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Timothy J. Evans





Bruce Graham DIRECTED BY

Scenic Design Costume Design Lighting Design Sound Design Dramaturg Production Stage Manager

BJ Jones Brian Sidney Bembridge, USA Rachel Laritz, USA JR Lederle Andrew Hansen Kristin Leahey, Ph.D. Rita Vreeland, AEA

OPENING NIGHT: MAY 10, 2013 At the North Shore Center for the Performing Arts in Skokie

This play was originally commissioned by Northlight Theatre as the annual recipient of the Selma Melvoin Playwrighting Award.






CAST & PRODUCTION CAST (in order of appearance) Francis Guinan*............................................................................................................... Lou Ed Flynn*.................................................................................................................... Donnie Rhea Perlman*..............................................................................................................Stella Understudies: Lucinda Johnston (Stella), Andy Luther (Donnie), Steve Schine (Lou) Understudies will not substitute for listed players unless a specific announcement is made at the time of the performance. *Member of the Actors Equity Association, the union of professional actors and stage managers.

Stella & Lou will be performed without an intermission.

ADDITIONAL PRODUCTION STAFF Casting Director ............................................................................................ Lynn Baber Props Master ................................................................................................. Brad Sauper Assistant Props Designer ............................................................................ Jillian Luce Costume Supervisor ........................................................................... Maureen Strobel Assistant to the Director................................................................................Cody Estle

The video and/or audio recording of this performance by any means whatsoever is strictly prohibited.

SPECIAL THANKS Hugo Melvoin Rodeway Inn Skokie The Charcoal Oven Restaurant Thom Dennis Marie O’Donoghue Andrea Mitchell Steve Rosengren OPENING NIGHT SPONSORS




PROGRAM NOTES FROM THE ARTISTIC DIRECTOR When I first talked to Bruce Graham about writing a new play after his success with the Jeff Award-winning The Outgoing Tide, our discussion centered around the characters that would inhabit the play. He had written a film years before with characters that continued to fascinate him, and interestingly were facing life choices that mirror those faced by our audience. There are members of our audience, as in theatres across the country, who are older and single by virtue of divorce or the death of a spouse. In some cases they are reviving their interest in life and are searching for a companion to share that new energy with. There are some, however, who have lost the road map for their lives since the person that was reading that map is no longer in the passenger seat. Stella and Lou are two such people: one yearning for a new life, one mourning a loss of direction, both still vital and worthy of sharing their lives with another. This critical crossroads is a moment to either embrace or to succumb to for people at a certain age (and the “baggage” they lug with them). Many of us are there, at that turning point, and whether or not we make the “right” choice, it will and can only be our choice. We’re living longer, hopefully healthier, and with a renewed sense of purpose this time of life can be vivid and exciting. It will determine the legacies by which our loved ones will remember us. How do we wish to live this next chapter? How do we wish to honor those that have gone before, and how do we want to reawaken the spirit of our youth in our later years? I know my about yours?

BJ Jones, Artistic Director

INTERVIEW WITH PLAYWRIGHT BRUCE GRAHAM by Resident Dramaturg Kristin Leahey, Ph.D.

KRISTIN LEAHEY: What has been Stella & Lou’s development process? BRUCE GRAHAM: Stella & Lou began as a screenplay about twenty-five years ago, entitled Riley’s Last Request. Hollywood wasn’t interested in a middle-aged love story because the couple’s ages were “unattractive” by movie standards. So, I put it on a shelf. A couple of years ago, BJ asked about developing another piece. I kept returning to the story of Stella and Lou. I wrote it as a two-character play originally. Donnie, the third character who appears in the play, is in the film. I did two readings with the work as a two-character play and two readings with the addition of the third character, Donnie. It was the first time I have ever added a character to a later draft of a new play. I’ve cut characters before, but I’ve 4


PROGRAM NOTES INTERVIEW WITH PLAYWRIGHT cont. never added a character. I thought thematically it worked, and it really helped the play. It is the quietest play I’ve ever written. KL: What is the relevance of Philadelphia in your work? BG: I grew up in Philadelphia and have lived there most of my life. To me, Philadelphia is a muse. Tennessee Williams had New Orleans and the South and Clifford Odets had New York; I have a fondness for Philly. I do think that where you grow up influences your writing. With Philadelphia, I also locate the bluecollar characters I write about, although everyone can empathize with them and their situations regardless of where the plays is set or who you are. As long as the emotions are universal, you can set the play on the moon. KL: How autobiographical is Stella & Lou? BG: The initial situation of a woman asking a man out on a date, after they have known each other for a long time, is autobiographical. My mother died over thirty years ago. A few years later a woman asked my father out on a date and they ended up living together for twentyseven years. She was terrific and a real godsend for us all. I didn’t know what to do with my father – he wasn’t a sociable guy. It’s not like he was going out to clubs and having a good time; he went to work and he came home. It is a real problem with people as they get older; you lose a spouse and it is not like you can or want to run out and start over again.

KL: Any other plays or films that are going into production? BG: My play North of the Boulevard just opened at the Theatre Exile. They produced Belmont Avenue Social Club a few years back at an actual social club. It was the best set: I could smell the cigarettes and everything! And I have a play opening up off-Broadway in April. It’s an old play called According to Goldman. In the span of one month I will have an opening in Philadelphia, New York, and Skokie. KL: Do you feel like these plays have a different resonance in each city? BG: That’s interesting; my plays don’t have an abstract concept behind them. I did The Outgoing Tide with Northlight, in Delaware, Philly, and New York, and it has been pretty much the same everywhere. Primal emotion wise my plays kinda play the same. When Northlight did Belmont Avenue Social Club, and I first met BJ, he asked me, “Do you mind if we set it in Chicago.” He said, “Instead of bushel of crabs we say bucket of clams, and instead of down the shore, we say down the lake.” With just a couple of regional changes, I said go ahead. I have such a good feeling in Chicago. I love Chicago. If I didn’t live in Philadelphia, I’d live here. KL: What are your favorite sports teams? BG: I’m a huge baseball and football fan from Philly. My brother and I like the Flyers. I also love college basketball. If the Eagles were out, I would root for the Bears.



PROGRAM NOTES NORTHLIGHT’S INTERPLAY READING SERIES John Mahoney, Linda Kimbrough and Mike Nussbaum, Better Late Interplay, 2008.

There is nothing quite like being in the audience as a play is performed for the first time - hearing it come to life and getting behind-the-scenes insight from the playwright, the director, and the actors. Providing audiences the opportunity to witness a part of the evolutionary process from initial idea to full theatrical production is the mission of the Interplay Reading Series at Northlight Theatre. Since its inception in 2006, Interplay has presented exciting new works by American and international playwrights and granted audiences a glimpse into the critical stages of early play development. The series helps Northlight learn about emerging

writers and artists and further solidify relationships between artists and the theatre, while serving as an important development step for many of the plays before they move on to full productions. In preparation for the Interplay presentations, the director, dramaturg, and casts rehearse for one or two days, where many important questions and ideas are raised about the continued development of the play. As of spring 2012, Interplay has staged readings of 24 new plays, over 20 of which have gone on to full productions at Northlight, in Chicago, and around the country, and two of which continued to international acclaim at Ireland’s Galway Arts Festival. From Interplay, Northlight has fully produced many important works you have seen on our stage, including Lady by Craig Wright (2007), Po Boy Tango by Kenneth Lin (2007), Better Late by Larry Gelbart and Craig Wright (2009), The Outgoing Tide by Bruce Graham (2011), Ten Chimneys by Jeffrey Hatcher (2012), and the production you are attending today– Stella & Lou by Bruce Graham. And next season Northlight will produce Chapatti by Christian O’Reilly, which was showcased at Interplay last fall. The staggering success rate has established Interplay as a valuable incubator for new work in the American theatre. With nearly 40 world premieres produced by Northlight in our 38-year history, Northlight has become an important contributor to the American theatrical canon.

John Mahoney, dramaturg Kristin Leahey, playwright Christian O’Reilly and Penny Slusher at Interplay reading of Chapatti, 2013.



PROGRAM NOTES THE MAKING OF STELLA & LOU The artistic relationship between BJ Jones and playwright Bruce Graham began when Jones appeared in Graham’s play The Belmont Avenue Social Club at Northlight Theatre in 1992. When Jones became Artistic Director of Northlight Theatre in 1998, interested in Bruce’s writing, he actively began reading and following the writer’s new plays in consideration for the Northlight stage. In 2009, Jones approached Graham to pen a play as a vehicle for actor John Mahoney, which led to The Outgoing Tide. In the spring of 2009, with a first but strong draft of the play, The Outgoing Tide was workshopped and read in our Interplay Reading Series. By engaging with the audience in a postreading discussion, the playwright was able to directly ask them about their thoughts, which further assisted him in crafting the work.

2011 Chicago Jeff Awards and was awarded “Best New Play.” In 2012, the production transferred to the Galway Arts Festival, where it was met with an equally enthusiastic response from both Irish audiences and critics. Perhaps most importantly, Graham was provided an artistic home and the flexibility to work with Northlight Theatre on how to best develop his plays.

In April of 2011, Northlight began rehearsals for the full production of The Outgoing Tide with the stellar acting company of John Mahoney, Rondi Reed, and Thomas Cox. Graham joined the rehearsal process, where he made changes to the end of the play. He returned again during the preview process, where he was able to see the full production and continue to finesse the work. The play was a box-office smash and a major critical and artistic achievement for Northlight Theatre. The Outgoing Tide was nominated for a number of

Ed Flynn, Rhea Perlman and Francis Guinan, Stella & Lou Interplay, 2013.

As a result of this important and successful collaboration, Northlight commissioned Stella & Lou. Graham describes the piece as an intimate departure from his more robust, comic work, in which characters are trying to define their rather fragile and new relationship. During the spring of 2012, Northlight held an invitation-only reading in our rehearsal room for an audience of previous Interplay attendees. In addition, Northlight held a closed reading of the piece at the famed


44th Annual


Spring Green · WI

June 29th & 30th Last Full Weekend



PROGRAM NOTES THE MAKING OF STELLA & LOU Players Club in New York City. As a result of these readings and rigorous note sessions with the Northlight artistic team, Graham added the third character of Donnie, in hopes of fleshing out the narrative, and removed the intermission in an effort to drive the pace of the piece, among other reasons. This past fall, in collaboration with Philadelphia’s Arden Theatre and Arden Artistic Director Terry Nolen, a reading took place in the city where the play is set. Graham learned more about what played in his hometown, as well as its universality. In January of 2013, an Interplay reading of the work was performed at Northlight with Ed Flynn, Francis Guinan, and Rhea Perlman, who reprise their roles in our current production. We hope that by sharing a glimpse into of our development processes through Interplay, it will help us continue to create new plays and musicals for our Northlight audience and the American Theatre.



Case in Point: Playwright Bruce Graham “A play cannot be written in a vacuum. A good play should run the audience through a gamut of emotions. We want you to laugh, cry, fall in love, get angry, be scared. Smart playwrights LISTEN to an audience. That joke you wrote that was hilarious on Monday morning just dies on Friday night. That touching love scene has people shifting in their seats and looking at their watches. That bold moment of revelation in Act Two gets unintentional laughs. “We need an audience – real, live people - to tell us this stuff. On a practical matter, it’s much more economical to find out if a play works or not using one day of rehearsal, some actors and a couple of chairs as opposed to a full production. Play readings are good business sense. “George Burns once lamented the death of vaudeville by saying, ‘Now young comics have no place to be lousy.’ Well, none of us set out to write a lousy play but sometimes we do. Or write good plays with lousy sections. Interplay – and programs like it – make it possible for us to see the lousy stuff, fix it, and write better plays.” – Bruce Graham, writer of The Outgoing Tide and Stella & Lou



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PROFILES Ed Flynn (Donnie) couldn’t be happier to be standing on a stage in Chicago. Notable credits include Troy in I Am Going To Change The World (Chicago Dramatists), Scott in Suicide, Incorporated (Gift) and Mitch (as a performing understudy) in David Cromer’s A Streetcar Named Desire (Writers’). Ed is a member of the Gift Theatre Company, where he is CoArtistic Director of giftFILM and is a founding member of NATURAL GAS, the Gift’s house improv team. Ed is a graduate of Steppenwolf, The Second City, iO and UCB. He is not a graduate of Ohio State. Ed currently lives in Los Angeles, and yet remains very pale. Francis Guinan (Lou) returns to Northlight where he was seen in Season’s Greetings and Inherit the Wind. He has been a member of the Steppenwolf Theatre Ensemble since 1979 where he has appeared in over 30 productions including The Birthday Party, Time Stands Still, The Book Thief, American Buffalo, and August: Osage County. He has also appeared at Victory Gardens (A Guide for the Perplexed), Goodman (Seagull) and American Blues (Rantoul and Die). Television appearances include Boss in the role of Gov. Cullen, filmed here in Chicago; Eerie, Indiana, ER, Frasier and several Star Trek franchise episodes. Film roles include appearances in The Last Airbender, Typing, Low Tide, and Constantine. For Kate, always.



Rhea Perlman (Stella) is a fourtime Emmy winner for her role as Carla on the NBC TV show Cheers and has been a star of television, stage and film for more than 30 years. Stage credits include Love, Loss and What I Wore (in which she appeared with her daughter Lucy) at the Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles and on Broadway; the Broadway production of The Tale of the Allergist’s Wife; the Off-Broadway play The Exonerated; the Los Angeles production of Last Night at Ballyhoo and the London West End revival of Boeing-Boeing. Film credits include The Sessions, Sunset Park, Canadian Bacon and Carpool, and Matilda, co-starring and directed by her husband, Danny DeVito. Television credits include Taxi, Hung, Law & Order: SVU, Kate Brasher, Hot in Cleveland, and Pearl, in which she starred and executive produced, and television movies including The Christmas Choir, Houdini, Secret Cutting and How to Marry a Billionaire. This fall Perlman reunites with Kirstie Alley in TV Land’s new comedy, Kirstie’s New Show in which she plays Alley’s assistant and best friend, Thelma. Perlman lives with her family in Los Angeles. BJ Jones (Director and Northlight Artistic Director) is in his 15th season as Artistic Director of Northlight Theatre where he directed the world premieres of The Outgoing Tide (Jeff Nomination – Best Director), Lady, Better Late, Rounding Third with George Wendt, and Sky Girls, as well as productions of The Odd Couple, Grey Gardens, Season’s Greetings, The Lady with All the Answers, A Skull in Connemara, The Cripple of Inishmaan, and The Lieutenant of Inishmore. He has guided the world premieres of The Last Five Years, The Gamester, and Studs Terkel’s ‘The Good War’. Other Chicago directorial credits include: Pitmen Painters (Jeff Nomination –

PROFILES Best Director, Timeline), A Number (Next), 100 Saints You Should Know (Steppenwolf), The Dresser (Body Politic). Regional: Glengarry Glen Ross (Suzie Bass Nominee - Best Director, Atlanta’s Alliance Theatre), Enchanted April (Asolo Theatre), and productions at Cherry Lane Theatre NY, Galway Arts Festival, Baltimore Center Stage, and Utah Shakespeare Festival. As a performer, Mr. Jones is a two-time Jeff Award winner and has appeared at Northlight, Goodman, Steppenwolf, Court, and other theatres throughout Chicago. Film/TV credits include The Fugitive, Body Double, Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Early Edition, Cupid and Turks, among others. Bruce Graham (Playwright) Plays: The Outgoing Tide (2011 Jeff Award – Best New Play), Burkie, Early One Evening at the Rainbow Bar & Grille, Moon Over the Brewery, Belmont Avenue Social Club, Desperate Affection, Coyote on a Fence (Winner of The Rosenthal Prize, Two Drama Desk Nominations), According to Goldman, The Philly Fan, Mister Hart and Mister Brown. He has won consecutive Barrymore Awards for Best New Play for Something Intangible and Any Given Monday. Film: Dunston Checks In, Anastasia, Steal This Movie. TV: Roseanne, Ring of Endless Light (Humanitas Award Winner – Best Children’s Screenplay), The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, Trading Christmas. Graham is a past winner

of the Princess Grace Foundation Statuette. Along with Michele Volansky, he is the author of the book The Collaborative Playwright. Graham teaches film and theatre courses at Drexel University. He lives in South Philly with Stephanie and Truman, a beagle. Brian Sidney Bembridge (Set Design) Chicago: Northlight, Goodman, Steppenwolf, Chicago Shakespeare, Second City, Lookingglass (production affiliate), Court, Ravinia, Drury Lane, Writers’, Victory Gardens, TimeLine (artistic associ­ ate), Teatro Vista (artistic associate), among others. Off-Broadway: The Public Theater, Second Stage, Jean Cocteau Repertory, Kids with Guns and Theatre @ St. Clement’s. International: Theatre Royal Stratford East in London, and CarriageWorks in Sydney Australia. Regional: Guthrie, Children’s Theatre Company, Actors Theatre of Louisville, Alliance, Arden, California Shakespeare, Round House, Virginia Opera, Opera Omaha, Milwaukee Repertory, Madison Repertory, St. Louis Repertory, Asolo Repertory, and Circle X Theatre Co. (company member), among others. Production Design: Wallace Shawn’s Marie and Bruce, Holding Out, Stray Dogs, and sets for Muppets from Space. Awards: five Jeff Awards, two Hewes Design Award nomina­tions, two Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle awards, two Back Stage Garland awards, an Ovation Award, an L.A.



PROFILES Skokie Fire Department Deputy Chief James Walters is

Weekly Award, and was named one of the five most prolific theater artists of the decade by Time Out Chicago.

Back in Action!

Rachel Laritz (Costume Design) is happy to be joining Northlight for the twelfth time including this season’s The Whipping Man and The Odd Couple. Off-Broadway: Pearl Theatre. Regional Theatre: Utah Shakespeare Festival, Actors Theatre Louisville, Milwaukee Repertory Theatre, Court Theatre, Illinois Shakespeare Festival, Remy Bumppo, Peninsula Players, Timeline, Route 66, Next Act, Chamber Theatre, Renaissance Theaterworks, Skylight Opera, Children’s Theatre Madison, and the University of Michigan. Other professional credits include: NBC’s Law & Order, American Players Theatre, Chicago Opera Theatre, Garsington Opera (London, England) and the Spoleto Festival USA. Rachel is a recipient of a 2011 Emerging Artist Alumni Award from the University of Michigan and a 2009 Jeff Award for Voysey Inheritance and is an adjunct instructor at DePaul University.

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JR Lederle (Lighting Design) Northlight credits include The Odd Couple, Ten Chimneys, Season’s Greetings, The Outgoing Tide and Better Late (both also at the Galway Arts Festival, Ireland), A Life, Grey Gardens, The Retreat From Moscow, Lady. Other work has been seen at Lookingglass, Victory Gardens, About Face, Remy Bumppo, Writers’, Steppenwolf, and Walkabout. JR designed lighting for seven years of the Steppenwolf Traffic Series, and five Steppenwolf performances in Chicago’s Millennium Park. He has served as head of the Lighting Department at Steppenwolf since 1995. Andrew Hansen (Original Music and Sound Design) returns to Northlight where he previously collaborated on The Odd Couple, The Outgoing Tide, She Stoops to Conquer and Mauritius. Andy is an Associate Artist at TimeLine Theatre where he has

PROFILES been designing since 1999. Recent productions include Frost/Nixon, To Master The Art, In Darfur, and The Front Page at Timeline, Do The Hustle and Heartbreak House at Writers’ Theatre, and Mary and A Christmas Carol at The Goodman. Regionally he has composed for American Players Theatre, Indiana Repertory Theatre, Summer Shakespeare at Notre Dame, and Montana Shakespeare in the Parks. Rita Vreeland (Production Stage Manager) has been stage managing at Northlight Theatre since 2007. Most recent Northlight credits: Woody Sez, [title of show], Black Pearl Sings!, Snapshots, and The Outgoing Tide. Recent credits elsewhere in the Chicagoland area include Little Shop of Horrors and many other productions at Theatre at the Center; The Christmas Schooner (Mercury); and the World Premieres of A Twist of Water (Route 66), El Nogalar (Goodman), and We Are Proud to Present... (Victory Gardens). Rita was the set designer at Harold Washington College from 2001-2012 and is a member of the Route 66 Theatre Company in Chicago. She is a graduate of the University of Northern Colorado and a proud member of Actors Equity. All my love to Tom and Charlie! Dr. Kristin Leahey (Dramaturg) is the Resident Dramaturg at Northlight Theatre and formerly the Literary Manager at Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company in Washington, DC. Her dramaturgical credits include productions with the Goodman Theatre, The Kennedy Center, the Indiana Repertory Theatre, Cleveland

Play House, Victory Gardens Theater, Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival, Collaboraction, Teatro Luna, Teatro Vista, Eclipse Theatre Company, Redmoon Theater, Next Theatre Company and A Red Orchid Theatre, among others. Her publications include articles in Theatre Topics, Theatre History and Theatre Studies. Her teaching credits include courses taught at The University of Texas, Lake Michigan College, DePaul University, and Columbia College. She received her doctorate in dramaturgy and performance studies at The University of Texas at Austin. Timothy J. Evans (Executive Director) Prior to his arrival at Northlight, Tim spent a 20-plus year career at Steppenwolf Theatre where he served in management and producing positions. He created, curated and produced Steppenwolf’s acclaimed TRAFFIC Series, which included a partnership with Chicago Public Radio for subsequent broadcasts. Tim founded Steppenwolf Films, of which he is still a partner with Gary Sinise, Terry Kinney and Jeff Perry, to develop film and television projects. He produced the feature films Diminished Capacity with Matthew Broderick (premiered 2008 Sundance Film Festival) and The Last Rites of Joe May with Dennis Farina (premiered 2011 Tribeca Film Festival). He currently serves on the Board of Directors of the League of Chicago Theatres, previously served on the board of the Independent Film Project (IFP) and was a charter member of the Governor’s Task Force for Media Development.

The Director is a member of the Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers, Inc., an independent national labor union. The scenic, costume, lighting and sound designers in LORT Theatres are represented by United Scenic Artists, Local USA-829 of the IATSE. NORTHLIGHT THEATRE |


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NORTHLIGHT STAFF Artistic Director BJ Jones

Executive Director Timothy J. Evans

ARTISTIC Artistic Administrator/ Casting Director/Internship Coordinator Lynn Baber

Resident Dramaturg

Kristin Leahey, Ph.D.


Jerico Boling Gina Ciametti Brandy Reichenberger

PRODUCTION Production Manager

Director of Development

Company Manager/Assistant Production Manager

Janet Mullet

Emily Hansen

Associate Director of Development Andria Venezia


Malcolm S. Brown

Master Electrician/Light Board Operator

Marketing Associate

Sound Engineer/Sound Board Operator

Mara Mihlfried

L. Corwin Christie

Director of Finance

Michelle Blendermann

Joanne Dubach Matt Farabee Sarah Rose Graber Kristyn Hegner Michael Leon Diane Mair Sam Roberson Jeff Trainor

Technical Director

Director of Marketing & Communications

Education Associate and Performing Arts Camp Director Educators

Victoria Martini-Rosowicz

Production Assistant

Carrie Cole

EDUCATION Director of Education

Amanda Jane Dunne

Christopher J. Fitzgerald

Development Manager

Lisa Stern

Mechelle Moe



Group Sales Coordinator/ Administrative Assistant

Kelly Crook

Paul Doran

Jennifer Udoni-Sharp

Wardrobe Mistress Jessica Korpela

Floor Manager Jason Shivers

Public Relations

Scenic Charge

Usher Coordinator

Master Carpenter



Cathy Taylor PR, Inc. Vicki Weisberg, The Saints Robert Nichols

Joanna Iwanicka Nate Crawford Kevin Biel Jeremiah Barr Ray Fitzgerald Kevin Lynch





May 21 - July 28, 2013 Performed at 325 Tudor Court, Glencoe Minutes from Chicago on the Edens or the Metra “Savor every meticulously groomed conceit [and] every assiduously manicured joke!” -Washington Post


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Northlight - Stella and Lou  
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