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Summer hours are bringing out the coyote sightings again

NEWS FROM THE MANAGER Monthly update from the General Manager’s Desk

SAVE THE DATE The HOA is planning two new health fairs in August, one for humans and one for pets

pinnacle press Monthly Newsletter for the Residents of the Forest Heights Homeowners Association

JULY •2013

happy independence day

Forest Heights Homeowners Association 2033 NW Miller Road Portland, Oregon 97229 Phone: 503.297.9400 Fax: 503.297.9408 Office Hours: Monday—Friday 9:00 am—5:00 pm Email:

Vision Statement To create and foster excellence in community, environment and quality of life.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to make the Forest Heights Homeowners Association run so smoothly? Or been inspired to make a change in your community? The following is an abbreviated description of the Forest Heights HOA Committees. Please visit our website at for detailed descriptions of each committee.

Board of Directors | 2012-2013 Don Bielen—President Stuart Roberts—Secretary Greg Maletic Heather Gaitan Kyle Abraham Don Ciffone Pamela Morris

Association Staff Jennifer Callaghan—General Manager email: Judith Souers—Office Administrator email: Kimberly Monaco—Marketing, Communications & Event Coordinator email: Wes Hansen—Compliance Coordinator Richard Metzger—Maintenance Supervisor Juan Guerrero—Maintenance Team

Go Green, Natural Habitat, Trails & Landscape Committee The purpose of the Go Green, Landscape, Trails and Habitat Committee is to assist the Board of Directors in the following areas and to bring to the Board information on which action and decisions may be based:

• Go Green and Sustainability • Landscape

Budget & Finance Committee The purpose of the Budget and Finance Committee is to ensure that dues assessments by the Association are reasonable and necessary and that expenditures by the Association are prudent and appropriate. Safety, Streetscape & Transportation Committee The purpose of the Safety, Streetscape and Transportation (SST) Committee is to monitor the streets and common areas for safety related issues, address the aesthetics of streets, work with the city and neighboring communities to address public transportation needs, and investigate/respond to homeowner inquiries on these subjects. Parks & Recreation Committee The purpose of the Park and Recreation Committee is to monitor park and recreation facilities and activities and to make recommendations for improvements, upgrades and additional facilities to the Board of Directors.

• Trails • Natural Habitat Community Outreach Committee The purpose of the Community Outreach Committee is to create opportunities for Forest Heights residents to meet together and socialize on a regular basis at a reasonable and appropriate expense to the Association. Communications Committee The purpose of the Communications Committee is to work together with the HOA Board, management, and staff, to inform, engage, and educate residents and other interested parties regarding issues important to their understanding of, and participation in, the neighborhood. If any of these committees are of interest to you, please complete our easy online form. Your community thanks you!


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at forest heights Thursday,

July 4th7 pm to 10 pmMill Pond Park

We’re changing things up a bit this year for our Annual 4th of July Celebration! This year’s event includes sponsorships from local businesses, with partial or total proceeds benefiting many local organizations. See below for this year’s event offerings and who benefits from your purchases during this event. We encourage you to arrive early to secure your seats for the fireworks show!



Beer, Wine and Lemonade — $3 or less

Disc Jockey & Dancing — FREE

Bro Dogs — $2 to $8

Sponsored by Umpqua Bank Music and dancing from 7:00 to 10:00 pm

Portion of proceeds benefit Portland School of Autism

Pizzicato Pizza — $3 to $5 Portion of proceeds benefit local education

Games: Tug-of-War, Gunny Sack Races & Water Balloon Toss—FREE Sponsored by Forest Heights Homeowners Association Takes place at Mill Pond Park at 8:30 pm

Hawaiian Shave Ice — $3 or $4 Portion of proceeds benefit Local Boy Scout Troop #198

Zumba Classes — FREE

Popcorn, Italian Sodas, Kids Activities — FREE

Sponsored by Johnny Fit Takes place at Mill Pond Park at 7:00 and 8:00 pm

Sponsored by Legacy Health, Cornell Sports Program & Randall Children’s Urgent Care. NOTE: Takes place at Legacy Health in the Village Center from 7:00 to 9:00 pm

Fire Truck Tours — FREE Special thanks to local Fire Station #27 on Skyline Blvd

Fireworks Show — FREE Sponsored by Forest Heights Homeowners Association Special thanks to the following 4th of July event sponsors for their generous contributions to local aid organizations:


Living with Coyotes and Other Wildlife in Forest Heights Due to recent and frequent coyote sightings in Forest Heights, we are reprinting this article from last year. Please familiarize yourself with the information below and learn how you can deter coyotes from entering your property. In the past few years, reports of coyote sightings throughout the greater Portland area have increased, including here in Forest Heights. Despite years of state and countywide population control measures, coyote populations have increased. The reason? Quite simply, it comes down to opportunity: coyotes have an abundant food source due to the habits of the typical suburban lifestyle. Without realizing it, people are attracting coyotes by leaving pet food outdoors, not securing their compost bins or garbage containers and attracting rodents—a common prey for coyotes—with seed used in bird feeders. According to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, most of the time coyotes are considered to be more of a nuisance than an actual threat. Prevention is always the best medicine when it comes to avoiding, minimizing or correcting problems with coyotes. By far the greatest number of conflicts between humans and coyotes are those in which the animal has become habituated to a residential area by the behavior of human beings. Fortunately, most of these situations are easily prevented or corrected by removing food sources and access to shelter. Here are some tips from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife that may minimize contact with coyotes:

• Always feed pets indoors and never leave pet food or water bowls outside

• Supervise pets when they are outside, even if in a fenced yard

• Never allow dogs to be off-leash in Forest Heights • Do not leave cats or small dogs outside after dark • Always stay on the Forest Heights trails; never venture off into the common or forested areas

• Secure garbage and garbage cans in an area inaccessible to wild animals (in your garage, for instance)

• On a regular basis, use bleach as a cleaning agent on garbage cans to remove odors that attract coyotes

• Harvest fruits and vegetables as they become ripe; do not allow them to accumulate as they can attract vermin, a common food source for coyotes

• Never leave feed out for feral animals or any other wildlife, including wandering or lost pets

• Trim and clear vegetation on your property that may provide shelter for coyotes

• Remove bird feeders. Coyotes are attracted to the birds and rodents that use such feeders. If you want to attract birds, consider planting native species of plants in various locations throughout your yard

• Secure compost piles with wire cloth or use a commercially made compost bin with a lid

• Clean barbecues regularly and never leave dirty barbeque utensils outdoors. After grilling, clean any food or grilling spills that may occur underneath or near a barbeque

• Pack it in, pack it out. If walking the trails in Forest Heights, never leave behind food waste, food packaging or beverages Understand that you live in a section of forested land that has been developed for suburban use. Despite this development, wildlife still inhabit the forest in which you now live. Being mindful of this fact can go a long way in understanding how to coexist with nature, and appreciate the impacts we have on one another. For more information on how to live with coyotes, visit the Audubon Society website. Additional information about coyotes is available on the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife website. ~ HOA Staff ~

N O T E S F R O M T H E J U N E B O AR D O F D I R E C TO R S M E E T I N G Crosswalk at Hazeltine and Woodrose Loop Patrick Jones, Chairman of the Streetscape, Safety and Transportation Committee, presented a crosswalk solution designed by the City of Portland for the intersections of NW Hazeltine & Wood Rose Loop on Miller Road. The Board agreed to fund the project provided we successfully sell the Energy Tax Credits earned for providing our shuttle service. Since the Board meeting, the tax credits have been sold and the project is hoped to be underway before school starts in the fall. More information to come on this project in future newsletters.

Tract R After considering the recommendations of the Go Green Committee and reviewing the latest sample survey conducted, the Board agreed to preliminarily move forward with the Tract R project once input is received from Green Girl Solutions. A report from Green Girl solutions will provide design elements to incorporate into the

project to enhance the stormwater management capacity of the area. The Board hopes to review the report and make a final decision in July.

Upcoming in July The Board anticipates reviewing the following projects during their July meeting:

• Mill Pond Park & Skyline Pathway remediation and sealcoating

• Signage at various non-marked entrances to Forest Heights

• Replacement of archways at NW Miller Road and NW Chapin

• Painting of the bus shelters

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ummer in Forest Heights means warm days filled with extra daylight to enjoy your community. At your doorsteps are open spaces, play areas, wooded trails to explore and beautiful homes to admire. Evenings provide vibrant sunsets as one strolls by the manicured landscapes of your neighbors. It's a wonderful time of year to call Forest Heights home. As the new Compliance Coordinator and Architectural Review Committee Administrator for Forest Heights, summer to me means all of the aforementioned bounties, and a few not-so-pleasant items as well. My long title comes with a price, as I wasn't hired to enjoy the best parts of the view. While I see more of Forest Heights than most people, my time is spent looking at things most of you rather wouldn't. Camera and notebook in hand, it is my unheralded duty to observe the other side of summer in Forest Heights. Despite the occasional deer grazing in an empty lot, my photos typically depict the rapidly growing weeds and grass distracting from your views. They also show the furious months of summer construction; extra traffic, dumpsters, deliveries and general disruption to the neighborhood when a lot is being developed. I also see a lot of very nicely landscaped yards, but don't rely on my photography to prove it. The only

pictures of landscaping I have are yards with two foot tall fire weeds, grass gone to seed, Christmas trees against the side of garages, piles of yard debris dumped next to a trail and the like. Two subjects take up the vast majority of my camera's memory. I'm considering creating coffee table books of both. I'm leaning towards the title A Complete History of Every Single Mailbox at Forest Heights for the first book. Many of you have been made aware recently that I have been working on this project. I have hundreds of photos of filthy, rusted, hole-ridden, leaning posts holding door-less, dented, rusty mailboxes accompanied by trash-filled paper boxes. For those who haven't received the infamous “mailbox letter” maybe some back background would help. Last year (5/22/12) the Board of Directors set new standards for the maintenance of the community's once distinctive mailbox posts and boxes. The process of administering the standards entails taking a photo of over 1500 mailboxes and sending most of you letters about how your mailbox and/or post is in need of some TLC. For those of you whose mailboxes and posts I haven't got to yet I just wanted to let you know I don't mind if you bring them up to standards before I have a chance to take their picture. I need more “after” photos.

While I worry a little about possible misconceptions, there is really only one title for my second book The Cans of Forest Heights. While your evening stroll may focus on the various colors of the summer season's blooms, my camera dwells on the greens, grays and blues of refuse bins left in view. No one wants to see my photos of anyone's cans, but still the book grows. It may be old news to some of you that I take a lot of photos at work. After all, each photo I take is usually followed by a letter to the subject's owner at Forest Heights, describing what is being photographed and an explanation about what needs to be done to your property so I never get the opportunity to take a picture like it again. You see, I'm not really supposed to be able to take photos of any of the stuff I told you about. But I can and all too often do. I hope you enjoy the glorious summer in Forest Heights and continue to appreciate the truly unique privilege of living where you do. Next time you are outside, pause to look around and relish in the beauty of your community. It's almost picture perfect, I just wish I had more photos to prove it. ~ Wes Hansen, FHHOA Compliance & ARC Coordinator ~

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n order to re-establish the original aesthetic standards of the Forest Heights community in regards to mailbox design, both the Forest Heights Architectural Review Committee (ARC) and Board of Directors have approved new standards for mailboxes and their component parts for use in the neighborhood. The goal of this project was to:

• Coordinate a standardized and uniform residential mailbox

July ARC Meetings • Thursday, July 11th • Thursday, July 25th Please have your completed ARC applications turned in by NOON on the day prior to the ARC meetings. All decisions will be emailed within 24 hours after the ARC meeting.

• Ensure resident security • Provide a higher quality product that will aid residents in the maintenance and cleaning of mailboxes


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Upcoming Community Events 4th of July Celebration Date: Thursday, July 4th Time: 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm Location: Mill Pond Park

Wine and Real Estate Date: Thursday, July 18th Time: 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm Location: Kaer Property Group

Forest Heights Book Club Date: Wednesday, July 24th Time: 7:00 to 8:00 pm Location: Bethany Village Starbucks

New Homeowner Reception Date: Wednesday, July 24th Time: 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm Location: Mill Pond Park

Forest Heights Book Club Meets July 24th The Girl Who Fell From the Sky This debut novel, written by Portland author Heidi Durrow, tells the story of Rachel, the daughter of a Danish mother and a black G.I. who is the sole survivor of a family tragedy. With her strict African American grandmother as her new guardian, Rachel moves to a mostly black community, where her light brown skin, blue eyes, and beauty bring mixed attention her way. Growing up in the 1980s, she learns to swallow her overwhelming grief and confronts her identity as a biracial young woman in a world that wants to see her as either black or white. Meanwhile, a mystery unfolds, revealing the terrible truth about Rachel’s last morning on a Chicago rooftop. Interwoven are the voices of Jamie, a neighborhood boy who witnessed the events, and Laronne, a friend of Rachel’s mother. Inspired by a true story of a mother’s twisted love, The Girl Who Fell from the Sky reveals an unfathomable past and explores issues of identity at a time when many people are asking “Must race confine us and define us?” In the tradition of Jamaica Kincaid's Annie John and Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye, here is a portrait of a young girl and society's ideas of race, class, and beauty. It is a winner of the Bellwether Prize, established by writer Barbara Kingsolver, for best fiction manuscript addressing issues of social justice. ~ With thanks to the author at ~

Pet Parade & Fair

All are welcome!

Date: Saturday, August 17th Time: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm Location: Mill Pond Park

Forest Heights Book Club Wednesday, July 24th

Health Fair Date: Sunday, August 25th Time: 9:00 am to 12:00 pm Location: Mill Pond Park

7:00 to 8:00 pm Bethany Station Starbucks 4708 NW Bethany | Portland

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Save the date! FHHOA bringing two new events to the Forest Heights community


ark your calendars for two new events coming to Forest Heights in August. On Saturday, August 17th we will be hosting a Pet Parade & Health Fair. Geared for pets and pet owners, this event will include a juried pet parade (costumes encouraged) and special guest speakers on subjects relating to pet health, pet safety and obedience training. Confirmed sponsors and vendors to date include: Oregon Humane Society, Multnomah County Animal Control, Run! Day Camp for Dogs, Portland Parks and Recreation/Dogs for the Environment and Noah’s Arf. Additional vendors and speakers are coming on board for this event. On Sunday, August 25th we will be hosting another health fair exclusively for humans. Asula Wellness, Legacy Health, Johnny Fit, Whole Foods and other health related businesses will be offering free services ranging from massage, acupuncture and skin care techniques to yoga, pilates and healthy eating strategies for all ages. These events are still in the planning stages so be sure to check the August newsletter and FHHOA website for more information. If you are interested in participating in either of these events as a vendor or sponsor, please contact Kim Monaco at the HOA office: or by phone 503.297-9400.

WHAT’S HAPPENING IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD? Come find out what’s selling in Forest Heights at our Wine & Real Estate Event! Date:

Thursday, July 18th, 2013


Drop in anytime from 5:00 PM to 7:30 PM Refreshments served


Kaer Property Group Office Across from Starbucks at the Village Center 2029 NW Miller Rd | Portland, OR 97229



Call (503) 699-3980 Contact us for a complimentary market analysis of your neighborhood and your home


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FROM THE MANAGERS DESK Have you got a question about Forest Heights? Are you curious about things going on in our community? Do you have questions about issues that impact Forest Heights? If you are wondering about something, chances are others in our community are curious about the same thing, so do us all a favor and send in your questions. Email your questions to Questions received by the 10th of each month will be answered in the next month’s newsletter.

Manager’s Report for July Do you know where your kids are? With the association’s new security concept that I discussed in this column last month, and a directed focus on the safety at Mill Pond Park for all residents, I am surprised at the amount of activity that happens after dark in the park. Every morning I review the reports submitted by security and am amazed at the continued attempts by youth and young adults to conduct various degrees of mischievous activity in our park. What’s even more amazing is once these individuals are asked to leave the park, as per the City of Portland’s curfew law, they come right back. As you can see in the photo above, vandalism of HOA property is taking place at the park which ends up costing every homeowner in one way or another. For the past month, we have directed the security team to take a friendly approach with these individuals; however, there appears to be some who do not respect this approach. Therefore, we are considering bringing in law enforcement to provide extra assistance in dealing with this issue. This would be a great opportunity to ask your children

and young adults to talk to their friends about using the park in a respectful manner, as if the activity continues, we will be taking the next step. On a similar note, I understand that the local youth may be a bit bored now that school is out for the summer. If you or your kids have suggestions as to what we can do as a community to organize some activities to help keep them out of mischief, we are all ears! Speaking of Security One of the goals when reviewing how security services Forest Heights was to provide an additional avenue for homeowners, should you wish to have extra coverage at your home. In general, our security is here to protect our common areas, with the understanding that if suspicious activity occurs near a residence, we want owners to contact the Portland Police directly and not to rely on a private security firm. Having said that, however, we recognize that some owners feel an added sense of comfort knowing security has a presence in the community. continued on page 11  Page 10

FROM THE MANAGERS DESK continued from page 11

Therefore, the association has made arrangements with our security firm to provide 15 minute house checks for owners who request this service. This would be perfect for vacationing and/or absentee owners who want someone to pick up their newspaper, walk around and inspect their homes, etc. Each case will be handled on a one-by-one basis and comes with an additional charge, prepaid by the owner. If this is a service you would like to arrange, please contact me directly at 503-297-9400. Street Lights In an effort to reduce expenses and our carbon footprint, we have started to retrofit our private street lights with new LED fixtures. Prior to this point, we used 100 watt High Pressure Sodium bulbs. We are replacing these bulbs with 20 watt LED fixtures. In addition to the annual energy saving, these new fixtures are expected to last 50,000 hours (over 15 years) versus the 15,000 hours (3 years) we were experiencing with the previous ones.

This year, we have replaced 20 of our 63 lamps – 6 at Mill Pond Park and 14 on multiple private streets. Next year, we hope to budget for the replacement of the remaining lights. In addition, 35% of the cost to install these lights has been in the form of a rebate program through the Energy Trust of Oregon. We recommend homeowners visit their website to see what incentives and energy saving opportunities may exist on the residential level. For example, residents can sign up to receive an Energy Saver Kit at no cost. In the kit, there may be items shipped to a residence such as light bulbs (including specialty ones), aerators (for reduced water consumption) and other energy saving samples. For more information, visit their website at

~Jennifer Callaghan, FHHOA General Manager ~

Want to advertise in the Forest Heights Newsletter? When you advertise in the FHHOA newsletter, your ad will appear monthly during your contract period. In addition to your ad, we provide links to your website from the both the newsletter itself, a monthly email blast and on our website. For ad rates, submission deadlines and general information, please contact Kim Monaco by email at: or by phone 503.297.9400.

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Silver Ridge Staircase Complete

Just a reminder to all homeowners that your semi annual assessment are now due. The semi-annual assessment is $288.00 and is due January 10th and July 10th each year. You can pay your assessment one of the following ways:

OPTION 1 | ACH DRAFT Complete a Forest Heights ACH form and we’ll deduct your payments automatically from your chosen account on January 10th and July 10th of each year. Download ACH form

The rebuilding of the Silver Ridge staircase, located at NW Mill Ridge and NW Miller Road was completed in June. The new staircase, built with metal railings and a composite tread and decking system, will require less maintenance and repair than the previous staircase which was made entirely of wood. The association would like to thank all residents who were inconvenienced by the stair closure during the construction, which took a couple of weeks longer than expected.

OPTION 2 | US MAIL Write a check payable to Forest Heights HOA, and mail it along with your payment coupon to the address listed on the coupon. Important: Write your account number on your check as it appears on your statement. Please allow 5 to 7 business days for check to reach SmartStreet.

OPTION 3 | BILL PAY Please complete your bank’s bill-pay with the following information:

Before The old staircase, built entirely of wood, required semi-annual stain treatment and the replacement of treads, decking and railings

Payee Forest Heights HOA PO Box 105007 | Atlanta, GA 30348-5007 (888) 705-0600 Account Number: Enter as it appears on your statement

OPTION 4 | ONLINE PAYMENT Set up a one time payment using MasterCard, American Express or Discover or eCheck, or set up a recurring payment via the association’s bank. When the SmartStreet web page loads, choose your payment option and complete the instructions. There is a $9.95 convenience if you pay via a credit card. Mastercard, American Express and Discover are accepted. VISA IS NOT ACCEPTED

After The new staircase, built with composite treads and decking and a metal railing system, will require less maintenance and save the association on annual maintenance costs Page 12

Oh, Pioneers!


ave you lived in Forest Heights for more than ten years? More than twenty? Been here from the start? If so, we consider you a “Pioneer of Forest Heights” and we need your help preparing for our 25th anniversary. To help preserve all that is unique about our community, we’re asking all our “pioneers” to consider sharing your Forest Heights history by participating in the Forest Heights History project. The association office is looking for old photographs, newspaper clippings, realtor spec sheets, maps and original housing and marketing materials from the past 10 to 25 years. Nothing is too small to contribute and all items are welcome. We are especially interested in hearing stories from our residents, past or present. Tell us what it was like to raise your kids here, what trails you’ve walked, the wildlife you’ve seen and the neighbors you now consider lifelong friends! To participate, please email:

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Want to run a classified ad? Email your ad submissions to by the 15th of the month for your ad to appear in the next month’s issue. Ads for businesses run $15 per month, all other ads are free. BABYSITTING BABYSITTER Responsible 12 year old girl available for babysitting in the Forest Heights Neighborhood. I am Red Cross-certified and love kids! Call Abby at 503-292-7744. BABYSITTING SERVICE Hello! My name is Jarrett Gold, I am 16, and a sophomore at Lincoln High School. I am Red Cross certified and can take care of any age group of children. I can also take care of any pets or other things needed. I am very responsible and I have had past experience taking care of children and feel very confident in doing so. I was a counselor at outdoor school and took care of children for a week. I had a lot of fun and built leadership skills. I can also help tutor children with their schooling if needed. I can babysit children during the week or weekends. With summer coming up, I am free anytime, and am willing to take any time slots. I enjoy children and I am eager to help take care of them. You can contact me at 503-922-9900. Thank you! BABYSITTING SERVICE My name is Kendall and am 13 years old. I live in Forest Heights and an Red Cross CPR certified. My parents will drive me to residences in the neighborhood. I can be reached at 503-780-1890/503-706-0348, and charge $5.00/hr. Babysitter, Petsitter and/or House-sitter for Hire! I am exactly what you're looking for! I promise! My name is Jamie Huggins and I live up here off Devoto. I have about 3 years experience with other families (including nannying for one of them for about a year) and I also have 4 younger siblings that I've helped raise over the years. I have many of my own pets including a dog and a ferret:). I am 20 years old, I drive and have my own car (a safe Jeep Cherokee). I am currently studying business administration at PCC Rock Creek, however I do have flexible hours. I am willing to watch any age (child and/or pet) I’m able to drive to and from practices/school/doctors appointments -whatever you need. I can also cook. I charge a flat rate of 12/hr (unless you have upwards of 10 babies, then my rate might go up ;D). We can negotiate for pet and house-sitting rates. I have great references that can be provided upon request! Fun and outgoing! Stern but kind. I love both kids and animals more than you can imagine!! The best way to contact me is through e-mail: I usually respond within the hour. BABYSITTER/NANNY/PET SITTING AVAILABLE Hello, my name is Michaela. I am 17 years old and I live in the neighborhood. I am offering babysitting, nanny services, pet sitting and as needed jobs. I have a reliable car and a good driving record. I have experience as a nanny and with animal sitting. Give me a call at 503.737.4845. I am available most of the summer of 2013. Responsible, Fun, and Experienced Babysitter Available Hi, I'm Katherine. I'm a freshman at Lincoln High School. If you're looking for a reliable, redcross certified, fun babysitter, look no further. I've been babysitting and being a mothershelper since age ten, and have great references. I love kids of all ages (as well as pets), and I can cook, clean up, and help kids with their homework too. My rate is $6/hour for one kid; additional rates available upon request. I'm usually free, especially over the summer and on weekends. Contact me at or 503-291-1249. Babysitter--Certified, Reliable, Fun! Hi! I'm Julia Renner, a junior at St. Mary's Academy, and I have 6 years' experience babysitting as well as working with kids at camp. I am Red Cross CPR/First Aid certified and excellent with all ages as well as families with pets, and am also able to do housework/chores. Flexible rates; outstanding references available upon request. Call (503) 291-1249 or email Babysitter Hunting? Got one or more 1-6 year olds? Look no further! My name is Claire Jackson, I’m a sophomore at Lincoln High School, and I am here to tell you your kids are safe in my hands. But there’s no reason for you to trust me on the spot, so don’t be shy to call me at the phone number indicated at the bottom of the advertisement. Living in Forest Heights makes for easy access to any one of your homes, so don’t be shy to call me last minute late Saturday night, as long as you call I will do my best to make it over to your house just in time to make it to that movie you were dying to see. Yours truly, Claire Jackson (503) 803-7881 BABYSITTING Tess Pauken, babysitting, age 13, Red Cross certified, $5.00/hr., Responsible & reliable. Contact:503-297-4007 or email: EXPERIENCED NANNY Experienced nanny for many families in Forest Heights. Flexible availability. Reliable transportation and perfect driving record. Many references. Part time preferable. Phone Jocelyn at: 503-459-9443.

CERTIFIED BABYSITTER I'm Jaclyn and I am a responsible 13 year old. I have been certified through the Red Cross Babysitting Class. I am capable of helping kids with homework as well. I am available on the weekends and Holiday Breaks. I am also very good with dogs and cats. My rate is $5/hour. Contact me at my mom's cell 602-809-0917 or email: EXPERIENCED BABYSITTER Searching for a reliable, experienced, and fun-loving babysitter? My name is Annika Hansteen Izora and I’m 17 years old. I’ve been babysitting for four years, and with four younger siblings; I know how to take on any handful. I’m certified in Red Cross First Aid, CPR, and AED, with experience in caring for children of all ages. Above all, I love kids and I understand what it means to keep them safe and happy. Please contact me and we can have a chance to get to know each other. Call 503-705-6481, weekends only BABYSITTING SERVICE Warm, caring, responsible, babysitter who drives! CPR certified and experienced! Available throughout the summer until I leave to head back to college. Would love the opportunity to meet your family. Call Sonja Breda at 503-863-1221 Need a babysitter? Contact Grace Sullivan at 503-686-8805 or at CPR certified, 16 years old, previous childcare experience. Reliable and responsible.

PET/PLANT CARE Professional Pet Sitter/Dog Walker Professional pet care when you cannot be there. Insured and bonded, pet first aid certified. Administer meds, give shots and lots of love. When you hire me, I am the only one who does the job. I do not contract out any work. I also do overnights. Call Candis at 503-246-7559 or email me at For more information about me, my rates, and policies, check out my website: PET CARE Responsible 12 year old girl who loves to care for your pets. I am available to walk, play with, feed or care for while you are at work or away. All types of animals, birds or fish are acceptable. Please call to schedule your pet care. Manoy 503-203-1787 PET CARE / PLANT WATERING Responsible 13 and 16 year old brothers provide excellent nurture for your pets and plants. In the last five years we have cared for numerous neighborhood pets, watered an abundance of vegetation and provided many dogs a daily walk. References. Call Reid or Trent at: 503-203-1491 Experienced and Reliable Pet Sitting and Plant Watering 'm very responsible, have over six years of experience, and also have outstanding references. I can water plants, and feed, water, walk, play with, clean up after, and care for your pets. I've lived with cats, dogs, hamsters, and fish, and have experience sitting for cats, dogs, guinea pigs, birds, fish, and snails. I'll show your pets and plants lots of love and care. My rates are low and flexible, and I'm almost always free, especially over the summer and on weekends. Contact me at or 503-291-1249. PET CARETAKER Hello, my name is Emily Wu! I'm a Junior at Lincoln High School, extremely fond of animals. I would love to care for your pet (or that precious hydrangea!) while you are away. I have two dogs myself, and a lot of experiences with pets. I charge low rates, and will shower your animal with lots of loving. Call me at (503-490-9543) or email me at

MUSIC GUITAR LESSONS Classically trained guitarist now accepting new students; can teach any style of guitar Friendly, enthusiastic and easy going Forest Heights resident.. Open to teaching theory to non-guitarists. Music reading taught to every student, any age and skill welcome. Rates available upon request. Rory Kenner (360) 510-0096 LOOKING TO LIVEN UP YOUR NEXT DINNER OR COCKTAIL PARTY? Pianist available to play background music for your next event. Genre of music can be discussed. Has had 11+ years of piano experience. References available upon request. $50/hr. Christina Seung 503.320.4296 Email: PIANO AND FLUTE LESSONS Children and adult lessons available. Start a new hobby or pick up where you left off as a child. I travel to you. Well-established local business with outstanding Forest Heights' references. Contact Sarah at 503 313 1216; PIANO LESSONS Concert pianist teaches your child the art and technique of the piano. Over 10 years of teaching experience. My home or yours. Contact Lydia: 503/292 6868 or by GUITAR LESSONS Hi my name is Michaela and I am 17 years old and have lived in Forest Heights most of my life. I am looking for work with pet-sitting, house sitting, babysitting, dog walking or driving children to appointments/sports. I can also assist with grocery shopping, errands, etc. I have a reliable car and good driving record. $12.00 an hour, can negotiate for house and pet sitting. For caring reliable help call me at 503 737 4845 or e-mail me at

HOUSE CLEANING Veronica’s House Cleaning Professional, quality, low rates, free estimates. Mini-blinds, party clean up, window cleaning. Good references. Has many clients in Forest Heights. Contact: Veronica at 503-619-6690

4th of July Word Finder

Happy 4th of July! How many words can you find in the flag image above?

TUTORING TUTORING Tutoring, all ages, Math, English, French, SAT prep, homework help for learning challenged. Experienced certified teacher. I travel to you. Excellent Forest Heights references. Please contact Sarah at or 503 313 1216

FOR SALE LifeCORE LC-1000rb Recumbent Bike (valued at $800+) * Compact 44" step-thru design * Footprint: 44" L, 24" W, 42" H * 12 preset programs * * 3 heart rate control programs * Stores data for up to 9 users *

CERTIFIED READING THERAPIST Private sessions to improve your child's reading skills. Call for information or to schedule an evaluation. Caren 503-327-8046 or

*Contact heart rate sensors * High tech display /time & temp. *

MATH & HEBREW LESSONS Math lessons: Experienced math teacher (all levels) with Bachelors degree in math. Hebrew lessons: Native Hebrew speaker experienced in Hebrew teaching. Please contact Aya at: 971-227-0555

* Adjustable slide seat track * Comfortable seat w/vertically adjustable seat back *

* Toggle wheel for easy program scrolling *

$400 obo. Call John @ 503-407-8354 – must be able to pick up

Here’s a snapshot of FHHOA activities and meetings

JULY 2013

for the month of July. Print and keep this calendar in a handy spot so you’ll have access to what’s happening in your community.

 Sunday




Safety, Streetscape and Transportation 11:30 am





4 4th of July Celebration at Mill Pond Park





10 11 Go Green Architectural Committee Review Committee 6:00 pm 9:00 am *Meeting takes place at Susan Weedall’s home 10412 NW Burkhardt Ct.*



18 Wine & Real Estate 5:00 to 7:30pm Kaer Property Group at the Village Center



24 25 New Homeowner Architectural Reception Review Committee 7:00 pm 9:00 am Mill Pond Park



7 pm to 10 pm

Community Engagement Committee 6:00 pm 7


9 Board of Directors 6:30 pm


15 Budget & Finance Committee 6:00 pm










July2013 newsletter  
July2013 newsletter  

Monthly newsletter for the residents of the Forest Heights Homeowners Association in Portland, Oregon