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Issue 1/June 2017

HAITIAN DIE CASTING OFFICIALLY LAUNCHES ITS HDC SERIAL COLD CHAMBER DIE CASTING MACHINES 海天金属正式发布HDC系列冷室压铸机 HDC products unveiled On March 25, 2017, HAITIAN Die Casting officially launched the HDC serial cold chamber die casting machines. The events marked a year since Haitian‘s entry into the die casting industry last year, where Haitian Group officially began marketing and promoting die casting machines as new products to the market all over China. The quality of Haitian as a leading national brand Taking “reliability and durability” as its design tenet, the Haitian HDC serial cold chamber die casting machine has many innovative designs, solves most of the generally existed problems that affect the machine stability and service life, and significantly improves its precision, stability, speed and efficiency, safety and durability. The guests visited Haitian’s “8+16” highly smart and automatic valve plate production workshop and diecasting machine production workshop. The powerful machining production capacity, flexible processing line, modern tridimensional storage system in the valve plate workshop, and the large-scale, standard and modular production and assembly in the diecasting machine production workshop are all impressive and give further confidence and recognition to the audiences on Haitian’s quality.

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HDC产品全新亮相 2017年3月25日,浙江宁波,宁波海天金属成型设备有限公 司(下称“海天金属”)新产品发布会在海天集团新总部大 楼多功能厅隆重举行。会议正式发布了HDC系列冷室压铸 机,此举标志着海天集团自去年进军压铸行业以来,正式向 全国市场销售和推广压铸机新产品。 海天品质,民族领军品牌 海天HDC系列冷室压铸机以“可靠、耐用”为设计宗旨, 融入了许多创新设计,对行业里普遍存在的影响机器稳定性 和使用寿命的问题进行重点解决,机器精密度、稳定性、速 度及效率、安全性、耐用性显著提高。 与会嘉宾参观了海天“8+16”高度智能化和自动化阀板生 产车间、压铸机生产车间。在阀板车间,超强的机加工生产 能力,柔性加工生产线,现代化的立体仓储系统;在压铸 机装配车间,规模化、标准化、模块化的生产装配,震撼全 场,让在场观众进一步加强对海天品质的信心和认可。

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Foundry-planet e-Magazine Diecasting-Dialogue ISSUE 1 | JUNE 2017  
Foundry-planet e-Magazine Diecasting-Dialogue ISSUE 1 | JUNE 2017