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YOUR BUSINESS DESERVES A PARTNER IT CAN TRUST! That’s why Fortis Risk Solutions is constantly striving to embody these values. If you’re looking for someone to partner with your business and help protect it, look no further.


We do not back down from a fight. If one of our clients needs an ally, we will step up.


We look for long-term partners. Once we find them, we never stop investing in those relationships.


We are committed to protecting our reputation. Why? So we can protect yours.


We mean what we say and say what we mean. We will always work to earn your trust.

About Fortis Since its initial founding in 2001, Fortis and its predecessor companies have evolved to a full third party claims risk solution. We provide multiple claims-related services and now offer full thirdparty claims risk solutions. Fortis Risk is rewriting the book on how claims are handled by offering a level of service, risk mitigation, and claims handling that is different from others in the industry. While small in size, Fortis offers services greater than most. In addition to providing full service claims adjusting, we are a multi-faceted risk mitigation platform. Fortis offers risk management services including risk transfer assistance, loss control, and independent investigative and litigation management. We understand the current challenges faced by insurance carriers, managing general agents, and small to mid-market program business, and we are committed to innovating the claims process to alleviate these challenges. Fortis takes pride in our aggressive management of claims and litigation, and we are confident you will be happy with your results.

Our Services Litigation Management We pride ourselves on having trained litigators assigned to your litigated claims. At Fortis Risk Solutions, a team with decades of trial experience will spearhead your claim. We know that until you have been in the courtroom and defended a case, it is challenging to know exactly what each claim will require. That is why we do things differently. Our experienced in-house litigators will save you hassle, headache, and ultimately, money.

General Claims Adjusting Adjusting is the main focus of Fortis, but we bring a fresh approach. With a designated team assigned to your product and the ability to fully customize guidelines and innovative litigation strategies, Fortis will greatly reduce the loss profile of your business. During the claims adjusting process, we have one goal – to protect you and your business from wasted time and money.

Risk Management At Fortis we believe in proactive risk management. We will assist you and your insureds in transferring risk elsewhere. Our risk management team will pinpoint ways your insureds can proactively protect themselves from claims.

Loss Control At Fortis we help you prevent hazards before they ever put a business at risk. The best way to manage a claim is for it to never occur. Our team works with our partners to make this a reality.

Independent Investigations/Appraisals We believe that you deserve to know about potential threats to your business. Through our independent investigations, we can help you stay on top of your reputation. We will put our trustworthy, professional team behind you to find the information you need.

Fortis Team Claims Management Fortis is led by a management team with extensive legal and adjusting experience in claims unique to the TPA industry, as well as a wealth of hands-on experience. We believe that in order to provide the best possible services, we must be in the trenches with you, fighting for you.

Claims Adjusters Our philosophy at Fortis values proper claim management, which demands time and care. At Fortis we carefully monitor adjuster claim loads to ensure that every client receives the services they need and deserve. Our claims team is available for you whenever needed.

Investigation/Appraisal At Fortis, we can employ our network of hands-on and experienced independent investigators to conduct in-depth investigations and appraisals on all claims. We have found that prompt and immediate responses result in significant decreases in loss ratio. Our team is standing by to assist you.

Panel Counsel At Fortis, we have developed a litigation panel counsel at reasonable costs that save time and money, while providing the best legal work available today. Legal expense is a driving factor in all areas of insurance, and by choosing Fortis, you are taking steps to mitigate those losses.

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Your business deserves a partner it can trust!

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