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BO-TAI makes its way to the shores of Goa! CHEF SPEAKS

YOGENDER UNIYAL The Executive Chef at Planet Hollywood Beach Resorts Goa GM SPEAKS

AMAN GROVER The General Manager at Hilton Goa Candolim


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FROM EDITOR'S DESK People who watch me from a distance, especially on social media often feel that I have a ‘maze’ (fun-filled) ki life and all because I get to visit so many restaurants and hotels, try so many kinds of cuisines, culinary delights and stay at unique places. And you know what, I totally agree, the only difference is that even before and beyond social media this has been my life for as long as I remember. And today when I onboard this journey as the Managing Editor of Goa’s first and only Food & Hospitality Magazine, there could not have been anything more joyful. While we bring the two worlds of Food & Hospitality together under this umbrella of our magazine, for me these two have always co-existed and somehow felt very harmoniously entwined in each other. I started my career in the hospitality line and the biggest thing I learned when working in a hotel was that hospitality as a word is not limited to the hotel business. Being hospitable has a much wider meaning and in the same way, when later in my career I started travelling to different places, I realized that food also means different things to different people. For me these two words define my whole being, these two words have shaped up who I am in life and today through the platform of this magazine, my endeavour is to share with you all the diversity as well as the depth these two words hold.

Goa being the hub of tourism, hospitality and food have an even greater meaning here. From world-class hotels to some of the most unique properties from budget hotels to the most luxurious, from beachside shacks, roadside taverns to exquisite restaurants, we have it all and through our magazine, we wish to take you on this roller coaster ride of Goa’s Food & Hospitality scene. Our aim is to make Food & Hospitality your one stop shop for all information on Goa’s food and hospitality business. Be it the noteworthy restaurants that you should not miss or that fancy stay you must consider for your next getaway. From startups creating a buzz in the business to the stories of some unsung heroes, we have got you all covered. With our upcoming editions, we shall always try and add more value to our content and bring you nothing but the best. So here is hoping for a great journey ahead and we look forward to your continued support. Your suggestions in making this magazine bigger and better are always welcome, so please feel free to write to me and together we shall make it the best.




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PECHAKUCHA NIGHT A unique concept for the hospitality partners to offer something different by Ravi Kambhoj

Goa's speakers from various professions gathered for a unique evening of storytelling and fun at the 22nd edition of PechaKucha Goa Night curated by Ravi Kambhoj at The Park in Calangute. The beautiful sea-facing Peace Lounge of The Park Hotel offered the perfect settings to kick start a storytelling session on the theme 'Love Me.' 12 speakers were invited to share their story of CREATIVITY, OPTIMISM, INCLUSIVITY & LOVE!


After the initial social interaction of people and a few drinks, the speakers took the stage with the crowd sitting and standing around it. First up was Rakhi Puri, Animal Caregiver & volunteer, who shared her story of Love for animal welfare as social reforms, the impact of rescue work for distressed animals & much more. The talk follows a unique format: each speaker gets to share 20 images for 20 seconds each, sharing the story associated with it, stitching it into an interesting talk.

"it was a fascinating concept, and I loved it as it was quick. It's interesting to listen to other people's viewpoints, especially in the area of expertise", said Renee Sabarwal, Fashion Designer. She was part of the support squad for one of their speakers.

Eleven other speakers spoke on various exciting subjects as diverse as 'Vaginas & Vulva Wonderland,' Landscape design in Goa

Eleven other speakers spoke on various exciting subjects as diverse as 'Vaginas & Vulva Wonderland,' Landscape design in Goa, A muralist, an Alchemist, an LGBTQ bartender, a lawyer turned restaurateur, and the FC Goa anthem man Varun Carvalho, to name a few. Ravi gets approached by various hospitality partners to organize his events at their premises as he offers unique entertainment options which are not just musicrelated. PechaKucha Night is one of his events, which provides an extraordinary setting and is attended by the who's who of the creative world of Goa, which includes artists, filmmakers, fashion designers, etc., and creative entrepreneurs. In February, 'Saurab Khanna was thinking of doing something unique at his sea-facing venue, the Peace Lounge, and approached Ravi for some idea, so the PechaKucha & The Park collaboration happened, and it was a whole house attended by over 100 people.




TAJ CONVENTION CENTRE By Rajesh Ghadge Photographs by Taj Convention


Perched on the cliff facing the majestic Arabian Sea, Taj Resort & Convention Centre is undoubtedly one of the most luxurious destinations in the state of Goa. The property has a contemporary design with a rooftop infinity pool making it an uber-luxurious haven in the state. In addition to being a popular holiday destination, Goa is also an increasingly preferred wedding destination. From the rich and famous to business tycoons, Goa is the desired choice when it comes to celebrating special moments amidst the sun, sea and siesta. Taj Resort & Convention Centre now comes as an opulent addition to the sunshine state with the largest inventory when paired with the neighbouring Cidade de Goa – IHCL SeleQtions as a complex.

The resort opened its doors in the year 2020 when the world had been profoundly affected by a global pandemic. Despite a rough start, the resort held its position at the top of the grossing properties in the state. The pandemic threw the entire world out of gear but Goa remained immune and the hospitality industry in the state created new milestones. Among the many new properties that opened up in the state, Taj Resort & Convention Centre, Goa shone as the most exclusive offering from the lot. While the waves of the virus continued to strike in different parts of the world, this mammoth of a property with 60,000 sq.ft of conference space and 299 luxurious rooms continued to stand tall setting new benchmarks in the hospitality industry. Guests staying at Taj Resort & Convention Centre, Goa also have the privilege to access Cidade de Goa – IHCL SeleQtions. An amalgamation of warmth and the laid back elegance of sussegado, designed by worldrenowned architect Charles Correa. Credited with the creation of modern architecture in post-Independent India, the murals, chequered floors, balcaos and tiled roofs take one through a historical Portuguese-Goan journey.

The resort is positioned as a premium destination among its various contenders in the state and the pricing is in the top tier. VINCENT RAMOS


Taj Resort & Convention Centre offers a blend of enviable spaces and modern design with a rooftop infinity pool and a 40-seater cinema. It is one of the premium MICE and wedding destinations in the state. The story of this architectural marvel is incomplete without speaking of its 11000 sq ft pillar-less hall, 6 breakaway spaces, an open-air terrace, lush lawns and a multitude of banqueting options.


The iconic property is impeccably managed by Mr. Vincent Ramos as the General manager of the resort in addition to also being the Area Director of IHCL, Goa. Here are the excerpts of an interview with Mr Ramos:



Tell us more about Taj Resort & Convention Centre and how is it an uber-luxurious experience for the guests? With a tropical, hillside perch and gorgeous sea views, Taj Resort & Convention Centre, Goa oozes luxury and scale. Neighbouring Cidade de Goa – IHCL SeleQtions, it stands tall, bold and generous against the picturesque canvas of sunset skies and the magnificent Arabian Sea. The resort showcases the best of Goa in tastefully designed opulent spaces located on a hillock overlooking splendid views, it is an experience like no other. What was the idea behind Taj Resort & Convention Centre? Taj Resorts & Convention Centre is a gift by the Fomento Group to the state of Goa. I can confidently say, there is no other hotel like it in the state. Goa required a Convention Centre facility, it is now fulfilled with the introduction of Taj Resort & Convention Centre. The state is now equipped to host conventions at this splendid property. I can describe it as one of the finest convention resorts in Asia as it has the best vistas. If one were to go to the terrace or in any of the room balconies, the panoramic views of the magnificent Arabian Sea, Zuari River, Mormugao Harbour and Vainguinim Beach will leave you enchanted. This is considered to be one of the biggest properties in Goa with the largest banquet facility, tell us more about it. Yes, Taj Resort & Convention Centre, Goa is the centrepiece. Lorded over by a 11,000 sq ft pillarless hall, 6 breakaway spaces, an exclusive entrance and ample recreational options, scale here is inevitable. 282 rooms and 17 themed suites, play perfect accessories, with more than half of them facing the sea. Suites and Club Rooms top up the experience with the 24x7 Club Lounge. How the prices are set vis à vis to its competition in Goa? The resort is positioned as a premium destination among its various contenders in the state and the pricing is in the top tier. Given the value proposition of our product, we strive to ensure that the resort is looked upon as the best in Goa with the finest offerings. The Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL) remains one of the largest hospitality operators in the state of Goa with the maximum number of hotels and rooms under a group of brands including Taj, SeleQtions, Vivanta, Ginger and amã Stays & Trails.



Easy Seedy Salad

2 servings

By Nikita Shah

15 minutes



1tsp White sesame seeds

1. For the dressing combine the seeds, chilli flakes,

1tsp Black sesame seeds

garlic powder, oil, balsamic vinegar & honey in a

1tsp Sunflower seeds ¼ tsp Red chilli flakes ¼ tsp Garlic powder 1tbsp Extra virgin olive oil ½ tsp Balsamic vinegar 1tsp Honey 2cups Kale leaves Salt 1cup Cherry tomatoes 1 Medium sized Carrot

mason jar, mix & keep aside. 2. Take a bowl of hand torn kale, sprinkle some salt & massage the leaves 3. Toss in your sliced cherry tomatoes & shredded carrots 4. Sprinkle some pepper, pour the salad dressing over and mix well 5. Lastly top it up with some crumbled feta, slices of Avocado & roasted almonds 6. DIG IN

Pepper ¼ cup Feta ½ Avocado 2tbsp Roasted Almonds


You can contact the author on social media handles


The Mixed Berry Smoothie

1 servings

10 minutes

By Aditi Malhotra

Over the past couple of years, smoothies have become extremely popular, whether it’s because of the raised awareness about healthy food options, lack of time to prepare elaborate meals and the need for something on the go or simply because when we look at those amazing colourful smoothie pics on Instagram, we cannot resist but try to make one ourselves. But genuinely speaking, smoothies indeed are a healthy option for breakfast or those in-between hunger pangs and unlike the presumption that healthy foods are not very delicious, smoothies are as good to taste as they usually look.

Ingredients One cup milk (toned, almond

Method 1. Place the milk, banana, berries and, yoghurt in a

or coconut milk)

blender; blend until smooth. If the smoothie seems

One banana sliced

too thick, add a little more liquid (1/4 cup). If you

One and a half cup mixed

like it thick, empty it in a bowl instead and top it up


with some more fruits of your choice, some nuts and

3/4th cup vanilla Greek



2. Taste and add honey if desired. Pour into a glass and

One tablespoon honey

garnish with fresh berries and mint sprigs if desired.

(optional) Some berries and mint leaves for garnishing (optional) PAGE 30 |FOOD&HOSPITALITY

You can contact the author on Aditi Malhotra,




Sundays are meant for relaxing, and why not? We all deserve a break from the chaos of our busy lives, may it be in the form of an adventure or simply some good food and a dip by the pool. Talking about good food, I can instantly recall my fascinating experience from the Sunday Brunch at Alila Diwa Goa. Alila Diwa, a 5-star Hyatt property in Majorda, South Goa, has come up with a conceptualised Sunday brunching experience called Vivo La Brunch spread across the Vivo Restaurant & Vivo Lawns at their property. Walking you through a spread of cuisines from across the world, the Vivo La Brunch is much more than just food and drinks. PAGE 32 |FOOD&HOSPITALITY

By this, I mean, you get complimentary allday access to the pool where you can start your day with taking a dip at their gorgeous infinity pool while you allow your little ones to swim in the kid’s pool or leave them in the play area where they can spend some time playing fun games and other activities. Pottery, Bangle making and live music uplift one's mood. With unlimited food and bottomless pouring of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, the brunch adheres to a very aesthetic theme with a fun ambience, set against the backdrop of the blue oceans (depicting the marine life of Goa) and earthy tones of the restaurant which give it a complete Goan feel.

As beautiful as the property looks, the warm hospitality is what touches the heart. You’ll be welcomed, greeted, escorted to the Vivo Restaurant, and served with a welcome drink in cute little bamboo cups. Get ready to be awestruck to see how the property is spread alongside the fields, with a far sight of the beach. It has an infinity pool, claimed to be one of Goa’s biggest infinity pools. How much fun would it be to take a dip by the pool during sunset, wouldn’t it? Until then, you haven’t even gazed through the whole property; it is just the Vivo Lawns! The inviting aroma of the cuisines from across the world was so tempting that we couldn’t resist but instantly grab a dish or two from the continental section. A unique set of DIY cocktails and mocktails with house infusions were presented by the lead at the bar counter, the gin based being my favourite (as always). Indulging in an elaborate and immersive dining experience, the Vivo La Brunch comes with a variety of food Spaghetti, Seafood, Salad Bar, BBQ & Grills, Thai food, and so many countless options to choose from, I must say, spoiled for choice! Carefully created, each dish has its own uniqueness and taste to relish upon - you won’t be disappointed. Not only is the food set up in the restaurant area but is also spread across the outdoors. There are numerous live counters like the chaat counter, kebab counter, Goan street food counter (talking about Ross Omelette) and so much more.


We grabbed an outdoor seat and relaxed ourselves with a bunch of cocktails to sip from and a variety of lipsmacking food on our plates, unsure from where to begin. We were up for another round in no time; the food was that delicious! After a second round, savouring a plate of pani puri and Ross Omelette, we moved over to the dessert counter. The dessert counter itself had multiple options, including Indian desserts. We loaded our plates, right from a slice of an exotic fruit cake to Rajbhog, feeling more than happy & satisfied after a sumptuous meal.

Alila Diwa Goa has so much to offer. You could simply walk through the property and see how beautifully it has been curated and maintained - every corner has a story to tell. On presenting your Sunday brunch bill, you can avail of a 25% discount on a spa treatment of your choice at their most rejuvenating spa area. Sunset by the infinity pool is something that one should not miss. Make sure to carry your swimwear and watch the sun go down by the lush green fields of South Goa.






WHAT’S TRENDING The New Year brings with it some new tidings and new trends and not just any but we are talking about certain popular food trends that are bound to rule 2022. We are no strangers to the fact that food and beverages are a trendsetting category taking the world by storm. Every day new dishes and a new drink to go along are being presented on the culinary trail making it more exciting than ever before. Already the trend of fusion, a confluence of two different cuisines is slowly but steadily spreading its wings to make its presence felt. What more can we expect in the year 2022?

A renewed interest in the health-conscious generation is suddenly seeing vast potential in plant-based foods which are already gaining steady acceptance and popularity. A near flood-like situation in the array of plant-based protein options is literally announcing the renaissance of plant-based and vegan food alternatives in the growing market space. No more the embarrassing moments of getting drunk and even carrying a hangover the following day. Mocktails and Alcohol by Volume are the drinks catching up these days. Non Alcoholic drinks like Gin and Tonic or Rum and Cola are the favourites of the day. PAGE 36 |FOOD&HOSPITALITY

Even the topmost Beer Brands have come up with a range of non-alcoholic flavoured Beers and Mocktails continue to let their presence be felt in the Restaurant’s Menu by their everexpanding base. So you can get the feel of drinking, experience the taste but without being actually drunk, that’s kinda cool, isn’t it? With the increasing love for Korean dramas in India, the K-Cuisine is also rapidly gaining popularity. A cuisine simply full of colours, textures and flavours, Korean food is one of the hottest food trends all set to dominate 2022. Even in the supermarkets, you can see some quick-fix instant foods that are increasingly finding favour with the masses. K-Cuisine is also emerging as a speciality in most restaurants and gaining popularity amongst one and all.

Another growing area in 2022 is that of Sustainable Foods. We have a number of celebrated chefs working towards the ample availability of the same, both in Indian as well as Continental varieties. A low-wastage sustainable diet is the want of the hour. Most of the food brands and restaurants are diligently working towards healthy and safe ways to reuse the leftovers or donate them to the underprivileged. A lot of work is going into it and most certainly the outcome is good for every stakeholder. A rainbow of condiments has really taken over the market with some exotic ones making the scene an intriguing one. Spices are always going to be an integral part of Indian Cuisine and with the onslaught of various new offerings, cooking is going to be ever so exciting. New spices, microgreens, healthy snacking options, 2022 will be ruled by all these food trends. What do you think? PAGE 37 |FOOD&HOSPITALITY


WEIRD FOOD TRENDS, WHERE ARE WE HEADING? BY Aditi Malhotra IMAGES - Google `Only rare kinds of people don’t love

Ok if this was not enough, let me give

desserts and whether you have an

you two more weird examples. How

extreme sweet tooth or enjoy an

about a black forest pastry dipped in

occasional indulgence, sweets, and

the same batter and fried, or a Maggi

desserts from an integral part of our

topped with loads of Roohafaza and

culinary culture.

mind you the Maggi has its magic masala too. Well, the list doesn’t end

But now imagine your humble gulab

here, there is gulab jamun pizza,

jamun being dipped in a gram flour

Maggi milkshake, Dosa Ice Cream

batter spiced with salt, chilli powder,

Rolls, Momos Ice Cream, Fanta

cumin, chaat masala etc., then deep-

Omelet, Oreo Pakode and some other

fried and served to you as a dessert.

crazier things.


No, I haven’t lost my mind, but I am

In a country where even now

sure if you are on social media, you

thousands of people succumb to

would have come across these weird

hunger each day, here we have a

food experiments wherein someone

huge community of people who start

prepares these odd dishes and an

following these trends wasting food

influencer is seen tasting them and

just for the heck of some likes and

then spitting.


I often question these levels of

Well, as a food influencer and even

stupidity that some people are

more as a citizen of this country, it

stooping down to only for the sake

bothers me. Do share your thoughts

of views and likes. I mean is it worth

and opinions, do you detest it as

it? In the process of gaining more

much as I do, or do you think all is

views on such videos aren’t we

fair for fun?

insulting food? Every dish in our country has a cultural value, already in the name of fusion we have killed the authenticity of many dishes. But I have seen a lot of people enjoying some of those fusions like a Dal Makhani Gol Gappa or a Butter Chicken Pasta because they complement the flavours and to say the least, they are edible. But what’s this? A dessert made like a pakoda for eventually spitting. Is the world of social media and the need for instant fame even at the cost of something as useless as this, taking over the minds of young influencers completely? Is gaining likes and views from people you don’t even know personally more important than being sensitive towards something as important as food.



UP AND CLOSE by Aditi Malhotra

Aman Grover is the General Manager at Hilton Goa Resort, Saipem and we got in a candid conversation with him to understand his journey into the hospitality line and also about goals for the hotel.

Q: Tell us something about your journey. A: Well, I call myself an accidental hotelier, because I still relate to me being a cricketer. Hospitality happened to me by chance, I was very sure of getting selected for a league but for a few personal reasons, I could not pursue the same. That’s when my coach suggested I work in hospitality as I seemed to be a friendly person. So I visited this consultancy in Hyderabad and the rest as they say is history. It’s been close to 25 years in hospitality now, but cricket is still my first love and will always remain. But my wife is my complete support system. She is my punching bag and I think whatever I am able to do today is because of her. I can focus so much on my work because I know she is right behind me.


Aman Grover, GM Hilton Goa Resorts

Q. So do you have any regrets about not being able to pursue cricket? A: No, no I love what I'm doing, I absolutely enjoy and cherish what I do and I don’t think I can do anything better than what I am doing right now.

I'm an outgoing person and I love meeting people, getting to know about different cultures and all so it didn't take long for me to like what I did but like rightly said that it was not something I chose. Q. So how did it all start then?

Q. You did not choose hospitality, but hospitality chose you right? A: Well it all happened by chance for sure, but I think I have always been hospitable, even as a kid I remember I used to treat guests at home in a very warm and hospitable manner. I remember an incident when my parents were not at home and we had these guests over, so I served them water, some biscuits and looked after them. They were pretty impressed with me as a kid for doing so much and like people used to day that ‘isme hai kuch hospitality wala’

A: I pursued a diploma in Switzerland and my first job was as steward, coincidentally in an Indian restaurant. I enjoyed it thoroughly because I realised that there is no job that is small, I literally washed utensils, cleaned toilets served people and took pride in whatever I did. I wanted to make my parents proud. Within 3 months of my job, I was made in charge of that restaurant and since then there has been no looking back.


With progress in my career I got a chance to work in almost all aspects of the hotel industry, whether as a steward or in the kitchen, in the f&b department, banquets, bartending, I have done it all. But yes, rooms division has been my strength. But even today I find all jobs equal, I will still not shy away from picking a bag, or cleaning a room and I have learnt all this from some very amazing peers of mine. I remember during the opening of hotels where we used to actually scrub floors just a night before the hotels opening and it was not just us, it was our leaders who were doing it with us and that taught me that by going up in the ladder you don't forget where you belong from. This has always kept me very grounded. Q: So as per you what's your greatest strength in this managerial position? A: People management and pre-openings give me a lot more grey hair but I love it. I believe in developing talent and growing my team along with me. Q: You come across as a happy go lucky person, so how do you deal with bad days in business? A: Yeah it’s tough at times, but I think the years of experience has taught me to remain calm and one thing I've really cultivated is trying to know when to switch off and not take too much stress. I give a lot of credit to my wife as well because she kind of keeps me sane. Plus life has so much worse going on everywhere that I say to myself nothing can be worse than this and move on. Apart from this, another very important factor is that being a leader there are hundreds of people who look up to you so you really can’t afford to lose the plot. You have to set the right kind of example and think your biggest victory as a leader lies in the fact of how you overcome your worst days and yet be a cheerleader for others. Also, I am a firm believer that nothing is permanent if good days don’t last, nor do the bad days! Q. How do you think Goa’s hospitality is different from other places? A: I love the way Goa functions as a city with hotels and hospitality. From the youngest to the elderly, Goa has got a bit of everything for everyone. Be it beaches, casinos, nightlife, different kinds of food, adventure, water sports and the most peaceful places, Goa has it all. It’s a happy go-to place for all ages and all sexes. PAGE 42 |FOOD&HOSPITALITY

Q. How do you think Goa’s hospitality is different from other places? A: I love the way Goa functions as a city with hotels and hospitality. From the youngest to the elderly, Goa has got a bit of everything for everyone. Be it beaches, casinos, nightlife, different kinds of food, adventure, water sports and the most peaceful places, Goa has it all. It’s a happy go-to place for all ages and all sexes. Q. What do you think is Hilton Goa Resort’s biggest USP and how have you nurtured it further? A: Hilton Goa Resort as property has plenty of USPs but you know for us that one thing which has been cultivated and is also very close to my heart is a home away from home feeling. Especially during the current times where people are very reluctant to leave their own bubbles or home, for us, it’s important to give them a safe and comfortable environment. Speaking of other things, we gave the biggest rooms in North Goa, 4 pools and collaborations with local agencies that help give unique experiences to our clients like Ebike tours, fishing, cruises, and a lot more. We want to give people more than the regular BBC (Beach, Booze, Casino). Lastly, we have some in house experiences that are unique, like the balcony experience. From private dining to making a cocktail, to yoga and kickboxing sessions, we offer plenty of options to make the balcony experience a memorable one and given the current times, It has been working really well. Q. What do you think is Hilton Goa Resort’s biggest USP and how have you nurtured it further? A: Hilton Goa Resort as property has plenty of USPs but you know for us that one thing which has been cultivated and is also very close to my heart is a home away from home feeling.

Especially during the current times where people are very reluctant to leave their own bubbles or home, for us, it’s important to give them a safe and comfortable environment. Speaking of other things, we gave the biggest rooms in North Goa, 4 pools and collaborations with local agencies that help give unique experiences to our clients like E-bike tours, fishing, cruises, and a lot more. We want to give people more than the regular BBC (Beach, Booze, Casino). Lastly, we have some in house experiences that are unique, like the balcony experience. From private dining to making a cocktail, to yoga and kickboxing sessions, we offer plenty of options to make the balcony experience a memorable one and given the current times, It has been working really well. Q: What are the prime contributors from your end for excelling at customer service? A: I would not want to take the entire credit for myself, it’s a bit of both, the hotel’s USPs as well as a great set of team members who were very passionate. As I said the most important thing was cultivating a culture of being grounded and working together as a cohesive unit. Once we got that right, it has been easy. We treat people the same way as if they are visiting our home, sending someone back with a smile and giving them that home away from home feeling has been the motto of our customer service. Q: Hilton just held Mouni Roy’s wedding celebrations, so do you think influencer marketing helps? A: Well absolutely, I think if everything is marketed in the right way it surely helps. Although I am from an old school of thought, working with some like-minded people who trained me on all this, I have come to realise that digital marketing is the only way forward because today when most people work from home, the only way they connect to things is via social media. I think if you have the right kind of content out there, people do look at it and it gets the right kind of promotion. Q: A tricky question, but which hotels would you recommend apart from Hilton that you personally like?

A: Hilton, Hilton, and Hilton, thank you so much I am I'm an absolute loyalist. I respect all the hotels out there and I wish them all the best. I pray that all of them do well because we have all been through tough times but when it comes to promoting, I will 100% promote Hilton Goa Resort, a property that I am absolutely attached to Q: Do you ever go and check your competitions on what they are doing and take feedback or inputs to discuss with your team? A: Not really, for us, there is no competition, every hotel has its own USP and I think it’s just important to focus on that because I think the moment you digress on your USP, the direction changes and I feel it's important to keep the focus on what you are good at rather than trying to see what others are doing. Q. Lastly what’s your plan for the future? A: As for personal, obviously, everybody likes to grow in their career and that's something which I want to do as well but from the hotel’s perspective, I’d like it to be positioned as not just one of the best in goa but one of the best resorts in India as well.



A Journey From The Mountains to The Sea Chef Yogender Uniyal, belongs to Uttarakhand in India came down to

Chef Yogender, is an executive chef, at Planet Hollywood Beach Resort, Goa.

Goa the world of Food & Hospitality, in the year 2003 to pursue his career in the hotel industry. In Goa, he started his career with the Park Hyatt Goa as an apprentice and slowly but steadily kept climbing the ladder of success till he became the Executive Chef at


one of the Goa’s premium properties “Planet Hollywood Beach


Resort, Goa”. The story of his journey can become an inspiration for



“I came down to Goa almost 15 years back and started my career with ‘Park Hyatt Goa’ where I worked for almost 5 years as an Apprentice before moving to ‘Park Hyatt’ Chennai,” said Yogender adding, at Part Hyatt Chennai he worked for around 2 and a half years before moving back to Goa in 2010. “In Goa, I joined the Zuri White Sands in 2010 but that stint does not last for a longer period of time, and working for one and a half years, I decided to quit Zuri and moved back to Part Hyatt Goa in 2013 as an Executive Chef.” The journey that he started at the ‘Park Hyatt Goa’ in 2003 as an Apprentice has been culminated into getting the position of Executive Chef is quite an achievement in itself. “They called me back at this position because I had a considerable amount of time that I had worked with them. From the year 2013 to 2015 I worked along with Park Hyatt in the Senior Executive Dept, and from there I quit Park Hyatt in the year 2015 and I moved my career to Hiltons Seychelles which was abroad in the East African Region, a small Tropical Island Nation,” said Yogender. His journey continued there for another 2.5 years after which he decided to come back to Goa for the good and started his new journey as a Sou Chef at the Planet Hollywood Beach Resort Goa, “Since May 2017 I have been here in Goa with them,” he added. According to Yogender, he learned a lot at Planet Hollywood. “I have learned a lot of things with respect to Food, Cooking, and even management. I joined as the Sou Chef, but now very shortly I will be promoted as the Executive Chef. My journey from a small chef to a Senior Executive Chef was pretty challenging I would say but I have also learned a lot on the way too. This has a lot to do with the perseverance and hard work that can be put in from your side,” he said. After joining Planet Hollywood there was no turning back for Yogender and he kept climbing the ladder of success with every achievement. “The Promotion took place every year, and a new position was awarded to me thereon. So from Sou Chef to Executive Chef, and being the Executive Chef isn’t quite an easy task as it is definitely more of Monitoring upon whatever has been instructed by me. Being the executive chef means you’re in charge of the Kitchen as a whole, and everyone else including all the other chefs work under you directly.

I have currently a team of 34 People working under me at the moment, and an additional 10 people more in the team as well.” Now since Yongendar is the executive chef at one of Goa’s most premium properties, his responsibility has grown tenfold. Though he has been given a dedicated office space he hardly likes to sit in the office. “Now I take care of the production, the entire equipment, and I wouldn’t say that my job is entirely an office job as it is more of Executive in nature and making sure things go smooth. Once my day at the Hotel starts, I cannot even sit on the chair and stay in one place as I believe that we work here for the people and the guests, so it’s definitely a big job and wouldn’t say it’s an office job. I enter the office and it’s the early hours of the day from 9 am to 11am and after which it’s all moving around the property and making sure things are going well,” he said. The executive chef is a force behind the hundreds of kitchen staff and whatever happens in the kitchen becomes their responsibility hence he needs to know everything. “I have worked on a lot of dishes and would say that my specialty resides in the Western Cuisine, Continental, and as an Executive Chef I have to know the Asian, Italian, Continental and Western Cuisine. The Idea behind being an Executive Chef is that they should know almost everything and all the techniques behind the dish. In Indian cuisine, my speciality is Dal Makhani, Nizami Handi, and even the Butter Chicken is very much a guest favourite. “Speaking about my own dish, I have crafted a pretty simple yet effective one called “Greek Vegetables” where we get all the exotic veggies and they will be cut down in a stylistic manner, grilled to perfection and served with pesto sauce. Coming to Continental Dishes, it is regularly European and American Cuisine where the Specialty would be Chicken Stew,” he added.


There are a total of three restaurants at The Planet Hollywood Beach Resort, “Planet Dailies is the MultiCuisine Food Zone, Poseidon’s Cove serves the Japanese, North India, and Goan as well as Western Based Cuisine and Fame, which is the Western and Asian Lounge type place and all the 3 restaurants come under my supervision and purview,” said Yogender. Lastly talking about the survival during the covid Yogender said, the first lockdown was the most difficult phase as no one was prepared for it. “It was the most difficult stage for everyone dealing with COVID in Different capacities. Everything was shutting down, places were closing but this Company held its ground and stayed afloat,” said Yogender adding, despite such dire conditions the company stood behind every employee. “They did not believe in laying off people, and they held the staff force together through it all. In other places, we would see that people were being asked to leave the job or were fired from the jobs due to the uncertainty of the COVID Pandemic, and this went on till the 2nd Lockdown. This was something no industry including ours had seen before but Planet Hollywood kept afloat and sailed through the 3rd wave with care and safety.” PAGE 46 |FOOD&HOSPITALITY


5 DIY Health Boosting Wellness Shots BY



In today’s hectic life one is really short of time and especially so in the mornings, so much so that you even skip your breakfast at most times. So what is the healthy way out? Well, how about a shot? No! No! Not tequila shot but some healthy wellness elixirs or shots as one calls them. They are the handiest picks that you can even prepare at night, refrigerate and gulp one down before rushing for your office. Mind it, it’s not a meal but a quick way to get a hefty dose of nutrients important for your body. Some of the DIY wellness shots are:


1. Ginger Immunity Shots: Spicy Ginger is probably the best way to decelerate cold or flu. Take half a green apple One Lemon A teaspoon of turmeric powder A pinch of black pepper and 1/3 knob or one teaspoon of ginger powder. Juice all the ingredients into a small glass and pour them down your throat. 2. Pineapple-Turmeric Gut Shots: As you must be aware drinking pineapple cider vinegar is beneficial for your gut health and reduces inflammation. Take one cup of fresh pineapple juice One tablespoon ground turmeric One tablespoon raw apple cider vinegar ¼ teaspoon of sea salt. Mix everything with a splash of water and drink it 3. Spinach, Lemon, Green Apple Shots: For a healthy daily dose of Vitamin K which helps keep your bones healthy and an important intake of greens in your diet just take three large handfuls of spinach, squeeze ¼ of lemon and one green apple and gulp it down your throat. 4. Immune-boosting Grapefruit Juice: Juice your grapefruits with some fresh strawberries, ginger and mint leave to make yourself a power shot full of Vitamin C and a thirst-quenching shot. For some more flavour of the mint, you may even muddle some at the bottom of the elixir. 5. Wheatgrass antioxidant Shots: Wheatgrass has been known to be rich in Vitamins C and E as also in Flavonoids, Chlorophyll and has potent cancer-fighting properties. One packed cup of juiced wheatgrass One oz fresh coconut water to replenish electrolytes to balance off the earthy grassiness with its sweetness. Down your throat for health and immunity. PAGE 49 |FOOD&HOSPITALITY


7 Spices That Help In Weight loss BY



Do you recall those typical round steel boxes which had 7-8 smaller bowls filled with different spices? I am sure we all have memories of such spice boxes from our childhood. While some households still use them, fancy plastic containers have taken their places and that vibrant colour pop that we used to see through that single spice box is now becoming a rare sight. However, whether you keep the spices in one box or different, their importance in our food and life cannot be undermined ever. Not only do spices add texture and flavour to your dishes but did you know some spices also help in increasing your metabolic rate. Here are 7 spices that are perfect if you are trying to lose weight:


1. Chili Pepper: This really hot spice is very quickly absorbed by the stomach resulting in improved metabolism. Chili Pepper is really low in cholesterol and is thus helpful in improving your health. Chili Pepper has capsaicin which helps to burn the fat. 2. Cardamom: This is a spice that is thermogenesis in nature and helps burn body fat. It is a diuretic Indian spice that stimulates the digestive system and significantly boosts metabolism. Chewing 3 to 4 pods a day or and adding the same to your tea all day helps prevent the gas formation and bloating. 3. Fennel: Due to the inherent presence of multiple Vitamins such as A, D, and C along with their antioxidant properties, it is helpful in improving your immune system as well as your digestive functioning. It is a natural diuretic and helps decrease hunger pangs thus resulting in your weight loss. 4. Black Pepper: Black Pepper consists of piperine which gives it a unique taste and also suppresses fat accumulation in the body. It increases the metabolic rate and strengthens the immune system to help fight various illnesses. As it helps in the prevention of the formation of fat cells it leads to faster weight loss. Having Black Pepper tea works miracles in managing obesity.


5. Cinnamon: It is full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties and plays an active role in your weight loss. It boosts the fat burning process by its increased metabolic rate. One tablespoon of Cinnamon with a glass of water or warm milk will do wonders for your health.

6. Ginger: It again helps in the burning of body fat and increased metabolism. It helps greatly in absorbing fat and decreasing your appetite. Controls your sugar levels and your weight gain. It has inherent weight loss properties. You can add Ginger to your Tea, Salads, Soups or even have some boiled ginger water in the mornings.

7. Turmeric: It boosts the digestive system and also increases the metabolic rate. This Ayurvedic Spice has antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidant properties. Your intake of turmeric could be by way of turmeric tea, turmeric detox drinks along with soups and curries. You can even have raw turmeric every morning with honey to boost your immune system.




THE PREMIUM SEGMENT OF THE NEW GENERATION SPIRIT Vinho Fontainhas is the revival of the Port Wine in the premium segment of the new generation spirit and it is a venture spearheaded by two Goan youths Tanishq Palyekar and Reuben Ramos. Both the lads in their mid 20s having a background in engineering and food & hospitality decided to enter into the unexplored market of the premium port wine which is considered to be a Goan Wine that is being used for decades to celebrate the spirit of festivals.


“Vinho” means Wine in Portuguese and we wanted to capture the Nostalgia of Goa,” said Tanishq adding that the idea Vinho Fontainhas occurred to both of them as they wanted to create something colourful. “Fontainhas is the only Latin Quarter located at Goa, India. This, in particular, is associated with Portugal and the Portuguese and this is something we went ahead with,” said Reuben. According to them, the Port Wine concept is not new but there is no premium brand in this segment. “All the other Wine Bottles and especially the GOAN PORT Wines that we see in the Market usually look dull with no vibrant colours and they have pretty standard labels with no uniqueness into it,” they said adding “We wanted to bring the Goan culture back as we felt it was slowly dying out, and in order make an attempt to preserve that we thought this would be an ideal step. This is the age of start-ups and young minds always look for something out of the box and most of them are attracted towards the IT side but Tanishq and Reuben decided to do something different, something related to the spirits of Goa. “It was essentially the idea of Tanishq, who thought that both of us could do something related to this segment which is unexplored and since we had a background together in this FnB Industry on my family side and Tanishq comes from a Background of being an Engineer,” said Reuben. According to Tanishq and Reuben, they decided to enter into the Wine market as the market for Whisky, Rum and Vodka were already saturated hence they decided to tap the Port Wine Market in the premium segment. “After we decided we wanted to create something together, the first thing we did was started working on the packaging because the branding and marketing mattered a lot,” said Reuben adding, In order to be ahead of the others, this is really important and this is what catches people’s eyes.

“The quality might be good, but people won’t know if it is not branded effectively. If you see the label of the bottle, it is a hand-painted art which was designed specially by an artist in Goa. We then used this to blend it in with the other parts of the label, and created the final output of the artwork with this.” The product was finalised and packaging and branding were also finished, now the main challenge was identifying the professional distillery. “We had to tie up with a professional distillery, and we wanted the process to be done in the right way and as close to the original ways of making the Port Wine,” said Reuben adding that Production of the 1st batch started in September 2021, and because of COVID-19 we got delayed but still managed to keep the production of the batch on track. After the production was finalised the next step was to identify the retailer who will sell the brand to the consumers. “We had identified a few retailers, and started keeping the product on their shelves,” said Tanishq. “We wanted to showcase our product at well-known retailers since it is a premium port wine hence after getting on the shelf in some well know places tourist spots in North Goa we decided to focus on Panaji city and “Tom’s Wine” became our first choice for Vinho Fontainhas in the capital city. This was officially the 1st place we started off with and for a very long time, it was only exclusively available at Tom’s Wine Panaji. The response towards the wine was pretty good and we were quite happy with it too, after which we started placing the same at various other outlets around Goa,” he added. According to Reuben now they are looking to enter into the hotel industry which is very vast in Goa.


“After we decided we wanted to create something together, the first thing we did was started working on the packaging because the branding and marketing mattered a lot,” said Reuben adding, In order to be ahead of the others, this is really important and this is what catches people’s eyes. “Our next step is to tie up with the hotels and we are currently supplying to the Hotel ITC Fortune Miramar, and they use VINHO FONTAINHAS by placing it in the Minibars of every room of their hotel. After this we are targeting the restaurants and other such establishments where we are placing the same,” said Reuben adding that the growth is quite exponential in a very short span of time. “People have started picking up the bottle from shelves. “The placed like K-Bar, Joseph’s Bar, Whiskey’s Bar where the response is really positive, and the orders for the batches come in quickly as they go through the bottles quite fast. We had patrons who initially bought 12 bottles in the start and after this when they got in touch with us they said they would now prefer 2 cases.” Currently, Vinho Fontainhas is available only in 375ml bottles. “This is mainly done because we wanted to keep it unique, ergonomically easy to carry around bottles. All the other wine bottles that you see is have two sizes, the small and the big size and here we wanted to be different. Even when the Hotel wants to place the bottles in their rooms it would be easier and when the customers purchase the bottle they can do so with much ease of carrying it around too. People are more open to trying out the Wine when it’s a smaller bottle. Another reason is consumption which is time-based for the wine and smaller bottles make the job easier,” he said. “There are essentially 3 types of Wine, Sweet, Semi-Dry and Dry,” said Reuben adding, Usually Goan Port Wines aren’t quite authentic and come under the Sweet Category and the Authentic Port Wine comes between the Category of Semi-Dry and Dry, and Vinho Fontainhas comes under this. “There's a little bit of sweetness, and there are a lot of consumers who want to try out Wines and when they directly go for Red Wine there are chances they might not quite like it as it’s an acquired taste and this is where Port Wine comes and can be the entry into the Wine side of things.” “We are looking to tap into the younger segment who is just starting into the Sangria and Vinho Fontainhas is the best available option for Sangria. We have already tried this at a few places, and the response for the Sangria has been overwhelmingly good,” they said.


“The quality might be good, but people won’t know if it is not branded effectively. If you see the label of the bottle, it is a hand-painted art which was designed specially by an artist in Goa. We then used this to blend it in with the other parts of the label, and created the final output of the artwork with this.” The product was finalised and packaging and branding were also finished, now the main challenge was identifying the professional distillery. “We had to tie up with a professional distillery, and we wanted the process to be done in the right way and as close to the original ways of making the Port Wine,” said Reuben adding that Production of the 1st batch started in September 2021, and because of COVID-19 we got delayed but still managed to keep the production of the batch on track. After the production was finalised the next step was to identify the retailer who will sell the brand to the consumers. “We had identified a few retailers, and started keeping the product on their shelves,” said Tanishq. “We wanted to showcase our product at well-known retailers since it is a premium port wine hence after getting on the shelf in some well know places tourist spots in North Goa we decided to focus on Panaji city and “Tom’s Wine” became our first choice for Vinho Fontainhas in the capital city. This was officially the 1st place we started off with and for a very long time, it was only exclusively available at Tom’s Wine Panaji. The response towards the wine was pretty good and we were quite happy with it too, after which we started placing the same at various other outlets around Goa,” he added. According to Reuben now they are looking to enter into the hotel industry which is very vast in Goa. “Quality wise, Vinho Fontainhas is definitely a much better option than the other wines available in Goa. We utilize a natural process in the making of this wine, whereas the other people don’t utilize this process. If you try tasting those wines, they aren’t dealing with the Quality side of things,” said Tanishq who is also taking care of the production.

“In Goa, Port wine has an overall lukewarm reputation because of these underlying issues over the years and here we are trying to reduce this image by being natural in our method and having more quality as compared to anybody else in the market,” he added. Vinho Fontainhas is packaged into a glass bottle compared to the other port wines that are made available in plastic bottles. “This shows in the quality of the wine, the taste and the packaging too. We don’t go with plastic bottles as it's anyways bad for the environment, so our bottle is premium glass and this way we made sure we put in the hard work to make our product stand out even with the hand-painted label,” said Tanishq. Reuben and Tanishq believes that since they are new to the business they wanted to maintain the quality and make sure it remains consistent for a long time. “We want to see that the same quality is maintained throughout whether the wine is bought now or bought after 1 year. We want to maintain the Taste and the Quality of the same, and as we move forward we will make a few more improvements to the same in terms of packaging being, even more, premium, or utilising newer ideas, etc,” said Reuben. Vinho Fontainhas has completed 6 months into the market in the month of January. The things were quite down because of COVID related restraints, and the response was quite low. Keeping all this in mind, we still feel we have a long journey ahead of us in terms of growth and the market, and we are still at a very young and hopeful stage too so our concentration is on this product. Maybe as time goes by, we will surely consider diversifying more,” said Tanishq.




BY ADITI MALHOTRA PHOTOS BY ARMAAN MALHOTRA Helmed by Zorawar Kalra, the founder of Massive Restaurants and Headed in Goa by Aman Anand, Franchise Partner and Producer of Indian Nightlife Convention and Awards, Bo-Tai makes its way to the shores of Goa. It sits beautifully on the Ozran hill, overlooking the Little Vagator beach and it's the 4th Bo-Tai in the country. The décor is modern, minimalistic, chic, casual and very inviting. It offers 270-degree views of the Arabian Sea and changes mood with the changing colours of the sky. In the daytime, its cool vibes are perfect for a laid-back lunch while during the golden hour and sunset, the hues are almost magical, and you cannot help but just stare at the beauty it offers. Post sunset, a feeling of dining under the stars, a high energy vibe, international bartenders, elevated seating sections, and upbeat music, Bo-Tai will take your going out experience to the next level.


Coming from the house of Massive Restaurants, the food and cocktails being top-notch is given. Known for its Modern Thai and Grills along with crafted cocktails, Bo-Tai has the full potential of becoming your favourite go-to place for enjoying surreal views, chilled out vibes, good food and amazing drinks. The menu is indeed an elaborate one and offers a great mix of soups, salads, appetizers, sushi, dimsums, grills and mains. You need more than a visit to experience the delectable offerings, however, here are a few recommendations based on my personal experience. First and foremost, you must try the Chicken Dimsum, Thai Chilli Oil, there is no skipping this one. It's one of the best sellers and for all the right reasons. Perfectly juicy, melt in the mouth dimsums with a delicious chicken filling that sits on a bed of Thai chilli oil. The unique purplish colour of these dimsums is one of the highlights and make them as attractive to look at as they are delicious to eat. It’s one of those Instagram worthy dishes for your feed. Peanut Crumbed Shrimps is another flavoursome dish that you must try. Tender prawns coated with a crunchy peanut crumb served with an interesting dip makes this dish leave a mark on your palate. Thai Chilli Chicken Shawarma is an interesting take on the regular shawarma with the chicken oozing out Thai flavours. Although it's part of the appetizers, I would say it's filling, so make sure you are sharing it with someone or else you may not have enough space left in your tummy for the main course.


For drinks, other than straight drinks, Bo-Tai offers an indulgent menu of cocktails that anyone would love to try. Full Moon Festival, a Thai-Tiki drink of sorts is surely a must try and so is the Bangkok Boulevard that transport you right into the vibrant streets of Bangkok. For the mains, you have Pizzas, Grills, Thai Curries, and other wholesome dishes to choose from, but I settled for Chicken Thai Curry Green with Sticky Jasmine Rice and trust me there is no better place than Bo-Tai to indulge in this classic and authentic preparation. Although my stomach was full after having all this deliciousness, there is always space for a dessert. So, I tried the Coconut Crème Brule, and it was one of the most amazing desserts I have ever eaten. Although nothing out of the ordinary, the simple flavours of Crème Brule infused with coconut was made this dessert stand out for me. Overall, Bo-Tai gives you not one but many reasons to visit them again and again. I am heading there again soon, how about you?

About the Place Location: Vagator, Goa Open From: 12 Noon- 1AM Average Cost: Rs 3000/- for two (without alcohol) Contact: +91 9145232322 and +91 9767556354






Porvorim is now becoming a hot favourite as a foodie destination especially for the locals and settlers, but tourists are also seen flocking around the multiple outlets that have lined up the highway. One of my personal favourites along the Porvorim highway is the Turmeric Kitchen and Bar it's nestled on the service lane opposite Mall de Goa and you can easily locate it via Google Maps.


As soon as you enter the restaurant, you see a well-lit and bright ambience that is cosy, comfortable and inviting. Unlike most of the finedine restaurants that are dimly lit, this one is bright and vibrant. It’s for sure a family restaurant where you can walk in with your loved ones and spend some relaxed time as you enjoy delicious food. Turmeric primarily serves north Indian, Goan and Asian cuisine and in a time span of a few months, it has become quite a favourite with the locals as well as the tourists. The staff and management at turmeric are more than friendly, warm and pay attention to each and every request of yours. Coming to food, the menu is definitely an elaborate one and sometimes leads to confusion on what to order and what to leave and thus if you see my recommendations you will find a little bit of every cuisine. When visiting a restaurant for the first time, I always try and stick to basics because it is my belief that a restaurant that can master basics is definitely worth a second visit to explore more on the menu. So for starters, we ordered Chilli Chicken which was really very very good and since my boy enjoys Chilli Paneer more than chicken so we also ordered chilli paneer too and it was equally good. One of the biggest challenges in paneer dishes is to find paneer is very soft, tender and not chewing, thankfully Turmeric managed that pretty well. both the dishes were perfectly spiced, they were neither two spicy nor on the sweeter side.


From the north Indian selection, we tried the Dahi Ke Kebabs. Although they were good, I would not like to call them kebabs, because they came in the form of a creamy curd filling in fried bread rolls. The Chicken Harabhara Kebab , a tandoori preparation with green and spicy masala was delish and I would say that you must give it a try. For the mains, we tried Chicken Hakka Noodles and Kung Pao Chicken from the Asian section while on the Indian side we tried the Paneer Tikka Masala. I would say as far as the main course is concerned the Asian was better than the North Indian because we found the paneer tikka masala to be a little too oily and could have been spiced a little better. The Kung Pao Chicken and Noodles were on point. For desserts, we settled for the Goan popular Seradura and must say that it was 100% perfectly made and we loved it. Overall Turmeric Kitchen and Bar was definitely worth our while and definitely a place I would love to go back to. Also, I would like to mention that Turmeric is one of those kid-segment dining places that offer good food without burning a hole in your pocket. About the Place Location: Plot 143, 406/134, PDA Colony, Alto Pilerne, Porvorim, Goa Open From: 8 AM-11 PM Average Cost: Rs 800/- for two (without alcohol) Contact: +919822129925





A home away from home or an ideal spot for my creative mind to rejuvenate was what my experience of Barsa can be characterized as. Barsa is settled amidst woods and greens in the enchanting neighbourhood of Assagao. Known for its old Goan homes, bougainvillea-lined roads, and famous eateries, Assagao is just about 4-5 km away from Anjuna and Vagator sea shores. Ashwem and Mandrem are also a simple 20-minute drive away.


This beautiful property has 5 autonomous rooms and is ideal for those relaxed days when you need to move away from the hustle clamor of city life and yet remain very much in the close proximity of Goa’s happening night life. The location of Barsa is a win-win in both cases. It's a quiet, peaceful, serene place, yet Goa's best eateries like Gun Powder, SEA, Autumn Leaf etc. are in the nearby area and the closest ocean side is only 10 minutes away. For an individual like me to sit back in green and calm environmental factors is the best thing to get my inventive energies pumping and furthermore filled in as a loose and truly necessary break for my family, particularly my mother. Their red-block veneer mixes in delightfully with the environmental elements and every one of their 5 rooms is airy, naturally lit and roomy. Agreeable beds, quick web, air-con, pot and tea/espresso supplies, and fundamental powerback up are some of the basic conveniences at Barsa Boutique Stay. Bed material is changed at regular intervals on solicitation and fragrance oilbased body-wash, cleanser and hand wash are accessible in the washroom. The rooms are intended to provide you with a sensation of receptiveness, giving peacefulness among the greens. So regardless of whether you need a work-ation in Goa, visit with a friend getaway with family, or even invest some energy travelling alone, Barsa is a great choice.


Awaken to birdsong, go for a morning walk down the beautiful paths of Assagao and make a beeline for Barsa for a tea/espresso in your overhang or in their bistro region! They likewise offer a common kitchenette on the main floor with an enlistment cooking reach, cutlery, and porcelain for visitors to do some fundamental cooking between 8 am and 10 pm. Visitors can partake in a kitchenette to prepare suppers in case you don’t want to leave the peaceful ambience of Barsa and they also have a Spanish Tapas Bar within the property (please confirm if its operation as they sometimes take a break from the same). At the Spanish Tapas Bar you can enjoy some great food and cocktails of course are a high point. Ruchir Goenka, the man behind this amazing property is an amazing soul, extremely warm and friendly who would further ensure your fall in love with the place. Some other things to make note of Laundry facility is accessible at an additional expense. They are LGBTQ-accommodating. Pets are not permitted in the rooms. So if you want a short break for yourself or suggest to your friends a comfortable stay option, whether short term or long term, Barsa should definitely be on your recommendation list. About Barsa 544, 1, Anjuna Mapusa Rd, near Happy Bar And General Stores, Bouta Waddo, Assagao, Goa 403507 Phone: 098229 22004





Do you have at least some idea what the most amazing aspect of living in Goa is? You don't have to move out of the state for a get-away, Goa itself offers such countless spots to have an ideal ruler of escape that one doesn't require a lot of arranging. Living in the Northside of Goa, heading towards the South for an end of the week is probably everything thing one can manage when needing a fast break. And I did precisely that, I was so burnt out on my everyday schedule and totally impeded with work that I was gravely searching for a break. I needed to head someplace near the ocean side but then quiet and this is the way I settled on Cabo Serai. PAGE 70 |FOOD&HOSPITALITY

Introduction Cabo Serai is arranged practically on a 100 feet high segregated peak but then the serene and unblemished ocean side of Cabo de Rama is in close proximity. With only 7 elite cabins and tents, this spot offers you peace and serenity like no other. Presently to clarify the area and magnificence of the spot, one truly needs to go there and see with your own eyes, in light of the fact that no words can really legitimize or depict the uniqueness that Cabo Serai brings to the table. With a country road prompting the property, briefly, I felt does the property even exist there? In any case, I clutched my fervour and we were informed we had to climb down some 100 odd steps. While moving down, all I was believing was that how could they make such a spot, I mean where the entrance is the two its magnificence and a test, it truly appeared to be out of dreamland, perhaps not dream, in light of the fact that really speaking I was unable to try and envision a spot like that in my fantasies. In any case, subsequent to moving down 100 steps, I still actually didn't actually see the property, however, what I saw was the dreamlike regular magnificence that the spot brings to the table, what I heard was the spouting hints of the waves from the far off ocean. As we strolled a little ahead we went over a dazzling little extension streaming over a characteristic stream and trust me, I simply needed to plunk down there for some time and embrace the quietness of nature and essentially sit idle. By and by, when we at long last push ahead, we were given a warm greeting by the always grinning and supportive staff of Cabo Serai and reviving coconut water made that little journey beneficial. By then, a buggy was holding back to take us up the slope to our tent and again there is a distinction in saying and encountering it for yourself, however this ride was absolutely astounding. As the buggy halted close to our tent, the help staff was sitting tight for us for a welcome with cold towels and the view was stunningly delightful. I didn't enter the tent however remained in the gallery for quite a while to appreciate what my eyes were seeing.


The Accommodation Our first night was reserved in a tent, maybe an extravagant tent and it was significantly moreover I envisioned it to be. It was tasteful inside and out, very agreeable and no doubt, it had all advanced conveniences that one can request but then every single component of the tent praises the manageability. The restroom particularly grabbed my eye, the broad utilization of wood and little recycled things like a coconut shell just knocked my socks off. Additionally the more I noticed the property, the more I understood the difficult work and endeavours that have gone behind making such a space. To take any kind of material all over that course in itself is an errand and to make something as lovely as Cabo Serai on that ridge seems to be an incredibly excellent work. The following day, we moved to encourage up the slope in a cabin and I really will not have the option to attract any correlations with which stay experience was better. Both the tent and cabin had every one of the solaces that one could look for and the perspectives were entrancing. Be it the early morning scenes with the tweeting of birds and the light blue shade of both the sky and ocean or the orange-ruby skies during the nightfall with palm trees framing an outline worth catching in your camera and recollections. The night sky with a huge number of stars and the far off sound of crashing waves and crickets stridulating offered such a serene encounter that it is challenging to portray the sort of internal harmony one gets. With everything taken into account, both the tent and cabin offered such a lovely ambience that all I would want is to simply sit back there and continue to gaze at the ocean, the sky and overwhelm all that nature offered me.


Food The food at Cabo Serai is simple, impeccable, and unquestionably worth your time and energy. The morning meal is more similar to a day by day pre-set menu and we completely appreciated it on both days. Our breakfast included smoothies, aloo-luchi, aloo paranthas, energy bars, eggs to decision and bread crate alongside tea/espresso and they were absolutely delightful. For tidbits and lunch, there is an al-a-carte menu, it doesn't have an excessive number of choices yet at the same time is good to the point of satisfying your cravings for food whenever of the day. Truth be told, our first tryst with food was the point at which we checked in around 4 PM and following a 2-hour venture, we were marginally hungry. So some fish cutlets, chicken burger and french fries were all set while we watched the beautiful sunset from our balcony. The supper on the two days was a 4-course feast, including soup, starters, fundamental course and a dessert. Straightforward yet flavourful suppers made utilizing the nearby produce give you an extremely home-prepared food sort of solace.


Encounters The encounters are Cabo Serai are special to the spot, starting from the climb down of 100 steps to then climbing uphill in the buggy to arrive at your room, fishing in the stream, the changing shades of the ocean and sky during dusks, to breakfast near the ocean, a morning journey that offers a few amazingly wonderful and entrancing perspectives, to a candlelight private supper set up wherein the breeze, the faint lights and having a feast under the stars, everything appears to be mysterious, is all strange to such an extent that it gazes directly out of a dream film. However, indeed, you can encounter all of this and considerably more like yoga on the slopes, town journey, an outing to the Cabo de Rama Fort, and so forth during your visit at Cabo Serai. This staycation of 2 days at Cabo Serai has been one of the most noteworthy get-aways in a long lengthy timespan. Yet again to feel so near nature, not take a gander at the watch, not go to insane work calls and to stop by, unwind and invest some quality energy with the family has been such an extravagance given the unremarkable schedule that I returned totally restored and prepared to take on the world. Yet, for clear reasons, I so anticipate excursion again soon at Cabo Serai for the most faultless cordiality, the uniqueness that the spot offers with an overflow of nature, sun, sand and ocean! About Cabo Serai Cabo de Rama Goa, India – 403702 E. – P. – +91 7887882414 , +91 7499161229