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Fort Bend County Women’s Center Recognizes Volunteers of the Year 2011

Elsie Schade & Vita Goodell.

Debbie Maynard.

Rosenberg Welcomes Whataburger’s Biggest Fans

Paulette Smith, Beverly Martin, Vivian McDowell, Nancy Piazza, Nancy Colmenares, Beth Laughlin & Lizzie Dragon.

Sugar Land Face and Body’s Cool Night Benefiting Pink Door Non-Profit

Karl and Carol Hoepfner of Rockport, Whataburger’s Biggest Fans, plan to visit all 722 Whataburgers across ten states, and their Rosenberg stop was made extra special by the local staff and city representatives. Pictured are Carol Hoepfner, Cynthia McConathy, Vincent Morales, Jr., Moinuddin (Moin) Rahman, Susie Keintz, Samir Patel and Karl Hoepfner. Photo courtesy of Rosenberg Whataburger #651.

MD Anderson in Sugar Land Celebrates Survivorship Week

May Akbar, Angela Garza, Tiffany Lara, Eric & Lin Humble, Cortney Cole Hall & Allison Grover.

Jennifer Yantes & Erica Martinez.

Allison Brown, Cortney Cole Hall & Barrett Hall. fort bend

magazine • August 2012

Cancer survivor Kirby Redlin celebrates Survivorship Week with his oncologist, Shalin Shah, M.D.


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August 2012 - Fort Bend Focus Magazine - People • Places • Happenings  

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