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C R EAT IVIT Y U NLOC K ED When I come to judge The Brit List Awards and, in tow, edit The Brit List, there’s always one theme that, above others, somehow finds the judging panel. This year, while technology and sustainability were undoubtedly talking points, how British studios and hospitality brands, have debuted new hotels, while at the same time boldly revamped existing properties that earned their ‘iconic’ status decades ago, grabbed our full attention. For many reasons, 2023 will go down in history. I believe it has been a comeback year for the British hospitality and hotel design industry – and the community that drive it forward. That’s not to say that previous years were lacking in exceptional hotel development, but I can feel a deeper sense of creativity and meaning in the projects that have completed recently. While it might be safe to say that new standards have indeed been set by this year’s leading interior designers, architects and hoteliers who have been profiled in The Brit List 2023, I have learned in my five-year editorship that there is no time to pause – blink and you’ll miss something. Looking ahead, therefore, to what the British hotel design community is currently working on, now that studios and brands alike have unlocked something more than obvious hotel design narratives, 2023 is just start of yet another thrilling chapter. I hope this issue of The Brit List will allow you to peer inside to explore what is coming next.

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The Brit List Designers of 2023


In conversation with... Brian Messana


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In conversation with... Neil Andrew


Waterpoofing Raffles London at The OWO


In conversation with... Caroline Lewis


The Brit List Architects of 2023


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Waterpoofing Raffles London at The OWO


Transforming a British icon

Hamish Kilburn Editor, Hotel Designs




In Conversation with... Moritz Waldemeyer


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In Conversation with... Tatiana Sheveleva


Making the ‘spa-throom’ sustainable


Democratising bathroom design


Meet this year’s ‘wildcard’ judge


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Meet this year’s ‘wildcard’ judge



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Democratising bathroom design


Hotels on the boards

Celebrating an outstanding contribution


meet the judge s

Brian Messana, Co-Founder, Messana O’Rorke

Caroline Lewis, Freelance Travel Journalist

Brian Messana established his New York-based architecture firm, Messana O’Rorke, with Toby O’Rorke in 1996. Before that, he was a project designer at Peter Marino and worked with Richard Meier & Partners and Asymptote in New York. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Messana is on the board of the Society of American Registered Architects, and is a committee member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Customer Residential Architects Network.

Caroline Lewis is a renowned travel journalist who specialises in luxury hotels, with an eye for what makes somewhere a stand-out and a deep aversion to the generic, bland and soulless.

Tatiana Sheveleva, Co-Founder and Partner, Chapi Chapo Design

Neil Andrew, Vice President, Design (EMEA), SH Hotels & Resorts

Born and raised in Kazakhstan, Tatiana Sheveleva is Co-Founder and Partner of Chapi Chapo Design, one of the world’s leading hospitality interior design firms. Throughout her distinguished career as an international designer, she has led large-scale projects with the world’s most renowned fivestar luxury hotel companies including Four Seasons, St. Regis, Ritz-Carlton, Aman, Park Hyatt, Mandarin Oriental, Baccarat and more.


Lewis is a long-time contributor to publications such as luxury hotel booking platform Mr & Mrs Smith and also writes for and contributes to the digital editions of magazine brands including Harper’s Bazaar and ELLE.

Neil Andrew, who has worked in the past for the likes of Woods Bagot, Studio Moren and Perkins&Will, has more than 20 years’ experience in interior design. Recently appointed as the role of Vice President, Design (EMEA) at SH Hotels & Resorts, Andrew joined this year’s panel, bringing with him a wealth of multi-disciplinary knowledge, seeing this year’s entries through the lens of an in-house design expert with vast studio experience.

Nicholas Oakwell, Founder, NO Uniform Founded in 2002 by designer Nicholas Oakwell, NO Uniform has built an unparalleled reputation in designing and delivering a directional fashion-conscious approach to customised uniforms whilst maintaining the client’s identity. Fuelled by designing modern and innovative uniforms, NO Uniform has created unique and individual collections for some of the world’s leading luxury hospitality brands. With the blurring of boundaries between fashion and design, Oakwell joined the panel as this year’s ‘wildcard judge’.

Katy Phillips Publisher

Hamish Kilburn Editor

Pauline Brettell Writer

Kirsty Gardner

Head of Marketing

Lauren Thackeray Marketing Manager

Moritz Waldemeyer, Founder, Studio Waldemeyer

Carla Duaso

Studio Waldemeyer is an international creative studio run by Moritz Waldemeyer and Nazanin Farahbod. Their work occupies a diverse range of creative spaces – from art, lighting and product design through to fashion and entertainment.

Charles Dragazis

Graphic Designer

Production Manager

Studio Waldemeyer was built on a philosophy of playful experimentation by forging links between technology, art, fashion and design.

Hamish Kilburn, Editor, Hotel Designs Overseeing this year’s judging process for the sixth year, Hamish Kilburn is the Editor of Hotel Designs, and the host of two podcasts; Travel By Design and DESIGN POD. Kilburn has developed a unique and diverse narrative for Hotel Designs by reviewing design-led hotels around the globe, interviewing visionaries in the community who are disrupting the international hotel design scene and writing engaging features from all corners of the arena.

@HotelDesigns @hoteldesigns Hotel Designs Hotel Designs



Alex Holloway, Co-Founder, Holloway Li Alex Holloway is the Co-Founder of Holloway Li. Together with Na Li, he is responsible for the overall creative output and design direction of the company and manages the studio’s London projects, working with brands such as Hoxton, Locke Living as well as independent hotels and residential clients to establish meaning through design solutions. Last year, the studio completed Wunderlocke, a 306-key serviced apartments building in Munich’s buzzing Obersendling district. Holloway Li has recently completed its first co-living project – a 300-apartment building in London’s Wembley. Its design seeks to develop a fledgling building typology by balancing characteristics of both the domestic and the hospitality experience in nature.

Alexandra Jurkiewicz, Creative Lead, Helen Green Design Alexandra Jurkiewicz has a long-standing career with extensive experience within the luxury interior design scene. Her knowledge of interior design, architecture, project management and delivery are inherent to her experience of working on projects within super-prime residential and mixed-use sectors. In 2019, Jurkiewicz joined Helen Green Design as a Lead Designer, where she has since took a role of the Creative Lead. In this role, she runs the studio and oversees all aspects of design, from conceptualisation to execution, as well as is responsible for maintaining the studio’s high standards of quality and creativity. Jurkiewicz’s design philosophy is centered around creating spaces that are both functional and beautiful, with an emphasis on clean lines, sustainable materials, and luxurious finishes that feel equally comfortable. With Jurkiewicz’s leadership and vision, Helen Green Design continues to be a top choice for discerning clients who value quality, elegance, and sophistication in their homes.



Andreas Christodoulou, Founder & Creative Director, House of Dré House of Dré was Established in 2020 by Andreas Christodoulou, who brings his architectural background into a diverse range of disciplines, from interior design and sculpture to furniture and industrial design. The studio completed the interiors inside Ember Locke Kensington, in collaboration with Atelier Ochre. The aim was to design a conceptual slice through the last 100 years of Kensington, arguably the ‘golden age for art and culture’ for the London borough. The hotel design is therefore anchored around the atmosphere of the late Kensington roof gardens, and the laissez-faire flamboyance demonstrated by the iconic mid-century fashion brand Biba, which was born in the neighbourhood’s bohemian fashion scene in the 1960s. A whole host of local, up-and-coming artists adorn the walls, with eclectic artwork and sculptures that both compliment and clash with the palette in equal measure.

Angus Buchanan, Creative Director, Buchanan Studio Husband-and-wife duo Charlotte and Angus Buchanan are currently working on a multi-property development in Ibiza, a palazzo in Venice and a hotel in London. Buchanan, Creative Director of the studio, has extensive experience working with luxury global brands, including Burberry, Versace and Dolce & Gabanna. His career includes working with Mario Testino and being the art director for the legendary production designer Michael Howells. The studio conceptualises and creates dynamic spaces and identities. It does this through collaboration between producers, brands, visionaries, entrepreneurs and individuals to realise exceptional projects across interiors, lifestyle, fashion and events.



Anthony Rudolph, Creative & Brand Director, Nicolas James Interiors Nicolas James Interiors recently created the interior design scheme inside THE NICI, a new 88-key destination resort in Bournemouth (the former Savoy hotel). Rather than opting for a familiar British seaside design narrative, Anthony Rudolph, Brand & Creative Director of in-house design team Nicolas James Interiors, wanted to create an aesthetic suited to the local environment, yet draws the best from a global deign palette. “The way the sun shimmers on the ocean here, and with the lofty eucalyptus trees in the property grounds, it feels reminiscent of Miami,” Rudolph said. “We looked to capture that eternal spirit and evoke an uplifting sense of overseas holiday escapism as soon as guests step through the door.”

Charlie North, VP of Interior Design, Ennismore / AIME Studio Charlie North is a strong arts and design professional, with a passion of interior design and its application to hotels. Put simply, he has shaped the interior design function at Ennismore over seven years. In 2023, after announcing the launch of AIME Studios, an awardwinning team of interior and graphic designers, Ennismore pledged to open 30 new properties. Among these were Maison Delano Paris, Mondrian Cannes, Rixos Abu Dhabi Marina, Hyde Ibiza and the hotly anticipated arrival of The Hoxton brand in Brussels. The 198-key hotel that is The Hoxton, Brussels is occupied in a brutalist-style tower building - the former EU HQ of IBM. The hotel, which opened to rave reviews earlier this year, has a lofty double-height lobby, bar and restaurant, as well as a rooftop terrace.



Clara Ewart, Head of Design, Kitesgrove Kitesgrove’s design team, headed up by Clara Ewart, recently completed the interiors of a new suite inside Casa La Siesta, a boutique hotel in Andalusia Spain. The collaboration between the design studio and Lee Thornley of tile brand Bert & May showcases both brands’ inherent passion for craftsmanship, colour and natural materials. Casa La Siesta was originally created from reclaimed finds. Kitesgrove’s contemporary scheme offsets this in a subtle yet impactful way. The studio developed an earthy palette of neutral tones with rich accents of terracotta and oxblood, providing a comforting atmosphere while adding dramatic touches like bold horizontal lines. Its use of raw, organic and characterful finishes against a soft pink backdrop of natural plaster walls creates layers of texture and shade.

Clare McDonald, Founder & Creative Director, Design Command Design Command is a London and Hertfordshire-based interior architecture studio, which was founded in 2013 by Clare McDonald. The team’s experience in hospitality design stems from the development of the Wildwood restaurant brand, leading to a partnership on more than 40 restaurants. Now in its 10th year ̶ and opening two Mercure Hotel’s with more in the pipeline ̶ Design Command has quickly grown over the years, with its designers working on bars, restaurants and hotels across the United Kingdom and Europe. No matter the scale of the project, McDonald and her team are committed to bring their experience and flair to realise new design ambitions.





Image credits: Messana O’Rorke

b u ild ing blocks:

In conversation with Brian Messana Brian Messana, Co-Founder, Messana O’Rorke, joined this year’s judging panel to sift through this year’s entries with an international eye. Editor Hamish Kilburn spoke to the architect and designer to catch up from where they left off following their fun and vibrant podcast interview on DESIGN POD…

From one thriving hospitality arena to another, New York is a concrete jungle where creativity and innovation lurks around each corner, nestled in all neighbourhoods. For Brian Messana, who in 1996 co-founded architecture and design firm Messana O’Rorke with his partner in creativity, Toby O’Rorke, there is a lot of synergy between Manhattan and London – I wanted to know more. Hamish Kilburn: Year in, year out, I ask our judges why Britain is such a design and hospitality hub, but can you describe the New York scene for us? Brian Messana: It’s changed for the better. There was a period with a lot of mid-market hotels being built, especially around midtown, that had no design value and added nothing to the city. But now the hospitality world is upping the ante in the creativity of the design and architecture. They’re often collaborating with other


creatives who are either established or at the top of their game – like a chef or wellness brand – to elevate the amenities and experiences. HK: What is the biggest lesson you have learned since setting up yours and Toby O’Rorke’s studio 27 years ago? BM: In order to be in the game, you need to stay in the game. The other advice I would offer is just to be patient.

HK: I love how yourself and Toby approach a lot of your projects using juxtaposing materials – they are not buildings, they are art. When did this style find you as a studio? BM: We’ve had a distinct point of view from the beginning, which has been refined over the years. A large part of that has been finding the clients that we’re in sync with and also, frankly, just believing in ourselves. Because we use boxes and containers to organise space, the work becomes more abstract, but the abstraction is a result of the design solution and not something we’re deliberately aiming for. Our projects can be interpreted, whether by the owner or a viewer, and what they want to bring into it. We’re not dictating; there are many readings of – and ways of living in – our architecture.


Craig Mckie, Co-Founder & Creative Director, Bell & Swift As Co-Founder and Creative Director of Bell & Swift, Craig Mckie is a key driver of the studio’s creative output. As well as his limitless creative mindset, Mckie has a unique commercial understanding and is now well-regarded for his original, award-winning designs. He has worked on projects across the globe, in Ottawa, Geneva and Nice. In each case has created a unique aesthetic that provokes emotion, whilst still remaining commercially sound for the client. With more than 10 years’ experience in hotel and hospitality projects, Mckie has designed for some of the sector’s most successful conglomerates, including Hilton, Intercontinental Hotels Group, Accor Hotels and Marriott International.

Eirini Karamolegkou, Associate Director, Hopkins Architects Eirini Karamolegkou joined Hopkins in 2007 and became an Associate Director in 2020. She is a key part of the firm’s interiors team with expertise in hospitality, office, healthcare and education interiors and a passion for colour, materiality and bespoke FF&E selections. During her time at the practice, Karamolegkou has worked on the space planning and interior fit-out for Nottingham Trent University, Macmillan Cancer Centre at UCLH as well as the design and delivery of the interiors for the BREEAM ‘Outstanding’ and British Council for Offices award-winning Brent Civic Centre. The designer also led a team, supporting Peter Marino’s overall interior vision of the hotel, delivering the hotel guestrooms for the recently opened five-star Peninsula London hotel in Central London, as well as working on the interiors and bespoke FF&E selection for the School of Data Science for the University of Virginia.



Geraldine Dohogne, Founder, Geraldine Dohogne Design As soon as Geraldine Dohogne discovers a new plot of land or an existing building, she fully immerses herself in the culture and history of the place – it’s the natural, first step of a design process when seeking to give a true soul and identity to the future project. The designer, who is currently working on the completion of Cap Au Vert, as well as hotels in Ghent, Belgium and Mexico, believes in timeless design. Fuelled by a mix of passion, instinct and emotions, the outcome of a project is guaranteed to unlock memories and discoveries at every corner; each space tells its own story. Dohogne prides herself to hand-pick every single object and source local craftsmen whom themselves form an integral part of the place in question. As a result, every project represents a marathon across flea markets and meeting with local artisans and artists.

Hannah Lohan, Creative Director, New Heritage Design Hannah Lohan, Creative Director and Lead Designer at New Heritage Design, specialises in designing boutique hotels and F&B spaces. Her background is as unconventional as her approach. After working as a TV producer working on interiors programmes, she graduated into event production and styling as director of her own company. This diverse career, coupled with Lohan’s wide-ranging exposure to the global hotel scene, has given her an informed yet original perspective on design in the hospitality sector. Lohan initially finds inspiration in turning a client’s brief into a script. This approach gives her designs a strong narrative with unique character, as seen in her recently completed work at ‘The Collective at Woolsery,’ North Devon – a village renovation project where the designer and her team have, to date, transformed The Farmers Arms pub, several holiday cottages and suites.


Image credits: Hamilton Litestat

Suppo rt i n g i n t e rior de sig ners s i n c e the 1980 s Gavin Williams, Sales and Marketing Director of British decorative wiring accessories brand, Hamilton, explains the social value of community in hotel design… It seems that tight budgets and high client expectations are the norm in today’s highly competitive hotel interiors market. When new design schemes reach the stage of specifying decorative wiring accessories, Hamilton’s project support team’s experience becomes invaluable. Our team offer advice on aesthetics and on-trend finishes to bespoke product designs for projects requiring something a bit special and unique, while ensuring everything stays on budget. Since the 1980s, Hamilton has supported designers and architects within the hotel industry working on a variety of highprofile, boutique and international hotel projects. With hotels demanding ever more attention to detail in design, and guests expecting access to the latest in lighting control and charging technology, we share expert knowledge and ideas to ensure your proposal exceeds all expectations. Customers who have placed their trust in us include Hilton International, Accor, IHG, Hotel Indigo, Bespoke Hotels, Marriott International, Marine and Lawn Hotels & Resort Group and Mastcraft Group.

This structured, yet flexible, approach offers you start-to-finish support. This includes: • A site visit allows us to fully understand the design challenge, make considered product suggestions and resolve any technical issues at the earliest opportunity. • Product selection from our range of more than twenty design collections in up to 23 different finishes will meet most briefs. We can advise you on the merits of each collection and customisation opportunities if required. • A detailed project quotation will be provided to support your client presentation. These include product descriptions and datasheets to support your design decisions. • Free product samples can be created to support your mood boards and decisionmaking. All samples are made in our Bristol factory for quick turnaround. • Custom-made plates can be produced to your bespoke technical requirements and made to match your chosen design collection, ensuring a totally co-ordinated look. • The team will keep you informed about lead times at every stage. Whatever the final product mix, we will ensure you’re kept up to date throughout the whole project, including final delivery to site. Wherever you’re based, there is a project support team member nearby who will be happy to visit you at your studio.



Jeremy Grove, Managing Director & Head of Design, Sibley Grove In early 2023, Sibley Grove completed the third phase of the Fox & Goose in Ealing, adding 43 rooms to the site, originally completed by the studio in 2018. More recently the practice converted the second floor at The Counting House for Fuller, Smith and Turner – a 15-key boutique, by Bank Station. The cornerstone of Sibley Grove’s creative process is ‘design for disassembly’, which means considering how a product goes together and how it comes apart. The benefits are threefold. Firstly, it enables materials to be separated and reused in the future, supporting the circular approach to design. Secondly, it simplifies repairs. For example, in a hotel setting, demountable components can rapidly reduce repair times, saving money. Finally, creating furniture in this way makes it easier to reuse and refurbish spaces in the future, which reduces carbon on a typical refurbishment by 70 per cent and cost by up to 60 per cent.

Jessica Morrison, Senior Associate, G.A Group Jessica Morrison has worked at G.A Group, London for 11 years. Since joining the studio, Morrison has worked as Project Manager on numerous luxury projects, both internationally and in the UK. These include Belmond Cadogan on Sloane Street, Park Hyatt St Kitts Christophe Harbour and the recently opened 1 Hotel, Mayfair. For 1 Hotel Mayfair, the team, led by Morrison, were tasked with creating a compelling design narrative in response to the creative challenge of fusing sustainability and luxury, a concept currently unexplored within Mayfair’s landscape. Collaborating closely with skilled artisans and creators, the aspiration was to craft an environment that’s comfortable and tranquil, while presenting a refined, paired-back aesthetic. At the heart of the design philosophy lies authenticity, reflected in both craft and materiality used to bring the vision to life.


Supporting our industry since 1983

Image credits: Jon Day

m ak in g the leap:

In conversation with Neil Andrew Neil Andrew, Vice President of Design (EMEA) at SH Hotels & Resorts, joined this year’s judging panel to solely judge The Eco Award. Editor Hamish Kilburn caught up with the designer ahead of his leap over from studio to in-house... When he is not DJing for Hotel Designs at industry events, Neil Andrew who, last year, described his approach to interior design to me as ‘a jazz band’, is taking on the challenge to make hotel design more socially and environmentally viable. Following on from nearly a decade working for leading design studios, including Woods Bagot, Studio Moren and Perkins&Will, Andrew has recently taken on the role of being Vice President of Design in the EMEA region for SH Hotels & Resorts, which felt like an apt place to start our conversation. Hamish Kilburn: You recently moved from working in a studio to now working inhouse for SH Hotels & Resorts. Just how different is your role now? Neil Andrew: I’m now working with the design team overseeing our new and existing projects in the EMEA region, for 1 Hotels, Baccarat Hotels & Treehouse Hotels. In many ways my role is now streamlined, focusing purely on design whereas before, in addition to design, I was also overseeing business development, marketing,


managing resources etc. It’s truly a pleasure working across various amazing sites for the forthcoming properties in this region. HK: What sets SH Hotels & Resorts aside from other brands trying to disrupt the luxury hotel sector? NA: SH Hotels & Resort is not just a set of brands. Especially at 1 Hotels, we are mission driven and leading the way in sustainability; not just in design but also in operations and social aspects. Sustainability is integral to the DNA that makes up the brand, the thread woven throughout all 1 Hotels. We believe that prioritising sustainability does not mean having to sacrifice design, functionality or luxury and we practice sustainability in all aspects of what we do. Environmental impact is the foundation on which we base design, construction and operations. In addition, we engage in social initiatives to give back to the local communities. We aim to inspire our guests to make changes in the way they live their lives, small or big, in turn making a positive difference in the world. HK: What’s next for SH Hotels & Resorts? NA: Following the opening of 1 Hotel Mayfair, our next openings will be 1 Hotel Copenhagen and Treehouse Manchester.



Interior photo: Gor Davtyan

Touch of Brass


BRISTOL . LONDON . BARCELONA Download the Hamilton Collection Brochure


Maria Oliva, Founder, Maria Oliva Interiors Maria Oliva embarked on her interior design career when she began her life in London more than a decade ago. After relocating to the UK at a relatively young age, shortly after earning her architecture degree in Milan, she found herself captivated by the design landscape of the British capital and its vibrant creative community. Throughout the past decade, she wholeheartedly embraced British culture, absorbing the unparalleled energy of the London design scene. She not only became a part of this dynamic world but also established herself as a local citizen, eventually founding her own design practice. Oliva’s specialism is in designing spaces that work on both an architectural and a design level.

Mark Bithrey, Founder & Director, B3 Designers Mark Bithrey leads B3 Designers to deliver strategic, branding and interior design projects worldwide. This year, the studio transformed a Golf Club and Country Club at The Woolfox into a luxury members-only destination. B3 Designers also completed The Cross, which features six floors of hospitality spaces. The space, which was formally an iconic nightclub, now comprises of a lobby, ground-floor bar, first-floor restaurant, second-floor restaurant, The Red Room cocktail bar, a nightclub and it also has terraces with views across King’s Cross. In addition, Nouvelle Garde has also recently opened Brasserie Des Pres in the Latin Quarter in Paris, following previous brasseries the studio has designed for them.



Martin Goddard, Co-Founder & Director, Goddard Littlefair Together with Jo Littlefair, Martin Goddard leads the global team at Goddard Littlefair, which has studios in both London and Porto. Goddard Littlefair has created interior design narratives for The Mayfair Townhouse, Hilton Vienna Park and Villa Copenhagen, among many others. When designing a building, the studio’s approach is to always work from the inside out. Its core creative offer encompasses both architecture and interior design. 2023 has been ‘all go’ for the design studio. While currently working on Mandarin Oriental Vienna, Four Seasons Amaala, Vienna Riding School and Corus Hyde Park, the studio has just completed the interior scheme of the five-floor spa inside The OWO (Raffles London), as well as completing projects inside Four Seasons Sultanahmet, The Astor at 9 Millbank and Le Parchamp.

Martin Hulbert, Founder, Martin Hulbert Design With more than 25 years design experience, Martin Hulbert has completed a wide variety of residential and hotel projects around the world. He is the award-winning designer of The Grove Hotel, Coworth Park for the Dorchester Collection, the Dorchester Spa, the Treehouse Suites at Chewton Glen, Barnsley House and Cliveden Terrace Dining Room & Spring Cottage. Recently, with Jay Grierson, who has worked with Hulbert since 2005, the designer completed the design of Woven by Adam Smith, inside Coworth Park and the Mansion Suites at The Grove. Both hotels required Hulbert and his team to create visually stimulating spaces that answered effortlessly to their locations. While The Grove used art, texture and colour to harmonise the design with nature, Woven by Adam Smith was inspired largely by the autumn season.



Nicholas Hickson, Director & Founder, THDP Nicholas Hickson is a British furniture, lighting and interior designer – with more than 34 years’ experience. He has worked with high-end interior residential and commercial projects for international clients and developers in exclusive areas of London and the rest of the world. Hickson, who with his team recently completed the interiors inside Hyatt Regency London Blackfriars, has extensive experience with hotel interior architecture, schematic planning, FF&E selection & custom design and procurement strategies. The designer has a contemporary approach to traditional manufacturing and, combined with his meticulous attention to detail, Hickson delivers inspirational, award-winning interior design projects and furnishings.

Pauline Dellemotte, Co-Founder, Atelier Ochre Atelier Ochre is a collaborative and experimental design studio based in Paris and London. Founded by Pauline Dellemotte and Daryl Fitzgerald, the studio builds relationships with ideas, people and spaces to create sensitive architecture and interiors. Dellemotte has delivered high-end residential homes, hotels, bars and restaurants across the UK and Europe, collaboratively working with brands alike to utilise sustainable design, modern construction methods and working with natural materials for calm and intuitive spaces. This year, in collaboration with House of Dré, the studio completed the interiors inside Ember Locke, both bringing their architectural background into a diverse range of disciplines, from interior design, artwork curation and both graphic and industrial design.



Sasha Stupar, Associate Director, EPR Architects Sasha Stupar has more than 20 years of experience in the hotel design arena. Whilst she initially trained as an architect, she decided to focus on hotel interiors after helping the team to deliver Marriott hotels in Leicester and London Heathrow. Stupar, who particularly values the opportunity to work collaboratively, oversees the creative design direction and supports a talented young team of 10 interior designers; empowering them to grow professionally and gain valuable experience in all areas of the design process – and considers this a central part of her role. She consistently finds ways to mentor her co-workers and junior designers in the studio’s London and Manchester hubs, setting an example and inspiring her colleagues to deliver the most exciting projects, enabling them to grow and develop professionally.

Scott Torrance, Director & Head of Interiors, 3DReid Scott Torrance leads the interiors team at 3DReid, and works on a diverse range of interior projects and sectors designing three-, four- and five-star hotels, bars and restaurants, F&B operations, hospitality lounges and residential including student residences. Scott has extensive experience, particularly within the hospitality sector working collaboratively with clients throughout the UK and abroad. He is responsible for all aspects of projects from managing initial concept design to project delivery on site and has a particular interest in historic buildings, specifically their change of use and reinvention into hotels. Following the completion of the likes of Hotel Indigo Manchester Victoria Station and Marriott V&A Hotel, also in Manchester, Torrance is currently working on The Address Hotel (Glasgow), AC Hotel Glasgow and My Locanda (Glasgow).



Tara Bernerd, Founder and Head of Design, Tara Bernerd & Partners Since founding Tara Bernerd & Partners 21 years ago, Tara Bernerd has earned a reputation as one of the world’s foremost interior architectural designers. The studio’s in-house team have an innate understanding of luxury, with projects ranging from hotels, restaurants and spas, to commercial residential developments, yachts and the occasional private residence. Since 2022, when the studio unveiled the interiors of Conrad Los Angeles and Four Seasons Fort Lauderdale, this year Maroma, A Belmond Hotel, nestled between 200 acres of dense tropical jungle and the white sands of Mexico’s Caribbean coast, opened following an extensive renovation and redesign by Bernerd and her team. Meanwhile, Rosewood Munich opened in September, with interiors imagined by the studio, as the brand’s first property in Germany.

Tina Norden, Partner, Conran & Partners At the close of 2022, Conran & Partners announced it was entering into a new chapter after the completion of a management buy-out, which saw its Principals; Tina Norden, Simon Kincaid, Sebastian Conran, Katy Clarke and Tim Bowder-Ridger taking over ownership of and now sharing the practice. Norden, who was crowned Interior Designer of the Year at The Brit List Awards 2021, has a diverse portfolio stretching across many contexts and continents, from hotel and restaurant design to high-end residential and boutique retail projects. This year, the studio completed the interior design scheme inside Park Hyatt Jakarta, which was inspired by the natural beauty and traditional craft of Indonesia, combined with the contemporary and diverse culture of Jakarta.


Wat e rp oof ing Raffle s Lo n do n at T he OWO Schlüter-Systems was asked to provide bathroom solutions inside The OWO, which shelters Raffles Hotels & Resorts’ debut hotel in London… Originally completed in 1906, the Grade II* listed Old War Office building in London has been closed to the public for more than a century. Arguably best known for being Winston Churchill’s headquarters during World War II, it’s also the location where Ian Fleming was inspired to write James Bond, with several Bond movies also filmed there. It’s now time for the next chapter in the history books of this landmark building. Originally designed by British architect, William Young, the transformation from former Old War Office into The OWO has been overseen by the award-winning EPR Architects. Their vision was “to preserve the historical features of The OWO, whilst creating a contemporary design with modern-day innovations,” says Geoff Hull, Director at EPR. Working alongside EPR Architects was a team of interior design consultants, including The Office of Thierry Despont who were the interior designers for Raffles London. The meticulous craftsmanship applied during the transformation required the use of reliable waterproofing materials behind the scenes. Tile and stone protection expert Schlüter-Systems supplied a comprehensive selection of waterproofing solutions. In addition to The OWO Residences by Raffles, which are designed for grand living and entertaining by interior designers 1508 London and the penthouse suite which was designed by Winch, Schlüter products have also been specified and installed in the 120 hotel rooms and in The Guerlain Spa. For each of the hotel’s bathrooms to confidently meet the demands of such a prestigious project, a complete system of waterproofing products was used, including the tileable backerboard Schlüter-KERDI-BOARD, which creates


an even and load bearing substrate for which to tile directly onto. To ensure complete waterproof protection, the accompanying sealing products KERDIKEBA, KERDI-FIX and KERDI-COLL-L create a secure barrier against any water ingress over potential weak points such as screw penetrations and connections. Using a complete waterproofing system from a single manufacturer offers total peace of mind as all the components are designed to work together effectively. To complete the shower area, the KERDILINE-H 50 G2 linear drain and KERDISHOWER tray allows for the continuation of the covering material across the entire shower area surface whilst offering a nearinvisible drainage aesthetic. The interior design of The Guerlain Spa was created by Goddard Littlefair and features nine treatment rooms, a 20-metre pool, and an eight-metre vitality pool. Two layers of Schlüter-KERDI-BOARD were used to construct the walls alongside the pool, which was then clad in stone. The stone was meticulously mitred, and the edges polished by stone contractor EDM, for a beautifully textured focal point.

Image credit: Raffles Hotels & Resorts


MEET UP North July 11, 2024 LEVEN manchester

Hotel Designs’ MEET UP networking events aim to bridge the gap between designers, architects, hoteliers, developers, operators, and suppliers alike. To purchase tickets or discuss sponsorship opportunities contact Katy Phillips on 01992 374050 or To discuss possible editorial opportunities contact, Hamish Kilburn on 01992 374103 or

to mor row ’s luxu ry:

In conversation with Caroline Lewis Renowned luxury travel journalist Caroline Lewis was invited to join the judging panel for The Brit List Awards 2023 to see this year’s entries through a consumer lens. During the judging process, editor Hamish Kilburn spoke to Lewis to find out what she and her readers look for in luxury hospitality.

Caroline Lewis: I spent almost a month in Mexico this spring and was blown away by some of the luxury hotels there – especially the One&Only and Rosewood resorts. Not only is the design impeccable (especially the treehouse-style suites at One&Only Mandarina), but the locations, restaurants and service were all next level.

The last time I saw journalist Caroline Lewis, we were with PR consultant Charlotte Rous, embracing the ‘no news, no shoes’ mantra that Gili Lankanfushi, in the Maldives, is all about – think Robinson Crusoe ‘shipwreck chic’ but with cocktails.

HK: Describe to us the most boujee hotel you have ever stayed in…

When, for the lack of a better word, ‘necking’ our sundowners to make it on time to dinner – three ‘Maldivas’ keeping it real – we witnessed the most incredible sunset, which Lewis described in the moment as ‘God’s fingers’ reaching down.

HK: If budget was no object, where would you stay?

Months after the trip, after inviting Lewis’ perspective on the judging panel for The Brit List Awards 2023, I found a minute to catch up with the luxury travel journalist to understand more about emerging travel trends as well as design’s role in luxury hospitality. Hamish Kilburn: Which region in the world would you argue is nailing the luxury hotel scene and why?


CL: Amangiri is the most unreal place on the planet – and not just because of the lunar-like Utah landscape (though that certainly helps).

CL: It depends. For a weekend away with friends, the destination would always be Italy – Passalacqua in Lake Como, JK Place Roma or Il Salviatino just outside Florence. For a week-long holiday? A villa in Puglia, Sicily or a Greek island selected from The Thinking Traveller’s peerless collection – its properties are always incredible. HK: Sounds idyllic! What about adventure travel? CL: I don’t really ‘do’ adventure (I got stuck on a zip-line earlier this year) – but I would tolerate an all-American theme park in California or Florida just for the nostalgia.


The Tech in Hospitality Summit is a highly focused event for senior hospitality procurement professionals and suppliers to the industry. The Summit consists of one-to-one business meetings, interactive seminars, and valuable networking opportunities - all to enable the creation of lasting business relationships. Areas covered include: Food/Beverage Control Systems, Apps, AI, Booking Solutions, Business Intelligence/Data Analytics, Employee Engagement, Back Office Technology EPOS and many more. For more information contact. Jennie Lane on 01992 374098 or Scan for more information:


Tom Thorogood, Co-Head of Interiors, Studio Moren Since joining Studio Moren, Tom Thorogood’s unique footprint on projects has been unmistakable. Whether it’s the opulent Welcombe Hotel in Stratford-upon-Avon, the chic Hyde Paradox Hotel in London City, a luxurious five-star Luxury Resort in Portugal or a luxury hotel in Nigeria, his influence has left an enduring mark on each space. Recently, Thorogood led the interior design team in the renovation of the 100-key Mornington Kensington Hotel. The interior design drew inspiration from the local area’s Victorian heritage, resulting in the creation of a four-star, lifestyle hotel with an intimate, residential feel. Beyond these achievements, Thorogood is also fronting a lighting collaboration to create a manufacturer’s first sustainable range, which is due to launch early 2024.

H ansg rohe an d Hotel De signs , em br acin g w e l l be i n g to g e t h e r In an effort to help architects and designers get back to their creative roots – and away from their screens – Hansgrohe and Hotel Designs have collaborated to create a series of exciting wellbeing networking events. “We aim to unleash the design community’s creativity and joie de vivre, whether that is mindfully painting or riding your bike through the great outdoors,”


explained Emma Freeman, Brand & Communications Manager – UK & Ireland. “You will leave one of our sessions refreshed and ready to take on the next challenge.” To admire the talents of our A&D community, head over to the Hansgrohe booth to view the artwork created at the last ‘Art of Water’ workshop led by Wren Loucks, Creative Director at BeKin.


SCAN ME! Working in close collaboration with the professional team, BECK are delighted to be the main contractor on NoMad London. To find out more, please contact Vanessa Budd:

Another year of new designs, colours and textures.

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THE BRIT LIST architects OF 2023

Alastair Shepherd, Director, Falconer Chester Hall Following the completion of The Other House South Kensington, which opened in 2022, Falconer Chester Hall has been working to convert a cluster of buildings, steps away from the iconic piazza in Covent Garden, into the brand’s second aparthotel model. While the bold interiors are being created by Bergman Design House, the architecture feat of this project is about restoration as well as transformation. “The approved scheme will help to transform this corner of Covent Garden, providing a distinct offer within a unique collection of buildings,” said Alastair Shepherd, Director, Falconer Chester Hall. “Proposals will blend modern interventions and historic assets, connected by a spectacular atrium acting as a vibrant heart to the city block. The scheme will also set an exemplar for sustainability, through re-use, adaptation, urban greening and energy efficiency. It has been a pleasure working with such forwardthinking owners and work is already underway to deliver the scheme.”

Arran Pexton, Director, Hopkins Architect Arran Pexton has particular expertise in leading and managing extensive and dispersed consultant teams during the design and delivery of large-scale complex projects. This has been demonstrated through Pexton’s work leading the team on the Peninsula London. The hotel, which shelters interior design by Peter Marino, is a complex engineering challenge, with ‘top down’ construction facilitating super-structure and sub-structure works in parallel. Hopkins is responsible for the design and delivery of the shell & core and back of house, as well as the delivery of the fit out for the hotel and residential elements. Whilst Pexton has a strong track record of delivering high quality projects, the client’s brief and end user considerations always inform the development of his work.



Christina Seilern, Founder & Principal, Studio Seilern Architects Christina Seilern established the creative practice Studio Seilern Architects (SSA) in 2006. Applying her unique style across a range of building typologies, geographies and scales she re-engages in an approach that carefully addresses each project from an indepth consideration of the detail to the overall massing strategy. Prior to establishing SSA, Christina Seilern was the Founding Director of Rafael Viñoly Architects (RVA). Her diverse portfolio includes RIBA-award winning projects such as Gota Dam Residence in Zimbabwe, Ansdell Street in Kensington, a world-class concert hall in the Swiss alpine village of Andermatt, award-winning Wellington College Performing Arts Centre in Berkshire, and Boksto Skveras masterplan – a UNESCO heritage site in Vilnius, Lithuania.

David Chipperfield, Principal, David Chipperfield Architects Following winning Outstanding Contribution to the Hospitality Industry Award at The Brit List Awards 2022, David Chipperfield, Principal, David Chipperfield Architects, set the tone this year by completing The Ned Doha. Sitting squarely on the renowned Corniche waterfront, the listed building – designed in the 1970s by Lebanese architect William Sednaoui – is a celebrated historical landmark of Doha (the former Ministry of Interior building). With its finely rhythmic façade and sculptural silhouette, the state building is considered an elegant demonstration of brutalism in the Middle East. The existing architecture was refurbished, adapted for use as a luxury hotel and extended by an additional top floor. A 260-metre-long plinth forms its new podium, creating a green oasis with lush vegetation, art installations and basins.


Image credits: Mark Read/The Dorchester

Transforming a British ic on The Dorchester has been a jewel on the British hospitality scene for more than 90 years. To sensitively take the hotel into its next golden era, BECK was asked to lead the construction... An iconic London landmark, The Dorchester first opened its doors on April 20, 1931 – it immediately attracted high-profile guests, becoming a favoured destination for royalty and celebrities. In 1981, The Dorchester achieved Grade II* listed status, marking it as a building of interest. Entrusted to carry out the renovation works, BECK has completed the strip-out and refurbishment of the ground floor front of house areas, cake and flowers boutique, external forecourt and guest rooms situated on floors one and two. The hotel remained open throughout the works. Therefore, it was essential disruption was kept to a bare minimum for their guests and employees. The BECK team created a five-star temporary entrance and reception, which allowed BECK to take possession of the external forecourt, entrance lobby, The Vesper Bar and worldfamous restaurant, The Promenade. Significant alterations were carried out to the front façade, where the famous canopy was carefully removed and replaced with a new, steel frame structure and terrazzo cladding to respect the building and its iconic design.


The hotel forecourt was also fully refurbished, including waterproofing to protect the hotel basement below. “The team have worked exceptionally hard to create an incredible, high-end finish, befitting to the hotel, its legacy and those who will visit it,” said Dan Herron, Group Managing Director for BECK. “It has been a privilege to work with the entire client team on a project of such key historical significance in London.” Bespoke joinery manufactured in BECK’s joinery workshop in Chessington, Surrey features throughout the front of house spaces, by working off drawings created by their Design Development team. In ‘The Promenade’, The Artist’s Bar, skilfully crafted in the workshop, has been covered in gold leaf and adorned with Lalique crystals. Moulds were taken of the original cornicing and coving in the space to ensure exact replication in the new works. The Vesper Bar, also built in the workshop, has been clad in stone and glass and the entire ceiling of the bar covered in rare Palladium leaf. In February this year, the reinvigorated front of house spaces and guestrooms opened to much acclaim in the hospitality press with the BECK team bringing to life the beautiful designs of Pierre-Yves Rochon and Martin Brudnizki Design Studio and working in close collaboration with the client and their team ReardonSmith, Gardiner & Theobald, HLN, and PSH Consulting.

THE BRIT LIST architects OF 2023

Davide Bertacca, Associate Principal, Woods Bagot Davide Bertacca, who joined Woods Bagot in 2014, is now an Associate Principal and hotel sector leader for WB Europe. His role within the London Studio started with the Sheraton Park Lane hotel project refurbishment. Following the completion of Hotel AMANO Covent Garden last year, his most recent project is Minthis, a stunning resort-style development located in a breathtaking hillside setting within a protected natural landscape. Woods Bagot is delivering masterplanning, architecture, interior design and branding services to create a truly unique retreat lifestyle experience. The works include a major upgrade of an existing golf course and 12th Century monastery, as well as the creation of 44 residential villas, a contemporary clubhouse, a wellness spa with a pool and a village centre comprising restaurants, bars and retail. *Davide Bertacca has since left Woods Bagot to join the team at Arcadis as Principal.

Emma Perkin, Director, Emil Eve Architects Emil Eve Architects created a new wellness experience for St James’ Court London Taj Hotel, using the building’s foundations to carve a layered narrative into the design scheme. Located in the Victorian cellars of the luxury hotel, the new spa facilities include a glowing vitality pool which wraps around the hotel’s original brick walls, a steam room clad in continuous milled sections of Carrara marble and a sauna created from solid sections of thermally treated Alder wood. The brief was to transform the hotel’s Victorian cellar into a new spa and wellness setting. “Due to the total lack of natural light and the inherent low ceilings, a concept and material palette was developed which aimed to create an atmospheric and richly textured interior,” explained Emma Perkin, Director, Emil Eve Architects. “This complimented and celebrated the existing character and history of the space.”


THE BRIT LIST architects OF 2023

Geoff Hull, Director, EPR Architects Geoff Hull, Director at EPR Architects, has completed many hotel projects during his time at the practice, including refurbishments such as The Waldorf, Kimpton Fitzroy, Rosewood London and Home Grown, along with four new-build hotels for the Devere Group. In 2023, Hull completed several conversion and new-build hotel schemes including The BoTree, The Audley and The OWO. The OWO was, without a doubt, Hull’s largest project to date, which involved sensitively restoring the Grade II* listed architectural shell that once sheltered the headquarters for Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill during the second world war, and where he broadcasted many of his public announcements – into a 120-key luxury hotel and 85key private residences. In the process, the architect extended the already monumental building by 31 per cent.

James Dilley, Director, Jestico + Whiles Following the completion of Mandarin Oriental Palace Luzern in 2022, Jestico + Whiles has recently completed a mixed-use development project closer to home, in Nottingham. The Island Quarter is set to become a new landmark for the city. James Dilley, Director, Jestico + Whiles, works as both interior designer and architect on hospitality projects, allowing him to balance practical aspects of a project with creative and innovative solutions. Dilley has led teams on hotel projects both in the UK and internationally, including in territories such as Malta, Berlin, Amsterdam, Tbilis, Kyiv, Switzerland and Zanzibar. Dilley and his team are currently working to complete the long-awaited arrival of W Edinburgh, which is slated to open in Q4 2023.



James Walsh, Creative Director, Studio Anyo The future of hotel design is modular – and perhaps carbonpositive. James Walsh has, for years, been exploring the value of a modular approach in hotel design and architecture. Founder of Studio Anyo, bringing his wealth of experience from an impressive portfolio of projects, particularly in the hotel and leisure sector, Walsh was lead designer on a number of modular hotels, including 396 bedroom hotel at the Tower of London, 196 bedroom hotel at Shoreditch for CitizenM and the CitizenM hotel at Bankside. The architect has worked on a number of large key developments including work on the planning application for a 103,600 square-metre central London office development and achieving planning permission for the office development within the Heart of Slough masterplan, circa 106,700 square metres.

Jen Samuel, Associate & Head of Hotels, 3DReid Jen Samuel, Head of Hotels at 3DReid, is an experienced architect, working closely with hotel brands, operators and owners throughout all stages of a project, from feasibility and concept design to the production and co-ordination of construction information, ensuring the guest experience and operational efficiencies are the key focus throughout the design process. Samuel was responsible for the reinstatement and refurbishment of Cameron House Hotel, Loch Lomond, following a devastating fire in 2017. Renowned for its timeless style and refined Scottish culture, the hotel featured 140 bedrooms complemented by elegant function rooms and inspiring event spaces, with views of Loch Lomond. Following its reopening in 2021, Jen’s focus turned to the completion of the Lomond Wing, a new-build extension comprising 68 bedrooms and a 350-person loch-facing ballroom.


Image credit: Studio Waldemeyer

L e t t here be lig ht

Q & A w i t h Moritz Waldemeyer Editor Hamish Kilburn speaks to fellow judge Moritz Waldemeyer, Founder of Studio Waldemeyer, following a powerful installation reveal at London Design Festival, to highlight lighting’s role in tomorrow’s era of hotel design…

Following much anticipation and demand, one of the three new awards up for grabs at The Brit List Awards 2023 is Lighting Scheme of the Year ̶ it’s about time. To put emphasis on lighting being the ultimate example of ‘art outside the frame’, I caught up with lighting designer Moritz Waldemeyer, hot off unveiling a striking installation at London Design Festival. Hamish Kilburn: So tell me, what is lighting’s role in hotel design? Mortiz Waldemeyer: The best way of illustrating the importance of lighting is visiting a theatre or watching a movie. We can all agree that in this setting the light can completely change the scene and with it our emotional state and perception of a situation. In a hotel the lighting is just as impactful, it is probably the single most important factor to make a guest feel at home and welcome. HK: What did you most enjoy about being a judge during The Brit List Awards 2023?


MW: I’m not a full-time hotel designer but participated to bring a bit of an external point of view to the panel. I very much enjoyed the journey looking at the projects and the discussions amongst the panellists. HK: Tell me more about what your involvement in LDF this year…

MW: This year we participate with a project under the umbrella of the 300 year Wren anniversary and we have the amazing opportunity to create an art installation at St Stephen Walbrook, one of Christopher Wren’s masterpieces. The installation was inspired by Wren’s interest in mathematics, astronomy and geometry. It was designed to help visitors appreciate the spiritual atmosphere of the church and lose sense of space and time via a meditative experience. HK: What can be look forward to next? MW: We have invested quite some time and energy into developing a new generation of our patented candles and we look forward to introducing these into new chandeliers, wall and table lamps ̶ ideal ingredients for atmospheric hotel and restaurant interiors. We are also working on a large outdoor installation for a wellness centre in Rome, a beautiful challenge thanks to its scale, ambition and location.



N AT U R A L C O S Y S P A C E S So cosy you think your bathroom is the living room. w w w. d u r a v i t . c o . u k

THE BRIT LIST architects OF 2023

Jonathan Comfort, Senior Architect, Studio Moren Jonathan Comfort, Senior Architect at Studio Moren was the lead architect (fit-out architecture) on the recently opened 1 Hotel Mayfair, delivering the design, created by G.A Group. The hotel is part new-build and part conversion of an existing building, thereby making large savings of embodied energy and carbon and site waste. The two new-build floors accommodate guestroom suites with views overlooking the Ritz Hotel and Green Park. The existing building presents complexities including a variety of different forms of construction and disparate floor levels that required clever solutions to become workable. The design of 1 Hotel Mayfair echoes the brand’s nature-inspired ethos by bringing the outdoors in. The nine-storey hotel will house a ‘farm-to-table’ restaurant with garden seating and a bespoke fitness and wellness centre. A communal lobby bar is designed to bring people together with a relaxed social energy.

Jonny Sin, Board Director, ReardonSmith Architects Jonny Sin, Board Director of ReardonSmith Architects, joined the practice in 2011. Since mid-2019, Sin has led the architectural and design team on one of London’s most prestigious hotel schemes – the renovation of The Dorchester, the largest such project at the hotel for some 30 years. Key to the success of the new design is a thoughtful, sensitive and informed approach so that the result appeals to both The Dorchester’s loyal clientele and to future guests. Therefore, the goal is an enhancement, with the addition of several new spaces, without in anyway compromising the soul of the hotel. Speaking of the project, Sin said: “The first phase is complete and two more are to come. In the course of these, we will be re-affirming the building’s relationship to the street and enhancing the guest and visitor experience with newly glamorous and refined interiors, supported by a modernised infrastructure.”


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Kate Sandle, Associate, Studio Moren Kate Sandle, Associate, Studio Moren, was the lead on the ambitious project to create a 164-key hotel inside Battersea Power Station, London. The landmark art’otel Battersea Power Station is the brand’s first hotel in the UK. It features a variety of bars, restaurants, gym and spa, an infinity pool and function rooms. A rooftop pavilion bar has panoramic views of the river Thames and the Grade II* listed Battersea Power Station. The iconic building which art’otel Battersea Power Station is housed in has been designed to achieve BREEAM ‘Excellent’ status. “The project really played to our deep understanding of what makes a hotel work,” Sandle said. “We carefully planned the layout of guestrooms, F&B and other spaces to produce a workable hotel design which meets operational and guest needs.”

Lorraine Stoutt Griffith, Director, Twelve Architects Escapade Silverstone, the new trackside residences at Silverstone race circuit, the globally recognised home of British motorsport, is scheduled to open next year – and when it does, it will mark a significant milestone for Twelve Architects, led by Lorraine Stoutt Griffith, following years of planning and work. The development being designed will accommodate 60 highspec residences and a clubhouse for short-term rental. The development has spectacular views of the track, to attract visitors with a passion for motorsports from all over the world. In addition to this incredible project, the architect is constantly and consistently being recognised for pioneering a new era for women in architecture.


Image credits: CUBE video

Cap turing de sign narrative s For a third consecutive year, CUBE is the Official Videography Partner for The Brit List Awards 2023. Hotel Designs spoke to Sam Prosser, Senior Account Manager at the video production company, to understand what has inspired the team’s passion for hotel design. Editor Hamish Kilburn writes… Founded in 2015 by Co-Founders, James Hakesley and Roy Kimani, CUBE was born as an insight-led video production agency for brands that mean business. Eight years later, things have evolved. Sam Prosser, the company’s Senior Account Manager, who Hotel Designs has worked with on a number of video projects, joined me to discuss the true value of amplifying a strong narrative in hotel design. Hamish Kilburn: How has CUBE evolved from 2015 to now? Sam Prosser: With many of CUBE’s early projects showcasing hotels across the UK and Europe, we became well embedded within the hospitality industry, and developed a passion for the stories that we were able to tell through video. Over the years, we’ve created everything from long-form content to social media campaigns, working with brilliant hotels, manufacturers and designers and capturing events including Clerkenwell Design Week and HIX. We’re proud to have built a great relationship with Hotel Designs, which sees us collaborating to showcase hotels across the country; from the newly opened The

Other House South Kensington, to heritage hotels including The Dorchester and Coworth Park. HK: Why has CUBE decided to put a focus on capturing the ever-evolving hotel design scene? SP: We’ve always loved showcasing the creativity of hotel design, and telling each hotel’s unique story through video. Over the years, having interviewed countless hotel owners, designers and architects, we’ve enjoyed becoming experts in our own way, and developing our own voice within the space. Last year, having been inspired by the conversations we had captured, we produced our own documentary, Sustainability: A Broken Record, which explores sustainability within the industry from a new, solution-driven angle. HK: What has fuelled hotel design’s narrative this year? SP: This year, we’ve seen ESG emerge as a real talking point, with hotels showcasing not just their facilities, but their people, and placing more focus on staff satisfaction as they look to attract and retain top talent. It’s great to see Hotel Designs joining this conversation, and it’s been brilliant to work with the team to explore this topic and how we can truly measure happiness. We’re looking forward to seeing how this conversation develops and how, in the future, this could become part of how we judge what makes a great hotel.



Luke Fox, Head of Studio, Foster + Partners Luke Fox, who joined Foster + Partners in 1998, has led one of the six design studio teams with architects in London, Hong Kong and Beijing on a wide range of different projects around the world since 2010. Among the studio’s recent projects is Equinox Resort Amaala hotel, which will feature a circular ‘floating’ canopy and be located on the west coast of Saudi Arabia. The property, which will be developed with luxury lifestyle brand Equinox, is the first hotel to be announced as part of the Amaala Marina Village, also designed by Foster + Partners for developer Red Sea Global. It will have 128 rooms, including two luxury penthouses, and a design that draws on ‘the stunning natural landscape and traditional architecture style’.

Manuela Mannino, Founder & Creative Director, THDP Manuela Mannino is an Italian architect who graduated from the Turin Polytechnic in 1993. She has led key projects in product design, interior refurbishments and conversions for private clients. Mannino has focused on residential development projects, such as Riverside Quarter and Albion Riverside. Currently, Mannino works with Nick Hickson who heads up the London studio, curating and leading the team in THDP’s Milan base. Mannino, who has recently worked on projects, such as The Hilton Cologne, a short rental accommodation project in Venice and RG Naxos, among others, brings her contemporary eclectic approach to THDP projects, combining her skills in concept building design. She takes care of the aesthetic link between architectural function and decorative detailing.


From personalities for personalities AXOR One by Barber Osgerby


Mark Bruce, Director & Head of Hotels, EPR Architects Mark Bruce, winner of Architect of the Year at The Brit List Awards 2021, understands the hospitality industry and possesses a contagious enthusiasm for every project. One of those projects, among many others that the team at EPR Architects are working on, is BoTree London, consented scheme that transforms a site at the intersection of the affluent Marylebone and Mayfair neighbourhoods to create a new luxury hotel that will capture the local area’s ‘village’ like feel. The 199-key hotel, complete with 29 suites, will boast exclusive bars, two destination restaurants, a live music club, a boutique screening room and a fitness centre. The BoTree London has opened as a member of Preferred Hotels & Resorts’ prestigious Legend Collection.

Murray Levinson, Partner, Squire & Partners After completing the interiors on Ruby Zoe – Ruby Hotels’ second home in London – the next hospitality project that Squire & Partners is working on completing is the art’otel Hoxton, which towers over Shoreditch. The 340-key hotel, arts hub and cinema space will be sheltered inside a cylindrical form of the building that has been evolved into a fractured cogwheel form in plan, rising and adapting in response to its context and interior functions. Each section of the cogwheel is extruded over two floors, separated by a horizontal aluminium shelf, which allows each cog to read individually within the overall composition. Double-height floorplates are then rotated to give the illusion of moving components. Leading the team at the studio is Murray Levinson, who has more than 25 years’ experience in leading and delivering projects in the commercial, residential and hospitality sectors.


Image credits: Marriott International

sto ry t e l li ng t h ro u g h d e s ig n In conversation with Tatiana Sheveleva Editor Hamish Kilburn sat down with Tatiana Sheveleva, Partner at Chipi Chapo Design, to discuss British hotel design, legacy projects and a sneak peek on what the studio is currently working on… Meet interior designer Tatiana Sheveleva whose innate understanding for storytelling in design, added a meaningful layer on this year’s judging panel. Hamish Kilburn: What advice would you give to young designers, architects, and hoteliers in this global industry? Tatiana Sheveleva: Success, to me, is not measured by the number of projects I undertake. Quality is more important than quantity. Timeless design adds value faster and has a longer story than a trendy solution. HK: What is your perception of British hotel design? TS: Europe in general has a strong influence on design in architecture and fashion. People are naturally attracted to it. The UK style for me is always filled with elegant, timeless interior design elements. At the same time, the UK style features innovative solutions that blend love for new and old designs. It has an edge of formality and balanced beauty.

HK: We were recently on a podcast together exploring St Regis Kanai, in Mexico. What does that project mean to you personally?

TS: The St. Regis, Kanai, Riviera Maya taught me to be brave with my creative ideas and to be persistent with excellence every day. My heart has grown with love through this project for the past seven years of work. It is a milestone for my creative soul. HK: What impressed you from this year’s entries of The Brit List Awards 2023? TS: One of the categories that I judged was ‘The Rising Star Award’. I was very pleased with the submission from young talents. Interior design not only has to be creative but also has to be a good problem solver. Through new talent’s applications, I witnessed the desire to work hard and not to be afraid to get involved in every aspect of the projects. HK: What is the studio currently working on? TS: The latest additions to our portfolio include The Ritz Carlton, Toronto, The Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection and St. Regis Hotel and Residences, Cap Cana, Dominican Republic.


THE BRIT LIST architects OF 2023

Nick de Klerk, Head of Hospitality, Purcell Nick de Klerk joined Purcell in 2023 as Associate Partner with more than 20 years’ experience designing hospitality, retail, residential and workplace projects in the UK, the Middle East and South Africa. Before Purcell, de Klerk ran a small architectural studio – during which he completed two comprehensive hotel refurbishments. Prior to this, the architect led the hotel sector team at Aukett Swanke, working on numerous hotel projects in the UK, UAE and Qatar, with values ranging between £20m and £500m. Alongside Hospitality design, de Klerk has a particular interest in working with existing buildings and improving their performance, efficiency and sensitively modernising them through refurbishment or adaptive reuse.

Patrik Schumacher, Studio Principal, Zaha Hadid Architects Earlier this year, Patrik Schmacher, Studio Principal at Zaha Hadid Architects, unveiled that the studio is using AI text-toimage generators, such as DALL-E 2 and Midjourney, to uncover new design ideas for projects. These tools generate an image in seconds from text prompts. Since emerging within the last year, the softwares have gained attention and sparked debate on AI’s role in creative industries. This follows the studio’s forward-thinking and progressive decision to become one of the pioneering companies to design in the metaverse. Unhindered by technology’s barriers, Zaha Hadid Architects, founded by the late Zaha Hadid, has always been known for working at all scales to create transformative cultural, corporate, residential and hospitality spaces that work in synchronicity with their surroundings – whether that be a bridge, a museum or a new hotel.


5 min u te s with. ..

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this year’s official ‘wildcard’ judge

The Brit List Awards 2023 invited British fashion designer Nicholas Oakwell, Founder of NO Uniform, to join this year’s judging panel as its ‘wildcard judge’. Editor Hamish Kilburn caught up with him in the lead-up to the awards ceremony… Opinionated, unapologetically talented and gifted with an unparalleled eye for detail, Nicholas Oakwell was, for many reasons, the perfect wildcard judge for The Brit List Awards 2023. As well as seeing each entry through the lens of a fashion designer, Oakwell understands the marriage between aesthetic and function in hotel design and hospitality.

After judges had cast their votes, I spoke to Oakwell about fashion’s role in hotel design, and how else interior designers can blur boundaries. Hamish Kilburn: What did you take from this year’s entries? Nicholas Oakwell: It was interesting to see the different designs and how things have evolved, but also the reinvention of timelessness from a design aspect, and the representation of it, which is very similar to fashion. HK: What is fashion’s role in hotel design today? NO: Fashion plays a pivotal role throughout the entire hotel experience. How the employees are dressed delivers a significant and lasting impression on the overall guest experience not only from a visual aspect but also in the level of service

of the employees based on how they feel wearing the uniforms. Over the last 25 years, hotel guests have grown increasingly aware of luxury quality fashion as well as trends. As a result, they have an increasing demand for it in everything they buy and experience, from cars to interiors, to hotels throughout. HK: Tell us more about how NO Uniform launched…

NO: NO Uniform Started in 2001, when I was working at Harvey Nicholas, and was approached to design the uniforms for a boutique Chelsea hotel. At the grand opening, more hotel General Managers requested I take on projects for their hotels. At the time, uniform was far from a fashionable or tasteful word, you could say it still isn’t to an extent, hence the name NO Uniform. Fast forward 22 years and I’m proud to say that our designs and our craftsmanship are leading the transformation for how hotel uniforms are perceived. HK: How are lines blurring in the luxury hotel market when it comes to image – and how do you echo that in fashion? NO: I think the word luxury is bantered around far too easily, and true luxury is not what we see on a mass scale. We talk about luxury brands, but are they really luxury? Luxury should be unattainable; it should only be for the very small majority. The definition of luxury is not what we know it, or what it used to be and we echo this in every element of our uniforms.


Image credits: Crosswater

Dem o c rat is in g bat hr oom d e s i gn Bathrooms are integral to hotel design. Creating hotel-worthy bathrooms requires creativity, vision, and ̶ most importantly ̶ products that fuse function and style. Crosswater, Headline Partner for The Brit List Awards 2023, offers a collection of innovative bathroom products that offer both... Celebrated for its extensive portfolio of innovative and aspirational bathroom products, Crosswater is an industry leader in bathroom design. Its recent product launches include several new collections that represent the latest technology, trends, and materials. Brassware Foile – the bold brassware collection is influenced by aerodynamic design. Inspired by forces of nature and paying homage to aerodynamics and refined airflow, Foile’s unique design and precise curvature resemble the unique aesthetic of aircraft, providing a true statement piece in any modern luxury bathroom. 3ONE6 Lever – the collection encompasses all the excellent qualities of 316 grade stainless steel – durable, resistant to corrosion and heat, non-toxic, endlessly recyclable and low maintenance – and combines


them with a new, timeless design that focuses on the material’s inherent beauty. The new minimalist integrated lever design perfectly defines why sometimes good design is as little design as possible. A circular bar placed atop another bar is a simple interaction of two shapes that is raw, pure, and timeless. Lazo – this range is a curious exploration of playfulness, inspired by the demand for practical and modern design that invites easy interaction. The tactile, ergonomic loop design and delicate aesthetic are the perfect blend of form and function. Limit – an exploration of harmony between shape and texture, Limit features sharp aesthetic and precisely engineered and chamfered angles that are a result of carefully considered design. The exploration of harmony between shape and texture reflects the beauty of decisive geometric angles, with a fluted, continuous parallel repetition of delicate grooves adding texture and character. A streamlined silhouette with a detailed finish, Limit’s composition perfectly balances style and gentle user interaction. MPRO Brushed Bronze and Slate – The MPRO collection puts innovation at the forefront

of brassware design. Joining the existing finishes, the stunning new Brushed Bronze and Slate collections are inspired by shades found organically in the natural world. The new finishes allow for a unique, personalised, and luxurious bathroom design. Providing rich, earthy tones to the bathroom, MPRO’s Brushed Bronze and Slate finishes promote feelings of warmth, tranquillity, and restoration in both modern and traditional schemes and provide an easy solution to coordinating subtle, paredback tones into a bathroom space. Furniture and ceramics Beck – this collection sees the introduction of colourful ceramics to the Crosswater portfolio. The wall-hung basin design is the ideal shape and size for bathrooms short on space, created specifically with cloakrooms in mind. Beck’s floating design ensures less floor space is used, helping to create the illusion of a bigger room. Available in 5 ontrend finishes, each basin is crafted from fine fire clay ceramic and is supplied with matching coloured waste and all the wall fixings for easy installation. Mada – japandi, a fusion of iconic Japanese architecture with Scandinavian design, is what inspires the Mada furniture range that seamlessly integrates into any modern bathroom design. Each unit is available as a standalone unit or with an optional oak effect shelving unit in matching finishes for additional storage. Alo – inspired by current material and home decoration trends, Alo provides a bathroom storage solution that effortlessly ties in with the rest of the home. New for Crosswater, the collection features contemporary Rattan door fronts, as well as on-trend neutral and earthy hues, such as a new Clay colourway.

Showering Creo and Vito – innovative design and enhanced technology meet form and function with the new Creo and Vito 25mm sustainable shower trays from Crosswater. Crafted from 100 per cent recyclable Dolomite-engineered stone and handfinished to perfection, Creo and Vito are expertly designed with comfort and efficiency in mind. Smooth and warm to the touch, engineered stone is soothing underfoot and creates a sleek, seamless feel. Using natural materials embraces relaxation and wellness principles that instil a sense of natural tranquillity. Brilliantly resilient and hard-wearing with exceptional impact resistance, engineered stone retains water thermal temperature for longer, creating a warm and luxurious showering experience. Designed with high-flow central or linear drainage systems for faster drainage and almost invisible gullies and edges, shallow pools of water are a thing of the past. And with no hard, uncomfortable ridges to step on, the designs allow continuous flow from the rest of the bathroom floor. Lighting The new Tranquil Lights collection sees an exciting introduction of illumination to Crosswater’s growing product portfolio. Designed to pair effortlessly with the brand’s brassware solutions, the new collection allows for metallic accent linking across the whole bathroom. Available in three versatile designs ̶ a Pillar, Pendant, and Halo fixture ̶ the new Tranquil Lights collection is designed to enhance the mood of every bathroom.

With a compact width of 400mm, these wall-hung vanity units are not only visually pleasing but also create the illusion of more space in smaller bathrooms. Alo units feature an anti-bacterial, waterresistant finish, along with a pull-to-open, soft close-hinged door and adjustable internal shelf to allow for personalised storage.



Paul Gallacher, Associate Director, EPR Architects With over a decade of hotel design experience, Paul Gallacher leads a talented team who are designing some of the most innovative and captivating hotel buildings and concepts in the marketplace. Gallacher was notably the lead designer for The BoTree London in Marylebone, a building that the architect designed, both developing a brand-new building and new concept for Shiva Hotels. With a challenging existing site, the team carved six floors of bar and restaurant space, members areas, 200 guestrooms and an infinity pool, showcasing the studio’s ability to blend creativity, efficiency, beautiful design and functionality seamlessly. Furthermore, Gallacher is the lead designer of The Other House in Belgravia concept.

Polona Pirnat, Design Director, Bogle Architects Polona Pirnat, who was appointed Design Director at Bogle Architects in 2022, studied architecture at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia. Her final thesis was awarded a national design award at the Month of Design in Ljubljana. As part of an exchange programme, she also studied at Politecnico di Milano, Italy, where she focused on interior and exhibition design. She was Project Architect for 140 Fenchurch Street, a CAT A office refurbishment in the City of London. The project was shortlisted for the Surface Design Award. She has recently led the design and completion of a 6,500sqm office/laboratory at The Oxford Science Park – The Schrodinger Building, which was a finalist in the 2019 BCO Southwest Awards. Her current focus is on the design and co-creation of an equestrian centre scheme in Asia, and various future-oriented commercial and life science developments in the UK and worldwide.


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Rebeca Aguilera, Associate, Studio Moren In 2013, Rebeca Aguilera’s journey brought her to Studio Moren as an ARB architect, where she embraced opportunities to learn and contribute, eventually earning her position as an Associate. Aguilera’s experience varies from intricate heritage restorations to ambitious modern developments, she has demonstrated an uncanny ability to navigate complexities and deliver outstanding results. One notable project is the conversion and extension of Ditton Park Manor into a hotel, in which the proposed development has been guided from a heritage perspective, aiming to bring back to life this remarkable Manor House. This is an ambitious scheme which will restore and revive the Estate and ensure its long-term viability.

Richard Holland, Director, Holland Harvey Architects Following Richard Holland and Jonathan Harvey’s social approach to leadership, Holland Harvey Architects has achieved B-Corp status, which is a strong reflection on how the company is prioritising the wellbeing of people, as well as the planet, to make a positive impact. What the industry may not be aware of is that, as part of its commitment to making a positive environmental and social impact, the studio donates one per cent of its time annually to help third-sector clients. The team at Holland Harvey Architects share a common belief that the best idea should always win, and together they explore ideas to find elegant solutions to complex design challenges. This has led to the design and development of Inhabit Hotels, which has two properties in London, as well as Shelter From The Storm, a project that saw the architects create a welcoming homeless shelter in London that feature 42 bedrooms. The studios work results from the layering and texturing of individual influences, skills and talent.


Image credits: Hansgrohe

Making the ‘spa-throom’ sustainable Emma Freeman, Marketing Manager at Hansgrohe UK, discusses how sustainability in bathroom design can result in the trendy, yet eco-friendly bathrooms consumers are increasingly looking for... The bathroom has become an important place for wellness and regeneration amongst consumers and ‘spa-throoms’ (spa-like bathrooms) have continued to be a strong interior design trend for 2023. Large, waterfall-style showers offer a luxurious experience by cocooning the user in water droplets. Meanwhile, hand showers with varying spray types can help provide different water experiences dependent on the person’s skin type, ideal for hoteliers looking to appeal to a wide range of customers with differing needs. The technology included in the latest eco showers and showerheads means that water-saving options can be effective and straight-forward and, importantly, maintain the bathroom experiences many hotel guests are looking for. EcoSmart technology from Hansgrohe, for example, reduces the water flow automatically to around six to nine litres per minute, saving at least 43 per cent of water compared to a conventional product, without compromising the overall shower experience. There are multiple spray patterns to choose from with EcoSmart shower heads

including invigorating Rain spray, a whirling massage spray and PowderRain – a fine spray of micro-droplets that also help to reduce noise and minimise splashing, helping to create that relaxing showering experience so many are looking for. What’s more, it’s estimated that around 70 per cent of a hotel’s energy consumption goes on heating and hot water. Less water used is also less water that needs to be heated, so switching to a product with integrated sustainable technology will have a positive impact on operational costs too. With Hansgrohe’s CoolStart technology, only cold water will flow when the tap is set to the middle position – and hot water will only be sent through the pipes when the lever is deliberately turned. Looking to the future Hansgrohe’s Green Vision Beyond Water: Rethinking Bathroom Culture is a revolutionary concept which completely reimagines the bathroom experience, with a 90 per cent reduction in water and energy consumption, resulting in 90 per cent fewer CO2 emissions caused by water heating. The Green Vision concept is already being incorporated into current product development. For example, the new Pulsify Planet Edition considers the entire product lifecycle in the design with a handle created from recycled plastic. With only six litres of water flowing through the hand shower per minute, it is the next level in sustainable showering – and sure to appeal to the eco-conscious hotel guest. References available on request.


THE BRIT LIST architects OF 2023

Simona Mirón, Associate, Gensler Simona Mirón, an accomplished Associate and architect, has successfully led an extensive portfolio of projects for independent owners and international brands spanning the entire hospitality spectrum. From the initial concept to the final touches, she immerses herself in every aspect of the design process, ensuring a seamless and captivating experience for guests. This unwavering commitment to excellence has earned her accolades, including being listed in Hotel Designs’ 30 under 30 in 2019. Simona’s passion for hotel planning and design has propelled her to work on a number of esteemed brands, including Four Seasons, Marriott brands such as W Hotels, The Luxury Collection, JW Marriott as well as Good Hotel, Fairmont, Hilton and IHG.


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HOTELS On the boards Writer Pauline Brettell cuts through the noise to uncover the hotel concepts that are currently on the boards that will make the biggest impact when they eventually make it into reality… When it comes to hotel concepts in 2023 that are currently on the boards, creativity, collaboration and community would appear to be the keywords taking the hospitality industry striding over the hills and into the future.

A futuristic hotel in an ancient desert

In the process of trying to sift through the style to get to the substance, we discovered a few concepts that both caught our eye and gave us pause for thought. From 3D-printing to biophilic bolt-holes, as boundaries shift and expectations rise, the only limit to hotel designs and concepts would appear to be the imagination. So, as hotels are built, resorts reimagined and interiors designed and redesigned, what are the concepts that have traction and are making an impact on our collective design directory?

Located in the Judaen Desert, the design by Bar Orian Architects, in collaboration with Lambs & Lions Studio, this development is all about maximising the unique and relatively inhospitable Dead Sea terrain, the lowest place on earth.

Image credit: Brian Orian Architects


With a strap like that, this project grabs attention from the drawing board, as it sets out its design inspiration that is scheduled to be set in bricks and mortar by 2025.

The hotel is designed in the shape of a desert khan – a building with square proportions and a large courtyard in the centre. In this concept, the design is about collaborating with, not fighting against, the elements and it is in fact these Image credit: El Cosmico, Marfa

environmental challenges which gives the property its unique selling point. El Cosmico, Marfa Set to be relocated and expanded to encompass 62 acres, El Cosmico will feature domed, arched, vaulted and parabolic forms. The reimagination of the camping site is the result of a partnership with Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) and Icon, the leader in advanced construction techniques using large-scale 3D printing. Breaking ground in 2024, El Cosmico will continue to celebrate the convergence of creative culture and the minimalist natural environment of the Marfa landscape. The words ‘quiet luxury’ are being thrown around a lot at the moment – this project seems to encapsulate the essence of the trend, as it is both groundbreaking and understated at the same time.

Image credit: Ajman University

Image credit: Ancestral Handmade Hotels

Ancestral Handmade Hotels Ancestral Handmade Hotels is a new regenerative wellness hotel concept, which aims to revive and celebrate ancestral wisdom and tribal traditions at every step – from building methods to wellness programming. Rather than the umbrella brand taking the concept to a location, the concept is shaped from the bottom up starting with the location and its own history of wellness and healing and design traditions, with a particular emphasis on textiles in this process. The idea is to harness the language of nature while reviving local building traditions. With claims to create restorative and calm experiences on a biological cellular level, this is biophilic design on steroids!

The ONE Hotel Design Student projects often show us what to expect in the future from the next generation of hotel designers and the Interior Design students of Ajman University do not disappoint with reference as varied as The Queens Gambit and Memphis Design – who didn’t flirt with the colourful asymmetry and terrazzo of Sottsass and company as a design student? “The project consists of two historical buildings transformed into a hotel, which promotes traditional design, sustainability, hospitality and social community,” explained designers Abeer Aziz and Heba Dweik. This hotel concept looks carefully at some of the key issues facing the industry and finds design solutions that work and it would be wonderful to see it off the board and on location.

Image credit: NEOM

The Line No conceptual conversation is complete without mentioning the castle in the sand – The Line. Developed by Neom, The Line’s mirrored-wall city will cost a reported $500 Billion to design, and it will create 380,000 jobs. While on the outside The Line will reflect dessert landscape, inside the urban city is expected to contain residential, hospitality and leisure spaces as well as vertical gardens and educational buildings. Each building will be stacked and layered in an arrangement that the visionaries behind its concept are calling ‘Zero Gravity Urbanism’.



THE BRIT LIST hoteliers OF 2023

Anne Golden, Vice President of Operations (UK & North America), Pan Pacific London Since 2019, Anne Golden has been part of the fabric of Pan Pacific London – she oversaw the pre-opening, launch and operation of the group’s first UK/European property that would go on to become the flagship for the company. In 2022, following successfully navigating the hotel through the pandemic, Golden took on the responsibility and role of Vice President of Operations (UK & North America) while maintaining her position as General Manager at Pan Pacific London. Prior to this chapter, Golden was Regional Vice President for Morgans Hotel Group, and has a reputation for opening successful hotels – in 2014, she opened what is now known as Sea Containers on the South Bank in London.

Conor O’Leary, Managing Director, Gleneagles The timeless, natural setting of Gleneagles – affectionately known as ‘the glorious playground’ – is an iconic property on the British hotel design landscape. The 850-arce estate is steeped in hospitality history, and preserving the hotel – retaining its traditional charm but adding modern touches – is no easy feat. For Conor O’Leary, winner of Hotelier of the Year at the The Brit List Awards 2018, the focus over the last few years, at least, has been on preserving the essence of the hotel through branding and innovative activations and building a robust team to maintain all the traditional offerings its loyal guests expect, but with perhaps a contemporary flair and dynamic attitude in places. In addition to guiding the grand dame into a modern era, in 2022 the team welcomed the arrival of Gleneagles Townhouse – a ‘sassy little sister property – in the heart of Edinburgh.


THE BRIT LIST hoteliers OF 2023

David Taylor, CEO, Lore Group David Taylor was promoted to CEO of Lore Group just as the company prepared to launch One Hundred Shoreditch in 2022, the company’s sixth hotel and its second in London. Taylor joined Lore Group in 2020 as COO, steering its global portfolio of properties through the pandemic. His history in Shoreditch, having opened the original Hoxton hotel in the neighbourhood in 2006, made the appointment particularly appropriate. Taylor has been at the forefront of some of the most exciting hospitality brands throughout the last two decades, from launching the EDITION brand in 2013 to leading the Principal Hotel portfolio for Starwood Capital, where he held the role of COO.

Eljesa Saciri, General Manager The Zetter Townhouse, Marylebone Eljesa Saciri, General Manager of The Zetter Townhouse in Marylebone, is truly making her mark in the industry, being recognised as one of the women paving the way in the British hospitality sector. Having worked in the industry for almost 10 years, previously holding several roles at The Doyle Collection, Saciri has a wealth of experience and knowledge of the hospitality sector and understands the grassroots of the industry. Now in her role as General Manager of The Zetter Townhouse Marylebone, Saciri has been integral to the hotel, achieving challenging budgets and KPIs, while maintaining high guest satisfaction and very high standard of service. She has also led the project to completely revitalise the hotel’s cocktail bar, Seymour’s Parlour, to become a soughtafter destination, as well as ensuring that The Zetter Townhouse Marylebone is one of the premier hotels in London.


16th & 17th September 2024

Radisson Hotel & Conference Centre London Heathrow For more than two decades, the Hotel Summit has been bringing together senior hospitality professionals with suppliers. The event consists of pre-arranged one-to-one meetings, networking and seminars. For more information contact Olivia Drake on 01992 374064 or Scan this code to find out more!

THE BRIT LIST hoteliers OF 2023

Franck Arnold, Managing Director & Regional VP, The Savoy Hotel With the current noise in the UK hotel development arena – in addition to his hands-on approach to all aspects of the hotel – it is easy to forget that Franck Arnold only became Managing Director of The Savoy in 2020, the same year the industry suffered from the pandemic. Three years on from when the hospitality industry showed the world its resilience and ability to bend with the times, 2023 has been an exciting year for The Savoy London. With Arnold at the helm, guided by expert interior designers, architects and specialists, the hotel is gliding into a new design era in order to achieve its aim of being ‘one step ahead’ of its neighbours. Arnold is a figurehead of luxury hospitality with more than 30 years’ experience with some of the best-known hotels and brands in the world, including, but not limited to, IHG, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, Rocco Forte, Ritz-Carlton and various independent hotels in Europe and North America.

Francois-Xavier Schoeffer, General Manager, 1 Hotel Mayfair In early 2023, Francois-Xavier Schoeffer was appointed as General Manager of 1 Hotel Mayfair, the brand’s debut hotel in the UK. Schoeffer works alongside Robert Koren, who this year was appointed Senior Vice President and Area Managing Director of Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Schoeffer started his impressive career in 1997 at Hotel Martinez in Cannes, France. In recent years, he has been General Manager of the Doyle Collection’s Kensington Hotel in London, Hôtel Lutetia in Paris and Hotel Manager at Hotel Café Royal on Regent Street. 1 Hotel Mayfair, which Hotel Designs described as a ‘state of mind’ in its hotel review, opened this year to disrupt the luxury hotel scene in Mayfair. Its organic and sensory-rich design scheme is true to the 1 Hotels’ brand image, which started in the States in 2015.


THE BRIT LIST hoteliers OF 2023

James McGinn, Managing Director, Hasting Hotels James McGinn is a highly respected figure in the hospitality industry and a veteran of Hastings Hotels, where he has played an instrumental role in the company’s success – he is the face of Hasting Hotels and Hospitality in Northern Ireland. Now the Managing Director of Hastings Hotels, McGinn is responsible for developing and executing the company’s strategic plans, identifying new business opportunities and overseeing the development of all property brand positioning. With more than 30 years’ experience in the hospitality industry, McGinn has a wealth of knowledge and expertise, which he brings to his role at Hastings Hotels. He has a proven track record of driving growth and innovation, as well as a deep understanding of the industry’s latest trends and best practices.

Jennifer McCabe, General Manager, art’otel London Battersea Power Station Jennifer McCabe was appointed General Manager of art’otel London Battersea Power Station in early 2023, prior to the 164key hotel opening in the summer. McCabe’s 15 years’ experience in premium hotel management has been developed at the likes of Le Monde in Edinburgh, The Firmdale Group’s Soho, Covent Garden, Knightsbridge and Charlotte Street Hotels and, most recently, Holmes Hotel London. Renowned for her passionate leadership and innovative approach to guest services, her most recent position as General Manager of Marylebone’s Holmes Hotel, between 2019 and 2022, saw her oversee a full strategic repositioning of the hotel into a luxury and lifestyle brand, resulting in it being awarded a World Luxury Hotel Award for the Best Heritage Hotel.


THE BRIT LIST hoteliers OF 2023

Jill Chalmers, Managing Director, Glenapp Castle Jill Chalmers is a hotelier with more than 30-plus years in the hospitality industry. She has worked at notable hotels, such as the Scandic Hotels throughout Scandinavia and Skibo Castle, Sutherland. Chalmers created Suite Company, (an advisory company for the hospitality industry), which she successfully ran for 12 years before Paul Szkiler approached her for a role at Glenapp Castle in 2017. At Glenapp Castle, Chalmers is instrumental in the successful growth of the business, transforming the hotel from a family-run business to a slickly run and globally recognised five-star hotel, whilst ensuring high standards are always maintained. She has also helped transform Ayrshire into a destination for luxury travellers and remains committed to raising the profile of Scotland to international travellers. Since joining the team, occupancy has increased from 28 per cent to 77 per cent, business turnover has tripled in three years and staffing levels have doubled.

Kalindi Juneja, CEO, PoB Hotels Since joining PoB Hotels in 2021 as CEO, Kalindi Juneja has demonstrated her position as a tour de force within the hospitality industry for how she has refreshed and brought new life to the PoB Hotels brand. Under her leadership, ‘Pride of Britain Hotels’ entered into an entirely new era, becoming established as ‘PoB Hotels’. Kalindi’s vision of a new identity for the brand resulted in a mass overhaul of the website and social channels, as well as the introduction of versatile new gift vouchers and The Directory as a stylish annual coffeetable style book. Moreover, Kalindi skilfully guided this rebranding whilst ensuring that the individuality of each hotel member and the independent spirit of their properties were maintained, which can be a fine balance to strike when representing more than 50 luxury hotels. Kalindi boasts a unique perspective as both a hotelier and a marketer, where the former ensures she showcases the very best of British hospitality and provides highquality guests experiences through the PoB collection.


THE BRIT LIST hoteliers OF 2023

Kevin Brooke, General Manager, Heckfield Place In 2023, Heckfield Place, the 438-acre luxury estate in Hampshire, announced the appointment of Kevin Brooke as the hotel’s new General Manager. Brooke replaced General Manager Olivia Richli, who spent three years at the helm of the 45-key property, joining Heckfield Place in January 2018, ahead of its official launch later that year. In his new role, Brooke will oversee the launch of Heckfield Place’s Bothy Spa, which will complement the existing Little Bothy Spa that sits within the hotel The Bothy Spa, which will shelter 10 treatment rooms, is a standalone building that sits beyond the walled garden on the edge of the site’s woodlands and comprises a pool beneath a ‘light-filled canopy’, oak terrace and three movement spaces.

Lauren Vine, General Manager, NYX Hotel London Holborn Under the leadership of Lauren Vine as General Manager, NYX Hotel Holborn has been making waves in the hospitality industry since its opening in 2021. Operated by Leonardo Hotels UK & Ireland, and part of the international Fattal Hotel Group, the property is the first NYX Hotel to open in the UK. While the exterior of the building is covered in Dan Kitchener’s trendy street art, billed as “part mural, part graffiti,” and stretches the length of the structure, the chic interiors have been imagined by Garuda Design, and feature bright and bold spaces. All bedrooms feature eye-catching artwork, large, cushioned leather headboards and teak sideboards. In addition to design, NYX London Holborn works closely with a number of charities. It is currently fundraising for Stonewall and the team are donating to Dress for Success.


Image credit: Rosewood Hotels & Resorts

C e lebr ating an out s ta ndi ng c o ntr i bu tion: Michael Bonsor Editor Hamish Kilburn introduces this year’s winner of the Outstanding Contribution to the Hospitality Industry, Michael Bonsor, Managing Director, Rosewood London… Nestled in the heart of London – sheltered inside a 1914 Edwardian, Grade II-listed building – Rosewood London has offered a timeless blend of elegance and modern sophistication for 10 years, and counting. A decade of hospitality later, Michael Bonsor, who was promoted from Hotel Manager to Managing Director of Rosewood London in 2017, has earned a reputation for delivering unparalleled service, to the community as well as his guests, while creating exceptional guest experiences. Bonsor, who is this year’s deserving winner of the Outstanding Contribution to the Hospitality Industry award, has a leadership style that is characterised through his pioneering hospitality initiatives. Concepts like the Scarfe Bar and the Macallan Manor House have kept the hotel at the forefront of desirable destinations in the capital. The hotelier has consistently sought to elevate the standards of the hospitality industry, emphasising personalised service and attention to detail. His passion for hospitality and his ability to lead and inspire his team have made him a respected figure in the field.


Throughout his career, which includes four years as F&B Manager and then Hotel Operations Manager at Claridges and more than four years at Four Seasons Hotel New York, Bonsor has fostered a culture of excellence within every hotel he has worked in. Giving back has always been a significant approach for Rosewood London. An example of this, among many other charitable initiatives, is the 10-year collaboration the hotel has had with its local Great Ormond Street Hospital, since the inception of Rosewood London. This long-standing campaign has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds, which has had a profound impact on the lives of so many children. As the group prepares to double its London footprint, with the upcoming arrival of The Chancery Rosewood, Bonsor has certainly set and consistently raised the standards when it comes to creating an authentic sense of place, where the performance of luxury hospitality plays daily. For all these reasons (and many more), Bonsor deserves this accolade.

THE BRIT LIST hoteliers OF 2023

Lina Zakzeckyte, General Manager, Hart Shoreditch Lina Zakzeckyte, General Manager at Hart Shoreditch, has a passion for creativity. She is always willing to try something new and has an innovation-led mindset towards her work, always thinking outside the box. Due to this approach, Zakzeckyte is keen to support the local area including industries, the community and the council to find ways the hotel can collaborate and grow the area. Hart’s immersive exhibition for London Design Festival (LDF) proves just that – with all artists from the local or surrounding areas. Zakzeckyte has been personally and intensely involved in Hart’s LDF activations over the last two-plus years. This year’s ‘Fundamentals of Caring’ Immersive Exhibition, curated by East London Artist James Daw, engages all the senses, and completely shatters the foundations of Hart’s interior design into tiny pieces. The 2023 LDF Programme at Hart included a launch event, a panel discussion and a ceramics workshop.

Marwan Hemchaoui, General Manager, Ellenborough Park Hotel Ellenborough Park Hotel is a five-star, 15th century country house hotel in the Gloucestershire countryside. General Manager Marwan Hemchaoui was appointed in 2018, joining from The Vineyard in Newbury, and set out on a ‘next chapter’ for the hotel. Focussing initially on nurturing a rich variety of al fresco dining for the summer months after the first lockdown, he introduced Dining Carriages and Pavilion tents as a novel way to host social events. Latterly he has overseen the total refurbishment of all 61 bedrooms. Guest experiences have been further enhanced in the restaurant and through the redesign of the Horsebox Brasserie. In July 2023 he launched a new Spa Garden Retreat and a private ‘lodge’ offering, which was a new guest experience that opened in Autumn 2023.


THE BRIT LIST hoteliers OF 2023

Michael Bonsor, Managing Director, Rosewood London Michael Bonsor has been with the 308-key Rosewood London since the beginning of its journey – and continues to take the lead as Rosewood Hotels & Resorts prepares to double its footprint in the capital, with the opening of The Chancery Rosewood in 2025. He has worked tirelessly to ensure that a hotel labelled as being ‘off the beaten track’ has both claimed and retained its position amongst some of the toughest competition in the global luxury hospitality arena. Under his leadership, Rosewood London has constantly been pushing the boundaries of creativity on the F&B concepts sheltered within the hotel, viewing this as a key element in attracting Londoners and maintaining a loyal and local client base. Concepts like the Scarfe Bar and the Macallan Manor House has kept the Rosewood London a destination luxury hotel.

Neil Kedward, Owner, Grove of Narberth and Penmaenuchaf Neil Kedward is CEO and Founder of Seren Collection, which owns renowned hotel Grove of Narberth, restaurants Beach House and Coast, and recently acquired Penmaenuchaf hotel, which is currently being renovated with leading interior design studio Nicola Harding & Co. Enhancing the quality and reputation of the Welsh hospitality industry is at the heart of everything Kedward does when leading his team at Seren. Welsh culture, language and products are celebrated across all businesses. Traditional arts and crafts are used thoughtfully to decorate the venues, grounding them with a sense of place. He’s even introduced bilingual guest communications and has encouraged more authentic use of the language throughout the hotels, with the Grove of Narbeth team going as far as sharing a Welsh word of the day with guests at turndown service.


THE BRIT LIST hoteliers OF 2023

Nuno César de Sá, General Manager, Grantley Hall In 2023, Nuno César de Sá, who has established more than 28 years’ experience in the hospitality industry, was appointed General Manager of Grantley Hall, replacing Andrew McPherson who stepped down after six years in the role. Commenting on his appointment, César de Sá said: “I have been fascinated by what has been achieved at Grantley Hall over the last six years. Now that I have been appointed as General Manager, it is incredible that I will become an integral part of its future.” Opening its doors in 2019, after a multi-million-pound, four-year restoration project, Grantley Hall boasts 47 bedrooms, five indulgent restaurants, including Michelin-starred Shaun Rankin at Grantley Hall, along with three stunning bars and an award-winning spa.

Philip Steiner, General Manager, Bankside Hotel In little under a year, General Manager Philip Steiner has propelled Bankside Hotel, an art-focused, Marriott Autograph Collection hotel on the South Bank. His visionary leadership, has yielded results that underscore his exceptional qualities as a hotelier, revealing a 5.6 per cent increase in staff satisfaction while nearly doubling the hotel’s Gross Operating Profits. Steiner’s arrival at Bankside closely followed the hotel’s acquisition in June 2022, prompting a review of its operational framework. Fostering unity among staff, Back of House spaces underwent rebranding as the “Heart & Headquarters.” Collaborating with artist Joe Greenaway, Steiner adorned these spaces with murals, creating an inviting and inclusive atmosphere.


THE BRIT LIST hoteliers OF 2023

Philippe Leboeuf, Managing Director, Raffles London at The OWO In 2021, two years prior to the hotly awaited arrival of the hotel opening, Philippe Leboeuf was appointed Managing Director of the 125-key Raffles London at The OWO. After an eight-year transformation project inside The OWO, Raffles London opened its doors in autumn 2023. Before joining Raffles Hotels & Resorts, Leboeuf was Regional Vice President of Operations for Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group and General Manager of Mandarin Oriental Paris, positions he held since 2013 and 2010 respectively. He brings more than 30 years’ experience operating luxury hotels to the role.

Ray Goertz, General Manager, The Prince Akatoki London As General Manager, Ray Goertz has masterfully crafted an environment that goes beyond mere comfort and opulence. Through meticulous attention to detail, the hotel has earned a reputation for delivering personalised services that leave a lasting impression on its guests. The hotel carefully curates the synergies between what its guests find in their home comforts, to what they will experience in the hotel. For example, its guests will all have an individual welcome amenity based on their preferences and not what the hotel deems appropriate. Since opening in 2019, the hotel has introduced innovative practices, which includes embracing cutting-edge technology to enhance guest experiences and implementing sustainable initiatives so that the hotel successfully blends tradition with modernity.


THE BRIT LIST hoteliers OF 2023

Robert Godwin, CEO, Lamington Group As newly promoted CEO of Lamington Group, Co-Founder of room2 hometels and the winner of Hotelier of the Year at The Brit List Awards 2022, Robert Godwin has continued to make an outstanding contribution in the world of hospitality and, in the process, has changed the hotel landscape for the better. As well as growing the company extensively over the past years, with the opening of the world’s first whole life net zero hometel, room2 Chiswick, and recently room2 Belfast, Godwin also plans to open properties in York, Glasgow and Manchester over the next three years. Throughout this expansion of environmentally conscious hometels, Godwin continues to show other leaders that it is both necessary and possible for hotels to contribute to the ongoing battle against climate change.

Ross Grieve, Managing Director, Seaham Hall Most recently, Ross Grieve has been responsible for refining the position Seaham Hall as a coastal resort, to offer something unique on the Durham Heritage coastline. This has incorporated a new website, photography, packages and development across the resort, including the recent introduction of dog-friendly garden suites, outdoor dining pods, and new residences for larger group and family stays and for purchase as second homes. Further demonstrating his dedication to the hospitality industry outside of his dayto-day role, Grieve remains a Director of Visit County Durham, championing inbound tourism to the area, and is also on the board of PoB Hotels, ensuring that Britain’s leading independent luxury hotels have a collaborative space in to communicate and grow together as a community. Grieve is also passionate about encouraging young people to join the hospitality industry, promoting hospitality as a career of choice.


THE BRIT LIST hoteliers OF 2023

Simon Galic, General Manager, AMANO Covent Garden Simon Galic’s unwavering commitment to creating a wonderful experience throughout the customer journey, along with his kind and empathetic approach to leadership, has enabled AMANO Covent Garden, which opened in 2022, to thrive within its own territory on the congested London hotel scene. Whilst Galic’s caring nature sets him apart, his commitment to continuously improve the hotel’s quality is also remarkable. He possesses a passion for excellence, and this is clear through how he constantly seeks innovative ways to elevate the guest experience, whether it’s enhancing guest facilities through introducing new amenities and partnerships or organising special events for staff and even its neighbours.

Sonja Vodusek, Managing Director, Peninsula London In the summer of 2023, three years after arriving in London to become Managing Director of The Peninsula London, which opened in September, Sonja Vodusek was awarded Master Innholder status, which is a coveted recognition awarded to a select group of industry leaders in the United Kingdom each year. Her long-standing commitment to The Peninsula Hotels began in 2010 when she joined The Peninsula New York as Hotel Manager. Thereafter, she held the position of General Manager at The Peninsula Manila, before taking on the role of General Manager of The Peninsula Tokyo in 2015, which is the group’s flagship. Her leadership paved the way for her appointment as the Managing Director of The Peninsula London, which is set to become one of the city’s most established and regarded luxury hotels.




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THE BRIT LIST hoteliers OF 2023

Timothy Griffin, Co-Founder, LEVEN Manchester As Principal of Wellbrook Hospitality, together with former Ennismore colleagues PJ Kenny and Shanathan Balakrishnan, Timothy Griffin has quickly found success with the creation of LEVEN, a design-led hotel brand, designed to be enjoyed on a guest’s own terms. His first property opened in 2021 in Manchester’s vibrant Gay Village neighbourhood to instant success, showcasing Griffin’s leadership and vision in creating and bringing innovative experiences to market. His current project, developing the LEVENverse, a virtual hotel in the Metaverse, shows Griffin’s forward-thinking approach to embracing emerging technologies and exploring new opportunities for hotel experiences. His ability to push traditional boundaries and explore the digital future shows an ambitious and pioneering vision.


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