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By Lauren Dante

High School HOT SHOT

Leah Dibble: A Dibble of Determination and Desire


“Basketball has taught me how to trust eah Dibble, a senior at Fort academics, basketball and cross-counmy teammates and others,” said Leah. Bend Christian Academy try; she is also a member of the track “I love the team (FBCA), is deteam. For the past two years, Leah aspect of baskettermined to succeed has ranked 5th in the Regional meet ball and have in everything that for the 800-meter race. If Leah had to gotten to know she does. She has choose, she prefers cross-country to my teammates excelled in academtrack, but basketball will remain her well; we are ics, basketball, crossfavorite sport. all really close It comes natural for Leah to be a country and track. friends.” Her team player and motivator; thereLeah has a positive favorite games attitude toward evfore, she is an amazing big sister. took place durerything, whether it Leah has a sister two years younger ing last year’s involves running in and is also a Big Sister for a program Pictured are Teresa, season against the scorching Texas at school where she mentors a freshLeah’s mom, and Lutheran South heat, doing repetitive man. “As a big sister, I know that Leah at a basketball when FBCA basketball drills at my actions are being watched by my playoff game. beat Lutheran practice or preparing Little Sisters,” said Leah. “I have South twice to for a seemingly imlearned that my actions can influadvance to the state tournament. Leah possible Literacy Criticism test on the ence other people, and I always need has won the Eagle Heart Award and Academic Team. This young lady does to think before I act and speak.” Academic Award for the team. it all with a genuine smile and graAs a member of the Interact Club, Leah is also a member of the crossLeah’s actions have excellent intencious attitude. country team, this year, Leah will be tions. The Interact Club is a service Academically talented, Leah is cura Captain of the team with her friend, club that holds blood drives, collects rently ranked number two in her grade. Leah. “Leah-Squared” will serve as mencanned goods and makes cards for seHer favorite classes in high school have tors to the girls and encourage the team. nior citizens. Leah is the Vice Presibeen Honors World History and TheolLeah has qualified to run at the state dent of the club and enjoys participatogy Bible Class. In these classes, she competition the past two years and has ing in the various service opportunities. feels that she learned a lot of interestbeen ranked #13 Leah is a complete ing material and was given the skills to and #10 in the package: smart, talactually learn the material rather than state. This dediented, athletic and just prepare for a test. cated team of 30sincere. In the future, Even in her extracurricular ac40 boys and girls she is interested in tivities, Leah works on improving is already unofbecoming a medical her knowledge as a member of the ficially practicing examiner because Academic Team. Leah competes in for the upcoming she enjoys solving the Ready Writing and Literacy Critseason. “We are mysteries and wants icism competition. She enjoys the building the team to bring justice to Ready Writing exam because she has aspect right now those who have comthe freedom to state her position on by practicing in mitted wrongdoings. a topic and defend it. Literacy Critithe summer,” said If Leah sets her mind cism, on the other hand, is a stanMembers of the cross-country team: Kassidi Leah. “Crossto something, she dardized test that covers a variety Kaminski, Ally Peters, Leah and Bailey Wood. county is a group of English topics such as grammar will accomplish it! of people from different sports who make rules, poetry, plays and novels. We wish Leah the best of luck for her one big unit of friends.” Leah thrives on academic chalsenior year and can’t wait to see what Leah’s endurance extends beyond lenges, but her true love is basketball. the future holds for her.


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