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WHAT WILL YOU GRIND? New from Peterson, the 1700D Horizontal Grinder. Small, and mobile, but packed with the features that make Peterson grinders the most productive machines on the market—producing materials at the lowest cost per ton.

1700D Specifications Operating Length Operating Width Operating Height Machine Weight Engine

1344 cm 296 cm 427 cm 18 597 kg Caterpillar C9.3B Tier IV, 339 kW Caterpillar C9.3B Tier III, 309 kW Rotor pinned or drum rotor available Feed Opening (width x height) 137 x 69 cm Wheeled, Tracked, & Stationary Electric Options

Blower Trucks




Stacking Conveyors





30 IBC





Smart innovation that set PALFINGER EPSILON cranes apart from the rest

The combination of multiple G-Series units ensures contractors can get the job done in the toughest environment to the highest standards

Innovations around the weighing of wood on the scales has transformed several key wood industry operations



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COVER: IGGESUND FOREST “Nothing eclipses an Iggesund Saw bar” is a mindset in our factory located in Strömsbruk, Sweden, where we began making saw bars, over 30 years ago. Over the years, the focus has been on the professional operators saw bar needs. During 2016, Iggesund launched the Blue Line Harvester bar range, that have a unique metal alloy and improved tempering techniques, this makes them stronger, more


robust, and more rigid. 2021 will see the launch of our Vyking Blue Line, ¾” pitch cutting system. “It is without doubt the best bar we have ever tried.”









Daniel Nilsson and Jim Nygren Harvester operators at Nordmalings Skogsmaskiner AB

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Replanting a forest is an art form that relies on reading and understanding different conditions and increasingly needs the right technology solutions

The Shark 200 represents a precision machine that is particularly easy to use

Lucidyne bring Microtec tranverse scanning to North America



27 27 USNR


24 EWD

At the end of 2020, USNR signed a contract with Tschopp Holzindustrie AG in Buttisholz, Switzerland, for a complete new saw line

For 30 years, Gilbert Products has been market leader in the design and manufacturing of sawmilling, construction and forestry equipment as well as snow groomers

Slovakian company PRP continually develops its capacities and has become one of the country’s biggest sawing companies. It’s investment in a new Edger Optimizer installation in 2019 was the final step of the modernisation


Reliability matters.


2 International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2021

Products: Lucidyne 900 Grade Scan Grade Mark Reader


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EDITOR’S COMMENT Dangling the dream


wo months is a long time at the moment. When I sat down to pen the comment for the December-January edition of International Forest Industries, the world was a different place. It was early December and the promise of widespread vaccinations was upon us. No longer did we wake dreading news vaccinations did not work or would cause horrible side-effects. They were safe, they were approved and the logistics for mass roll-outs were being physically put into place. A handful of small nations in the Middle East looked to be first out of the blocks, though the United Kingdom, home to IFI, could proudly say it had not only delivered the world’s most useable vaccine, but was going to lead the way for developed, high population nations in delivering the jab at scale.

outlook. And why not? There is much to be optimistic about. Vaccination programs are in full swing in most of the developed world and much of the emerging world. The US and the UK, two nations where COVID-19 has taken a severe toll, look like being among the leaders of the recovery. There are cheaper, if lighter, more accessible versions of vaccines that could limit the impact in poorer nations. There is talk of ‘vaccine passports’, which might not save the 2021 forestry show calendar but shows bureaucrats are thinking of solutions to get us moving again. More importantly, the bullish projections around what a recovery from the economic disaster of 2020 might look like have persisted. The resilience of many industries has been proven – including wood industries – and they are coiled and ready to spring out as nations reopen.

Writing opinion pieces in such an environment can be dangerous. Caught up in the thought of a more ‘normal’ 2021, I waxed lyrical about all the forestry shows myself and my colleagues would attend. The things we would see, the places we would go, the tyres we would kick, the equipment at which we would gape, and the scanning and optimisation technology we would bend our brains around trying to understand.

This reopening will centre on the stimulus packages of the individual governments. These packages are of immense importance economically and politically. Leading the way has been incoming US President Joe Biden, who was busy pitching a $1.9 trillion stimulus arsenal to his contemporaries. The prospect has sent stocks that were already riding high on vaccine success and low interest rates higher still.

Predictably, no less than a week after I filed that copy, the science around various COVID-19 mutations was being more widely publicised and discussed. The UK, along with many other nations, was re-entering a more rigorous state of lockdown.

At the centre of Biden’s plans and those of other world leaders is responsible construction. That is, building using green materials, renewable materials and with net zero carbon impact. This puts forestry in a wonderful place.

By the New Year in the UK, schools were shut again and in Western Australia – a metaphorical island within the literal island of Australia in terms of COVID-19 – reported its first case in 10 months and promptly locked down for five days.

So, while life may not be normal in 2021. While we may miss our forestry shows, again. There is plenty to remain cheerful about if you’re part of the international forestry sector.

It seems, alas, 2021 will not be ‘normal’. At least not yet. But we at IFI, having cried into our beer over January, have regathered our glass-half-full

4 International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2021

Enjoy Chris Cann


Forwarder can be transported to the next logging site after two hours. Stop guessing.

New harvester head for demanding operations Komatsu C164 When harvesting in rough forests, an operator can face several challenges. For example, trees that need to be cut from two directions, root flares that are too wide for the saw bar or rough limbs that need to be processed several times. The C164 is designed with these conditions in mind. Komatsu C164 is a brand-new model in the range of C heads and a perfect match for the Komatsu 951 harvester. The robust head is specially designed to handle large trees, big root flares and rough limbs. Still, it has a design that makes it smooth and easy to handle. The C164 design is inspired by the features of other C models, but it is a completely new head where many parts are optimised for the size and application of the head. Constant Cut, the saw motor control that ensures that the head has a constant and efficient saw motor speed throughout the

complete cutting cycle, is further developed for C164 to handle long saw bars and broad stems. The saw bar position is designed for optimal felling performance and the position of the saw bar is new compared to other C heads. This gives a better felling cut in the direction of the head, which in turn gives the saw bar better longevity whilst also reducing the risk of log splitting. For increased durability and service life the chain tensioning of the saw bar has been improved, the saw bar mount has a more robust design, stronger saw bar clamp and increased bolt dimension to hold the saw bar. The rotator has a stronger and more robust design as well as a new hydraulic motor and bigger slew bearings to cope with this type of demanding logging operations. To make the head more fuel efficient, the C164 also has a new type of hydraulic control valve

that can handle a high flow, which reduces energy losses. The C164 is a “carry style” head, where the stem is carried by the feed wheels and the delimbing knives are mainly used for delimbing the stem. The head’s feed system allows good contact between head and stem, which

QS605 Processing Head

QRX103R Saw Teeth

27B Felling Head

QRA1043-HR Saw Disc 6 International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2021

QP33 Saw Teeth

reduces the clamping pressure and makes the feeding procedure energy efficient. Komatsu C164 comes with the option of two different feed roller motors. The bigger motor is standard and gives a high traction force which improves the productivity of the head. The smaller motor is optional and gives a more aggressive feeding start, but with less force than with the bigger motor. Upon customer request, the Komatsu C164 has a completely new tilt lock function, i.e., the ability to lock the tilt link at the desired angle, which facilitates access to difficult branches or tree forks. The Find End function makes it possible to reset length measuring without needing to make a first cut and lump a part of the log. This reduces forest residues and minimises value loss. It is particularly useful when processing pre-felled trees. The head has several features designed to minimise unplanned downtime and thereby improve productivity. The frame is designed and verified to stand the force from heavy operations. Components like the head unit are well protected under the hood. Cast iron is used for strategic components and ORFS couplings on hoses. Overall, the head with all its features, in combination with the Komatsu 951 harvester, is a useful tool for demanding operations.

New advantages for rough forests Komatsu


The Komatsu C164 head is specially designed to simplify your work in rough forests. Every detail has been designed with large trees, big root flares and rough limbs in mind. The C64 is a great companion to the Komatsu 951 harvester, and an inspiring example of what happens when development truly focuses on harvester operators’ needs. See all the details at

Radio These wireless scales are equipped with a low energy, long range 2.4 GHz radio link, which is worldwide license free.

User interface

Game changing grapple-mounted scales Innovations around the weighing of wood on the scales has transformed several key wood industry operations

Mounting The problem of having to scrap the swing damper on buying a grapple scale has been countered in the Intermercato FM 5 and FM 7 models, which are mounted directly on the grapple. The FM5 uses the standard hole pattern on most forwarder grapples, while the FM 7 is designed for bigger grapples with the c/c 203 hole circle. The FM scales add only 105 mm (just over 4 in) to the height of the equipment. The hose connection between grapple and rotator goes through the scales for full protection.

Load cell, power supply, electronics and software The patented FM scales feature a unique 8-strain gauge load cell with integrated electronics, powered by the Intermercato 37Ah high-capacity rechargeable battery, which gives users a minimum

8 International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2021

of 700 crane hours between the chargings. “You don’t even need a separate charger, the batteries are charged over a standard USB A contact,” the manufacturer stated. The accelerometer and the unique Intermercato weighing algorithm ensure “unsurpassed” accuracy in dynamic weighing.

Ruggedness The FM scales are maintenance free, have no moving parts, with the multifunctional amplifier and the battery hidden inside the load cell’s support plate. Due to the chemical nickel coating, the FM scales are extremely resistant to corrosion. This is all done for optimal security and ruggedness.

Today the Intermercato user Interface is an Android App as a standard. A Windows platform with API for easy integration with existing forwarder information systems, as well as the Intermercato cloud service, are being implemented during 2021.

New grapple program with easy crane scale integration. Intermercato’s new Log-Bite HD heavy-duty combination grapples are the “ultimate tool” for tough handling single logs and pulp wood. The Log-Bite grapples are produced from entirely Swedish wear and abrasion resistant steel Hardox 450 and include high torque rotators like GV17S-203 or XR 300. “By incorporating the FM7 scale and the specially designed FM8, directly into the structure of the Log-Bite grabs, you will always have full control over your loading,” the manufacturer said.


THE NEW PONSSE COBRA is a versatile and efficient harvester for varying conditions. The Cobra is an adaptable all-round harvester with eight wheels and strong six-cylinder engine. Thanks to the extensive range of equipment, it is suitable for various cutting and working methods.



New Vermeer TR6450 Trommel Screen delivers Three-Product Separation Jay Van Roekel, product manager for Vermeer Environmental Solutions products

Produce three-unique products in one-pass Vermeer is updating its trommel screen line with the new Vermeer TR6450 trommel screen, which is capable of sorting up to three product sizes at once. The TR6450 features adjustable front-fines, rear-fines and overs conveyor for efficient multi-product production. With a 20-foot (6.1-m) long, 6.5-foot (2-m) diameter quickchange tension screen drum, the TR6450 can sort up to 180 cubic yards (137.6 m3) per hour with .5-inch (1.3-cm) screens installed and material with moisture less

than 40%. It is powered by a 120-horsepower (90-kW) Cat 3.6L Tier 4F (Stage V) diesel engine, and its drum speed can be adjusted from 0 to 25 revolutions per minute based on material type and moisture content. According to Jay Van Roekel, product manager for Vermeer Environmental Solutions products, the TR6450 has a similar design as the recently introduced Vermeer TR6400 trommel screen and the popular x. “While designing every

trommel screen in the Vermeer product lineup, we’ve focused our attention on developing units that provide optimal productivity in their size class while being efficient to operate, set up, transport and service. The new TR6450 excels in all of those areas and gives crews the ability to sort a third product. Also, the front fines conveyor can be removed completely and its auxiliary hydraulics can be used to power other equipment like an air separator. We’ve built a lot of flexibility into this machine.” With a hopper infeed height of just 9 feet 6 inches (2.9 m) from

ground level at operating incline and capacity of 6.5 cubic yards (5 m3), the TR6450 is built for quick loading cycle times. The unit’s Vermeer ACS controls system gives operators the ability to adjust conveyor heights and drum speeds from a machine mounted DP10 display or handle transceiver remote. For quick and efficient screen or drum changes and maintenance access, the side door on the TR6450 offers complete access to the drum body from the ground. A foldout motor compartment that provides access to the engine’s backside and various access points to critical areas delivers optimal access for servicing the TR6450.

Ponsse’s new Full Simulator Ponsse is responding to the need for the development of training by modernising its simulator product range. The new PONSSE Full Simulator is a full-range training system. Its realistic forest environment and detailed graphics create a perfect platform for professional training. In addition to the new PONSSE Full Simulator, the product range consists of the PONSSE Basic and PONSSE Compact simulators. All three offer a modern learning environment for harvester, forwarder and PONSSE Opti information system training. A simulator is a cost-effective and safe environment for training new operators, forest machine professionals and service mechanics. A simulator also acts as an excellent tool in the research and development of work because individual situations can be repeated, and different harvesting

methods can be compared, for example. “The new PONSSE Full Simulator represents completely new digital technology, which makes simulator training smooth and enjoyable. Its detailed and realistic graphics make the training environment feel like actually being in a forest”, says Jussi Jurvanen, Simulator Specialist at Ponsse Plc. “Sim Trainer, the simulator’s training management system, consists of different levels for advancement as new skills are acquired, and teaches safe, effective and productive ways of operating a forest machine, even during the first training steps”, Jurvanen continues. Ponsse simulators enable the training of different work stages within the entire machine chain The simulator’s harvester section allows actual harvesting tasks to be practised, different

10 International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2021

thematic exercises to be performed, and the operation of a machine’s control and measuring system to be studied. In the forwarder section, it is possible to practise how to operate and load a forwarder and control a crane in realistic conditions. The PONSSE Full and PONSSE Compact simulators are also ideal for training maintenance employees.

New digital technology in a simulator environment • 3 × 55” upright screens • P ONSSE Opti information system, familiar from forest machines • E rgonomics that make learning enjoyable • T he measuring device’s touchscreen is identical to that equipped in a genuine forest machine • Can be converted for excavator-

based harvester training simply by replacing the handles and pedals.

Ponsse Academy The continuous development of competence is one of Ponsse’s success factors. Every year, Ponsse Academy’s global training network allocates thousands of hours for training Ponsse’s employees, partners (retailers and educational institutes) and customers. Continuous training and its development ensure the safe and cost-effective use of PONSSE products across the world.




VERMEER TG7000 TUB GRINDERS BRING EFFICIENCY TO HIGH-VOLUME WOOD RECYCLING AND MULCH OPERATIONS. Vermeer TG7000 tub grinders are your tool for high-volume grinding or processing difficult wood waste and biomass material into a usable end product. A duplex drum cutting system and multiple screen sizes allow for optimized cutting performance. Plus, the patented thrown object restraint system (TORS) helps reduce the quantity and distance of thrown material.



Vermeer Corporation reserves the right to make changes in engineering, design and specifications; add improvements; or discontinue manufacturing at any time without notice or obligation. Equipment shown is for illustrative purposes only and may display optional accessories or components specific to their global region. Please contact your local Vermeer dealer for more information on machine specifications. Vermeer and the Vermeer logo are trademarks of Vermeer Manufacturing Company in the U.S. and/or other countries. © 2020 Vermeer Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

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International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2/4/20 9:312021 AM 11

Open End provides a Uniquely hardened alloy to withstand faster mounting Increased dimensions more tear for better lubrication

Specially hardened shims in the nose sprocket for optimal performance

Unnecessary leaks are eliminated as our Spray bars are adapted for right / left mounting and whether the unit has Supercut or not

With our Energy harvester bar, the chain is protected from damage while minimizing the number of chain jumps.

EW is a solid harvester bar designed for energy wood harvester heads and multi-tree handling. The unique shape prevents the chain from jumping off

Our game changing new 3/4” harvester bar with replaceble PowerTip and unique 60° cut endurance rails makes it possible to harvest any kind of trees with unprecedented precision, speed and durability

New options for forwarder booms John Deere is launching redesigned jib boom options equipped with a hidden hose extension for forwarders with CF5, CF7 and CF7S booms. The redesigned jib booms bring a clear improvement in usability, durability and serviceability. The new XIdesignated hidden hose extensions will be an available option for the 910G, 1010G, 1110G, 1210G and 1510G forwarders during spring 2021.

Improved durability, usability and productivity The new jig boom is more robust, the extension is stronger, and the routing of the hoses has been redesigned, taking better account of both the durability and changeability of the hoses as well as the usability of the boom. The redesigned routing of the hoses between the lifting and jib boom and the inside the extension packs protect the hoses from damage. The improved geometry and the more balanced ratio between the lifting and jib boom makes the boom’s trajectories and operation smoother, thereby improving

productivity. With the new XI hidden hose extensions, the reach of the boom is 9.8 m. 90% of the forwarders delivered are equipped with IBC. The machines equipped with IBC include an optional work light located under the jib boom for better visibility to the boom tip in the dark.

Servicing made easy The improved hose routing inside the boom increases the durability of the hoses and makes hose replacement easier. The slide bearing at the rear end of the extension can now be lubricated without removing the covers. Also the extension chain can be adjusted without disassembling parts and removing the covers. The adjustable boom support is also new and makes for easier switching to the transport position. In addition to the hidden hose extensions, a stronger Indexator GV12-2S link is also available. The base plate of the stronger link is now made from steel rather than cast iron.

International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2021 13


Modern Machinery will now offer Peterson, Carlson, & Roadtec products Roadtec products will be available in Oregon, Washington, Montana, and Idaho. Carlson products will be available in Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. Peterson products will be available in Oregon, Washington, Montana, Wyoming and central and northern Idaho. Modern Machinery is currently a valued dealer for Astec’s KPI-JCI and Astec Mobile Screens. Jeff Schwarz, President of Modern Machinery stated, “We’ve been fortunate enough to represent Astec Industries’ world class products for over 30 years and we look forward to our next 30 years of successful partnership.” Tim Averkamp, Group President of Astec Industries, echoed the sentiment; “We look forward to building off our past and working

together to deliver even greater value to our customers.” Chris Colwell, VP of Channel Management for Astec Industries, concluded, “We are focused on providing our customers with exceptional products and outstanding support. This agreement allows our customers in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana to benefit from the finest products and support, in a convenient location.” Modern Machinery Co., Inc., offers high quality heavy equipment and provides exceptional product support to the construction, mining, and forestry industries. Modern Machinery was founded in 1944 with a single location in Spokane, Washington. Today the company operates 11

Chris Colwell, VP of Channel Management for Astec Industries, Inc.

Jeff Schwarz, Modern Machinery, President

full-service branches in Montana, Idaho, Washington, and Oregon.

Komatsu’s PC210LCi-11 excavator delivers versatility in a compact size A smart choice for contractors who need a versatile solution that still offers excellent range, the PC210LCi-11 is Komatsu’s smallest machine control excavator.

Proprietary intelligent Machine Control 2.0 offers significant productivity gains/ Aimed to quickly lessen the skill gap between new and experienced operators, and improve the bottom line for contractors, Komatsu’s intelligent Machine Control (iMC) is part of the company’s suite of Smart Construction products, services and digital solutions that incorporate a host of advanced, proprietary machine technology. Developed with input from leading construction companies, iMC gives contractors sophisticated, productivityenhancing automation along with cutting-edge job site design. The newest entrant to Komatsu’s iMC 2.0 line-up is

the 165 HP (123kW) PC210LCi-11 excavator. A smart choice for contractors who need a versatile solution that still offers excellent range, the PC210LCi-11 is Komatsu’s smallest machine control excavator. Weighing 51,397-53,882 lbs. (23,313 – 24,440 kg), this intelligent excavator excels at digging precise footings, retention ponds and utility work. Its updated, factory-integrated system minimizes over-excavation and empowers operators to dig straight to grade quickly and accurately.

Perform finish grading using only arm input Operators can finish grade quickly and accurately with bucket angle hold control that automatically holds the bucket angle to the design surface during arm operation, enabling operators to perform finish grading using only arm input.

14 International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2021

Auto tilt bucket control With integrated machine control, the auto tilt bucket control on the PC210LCi-11 assists the operator in aligning the bucket parallel with the slope, so that finish grading can be accomplished without having to align the machine with the target surface. Just as technology has transformed global business, intelligent machine control can

help quickly transform construction job sites into highly efficient, highly productive operations. For more details on the PC210LCi-11 with iMC 2.0, go to www.komatsuamerica. com/smart-construction/ intelligent-machine-control.

Astec announces expanded distribution with Road Machinery & Supplies Co Astec Industries has announced that Road Machinery & Supplies Co. (RMS) has expanded its distribution to include Astec brands Roadtec and Peterson in increased territories. RMS is a trusted dealer for Astec brands KPI-JCI and Astec Mobile Screens. RMS provides construction and mining equipment throughout the Upper Midwest. This year they celebrated their 94th year in business. The expanded agreement adds the Peterson brand to RMS’s

diverse product line in Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, and select counties in Illinois and Wisconsin. The agreement also broadens the RMS territory for Roadtec to include Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, and select counties in Illinois. MS has a significant presence in the compaction and road paving industry,” said Chris Colwell, VP of Channel Management for Astec Industries. “We look forward to a long and successful partnership.” Brian Gray, VP of Sales and

Marketing for Astec stated, “RMS has a proven commitment to product support and a loyal customer following. We are excited to continue their tradition of excellence.

New product support appointment in Quebec Bruno Villeneuve joins the Tigercat team in the role of product support representative for Quebec and northeastern Ontario. Based in Dolbeau-Mistassini, Quebec, Bruno Villeneuve comes to Tigercat with eighteen years experience in the heavy equipment industry, ranging from equipment technician to field service manager. In his new product field support role, he will be working closely with

27th September -

Tigercat district manager Yannick Lapointe and Thunder Bay based product support representative Keith Gauvreau. “Bruno is well known in the forests of Quebec, a very dedicated individual with a contagious good mood. His passion and experience will bring a lot to us and to our customers. If you travel with him, be ready to get up early and get back when it’s done. I am

10 – 13 November

1st October 2021

very happy he joined our team,” explains Yannick. Villeneuve’s appointment represents the latest effort in Tigercat’s ongoing goal to provide the best after sale support in the industry by monitoring and matching increases in field population to field team resources.

30 June - 03 July 2021 Largest forestry demo fair

August 11 - 13, 2021 | Atlanta, GA · · +358 50 338 9160





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16 International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2021

2020 - another record year for FAE Despite global difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 was a record year for FAE and the company achieved and exceeded the objectives set at the end of 2019. Such results were achieved thanks to growth in all the key markets where the company operates, from France and the US, but also Australia, Canada, Russia, Italy and Germany, and for all FAE product lines, from heads for tractors, excavators and skid steer loaders to tracked vehicles, evidence of the trust in FAE products across the various markets. In 2020 there were introductions or significant updates to ten models in the Land Clearing and Construction lines. FAE’s technology innovation in 2020 included the Bite Limiter for excavator mulchers and the introduction of the revolutionary Sonic system also on UML/EX/ VT and UML/S/EX/VT forestry mulchers for excavators. The Bite Limiter technology reduces power demand and promotes a consistent working speed, guaranteeing excellent performance when mulching any type of wood. The Sonic system ensures perfect alignment of the operating

Diego Scanzoni, President, FAE machine and the FAE mulcher through automatic calibration and constantly manages the mulcher’s hydraulic parameters, for a significant overall increase in productivity. FAE’s record figures in 2020 also involved human resources. The number of employees rose above 250, with 40 new hires over the last 12 months. Finally, 2020 will also be a year to remember for FAE due to the inauguration of the new Headquarters in Fondo, Italy, introduction to the FAE brand portfolio of tracked vehicles - previously sold under the PrimeTech brand - and launch of the new logo and global brand image.

“The results achieved this year bring great satisfaction and motivation to successfully face the challenges ahead,” stated FAE’s President, Diego Scanzoni. “We continue our commitment to expanding the product range and optimizing our internal structure in order to constantly improve the customer service,” he added.

No matter what, no matter where! JENZ Chippertruck hybrid

Chipping with up to 1100 HP!

Drivin g with 500 H P! JENZ GmbH Maschinen- und Fahrzeugbau • Wegholmer Straße 14 32469 Petershagen • Germany • Tel.: +49 (0) 5704/9409-0 • International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2021 17


Gelo Timber in Wunsiedel – saw mill for small diameter logs starts operation One of the most modern saw mills for small diameter logs, Gelo Timber in Wunsiedel, starts its operation after only 11 months of erection time. A few days before Christmas, General Manager Wolf-Christian Küspert and Project Manager Sergej Fink together with their business partners and colleagues saw the first log running into the sawmill. In future 350,000 solid m³ logs are cut per year at the 100,000 m² area. 35 new jobs are created with this investment of about 40 million Euro. Building a sawmill based on most modern points was the aim from the beginning. This included also the reduction of material handling to a minimum. Thus, it was decided not to invest in a petrol operated log handling machine, but using an electrically driven gantry crane type SENNEBOGEN instead. The concept that was developed together with HOLTEC focusses on savings in fuel

and CO2 as well as optimal land use and efficiency. HOLTEC supplied the complete log yard mechanization as well as the sawmill infeed for the new GELO site. In both systems the innovative chainless technology is implemented, feeding up to 40 logs / min. Thanks to a good cooperation between plant operator and suppliers, the new site has been put into operation in record time.

Hekotek to supply log debarking line for Biosylva SAS in france Debarking – Hekotek continues projects in France, supplying equipment for wood pellets manufacture. One of the recent projects was successfully completed in the summer of 2020, and the next one is planned to be completed next summer. Hekotek completed its first project in France in 2013 – for the Biosylva SAS plant (Cosne-Courssur-Loire) a line for low-quality log debarking and feeding them into a chipper was delivered and successfully launched. Biosylva has been successfully operating to the present day, and in 2021, in the second half of summer

in the Auvergne region, the company plans to launch the next pellet plant, where Hekotek is to supply a similar line for debarking of raw materials and feeding them for chipping. Hekotek is a mechanical engineering company founded in 1992; its main operations include design and production of woodworking technologies and facilities.

18 International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2021

Hekotek’s debarking and chipping line


North Carolina, USA



Florida, USA


New Zealand










From Moulding applications, to High Speed Planermills, Gilbert has the right machine for your mill TRUST THE PLANER EXPERTS

T 1 418.275.5041

Heidi: What led you to go towards Gilbert for a second planer project?

Gilbert Planer Technology For 30 years, Gilbert Products has been market leader in the design and manufacturing of sawmilling, construction and forestry equipment as well as snow groomers


otally orientated towards innovation, quality and production, Gilbert offers highly profitable methods and technological equipment surpassing industry standards. Gilbert Products management and personnel are committed to the design and manufacturing of highly technological equipment which brings better, longer lasting and reliable solutions. This commitment manifests itself in their performance objectives and standards of customer’s satisfaction. At Gilbert Products the most modern factory technologies in their manufacturing workshops are employed. Highly qualified professionals, work together, offering their services to an evergrowing clientele.

Gilbert’s line of planers to suit every mill needs At Gilbert, understanding our customers’ needs, and adapting our planer accordingly, has always been a priority. From smaller operations to high speed planer mills, Gilbert presents five different models of planers: • G ilbert S Series Planer for smaller operations and slower speeds from 100 FPM up to 1800 FPM, (550 MPM) • G ilbert 6 Roll Planer for mid-size operations up to 2800 FPM, (900 MPM) • G ilbert High Speed Planer, the fastest and biggest model up to 4000 FPM, (1200 MPM) • G ilbert Moulder for special patterns and profiles • G ilbert Mass Timber Planer for big glulam and CLT operations.

20 International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2021

What makes Gilbert unique? Learn how one of Gilbert’s valuable customers, Andrew James, Technical Co-ordinator at Red Stag Timber in Rotorua New Zealand, explained the benefits of Gilbert’s PullThrough Technology. Heidi Danbrook, Sales Manager at Gilbert asked Andrew: What do you think about Gilbert’s PullThrough Technology? Gilbert’s 8 Roll Planer has been a big improvement on the previous Planer we had. The pull-through technology has meant we are able to run boards through the planer that would otherwise have to be trimmed or removed from the production line, improving recovery and throughput. We still get breakages but they have definitely reduced

Andrew: The main reasons we chose Gilbert for our second Planer project would be the overall positive experience we had with our first Gilbert Planer and what the S-Series planer provided in terms of Safety, performance/ reliability and capability to create the products we require. The control over so many axes and functions like Jointing, skip adjust, pressures/guides, with the use of servo motors, which allows fine adjustments to be made remotely is a game changer in terms of Safety as it allows true hands free operation of the Planer, at a safe distance for our Planermen / Operators, although we still have to enter the soundbox occasionally to clear debris. The performance of our current 8-Roll Planer has overall been excellent. We had a lot a teething problems when we first installed our bespoke Planer back in 2017 as we got used to a totally new type of Planer and new way of doing things on a Planer. But with the help of the Gilbert team we overcame all obstacles and now we have a machine which produces top quality products at very high speed, consistently and reliably. The ability to add splitting and profile modules to our new S-Series planer will allow us to run a huge variety of products.

Heidi: How would you rate Gilbert’s after-sales service even if we are on the other side of the globe? Andrew: I would rate Gilbert’s service very highly. We asked for things that had never been done on a Gilbert Planer before. They had to develop not only the hardware but the software to go with it. They were able to design and make solutions for any issues we had, such as when an off the shelf part wasn’t suitable for our application and then ship it to us quickly from Canada. The CNC machining meant the parts always fit perfectly. We have set up a direct phone line to Gilbert by the Planer, they were always contactable and able to provide online support when needed. With the Pull-Through Technology, the boards are not being pushed, and there is no forceful impact between boards. This allows Gilbert to guarantee a very high efficiency, 95% running uptime through the planer, on all models of planers, from 30 mpm (100fpm) to 1200 mpm (4000 fpm). The Gilbert Planer never stops! And produces high quality lumber.

Safety, a Priority! In order to always offer its customers the best planing solutions, Gilbert has continually been developing a range of automatic upgrades designed to increase planer efficiency and make the planer room a much SAFER environment. The Gilbert Automatic Cutterhead Positioning System controls the four cutterheads and an unlimited number of axes for optimal precision and higher grades. Easy to use, the automatic positioning system allows fast and easy recipe changes offering greater flexibility, less downtime and a safe environment. Many automatic and safety functions have been developed over the past years, like top and bottom head jointers, side head jointers, top head pressure plate, width and height adjustment, after-cut shoes and triple pattern side heads. Very precise, these automatic upgrades increase the quality of the wood finish, ensure safety and efficiency. Adjustments are made remotely from the HMI screen outside the planer room, or from a tablet or phone anywhere in the mill.

Gilbert S Series Moulder Planer

With special features like the triple pattern side heads, the operator can remotely switch from one pattern to the other, without stopping for jointing, or changing side heads on the machine. Keeps nicer finish, and less work required! Gilbert is comprised of a team of 125 workers, all devoted to

making the best planer in the world, and a grand team of aftersale technicians, available 24/7 to support customers worldwide. Distance is no obstacle to their service team who easily and efficiently offer online remote controlled service to customers worldwide.


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Valutec’s sales to Central Europe are running at high pressure The last six months’ sales to Germany and Austria amount to an order value of just over EUR 24,7 million for Valutec, which supplies kilns to the sawmill industry. The company has sold a total of ten duct dryers to the markets during the period, which is a fourfold increase compared to the annual average over the last five years. Low lumber prices, together with high demand for wood products, mean that sawmills in Central Europe are on the offensive and are investing in increased capacity. A major reason for the increased demand is the shift to increased construction in wood. For example, refined wood products such as construction parts in CLT and glulam have taken market shares from steel and concrete. This in turn has meant higher quality requirements from customers. “The increased quality requirements in these markets

have created openings for our duct dryers. Our long-term strategy and technological development has been based on the idea that we should be the market’s best choice when it comes to optimizing both quality, capacity and energy consumption,” says Robert Larsson, CEO at Valutec. The higher quality requirements have also led to higher volumes of lumber needing to be dried in modern plants. “This means that more sawmills need to invest and many have chosen our duct dryers when they have expanded. It is a nice acknowledgement for us and the result of long-term work to introduce the products to the market.” For many sawmills in Central Europe, the duct dryers are a new way of working and for us it has been important to lower the thresholds by offering training and close collaborations. Valutec is a world leader in

the channel dryer segment and has a comprehensive offering with several proprietary models. Common to duct dryers is high capacity and quality and that a steady flow of wood provides a very competitive energy consumption per cubic meter / MBF. Valutec’s customers are both large groups and privately owned sawmills and in total ten duct dryers have been sold in the markets in the last six months. “Both in Central Europe and in the rest of the world, our TC duct dryers have opened doors. It is a model that takes advantage of the capacity advantages of the duct dryer while offering full flexibility to mix dimensions and types of wood,” says Larsson. Valutec built the first modern TC duct dryer in Sweden ten years ago. Since then, the model has been sold to Both Russia, Central Europe and North America and in total there are more than 20

Robert Larsson, CEO at Valutec

TC ducts that are now in operation around the world.

Resolute orders new USNR Wastewood Chippers

Resolute Forest Products is investing in new Wastewood

Chippers at its sites at Saint Thomas and Baie Comeau, Quebec. The company is replacing older technology with USNR’s latest designs. The installations are scheduled for Q2 of 2021. USNR’s Wastewood Chipper processes logs and wastewood slabs, and is proven to produce consistently uniform chips. This high-capacity wastewood chipper

is equipped with a very short spout. Its large “J”-shaped opening is typically fed by a vibrating conveyor that provides automatic self-feeding even through the most difficult surges. The Wastewood Chipper is available in four sizes and three configurations to meet your specific wastewood processing needs.

Harrigan Lumber invests in new USNR trimmer line Harrigan Lumber in Monroeville, AL is investing in a sawmill trimmer line to ramp up its production. Harrigan’s operation is a dimensional lumber mill, and the new trimmer line is designed to operate at 150 lugs per minute. This investment follows the

installation of a USNR Transverse High Grader (THG) in 2020. The new trimmer line includes a double trimmer unscrambler, ElectraTong Lug Loader with backlog controlled by the MillTrak lumber flow management system, Multi-Track Fence, Clamshell

22 International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2021

style Lineshaft Trimmer, Dual Articulating Smart Gate, 62-bin Pusher Lug Sorter, WinTally sorter management system, and Stick-NFork Stacker system. This line is scheduled to be installed in Q4 2021.

Millwide. Worldwide.


We have taken another important step towards the final expansion with the new EWD edger optimizer installation


Edging with up to 420 m/min Slovakian company PRP continually develops its capacities and has become one of the country’s biggest sawing companies. It’s investment in a new Edger Optimizer installation in 2019 was the final step of the modernisation

Igor Sitár, General Director, PRP


everal years ago, PRP acquired an industrial site with a rail connection in Tomasovce / SK and relocated production to the buildings there. The company has grown continuously since then. They started there with an EWD Quadro band saw with merry-go-round, a band resaw and an Optimes edger. The resaw was later replaced by a flexible reducing circular saw with profiling (see Holzkurier issue 51-52 / 2018, pp. 16-17). The aim is to operate a modern saw line that is flexible on the one hand, and on the other hand provides high performance. Igor Sitár, General Director of PRP, estimates that the planned cutting in 2020 will be 710,000 solid cubic metres. This volume should increase in the final expansion. Most of the logs are obtained from a radius of 70 km - mainly spruce and some fir. The range of log sizes that are cut is estimated by Sitár to be 20 to 55 cm in diameter and 3 to 6m in length.


Next step implemented In 2019, PRP continued the next step in its growth strategy: It invested in a new edger optimizer installation from EWD, Altötting/ DE. “The old board edger was also an EWD, like our breakdown group in the main line. We have always had good experience with the machine supplier”, explains Sitár. “We are also convinced that EWD supplies the best product 24 International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2021


with the highest performance.” PRP decided on an OptiDrive edger optimizer installation - the fastest version from EWD. Ivan Ojdanic, responsible for sales and planning at EWD, says that the maximum

feed speed is 420 m/min. With a possible peak output of 55 pieces/ min, the edging capacity has almost doubled compared to the previous board edger. The new system is installed to the right of


the main line. The previous EWD board edger on the left-hand side was dismantled after a successful start. The conversion during ongoing operations only took two months - “EWD is a professional company, everything was very well organised,” says Sitár.

Board edger provides advantages PRP carries out breakdown with a band saw installation from EWD. The side boards from the breakdown - up to four pieces per log - are transported from the board separator straight to the OptiDrive system via a cross conveyor. “We process relatively large log diameters and therefore have no profiling in the main line in the breakdown. We produce relatively wide side boards with a wane and can also cut these into the most popular widths in the board edger. In terms of optimisation and yield, an edger optimizer installation is significantly better for us than a sawing line with profiling,” explains Sitár about one of the reasons for this investment. The OptiDrive system at PRP is designed for a cutting height of up to 55 mm, whereby PRP mainly produces 25 and 30 mm. Ojdanic estimates the maximum cutting width to be 550 mm and the length to be up to 6.2 m. The boards are transported from the cross conveyor via an S-shaped separator to the manipulation table of the automatic EWD system.

An operator controls the process and can intervene if necessary. Bad pieces can also be ejected using a flap. “Driven aligning heads and pressure rollers are used on the OptiDrive infeed table which allow us to achieve very high acceleration values,” explains Ojdanic. As always with Optimes and OptiDrive machines, measurement takes place during the longitudinal pass. The optimisation of Microtec determines the best possible cut based on the stored cutting dimensions and product values. The actual board edger is a BKO-3, which means that the boards can be cut in two variable products. There is an edging separation system without splitting keys in the outfeed for boards (one or two products). PRP operates two sorting lines one for main products and another for sideboards. In order to still remain flexible with the scheduling and be able to operate both lines, EWD installed a feeding system for each line. During the tour, Ojdanic refers to the container next to the edger optimizer installation: EWD supplied the electrical cabinets pre-assembled in an airconditioned container as a switch cabinet room. In 2021, PRP is planning to install a new breakdown group in the main line. With the new OptiDrive system, thanks to the performance reserves that are available we are well equipped for future sawmill investments, says Sitár, satisfied with his decision.




6 1

Feeding system to the EWD edger optimizer installation via a cross conveyor and a separating conveyor


The employee at the OptiDrive edger optimizer installation has a good view of the manipulation table from the operator’s cabin


The boards can be trimmed in the cross conveyor


Longitudinal feeding and pre-positioning of the boards


The boards are measured during the longitudinal pass, and the optimisation determines the best possible cut


Downstream of the OptiDrive edger optimizer installation, the boards are distributed on two floors by a sorting switch and led to the respective sorting plant


Showing the new edger optimizer installation: Ivan Ojdanic, Sales & Planning at EWD, & Igor Sitár, General Director PRP Text and Photos courtesy of Holzkurier.


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Lucidyne bring Microtec tranverse scanning to North America

Using the Goldeneye 900 series at its core, the new Lucidyne 900 will deliver unparalleled grading solutions to transverse applications in planer mills, sawmills and studmills throughout North America


icrotec’s recent acquisition of Lucidyne has created a global lumber scanning powerhouse. Worldwide, Microtec has demonstrated success across a range of scanning solutions, and Lucidyne’s GradeScan is the gold standard for lineal scanning in North America. GradeScan’s patented software platform, Perceptive Sight uses deep learning artificial intelligence techniques to grade lumber. Lucidyne is now offering a transverse scanning solution to North America using Microtec’s scanning technology, and Lucidyne’s patented deep learning software platform. Using the Goldeneye 900 series at its core, HALCO AD:Layout 3 3/8/10

the new Lucidyne 900 will deliver unparalleled grading solutions to transverse applications in planer mills, sawmills and studmills throughout North America. The Lucidyne 900 will be sold, installed, and maintained from Lucidyne’s US headquarters in Corvallis, Oregon. As the Microtec and Lucidyne teams continue to combine their technologies, additional Microtec scanners will be added to the Lucidyne product line. Frank Jost, CEO of Microtec states: “Together with Lucidyne, we will continue to invest in R&D to develop and implement leading-edge scanning solutions for the North American market.” 17:22

Together with Lucidyne, we will continue to invest in R&D to develop and implement leading-edge scanning solutions for the North American market Frank Jöst, Microtec CEO

Meanwhile, FH Stoltze Land & Lumber purchased a GradeScan with Perceptive Sight 2.0 from Lucidyne for installation in their Columbia Falls, MT planer mill. FH Stoltze chose the Lucidyne GradeScan after researching scanning systems over the last couple years. According to Trevor Kjensrud, plant manager at FH Stoltze: “Lucidyne’s knowledge, professionalism, customer service, and being the leader in the auto grader industry are the reasons they chose Lucidyne over the competition.”

All new Lucidyne GradeScan units come standard with the Perceptive Sight Intelligent Grading platform, using deep learning artificial intelligence for unmatched defect detection and grading results. The GradeScan system will be installed at FH Stoltze in April 2021. F H Stoltze Land & Lumber Co 600 Halfmoon Rd, Columbia Falls, MT 59912, United States For over 100 years, the name Stoltze has meant quality lumber produced in Northwest Montana. Thery own and manage timberland and also operate an expansive sawmilling facility. Lumber Production (million board feet) 62,357 mbf Primary Products - Dry Planed Lumber Residues - Chips, Sawdust, Bark, Shavings, Hog Fuel

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Optimise your production plan...

Optimise your operations OVER


Whatever your mill... Maximize profit by resolving trade-offs between recovery, production rate, and value 26 International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2021



Software Systems

Vancouver, Canada • Tel: 1 604 731 9311

SAWLINES The log line will comprise two Logmaster HPS quad bandmills (8 bandmills in total). Designed for accurate cutting at speeds up to 180 m/min (590 ft/min), Logmaster HPS is the most advanced bandmill in USNR’s program for throughput and recovery

USNR signs major contract with Tschopp Holzindustrie AG At the end of 2020, USNR signed a contract with Tschopp Holzindustrie AG in Buttisholz, Switzerland, for a complete new saw line


he sawline will be a fully equipped premium production line that is custom designed to cut a maximum volume of thin boards from each log. The mill, one of Switzerland’s largest, provides the raw material for Tschopp’s production of formwork panels for the construction industry. The log line will comprise two Logmaster HPS quad bandmills (8 bandmills in total). Designed for accurate cutting at speeds up to 180 m/min (590 ft/min), Logmaster HPS is the most advanced bandmill in USNR’s program for throughput and recovery. The line will also be equipped with USNR’s optimization and controls, and designed with flexibility and capability to accommodate complex saw patterns. To handle the large volume of sideboards, USNR will also deliver two Catech XT edger lines that operate in the range of

over 70 boards/min. These lines will be equipped with the latest optimization technology, for the highest recovery and throughput the market has to offer. “Winning this order means that USNR can look back on 2020 as one of the best years ever in terms of sales for our European operations, despite the ongoing pandemic. This is validation of our very strong position in this region,” remarked Johan Johansson, CEO USNR AB. Johansson continues: “Located in the heart of Europe, this is a very strategic project for USNR. It will afford the wood processors in that region the opportunity to see first-hand the capabilities of USNR’s technology.” The project is valued in the range of 13 million euro ($16 million), and all machinery will be manufactured and delivered from the USNR facility in Söderhamn, Sweden.

Winning this order means that USNR can look back on 2020 as one of the best years ever in terms of sales for our European operations, despite the ongoing pandemic. This is validation of our very strong position in this region Johan Johansson, CEO USNR AB

Tschopp Holzindustrie AG is a family-run business, managed in the third generation by the brothers Ronald and Daniel Tschopp. They are one of the most important and modern companies in the Swiss timber industry. Key data: • Number of employees: 115 • R ound timber cutting: 115,000 m3/year • S huttering panels: 1.6 million m2/year • S huttering beams: 0.6 million linear metres/year (trade) • W ood pellets: 120,000 metric tons/year • G reen electricity: 9.5 million kWh

Catech LT and XT are USNR’s transverse scanning Catech edger lines. These advanced edger systems have been developed to satisfy the need for increased speed and throughput in modern saw lines. Combined with USNR’s state-of-the-art scanning and optimization platform, Catech edger lines offer the highest throughput and yield on the market today International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2021 27

Derome increases capacity with Valutec kilns There is high pressure on the world’s lumber markets and growth continues to look strong. To meet the growing needs, the wood industry company Derome is investing EUR 29,6 million to increase production capacity. The first step in the investment program consists of two Valutec lumber kilns. “The new drying plant is the first step in a program where we will eventually increase our production to over 500,000 cubic meters (211 890 MBF) per year in Derome. Our customers and their businesses are growing and we are now making major investments to secure access to lumber in the coming years. It benefits customers while ensuring the long-term jobs for our employees in Derome,” says Gunnar Jakobsson, CEO Derome. “It feels fun, exciting and

interesting to be part of Derome’s venture. Derome is an enthusiastic customer with an aggressive plan for the future and I look forward to continued good cooperation,” says Joakim Berglund, sales representative at Valutec. The lumber kilns that Derome is investing in are duct dryers of type FB. They are built in stainless steel and have an annual capacity of approximately 110,000 cubic metres (46 400MBF)/dryer. The continuous kilns, which are made of stainless steel, will be equipped with pressure frames for minimal deformation of the top lumber layers, as well as Valutec’s heat recovery system. The delivery also includes the 4.0 Valmatic control system. “We have good experience of previous collaborations with Valutec. This, of course, played a

part when evaluating and choosing a drying supplier,” says Per Andersson, Development Manager Derome.

Upgrading drying control throughout the Group In connection with the investment, Derome is upgrading all lumber drying control systems to Valmatic’s 4.0. In total, there are 21 control systems. Valmatics 4.0 is the only control system to combine simulator technology with adaptive control, enabling the simultaneous optimization of capacity, quality and energy consumption. The installation of the new kilns and the upgrade of the control systems will begin in the autumn. “It’s an honor to continue deliveries to Derome. I see this as a great testimonial to our collaboration and we’re looking

forward to getting started on this project,” says Robert Larsson CEO, Valutec.

New USNR trim-sort-stack line will add capacity, flexibility Dempsey Wood Products of Orangeburg, SC has ordered a new planer mill trim-sort-stack line to increase its capacity and expand its product line. The new line will allow the mill to process 16′ lengths, and cut-n-two into shorter lengths. It is scheduled to be started up in Q1 2021. The order features a Revolver Lug Loader with MillTrak backlog

conrol, Transverse High Grader (THG), Multi-Track Fence, clamshell-style trimmer, LowProfile Stacker, and WinTally sorter management integrated with the THG. This mill previously ordered a Counter-Flow Kiln conversion for its USNR batch kiln, scheduled to be started up in Q1 2021. It also recently ordered new USNR

optimization and controls for its merchandiser, scheduled to be installed December 2020. USNR is avendor for this important wood processing operation in the US Southeast region.

BID Group to deliver Idaho Forest Group’s first facility in Southern USA BID Group (“BID”) has announced it has received an order from Idaho Forest Group (“IFG”) to deliver its first greenfield sawmill complex project in the Southern United States. In addition to managing engineering, design, and construction of the facility through its Integrated Solutions Team, BID will supply a complete range of industry-leading technologies and reliability services including OPER8™, the only purpose-built

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solution for the Wood Processing Industry. “We appreciate the opportunity to work with the Comact Team on the integration of their Machine Center Design Expertise into our new mill in Lumberton, Mississippi. Their partner, BID Integrated Solutions, has a proven track record of coordinating the construction of sawmill complexes in the South. It is their combined success, intensity of focus and

28 International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2021

attention to detail that provides us confidence in their abilities to support our IFG Team. We look forward to the contribution of the Comact/BID Team as we continue to learn about operating in the South,” said Marc Brinkmeyer, Owner and CEO of Idaho Forest Group. “We would like to thank Idaho Forest Group for their trust in selecting the BID Group to be their partner as they expand into the US South. The combination

of IFG’s performance excellence and innovation coupled with BID’s services and technologies will deliver another industry leading facility. We are humbled and honored to be a part of their growth,” said Alistair Cook, President and CEO of BID Group. On-site civil work will start immediately with sawmill commissioning planned for December 2021.

SAW TECHNOLOGY hardest types of wood. Quality ‘Prime’ • Uddeholm steel UHB 15 • 44 to 46 HRC strip steel hardness • O utstanding operating and cutting performance, precision and durability • From softwoods through to the hardest types of wood.

Sawblade service

Serra & Wintersteiger combine for ‘unbeatable’ solution


he Shark 200 is an innovative development in the field of dry grinding. With integrated extraction, the patented device has a large grinding wheel with a diameter of 300 mm. The basic configuration already includes a diamond dresser mounted on a swivel arm, which means the disc maintains the same profile and ensures absolute precision at all times. No conversion work is required if a different tooth pitch or shape is to be ground. “Simply change the cam and continue sharpening. Large scale for quick and accurate adjustment of the cutting angle,” the manufacturers state.

Innovative new development in the field of dry grinding The balanced grinding wheel is almost vibration free, resulting in a better grinding pattern, likened to wet grinding machines. This also significantly reducing the risk of gullet crack formation. Easy balancing of the grinding wheel with the included balancer.

At the Wintersteiger Sägen production site in Arnstadt, Germany, the manufacturer provides band saw blade servicing using high-quality CNC wet grinding machines and both automated and manual straightening centers. Specialists monitor each individual step of the process. This allows to ensure that the band saw blades are prepared to the highest level of quality.


5-10 m

Blade widths:

70-160 mm

Grinding speed per minute:

30 teeth

Total power engine:

(16 A) CEE-Plug 1.66 kw


205 kg

Possible tooth shapes:

All shapes are possible by changing the cam

blades. Wintersteiger develops and manufactures saw blades that have been hardened and tipped with carbide and Stellite for use in the sawmill with blade widths of 50-260 mm. Wintersteiger saw blades are optimized for the specific applications and the material to be cut, providing users with optimum results cost-effectively and with

Wintersteiger‘s service portfolio includes: • Cleaning the band saw blade • E nsuring that the teeth are parallel and aligned

“extremely high quality”, according to the manufacturer.

• S harpening, tensioning, straightening

Two qualities are available:

• Upset-forging

Quality ‘Select’ • German high-grade stainless steel • 41 to 43 HRC strip steel hardness • Best price-performance ratio • From softwoods through to the

• Stellitizing • Welding the saw blade • L ogistics solution for pick-up and delivery service. “Through the professional preparation of the band saw blades, Wintersteiger guarantees that your blades will be finished to the highest standard, leaving with you the perfect tool for your cutting process,” the company said.


Unbeatable combination with Wintersteiger saw blades To get the best cutting result, Serra relies purely on Wintersteiger saw

AB Karl Hedin announces expansion of Krylbo sawmill facility AB Karl Hedin, one of Sweden’s leading privately owned wood groups, has announced their intention to build a new planing mill, with extra storage capacity and further timber kiln drying facilities at its sawmill in

Krylbo, Avesta. The Krylbo spruce-pine sawmill has an annual production of capacity of 215,000m3. Hedin currently has approximately 1,000 employees and a turnover of over SEK4bn.

Hedin currently operates four sawmills across Sweden and Estonia. In a statement the company said, “The planned expansion of the business area and the construction of a new adjusting plant and planning

mill are important in order to be able to meet the market’s increased demands for further processing and to maintain a continued positive and long-term development of the business in Krylbo.”

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HARVESTERS It’s worth taking another step back to appreciate just how refined the harvester has become under the watch of a contemporary group of harvester suppliers



t the heart of the forestry sector is the need to harvest. It is, in theory, a basic function and, at one point many moons ago, it really was. Man took a saw, walked into the forest, chose the right tree and, laboriously, cut it down. Today, few of those elements remain the same. Both men and women are equally equipped to harvest; the process is no longer laborious and, in fact, has been made increasingly comfortable by improvements to ergonomics; and the operator may choose the tree or trees to cut but it is a control system in the head that is linked to the client that determines how the stem is cut. This year’s harvester technology review is a testament to this progress. It looks at a large array of new developments from a significant number of suppliers from across the world.

PONSSE has a complete range of Harvesters designed for felling operations anywhere in the world. For this issue we feature their two current flagship models, the Cobra and Scorpion. PONSSE Scorpion King is the very image of a modern harvester, awarded for its design and technological innovation. The best prize is its popularity among forest machine entrepreneurs. It is the best-selling PONSSE harvester in many market areas. Scorpion King is a three-frame harvester equipped with a fork boom. Its balancing keeps the cabin horizontal in all conditions. In addition, visibility from the cabin is perfect thanks to large glass surfaces and as the crane does not block the view in any direction. Its

30 International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2021

double-circuit hydraulics ensure that power never runs out, not even in difficult conditions. With the Scorpion King, you are at the priority, even on level ground. However, the balanced machine is at its best in demanding conditions and uneven terrain.

SPECIAL FEATURES: IT IS ALL ABOUT THE OPERATOR The design of the Scorpion focuses on the operator – the operator is literally the centre point of the machine. The cabin is located in the middle of the machine, making it easier to see its extremities when working at dense thinning sites. What is more, the operator is situated in the middle of the cabin’s turning radius: when the cabin turns, the operator does not feel like being on a carousel. This has a significant impact on comfort

and wellbeing at work. The unique crane solution offers an excellent visibility in every direction. Good visibility, also on both sides of the cabin, enables efficiency without any limits. The operator can select trees and felling directions and place trees into piles efficiently, producing the best harvesting quality.

STABILITY UNDER ALL CONDITIONS The incredible stability of the Scorpion comes from its eight wheels and active stabilization system. The patented stabilization system is based on detecting the crane direction and position, on the basis of which the rear frame is pressed in the working direction. Pressing the rear wheels against the ground and the weight of the rear frame improve the machine’s stability significantly when working

Technical specifications: Dimensions Minimum weight

21,300 kg (46,958 lbs)

Typical weight

22,500 kg (49,604 lbs)


8,020 mm (316 in)


2,690-3,085 mm (106-121,4 in)


Ground clearance

655 mm (25.8 in)

The powerful engine and strong hydraulics produce more than enough power, both in harvesting and transmission. Scorpion is available equipped with singlecircuit hydraulics for changing harvesting purposes or as the Scorpion King version with doublecircuit hydraulics, in particular, for clear cutting. The power, torque and fuel economy of the MercedesBenz / MTU engine are better than ever. The advanced transmission offers excellent handling and machine control – especially in demanding conditions and uneven terrain.

Transportation height

3720 mm (147 in)



Slewing torque (gross)

42041 lb-ft

Crane tilt angle

front/rear ±15°, sideways ±12°

Crane turning angle


Lifting moment (gross)

185866 lb-ft


32.8 ft / 36.1 ft

lateral swaying and keeps the centre of mass at the machine’s centre line.

HARVESTER HEADS PONSSE harvester heads are known for their high efficiency/ weight ratios and robust structure, which are second to none. A broad harvester head range is available for Scorpion: choose H5 or H6 for thinning-based harvesting, or the sturdy H7 regeneration felling. H7 Euca and H77 Euca are efficient when harvesting eucalyptus. on the side of the machine – also when the machine is moving. The Cabin leveling, balances the cabin, also in difficult terrain. The frame of the machine consists of three parts linked by rotating joints. The cabin is located in the middle frame, which is kept hydraulically balanced, while the front and rear frames tilt according to the terrain. The pivot point of lateral leveling is very low, which doesn’t only keep the cabin straight, but also minimizes any

Engine Name

MB OM936LA EU Stage V/Tier 4 Final


285.6hp Stage V and Tier4F / 278.8hp Stage 3A


885.1 lb-ft Stage V / 848.2 lb-ft Tier4F / 811.3 lb-ft Stage 3A (1200-1600 rpm)

Tractive force

40466 lbf

Fuel tank volume

84.5 - 108.3 gal(US)(Higher fuel tank volume without stump treatment)

Hydraulic System Control system

PONSSE OptiControl

Hydraulic circuits

Separate hydraulic circuits for the harvester head and crane.


PONSSE C50 Completely new geometry and a unique two-arm lift boom moving over the cabin: excellent visibility and balance. Unbeatable movement geometry. Reach 10/11 m. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Featured machine in the photo may include additional equipment.





Crane pump Crane pump

11.6 cu in

Harvester head pump Harvester head pump

8.8 cu in

Oil tank volume Oil tank volume

74 gal(US)


more Cooling

more Power

more Productivity

less Downtime

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The Cobra’s technical solutions are reliable basic technology, and the eight-wheel drive gives the machine stability and traction. The crane options are the reliable C44+ parallel crane and C5 sliding boom crane with an 11-metre reach, familiar from other PONSSE models. The wide selection of harvester heads ranges from thinning to large diameter trees and eucalyptus debarking options. For the most demanding steep slope felling operations, the Cobra can be equipped with the PONSSE Synchrowinch solution, which enhances the machine’s movement and reduces stress on the soil. The Cobra’s power transmission includes a powerful six-cylinder Mercedes-Benz engine and a large 210 cm3 hydraulic pump with enough capacity to do its job while fuel consumption remains low. The familiar and tested basic technology makes the Cobra’s maintenance costs and need for service low.

What makes the Cobra an excellent versatile machine? TRANSMISSION The heart of the Cobra is a powerful 6-cylinder Mercedes-Benz engine. Already at low revs, this power source delivers 1,100–1,200 Nm of torque, depending on the engine model and its emission level, so the Cobra can keep going, even in the most demanding conditions. The engine also delivers enough power, 205 or 210 kW, which makes it easy for the machine to push through the spikes in load variations.

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The large 210 cm3 hydraulic pump is directly connected to the engine. The direct installation on the engine is simple in design, reducing maintenance requirements and the number of components compared to transfer case pump installations, as well as improving transmission efficiency. Thanks to the large work pump and the generous capacity of the hydraulics, fuel economy and maintenance costs remain low. The Cobra’s tractive force is 195 kN, which makes it a leader in its size class. CRANE Two different crane options are available for the Cobra. The PONSSE C44+ is Ponsse’s own parallel crane, which has already proved its user friendliness and efficiency in other Ponsse harvesters. The C44+ crane has a hydraulic parallel action, which makes the crane precise to use. Compared to a mechanical parallel action, the hydraulic function minimises the number of pivot points that are susceptible to wear. This reduces vibrations caused by play in the worn pivot points. Because of its agility and reach, the C44+ fits most applications, as the crane rotation takes up little space around the machine. The reach of the C44+ is 11 metres when equipped wit the H6 harvester head. The other crane option uses Ponsse’s traditional sliding boom design. The C5 sliding boom crane is a powerful option for situations

where a low centre of gravity is important for the stability of the machine, for example on steep slopes. The maximum reach of the C5 sliding boom crane is 10 metres, depending on the harvester head. Both crane models are equipped with two rotation motors, since rotation accuracy and power play an important role in working efficiency. It is also possible to tilt the crane stand to ± 20º for maximum rotational power in slope conditions. Both crane models have a high lifting torque of 248 or 250 kNm, which is excellent for the size class of the machine. PLATFORM Thanks to its eight wheels the Cobra is very stable, and its surface pressure is low. The 1,500 mm hub distance on the bogies and the large 26.5” tyres divide the weight of the machine evenly, and the tyre size makes the machine’s ground clearance high. In addition to tyre size and the bogies, surface pressure is also affected by different track solutions. Eight wheels make it possible for the machine to traverse uneven and soft terrain. The Cobra has Ponsse’s excellent cylinder-powered frame lock, which stabilises the machine during work and functions as a shock absorber when driving. The 380-litre fuel tank makes it possible to keep working for a long time without refuelling. HARVESTER HEAD One factor in the adaptability of the Cobra is the range of harvester head options. All PONSSE harvester heads are manufactured and designed at the Ponsse factory

in Vieremä. This is why they work seamlessly with the PONSSE harvesters. The Cobra’s harvester head options start with the PONSSE H5 harvester head designed for thinning felling. The next step into a larger size class is the PONSSE H6 harvester head, which is praised as the best general harvester head on the market. It is suitable for a variety of uses, ranging from thinning sites with small trees to regeneration felling. Paired with the C44+ crane, both these harvester heads have a reach of 11 metres. For larger trees, the Cobra can be equipped with the strong and compact PONSSE H7 harvester head, designed for demanding work at regeneration felling sites and later thinning sites. Although the H7 is a large harvester head, it can reach up to 10 metres with a crane. Two harvester heads for processing and debarking eucalyptus trees are also available for the Cobra. The PONSSE H7 Euca works well with very large trees because of its centering geometry. Yet the PONSSE H77 Euca is an efficient and durable debarking harvester head for processing smaller eucalyptus trees. The H77 Euca harvester head is characterised by the feed rollers on its sides, enabling very efficient debarking. If necessary, the H77 Euca can be equipped for conventional harvesting. With the debarking harvester heads, the Cobra’s crane reach is 8.6 or 9.5 metres, depending on the crane model.

Technical specifications: Dimensions Minimum weight

19,800 kg (43,651 lbs)

Typical weight

20,900 kg (46,077 lbs)


8,130 mm (320 in)


2,630–3,080 mm (103.5–121 in)

Ground clearance

600 mm (23.6 in)

Transportation height (C5/C44+)

3,800 mm (150 in)



Swing torque

57 kNm

Tilt angle


Crane swing angle


Lifting torque

250 kNm


8.6/10/11 m (28.2/32.8/36 ft)



Swing torque

57 kNm

Tilt angle


Crane swing angle


Lifting torque

248 kNm


8.6/9.5/10 m (28.2/32.8/36 ft)

Engine Model

MB OM936LA EU Stage V (Europe) MB OM936LA Tier 4F (North America) MB OM906LA EU Stage IIIA (other countries)


EU and North America: 210 kW (286 hp) Other countries: 205 kW (275 hp)


EU: 1,200 Nm (1,200–1,600 rpm) North America: 1,150 Nm (1,200–1,600 rpm) Other countries: 1,100 Nm (1,200–1,600 rpm)

Tractive force

195 kN (43,838 lbf )

Fuel tank volume

380 l (100 gal US)

Hydraulic system Working pump

210 cm3 (12.8 cu in)

Oil tank volume

290 l (76.6 gal US)

Tyres Front and rear


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PONSSE COBRA - customer feedback The Cobra was delivered to us at the end of May. This marked a new beginning for our company, because the Cobra is the first PONSSE harvester we have owned and at the same time the first Cobra in the whole of Ireland. There has been no cause for concern, as the machine has been running smoothly and reliably. We were a little apprehensive about the visibility from the machine, especially on thinning sites. However, the spacious and silent cabin has been a very pleasant working environment for a whole day’s work, with no vibrations affecting the operator. We bought the Cobra for both thinning and regeneration felling sites to complement the PONSSE Wisent. These two machines are a perfect pair, and the Wisent follows the Cobra everywhere. The C44+ crane is very powerful with the H7 harvester head, and we haven’t had any trouble, even with the largest trees. Thinning is easy work for this machine. On thinning sites, the engine can remain at 1,500 rpm, and we still have more than enough speed. The H7 is equipped with the feed motors from the H6, and we can achieve maximum speed at minimum rpm. There’s lots of power to spare. In conclusion, we can say that the Cobra has so far been everything Ponsse said it would be. In addition, the comfort, stability and ease of work are things that have made us the most happy, and we keep on learning new things every day. Tony Davis, Larke & Davis Timber Ltd, Ireland

We received the Cobra nine months ago. It’s the first PONSSE Cobra in Uruguay. We usually process and debark eucalyptus with the Cobra straight off the bunches behind a feller-buncher. Our impression is that we’ve managed to enhance our productivity and reduce our fuel consumption with the help of the Cobra. We also do cut-to-length logging on eucalyptus plantations. There, the Cobra’s productivity is as good as with bigger machines, but fuel consumption is lower. Gustavo Gabriel Hernandez Pereyra, Famanex S.A. Uruguay

We’ve used the Cobra for a year in the forests of Kainuu and North Karelia. The machine is really stable, and its power is very good for our felling sites. The best harvester I’ve operated. Mikko Pikkarainen, Kalevi Määttä Oy, Finland

The Cobra was delivered from Ponsse ready to work. Measuring was accurate from the beginning, and cutting accuracy was excellent. Furthermore, there was no need to change the crane adjustments at all. It’s easy to keep hold of even a larger trunk: the feeding has a lot of strength and the saw is powerful. The stability of the machine makes it easier for the operator to cope with their work. Our operators have used the automatic extension of the crane and found it very good. The hydraulics are powerful, and we haven’t had any overheating problems with it. We’ve been very pleased with the machine. Productivity has gone up significantly compared to the previous 2012 Beaver. Janne Kangas, Koneurakoitsijat Kangas Oy, Finland. In the picture: Janne Halmetoja (left) and Janne Kangas.

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st i n g p h a r ve i r g e l g e sin ing at a oductiv k r r p o y w l h r g et h e rs hi he c ut , w h enginee l x a a n e h a ve t fi M w g o t p Lo m g u n i t nn he s ro m t h i sing at t s e c o r p heads. F and s, r fe l l i n g arvester o g tions. n i d rs and h n ie r la r s t o p e ra a e c h d g e u k to c . a e u tr and ds of th fo r yo wheeled e deman s o l ut i o n for both ucts meet th ed r p ro d ned to Develop m a ke o u re desig a e s m d ti a n e w h o Lo g M a x inimal d g. ty and m li il b nt loggin a ie e c fi f e r Servic fo t ice dealer a ious cho the obv ur local


max www.log

ind yo

n-F B Swede A x a M g


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2021 UPGRADES Rottne H8D Rottne H11D Rottne H21D

Rottne H8D

Rottne offers a complete harvester programme, consisting of the stand-operating thinning harvester Rottne H8D, the all-rounder Rottne H11D - as comfortable doing thinning work as it is doing light final felling - and the Rottne H21D for heavy final felling.

✱ New Rottne warranty The new basic warranty foresees that Rottne replaces for free of charge the machine parts that break down due to manufacturing or material defects up to 3,000 working hours. Rottne is also responsible for the travel cost for the service technician, up to 300 km per warranty case, until the machine has worked for 500 hours. Besides, Rottne also covers the 100 hours service. This allows Rottne to take a leading position in the industry.

✱ Rottne harvester heads can now be fitted to all kinds of harvesters together with a new bucking system. ✱ Change to the new generation of ROTTNE FORESTER system A powerful and easy-to-use bucking system with many advantages.

✱ Luxury working comfort for operators All of Rottne’s harvesters are equipped with the same spacious cab, offering excellent visibility providing a fantastic view over work environment. With the cab suspension system Comfort Line you get world-class luxury comfort!

✱ Quieter than in a car It is also very quiet in the harvester cab (Sound level: 63 dB) – even quieter than in a new road car.

the conditions for smooth and fluent thinning and an undamaged stand – as well as high productivity. Tests conducted by the company show that the updated version of Rottne H8D offers superb off-road driving performance compared with previous versions and now definitely lives up to demands strengthening its market leading position among stand operating harvesters yet further.

NEW for 2021 in Rottne H8 D New version of Crane Damping for the lifting arm Making it more comfortable to use and increases the lifetime of the crane. New Chain Lubrication – Grease For a cleaner machine. New Chain Lubrication – Oil Allows proportional control: short cut = less oil, long cut = more oil. Free Wheel Valve H8D More comfortable to drive on the road.

✱ Stage V engines certified for HVO All of Rottne’s harvesters are equipped with environmentally friendly Stage V engines that are certified to run on both diesel and fully renewable biofuel HVO.

ROTTNE H8D – IDEAL FOR STAND-OPERATING THINNING Rottne H8D is a compact and versatile harvester with unique characteristics including exact tracking, swing arms on the wheels, variable transmission and automatic anti-spin. This makes it very easy-to-operate with minimum space requirements, providing

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Rottne H11D

Rottne H21D

ROTTNE H11D – AN EFFECTIVE MACHINE FOR BOTH THINNING AND FINAL FELLING Rottne H11D is an articulatedsteered harvester for thinning and final felling. Powerful engine, hydrostatic transmission and articulated frame joint in the centre ensures excellent off-road performance and precise tracking. The high degree of customisability means that the harvester can be adapted for a range of working conditions. Among other things, the harvester can be equipped with six or eight wheels, a 10 or 11 metre crane, an individual bogie lift, as well as having the option of six different harvester heads to choose between from Rottne, LogMax and SP. Eight wheels and wide tracks spread the weight of the machine well, making Rottne H11D perfect for work on steep terrain or damp ground.

NEW for 2021 in Rottne H11D Extra Fuel Tank Increases operation time up to 40hrs New Crane Damping on the lifting arm New Chain Lubrication – Grease New Level Sensors for Diesel, Hydraulic & Transmission that optimize the use of fuel.

ROTTNE H21D - A POWERFUL WORKHORSE FOR HEAVY FINAL FELLING Rottne H21D is the harvester with real reserves of power, its tractive force of all of 230 kN and three-pump hydraulic system make production highly effective. With an extremely strong crane featuring the highest torque of all, effectiveness is guaranteed. Rottne H21D is designed for final felling, and built specifically to overcome difficult and steep terrain – and with eight wheels and broad tracks it can even manoeuvre extremely well on wet ground. The swivel cab follows the crane swing motion (just like the Rottne H11D). Like all Rottne harvesters, Rottne H21D also provides good level of profitability.

NEW for 2021 in Rottne H21D New Chain Lubrication - Grease New Rotator Indexator HX 30 – Heavy Duty for Rottne EGS 706 harvester head More durable when the bearing takes the load

Bigger Cooling Capacity on Rottne H21D Increase of 25% more capacity New Level Sensors for Diesel, Hydraulic & Transmission that optimize the use of fuel.


5–20 cm

Number of wheels:


Service weight:

from 10 180 kg

Sound level inside cab:

63 dBA


Stage V, 125 kW / 170 hp (at 2000 rpm)


Diesel or HVO

Fuel tank:

268 litres

Tractive force:

120 kN

Crane reach:


Harvester head:

Rottne EGS 406, LogMax 3000T



Optimum trunk diameter:

20–40 cm

Optimum trunk diameter:

30-65 cm

Number of wheels:

6 or 8

Number of wheels:

6 or 8

Service weight:

from 17 400 kg

Service weight:

from 24,200 kg

Sound level inside cab:

63 dBA

Sound level inside cab:

63 dBA


Stage V, 164 kW / 220 hp (at 1800 rpm)


Stage V, 227 kW / 305 hp (at 1800 rpm)


Diesel or HVO


Diesel or HVO

Fuel tank:

500 litres

Fuel tank:

500+225 litres

Tractive force:

167 kN

Tractive force:

230 kN

Crane reach:

10,3 or 11,3 m

Crane reach:

11,0 m

Harvester head:

Rottne EGS596, SP461 LF, SP561 LF, LogMax 3000T, LogMax 4000T, Log Max 5000D

Harvester head:

Rottne EGS706, Rottne EGS596, SP661 LF, SP761 LF, LogMax 6000D, Log Max 7000D

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951 & 895 Last year, a completely new series of Komatsu harvesters was rolled out into the forests around the world. All upgraded with several improvements and new features. With a completely updated harvester range, Komatsu Forest now predicts two prominent trends, both of which are affecting the company’s product development. The need for increased cooperation aided by connected products and services, and a sustainable perspective on logging. Sustainable is, in this context, both how environmental considerations can be factored into product design, and how operator ergonomics affect the operator’s well-being and endurance in the industry.

A quest for productive and sustainable forestry Today, Komatsu harvesters are renowned for their stability and are designed to deliver high production on all types of felling assignments. The 2020 models improve on these advantages,

boasting improvements such as improved off-road manoeuvrability and greater user friendliness. The 2020 harvesters are updated with a new engine installation, conforming to the latest emission legislation for diesel engines, while also offering other advantages. The MaxiXT control system is all-new and enables a number of improvements to the machines, while also opening the way for future developments. What’s more, the harvesters have been upgraded with several minor improvements, which together deliver more powerful and user-friendly machines. The engine installation offers many advantages, such as an all-new AdBlue system and a new exhaust system. The AdBlue system has been completely overhauled, with a focus on improvements to increase reliability. The tank has also been improved with a new filling solution incorporating a spill guard and filtration, as well as a specially designed funnel with venting channels for faster filling.

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On the harvesters, off-road manoeuvrability has been improved in several areas. Parts of the rear axle have been redesigned, providing higher ground clearance, and making it easier to tackle steep ditches and other obstacles in challenging terrain. In addition, both the tractive force and the power steering have been refined, improving off-road manoeuvrability, and increasing productivity. With the operator environment in mind, the 2020 harvester models saw the introduction of a completely new type of windscreen made from laminated polycarbonate; a highly durable and tough material. A laminated polycarbonate windscreen has a structure that absorbs external forces very effectively. The windscreen thickness now exceeds 20 mm – an increase of more than 35%. The windscreen’s protective surface layer is also more wearresistant, to better withstand abrasive forces such as those from the windscreen wipers. Altogether, this is a robust windscreen designed for demanding forest

work environments. Visibility is important in harvesting work, both when collaring the tree and when assessing timber quality during processing. One of the unique features of Komatsu’s harvesters is the good visibility of the work area, with a large vertical viewing angle. The new windscreen also has excellent optical properties, ensuring high-quality work performance.

Connected technology opens new possibilities To Komatsu Forest, cooperation is vital for efficient and sustainable forestry. The Komatsu response to this realisation is MaxiFleet. The cloud-based service allows owners and operators to work smarter, not harder, with the harvester and helps visualisation and planning of work in the forest to drive in a more sustainable way while increasing productivity. Enhanced digital cooperation and information exchange have a number of advantages, for several different actors. For example, it helps to both improve productivity

Share Working Area is a new function aimed at simplifying cooperation

and to pay particular attention to ground conditions with augmented map layers. “During the pandemic, it also became apparent that digital collaboration became the key to solving many of the new challenges we all have faced, and more people are asking for this type of solutions,” Komatsu stated. An example of enhanced collaboration with digital technology will be demonstrated in the latest MaxiFleet feature. The release, called Share Working Area, is aimed at simplifying cooperation with colleagues, partner companies and external actors. It is now possible to give access to a work area with users in an external company, which provides great opportunities for collaboration. The forest owner can, by logging in to the shared link, follow the progress of the logging in the area. The sawmill can get detailed information about products and volumes, while the timber truck driver can get directions to wood pile locations and information of production in each pile. All external users can also collaborate by adding work area information to the shared map which in turn helps to improve the work. It is also possible to share the harvester’s work area with a partner company working with forwarding in the same area. The partner company’s forwarders then have access to production data and tracks, and can follow the harvester’s work directly on the screen of the machine. This means that the forwarding can be well planned both based on the shortest possible rout and with special consideration for ground conditions. Another solution for collaboration is ‘My position’, a function that enables to easily mark out all the places for which there is important information to note and share. This could be trees damaged by bark beetle infestations, windthrown trees, or an area that is particularly sensitive. This function makes it easy to prepare an area so that everything is in place when it is time to start felling or forwarding.

The 2020 harvesters have a new type of windscreen that absorbs external forces very effectively International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2021 39

H855E and LH855E track harvesters

The Tigercat 1165 is powerful and stable in all conditions

Tigercat builds a full range of cut-to-length harvesting solutions including track harvesters, wheel harvesters, harvesting heads and control software.

1165 harvester The latest harvester addition to the Tigercat product line-up is the versatile 1165 harvester. Available in both six and eight-wheel drive, the 1165 is a 22 t, high production harvester that is best suited to extreme duty clear fell and selective cut applications, steep slopes, and the toughest terrain. Tigercat’s unique WideRange drive system increases working travel speed while delivering extremely powerful tractive effort for high performance in steep terrain and quick in-stand travel on good ground. The 1165 blends high performance with fuel efficiency through the use of advanced hydraulic circuits. Dedicated pumps power the drive, harvesting head, crane, fan and cooling circuit functions. In addition, a closed loop drive system provides excellent performance and response

on steep slopes. A pressure and flow-controlled piston pump drives the cooling fan, maintaining optimal operating temperatures at the lowest possible fan speed. The crane features Tigercat’s efficient and operatorfriendly ER technology. The hooked profile of the main boom promotes excellent right-side visibility. Not only is the crane efficient but also simple in design, without external parallel linkages. With an extreme duty slew system and 360° continuousrotation, the cabin rotates with the crane. The cabin is spacious with excellent visibility and clear line-of-sight to the wheels. The curved windshield affords excellent upward visibility along with patent pending protective technology. Operators will find all the creature comforts including a comfortable and highly adjustable climate-controlled seat with a fourpoint harness and full Bluetooth connectivity. The 1165 is powered by the Tigercat FPT N67 engine with Tier 2 or Tier 4 configurations, both rated at 210 kW (282 hp) at 1,900 rpm.

Tigercat 568 harvesting head working in British Columbia, Canada

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The H855E and LH855E track harvesters are highly efficient, durable and reliable carriers suited to a wide range of harvesting and processing applications. The H855E is designed for high performance harvesting, at-thestump processing and roadside processing duties in medium to large tree size operations. Both are powered by the Tigercat FPT N67 engine and are available for Tier 2 and Tier 4 regions. The Tier 2 version is rated at 205 kW (275 hp) at 2,100 rpm and the Tier 4f is rated for 210 kW (282 hp) at 2,200 rpm. Both models are available with two-piece or telescopic ER boom systems. The patented ER boom system allows the machine operator to extend and retract the boom on a horizontal plane smoothly and quickly using a single joystick. The introduction of the new 3-mode ER boom control allows the operator to choose between ER, semi-ER and conventional. The new semi-ER function allows the operator to extend the boom on a horizontal plane using

to reduced demands for power, pump flow and system cooling. Competing solutions do not offer the simplicity and fuel savings of Tigercat’s design. The engine and hydraulic systems are specifically designed to achieve maximum performance and minimum fuel consumption in harvesting and processing applications. High horsepower allows the carriers to maintain hydraulic flow as the pressure increases, maintaining quick feed speeds and significantly boosting productivity. A dedicated attachment pump supplies oil to the primary head functions, delivering flow and pressure to match the demands of the head without interference from other machine functions, while delivering maximum fuel efficiency. With a high performance valve and control system, the machine is optimized for harvester performance and fuel efficiency. The LH855E features Tigercat’s patented levelling system, providing exceptional stability in steep-slope applications and optimum weight transfer. It uses two massive hydraulic cylinders

Tigercat H855E harvester working in Northern Ontario, Canada a single joystick, but retracts the boom with the increased power of both cylinders, doubling the pull force. The stick boom or "reach" joystick controls both the main and stick booms simultaneously, resulting in the attachment moving either away from or toward the operator. The main boom and tilt functions operate in the traditional manner to adjust the height and angle of the attachment. Key to this technology is reduced energy consumption. The ER system transfers energy back and forth between the main and the stick boom functions, reducing the total energy needed to move the boom system. This translates

and heavy steel sections for a solution that is both simple and robust. Due to the unique geometry of the levelling system, the machine is well balanced on slopes. Regardless of the angle of the undercarriage in relation to the upper, the track pressure is even all the way along the bottom of the tracks as long as the upper is close to horizontal. This makes the machine feel very stable and predictable. In addition, the ramped undercarriage (both the front idler and the rear gearbox are set higher than the centre-line of the undercarriage) allows the machines to easily drive up over rocks and stumps.

Delivering productivity and precision, the John Deere G-Series Wheeled Harvesters and MHSeries Tracked Harvesters were made to perform in the toughest conditions. The John Deere Harvesters are equipped with the latest technology solutions and support of the John Deere network, providing the reliability and efficiency customers need.

G-Series harvesters Thoughtful solutions went into the development of G-Series Wheeled Harvesters, including extensive input from customers. Including four power machines, these machines are built to overcome any obstacle. • Offered as a four- and six-wheel configuration, the nimble, productive 1070G is the perfect choice for thinning operations • T he versatile six-wheeled 1170G handles everything from thinning to regeneration harvesting. With 26.5 in front tyres, the 1170G can provide a higher ground clearance, ideal for deep snow or rocky environments. The


powerful eight-wheeled 1170G provides excellent stability on ordinary logging sites or steeper slopes, as well as the low ground pressure needed for soft-soil applications • W ith the power to handle large trees, the six-wheeled 1270G Harvester is an exceptional

all-around wheeled harvester. This model is also available in an eight-wheel-drive option for conditions that call for maximum traction and climbing ability. “We’re getting into rougher, more uneven ground,” said Doug Sanville, owner of Sanville Logging. “A lot of the easiest wood has been


harvested in areas that are not ready for the next harvest cycle. The eight-wheel harvesters provide the flotation and stability we need in tougher, wetter, and frozen ground.” • F or ultimate harvesting productivity, the stable, smooth 1470G Harvester is equipped





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The eight-wheel John Deere harvesters provide the flotation and stability we need in tougher, wetter, and frozen ground Doug Sanville, Sanville Logging with a CH9 rigid boom and perfect for tackling large timber and extreme conditions. Available as a levelling or fixed option, the cab on the G-Series Harvesters provides large windows for outstanding visibility, ergonomically-designed seats, and air conditioning and heating. The rotating and smoothlevelling cab turns 290°, allowing 360° visibility of surroundings and boom movements. With the levelling cab option, the operator is guaranteed to remain balanced and comfortable in steep or uneven terrain. The Processing Power Control (PPC) system provides the operator with energy-saving normal or boost options while it does the remaining work. The applicable processing level is coordinated based on work conditions and tree size, helping to advance fuel efficiency. The Twin Pump Hydraulic System

allows operators to have strong and precise control of the boom and harvester head, decreasing operator fatigue and increasing productivity. The new and improved TimberMatic H-16 user-friendly control system enhances machine performance and precision with its control modules and wiring harnesses. The PowerTech Plus diesel engine delivers high torque at low RPM, providing excellent fuel efficiency and power without compromise. A key feature of the G-Series Wheeled Harvesters is Intelligent Boom Control (IBC). Available with the 1170G CH6 boom, 1270G CH8 boom and 1470G CH9 boom, IBC makes it easier to manoeuvre the harvesting head. Operators no longer need to control each independent boom joint separately. The operator simply controls the grapple, and IBC does the rest,


42 International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2021

automatically controlling all boom movements based on the grapple location. Another key feature, Adaptive Driveline Control, boosts drivability and output by automatically adjusts the engine RPMs to complement the engine load. Operators can select Normal mode for everyday operation or Power mode to get maximum tractive force in high-load situations. For lighter demands, Economy mode reduces engine speed and noise while improving fuel efficiency.

MH-Series tracked harvesters The 800MH and 900MH-Series Tracked Harvesters are jobproven machines known to outrun expectations and deliver prominent performance. Operators have loweffort control and are comfortable with the spacious station, fullyadjustable armrests, air-cushioned seat, and ergonomically-designed

controls. The overhead skylight and floor-to-ceiling front and side windows allow for expansive visibility. Another key feature is the Rapid Cycle System, which combines the automated felling-head arm cycling with the simple control boom. This dramatically reduces the operator’s fatigue while increasing efficiency and productivity. The Rapid Cycle System tailors the machine for individual skill levels and specific harvesting conditions. Available on both the wheeled and tracked harvesters, TimberMatic Maps and TimberManager are proven job site-mapping tools designed for full-tree logging operations. TimberMatic Maps enables enhanced visibility, allowing operators to review production values and see and create points of interest that can be shared in real-time with other onsite team members. Staff not on the job site can also access any of this data through TimberManager, to optimize tasks and increase efficiency. “It’s worth its weight in gold,” said Eric Poehlman, a foreman with Sanville Logging. “I don’t have to physically be at the job to know what is going on or play phone tag with operators. I can see what has been cut, what has been forwarded to the landing, and how much is left to harvest. This makes it simpler for me to line up trucks to move the wood as quickly as possible to the mills. It’s made my job so much – I don’t think I could go back to the old way of doing things.”




Rottne H8D is a small and versatile harvester with unique characteristics including exact tracking, swing arms on the wheels, variable transmission and automatic anti-spin. This makes it very easy to operate with minimum space requirements, providing the conditions for smooth and effective thinning and an undamaged stand – as well as high productivity. Since Rottne H8D works inside the stand, it’s easier for the operator to decide which trees need to be thinned, as it is never more than 6–7 metres to the trees. This means more uniform thinning extraction, which gives both greater volume and added value – and a less storm sensitive stand. In other words, Rottne H8D is a fantastic base for a healthy and profitable forest!



Intelligent Boom Control now available also for 1070G Harvesters A milestone in forest machine technology, John Deere’s Intelligent Boom Control (IBC), is now available for all John Deere WCTL forest machines.


BC was launched for forwarders in 2013. It was introduced for harvesters in 2017, initially for the 1270G and 1170G models. IBC was available for the biggest harvester model, the 1470G, earlier in 2020, and it will now be available also for the smaller 1070G harvester.

Precise and smooth work with IBC A boom equipped with intelligent boom control is fast, easy to use and precise. IBC is a unique boom control system developed by John Deere. The sensors in the intelligent control system read the harvester head’s position, and the algorithms adjust the boom’s trajectories in one easily controlled

motion. IBC also functions as a platform on which we can introduce new functionalities that facilitate work. In harvester operations, IBC is designed to suit the machine’s work cycle. The trajectory and function of the boom automatically adjust as the boom is taken to a tree and when the tree is in the grapple. The operator doesn’t have to activate the different sections of the boom individually. IBC ensures precise operation and efficient work practices. The boom’s electronic end dampening makes the work process pleasant and smooth, and reduces stress on the entire boom. IBC improves work ergonomics and guides the operator in the correct use of the boom, which is directly reflected in the increased productivity of the machine and in the everyday working capacity of the operators.

1070G, IBC and the new H212 harvester head The agile 1070G equipped with the new, narrow and light H212 harvester head is an ideal combination for first thinnings. The advantages of IBC in thinning work are unbeatable. Precise and controlled movements and grabbing trees, a frequent matter in thinning work, are emphasized in first thinnings and in bundlehandling. The dimensions of the H212 harvester head bring agility to moving about even in dense thinnings.

44 International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2021

Deere forest machines have been equipped with windows fulfilling the requirements of this new standard. The new RENCRAFT® Super Hard Coat (ECE 43R LEVEL L) polycarbonate windows are more durable. The scratch resistance of the windows and their ability to withstand chemicals and cleaning solutions is significantly improved. The front window of the rotating cabin and the rear window of the forwarder’s fixed cabin are now almost 50% thicker than before. Also the front window of the fixed cabin is thicker than before. The thicker material provides better sound insulation, making the cabin an even quieter working environment. The windows can also be retrofitted to all the latest models that have a rotating and levelling cabin or a fixed cabin.

Delimbing has been optimized especially for smaller trees, enabling a very high-quality delimbing result. Thanks to the narrow frame of the H212 harvester head, visibility to the stem is excellent. The location and the high-speed cutting of the saw increases productivity and minimizes cutting damage. And it has the power and feeding speed to handle bigger trees if needed. The H212 harvester head is available for John Deere 1070G and 1170G harvesters.

New durable windows compliant with ISO 21876 Saw Chain Shot Testing standards for forest Machines In September 2020, ISO 21876 was published. The new standard defines the requirements for the windows of harvesters, which are at risk of being hit with a broken saw chain or its parts. Since March 2020, all John

The new H212 harvester head has been designed specifically for thinnings. The harvester head’s dimensions give it agility in navigating even dense thinning stands

Forest Regeneration SKB - For Demanding Reforestation -Combat soil erosion in places that were previously expensive, difficult, or dangerous to plant. Whether you’re reforesting slopes or rocky areas the SKB-range provides many tools for demanding conditions.

company’s partners and customers have always found a way to build a forest productively.

How do you build a forest?

Risutec - Building a forest Replanting a forest is an artform that relies on reading and understanding different conditions and increasingly needs the right technology solutions


orest owners want their trees to grow well. New woodland creation needs to proceed at a steady pace. Plantation managers need to effectively manage their establishments. And forestry operators - from forestry companies to individual contractors - want to provide transparent and value-added services for landowners and the broader public. All of these values can and should be met - whether they be monetary, environmental, or both.

Reforesting challenges and establishment risks At the same time, old ways of working cause risk and increase costs, lowering growth and quality. Outdated and labour-intensive practices are becoming harder and harder to sustain, especially in remote locations. These same practices can have a negative impact on the environment – soil preparation is a good case in point. In tropical regions multiple passes through a compartment –

bulldozing, harrowing, plowing, and then ripping releases carbon stored in the soil. Frustratingly, there has been little progress in mechanized planting since the 1970s. With external shocks like the COVID pandemic wreaking havoc on welllaid establishment plans – the cost of establishment is threatening to spiral out of control. There’s no reason silvics should play the second fiddle in terms of technological development to extraction processes. We need to change our myopic focus from the mere planting of seedlings to encompass every stage and process within forest renewal. By taking a broader view, we come to see more clearly those points of value a truly integrated approach to building forests can have.

A new approach to building the forest The challenge posed by reforesting needs to be reformulated. Building forests is more than just planting a bunch of seedlings or chucking seeds on the ground. While new technologies such as drones are a source of inspiration in the media, forest establishment and biology, creating optimal sites for sustainable forest management mandates a more comprehensive approach. From the cold north to the tropical south, Risutec has been involved in reforestation projects large and small. With establishment driven by regeneration economics to reforesting projects with a purely environmental motive, they’ve seen it all. In some areas, the soil is as hard as cement, in others porous like the desert – even in peat and extremely wet soils the

To build a forest productively you need marking and guidance, soil cultivation and planting, watering and fertilizing. In addition, you need documentation and analysis. Here’s how Risutec forest builders can combine all of these stages and processes. The forest builders can be outfitted with marking and guidance systems for establishing forests in a

grid pattern, which ensures the productive use of land and ease of later stages in the forest cycle such as extraction. The guiding system enables planting around the clock for maximal utilization of plant and equipment. Risutec machinery has soil cultivators for every soil type and method of preparation. Soil cultivation prepares the micro-site for optimal growth. And by planting into a fresh spot, foresters increase Continued on p64

ASP-150 ASP for Large Reforestation projects - The ASP is designed for establishment and reforestation of pine, eucalyptus, and other subtropical seedlings in a pot. Risutec ASP makes forestry building more efficient. The ASP planter enables afforestation projects using natural seedlings for mixed stand forest creation and maximal carbon capture.


International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2021 45

Lifting & Loading

Challenging jobs, quick movements, long periods of work and a wide range of applications – these are the characteristics that set PALFINGER EPSILON cranes apart from the rest. And yet they offer even more than this.

Smart Innovation W hether it is steep terrain and dense woods or the confined space of an innercity construction site there are many challenges forestry, recycling and construction businesses are confronted with every day. Yet PALFINGER knows how to tackle them. And what is even more, thanks to its broad and sophisticated range of EPSILON cranes PALFINGER provides individual solutions to meet literally each and every demand. Innovative, technically advanced and easy to service, PALFINGER EPSILON cranes are the best choice for an extensive array of

46 International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2021

applications. From offroad applications as crane equipped skidders, forwarders or tractors with lifting capacities from 4,5 up to 14 meter tons to a wide range of truck-mounted cranes with lifting capacities from 7 up to 30 meter tons, the product range of PALFINGER timber cranes offers the perfect solution for almost any wood lifting case.

Strong and durable In timber applications, the long periods of work without interruption, constant operational readiness and the quality of the

cranes are crucial. Therefore, the sturdiness of PALFINGER EPSILON cranes is fundamental. Out in the forest, operators are far from any infrastructure, making even minor repairs all the more difficult. The cranes are used through the entire operational process, accompanying the timber from felling in the forest to processing in the sawmill. PALFINGER EPSILON cranes are differentiated into on- and off-road applications. It is the task of the off-road vehicles to transport the felled tree trunks to a truck across sometimes almost impassable terrain. For this purpose, cranes on tractors, skidders or forwarders

are used. As soon as the logs are loaded up on a truck, their journey to the sawmill starts. In the onroad area, there are two different methods of transport – special cranes for transporting short (up to 6 meters) and long logs (6–22 meters).

State-of-the-art and smart Even though the hardware of PALFINGER EPSILON is stateof-the-art, PALFINGER aims to provide its partners and users with additional smart solutions. Digitalization is an integral part of the PALFINGER strategy. As an innovation driver, the world´s leading manufacturer of lifting solutions has always been involved in shaping change and developing solutions that lead to greater safety and work efficiency. PALFINGER EPSILON views digitalization as an opportunity to be seized. Intelligent systems featuring smart functions are becoming increasingly important in the areas of forestry and recycling. This is why PALFINGER EPSILON, specialist for forestry and recycling cranes, strives to be one step ahead with its innovative, smart and digital solutions. New technologies are not only giving rise to new development areas such as robotics and software development, but also opening up a range of exciting possibilities and opportunities for the future.

Intuitive and quick The Smart Control from PALFINGER EPSILON turns digitalization into something tangible that you can experience. The prototype Smart Control has convinced the expert public at numerous trade fairs over the past few years. This boom tip controller makes operating a crane easier, more intuitive and far quicker. In response to the positive feedback from customers, preparations for series production of the Smart Control are now in full swing.

Safe and secure As a concept study, the new Virtual Drive – the virtual reality control

system developed by PALFINGER EPSILON – offers a tantalizing glimpse into the control technology of tomorrow. With the aid of VR glasses, operators can control the crane directly from the vehicle cabin. The VR control system offers not only enhanced driver comfort and safety, but also a range of additional benefits such as a better view of the surroundings, bigger loads and reduced fuel consumption. Talking about smart solutions, PALFINGER EPSILON goes even one step further. As travel restrictions are common these days, the PALFINGER XR App offers its partners and users the opportunity

to get to know the main features of its latest products right away. The app comes with three hyper realistic modes of use – 3D, virtual reality and augmented reality. Using the app, the EPSILON M12Z can be viewed and displayed from all sides with 3D animation on a neutral gray background. A side menu provides important information about the selected product by means of videos, short texts and pictures. In AR - Augmented Reality mode it is possible to project selected models on the conference table or even to display it in front of your company building.

Ultra-View XD Mast to cover any lifting application found at its customer’s demanding industrial locations. The XH-650L and XH-700L are also equipped with a heavy-duty planetary axles, wet disc brakes, multi-speed automatic powershift transmissions, and the most durable steer axle in the industry. Like all Taylor products, these

trucks are backed by Sudden Service, Inc. and their specially trained personnel along with their dedicated team of Authorized Taylor Dealers and direct factory store locations across the United States and abroad. Taylor’s goal is to provide high-quality products and immediate assistance to its customers through sales, rentals, service and support.

Taylor Machine Works, Inc. launch XH-650L & XH-700L Trucks In 2020 Taylor Machine Works, Inc. introduced the XH-650L and the XH-700L Trucks.


or over 90 years, the Taylor name has become synonymous with purposebuilt machines specifically designed to meet the needs of its customers. “These two new models retain full rated capacity when equipped with side shift carriage and paired with standard spec forks. Combined with the new all steel Taylor DREAM cab, these two heavy capacity trucks offer uncompromised durability” said Hal Nowell, Director of Sales. The XH-650L and XH-700L are powered by a 250-hp Cummins QSL9 Tier 4 Final turbocharged diesel engine. This robust power plant brings the low-end torque that Taylor customers require. These two new models feature a full range of structurally enhanced

International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2021 47



48 International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2021

The NEW PONSSE Scorpion launch - Live

Ponsse introduces a new and comprehensively modernized Scorpion harvester that meets all the requirements of modern forestry; from cab stability, which enables better work ergonomics to more holistic consideration of the environment, and from advanced OPTI 5G technology to unobstructed visibility. Watch and read more: Media images: FURTHER INFORMATION: Marko Mattila, Ponsse Plc, Sales, Service & Marketing Director tel. +358 40 0596 297, Jan Kauhanen, Ponsse Plc, Product Manager, Harvesters, tel. +358 40 5469 353, Markku Savolainen, Ponsse Plc, Product Manager, Equipment Automation tel. +358 40 5424 409,

International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2021 49

John Deere unveils its powerful, purpose-built 768L-II Bogie Skidder

50 International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2021

• J ohn Deere expands its skidder lineup with the new 768L–II Bogie Skidder, a purpose–built machine designed to navigate wet and steep slope conditions. • T he 768L–II features heavy–duty bogie axles, outstanding tractive ability and floatation, increasing durability and performance in challenging conditions. Additionally, a new arch design expands visibility while a long wheelbase and improved boom–arch envelope increase dexterity and maneuverability in the woods, significantly boosting productivity and performance. • T he bogie skidder incorporates the customer–favorite features found in the L–II machines, including a comfort–boosting cab, redesigned electrical and hydraulic systems, and industry–exclusive Continuously Variable Transmission

International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2021 51

52 International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2021

Komatsu C164 Komatsu C164 is a brand-new model in the range of C heads and a perfect match for the Komatsu 951 harvester. The robust head is specially designed to handle large trees, big root flares and rough limbs. Still, it has a design that makes it smooth and easy to handle. The C164 design is inspired by the features of other C models, but it is a completely new head where many parts are optimised for the size and application of the head.

International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2021 53

54 International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2021

2021 UPGRADES Rottne H8D Rottne H11D Rottne H21D SEE PAGES 34/35

International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2021 55

56 International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2021

NEW HARVESTER HEAD MODELS H423, H425 & H425HD The H423 harvester head has been designed for thinnings and small-size trees. The more robust H425 and H425HD harvester heads are designed for final fellings and big trees. The new harvester head models replace the previous H413, H415 and H415HD models. Elina Suuriniemi Communication Specialist John Deere Forestry Oy Lokomonkatu 21, FI-33900 Tampere, Finland

International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2021 57


58 International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2021

Logmax recently met up with Jonas Wahlberg the owner of a Rottne H21D, an 8 wheeled forestry harvester mounted with a Log Max 6000V harvester head, not far from Östersund in Northern Sweden. Jonas previously owned a Log Max 6000B also on Rottne and noticed straight away the improvements

that the 6000V has to offer, such as the increased tilt angle, the saw performance but above all the accuracy and precision of the measuring (Jonas lies at stable 98%). Notice that the head is equipped with a multi-stemming unit. Jonas finds this solution to be a great time and money saver. International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2021 59

Integrated Forestry Machinery & Reforestation Equipment Forestry companies and operators are increasingly realizing the benefits of integrated forestry operations with the help of Risutec. They provide proven forestry machinery for maximizing yields profitably - serving the largest forestry companies and most innovative contractors globally

60 International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2021

International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2021 61

62 International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2021

JENZ HEM 821 DQ Cobra hybrid // Chippertruck hybrid - a real power pack with more than 1.000 hp

International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2021 63

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Western USA (AZ, CA, NV, UT) Australia, & New Zealand CONTACT: Bob Warren International Forest Industries Ltd Tel: +44 (0)1442 877 777 Fax: +44 (0)1442 870 617 Email:

CLEANFIX ����������������������������������������� 31

Ligna ������������������������������������������������� 16

Clark Tracks ������������������������������������� 41

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Komatsu ��������������������������������������������� 7

Vermeer ���������������������������������������������11

Continued from p45

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survival rates, all the while establishing the forest with uniform accuracy for the best results. To achieve optimal tree growth watering, fertilizer and other agents can be added to the microsite, creating the best conditions for the seedling. Finally, documentation in real-time helps you monitor progress and cut waste. Reporting helps to disseminate information and analytics on all important silvicultural inputs during establishment and improves traceability and transparency in forest holdings.

Choosing the right forest builder for the job Soil conditions, slope ascendages, and productivity requirements as well as existing machinery investments all factor into the choice of forestry machine. For wet conditions and peaty soils, Risutec’s PM forest builder is the most suitable. The PM uses a mounding soil cultivator to lift the seedling and keep it dry. “If you are dealing with demanding terrain – steep slopes and lots of rocky ground, then the SKB forest builder is the most suitable,” Risutec said. “The SKB has an interchangeable cultivator so you can choose between a bucket, ripper, or rake. For large establishments of eucalyptus and pine, the ASP forest builder is most suited.

62 International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2021

It uses a pitting soil cultivator, and the seedling is planted through the tool to achieve maximal efficiency.” The soil cultivation method is not the only factor affecting machine choice. Seedling size, establishment targets, and available base machines are others. Porintie 314, Halli 5, 29250, Nakkila, FINLAND

John Deere suite combines to meet road building challenges The combination of multiple G-Series units ensures contractors can get the job done in the toughest environment to the highest standards


he logging industry is full of challenges and tough conditions, making it even more important to have reliable, powerful equipment equipped to tackle jobs such as access road building. To meet loggers’ needs, John Deere offers solution-oriented and highly productive equipment built for any challenge they may encounter in the woods. Ideal for road building, the John Deere G-Series Forestry Excavators, 850L Crawler Dozers, and 620G and 622G Motor Graders are built to reliably and efficiently handle tough jobs.

G-Series forestry excavators The G-Series machines are equipped with a ton of improvements inspired by valuable customer input. Including the 2154G, 2654G, 3154G, and

3754G models, G-Series Forestry Excavators are “the definition of reliability and efficiency”. The G-Series models feature a comfort-boosting cab equipped with features designed to enhance the operator experience. Climatecontrolled, the cab features ergonomic controls, outstanding window clarity, isolation mounting and LED lighting. Quieter than the previous model and featuring increased visibility, the G-Series machines help to increase efficiency, even during long days. The G-Series machine design leverages half a century of experience to streamline routine maintenance. The reduction of electrical components increases uptime, and an efficient hydraulic management system increases airflow and lowers operating temperature. Service bays featuring drop-down work platforms and LED service lights improve long-term durability while also increasing uptime. The 3154G and 3754G models are equipped with a 9.0-liter engine, while the 2154G and 2654G machines feature a 6.8 litre engine. The incorporation of the same hydraulic pump in both the 3754G and 3154G models increases dependability. The 2154G and 3154G feature durable lower rollers, while the 3754G is equipped with larger lower rollers and a longer track frame option. The full G-Series line up is loaded with more hearty components for the arm, boom, mainframe and undercarriage.

top of mind. The EPA Final Tier 4 John Deere PSS 9 litre diesel engine provides a 10% increase in horsepower. With 225 hp (168 kw), the 850L features more horsepower than any other dozer in its size class. With the Eco mode feature, fuel consumption is reduced by 20% while still maintaining the performability needed for tough road building applications. The dual-path hydrostatic transmission on the 850L boasts 13% larger pumps than the previous model. The spacious and quiet cab offers 15% more operator space and reduces noise by 27%. Additionally, a long-life brushless motor on the HVAC system improves airflow, increasing operator comfort day in and day out. The angled seat is suitable for looking rearward or using the rear implements. Additionally, a new heated and ventilated seat option further increases operator comfort. The 850L features ergonomic control joysticks for transmission and hydraulic functions. The transmission joystick has a rocker switch to control and forwardneutral-reverse direction of travel. The hydraulic control lever includes a proportional thumb roller precise blade angle or power pitch adjustments. Designed with reliability and durability in mind, the 850L features improved electrical and hydraulic routing and a heavy-duty mainframe. The upgraded cooling package features larger fin spacing and a simplified design allowing full access to both sides of the cooler.

Motor graders Earning a stellar reputation for job site performance, the 620G and 622G Motor Graders are wellsuited for handling the toughest terrains. Both models feature the horsepower and torque needed to maximize performance regardless of the application. Boasting 215 hp and 225 hp, respectively, the 620G and 622G models feature powerful 6.8-liter FT4 engines and an operating weight of up to 42,000 lb. From a forestry perspective, loggers can access the tree stand and keep the road shoulder properly levelled. Offering excellent levelling ability through the grading process, loggers can tackle and pull through tough spots and steep hills. The highly productive machines help prevent any heavy debris from getting in the shoulder. Another notable feature of the motor graders is the dual joystick, which offers instinctive control to the standard antler rack, minimizing hand movement during direction changes and necessary gear shifting. Additionally, this improves control comfort is due to removing the need to ‘twist’ during blade circle or articulation motions. The motor graders come standard with the Eco Mode feature, optimizing fuel usage. With Eco Mode, operating costs are decreased by an extra five to 10 percent compared to the larger G-Series motor grader models.

850L crawler dozers The 850L Crawler Dozers were built with reliability and productivity

International Forest Industries | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2021 IBC

TIMBER CRANE PALFINGER EPSILON M12Z & TIMBER CRANE PALFINGER EPSILON S280L94 in action. The development department at PALFINGER EPSILON has always been open to new customer requests and is able to come up with a lot of ideas for their requirements. Since autumn 2015 the cable yarding systems manufacture Mayr-Melnhof Forsttechnik is the proud owner of the first Syncrofalke with PALFINGER EPSILON S280L94. Since then the system has proven itself and more than 50 units have already been delivered.

After the Storm


Hurricane Michael devastated areas in the Southeastern United States in 2018. Ceres Environmental Services Inc. share their process of what it’s like to help clean up communities and remove green waste after a natural disaster.

Built for land-clearing and pipeline right-of-way operations, the HG6800TX horizontal grinder offers a high-horsepower engine on a tracked machine with a compact design. Featuring 950 hp (708 kW) in a 92,000 lb (41,730.5 kg) class, and an infeed design designed specifically for feeding larger materials, the new grinder is built to power through tough materials with less operator interaction.


Vermeer and the people who make mulch

As the push toward alternative fuels accelerates, governments and industries are recognizing the advantages of using wood chips as a source for power generation. Now with a CAT C-13 Tier 4 Final engine with 440 hp (328 kW) of power, the WC2300XL whole tree chipper offers a powerful solution for producing wood chips.

We know you need industry-leading solutions to get the job done. Whether you are working on right-of-way preparation, commercial land clearing or storm clean-up, Vermeer horizontal grinders, tub grinders and trommel screens are designed to help you conquer your next job.

Open End provides a Uniquely hardened alloy to withstand faster mounting Increased dimensions more tear for better lubrication

Specially hardened shims in the nose sprocket for optimal performance

Unnecessary leaks are eliminated as our Spray bars are adapted for right / left mounting and whether the unit has Supercut or not

With our Energy harvester bar, the chain is protected from damage while minimizing the number of chain jumps.

EW is a solid harvester bar designed for energy wood harvester heads and multi-tree handling. The unique shape prevents the chain from jumping off

Our game changing new 3/4” harvester bar with replaceble PowerTip and unique 60° cut endurance rails makes it possible to harvest any kind of trees with unprecedented precision, speed and durability

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