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Int ernat ional Coastal Cuisine

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Feat ured Chef Grant MacPherson

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Chef Keven Lee A look into the life of Hollywood's hottest culinary Mastermind

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Sommel ier of t he Mont h Will Costello CAKE BY KAILAVA

Courtesy: Chef Keven Lee


A Note From T he Editor Kaiulani Delgado "It is alw ays an honor b r ing ing t og et her all t he tr uly p assionate ind ustr y p rofessionals in t od ay's ever -chang ing w or ld . Our rock star team carefully created t his issue by com b ining t im e tested p rofessionally trained ar t isans wit h t he trend y food ie ar t isans, knowing we all can lear n from each aspect of food & b everag e. My hope is t o inspire your delicate p alate and ar t ist ic m ind s."


Photo Credit: Caren Alpert


FOOD FOOD FOOD Courtesy: Chef Keven Lee 7


International Cuisine

Experience Coastal Colombian Photo Coutesy of Grand Velas

Indul ge in ALMA Casa San Agustin,Cart agena de Indias, Col ombia

A simply elegant and uniquely authentic dining experience reigns inside Alma, located in the award winning Casa San Agustin hotel. Introducing a new three-course prix fixe menu for 65.000 CPS* or $25 USD, guests can choose from a selection of appetizers, main courses and desserts, sure to satisfy even the most discerning palate. APPETIZZERS Fish and Shrimp Aguachiles, in a Green Jalapeño Salsa Certified Angus Beef® Sliders with Bacon, Cheese and a Roasted Red Pepper Aioli Lobster and Crab Pie with Roasted Garlic Remoulade and Sprouts Ratatouille and Sainte Maure Goat Cheesetart with Rosemary Honey and Truffle Perfume MAIN COURSE Pasta Penne al Pomodoro with Mozarella de Búfala and Fresh Basil Grilled Chicken Breast with Warm Quinoa Tabbouleh and Chickpea Hummus Caribbean Shrimp Skewer with Sweet Chili Sauce, Green Plantain baskets stuffed with Guacamole, Sofrito and Sour Cream Cartagena style Seafood Chowder with Shrimp, Squid, Octopus, and Mussels with Coconut Milk and Lobster Bisque served with Brown Coconut Rice

Dive into the fresh coastal Colombian flavors of Fish and Shrimp Aguachilies in a Green Jalapeño Salsa, followed by Caribbean Shrimp Skewers with a Sweet Chili Sauce. Finally, to satisfy your sweet tooth craving, you can try a local favorite ? creamy coconut pie. Guests and locals alike enjoy cocktails, tapas and a delicious new menu while dining alfresco in the beautiful courtyard or indoors among Colombian-crafted fixtures and furnishings.

POSTRES | DESSERTS Coconut Pie with Coconut Lemonade Sorbet Crème Brulee with Mixed Berries and Mint Molten Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream

Rest aurant Al ma is open daily from 7:00 AM ? 10:30 AM for breakfast and 12:00 PM to 11:00 PM for lunch and dinner. For reservations, please email, or call +54 5 681 0505 For more information, please visit dining About Casa San Agust in : Casa San Agustin is a luxury boutique hotel of 20 beautifully crafted rooms and 10 spacious suites located in the alluring port city of Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, where historic charm meets contemporary coastal Colombian living. Architecturally captivating, the hotel preserves the remnants of an aqueduct centered within three white-washed, Colonial-era buildings. Enter and discover an authentic Cartagenian style that flows from the swimming pool through to the interiors. Reservat ions and Inf ormat ion: Rack rates start at $370 USD and Suites begin at $1,100 USD. The hotel is located at Centro, Calle de la Universidad NO. 36-44, Cartagena de Indias, Colombia.

Immerse Yoursel f 9



International Cuisine


Chef Grant MacPherson Locat ion: Las Vegas, Nevada Current job(s): Propriet or at Scot ch Myst Posit ion: Chef & Owner Years in t he indust ry: 35 Not abl e empl oyers / awards: St el l a Art ois, Four Seasons, Raf f l es Hot el , Bel l agio Hot el , Wynn Resort s, Sandy Lane Barbados, West gat e (Former Hil t on Las Vegas), Gol d Cul inary Medal at t he 1992 Cul inary Ol ympics in Frankf urt , German as member of Singapore Nat ional Team. 12


I believe that if your mind is in the right place, you can create a great l iving. I think it?s rewarding to take on a job, whether it be at a hotel, restaurant, consulting, to a dinner or the simplest thing: entertaining friends.


CHEF GRANT M acPHERSON Everyone has a st ory. Tel l us how you knew you want ed t o become a chef ? I knew I wanted to travel and that was the route to having a chance to do that. I got my first ?real? job as a dishwasher, started prepping chicken wings, and somehow I found my way through a couple entry level chef gigs. I grew to love working in fine dining and deciding to go to culinary school to really pursue a lifelong career.

What are t he most dif f icul t t hings about your prof ession? Balancing your personal life and family life with your professional passion. I have two children and I want to be there for them. I?ve had to make sure that my passion for my job still allows me to continue being there for the kids. I?ve adjusted my life over the past 10 years to make sure that I can be there for them. What is your f ood phil osophy? Simple is not only good, it?s great. The freshest ingredients, the most straightforward way to highlight the beauty of whatever ingredient you have at hand. I loved the comfort foods of my childhood in Scotland, but my time cooking in the Orient really taught me a love for clean, simple great food.

What is your l eadership phil osophy? I worked for some of the most demanding and phenomenal mentors in the food world, and they all taught me to always keep striving for perfection. I try to lead by making sure that the people working with me know that I will get into every aspect of every job. I want them to know that I have a clear and decisive plan, and I like to be organized and prepared.

What is your cl aim t o f ame? I suppose to some it would be my time with the Wynn Hotels because of the size of the hotels, the new things that Steve Wynn?s vision enabled us to create in the kitchen and to elevate in the resort world in Las Vegas, and the ability to translate that into multiple properties like the Bellagio, The Wynn, the Wynn Macau and all the early design work for the Wynn Encore. What is your most unusual source of inspirat ion f or cooking? Music isn?t unusual, but I definitely go to music as often as anything. I?m a rock guy, and great legends of rock? Led Zeppelin, The Doors, and so many have and continue to influence me. I don?t play guitar, but I collect them, and I tend to think of cooking in somewhat ?musical? terms for inspiration. I?m a lover of music. I have a pretty substantial collection of vintage guitars and famous musicians?guitars and memorabilia. I love everything about the classic years of rock, and my tapes and music went around the world with me when I cooked throughout my career. I carried my tool box of cassettes through five continents and the music kept a thread going even when the surroundings completely changed. What was t he biggest ?break? in your career? Can you share what you did t hat set you apart f rom your compet it ion and how you prepared f or t he opport unit y? I think it was migrating to Australia in 1988 and having the chance to work in the Regent Hotel in Sydney. This was a chance to work with the abundance of amazing ingredients that I had never seen before? .the seafoods, the vegetables, the fruits. The seasons. In Canada, it was cold all the time. All of a sudden I?m doing hare, Alberta beef, lobster and just a breadth of amazing foods in the late 1980?s. It?s part of the reason that hotel was in the top 10 in the world during that time period. How did your job as a consul t ing chef begin? The desire to be with my children more pushed me into rethinking what I was doing and how I could continue to travel and cook worldwide, but also have the ability to do it in a bit more ?free form? way than a more traditional chef?s job. I had the benefit of working for incredible chefs, hoteliers, restaurant owners and operators, and I have a real passion to take that background and help others benefit from those experiences. I love helping other people win and seeing them bring a dream into reality. Consulting as a chef has allowed me to have some wonderful intersections with people all over the world, and to keep evolving as I continue to learn. From what we hear, you?re a l ocal cel ebrit y in Las Vegas ? having worked at many of t he cit y?s f inest hot el s. Tel l us t he st ory of how you f ound yoursel f working in Sin Cit y and what ?s keeping you t here. Well, it?s a bit odd, but Steve Wynn did ?find? me at Raffles in Singapore and he asked me to interview for the initial job at the Bellagio. I wasn?t originally interested in coming to America, or Las Vegas, but I took the chance of asking if he would fly me business class to interview in Las Vegas. He didn?t know I had never flown business class before. He said yes, I took the flight, and it was impossible to say no to his vision and the opportunity that the Bellagio offered to dream big and be innovative. And once I got here, I loved the energy and diversity of Las Vegas. Incredible talented chefs, people who want to build cutting edge properties, and the chance to be based in a constantly evolving landscape and still travel the world keep me here. Congrat ul at ions on your new rol e as St el l a Art ois?Cul inary Ambassador! What wil l your responsibil it ies be and what are you most excit ed f or? Thank you. It?s really a dream come true. George Reisch, the head brew master there for 35 years, became a friend years ago and I have so much admiration for him professionally and personally that it was great when he envisioned a way for me to work with such a world respected company and brand. Stella Artois is the finest and the chance to work with their creative and brand team on food pairings and new ideas for the expansion of their culinary ideas is a lifetime goal for me.




HUNGRY? The Dail y Meal Cel ebrat es America?s Food Truck Scene

The 101 Best Food Trucks in America for 2015

H er e's t h e TOP 10!

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Luxury Indoor Fountains Impress Your Customers w ith a Dynamic Waterfall Indoor fountains and bubble w alls bring luxury, elegance and tranquility to your environment. M any restaurants, hotels and salons have added interior w ater features as the focal point of their dĂŠcor. These impressive fountains are offered in a variety of sizes and styles and are sure to impress your guests and visitors. Indoor w aterfalls offer a peaceful ambiance w ith their natural beauty and soothing sounds.



Q&A wit h Susanne Brose, Co-Founder & President OF FRESHKIDS: Tel l us about FreshKids. What inspired you t o st art t he company? FreshKids is an independent food company re-imagining and re-creating snacks and foods for kids. We believe in healthy kids. And we believe all kids should have access to healthful and good foods. That?s why we started in schools first. FreshKids was inspired at my farm in Virginia, located in an agricultural community about an hour west of Washington, DC. I started to think about growing a happy and healthy world for kids, as the conversation around childhood obesity and bad food grew louder and hotter, in Congress and around the country. As the politics of school food became a daily Congressional debate, I really started to listen. But not to the fighting, rather to the citizenry. I could hear grassroots and communities organizing. At the same time, I noticed the grocery stores were feeling different. The aisles were changing, and fresh produce and foods were getting more interesting. My lifestyle of supporting local farmers and living farm-to-table was making its way to the grocery aisles. I knew it was time to do the right thing ? to create better nutritional choices for the next generation of children. It was a moment to build a different kind of company ? a food company committed to food justice. So, I went looking for people who shared my values, and who really care to create a purposedriven company. I asked them to join me, and grow the FreshKids movement. Who is FreshKids? FreshKids is probably not what you are expecting. This is not the usual story of two friends in a kitchen with an idea for a better cookie. Instead, this is a story of a changing food industry in America. FreshKids is a story of community. We are business people who believe good business is good for business. We are food manufacturing, marketing, finance, CPG, branding, legal, media, health & nutrition professionals who care deeply for our communities, especially for our Nation?s children. We looked at the kids?food category, to bring real social value to this category at a time in our history primed for change and disruption. We know consumers ? moms and millennials, especially ? share our values of transparency, trust and community. And we grow our FreshKids movement together with moms, by connecting through social media, schools and community organizations. I consider the team and partners my co-founders and co-creators. We are creating, building and growing FreshKids together. We are stewards of this movement, on a mission to inspire kids to think, eat, and live healthier. Tal k about t ransparency and t rust ? how do you achieve t his? We think it?s extremely important that we know where our food comes from and how it?s produced. Snack companies have been extremely secretive, and consumers are left in the dark. We are changing that. We commit to snacks created with transparency and trust. It?s what food should be. Simple, honest, and transparent. My hope is if the industry demands transparency, if the consumers demand to know where their food comes from, then suppliers will think twice about their manufacturing processes, food vendors will start sourcing ethically and responsibly, and it will eventually change our food system for the better. It?s idealistic, but I have to believe that it?s possible. How do you work wit h f ood manuf act urers? FreshKids is really a story about a changing food manufacturing industry, which is responding to the demand for better-for-you and free-from foods. My first stop along the path of company creation was to find a trusted manufacturing partner. What I found was a family story of love and trust ? and the perfect partnership. Our food partners are parents first, with a long history baking pretzels and salty snacks. When their daughter was diagnosed with Autism and multiple food allergies fifteen years ago, they started to change their thinking about the food system. They became pioneers in the clean-eating and free-from lifestyle, to manage health challenges for their family. This path inspired them to re-think ingredient sourcing and re-invent processes for their manufacturing operations. Their operations now include clean, non-GMO, organic sourcing, and gluten-free production capabilities. Still true to over a century?s experience and tradition baking artisan snacks, they now create healthful snacks for a new generation of consumers. What are t he chal l enges of manuf act uring product s wit h t ransparency and cl ean ingredient s? Why are your product s not organic? FreshKids believes in ?AAA? values ? Access and Affordability for All. To source organic and non-GMO ingredients is extremely challenging. Unfortunately, the current supply of organic can?t keep up with the demand, and prices are high and availability is limited. We did not intend to create products which would be accessible only to a limited class of consumers. However, we know we can create high-quality, clean, non-GMO products which are accessible and affordable for all. So we set forth a promise and framework around non-GMO, clean and simple ingredients. Our market positioning to bring FreshKids to kids at K-12 public schools speaks directly to access. We will work tirelessly to open distribution networks to bring FreshKids to kids everywhere, and position our products competitively to participate in the National School Lunch Program. This is food access for all kids. 19

Photo Credit: Kyle Monk





"Cheven" Recognized as Hollywood?s hottest culinary mastermind. Cheven specializes in internationally inspired cuisine with a focus on a modern farm-to-table approach. His creations are described as an eclectic version of Classical French Mediterranean with strong Pacific Rim and Asian influences.


Food & Beverage Magazine

"Cheven" The presentations are simply breathtaking. He began his career as "Cheven" at the famous Hotel Del Coronado in beautiful San Diego, California at the Prince of Whales Restaurant.

Shortly thereafter, he was asked by the Director of Food and Beverage to take over the Executive Chef position at La Chandelle Restaurant at the Reflection Bay Golf Club in the upscale development of Lake Las Vegas. It was there that Cheven realized his amazing talent for catering. Dell Webb's Sun City Anthem in South West Las Vegas is home of the "Diamond in the Rough? Trumpets Restaurant and Anthem Catering. With panoramic views of the city lights, Cheven was invited to join a new power team to change the name of catering in Las Vegas forever. While running a fine dining restaurant, Cheven organized Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, corporate events, Wine Dinners and extravagant galas for as many as 2000 guests at a time. From plated to buffet, there is no challenge too great for Cheven. In the later part of 2005, Chef Keven was asked to take the position as Celebrated Chef of the mobile Four Star renowned restaurant Lutece in the world famous Venetian Hotel voted in the Top 100 Hotels and Resorts. Here Cheven created eclectic culinary masterpieces as he developed an even more intense passion for his craft while serving only the finest of jet fresh fish, organic fruits and vegetables, and free range meats garnished with the wild wonders of the world of herbs, spices, oils and vinegars. Cheven was known for inviting guests into the kitchen to share the gallery of flavors he had created. Cheven then moved to Costa Rica to join The Sanctuary Resort and Spa as Director of Culinary Operations bringing a Five Star approach to Central America. While raising his own meats and gathering the daily local fresh catches and handpicked produce, he created world class cuisine, once again with little staff and challenging working conditions.

" Cheven's driving and motivational force is his dedication, commitment and "A Matter of Taste!" In 2006, Cheven returned to Southern California where he took the role of the Corporate Executive Chef for Syndicate Hospitality and Velvet Rope Events. This was Cheven's introduction to the Hollywood elite where his eclectic cuisine was welcomed by inviting palates. Having orchestrated some of the most extravagant galas and high profile events, Cheven was yet again introduced to another realm of his talents. Currently, Cheven owns and operates My World on a Plate catering and events based in Hollywood, California. Together with his younger sister and business partner Robyn; the two are a highly motivated dynamic duo. My World on a Plate has become one of ?THE MOST? sought after catering teams in Southern California. Their work has been appreciated by highly respected charities, organizations, retail venues and Hollywood Icons such as Westime, Luis Vuitton, VERTU, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Nobel, Jimmy Fallon, Lady Gaga, Johnny Galecki, Tyrese, Kirsten Lea, Charlotte Ross, LA Kings, Wayne Gretzky, Sylvester Stallone, Manny Pacquaio, After School All Stars and March of Dimes? just to name a few. My World on a Plate has also had the pleasure of catering events for television shows and productions such as Family Guy, So You Think You Can Dance, A Chance to Dance, Pretty Little Liars, My Fair Wedding, Oprah Winfrey Network, 20th Century Fox, American Idol and more. Over the past few years, they have also participated in several major productions such as Sundance with Sapphire Chase and Grey Goose, EDC with Insomniac and Live Nation in addition to major production build outs at Coachella and Burning Man. Recently, Cheven debuted on Food Network?s ?Cutthroat Kitchen? and "Around the World in 80 Plates" on the Bravo television network. Cheven and My World on a Plate were also featured on 3 episodes of My Fair Wedding and CELEBrations with David Tutera, Fox 11 News, KTLA in addition to being featured in Luxe online magazine, Rising Hollywood, 944 Magazine, and the LA Times. ?As the client list continues to grow? so does the creativity?? says Cheven.


Food & Beverage Magazine

?As the client list continues to grow? so does the creativity" ~Cheven




DUO BUSI NESS PART NERS "CHEVEN" & ROBYN L EE The key to any successful business is confidence and commitment from the people that run it. Having been there for each other from the start (literally), Chef Keven and Robyn Lee represent two business partners who have formed an unmatched level of trust and dedication, fortified by their special bond of brother and sister.

"T he key to any successful business is confidence and commitment from the people that run it." 24

Food & Beverage Magazine

Growing up, Keven and Robyn were always close. With only five years between them, they found quite a bit of commonality in one another. Both being very ambitious and passionate it was to no surprise that they would wind up being one of Hollywood?s most dynamic duos. Most say the apple does not fall far from the tree? Well there is quite a bit of truth in that. Keven and Robyn grew up in both a creative and entrepreneurial family. They are both the perfect combination of their parents. Their father, Ron Lee, is a world renowned artist and their mother, Jill Lee, not only managed her husband?s career for over 36 years and still does to this very day, but she also owned an operated a gourmet cafĂŠ within their establishment for many years. It is no wonder where Cheven?s gets his passion and talents for the culinary arts. They were always encouraged to strive for greatness, and there was no shortage of support or encouragement growing up.


Eventually, adulthood took them in two different directions. Keven headed off to the Culinary Institute of America in New York, while Robyn pursued a career in real estate and finance in Las Vegas.


Chef Keven, who soon became known to many as ?Cheven?, continued to follow his culinary passions around the globe, where he immersed himself in different cultures and challenged his skills by cooking in some of the most barren environments. His passion and dedication to excellence took him to numerous highly acclaimed culinary destinations where he was afforded unique opportunities to develop menus and organize extravagant events. Those experiences are what ultimately propelled Cheven to branch out and start his own company, My World on a Plate, in West Hollywood California in 2009. Meanwhile, Cheven?s younger sister, Robyn, continued to excel in real estate, but was ready for a change. So she took a hiatus from her current job to help a former associate who had recently opened a restaurant. Within a short time, Robyn had truly understood her brother?s passion for the hospitality industry. It was about this time that Cheven mentioned to her that he was looking for a business partner to help build and run his new company. They both knew instantly that Robyn?s knack for business, sales and finance would be the perfect match to Cheven?s creative talents. Since then, Cheven and Robyn have grown My World on a Plate into one of the most sought after catering and event production teams in Southern California. Their work has been showcased at major retail venues, festivals, movie and television premiers, and highly regarded charity events. Some of their clients include Louis Vuitton, VERTU, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Nobel, Wayne Gretsky, LA Kings, Sylvester Stallone, Manny Pacquaio, After School All Stars and March of Dimes? just to name a few? My World on a Plate has also had the pleasure of catering events for television shows and productions such as Family Guy, So You Think You Can Dance, A Chance to Dance, Pretty Little Liars, OWN Network, 20th Century Fox, American Idol and more. In addition to their impressive local clientele, they have also taken their team on the road and have participated in several major productions such as Sundance with Sapphire Chase and Grey Goose, EDC with Insomniac and Live Nation in addition to major production build outs at Coachella and Burning Man. Recently, Cheven debuted on Food Network?s ?Cutthroat Kitchen? and "Around the World in 80 Plates" on Bravo . Cheven and My World on a Plate were also featured on 3 episodes of My Fair Wedding and CELEBrations with David Tutera, Fox 11 News, KTLA and CBS in addition to being featured in Luxe online magazine, Rising Hollywood, 944 Magazine, and the LA Times. ?As the client list continues to grow? so does the creativity, ?says Cheven. Though they may have playfully pulled at each other?s hair growing up as siblings, Cheven and Robyn now avoid pulling their hair out, knowing they have each other to rely on. The bond that the two owners share is what they contribute to My World on a Plate?s success. Take it from Robyn? ?I can?t express how lucky I am to not only work with a highly respected, extremely talented chef who is not only my business partner, but just so happens to be my brother. He inspires greatness in those around him, and it is nothing short of an honor to share this adventure with him? For more about this dynamic bother/ sister duo and the services of My World on a Plate, visit


Food & Beverage Magazine


"REBIRTH O F A N ICO N " Expl ore f ranchise opport unit ies wit h Wienerschnit zel ! We are the Worl d?s BEST Hot Dog Chain, with a devoted customer following for over 50 years. You are cordially invited to review all the reasons to potentially invest in a classic American brand. Here, we offer you an engaging opportunity to learn more about our value and positioning for growing successful franchise partners in both new, and existing markets. Every great success story has a beginning. May this exploration process serve as one of yours! Enjoy ~ Chil i Cheese Dog, pl ease!


Exotic Foods

A tradition of love, passion and great seafood. Growing up in Italy, seafood was an important part of our everyday lives. Dinnertime was a special time of the day, filled with laughter, love ? and of course ? great seafood. Our company?s mission is to bring that high quality of seafood we grew up eating, directly to your home.

Gril l ed Oct opus Sal ad Ingredient s: Octopus 2 cups full-bodied red wine, such as Chianti or Sangiovese 1/ 2 cup finely chopped onion 1/ 4 cup finely chopped carrot 1/ 4 cup finely chopped celery 2 sprigs fresh thyme 1 bay leaf 4 cloves unpeeled garlic, crushed 3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil lime, juiced Sal ad: 3/ 4 cup extra-virgin olive oil 1/ 2 cup red wine vinegar 2 limes, juiced bunch mint, stems removed, leaves torn into pieces 1/ 2 cup chopped green olives, preferably Cerignola (available at specialty olive bars) Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper 2 endives with core removed, julienned 3 cups julienned radicchio leaves 2 cups cooked chickpeas or gigante beans

Direct ions: Prep Time: 20 mins - Total Time: 40 mins Put the octopus in a pot with the wine and enough cold water to cover. Add the onions, carrots, celery, thyme, and bay leaf; bring to a gentle simmer over medium heat and cook until opaque, 20 to 30 minutes. Remove the octopus with a slotted spoon and cool. (This may be done a day ahead and refrigerated in a covered bowl.) Transfer the octopus to a resealable plastic bag and add the garlic, olive oil, and lime juice; seal and marinate in the refrigerator for 2 hours. Remove the octopus from the marinade and set aside Preheat a charcoal or gas grill until hot. Position the rack about 5 to 6 inches from the heat. Combine the olive oil, vinegar, lime juice, mint leaves, and green olives in the jar of a blender and puree into a smooth emulsion. Alternatively, whisk these ingredients together in a small bowl for a chunkier texture. Season, to taste, with salt and pepper and set aside. Toss the endive, radicchio, and chickpeas together in a salad bowl and set aside. Grill the octopus for 4 to 5 minutes, turning once after 2 to 3 minutes, until it is browned in spots and nicely caramelized but not burned. Remove and cut into bite-size pieces. Toss with the greens and vinaigrette.





Caren Al pert

What f ood driven magazines and books do you read and draw your inspirat ion f rom?

Locat ion: San Francisco / Los Angel es / New York Cit y Company: Caren Al pert Phot ography

I can?t say I ?read? food magazines too much. The pictures tell the best stories for me. I draw inspiration from magazines like Donna Hay and other international publications.

Years in t he indust ry: 15

What woul d you say your signat ure st yl e is? What makes you unique?

Not abl e awards/ accol ades: IPA/ Int ernat ional Phot ography Awards, The Lucie Foundat ion

I think what clients hire me most for is an ?editorial lifestyle? type of aesthetic. It?s very approachable, but informative and aspirational at the same time.

Not abl e cl ient s/ publ icat ions you?ve worked f or: Bon Appet it Magazine, Conde Nast Travel er, Food & Wine Magazine, Saveur Magazine, Wil l iams Sonoma

What is your of f ice/ work environment l ike? I have a 1,700 sq foot studio in San Francisco. It?s a great space to spread out in and is very comfortable for my clients when we shoot there. Of course, I often shoot on location, too, so my work space can range from the kitchen of a bustling restaurant to the home of an aspiring food manufacturer who has yet to secure a commercial kitchen space.

What inspired you t o pursue t his career and what do you l ove most about it ? I must confess, I sort of fell into it. I had always been in the photo industry, but was on the magazine side, largely assigning other photographers to shoot stories for me. That part was very intentional. Then, one day, I decided to shoot a story for the magazine I was working at, and from there ? it?s history. I decided to step out from behind the desk and start shooting for myself. Also, being based in SF, I started to get more assignments shooting chefs and their food. Where did you get your phot ography educat ion?

What is your creat ive process? The first and most important step is to learn how and why the client sees photography as a solution to their project. Generally, it?s because food is such a visual experience, that it would be impossible to promote it without photos. But, the rubber hits the road when I can tell how meaningful good photography means to the client. Chef s and rest aurat eurs are a creat ive bunch, is it hard t o bal ance t heir vision wit h yours? I often find that chefs take themselves very seriously, and for good reason! But, I also know that when being photographed for a portrait, for example, most people want to see an approachable warm and friendly face. Sometimes, convincing a chef of this is difficult.

University of Arizona, Tucson. What kind of camera and equipment do you use? My go-to camera is a Canon, but depending on how the images will be used, I also shoot medium format.

What is your f avorit e project t o dat e and who was it f or? Why did t his experience st and out f rom t he rest ?

What ?s on your phot ography equipment wish-l ist ?

All of my assignments have been notable for one reason or another. I think the favorites are the ones where a true collaboration happens, and you are able to exercise breadth and depth to the visuals.

The brand new Phase One camera back. What is keeping you busy and engaged t hese days?

Do you t ravel f or your job? If yes, what is your schedul e l ike and what st andards have t o be met f or you t o agree t o t ake t he t rip?

I just finished a cookbook with Harper Collins and a chef from the Food Network. Additionally, I recently shot a story about women winemakers in Napa Valley.

Yes ? I travel as needed. My schedule fluctuates from month to month and it?s never the same. The only standard that has to be met is that the collaborator understands my process and knows the resources needed to execute on that.

You see f ood t rends f irst hand. What do you t hink is t he next big f ood t rend in our indust ry? Crickets and 3-D printing in the kitchen (separately; not 3-D printing of crickets!) It?s a ways out, but worry not ? it?s coming!

What get s a phot ographer excit ed at a f ood phot o-shoot ? I can only tell you what excites me about a photo shoot, and that is the meaning behind the assignment. I?m very ?story driven? and if I can get excited about the messaging, I?m all in! 30


Is t here a cl ient / publ icat ion you?ve shot f or whose f ood st yl ing and cuisine bl ew your mind? Usually the food styling is provided by someone I hire (and not the magazine or ad agency). Some of my favorite food stylists in the Bay Area are Heidi Gintner and Pouke. They do amazingly creative things with food. If you coul d shoot f or anyone in t he worl d, who woul d it be f or and why? Italy has been on my mind lately. I don?t know if this person exists, but right now I?d love to shoot for the little old Italian man in a seaside town in Italy (Cinque Terra or Positano, anyone?) running his own restaurant with local and fresh ingredients. Another project I?ve thought about for a while is the catering set up for a worldwide concert tour. I imagine the culinary manager has a very interesting task at hand sourcing meaningful and fresh food en route while covering many miles and feeding many mouths. The intersection of food and music is also of interest to me. What are your career goal s? Lif e goal s? My career goals are to keep shooting and evolving as a food photographer. Styles are always changing, along with the industry landscape and the people involved in it. To stay relevant and innovative is important to me, so I yearn to work with people who are as passionate as I am. What is your ?best case scenario? in t he phot ography real m? The best case scenario for me is when a chef not only lets me, but expects me, to exercise the same level or perfection as they do in their kitchen. To get the quality of photography seen on my website requires time and attention, which the subject, whether it be person or plate, deserves wholeheartedly! Learn more about cul inary phot ographer Caren Al pert on her Chef ?s Rol l Indust ry prof il e HERE. * Caren Alpert will be teaching a food photography class at Los Angeles Center of Photography on July 18, 2015. For class and ticket purchasing information, please click HERE.

Caren Alpert Photography



Industry Insider Secrets


Nick Fosberg is the author of the book ?The Bar Restaurant Owners Guide To Doubling Your Profits And Loyal Regulars In Any Economy?, the founder of Bar Restaurant Success, and bar / restaurant owner in the Chicagoland area. To get Nick?s free reports and marketing strategies on how to get new customers in your doors using today?s most profitable strategies, go


Industry Insider Secrets

A few weeks back I posted a video about how to set up a marketing campaign that would really boost Monday and Thursday night football traffic, I?ll include a link to that below, but today I?ve got another new football promotion for you. The truth is, there?s so many ways to get customers in the doors for football but not all of them are profitable. Today I?m going to go over my favorite! I?m Nick Fosberg, and you?re watching Bar Restaurant Success, the place bar and restaurant owners go to to discover how to get ahead in business and in life. The promotion I?m going to reveal today is probably nothing new to you, however where the real value here is in the marketing strategy behind this promotion. A strategy that will build your business all year long. Let?s get started. If you want to pack your bar for football, you gotta think, what?s going to drive in football fans for your promotion over the competition. What?s going to get them to leave their couch while they watch the game in their underwear, to spend money in your bar. The answer, excite them and show them value! What I?ve gotten the best results with is giving away tickets to Bears game, despite how bad our quarterback may be! They cost me about an average of $220 a ticket and I giveaway 2. But let?s say where you?re located you don?t have a football team, or a stadium is 6-8 hours away, the tickets probably won?t work. I would suggest giving away a flat screen TV. You can buy 42 in TV?s these days for $350-$400. Pretty cheap. Get a few sponsors to help with the cost or some free goods and its damn near free. Same thing with the tickets. I always do this the first 2-3 games of the season. I want to pack my place and make it fun and valuable right from the start so people keep coming back and telling their friends. Now this is the secret to making this promotion bring you sales all year long during football season and it?s pretty much the same thing as in the previous video I mentioned earlier. What you want to do is put up a page on your website about this promotion and how they can win these tickets or whatever your big giveaway is. Then what you want to do is set up a retargeting campaign. What a re-targeting campaign is where you can have your web guy place a piece of code from google adwords and Facebook on your website that will track every person who hit this page. Ultimately what you?re doing is building a list of football fans that you can target with Facebook ads or google banner ads, where you can target these people all over millions of different websites for just .10 cents to .30 cents. The way you drive traffic to this web page can be done from Facebook posts, Facebook ads, your e-mail list, text list, newspaper, mailers, etc, etc. Here?s the key to success. You?re going to make a great profit and pack your bar by doing this big giveaway, but when you?re able to set up the retargeting pixels on your website and build an audience of 300-500-1,000 or more people who just hit your football related page, you?ve got the opportunity to REMARKET to ONLY these people for pennies on the dollar to promote all your other football related specials. Marketing is all about excluding all the people who DON?T want what you have to offer and ONLY targeting the people who DO. At first yes, you?ll hit people who don?t want your offers, but when you have this strategy in place, you start to build lists of people who you know have a specific interest in what you have to offer. If you?d like to see my personal marketing and promotional execution plan for this so you can set this up for your bar next month, you can do so by becoming a member of Bar Restaurant Success Elite. Here?s what you?ll get for just this one promotion: The flyers I use in house and online, the e-mail I send out to push people to the web page, the how to video on how to put the Facebook re-targeting pixel on my site in a matter of 10 minutes, and the targeted ads I use to target football fans only! Go to for more information and get 7 days risk free to try it out.





Napa, CA - For Jose ?Pepe? Galante the 2015 harvest is a special one, not only for the usual reasons of weather conditions and grapes, but because it marks the fortieth year that he has made wine in Argentina. Considered the father of modern winemaking in Argentina, Galante?s influence has reached across the generations and transformed Argentine wines, bringing them to the international stage. 2015 has given Galante a chance to look back at the last forty years. ?More than the accomplishments, I think I have enjoyed the process,? he says. ?I know where we started forty years ago. I know the work that we did in those early years at Catena, the progress we made over three decades. And I see where we are now at Salentein? not finished, but closer to our goal. And I think of all the people who have made this possible, and are still working towards this goal today. That is very rewarding. And now that I am at Salentein, it makes me even more excited about the work we can do in the future.? Jose Galante's 2015 tour of the United States will visit Los Angeles, CA on September 24; San Francisco, CA on September 25; New York, NY on September 28 and 29; Chicago, IL on September 30; and Miami, FL on October 1 and 2. The tour offers unique access to Galante and the wines of Bodegas Salentein to the American media and its readership. Among those working with Galante have been some of the most important names in winemaking and viticulture. Famed international winemaking consultant Paul Hobbs says: ?In the early ?90?s he was my trusted friend and ready accomplice in our pioneering effort that produced the wine which catapulted Malbec and Argentine wines onto the international stage. He is a master of elegance and power with a repertoire as rich in whites as it is in reds. He is Argentina?s greatest winemaker of our times.? Argentina?s leading viticulturalist, Pedro Marchevsky, says: ?Hopefully the new Argentine winemakers can learn from his thoroughness, consistency, and constant focus on the goal of creating world class wines. And you can see the impact that has had on the wines that Salentein is now producing.? And Mariano di Paola: director of enology, La Rural Vineyards and Winery, says; ?Pepe really sets the standard in oenology. He is a person to whom I will always be grateful for being a good person, a great winemaker, and especially a person with great humility. He should be a role model for every young winemaker.? To commemorate this harvest, Galante will be producing a special bottling of Malbec from Salentein?s top vineyards in the Uco Valley in Mendoza. It is a region that Salentein pioneered many years ago, and with Galante?s help, it has become the top wine region in Argentina, and among the greatest in the world. ?I have no doubt that the Uco Valley offers special and unique conditions for growing grapes. Its relationship to the land, weather conditions? It is a perfectly isolated and identifiable site? clearly different from other regions. It is a paradise for winemakers.? Galante?s legacy will be large, and lasting, says Marchevsky. ?Pepe Galante not only made wines. He also created a whole team of winemakers with great skills, vision, and creativity. Those are the winemakers now directing the destinies of large Argentine wineries today. We should can continue his saga in Argentina, allowing us to continue our forward progress in the minds of connoisseurs and wine lovers throughout the world.? And Galante is enthusiastic about the future. ?I have to say that I love these younger people. They are restless, energetic, always looking for a way forward, which I really like. Of course I tell them what I have learned over the years, which is that they must be open-minded and willing to experiment. For each new issue, we have to move forward with preconceptions or previous conclusions. We can?t forget that viticulture and enology in Argentina are almost unique in the world and we have to create our own research and develop our own knowledge. This is what sets us apart and allows us to take advantage of these special terroirs. I see it every day at the winery.? About Bodegas Salentein Bodegas Salentein has pioneered premium winemaking in Uco Valley, Mendoza, Argentina. With high-quality wines winning over the most demanding palates in more than forty countries, the winery is the sixth largest Argentine brand, both in domestic premium wine sales volume and as an exporting group. Its wines are successful in markets all over the world, including USA, Netherlands, UK, Brazil, Germany, Russia and China. The wines of Salentein are imported to the US by Palm Bay International 35



Featured Wine Professional: Will Costello

Q: Everyone has a st ory. Tel l us how you knew you want ed t o become a sommel ier? What was your ?l ight bul b? moment ? A: My light bulb moment to wanting to become a sommelier came from meeting my mentor, Jesse Rodriguez. He was the Wine Director for the Grand Del Mar where we worked together. His pedigree as a French Laundry alum probably piqued my interest most, but then the knowledge he had about service, his ability with guests, his vast network of friends all over the world. All of it said to me ?I wanna be that guy!? And, thankfully he took me under his wing.

Location: Las Vegas, NV Current Job: Wine Director, Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas Notable Awards: Recently passed the Master Sommelier exam

Q: Cont rary t o popul ar bel ief , you probabl y don?t sit back and drink Mont rachet al l day. What does your t ypical day real l y l ook l ike? A: I start by checking emails in the morning to review revenues from the prior night in all of the outlets. I run the wine program for the hotel so to see sales reports based upon covers gives me a picture of general business trends. I arrive to the office about 2pm, spend most of my time from 2 to 5pm at my desk although it is very rare that that is not interrupted by a tasting with a distributor, visiting the outlets to check on current stock of wine, visiting the Storeroom to pick up invoices and stock wines in bins. It?s a big operation for one guy. 5 nights a week I spend between 5 to 6 hours on the floor of the fine dining restaurant TWIST as the floor Sommelier. 36

Q: What is t he most dif f icul t part of your job as a sommel ier? A: As a sommelier the most difficult part is deciphering general vernacular into a wine recommendation. When someone says they want a sweet red wine, they mean fruit forward? Don?t they. Or do they actually mean something like Port? Or something with just some residual sugar like Aussie Grenache or California Zinfandel? Trying to get it right with the least number of questions is the goal. It is like playing 20 questions really fast.

Q: What are t he most rewarding t hings about your prof ession? A: Mentoring others and helping to educate the next generation of wine directors, sommeliers or average consumers.

Q: What was t he biggest ?break? in your career? A: I guess getting a job as a wine director for a 5 star resort having never actually bought wine before. I only knew how to run a restaurant and saw average customers general preferences. That someone would let me run a wine program which does about $4.2 Million in wine alone with very little real world knowledge was a BIG BREAK.

Q: How have t hings changed in your career since passing t he MS exam?

?Presentation IS

A: They have not? .Not yet.

Everything.? Q: If you coul d change one t hing about t he wine indust ry, what woul d it be? A: I wish there was more quality wine available at a more reasonable price. Despite what might be the popular belief, I don?t make a ton of money. I wish I could go to a regular restaurant, get an $11 glass of quality Red wine and a good plate of food. At least in Las Vegas and what I have seen on some visits to other cities, this is difficult to do with the current pricing structure of wine.

Q: Name your t op 3 f avorit e wine regions: A: Adelaide Hills, Australia; Loire Valley, France; Rhone Valley, France

Q: If you coul d get your hands on any bot t l e of wine in t he worl d, what woul d it be?

Clipper M ill, Inc. has put the Fry Basket on the map w hich has emerged as a trend in the service industry. They are

A: 1900 Egon Muller Scharzhofberger TBA

Q: Do you have one t ip t o hel p sel ect a bet t er bot t l e of wine? A: Yes, avoid the major regions. If you are buying without actually knowing the product, the general consumer is going to be much happier with a Hawke?s Bay New Zealand Syrah for value than one from Santa Barbara. Same for Cabernet from Colchagua Valley Chile than Napa Valley. Dollar for dollar, look for similar wines from up and coming regions.

Q: What is your def init ion of success in your indust ry? A: Having someone pass their Master Sommelier Exam who I have helped mentor from the early stages. This would be the definition of what I would find successful.

Q: What ?s next f or you?

available in 3 sizes and fit perfectly on our new aluminum trays. It is not easy to top Clipper M ill?s innovation, pricing, and quality. Visit our w ebsite and place your order today.

A: I am going to get married to my beautiful fiancĂŠe Yvette. Of course we are having a wine themed wedding. Her choice, not mine!


Winemaker Spotlight: BISOL

Bisol : The Finest Prosecco f rom It al y The name Bisol is synonymous with Prosecco: historical records attest to the fact that the Bisol family has been cultivating grapes and producing wine in Valdobbiadene, a prime location for quality Prosecco production, since 1542, making the family name intrinsically associated with the history of Italy?s most popular sparkling wine. Today, Gianluca Bisol is the acting President and CEO of the company, while his brother, Desiderio Bisol, holds the position of Chief Enologist and Technical Director. Together, they honor their family?s longstanding tradition of excellence by pursuing the highest levels of quality and seeking to elevate the notoriety of the entire Prosecco appellation. The Bisol family cultivates more than 20 plots of vineyards immersed in the steep hills that lead from Valdobbiadene to Conegliano, the most prestigious zone for Prosecco production. Te company also directly manages three hectares on the renowned Cartizze hill, whose location and terroir make it an area of rare value: at an estimated 2.5 million euros per hectare, it is one of the most expensive vineyards in the world. Also attesting to its superior quality is the fact that Bisol is one of the few winemakers in the area to manage all phases of the winemaking process, from vineyard selection to final bottling. The result of their meticulous and passionate efforts are delicately distinctive wines that perfectly demonstrate the family?s motto: ?Excellence from the ground to the bottle?. In addition to the highest quality Prosecco available, Bisol also often experiments with other varieties of sparkling wine with noteworthy results, including the champenoise method Eliseo Bisol CuvĂŠe del Fondatore, produced from a selection of the best Pinot Bianco, Chardonnay, and Pinot Nero grapes. This limited quantity special blend undergoes slow fermentation on carefully selected yeasts, aging for a minimum of 60 months and resulting in a very elegant wine. The Bisol family is also deeply passionate about promoting the authentic culture of their native Veneto region and have invested in such unique projects as Venissa, an ancient walled vineyard in the Venetian lagoon where they produce a wine by the same name from the Dorona varietal. Dorona is native to Venice and was once the preferred wine of the Doges, but it was believed to be extinct as of the mid-20th century until Gianluca Bisol rediscovered a small abandoned vineyard in 2002. His discovery led Bisol to become the only producers in the world of this one-of-a-kind white wine that fully reflects the unique terroir on which it is grown. The Bisols have also invested in the Maeli winery in the Euganaen Hills, producers of a very unique Moscato Giallo. Centuries-long experience in the production of sparkling wine, dedication to excellence in winemaking, and a deep passion for their native Veneto region together with a profound understanding of its terroir are the elements that distinguish Bisol from the rest and allow them to offer a truly superior product. All of this is perfectly synthesized by CEO Gianluca Bisol: ?We work with great passion so that Conegliano can have the same prestige as Reims, Valdobbiadene the same appeal as Epernay, and Prosecco the same notoriety as Champagne.? 38


Bisol Wines Jeio Prosecco DOC (SRP: $17) is a Prosecco produced with grapes from the low-lying

Bisol ?Crede?Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG (SRP: $25) is produced

hills of the Veneto. This beautiful straw yellow Prosecco has a refined balance

from the Glera grape varietal, together with Pinot Bianco and Verdiso grapes

between acidity and minerality. The floral bouquet of apple, apricot and fresh

grown on the steep south-facing hills of Bisol?s vineyards in Valdobbiadene. The

meadow flowers compliments the fruity flavors and dry finish. Jeio's fresh, youthful

first two varietals enjoy an ideal terrior of clay-laden earth with a subsoil of

character pairs well with light food and canapés and is an ideal start to a meal or

marine sandstone known as ?crede?that is common to this part of the countryside,

simply as an aperitif. Jeio Cuvée Rosé (SRP: $16) is a sparkling wine made from a

hence the wine?s name. With a brilliant yellow-green color and a fruity bouquet

combination of Merlot and Pinot Noir grapes from vineyards on the steep hills of the

that is reflected in its flavor of green apples and pears, this Prosecco has a

Veneto. A brief period of maceration gives the wine its brilliantly delicate pink color,

balanced acidity that makes it a very elegant wine. Bisol Eliseo Cuvée del

excellent balance, and unique personality. Intense notes of roses accompanied by a

Fondatore Millesimato 2012 Talento Metodo Classico (SRP: $65) is a limited

delicate bouquet of fresh citrus and lychee compliments the light acidity and dry

production sparkling wine dedicated to company founder Eliseo Bisol. A blend of

finish. It is superb as an aperitif, while at the table, it perfectly matches pasta dishes

a careful selection of Pinot Bianco, Chardonnay, and Pinot Nero grapes grown high

with vegetable sauces, white meat dishes, and all manner of seafood. Bisol

up in the hills of the Veneto, this wine undergoes the classical champenoise

Valdobbiadene Superiore di Cartizze DOCG (SRP: $50) hails from the summit of the

method of fermentation for at least 60 months in the dark caves of the Bisol

Cartizze hill, one of the expensive and coveted vineyards in the world. This 100%

winery, after which the dosage is added that endows this precious Cuvée with its

Glera (the grape referred to as Prosecco until 2009) is hand-harvested late in the

elegant personality. With delicate aromas of yeast and wildflowers and soft fruity

season to allow the grapes time to slowly ripen in this particularly mild microclimate. flavors, Eliseo is the ideal match for shellfish, white meats, cold cuts, and cheese. Utilizing the Charmat method, the wine undergoes secondary fermentation in stainless steel tanks, retaining freshness while capturing the vibrant natural aromas of the Glera grape. This lively, subtle sparkling wine has an elegant bouquet of wildflowers with aromas of apples, pears, and peaches. Best appreciated outside of meals, when the palate can fully appreciate the infinite facets of this complex yet delicate Prosecco.


Cocktail Recipes

Rooibos, Peach & Brandy Iced Tea Chef Lizzie Binder?s play on classic iced tea - summer time punch with a kick - refreshing and light divine to drink while mingling with friends on a late afternoon or over a lazy weekend. Perfection! Makes; four generous portions Ingredients: 1 qt strong Rooibos tea, cooled 4 - 6 oz shots brandy (depending on the time of day) 4 tbsp honey 4 peaches, sliced 1 lemon, sliced large handful fresh mint leaves Method: In large pitcher, add peaches, lemon and mint and muddle. Add remaining ingredients and stir well. Serve poured over ice.

Courtesy of

Prickl y Pear Margarit a Ingredients: Herradura Tequila, lime juice, triple sec, prickly pear syrup, sweet & sour Recipe: 1.5oz Herradura blanco tequila .5 oz triple sec 1.5 oz fresh lime juice 2 oz prickly pear syrup Combine ingredients in cocktail shaker and shake for 15 seconds to incorporate ingredients. Pour over ice in martini glass. Salt or sugar rimoptional.

BROUGHT TO YOU BY the talented culinary team at Tanque Verde Ranch in Tucson Ariz


Cocktail Recipes

Appl es t o Pears Ingredients 1 1?2 parts Laphroaig速 Quarter Cask Single Malt Scotch Whisky 1 part fresh lemon sour 1 part fresh pressed apple juice 1?2 pear ? canned in light syrup Method Muddle the pear in a mixing glass, add all remaining ingredients and shake with ice, double strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.

Smoked Mapl e Cakes Ingredients 1 part Laphroaig速 10 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky 1?2 part Jim Beam Maple 1?2 part DeKuyper速 Buttershots 2 parts fresh pressed apple juice Method Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a flamed orange peel.


SUNSET SAVOR THE CENTRAL COAST ANNOUNCES TOPICS FOR EDUCATIONAL WINE SEMINARS FEATURED AT WINEMAKER CENTRAL, SEPTEMBER 26-27 2015 Taste and Learn with Winemakers, Sommeliers and Industry Experts, Including Sunset Wine Editor Sara Schneider, During Winemaker Central Seminars

San Luis Obispo Count y, CA (Sept ember 2, 2015) - California's premier food, wine, travel and lifestyle event Volvo Presents Sunset SAVOR the Central Coast announces its new lineup of Winemaker Central seminars, featured during the Main Event held at the historic Santa Margarita Ranch from September 26-27. Winemaker Central gives wine enthusiasts the chance to learn from some of the top minds in the business, including Sunset Wine Editor Sara Schneider. "Presenting during Winemaker Central seminars at Sunset SAVOR the Central Coast each year is one of my favorite opportunities to interact with wine enthusiasts on a more intimate level," said Sara Schneider. "Through discussions of the many facets of wine, we are able to create an experience that allows wine lovers the chance to learn about and taste the wines that they often only read about." San Luis Obispo County is home to some of the finest wines in the world, and Sunset SAVOR the Central Coast allows vinophiles the chance to expand their wine knowledge through small-group tastings not often found at large-scale wine tasting events. These 45-minute educational seminars are designed to educate and inform by providing an in-depth look into the latest and greatest trends in wine, offering tasting tips and exploring unique varietals. Winemaker Central features several NEW themed sessions, including: Meet t he Syrahs - Often misunderstood and ignored, Syrah has yet to enjoy its day in the sun. The Central Coast is producing versions of this wine second to none - in a range of styles form lean and earthy, in cool parts of Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties, to more richly fruited, in warmer Paso Robles. Saturday, September 26 At ascadero Craf t Beer and Cider Tast ing - Presented by Bristols Cider House and Tent City Beer Company. As ciders and craft beer grow in popularity, so do the stylistic differences in its production. Learn the nuances of beer and cider brewing from this exciting panel of local experts and taste your way through a wide variety of producers discovering which style is among your favorite! Saturday, September 26 and Sunday, September 27 Cool Chardonnay The Marit ime Inf l uences on Coast al San Luis Obispo Chardonnay - Winemakers Brian Talley Talley Vineyards, Fintan "Fin" du Fresne - Chamisal Vineyards, Mike Sinor - Sinor-Lavallee and Joe Ibrahim - Edna Valley Vineyards, come together to talk terroir, acid, and maritime influence as it pertains to the wine region of Coastal San Luis Obispo. This is an opportunity to join the Central Coast's most esteemed producers as they discuss the character and complexities of Chardonnay that are distinctive to Coastal San Luis Obispo. Saturday, September 26 Be a Wine Compet it ion Judge - Go behind the scenes of Sunset's International Wine Competition and taste medal winners alongside a panel of professional judges to learn what the pros think about when evaluating a wine. Saturday, September 26 Sparkl ing Wines f rom Around t he Worl d - Learn how the terroir of the place, the method used and the winemaking choices implemented to make bubbles can create distinct, recognizable profiles. Then, taste blind to see if you can pick them out. Sunday, September 27 Wine and Cheese Pairing - Making a truly complementary match between wine and cheese is harder than most people think. Taste some great pairings in this session and learn from the Central Coast cheese and wine experts. Sunday, September 27 Admission into Winemaker Central is available for just $25 with purchase of a Main Event Ticket. Advanced purchase is required as seminars sell out.To purchase tickets, and for more information about Sunset SAVOR the Central Coast and the 2015 Winemaker Central schedule, visit http:/ / 42

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Publisher Michael Politz with the expert help of

original advisory board members: Bobby Flay, Wolfgang Puck, Emeril Lagasse, Mario Batali, Kerry Simon and David Burke.

BOBBY FLAY Bobby Flay' s frequent appearances and show s on the Food Netw ork have made him one of America' s best-know n chefs.

WOLFGANG PUCK The name Wolfgang Puck is synonymous with the best of restaurant hospitality and the ultimate in all aspects of the culinary arts. The famous chef has built an empire that encompasses three separate Wolfgang Puck entities: Wolfgang Puck Fine Dining Group, Wolfgang Puck Catering, and Wolfgang Puck Worldwide, Inc.

EM ERIL LAGASSE The recognition and awards he has garnered have made him known to food-loving Americans everywhere. His restaurants consistently win critical praise and top ratings.

M ARIO BATALI rom his restaurants and cookbooks to his philanthropic efforts, everything that Mario Batali has achieved is bigger, bolder and more recognizable.

KERRY SIM ON Dubbed the rock-n-roll chef by Rolling Stone Magazine, the aspiring musician?s love for cooking did not start right away. In his late teens, the Chicago native worked at Little Caesars Pizza to save money for an electric guitar. The summer job sparked Simon?s interest in food and late night recipe testing from Julia Child?s cookbook.

DAVID BURKE Burke's visibility as a celebrity chef has also led to consultant positions with hotels, cruise lines and food experts. Chef Burke's vast talents have been showcased recently on television, including season two of "Top Chef Masters," a guest spot on the "Every Day with Rachael Ray" show and as a mentor to Breckenridge Bourbon distiller Bryan Nolt on Bloomberg's small-business television series, "The Mentor". In 2013, he returned to season five of "Top Chef


F&B's Rock-Star Team


Producer, restaurateur, CEO, and friend to many A-listers...Michael has great stories and is himself a great story of the American Dream. In 2006, Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman honored Politz' efforts by giving him the Key to The City of Las Vegas. In 2008, Politz received the Congressional Medal of Distinction from the President of the United States, along with numerous awards of recognition from the United States Senate and Nevada?s Governor.

KAIULANI DELGADO EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Celebrity pastry chef and former reality television star of TLC's Cake Boss NGB4. She is the founder and owner of famous sugar artistry company KAILAVA. Her passionate and inspiring work in the food industry has earned her many awards and publications worldwide. Kaiulani's unique artistic ability and deep love for writing has been indispensable in bringing vitality and magic back into Food & Beverage Magazine.

J. Berson BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE MANAGER A power-house in food industry business development through analyzing quantitative and qualitative research. We call him our MIB.

Let 's not f orget ! Asset Managers Editorial Team Creative Designers Reporters Foodies Business Advisory and Accounting 47

N ational Food H olidays SEPT EM BER 2015 N AT I ON A L H ON EY M ON T H

Sept ember 1 National Gyro Day

Sept ember 17 National Apple Dumpling Day National Monte Cristo Day

Sept ember 2 National ?Grits for Breakfast? Day

Sept ember 18 National Play-Dough Day National Cheeseburger Day

Sept ember 3 National Welsh Rarebit Day National Baby Back Ribs Day

Sept ember 19 National Butterscotch Pudding Day

Sept ember 4 National Macadamia Nut Day

Sept ember 20 National Punch Day / Rum Punch Day

Sept ember 5 National Cheese Pizza Day

Sept ember 21 National Pecan Cookie Day

Sept ember 6 National Coffee Ice Cream Day

Sept ember 22 National White Chocolate Day National Ice Cream Cone Day

Sept ember 7 National Beer Lover?s Day

Sept ember 23 National Pancake Day

Sept ember 8 National Date-Nut Bread Day

Sept ember 24 National Cherries Jubilee Day

Sept ember 9 National ?I Love Food? Day

Sept ember 25 National Food Service Workers Day

Sept ember 10 National Hot Dog Day

Sept ember 26 National Pancake Day

Sept ember 11 National Hot Cross Bun Day

Sept ember 27 National Chocolate Milk Day

Sept ember 12 National Chocolate Milkshake Day

Sept ember 28 National Strawberry Cream Pie Day

Sept ember 13 National Peanut Day

National Drink a Beer Day Sept ember 14 National Cream-Filled Doughnut Day

Sept ember 29 National Coffee Day National Mocha Day

Sept ember 15 National Double Cheeseburger Day National Creme de Menthe Day National Linguini Day

Sept ember 30 National Mulled Cider Day

Sept ember 16 National Cinnamon-Raisin Bread Day National Peach Pie Day




ADVERTISE WITH THE WORLD'S LEADING INDUSTRY MAGAZINE By any measure, is the most popular site dedicated to the food and beverage industry and is consistently ranked first among all restaurant industry web sites in terms of traffic. We deliver an array of up-to-the-minute industry news, research, and tools to improve operations and purchases. What?s more, Mobile has grown by leaps and bounds in the past year. Mobile visitors are highly engaged and banner ads typically experience as good or better click-thru rates as desktop browsers. The magazine was created by Michael Politz with the expert help of original advisory board members: Bobby Flay, Wolfgang Puck, Mario Batali, Emeril Lagasse, Kerry Simon and David Burke. All of those great chefs have also appeared on our covers with celebrities such as; Robert Di Nero, Cee Lo Green, David Tutera, Pamela Anderson, Danny DeVito, Vince Neil, Gene Simmons, Carrot Top and more. Food and Beverage Magazine is the staple for buyers, decision makers and now foodies who want the best industry information and brands.


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