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Food safe

ety group consortium... A goup of Dutch premium suppliers

The powe group... Food safety group is a consortium of highly innovative Dutch companies operating in the fresh produce sector providing for high tech solutions along the supply chain from seed to packed product. The companies in this consortium are all professional enterprises that have been active in horticulture for many years. All companies are innovators in their business domain and always strive to improve the horticultural sector. Each of the participating companies have profound international experiences worldwide and have long term strategies for the areas they are located in. The strength of the Dutch fresh produce sector lies in its integral approach of vegetable breeding & seed production, pollination systems and integrated pest management, process automation, automated production processes, high end cultivation systems and automated packing areas. Together, with our complementary techniques, we envision fresh produce facilities throughout the world, that can feed the urbanised areas through: • High yields • Food Security • Food Safety • Sustainable production methods • Dutch knowledge The fresh produce market worldwide will grow significantly the coming years. This growing market is particularly interesting for potential investors. Due to urbanization worldwide, the retail market continues to grow, which creates opportunities for projects in which the production of fresh produce is industrialised to modern standards. In emerging economies demand for new goods and services continues to increase, particularly in the upcoming middle class incomes. To ensure supply for this increasing demand, efficicient and sustainable production methods are key. Food Safety Group aims to provide these methods and generate solutions in cooperation with local parties, such as investors, growers and retailers. Dutch technologies in fresh produce have proven to generate safe, high end products in great volumes on a relatively small area. The demand for this specific production process has inspired us to present our ideas for further cooperation between Dutch horticulture and fresh produce producers worldwide!

er of a unique supply chain The ten partners in this group can supply all automation required to produce a plant, harvest the product and supply the product safe and sound to the supermarket.

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Triple - Management Consultancy Priva - Climate Systems Visser ITE - Seeding & Transplanting Systems FormFlex - Growing Systems Metazet - Harvesting Systems Viscon - Packaging & Distribution Systems Rijkzwaan - breeding and production of seed Royal Haskoning - Engineering Consultancy Koppert - Biological pest cotntrol

Safe vege

etables, year round... from seed to supermarket

Triple Consultancy is a full-service agency for advice and support in logistics, project management, finance, business planning and area development. As a team of experienced professionals, we are decisive and focused in pursuing assignments for clients.

Royal HaskoningDHV is a leading independent, international engineering consultancy service provider with roots dating back from 1881 and established in the Netherlands. Their teams comprise 8000 people who are working globally from 100 offices in 35 countries. A first choice consultancy for major world challenges, they provide sustainable and pragmatic solutions for pit-to-port, food and water security / scarcity, the development of mega-cities, sustainable infrastructure, energy resources and supply.

Priva develops and supplies products and services for sustainable, innovative climate control to its end users in horticulture and building intelligence worldwide. We help businesses to create a climate for growth. We provide them with solutions in the form of knowledge and products through our international network of Priva dealers. Our products help optimise processes dealing with climate, water, energy and labour, ranging from process computers, air treatment systems and fertilizer dosage systems to labour registration. The use of Priva products is always geared to the local circumstances. It is just one more way in which we try to help businesses take further steps in their development and this facilitates sustainable returns.

The chain starts here... Since 1967, Visser International Trade & Engineering B.V. has designed and manufactured machines and complete production lines for both large and small horticultural nurseries. By maintaining a continuous dialogue with growers, Visser is able to supply a range of products that are perfectly geared to the needs of the market and effectively meet the most stringent customer requirements. Consequently, as an innovative organization with global operations, Visser is a leading force in the horticultural sector.

Viscon B.V. is a flexible organization that is active in many sectors around the world, and has acquired an unparalleled amount of knowledge and experience in the area of product & material handling systems. Viscon projects are based on modular constructions assembled from the wide range of products constituting its standard delivery programme, and are available in various materials such as stainless steel, enamel-painted steel, and aluminium. Due to intensive cooperation with well-established partners and its capacity to independently develop and manufacture any missing links, Viscon can realize turn-key projects of any size.

Koppert is the international market leader in the field of biological crop protection and natural pollination. Koppert has a reputation internationally for reliability, innovation and quality. The ongoing research and continuous production of beneficials and pollinators contribute to the development of sustainable agriculture and horticulture world-wide. An important characteristic of Koppert is the involvement in the everyday world of agricultural businesses. Koppert has a results-oriented research and development department, and world-wide network of contacts. Large-scale production of natural enemies and pollinators takes place in modern production facilities.

And continues here... Worldwide, Metazet is a renowned and leading name within the horticulture. For more than 30 years, Metazet has been developing and producing a wide range of metal products for the horticultural sector, such as support and hanging materials. Metazet also develops, manufactures and installs high quality and reliable complete systems, including lifting devices, internal-transport systems and cultivation and harvesting systems.

In the horticultural sector, FormFlex is the global specialist in the area of developing and manufacturing cultivation gutters. FormFlex is able to supply and profile a suitable gutter system on site for every type of cultivation and for all conditions. Our mobile profiling machines are spread throughout the world. Cable ducts and screen profiles are also a part of FormFlex’ complete range. Years of experience, comprehensive knowledge of the market and the joined forces of Metazet and FormFlex guarantee quality and success!

Rijk Zwaan is active in breeding, production and sales of vegetable seeds for professional growers worldwide. Rijk Zwaan makes a continuous effort to fulfil the wishes of its customers and other parties concerned. Rijk Zwaan has more than 80 years’ experience in the areas of vegetable breeding and seed production. From a shop selling vegetable seed in Rotterdam in 1924 we have grown into a major world player in creating successful vegetable varieties.

Training and Education Food Safety Group aims to provide a turn key project for the production of fresh produce. All newest techniques available will be provided, but we don’t stop there. ‘A man without eduction is like a building without foundation’. Therefore, Food Safety Group provides tailored programmes for any team anywhere in the world. This training will teach your team about modern growing techniques, but also teaches your team about working with high end Dutch techniques. We provide training in a classroom, but also training in a greenhouse, where your team can learn in a special department and work with Dutch experts. We aim to provide you with a project that generates succes in the long run and therefore we invest in a solid foundation for future succes of your project!

Partner in



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Take care of your project, while you focus on core activities Realize ambitions within financial targets Offer practical solutions based on a maximum financial output Give quick repayable recommendations


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Independent, result oriented and hands-on Active in various sectors High degree of efficiency by experience in fresh/food chains Broad knowledge and experience, clear vision on ambitious plans Informed insight into our clients’ business and their surroundings Multidisciplinary approach within our business units

Central point of view A key strength of Triple Consultancy is our expertise in being an overall project manager. In this role, Triple Consultancy is the intermediary between client, municipality, investors and

executive parties. The project manager prepares and presides over well-structured meetings with pertinent reports. Continuously acting from the interests of the client, projects are realized on time and within budget.

Knowledge of customers and their surroundings

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Powerful network Our human capital is evident. Moreover, we have strong connections in the banking industry, additional suppliers, partners in the logistic chain and

marketing and sales companies, as well as the government.

Strategic vision on the (inter) national fresh/food chain Financial economic indicators in the horticulture field Establishment of management and organization, logistic processes and food chains

n managing projects

Logistics, project management, finance and business planning Feasibility study

A professional business plan provides a solid foundation for realizing goals. Our business plans contain detailed proposals for production/growth, energy, marketing, logistics, and organization, as well as a financial feasibility analysis.

Focus on financial feasibility analysis

Contains: investments and depreciations, financing, costs and sales revenues, a 5-year Liquidity Forecast, a 5-year Profit & Loss Forecast, a balance sheet and a sensitivity analysis.

Logistics Logistic design is one of our core businesses. We make client revenue the priority and each change has to result in savings. That is why we design transparent processes and

Supply Chain

optimize large, internal logistic flows and strategic issues. Our solutions are tailor-made, practical and sustainable.

Based on knowledge and experience we are able to design an efficient flow of goods in an unbroken cold chain from grower to packing, from distribution center to retail organization, and then finally to the shelf.


Royal HaskoningDHV is a leading independent international engineering consultancy service provider with roots dating back from 1881 and established in the Netherlands. Our teams comprise 8000 people who are working globally from 100 offices in 35 countries.

Our Company

A first choice consultancy for major world challenges, our experts provide sustainable and pragmatic solutions for pit-to-port, food and water security / scarcity, the development of mega-cities, sustainable infrastructure, energy resources and supply. Our expertise ranges from consultancy to full design and engineering of industrial facilities; for example industrial zones, manufacturing plants, warehouses, distribution centres, etc. Our global experience spans the whole supply chain, from sourcing to retail.

    


 

 

 



   



  

  



 







d chain design

from sourcing to retail

Outside-in Approach

To be able to design an industrial facility that will fit into its environment, it is important to understand and consider the environmental aspects and their potential requirements on the level of the supply chain, plant, building, process facilities and product or process.

Integrated Design

Site conditions, local regulations, energy effectiveness, waste management and potentially CO2and water footprint minimisation demand a truly integrated and coherent approach towards the plant in each company’s policy and in every location on the planet.

Global Expertise, Local Delivery

Working around the globe and taking along our lessons learned, we strive for continuous improvement, enhanced efficiency and deliver a better product.


Priva Connext

The Priva Connext, is the culmination of fifty years’ experience in the field of process control in horticulture worldwide. It helps you create the most optimal growing conditions for your crop, enabling you to take control of your energy facility, including your boilers, heat-power installations, heat pumps, buffer tanks and CO2.

Priva Maximizer

Priva NutriFit

The best solution for any ambition

The Priva Maximizer is a cost-effective, easy-to-use control system developed specifically for greenhouse environments. It is designed to provide the best growing conditions for optimizing plant quality and increasing production, while saving energy, water and fertiliser .

Efficient and accurate fertilization realizes optimal crop quality with minimum costs.

Priva provides sustainable automation solutions that respond to the needs of growers. The solutions we provide are the result of a close collaboration with dealers in all parts of the world. Priva can provide the very best solution, not only for your current ambitions, but also for your future ambitions as well.

a climate for growth Think global, act local

Sustainable and innovative Horticulture

Priva develops and supplies products and services for sustainable, innovative climate control. We are an international company with branches around the world. Because we work together with local parties, we are represented in many countries and we operate with respect for local circumstances.

Sustainability is at the heart of Priva’s business ethos. For us, it is not just a passing fad; it’s built into all of our operations. We believe in innovating by sharing knowledge, and so we regularly work with universities, research institutes and business partners.

Priva Water Solutions automation for safe and high-quality irrigation

Eco Futura, smart use of water

Combined cultivation of fish and tomatoes. The heat of the greenhouse warms the water for the fish. Fish poop is used as fertilizer for the tomatoes. This is the most sustainable method of fish farming: recycling water, heat and space is given priority and contaminated water is not discharged.

The art of


Filling the plugs ( for a coco peat solution )

Seeding line for seeding vegetable seeds, also with watering and covering for optimal germination




Germinating the seeds in a growing chamber

Grading the plants for uniform plants

growing young vegetable plants Grafting

Equipment for grafting

Manual transplanting to 10x10 rockwool blocks




Automatic spacing of the rockwool blocks

Delivery of the plants


Metazet / FormFlex has been developing various logistic systems that can make, jointly or individually, a major contribution to the success of your greenhouse. The M-Trike, M-Truck and M-Trans offer you an electric, environmentally friendly and affordable solution for your logistic problems.

Logistic Systems

Internal Transport The M-Track is an internal transportation system, based on an induction led tractor. The harvesting carts are coupled behind this tractor for transporta-

tion throughout the whole company. It’s ease of operation makes the M-Track the perfect choice for a customized logistic system and a calm working environment at your company. The rise of closed cultivation has resulted in a major revolution of growing on gutters. In many cases, 100% closed cultivation is an environmental requirement. With FormFlex gutters that requirement can be satisfied, and the cost of production and labor can be reduced.

Growing on Gutters

Chain Track The Chain Track system is an internal transport system which is ideally suited for glasshouse horticulture. It is a fully automated system for transporting full and empty harvesting

trolleys to the locations determined by you. This primarily mechanical system, which is very user-friendly and lowmaintenance, produces immediate, considerable savings in labour costs.

at a higher level...

growing vegetables

Crop Care Trolley

The JBL trolley of Metazet/FormFlex is a simple crop care trolley for tube rail systems which eliminates the need for expensive hydraulic platforms. Its very low step at only 45 cm above ground level will enable you to use the trolley from the very start of the growing season. Metazet/FormFlex deliver a wide variety of gutter types and models, hanging and supporting systems, waterhandling and crop support products: The result is a crop cultivation system which is precisely tailored to your greenhouse and crop. New inventions are also regularly added.

Crop Cultivation System

Bay Width Supports Our bay width supports are being delivered with tube rail supports type KLEM-model (clamping). Because of the deep position of the tube in the support, the tube experiences

Hoisting Systems

optimum support. Because no tube rail straps are needed, the tube is allowed to expand and shrink because of heating and cooling of the tube.

Metazet/FormFlex produces and supplies various hoisting systems. You can choose the hoisting installation. With this installation the heating pipes heating give optimal support and heating to your plants.Or you choose the HDL system, which is capable of lifting your entire tube rail system and / or gutter system.

The world

Unloading harvested product

Unloading the carts, carts with bins, or crates that have been supplied from the greenhouse

Weighing and registration of harvested product


Grading of loose product on color, shape, weight or quality (for cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and eggplants)

Check weighing loose product in crates or cardboard boxes

d of fresh produce automation... harvesting, grading, weighing and packing fresh produce Packing

Packing the product in crates, cardboard boxes, or small packaging

Shrink wrapper, flowpacker, lidding machine, top seal, film wrappers and netting machines


Palletising and strapping of finished product for storage or transport

Strapping with or without corner boards or pallet strapping with net or stretch film




Tracking and tracing product is key in food safety. Viscon has designed a traceability system that indentifies your product anywhere in the organization and beyond.

Crates or bins leave the greenhouse in tagged carts - personell registers picked product through terminal in greenhouse

Harvesting registration

Weighing harvesting trolley

Information on tag is being communicated with our VLC software. VLC weighs the product on a full trolley and enters the crates in the system with a unique code for a full batch

Collecting harvested product in storage system. VLC controls all positions of pallets, stacks of crates or bins

Storage of harvested product

Grading of harvested product

Products can be graded before packing the product

ity software...

tracking and tracing fresh produce

Packing and labeling of small packaging

The product is labeled with the information provided by the Viscon Logistic System which connects the clients software and the machine software

Boxes with consumer products are being provided with product and client information

Inkjet printing of boxes

Storage and dispatching product

The product can be stored in a warehouse system where the product can be tracked and traced at any point in time



packing the product

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