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Caring for the Client is the Priority for Supreme USA Solutions

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Editor’s Preview Volume 36 • Number 3 MARCH 2017 Joe Southern Editor

A Supreme way to insure life and property


t the time of this writing it is raining outside. As anyone who has lived around Houston for the last several years can attest, that is not unusual. Heavy rains have had significant impact on the area, causing plenty of localized flooding and an abundance of regional flooding as the Brazos River overflowed its banks three times in the past two years. Despite the area’s propensity to flood, many people still do not consider buying flood insurance. Customers of Nadia Lakhani at Supreme USA Solutions LLC will be well aware of the need for flood insurance. When Lakhani meets with a client she is sure to educate them on not only what insurance products they are buying, but also what is not included in the purchase. A homeowner’s policy does not cover flood damage. Flood insurance must be purchased separately. It’s that attention to detail that has made Lakhani and Supreme USA Solutions so successful. She and her partner, Sam Mohammad, pride themselves on providing the best customer service available. Part of that commitment to the customer includes being available at all times day or night. It means responding quickly to requests and any changes in coverage. Even the slightest delay in service could be detrimental to the customer and that is something she won’t stand for. Lakhani has been building her business since first becoming an agent in 2006 for New York Life. It took Hurricane Ike two

years later to help her see the need to expand into property and casualty coverage. Several friends and relatives found themselves lacking adequate coverage to help them recover from the hurricane. “At the time their claims were filed, they didn’t realize that they weren’t covered in specific areas, or that the coverage was too little to rebuild their homes. Therefore, reflecting upon the sad, depressed faces of my friends and relatives, I realized that I should not only continue to cover life insurance, but also look into property and casualty,” she said. The Supreme USA Solutions office is conveniently located near the intersection of Wilcrest Drive and Hwy. 59 on the Fort Bend County side of Houston. This allows them to service customers in Fort Bend and Harris counties as well as many others across Texas. Supreme USA Solutions specializes in insurance for homeowners, convenience stores, shopping complexes, apartment complexes, hotel/motels, and even restaurants. To learn more about the best insurance options for you, read the story inside this edition or contact Nadia Lakhani at Supreme USA Solutions at 832-474-7389 or nadia@supremesolutionsllp. com. Sincerely, Joe Southern Editor, Fort Bend/Katy Business Journal

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Nadia Lakhani Supreme USA Solutions LLC

Haralson to lead Memorial Hermann Southwest and Sugar Land hospitals .................... 10 Texas State Technical College regent leaves lasting legacy with donation....................... 12 Fort Bend County Fair names new manager............................................................................... 13


March 2017 H Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal

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What Should I Consider Before Taking Social Security?


s mentioned last month, at Roberts Wealth Management, we are total wealth managers. Often, this term is overused in our industry. At its very minimum, the term should mean that your advisor is making recommendations on how to invest your money in a way that is appropriate and the best means possible to reach your goals and for your risk tolerance and your age. However, we feel that a lot more should go into “wealth management”. Since we focus on retirees and pre-retirees, we are familiar with a lot of the surrounding considerations that a family should look at when planning for and ensuring they make it through retirement. Last month, we discussed Planning for a Longer Life and Planning for Long Term Care Assistance. This month, we’ll touch on Social Security Planning. And, check out our article next month about considering the impact of inflation on retirement and the role of taxes in retirement. If you can’t wait to read these topics, give us a

call and request our whitepaper, “Your Retirement Income Planning Checklist” right away. Most people we talk to are very concerned about when to take Social Security. For most retirees, it April R. Roberts, J.D. is an important piece of the retirement plan puzzle. Since you’ve paid in for this benefit, we want to make sure that you make the most of it. While the answer is different for everyone — depending on what other assets you have to use in your retirement plan, at what age you retire, and whether or not you’re married — there are some basic facts you should know about social security. If you’d like to know more, call us for your customized social

security maximization plan. You may be able to apply for Social Security as early as 62. If you apply early, it may forever lessen the monthly amount you are entitled to receive. However, if you wait until full retirement age, you will be eligible for a higher payout available based on your lifetime earnings. By delaying benefits, you will increase the monthly amount you are eligible to receive. In fact, you can delay taking benefits until age 70. In the past, a couple could file and suspend one benefit, allowing the spouse to take spousal benefits and still accruing their own benefit. Unless you are grandfathered in, this law has changed. Now, when you apply for social security, you will automatically receive your own benefit or your spousal benefit, whichever is higher. A couple of important considerations for spousal benefits: if you are divorced or widowed, you may be eligible to take spousal benefits based on your ex or deceased H CONTINUED ON PAGE 8

At Roberts Wealth Management, we realize that you have worked hard for your money. We will work just as hard to help you protect and grow it. Call now for a complimentary 3-Step Review 1650 Highway 6, Suite 250 Sugar Land, TX 77478 (281) 277-0645 DISCLOSURES Investment advisory services offered through Global Financial Private Capital, LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Adviser. SEC registration does not imply any level of skill or training. Any comments regarding safe and secure investments, and guaranteed income streams refer only to fixed insurance products. They do not refer, in any way to securities or investment advisory products. Fixed Insurance and Annuity product guarantees are subject to the claims-paying ability of the issuing company and are not offered by Global Financial Private Capital.

Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal H March 2017


(Photo by Joe Southern)

Chris Sienbenaler, CEO of Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital, talks about issues surrounding the Affordable Care Act and its impact on Fort Bend County during the Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce’s State of Healthcare luncheon last Wednesday at Safari Texas Ranch. Pictured from the left are panelists Joe Freudenberger, CEO of OakBend Medical Center; Greg Haralson, CEO of Memorial Hermann Sugar Land and Southwest hospitals; Sienbenaler; and CHI St. Luke’s Sugar Land Hospital Vice President Wes Garrison, filling in for CEO Rob Heifner.

Hospital leaders discuss impacts of Obamacare in Fort Bend County By Joe Southern


eaders of the four largest hospital systems in Fort Bend County discussed various issues and challenges they are facing amid all the turmoil in the nation’s healthcare industry during a State of Healthcare forum held Wednesday at Safari Texas Ranch by the Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce. Over the course of an hour they discussed issues ranging from the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) to staffing concerns. The speakers included Joe Freudenberger, CEO of OakBend Medical Center; Greg Haralson, CEO of Memorial Hermann Sugar Land and Southwest hospitals; Chris Sienbenaler, CEO of Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital; and CHI St. Luke’s Sugar Land Hospital Vice President Wes Garrison, filling in for CEO Rob Heifner. The hot topic is the effort in the Donald Trump administration to repeal and replace Obamacare. “We need to change the language. You can’t repeal and replace or else you wind up in the same place,” Freudenberger said.


“You’ve got 20 million people that are covered in some form under Obamacare. If you repeal it you’ve got to find a way to cover those 20 million people and why start re-creating the wheel? Why not fix the problems that we have?” His colleagues agreed. “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, so to speak,” Haralson said. “There are some good elements of Obamacare … There’s elements of Obamacare that makes sense.” He said term healthcare reform is a misnomer. “Most of this was all well-intended but it was much more insurance reform than it truly was healthcare reform,” he said. “So how can we do insurance reform that makes sense and something that can truly be what we call the Affordable Care Act, where it becomes truly affordable? I don’t know the answer to that.” Sienbenaler said the current political discussion is misguided. “The politics behind what is being discussed really doesn’t add up to people who are operating a hospital day in and day out,” he said. “So from my standpoint

March 2017 H Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal

it (Obamacare) was kind of set up to fail and everyone knew it was not necessarily going to be successful and that insurance companies were going to bail out of their part because they could not make money on it.” Sienbenaler theorized that Obamacare was designed to evolve. “Everyone knew, we’re going to get this out and once the genie is out of the bottle, then we’ll have to figure this out,” he said. “And so I think this is the opportunity to figure it out and to keep things that do make sense and ultimately it will be up to us to make some tough decisions because it’s ultimately about cost management. The funding mechanism, I honestly don’t know how we’re going to do the funding mechanism behind this because the state’s not going to expand Medicaid and the insurance companies are not going to take on more risk.” The chief executive officers said that changes in funding will have to come, and soon, because the current system is unsustainable. OBAMACARE, continued on page 6

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Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal H March 2017


Keeping good employees a challenge for local hospitals By Joe Southern


n order to provide the best healthcare services possible, hospitals must employ the best healthcare providers possible. That is an increasingly difficult task according to Fort Bend County hospital administrators speaking during a forum on healthcare last Wednesday at a luncheon hosted by the Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce at Safari Texas Ranch. The speakers included Joe Freudenberger, CEO of OakBend Medical Center; Greg Haralson, CEO of Memorial Hermann Sugar Land and Southwest hospitals; Chris Sienbenaler, CEO of Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital; and CHI St. Luke’s Sugar Land Hospital Vice President Wes Garrison, filling in for CEO Rob Heifner. Sienbenaler brought up the issue when asked to talk about some of the challenges the local hospitals face. He started by asking the audience what they thought the average age of a nurse is in Texas. Most said 45 years. “The average age of a nurse is 50. … We pulled the data to make sure it was accurate and the average age of a nurse in Houston is 42, it’s actually lower than I thought it was,” he said. “Think about that. The average age of a nurse providing care is 50

OBAMACARE, continued from page 4

“Our healthcare system is the best in the world but we’ve proven over and over again … we can’t continue to afford the model that we currently have,” Haralson said. “I don’t mean that to be gloom-and-doom but we are going to have to figure out ways to pay for the type of care that we receive. We can’t continue to run deficits and these types of things. I’m hopeful that we come up with a model that keeps us whole and it needs to look like what we have today.”


years old. … As we become more robust utilizers of healthcare we want the right people taking care of us. No question about that. And the expectation of people in this country … is we have a lot of options as to where we find our care and so what it boils down to is I want the right people working here.” He said the average turnover rate for hospital nurses in the state is 22 percent annually. He said it’s 21 percent locally and 19 percent at his hospital. “At Houston Methodist we’re pained by the fact that roughly 19 percent of our nurses turn over. … Think about that. A fifth of your nurses are turning over each year at our hospitals, which means you’re bringing in new nurses each year,” he said. He said too often he has to replace experienced workers with newer, less experienced ones. “There’s no substitute for experience, training and working in an environment that fosters nursing practices,” he said. He said hospitals must compete with other medical facilities for nurses and other skilled workers. “There are definite changes happening within our marketplace; there are more opportunities for our nurses,” he said. Given the choice of having to be on-call 24/7 or having a weekday job and less stress is one many nurses face.

“It’s a big challenge for us,” he said. A nursing shortage isn’t the only issues. “We are in short supply of technologists,” he said. He said the average age of a medical technologist in Texas is 48. “So, when you look at it, the people we want taking care of us are older and there’s more opportunities for them in an environment that is, I hate to say, less challenging for them,” he said. Another factor affecting the turnover rate in hospitals is generational. He said 52 percent of the employees who left Houston Methodist last year were millennials. “What we’re finding in that process is that there are a different set of expectations of the millennials or the baby boomers or the Gen X’ers,” Sienbenaler said. “From our standpoint its how do we find the best people, how do we create an environment that is the best to work in, how to we retain them long-term, how do we keep them working and how do we provide a flexible environment for these people that are going to be taking care of us?” The other speakers agreed with him. Haralson said the staffing issue went beyond nurses and medical technicians. He said physicians are finding expanded opportunities and finding and retaining good doctors is just as great a concern.

He said the system needs to be changed so services to patients are more streamlined and less redundant and that an equitable method of payment is devised. OakBend’s Freudenberger said Americans have come to expect a high standard of care, often beyond what they can afford. He said Fort Bend County has 43,000 people receiving insurance under Obamacare. “Obamacare is a challenge … the question I always ask is how can we afford providing what is expected, the Cadillac care, the American healthcare system notwithstanding whatever you might hear

of it in a scary world, how do we afford to provide that for everyone that lives in the United States? No other country does that. Every other country in the world, they ration healthcare,” he said. Haralson said the hospitals have been serving as a safety net for the poor at a very high price. “Those that even have insurance on the exchange have a $5,000 deductable. They might have $400 cash they can

March 2017 H Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal

OBAMACARE, continued on page 8

Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital physician performs robotic single-site hysterectomy


ouston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital is now offering singlesite robotic hysterectomies to patients. Duc Le, MD, a board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist, performed the procedure using the da Vinci surgery system, which utilizes advanced robotics, computer and optical technologies to provide enhanced vision, precision and control. Physicians at Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital use the da Vinci robot to perform a multitude of procedures, including, but not limited to: prostatectomy (removal of the prostate), nephrectomy (removal of the kidney), hysterectomy (removal of the uterus), myomectomy (removal of uterine fibroids), lung resections and colorectal surgery. Le is the first at the hospital to use the system to perform a single-site hysterectomy, which requires just one small incision. “With the da Vinci robot, we see

everything in 3-D high-definition and magnification, which gives us an extremely close-up view of the area we are operating on,” said Le. “The system then translates our hand motions into small, precise movements through the robot’s Duc Le, MD instruments. It’s a state-of-the-art tool for performing successful, minimally invasive procedures.” Similar to single-incision traditional laparoscopy, a single-site hysterectomy performed using robotics technology removes the uterus through a small incision in the patient’s belly button. This procedure is virtually scarless and offers numerous other benefits when compared to abdominal or

vaginal hysterectomies, which require large incisions and stitches. “Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital is committed to implementing new technology like the da Vinci system to improve our ability to care for patients,” said Le. “Studies show that about one-third of all U.S. women will require a hysterectomy by age 60, and the single-site hysterectomy with the da Vinci system is a major advancement for patients, with less pain, fewer complications and faster recoveries when compared to the traditional method of surgery. It’s an extremely valuable tool that is making a real difference for women who need a hysterectomy.” To schedule an appointment with an obstetrician-gynecologist to find out if you are a good candidate for this procedure, call 281-274-7500 for a physician referral. To learn more about Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital, visit houstonmethodist. org/sugarland.

Houston MetHodist surgical associates dr. ali MaHMood Dr. Ali Mahmood, board-certified colon and rectal surgeon, provides patients in Fort Bend and surrounding areas with specialized care for a range of surgery needs, including laparoscopic and minimally invasive surgical procedures. His primary interest is in colon and rectal cancer, along with benign conditions such as Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, diverticular disease, hemorrhoids, fissures and pilonidal disease. Plus, he is supported by the state-of-the-art technology, resources and staff of Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital. Highly respected in his field, Dr. Mahmood delivers individualized, compassionate care, ensuring each patient’s unique needs are met. To schedule an appointment, call 281.668.9824. Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital 16605 Southwest Frwy. Medical Office Building 3, Suite 430 Sugar Land, TX 77479 Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal H March 2017


What Should I Consider Before Taking Social Security? H CONTINUED FROM, PAGE 3

spouse’s record. If you are divorced, both of you must be 62 or older and you must have been married for 10 years or longer to receive spousal benefits from an ex-spouse’s work history. You must be divorced of 2 years prior to applying for spousal benefits. And, if you remarry, you are no longer eligible to receive benefits based on your previous spouse’s work history unless the consequent marriage ends in death, divorce or annulment. As a widow/ widower, you can take full benefits at your full retirement age, but are able to take reduced benefits as early as 60. And, a surviving spouse can take the higher of their benefit or their deceased spouse’s benefit, but will lose the lower benefit. Thus, it’s important to have a discussion about survivorship income when planning for retirement. If you have any questions on social security or would like a second opinion on your retirement income plan, give us a call or visit us on our website. We look forward to helping you get retired and stay retired!

(Photo by Joe Southern)

Joe Freudenberger, CEO of OakBend Medical Center, talks about the impacts of the Affordable Care Act on local hospitals while Greg Haralson, CEO of Memorial Hermann Sugar Land and Southwest hospitals, looks on during a forum hosted by the Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce recently.

OBAMACARE, continued from page 6

spend in most cases, so eating $5,000 for a healthcare visit or a hospital visit is not going to happen,” Haralson said. “That totals up at Memorial Hermann to more than $400 million per year in costs we provide for the region. That’s just the costs, not the charges, so don’t mix the two.” He said one way the burden cold be eased on hospitals is if the state would consider expanding Medicaid – something Texas politicians have been loathe to do. “How are we going to make this the right healthcare system for an entire country and are we going to be willing to






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March 2017 H Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal

pay for it or are we going to have a sense of entitlement, which one of those wins out?” he said. The CEOs said one of the factors driving up the cost of healthcare is the fact that people are not taking personal responsibility for their health, especially among the poor and immigrant populations. Haralson said the key is getting patients to see their primary care physician before their condition worsens and they have to go to the hospital. If that happened more often, healthcare costs would plummet. Freudenberger said the problem is convincing those segments of the population to take personal responsibility. “Those patients have to want to go see a primary care physician,” he said. “So, one of the biggest issues we have is that people are not accountable for their own care.” He said they tracked the trend at OakBend and found that the poor and immigrant populations won’t follow through on their own care. “We invited them to schedule a followup appointment post-discharge and what did we find in that process? One, the vast majority wouldn’t even schedule an appointment and two, 80 percent of those people we helped schedule and appointment for ended up not showing for their appointments,” he said. He said that in order to fix the funding you must first fix the attitudes. “Are patients willing to share their burden of the cost and their share of the accountability?” he asked. Wes Garrison of St. Luke’s said he agreed with his colleagues, but also noted the county is seriously lacking care for mental health patients. “There is no program at all in this county for those patients,” he said. “They go to Austin.” He said 98 percent of the mental health patients at St. Luke’s come via emergency medical services. Once they are cleared medically, the problem becomes one of placement, especially on weekends when there are no judges in the county to sign orders. “These patients are unfortunately housed at ERs and taking up valuable resources,” he said. “There are very few locations in Fort Bend County that will take our mental health patients once we have them in our facility. The only one psychiatric facility that will take our noninsured, which is the majority of them that we do see, is Texana.”

George Foundation announces a new special programs director anticipation of Koch’s retirement. Blahuta is a Fort Bend County native and earned a bachelor of science degree in consumer and family science from Purdue University. Upon graduation, Blahuta served in a variety of marketing and management roles with Sysco Food Services and Strake Jesuit College Preparatory before joining Hudson Building Systems as the company’s Business Development Manager in 2009. Blahuta is also the co-founder of Gigi’s Playhouse Sugar Land, a nonprofit organization with the mission to empower individuals with Down syndrome to reach their highest potential. Gigi’s offers 30 direct educational and therapeutic programs to individuals with Down syndrome, their families and the Fort Bend community in an inviting and uplifting environment – all free of charge. Blahuta lives in Sugar Land with her husband Keith and their two children, Keaton and Sadie.


he George Foundation recently announced Ammie Blahuta as Director of Special Programs. In this newly created position, Blahuta will be responsible for leading the foundation’s special programs including Youth in Philanthropy (YIP), Leadership Excellence for Nonprofits, and the foundation’s scholarship programs. Blahuta will also support the mission by strengthening the foundation’s relationships with nonprofits and other community stakeholders through collaboration and community engagement. “We are thrilled to bring Ammie’s talent and passion for community service to the Foundation to help continue the George’s legacy of giving,” said Roger Adamson, CEO of The George Foundation. Blahuta will work closely with longtime foundation employee Dee Koch over the next year to transition leadership responsibilities of the programs in

(Submitted photo)

Ammie Blahuta has been named director of special programs for The George Foundation.

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Haralson to lead Memorial Hermann Southwest and Sugar Land hospitals Gary Kerr Sr. Vice President and CEO of Memorial Herman Southwest set to retire July 2017


emorial Hermann has announced Greg Haralson as the new Senior Vice President (SVP) and CEO of Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital, in addition to his current role as SVP and CEO of Memorial Hermann Sugar Land Hospital. Haralson will succeed Gary Kerr, SVP and CEO of Memorial Hermann Southwest, who recently announced his intent to retire. Kerr will remain with Memorial Hermann and assist in the leadership transition until his retirement takes effect in July. “Memorial Hermann Southwest has provided exceptional care to the residents of southwest Houston for 40 years and it’s been a true honor and a deep privilege to be able to serve as CEO during a time of tremendous growth on our Campus,” said Kerr. “After 33 years in healthcare I’m humbled for the opportunity to retire and am looking forward to spending more quality time with my wife.” Memorial Hermann Southwest is currently on a journey towards earning Level II trauma verification from the American College of Surgeons. Since last summer the hospital has added a Neuro Intensive Care Unit and also a new hybrid operating room dedicated to the treatment of advanced neurosurgery and trauma patients. As part of the verification process, Memorial Hermann Southwest will begin operating as a Level II trauma center later this spring.


Memorial Hermann Sugar Land Hospital CEO Greg Haralson looks out a window of the new patient tower opened last year. Haralson recently saw his duties double as he was named the CEO of both the Southwest and Sugar Land campuses for Memorial Hermann.

March 2017 H Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal

“This an exciting opportunity as there is already a great deal of synergy among Memorial Hermann Southwest and Memorial Hermann Sugar Land and a strong commitment to provide the residents of southwest Harris and Fort Bend counties with safe, high quality care,” said Haralson. “I’m looking forward to building on the strong foundation of collaboration that has already been established between the two campuses.” Haralson has more than 17 years of experience in healthcare and has served as the CEO of Memorial Hermann Sugar Land since joining Memorial Hermann in 2012. Under Haralson’s leadership, Memorial Hermann Sugar Land recently became the first Houston area healthcare organization and only the 21st in the country to be awarded the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. This prestigious award is the nation’s highest Presidential honor for performance excellence. In addition, Haralson has overseen tremendous growth on the Memorial Hermann Sugar Land campus including the recent opening of a new six-story, 155,000 square-foot patient tower. The hospital has been named among the top 100 hospitals by Truven Health Analytics three times as well as being listed among the “100 great community hospitals,” according the Becker’s Hospital Review. Haralson is active in the community serving on several local boards including Child Advocates of Fort Bend and the Greater Fort Bend Economic Development Corporation. He also serves at the state level as a member of the Texas Hospital Association’s political action committee (HOSPAC) Board and the Council on Policy Development and is a fellow in the American College of Healthcare Executives. He resides in Sugar Land with his wife and two children. For more information about Memorial Hermann Southwest and Memorial Hermann Sugar Land, visit www. or call 713-222CARE (2273).

Greg Haralson, Senior Vice President and CEO of Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital and Memorial Hermann Sugar Land Hospital.

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Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal H March 2017


Texas State Technical College regent leaves lasting legacy with donation


exas State Technical College Regent Joe M. Gurecky is a product of technical education and along with his wife, Doris, knows what a difference it has made in his life. In an effort to help students reach their career goals, he now finds it his personal responsibility to help fund the Texan Success Scholarship. The Fort Bend natives’ donation totals $100,000, with $75,000 going toward scholarships and $25,000 going to the chancellor’s discretionary fund, which is used to facilitate the institution’s needs. TSTC matched the scholarship donation dollar for dollar, helping nearly 150 students pursue their dream of a college education. The Texan Success Scholarship goes to new students who enroll full time to provide assistance for tuition, books and other supplies. “I am a product of a technical school, and as a result I know firsthand what an impact it has made on my life and the successes I have enjoyed throughout 60 years in the manufacturing business,” said Gurecky, owner of Gurecky Manufacturing Service, Inc. “Therefore, it is our privilege to provide this same opportunity to the youth of our community.” Gurecky attended Taylor Vocational Technical College to learn machine shop work and spent 27 years working for Baroid Corporation, a Houston-based oil and gas industry production company. However, when a recession in the oil and gas industry hit Houston in the 1980s, the middle school sweethearts and business partners used their life savings in 1983 to open Gurecky Manufacturing, which operated out of their garage with only three machines. Despite the significant growth Gurecky Manufacturing has seen over the years, Gurecky hopes to maintain a mom-andpop-shop image, although the company is now housed in a 40,000-square-foot facility filled with state-of-the-art precision manufacturing machines. In addition to Gurecky’s successful business and career, he has also served on the Rosenberg City Council and is the former mayor of Rosenberg. It was during this time that he worked diligently to establish TSTC in the county. “About 15 years ago I was involved in bringing TSTC to Rosenberg, and it has been awesome to see how TSTC has grown. It brings us great joy and satisfaction to leave a lasting legacy on TSTC and the students we serve,” said Gurecky. Gurecky has also served the college by sitting on the TSTC Board of Regents for 12 years. TSTC Field Development Officer John Kennedy said that Gurecky and his wife personify the generosity of the Fort Bend County community. “The generous donation from Doris and Joe Gurecky will help


(Submitted photo)

Texas State Technical College Regent Joe M. Gurecky and his wife Doris recently gave a $100,000 donation to the college to be used for student scholarships.

many of our students achieve the American dream, and TSTC’s match of their gift will help spread those dollars even more,” said Kennedy. “We are privileged to have Regent Gurecky in our community and even more fortunate for his many years of service on TSTC’s Board of Regents.” For more information on the Texan Success Scholarship, call 346-239-3417.

March 2017 H Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal

Keep up with all the weekly

NEWS! (Submitted photo)

Cindy Schmidt and her husband Darren at the 2016 Fort Bend County Fair.

Fort Bend County Fair names new manager


indy Schmidt has recently been named the manager of the Fort Bend County Fair. The familiar face and longtime supporter of the fair had held the interim fair manager position for several months before being officially offered the top job. In 2016 as interim fair manager, Schmidt oversaw all fair events including the Boots & Buckles on The Bay Fishing Tournament, Downtown Stomp, Fort Bend County Fair Night at the Skeeter’s game, and managed the daily operations of the fair’s 10-run. “Cindy is a natural fit to our association. She has repeatedly proven her dedication and focus to getting our fair to the next level, as a board we could not ask for a better person to help us achieve our goals” said Ernest Lawson, 2017 Fort Bend County Fair President. “Cindy knows the importance of our traditions, but has an incredible foresight to support the youth.” Schmidt and her husband Darren are both familiar faces to the fair. “Darren and I both grew up in Fort Bend County and are proud to give back to the community we’ve been a part of most all our lives. We truly believe in the fair’s mission statement… benefiting youth, promoting agriculture, and supporting education,” Schmidt said. The couple enjoys seeing all the children

they have helped over the years come back with their kids that are now participating in the fair. In 1990, Darren encouraged his wife to join the livestock committee. Cindy found herself working with the commercial heifers and residue avoidance. As a volunteer, she continued to grow and became part of the Fair Club Committee, Hospitality Committee, and Decorations Committee. Cindy and a few other volunteers created the Freezer Sale as a way to help the kids who did not make the Junior Livestock Auction. In 1996, Cindy became a Life Member, and in 2008 she officially joined the fair staff as secretary. “I have loved my time here ever since,” said Schmidt. Schmidt has countless memories of attending the fair and shares, “Some of my most favorite memories - were sitting on the curb on Morton Street in downtown Richmond watching the parade with my Grandma. Then that night my Dad would load up the station wagon and drive us to the fairgrounds to watch the fireworks show. Family and fair … does not get any better!” Schmidt’s duties as fair manager will range from entertainment contracts to putting out fires, from livestock shows to rodeo preparations; she will be leading the charge and making many new memories.

Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal H March 2017

Delivered every Wednesday to over 35,000 homes and businesses for almost 40 years

Every home Every week

Your Countywide newspaper 281-690-4200 13


Agent ChFC, CLU, CASL, CPCU 15510 Lexington Blvd., Ste. P Sugar Land, Texas 77478-4173 Bus. 281-265-0711 • Toll 888-850-8491 Fax 713-481-6288 • Cell 281-380-7786

STOCK FHA CARPET • $10.99 sq yd installed

Seven Beautiful Colors! HARDWOOD FLOORS • $4.99 sq ft installed 12mm LAMINATE WOOD • $3.59 sq ft installed CERAMIC TILE • $2.99 sq ft installed





13743 Stafford Road • Stafford, TX 77477 MON-FRI: 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM “ N O W O R R I E S ” W E D N E S D AY

JOHN EDISON Proprietor

Now Open for Lunch at 11:00 a.m.


15253 S.W. Freeway Sugar Land, TX 77478 Tel: 281-980-4329 Fax: 886-931-6486

Get NOTICED Call TODAY to place your ad here! 281.690.4200


Residential & Commercial Pest Control

281-341-1761 1118 E Highway 90A Richmond, TX 77406

Full-Service & Do-It-Yourself Solutions

Serving Fort Bend County & Greater Houston Area Since 1984

Honored to be your choice for life insurance. LISA N SIMS, AGENT Monday - Friday 9 - 6 Saturday 10 - 2 After hours by appointment Se habla Español

11647 S Highway 6 Sugar Land, TX 77498 Toll Free: 281-201-2448


Rob Thompson 281-725-7663

EDDIE L. HENRY, JR. Principal Agent

Henry Insurance Agency, Inc Se Habla Español 2440 Texas Parkway, Suite 280 Missouri City, TX 77489

Auto. Home. Life. Business.

Tel. 713-723-8001 Fax 713-723-8002

Products underwritten by Nationwide Mutual Company and Affiliated Companies, Columbus, Ohio. Subject to underwriting guidelines, review and approval. Nationwide and the Nationwide N and Eagle are service marks of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. © 2016 Nationwide NPO-0194M1.2 (01/16).

Helping Texas Caregivers Help Others.

Brian Mertz – Owner • 979-257-7393

24-hr water extraction



All Carpet & Floor Cleaning 12515 Fondren, Suite H • Houston, Texas 77035 Tel: 713-723-0693 • Fax: 713-728-5800


Free Home& Phone Estimates Dalyn Hoegemeyer, AAMS Financial Advisor

4623 Austin Parkway Sugar Land, TX 77479 Bus. 281-494-3737 Fax 888-849-8932

Dr. William G. Richey Therapeutic Optometrist Optometric Glaucoma Specialist

4710 Riverstone Blvd. Missouri City, TX 77459


Modern Technology…Old-Fashioned Care

Comprehensive Vision and Eye Health Examinations for the Entire Family

STAR Digital


ELSA MAXEY Executive Producer

713-894-4849 3944 Bluebonnet Drive | Stafford, TX 77477


FACTORY DIRECT • Soaking Tubs • Spas • Whirlpools & Air Baths • Finlandia Saunas • Walk-In Tubs

• Custom Cultured Marble • Tub Surrounds • Showers & Vanity Tops • Church Baptistries • Granite & Silestone

1549 Hwy. 36 N, Rosenberg, TX • 281-342-8775 •


GREGORY CRS, GRI, ABR Re/Max Hall of Fame Re/Max Platinum Club 713-854-0923 - cell

RE/MAX Southwest Each Office Independently Owned & Operated


21226 Andrea Park Dr., Richmond, TX 77406 832-232-1799 (cell) 866-561-8014 (fax)

Guadalupe RIVERFRONT DUPLEX Each duplex can accommodate four adults and four children or rent both for groups. More pictures at book at


Get NOTICED Call TODAY to place your ad here! 281.690.4200

Business FORT BEND




Whoever comes to me for insurance, I make it a point to explain to them and make sure that they understand what they are paying for. — Nadia Lakhani Nadia Lakhani is the co-owner and chief operating officer of Supreme USA Solutions LLC. She started out as an agent for New York Life but branched out after Hurricane Ike when she saw so many family and friends struggling to rebuild when they found they were under-insured. Submitted photo


March 2017 H Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal

Caring for the Client is the Priority for Supreme USA Solutions


very cloud has a silver lining and Nadia Lakhani’s came in the storm clouds of Hurricane Ike. Seeing the impact of what being under-insured had on family and friends made her realize that there is much more to insurance than just life. She noticed that everything was quite “At the time their claims were filed, they didn’t realize that they weren’t covered in specific areas, or that the coverage was too little to rebuild their homes. Therefore, reflecting upon the sad, depressed faces of my friends and relatives, I realized that I should not only continue to cover life insurance, but also look into property and casualty,” she said. Nadia co-owns Supreme USA Solutions LLC with her partner, Sam Mohammad. As independent insurance agents, they offer a variety of property, casualty and life insurance policies to clients across Texas. Their office is situated near the intersection of Wilcrest Drive and Hwy. 59 on the Fort Bend County side of Houston. Nadia staffs the office with her son, Sam Lakhani. Nadia got her start in the insurance industry as a New York Life agent in 2006 and broadened her horizons two years later, after Hurricane Ike hit. “So mainly, this was my biggest turnaround to property and casualty. I guess you could say that Hurricane Ike made me turn around to property and casualty from life, due to the destruction it inflicted on those

well until Hurricane Ike kicked in. Most of her clients were business owners who experienced a fair amount of damage due to the hurricane, applying to both their businesses, and their homes. Although many of them were already insured, most of them were unclear as to what kind of coverage they had.

Business FORT BEND




COVER STORY By Joe Southern

around me,” she said. Nadia said she makes sure her clients understand what they are getting in order to avoid the confusion and frustration when there is a claim. “Whoever comes to me for insurance, I make it a point to explain to them and make sure that they understand what they are paying for,” she said. “They will be provided with many options of different coverage; that way they can better decide what they really need. Hence, when there is a claim, or damage, they know exactly whether they are getting paid for it or not.”

Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal H March 2017

For Nadia, the most important aspect is excellent customer service. “My biggest thing is customer service, because I have observed that whenever there is an issue, and we call the agent, they never answer the phone. Even if someone from the office does answer the phone, they just take down your name and number and promise to get back to you. “However, more often than not, this is not the case. So, this was another issue constantly lingering in the back of my mind. All of my clients have my cell phone number and may reach me whenever they want. I answer the phone 24/7, even on weekends, holidays and after hours: this is because the concern is a concern and it cannot wait. They need to know what’s going on,” she said. Sometimes when clients call, they are distraught, therefore, she is always available to guide them through the proper steps: reassuring them, directing them correctly.



Even if they’re not buying it, at least they are aware that flood damages are not covered in the home insurance.

“So this is what I actually do. My main focus is not to sell, sell, sell, I want to educate them and I want to be behind them as a helpful customer service rep,” she said. Part of her commitment to customer service is the timeliness of her response. “The very first thing that makes me stand out from other agents is our customer service,” she said. “Until the present, I have not one client who would say that when they called, nobody answered, or when they called for some issues, it wasn’t handled in a proper timely manner.” One of the advantages of being an independent insurance agency is that Supreme USA Solutions can be diversified in its offerings. They provide coverage to individuals and businesses, representing numerous insurance companies. “I also educate them on the different types of coverage and give them options, because sometimes, for example, if there is home insurance, flooding is never actually covered in the home policy, to which many are oblivious,” she said. “Therefore, I always offer them flood insurance coverage, explaining that any rising water is considered flood and will not be covered in their home insurance policy. Many of them review the coverage for flooding and realize how cheap it is, opting to purchase it. So that way, even if they’re not buying it, at least they are aware that flood damages are not covered in the home insurance.” Nadia said her partner, Sam Mohammad, is actually the center of influence. He owns a number of different businesses and knows exactly what coverage is required for certain kinds of business. They specialize in homeowners, C-stores, shopping complexes, apartment complexes, hotel/motels, and even restaurants. Communicating a full range of options to the client is important to Nadia. “This helps them to decide what they want, what they need, and what they can afford,” she said. To find your silver lining in the cloud of insurance coverage, contact Nadia at Supreme USA Solutions at 832-474-7389 or nadia@

— Nadia Lakhani To Learn more, call SUPREME USA SOLUTIONS 11841 Wilcrest Dr. Houston, TX 77031

832-474-7389 18

March 2017 H Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal

Welcome New Members


he following members have recognized the importance of being a part of a five-star accredited chamber that connects, provides opportunities and solutions. In a national study, membership in a local chamber boosts the member’s image among consumers and results in positive perceptions in a number of areas, including overall favorability, consumer awareness and reputation, and likelihood of future patronage. Bella Jolie, LLC Angela James, Owner 5418 Hwy 6, Ste. 214 Missouri City, TX 77459 305-978-2877

Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce Member Updates

Block Advisors H&R Block


Empower Indoor Billboard Network Victoria Clark, Local Dealer 17424 W. Grand Parkway, Ste. 201 Sugar Land, TX 77469 832-893-3692

Lorinda Lovelace-Johnson, Senior Tax Advisor- Office Manager 10350 Hwy 6., Ste. D Missouri City, TX 77459 281-778-1467

LandPark Commercial

British International School of Houston

LEAP Coaching and Speaking Consultants, LLC

Tami Riggs, Director of External Affairs 2203 N. Westgreen Blvd. Katy, TX 77449 713-290-9025

Elexa Orange, CEO and Founder 245 Commerce Green Blvd., Ste. 130 Sugar Land, TX 77478 832-266-0457

Bill McGrath, President 10701 Corporate Dr., Ste. 155 Stafford, TX 77477 713-789-2200

BUGCO Pest Control

McCoy Rockford, Inc.

John Onofrey, CEO 9720 Harlem Rd, Unit B3 Richmond, TX 77407 281-240-2157

Jackie Iceton-Maxwell, Account Executive 6869 Old Katy Rd. Houston, TX 77024 713-865-4346

Chase Bank

Nieto Creative

Jasmine Greenwood, Business Relationship Manager 2455 Hwy 6 Sugar Land, TX 77478 281-269-3807

Harry Nieto, Marketing and Creative Consultant 6401 Kimisu Lane Richmond, TX 77469 281-460-0235

March 2017 H Fort Bend Business Journal

NIRP Sugar Land, PLLC Donna Looser, COO 7616 Branford Pl., Ste. 140 Sugar Land, TX 77479 281-888-8999

Sugar Land Modern Dentistry Amber Vermillion, Marketing Director 19984 SW Fwy., Ste. 100 Sugar Land, TX 77479 832-595-2100

Tutor Doctor Al Greene, Program Director 2907 Pebble Banks Ct. Richmond, TX 77406 281-777-8935

Vast Health Texas Jesse Eastes, Health Care Consultant 3536 Hwy 6 S., Ste. 162 Sugar Land, TX 77478 503-409-9507

Wilson Orthodontics Janna Vastola, Marketing Director 9119 Hwy 6, Ste. 270 Missouri City, TX 77459 281-778-1990

Call Derek Rogers for more information at 281-566-2154 or email


10203 Mula Circle • Stafford, TX 77477 • 281-498-2212 •

THE RANCH AT SIENNA PLANTATION 8811 Sienna Springs Blvd. • Missouri City, TX 77459 281-968-0705 •


19984 SW Fwy., Ste. 100 • Sugar Land , TX 77478 832-595-2100 •

Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce Member Updates

To Schedule Your Business Ribbon Cutting


5418 Hwy 6, Ste. 214 • Missouri City, TX 77459 305-978-2877 •


4729 Hwy 6 • Missouri City, TX 77459 281-969-5226 •

Fort Bend Business Journal H March 2017


The Advocate for Business Excellence in Fort Bend County. 1 YEAR

LEAD Association Management, Inc. Syd Talley, (281) 857-6027

The Law Offices of David L. Clark David Clark, (832) 821-5715


First Choice Emergency Room Rosenberg

Nothing Bundt Cakes Thu ‘’Twee’’ Pham, (281) 491-2253

Dynamic Flow Computers, Inc Sami Halilah, (281) 565-1118

Quail Valley Golf Course & City Centre Tyson Stittleburg, (281) 403-5910

Welcome Wagon

First Community Credit Union - HEB

Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr, P.C. Gary ILAGAN, (713) 222-4055

TruCore Business Development Robert Thompson, (281) 725-7663

Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce Member Updates


Sarah Jane Schneider, (832) 759-5360

Stacy Bynes, 800-737-4859 x8775


Milestone Member

Barich, Inc. Justin Phy, (832) 595-8448

Sugar Land Reporting and Video, Inc. Tracey Tompkins, (281) 242-6110

Page Julie Rusk, (713) 871-8484


ARKK Engineers, LLC Madhu Kilambi, (713) 400-2755

Benevides & Associates, Real Estate John Benevides, (281) 903-7253

Brookwood Community Jennfier Tiedt, (281) 375-2100


Kellye Maier, (281) 856-5300

C & C Dental Teresa Cody, (281) 242-0241


ACHIEVE Fort Bend County




YMCA of Fort Bend

Alina Gonzalez, (281) 263-1100

Jess Stuart, (281) 499-9622


Anson Aviation Dana Atkinson, (281) 242-2555

Dearborn & Creggs Jana Williams, (281) 277-6400


Fort Bend County Judge Robert Hebert

Fox & Associates, LLP Attorneys at Law

Robert E. Hebert, (281) 341-8608

John L. Fox, (713) 871-2076


Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene Lane Pearson, (713) 857-4416

Milestone Member



Houston-Stafford Electric

Teresa Zuehlke, (713) 690-8989

Teddy Wilks, (281) 498-2212


Eyring, Leavitt and Draney, PLLC Bill Leavitt, (281) 201-2877


SouthWest Water Company Kirk Michael, (281) 207-5800

Lucia Street, (281) 340-1991

Texas Direct Auto Jessica DeMarr, (281) 499-8200


AMS Houston

Milestone Member


Quality Dialysis One, LP Cynthia Barclay, (281) 491-4009



Seshadri Kumar, (281) 980-6745

David Fish, 281-491-2331 x10105

Fort Bend Employee Federation Local 6198

Welker, Inc.


Karrie Washenfelder, (281) 240-1865

Harris Construction Company, LTD


RE/MAX Southwest - Weaver

DBR Engineering Consultants, Inc. Randall Curry, (713) 914-0888

Charlie’s Catering Company

Fort Bend Family Promise

Charles Irving, (281) 499-2233

Vera Johnson, (281) 403-3923

Managed Response, Inc.

Sugar Land Surgery Center

Michael Stall, 713-627-1122 x1

Regina Mayo, (281) 274-6670


PCD Management, LLC Wende Lewis-Buckley, (281) 276-6000

David Douglas, (281) 403-1701

Fort Bend Independent

Milestone Member

Haley Millis, (713) 690-0791

43 Years

VCA SW Freeway Animal Hospital Harvey S. Brannen, Jr., 281-491-VETS

Jennifer Weaver, (281) 207-5037

Tallas Insurance and Financial Services Jeff Tallas, (713) 271-2000


Assurance One of Texas, LLC Cherie Young, (281) 494-6400

March 2017 H Fort Bend Business Journal

For membership information, contact: Derek Rogers Direct 281-566-2154

Wednesday, March 8, 2017 | Austin, TX

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Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce Member Updates


WITH FORT BEND COUNTY JUDGE ROBERT “BOB” HEBERT Judge Hebert assumed the office of Fort Bend Constitutional County Judge on January 1, 2003. As County Judge he presides over Commissioners Court of the 10th largest county in Texas with a population exceeding 740,000; and oversees the county’s 2,600 employees and its $338 Million budget. He also serves as Fort Bend Emergency Management Director and as a member of the County Juvenile Board, Purchasing Board and Elections Commission. Judge Hebert is a member of the Policy Committee of the Texas Conference of Urban Counties and is its Chairman-elect, as a member of the Region H Water Planning Committee, as a member of the Texas Leadership Roundtable on Water, and he is a member of the Texas Water Conservation Association and the National Water Resource Association.

MARCH 24, 2017 | 11:30 - 1:00 PM | SAFARI TEXAS RANCH | 11627 FM 1464 | RICHMOND PRESENTER $2,000

LEVEL SPONSORSHIP Seating for TEN (10) with priority placement Company Logo featured on event materials Recognition during the event


LEVEL SPONSORSHIP Seating EIGHT Journal (8) with priority placement Fort Bendfor Business H March 2017 Company Logo featured on event materials Recognition during the event

CORPORATE TABLE $500 Seating for EIGHT (8)



DBA (Assumed Names)

Data Beat (+) = More Names

This is a sample of the Assumed Names (DBAs) filed at the Fort Bend County Clerk’s office for January 2017. More Assumed Names may be viewed online at There were 630 Assumed Names for month of January. Cole Nicholas (+) N.D. Cole Ministries (+) 4203 W Meadows Dr 77479

Perez Francis A (+) Monarch Surgical Svcs LLC 8106 Conner Cove 77407

Bell Chad (+) Twenty Twenty 5103 Fountainbrook Ln 77479

Morales Jose Martin Jr (+) Fresh Blooms Of Houston 1229 Eldridge 77478

Phoenix Eddie E P Lawn Service (+) 2059 Greencourt Dr 77489

Mai Hoang Urban Haulers 29215 Erica Lee Ct 77494

Karaosmanoglu Fatih Harmony 1132 Baybrook Mall Dr 77546

Johnson Jophy Jaimon LLC Thanima Indian Restaurant 3776 Cartwright Rd 77459

X-10 Fence & Construction LLC X-10 Fence & Construction 9531 Seiler Rd 77469

Davis Tanishia ITZ Corporate Tax & More 8703 Martin Luther King 77033

Alvarado Antonio T.R.O.P.S Inc. 2414 Duchess Way 77477

Averiett Houston M II Houston A. Photography 1310 Bay Leaf Ct 77489

Breed Tedric (+) Breed Communications 16015 Barbarossa Dr 77083

Nwosu Dewayne (+) Caring Angels Independent Boarding Home 2435 Creek Meadow 77084

Champion Gwendolyn T Phenomsurgical Assisting 4026 E Teal Estates Cir 77545 Zafar Sohail SZ Repair 8414 Hidalgo Dr 77469 Robinson Anthony Dezies Lawn Care 1922 Snowy Meadow Ln 77545 Morgan Lavette N Morgan Consulting Ltd. 1922 Snowy Meadow Ln 77545 Gorris Linda (+) Katy Critter Care Home Pet Sitting 29227 Jacobs River Dr 77494 Bhola Hillary J (+) J’s World Class Entrees 4311 Golden Rod Ln 77459 Mendez Luis Enrique (+) State Of The Arc Gates and Access Control 902 Bent Creek Ct 77406


Tajik Mukhtar T’s Auto Nation 8607 Highway 6 S 77083 Figueroa Alexis A K Transport 7515 Winkleman Rd 77083 Lopez Oralia (+) Queen Esthers Closet Boutique & Resale 905 C Frances St 77471 Alvarado Antonio Trops 2414 Duchess 77477 Stratman Christopher H Clean and Clear Pool Service 6839 Blue Ridge Dr 77469 Sanchez Pablo (+) Fort Bend Diesel Truck Repair 4714 Hwy 36 S 77471 Okeke Chinaza Leadher Foundation 16115 Padons Trace Ct 77489

Pure Rd&D LLC Pure Rd&D LLC 17424 Grand Pkwy Suite 567 77479 Olubunmi Esther Devine Step Enterprices 17151 Quail Park 77489 Dam Phong Duy (+) Crystal Nails 5405 Hwy 6 #200 77459 Globe Healthcare Svcs, Inc Globe EMS 20910 Shelby Meadow Ln 77407

Nguyen Tung (+) Ariana Permanent Makeup & Beauty 23930 Westheimer Pkwy 77494 Byers Candace (+) Cross Key Acres 5543 Fm 762 Rd 77469 Ibe Prudence Bracin Merchandise 4219 Madera Creek Ln 77494 Mccaskill Mike (+) Encore Lawn & Landscape 7428 Fairview 77041

Modmedia Systems, LLC Modmedia Systems 21623 Sierra Long Dr 77407

Irfan Mohammad M I Repairs 3210 Cumberland Ct 77459

Tyler Barbara A Tes’celle Massage & Body Works 16718 Running Quail Ct 77489

Gentry Gilbert Gentry’s Roofing & Cons 3134 Main Ave 77471

Chandler Shannon Picture Perfect Travel 24333 Cinco Terrace Dr Apt 619 77494 Fusilier Francois J Evangeline Atelier 414 Rosen Avenue 77583 Evangeline Atelier Evangeline Studio 414 Rosen Avenue 77583 Tarin Osman (+) A&M Auto Care LLC 1215 Ave I 77471 Karowaliya Rehan (+) King Ranch Transport 10111 Belknap Rd 77498 Rodo Enterprise LLC Signarama-Katyfulshear 25311 Kingsland Blvard Suite 180 77494 Hudaifi LLC (+) Juice It Raw 8900 Hwy 6 77459 V G Homes Inc (+) The Vg Group (+) 13518 Hooper Rd 77047

Thornton Kayla Kej Tax Services 9959 Westpark Dr #128 77063 Gonzalez Alayon Samuel Lakemont Services 7014 Chatham Lake Ln 77407 Govinahalli Karthik N (+) Dream Signs & Graphics 766A Industrial Blvd 77478 Eustachon Benjamin N Sterling Title Services 16327 Ginger Run Way 77498 Dominguez Adam (+) Dominguez Drywall & Painting 2219 Valley Dr 77434 Muhammad Ameenah C R. Q. F. Signing Agent (+) 12910 Frances St 77477 Pineda Jose M (+) Master Auto Imports 1605 First St 77471 Mcgowan Effua V (+) 2Relay 8419 E Sienna Cove Lane 77083

March 2017 H Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal

Lee Grace (+) Knowzia 1911 Lakewinds Dr 77459 Deng Wen (+) Sqx Technology Usa 11325 Landsburg Dr 77099 Marrero Arias Salvador Marrero’s Trucking 15403 Lindita Dr 77083 Love Terry G Jr Fadez Barbershop 1811 Spring Green Ct 77489 Jenkins Jeff (+) Jc Investment Properties 8227 Sumer Lakes Pass Lane 77469 Desss Inc Wt America 5410 Plumero Meadow Dr 77494 Devarajulu Chandrasekar Chiliad Staffing 5410 Plumero Meadow Dr 77494 Ventex & Associates LLC Orlando’s Consulting Svcs 7714 Summerdale Dr 77469 Ventex & Associates LLC Ivonne’s Catering Services 7714 Summerdale Dr 77469 Ventex & Associates LLC Allinsson’s Professional Svcs 7714 Summerdale Dr 77469 Hoang Luan Nguyen (+) SQX Technology USA 11325 Landsbury Dr 77099 Mistry Trushar H On The Wall Photography 25835 Palmdale Estate Dr 77406 Martinez Marlon Rosenberg Texas Concrete 1616 Mulcahy St 77471 Mohr Jeremiah (+) The Big Dogs Creative (+) 223 Summer Gate Ct 77469

DBA (Assumed Names) Hargrove Jessica Raggamuffinz Salon 6238 Hwy 6 Ste #29 77459 Ogunyemi Oladimeji (+) The African Hymn Project (+) 9621 SW Freeway 77074 Nelson Armez (+) Business Solutions Partners 10888 Huntington Est Dr #3109 77099 Schuck James (+) Txexus Enterprises 24603 Stoughton Ct 77494 De Los Santos Gene (+) Midnight Oil Woodworks 1706 Winston Homestead Dr 77406 Williams Tiffery Serene Care Homes 15806 Pryor Dr 77489 Anderson Sharon D (+) Anderson Independent Homes (+) 1430 Bentwood Dr 77489 Pro Nutrition One LLC Pro Nutrition 1251 Pin Oak Rd #125 77494 Haver Bruce (+) Bhaver Air Solutions 7314 La Granada Dr 77083 Kensington Reid A Nanny’s Touch 3018 Gilford Ln 77494 Nwoke Myra (+) Teacher Gram 10498 Fountain Lake Dr #837 77477 Kensington Reid Midtown Janitorial 3018 Gilford Ln 77494 Rojas-Ayala Francisco A Francisco A Rojas-Ayala 2808 Grants Lake Blvd #603 77479 Jax Wax Holdings Inc European Wax Center Fm 1463 At Spring Green Blvd 77494

Data Beat (+) = More Names

Chapman Mayela R (+) El Camino Peregrinaciones Mayela 9303 S Fitzgerald 77459 Clack Dennis Dennis Clack Pools and Spas 1260 Fm 1463 77494 Mydjmk LLC Home Is Always South 24911 Morning Raven Ln 77494 Trevino Hector Manuel (+) H3ctronics Trucking 1514 Millie St 77471 Muhammad Jamillah Jmserra Ventures 6803 Stiller Drive 77489 Holmes Ashanti Youth With Goals (Ywg) 8406 Satinwood Way 77583 Aljailawi Wijdan True Cure Trading 2606 Lakeside Village Dr 77459 Ford Ivy M&W Associates (+) 3931 Teal Run Place Ct 77545 Sandel Roxanne Citizen Aca Jr. Delivery Services 12719 Water Oak Dr 77489 Sandel Roxanne Citizen A. Peg Alpha Healthcare Services 614 Inda Lake Dr 77489 Caring People Ltd Co Caring People Adult Care 914 Frost Street 77471 Leal Bill (+) Xtreme Pdr 3506 N Ripples Ct 77459 Tolson Enterprises LLC Murmer Aircraft Services 503 Mckeever Rd 77583 Hopkins Stephen Cornerstone Principles 531 Rozelle Ave 77498 Sri Gayathri LLC Postal Annex 10330 Hwy 6 Ste D 77479

Nolasco Soila Nolasco Services Janitorial 5519 Lyden Ridge 77053 Hewitt Scott A Siouxx Graphics 1023 Goldfinch Ave 77478 Dickerson Stralecia Walden Pond Cleaning & Car Services 2400 South Dr 77068 103201700216606 Boggs Paul K II (+) Creation Designz 5830 Peralta Meadow Ct 77407 Star Graphics Inc Function4 12560 Reed Road Suite 200 77478 Digitec Office Solutions Inc Function4 12560 Reed Rd Ste 200 77478 Salazar Horacio (+) Salazar Car Repair & Sales 15441 Mckaskle 77498 Calderon Sandra Liliana Oliveros (+) Sports and Healing Massage 511 S Mason Ste 317 77450 Luong Tony Circuit Concept Performance 9119 Highway 6 Ste 230 #455 77459 Lane Jacqueline Denise (+) D and D Creations 726 Dalewood Dr 77489 Mims Tyrone W 3 Tm Management 3319 Lacosta Rd 77459 Eg Landscape Care Services (+) Green Cares Lawn Services 26822 Prairie Ln 77494 Glenn Angela Angela Glenn 3719 Stony Crest 77459 Shirmeen Lakhani DPM PLLC Fort Bend Foot and Ankle 1411 Kennewick Ct 77479

Jones Brock R Prancing Royal Rockettes & Rockers Dancers 1710 Grand Park Dr 77489 Jones Brock R Flowers Beyond Violets By Brock 1710 Grand Park Dr 77489 Chimezie Fredrick (+) Floors Alone 26507 Prairie School Ln 77494 Johnson Anthony (+) The Link Church (+) 5030 Heatherdawn Ct 77494 Thompson Sabrina Family Market Resale Shop 2710 Avenue H 77471 119201700221906 Sani Abu Mohammed (+) Haddy Nat & Company 9322 Windswept Grove Dr 77083 Sani Abu Mohammed (+) Ra Cosmetics 9322 Windswept Grove Dr 77083 Casey Kellye (+) The Real Craftwives Of Katy (+) 2618 Yellowwood Ct 77494 Jackson-Moore India Chloe Claires Jewelry Box 6855 S Mason Rd #6110 77450 Q&N Investment LLC Allure Nail Spatique 5810 Fm 1463 Ste 160 77494 Tolbert Monica (+) Beyond Boutique 5555 Long Prairie Trace Apt 635 77407 Lundy Sandra D (+) Twenty-Nine Eleven Interior Design 2109 Cambridge Bay Dr 77584 Ball Haley Rochelle Improving Marketable Professional Athlete Corporate Ties (I.M.P.A.C.T.) 23 Westpoint Drive 77459

Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal H March 2017

Sanchez Adela Cleaning Solution Services 550 Stafford Run #811 77477 Martinez Cinthya Alcazar Emex Construction 5610 Mackinaw 77053 Quintero Jhony Jose Hernandez International Engineering Consultants and Supplies 7970 W Grand Pkwy S #7207 77406 Quintero Jhony Jose Hernandez Texas Tennis International Academy 7970 W Grand Pkwy S #7207 77406 Mosso Edward W Jr (+) Adp Consulting 5518 Lockwood Bend Ln 77479 John Abraham T Alpha Beauty Supplies 7423 Blue Gap 77459 Hutson Susan (+) Susan Hutson Group 22762 Westheimer Pwy #430 77450 Hutson Susan (+) Hutson Property Group 22762 Westheimer Pkwy #430 77450 Rex Raymond L Jr (+) Ares Services 12310 Meadow Berry Dr 77477 Just Coffee LLC Home Video Studio Of Katy 2207 Lytham Ln 77450 Wheat Christine J Crskincare By C.J. Wheat (+) 1646 Perennial Ln 77471 Moreno Robert Next Level Window Tint 215 Post Rd 77583 R&K Carpet Cleaning LLC Bmf Carpet Cleaning 5719 Roberts Road 77494 Suesberry Ciara M & S Diversified 1922 Manchester Crossing Dr 77545


Data Beat

February 2017 Sales Tax Allocation Comparison Summary Reports

Sales Tax Allocation Comparison Summary reports present data about monthly local sales and use tax allocation payments to local sales taxing jurisdictions. These net payments represent monies identified for the local jurisdictions since the previous month’s distribution. These reports will allow you to compare current year sales and use tax payments with the previous year. When used with other local economic indicators, they may help indicate present and future trends. City

Arcola Beasley Fulshear Kendleton Meadows Place Missouri City Needville Orchard Pleak Richmond Rosenberg Simonton Stafford Sugar Land Thompsons

Net Payment This Period

Comp Payment Prior Year

% Change To Date

Payments To Date

Prior Year Payments

Percent Change

$34,804.23 $16,282.69 $173,044.08 $1,441.16 $139,836.42 $902,532.48 $48,399.88 $5,897.32 $9,227.39 $602,055.65 $1,653,541.01 $16,690.89 $1,683,346.93 $5,928,158.55 $5,965.70

$41,429.31 $16,234.26 $144,135.96 $1,630.37 $137,724.01 $908,111.10 $51,678.68 $7,426.48 $4,700.84 $590,997.88 $1,748,763.21 $12,275.98 $1,680,624.03 $6,045,164.81 $7,492.76

-15.99% 0.29% 20.05% -11.60% 1.53% -0.61% -6.34% -20.59% 96.29% 1.87% -5.44% 35.96% 0.16% -1.93% -20.38%

$68,481.50 $31,086.15 $293,094.08 $2,615.05 $258,985.58 $1,593,360.11 $141,479.23 $14,613.45 $16,189.56 $1,093,926.80 $2,843,109.17 $40,281.67 $3,680,506.53 $9,239,466.81 $17,613.35

$79,034.77 $29,442.76 $246,544.13 $4,273.16 $247,873.75 $1,564,196.06 $91,028.48 $14,249.05 $9,391.73 $1,064,903.00 $2,916,275.27 $21,397.62 $2,928,551.85 $10,235,326.01 $11,345.37

-13.35% 5.58% 18.88% -38.80% 4.48% 1.86% 55.42% 2.55% 72.38% 2.72% -2.50% 88.25% 25.67% -9.72% 55.24%

Top 20 City Sales and Use Tax Comparison Summary - February 2017 Please note that Sugar Land is 19th in sales tax revenues in the state. City

Houston San Antonio Dallas Austin Fort Worth Arlington El Paso Plano Frisco Amarillo Corpus Christi Round Rock Irving Lubbock McAllen Midland Grand Prairie McKinney Sugar Land Mesquite


Net Payment This Period

Comp Payment Prior Year

% Change To Date

Payments To Date

Prior Year Payments Change

Percent Change

$64,045,577.34 $35,017,094.72 $30,081,222.62 $21,269,984.16 $14,910,614.10 $11,118,592.54 $9,139,817.32 $9,031,810.89 $8,750,237.66 $7,932,964.97 $7,305,805.34 $7,733,694.18 $7,842,867.21 $7,211,448.47 $6,813,759.93 $5,481,160.04 $5,541,595.83 $5,320,725.36 $5,928,158.55 $5,063,494.66

$67,561,872.96 $36,312,181.56 $30,074,367.68 $21,283,019.43 $15,047,085.59 $10,577,903.40 $9,201,227.52 $8,671,920.83 $8,100,618.44 $8,238,820.07 $7,730,751.17 $6,664,121.48 $7,247,197.91 $7,077,561.13 $7,601,824.55 $6,637,691.39 $4,984,067.26 $4,909,813.02 $6,045,164.81 $5,216,313.32

-5.20% -3.56% 0.02% -0.06% -0.90% 5.11% -0.66% 4.15% 8.01% -3.71% -5.49% 16.04% 8.21% 1.89% -10.36% -17.42% 11.18% 8.36% -1.93% -2.92%

$112,511,671.68 $61,149,494.45 $52,180,106.74 $38,343,589.48 $26,377,724.05 $18,431,068.45 $16,123,439.43 $15,108,966.88 $14,849,579.76 $13,787,865.08 $12,761,814.63 $12,743,190.98 $12,638,397.43 $12,513,007.41 $11,593,893.86 $9,739,062.70 $9,713,984.80 $9,246,975.31 $9,239,466.81 $8,340,604.24

$118,594,615.29 $60,301,056.97 $50,538,303.21 $36,814,485.84 $25,086,478.00 $18,035,312.79 $15,897,544.22 $14,457,458.35 $13,650,933.45 $13,705,207.82 $13,345,391.54 $11,924,180.75 $12,336,052.48 $11,963,927.79 $12,524,575.65 $10,868,719.05 $8,624,371.60 $8,228,955.17 $10,235,326.01 $8,298,094.40

-5.12% 1.40% 3.24% 4.15% 5.14% 2.19% 1.42% 4.50% 8.78% 0.60% -4.37% 6.86% 2.45% 4.58% -7.43% -10.39% 12.63% 12.37% -9.72% 0.51%

March 2017 H Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal

Data Beat

Commercial Building Permits

Some significant building permits in cities in Fort Bend during the month of January ADDRESS




ROSENBERG 3737 US-90A W #1 3737 US-90A W #2 2630 Ave A

Commercial Building Commercial Building Commercial Building

$500,000 $500,000 $161,850

Grand Total Valuation (Commercial)



2440 South Main 12705 South Kirkwood Dr 4820 Techniplex Drive 845 Staffordshire 12707 Southwest Freeway 11929 West Airport Blvd 3623 South Main Street, Ste. 100 10633 West Airport Blvd. 12550 Southwest Freeway 12730 Fountain Lake

Commercial Remodel Commercial Repair Commercial Addition Commercial Building Commercial Remodel Commercial Buildout Commercial Buildout Commercial Building Commercial Remodel Commercial Remodel

$2,500 $33,750 $30,000 $15,550 $14,000 $48,092 $495,000 $22,232.76 $75,000 $75,000

Grand Total Valuation (Commercial)



7417 Branford Pl 1907 Creekshire Dr 4415 State Hwy 6 515 Industrial Blvd 19875 Southwest Fwy Ste 140 402 Julie Rivers Dr 14100 Southwest Fwy Lvl 1 16700 Creek Bend Dr Ste B 16126 Southwest Fwy Ste 170 12808 W Airport Blvd Ste 235 145 Industrial Blvd 3544 State Hwy 6 2245 Texas Dr Ste 490 14111 Southwest Fwy 13131 Dairy Ashford Rd Ste 700 17500 W Grand Pkwy S 5th Flr

Commercial New Commercial Buildout Commercial Addition Commercial New Commercial Remodel Commercial New Commercial Remodel Commercial Buildout Commercial Remodel Commercial Remodel Commercial Remodel Commercial Remodel Commercial Buildout Commercial Remodel Commercial Remodel Commercial Building

$1,255,000 $2,100,000 $600,000 $4,970,404 $29,000 $850,000 $83,849 $173,000 $16,170 $4,590 $718,868 $13,000 $207,721 $65,574 $2,450 $218,623

Grand Total Valuation (Commercial & Residential)



Sako Boat & RV Storage Sako Boat & RV Storage City of Rosenberg - Portable 1

STAFFORD George Abraham/ Southwest Improvements Brennan Investment Group LLC/ Urelift Gulf Coast LP Rahim Ali/ Super Tech Construction Company Living Waters Church/ TNT Construction Harley Davidson/ In & Outdoor Project Construction Nauoasis LLC/ USA Cabinet Store Rodney Wilson/ Robinson D & C Design CRP/CHI Stafford Crossing Owner, LP/ Kingham Dalton Wilson Leticia Garcia/ Santos Escobar Dunhill Partners/ SLS Johnson Company

SUGAR LAND Artman Two LLC/Sundance Construction Co First Colony Community Service/DL Meacham LP Global New Millennium Partners/Anchor Const. & Mgmt Vector Cable Co/Benchmark Houston Builders, LP KM-TS Greatwood LLC/W M Jones Construction Prime real Estate Investments/All Good Builders RMC Sugarcraft LP ETAL/Ruppel Millon, LP JTN Properties LLC/Endurance Builders Town Center Plaza Lakeside PAR/IBC Builders of TX, LP 12808 W Airport LLC/CMS Painting Schlumberger Tech Corp/Hammonds Construction LLC HSMEP William Trace LP/H Massage LCFRE Sugar Land Town Square L/O’Donnell/Snider Cons Cricq Sugar Land Trust/Sweetwater Pools, Inc Sugar Creek/EPG LLC & Sugar CR/Trademark HITT Memorial Hermann Hospital/Endurance Builders

Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal H March 2017


ADVERTISING Fort Bend Star 281-690-4200 We have been delivering a free community newspaper to homes throughout Fort Bend County longer than ANY OTHER newspaper. Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal 281-690-4200 The Fort Bend Business Journal is a monthly magazine that focuses on the business community of Fort Bend County. It is directmailed to businesses throughout Fort Bend as well as all chamber of commerce members in the Fort Bend County area. The Business Journal features news stories about businesses, people, and events of importance to the local business community.




Vista Air Services, Inc. 713-433-6311 COMMERCIAL AIR CONDITIONING SPECIALISTS Vista Air Services, Inc. specializes in Commercial/ Industrial Air Conditioning Services. Established in 1978 Vista provides Service, Repair, HVAC Remodeling and Design, as well as flexible Preventative Maintenance Plans. Vista is WBEA and HUB Certified and licensed in the State of Texas (TACLA 4677C). Business Owners, Office Managers, Facilities Managers, and Commercial Contractors, are invited to call us at 713-433-6311. ALTERATIONS & TAILORING LIZ’S TAILOR and ALTERATIONS 281-242-3193 3626 Highway 6 South (In the Luby’s/Big Lots Shopping Center) Sugar Land, TX 77478 Our Alterations Service for Ladies and Gentlemen include: Full resizing of your dress or prom to make a perfect fit; hem pants & jeans, taper in and out; shorten jacket sleeves and zipper changes. We fix your clothes at affordable prices. We offer professional tailoring. We will make your clothes from a catalog or pattern. For one-day or immediate service, please call Liz at 281-242-3193. We offer free estimates or visit us at or email us at liz@

AUTO REPAIR / MAINTENANCE Auto Central-Automotive Service & Sales 281-499-9684 2526 Fifth Street, Stafford, TX 77477, Fax: 281-499-0183, Fast, Friendly and professional automotive repair. ASE Blue Seal Certified, State Inspection Station, Diesel Repair, Open Monday-Friday 7-6pm. Saturdays by Appt. only. Charlton’s Auto Body Repair and Vehicle Detailing 281-499-1126 Chuck Charlton, 1131 Staffordshire @ 5th Street, Stafford, Texas 77477, Charbody@aol. com, Fax: 281-499-1694, Complete collision repair. Frame & Unibody straightened. Expert computer color matching. Custom painting & pin stripping. Honest service. 79 Years Strong and 3 Generations Proud! Colony One Auto Center P - 281-980-4440 F - 281-261-0048 Are you tired of searching for a AAA approved auto repair center? Colony One Auto Center is a family-owned and operated business, having serviced more than 233,000 vehicles since 1991. The BBB has rated Colony One Auto Center its highest score, capturing an A+ rating. Angie’s List has designated Colony One Auto Center its highest rating as a “Super Service Provider,” also garnering an A+ rating. Colony One Auto Center has a complete state-of-theart automotive repair and maintenance facility. Your search is finally over. Bring your vehicle to Rod Tate at 1131 Dulles Avenue, Stafford, 77477. First Tire & Automotive 281-313-2886 Craig Popp, owner, 3 Sugar Land Locations. 960 Eldridge, 281-313-2886 & 2303 Williams Trace Blvd. 281-980-2666 (First Colony), 20015 Southwest Freeway. 281-343-5666 (Greatwood), Diagnostic testing and evaluation, Manufacturer’s routine recommended maintenance, domestic and foreign vehicle repairs, AAA approved, ASE certified. Ask about our Fleet Service!

March 2017 H Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal

ASIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Asian Chamber of Commerce 713-782-7222 The Asian Chamber of Commerce is a businessoriented chamber focused on economic development. Founded in 1990, we represent all countries and cultures of Asia and help facilitate trade between Houston and Asian businesses, and promote valuable connections throughout the city. A diverse and friendly group, we’re open to everyone and Asian heritage or business is not required. With over 25 events per year, the ACC encourages new membership and participation at all levels. BANKS The State Bank of Texas 281-494-6686 Nicki Black, 13010 Murphy Road, Stafford, TX 77477, Fax: 281-494-6747. Locally and independently owned - our prime interest is you!

BACKGROUND SCREENING/TESTING Comprehensive Screening Services (Compscreen) 832-465-1076 or 1-866-222-2828 E-Mail: We are a local Fort Bend Company, here to help protect your business or home by providing affordably priced, state-of-theart, highly reliable, (24/7) pre-employment background checks (most results available instantly), drug testing services and instant drug testing supplies (we often can save our clients over 20% on average). Statistics have shown that 53% of resumes & applications contain falsifications! The American Council for Drug Education reports that 74.8% of drug users are employed and active in the workplace (approx. 12.9 million people). Don’t become part of the next statistic! Let us help you protect your most valuable asset, your business, family, school or other community entity. Call us at 281-201-1806. We can help!


Harris Carpet & Floors 713-723-0693 At Harris Carpet & Floors we sell, clean, and install all flooring types. We also provide carpet cleaning services, air duct cleaning, ceramic tile, grout cleaning and 24 hour water extraction. We have been in business for over 25 years and we take pride in our excellent service record. Free Home & Phone Estimates. All carpet & floor cleaning. 24-hr water extraction 12515 Fondren Road. Suite H, Houston, TX 77035.

COUNTRY CLUBS & GOLF COURSES Quail Valley Golf Course & City Centre 281-403-5900 (General) 281-403-5910 (Golf Shop) The Quail Valley Golf Course and City Centre offers 36 holes of championship golf, full practice facilities and gorgeous event venues. After your round, stop by the Bluebonnet Grille for a cold drink and a satisfying meal. The City Centre is perfect for your special event. We host golf tournaments, weddings, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, fundraising galas and so much more. All with beautiful views of our award winning golf courses. For more information, visit Quail Valley Golf Course & City Centre, 2880 La Quinta Dr., Missouri City, TX 77459.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT The Katy Area Economic Development Council (Katy Area EDC) - 281-396-2200 The Katy Area conomic Development Council (Katy Area EDC, a 501 (c) 6 non-profit corporation, is a full service economic development corporation representing the Katy ISD area (Katy Area). Katy Area EDC : recruits new businesses, helps retain and expand existing businesses, helps create new businesses, facilitates the construction of business infrastructure and helps improve the quality of place and quality of life of the Katy Area. ICE CREAM SPECIALTIES Southern Ice Cream 281-499-9837 Great for all occasions! Reward your employees, clients or families. Serve delicious ice cream specialties from Southern Ice Cream in Stafford, Texas. Do you have a special fundraising project or marketing project on your mind? Schedule a push cart, ice cream truck or vintage ‘Original Good Humor’ truck to deliver these speciality deserts. Southern Ice Cream prides itself on personalized service delivering frozen treats efficiently to cool down even the hottest Houston days! It’s easy to book this unique and rewarding ice cream experience, just visit www. or call Michelle at 281-499-9837.

Insurance Solutions of Texas 281-565-2222 • 281-341-5060 Jay Harris, Auto, Home, Business, Flood Insurance. 14140 Southwest Freeway, Suite 150, Sugar Land, Texas 77478. 281-565-2222, Fax 281-565-3333. 2515 Ave. H, Rosenberg, TX 77471. 281-341-5060, Fax 281-341-5558. Tracy Walker Agent, ChFC, CLU, CPCU, CASL 281-265-0711 Tracy Walker’s agency is based on integrity and excellence. We have an amazing team with over 70 years combined experience. We care enough to really listen to customize your insurance portfolio and educate you on how to protect your family and assets. State Farm is #1 in auto, fire and individual life insurance. We are an agency that likes to know your name so stop on by, call 281-265-0711 or email - tracy@ Like a great Neighbor, we are here for you! 15510 Lexington.

INSURANCE AGENCIES DIALYSIS Stafford Dialysis 281-568-9911 12220 Murphy Road, Stafford, TX 77477 Quality Care for A Quality Life. Stafford Dialysis promotes the highest quality care and treatment for patients with chronic renal disease. State of the Art technology and certified professionals provide patients the highest ethical standards and education related to kidney failure. Certified through Private Insurance, Medicare and the Texas Department of Health, you can trust your care to Stafford Dialysis.

Goosehead Insurance 281-643-0996 andrew-haley-insurance “Goosehead Insurance brings years of experience and expertise in serving your Auto, Home, Life & Commercial Insurance needs. As your Risk Management Advisor, Andrew Haley understands the value of safeguarding what matters most to you and will work on your behalf to bring you the best insurance options based on your individual needs. You will be met with unmatched customer service, integrity and expediency.”

Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal H March 2017



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JEWELERS Gold Connection Jewelers 281-344-9900 • We Buy Gold We are a full-service jewelry store in your neighborhood. We offer diamonds, gold and silver jewelry and watches. Repairs are done on our premises. Custom design is our specialty. We offer front door parking for your convenience. Our hours are M-F from 10:00-6:00 pm and again on Sat from 10:00-4:00 pm. We are located at 206 Hwy 90A, Richmond, 77406. Come see our fabulous inventory! MAGAZINE Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal 281-690-4200 Fort Bend’s ONLY business publication. Reaching over 10,000 businesses monthly. The place to advertise to reach the vital Fort Bend County business community.




Nature’s Own Pest And Lawn Service 281-656-2847 18035 W. Little York Rd. Ste. F, Katy, TX 77449. Using an exterminator that will practice the safest and most natural techniques for pest control can be reassuring and December be the only consideration for those who are determined to live green in every way. Natural pest control with the best guarantee in the business. At Nature’s Own, we will eradicate your bugs and make your home bug free once again. Don’t lose any sleep over these pesky bugs. Call Nature’s Own today. Mention Fort Bend Business Journal and receive a special discount.

NEWSPAPER Fort Bend Star 281-690-4200 We have been delivering a free community newspaper to homes throughout Fort Bend County longer than ANY OTHER newspaper.

NETWORKING Fort Bend Chapter - BNI Fort Bend Business Network International, the oldest networking chapter in the Fort Bend Chapter - BNI network, is a group of like-minded business owners who meet to network every Thursday morning at 7 am at Sweetwater

Country Club. Membership is limited to one professional per category. However, the organization does have some open categories and is looking for entrepreneurs who want to connect with a great group of people and grow their business! For information on how to come visit, please email

OPEN MRI Upright MRI of Sugar Land 281-494-0505 CLAUSTROPHOBIC? Upright MRI is the only True OPEN MRI in Sugar Land. We scan patients standing, sitting, or lying down. For the first time, patients can be scanned in weight-bearing postures and in their position of pain. It is ideal for patients who have difficulty lying down due to respiratory or cardiac problems. Mention this ad and receive $25 off your first scan. 2655 Cordes Drive #150, Sugar Land, 77479. Open Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

OPTOMETRISTS Elissa R. Wedemeyer O.D., FCOVD, F.A.A.O 281-499-2600 6026 Highway 6 Missouri City, TX 77459. Comprehensive Vision Exams from infants to seniors. Medical management of Eye Infections and disease. Large selection eyeglass frames and contact lenses. Most medical and vision insurances accepted.

PHARMACIES Ed’s Pharmacy 281-499-4555 Ed Sziy, 3740 Cartwright, Missouri City, TX 77459, Fax: 281-499-7088.

PHYSICIANS The Immunization Clinic Be wise, test and, immunize 281-313-7468 office 281-313-7470 fax 3727 Greenbriar Dr. #403 Stafford, TX 77477 CDC certified Yellow fever provider of domestic and travel vaccines, Flu vaccines, TB skin tests, Drug testing and titer testing for adults and children for college, work, travel, immigration, pre-employment and post-accident testing. March 2017 H Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal

Open for appts M-F and 2 Saturdays a month. You can come to our site or we come to you for mobile testing and administration of vaccines for groups and churches.

PREGNANCY RESOURCES Pregnancy Resource Medical Center of Fort Bend County 281-232-2375 The Pregnancy Resource Medical Center is a nonprofit that helps women by offering free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, peer consultations, classes and parenting resources. We are looking for volunteers, financial partners and church liaisons to help us reach our community. You can share the joy of helping hurt hearts and saving lives. We are located at 2918 Avenue I Rosenberg, TX 77471.

REAL ESTATE Colliers International, formerly Curtice Commercial Real Estate 281-494-4769 Kolbe M. Curtice, CCIM, CLS, 15999 City Walk, Suite 250, Sugar Land Square located at U.S. Highway 59 & State Highway 6, Fax: 281-4943227, Brokerage, Development, Investment and Tenant Representation, 30 years experience in Fort Bend. Riverstone Development Co. 281-499-8700 Tom Wilcox, 4855 Riverstone Blvd, Missouri City, Texas 77459, Fax: 281-499-8704, Luxurious waterside living in Fort Bend from $200s to the many millions. Jeanne Gregory, CRS, GRI 713-854-0923 14905 Southwest Freeway, Sugar Land, Texas 77478, Remax Southwest. Residential real estate sales & corporate locations. Jennifer Weaver, ABR, CRS, GRI 281-207-5037 RE/MAX Southwest, 14905 Southwest Freeway, Sugar Land, TX 77478. Residential sales and corporate relocation since 1979.

As a proud and responsible member of the Fort Bend, Texas business community, we accept aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel, vehicle radiators, air conditioning coils, lead and other scrap metal. We seek to protect the environment through our intake and processing of scrap metal product usually destined for landfills. Our friendly staff values you as a customer and provides the VIP treatment to make your experience with us a profitable and efficient one. If you’re not selling me your metal, we both lose money!

Living Improvements - 281-499-7000 AWARD WINNING - 2010 & 2011 Houston’s BEST “Outdoor Living Space” Living Improvements’ commitment to excellence makes us the perfect fit for your building needs. We have over 200 years cumulative in-house experience in the remodeling and construction industry making us highly skilled, professional and detail oriented striving to exceed our customer’s expectations. We feature outdoor living spaces, custom homes, interior and exterior renovations. Our commitment to excellence is just one of the reasons we have over 5,000 satisfied customers. SERVING FORT BEND & SURROUNDING COUNTIES FOR OVER 35 YEARS.

VIDEO SERVICES Star Digital Studios 281-690-4280 A full service video production studio providing all phases of video production including professional writing, videography, editing, DVD duplication, distribution; also video deposition services to the legal community. For video needed for a TV commercial, website posting, employee training, promotional DVDs, special presentations, coverage of live events/trade shows, or corporate videos, give us a call. If you are interested in something you do not see on our website, let us know and we’re ready to accommodate your needs!

TRANSPORTATION Town Center Transportation Inc. (281) 743-8992 Going to the airport is stressful, and leaving your car there is even worse! Next time you go on a trip or travel for business let us do the driving. We are a locally owned and operated transportation business with a fleet of luxury mid and fullsize SUV’s that services Sugar Land, Missouri City, Richmond, Fort Bend County and Houston. We also provide transportation for going out to dinner (don’t drink and drive!), concerts, cruises, weddings, and all other events in the greater Houston area. Relax, unwind, and call Town Center Transportation!

SCRAP DEALER/METAL RECYCLING Julius Metals • 281-499-6400 3018 5th St., Stafford, TX 77477 Julius Metals has been FT. BEND COUNTY’S LARGEST SCRAP DEALER serving Fort Bend and surrounding counties for the past 31 years.



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Mark your Calendar and make your reservations!

Wine Tasting

HAPPY HOUR EVERYDAY 11am-7pm FREE MINI BUFFET Monday-Friday 4pm-7pm


March 8th • April 12th • May 10th

Wine Paired




March 31st • April 28th • May 26th Call for details and reservations

of second entrée


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Expires: March 28, 2017

STAFFORD • 281.240.3060





FOOD, DRINK, ENTERTAINMENT GUIDE CLANCY ’S PUBLIC HOUSE A full bar Irish Heart with aTexas Soul and restaurant, featuring over 2 MEETING ROOMS Best of 2016 30 beers on tap AVAILABLE and a variety of 50 HOLD YOUR NEXT different bottles of beer BUSINESS MEETING HERE! & cider to choose from. FORT BEND STAR

Readers’ Choice


Friday Nights • Live Music Saturday Nights • Karaoke

832 . 847. 4390 503 FM 359 Suite 118 Richmond, Texas 77406




With coupon

Expires 3/31/2017

1 coupon per table per visit.

Not valid on alcohol purchases

Open Daily for Lunch! Sun, thru Wed 11am – Midnight (Kitchen open until 9pm) Thursday, Fri day & Saturday 11:00 am – 2:00 am (Kitchen open until 11pm)




FRI & SAT from 5pm

$25/person 16 oz. w/ au jus, 3 jumbo asparagus spears, Irish mashed potatoes, horseradish cream sauce.

The First Rule in

Advertising 1. Repetition 2. Repetition 3. Repetition


ess sin Bu RT










S at w Ne w W Ne


N IO NA AT EN T , SI LANodelsols, rk P ew M cho erpa

The First Rule is the most important rule in advertising and is so important that it is also rules two and three.

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Business FORT BEND




complex neurological conditions —treated in sugar land. At the Neuroscience & Spine Center at Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital, our physicians collaborate across specialties to diagnose and treat common to complex neurological disorders. With innovative and advanced treatment options, we provide the most comprehensive care close to home. Our team of physicians treats a variety of disorders, including ƒ Alzheimer’s disease and memory disorders ƒ Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) ƒ Back and neck pain ƒ Brain and spinal tumors ƒ Epilepsy and seizures ƒ Headaches and migraines ƒ Multiple sclerosis (MS) ƒ Muscle and nerve injuries

Muscular atrophy Myasthenia gravis Neuromuscular disorders Parkinson’s disease and movement disorders ƒ Peripheral neuropathy ƒ Sleep disorders ƒ Stroke ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ

For more information, visit, or to schedule an appointment, call 281.274.7979.

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