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College Prep 101 By Jennifer Elliott


ou packed hundreds of lunches. You helped with countless hours of homework. If not given enough space for extra seating, make the best use of the bed. Adding pillows against the wall will make a comfortable day bed for you to study or relax with your friends.


You drove to a seemingly endless number of after school activities. Now, all of a sudden, it is time to send your child off to college. Help them get a great start with

For college students wanting to add instant square footage, loft living is a great alternative. Taking advantage of the vertical space in a room allows you to use the space underneath the loft style bed for your desk or a reading nook with a chair, table and lamp.


advice on designing a fabulous dorm room and staying organized.

We asked the talented designers at Kaleidoscope Studio of Interior Design for their ideas on dorm room design. Here are their top tips:

Storage can be challenging in a small dorm room. By adding colorful storage bins, you are being practical while still staying aesthetically pleasing.


Using a series of mirrors or a large scale mirror will provide you with decorative wall art and also give the appearance of a larger space.


To add life into your dorm room, use colorful fabrics with textures and prints on your bedding, rugs and curtains.



Floating shelves will help you make use of every square inch of space, while also adding décor.

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Multi-function pieces are a must in small spaces. Each piece in your dorm room should provide storage, such as an entertainment center and dresser or a nightstand and bookcase.


“Our favorite part of decorating a dorm room is using multipurpose pieces in unique ways to provide extra space and interest to a small room,” comments Christine Cook, Allied ASID. For more tips on creating the perfect home away from home college dorm room, visit

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