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Latest Technologies for Production, Paving & Preservation October 2016

Gallagher Asphalt Upgrades Its Plant to Increase Efficiencies


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How to Measure


The use of 3D paving helps Park Construction meet demanding NFL specs L at the Vikings’ A N new stadium in O I Minneapolis.

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STAY INFORMED RECON™ monitor keeps you informed about the status of asphalt storage tanks and hot oil heaters at your HMA plant. It is a web-based system that uses your smart phone, tablet computer or PC. Your display screen shows real-time status of the hot oil heater that heats your asphalt tanks. The status of asphalt stored in tanks is also shown. Other screens show trend data that enables you to better manage usage. H E AT E C , I N C .

Other options are also available. The system can be easily retrofitted to many existing plants without upgrading existing equipment. Please contact Heatec at 800-235-5200 for more information. Visit our website RECON™ is a trademark of Heatec, Inc


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an Astec Industries Company

5200 WILSON RD • CHATTANOOGA, TN 37410 USA 800.235.5200 • FAX 423.821.7673 •

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58 Gallagher Asphalt

Upgrades its Plant

Located in a competitive market, this asphalt producer ups its game to stay on top.

64 Cliff’s Notes

Personal protective equipment requirements are there for a reason they could save your life.

66 Plant Products

Plants, baghouses, mixers, dryers, silos, automation systems.


70 Top 5 Common Mistakes


When Asphalt Paving

22 Measure of Success

The use of 3D paving helps Park Construction meet demanding NFL specs at the Vikings’ new stadium in Minneapolis.


32 APM Paves Parking Lot Using Mix with Toner Additive

Recycled printer toner passes first U.S. paving test – laydown in Kentucky.

38 Proper Rolling

Ensures Asphalt Overlay Smoothness

bits, which helps reduce milling time, maintenance and overall operating costs.

48 Communication Key

When Slurry Sealing a Gated Community

American Pavement Preservation tackles the preservation of the Laughlin Ranch Community & Golf Course in Arizona.

To avoid overlay bumps, use the right roller and avoid over compaction.

44 New Cutting

Technology Can Increase Milling Productivity

Manufacturers of milling machines are improving cutting

The latest opportunities provided by suppliers to the asphalt industry.

82 NPE 2017 Offers 15 New Paving Sessions

8 Editor’s Perspective

How to prepare for an emergency.



72 Courses in Training


40 Paving

Pavers, rollers, screeds, material transfer vehicles & more.

Training courses can help break bad habits.

10 New Products 50 It's Time to Start

Thinking About Awards Programs Opportunities for AEMA, ARRA, and ISSA awards programs.

53 Preservation Products

Milling machines, reclaimers, infrared equipment & more.

The latest products and innovations for asphalt contractors.

16 Technology Update

How to implement mobile technology into your asphalt business.

89 Ad Index 90 The Last Exit

Nanobite technology can sense when a bridge is in need of repair.

4 Asphalt Contractor • • October 2016

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Material Transfer Vehicle: MT 3000-2i Offset PowerFeeder.

TECHNICAL HIGHLIGHTS > High-performance material feeder to empty a 27.5 tons truck in just 60 seconds

> Material conveying system counteracts thermal as well as mechanical segregation

> Pivoting and inclining conveyor for high versatility > Automatic distance control system > ErgoPlus operating system for all-around visibility and intuitive controls

WIRTGEN AMERICA, INC. · 6030 Dana Way · Antioch, TN 37013 · Telephone: 615-501-0600 Search: 10075240

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LANE) program..


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The knowledge of what’s going

across the country will receive federal grants as part of the new Fostering Advancements in Shipping and Transportation for the Long-term Achievement of National Efficiencies (FAST-

on in today’s equipment can be


CONFIRM GAS TAX INCREASE VOTE NOT POLITICALLY TOXIC A new analysis of eight states that passed legislation to increase their state motor fuel taxes in 2015 to pay for important new transportation improvements shows that 98% of Republican and Democratic lawmakers who supported the

VIDEO: WATCH GOOD HOPE CONTRACTORS USE ROAD WIDENER Good Hope contractors in Birmingham, AL, demo use of the Road Widener product. Search: 12255775


shared with an unprecedented

Each product and advertisement found in Asphalt Contractor’s pages has a unique 8-digit code that can be entered into the search bar found at the top of www.ForConstructionPros. com/ASPHALT.

important asset is still in the

number of people. Your most seat, though, and the crucial next step is finding the most effective way to apply operating insights to improve project safety, productivity and profits. Search: 12249546


bill won their primary races in

departments of transportation


are now competing for the

Search: 12253504

national Grand Prize and the People's Choice Award. Vote through Oct. 31. Search: 12255809

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6 Asphalt Contractor • • October 2016

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Ride your pneumatic roller off into the sunset. The GlasGridÂŽ Asphalt Reinforcement System can triple the life of your pavement, so you might retire before your road does. | 800-TENSAR-1


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October 2016 • Vol. 30, No. 8


Lisa Cleaver, Editor


How to Prepare for an Emergency

Brad Humphrey helps you create a checklist to keep all your bases covered


ike a good Boy Scout, you need to be prepared for emergencies. Unfortunately, this is one of the most overlooked policy efforts by many contractors. Emergencies can take many forms, from accidents involving employees, non-employees and equipment, to threats involving guntoting individuals and weather patterns. Brad Humphrey, a.k.a. The Contractor's Best Friend, has a checklist to help create an emergency response plan to be shared with your entire crew. Have pre-planned emergency plans by type. While the list can certainly be endless, make the effort to develop and document an Emergency Crisis Plan for each situation. Make plans available, with copies in each company truck. Prioritize your emergency process steps. The very first priority in any emergency is the safe handling and leading of the people involved. Protecting your workers is critical, working to ensure that they are first safe and heading to a safer environment. Identify the root cause of an emergency. While our people’s safety is paramount, we must also be concerned with the root cause of the emergency. In some situations, the root cause is clear and present. If the cause is unknown, you might want to determine where the cause originated. Prepare safety precautions needed. This effort is to provide some additional precautions to prevent any further negative activity or additional people from getting hurt. Account for all involved on the jobsite. This requires knowing who is working on your site and taking a quick

1 2 3 4

inventory of those who have received the emergency alert and are acting appropriately. Emergency numbers and alerts. Every smart phone used by your workers should have a list of names and organizations that need to be contacted whenever an emergency erupts. Review and practice emergency plans several times a year. Because emergencies are (hopefully) not common, reaction to them will need to be rehearsed from time to time. Assign emergency roles and responsibilities. Be sure all crew members know what to do and who will perform what tasks in an emergency situation. Try to have a backup for every role, including for the foreman as he might be off the jobsite when such an emergency takes place. Prepare for jobsite area conditions. Consider where jobs are located. Depending on the geography, there might be some worksite areas that present more or less threatening situations. Create an emergency public relations policy. When an emergency happens, it’s amazing how many different viewpoints exist. You need to have a narrow vein of who communicates the “what, when and to whom” associated with a situation. For more great advice from Brad, visit and search Brad Humphrey.

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8 Asphalt Contractor • • October 2016

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YOU DON’T OWN ONE YET 13333 Highway 24 West Fort Wayne, IN 46814 Tel. (260) 672-3004 Fax. (260) 672-3020 Search: 10071910

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Know Exactly How Much Material You Have with Stockpile Reports


onstruction contractors can use the Stockpile Reports app to verify that stockpiles of materials were delivered in the exact amount ordered and help measure and verify the amount of material the contractor has at the shop or wants to sell. Use the Stockpile Reports mobile app to measure accurate stockpile volume and tonnage. The iPhone app is part of a tool system that helps collect data for each stockpile for all kinds of materials. The Stockpile iPhone app is the only ground-based stockpile image measurement technology currently on the market, according to developer URC Ventures Inc. Construction contractors can use the app to verify stockpiles of materials they ordered from a third party were delivered in the exact amount that was ordered. The app is also useful for contractors who may be looking to sell materials

(such as materials collected during demolition). The Stockpiles app can help measure and verify the amount of material the contractor has to sell. Another use for asphalt contractors is keeping tabs on materials being stored over longer periods or large piles of materials that are used throughout the season or on multiple jobs. How do you use the Stockpiles mobile app? Simply walk the perimeter of the pile while pointing your phone at the pile surface. The app does the rest. The app uses a specialized video capture application to measure the stockpiled material. The app’s patented computer vision algorithms can also help identify problem piles where there are measurement risks from vegetation, equipment, debris, standing water and more. The app also supports alternative measurement methods if a user would prefer to enter measurement

subscription. The Stockpile measuring system features various pricing plans that are based on customer’s measurement needs. Mobile app: Stockpile Reports Developer: URC Ventures Inc. Cost: Free with annual subscription Available on: Apple devices

information manually or from a walking wheel instead of using the video method. Since the app runs on a user’s iPhone, anyone on the construction crew can essentially run the app and take measurements allowing for inventory to be taken quicker than if only one person was in charge of all the measurements. The Stockpile Reports mobile app is part of a measurement system requiring an annual

App features: • Receive calculations in hours • Enables remote site management and accountability • Validate buy/sale amounts with third parties • Reduce over/under producing due to improper belt scale calibrations • Provide documented materials inventory • Provide automatic audit trails and monthly reports • Set your own companywide thresholds; piles that don’t meet these standards are automatically flagged Search: 12236408

Lake Erie Pitbull 2300 Screener The 13,500-lb. Pitbull 2300 propane screener for topsoil, mulch, gravel, stone, asphalt and other materials features a 48-hp Zenith 1.6-liter propane engine that can be easily converted to natural gas. • Its upper and lower screening decks provide 41+ sq. ft. of screening area each • The loading apron accepts up to 3 yds. of material at a time depending on the feed rate • A dump height of 8 ft. 4.5 in. allows the hopper to be filled using standard construction equipment • The 20-ft.-long stacking conveyor adjusts hydraulically from 7 ft. 6 in. up to 13 ft. to feed material directly into a dump Search: 12207712

10 Asphalt Contractor • • October 2016

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© 2015 ROADTEC.INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Search: 10074458

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NEW PRODUCTS Bon Tool Asphalt Checking Straightedge Bon Tool's aluminum Asphalt Checking Straightedge can be used to detect particularly low areas which may create pooling or uneven paved surfaces. • Made of 1-in. by 4-in. aluminum • Available in 8-, 10- and 12-ft. lengths • Level vial for accurate reading of the alignment of surface • Fold down comfort grip handle Search: 10735910

Solar Technology Arrow Boards with Cellular Communication Solar Technology's flashing arrow boards will now include a built-in modem, GPS and free cellular service – for the life of the board. • Remote communications included as standard equipment • Allows customers to create intelligent traffic solutions easily

XL 90 Hydraulic Detachable Extendable Trailer The XL 90 Hydraulic Detachable Extendable (HDE) lowboy trailer has an extendable main deck that goes from 28 ft. 4 in. to 50 ft. 3 in. with extension stops every 24 in. • Extend-A-Trac uses 6-in. greasable rollers with oilimpregnated bronze bushings for smoother extension and retraction • Flip axle and a 44-in. flip neck with kingpin settings at 16 in. and 24 in. together make the unit 84 ft. long when extended • Detachable wheel area allows drivers to insert more decking • 18-in. loaded deck height on the main deck and rear deck transitions to a 24-in. height • Gooseneck features variable ride with five ride height positions • 20,000-lb. brake rating

Dynapac Tier 4i CA2500 and CA3500 Soil Rollers Atlas Copco’s upgraded soil rollers — the Tier 4i CA2500 and CA3500 — save contractors on fuel costs due to the Efficiency Eccentrics as well as ECO Mode systems. • Enhanced productivity with easy maintenance • Efficiency Eccentrics system features eccentric weights positioned toward the right of the axle, which reduces the amount of weight that counteracts the soil roller’s movement at start-up; this reduces energy consumption at start-up by 50%, which also reduces fuel consumption • ECO Mode fuel saving system ensures the rollers don’t consume more fuel than necessary at a given time, which reduces fuel consumption by as much as 15%

Search: 12200643

• Cellular connection will enable customers to locate their boards via GPS, check battery voltage from their desks, and change arrow patterns remotely • Data also includes a recorded history of what was displayed and when


Trimble MX7 Mobile Imaging System

The TCI Portable Screen with Bin (PSB) plant is designed for screening reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP). • Feed hopper with grizzly • Folding discharge conveyors • Electrical pane and diesel generator for either diesel or line power • 6x18 DD high-frequency screen minimizes stroke and maximizes speed

The Trimble MX7 Mobile Mapping Imaging system is a fast and cost effective way to manage assets such as bridges, buildings, roads, highways, and power stations, and document site conditions with geo-referenced images. • Vehicle-mounted photogrammetric system equipped with six, 5 megapixel cameras, and Trimble Applanix GNSS and inertial georeferencing modules • Can be deployed on vehicles of all sizes, letting you capture 30 MP geo-referenced images at highway speeds • Rapid 360° geo-referenced image documentation

Search: 12234992

Search: 12211954

Search: 12237057

Search: 12250736

12 Asphalt Contractor • • October 2016

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When Astec parts salesman GREG PAINTER is not calling on customers to support their parts needs, you can find him on the water fishing or in the woods hunting. But when you call, he’ll trade that fishing hat for a hard hat, because he is always your parts man.

An ASTEC parts salesman knows that being successful in his job means that you count on him to deliver when needed. So when you need a part, he will take the call because no matter what else he is, he is always your parts man.

Anyone can stock parts and ASTEC stocks the world’s largest inventory of parts for asphalt plants. But ASTEC doesn’t just stock parts. ASTEC delivers the industry’s best customer service. That is what sets us apart.

Any part, any brand. We can help.

Search: 10072061

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9/23/16 11:01 AM

NEW PRODUCTS Road Science ColdGrip IQ

Volvo Application-Specific Wheel Loader Buckets

Road Science's ColdGrip IQ cold patch mix for pothole repair is designed to chemically transform cutback asphalt to be highly compatible with cool, damp and dusty aggregates for easier production and longer patch life. • Easy handling features in cold temperatures and low odor • Improves the coating and adhesion of the cutback to cool, damp and dusty aggregates during production, eliminating aggregate coating challenges and enabling the use of less pricey aggregates for reduced costs and improved production efficiency

The Sand, Rehandling Flat Floor and Rehandling buckets have been redesigned with increased capacity and spillage protection for faster cycles at a lower operating cost. • Designed to fit L110 to L350 wheel loaders equipped with Torque Parallel or Z-Bar linkage • Two-piece mid-section with bolt-on cutting edge for easier replacement • Constructed of high-tensile steel with wear-resistant parts in critical areas • Bucket shape, balanced floor back ratio and countersunk hole enable easy filling, and convex side plates provide optimal material retention • Spill guards designed to deflect materials and protect the linkage Search: 12222147

Caterpillar 14M3 Motor Grader The 57,250-lb. 14M3 motor grader builds on the design of predecessor models with a larger engine, increased fuel efficiency, improved machine balance, enhanced transmission performance, advanced electrohydraulic steering, more powerful telematics and added operator safety/convenience features. • 14-ft. standard or optional 16-ft. moldboards with blade-float feature • Includes intuitive joystick controllers and selectable blade-lift modes to match blade control to the application • Easily maintained drawbar-circle-moldboard assembly • 238- to 285-net-hp C13 ACERT engine with ECO mode and Standard Optimized Variable Horsepower system that closely matches power requirements in all gears • 8F/6R powershift transmission features the Advanced Productivity Electronic Control System (APECS) and Shuttle-Shift feature or available Autoshift system • Top forward speed of 31.4 mph and top reverse speed of 24.8 mph Search: 12238303

• Extends patch life by strengthening adhesion of the cold patch to the pothole by displacing and repelling water from the pothole and forming a stronger bond to the existing pavement • Designed to eliminate stripping, raveling and premature failures of the cold patch for longer patch life • Maintains low viscosity even in below freezing temperatures Search: 12247937

Rototchopper Key Knife Chipper Package The new Key Knife chipper package lets Rotochopper Owners diversify into chip markets without the hassle of a typical chipper conversion package. • Allows horizontal grinder owners to chip and grind with a single machine • Bolt-in option for the B-66 and B-66 E models • No rod pullers or other specialized tools required (just a torque wrench) • No need to swap rotors, re-align sheaves, or re-tension drive belts • Just two bolts per knife mount and two bolts per knife clamp • Key Knife shipping inserts are indexable (reversible) Search: 12240408

WHAT DOES SEARCH: 10000000 MEAN? Each product and advertisement found in Asphalt Contractor’s pages has a unique 8-digit code that can be entered into the search bar found at the top of By searching for the unique number, you will be instantly taken to the specific piece of online content where you can find more images, online exclusive information, related products and videos, and more!

14 Asphalt Contractor • • October 2016

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9/23/16 11:01 AM

HOT POUR CRACK FILLING SOLUTIONS. • CrackPro® Melter / Applicators • CrackMaster® Materials




Your One-Stop Source for Hot Pour Crack Filling Equipment and Materials.

AVAILABLE AT SEALMASTER LOCATIONS NATIONWIDE To learn more contact your SealMaster Representative at 1-800-395-7325 or visit Search: 10074572

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9/23/16 11:01 AM


How to Implement

MOBILE TECHNOLOG into Your Asphalt Business

Barriere Construction offers tips on getting started By Lisa Cleaver, Editor


ounded in 1949, Barriere Construction is a fourth generation, family-owned industrial, highway and civil construction, asphalt and concrete paving company. Headquartered near New Orleans and with facilities in St. Charles Parish, Washington Parish and East Baton Rouge Parish, Barriere is a leading asphalt producer in Louisiana and employs more than 500 people. It’s no wonder that information needs on

day-to-day activity at this company is a high priority. “We strive every day to ensure our employees have the best information possible so they can make the decisions that will ensure the safety of our projects, as well as maintain high quality and profitability,” says Brian Cooney, recently retired EVP – finance and administration with Barriere. “Having the ability to provide our field managers with timely, accurate and consistent data gives them

16 Asphalt Contractor • • October 2016

ACON1016_16-21_TechUpdate_LJ.indd 16

9/23/16 11:02 AM

programmer who has been with the company for over 25 years. “This person is a great asset to our company,” • Customer information • Project specific says Cooney. “He has helped set our information: all technical vision, which is crucial.” • Employee applications, information detailed to In recent years, Barriere has added including pre-hire informathe project, cost code and resources for information technology tion, web-based employcost type and now has an active field technology ment information committee, chaired by CFO Heath • Equipment telematics: • Pre-estimate information Wahden. The company has focused on location, hours, fuel burn; (take-off related) field, trucking and plants information paver/MTV speed, stops, that will improve its safety and quality • Estimate details distance; maintenance and increase throughput both at the needs/reporting/ • Survey and equipment plant and on the jobsite. inspections modeling Before beginning any kind of • Trucking location map; • Scheduling/dispatch mobile technology program, Cooney truck cycle times, truck suggests ensuring your information • Safety: tool box talks, job location with plant ticket system has good infrastructure as its site audits/inspections, info, Lo-boy location, and backbone. “Your primary consideration safety alerts payment information at the beginning is making sure • Payroll: hours and type of your estimating, manufacturing and • Ancillary information – work operational system can readily share elimination of paper • Equipment use, trucking, information,” he says. “This is critical production to the success of any mobile program.” In addition to a good backbone, highly skilled IT resources that can A Barriere paper forms and manual checklists that will coordinate the flow of the information is a employee uses help us to maintain compliance with our must. “If you’re going to make information an iPad and programs,” says Cooney. a priority, setting an expectation of zero B2W's Track Starting as far back as 1990, Barriere downtime for your system is critical,” he says. program to collected daily information from the field Actual devices used to collect and report complete his that could be readily turned in, entered, and information at Barriere include smart phones, daily time sheet. used to generate useful reports that matched iPads, laptops and GPS devices. And the types the plan to the estimate. This information of data being collected follow the construction continues today by assisting the field in their cycle and run the gamut from estimating, planning of all of the project resources. scheduling/dispatch, safety, payroll, “Plant, trucking and equipment information equipment telematics and more. (See box on has been a priority throughout Barriere’s this page for the full list.) history, and we have used many sources of Today, all foremen, survey/GPS staff, the information they need to make the best information — from CFMA, AGC and trade field engineers, quality control/assurance, informed decisions on every project, every media — to be on the cutting edge,” says superintendents, plant day. The data is also critical for the safety and Cooney. “In addition, we have always focused managers, logistics/ performance of our asphalt plants, equipment on partnering with software companies that trucking and fleet and other areas.” understand construction, specifically unit-based equipment staff, and construction, asphalt manufacturing, materials, project managers Mobile tech helps deliver trucking and equipment. use mobile information faster “These business partners also understood devices to Barriere has always focused on using that they had to integrate with our total share and information to make accurate decisions; platform — be it estimating, safety, mobile technology has merely sped up and equipment tracking, maintenance, costing, improved accuracy of the collection and asphalt manufacturing, etc.,” he continues. feedback of the data. “With the improvements in mobile Where to start technology and integration with software, we Barriere did not have a dedicated team see the next generation of mobile technology to implement mobile technology into giving us the opportunity to eliminate all its processes, but it did have a part-time

Types of Data Barriere Collects


October 2016 • • Asphalt Contractor

ACON1016_16-21_TechUpdate_LJ.indd 17


9/23/16 11:02 AM


Software Programs Due to the complexity and quickly evolving nature of information technology, Barriere has added resources to manage their diverse portfolio of software programs. Below are a few examples of what Barriere uses to gather information: • B2W for estimating, data capture at the jobsite for payroll, equipment, trucking, production, dispatch/ scheduling, maintenance inspections (repair, preventive maintenance, scheduling) and more • FleetWatcher/EarthWave technologies for trucking, GPS cycle time management, real time field information/mapping, equipment telematics/GPS including paver/MTV speed, distance, hours and location

An employee completes an inspection/work request using B2W Inform.

• Vision Link for Caterpillar telematics • Trimble Zonar for equipment location, hours, speed, idle time and on-road vehicle DOT compliance

supply information on all the moving pieces that make up Barriere’s day-to-day operations. “We are also testing collection of project data — safety, equipment inspections, toolbox talks – by operators and other field employees,” says Cooney. “Information is strategic. The use, collection and access should be available to those same individuals supplying the information as well as all compliance and information needed to make improvements.”

Sound advice There may be many questions in your head if you’re getting ready to introduce or expand your company’s use of mobile tech. Cooney has some simple questions for you to get started. • Is there a budget? Is there support for this type of program from owners and top management? • What is your vision? Create a five-year picture of where you want to be. • How will the data be used – and by whom? • How will you communicate the results of the analyzed data? • What are the benefits? Lower costs? Improved throughput? Will the information generated be useful to your overall vision?

• Do you have a technology leader? • Who will implement the programs and conduct the training? • What is the return on investment? How will you measure it? It’s also imperative to find software and technology partners who share your vision and are focused on the information generated, not just its collection. “Make sure your partners understand your business and will help you achieve all of your goals,” says Cooney. “We have very strong partners focused on continuously improving their product. We also have a shared vision for working together to generate not only ease of use but actionable information for our asphalt and heavy equipment teams.” Barriere’s goal and focus right now is integration and coordination of planning and scheduling of all its asphalt resources with seamless information flowing to each crew tied to their paving plan. “We have the ability, tools and business analytics to share data and information across all ‘silos’ – from estimating, daily collection of project information, plant data, field and trucking information along with equipment telematics – and only a few data points need to be analyzed,” he says. “Partnering with

• E-Safety for claim management • Bird Dog for employee recruitment and application management providers that share our vision and back it up with technology has the potential for greater rewards.” Barriere’s future goals include integrating all components of the construction cycle in real time. “We see reporting on a real-time basis – be it location and load information of asphalt delivery trucks, plan versus actual information, open work orders on equipment by project on a map, or alerts requested by field management – as the next step,” says Cooney. “Paper will be eliminated; all forms and information collected will be online. Data collected will be validated, and compliance measured and graded on a real-time basis. We will be able to plan – and determine the success of those plans – more effectively.” Cooney says the integration of mobile technology into your asphalt business is definitely worth the effort, but he notes, it’s not a one-step procedure. “It’s not easy,” he says. “Plan on a journey – a long, continuous journey.”

18 Asphalt Contractor • • October 2016

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9/23/16 11:02 AM



All Hy-Way heaters deliver the highest efficiency by way of their unique turbocoil design. In fact, it’s the most energy efficient heater in the market with lower stack temperatures than competitive units. Which means your profit isn’t being wasted up the stack. With over five decades of unrivaled experience in efficient heat transfer, General Combustion helps you make more black. No other system saves you more. 5201 N. Orange Blossom Trail ∙ Orlando, FL 32810 ∙ 407.290.6000 ∙ Search: 10073093

ACON1016_16-21_TechUpdate_LJ.indd 19 119784_Gencor_GenComb.indd 1

9/23/168/11/10 11:02 AM 2:28 PM

Long Drying Time Plus Long Mixing Time Equals

High Quality


DILLMAN UNIDRUM The robust, hard-wearing Dillman Unidrum takes full advantage of its long drum to produce a consistent, high-quality mix with up to 50%* RAP content. Add the optional V-Pack stack temperature control system to operate in the most efficient way possible. Only available on the ASTEC family of asphalt plants. *at 3% moisture

ACON1016_16-21_TechUpdate_LJ.indd 20

9/23/16 11:02 AM


• • • • •

Easily Retrofitted 200-700 Tons Per Hour Optional Astec Warm Mix System Optional V-Pack Stack Temperature System Backed by 24/7 Parts and Service Support TM

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Measure of


The use of 3D paving helps Park Construction meet demanding NFL specs at Vikings’ new stadium


igh fives and handshakes celebrated an NFL victory four months before the opening kickoff at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. The reason for the cheering? The paving crew had met the demanding flatness specs set by the NFL for the stadium bowl’s

asphalt base. Park Construction, the Minneapolis-based asphalt subcontractor at the new home of the Minnesota Vikings, placed an asphalt mat that varied less than 1/8-in. over a 10-ft. by 10-ft. area the entire length and width of the field.

22 Asphalt Contractor • • October 2016

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Park Construction’s 3D paving system uses the Trimble Total Station and software onboard the paver to compare the screed position and slope with a digital design of the project.

the paver to compare the screed position and slope with a digital design of the project. A Cat AP1055E paver with an AS2302C screed laid down the mix. AccuGrade PCS900 is integrated with the Cat Grade Control factory 2D system. The AccuGrade PCS900 is an overlay system that does all of the required 3D calculations, and then transmits the information to the paver’s 2D system. The 2D system then drives the machine tow-point hydraulics to the height specified by the 3D system.

Knowledge is power

NFL officials tested the mat’s flatness with a 10-ft. long straight edge after the two-day paving job in late April. “When he started pushing the straight edge up the joint, which is potentially our worst spot, he just started raving about the quality of work,”says Paul Plieseis, project superintendent. “And then his boss started running the straight edge north and south for a few minutes, and it was the same thing.

Then it was high fives and handshakes through the entire group,” The use of 3D paving helped the Park Construction crew quickly place a high quality surface. “I’ve changed my view of how tightly we can dial in the customer’s tolerances,” Plieseis says. With 3D paving, asphalt is placed based on elevation. The 3D paving system utilizes the Trimble Total Station and software onboard

To determine how to tie in asphalt to concrete features already in place at the stadium, Shawn Bloch, GPS Survey Manager for Park Construction, shot the elevation of existing concrete with a transit. He found that four elevation marks on concrete walls were within about an inch, plus or minus, of 104 ft. all the way around the bowl. This wasn’t close enough for the tight tolerances required for asphalt paving. The actual elevation had to be adjusted at the four points. “When we reset to the actual coordinates, that brought us within our tolerance for our control,” Bloch says.

October 2016 • • Asphalt Contractor

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A Cat AP1055E paver with an AS2302C screed laid down the mix. AccuGrade PCS900 is integrated with the Cat Grade Control factory 2D system.

“There were a lot of eyes on us. We’re doing something nobody in the industry has done before ... putting an asphalt layer down underneath an athletic field.” — John Lenarz, Park Construction

Creating a 3D model of the site to download into the paver took Bloch approximately one hour. “For this project, we had three elevations. We had one elevation for the top lift of asphalt, one for the top of the base course, and one for the gravel surface. It was pretty quick and simple,” Bloch says. Before asphalt paving could begin, approximately 75 tons of aggregate had to be removed from the bowl. Hard, packed aggregate, ½ to ¾ in. in diameter, was ripped and then graded to elevation. Park Construction had one week to complete grading. A Cat 160M motor grader outfitted with 3D grading, which eliminated the need for shooting grades and grading stakes, completed the work in 3 ½ days. The 3D paving job was a first for Park Construction, and some techniques needed tweaking. Steve Devlaeminck, a screed operator since the 1990s, had been taught to keep the tow point centered at zero. “We started out paving with tow points in the center at zero, and we noticed our mat was going up and down,”

Devlaeminck says. “We made adjustments to correct that.” Steve Goutermont, a Caterpillar Paving consultant, mentioned that performance is improved for this paver and screed combination when the tow-point is positioned at zero-plus-paving-thickness and the angle of attack is at ¼ in. "Once we changed the tow points and maintained our paver speed, we could see the results instantly. Everything settled down and we started getting a nice-looking mat,” says Devlaeminck. Wayne Dilley, paver operator, says his top priorities were keeping the paver as straight as possible, stopping exactly when elevations were checked, and keeping a consistent head of material. "I knew my head of material was good, but we had to stop and check our elevations. Instead of stopping slowly and checking, we stopped right away. Then we went right back up to speed. That was a crucial part of ensuring the mat laid was nice,” Dilley says. Park Construction placed approximately

24 Asphalt Contractor • • October 2016

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PAVING INNOVATIONS 3,000 tons total for both lifts. The first lift was 2.5 in. compacted, and the second was 2 in. compacted. Compaction coming off the back of the screed was 89%.

Key matchups The team met the challenge of paving a stadium bowl that is oval-shaped, and includes concrete drainage and other details like conduit for end zone cameras. “The first couple of passes around the stadium, the biggest issue we had was matching into the concrete that was in place, getting by the gate valves and catch basins that they had in place, and trying to match the surface with those elevations or those items,” Bloch says. “As a paver operator and screed operator, we like to keep our screed at the exact same width if we can,” Dilley adds. “That wasn’t possible.” When screed width changed, so did the head of material. The paver’s mix delivery settings needed to be adjusted to keep the head of material consistent. “That was probably one

of the bigger challenges for me,” Dilley says. Communication with the screed operator was key to keeping the initial starting pad at the correct elevation. “I started to give the guys grades on the pad that we would start on, and made sure that that was at the elevation where we needed to be,” Bloch says. “I kept shouting out numbers to him, if we were high or low.”

Tolerances were close after the first day of paving, which set a benchmark for second day adjustments. “On day two, we dialed in an exact paving speed, we paved at that speed all day long, we knew exactly where our head of material had to be, and we kept it there,” Dilley says. “Everybody was on their A game. That's probably one of the nicest paving jobs I've ever seen in my life.”

Park Construction placed approximately 3,000 tons total for both lifts. The first lift was 2.5 in. compacted, and the second was 2 in. compacted.

The team met the challenge of paving a stadium bowl that is oval-shaped, and includes concrete drainage and other details like conduit for end zone cameras.

26 Asphalt Contractor • • October 2016

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Brand New Highway Class Paver SUPER 2000-3i.

TECHNICAL HIGHLIGHTS > High-performance paver for use in highway construction and large-scale commercial applications

> Multiple screed options including front or rear extensions or a high-compaction screed for placing stiff mixes and base materials

> Ergo Plus 3 for easy paver operation > Daily maintenance-free paver with large fuel tank for a day’s work or more

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PAVING INNOVATIONS After the first day of paving, a topographic survey was done of the entire site. “We could see what we needed exactly for thickness on day two and then they came up with a compaction factor so that we could hit that exact elevation across the entire project,” Plieseis says. Measurements showed three low areas. “That's where I think the Trimble Software was really helpful. It was able to tell the paver

that there was a low area coming up, so the screed could start making the adjustment before it got there,” Devlaeminck says. “The 3D system allowed for highs and lows and for compaction. The end result, we hit the numbers right on.” Park Construction also had to meet the challenge of a high profile job, with numerous subcontractors working simultaneously.

Teamwork critical “There were a lot of eyes on us,” says John Lenarz, paving supervisor and superintendent. “We’re doing something that nobody in the industry has done before — putting an asphalt layer down underneath an athletic field. With that and just working with all the other trades and contractors on the site, the logistics of moving about and getting your work done, it was challenging. "The support that the paving crew and myself received from Caterpillar, Ziegler Cat, and Trimble was crucial. It was truly a team effort," Lenarz adds. Morning meetings with prime contractor, Mortensen Group, included logistics of getting asphalt trucks in and out. “They would ask how many trucks for the day, how many tons for the day. They wanted to keep us moving along with our work, and maybe reroute some of the subcontractors to a different day,” Plieseis says. Hot mix left the asphalt plant at 280° to 290° F, and the goal was to have mix delivered to the site at 250° F. “We had several laborers staged throughout the project to flag traffic, and make sure trucks weren't sitting on the street an excessive amount of time and that they could back in safely,” Plieseis says. A Cat CB66B steel-drum roller running at low amplitude and high frequency was used for breakdown, with 90% to 91% compaction. A PS360C rubber-tire roller and a CB64 roller aided in compaction. A three-ton CB24B roller served as finish/ touchup roller. Final compaction of 93% to 94% exceeded the density targets of 92%. In the end, the paving job was picture perfect. Before leaving the stadium, Bloch took several cell phone photos of the finished product. “It was smooth, not a roller mark or anything,” he says. “That’s because of the 3D paving system that we used. That’s the flattest, smoothest surface I’ve ever seen. It looks just perfect,” While viewers of Super Bowl LII on Feb. 4, 2018, at US Bank Stadium may not notice the exceptional flatness of the field, the crew from Park Construction will know they notched the first NFL win at the stadium.

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28 Asphalt Contractor • • October 2016

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WITH YOU FROM THE GROUND UP The work may be under your feet, but you’re looking ahead—to the next challenge and the next deadline. We’re right there with you. You can count on our equipment to handle every task on your site, on our dealers to keep it running efficiently, and on our real-world training to help you master the latest techniques and technologies. Get the tools to tackle whatever challenges come your way. Visit our online resource center for mobile apps, calculators, application guides and more. Resources supporting you from the ground up—that’s what we’re built to deliver.

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LISTEN TO OUR CUSTOMERS NOT OUR COMPETITORS For 40 years and counting, ADM has been committed to producing quality, high-production asphalt plants. On top of that, we take great pride in delivering an unmatched level of service before, during and after the sale.

At the end of the day, our plants speak for themselves. But we certainly appreciate that our customers have so many good things to say. They’re the ones we listen to, and we think you should, too.


Commissioned: 2013

Production: 300 TPH

“I had an ADM plant in my former business and had tremendous success with it. I really saw no reason to look elsewhere. That’s why we went with the new EX plant. We knew we could depend on ADM’s engineering expertise to help make our project a success.” - Steve Bevilacqua President/Owner Bevilacqua Asphalt

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APM Toner Add


Paves Parking Lot Using Mix

APM Asphalt is the first U.S. contractor to construct an asphalt pavement that contains the MTP as an additive in the hot mix asphalt.

32 Asphalt Contractor • • October 2016

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The Milling Advantage

dditive Recycled printer toner passes first U.S. paving test – laydown – in Kentucky By Allan Heydorn, Contributing Editor


ompanies around the world are testing a variety of additives in hot mix asphalt. Last summer, Asphalt Paving & Maintenance (APM) became the first contractor in the United States to tackle a significant job using a mix containing an additive derived from end-of-life printer cartridges. Lexmark International, a printer manufacturer based in Lexington, KY, sends its toner powder, a waste product from printer cartridge recycling, to Close the Loop (CtL) in Hebron, KY. Close the Loop, a clean tech and resource recovery company for imaging consumables, has established a global reputation for providing end-of-life management services and recycles a variety of materials into environmentally friendly products. CtL approached Lexmark with an innovative idea of using recycled toner powder in hot mix asphalt. As the two companies pursued the idea, they approached contractor APM in Lexington, KY, who previously completed work for Lexmark. APM outlined and bid the job: a 1-1/2-in. overlay of a 17,000-sq.-yd. parking lot that was split between traditional hot mix overlay and a test section using the additive containing recycled toner.

Preparation for the Lexmark International overlay job required full-depth milling prior to placing the surface course. To accomplish the milling, APM Asphalt relied on its Wirtgen W 130 CFi 51-in., self-loading mill, which can mill up to 4 in. deep. Peter Kramer says the relationship APM has with Lexmark International is integral to APM growth and expansion, and in fact provided the impetus for APM to buy its own mill. “The purchase of the milling equipment was important to our growth,” Kramer says. “Owning our own milling machine opened up a whole new area of work for us.” He says that because they own their own milling machine they can make money by hiring the mill out as a subcontractor for other jobs, but they can keep money spent hiring subcontractors they’ve had to in the past. “Over the past couple of years, we’ve subbed out several hundred thousand dollars in milling and now we’re able to bring that work and those dollars in house,” Kramer says. In addition, Kramer says that because APM owns its own mill, they can mill when they need to without relying on another contractor’s schedule and they can control the amount of pavement they mill. “By not having to sub it out we have more control over the milling part of our business, which means we have more control over the paving,” Kramer says. “Plus now we are able to cut the milling part of the job into bites that are more palatable to our customer – basically the way a lot of this work should be done. The milling contractors we hired often wanted to mill the entire parking lot because it’s easier to just go back and forth and mill it all than to mill smaller areas.” Now APM can mill on a smaller scale if that’s what the job needs and if that helps the customer. “Buying a mill was a game changer for us,” Kramer says.

October 2016 • • Asphalt Contractor

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PAVING INNOVATIONS The additive (called MTP) is produced by Close the Loop, and is made of 100% recycled materials including crumb tire rubber, waste oils, and waste toner powder. Finding a highvolume and economically sustainable reuse program for the powder has been an environmental challenge on a global scale, and therefore made this project very significant. “When we first heard about their product, we thought that it was a pretty interesting idea. We did some research and no one had installed a mix using this additive in North America and we were intrigued to be part of the process for the first installation,” says Peter Kramer, APM president. “We worked very hard for this The additive is partially made from toner that remains in printer cartridges when they are recycled. In the past this costly material was thrown away in landfills or sent for thermal recovery but Close the Loop has recycled it into a hot mix additive.

project. It’s a unique product and a process and we’re really excited to be part of it.”

“Customer centric” contractor While APM does a good amount of new construction, Kramer says the full-service pavement maintenance company’s bread-and-butter is rehabilitation of existing commercial sites including milling, patching, overlays, sealcoating and striping. He described the work for rehabilitation as 75% paving related and 25% is sealcoating and striping. “We’re very customer centric,” Kramer says. “We work hard to meet their needs and to come up with the best possible solution – not the cheapest or the easiest necessarily, but what’s best for what the customer needs. And that approach has opened some doors for us.” Kramer says APM runs two crews: a three-person sealcoating crew and a six-person paving crew. Kramer says the “top lean” company employs up to 20 people in peak season with virtually everyone in the field. He says the company is able to operate as lean as it does because they developed a standalone project management software process that relies on texting and email to track jobs, disseminating information to crews and enable teams to send information back in an efficient manner. Bill Shaw, Kramer’s father-in-law, started

The Lexmark International parking lot job was set up with both a control and a test area to evaluate over time how the mix containing the toner additive holds up when compared to traditional hot mix asphalt.

the company in 1982; and when Kramer, a biologist by training, married into the family in 1998, his father-in-law approached him about doing some striping work. That discussion evolved into a partnership, and Kramer worked for five years in the field, learning the business from on-the-job field work to preparing bids. Kramer eventually transitioned into his current managerial position, where he takes the lead on estimating production and operations while Shaw focuses on the financials (however, both pitch-in where they’re needed).

Paving in two halves

APM Asphalt allowed one week for preparation and repairs with a second week devoted to paving and striping.

APM coordinated the Lexmark project, working closely with Allen Co. (the hot mix asphalt producer), Denham Blythe (general contractor), and Close the Loop to get the job done. Located 15 miles from the jobsite, Allen Co. used a drum plant to produce the mix for the job, and the nature of the drum plant created just one of the challenges for the producer/contractor team. Kramer says that while all work flowed through Denham Blythe, the project was a team effort that involved numerous meetings among all the partners to establish a schedule and cover all details. Kramer said Steve Hall, APM superintendent, controlled the job from start to finish. “He made sure the work progressed and was completed the way we said when we bid it and talked it through with all the players

34 Asphalt Contractor • • October 2016

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Engineered Innovation for the Material Transfer Vehicle Market • • • • • •

Designed around clean-out to simplify daily maintenance and increase component life Variable speed conveyors reduce wear Hydraulic conveyor chain tensioner automatically sets and maintains proper chain tension Automated tire spray down decreases tack build-up with programmable spray coverage Storage hopper management system notifies crew of material level in the storage hopper Cat® dealer sales, service and support

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PAVING INNOVATIONS involved,” Kramer says. Overall, the Lexmark project included 1,600 sq. yds. of pavement repair including localized areas of failure that had to be milled full depth. APM then installed binder asphalt to bring the milled areas up to grade before placing the 17,000-sq.-yd. overlay. Because the project was the first U.S. use of hot mix containing the MTP additive, APM and Close the Loop wanted to design a control area so they could monitor how the mix held up over time relative to a traditional hot mix. “Early on, it was determined that the project would be set up as a test case with a control pavement segment so everyone involved could evaluate the use of the toner based additive,” Kramer says. “CtL donated the additive to the project for half the parking lot paving.”

To deliver the MTP pellets into the drum plant, Close the Loop used an auger screw turning at a precise rate to deliver the material into the mix.

APM divided the parking lot into two halves, paving half using a traditional surface mix asphalt and the other half using the mix with the recycled toner additive. “We divided it so the traffic volume would be equal on both halves over time,” Kramer says. The work was completed in early August in four days following a week of preparation. Kramer says the first week crews removed existing asphalt curbs, installed extruded concrete curbs, and installed and repaired other concrete areas. APM crews paved half

the lot in two days using a traditional mix, then followed with two days of paving with the toner additive mix. “We could have done the job in two days but because they had to make sure the parking lot was accessible to Lexmark International employees, we spread it over four days for their convenience,” Kramer says.

Overcoming challenges Kramer says one of the early challenges the group faced was how to introduce the toner additive into the hot mix. The additive is available in 30-lb. bags of pellets. Although the asphalt drum plants are continuous feed operations, “it’s a lot more difficult to put a given quantity into a continually fed process,” Kramer says. Close the Loop came up with a mechanical solution to feed the pellets into the process using an auger screw, turning at a precise rate. “That enabled us to deliver the material into the mix at a constant rate,” he says. Another challenge was dealing with the 15-mile distance of the plant from the jobsite. Kramer says APM paid close attention to scheduling and tarping to make sure the mix was workable throughout the paving process. “Material delivery was a real challenge,” Kramer says. “We had to get the proper amount of trucking, make sure to schedule it correctly and then adhere to the schedule. We paid close attention to deliver the material to the site in a timely fashion.” APM didn’t want to risk having its haul trucks sitting in line waiting – like most pavers do on most jobs – or its special tonermodified mix. So to make sure APM got the mix it needed, when it needed it, the contractor and Close the Loop paid a lump sum to Allen Co. to reserve and rent a HMA storage silo just for their drivers on this job. “We rented the silo on the day of production. That enabled us to not only make sure the mix was available but that our trucks

Close the Loop supported this project by donating the additive, labor and rental of the HMA silos.

could get in and get out quickly as we were the only people using the material from that silo,” Kramer says. He says there were some additional haul costs because of the added distance (the job was quoted using a closer plant) and the extra trucking APM brought in to maintain the schedule. But Kramer says that additional cost was mitigated by the fact APM was able to rent its own silo. “The biggest challenge was coordinating with the plant, but that was made easier because we had exclusive use of the plant for the days we were paving,” Kramer says. But even that created additional concerns – particularly with the weather. “Like any contractor, we’re always watching the weather, but because we had to rent the plant and silo for the days we were paving we had to make sure we could pave on those days,” Kramer says. “It made watching the weather more important than normal because we had the plant on the days we were paving. We were much more aware of the weather on this job.” “The mix with the toner additive went down just like traditional hot mix asphalt,” Kramer says. “There were no installation differences between the two materials. From laydown to compaction to handwork, there was no apparent difference.”

36 Asphalt Contractor • • October 2016

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What Difference Does 6” Make? In A Word ... TONS! 4043T Crusher

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Proper Rolling Ensures Asphalt Overlay Smoothness To avoid overlay bumps, use the right roller and avoid over compaction By Jessica Stoikes, Associate Editor


umps” in asphalt concrete overlays are rare, but can be extremely frustrating when they happen. With more focus on ride quality and pavement smoothness, paving contractors, asphalt concrete providers, paver manufacturers, roller manufacturers, engineering firms and agencies have all researched ways to assure a smooth finished overlay. It is the consensus of this research that there is not one singular reason or cause for bumps. Pavement design, field conditions, paving and compaction equipment, and general construction practices are all suspect and have been cited as factors for bumps in overlays. One construction practice that is in control of the contractor is compaction of the overlay. In the process of overlay compaction, the rollers tend to shove the mix forward. If this happens on a job where the original pavement has “uniform restraining characteristics,” a smooth finished surface can be achieved. However, if this original underlying pavement surface varies significantly due to irregularities or conflicting materials, uneven shoving can result in unwanted bumps. During initial compaction of the new overlay, a breakdown roller can create a ‘bow wave’ or shoving of the overlay asphalt during the first pass. Heat from the overlay may be transferred down into the original pavement and crack sealant. The heated pavement expands and transverse cracks narrow, pushing the crack sealant up out of the crack and up into the overlay. The adhesive nature of the crack sealant produces a resistant force to the forward movement of the ‘bow wave’ in front of the breakdown roller. When the ‘bow wave’ cannot move forward due to this resistant force, the roller passes over the ‘bow wave’ and creates a bump.

flush sealed cracks after two or three passes of the roller. So to reduce the chances of a bump forming, make sure you’re only rolling as much as you need to on overlays. Tack coat application has been found to influence creation of a bump as well. The use of a stiffer tack coat has resulted in less overlay shoving and formation of fewer bumps.

More solutions to the bump formation problem: Procedures to be followed to reduce or eliminate overlay bumps are those that reduce shoving during compaction and/or prevent sealant from adhering to the overlay. Following is a list of solutions that have been found to help reduce or eliminate bumps:

Rolling matters A recent study conducted by the Associated Schools of Construction found that the type of roller used during compaction can significantly improve the finished pavement surface. The most significant reduction in bumps occurred when the static steel wheel roller was used for breakdown rolling over the recessed and flush sealed crack sealants. However, minor bumps and transverse cracking occurred with static rolling over the overbanded crack sealants. Vibratory breakdown rolling on the other hand, produced the most significant bumps and cracks in the hot mix overlay. These types of bumps can occur if the roller slips when it comes in contact with the sealant on transverse cracks. This slipping of the roller will produce a depression, which results in a related bump. Avoiding the use of a vibratory roller on the initial breakdown can help prevent these type of bumps. The roller study also found that bumps and cracks appeared over the recessed and

Overlay Construction Related: 1. Using rollers with driven front drums 2. Using two-course paving with a thin leveling course 3. Using stiffer tack coats 4. Waiting one or more years after sealing before overlaying 5. Modifying rolling patterns and temperatures based on operator experience to reduce mix shoving and mix designs 6. Slowing roller speed during compaction, especially for intermediate and final rolling 7. Rolling to achieve compaction with the minimum number of passes. Do not “over roll”

Crack Sealant Related:

1. Cracksealant should be allowed at least six months to cure before an overlay is placed 2. Apply an isolation or non-stick layer or material over the sealant to prevent adherence. (i.e. lime, sand or other coating) 3. Remove excess sealant and/or avoid excessive sealant applications

38 Asphalt Contractor • • October 2016

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PAVING INNOVATIONS Roadtec E-Series Shuttle Buggy MTV The E-series Shuttle Buggy material transfer vehicle features enhanced conveyor wear resistance. • Dual operator stations can slide sideways past the outer edge of the main frame for improved operator visibility • Indicators show how much mix remains in the hopper • Adjustable-width front dump hopper available to accommodate different asphalt mix haul truck widths • 300-hp Cat C-27 ACERT Tier 4 diesel engine Search: 10210240

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TransTech Notched Wedge Joint Maker TransTech's Notched Wedge Joint Maker provides notch and wedge joint shaping for increased density of the joint. • Provides safety ramp off the mat during construction periods • Fits any mainline paver screed • Easy to install. Easy to adjust on the run. • Thin lift produces two different ramp width sizes, 12 and 5.75 in. Search: 10085333 Search: 10073668

40 Asphalt Contractor • • October 2016

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Volvo P7110B and P7170B Tier 4 Final Pavers The P7110B tracked and P7170B wheeled pavers offer 360° visibility, improved fuel efficiency with 12+ hours of continuous runtime without refueling and options to enhance productivity and mat quality. • Volvo D8J, 8-liter, Tier 4 Final engine uses continuous passive regeneration and boasts a more than 5% improvement in fuel efficiency • Press of a button extends the two-stage, 42-in. hydraulic tunnels, allowing head of material control without bolt-on extensions • Include a range of screed options and a four-sensor material flow system • Choice of two control consoles for operation from the left or right sides Search: 12185798

Hamm HD+ i-Series Rollers The HD+ i-series line of tandem asphalt compactors come standard with offset capability (close to 7 in.), amplitude and frequency adjustment from the control panel and the Hammtronic machine management system. • 7-ton Hamm HD+ 70i VT combines a smooth drum with pneumatic tires, and the 11.5-ton HD+ 110i VO Oscillation roller combines standard vibration with Oscillation compaction • 13.2-ton HD+ 120i VV HF highfrequency model available with the HCQ intelligent compaction system • 8-ton HD+ 80i and 10-ton HD+ 90i offer conventional vibration, high-frequency compaction, Oscillation compaction, split drums and a smooth drum/pneumatic combination • 15.4-ton HD+ 140i VV comes with standard vibration • Tier 4 interim-compliant engines on most models with 74-hp engines on the HD+ 70i and HD+ 80i meeting Tier 4 Final

Electric heat from Process Heating Company improves your operation’s efficiency. How? •

Reduce Operating Costs: Electric heat is always 100% efficient, compared to fossil-fuel-fired heat that operates at only 50-85% efficiency.

Improve Asphalt Quality: Low-watt density heaters dissipate consistent, controlled heat on the sheath.

Reduce Maintenance: Drywell-style elements eliminate the need to drain tanks for service.

Increase Heater Life: PHCo electric heaters typically last more than 30 years.

Enhance Sustainability: No stacks, no emissions – and no expensive permits.

PHCo has been supplying customers with a cleaner, safer and more reliable heat source since 1947. To learn more, call us at 866-682-1582 or email

Search: 12002721


October 2016 • • Asphalt Contractor

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9/23/16 11:04 AM

PAVING INNOVATIONS Caterpillar F Series Pavers Generator power on board the AP1055F tracked and AP1000F wheeled asphalt pavers has been doubled to 70 kw to heat the standard 8-ft. screed from 40° F to 265° F operating temperature in 15 minutes and the SE60V XW screed extended to 33 ft. up to operating temperature in 25 minutes. • SE60V, SE60V XW and SE60 VT XW screed options offer both vibratory and tamper bars • Backlit touch-panel controls run Cat grade and slope systems from either side of the machine, up on the tractor or down on the screed • Proportional extender control offers two speeds and can be operated from the screed, tractor or pendant controls • 1,766-tph throughput capacity • 225-hp C7.1 Tier 4 Final engine with Eco Mode and Automatic Engine Speed Control

Atlas Copco Dynapac CP2700 Pneumatic-Tired Roller The Dynapac CP2700 pneumatic tired roller for soil compaction as well as asphalt finishing and sealing applications features a spacious platform, ergonomic controls and a rotating, sideway-sliding seat and steering assembly. • Tier 4i-compliant engine • Dual-circuit braking system maintains full braking effect even if one circuit is disabled • Compacting width of 7.55 ft. and a maximum operating weight of 59,000 lbs.

Search: 12017712

• Optional temperature sensor and DCA-A analyzer can play back the rolling pattern and produce a printout of all relevant information Search: 12051951

Vögele Super 1800-3i SprayJet The new Super 1800-3i SprayJet paver from Vögele is designed for the placement of thin bonded overlays. • ErgoPlus 3 includes important spraying functions integrated into the menu of the large color display on the paver operator's console • With the spray module removed, unit may be used as a conventional asphalt paver • Maximum spray width of 19 ft. 7 in.; as a conventional paver without spray function, it can pave widths of up to 29 ft. 6 in. • Equipped with five spray bars Search: 10072313

Search: 12228900

42 Asphalt Contractor • • October 2016

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9/23/16 11:04 AM

Carlson CP75 Commercial Class Paver Carlson Paving Products has upgraded its economical paver, the CP75, to a Tier 4 Final/EU Stage IV platform. • 74-hp Deutz 2.9 Tier 4 Final turbocharged engine provides higher torque, better fuel economy and horsepower at lower rpms • Operator-focused platform with screed-mounted controls, intuitive lever and switch placement at operator stations and lowered front hood • Heavy duty, replaceable components including true conveyor floor plates and hardened steel auger flights • High Flow Conveyor System eliminates segregation by combining the efficiency and anti-segregation performance of a rubberized belt with the durability and reliability of a chain and slat system • Electrically heated EZC813 screed features full length element hold downs, adjustable deck cones, adjustable slide track system and more Serach: 12087872

BOMAG BW206AD-5 Tandem Vibratory Roller The highway class BOMAG BW206AD-5 tandem vibratory roller boasts a larger, 55.1-in. drum diameter than previous 84.1-in. drum models to deliver a smoother finish and improve mat quality. Large drum diameter puts more impact surface area in contact with the asphalt to help prevent mat pushing and shoving and eliminate the potential for bow waves in front of the drum, even when working at higher speeds on tender mats. 66% higher curb clearance,increasing flexibility when compacting around obstructions • Low frequency and amplitude of 3,000 vpm (50 Hz) and 0.031 in. respectively deliver maximum compaction output of 39,116 lbs. • The rollers high 4,200 vpm (70 Hz) frequency delivers more drum impacts per inch when rolling at higher speeds than the previous model to improve surface smoothness • Operating Weight: 30,643 lbs. • Compaction Width: 84.1 in. • 140-hp Tier 4 Final engine Search: 12185809

Search: 10074819

October 2016 • • Asphalt Contractor

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9/23/16 11:04 AM


New Cutting Techno

Can Increase Milling Productivit Manufacturers of milling machines are improving cutting bits and by doing so are reducing milling time, maintenance and overall operating costs

“Because diamond bits do not wear, they produce a flat, accurate and consistent milled surface pattern,” Kathy Wurst with Caterpillar Inc. says. “Traditional carbide wears as you work, getting dull and growing shorter as they wear, causing inconsistent surfaces and patterns and potentially grade inaccuracies.”

By Jessica Stoikes, Associate Editor


nexpected downtime on your machines can be detrimental to a project. When that machine is a cold planer, not only are you stopping production, you’re also causing costly scheduling delays that could even result in penalties In an effort to reduce unexpected machine downtime, manufacturers have been working to create more resilient cutting bits. As a result, contractors are seeing increased productivity, less machine wear and a better quality milled surface.

Design Matters Other Improvements in cutting tips in terms of design can also help reduce bit consumption and increase performance as well. In a response to creating a better cutter bit design, Wirtgen introduced the Generation Z cutting bits at Bauma 2016. The new geometrical design and enhanced steel quality significantly increase the wearing volume of such components as the base and the upper and lower parts of the toolholder. The resultant extension of service life and longer service intervals also increase machine availability. The reshaped carbide tip of the Generation Z point-attack cutting tool has been reinforced and the quality of the carbide material further optimized. This makes the cutting tool less likely to break and more resistant to large blocks of stone and abrasive materials. These bits offer greater stability when used with the HT22 quick-change toolholder system. The system components are extremely robust due to the revised geometrical design of the base and of the upper and lower parts of the toolholder, as well as the enhanced steel quality. The hammer head of the redesigned base ensures additional protection against wear. The direct result for the user is a longer service life of the cutters and the quickchange toolholder system. Due to the resultant advantages – fewer tool changes, fewer and shorter machine downtimes, longer service intervals and higher machine availability – soil can still be stabilized cost-effectively no matter how difficult the conditions may be, and even severely damaged road pavements can be recycled efficiently.

44 Asphalt Contractor • • October 2016

ACON1016_44-47_PresDiamond_JL.indd 44

9/23/16 11:05 AM



Building a better bit Cutting bits are one of the highest operating costs for a milling machine, and traditional carbide tipped bits need replacement quite frequently. In response to that, manufacturers are introducing cutting bits made of new materials that are truly changing the game for the milling industry. Polycrystalline diamond bits, or PCD, are commonly known as “diamond bits.” Currently diamond bits are being run on several hundred high performance milling machines across North America as well as in other places around the globe. Since field testing began back in 2011 they have proven to last 40 – 80 times longer than carbide bits. “Diamond bits were developed to serve a need for a bit that could be used for high production jobs and jobs where timing may be a concern,” says Kathleen Wurst, lifecycle manager at Caterpillar, Inc. “Traditional carbide wears relatively quickly, interrupting production for replacement. Diamond bits help maximize production.” Traditional carbide bits require rotation. As the bits rotate, the wear is applied around the radius of the bit, helping it stay sharp longer. However, diamond bits do not rotate as the bit is always consistently sharp. This means diamond bits do not change length (wear down) as they are used, which is different than carbide. “Because diamond bits do not dull, they produce a flat, accurate and consistent milled surface pattern,” Wurst says. “Traditional carbide wears as you work, getting dull and growing shorter as they wear, causing inconsistent surfaces and patterns and potentially grade inaccuracies.” Since these tips remain sharp, there is less strain on the machine and less vibration, increasing the life of the planetaries, drive shafts, stub shafts, bearing, track pad and other parts and components. “The machine simply mills easier,” Wurst

says. “The tips stay sharp so it’s easier on the rotor drive system and powertrain. This can mean up to 15% in fuel savings since the machine doesn’t have to work as hard and therefore doesn’t burn as much fuel.”

More work, less maintenance

bits. They anticipate completing over 1.25 million sq. m. before changing the bits. "Standard life diamond bits last up to 45 times longer compared to a carbide bits and extended life diamond bits will last up to 80 times longer," Wurst says. "This dramatically decreases the need for frequent bit spotting and replacement, improving job productivity and entire job performance."

Depending upon cutting conditions and the type of machine, traditional carbide bits can last from just a few hours up to several days. Bringing a milling machine to a grinding halt to change bits can equal downtime that By remaining sharp for hundreds of hours, polycrysaverages several thoutalline diamond bits (PCDs) dramatically reduce your sand dollars a day. costs and grow your bottom line. Here’s how: “With higher quality • Last up to 80x longer than carbide bits, keeping crews cutting bits, you’re able more productive, month after month to reduce the risk asso• Assure faster project completions ciated with unexpected replacement due to bit • Provide you with a significant bidding advantage failure,” Wurst says. • Virtually eliminate labor costs for bit changes; eliminate This also helps unplanned, unproductive interruptions improve productivity. • Deliver proven fuel savings per ton of production “Skanska Asfalt & Betong used diamond • Enable faster milling speeds and increased productivity bits on a roadway • Eliminate costly bit inventory, and the handling that in Sweden and saw goes with it production increased 1.5 hours per day,” • Require no rotation, crucial because half of carbide Wurst says. “Minimal failures result when bits fail to rotate interruptions in work • Create less vibration, increasing the life of planetaries, allowed the entire drive shafts, stub shafts, bearings and other parts and jobsite (trucks, brooms, components cleanup crew) to work • Increase track-pad life because the machine does not more efficiently and work as hard helped minimize road user delays.” • Deliver a dramatically improved return on your mill Skanska Asfalt & investment through increased engagement Betong has milled one • Extend life of moldboards through a consistent pattern; million sq. m. on the protect welded-on base blocks—and ultimately the drum same set of diamond


Ways Diamond Bits Reduce Cost, Grow Bottom Line:

October 2016 • • Asphalt Contractor

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9/23/16 11:05 AM

Your New Asphalt Plant Pays for Itself in Less Than

2 Years

DOUBLE BARREL XHR The high RAP capability of the Astec Double Barrel ÂŽ XHR is taking the industry by storm. Operating this drum results in real savings that add up. 1

Reliably produce mix with up to 70% RAP content to save raw material cost. Operate in the most efficient way possible and save fuel with the V-Pack TM stack temperature control system 2. 1 2

Based on 3% moisture Only available on the ASTEC family of asphalt plants

ACON1016_44-47_PresDiamond_JL.indd 46

9/23/16 11:05 AM

DOUBLE BARREL XHR Exclusive Feature Package

• • • •

Astec Warm Mix System Stainless Steel Drying Chamber Stainless Steel Combustion Flights V-Pack TM Stack Temperature Control System

Search: 10072061

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9/23/16 11:05 AM


Communication Key When Slurry Sealing a Gated Community American Pavement Preservation tackles the preservation of the Laughlin Ranch Community & Golf Course in Arizona By Lisa Cleaver, Editor


estled within the foothills of Bullhead City, AZ, which is located on the Colorado River, the Laughlin Ranch Community and Golf Course was the focus of a maintenance project by American Pavement Preservation, headquartered in Las Vegas. Located 105 miles south of Las Vegas, the area sports spectacular views and an interesting and demanding layout, giving the Laughlin community a standout golf course to call its own. This upscale golf course community is still in the process of building homes and developing itself, but offers many amenities for the residents. The asphalt pavement conditions were in a fair condition within the gated residential community with approximately 70% of the streets having surface raveling and some block cracking, says Eric Reimschiissel, owner of American Pavement Preservation. The remaining roads were in moderate condition. Reimschiissel decided Type 1 slurry seal was a good application for preserving these streets.

Preparation involves communication Pre-production sampling of emulsion and aggregate was done, and underwent testing at

a certified laboratory for mix design analysis of the slurry seal material. The crack seal sealant was also tested for verification of mix properties as well. A pre-drive of all the street sections was completed and schedule maps drawn up for the work. This project required good communication and cooperation with the management of the community. “Communication between the client and homeowners was vital in making things go smoothly,” says Reimschiissel. “A lot of residents required daily access in and out of the neighborhood, as well as golf course participants in golf carts crossing between fairways.” The residents were given two notifications of the upcoming work, a five-day notice explaining the nature of the work that was about to commence within the neighborhood and a 24-hour notice validating the road work for the next day. “The 24-hour notice explains more indepth of the activities that would be going on within their street,” explains Reimschiissel. “With each phase of work, we made sure the residents were given notification.”

Steps to success American Pavement Preservation started slurry seal operations with the application of

hot-applied crack seal sealant on pavement surface cracks a ¼-in.+ in width on all the street sections. The five-person crack seal crew used Crafco machines. "The crack seal material used for this project was a modified design for hot climate," says Reimschiissel. "In this area, summer temperatures can rise as high as 120° F and pavement surface temperatures to 180° F." Next on the schedule was the application of Type 1 Slurry Seal surface treatment to the street sections. This material consisted of a 3% latex modified (LM-CQS) Type 1 aggregate formulated for hot weather placement. The average application rate by the 10-person crew was 10 lbs. per square yard using Macropaver slurry machines. The project was wrapped up with the installation of traffic striping, including stop bars, crosswalks, legends, etc. “The entire project took approximately five weeks covering 165,000 square yards,” says Reimschiissel. “It turned out to be quite a success. We had very satisfied clients in a beautiful community, and we were able to increase the condition and longevity of their streets. “We need to thank the management for their cooperation and professionalism during the project,” he concludes. “Their contribution to the project was vital and appreciated.”

48 Asphalt Contractor • • October 2016

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9/23/16 11:05 AM


with the paving professional in mind. Worldwide dealer network and industry-leading parts availability. All major components from trusted suppliers to support reliability in the field. Over 50 years of industry experience and US market leader for four decades. LeeBoy equipment built in the USA.

Search: 10075155

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9/23/16 11:05 AM


It's Time to Start Thinking About Awards Programs By Michael Krissoff, AEMA-ARRA-ISSA Executive Director


onoring colleagues and agencies for jobs well done is a welcome task, one to which we look forward every year in anticipation of the AEMAARRA-ISSA Annual Meeting’s Awards Breakfast. With all the nitty gritty, detail work, and deadlines you guys deal with on a daily basis — breakdowns, labor problems, missed deliveries, weather — it has to be satisfying, maybe even comforting, to know that someone is watching and appreciative of the good work you do and of the agency folks and taxpayers for whom you do it. Your good work deserves some acknowledgement and so does that of the champions at the user agencies with whom you partner for innovation and sustainability. And the way to do that is to use the opportunities afforded you by the AEMA, ARRA and ISSA Awards Programs. They cost nothing to enter, just some time invested, and the returns, if you use them appropriately can pay big dividends if you leverage the public relations when you get back home.

discipline (nomination deadline October 1). The ARRA Richard E. Lowell President’s Award, at the discretion of the president, crowns an individual who, through longterm involvement, worked to advance the goals of the association.


AEMA has its Hall of Fame and Recognition of Achievement to honor individuals (nomination deadline October 31), and the Past Presidents Award to recognize a specific project (nomination deadline December 1). The AEMA Presidents Award is given at the discretion of the President for special recognition not covered by the other honors.

The ISSA President’s Award for Excellence was created to showcase those contracting achievements that exemplify the highest quality, workmanship, and best standards of practice in slurry/ micro (nomination deadline November 30). And initiated in 2016, ISSA offers the ISSA Award for Excellence in Pavement Preservation, given to an industry champion, a public official or agency that has made outstanding contributions to the pavement preservation industry, using an application represented by ISSA (slurry surfacing, micro surfacing, chip sealing, cape sealing, crack treating, and other asphalt emulsion-based surface treatments) (nomination deadline November 30). The deadlines cited are absolute, meaning entries received after the specified date will not be considered. Complete ballots, criteria and other relevant information appears at,, and slurry. org/awards. Don’t let those unsung heroes and incredible go unnoticed. Nominate them for an AEMA, ARRA or ISSA Award.


Other updates

ARRA offers the John A. Miller Award for Excellence in Cold Planing, the Charles R. Valentine Award for Excellence in Cold Recycling, and awards for excellence in hot in-place recycling and full-depth reclamation/ soil stabilization. Each of these is given to an agency or engineering form champion who has developed a pioneering program in the respective

Summer is a different time of year for your AEMA-ARRA-ISSA-PPRA headquarters. Seems everything we do is deadline-oriented, and we’re always at work on projects three, sometimes, six, and up to 12 months or more in advance of the actual calendar. Seems like no sooner had we closed the doors on the 2016 Annual Meeting, we were back in the office cleaning up the


administrative chores, counting the money, paying the bills, writing the minutes of the board meetings, then following through on housekeeping, new initiatives, and updating websites. In the middle of that came fine-tuning for the annual June Board meetings here in Annapolis. The 2017 Annual Meeting Program Committee got down to work, and the AEMA ISAET Committee, the ARRA Semi-Annual Meeting Committee, and the ISSA 2017 SSWS Committee started dotting a lot of is, crossing a lot of ts, and filling in a lot of blanks. Meanwhile, newsletters get published and distributed, along with a number of other communiques and arrangements for this fall’s meetings and ARRA’s regional seminars this summer plus two in-place recycling conferences. See Asphalt Contractor’s last issue for what happened during one of these regional meetings. (Visit and search 12251920).

50 Asphalt Contractor • • October 2016

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9/23/16 11:07 AM

GET QUOTE. ORDER PARTS. Over 1000 Parts Available for Purchase Today! PLANT BRAND NAMES Barber Greene

Iroquois (Posey)







To Learn More Call: (888) 333-0323 Ask For Our Parts Department

Call us toll free! (888) 333-0323 HAVE USED EQUIPMENT TO SELL?

Contact Information Your Preferred Asphalt Equipment Resource The Meeker Family

Meeker Equipment Headquarters 4381 Front Mountain Road Belleville, PA 17004 Phone: (717) 667-6000 Fax: (717) 935-2389 E-mail:

WE CAN HELP - Contact Us Today! Search: 10073849

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9/23/16 11:07 AM

Strategies in a Changing Market KNOWLEDGE•GROWTH•SUCCESS 2017 NAPA AN N UAL M E ET I N G

January 29 – February 1, 2017 HILTON BONNET CREEK / O R L A N D O , F L Search: 10073981

ACON1016_50-52_PresColumn_LJ.indd 52

9/23/16 11:07 AM

PAVEMENT PRESERVATION Roadtec RX-600e Cold Planer The RX-600e half-lane cold planer features a 620-hp Cummins Tier 4i-compliant engine, CAN-based electronics with onboard remote diagnostics and simplified controls with joystick steering. • Two full-function operator stations on a shock-absorbing platform • Planer can achieve up to 13-in. cut depths and 86 in. widths, • Front load-out conveyor can be positioned up to 60° to either side • Three- and four-track versions offer maximum working speeds of 127 and 163 fpm Search: 10658467

Caterpillar Grade & Slope for Cold Planers

Kennametal Road King Series

The Cat Grade and Slope for cold planers is a 2D grade and slope solution featuring easy use, robust components, high accuracy and exceptional reliability. • Designed for interfacing with sonic sensors, contact sensors, wire rope sensors and slope sensors; a combination of sensors can be used or a single sensor

The new Road King series from Kennametal is a single tool system designed for both reclamation and milling road projects. • Body design accentuates easy penetration with less stress on the washer, retainer, and holding system • Series of optimized tip designs (flat bottom as well as valve seat) for varying job conditions, along with a single body design that accommodates all of them, greatly simplifying inventory • Increased body hardness on all tools to maximize wear resistance • fluted body design supports better tool rotation behavior, improving tip wear • Head design also leads cut material away from the tool, reducing the buildup of fines between retainer and shank • Increased collar diameter maximizing holder protection

• User-friendly operator’s display features a large backlit screen and intuitive operation • Employs a “virtual bail” rather than a wire bail found on other systems; this allows the system to monitor its own accuracy without the risk of damaging the bail on an obstruction • Highly accurate over a 10-in. width range

Search: 12197345

Search: 10983759

BOMAG BM1200/35 Cold Mill The BM1200/35 cold milling machine offers a 47.2-in. cutting width and 13-in. maximum cutting depth and features a rear rotor design that optimizes milling performance. • Cutter design with the BMS 15 interchangeable holder system incorporates a single bolt for holder retention and requires a low tightening torque of 75 ft.-lbs. • 349-hp MTU Tier 4 Final diesel engine offers power to efficiently mill asphalt at speeds reaching 105 fpm • 85-, 95- and 107-rpm milling drum speeds • 25.6-in.-wide inside and 23.6-in.wide outside conveyors with capacities reaching 6,357 ft. per hour • 224.4-in. maximum conveyor discharge height • Pressurized water injection system offers a variable flow rate of 0 to 1.6 gpm to the cutter housing Search: 12095029

Wirtgen W 35 Ri Milling Machine The W 35 Ri compact milling machine has a maximum operating weight of 10,141 lbs. and is designed for use in tight or restricted areas. • 14-in. cutting width expandable to 20 in. with a maximum 4-in. cutting depth • 82-fpm top operating speed • Three variably selectable milling drum speeds • WIDRIVE machine management system centrally manages diesel engine control, travel drive, milling drum drive, water system and Level Pro Plus • 60-hp Deutz TCD 2.9 L4 four-cylinder, Tier 4 Final engine with electronic engine control Search: 12228882

October 2016 • • Asphalt Contractor

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9/23/16 11:08 AM

PAVEMENT PRESERVATION Rosco Maximizer 3 Rosco's Maximizer 3 offers a 8- to 16-ft. extendible spraybar. • 400-gpm Viking asphalt pump • Automatic in-cab controls • Enviro-Flush cleanout system • Tank sizes from 1,000 to 4,000 gals. • Internal spraybar valves


Search: 10087858

CrackPro 260

Asphalt Transports

This oil-jacketed melter is designed for hot pour cracksealing materials. • 260-Gallon melter/applicator • Oil-Jacketed • Insulated with 1.5” ceramic, covered by 16 gauge steel

Live Bottom Trailers • Diesel fired burners • Direct drive full sweep agitation • Air compressor option • Heated applicator hose Search: 12227606

Asphalt Distributors

E. D. Etnyre & Co. 800-995-2116 email:

The ER552F high-speed pneumatic tire road planer and PM550 road stabilizer offer easy access to the cutting teeth and toothholders for servicing and tool repairs and replacement. • ER552F road planer features a motor grader-like bogey suspension system, 561-hp Tier III diesel engine and an 81-in.-wide cutter drum assembly that cuts to 9 in. deep in one pass • Four-wheel-drive PM550 road stabilizer includes a high-torque, twospeed rotor, a 57-gpm top working speed and a 496-hp Komatsu sixcylinder Tier III diesel engine • Optional auto-spray emulsion system Search: 10240407

Falcon Truck-Mountable Slipin Asphalt Recycler & Hot Box

SealMaster R-1 Chip Spreader

Heavy Duty Trailers

SAKAI Road Planer & Stabilizer

SealMaster's R-1 is a tow-behind aggregate spreader designed for tar and chip operations on roadways. • Distributes aggregate to precise depths with clean cut edges • Open type spiral agitator to convey material to outer ends of hopper • Available in 8-, 9-, 10, 11- and 12-ft. widths • Auger control level • Drive wheels • Hitch height adjustment • Feed gate control level • Quick attachment receiving hitch

The 1/2- to 8-ton Falcon truck-mounted slip-in asphalt reclaimer and hot patcher is a year-round pothole patching solution. • 2-ton slip-in will fit in the back of a pickup or dump truck • Recycle asphalt torn up from underground construction work for sub-surface utility engineering • Recycle asphalt chunks and millings • Hold hot mix for days • Heat and re-heat cold patch Search: 10343823

Search: 10084762

Search: 10072816

54 Asphalt Contractor • • October 2016

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9/23/16 11:08 AM

A high speed screen is a high frequency screen.


True high frequency screens operate at 3600 RPM and above. Screen cloth changes up to 50% faster using our rotary tensioning system. Ideal gradation control for reclaiming fines in both wet and dry applications. Industry-leading capacity in fines separations.










Astec Industries Companies

2704 WEST LEFEVRE ROAD • STERLING, IL 61081 USA • 800.545.2125 • FAX 815.626.6430 • Search: 10075552

ACON1016_53-57_PresProd_LJ.indd 55

9/23/16 11:08 AM


Rayner RoadSaver II The RoadSaver II is designed for slurry seal and micro surfacing. • Various options allows you to design the exact machine for your needs. Search: 10086645

KM 8000T Dump Asphalt Hot Box/ Reclaimer The KM International 8000T dump asphalt hot box/reclaimer is designed to reclaim stockpiled asphalt. • Transport and warm cold mix asphalt • Propane or diesel heating systems • 2 or 4 ton units available • Funnelled hopper walls • Triple wall construction • Dual 3-in. insulated loading lids • Easy open cantilevered handles • Dual insulated shovel ports

Renova Asphalt Recycler This asphalt recycler recycles existing pavement into HMA that can be used to make repairs year-round with the RENOVA Rejuvenator. • 1-ton batch capacity • Easy to transport • Only a two-person crew required to operate Search: 12117571

Bergkamp MAXX Frictional Mastic Surface Treatment Applicators

Search: 10079112

STRATOS DMT-600 Asphalt Distributor Trailer

Heat Design Equipment RAP100-SM Asphalt Recycler The skid-mount RAP-100-SM is designed for small- scale production of recycled asphalt for pothole repair. • Fully insulated mixing chamber consists of a 24-in.-diameter doubleribbon mixer screw • 100,000-Btu propane-fired heater emits high-intensity heat from a 4-ft. x 16-in. full-surface infrared heater • Re-heats RAP or waste chunks of asphalt at a rate of 1 to 2 tons per hour • 1/2-ton batch can be processed at a time • Batch can be re-heated in as little as 15 minutes with full heating capacity and minimal RAP moisture conditions

STRATOS DMT-600 Asphalt Distributor Trailer is mounted on a double axel trailer and features a self-loading system and 350,000 BTU burner. • 600-gal. capacity • Baffled, sealed manway hatch with strainer and safety overflow • Diesel Beckett burner heating system (350,000 BTU burner) • 7-hp Kohler gasoline engine • Viking material pumping system • Hose reel with 40-ft. hose • Applicator wand • Material level gauge • In-line material strainer basket • Cleanout flush tank • Ladder, for top of tank access • 16-in. wheels and safety chains • DOT lighting (brake, turn, running) • Electric brakes with break-away kit • Heavy-duty tongue jack • Pintle hitch (Choice of 2 5/16-in. ball or pintle ring style) • Paint: Yellow Tank, Black Trailer Search: 12133646

Search: 12044352

Bergkamp offers the MAXX line of truck-mounted Frictional Mastic Surface Treatment Applicators, which allow contractors and government agencies to apply premixed frictional mastic surface treatments and premixed slurry seal over highways, roads, parking lots and airport runways. • Available in two models, the MA20 and MA30 • Applies a material mix that is made to precise specification, resulting in fewer operator calculations and on-the-job adjustments, which minimizes operator training time

• Full-length ribbon mixer works to maintain the proper material consistency during transit, pumping and spraying operations, regardless of the truck engine speed • Pavement treatment is applied with hydraulically operated, variablewidth, low-pressure spray bar that has side-shift capabilities Search: 12164401

56 Asphalt Contractor • • October 2016

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9/23/16 11:08 AM

Bagela BA4000 Portable Asphalt Recycler

Spaulding Asphalt Dump Trailer The 6-ton asphalt drump trailer offers a 12V DC diesel or propane power source and up to 200,000 btu. • Hydraulic top doors and hydraulic rear door • Two 100-lb. LP tanks or 20-gal. other fuel source • Hydraulic fitting and hose with 5,000-psi burst rating Search: 12136526

The 4,400-lb. BA4000 trailer-mounted, continuous operation asphalt recycler processes either broken chunk or milled (RAP) asphalt at a rate of up to 4 tph. • Uses convection type heating (280° to 350° F) via a 0.48 MBTU/hour diesel heating system • Flame from burner does not come in direct contact with material inside the mixing drum • Material loaded via a hydraulically operated hopper and discharged through the rear of the mixing drum • Features heavy-duty, all-steel, welded construction and measures 174 in. long by 79 in. high and 79 in. wide (including trailer) • 6.6-hp Hatz diesel engine Search: 12122447

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“Hot Mix Asphalt, Paving the Highway to the Future”


NEW COUNTERFLOW AND PARALLEL FLOW ASPHALT PLANTS FOR SALE 1,000 gallon Portable Asphalt Oil Calibration Tank. Available now. ANNOUNCING We are proud to announce a new association with HAUCK Asphalt Plant burner systems as of February 1st. We are their new Northwestern Regional Dealer. This includes Montana west to the Pacific and Oregon north to the Arctic Circle. In Canada our area is Manitoba west. We will offer New Burner Solutions, Parts, Tuning and trouble shooting. Please call with anything we can help you on. We will be offering the same knowledgeable "hands on" approach to your problems that we have been known for in the past. Hauck is being added to our long time and successful association with-

Asphalt Drum Mixers & Systems Equipment Corporation.

Our staff of qualified Field Technicians service and support anything we sell. From Mix Design Compliance to air quality compliance, from mechanical to computer issues, we can help.

MANY NEW AND USED ASPHALT PLANTS FOR SALE NEW - 1,000 gallon portable Asphalt Calibration Tank. Self-Contained......….Call. 1990s 300 tph Stat. Drum Plant, Silo, RAP, Baghouse 4-bin Newer ControlCall. 1990s ADM SPL60 Portable Asphalt Plant & Silo. Complete.............................Call. Barber Greene BC-60 Batch Plant, Bag House, 200T Silo, Libra Controls.......Call. 2- Stationary 80,000 ACFM Baghouses in good operating condition............Call. New, used and rebuilt Hauck & Genco burners. Burner Controls.....................Call.

Cliff Mansfield Inc. Office 541-352-7942 P.O. Box 407 Fax 541-352-7943 Odell, OR 97044 Search: 10072464

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October 2016 • • Asphalt Contractor

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9/23/16 11:08 AM


Gallagher Asphalt Upgrades its Plant to

Improve Quality, Decrease Costs, Increase Efficiencies Located in a competitive market, this asphalt producer ups its game to stay on top By Lisa Cleaver, Editor


ounded in 1928 by James F. Gallagher Sr. and now in its third generation of family management, Gallagher Asphalt has produced asphalt and paved or resurfaced thousands and thousands of miles of pavement. With state-of-the-art, high-capacity asphalt plants strategically positioned in key south Chicago suburban locations, Gallagher Asphalt efficiently services commercial and industrial customers throughout more than 3,000 square miles. Serving customers throughout Southern Cook, Will, and Northern Kankakee counties in Illinois, Gallagher is equipped to handle: • Highways • Subdivisions • Shopping malls • Commercial parking facilities • Industrial drives, roads and loading bays • High-speed, surface-critical racetracks and more • Intermodal facilities The company offers numerous services including asphalt paving, grading, milling, hot-in-place recycling, stone and base work. It also offers testing services through its Chicago

58 Asphalt Contractor • • October 2016

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9/27/16 10:51 AM

Testing Laboratory division (see box, “On-Site Testing Lab). On the production side, its mixes include Illinois DOT (IDOT) conventional dense graded, SMA, neat and polymer, pervious pavement, HMA and WMA, private/ commercial mixes, and cold mixes for pothole patching. On average the company produces between 600,000 and 1,000,000 tons a year at its three plants in Thornton, Joliet and Bourbonnais.

New Transporter system

Gallagher’s control room features the WEM software system.

closes and the mobile batcher is on its way to whichever bin the plant operator has selected to fill. As the mobile batcher approaches the bin, the bin top seal opens to accept the delivery. Once verified that the mobile batcher is in the correct position, the batcher gate opens and discharges the material into the selected silo. The mobile batcher then returns to the stationary batcher to receive the next load. For Gallagher’s Transporter system, which was customized for its facility, both the

stationary and mobile batchers each feature Gallagher prides itself on offering customers 6-ton capacities. The facility now has six a blend of the latest technology (GPS, storage silos. lasers, sonar) in its paving operations and a “The new system eliminated four existdedication to quality, efficiency and reliability ing 600-tph transfer conveyors, four diverter at its production facilities. gates and five silo batchers,” explains Steve With that mission in mind, the company’s Caraway, plant manager. “We no longer have flagship facility in Thornton underwent numerto maintain/replace chains, slats, sprockets, ous upgrades over this past winter. “We try to keep our plants The new screening equipped with the latest technolsystem features twin ogy where it provides us tangible double-screen decks benefits,” says Jim Trost, vice and produces two president of operations at Galproduct sizes. lagher Asphalt. “Our most recent upgrades were done to improve quality, cost savings or safety, or a combination of all three. “Illinois is specifying more jobs with Percent Within Limits (PWL) specifications,” he says. “So, we’re getting paid according to test results. Consistency is a big deal and we have to be good at it.” One of the most impressive upgrades Gallagher made to this facility was incorporating the Maxam Transporter bin top conveying system, which was introduced at World of Asphalt in 2012. The system, which is only one of two in the U.S., incorporates a moving batcher that rides on rails and In addition to its paving, preservation and production divisions, Galeliminates troubles associated with lagher Asphalt also owns Chicago Testing Laboratory (CTL), which has drag conveyors and diverter gates. five office locations, including one at the Thornton production facility. The Transporter system uses CTL is a resource for the testing and inspection of construction a stationary batcher fixed to the materials, including: asphalt and asphalt materials, liquids, aggremain drag slat conveyor. As the gates, concrete and soils. In addition, the lab provides consulting stationary batcher fills, a limit services in the fields of geotechnical engineering, construction inswitch opens its gate to discharge spection and other specialty areas. the material into the transport/ In addition to testing materials for Gallagher, CTL services IDOT, mobile batcher. the Wisconsin DOT, and other asphalt paving contractors in the area. When the stationary batcher is empty, the stationary batcher gate

On-Site Testing Lab

October 2016 • • Asphalt Contractor

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9/27/16 10:51 AM

PLANT MATTERS floors, divert gates, actuators and all the other wear parts associated with traditional drag conveyor systems. We’re expecting an annual maintenance savings of about $20,000 with the elimination of these components. “The new system will also result in about $14,000 per year in electrical savings as well due to reduction in drive motors and transfer conveyor heating,” he continues. “The Transporter will also generate electricity about 50% of time during the braking phase of the operation.”

Additional upgrades Gallagher emphasizes its impact on the environment by using innovative asphalt recycling processes in both its paving and production practices. With that in mind, another new upgrade to the Thornton facility is a dual high-frequency RAP screening system manufactured by Inertia Machine Corp. with a Telestacking conveyor produced by Thor Global Enterprises. Gallagher recycles asphalt from many of their projects. The new screening system features twin double-screen decks and produces two product sizes, 3/16-in. minus (fine) and 1/2-in. x 3/16-in. (coarse). The screener produces 225 to 275 tph of combined finished product. After separating, the fine material goes to the automated telestacking conveyor and straight to a covered storage building. The

conveyor moves back and forth to evenly distribute material while building the pile, limiting segregation and eliminating rehandling with a wheel loader. “The new screening system improves consistency and creates less waste,” says Trost. “We also switched the crusher power from diesel to electric because the asphalt plant environment is hard on the diesel engines. That gave us additional cost savings from the reduced fuel/ power cost, labor savings from refueling, and less maintenance on the machine. It’s also a much quieter operation now.” Gallagher also implemented advanced burner control systems for its dryer drums in the HMA/WMA plants. This allows individual control to fine tune and optimize operation of the burner through the full range of operation and save energy. Trost says the estimated the energy savings on the advanced burner controls is about 5%. “We’re saving a lot of energy with these upgrades,” says Trost. “So much so that we’ve been able to get the local utility companies (natural gas and electric) to participate in the funding of the burner controls and transporter projects through their energy efficiency incentive programs.” Other upgrades at the Gallagher facilities: • Fines control system – to improve quality of the mix by controlling the fines • Warm mix foaming system – 90% of the

Another update at the Thornton plant is a new covered storage area for RAS.

WMA produced by Gallagher is foamed • Weigh feeders for precise RAS feed control; RAS now also has a covered storage area • RFID ticketing/loadout systems with cameras, automatic truck bed sprayer systems and traffic control signals integrated with the loadout to improve safety and efficiency • Dryer system for plant air for reliable operation of pneumatic actuators with enclosures to reduce noise levels

The Diamond Standard Gallagher Asphalt is the only contractor in Illinois to be awarded three Diamond Commendations by the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA). These national commendations provide a roadmap for excellence in the asphalt pavement industry. Diamond Achievement Commendation Proficiency in operations both at the manufacturing plant and around the plant site — includes appearance, operations, environmental practices, safety, permitting and regulatory compliance and community relations. Diamond Quality Commendation Quality of the material produced — includes quality management, RAP and aggregate handling, asphalt storage, drying and mixing, air quality, truck scales, silos, and control rooms. Diamond Paving Commendation Professionalism of paving crews — includes training of supervisors and crew members, use of best practices in paving, and compliance

60 Asphalt Contractor • • October 2016

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9/27/16 10:51 AM

RAP conveyor system

After separating, the fine material goes to the new automated telestacking conveyor then to a covered storage building.

The Thornton plant received addtional silo storage during the recent upgrades.

• Electric hot oil systems and tank heat for improved reliability and reduced cost • Secondary containment for storage tanks and tank truck unloading • Fines disposal auger with water addition • Installation of stairs, ladders, walkways, platforms for safe access to critical areas of the plant

Challenges The myriad upgrades have helped Gallagher Asphalt meet some of its efficiency, consistency and cost savings challenges, but like many asphalt contractors, funding is also top of mind. The highway bill passed last year gives some comfort, but it may not be enough. “With the highway bill, there is some peace of mind knowing that we will receive stable funding for the next six years on the federal level, but we still need to see a capital bill from Illinois for sustainable funding,” says Dan Gallagher, who along with Charlie and Patrick Gallagher, is one of the principal owners of the company. “Without something substantial on the state level, we still feel nervous about what the future holds in Illinois,” he continues. “Coming off the Great Recession, we find that there is still an over capacity in the industry. This limits opportunity other than acquisitions.” October 2016 • • Asphalt Contractor

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9/27/16 10:51 AM

PLANT MATTERS The Maxam Transporter bin top conveying system, which is only one of two in the U.S., incorporates a moving batcher that rides on rails and eliminates troubles associated with drag conveyors and diverter gates.

Another lingering challenge that faces the company is finding qualified people that fit within the company’s culture, says Gallagher. “In our area, well-paid union workers help this issue a bit, but it’s still a challenge,” says Gallagher. “The fourth generation of Gallaghers is now starting to work for us, and recruiting quality workers is at the top of their list.” Gallagher Asphalt does offer an internship program to help expose potential employees to the asphalt industry. “It’s twofold,” says Gallagher. “They learn our industry and our business, and we also get to know them to see if they fit with our company culture.” Regardless of today’s funding and employee challenges, Gallagher Asphalt is poised for a bright future.

“We’re always looking for new ways to create cost savings and improve efficiencies,” says Gallagher. “We’re now incorporating GPS in all our trucks to identify operation inefficiencies and control costs. The next step is to automate the log sheet and give plant operators access to where trucks are and when

they’ll be either at the plant or the jobsite to improve operational efficiencies.” With its emphasis on technology and creating the best product, there is little doubt that Gallagher Asphalt will remain at the front of the pack in this very competitive market.

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and you're a "click" away from getting all the information you need from our nearest dealer.


• CAPACITY: 70,000 lbs.


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• CAPACITY: 110,000 lbs.

Lowest Loading Angle Available! Our tapered front beam gives you a 3 degree load angle.


Other Standard Features of this series:

“Name Brand Tires”, currently Sumitomo • Apitong Deck • All wheel anti-lock brakes • Air ride suspension • Lock in lock out outriggers • Roto-rings • Imron paint • 100% sealed wire harness • Hydraulic Hauling Pin • Hi-clearance self lifting gooseneck

For a quote on any model, please call 800-257-8163



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Why PPE is So Important

Personal Protective Equipment requirements are there for a reason — they could save your life

C li f Not f’s es

By Cliff Mansfield


o, you don’t like wearing the required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as dictated by OSHA? Well you are not alone. I don’t either. It's cumbersome, hot and heavy, especially for the asphalt oil tanker drivers. But I must say that over the years, I have seen a number of accidents at plants. A lot of these involve hot oil burns. I have been burned early in my career, and although it was a small

area on both hands, I can guarantee you that it was a very painful experience. This accident occurred in the 1970s before there were any mandated safety requirements, but I sure wish I had been wearing gloves at least. I would have a lot less scar tissue on my hands. At least when I am giving lessons at plants, I can show these to illustrate my point. I occasionally work as an “expert witness” for attorneys around the country in accidents at asphalt plants. The one common factor I see is that most seriously injured employees were NOT wearing the OSHA required PPE at the time of their accident. Hot oil burn injuries and projectile injuries to the eyes seem to be the most common. When the guy in the picture to the left went to work that morning, he did not think he was going to encounter an issue. He did not consciously put on his PPE. It became a HABIT for him over time. He had been trained to wear it each and every day. On this day it saved his eye. There is no doubt that that piece of grinding disk would have destroyed his eye. His good habits saved him a lifetime of blindness. He is a very lucky man. As owners, managers, superintendents and foreman, it is ALL of our responsibility to be

What is PPE? Personal protective equipment, commonly referred to as “PPE”, is equipment worn to minimize exposure to serious workplace injuries and illnesses. These injuries and illnesses may result from contact with chemical, physical, electrical, mechanical, or other workplace hazards. Personal protective equipment may include items such as gloves, safety glasses and shoes, earplugs or muffs, hard hats, respirators, or coveralls, vests and full body suits.

Employer Responsibility When it comes to PPE, employers are to train each worker required to use PPE to know: • When it is necessary • What kind is necessary • How to properly put it on, adjust, wear and take it off • The limitations of the equipment • Proper care, maintenance, useful life, and disposal of the equipment sure our employees wear the necessary PPE for whatever job they are doing. I have sat in too many courtrooms and listened to an owner say, “If only I had made them follow the rules.” Don’t be that guy. Ensure that all OSHA required PPE is readily available and that all of your employees use the correct PPE. It may save an eye or even a life.

Cliff Mansfield is owner of Cliff Mansfield Inc. and operates C.M. Consulting, an asphalt plant repairing, upgrading and operational training company. He is an asphalt plant engineer with nearly 40 years of experience working with various brands and styles of asphalt plants. For more information, contact Cliff by calling 541-352-7942 or visiting

64 Asphalt Contractor • • October 2016

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PA S S :











PA S S :






Volvo Intelligent Compaction (IC) with Density Direct. Volvo has changed the game. Density Direct provides actual density calculations in real time — eliminating guesswork and reducing core sampling. Improve mat quality, do it in less time, get your bonus, and win more contracts with Volvo Density Direct. Learn more at

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PLANT MATTERS WEM Maintenance Log The Maintenance Log helps to increase plant availability by tracking device usage and producing work orders. • Schedule downtime • Product work orders for preventive and routine maintenance based upon calendar time, hours of run time, total tonnage or number of device actuations • Parts lists and photos can be displayed to aid in performing maintenance tasks

Reliable Asphalt Plants Reliable Asphalt Products offers line of new, used and reconditioned equipment for HMA producers looking to improve operations. • Supplier can visit your site and evaluate your needs, then make recommendations to improve plant • Can supply new batch and drum plants; stationary and portable arrangements are also available • Large database of used plants and components; all listings have been pre-qualified for quality • Used equipment can be purchased on an as-is basis or reconditioned for exact specifications • Other services include tear down and erection services, layout and design, freight handling coordination, complete parts installation and more Search: 10084582

ClearSpan Commodity HD ClearSpan's Commodity HD Building features an open side to provide easy access for multiple vehicles. • Design allows for structure to be broken down into separate storage bays • Add custom covers and end panels • Side panels available to partially or completely enclose • Built to withstand corrosive environments • Frame built from triple-galvanized steel • Covered with 12.5-oz., 24 mill ripstop polyethylene fabric which is UV resistant and available in four color options

Search: 10226318

Libra Systems PlantWise PlantWise Drum Mix Control System offers advanced automation for asphalt drum mix plants. • Adaptability for retrofit or total plant control of nearly any plant • Extensive use of high-speed networking to increase accuracy and reduce wiring

ADM EX Series Asphalt Plants

• Integral manual control via software control "panels" • Easy calibration of plant equipment • Real-time trending of key process parameters • Fully graphic operator interface • Instantaneous production rate changes • Tracks equipment maintenance and re-calibration schedules • Facilitates future expansion

Asphalt Drum Mixers Inc. introduces its EX Series asphalt plants with single-drum counterflow technology. • Produce 100 to 425 tph • Capable of processing high percentages of RAP • Using counterflow technology, unit has separate drying and mixing zones to achieve the maximum level of heat transfer and fuel efficiency • Designed to virtually eliminate unsafe hydrocarbon emissions • System reintroduces residual gases back to the drum's combustion zone • Available in portable or stationary versions; meet all federal and state specifications

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E.T. Clancy Asphalt Plants E.T. Clancy Co. has specialized in selling asphalt plants and equipment for 40 years. • Complete inventory of drum plants, batch plants and components • Assist in plant dismantling and set up, as well as trucking Search: 10086122

Search: 12221501

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Join us in Las Vegas in March!

35th Management Conference and Annual Meeting Leadership: Beyond Management

AEMP is pleased to announce the 35th Management Conference & Annual Meeting and IGNITE Learning-Lab offering education and networking opportunities for professionals throughout the heavy equipment fleet management sector. Both the Management Conference and IGNITE Learning-Lab are being held at the Tuscany Suites & Casino, March 4-6, 2017. When you register for AEMP’s meeting, you will also be registered for CONEXPO – at a greatly reduced fee! So register through AEMP to receive your CONEXPO ticket!



Register at


Hotel Info

Saturday, March 4th

Monday, March 6th

Tuscany Suites & Casino

7:00AM-6:00PM – Committees & Board of Directors Meet 1:00-5:00PM – IGNITE Learning Lab Day 1 7:30-8:30PM – Opening Reception

7:00AM-5:00 PM – 100, 200, 300 Concurrent Sessions 8:00AM-5:00PM – IGNITE Learning Lab Day 3

Sunday, March 5th

Tuesday, March 7th

AEMP has a block of rooms at the Tuscany Suites & Casino, 255 E Flamingo Road. The off-strip location has a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. The Tuscany offers a fitness center, two pools, spa, gift shop, laundry facilities, restaurants and lounges.

7:00AM-5:00 PM – 100, 200, 300 Concurrent Sessions 8:00AM-5:00PM – IGNITE Learning Lab Day 2

8:00AM – Certification Exam 9:00AM – CONEXPO-CON/AGG Opens Come visit AEMP in booth #20701

The Tuscany is also easily accessible to the Convention Center, where CONEXPO-CON/AGG is being held. Visit for more information.

AEMP is supported by these Strategic Alliance Partners

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PLANT MATTERS Heatec RECON Monitor Heatec offers RECON, designed to keep operators informed about the status of asphalt storage tanks and hot oil heaters at their HMA plant. • Web-based system that uses a smart phone, tablet computer or PC • Display screen shows real-time status of the hot oil heater that heats asphalt tanks as well as the status of asphalt stored in tanks • One version shows status of the plant heater and up to three tanks; another version shows status of two plant heaters and up to six tanks • System can be programmed to send an e-mail alert message when abnormal conditions of the heater and/or tanks are encountered • System can be easily retrofitted to existing plants without upgrading Search: 12164473

Dillman Voyager Plant

Astec V-Pack Stack Temperature Control Astec’s V-Pack Stack Temperature Control System extends the range of mixes that can be produced without requiring the flights be adjusted. • “V-flights,” unique drum flights with a deep V-shape, and its use of variable frequency drives (VFDs), which provide control of the drum rotational speed, are keys to the control system managing an asphalt plant’s exhaust gas temperature and increasing overall efficiency • Automatically controls exhaust gas temperature across a range of mix types and operating conditions by making drum speed changes • Keeps baghouse temperature relatively stable as mix temperature changes and even as mix types change from hot mix to warm mix, from virgin to high RAP, and from dense graded to open graded mixes • V-flights produce a uniform veil of virgin aggregate across the entire drum, regardless of how full the drum is, the plant’s production rate, or the RAP percentage used; this enables drum speed changes to be effective as a means of controlling stack temperature • Enables asphalt plants that produce mix with RAP content from zero to 70% without any physical changes to flights Search: 12058427

Dillman introduces the 200-tph Voyager plant designed for producers who require a plant made to move several times during the paving season. • Can be dismantled, moved to a new site and set up and ready for production in about five work days • Uses field-tested components proven to perform in a variety of conditions • Built around the Dillman unified drum • Includes a 50-ton SEB to ensure a quick set-up without the need for cranes • Whisper Jet 50 burner, 34,000 cfm pulse jet baghouse and the PMII control system • In place of the 50-ton SEB, customers can choose a 100-ton crane erect silo • Four-bin cold feed is standard with the option of adding more bins • A recycle system is also optional Search: 10616687

Clarence Richards Asphalt Plant Operation Online Training and Testing

KPI-JCI and Astec Mobile Screens 2056 Vanguard Jaw Crusher KPI-JCI and Astec Mobile Screens has expanded its Vanguard product line with the compact 2056 Vanguard Jaw. • 20” x 56” jaw crusher for sand and gravel applications also can be used in recycled concrete and mining applications • Single-cylinder auto-tension system • Wear seat provides easy access and increased uptime • Corrugated stationary wedge increases the crusher gap and maintains a steep nip angle Search: 12188076

On-Demand training and testing lets participants learn when they want at a pace they want for as long as they want. • Participants can learn what they want and skip what does not apply to them • Participants are tested in modules and quizzes • Scores are documented and progress certified • Participants can pick the classes they want to experience about improving production, safety, mix quality, energy usage, operating and maintenance costs Search: 10161610

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ii11u111 iii1A r11u1a1:.:1:1 1au111ru 1-1:.11 Reputable and reliable ADP-1 00 asphalt blending system


Globally Known For Reliable Automation Systems!

lm�roveo �ro�ortionin� accurac� rro�er tim e se�uencin� of events Accurate oata recoroation Alarm ano oeviation annunciation

Keeping the Peace Between Management & Labor, Contractors & Quality Control.

Designed to proportion aggregates and additives according to prescribed mix formulas as well as measure and control liquid asphalt mass flow rate so blends are accurately interlocked to the measured aggregate. Search: 10074806

�im�le multi-�oint calioration ACON1016_66-69_PlantProducts_JL.indd 69

9/27/16 10:52 AM



Top 5 Common Mistakes When Asphalt Paving Training courses can help break bad habits


aving has long been recognized as a job molded on precision. From temperature to speed to head of material — every team member on the paving crew influences the final product, and every mistake made is amplified further down the line. With regular, hands-on training, however, every team member on the paving crew can gain not only an understanding but also experience making small changes that lead to a better paved road, and a well-tuned team. “My favorite part of teaching courses is watching aha moments happen during hands-on training, especially when that’s from a student who’s been paving for 20, 25 years,” says Wayne Tomlinson, compaction training specialist with Volvo Construction Equipment. “I know these guys are busy and getting away for training is tough, but a few days’ time in the scheme of how it impacts a crew’s bottom line are so impactful.” Tomlinson says that while everyone comes to training with specific goals in mind, the sessions focus on some of the most common mistakes that hands-on training help rectify. Common mistake #1: Not controlling the head of material — More than 95% of all material faults are due to improper head of material in front of the screed. One of the most common operator mistakes is allowing for fluctuation. Chances for speed bumps and waves in the mat are increased by even an inch of fluctuation in the head of material. The training solution: Many of the latest machines are equipped with sensors to control head of material. While this is an easy solution to the problem, many operators either choose not to use them or haven’t been coached on how to set them up properly. Hands-on training gives operators confidence in using these tools already at their disposal while reducing the risk for material faults. Common mistake #2: Turning the depth cranks too much — Needlessly

adjusting the depth cranks throughout the paving process can cause waves in the mat, ultimately requiring milling or repaving to meet smoothness specifications. The training solution: Operators should be trained to set the depth cranks effectively. Aside from the occasional adjustment for elevation, depth cranks shouldn’t be moved often. Common mistake #3: Changing speeds or paving too fast — Inconsistent paving speed not only has a negative impact to uniformity, it can also throw off the timing of the paving train. Rollers are faced with the pressure to catch up, so another common mistake is paving too fast. If vibratory compactor impact spacing isn’t adequate, it can cause a washboard effect and density problems. The training solution: Most pavers are equipped with speed limiters. Operators can limit the issues surrounding inconsistent or high speeds by using this tool. Many operators either choose not to use the speed limiters or haven’t been properly trained on them. Common mistake #4: Not using auto grade and slope control systems — If there’s any chance to reduce the amount of guesswork in paving, an operator should take it. Auto grade and slope control systems help reduce operator mistakes and lay a smoother mat. Still, there are operators who choose not

to utilize them or have had a bad experience with them due to setup issues. The training solution: If auto grade and slope control systems are properly configured, they can be fantastic tools for operators. If, however, the systems aren’t properly matched to the paver’s electronics, the readings won’t be accurate. Proper training on how to set up these systems is vital to ensuring the effectiveness of the tools. Common mistake #5: Stopping the compactor straight on — Another common mistake is to stop the compactor without turning at a slight angle. When stopping squarely, the resulting indentation will be much harder to level out on future passes. In fact, it can even get worse with each subsequent pass. The training solution: The simplest fix to this mistake is to train an operator to stop at a slight 20% to 30% angle. Indentations made by a roller stopping at an angle are more easily smoothed on future passes than those made by rollers that stop squarely. Perhaps Henry Ford, the man summed it up best: “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at 20 or 80. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” Take a look at the training opportunities available this coming year on the next few pages — and stay youthful.

70 Asphalt Contractor • • October 2016

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9/23/16 11:09 AM

Zero service calls. It’s an ambitious goal. But it’s a goal that the

ASTEC ADVANCED CUSTOMER SCHOOLS can help you achieve. Make your plans to attend.

REGISTRATION IS OPEN SEPTEMBER 26-30 FOR: Week 1 January 9 - 12 Week 2 January 16 - 19 Week 3 January 30 - Feb. 2 (limited spaces for French speakers) REGISTRATION IS OPEN OCTOBER 3-7 FOR: Week 4 February 6 - 9

(limited spaces for French speakers)

Week 5 February 13 - 16

(limited spaces for Spanish speakers)

Week 6 February 20 - 23

(limited spaces for Spanish speakers)

For your convenience, we now have a dedicated registration line.


4 2 3 . 8 2 7.18 9 9 Search: 10072061

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Courses in


The latest opportunities provided by suppliers to the asphalt industry Astec Inc. 4101 Jerome Avenue Chattanooga, TN 37407 Contact: Margaret Parker Phone: 423-827-1899 Email: Website:

Advanced Customer Schools Astec Advanced Customer Schools teach handson maintenance and advanced troubleshooting techniques. Instructors include Astec and Heatec Engineers and Service Technicians with decades of field experience. During the four full days of instruction, students will have the opportunity to meet with instructors, Astec service professionals, engineers and fellow students to exchange information. Through a unique combination of lectures and hands-on simulators, the Astec Advanced Customer Schools strive to cover more than any other asphalt industry training school. New for the 2017 schools, the Astec Advanced Customer Schools offers three different control classes. Jan. 9-12, 2017 Jan. 16-19, 2017 Jan. 30-February 2, 2017 (limited spaces for French speakers) Feb. 6-9, 2017 (limited spaces for French speakers) Feb. 13-16, 2017 (limited spaces for Spanish speakers) Feb. 20-23, 2017 (limited spaces for Spanish speakers)

BOMAG 125 Blue Granite Parkway Ridgeway, SC 29130 Phone: 803-337-0700 Contact: Paul Estes, Training Manager E-mail: Website:

BOMAG Americas offers a variety of courses based from its South Carolina FAYAT Academy training center. In-depth training sessions enable BOMAG customers to get the most from their paving, material transferring, compaction, milling and re-claimation/stabilization equipment. Distributor training classes help our local representatives to better support BOMAG equipment end-users. Year-round classes are conducted at either the Ridgeway, SC, training facility or on-site at custom-er/distributor facilities. Each interactive course is led by BOMAG specialists, one of the road building and compaction indus-try’s most experienced team, offering more than 150 years combined practical field experience.

COURSE: Quality Paving Principles From proper paver and screed set-up to best practices for improving mat quality, BOMAG specialists provide thorough instruc-tion on paving basics, proper applications and machine controls for laying smooth mats. Instructors review routine mainte-nance needs and common troubleshooting techniques to extend machine longevity and offer tips to help operators identify and remedy typical paving challenges, including how to control segregation. Instructors: BOMAG Road Building Specialists

COURSE: Advanced Paving Techniques to Combat Segregation Designed for mainline pavers and contractors often working with mixes prone to segregation, this course covers the origins of material and thermal segregation and how to virtually eliminate segregation using advanced paving techniques with BOMAG Cedarapids Remix Anti-Segregation system pavers and the RoadMix material transfer vehicle. Instructors: BOMAG Road Building Specialists

COURSE: Asphalt Compaction – Principles & Technology BOMAG instructors teach the fundamentals and best practices for achieving spec density when compacting both hot mix and warm mix asphalt. Asphalt temperature ranges, rolling patterns and density results for each rolling zone – breakdown, inter-mediate and finish – are reviewed in-depth. Specialists thoroughly cover the use of innovative compaction systems like Econo-mizer and TanGO for reaching spec smoothness and compaction requirements as well as achieving bonus-level results. Instructors: BOMAG Compaction Specialists

COURSE: Soil Compaction – Principles & Technology This course details the different soil types and the importance of matching the right compactor to the soil. Instructors cover the need for proper moisture content and the four forces of compaction. Participants receive an overview of the various types of innovative compaction technology, including the BOMAG Terrameter that delivers material stiffness values to detect and cor-rect soft spots in the soil. Instructors: BOMAG Compaction Specialists

COURSE: Quality Restorations Practices – Milling Our milling restoration course focuses on machine application, operating safety, grade control and maintenance of BOMAG milling equipment. Instructors cover best application practices to achieve efficient production and various drum options to increase productivity. Basic maintenance of wear items is covered to increase machine uptime availability. Instructors: BOMAG Application Specialists

COURSE: Quality Restoration Practices: Recycling & Stabilization Contractors learn operating, safety and best application practice techniques for both the

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CMI RS and BOMAG MPH Series of reclaimer/ stabilizers. Instructors cover the various available drum and drive options for selecting the best machine configura-tion to efficiently complete the application. Machine options that increase versatility in the field – automatic cross slope, water and water/emulsion systems – are also thoroughly reviewed as are basic maintenance and service tips to increase machine uptime availability. Instructors: BOMAG Application Specialists

COURSE: BOMAG Telematics and Fundamentals of Machine Operation, Service & Repair Telematics can improve machine uptime by catching minor problems before they cause downtime. Instructors cover BOMAG Telematic system operation and capabilities for the entire BOMAG/Cedarapids/CMI product range. Additionally, attendees are taught the principles of machine operation, maintenance, component identification, troubleshooting, and hydraulic and electri-cal systems analysis. Instructors: BOMAG Service and Product Support Specialists Fee: There are no fees associated with BOMAG equipment training courses, dates and locations of schools are flexible. Reservations for dates, times and locations required. Contact BOMAG for further information and to schedule a class.

COURSE: Practical Course on Viscosity Measurements A one-day course designed to help you get the most out of your Brookfield Viscometer and Rheometer measurements by providing you with information, activities and techniques that you can easily understand and immediately put to practical use. Discussion topics include how to pick a spindle/speed combination, methodology, rheology, calibration and verification checks. * Designed for beginner to intermediate users.

COURSE: Lab Day/Advanced Viscosity Test Methods This is a one-day, advanced “on demand” course offering focused on the customer’s interests, formulations and processing problems. The course covers viscosity and related rheological measurements including: yield stress, shear rate ramps, viscosity vs. temperature profiles, creep and viscoelastic behavior. This course is offered at our facility in Middleboro or at the customer’s location. * Designed for the intermediate to advanced users.

Brookfield Engineering Contact: Vinnie Hebert Email: Phone: 800-628-8139 or 508-946-6200 Website: educational-programs Brookfield Engineering offers its Practical Course on Viscosity Measurements designed to help Brookfield viscometer users comprehend the functionality of their instrument, solve the mysteries of fluid behavior and Rheology, and create successful and repeatable viscosity test methods for use in both R&D and QA/QC environments. The course is offered at Brookfield’s headquarters in Middleboro, MA and at major cities across the United States. Space is limited and customers are encouraged to sign up early. “OnDemand” courses are conducted at the customers’ facilities or at Brookfield’s headquarters. An advanced course, Lab Day/Advanced Viscosity Test Methods is an on demand course covering more advanced viscosity topics utilizing sample testing.

Caterpillar Inc. 11601 93rd Avenue North Maple Grove, MN 55369 Contact: Ron Wilson or Nathan Just Phone: 763-315-5516 or 763-315-5540 Fax: 763-315-5524 E-mail: Website: Caterpillar Paving Products is dedicated to providing customers with quality training. Classes are taught by qualified instructors who have many years of experience in the paving industry. Caterpillar offers customer operator and service training, on-demand customized training, on-thejob crew training, project consulting and regional paving operations seminars.

Technical Training & Solutions offers a wide variety of training materials. Job calculators help crew members find the proper paving and compaction speeds to get the best results for their job. The Caterpillar Paving Production Calculator is now available for your Apple mobile device through iTunes and will soon be available for Android devices through Google Play.

COURSE: Paving Operations Training (P.O.T.) Training is taught using the Cat F-Series Pavers with Caterpillar Grade and Slope system. The daily curriculum includes two hours of classroom training and six hours of hands-on training at the paving demo site. Classroom Interactive Sessions include: • Fundamentals of paving • Paving By the Numbers • Understanding grade and slope controls • Screed Adjustments • Understanding mat defects • Compaction basics Hands–on Training includes: • Transverse and longitudinal joint construction • Feeder system set-up and adjustments • Variable width paving • Grade/slope set-up and troubleshooting • ECM calibration • Critical screed adjustments The 4 1/2-day course concludes with a written and a hands-on final examination. Students work in teams of four and practice with various pavers and screeds. The primary goal of P.O.T. is to prepare attendees to conduct similar training within his or her organization. Each attendee receives printed materials for classroom training and a jump drive which contains all the training material, outlines, and tests used in the paving course. Each P.O.T. graduate will be awarded a certificate of completion. Feb. 13-17, 2017 Tucson, AZ Feb. 20-24, 2017 Tucson, AZ Mar. 13-17, 2017 Tucson, AZ Mar. 20-24, 2017 Tucson, AZ Mar. 27-31, 2017 Tucson, AZ Apr. 3-7, 2017 Tucson, AZ Prerequisites: Attendees must have a minimum of one year experience with the lay down of hot mix asphalt. Fee: $3,100

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TRAINING REVIEW (Caterpillar Inc. continued)

This 4-day course will provide theory and handson training for the Cat AP1000F, AP1055F, AP600F, and AP655F asphalt pavers and consists of: Study of hydraulic and electrical schematics Systems operations Troubleshooting with ECMs Calibration of ECMs Critical tractor adjustments The course is approximately 50/50 classroom and hands-on training. There will be a written examination after each major system is covered. Each attendee will receive a certificate of completion. Note: This course only covers the Cat AP1000F/AP1055F and AP600F/AP655F series pavers. Prerequisites: Attendees must be able to read hydraulic schematics and electrical wiring diagrams. Classes conducted January through March. At the time of publication the course schedule had not been released. Refer to the website for updates.

• Basic machine and operation safety • Fundamental machine operations • Basic machine maintenance • Construction of a flat, smooth transverse joint (“Paving by the Numbers”) with limited hand work or rework required to meet your project’s exact specifications • Elimination of screed separation marks, if any — within the first 50 feet of paving off the transverse joint, initial adjustment of the feeder system; and, ways to avoid texture or segregation stripes • Truck exchange process (if end dumping directly into the hopper) • Compaction of a smooth transverse joint • Breakdown roller rolling pattern — including working speed to achieve density targets and match paver production Classroom Reinforcement: If desired, classroom training can be scheduled to run concurrently — reinforcing the concepts and paving fundamentals presented on site. Training material will mirror segments of the day’s on-site training and participants can be tested to confirm that the techniques and skills presented on-site were fully mastered.

Fee: $1,400

Fee: Does apply for On-the-Job Crew Training.

COURSE: AP1000F/AP1055F and AP600F/AP655F Asphalt Paver Service Training

Contact your local Cat Dealer for fee specifics.

COURSE: On-Demand Customized Training Classes At times, customers find it more convenient and economical to conduct dedicated training that’s tailored to meet their organization’s unique needs and logistical requirements. Caterpillar Service and Operations Training for paving products can be scheduled on-demand and can include: Service Training for Cat pavers, compactors, cold planers and reclaimer/stabilizers Paving/ compaction operations seminars Paving Operations Training On-demand Training takes place at the location of your choice — including numerous Caterpillar Training Centers, Dealer Training Facilities or customer office/shop locations. Fee: Does apply for on-demand training. Contact your local Cat Dealer for fee specifics.

COURSE: On-the-Job Crew Training Cat instructors use the same training techniques developed for smoothness and density studies to achieve immediate improvements in individual and team operational skills and overall paving quality — on the job. Training occurs under your real-world project conditions rather than the controlled training environment of Cat Training facilities. Skills covered on site include:

Clarence Richard Services 3908 Tonkawood Rd. Minnetonka, MN 55345 Contact: Carrie Hudak Phone: 952-939-6000 Fax: 952-939-1026 Website: E-mail:

COURSE: On-Site Field Plant Operation and Safety Training Day Course includes: 1) Plant Trouble Shooting 2) Burner Tuning 3) Exhaust System Leak Detection Services 4) Report on equipment status and operational procedures Fee: $1,750 plus travel time expenses

Optional: All the above plus 1) 1,000-page Plant Reference Manual 2) Access to 32-hour Web-Based Training Fee: Add $1,195

COURSE: On-Site Field Plant Electro-Mechanical Training Day Course includes: 1) Plant Electro-Mechanical Trouble Shooting 2) Repair when practical 3) 400-page Electro-Mechanical Reference Manual 4) Continued access to 16-hour Web-Based Training Fee: Add $2,950 plus travel time expenses

Plant Operation WBT (Web-Based Training) and/or Classroom

COURSE: On-Line Self-Based Training Clarence Richard offers On-Line e-Workshops that are interactive and engaging. Participants answering 540 questions makes the experience interactive; participants being accountable for their answers makes the training engaging. Workshops consist of many hours of self-based/ self-paced training. Online allows participants to train at their own time and pace and eliminates the need to travel to a training facility and set aside a block of time for training. Online participants may review as often as they want near indefinitely. Participants may train on a slow day or rain day, at their plant, shop or home, any time of any day. Personal questions that participants develop can be easily answered by e-mail directly from the self-based training program or calling. When questions requiring complex answers, a personal webinar can be scheduled to answer those questions. Included with the class are particpant’s assessment of improvement and achievement and transcripts. Fee: $1,495

COURSE: Plant Operation Workshop Self-Based Training Module 1 and 2: Safety Developing confined space-lockout written

74 Asphalt Contractor • • October 2016

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Search: 10073090

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TRAINING REVIEW (Clarence Richard Services continued) procedure; handling asphalt oil; proving safety interlocks; electrically safe maintenance; damage control Module 3: Drum & Trunnion Maintenance Module 4: Batch Plant Operation Module 5: Feeder Module 6: Silo Operation Module 7: Scales and Meters Module 8: Control System Operation Module 9: Burner Operation Module Module 10: Hot Oil Heating Module 11: Aggregate Drying Module 12: Plant Production Troubleshooting Module 13: Baghouse & Primary Collector Operation Module 14: Plant Performance Evaluation Fee: $995 plus downloadable e-Plant calculators, templates Designed for plant managers - operators, oilers, plant mechanics-technicians and trainees. 35 hours, Modules 1-14 Fee: $595 plus downloadable e-Plant calculators, templates Designed for QC managers/technicians/trainees. 20 hours, Modules 4-8

electricity to be as simple as this workshop explains it. Fee: $595

COURSE: WBT (Part 1) blended with Classroom Training (Part 2) Part 1: WBT (about 32 hours) Designed for plant managers - operators, oilers, plant mechanics-technicians and trainees. 43 hours, Modules 1-14 Includes two-volume Asphalt Plant Operation Workshop, 1,000-page manual, first-day lunch and dinner, e-Calculators, templates, poster text Part 2: Plant Operation Workshop (8-hour classroom review/problem solve) Participants gather notes they collected during their WBT and reviews them with the class in detail about possible solutions. The special calculators provided with the WBT will be used to resolve issues to problems efficiently. February 20, 2017 Nashville, TN February 26, 2017 Minneapolis, MN March 6, 2017 Denver, CO Fee: $1,495 Private classroom training available upon request.

Fee: $295 plus downloadable e-Plant calculators, templates

Achieve your production goals by making sure your team attends the Gencor Advanced Training School 2017. Our expert instructors provide step-by-step, hands-on training on real plant equipment. Benefit from the most comprehensive training program in the industry. Registration closes Friday, December 9, 2016. Classes begin on January 30, 2017. Limited seats available.

Hauck Mfg. Co. 100 N Harris St. Cleona, PA 17042 Contact: Pat Horn Phone: 717-272-3051 x455 Fax: 717-273-9882 Email Website:

COURSE: Service Schools In response to the integration with Honeywell, the location of the training has been changed from to the Maxon facility in Muncie, IN. Training and lodging locations will be provided during registration. School #1 Three-day training session with a welcome reception the evening of January 9. Jan. 10-12, 2017 Fee: $950

Designed for safety directors/trainees with an accent on what a plant control engineer knows that typical safety directors may not know. This course covers OSHA-required confined space-lockout written procedure development specifically for asphalt plants, OSHA-required arc flash and electrocution protection, handling asphalt oil, proving safety interlocks, electrically safe maintenance, damage control. 1 CEU, 10 hours Modules, 1-2, Electro-Mod 3

COURSE: Electro-Mechanical Systems Maintenance & Troubleshooting Workshop Self-Based Training Designed for plant managers — operators, oilers, plant mechanics-technicians and trainees. Previous electrical training is not required. This course covers basic electricity, circuit analysis, safe meter usage, and various levels of troubleshooting. A novice will learn an extreme amount of skills and knowledge, while a veteran will walk away with many new techniques to help find the problems quickly. Past participants claim they have not experienced learning

School #2 Three-day training session with a welcome reception the evening of January 18. Jan. 17-19, 2017 Fee: $950

School #3 Three-day training session with a welcome reception the evening of January 23. January 24-26, 2016. Fee: $950

Gencor Industries 5201 N. Orange Blossom Trail Orlando, FL 32810 Phone: 407-290-6000, ext. 342 Website:

COURSE: Gencor Advanced Training 2017 Week Week Week Week

1: 2: 3: 4:

Jan. 30-Feb 3, 2017 Feb. 6-10, 2017 Feb. 13-17, 2017 Feb. 20-24, 2017

Heatec 5200 Wilson Rd. Chattanooga, TN 37410 Phone: 423-867-4210 Contact: ASTEC Service Website: Plant operators attending Astec’s Advanced Customer Schools in 2017 can look forward to spending one full day at Heatec’s training center.

76 Asphalt Contractor • • October 2016

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The focus will be on maintaining and servicing asphalt heating and storage equipment at HMA plants. Heatec’s training center occupies 6,730 square feet and is located a short distance from the Astec training center. Its classrooms include mock-up devices that closely resemble actual products operators have at their own plants. Topics covered in the Heatec classes relate to the most common service-related calls the company receives from operators at HMA plants. Classroom instructors have extensive experience with these topics. Some of the instructors are the actual engineers who designed Heatec products they cover. Other instructors are technicians who actually service these products at HMA plants. The following topics will be covered in the 2017 training schedule at Heatec: Pump Seals & Alignment 
 Students see a live demo on how to replace pump seals and how to align pumps with motors. Electrical Drawings 
 Instructor explains how to read Heatec electrical drawings using a set of drawings for a typical heater. Limit Devices 
 Instructor explains how heater limit devices work in the 3-P circuit. Students handle actual devices (uninstalled). Hot Oil Flow 
 Instructor uses a new heater/flow replica to demonstrate how to achieve optimum hot oil flow at a HMA plant and the bad effects of inadequate flow.

Modulation Motors 
 Students examine actual mod motors while instructor illustrates how to set cam-activated switches. Level Devices 
 Instructor explains how various level indicating devices work. Students make settings on training aids that incorporate real pressure transmitters. Burner Management 
 Students learn how the burner management system on hot oil heaters works using Heatec training consoles that incorporate real burner controls. Heatec will also host an evening dinner and entertainment for students.

Roadtec 800 Manufactuerers Rd. Chattanooga, TN 37405 Contact: Michelle Painter Phone: 800-272-7100 Website:

COURSE: 2017 Roadtec Technical Service Schools

courses with in-class and hands-on training at our facilities in Chattanooga, TN. Attendees with leave with a complete overall knowledge to maintain the most uptime and reliable equipment in the industry. Sessions will include electrical and hydraulic systems, engine diagnostics, gearboxes, brake packs, grade controls advanced, troubleshooting and maintenance. Paver Schools: Jan. 11-13 and 16-18, 2017 Mill Schools: Feb. 1-3 and 6-8, 2017 Shuttle Buggy Schools: Feb. 14-15 and 16-17, 2017 Stabilizer School: February 22-23, 2017

COURSE: 2017 Roadtec Paving Professionals Workshops (PPW) Designed for paving crews and supervisors, these sessions include proper use of asphalt lay down, handling, and rolling equipment, milling and surface preparation, job layouts, paving for smoothness bonuses, pre-paving checklist, crew communication skills, grade control systems. Jan. 23 & 24, 2017 Jan. 25 & 26, 2017

Roadtec factory-trained staff will instruct the

October 2016 • • Asphalt Contractor

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TransTech Systems Inc. 1594 State St. Schenectady, NY 12304 Phone: 800-724-6306 Fax: 518-370-5538 Website: Non-Nuclear Density Gauge Training is offered by TransTech Systems Inc. at the TransTech facility throughout the year. Please visit the website or call for further details.

Troxler Electronic Laboratories 3008 Cornwallis Rd. Research Triangle Park, NC 27709 Phone: 1-877-TROXLER Email: Website: Troxler offers the following online training courses on its website. These are available at your convenience any time of the day or night.

ONLINE COURSES: Radiation Safety Officer Training Teaches the RSO the responsibilities of the job. Topics covered include: radiation safety fundamentals and principles; license application/ renewal; regulatory requirements, record keeping and other responsibilities of the RSO; handling incidents and accidents; and inspections - what to expect. Nuclear Gauge Training plus Hazmat Every new nuclear gauge operator needs this course. Topics covered include: radiation safety fundamentals and principles; regulatory requirements; portable gauge theory and operation; gauge maintenance and troubleshooting; storing, packaging and transporting gauges. This course is accepted for certification in most states. Hazmat Recertification This course satisfies U.S. DOT training requirements of 49 CFR 172, subpart H (Hazmat) for

individuals shipping or transporting hazardous materials. Recurrent training is required every three years. Take this class to update your Hazmat certification. Refresher Course for Nuclear Gauge Operators If you work in a state that requires you to renew your safety training for nuclear gauges, this course fits that requirement. Includes: Radiation safety refresher, new regulatory requirements, operating & emergency procedures, maintenance, and transportation procedures (this is not a Hazmat recertification course) Compaction & Density Testing This course is designed to teach you the basic principles of compaction and density testing methods, with emphasis on nuclear testing methods.

COURSE: Automatic Grade & Slope Systems


COURSE: Paver & Compactor Operation and Maintenance

Radiation Safety Officer Training Nuclear Gauge Training plus Hazmat See descriptions above for course topics. See the online calendar for dates and locations.

Volvo Construction Equipment/ Road Institute E-mail: Website: Kicking off its 51st year, Volvo’s Road Institute provides a variety of classes to help everyone from paver and compactor operators to screed operators and maintenance technicians create a higher quality road while staying mindful of the most important thing on the jobsite — safety. Training courses combine classroom-style instruction with hands-on learning, and focus on a wide range of paving and compaction topics including operation, application, maintenance and mechanics. This year the Road Institute’s most highly attended course — Paver and Compactor Operation and Maintenance — will be offered in both English and Spanish. Courses are open to all roadbuilding professionals, and lessons are applicable regardless of equipment brand. Instructors combine decades of roadbuilding and training experience to ensure, regardless of tenure in the industry, every course attendee takes away helpful lessons they can immediately apply on a jobsite. More information on course descriptions, registration and hotel information is available online at

This course provides lessons on how to safely set up, operate and troubleshoot common control issues that can result in poor ride-ability and joint construction. • Jan. 4-6, Phoenix, AZ • Feb. 21-23, Phoenix, AZ

COURSE: Large Asphalt Compactor Mechanics This course provides students with maintenance and technical training for large asphalt compactors including system functions, troubleshooting and adjustments of hydraulic and electrical systems. • Dec. 13-15, 2016, Chambersburg, PA • Jan. 24-26, 2017, Chambersburg, PA • Mar. 14-16, 2017, Chambersburg, PA

• Oct. 11-14, 2016, Shippensburg, PA • Oct. 25--28, 2016, Phoenix, AZ • Nov. 29- Dec. 2, 2016, Phoenix, AZ • Dec. 13- 16, 2016, Phoenix, AZ • Jan. 24- 27, 2017, Phoenix, AZ • Jan. 31-Feb. 3, 2017, Phoenix, AZ • Feb. 14-17, 2017, Phoenix, AZ • Feb. 28-Mar. 3, 2017, Phoenix, AZ • Mar. 21-24, 2017, Phoenix, AZ • April 11-14, 2017, Phoenix, AZ • April 25-28, 2017, Phoenix, AZ • May 9-12, 2017, Shippensburg, PA • May 16-19, 2017, Shippensburg, PA

COURSE: Paver Hydraulic & Electrical Systems – Blaw-Kox (Step 1) Students become familiar with the hydraulics and electrical systems of pavers with lessons that allow for hands-on troubleshooting. • Oct. 3-7, 2015, Chambersburg, PA

COURSE: Paver Hydraulic & Electrical Systems – P7000 Pavers (Step 1) • Dec. 5-9, 2016, Chambersburg, PA • Jan. 9-13, 2017, Phoenix, AZ • Feb. 6-10, 2017, Chambersburg, PA

COURSE: Paver Hydraulic & Electrical Systems – P7000 Pavers (Step 2) • Mar. 28-30, 2017, Chambersburg, PA

COURSE: Paver Screed Operation & Adjustment This course covers principles of paver operation, maintenance, mechanical adjustments, screed set-up and screed running adjustments to ensure paving quality.

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TRAINING REVIEW • Nov. 16-18, 2016, Chambersburg, PA • Jan. 17-19, 2017, Chambersburg, PA

COURSE: Paving & Compaction Application Seminar • Nov. 1-2, 2016, Shippensburg, PA • April 18-19, 2017, Shippensburg, PA

COURSE: Small Asphalt Compactor Mechanics Students learn mechanics for asphalt compactors under seven tons. • Mar. 7-9, 2017, Chambersburg, PA

COURSE: Soil Compaction Application Seminar • Nov. 8-9, 2016, Chambersburg, PA

COURSE: Soil Compactor Mechanics (Step 1) This course provides students with general service instruction for soil compactors. • Jan. 10-12, 2017, Chambersburg, PA • Feb. 14-16, Chambersburg, PA

Wirtgen America Inc. 6030 Dana Way Antioch, TN 37013 Phone: 615-501-0600 Website: customer-support/training/ The 21,000-square-foot CTT Center for Training and Technology in suburban Nashville offers a new complement of classes for Wirtgen, Vögele, Hamm and Kleemann customer operator and maintenance personnel, and for dealer/distributor personnel (classes listed online only), for the 2016-2017 season. WIRTGEN

COURSE: W 200 Series Cold Milling Machine Operation This course is two days and covers how to operate and work safely around the W 200 series cold milling machine.

COURSE: W 120 CFi/W 150CFi Series Cold Milling Machine Operation This course is two days and covers safe work practices on and around cold milling machines. After completing this course, you will be better prepared to diagnose machine problems and increase machine uptime.

COURSE: Wirtgen W 120 Fi and W 150i Operation This two-day course covers the Wirtgen W 120 Fi and W 150i cold milling machines (but not

the W 120 F or W 150). This course covers safe work practices on and around cold milling machines.

COURSE: Wirtgen W 120 Fi and W 150i Technical Service This three-day course covers safe work practices and factory-recommended maintenance practices for the W 120 Fi and W 150 i cold milling machines.

COURSE: W 120C Fi Technical Service This three-day course covers only the W 120C Fi and NOT cover the previous W 120 F or W 120 Fi models.

COURSE: Wirtgen W 200 Series Technical Service This three-day course covers the W 200 Series, including the W 200, W 200i, W 210, W 210i, W 220 and W 250 cold mills including factoryrecommended maintenance practices for proper maintenance.

COURSE: W 200 Series Advanced Systems: Short Course 1 for Dealers Advanced Systems is a series of specialty courses for dealers that cover an in-depth breakdown of the W 200 series milling machines. Short Course 1 covers three key systems: advance drive, conveyor and height adjustment systems. In this four-day course, you will review safe work practices on and around cold milling machines. Using WIDOS, you will learn factoryrecommended maintenance practices for proper upkeep of W 200 series advance drive/conveyor/height adjustment systems.

COURSE: W 200 Series Advanced Systems: Short Course 2 for Dealers This four-day course covers three key systems: drum, steering and water spray systems. In this course, you will review safe work practices on and around cold milling machines. Using WIDOS, you will learn factory-recommended maintenance practices for proper upkeep of W 200 series drum/steering/water spray systems. After successfully completing this course, you will be better prepared to diagnose drum/ steering/water spray systems problems.

COURSE: W 50 Ri/W 60 Ri Technical Service W 50 Ri/W 60 Ri includes only the ‘Ri’ models and does NOT cover the previous W 50, W 50i, W 50DC W 50 DCi, W 60, or W 60i models. This

three-day course covers safe work practices and factory-recommended maintenance practices for proper maintenance of W50 Ri and W60 Ri cold milling machines.

COURSE: W 120C Fi Technical Service W 120C Fi includes only W 120C Fi and does NOT cover the previous W 120 F or W 120 Fi models. This three-day course covers safe work practices and factory-recommended maintenance practices.

COURSE: WR 200 Series: Cold Recycling Operations The Wirtgen cold recycler/stabilizer machine is the focus of this two-day course. In this course you will learn how to operate and work safely around the Wirtgen WR 200 series cold recycler/soil stabilizer machines and factory-recommended best practices for machine operation and daily maintenance. Also included will be a review of the many unique applications that the machine is capable of.

COURSE: WR 200 Series: Cold Recycling Technical Service The Wirtgen cold recycler/stabilizer machine is the focus of this three-day course. After completing this course, you will be better prepared to perform service, repairs, and troubleshoot the WR 200 series Wirtgen soil stabilizer according to manufacturer’s recommendations.

COURSE: WR 2000 & WR 2400: Cold Recycling Technical Service Legacy Wirtgen cold recycling machines are the focus of this three-day course. After completing this course, you will be better prepared to perform service, repairs, and troubleshoot the Wirtgen Soil Stabilizer Machine according to manufacturer’s recommendations.

80 Asphalt Contractor • • October 2016

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COURSE: WR 2500/WR 2500 S Series Operation In this course you will learn how to operate and work safely around the legacy Wirtgen WR 2500/2500 S series of recyclers/soil stabilizing machines and factory-recommended best practices for machine operation and for performing daily and scheduled maintenance.

COURSE: WR 2500/WR 2500 S Series Technical Service After completing this three-day course, you will be better prepared to perform repairs, service and troubleshoot the WR2500/WR 2500 S series of Wirtgen legacy recycler/soil stabilizing machines according to manufacturer’s recommendations. VÖGELE

COURSE: Vögele Paver Operations/Application This two-day course covers how to safely operate and work around a Vögele paver. You will learn factory-recommended best practices for machine operation and for performing daily and scheduled maintenance.

COURSE: Vögele Super 2100-2 Paver Service After completing this three-day course, you will be better prepared to perform service repairs and diagnose operational problems of the Super 2100-2 paver. You will learn factory-recommended best practices for doing service repairs and troubleshooting electrical control systems and hydraulic systems.

COURSE: Vögele 10-ft. Super-3i Technical Service After completing this four-day course, you will be better prepared to perform service repairs and diagnose operational problems of the new Super-3i paver. You will learn factory-recommended best practices for doing service repairs and troubleshooting electrical control systems and hydraulic systems of the paver.

COURSE: Vögele Vision 51002 and 5103-2 [8-ft.] Pavers Technical Service After completing this three-day course, you will be better prepared to perform service repairs and diagnose operational problems of the Vision 5100-2 (8-ft. tracked) and 5103-2 (8-ft. wheeled) pavers.

COURSE: Vögele Vision 5200-2, 5203-2, 5200-2i and 5203-2i [10ft.] Pavers Technical Service

After completing this four-day course, you will be better prepared to perform service repairs and diagnose operational problems of the Vision 5200-2 (10-ft tracked), 5203-2 (10-ft. wheeled), 5200-2i (10-ft. tracked Tier 4 interim-compliant) and 5203-2i (10-ft. wheeled Tier 4 interimcompliant) pavers.

COURSE: Front-Mount Screed Technical Service This two-day course covers Carlson and Vögele VF 500 and VF 600 front-mount screeds. This course covers the fundamentals of setting up and executing work on all front-mount screeds used on Vögele pavers.

COURSE: MT 3000-2i Offset MTV Operations & Application This three-day course will introduce you to the paving principles and concepts of material transfer while paving. Instruction will be restricted to the operation of the new Vögele material transfer vehicles. Content will included the shift from pave to transport and back to pave; perform scheduled maintenance and daily inspections; recall basic principles of proper truck exchange and set up a machine for paving; set up the feeder for efficient delivery and understanding all of the different percentage settings; use the Vögele diagnostic system; and use the controls and functions of the Vögele Ergo Plus operating system. KLEEMANN

COURSE: MC EVO Series Jaw Crusher Operation and Maintenance This two-day course covers Mobicat EVO jaw crushers (MC EVO Series) from Kleemann. You will learn about the electrical and hydraulic systems that control functions of the Mobicat EVO jaw crushing equipment. You will learn how to troubleshoot components using electrical diagrams, hydraulic schematics, and other Kleemann resources. You will learn what

items require regular servicing/maintenance and how to correctly set-up the machine for operation.

COURSE: MR xx i EVO 2 Series Crusher Operation and Maintenance This two-day course covers Mobirex EVO 2 impact crushers (MR xx i EVO 2 Series) from Kleemann.

COURSE: MS Series Screen Operation and Maintenance Kleemann Mobiscreen mobile screens will be covered in this one-day course. You will learn about the electrical and hydraulic systems that control functions of the Mobiscreen aggregate processing equipment and how to troubleshoot components using electrical diagrams, hydraulic schematics, and other Kleemann resources. HAMM

COURSE: HAMM Compact Asphalt & Dirt Rollers Technical Service This two-day fundamental technical-service course on select models of the HAMM H/HD/ HD+ Compact Line rollers for dirt and asphalt. This course includes: Hamm Compaction Quality System for HD+ and H Series equipment.

COURSE: HAMM HCQ Technical Service This two-day course covers Hamm Compaction Quality (HCQ) System found on the Hamm HD+ and H Series equipment. This course covers how to operate, troubleshoot, and repair the HCQ system safely. PARTS

COURSE: Parts Specialists Training Workshop (PSTW) The Parts Sales segment of your business is ever-evolving. The PSTW course is a two-day course that will provide you with an understanding of the tools and practices to support the parts sales strategies of Wirtgen Group dealers. WIRTGEN GROUP

COURSE: WITOS FleetView Basics This one-day course will allow you to navigate through the different views within WITOS FleetView. You will explore ways to track machines, schedule alerts for maintenance and radius parameters as well as easily export historical data.

October 2016 • • Asphalt Contractor

ACON1016_72-81_TrainingGuide_JL.indd 81


9/27/16 10:53 AM



NPE 2017 Offers 15 New Asphalt Paving Sessions


egistration is now “live” and details of the 2017 National Pavement Expo and its 54-session conference program are now available on the NPE website, NPE 2017 will run from Feb. 1-4 at Music City Center in Nashville, TN. The 2017 conference program features 40 new topics involving 21 new speakers. There are 32 management sessions of which 30 are new. In addition, NPE will offer 15 pavingrelated sessions, including the following new topics: • On-the-Job Paving Tips for Perfect Paving Projects, Tom Travers, Carlson Paving Products

• Compaction Basics: The Final Step in Quality Pavement, Tim Kowalski, Wirtgen America • Diagram It! How to Pave a Parking Lot & a Cul-de-Sac from Start to Finish, John Ball, Top Quality Paving • Materials Selection: Matching the Right Materials to the Right Project, Wayne Jones, Senior Regional Engineer, Asphalt Institute • Introduction to Thickness Design and Pavement Distresses, Wayne Jones, Senior Regional Engineer, Asphalt Institute • Make Your Hot Mix Supplier Your Paving Partner, Timothy R. Murphy,

P.E., Murphy Pavement Technology Inc. • Pavement Milling: An Affordable, Profitable Service, John Hood For complete details on NPE 2017 – including complete session descriptions — and to register visit nationalpavementexpo. com.

Need a replacement part or additional supplies at a job site? Need it now? Search the updated online

Industry Directory from Asphalt Contractor and Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction for local suppliers and dealers.


Enter your ZIP code or city/state


Select a category



Search categories, such as: Asphalt pavers | Compaction | Cracksealing equipment & materials | Curbers Paint & thermoplastic materials | Patching equipment & materials | Paving & pavement maintenance tools Planers & milling machines | Replacement brooms & brushes | Safety equipment | MANY MORE!

Sponsored by:

82 Asphalt Contractor • • October 2016

ACON1016_82_TrainingNPE_JL.indd 82

9/23/16 11:10 AM


ONSITE-WORKSHOP ✔ Safety, Troubleshooting, Fixing, Operating Cost Reduction

✔ Training, Assessments, Reports, Reduce Carbon Emissions

Where are your best plant investments hiding?

Register 952-939-6000 October 2016 • • Asphalt Contractor

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9/27/16 10:53 AM




› 20,000 Gal coiled asphalt oil tank $5,000 › New Process hot oil heater (electric) $5,000 › Burke 1.5m btu hot oil heater $5,000 › 48,000 cfm Gencor baghouse $30,000

Contact Denise Singsime Print and Digital Advertising

› Free standing aggregate bin $8,000 › 2 Clarence Richards Ras scales $6,000 each › Set of four Gencor newly reconditioned trunnions $8,000 for the set

Pictures are available upon request


262-965-5426 • Fax 262-965-5426

Hillhouse Industrial & Marine Batch Controls – Truck Scales – Load Out Controls – Drum Controls Installation – Removal and Reinstalling – Service – 24 Hour Technical Support Old and New Systems – Most Manufacturers Field Service and Overnight Parts United States and Canada




Stop your pumps from leaking!

Pre-cut packing sets proven within the Asphalt Industry. Viking®, Roper, Rotan, etc. Call Scott at 1-800-231-4209

✔ Twin City 76,000 cfm Baghouse

Fan (hi efficiency)

Clark Loney 888-220-1277 • Fax 707-929-0569 Email:

ASPHALT PLANTS · · · · · · · · · · ·

Astec 400 TPH Relocatable Double Barrel Drum Mix plant 500 & 400 TPH Duo Drum Mix Asphalt Plants CMI 400 tph portable counterflow plant Astec 300 tph relocatable Double Barrel plant Terex 225 tph portable counterflow plant ADM 110 tph portable drum mix plant Terex 150 TPH Portable Counterflow Drum Mix Plant ADM 100 tph stationary drum mix plant 6000# Barber Greene batch plant Dillman Duo Drum System 7000# Stansteel batch plant

· · · · · · · ·

(2) 100 ton silos & slat conveyor Astec 150 ton silo/slat Astec 75 & 100 ton self-erect silos CMI 65,000 CFM Baghouse Gencor 48,000 CFM Baghouse Astec portable five bin cold feed ADM 2005 300 tph slat conveyor Recycle bin and conveyor

Please Call For Complete Inventory

Plant for sale? Call Clancy! Serving the Asphalt Industry for over 45 years

E.T. CLANCY COMPANY 219-879-8231 • 800-348-8553 Email: •

To Ca da ll y!

LIME ADDITIVE Pugmill Systems manufactures top-quality portable and stationary pugmills for lime additives, soil cement, and stabilized base. 100-1500 TPH. Durable, low maintenance design.

In Stock: New 500 and 750 Pugmills Conveyors, Belt Feeders

PUGMILL SYSTEMS, INC. Manufacturers of Davis Pugmills (931) 388-0626 COLUMBIA, TN

84 Asphalt Contractor • • October 2016

ACON1016_83-88_Classifieds.indd 84

9/27/16 10:53 AM




Fabric Structures Natural Light & Low Cost Per Sq Ft

Hybrid Buildings Benefits of Metal & Fabric Buildings

Foundation Solutions Build Anywhere & Quick Construction


restrictions may apply

Equipment for the asphalt industry. Full plants and individual components. New inventory added often.

October 2016 • • Asphalt Contractor

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9/27/16 10:53 AM


THIS IS WHAT BE T TER COLD PATCH LOOK S LIK E Better is cold patch that is easier, faster and more cost-effective to produce. Better is cold patch that remains workable long-term and provides stronger adhesion for longer patch life. Better is cold patch made with ColdGrip™ IQ.

COLDGRIP™ IQ A Smarter Cold Patch Additive for Easier Coating & Stronger Stripping Protection

Improves Mix Production Efficiency

Extends Stockpile Life

• Chemically transforms cutback

to easily coat cool, damp and dusty aggregates, eliminating headaches and time spent dealing with coating challenges

Provides Greater Operational Convenience • Low viscosity additive for

easier handling, even in below freezing temperatures

• Preserves stockpile workability over extended periods of time

• Prevents stockpile stripping by

making cutback cling to aggregate for exceptional film thickness, eliminating reprocessing and wasted material costs

Increases Patch & Pavement Life • Repels water and forms a strong

bond between the pothole and cold patch interface, eliminating stripping, raveling and premature failures and prolonging the life of patches and roads

Reduces Mix Production Costs • Broadens range of aggregates that

can be used to include more costeffective aggregates previously not utilized due to coating diffi culties

Improves Profitability • Boosts profits by optimizing cold mix production effi ciency, reducing mix production costs and maximizing cold patch quality and performance

• Eliminates wasted time and material costs associated with resolving coating problems



86 Asphalt Contractor • • October 2016

ACON1016_83-88_Classifieds.indd 86

9/27/16 10:53 AM



Used Crafco SS melters and EZ pour melters starting at $15,000.00.

Call toll free at 1-888-922-3630 email:

NHMS • P.O. Box 5315 • Akron, Ohio 44334 Additional used equipment available. All sales include onsite training.


  

           




                                 

Used Crafco Model 200 routers starting at $6,000.00.

                         

       

  

        


Just as your vehicles need proper alignment, so does your dryer. Nearly all external dryer problems are caused by trunnion and frame misalignment. Long-term mis-alignment causes damage resulting in downtime and costly repairs. Even units that seemingly float properly can in reality be drastically out of alignment.


✔ Metal flakes from tires or trunnions ✔ Trunnion mis-location and trunnion bearing failure ✔ Poor wear/contact on tires and trunnions ✔ High drive motor amperage ✔ Excessive vibration ✔ Thrust roller and bearing damage ✔ Tire pad and keeper wear ✔ Lack of proper floatation Evans & Daniels uses precision laser and sighting techniques to restore your unit to proper alignment settings.


Evans & Daniels uses highly specialized grinding equipment that can fit into the tightest of spaces. We resurface tires, trunnions, thrust rollers and tire thrust faces. We don’t require cranes, lifting assistance, or steel framework. In most cases, we can grind during regular production conditions.

COMMON WEAR PATTERNS ✔ Tapers ✔ Washboard ✔ Concave / Convex ✔ Shoulders ✔ Lumps / Divots / Cracks ✔ Rollover


ACON1016_83-88_Classifieds.indd 87


9/27/16 10:54 AM


RAP-14795 Dillman Rotary Mixer Package

• 7” x 18’ Dillman Rotary Mixer with Support Structure RAP-14873 STANSTEEL 9’ X 40’ DRYER

• 9x40 Dryer • Frame

• 60 HP Genco Combo Fuel Burner


• UFII40 • 40mbtu capacity combo fuel

• Fuel pump included • 20hp burner blower



• 360 degree viewing • nominal 12x12



• Skid mounted arrangement • Water reservoir tank

• Static Mixer

• (1) Set of Three Bins • 9’ x 14’ Top Bin Openings • 24” Wide Feeders

• 3-hp DC Motors • Includes support & bin extensions • NO COLLECTING CONVEYOR

• 500bbl capacity 30ton • Support structure • 30ft barrel 9’ • Fill pipe diameter • Level Bindicators


• Rotoair 318C sn 159 • Nominal 60,000cfm 756 bags • Tandem axle portability, axles,

bearings and hubs replaced, tires and rims included • Twin 100hp exhaust fan


• 30,000 Gallon Portable AC Tank • New 1988 • DF30D

• sn DF30P - 194 • Direct Fire Burner • Tandem Axle 10:00 x 15 tires

88 Asphalt Contractor • • October 2016

ACON1016_83-88_Classifieds.indd 88

9/27/16 10:54 AM





Asphalt Drum Mixers


Astec Inc.

13, 46-47, 85

Astec Advanced Customer Schools


Calculated Industries


Carlson Paving Products Inc.


Caterpillar Paving


Clarence Richard


Clear Span Fabric Structures


C. M. Consulting




Eager Beaver Trailers


E. D. Etnyre & Co.


E. T. Clancy Company


Evans & Daniels Inc.


FastMeasure By KTP Enterprises


Gencor Industries Inc.

3, 75

General Combustion


Heatec Inc.


Hillhouse Industrial & Marine






Libra Systems Corporation






National Highway Maintenance System Ltd., L.L.C.




Process Heating Company




Pugmill Systems Inc.


Reliable Asphalt Products


Roadtec an Astec Industries Co.

11, 92

Road Science


Road Widener LLC


Screen Machine Industries




Systems Equipment Corp.

25, 69

Tarmac International Inc.




Transtech Systems Inc.


Volvo Construction Equipment




Wirtgen America Inc.

5, 27

October 2016 • • Asphalt Contractor

ACON1016_89_Index.indd 89


9/23/16 11:11 AM


Taking a (nano) Bite Out of Bridge Failure By Jessica Stoikes, Associate Editor


n August 2007, the I-35W Bridge over the Mississippi River in Minneapolis collapsed, killing 13 people and injuring 145. And even today, there are nearly 204 million crossings on 58,495 U.S. structurally deficient bridges that are in need of repair.

Design matters So what can we do? Engineers suggest preventing deficient bridges starts with proper bridge design and research. “We need to revisit current standards with the benefit of much more extensive research,” says George C. Lee, special tasks director at Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research, Buffalo, NY. “We need to install monitoring devices to record stresses on bridges. Of course, we need to examine what happens during catastrophic failure such as the Minneapolis bridge collapse, but we also need to study and learn from incidents and close calls.” Bridge design and engineering has advanced significantly in the latter half of the past century because bridge designers and engineers applied lessons learned from those series of bridge failures. Despite these advances, however, the U.S. has continued to experience major bridge failures. “Those failures happened because we don’t know enough about the dynamic effects that extreme loads have on structures,” Lee says. “That is why the United States, in addition to needing to increase spending to maintain its infrastructure, also needs to invest

in the research and information systems that will tell engineers how to avert future disasters.” Lee argues that the United States needs to invest in new national R&D initiative, one that monitors and reports on bridge performance and bridge failures electronically through smart sensor networks incorporated into bridges. “The nation needs to move its transportation systems into the digital age,” he says.

Trouble seeking nanobites While the Minneapolis collapse is nearly 10 years in the rearview mirror, researchers are doing just what Professor Lee suggests, developing new structural health monitoring systems that could avert such disasters in the future. The unfortunate truth is that when a bridge ages, damage and defects are often invisible until it’s too late. A bridge designed to current standards and properly maintained can still fail. And so the search has been on for systems that can monitor the health of structures and alert their owners to potential problems and even impending catastrophic failure. Several years ago, Erik Thostenson and Thomas Schumacher, both affiliated faculty members in the University of Delaware's Center for Composite Materials, received a $300,000 grant to investigate the use of carbon nanotube

composites as a kind of "smart skin" for structures. In preliminary research, the two found that a carbon nanotube hybrid glass-fiber composite attached to small-scale concrete beams formed a continuous conductive skin that is exceptionally sensitive to changes in strain as well as to the development and growth of damage. "This sensor can either be structural, where the layer of the fiber composite adds reinforcement to a deficient or damaged structure, or nonstructural, where the layer acts merely as a sensing skin," says Schumacher, who brings to the project knowledge of structural mechanics and health monitoring of largescale structures. Today, they have improved on this approach. The new method applies a noninvasive medical imaging technique to the carbon nanotube-based sensor. This is done through the addition of another technique called electrical impedance tomography (EIT), which uses surface electrode measurements to create an image of the conductivity of a material or structure.

The paper documents the team's initial evaluation of the methodology, first by introducing well-defined damage and then by investigating a more realistic damage scenario to show the capability of the approach to detect impact damage on a composite laminate. The resulting EIT maps were then compared to visual inspection and thermograms taken with an infrared camera. "Although we did encounter some issues with the size of cracks being overestimatewd and their shapes not being well represented, overall our EIT methodology was able to detect the initiation of damage well before it was visible with infrared thermography," Schumacher says. "We are in the process of making improvements to the EIT algorithm to increase its accuracy. After that, we plan to demonstrate it in the laboratory, with an aim toward scaling it up for future monitoring of real structures."

Additional information provided by the University of Delaware.

90 Asphalt Contractor • • October 2016

ACON1016_90-92_LastExit_JL.indd 90

9/23/16 11:11 AM

Search: 10072346

ACON1016_90-92_LastExit_JL.indd 91

9/23/16 11:11 AM



EACH ROADTEC PAVER IS ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED FOR BETTER VISIBILITY, REDUCED NOISE, AND COMFORT. The New Clearview FXS® fume extraction system provides greater visibility to the front of the paver hopper, to the opposite side, and down to the augers. Paver controls are mounted to the pivoting seat station, which hydraulically swings out past the side of the machine for excellent visibility. All functions are easily accessible, including feed system and flow gate controls. Noise levels cut in half and improved visibility allow the operator to stay in constant communication with the rest of their crew.





Search: 10074458

ACON1016_90-92_LastExit_JL.indd 92

9/23/16 11:11 AM

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