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Cheshire 2017

Foreword Art, to all of us, will mean something different to ourselves than it does to the next person. Some would choose to see paintings as aspects of celebration, for others it will be a piece of sculpture, or a piece of jewellery; tapestry perhaps. But for all of us, I believe, Art is an emotional liaison between what the eyes see or the hands feel and the connection with our hearts and minds.

The Forartis team (left to right): Vince Entwistle, Tess Baxter, Gordon Tebay, Carl Longmate, and Millie (who is wondering why Tess has closed her eyes)

As a group, who have connections within the Art world in one form or another, we have brought about bringing together all aspects of art, in a way that will support and enhance the different facets that go to make up Art as a whole. We formed Forartis to create a place (through our directory or website) where everyone concerned with art (artists, collectors, buyers etc) will come together in the knowledge that whatever they are looking for, they will find. For Art Is what we choose art to be. Vince Entwistle Chairman of Forartis.

Š Forartis and member artists. Forartis, Unit 2a, 59-61 Sunderland Street, Macclesfield, Cheshire SK11 6HN Printed by Buxton Press, Palace Road, Buxton SK17 6AE

Every effort was made to ensure the details were correct at the time of print. Forartis (or member artists) cannot accept liability for errors or omissions. The brochure is intended to present and promote the work of artists. If you make a purchase of artwork, the contractual arrangement is directly between yourself and the artist. Forartis does not endorse, underwrite or guarantee in any way arrangements made between member artists and purchasers or prospective customers.

There are many things that create a cultural bond within the UK – and Art in its many forms, is one of them. It is a form which has represented history throughout the ages. It has defined our views of life, landscapes, seascapes, townscapes, cityscapes and our peoples. It shapes our identity. I am fortunate to have an affinity with that cultural bond. House styling and furniture, so much reflect the feeling of an age or genre. Arighi Bianchi are proud to have helped craft such passions for evolving style since 1854 – and still going strong! – and we are equally proud to be supporting the Cheshire Forartis Directory along with its associated support network for the Artistic community of this very passionate County. Much as Arighi Bianchi remain true to a customer focussed identity, the intention of Forartis is to do likewise - helping both the general public engage more with Art in all its guises and helping yourselves expand your expressive horizons. What became the initial strapline, “It sharpens your taste to live with Paintings” [and all forms of Art, Photography, Sculpture, Jewellery, Furniture Design, Print, Glass, Textiles and Pottery] of Griff Rhys Jones in a feature on him in the Press, still rings very true in a very stylish and switched on Cheshire. Please help the venture to shine, encourage each other at every turn – for without what each, in a component part do, we are all nothing……but together we are strong…..much as the boldly chosen name Forartis, and Arighi Bianchi, are a strength to a Cheshire and its wider environs community.

Nick Bianchi

Arighi Bianchi & Co Ltd : 07751 123726

Anne Aspinall

I work in oils and mixed media. My subject is, in the main, the Welsh landscape and coastline, which I have known and painted for over thirty years. The works are a very personal response to the places where people have worked and lived for centuries, places “on the edge”. : 07926 369690

Forartis Fine Art

Phil Ashley is a Manchester born artist; who lives in Tameside. He studied Art and Design at Tameside college and Bolton Institute. Phil’s preferred medium is oil. He has an excellent eye for colour and detail. His work is representational and captures the true likeness of his subjects. “I love the reflections created in canals, ponds, etc. of manmade structures and buildings. I try to capture the amazing psychedelic patterns, created on a sunny day”.

Forartis Fine Art

Phil Ashley

75 Paradise Street, Macclesfield, Cheshire SK10 3DA : 07580 531896

Suzanne Bethell

Colour, its potential to excite the eye and engage the heart, is central to my work, as is exploring the emotional impact of mark making, texture and motif. Currently, I am developing a series of monoprints celebrating Joy, some with a quality of freedom, others with stillness. From mixed media abstracts inspired by a sense of place or particular emotion to stylised still life, my work is diverse and continually evolving.

21 St Martin’s Road, Marple, Stockport SK6 7BY

Forartis Fine Art

Tony is a self-taught artist living and working in Macclesfield, Cheshire. He has travelled extensively and he takes the inspiration for most of his work from the wildlife he’s encountered abroad and in the UK.
However, he also paints portraits (both human and animal) and landscapes. His style is realism, working mostly with oil on canvas. He accepts commissions and will collaborate with you to create a unique piece to suit your budget and space.

Forartis Fine Art

Tony Berriman Artwork

Promoting creativity in the community Incubation Arts is a Macclesfield-based organisation formed to facilitate the vital area of the arts and creative education in the community, with a Joy Division exhibition as our cornerstone. We are actively seeking similarly-minded creative people to help take our vision forward. For more information please contact Julie Hamer Tel: 07782 312 264

I have been creating paintings for a long time. Describing my work as a mixture of subjects that inspire taken from my surroundings, and imaginings. Experimenting in different mediums has been crucial in keeping me interested in the process. From painting on ceramics, to oils and tempera, from charcoal and watercolours. The ceramics however, give me the excitement of entering the world of fairies, as soon as the kiln is opened! Member of the Manchester Academy of Fine Art and listed in the Who’s Who in Art .

Forartis Fine Art Ceramics

Richard Chadwick, 27 Brunswick Terrace , Macclesfield, SK10 1ER : 07774 821415

Kate Collins mafa, Artist


Four buildings in the centre of Manchester that become the Houses Of The Collectors, as we imagine and construct alternative pasts for them, alternative futures, alternative memories. Thus 29/31 Oldham St. becomes the House Of The Music Lover; 15 Bloom St. the House Of The Book Lover; 2 Canal St. the House Of The Art Lover; 3 Canal St. the House Of The Dominatrix. Secrecy, guilt, closed doors – concealment behind the blank anonymity of a facade.

Forartis Fine Art

Building Storeys

Moss Lawn, Middlewood Rd, Poynton SK12 1TU : 01625 630010

Victoria Dale

Victoria’s current artwork focuses on portraiture. She is an emerging artist whose studio is based in Macclesfield, Cheshire. Inspired by the work of Neoimpressionists from the late 19th century, her method is a modern take on pointillism. Playful use of coloured dots and a youthful perspective, compose these unique portraits. Exploring daily life, and human relationships, Victoria’s focus is on portraiture and figurative work.

Forartis Fine Art

Self taught painter. In 1998, after a work related injury and two bouts of cancer, Chris took up painting and decided life is too short to have a bucket list of things he wished he might have done! Recently, the demand for Chris’s paintings have increased dramatically following the passion for his subjects including a decade study of allotments and a TV debut on BBC Gardeners world. Chris’s work is lyrical, vivid and memorable.

Forartis Fine Art

Chris Cyprus


Pennine Gallery, Woodend Mill, Mossley. OL5 9RR

Julene Evans Photography I am a fine art and conceptual photographer from America. In 2009, I relocated from Los Angeles, California to Cheshire. After spending many years in the corporate world, I found my passion in conceptual and surreal photography. I like to create and share stories with my images. They can be stories of dreams, fairytales and fantasies, stories of fears, stories of joy and stories of deep emotion. I see my evocative images as an expression of not only my heart and mind but also an escape from the sometimes chaotic world around us.

Forartis Fine Art

Dean is a contemporary landscape painter working in the mediums of watercolour, oils, tempera and charcoal.

Forartis Fine Art

Dean Entwistle


C/o Contemporary Six Gallery, 37 Princess St, Manchester M2 4FN

Julene Evans Photography, Crewe CW2 8TU

Alchemy Art & Framing

Alchemy Art Art & & Framing Framing Bespoke Picture Framing

Art For Sale

Unit 2a, 59-61 Sunderland Street, MacclesÞeld, Cheshire SK11 6HN 07946 056948

Bespoke Picture Framing Bespoke Picture Framing

Art For Sale Art For Sale

Unit 2a, 59-61 Sunderland Street, MacclesÞeld, Cheshire SK11 6HN Unit 2a, 59-61 Sunderland Street, MacclesÞeld, Cheshire SK11 6HN 07946 056948 07946 056948

The Secret Studio, 3rd Floor, Vernon Mill, Mersey St, Stockport. SK1 2HX : 07956 031905

Lee Harrison Photos

I am a self taught photographer and whilst travelling through the regions contrasting landscapes and felt a compulsion to capture what caught my eye. The more photographs I took, the more I could see and I started to use the landscapes that I found of interest as a blank canvas. I then began to integrate the available human form, reflection, shadow and aspect to create a completed pattern of composition and ultimately my own photographic style.

4 Waldon Avenue, Cheadle, Stockport SK8 1NG : 0161 491 6882 : 07903 979786

Forartis Photography

Hand drawn work using coloured pens, gel pens and coloured markers on cartridge paper.

Forartis Fine Art

Paul Gill Art

Richard Chadwick, 27 Brunswick Terrace , Macclesfield SK10 1ER : 07774 821415

Jac Butt

Jac Butt was born and raised in Manchester, spending happy times playing in the Northern streets with, what she refers to today as The Little People (children) and the two up, two downs, displaying their Smokey Tops. Jac shows a talent for Art and her creativity shines in her work. Getting her inspirations from what she sees around her, personal experiences, and her imagination. She has a passion for colour and mainly works with acrylic medium. Jac has exhibited in many group and solo exhibitions. Recent solo at the Chester Art Centre. A community Project, Horse About Newmarket, Only For Life. Do Google this. Jac is now settled in Chester.

1 Nelson St, Chester CH1 3BR : 07967 268260

Forartis Fine Art

Concept marker illustrations and visuals, mainly for the Leisure Industry. I also run an interior design practise based in Manchester, again mainly for the Leisure industry.

Forartis Illustration

Interior Sketches

Ronnie Laitak

I have a B A [Hons] Fine Art Degree from Manchester University And taught art at a sixth form college for 13 years as well as doing my own work. I have exhibited in many galleries in the North West and have been a prize winner at the Manchester Academy of Fine Art. Art is a rollercoaster of emotions, it can elate you, and make you want to give it up! I have not given up yet.


Interior Design Studio 27, 3rd Floor, Vernon Mill, Mersey Street, Stockport SK1 : 01625 877104

Forartis Fine Art

I provide Interior Design original artworks and hand-painted bespoke mirrors for hospitality plus other design concepts throughout the UK and abroad. I also undertake Private commissions for clients, covering numerous subjects, botanical, figurative, abstracts, landscapes and illustrations, with drawing being one of my many passions. A small facet of my artistic expression is my award winning sophisticated pointillism artworks on paper. Primarily, I working in mixed media; my styles are eclectic and deliberately diverse, by choice.

Forartis Fine Art

Lindi Kirwin Art

Vernon Mill, Mersey Street, Stockport. SK1 2HX : 07411 625552

Farthings, Towers Road, Poynton, Stockport. SK12 1DD : 01625 879591 : 07706 619093

Carl Longmate

Carl is a prolific Painter; whose work reflects a positive and optimistic view of life. Preferring to work plein-air Carl says: “I believe in commitment to art, and that means experiencing some discomfort, I rarely plan, or even have time to mix colour properly, I just get on with it!”. Decision and mark making is what Art is all about for me. “Painting outside, suits my personality! I get a very honest piece of Art that reflects my mood and ability at that moment in time. For me it’s not about showing how well I can copy a photograph.” Carl is a published painter who has won several competitions he is represented by several Galleries across the UK.

Forartis Fine Art

I am interested in mark making with brush and palette knife. My painting is a response to whatever takes my interest. Movement, colour and shape all combine in the execution of the work I produce.

Forartis Fine Art

Margaret Lloyd Artist






Geoffrey Key, David Coulter, Danny Abrahams, Richard Fitton, Jamie Green, Rourke Van Dal, Steve Capper, Hugh Winterbottom, Peter Stanaway, Phil Ashley & Many More

Call: 0161 217 0625 13 Ack Lane East, Bramhall, Stockport, Cheshire, SK7 2BE

Inspired by nature, Lindsey explores the microscopic world of cells through to the plant and animal kingdoms. Ever the forager, she uses recycle and found objects to create sculptural pieces using a diverse set of techniques. She is equally at home using a sewing needle or wielding her trusty cordless screwdriver and set of bolt croppers.

8 Hillary Drive, Audlem CW3 0H : 01270 811685 : 07738 277920


3rd Floor, Vernon Mill, Mersey Street, Stockport SK1 2HX : 07946 432818

Lindsey Piper

Forartis Textiles

I am a professional artist working from a studio on the 3rd floor of Vernon Mill, Stockport. I work mainly in oils. My paintings are often semi-abstract and expressive. I aim to capture the sense of light space and colour in my subject matter and my work also has a highly textured quality. I also teach oil painting from my studio three times a week and new people (of whatever level) are welcome.

Forartis Fine Art

Sarah Morley Fine Art

Alison Rose, 51 Main Road, Goostrey CW4 8LH : 01477 533985

Diana Bernice Tackley

I use oils or watercolours but prefer acrylics because of their versatility and speed of drying. The effect of light on water and my love of inland waterways and landscapes inspire many of my paintings. I was a winning finalist on BBC2 Show Me The Monet, with my atmospheric painting ‘Nightshift’ , capturing illuminated industry. Sometimes, I like to introduce a touch of drama or mystery and feel this idea could develop further in future paintings.

River View Studio, Leighs Brow, Barnton, Northwich. CW8 4HT : 01606 76204

Forartis Fine Art

I am an artist working predominantly in felt and textiles but also in mixed media, working both in 3D and 2D. I enjoy variety and exploring the limits and possibilities of all the mediums I work in. My main influences are flowers and birds. I am also available for teaching felt making.

Forartis Textiles

Rose Tinted Creations

An Auction of Antiques & Fine Arts with Wines & Spirits, Silver, Jewellery, Watches & Toys The Cheshire Saleroom, Macclesfield Thursday 29th & Friday 30th June 2017 from 10am Forthcoming Macclesfield sales: 10th August 2017 - Antiques & Fine Art with Cars, Automobilia, Stamps & Ephemera 21st September 2017 - Antiques & Fine Arts with Sporting, Militaria & Nothern Art 13th October 2017 - One Day Sale of Studio Ceramics & Modern Design The Liverpool Saleroom 18 Jordan Street Liverpool L1 0BP 0151 709 8070

The Cheshire Saleroom Withyfold Drive Macclesfield SK10 2BD 01625 431788

LAURENCE STEPHEN LOWRY RBA RA; a signed limited edition coloured print "Man Lying on a Wall", sold for ÂŁ3600

The Altrincham Office 38 Hale Road Altrincham WA14 2EX 0161 941 4879

The Secret Studio, 3rd Floor, Vernon Mill, Stockport SK1 2HX : 07914 638862

Vivyan Whittaker

My paintings are inspired by nature, animals, ducks and birds. The badger cards are sold to raise money for the Wirral and Cheshire Badge Group. Lino prints are a rewarding sideline. Favourite mediums: oils , pencil and crayon, mixed media. I also paint murals with fellow artist Jennie Hamer.

36 Legh Road, Prestbury, Macclesfield SK10 4HX : 01625 827200

Forartis Fine Art

Ian is a self taught artist using encaustic and acrylic medium in his work. Encaustic medium is pigmented beeswax which can provide a whole new range of subtly and vibrancy to challenge the viewer on different levels. Some of his works invite the viewer to look into the piece as opposed to at it. His acrylic pieces, abstracts and landscapes, are spontaneous, some descibed as moody but all are colourful.

Forartis Fine Art

The Waxman

Lockside Mill, St. Martin’s Road, Marple Bridge, Stockport. SK6 7BZ : 07801 813049

Amy Wood

Amy Wood is a British visual artist interested in our relationship with the countryside around us. Born in Macclesfield, the idea of space and isolation dominate Amy’s work. Oil is Amy’s usual choice of medium and lends itself well to the style of her work - to create powerful images full of light and contrast making her work arresting and compelling.

32 Sussex Avenue, Macclesfield SK11 7UT : 07811 322204

Forartis Fine Art

Winner of the Buxton Spa Prize in 2015, Rob Wilson has fast become one of the most exciting contemporary artists in the UK. His mixed media paintings incorporating paint, print, texture & lines of stitching, offer atmospheric interpretations of the urban landscape.

Forartis Fine Art

Rob Wilson Art

ArtsXstra is the visual arts group within Incubation Arts, comprising photographers, painters, printmakers, sculptors, jewellers, and ceramicists. ArtsXstra exhibits regularly with a rich and varied combination of membercontributors taking part, depending on the size and nature of the venue. If you are interested in joining a dynamic creative group of people, please send your CV and images of your work to Julie Hamer: By email: By post: Julie Hamer at Limefield House, Lime Fields, Bollington, Cheshire. SK10 5LE. Tel: 077823 12264

We are pleased to have released our first Directory, in Cheshire. We are now moving forward with our next Directories in adjoining Counties. Meanwhile, we aim to evolve and work with our members over this coming year, bringing everyone with a love of Art together. We know that this will develop over time and we shall continue to build our connections. At Forartis, we are well aware that there is a need to nurture up and coming talent. We regularly visit Colleges of Further Education and Art Classes, as well as Art Groups and Exhibitions. We see Artists exploring their artistic talents in Art, Photography, Fashion/Textiles, Multi-Media and Ceramics. We have been equally keen to forge a partnership with Incubation Arts, who in themselves have great links through their Directors, Jeff Teasdale and Julie Hamer, into the Secondary School Art curriculum and the Colleges themselves. We will continue to develop this into Universities. We believe that we should assist emerging Artists and aim to have a dedicated section in our Regional Directories for the ‘Up and Coming’. As a Company, we will continue to develop our objectives in meeting the needs of Artists and the Art buying public. Collectively, we will create a dynamic approach to the culture of Art. We would ask that you all help us to spread this message for the sake of keeping the Arts vibrant, captivating and thriving.

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