windows or shutters for design impact. When it comes to seating, figure out what appeals to your senses. Some readers enjoy the adjustable back of a chaise lounge; others would be happier swinging in a massive hammock. If square footage is at a premium, don’t be afraid to plop down one big overstuffed chair. When it’s large enough, you can tuck your legs in comfortably and forgo an ottoman – thus saving space. A side table is also a must to set down a drink and any reading material but if there’s a choice, keep the table small and the seating large. Restful reading is a top priority. Invest in a set of furniture covers, if possible – this will protect pieces from harsh sun and occasional rainfall, making your investment last much longer. Covers can be pricey and often aren’t an exact fit, so don’t be afraid to safety pin them from the inside, tailoring them to suit your furniture’s angles. Increase the comfort of your sanctuary by including an umbrella to shield against the sun’s glare, if need be. Add more potted plants for color, grouping them in threes or fives so that the look is cohesive, not cluttered. Source outdoor accents in stone, ceramic and metal: anything low-maintenance that can withstand the elements. The aim is for a luxurious refuge, not high-maintenance hideaway. Finally, add some extra ambiance with a small plug-in fountain or covered candle holder (making sure to never leave burning flames unattended). Include whatever decorative touches that will speak to you and personalize the space. Chances are the more finished your enclave is, the more time you’ll spend in it. Finally, why not make this a family affair? Set things up so that several members can enjoy spending some reading hours together. Get everyone’s input on how to make the surroundings more peaceful. Remember, it doesn’t have to be a highbrow spot to study Shakespeare – this can be a great dropin hangout for flipping though magazines and gabbing. Or perhaps your on-again, off-again reading group would enjoy a meeting al fresco? Whether it’s one reader or four, spending an afternoon in your outdoor reading room will be one of the most relaxing things you could possibly do this summer.

“As our family grows, we wanted a home that would grow with us.” Trust Your Home to Us



pag e 16 : ba ck a t th e ra nch

www. backattheranch-online.c om

communi t y l if e s t y le : h e a lt h By TK S m ith, S p e cia l ist in Fitn e ss Nu tr ition (S FN ), www.he r e sWhati D

So Easy a Caveman can Figure it Out


ood should be an easy thing to figure out, but in today’s environment, it’s not. In fact, over time the foods you consume can be deadly if you make the wrong choices (in our environment I think even a caveman would struggle with choices). The main problem is education. Most of our food education comes from marketing, which is probably not the best source.

One of the latest diet ‘trends’ making a comeback is The Paleolithic (Paleo) Diet. It’s promoted in various fitness centers and is catching on because of its focus on whole foods. People often ask me what I think about the Paleo Diet and I never have a ‘one size fits all’ response. We all are very different people. We have different tastes, physiques, professions, hobbies and each of us processes foods differently. There is never a blanket answer, which is exactly why people need help to find the right nutritional plan. The Paleolithic (Paleo) Diet is the caveman or hunter-gatherer diet – it consists mainly of high protein with a low amount of  grains, refined sugars, starch, bread and processed carbohydrates. I am a big fan of whole foods. So, at first glance, this type of diet makes a lot of sense to me. After all, this is what our ancestors ate and when you look at images of the hunter-gatherers they seemed like they were healthy and in good shape.   It definitely makes sense to look back at what our ancestors ate, but we also have to look at lifestyle. When I look at my lifestyle compared to a huntergatherer, they are two very different lifestyles. I am pretty sure the caveman did not wake up and hop in his SUV and drive through Starbucks on his way to Costco to hunt and gather.  My guess is he had some different requirements on his body than I do.

For the caveman, different times of year (the seasons) put different strains on his body. He only had access to certain foods certain times of the year. Different types of foods may have played a role in keeping him alive in his environment. It might have made sense (certain times of the year) for the caveman to have higher blood pressure or have a little extra body fat.   In comparison to the caveman, I sit in front of my computer all day.  My home is 70 degrees all year long. With a nearly constant environment, my food choices are unlimited. My meat is raised on factory farms and has a much different body composition to that of a lean wild animal. My fruits have been engineered to grow larger and sweeter. So maybe my diet should be slightly different than the caveman? There are a lot of ‘diets’ out there and they all will help you to lose weight initially. However, the goal is to find a ‘diet’ you can live with; one that optimizes your health and leaves you feeling satisfied. The underlying commonality you’ll see in all of the latest ‘fad’ diets is that they usually limit or eliminate a couple common things, sugar and processed carbohydrates. That’s a great start, but don’t stop there. The ‘perfect diet’ is something unique to each of us and it’s actually quite simple. Once we eliminate the sugar and processed carbs, we can begin to pick up on those signals our bodies send us that point us toward the perfect diet for each of us.

< C : J L D  8@E >  # K 8 =  P CFJ<9F; =<<C9<KK<I FIALJK

Comprehensive Eye Examination Treatment of Eye Diseases Lasik Consultation Glasses & Contact Lens Evaluations


You need someone you can trust to care for your pets when you’re at work or on vacation. Whether a short break during the day, a long walk or an extended overnight stay, Like No Other Pet Care can assist. We will exercise your pets, feed them and give them lots of love and attention right there at your home to ensure no surprises happen while you’re gone.

t Reliable, Honest, Caring t Experienced (8 years at a veterinary hospital working hands-on with animals) t Able to administer fluids & medications t Licensed, bonded & insured t Escondido, San Marcos, 4S Ranch, Rancho Bernardo & More t Excellent References

(760) 294-2175

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TK Smith, S.F.N. (Specialist in Fitness Nutrition) ­ÇÈä®Êx™ÎÊÇx£ÓÊUÊ̎ӈ̅ÓJ}“>ˆ°Vœ“

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or degreed professionals with a passion for teaching.



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businessAskspotlight Us How! 858-449-4494 Club Z! Tutoring â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Courtney Brown



Schoolâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s out for summer, but that doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t mean itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s time to slack off on your childâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s educational prowess. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Summer Brain Drainâ&#x20AC;? is a very real problem. Area Director and Owner of Club Z! Tutoring, Courtney Brown, has summer solutions, as well long term solutions, to help keep your childâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s brain on ready alert.

ACT preparation to college and graduate studies and even foreign languages! Club Z! only works with credentialed teachers or degreed professionals with tutoring backgrounds. This way you can be sure you are getting a teacher who has the proper and appropriate background to work with your child. All the tutors have a love for education and enjoy working with children.

Club Z! has been operating nationally for over 15 years and the Poway office has been around since 2005. Club Z! Tutoring is structured to parallel the academic programs and standards within the Poway Unified School District. They are a strictly in-home tutoring organization. Each student receives a one-on-one, customized tutoring program! This makes tutoring more effective, more convenient, and more flexible. It creates a very positive, enriching environment for students.

Club Z! also offers independent study programs for class credit (with prior approval). These programs are great for who would like to get a better grade in a class or who want to take a class that is not offered. The independent study program is also good for kids who are behind on credits and need to catch up. Summer is also a perfect time for SAT or ACT prep work because there are no other class distractions.

Courtney Brown has always had a love of education. Sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a CPA with a tutoring background. Even while getting her undergraduate and graduate degrees, she managed to fit tutoring in on the side. Eventually, she found her way into Club Z! Tutoring and when the owner was ready to move on and offered the franchise to Courtney, it didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t take much effort to figure out the opportunity fit her skills and vision perfectly.

The beauty of Club Z! is not just the in-home feature, but the fact that they cater to just about any subject you or your student may need and they work with all ages! They cover everything from Pre-K readiness to SAT/

Summer tutoring is important as it prevents backsliding. There are a variety of programs, but all programs make learning fun and promote valuable life-long study habits. These programs help set up students for success. If they go into the new school year feeling confident, they look forward to going to school and consequently learn more effectively. There is even a specific study skills program, which teaches students how to study more effectively.

There are incredible opportunities for learning with Club Z! Look for their ad in this monthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Back At The Ranch. Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a special for $100 off tutoring. Visit or call them directly at 858-4444494. Be proactive in your childâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s learning endeavors; call them today!



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