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from the desk of Michele D. Tell

From the desk of Michele D. Tell Executive Director, PR%F Awards and PR%F-The Magazine

Welcome to the inaugural edition of PR%F-The Magazine. This digizine was created from pure inspiration to embrace the intergalactic world of adult beverages. Our mission is to help unite our industry and learn about each other and what inspires a brand-maker to spend endless hours as a mad scientist creating the perfect blend in the wee hours of the night. We want to share all of the stories—from the front of the house, the back of the house, and side alleys in the dark. We want to be the hub of everything beverage, including on premise, off-premise, catering, brand makers, brand shakers, and everything in between. And along the way, we hope to be a refreshing new voice, a forum to help each other navigate through the new rules (written or merely understood) in our current environment. Our goal is to bring the adult beverage industry the most compelling content and become an outlet for all of us to share. We are not afraid of thought-provoking topics; we welcome them. In fact, we would like you to send press releases, announcements, and information to so we can do our best to get the word out about your emerging brand or established favorites, new beverage technology, new drinks or ways to make them, the hidden side of the beverage industry and the future way of all of it. Let us be a forum for you. PR%F Awards 2021—the ultimate spirits competition—is a genuine awards competition platform designed to get your brands into the hands of beverage buyers from across the US while meriting bronze, silver, gold, double gold, and the coveted 100-point Century Award to those special brands that earn the respect of our talented judges—all buyers. PR%F-The Magazine will help continue our mission of helping our industry by way of being a voice for the entire spirits, wine, beverage community. Please join me in welcoming our team—our editor-in-chief Lauren Kane, our editor at large Jennifer English, our chief writer Debbie Hall, and our co-directors of the PR%F Awards, Terry Hart and Colleen Banks, as well as our contributing columnists from across the globe. We welcome your ideas. Always.

Cheers, Love & Light,

Michele Michele D. Tell Founder, Executive Director PR%F the Magazine and PR%F Awards



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wine aged under the sea

Ocean Fathoms: Wines Aged Under the Sea by Terry Hart !"#$%&'$(%)#($*%+,$%-$./ About 50 of us were onboard the luxury yacht, The Channel Cat, off the coast of Santa Barbara. It was a party atmosphere. We sipped cocktails, dined on fancy hor d’ oeuvres and spoke with excited anticipation for what we were about to experience. We were taking a 45-minute cruise to the Ocean Fathoms Sea Cellar, a proprietary stretch of the ocean floor where we were to meet a ship called The Danny C. This merchant ship resembled the crab ships that weathered the rough seas off the Alaskan Coast in the show, The Deadliest Catch. Only the Danny C was not hoisting up cages of crab but rather cages of Ocean Fathom’s rare wine. The process of submerging a steel cage with one thousand bottles of respectable wine to a depth of seventy feet, for twelve months, turns a $30 bottle of wine into a sommelier’s dream wine that would be priced at $300 or more. We were extremely excited to taste this catch. 0.+1*$2%&*+%.+%!3*4% What are we looking at? What is utterly amazing is just how incredible these barnacle, seashell, and underwater fauna and flora encrusted bottles look after a year in Davy Jones’ locker. “Each one is a unique work of art” Ocean Fathoms partner and co-founder Todd Hahn tells me, “and today we are going to do a head-to-head tasting of the traditionally aged wine and the underwater aged wine”. Hahn, a former sports and entertainment agent, and his partners; Emanuele Azzaretto, a former Italian Navy diver and creator of the process, Jordane Andrieu, a winemaker and owner of Heritage Fine Wines in Beverly Hills, and Rajat Parr, a three-time James Beard Award winner regarded as one of the world's foremost experts on wine, have \worked tirelessly to bring this product to market.

&%-1#4$#%5*$.21*$%03%6+,$*%!"#$%7*.#(%8.#%91:;"<.+$/ In 2010, a group of divers in the Baltic Sea happened upon the remains of a sunken trade schooner just off the coast of Finland. Scattered amongst the wreckage 160 feet below the surface they discovered a treasure sent from Dionysus himself—168 bottles of 170-year-old renowned French champagne Veuve Clicquot. The champagne had aged in near perfect conditions for decades. Subsequent tests and expert analysis revealed that the bottles of sparkling wine were not only potable but also of exceptional collector quality. Fast forward to 2015 when Ocean Fathoms Founder, Emanuele Azzaretto entered the picture. Intrigued by the discovery of the Baltic shipwreck and its booty of sparkling wine, Emanuele set out in 2015 to duplicate and improve the ocean aging process. In April 2020, his efforts were rewarded with the issuance of a patent for accelerating the aging of wine and spirits. “I met Emanuele in early 2016. I was intrigued by the beauty of the bottles. I heard the story and tasted the wine.” Todd admitted, “I’m no wine expert, not even close, but I do know what I like and what I don’t.”

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He immediately told Emanuele, “We have to build a brand.”

A: Co-founder Todd Hahn b: Partner Rajat Parr C: Partner Jordane Andrieu D: Ocean Fathoms Founder, Emanuele Azzaretto


Hahn approached Jordane Andrieu, owner of Héritage Fine Wines in Beverly Hills, CA. After Jordane heard the story and tasted the wine he became enthralled and became a partner. “When Todd introduced me to the wine, I thought it was another marketing gimmick, but when I tasted the wine, WOW, I realized they had something special.” Jordane’s pedigree and knowledge added much needed creditability in the wine space. Enter Rajat Parr. Parr, a three times James Beard Award winner, a Master Chef and Sommelier, and highly respected winemaker and one of the world’s leading voices in wine. He offered to test some his wine using Ocean Fathoms’ patented process. A year later, Raj was so impressed, he came on board as Ocean Fathoms’ Wine director. Ocean Fathoms is making noise in the wine world. The process utilizes the ocean as nature’s ideal cellar; at 70 feet at the bottom of the Santa Barbara Channel. The perfect temperature of 55 degrees, no oxygen, no UV light contamination, and the ocean current slowly ages the wine in the bottles. After 12 months, the bottles are adorned with spectacular sea-life only Mother Nature can create. Each bottle is unique, no two are alike and instantly stimulates intrigue, curiosity and engages conversation. !"#$%&'()%*)+,-()+ Currently, to acquire a bottle, Ocean Fathoms is offering

private membership packages. The memberships are prestigious and exclusive. They offer an experience in wine tasting you will never forget. Their Sea Cellar Adventure members are entitled to witness their wine descend to the cool blue of the Pacific and after 12 months arise from it’s perfect oceanic cellar aboard one of Santa Barbara’s most elegant yachts. Visit or on Instagram for more information.

PR%F AWARDS 2020 BEST OF SHOW Hardy Legend 1863


Innovative Spirit Award

Skunk Brothers Blueberry Cinnamon Cordial

what to do after winning a PR%F award


by Debbie Hall

While anyone can enter an awards competition for bragging rights, PR%F Awards presents a prestigious honor for winners selected by industry peers and buyers. The private judging process selects winners from emerging beverage brands and established favorites and honors the diverse and distinctive categories of international and domestic spirits, wine, and other beverages. When a submission wins one or more PR%F Awards, how can this be utilized to translate into more recognition, sales, and brand awareness? First, strategize to make the award(s) integral in all marketing materials. This would include traditional media outlets (print and broadcast), social media, and branding. Traditional Media Send a press release announcing award(s) to these outlets. Small, niche public relations companies specialize in promoting products in the food and beverage industry. PR%F Awards provides a template press release for all winners to customize it for individual marketing needs. Always mention the award in an ongoing boiler plate for all press releases., a majority of adults in the United States receives some news online (mobile device. desktop, laptop), with the online space a source for legacy and emerging news outlets. There are freelance writers who do publish in established outlets. There are also bloggers who are different than freelance writers or print media. Bloggers do not have to answer to an owner or manager (editor) and publish their own content. However, do not discount bloggers. According to, approximately 409 million people view more than 20 billion pages, with 77 percent of internet users reading blogs. Internet users in the US spend three times more time reading blogs than reading their email. Check out the popularity of bloggers and include them on any press release distribution. Broadcast including television, radio, and podcast


Local television shows, including morning and afternoon newscasts, do feature segments, and this is an opportunity to showcase a winning product. Send press releases about the awards and follow up with the producers (not the anchors) of the shows.

While some might consider print as a page that one can touch (newspapers and magazines), this meaning has changed. Due to COVID-19, many publications switched to digital only, and with the advanced technology, publications are focusing on its digital outlet. According to jour-

As for terrestrial radio (AM and FM), find out about interview opportunities. Do not discount podcasts either. The big surge in podcasts is highlighted in the Nielsen Q3 2017 Podcast Insights published on Some important stats include that 50 percent

11 of all US homes are podcast fans (Nielsen, Aug 2017), and 24 percent (68 million) listen to podcasts weekly—up from 22 percent in 2019 (Infinite Dial 20) There is a caveat— Do not pay for an interview. If a radio station or podcaster “requires” you to buy advertising or buy the time to appear as a guest, DO NOT DO IT. Usually, the listenership is minimal, and there are more effective ways to spend marketing dollars. Social Media Post the award on social media outlets and not just once. Remember, social posts are gone the next day and not everyone is glued to their phones. Make certain that the award is present on the bottle on every social media post. Set up a social media calendar to document what will be posted on each day. Social media influencers are another vital source to recruit. Some do require payment to promote the product, and if they have a large number of followers, then this is one strategy to consider within a marketing budget.

brand awareness. PR%F Awards does NOT charge any additional licensing fees to use its logo, medal or graphics provided by the PR%F Awards for all medal wins.

Use the award name (such as Double Gold) and logo of PR%F Awards in salutations for all correspondence. Add the awards to the website with a photo of the winning product(s) with the award next to it. Buy stickers that commemorate the award for buyers. When someone sees a tag, hanger, or sticker, the consumer knows it is an award-winning product. Add the award to all brochures, postcards, business cards, and any other promotional items. Just like a Grammy or Academy Award winner, become the PR%F Award Winning [insert product name]. Use the award as a key to announce the product.

National Day, National Week, National Month Calendar.

Use the logo, photos and text of award(s) in all signage.

National Day Calendar ( is an excellent source for fun, unusual and unique National Days such as National Amaretto Day (Apr. 19), National Orange Juice Day (add a little vodka on May 4), and National Beverage Day (May 6). Send press releases about the award-winning product that fits a particular day and add a recipe with a photo. Reach out to broadcasting outlets (television) to cover a National Day. Post on social media a photo and fun caption about a national day, week, or month.

Celebrate the award-winning brand with staff members and emphasize that they had a part in making it happen. Winning an award is a fantastic team-building experience.

Brand Awareness There are many ways to create recognition and

Use the PR%F Award to open doors because everyone wants to be with a winner.

The PR&F Awards 2021 private judging competition will be held Sept. 21-22 in Las Vegas. For more information, visit


27CFR 5.22(b)(1)(i). Bourbon made for consumption in the United States must be produced in the United States (preferably in Kentucky, but Tennessee and Texas are coming on strong), made from a grain mixture that is at least 51% corn, aged in charred new oak containers ( barrels are traditional), distilled to no more than 160proof/80% alcohol by volume (a.b.v.), entered into the container at no more than 125proof/62.5% a.b.v. and bottled at 80 proof or more/40% a.b.v., then comes the really interesting part, aging. While Bourbon, by law has no minimum aging duration requirements, the time impacts the myriad labeling and product identification standards which are codified. If a spirit is aged for as little as three months, it can be sold as Bourbon. However, in order to be called a Straight Bourbon, the minimum aging standard is 2 years. All Bourbon aged less than 4 years must feature an age statement on its label. Prized bottlings often feature the term Bottled-in-Bond which is a sub-category of straight Bourbon which must be aged for at least 4 years. The name High Rye Bourbon describes spirits with a 20-35% rye grain content. Blended Bourbons must contain 51% minimum straight bourbon.

Official Artist Series Bottling every year which sells out quickly and becomes a sought after collectible in the explosive Secondary Whiskey Market globally. The 2021 featured Artist Richard Sullivan, who was also the featured artist of the 2020 bottling. Woodford Reserve is crafted at the historic Woodford Reserve Distillery, tucked in the heart of thoroughbred country in Versailles, Kentucky. A National Historic Landmark, the Woodford Reserve Distillery represents craftsmanship with a balance of historic heritage and modern practices. With global demand for Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey at an all-time high, and with Kentucky Bourbon distillers producing over 1.7 million barrels, demand still far outpaces supply worldwide, with annual global sales near $3billion US. There is no stronger legacy and link between a global sporting event and a spirit than The Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey. So on Saturday May 1, 2021, enjoy this traditional Woodford Hotel Mint Julep while watching the big race.

In addition to the world class Bourbon, landscape and culture Versailles is famous for its horses. This region is the epicenter of thoroughbred horse breeding and is home to some of the most successful farms in the world such as Winstar Farm which produced the 2018 Triple Crown winner Justify. This year, “The Greatest two-minutes in Sports,” also known as The 147th Kentucky Derby will take place just north of Versailles at the Cathedral of horse racing, Churchill Downs. Churchill Downs, the world’s , most legendary horse racetrack, has conducted Thoroughbred racing and presented the Kentucky Derby since 1875. Few sporting events can rival the tradition, history and resplendent rituals of Derby Day, where over 120,000 Mint Juleps are served over the Derby Events. Modern corporate sponsorship and product placement is directly descended from the Mint Julep tradition at the Kentucky Derby. The official Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey of the Kentucky Derby is Woodford Reserve, which produces an

Eric Carrico is the owner of the Woodford Hotel in Versailles and a leading expert on the topic of Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey. Follow Eric on Instagram: @TheBourbonSherpa Visit Woodford Hotel: 112 N. Maine Street Versailles, Kentucky 40383

anteel premium tequila


First black woman in the world to own a

tequila brand, wins awards,

expands nationally. Anteel Tequila is a premium tequila brand created by Michigan husband and wife duo Don and Nayana Ferguson that has won multiple awards, being recognized by some of the top spirits competitions and publications in the world.

Nayana, co-founder and COO is the very first black woman in the world to own a tequila brand, receiving national attention for being a pioneer in the spirits industry as well as being a 15-year pancreatic cancer survivor and 8-year breast cancer survivor. Nayana is also an advocate for PanCAN, the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, where she helps spread awareness about pancreatic cancer while sharing her story to provide hope to those affected by this horrific disease. Nayana is a graduate of Cass Technical High School in Detroit, MI that boasts many well-known alumni such as Diana Ross, Lily Tomlin, Della Reese, Naima Mora and Big Sean. Nayana also holds an MBA which came useful when she and her husband Don formed Anteel Tequila after talks about what they wanted in life while on a trip to the Dominican. After 11 months of working on a dream it became a reality on August 27, 2018 where Anteel Tequila was launched on the Michigan market under the name TEEQ Tequila (Tequila of Extraordinary and Exquisite Quality). The name never truly connected with the brand and after a year, before launching nationally, the named was changed to Anteel Tequila. Anteel is short for Antillean Crested Hummingbird which pays tribute to the hummingbird logo of the brand. This was also the species of hummingbird that the couple saw during their engagement trip to the Dominican Republic in 2016. It was also during this trip when the

couple first talked about the possibility of creating a tequila brand. There are three expressions in the portfolio; Anteel Coconut Lime Blanco Tequila, which is the only Coconut Lime Blanco Tequila in the world. Released at the same time was Anteel Reposado Tequila. Rested 8 months in Tennessee whiskey barrels, Anteel Reposado Tequila is unique in both the barrel selection and the amount of time aged in those barrels. October of 2019 saw Anteel Blanco Tequila released on the market and has been heralded by many as the “smoothest Blanco on the planet”! Anteel Tequila is physically distributed in 5 states and is available for online orders nationwide. Anteel Tequila has been featured in several major publications including Forbes, Cosmopolitan, Wine Enthusiast, Maxim, Beverage Industry, Bar Business, AskMen, Cuisine Noir, Tasting Panel, Yahoo News and many more. Don and Nayana have appeared in over 30 Michigan television and radio stations sharing their story of love for one another and for tequila. Anteel Tequila has won awards at the prestigious San Francisco World Spirts Competition and International SIP Awards and received a 92 rating for the world’s only Coconut Lime Blanco Tequila by Tasting Panel Magazine. Cosmopolitan Magazine rated Anteel Coconut Lime Blanco as a must buy tequila for Summer 2020.



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celebrate women-owned spirits, wine, and beer brands

PR%F Awards celebrate women-owned spirits, wine, and beer brands. by Debbie Hall The inclusion of the Women-Owned Spirits category in PR%F Awards 2021 showcase how women-owned brands, along with female master distillers, blenders, mixologists, and executives, continue to grow. The selection of female-founded brands has exploded—women-owned companies as diverse and distinct as their product. Karen Haines, Founder and Product Development, Spa Girl Cocktails (, wanted to create the best RTD cocktails in the market with a very clean cocktail offering all attributes of healthy taste. She wanted to feature a drink that personified a beautiful lifestyle brand in the spirits industry made for women by women. “Years ago, when I began the Spa Girl journey, less than 1 percent of brand owners were women. I found the obstacles were huge, with the barriers to entry enormous. I had no industry experience; I literally started the journey with passion and the dream. Every mistake that I could have made, I did. I took a lot of baby steps, with a lot of failures, but I never gave up,” she explains.

Her advice is to “Learn as much as you can about your spirits or wines and know your ingredients. It’s very important to know your competitive set. Distribution is key, and I refer to the 3 Ds—Distribution, Depletions, and go Deep. Don’t take the answer ‘no’ personally; the rejection is fierce. I’ve learned so much more from my failures than successes. I would always graciously ask for another meeting. I’d asked to be allowed to work harder for a couple of months to prove the brand and sales. I would keep in touch with buyers and distributors, send updates of progress, and get additional meetings,” she explains. “It is exhilarating that more and more women are entering the spirits and wine industry. It is so beautiful how we all stick together and help each other out when needed.” Born in the United Kingdom in 1957, co-founder and director Silma Ramsaywack of Uncle Ernie’s Rum Punch ( was part of the Windrush Generation who immigrated from the Caribbean to the United Kingdom. Her parents had a dream to return to Anguilla and, after 30 years, that dream came true. Her mother, Sister Bee, created a rum punch for Uncle Ernie’s Beach Bar in Shoal Bay Anguilla. Ramsaywack decided to follow her own dream and recreate the rum punch in a can during COVID-19, conducting tasting sessions and discussions via zoom with her team in the labs to achieve the desired taste. “I think if as a woman; you have a good idea to bring to market, do your research and go for it! Simply because you don’t see many women in the industry is no reason to think there won’t be space for you at the table. Educate yourself about the industry and find yourself some mentors and advisors in the field to help fill the gaps in your knowledge. We don’t have to be the expert in everything. Find forums or groups of other women in the business. Listen and learn from their experiences. Believe in yourself.”

20 Launching Uncle Ernie’s Rum Punch in the United Kingdom in the middle of a lockdown was quite a challenge for Ramsaywack. “I was advised that it would be too big an obstacle to overcome, but I decided to do it anyway. Starting this new venture at 63 years of age had some difficulties. But my children—Esther, Ben, and Josh—added to the mix, helped to keep the energy and enthusiasm going.” Founder, CEO and Owner, Lori Carcich produces Country Smooth American Bourbon Whiskey ( out of love for country music and the American lifestyle. She wanted to offer a whiskey that could be savored like a fine glass of wine, appealing to the modern audience of women and men—whiskey lovers, and novices alike. “When I founded Country Smooth Spirits in 2015, I believe I was the first female founder, CEO and owner of an American whiskey company. Additionally, although I had a background in business, accounting, finance, and business development, I had zero experience in the liquor industry. There have been people in the industry who had preconceived notions about just that. But I strongly believe in the four Ps—passion, perseverance, partnership, and product, and I do my best to apply these principles daily. We have developed an awesome team nationally, secured partnerships with wonderful distributors in eleven states (and quickly growing), and have received support from customers and many within the industry.” As for valuable advice to give as an entrepreneur, “Complete your research, draft a well-designed plan, including involving an industry expert in the planning stage, be prepared to work hard for a prolonged period of time, and don’t give up! Lastly, laughter is crucial, and always be the authentic YOU,” she says.

Selena Nitz grew up in Bulgaria helping her father and grandfather make Rakia brandy. She would emigrate to America as a single mom arriving in New York with just one suitcase, and a bottle of homemade Rakia. After facing many challenges, including learning English, Nitz would become founder and CEO of Miramar Rakia (, offering a new modern flavor profile which is smoother and more refined with a richer more delicate flavor. “Our brand Miramar Rakia—super premium modern brandy—is breaking all the rules of brandy we know. We are bringing to the American market a new spirit category and introducing a new signature taste. This is challenging but at the same time it’s an amazing opportunity to create and experience something authentic, different and new,” she says. Nitz has demonstrated she can overcome obstacles. “I think being a woman in the alcohol industry has its challenges, but I also see it as an advantage. Women can bring a different perspective, a new twist and fresh eyes into the industry. Educating our consumers on what Miramar Rakia is, how to drink it and to enjoy it has been challenging because of COVID-19, but we pivoted quickly last year and focused on online sales, virtual tastings and education through social media. Finally, stores are starting tasting events and bars and restaurants are re-opening. We are catching some momentum and interest because Miramar Rakia is a very different spirit, versatile. It’s made from 100 percent grapes from single vineyard and has zero sulfite.” This is just a few of the incredible, diverse group of women who have submitted product to the PR&F Awards 2021. The PR&F Awards 2021 private judging competition will be held Sept. 21-22 in Las Vegas. For more information, visit


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glitter and glitz enhance any cocktail


by Debbie Hall The award-winning Snowy River Cocktails decorating products add a new level of color and creativity to any cocktail. Its cocktail sugar and salt rimmer range offer an all naturally colored, Kosher, gluten-free option for cocktail and margarita decorating. It also features a popular range of cocktail glitters in over a dozen colors which add a new dimension of glitz and glamor to any drink. Snowy River 4th of July Cocktail Salt and Margarita Cocktail Salt were both awarded Double Gold medals at the 2019 PR%F Awards, with an entirely new group of salts and sugars nailing the Double Gold status again in 2020. According to the PR%F Awards, judges raved about the consistency, rich flavors, and colors for these cocktail enhancements, year after year. “2021 has been an interesting year dealing with COVID-19, so the trends are consumers wanting more cocktails to go or DIY kits. In the bars, flavored and decorated cocktails are being ordered, along with new mixers and flavors being introduced. Traditional liquor brands are also changing their flavor profiles to keep up with the trends,” explains Stuart Cutler, CEO of Snowy River Cocktails. The company’s focus is to create high-quality all-natural cocktail decorating products to complement the tools for the professional bartender or person making cocktails at home. People are now experimenting with new recipes and decorating ideas due to more entertaining at home, including an expanding presentation of typical in-bar cocktails being served. Other products include cocktail flavoring and toppers, with everything produced in the US. All ingredients are natural using real fruit and vegetable colorants with nothing synthetic ever added. “We take great pride in offering products that are safe for everyone, regardless of any allergens or health concerns,” he says. Snowy River Cocktails work with a number of bartenders and mixologists based around the world. When a new product is being developed, it is sent to this elite group for feedback. Custom products are designed for casinos, restaurants, catering companies, breweries, wineries, and chains. Snowy River Cocktails also operates its own bars to research new color options and decorating themes to create spectacular offerings. People are going out to be entertained and taste with their eyes,

according to Cutler. When someone looks at a beautiful, pink, Dirty Martini, it grabs their attention. All of the senses are involved, not just taste, making it an emotional experience. Of course, social media such as Facebook and IG are essential as customers post photos of the cocktails. For businesses, visibility is created for the establishment where the customer orders a stunning cocktail and then features it to their social media followers. Snowy River Cocktails also works with bars to set up new menus to help increase business since a beautifully decorated cocktail can drive new levels of customer appreciation, engagement and hence sales. “It is so fun to be part of this business, and we are delighted with the awards and recognition we received during the PR%F Awards. This really helped us build the visibility of our products,” says Cutler. “We were just starting up, and we are appreciative to get the product in front of high-quality industry professionals for feedback and recognition. In fact, several judges ordered products for their businesses, so we generated sales as well from participating.” Snowy River Cocktails is continuing to expand its range, including offering new sweet’n sour rimmers, and cocktail glitter variations, while also looking to expand its bar network. For more information, visit





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EPIC FLAVOR ADVENTURE! Inquire at ©2021 LINK SNACKS, INC. All trademarks depicted are property of Link Snacks, Inc. Used under license by Spooky Craft Cocktails LLC *Source: Nielsen RMS, Total US xAOC+Conv, 52wk w/e 12/26/2020, Meat Snacks Category

reserve by amor y amargo

"#$#%&#!'(! )*+%!(! )*,%-+

!""#$"%&'()*'(+&#,&"-". /-*0(1-#"&&2-".(3#%4*5-6(7(8##9(15-2-".(:;,&2-&"%&(<=(>-;#6#.-'*( ?#*0&2(@&5.$&A(@54-".(#"(!99&9(+#6&(#B(:;&%$*-C&(30&B ! !"#$"%&#$'(&)*+*,&-.+'."/'0+."%12.3$/'45+&".67'46$.%&*"3' 8"&%$'%9$'2.6':';&%-9$"'8"/$6'.'<&",+$'=&3&*">'<.+5%&",' ?6&,&".+'@A.6/1B&""&",'@C*6'7'@C.6,*D3'EF%9'@""&#$63.67' G9&3'(*"%9

Overthrow Hospitality, a mission-driven, plant-based restaurant and bar group by Ravi DeRossi, today announces the reopening of Reserve by Amor y Amargo, a pioneering cocktail and food tasting experience. Located at 95 Avenue A in Manhattan’s East Village, it now offers a completely new pairing menu created by Mixologist/Executive Chef Sother Teague, who is the force behind the acclaimed Amor y Amargo, now celebrating its 10th anniversary. Reserve by Amor y Amargo is a ticketed, prix fixe experience ($120 per person) consisting of five cocktails and four plant-based dishes, with reservations by Resy. The menu represents the first time that Teague is taking on the role of Executive Chef, uniting the bar and kitchen under a single vision. “Sother is a consummate host and orchestrates unforgettable and delicious experiences,” says DeRossi. “At Reserve by Amor y Amargo, he continues Amor y Amargo’s tradition of creative innovation with inimitable cocktails and new, plant-based culinary creations. This is all presented in an environment that feels safe, intimate and highly-curated.”

Reserve by Amor y Amargo builds upon the drinks philosophy of Amor y Amargo, the beloved bar that consistently ranks on The World’s 50 Best Bars list and won “World’s Best Spirits Selection” at Tales of the Cocktail 2020. It is accessed via a discreet door behind the counter of General Store by Amor y Amargo, which sells cocktail books, bitters, spirits, barware and bottled cocktails. “We are very excited to reopen Reserve by Amor y Amargo,” says Teague. “As far as we know, we are the only bar in New York undertaking this unique cocktail and food pairing experience, which has really resonated with our guests. I’m also delighted to serve both as Mixologist and Executive Chef, which for me makes perfect sense, because if I’d host guests at home, I’d make the drinks and the food. It’s a natural progression.” Prior to his distinguished bartending career, Teague was an accomplished culinary professional who served as Alton Brown’s Research and Technical Chef for Season 4 of the hit Food Network series, “Good Eats.” Sother was also a Chef Instructor at the New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier, Vt.


Produced at the same family distillery in the historic town of Tequila, since 1959. Every drop a celebration of passion and heritage. Honored to receive 2020 PR%F Awards esteemed 100-Point Century Award for unanimous perfect score. Now available in the United States.

® Trademark of Jorge Salles Cuervo y Sucesores, S.A. de C.V. Please discover responsibly.



behind the microphone

By Debbie Hall

given to the brand for its marketing.

Throughout the year and during the PR%F Awards, PR%F Live! streaming show reveals the trends, secrets, and the backstory of favorite spirits and wine brands direct from the creators and inventors. James Beard award winner Jennifer English hosts, toasts, and talks to the people who developed the greatest spirits, wines, and beverages and introduces the audience to the brightest, irreverent new brands on the shelves today.

The PR&F Awards 2021 private judging competition will be held Sept. 21-22 in Las Vegas. For more information, visit For more information about this outstanding opportunity, specifications, and pricing, email or call 1-888-959-7260.

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on shift

by Mark Schettler, Bar Tonique The defining experience of 2020 was isolation-- and of 2021, reorientation. But as we get our feet back under us and work towards something like a new status quo, there remains a debt to pay to each other, and to all that we lost-- we must embrace the urgency to build our industry back better, stronger, and safer than it ever was before. And in doing this, we can’t be stupider than we are. We have to show up and do the work of ferrying our best aspirations from all those late night conversations lost somewhere between the last round of shots and our in-time the next day, to actual SOPs at new businesses, to early mornings at the Capitol, to a new hospitality that we offer our communities. In the course of this pandemic, we’ve seen how detached policymakers and the public at large are from our day-to-day reality. First EIDL had to not be good enough, then the PPP had to miss the mark almost entirely, we had to watch other industries feast on bailouts (and still layoff their workers, it should never be forgotten), wait months and month and months during which time we weren’t even afforded the privilege of being a political football… to then get only a third of what we need, owing almost completely to the tireless efforts the incredible organizations like the Independent Restaurants Coalition. We’ve all heard the stories of guests telling FOH staff, “Why should I have to wear a mask if there’s no one else in here,” to say nothing of the innumerable instances of violence. Overnight, our industry became essential workers, public health officials, law enforcement officials… and oh by the way, literally ALL of the other stuff we already were, too. If it sounds like my ass is still more than a little chapped over our treatment in the last year, well yeah. It for sure is. In fact, I’m writing this standing up, so chapped am I. But I’m heartened by the way individuals in our industry have stepped up unlike any of us have likely seen before. From national organizations almost overnight standing up programs to disburse what adds up to millions of dollars, to loosely organized mutual aid within communities across the country, invariably with our members of our industry at the


center. There will be no saviors but ourselves, and for me at least that provides a wellspring of hope for our ability to heal, and to grow. Trauma reprograms the brain, and we have and continue to endure a collective trauma with little precedent or frame-of-reference. Our industry has borne the brunt. As individuals, what we’re going through will change us, and as an industry we’ll change, too. What’s not decided yet is what those changes will be. Will we apply the hard-learned lessons from the The Great Recession, or will there be a hollowing out of the middle class of industry fueled by disaster capitalism? Will we put into practice that which we’ve been so preachy about these last, I don’t know, 5-10 years, or will an equitable industry that’s safe for everyone remain a problem for that other bar to fix, but not our own-- no, certainly not our own, nobody has those problems don’t exist here.... Will self-determination and real political power remain just some shiny object we continue to be convinced isn’t within our reach, like I don’t know, a retirement plan? These are the questions we each need to answer-- or we’ll all get the result that someone else deigns to throw our way. What status quo are we willing to intentionally, proactively, collectively achieve? Everything can be different now, this world really is our oyster. And in defining the values that will guide our new hospitality, I encourage everyone to keep looking at your hands, in the mirror, at your community, and continue asking, What values define your new role in this industry, and how is the next generation- to say nothing of the next guest- going to know it? The art in what our industry provides is towards articulating a shared humanity. It’s about dusting people off and sending them back into the world better for having spent their time with us. As long as we can look back, we’ve done healing work for our guests and communities. Now, in this era after the flood, it’s time to heal ourselves and the industry we love. It’s time to build a new hospitality; one that humanizes us, that heals the harm it’s previously done, and one that we’re better for having spent our time with.