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Tips on Shopping For Wedding Flowers


Choosing and Shopping For Wedding Flowers

ď‚— The flowers you choose to use at your wedding are a

huge part of your big day. Not only do they play a huge part in the aesthetic of the ceremony and reception setting, but you and your attendants will also be carrying them. They will be in all of your wedding photos, and you will be revisiting your choices for years to come.

Choosing and Shopping For Wedding Flowers

ď‚— For this reason, it is important to give careful

consideration to choosing wedding flowers that are appropriate and attractive for use during your wedding ceremony and reception. If you do not already have a floral style in mind, there are several ideas which might guide you towards a decision you'll love.

What Kind Of Flowers Do I Want? ď‚— Choosing the perfect flowers for

your wedding day can be an exciting experience, but it can also be challenging and stressful if you have no ideas in mind and are clueless about where to begin. Choosing a floral style that matches the tone of your ceremony and the dresses of you and your attendants is an excellent first step in making a final decision.

What Kind Of Flowers Do I Want?

ď‚— Many brides who are going

for a sleek and refined style of dress paired with a modern reception prefer a ribbon wrapped bouquet of roses or calla lilies for themselves and attendants as well as sharp looking glass vases featuring streamlined floral arrangements.

What Kind Of Flowers Do I Want?

ď‚— If the wedding has more of a classic feel, roses that match

the colors of the wedding paired with baby's breath is a combination that has been quite popular throughout the ages. For an outdoor ceremony with an ethereal, nature driven vibe, a bouquet with a variety of flowers such as daisies, hydrangeas, bluebells and other natural garden flowers represents the tone of the ceremony beautifully.

What Kind Of Flowers Do I Want?

ď‚— For some brides, choosing a flower with special meaning,

such as the favorite flower of a grandmother who she was close to but who has since died or the flowers her fiancĂŠ brought her on their first date is the key to finding the floral style that works best for their ceremony.

What Are Some Considerations I Should Keep In Mind?

ď‚— When choosing flowers for your wedding, keep in mind that if you want

the flowers to match your wedding colors exactly, you will be working within a much smaller range of options as far as available flower types. It is also important to keep the season of your wedding in mind. While flowers are usually less expensive and plentiful during Spring and Summer, Fall and Winter brides often have to import flowers which can quickly get expensive.

What Are Some Considerations I Should Keep In Mind?

ď‚— Importing flowers also carries the risk

of paying a great deal to have flowers shipped to a ceremony location only for them to arrive dying and wilted. It is best to use flowers that are relatively in season or are hardy during all seasons. If there is an expensive flower you are considering using but are torn about the price, ask your florist about alternatives that have a similar aesthetic but are less costly.

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Tips on Shopping For Wedding Flowers