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SAWLINES Planers & Edgers Harvesters Lifting & Loading





THE HEAD EVERYONE HAS BEEN WAITING FOR! A versatile head, ready for large trees. The Log Max 5000V is a modern and reliable harvesting head that can handle a wide range of logging challenges. This is the perfect mid-range head for both thinning and final felling. The head can be equipped with a 82 cm saw bar and has a maximum cutting diameter of 74 cm. It also features Log Max’s Multi-stemming MK2, that is agile and lightweight, making thinning work easier. The Log Max 5000V is suitable for those who seek the perfect balance between agility, capacity, and durability.

What customers say:

“The cutting and feeding are brutally good and in combination with the new length measuring unit, Log Max is unstoppable ; )”












Vermeer Launches LS3600TX Low Speed Shredder for Efficient Recycling

With considerable research and collaboration, the Bandit team brings the HM6420 hammermill grinder to market!

USNR enjoyed a successful exhibition at the 2024 IHLA Convention & Exposition in Indianapolis, IN.



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COVER - PERFORMANCE, INNOVATION, COMMITMENT: BID GROUP CELEBRATES COMACT’S 100th ANNIVERSARY BID Group is celebrating the Comact brand’s centennial in 2024. Since its humble beginnings in 1924, Comact has pushed the technological boundaries of the wood processing industry, elevating customers’ yields, revenues, and bottomline profitability. The company has grown from a small, family-run business to a

global powerhouse with multiple key locations serving international markets. BID Group will be commemorating this huge milestone all year long with internal and external events.









SAWLINES Planers & Edg ers Harvesters Lifting & Load ing

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Established in 2017 as part of a fire mitigation initiative, Blanca Forestry Products has embraced technology and innovation as core drivers of its operations.

Gilbert Planers: maintaining high productivity in any conditions!

Revolutionizing Wood Processing Efficiency: Woodgrain’s Partnership with Springer


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Crafting Excellence: BID Group’s Comact ResawExpert

Sawmills are dangerous environments for cameras. There’s dust, debris, and full-sized logs and boards moving at high speeds.

MiCROTEC supply CT Log to JD Irving’s sawmill in New Brunswick, Canada

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Fully automatic wrapping and stapling machine for lumber packages

Innovative solutions for the North American wood-processing industry


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Forest fires are one of the burning issues of our time I had the good fortune to visit Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks last August on my way to SFPAExpo sawmilling show in Nashville. These magnificent trees are an endangered species succumbing to over a decade of intense wildfires. An excellent report by National Park Service explaining this phenomenon can be found at Wildfires Kill Unprecedented Numbers of Large Sequoia Trees (U.S. National Park Service) ( One bright spot is Calforests recent acquisition of military aircraft. California secures seven C-130 Military Aircraft for Fighting Wildfires, exponentially strengthening Aerial Firefighting Capabilities

This initiative also benefited from the consistent and critical partnership of California Governor Gavin Newsom and the Director and Fire Chief of CAL FIRE Joe Tyler, who have been instrumental in moving the effort over the finish line. From a retardant delivery perspective, a single C-130 delivers over three times more than the S-2T Airtankers currently in use by CAL FIRE. In service for more than 60 years, the C-130 is a workhorse of military aircraft, used for troop transportation, medical evacuation, search and rescue, weather reconnaissance and many other functions. Similar C-130s are already in use and have demonstrated their superior capability to drop 3,000 gallons (weighing 28,000 pounds) in less than five seconds.

Publisher Associate Editor Robin Peach Robin Peach

“This transfer of critical aircraft to the State of California will surely save lives, improve air quality, protect forestlands, and reduce carbon emissions,” said Matt Dias, President and CEO of Calforests. “Adding seven C-130s to California’s aerial firefighting force is a truly remarkable advancement.

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the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2024 (NDAA) includes an effort that builds on the foundation laid by the late U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) in 2018.

Some weeks ago US Congress passed a critical issue of importance for California into law: authorizing the expedited transfer of seven C-130 aircraft from the United States Coast Guard to CAL FIRE for wildfire suppression, search and rescue, and emergency operations related to wildfires. In a showing of bipartisan support led by U.S. Senator Alex Padilla (D-CA), Senator John Boozman (R-AR), and Congressman Ken Calvert (CA-41), the final version of

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Offering a vast variety of radio remote control products, adaptable to a multitude of applications, throughout many industries, not limited to: Agriculture & Forestry Equipment - Cranes & Material Handling - Mobile Hydraulic Machinery – Emergency & Recovery Vehicles - Industrial Doors & Gates – Propane and Tanker Trucks – Construction Equipment & Machines – Pumps & Aggregates, PLC Control – Recycling Machinery and more…

TELERADIO.COM See the website for all our global sales locations and more info about the products and applications WEBSITE? SCAN ME


PONSSE Manager 2.0 gathers digital offering into one package

PONSSE Manager 2.0. is a next-generation digital service platform and forest machine management system that provides customers valuable data of machines’ location, productivity figures and fuel consumption, among others. The PONSSE Manager monitors the progress of stands, plans, and manages machine transportation, keep track of machine outputs according to assortment and print out measuring certificates. “With the quick tempo of the modern world and the huge amount of data we see every day, finding the correct piece of information is often like trying to find a needle in the haystack. New Ponsse Manager is a completely new

Petteri Tuomisto approach to more sustainable and more digitalized forestry”, says Petteri Tuomisto, Manager, of Digital Solutions Sales

their business successfully” This has been the guiding principle, how we have designed new Ponsse Manager. All the development has been based on customer feedback and customer needs from all over the world”. In Ponsse Manager 2.0, the user can create a personalized home page focusing on the most important data. Every important information is visible immediately, variations

their machines’ profitability and helps improve operations’ efficiency. One of the new key features is the possibility to download all reports and, e.g. combine them in a spreadsheet with other data to create new valuable views of your operations. Mobile applications will also be available to download for free from your app store. “The mobile app is easy to use on site, with all required functionalities available for professionals working in different roles” says Jenni Pulkkinen, Project Manager Digital Solutions. Ponsse is developing its digital solutions together with its customers. The digital innovations address the right issues and provide relevant support for both professionals working on-site and those responsible for smooth and efficient fleet management.

It’s time to take you back to the driver’s seat Jenni Pulkkinen, Project Manager Digital Solutions

Miika Soininen, Chief Digital Officer of Ponsse comments: “We want to support our customers, so that they can run Miika Soininen can be discovered quickly, and corrective action can be taken directly. With the single sign-on, all digital solutions required to improve operational efficiency and productivity are at the user’s disposal in one web address. PONSSE Manager keeps customers up to date on data that affects

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New Mulching Head for Fire Mitigation

Tigercat releases mulching head for swing carriers in response to fire mitigation equipment requirements in western North America. Wildfire is proving to be one of the greatest challenges facing foresters, landowners, governments and

environmental organizations in the 21st century. The summer fire season over the last several years in North America has devastated millions of hectares of forest land, destroying wildlife habitat and carbon sinks, while releasing massive amounts of carbon

and particulate matter into the atmosphere. Excessive fuel build-up on the ground is having a devastating effect. Tigercat recently released a mulching head designed to mount on a Tigercat LX830E carrier. This machine can tackle steep slopes and operate

within dense stands to reduce build-up of woody debris as a mitigation measure to guard against future wildfires. The new 4161-15 head has a 1,5 m (59 in) mulching swath, 130 degree wrist pivot, and a pin-on rake for added utility. Like all Tigercat mulching heads, it is strength-to-weight optimized and fitted with large bearings. Many of the components including the bearings, sprockets, seals and timing belt are common to the Tigercat 4061 series mulching heads and thus field proven. Hydraulic hoses are routed through the open tip boom into the top of the wrist, providing excellent protection. The replaceable wear liner is field serviceable. Removable covers allow easy access to all service points. The LX830E carrier is powerful, compact and extremely capable on steep terrain.

Spare Parts Responsiveness Tigercat opens west coast parts warehouse facility to improve responsiveness, decrease lead times and extend spare parts operational hours into Pacific time zone. Tigercat Industries has announced that it has opened a new 3,250 square metre (35,000 square foot) parts warehousing and distribution facility in Kelso, Washington

with a current stock of inventory valued at $3.5 million. ‌“We are excited about opening the western warehouse for many reasons,” explains Tigercat parts manager, Brian Jonker. “To have inventory closer to our western dealers and customers will reduce both downtime and freight costs. To be able to potentially service any customer for an extra three hours of the day is also a benefit to the entire Tigercat network.” Tigercat’s increased footprint in the Pacific northwest demonstrates ongoing financial commitments from Tigercat to grow its support capabilities and improve the customer experience.

8 International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2024

30,000 MACHINES In just over 30 years in business, Tigercat Industries has shipped its 30,000th machine.

Although a lot has changed at Tigercat since 1992, our dedication to the customer base and relentless pursuit to innovate and improve remains constant. A big thank you to everyone who owns, operates, services or hauls Tigercat machines.

Read about Tigercat’s growth at

Epec Oy’s new smart electronics factory aims for carbon neutrality and uses responsible manufacturing processes.


he Finnish technology company Epec opens a new smart and environmentally friendly Epec Smart Factory 1 (ESF1) in Seinäjoki, Finland. The factory produces, for example, control units, displays, sensors, power distribution units and telematics units for the needs of various mobile work machines and commercial vehicles. In addition, Epec designs and develops systems and software for machine manufacturer needs. The state-of-the-art factory is a significant investment for Epec and is in line with the company’s growth goals and responsibility commitments. The Managing Director of Epec, Jyri Kylä-Kaila, explains: “Responsibility goals are also pushing the technology transformation in the mobile machinery and commercial vehicle sector. The technology transformation is accelerating digitisation and electrification in mobile machinery and vehicles. Epec’s products play a key role in enabling the development of more responsible mobile machinery and commercial vehicles. They offer solutions for integrating electronic systems and control systems, optimise the efficiency of machines and promote productivity, while reducing emissions. Our products enable the path towards zero-emission work

Ponsse group technology company Epec opens a responsible and smart factory machines. The factory offers us a significant opportunity for our growth and for our customers’ continued success.” “We are really excited about Epec’s new factory. The rapid development of technology and increasing sustainability demands provide Epec with an excellent opportunity to contribute to technology aimed at zero emissions. Ponsse’s vision is to be the preferred partner in responsible forestry, obliging us to conduct bold development work from an environmental perspective as well. Ponsse aims for more climate- and environmentally friendly solutions in product and service development. The factory in Seinäjoki is one concrete step towards this goal, both in terms of product offering and daily operations. Epec supports Ponsse’s technological development and plays a part in enabling our future growth”, says Juho Nummela, President and CEO, Ponsse Plc. Intelligent and sustainable electronics production ESF1 aims for carbon neutrality during operation and uses sustainable manufacturing processes. The factory, covering an area of 8,500 m2,

10 International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2024

incorporates energy-efficient solutions, including electricity generation from more than 600 solar panels (210 MWh/year) and a geothermal system. Heat recovery is achieved through efficient needle heat exchangers, and the need for cooling energy is significantly reduced by an aluminium grille in the office wall. All electricity and heating energy is sourced from renewable sources. The ESF1 project progressed according to the planned schedule. Epec moved its headquarters and production to new premises at the end of 2023. The expanded and modern production facilities enable the optimisation of manufacturing processes and improvement in material flow management. The opening of the factory is 18 January 2024. “Digitalisation and sustainability are at the core of ESF1,” says Eeva Koskela, Epec’s Supply Chain Director, who led the project. “Automation, leveraging data and careful planning ensure not only productivity but also work safety and comfort. The factory is designed and equipped to better meet customer needs and stringent quality requirements. Overall, the testing and production technology are top-notch.

Managing Director of Epec, Jyri Kylä-Kaila

Juho Nummela, President and CEO, Ponsse Plc.

Eeva Koskela, Epec’s Supply Chain Director The relocation project proceeded smoothly, and it seems the facilities serve Epec’s needs excellently.”

Janne Loponen appointed MD Ponsse Latin America LTDA Managing Director of Ponsse Latin America Ltda, Ponsse’s subsidiary in Brazil, is changing. Janne Loponen has been appointed as new Managing Director of Ponsse Latin America Ltda. starting from February 1, 2024. Janne Loponen’s location will be in Brazil, and he will report to Marko Mattila, Chief Sales, Service & Marketing Officer of the Ponsse Group. Former Managing Director of Ponsse Latin America Ltda, Fernando Campos Passos, has served as the Managing Director since 2018. Janne Loponen has extensive international experience within the Ponsse Group since 2002. He has held various aftermarket positions in Finland, France, China, the United States and Brazil.

Loponen transfers to his new position from his current role as Product Manager for harvester heads and forwarders, which he has held since 2016 located in Brazil. Janne Loponen will assume his new role immediately. Fernando Campos Passos will support the transition of responsibilities to Janne Loponen in the coming months, and his next steps will be announced later. We thank Fernando Campos Passos for his work in leading Ponsse Latin America and wish Janne Loponen success in his new role.

Epec acquires Bram Finnish technology company Epec Oy has acquired the Dutch Bram Engineers B.V. The companies have signed an agreement according to which the company will be acquired by Epec as of 1st November 2023. The background of the acquisition is in a long-term partnership between Bram and Epec. Bram and Epec have had a valuable collaboration in delivering products and services for machine manufacturers for many years. The acquisition will make it possible to provide customers software development and systems engineering services and products related to software, electrification, autonomous systems and control systems even more widely in the future. The transaction is in line with Epec’s growth strategy. Epec has for some years actively sought expansion opportunities in Europe. “The acquisition of Bram Engineers is an important strategic development step for us, and together we will be able to better support the business operations of both Bram Engineers and Epec’s European customers. Epec’s customers are not only looking for high-tech products but also services that keep them at the forefront of machine development and manufacturing,” says Epec’s CEO Jyri Kylä-Kaila. According to Kylä-Kaila, the acquisition will strengthen the customer service of both companies. Bram Engineers is known for its high-quality service, thanks to which

Mulching equipment specialists

Soil tilling, stones crushing and wood mulching with higher efficiency and lower energy consumption.

Epec’s CEO Jyri Kylä-Kaila the integration of their business with Epec’s quality requirements promises to be smooth. “We have several ongoing projects with our customers related to, for example, customized products, which also opens up new cooperation opportunities for Bram Engineers’ customers,” he says. Epec Oy, part of the Ponsse Group, is a system supplier specializing in advanced electronics and software for machinery and commercial vehicles operating in demanding conditions, electric powertrain systems, and assistive and autonomous systems.

2-speed POWESRHIFT system allows the machine to switch speed. Seppi M. - mulching equipment specialists Tel. Europe: +39-0461 178 75 00 Tel. USA & CA: +1 513-443-6339


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Vermeer launches LS3600TX Low Speed Shredder for efficient recycling

Process a broader range of materials Vermeer unveils the LS3600TX low speed shredder, its latest innovation for the recycling industry. This single-shaft shredder incorporates exclusive innovations that efficiently process contaminated waste streams and help safeguard critical machine components. The Vermeer LS3600TX is specifically designed to excel at processing various materials, including light construction and demolition waste, wood waste with contaminants, and municipal solid waste. It is well-suited for waste facilities and land clearing operations, as well as compost, mulch and biofuel producers. “For 30 years, Vermeer has been a leading manufacturer of high speed grinders,” said Jeff Bradley, Vermeer Recycling and Forestry product manager. “During that time, recycling has become a common practice at public and private waste handling facilities and has become

another source of revenue for many organizations. To help our customers optimize their processing capabilities and handle a wider range of incoming materials, we have developed the LS3600TX low speed shredder. This shredder allows companies to process contaminated materials not suited for a tub or horizontal grinder.” Vermeer has designed the LS3600TX shredder with a strong focus on maintenance and accessibility. The engine bay of the LS3600TX prioritizes ease of maintenance and serviceability, featuring large access doors, multiple ladder points and a spacious service platform. This thoughtful design allows for quick and efficient maintenance. Additionally, the LS3600TX is equipped with a hydraulically operated access system that provides full exposure to the rotor, comb, and belly conveyor, further streamlining maintenance procedures. Also, the belly conveyor can be easily removed without detaching the

12 International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2024

discharge conveyor, minimizing the invasiveness of service operations. The LS3600TX shredder has a powerful 456-hp (340 kW) CAT Tier 4 Final/Stage V engine. It operates at a sound level of only 111.9 db(A). The shredder features a tracked undercarriage, which enables operators to reposition and maneuver it around a jobsite. It also comes with a full-function remote control, allowing operators to adjust the feed, access machine data, and diagnose fault codes from the comfort of the feed loader’s cab or a safe distance from the shredder. The LS3600TX is equipped with a 10 ft (3 m) long rotor featuring wear-resistant plates for enhanced durability and dual-bolt tips to help maintain clamp load. It utilizes individual bolt-in comb teeth, each with two usable edges, which extends their lifespan. The shredder is built with a fully mechanical driveline designed to optimize horsepower transfer to the rotor. To safeguard the driveline system against unshreddable objects, the LS3600TX includes a reversible mechanical transmission with an external torque limiter that will automatically disengage the drive when maximum torque is reached. Vermeer offers an optional cross band magnet for the LS3600TX to further enhance its capabilities. This magnet effectively reduces steel

This shredder allows companies to process contaminated materials not suited for a tub or horizontal grinder Jeff Bradley, Vermeer Recycling and Forestry product manager contaminants from the end material, minimizing contamination in the final product. The Vermeer LS3600TX joins a line of high speed tub grinders and horizontal grinders to deliver one of the industry’s most comprehensive waste processing and recycling equipment lines. For more information about the Vermeer LS3600TX low speed shredder, please contact your local Vermeer dealer or visit

30,000 Machine Milestone

Tigercat Industries has announced that it has built and shipped its 30,000th machine in January 2024, just over 30 years into its existence. From humble beginnings in 1992 when Tigercat had a single product, very little dealer representation, and produced just a handful of machines, the company has grown steadily, expanding both its production capacity and product breadth. A few quick facts • Tigercat debuted the 726 feller buncher in April 1992 at a forestry equipment show in Quitman Georgia.

• By 1995, Tigercat had two drive-to-tree feller bunchers, two track feller bunchers, and two bunching shear models with distribution in Canada and the United States. • By 1997, Tigercat had a full product line to offer southern US dealers with the addition of a knuckleboom loader and the industry’s first successful, serial production hydrostatic skidder. • In 2000, Tigercat was well on its way to becoming the dominant player in steep slope harvesting applications, offering a six-wheel drive skidder and

• In 2012 Tigercat had grown in 20 years from two to 1,000 employees and introduced the 880 logger, the first in a series of versatile, forest duty swing machines.

the L830 feller buncher. Both were destined to become flagship products for the company. In addition, Tigercat entered the vegetation management sector with its first mulcher carrier. The range of carriers and attachments that have followed are crucial inputs to wildfire mitigation strategies in many regions globally. • By 2005, Tigercat was present in Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, UK and Sweden among other countries.

Today, Tigercat has the most complete full-tree product line-up in the industry, along with a growing range of CTL harvesters, forwarders and harvesting heads. Tigercat launched a new brand, TCi in 2022 and put the TCi badge on its first dozer, the 920. In the last four years, the company has been developing a line of material processing products with two launches to date – the 6500 chipper and 6900 grinder. 2024 will see a slew of new and exciting products introduced to the market. Tigercat recently opened a new facility dedicated to the material processing product line and is currently building an additional facility. When complete the company will have over 1.4 million square feet of manufacturing capacity. That’s 130 000 square metres or 32 acres under roof. Over 160 dealer locations in 25 countries represent the Tigercat and TCi brands, along with an extensive factory support network. The company employs over 2,000.

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BID Group celebrates Comact’s 100th anniversary and Legacy of Innovation and operational excellence BID Group, a pioneer in wood processing solutions, has announced that this year, its Comact brand is celebrating 100 years of performance, innovation, and commitment.

The last 100 years have been a testament to the hard work and pragmatic ingenuity that are the hallmarks of Comact Alistair Cook, CEO of BID Group Comact was founded on January 24, 1924, in the Beauce region of Quebec. Since its humble beginnings, it has pushed the technological boundaries of the wood processing industry, elevating customers’ yields, revenues, and bottom-line profitability. The company has grown from a small, family-run business to a global leader with multiple key locations serving international markets.

“The last 100 years have been a testament to the hard work and pragmatic ingenuity that are the hallmarks of Comact,” said Alistair Cook, CEO of BID Group. “The company’s and brand’s growth and longevity in this competitive industry reflect its dedication to delivering exceptional, highperformance equipment and a reputed steadfast service to its customers.” The historic partnership between BID Group and Comact since 2013 highlighted the companies’ aligned values and visions for the future of wood processing. It has been integral to developing cutting-edge solutions that drive productivity and cost savings for an ever-growing clientele. “When Comact joined forces with BID Group, it was a strategic decision that has enabled us to leverage our collective expertise and legacy of operational lifecycle excellence,” commented Simon Potvin, president of Wood Processing at BID Group. “We are excited to continue this journey, honouring our roots while looking forward to executing our ambitious strategies that will shape the next century of wood processing.” As BID Group celebrates this significant milestone, it reaffirms its commitment to breakthrough transformation, with plans to integrate artificial intelligence and other digital technologies to ensure customers’ operations are prepared for the decades to come.

Timber Processing & Energy Expo (TP&EE) September 25-27, 2024, Portland, Oregon

14 International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2024

When Comact joined forces with BID Group, it was a strategic decision that has enabled us to leverage our collective expertise and legacy of operational lifecycle excellence

BID Group is also in an ongoing process to execute a comprehensive and progressive sustainability roadmap that will set new benchmarks for the wood processing industry. The centennial celebrations will include a series of events designed to engage customers, employees, and stakeholders. For more information on BID Group’s centennial celebrations and their impact on the wood processing industry, please visit:

Simon Potvin, President of Wood Processing at BID Group

KWF Tagung Schwarzenborn 19th – 22nd June

WHEN YOU HAVE THE NEED FOR SPEED AND PRECISION, YOU NEED BID. FLARE BUTT REDUCER • Removes flares at debarking speed without reducing speeds, accelerating productivity • Improves sawline cutting speed and log stability • Ensures entire log’s uniform quality and size


• Guarantees unmatched debarking precision thanks to patented design • Optimizes tooling pressure control and ring speed with no air seal friction • Provides quick tool and press roll response for short gap applications and log control

AVAILABLE SIZES | 17" | 22" | 27" | 31" | 35" (COMING SOON!)


450-435-2121 | |


Bois Cascade to invest additional $140M to support EWP growth strategy Boise Cascade has announced new investments in Alabama and Louisiana in support of its engineered wood products (EWP) growth strategy. In Alabama, they are adding I-joist production capabilities to their Thorsby EWP mill and converting a plywood layup line to a parallel laminated veneer line at the Chapman plywood facility. The Chapman investment adds important integration into the Company’s EWP growth plans. In addition, the Chapman plywood facility extended employment opportunities to approximately 50 of the 80 associates affected by the recently announced Chapman

lumber operations curtailment. At the Oakdale, Louisiana facility, major projects planned include the upgrade and redesign of the log utilization center, a new veneer dryer and press, and modification of an existing veneer dryer. These investments are expected to take place over a two-year period. “We are looking forward to these major expansions and upgrades to further solidify our market position in EWP,” said Chris Seymour, SVP, Wood Products Manufacturing Operations. “We have great teams in the southeastern U.S. and are pleased to further invest in our meaningful

asset bases in Alabama and Louisiana.” On a total Company basis, current estimate of capital expenditures for 2024 is $250 million to $270 million. This range includes the investments above and spending on the previously announced greenfield distribution centers in Hondo, Texas and Walterboro, South Carolina in their Building Materials Distribution segment.

FIRE’s world-renowned aerial firefighting force.”

will enter into a contract for the work. The first of the seven planes will likely be ready in time for the 2024 fire year, adding immediate value to California’s firefighting capabilities.

Chris Seymour, SVP, Wood Products Manufacturing Operations

About Boise Cascade Company is one of the largest producers of engineered wood products and plywood in North America and a leading U.S. wholesale distributor of building products.

ED COMMENT Continued from Page 4 We must continue to prioritize forest management and wildfire prevention, but vigorous and efficient suppression forces are needed in trying times as well. The force multiplier offered by the addition of these airframes to fire suppression forces is critical. Today is a huge step in that direction.” “The addition of the C-130s will undoubtedly enhance the state’s aerial firefighting capabilities,” said Joe Tyler, Director and Fire Chief of CAL FIRE. According to Chief Tyler, “These critical assets will aid in reducing the loss of life and property while protecting our natural resources and private timberlands. I look forward to these aircraft joining CAL

“Between earthquakes, wildfires and other natural disasters, California is one of the most costly and challenging states for property insurers and owners. While we may not be able to prevent earthquakes, we do have the tools to combat the most destructive wildfires. Transferring these C-130s from the Coast Guard to CAL FIRE is a huge step forward in the state’s ever-vigilant battle against these fires,” said Rex Frazier, President of Personal Insurance Federation of California. Once the President signs the bill into law, the planes will be transferred, and the State and contractor

16 International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2024

Matt Dias, President and CEO of Calforests

CALFORESTS Calforests is the preeminent trade association that advocates for California’s forest products sector. Collectively, Calforests members – private forestland owners – manage nearly 3.5 million acres of forest land throughout the state and operate nearly the entirety of the state’s forest products infrastructure, including sawmills, veneer mills, and biomass power plants.

Joe Tyler, Director and Fire Chief of CAL FIRE


ACCURATE • COST-EFFICIENT • EASY-TO-USE Proven smart 2D+3D scanning solutions for log and board optimization



Responsive Customer Care & the QC Assist Tool

Innovating Mill Operations: Blanca Forestry Products’ Journey with MiCROTEC Established in 2017 as part of a fire mitigation initiative, Blanca Forestry Products has embraced technology and innovation as core drivers of its operations. Their journey with MiCROTEC began in 2020, supported by MiCROTEC’s customer care team.

Interview: Blanca Forestry Products’ Experience In October, MiCROTEC sat down with Blanca Forestry Products, a mill situated in the heart of Blanca, Colorado. Established in 2017 as part of a fire mitigation initiative, Blanca Forestry Products has embraced technology and innovation as core drivers of its operations. MiCROTEC began working with Blanca Forestry Products in 2020 with the installation of a Lucidyne scanner and the integrated QC Assist tool, leading to a remarkable transformation in the mill’s performance.

18 International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2024

Rick Engebretsen, Mill Manager of Blanca Forestry Products, and his team saw a significant improvement in their operations following the integration of the Lucidyne scanner. This advanced technology, coupled with MiCROTEC’s grading support, resulted in substantial enhancements, notably in uptime, recovery rates, and reduced downtime. According to Julian Sanchez, a member of the Blanca Forestry Products team, “We have a more consistent board flow. Uptime has increased at least 20%.”

A pivotal aspect of Blanca Forestry Product’s optimization is MiCROTEC’s customer care. Fidel Sandoval, another key player at Blanca Forestry Products, highlighted MiCROTEC’s quick response time and real-time support, crucial for making immediate machine adjustments and finetuning to ensure seamless mill operations. The introduction of MiCROTEC’s QC Assist tool marked a turning point for Blanca Forestry Products. Sanchez found the tool userfriendly, enabling them to pull boards, identify defects, and fine-tune optimization to meet the desired grade quality. He shared, “It’s easy to use. We learned how to use it pretty quickly.” The tool has empowered Blanca Forestry Products to operate independently, creating their own rules and optimizations as needed through QC Assist. Effective Communication & Collaborative Optimization Blanca Forestry Products specializes in processing beetle-killed spruce, a wood

MiCROTEC appoints Ofer Heyman as new Corvallis CEO Ofer brings a wealth of experience and a background in the industry, making him a valuable addition to the MiCROTEC team. Prior to returning to MiCROTEC, Ofer served an impressive 17-year tenure at Lucidyne Technologies,

acquired by MiCROTEC in 2020. Beginning as an image processing engineer in 1999, Ofer assumed roles like senior product and project manager, director of business development, and ultimately, director of operations from 2014 to 2016. 0104024_IFI_DeltaStackFaster(187mmx125mm).pdf 1 1/5/2024 12:22:33 PM

species with distinctive defects. This unique challenge required specialized attention from the MiCROTEC team. Engebretsen explained, “A lot of why this mill was built was to help with fire mitigation, and the biggest fire hazard here is the beetle-killed spruce. We run a lot of beetle-killed spruce. What we’re checking for is a lot different than other mill’s products.” Sandoval emphasized, “At first, it was hard to get the scanning perfect. It was too aggressive in detecting knots, and it was picking up more than it should.” With MiCROTEC’s grading C support and imaging teams, M the scanner was optimized Y to align with Blanca Forestry CM Product’s unique grading needs, ensuring high-speed MY operation at an average of 750 FPM and the production of CY high-quality lumber that meets CMY WWPA grading inspections. K Blanca Forestry Products’ journey exemplifies the results of a strong partnership between technology providers in the wood products industry and mills dedicated to continuous improvement and operational excellence. MiCROTEC’s unwavering support has not only revolutionized performance but has also empowered Blanca Forestry Products to take control of its grading processes and reach new heights in the industry. Their story serves as an inspiration for operational excellence through technology and innovation.

Delta motion stacks up faster. NET PROFIT

More throughput. Higher valued product. More profit. Cut waste & stack productivity sky-high. An advanced motion controller gets forest product machinery to move faster, smoother, and more precisely, which enables higher productivity, improved product quality, and ensures less wasted raw material. The difference with Delta is measurable. Precisely coordinate multi-axis applications 10X faster. Scrap will diminish, throughput will rise, and profits will stack up as a result. Delta RMC Motion Controllers

1 to 50 axes

Get your free Design Guide for servo motion control.

International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2024 19


The Bioluma grade optimizer offers sawmills the highest value optimized decisions based on grade and recovery performance.

Bioluma sawmill grade optimizer

U IHLA USNR enjoyed a successful exhibition at the 2024 IHLA Convention & Exposition in Indianapolis, IN. February 5th – 7th 2024 which included connecting with other hardwood specialists to exchange the latest and greatest information from the field.

SNR shared its AI-driven optimization technology at the recent IHLA show. USNR has applied deep learning AI to its renowned scanning and optimization systems, including (THG). These systems are proven to be smart applications.

BIOLUMA SAWMILL GRADE OPTIMIZER Now you can edge and trim for grade and value. Combining color vision technology with high density geometric scanning, the Bioluma sawmill grade optimizer offers sawmills the highest value optimized decisions with grade and recovery performance. Designed for transverse edgers and trimmers, Bioluma makes value decisions driven by the accurate detection of biological and geometric defects using a combination of laser profile and visual defect scanning, combined with stateof-the-art optimization. The popularity of this technology is proven on several continents with a variety of species and wood markets worldwide. Increased Grade, Recovery and Value Applying Bioluma grade optimization technology in the sawmill increases your finished

20 International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2024

grade outturn and recovery, thereby increasing your total value. Edger grade extraction provides value through remanufacture or rip based on the ultimate grade of the wood. For example a #3 appearance due to knots can be edged to #3 wane with confidence, which maximizes recovery. Likewise, a low grade 2x8 may be worth more as two 2x4’s, one of them being high grade. Trimmer grade extraction lets you cut-in-two allowing a short, high grade piece without trimloss. ‘Candidate’ trim stock meeting specified characteristics for wane and knots can be targeted and sorted/routed differently for further unique action downstream. For example, by sorting for grade at the trimmer, you can select more appropriate drying cycles for high or low grade products.

• The software incorporates algorithms from the proven Transverse High Grader (THG) automated grading system, used for recognition and classification of visual grade defects in the dry mill. • The Bioluma system combines this visual information with the geometric scan data generated by the transverse scanning system to determine a final solution. • Fitted with LVG sensors, the Bioluma system can also utilize GrainMap (grain angle) technology used for specific applications. Major Elements of a New Bioluma System • Bioluma frame ranging from 8’ to 28’ in length • Bioluma 4900LV or LVG sensors with high-resolution, digital color cameras • High-intensity LED lighting for defect scanning • Computer bay • Optimization software Defects Detected and Classified • Thickness, width and length • Wane and end-contour • Warp (crook, bow) • Skip

What’s Under the Hood?

• Knot size

• The system utilizes USNR’s latest vision sensor, Bioluma 4900LV or LVG. The Bioluma sensors contain high-resolution digital color cameras and LED lighting to provide accurate images along with increased reliability.

• Knot quality • Other visual characteristics Visit for full specifications of the Bioluma sawmill grade optimizer, the VAB-brand lineal planer mill grader, and the Transverse High Grader (THG).

Millwide. Worldwide.


Grip system installed on a Gilbert 6 Roll Planer at Matériaux Blanchette Amos, QC

This allows for precise application of the appropriate force on each board. Safety a priority

Gilbert Planers: Maintaining High Productivity in Any Conditions!


or over 38 years, Gilbert Products has been the leading market provider in the design and manufacturing of equipment for the sawmilling, construction, forestry, and snow grooming industries. With a dedicated focus on innovation, quality, and production, Gilbert offers highly profitable methods and technological equipment that exceed industry standards. Gilbert has once again revolutionized its Planer Equipment to surpass expectations. New options have been developed, implemented, and proven to adapt to the specific requirements of its Planermill customers. With an increasing number of customers receiving wood supplies from different sawmills, the variability in products has become significant. However, the Gilbert planer has demonstrated remarkable performance in handling boards with varying thickness,

22 International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2024

making it the go-to choice for both thick and thin boards with different fiber qualities. As flexibility and adaptability to new products become crucial, Gilbert has introduced the GRIP system: Gilbert Roll Intelligent Positioning. This system is available in all models of Gilbert’s planers and is controlled through the Gilbert Automatic Positioning System. It enables the precise movement of top rolls to a specified position, maintaining optimum contact with the board without causing any damage. This system optimizes the feeding process for boards that are too thick, too thin, or too delicate, ensuring high operational efficiency and increasing piece count for mills. Utilizing its unique PullThrough technology, the Gilbert Planer effectively manages each board individually, ensuring a small gap is maintained between them.

Safety is of utmost importance to Gilbert, and as part of their commitment to providing the best planing solutions, they have continuously developed automatic upgrades to enhance planer efficiency and create a safer environment in the planer room. The Gilbert Automatic Cutterhead Positioning System enables control over the cutterheads and an unlimited number of axes, resulting in optimal precision and higher quality grades. This userfriendly automatic positioning system facilitates quick and easy recipe changes, offering greater flexibility, reduced downtime, and a safe working environment. Over the years, Gilbert has developed various automatic and safety functions, including top and bottom head jointers, side head jointers, top head pressure plate, width and height adjustment, aftercut shoes, and triple pattern side heads. These automatic upgrades ensure precise wood finishing, improve safety, and increase efficiency. Adjustments can be made remotely through the HMI screen outside the planer room or via a tablet or phone from anywhere in the mill. Special features like the triple pattern side heads allow for seamless switching between patterns without the need for jointing or changing side heads on the machine, resulting in a superior finish and reduced work requirements.

Planer operator at Red Stag Timber Rotorua New Zealand Toward the intelligent planer The Gilbert Engineering team is currently focused on enhancing the intelligence of the planer. They have consistently made upgrades over the years to improve performance for their customers. In the near future, Gilbert plans to introduce additional options, including a semiautomatic machine that can self-adjust without operator intervention. With a dedicated team of 135 workers committed to producing the best planer in the world, along with a highly skilled team of after-sale technicians available 24/7, Gilbert ensures exceptional support for customers worldwide. Our exceptional service team is equipped to offer efficient online remote controlled assistance to customers, irrespective of their geographical location. We invite you to visit our website,, where you can explore our extensive range of planers and gain a comprehensive understanding of our company and its various divisions.


International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2024 23


Luc Houde, Executive Vice President of the Carbotech Group

Carbotech Group grows with the acquisition of Sawquip


arbotech Group recently expanded its business with the acquisition of the Sawquip, a manufacturing company specializing in the design and manufacture of sawmill equipment for the primary and secondary breakdown of logs into lumber. Carbotech Group plans to further broaden its expand with the fresh inclusion of the range of products that came with the integration of the Sawquip’s products and services into its own. An enhnaced product range Sawquip’s innovative products include log turners and optimized log infeeds, chipping canters, twin and quad circular saw modules, as well as positive cant turners to allow for controlled curve sawing, among others. This

strategic step of acquisition by Carbotech Group allows addition of new field of expertise, providing customers with innovative new solutions for lumber production. To standardize procedures and presentation, Sawquip equipment will now be part of the Carbotech brand. “Uniting Sawquip’s knowledge and products with our own will strengthen our expertise and allow us to expand our log solutions,” says Luc Houde, Executive Vice President of the Carbotech Group. High-quality expertise Sawquip has 35 years of experience and is a North American pioneer in the manufacture of curve sawing equipment. Carbotech’s facilities in Plessisville, Quebec

will now help to manufacture the equipment for Sawquip. To ensure the continuity of this proven expertise, Carbotech Group has also appointed Pierre Lafond, Carbotech’s Vice President, Operations, to lead the transition and integration. Mr. Lafond already has extensive experience in manufacturing equipment similar to that produced by Sawquip. After-sales service and support will also be provided by Carbotech’s dedicated team. “We are delighted to have concluded this transaction, which will undoubtedly result in a winning synergy that will drive Carbotech Group’s continued growth. On our end, this sale will allow us to devote 100% of our resources to Cardinal’s development and activities,” mentions Pascal

Pierre Lafond Vice, President Operations at Carbotech International

Labranche, President of former Sawquip owner Équipements Cardinal Inc. Carbotech Group Carbotech Group was born of Carbotech’s acquisition of Autolog. Along with their new plant in the southern United States, the two specialists in their fields boast over 70 years of experience in comprehensive sawmill solutions for the wood industry.

Timber Processing & Energy Expo (TP&EE) September 25-27, 2024, Portland, Oregon

24 International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2024

The. Automatic. Sharpener.


Celebrating a milestone: successful Installation completion at Woodgrain.

Revolutionizing Wood Processing Efficiency: Woodgrain’s Partnership with Springer Woodgrain La Grande Oregon, a leading manufacturer in the wood processing industry, embarked on a groundbreaking project to enhance the efficiency of its log processing line, focusing on the infeed of the debarker line, merchandizer, and downstream sawmill. Cooperating with Springer, an advanced wood processing solutions provider, Woodgrain achieved exceptional performance processing various softwoods, including pine, white fir, and Douglas fir.

Project Overview: The primary goal of Woodgrain’s project was to achieve a plant design of 15 logs per minute, ensuring a continuous and efficient workflow. Springer provided equipment that could operate consistently at 21 cycles per minute with an average log gap of 5 feet. The debarking line, powered by Cambio technology, was set to operate at a maximum speed of 250 feet per minute. Wood Type and Dimensions: Woodgrain focuses on processing softwoods such as pine, white fir, and Douglas fir. The timber lengths vary, with a minimum of 12 feet and a maximum of 40 feet, with the major portion centered around 23 feet. The diameter

26 International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2024

specifications include a maximum butt-end diameter of 35 inches and a minimum log top diameter of 6 inches. System Components: The integrated wood processing system includes a stem infeed deck spanning 32 feet, a screw unscrambler with 15 21-ft long “screws,” a screw feeder with 13 3-ft long feeder “screws,” a receiving V-chain conveyor of 31 feet equipped with a duplex chain, and a waste handling system with two scrapers underneath. Advantages of Springer’s Technology: The collaboration with Springer introduces several advantages that significantly enhance Woodgrain’s log processing efficiency. Springer’s proven

SAWLINES Innovation in action: Woodgrain adopts Springer’s proven screw technology for greater efficiency

screw technology plays a pivotal role in providing smooth, optimum efficiency, high speeds, and low noise during the feeding process to downstream systems. This technology combines the functions of separation, alignment, and acceleration into a single, integrated system. The system’s ability to handle logs of varying shapes and sizes contributes to increased flexibility and adaptability in the processing line. This feature is especially crucial when dealing with the specified softwood varieties that can exhibit diverse characteristics. Conclusion: Woodgrain La Grande Oregon’s collaboration with Springer is an excellent example of HALCO AD:Layout 3


collaboration that leads to improved log processing efficiency. By incorporating advanced technology and expertise, Woodgrain achieved and exceeded the specified performance parameters, setting new standards in the 17:22

industry. This partnership showcases a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and the continual evolution of wood processing methods, contributing to the growth and success of the International Forest Industries. Woodgrain

and Springer paved the way for a new era in sustainable and high-performance log processing.

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Optimise your production plan...

Optimise your operations OVER

25 SYSTEMS Whatever your mill... Maximize profit by resolving trade-offs between recovery, production rate, and value



Software Systems

Vancouver, Canada • Tel: 1 604 731 9311 International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2024 27

Crafting Excellence: BID Group’s Comact ResawExpert In the ever-evolving landscape of wood processing, a groundbreaking innovation from BID Group, the Comact-branded ResawExpert, emerges as a transformative solution set to redefine operational efficiency in sawmills. Guided by a thorough comprehension of the intricacies in the wood processing sector, this innovation embodies creative design, premium materials, and state-of-the-art technology, signifying a notable progression in the field of resaw optimization. Its main benefits include maximizing recovery and product value, setting a new standard for efficiency in the industry.

28 International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2024


The ResawExpert by Comact: Pioneering Vision and AI Integration


raditionally, wood processing has seen the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in various stages, such as grading, trimming, edging, and breakdown. However, the resawing process has remained a crucial focal point where the right decisions are vital to prevent costly consequences. The Comactbranded ResawExpert steps into this critical role as the first resaw optimizer powered by both vision and AI, addressing challenges in decision-making precision and dimensional accuracy. At the heart of the challenge lies the pivotal role of the resaw, a step of wood processing that is common for the production of softwood specialty products and hardwood. A wrong decision at this juncture can

potentially reduce the quality and value of the products as well as increase wastes. Ensuring precision in reading dimensions and identifying defects becomes imperative to optimize the cutting process effectively. The conventional approach relies on basic scanners to measure block sizes, with operators manually deciding the cutting strategy based on visual inspection. Once a cut is completed, altering the decision becomes impossible. The ResawExpert introduces a revolution in resaw optimization, employing precise geometrical measurement and AI-driven visual defect detection, ensuring the maximization of recovery and product value. Unlike the traditional approach, where operators rely on visual cues, this innovative system utilizes AI to assess different combinations of cuttings based on the grade of

each face, and the downstream operations like edging and trimming. The optimization logic considers the total surface value, introducing an innovative approach to resaw optimization. The ResawExpert accommodates both manual and automated turning solutions. Thanks to the integrated rotation scanner, the system validates the execution using an end camera, ensuring accuracy and accountability in the process. If rotation is not executed properly, the system will rotate around the block again to send the right face to the resaw.

ResawExpert Optimizer Interface

International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2024 29

Scan this QR code to see it in action

This integration of vision and AI not only enhances decision precision but also introduces a level of consistency that is unattainable through manual processes. Designed for practicality, the ResawExpert can be seamlessly added to existing production lines. Its installation between two sets of rolls requires only 10 to 12 feet of space, with no significant speed limitations imposed by the scanner, as it can optimize up to 450 feet per minute. It is compatible with various types of resaws, whether horizontal or vertical. Block sizes can vary from 3 to 30 inches, with no length limitation. The scanner measures the block with a precision of 0.030 inches for the thickness and width, and 0.125 inches for the length, offering a scan density of 0.125 inches.

30 International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2024

The optimization parameters align with industry best-in-class, utilizing the same software and platform as other successful Comact scanners like TrimExpert, EdgExpert, and GradExpert. The system optimizes based on industry grades like NHLA’s standards, but also based on clear wood cuttings and any in-house grade, allowing the flexibility required to manage a broad variety of products to maximize yield and value. Comact’s proven AI engine leverages the images coming from 4K colour cameras, which are integral to the ResawExpert’s success and form the backbone of all Comact optimizers. Developed in-house, the AI deep learning models for hardwood are specifically tailored for wood processing, derived from extensive data analysis and a deep understanding of the unique characteristics of hardwood.

This in-house approach to AI model development not only ensures high performance but also allows BID and Comact to continually refine and enhance its models based on real-world wood processing challenges. The utilization of AI in wood processing is not merely a trend; it is a proven strategy that delivers tangible results, as evident by the success of BID’s AI-powered solutions across the industry. Transforming Resawing for the Future The The Comact-branded ResawExpert emerges as a trailblazer in the wood processing industry, introducing a transformative solution to the critical process of resawing. By seamlessly integrating vision and AI, it addresses longstanding challenges in decision precision and consistency.

Integrated scanner to validate executed rotation. Sends a signal for additional rotation if it was not executed properly

Not only does this innovation enhance operational efficiency as well as maximize recovery and product value, but it also marks a significant step towards a more intelligent and automated future for wood processing. As sawmills navigate the complexities of wood processing, embracing technologies like the ResawExpert becomes crucial for staying at the forefront of efficiency, productivity, and quality. BID Group’s commitment to excellence shines through in this pioneering solution, offering a glimpse into the future of resaw optimization. For further details and to explore the transformative capabilities of the ResawExpert, reach out to your BID Group sales representative. at Interior of the scanner while scanning a block International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2024 31


An Opticom camera took a direct hit by a board at a West Fraser sawmill and continues to work as expected.

Opticom Camera survives direct hit at West Fraser Sawmill

I Sawmills are dangerous environments for cameras. There’s dust, debris, and full-sized logs and boards moving at high speeds.

n a West Fraser mill in Florida, an Opticom CC04 camera took a direct hit by a board moving on the line— and it survived. The camera still works; it just had to be remounted on a new vibration mount. Here’s a photo provided by the mill that shows the immediate aftermath of the incident. Because West Fraser puts safety first, the operator was in his cab and all workers were safely outside the danger zone of the board.

You can see how the camera is being held up by the board and one cord

32 International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2024

This CC04 camera was (and is again) mounted on the mill’s edger to watch the edger tailor because, as the facility’s Lead Electrician, Richard Akers, pointed out, “Sometimes things don’t always move correctly, so the operator can see what’s going on back there.” In this case, a couple of boards got stuck when the tailor was shifting. Boards behind them ramped up and slammed right into the camera. A board hit the camera and knocked it off its mount, then

another board came behind and pushed it farther away. “At one point, the camera was hanging from one cord,” said Akers. “We were honestly surprised the cord held up.” Here’s a zoomed-in shot of the camera right after the incident. The board moved it about 4-5 feet away from its mounted position, which was on the right side of this photo—by the electrical wiring. As any safety-conscious sawmill would, the team reviewed the footage to see what happened, which is when they discovered the stuck boards that led to the backup, ramping, and direct hit. The Opticom camera worked through it all. Akers said, “When we watched the footage, the camera went black for a second, then came back on to a different view because, of course, it had been pushed to a different spot.” “All we had to do was replace the mount,” he said. The camera continues to work, even after a high-speed direct hit. “This is a testament to the durability of Opticom cameras.” West Fraser uses Opticom cameras primarily for monitoring operations in areas that are hard to see from operator cabs. “We’ve done our research, and they’re the best cameras that are available,” said Akers. “Plus, Opticom is super knowledgeable about sawmills and what we need for video monitoring.”

MiCROTEC supply CT Log to The newest investment JD Irving’s sawmill in is part of JD Irving, Limited‘s continued partnership with MiCROTEC. Their recent New Brunswick, Canada investment of the CT Log is JD Irving, Limited purchases a MiCROTEC CT Log for installation in its veneer sawmill, located in St. Leonard, New Brunswick, Canada.


iCROTEC’s CT Log is a worldwide unique computed tomography scanner in the wood products industry, allowing JD Irving, Limited to scan and digitally reconstruct the internal features of their logs in 3D. Delivering the optimal cutting solution in real-time, this technology is consistent with JD Irving, Limited’s mission to ensure the use of 100% of every tree. The computed tomography scanner provides a complete reconstruction of the internal features of the logs, allowing the logs to be graded and sorted by quality and

optimization. The CT Log solution developed by MiCROTEC’s industry-leading engineers provides quality grading and virtual grading information in addition to the full 3D log description. Integrated with MiCROTEC’s Maxicut Pro, Winlog, and MiCROTEC Connect, the CT Log communicates with the Logeye Stereo, providing the head rigg operator the exact degree of log rotation to provide maximum value. Working with the CT Log, MiCROTEC’s Maxicut software optimizes cutting patterns based on value.

accompanied by a commitment of 5 MiCROTEC Logeye Stereos, which execute 360° scans during rolling, adding to the information gained before the log is sawn. The CT Log solution and Logeye Stereo applications will be installed in February. JD Irving, Limited is a producer of maple, birch and poplar wood products, headquartered in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. MiCROTEC is a global leader in innovative scanning solutions for the wood products industry.

Picture from left to right: Bob Bell, Sales Account Manager MiCROTEC, Norvin Laudon, Direct MiCROTEC Vancouver, Arianna Giudiceandrea - CSO MiCROTEC, Susan Coulombe - General Manager J.D Irving Limited, Frank Jöst - CEO MiCROTEC, Jerome Pelletier - Vice President J.D. Irving Limited, Jody Gallant - Business Improvement Manager J.D. Irving Limited

International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2024 33


Ponsse’s fundamental purpose of developing sustainable solutions for the benefit of our customers and the environment is more topical today than ever before. Recognizing that technologies drive all change, we have utilized new digital solutions in our new machines in a more versatile way.

Difference through technology


e aim to offer more comprehensive solutions that are able to help our customers ensure both the productivity of their work and fulfilment of their responsibility targets – even better than before. Together we can continue discovering new ways to develop the world to a better direction. We are in the center of the forest ecosystem and our passion is to ensure its

34 International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2024

well-being. By innovating sustainable solutions, we support the development of responsible forestry. SIMPLY THE BEST TECHNOLOGY Ponsse’s versatile and efficient harvesters guarantee the best possible productivity, and they adapt easily to all kinds of environments. In terms of comfort, our harvesters are in a league of their own. Following our customers’ wishes, we also pay special attention to the

usability and serviceability of our harvesters. Our range of Scorpion harvesters meets all the requirements of forestry today. The Scorpion harvester was first introduced to the general public in 2013 and has since become Ponsse’s flagship product. Soon after its launch, the Scorpion became a global sales success and an international symbol of responsible forestry. Now, eleven years later, the Scorpion

The cabin workspace is now more practical, and the quiet Scorpion landscape office has been developed specifically with the operator’s comfort and ability to keep working in mind Jan Kauhanen, Product Manager, Harvesters, at Ponsse more practical, and the quiet Scorpion landscape office has been developed specifically with the operator’s comfort and ability to keep working in mind,” says Jan Kauhanen, Product Manager, Harvesters, at Ponsse. The Scorpion is characterised by its visibility and manoeuvrability. One of the most visible improvements

has shed its skin. The stability of the PONSSE Scorpion is in a class of its own and provides power and productivity on environmental terms with small surface pressure. In product development, attention has been paid above all to even better work ergonomics, safety, cabin visibility and usability. “As earlier, development of the new Scorpion range has been based on feedback from forest machine users, which we have utilized to put the upgrades now being introduced into production. The cabin workspace is now International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2024 35

is the one-piece front window, which reaches all the way up to the cabin roof to offer even better visibility and safe working in any weather condition. In addition, the unique crane solution provides excellent visibility in all directions. Besides numerous new features, PONSSE Scorpion harvesters have been fitted out with an advanced fifth

It’s also quick and simple for operators who have used the earlier Opti generation to switch over to using the new Opti 5G system Markku Savolainen, Product Manager, Equipment Automation at Ponsse generation PONSSE Opti 5G information system and a completely upgraded user interface. The user-friendly information system is the most modern on the market and its smoothness and speed take the user experience to a completely new level. “The fully upgraded Opti 5G user interface together with the recently launched Opti 8 computer sets a new standard for the usability of Ponsse forest machine information systems. It’s also quick and simple for operators who have used the earlier Opti generation to switch over to using the new Opti 5G system,” explains Markku Savolainen, Product Manager, Equipment Automation at Ponsse.

The Opti 5G information system also enables the PONSSE Harvester Active Crane management system, which gives the harvester a new way to control the crane and work more efficiently. The operator can use Active Crane to control the movement of the harvester head instead of individual crane functions. This allows the operator to concentrate on timber processing rather than crane work. Active Crane is easily controlled using two levers, one of which controls the harvester head height from the ground, while the other controls the direction of the movement. The system also ensures that the crane’s functions slow automatically before the range of movement ends, thereby preventing irritating hits to the mechanical structures and operator. When the operator indicates the required location, Active Crane performs the lift and uses the boom and extension automatically. DATA AS THE KEY TO SUSTAINABLE AND PRODUCTIVE FORESTRY The role of digital tools becomes more essential in successful machine operations, and it is already today a sheer prerequisite for ensuring competitiveness. Due to that we continuously develop our digital solutions to help our customers stay in the forefront of development. Thinning density assistant – testing a new technology in real operating environment For the first time in the history of forest machines, Ponsse’s technological concept enables the measurement of the standing tree stock in addition to harvested trees. Thinning density assistant is a technology concept we use for researching and developing innovative technologies to measure the trees that are left in the forest in addition to the trees that are harvested. The idea behind the concept is to

36 International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2024

recognize the trees around the harvester as well as their precise position. Using the gathered data, the assistant guides the driver in finding the right thinning density. At the same time, the driver

has precise and continuous information of both the location of wheel tracks and the trees left in the forest, which is also documented by the system.


PONSSE Manager 2.0 is a next-generation digital service platform and forest machine management system that provides customers valuable data of machines’ location, productivity figures and fuel consumption, among others. The Manager 2.0 provides an individual user experience with a personalized summary page and extensive reporting options. It helps logging companies to monitor the progress of stands, plans, keep track of machine outputs according to assortments and print out measuring certificates. “With the quick tempo of the modern world and the huge amount of data we see every day, finding the correct piece of information is often like trying to find a needle in the haystack. New Ponsse Manager is a completely new approach to more sustainable and more digitalized forestry” says

New Ponsse Manager is a completely new approach to more sustainable and more digitalized forestry Petteri Tuomisto, Manager, of Digital Solutions Sales

Petteri Tuomisto, Manager, of Digital Solutions Sales. For more information about PONSSE Manager 2.0 please visit:

Wallingford’s announces distribution of HSP Gripen of Sweden

Wallingford’s Inc. has announced a new partnership with HSP Gripen of Sweden, one of the largest global manufacturers of forestry, construction, and terminal grapples. Wallingford’s Inc., with its head office in Oakland, Maine has distribution facilities in New Hampshire, Oregon, Quebec, and Alberta. Founded in 1975, Wallingford’s is the largest wholesale distributor of logging supplies in North America. Since December 2021, Wallingford’s, Inc. is a member of the pewag Group, a global leading company in traction devices and industrial chain solutions (founded 1479) headquartered in Austria. Chip Wallingford, President of Wallingford’s Inc. stated “We are very excited about this new relationship with HSP Gripen, and look forward to adding this high-quality line of grapples to our product portfolio.” In 1994, one of Sweden’s many machine operators grew

tired of the poor offering and mediocre quality of grapples and decided to start developing and manufacturing his own brand. He had an idea of what was required from a grapple for it to work efficiently and last a long time. Today, HSP Gripen is one of the leading companies within the grapple manufacturing sector. HSP Gripen has all its production based in Hudiksvall, Sweden. HSP Gripen is manufactured using the latest technology to produce grapples of the absolute highest quality. HSP Gripen is also designed so that you will be able to maintain a high level of productivity and work fast. The unique shape of the claws to improve timber handling, the twin cylinders that provides low and even shaft loading – meaning less wear, and the high strength steel are just some of the excellent features you get when choosing a grapple tool from Gripen.

“We are happy and proud to become a trusted part of Wallingford’s network in the North American market,” says Tomas Jonsson, owner of HSP Gripen. Gripen is already an established brand in the forestry sector in the Swedish and Nordic markets. “We have however sold and delivered our grapples to the North American market already since 2000, so with this collaboration we see the potential in gearing up and expand further together with Wallingford’s Inc.,” Jonsson continues. “HSP Gripen has just launched a new 5-year plan where the company will double its sales volume by 2028. This includes, in addition to a couple of new products, to grow our business outside our home markets, so this is completely in line with our business plan and we are very much looking forward to the new collaboration” says Maria Flöjt, newly appointed CEO at HSP Gripen. To learn more visit: www. , www.hsp. se/en or call 1-800-323-3708.

Tomas Jonsson, owner of HSP Gripen

Chip Wallingford President at Wallingford’s Inc.

Maria Flöjt, newly appointed CEO at HSP Gripen.

DYNA acquires Vortex Chippers DYNA Products of Millington, Michigan have announced that they have recently acquired the rights to be the sole exclusive manufacturer and marketer of the full line of machinery using the patented Vortex design. The unique Vortex design lends

itself to significant measurable performance improvements in the operation of machines using this technology. DYNA now includes a growing line of woodchippers. This grows the product line and integrates perfectly

into the current offerings of DYNA Products’ high quality professional grade firewood processors and wood splitters. Vortex branded products are now becoming available through the current and growing rental and dealer

network in place throughout the country and international markets. Go to and to www. or call 989 823 6200 for more information.

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Rottne’s most flexible harvester – H11D


ottne’s most flexible harvester has now been improved in several aspects. The machine will receive the newly developed joystick panels that were previously launched in Rottne’s new forwarder series. They provide a much more modern impression and better ergonomics for the driver with more adjustment options. The panels have a much higher safety classification due to additional redundant features and high-quality components. The cabin will be painted blue instead of being foilcovered. This is partly for visual design but also to ensure it stays in good condition during many hours in the forest. H11D will also receive RCA (Rottne Crane Assistance), providing excellent support for both beginners and experienced operators. The driver determines the direction and speed at which the grapple should move. The system then performs the task using robust sensors on the crane and software developed for this purpose.

38 International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2024

As the name suggests, the system assists the driver in operating the crane with good precision and the right speed throughout the shift. The system optimizes the crane’s functions in a better and more energy-efficient way, saving both time and money. The driver receives better support during operation, resulting in higher production throughout the shift. RCA also provides an easier path for less experienced drivers to achieve higher production. The system can be customized with different speeds and smart features in the machine’s control system. RCA is available for both crane options we offer, 10.3m or 11.3m. The machine’s hydraulic system has been updated with a focus on energy savings and improved performance. If the market demands sprinkler equipment, it is also integrated into the machine’s control system.

Work lighting is continuously updated with the latest technology, using lamps with less risk of reflection in those positions. Lights that illuminate towards the crane are of that model. The software in the harvester is regularly updated to comply with the latest forestry standards. RCA also allows the crane position to be saved in the harvester’s production file for later analysis by third-party programs, such as thinning monitoring. It is possible to display real-time information about the harvester’s production calculated according to a piece-rate price list and hourly cost that can be specified in the machine’s menus. This is another improvement in Rotnne’s most flexible harvester.

Advanced Saw Unit: The Log Max 5000V incorporates the enhanced saw unit 318 MK2 19 cc (True-Cut) or 30 cc, carefully designed to optimise work processes. Upgrades include a more robust saw bar mount with protective covers and rubber seals, ensuring protection

Log Max 5000V: The ultimate Harvesting Head for unparalleled logging performance The logging industry demands reliable and efficient equipment to tackle the toughest challenges in harvesting operations. Introducing the Log Max 5000V, a state-of-the-art harvesting head that combines durability, agility, accuracy, and intelligence to revolutionise logging worldwide. With its reinforced design, advanced features, and improved servicing capabilities, the Log Max 5000V sets a new standard for modern and powerful harvesting heads. Durability and Cutting Performance: The Log Max 5000V boasts a reinforced frame designed to withstand the most demanding logging applications. The slimmed-down saw box enhances performance in snowy conditions, ensuring optimal cutting efficiency. Equipped with the new 318 MK2 - 30cc saw, this harvesting head delivers fast and troublefree cutting up to 74cm, guaranteeing exceptional cutting performance. Measuring Precision and Simplified Maintenance: Accurate measurement results are crucial in today’s harvesting operations, and the Log Max 5000V meets this requirement

with its redesigned measuring unit. The length measuring unit incorporates smart features, including a contactless sensor, easier lubrication, and durable tapered bearings. Furthermore, the harvesting head’s improved accessibility, wellorganised hoses, and grease nipples facilitate simplified maintenance and servicing. Enhancements and Updates: To enhance the Log Max 5000V’s durability and longevity, several updates have been implemented. The design of the measuring wheel hole has been improved, reinforcing the stoppers for the feed roller arms inside the frame, thus increasing strength and stability. The length measurement function has been significantly improved through the introduction of a new measuring wheel unit with a larger wheel, ensuring superior measurement accuracy.

against dirt and moisture. The saw bar holder now utilises premium-grade Hardox 450 material, offering increased strength and longevity. Additionally, the placement of the “saw bar home” sensor has been optimised for easy access during maintenance. On the 30cc version the saw valve is mounted directly to the motor which greatly increases responsiveness. Improved Multi-Stemming Unit MK2: The Log Max 5000V’s multistemming unit has undergone a redesign, resulting in reduced weight, increased lifespan, and simplified serviceability. The relocation of cylinders and improved hose protection increase durability and minimise the accumulation of snow and dirt.

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Tigercat Harvesters Tigercat builds a full range of cut-tolength harvesting solutions including track harvesters, wheel harvesters, harvesting heads and control software

40 International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2024

1165 harvester


vailable in both six and eight-wheel drive, the 1165 is a 22-tonne, high production harvester that is best suited to extreme duty clear fell and selective cut applications, steep slopes, and the toughest terrain. Tigercat’s unique WideRange® drive

system increases working travel speed while delivering extremely powerful tractive effort for high performance in steep terrain and quick instand travel on good ground. The 1165 blends high performance with fuel efficiency with advanced hydraulic circuits.

The Tigercat 1165 harvester matched with the 534 harvesting head, working in Sweden

The 534 harvesting head uses the new Tigercat D7 control system

Dedicated pumps power the drive, harvesting head, crane, fan and cooling circuit functions. In addition, a closed loop drive system provides excellent performance and response on steep slopes. A pressure and flow-controlled piston pump drives the cooling

fan, maintaining optimal operating temperatures at the lowest possible fan speed. The crane features Tigercat’s efficient and operatorfriendly ER® technology. The hooked profile of the main boom promotes excellent rightside visibility.

Not only is the crane efficient but also simple in design, without external parallel linkages. With an extreme duty slew system and 360° continuous rotation, the cabin rotates with the crane. The cabin is spacious with excellent

visibility and clear line-of-sight to the wheels. Operators will find all the creature comforts including a comfortable and highly adjustable climatecontrolled seat with a four-point harness and full Bluetooth® connectivity.

International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2024 41

The Tigercat 534 harvesting head is matched to Tigercat’s 1165 harvester and sized for optimal productivity in a 150-500 mm (6-20 in) stem diameter range. The 534 is a three-wheel drive head with a triangulated wheel arm design. Four cast steel knife arms, along with a fixed front and back knife, provide excellent delimbing quality. The 534 uses the new Tigercat D7 control system. This system offers powerful functionality, simplicity and intuitive operator navigation. There are two types of bucking control available for D7. Priority-based bucking logic utilizes a list of operatorentered log specifications. D7 Optimization level uses a value-based logic. Both Tigercat D7 Priority and Optimization levels offer StanForD Classic, StanForD 2010, and PDF production reporting. Reports can be viewed onscreen or exported for later analysis. D7 also sends production volume data to RemoteLog®, Tigercat’s optional telematics system. When equipped with a GPS receiver and the GeoInfo software. D7 provides an active navigation application using the machine’s current position on a georeferenced map.

The 1165 is powered by the Tigercat FPT N67 engine with Tier 2, Tier 4, stage V, or noncertified configurations.

42 International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2024

H822E and LH822E track harvesters The H822E and LH822E harvesters combine a compact upper assembly with tight tuck boom geometry to minimize residual stand damage in selective harvesting applications. The combination

of high horsepower and harvester head optimized hydraulics provide the operator with responsive control, quick feeding and powerful delimbing and debarking capability. The result is high productivity and lowest cost per tonne of processed logs.

The Tigercat H822E harvester working in Northern Quebec

Pair with a Tigercat harvesting head for a full factory-backed package. Several purpose-built boom system options are available including, 8,2m (27 ft) fixed, 9,1m (30 ft) fixed, and 10,8m (36 ft) telescopic configurations. The hydraulic hoses, tubes and connections

are protected along the entire length of the boom. All booms use the patented ER system, which allows the machine operator to extend and retract the boom in a horizontal motion smoothly and quickly using a single joystick. The ER boom system improves fuel efficiency, increases production

and reduces operator fatigue, especially in smaller stem, high cycle applications. The E-series engine enclosure was redesigned to provides improved roof access for cleaning debris. The new boom slider also works to shed debris, preventing build-up in hard-to-reach areas.

The clamshell style enclosure and drop-down side platform allow easy access to all sides of the engine. The cab includes a durable, roomy, air ride seat with heating and cooling. The fulllength front window and narrow side posts provide the operator an excellent view of the tracks and surrounding area. The LH822E features Tigercat’s patented leveling system, providing exceptional stability in steep slope applications and optimum weight transfer. It uses two massive hydraulic cylinders and heavy steel sections for a solution that is both simple and robust. Due to the unique geometry of the leveling system, the machine is well balanced on slopes. Regardless of the angle of the undercarriage in relation to the upper, the track pressure is even all the way along the bottom of the tracks as long as the upper is close to horizontal. This makes the machine feel very stable and predictable. In addition, the ramped undercarriage (both the front idler and the rear gearbox are set higher than the centre-line of the undercarriage) allows the machines to easily drive up over rocks and stumps. The H822E and LH822E are powered by the Tigercat FPT N67 engine with Tier 4, stage V, or non-certified configurations.

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Bandit Industries announces a new Hammermill horizontal grinder! With considerable research and collaboration, the Bandit team brings the HM6420 hammermill grinder to market!


his highly productive 40” capacity grinder is designed and manufactured to be an alternative solution for those grinding applications that may contain contaminants. A Caterpillar C32, 1,200 horsepower engine provides ample torque and horsepower for optimal machine performance and productivity. The heart of the HM6420 is a 50” diameter x 66” wide hammermill. The heavy-duty mill features a 1.75” drum skin custom formed from rolled plate. The mill is supported by a 7” main shaft constructed of alloy steel that has been

44 International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2024

ultrasonic tested. Each pocket within the mill is manufactured from high strength A-514 steel. These combinations create a structural sound mill for added durability and integrity. The mill is equipped with 20 carbide infused hammer

inserts built to withstand the toughest material fed into the machine. Each holder is securely attached to the mill via a patent-pending quick change pocket system. Each holder recesses into the mill pocket, increasing durability. A

top plate covers the pocket and holds in place by six hex bolts. The hammer insert is attached to each holder utilizing two bolts. With this set-up, the mill hardware is easier and quicker to replace. A heavy-duty slat-style infeed conveyor is directly driven generating over 18,000 pounds of pulling power. The large diameter feed wheel is also directly driven and provides an additional 17,000 pounds of pulling power and 8,650 to 17,300 pounds of down force when hydraulic pressure is applied. These combinations allow the HM6420 to grind massive quantities of material efficiently and effectively at one time. A proportional feed system is standard and regulates the feed system from 82 – 132 feet per minute. The HM6420

has one of the fastest feed rates on the market allowing it to quickly process material. The proportional feed system allows operators to adjust the feed based on material being processed ensuring maximum output and grinder efficiency, all while achieving a higher quality end-product. Three screens are located on the top side of the HM6420 mill. A variety of screen sizes are available up to 7” to produce various endproduct sizes. The top feed wheel moves upward, and a removable screen cradle allows for quick screen set-up changes. All work for screen changing is performed outside of the machine. An impact detection system is standard and designed to limit damage if a contaminant is struck inside the grinding chamber. Once an impact event is detected, the grinder will idle down, open the gate, disengage the clutch, and reverse the feed. A 56” wide height adjustable discharge with a stacking height of 16’ 8” is standard. The height of the discharge can easily be adjusted accommodating various grinding scenarios and situations. The standard wireless remote controls all grinding and tracking functions and features an LCD screen that will display engine coolant temperature, engine oil pressure, engine load percentage, engine RPM, and battery voltage. Bandit initially debuted the HM6420 at the 2023 Con Expo show in Las Vegas. After the show, further evaluation and testing was conducted and the machine was then demonstrated to a variety of customers and dealers at Bandit’s 40th Anniversary event in September of 2023. Final testing of the HM6420 took place in the fourth quarter and the machine will begin production in the first quarter of 2024. Bandit will be showcasing the HM6420 in February at the Compost Show


Which grinding method should you choose for your operation? Give a Bandit sales specialist a call today! in Daytona Beach, Florida. The addition of the HM6420 expands the already diverse line of Bandit horizontal grinders available. Customers

can choose from various mill configurations that will “CUT IT,” “CHIP IT,” OR “HAMMER IT.”

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iebherr unveiled the new LH 26 M Timber Litronic for efficient timber handling at LIGNA in Hanover. Thanks to its extremely compact design and exceptional manoeuvrability, this specialist machine is ideal for use in sawmills and lumber yards where space is at a premium. The new handling machine also boasts impressively low fuel consumption when operating at maximum capacity. Liebherr also demonstrated its new integrated tyre pressure monitoring system on the material handler for the first time. Thanks to its compact design and exceptional manoeuvrability, this specialist machine is ideal for work in sawmills and lumber yards where space is at a premium. With the LH 26 M Timber Litronic, Liebherr presented a new timber truck that extends its existing portfolio to include a lighter machine with an operating mass of between 23,500 and 26,000 kg. Liebherr also showcased its new, integrated tyre pressure monitoring system as part of its trade fair exhibit. This system allows the desired target tyre pressure to be set and monitored on the display in the operator’s cab. The system became optionally available for Liebherr material handlers from October. Liebherr’s trade fair exhibit also included a straight 6.6 m long boom and a 5 m long stick with an angled stick end as well as a Liebherr type GM 10B wood grapple with a capacity of up to 1.30 m². The machine configuration also includes the 1.2 m high, rigid cab elevation

Thanks to its compact design and exceptional manoeuvrability, this specialist machine is ideal for work in sawmills and lumber yards where space is at a premium.

Liebherr presented the new LH 26 M Timber Litronic at LIGNA • Powerful machine for efficient timber handling • Thanks to its compact design, it is ideal for use in sawmills and lumber yards with limited space • The new addition is the smallest machine in Liebherr’s existing portfolio of material handlers in the 25-tonne range LFC 120 for optimum visibility and a 3 m wide support blade at the rear. Maximum splash protection is provided thanks to the hot-dip galvanised mudguards, which also serve as a platform for easy and safe access to the operator’s cab. The new machine combines high driving performance with compact dimensions The engine power of 125 kW / 170 hp provides the

46 International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2024

system with a large amount of torque, which allows the machine to accelerate quickly. In combination with the high pump flow, this guarantees fast, dynamic work movements and therefore maximum handling capacity. Thanks to its compact design, the new machine is ideal for use in confined spaces. It’s extremely small front and tail swing radius enables the machine to turn

around completely even in very narrow operating locations. The minimal contours of the right front side enable the machine to work very close to sorting lines or timber stacks as it is always within the width of the undercarriage. This ensures an excellent view of the working area, ensures additional safety and prevents collisions. Four-wheel steering for greater manoeuvrability and integrated tyre pressure monitoring system To ensure excellent manoeuvrability and agility, the LH 26 M Timber is equipped with four-wheel steering as standard. The four-wheel steering increases driving

stability and thus improves the machine’s directional stability. The automatic steering reversal, which is also standard, guarantees the correct steering direction at all times, when travelling both forwards and in reverse. To allow the operator to keep an eye on the tyre pressures, the machine features Liebherr’s new integrated tyre pressure monitoring system. The desired target tyre pressure can be set on the display in the operator’s cab. If the current tyre pressure deviates from the set target pressure, a warning is shown on the display. The integrated monitoring system not only increases safety, but also

results in increased driving comfort as well as reduced tyre wear. Optimised undercarriage concept with efficient travel mode for trailer operation The electric pivoting angle adjustment in the travel motor provides additional torque, maximum acceleration and a higher drawbar pull. This ensures a consistently good driving performance even on inclines. Optimal adjustment of both the engine speed and flow rate ensures impressive fuel efficiency even at top speed. For longer distances, the combination of a material handler and trailer is the optimal choice. The powerful

travel drive and robust axles enable the machine to tow trailers with a weight of up to 60 tonnes. The 3 m wide undercarriage and rear support blade give the machine a high degree of stability during handling operations, which also means the load capacity can be further increased; for example, when loading and unloading the trailer. This enables more timber to be handled during each cycle to increase productivity. The support blade can also be used for clearing work and thus increases safety in the timber yard.

Liebherr unveiled the new LH 26 M Timber Litronic timber truck at LIGNA in Hanover

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Global Lifting Awareness Day (GLAD) ������ 8

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Timber Processing and Energy Expo �����OBC

LMI Technologies �������������������������������17

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Enhanced Four-Point Measuring MK2:


CONTACT: Kevin Lapham

The Log Max 5000V’s four-point measurement MK2 features new components and functions to excel in harsh conditions. The introduction of a contactless encoder in the lower delimbing knife enhances its lifespan and simplifies maintenance. The lower delimbing knife now incorporates an “Active Lower Knife” function, increasing lifting power and optimising tree holding capability. Additionally, the design modifications, such as a new axel nut and improved cable routing, enhance durability and reduce the risk of snow and ice packing.

The Log Max 5000V represents a groundbreaking advancement in the logging industry. With its unparalleled durability, cutting performance, precise measurement capabilities, and simplified maintenance, this harvesting head sets a new benchmark for productivity, efficiency, and reliability. Experience the power of the Log Max 5000V and unlock its potential to revolutionise your logging operations.

J.P.Media Inc Tel: +1 (630) 420 9752 Fax: +1 (630) 420 9763 Email:

US Mid-West, Central & Mountain CONTACT: Kevin Lapham J.P.Media Inc 1163 E.Ogden Ave, Ste. 705-359 Naperville IL 60563, USA Tel: +1 (630) 420 9752 Fax: +1 (630) 420 9763 Email:

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The Taylor Group has announced it’s acquired 85% of the shares of CVS Ferrari (CVS) from NEIP III and BP.


he transaction’s closing, which has been advised on the seller’s side by BNP Paribas and on the buyer’s side by Angle Advisors, took place February 1, 2024. “I am delighted to welcome CVS to the Taylor Group of Companies family,” said Robert Taylor, The Taylor Group’s president and COO. “With this international investment, the Taylor Group is committed to becoming a truly global player by opening new markets and combining the strengths of both organizations, which complement each other well. We see tremendous opportunities for growth in market access, new products, lower cost, and enhancing service and support”. The new CVS board will include Taylor, who will serve as president of CVS; Davis Taylor, director of sudden service; and Hal Nowell, director of sales at Taylor. Davide Bertozzi, director of sales and marketing at CVS, will join the CVS board, while the current board member, Federico Zanotti, will serve as managing director.

Taylor group acquires controlling shares of CVS Ferrari NEIP III is an investment company managed by ITAGO with interests in several medium-sized specialized Italian industrial businesses. As result of the transaction, NEIP III is completely exiting its participation in CVS. BP, formerly Battioni & Pagani and a historic name among the Italian material handling and side loaders industry since 1959, is privately owned by the Pagani family and will retain a 10% share in CVS. SDB, a company owned by Bertozzi, will retain a 5% share. CVS, founded in 1973, is an established manufacturer of mobile container handling and heavy cargo handling equipment in reach stackers and high-capacity forklifts. CVS is a front-runner in offering digital integration and innovative electric and hybrid solutions with patented energy recovery and regeneration systems with the lowest environmental footprint. CVS has posted a triple revenue increase since 2020, boosted by new product introductions and broader market reach. With operations at two plants in Roveleto di Cadeo (Piacenza) e Sorbolo

(Parma) in Italy, CVS employs 120 people with a yearly volume capacity of about 200 units. “CVS has found a new home

The current management will stay onboard to signal continuity and commitment to the company’s future.” The Taylor Group, based in Louisville, Mississippi, is a group of subsidiary companies ranging in goods and services from material handling equipment and container handlers to generators to construction equipment to parts and service centers and fleet management. Taylor’s mission has been to provide customers with the highest quality products worldwide and back them up with the most responsive after-market service organization available. Founded in 1927, Taylor is one of the largest, privately owned American manufacturers of heavy industrial lift equipment,

From left: Federico Zanotti, CEO of CVS Ferrari; Lex Taylor, CEO of The Taylor Group; Robert Taylor, president and COO of The Taylor Group; and Davide Bertozzi, director of sales and marketing at CVS Ferrari. with an industrial investor that can provide long-term stability and adequate resources to enhance the company’s development further” Zanotti said. “In combination with the Taylor Group, CVS will boost its capabilities in after-market support, broaden its product offering, and further increase production volumes at the Cadeo and Sorbolo plants.

intermodal, and construction industry equipment. For 97 years, Taylor has been committed to customer satisfaction and personal relationships with their customers through the Taylor sales group, the dealer sales network, and Taylor Sudden Service’s after-market support.

International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2024 IBC

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