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RUIFENG MACHINERY CO. LTD. 公司简介 Dongguan Ruifeng Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1997, and it is engaged in the R&D, manufacture and sell of cold chamber die casting machine, hot chamber die casting machine as well as other supporting equipments. The factory has a favorable location in Dongguan City of Guangdong Province and occupies over 10,000 square meters of land area. Relying on the rich experience in providing manufacture service and technological support, Ruida die casting machine has become a trustworthy brand in the industry and has been widely recognized by all clients.

东莞市锐风机械有限公司创建于1997年,占地一万平方 米,总部座落在制造名城广东东莞,地理位置优越,商贸聚 集,交通便利。十余年来,公司稳健经营,专注于冷、热室 压铸机及周边设备研发、生产制造和销售,长期积累的生产 经验和服务经验,使“锐达”品牌压铸机成为业界知名品 牌,赢得了客户的广泛认可。

Ruifeng ranks among the best manufacturers depending on its far-sighted development concept, powerful technological strength, and advanced manufacture technology. It adopts ISO9001 and ERP to establish a sound management system, uses finite element method to optimize machine performance, and keeps innovating in new products as per European and Asian industrial design standards. The Factory is equipped with advanced hydraulic equipments, electrical components and efficient controlling system. It has established a complete set of strict procedures, including processing, inspection, assembly, and debugging to make sure all finished machines are easy to use and have stable performance and high reliability. Moreover, the Factory has been in close cooperation with many universities in China to ensure continuous technological improvement.

锐风理念超前,技术力量雄厚,生产工艺先进,管理中推行 ISO9001和ERP,技术上采用有限元法对产品性能进行优化 提高,采用欧洲、亚洲行业设计标准进行自主研发,配备世 界名牌的液压、电器元件及控制系统,通过严格的加工、检 验、装配、调试,机器操作方便,性能稳定、安全可靠。此 外,公司与国内知名学府进行全方位的合作,保证技术持续 的发展。

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Foundry-planet e-Magazine Diecasting-Dialogue ISSUE 1 | JUNE 2017  
Foundry-planet e-Magazine Diecasting-Dialogue ISSUE 1 | JUNE 2017