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DAH! Yogurts | Cover Story


Eliminate Bottle Confusion Reduce Waste


‘Must-haves’ for your employer brand in 2022


Dear Restaurateur


It’s Working Project


Serve up more green $$


Can Pizza be Healthy and Nutritious?

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Pour It On


Turkish Seafood


The Art of Truffles


Women’s History Month




Expo West 2022 F&B Consumer Product Highlights


Double Cover: Adentro




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Eliminate Bottle Confusion

Reduce Waste Every social situation, whether a gathering with friends or a public event, results in the same problem: Confusion over whom a bottle belongs to. You put it down and two seconds later you realize that others have done the same. Now it’s impossible to remember which bottle belongs to you. Do you guess and risk grabbing the wrong one? Most would say no, after all, who wants to risk choosing the wrong bottle and picking up a germ or virus. More likely, you grab a new bottle to eliminate the risk and create unnecessary product and packaging waste as the old one is ultimately thrown out. This age-old problem has a name: BOTTLE CONFUSION. Whether it’s a group of 10 or a group of 10,000, similar looking bottles that get set down lead to confusion almost every time. If the past two years have taught us anything, it’s that the risk of taking a chance on a bottle that isn’t yours - possibly transmitting something that could affect your health - is too high. An informative, medically reviewed white paper titled “What’s on that Surface? How Disease Spreads Through Objects, Surfaces, Food and Drinks” dives into the conversation to understand the science behind how this happens.

“Previous scientific evidence has focused on direct contact between infected and healthy individuals, but there is now greater attention on the role of contaminated surfaces or objects (also called fomites) as vehicles for spreading pathogenic bacteria and viruses. The persistence of germs on fomites and high infectivity calls for a desperate need for interception strategies and interventions to reduce germ transmission and subsequent spreading of serious infectious diseases.”

It’s been a problem without a convenient solution. Until now, that is. Bottle Confusion has been solved, thanks to Agua Plus. Agua Plus is the world’s only alkaline bottled water with patented All-Scratch!™ Technology. Simply scratch your name, initials or a picture directly on the bottle to easily identify that it belongs to you. It’s a fun and easy solution that stands up to every scenario that your bottle might find itself exposed to: Sun, Heat, Cold, Condensation, Ice and even mild rubbing. As an additional side benefit, it makes it even easier to remember the name of everyone at the party! Agua Plus 4, 8 and 24-packs come ready in attractive Point-of-Sale boxes with a unique product window that allows shoppers to see right through to the bottles. Shrink-wrapped 6-packs are also available. Packaging clearly communicates the Agua Plus commitment to sustainability and the benefits of All-Scratch!™ technology. Remember, anyone can offer up a bottle of water. Step up and stand out by going a step further and delivering your customers a solution. Eliminate Confusion. Reduce Waste. Stay Healthy!

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‘MUST-HAVES’ FOR YOUR EMPLOYER BRAND IN 2022 A NEW YEAR CALLS FOR A FRESH START Employer branding has experienced some monumental shifts in the last couple of years. A cultural movement in the workplace is happening and the following must-haves will help you build your employer brand in 2021. RE-EVALUATE YOUR VALUES AND EVP A crisis like COVID-19 will be a decisive test for an organisation’s purpose, values and Employer Value Proposition. A lot has changed for companies in the last year, from where their employees are working to the work they are doing - it’s a new working world. More than ever your values and your EVP matter. 2022 is the perfect start for companies to review their values and EVP and ask themselves ‘Is there anywhere we can improve on or evolve on?’. Values breathe through your employees so it’s important to communicate and get people inspired and involved in any changes. It’s time for HR leaders to take a step back and identify what employees now value. Takeaway: Revisit, refresh or re-energise your values and EVP’s - and make sure your people are involved. SHOWCASE YOUR CULTURE AND VALUES THROUGH YOUR PEOPLE As we previously mentioned, values and EVPs are important however bullet point values can often be overlooked on a careers page or job spec by talent. How do you share this information effectively? By telling stories. Stories are the most powerful tool to engage the human brain so the best and most effective way to attract top talent is to showcase your culture, values and EVPs through employee stories. If you’re recruiting, share the story of someone in a similar role. If you want people to really understand your values, showcase the moments when employees live and breathe them in their working lives. Your best employer brand ambassadors are your employees. They are the most trusted source of truth about how your company works. If you want to tell the story of your company, they are your best storytellers.


Takeaway: Potential candidates care about your people and their journeys. Prioritise creating meaningful content to tell your employee stories in 2022. REMOTE CULTURE The global pandemic saw entire work forces switching to remote working at a moments notice. Businesses went from boardroom meetings, town halls and lunches together in the office to virtual meetings and reliance on communications platforms. Everyone did what they could to make the new world of work succeed. However, company culture was a victim in this shift to remote working. The energy and daily social interactions we all once had became online experiences and virtual connections.

AS REMOTE WORK IS HERE TO STAY, EXPECT CULTURE AND ORGANISATIONAL PROGRAMMES TO TAKE PRIORITY IN IMPROVING EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE AND KEEPING EMPLOYEES ENGAGED. This switch has caused engagement to be at an all time low. Many employers and HR leaders can agree that employee engagement and retention are at the top of their priority list. Maintaining a highly engaged and enthusiastic workforce is a critical part of keeping company culture alive and retaining top talent. 2022 will see people wanting to strike the balance of home life and work commitments so companies need to focus much more on improving employee experience. Investing in internal engagement and culture programs, mentoring programs and reward programmes should take priority for any company wishing to improve engagement, retention and employee happiness. Takeaway: As remote work is here to stay, expect culture and organisational programmes to take priority in improving employee experience and keeping employees engaged. Build your employer brand today! Get in touch with our employer branding experts

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Dear Food Venture Gals, I love introducing new menu items and I’m not sure which to add and which to leave. Do you have any tips on how to decide? Sincerely, Changing Up the Menu

The Food Venture Gals are the founders of Food Venture Program. Food Venture Program is a leading organization in North American food and beverage product development; offering online programs to help food entrepreneurs start and grow their business.

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ANSWER Dear Changing Up the Menu, As we continue to navigate through this pandemic, menu innovation is essential for restaurants to continue to survive and even thrive! Data shows consumers have leaned into comfort foods for the past few years and are looking to elevate them through exploring bold, global flavors. To stay on-trend try to incorporate cuisine from the top five regions predicted to have an influence on menus in 2022; Southeast Asia, South America, Caribbean, North Africa, and West Africa. The millennial generation made purposedriven consumption popular even with food. Plant-based options are a must-have on all restaurant menus. There is significant growth in the number of consumers choosing meat alternatives for health benefits and sustainability. Vegan, vegetarian, and flexitarian food lovers are all looking for creative, beautiful, and nonmeat options to help decrease carbon footprint and environmental impact. Both environmental impact and personal health are front of mind for consumers. Matching this goal with menu items that aren’t so easy to create in a home kitchen are a winning combination for restaurants! Choosing unique, sustainablysourced ingredients that can pack a punch nutritionally will also go a long way. To continue attracting new clients and satisfying your existing guests, offer new menu items that bring bold flavors, plant-based options and simple quality ingredients, to your menu in 2022.


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IT’S WORKING PROJECT Dr. Sonat Birnecker, President of KOVAL Distillery


By Julia Beck Photos Supplied

It was an absolute pleasure to spend time with Dr. Sonat Birnecker Hart. Her back-story is far from what you might expect. Sonat’s route from academics to opening Chicago’s first distillery since 1800 is the stuff that great stories are made of. A former tenured academic and her husband - press secretary at the Austrian embassy in DC make their way into the booze business - yes, it is true! As Sonet sees it philosophy is a key ingredient, “Business owners are modeling for their children” in this case, two boys aged 13 and 11. Sonet is not only grateful and committed to a family-rich life, she is passionfilled yet flexible. Stopping to manufacture hand sanitizer during the Pandemic and then back to her the work and warmth of family - with her

Sonet is not only grateful and committed to a family-rich life, she is passionfilled yet flexible.

loved ones playing essential roles (have you seen her sister’s artwork on the labels?!?!). The brand features Gin, Whiskey, Brandy, Vodka and Liquor. Sit back and enjoy the Story of Koval.

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What is one piece of advice you wish you could offer your former, expectant self? Spend more time traveling with your sister and brother… and do not pluck your eyebrows! In 2008, you and your husband made the choice to walk away from your highly respected and successful careers in academics and diplomacy to launch koval or perhaps better said, to explore new ideas. You left the face-paced and expensive world of washington, dc behind to make an unusual leap. You landed in chicago closer to family. Which would you say left more of a mark, the ending or the beginning? The journey is the goal, so the mark is living each day as best as one can. You were an early adaptor to what is now “on trend”. So many women are taking their talents out of the corporate/academic world and choosing an entrepreneurial path. Aka, the great resignation. You have been in this space for over 15 years - what would you say is different now? And what would you share are key learnings of the early days of hanging your own shingle and launching a brand? I think that there has been a growing interest in entrepreneurship, in tandem with the popularity in the craft movement: whether beer, coffee, sweets, and other items, as well as new modes of promotion and sales via the internet. I think that women, when afforded the opportunity, have always loved independent work, whether launching a brand or otherwise. It comes with a kind of freedom that is not often possible when one works for someone else, such as finding ways to integrate motherhood into a workday, working with family or friends, taking time to volunteer or give back during the work week. These are only a few of the things that I found attractive in launching a brand. One cannot underestimate the thrill, however, of building something from scratch in an exciting industry. You shared some remarkable stories about having the kids on site whilst the family grew the business. Did you like having the kids so close by? Why or why not? This is a special time. My boys are growing up so quickly and soon they will be out of the house and leading their own lives. I love that they understand what I do and we can talk about it, whether it’s trademark law, marketing, distribution or international trade. I also love going about my day while hearing about the best Plainswalkers to add to a control deck in Magic the Gathering, discussing their thoughts on Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein, or being able to work while they practice their instruments in the background. You started your family, now two sons, at the same time you and your husband gave birth to koval. You worked, and continue to work, long hours and obviously pour your dedication into all you do. It shows! Still, you had to make some compromises including moving into your parents’ home for 2.5 Years. You became a family of 3 under their roof. And they worked with you at the distillery as well. Tell me what you biggest take-aways have been from such a dramatic life shift as a woman and as a family? I do not see moving into my parents’ home as a compromise. It was and is (since we have been staying with my mom again for most of the pandemic) a really amazing opportunity. I do not think that everyone would feel the same about living with their parents as adults, but it has been rewarding for me. Being together has been helpful for them and helpful for us. It has given my children a chance to really get to know their grandparents, and since my father passed away, given them a sense of responsibility for helping my mom. I am sure that they will have very fond memories of their conversations and experiences with my parents, and I know that they have a great deal of respect and compassion for the trials of aging.

I think that women, when afforded the opportunity, have always loved independent work, whether launching a brand or otherwise.

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You have a remarkable and thriving family business. The stunning label artwork is your sister’s domain, in fact, the name koval is connected to your ancestors.Your father would say he was a box packer and your mother continues to engage. How does it feel to be at the center of all of this energy and excitement? Everyone is the main character in their own life, but nothing revolves around me. Life is a short moment in time and we do what we can to make it count as individuals, as a family, as a community, a nation, and world before the worms. Nothing I am doing is any more important than what my mom directs her energies to, or my sister, or brother, or friends, and we all support each other, cheer each other on, and thus, if we are at the center of anything, it is a community of support and love. For that, we are very lucky indeed.

...Life is a short moment in time and we do what we can to make it count as individuals, as a family, as a community, a nation, and world... What about you? Where do you find your support? Time to care for yourself? Access to the tools you need to re-charge? I live my life based on a very old blueprint: Judaism. It affords–for me–a clear path to a life well-lived. It is the support and wisdom of thousands of years of teachings, ideas, arguments, stories, history, and culture, wrapped up in a mindset for how to conduct one’s business and one’s home. I draw great joy and inspiration from it. Perhaps the most important element of it that is related to self-care is Shabbat. It is the original model for a work-life balance, and it works for me. Shabbat is not only a celebration with a fabulous meal, it creates a time set apart and different from the work week. It offers rest and joy, while demanding freedom from work, stress, and, especially today, technology. What were your biggest covid learnings? How did you handle the tricky challenge of supporting the family/work dynamic and a radically new business landscape? How did this impact your friendships? Marriage? Did you even have a moment to rest? And of course, what is different about you now, in this brave new world? When we shifted our business from making alcohol to making hand sanitizer, we found ourselves working day and night, but we were not alone. Everyone in my company was doing the same because we were driven to do what we could to help our community. It was one of the most difficult circumstances we’ve encountered, but also one of the most uplifting because we saw everyone come together to help. Even as a company, we could not do it all alone. People around the world donated to us so that we could continue to make hand sanitizer and provide it to those on the front lines for free. Members of our community came together to support our efforts: breweries donated their beer so that we could distil it and turn it into hand sanitizer, companies donated packaging, restaurants donated food to our staff, companies offered their vehicles to deliver the sanitizer around the city, politicians came in their own cars to pick up and deliver to those in need in their wards, my friends came together to help however they could. We felt that the entire city was doing everything it could to make things better and it was an amazing and inspiring experience. It was the environment of a war effort, and everyone was understanding. In this new world, I like to think that we are all more sensitive to each other, but also, sadly, less carefree and open. Thinking back, was your biggest challenge as a new mother working? Can you give some flavor to that time in your life? If mother was not your biggest challenge, what was? As a new mother working, my biggest challenge was probably finding ways to promote my products in-person, while bouncing a child in a wrap… it must have been a funny sight! Any of the challenges were offset by my ability to run the business without having to sacrifice my desires and instincts as a new mom, such

as nursing on-demand. It is difficult to look back on what the biggest challenges were because there were so many, and there still are so many! That is the case with any business - there are challenges lurking around every corner! I would say that early on we had tons of big issues: branding, trademark violations, distribution challenges, and growth. So many challenges, so little time, but never a dull moment! What pro-tips do you have to share with other new or expectant mothers? Take long showers, it might be the only time you get to yourself. Who was your biggest source of support in returning to work as a new mother? Returning? I never stopped working, I was always working on something. My husband supports me in all that I do. Of course, my family and friends are also a huge support. Who are your mentors? Who do you mentor? I am always inspired by strong women. My greatest inspirations come from my own family: My great grandmother, Ida, who left Pinks, Russia at the age of 13. She went on a hunger strike to convince her parents to let her leave for America. She put three children through college and graduated school by herself, sewing day and night, while taking care of a sick husband. She was smart, hardworking, and unsentimental. My Grandmother Bea received a PhD despite her professors’ surprise that she would rather continue her education over going home and having babies. After then having four children, she went on to get another degree as a nurse to take care of her husband when he became ill, and later, was headhunted to work for a finance firm at 80 years old. She was generous, diligent, and adventurous. I am also inspired by my mother, who has rigorous discipline and a thirst for knowledge. Yet more to the point, I think that we can learn from just about everyone who comes into our lives. I have mentored a number of people over the years regarding the spirits business specifically, but also entrepreneurship in general. Fill in the blanks: As a working parent, I never expected housework would be so hard and international trade would be so much easier.

Julia Beck Julia Beck, founder of the It’s Working Project has been an active and engaged industry innovator for more than 25 years. As the category’s definitive elder statesman and strategic partner, Julia and her team have been on the leading edge of the conversation and challenges at the center of the intersection between work and the female and parent universe. Julia’s unique perch and her cadre of crossindustry connections have led her on a path that at once supports economic growth, women and families. Julia’s passionate focus on the quality of and recognition of women is just part of the story. An avid traveler and home cook, Julia has an unparalleled enthusiasm for the whole of the food and beverage space. She is known for hosting an annual Cheese Suite in New York, dinners - ranging from high to low and is often found enjoying a bar-dine at some of her favorite spots. Ask someone where they met Julia, the answer will likely be right there - tasting and talking her way through a night at Gramercy Tavern, Eventide or Ris. Look for her too exploring new cities, cultures and food halls never forgetting her Philadelphia roots (pretzel, please), Julia’s career can best be categorized as consistently vibrant, evolving and certainly exciting. Her signature enthusiasm, humor, natural leadership and genuine care for her clients and the world as a whole have led Ms. Beck on an exciting path. We are thrilled to have her here, introducing us to some of her most beloved food finds, the remarkable mothers who define the world of Food and Beverage.

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SERVE UP MORE GREEN $$ Does your wine list speak to your customers? Create a Wine List that sells!

By Pamela Wood, Certified Sommelier

You may run and manage a great restaurant, you have good menu selections, satisfied customers, and your restaurant might have even done some upgrades or remodeling recently. But when is the last time you upgraded or remodeled your wine list? Your Wine List speaks to people, it relates a message that you’re on top of what is current and still maintains what is classic. Your wines compliment your menu items and restaurant style. Don’t try to be something you’re not, if you manage a cafe, grill or casual restaurant your list should reflect that casual style. If your establishment is fine dining a much more sophisticated wine list is typically expected. Either way, wines sales have proven to be a major contributor to the bottom line. The question comes down to, wow do you revamp the wine list? And more importantly, how do move those wines so your bottles aren’t sitting about collecting dust? It’s time to take a good look at your wine list and bring it up to date. The days of Cabernet and Chardonnay heavy list have past. Now having said that, that doesn’t mean you take all the fine selling Cabernet’s off the list, you just need to balance your offerings to have a better selection and variety. Diversity is key. Have a selection of wines that allow consumers to try something new. List pairing suggestions on your menu and break out of the norm. White wines like Albariño from Spain, Austrian Gruner Veltliner, and French varieties like Viognier or Roussanne/Marsanne blends for example should be on your menu. These wines pair with so many menu items, and offer a great price point from restaurant purchase to resale mark up. Some food friendly reds should include; Tempranillo (Rioja), Malbec, Carmenéré, Sangiovese (Chianti), Zinfandels and red blends just to name a few. And don’t forget the rosés and sparkling wines.

Your selection of wines should offer varying price points to appeal to a variety of customers. Knowledgeable presentation and suggested pairings – your servers need to know the basics in wine, proper table service and be able to make pairing recommendations confidently. This can be a critical make or break in your wines sales. Use an online training course for your servers, like Culinary Wine Institute, both affordable and time saving. Another recommendation that works fabulously is the Coravin – the device that lets you pour wine without ever removing the cork. I use this when I need to move the last bottle or two of some high end wine. Put the wine on a by the glass special, say $20-$25 a glass – use the Coravin to pour saving the bottle from being opened and keeping the wine preserved until you finally sell it all. You may get a customer hooked on a new variety just by having a by the glass price allowing them to taste the wine without having to buy the pricey bottle. These are just a few tips and suggestions to keep wine sales flowing. We are coming upon a change of seasons, no better time than now to take a look at your wine list and see how you can serve up more green $$. Cheers! Pamela Wood, CEO and Director of Education is a Certified Sommelier, a Certified American Wine Expert and one of only 447 Certified Wine Educators worldwide. Check out and learn about the Jumpstart online program. Email: Culinary Wine Institute, 2100 Park Ave. #682594, Park City, UT 84098

A few tips I often give when consulting on wine list: Organize you wine list by varietal and/or county. Start with: Sparkling/Champagne; Rosés; Whites (light to heavy); Reds, Light to heavy); Ports and Dessert wines. Do not organize your list by price (a list with low to high price is a sales killer) Your description should be simple: name of the wine, vintage, county of origin, indicate the body (use light, medium or full) and the price per glass / bottle. Have a good selection of wines by the glass. If you’re a casual restaurant then you can list BTG separate, however if you simply add this into your wine list with a BTG price and bottle price – you get more customers viewing all the options on your wine menu and often leads to more bottle purchases. Pamela Wood

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Can Pizza be Healthy and Nutritious? The answer depends on how the pizza is made. Pizza has seen many transformations since its inception in Naples in the 1800s. From cauliflower crusts to pineapple toppings, some recipes hardly resemble the original. However, the first Neapolitan pizza still appears to hold the top spot for being a healthy food for several reasons. According to Food and Wine Magazine, Silvano Gallus, an Italian scientist, “…took home the Medicine Prize for collecting evidence that pizza might protect against illness and death, if the pizza is made and eaten in Italy,” referencing three papers he had published between 2003 and 2006 suggesting that certain types of Italian pizza may reduce the risk of heart attacks and different types of cancer.”

Page 33 | Food & Beverage Magazine v March Issue 2022

The Dough The type of flour used and how the dough is made is critical in how healthy the pizza will be. Using Italian 00 flour is the first step in the right direction. The recipe below is a perfect example of how to make an easilydigestible Neapolitan-style pizza dough.

The Tomato Sauce Using canned tomatoes from Italy will not only make your pizza healthier (there are no added preservatives, sugar or chemicals), but it will certainly improve the flavor of the pizza. Tomatoes are naturally low in sugars and fats but rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, minerals, fiber and antioxidants like lycopene, making them a concentrated burst of beneficial substances. Top quality ingredients are key to making a tasty and healthy pizza.

The Toppings Choosing toppings like freshly made mozzarella, fresh vegetables, and mushrooms will create an even more nutritious pizza. While avoiding additions such as pepperoni (which doesn’t exist in Italy), mounds of processed cheese and processed meat products will benefit health-conscious diners, as well.

March Issue 2022 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 34

Contemporary Neapolitan Pizza Margherita Recipe courtesy of Caputo Il Mulino di Napoli

The contemporary Neapolitan pizza differs from the classic Neapolitan pizza in the type of dough, proofing time and stretching method.

Ingredients 2 cups/16 fluid ounces water

Method Form a dough with the first three ingredients and knead for approximately 5 minutes. Leave the dough to rest for 24 hours at a controlled temperature between 60°F and 68°F, and humidity between 70% and 80%. After this first proofing, add the remaining 10 fluid ounces/1 ¼ cup water and 1 1/2-2 tablespoons of salt. Knead again for 10 minutes. Portion into 6 balls, and proof for another 8 hours. After the second proofing, the pizza bases are formed from each ball of dough. With a motion from the center outwards, and the pressure of the fingers with both hands on the ball, turn the dough over and around repeatedly so that it stretches uniformly. The center of the pizza should not be more than 1/16 inch thick.

2 ¼ lbs/8 cups type 00 flour

Top the pizza as desired, and bake in a hot pizza oven.

1 teaspoon dry or 2 ¼ teaspoons fresh baking yeast

The contemporary Neapolitan pizza crust is more prominent than in the classic pizza. It is also more airy, rises higher and is thicker. The oven temperature also needs to be higher (about 930°F).

10 fluid ounces/1 ¼ cup water 1 ½ tablespoons fine sea salt or 2 tablespoons coarse sea salt

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SAVE $30 OFF ANY PASS Use Promo Code:

“ Great opportunity to see products first hand and meet new suppliers. Restaurant Manager, CA


By Matt Robinson

Throughout the pandemic, many have been eschewing restaurants and trying their own hands at cooking. As results vary, many turn to condiments to make things right(er). Even so, many condiment creators are facing the same challenges other food-related businesses do and have had to really pour it on so that we can too. Well-Dressed Entrepreneurs While many food-makers start in their own kitchens, others leave large companies to create smaller ones. Citing a lack of innovation in the sauce space that was “in direct conflict” with changing demographics and desires - including demand for “clean” foods with minimal artificial ingredients - Holic Foods (www. CEO, Tonio Torres, left a gig at JP Morgan Chase to chase dressing dreams. “Our goal is to influence the…condiment space in a way that inspires families…to seek new flavors,” Torres says. Despite his business experience, Torres knew little about the food business. Becoming a “student of industry,” he attended food events and asked questions. In addition to garnering certificates in better food process control and developing its own regulatory protocols, the femaleowned, minority-led company soon began getting requests for private-label offerings by major retailers. With distribution partnerships with KeHE, DPI, Jakes Finer Foods and UNFI, Holic products can be found at stores across the nation, including Kroger and Whole Foods.

After building a 35,000-square foot manufacturing facility, Holic expanded further by introducing its “Pantry Basix” value brand that gained distribution across 15,500 stores in its first quarter. “There are so many barriers to entry that prevent independent startups from finding success,” Torres maintains, “[but we] stayed positive and plugged on.“ Another sauce-y woman-run business is Bold Palate Foods (www.boldpalatefoods. com) whose founder, Kate Mann, started making salads at age nine. Though Mann’s “Salad Every Day” blog attracted international fans, many expressed concerns about the fats and preservatives in many dressings. One fan even suggested that, “once you put the dressing on…you might as well be eating a burger.” Determined to create dressings that make salads healthier and also help the environment, Mann began experimenting with plant-based ingredients and refused to add sugar. Like Torres, Mann also conducted research at industry events and hired a food scientist to assist with R&D. When she began offering demonstrations at places like Williams-Sonoma, Mann was often asked to bottle her creations. Like any good entrepreneur, Mann did as the market demanded and has benefitted. As is true of most entrepreneurs, however, Mann has faced challenges. In addition to having difficulty sourcing ingredients and having potential manufacturing partners suggest recipe changes, Mann officially moved to market just as COVID hit. “Talk about bad timing!” she muses.

Page 37 | Food & Beverage Magazine v March Issue 2022

As the market recognized the quality of her products, however, she soon found herself being courted by stores. “Traditional retail has been a viable means of support,”Mann assures, “because they are looking for plant-based items…that give homemade food the gourmet restaurant flavor people are seeking.” Veteran Sauce Makers Another new food entrepreneur is Navy Veteran Abraham Kamarck of True Made Foods ( who cites necessity as the commanding officer of his invention. Tired of trying to stop his own kids from downing bottles of ketchup, a.k.a., “red sugar”, Kamarck echoed Mann and decided to make a version with healthsupporting vegetables and without sugars. “Parents are always trying to hide extra veggies in their kids’ foods and trying to cut added sugars out,” Kamarck observes. “I was hoping to give parents…a ketchup they could feel good about their kids using.” Though larger makers are now releasing veggie-based condiments, True Made was the first. Even so, as many brands command more shelf space and bigger budgets, the seas have been rough. “The industry is set-up to support big players,” Kamarck contends. By blitzing stores with demonstrations and tastings, Kamarck got the True Made line (which also includes veggie-based mustards and hot sauces) into Stop & Shop, Whole Foods, BigY, Hannaford’s, Shaw’s, Roche Bros., and even into Fenway Park. “The Red Sox really care about their

“Our goal is to influence the…condiment space in a way that inspires families… to seek new flavors,” Torres says fans,” Kamarck observes. ”It’s been an amazing partnership!” Having hit a “homer”, Kamarck looks forward with hope. “If we want to create a better, stronger America,” he asserts, “we have to start with the ketchup! Army Veteran James Lee, III, is the second generation running J. Lee’s Gourmet BBQ Sauce (, which has won many international barbecue contests and was featured at the 2016 Oscars and in a 2017 Super Bowl ad. “I wanted my customers to have the same quality of products for their family that I give to my family,” Lee says, echoing Kamarck. Instead of demonstrating at stores, Lee hosted focus groups while on active duty with military personnel and gathered “invaluable consumer insights” while serving in Korea and Germany. In 2013, Lee entered into a manufacturing agreement with a co-packer and has used many distribution partners and media outlets to spread the word and grow the product line to include sugarfree sauces that are diabeticfriendly. Even so, he also admits that, “small companies like ours…face challenges.” While being a minority-owned company may have added to

his challenges, Lee maintains that his military training and dedication to his family business as well as diversity programs have seen him through. “I want…to bring a healthier and more versatile product to the market,” Lee explains, proudly noting that his sauces are gluten free with no MSG or corn syrup and that they also contain turmeric and are Kosher, “one that was… loved universally because of its unique taste and health properties.” Another food industry Navy Veteran is Michael Russo of Wild Bill’s Craft Beverage Co. While the name and URL,, bespeak a beverage company, Wild Bill’s offers sauces in addition to sodas and coffees. “Sweet soda and spicy sauces are a match made in heaven,” Russo suggests, noting how many chefs at events like the World Food Championship pair Bill’s sodas and sauces.

Taonio Torres

Though they started at county fairs (as many other selfstarted suppliers do), Wild Bill soon rode into the retail rodeo and began to face the bulls of business. “A big challenge has been finding the right partners

James Lee II

March Issue 2022 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 38

to assist…in manufacturing the product at scale,” Russo admits, describing a “grassroots approach” that includes brand ambassadors in online foodie and gaming audiences. “We were not willing to compromise on our quality or flavor.” Though COVID exacerbated the issues inherent in independent invention, Russo sees a light at the end of the tunnel. “We plan to continue attending events…while growing our retail business,” he maintains, noting a recent partnership with restaurants that have “a need and appreciation for our…sodas, hot sauces and more.”

International Flavors While Wild Bill and his saucy sidekicks ride across America, Mark Engel has taken a more international approach with oo’mäme ( Like Torres, Engel supported Fortune 100 companies with product development and innovation before developing his own innovative product. Like Lee, Engel also traveled extensively and created“an entirely new category” of exotic shelf-stable sauces. “We challenge the status quoby applying design thinking to…product development,” Engel explains. Though based upon the Asian-inspired concept of the “fifth taste” known as umami, oo’mäme’s all-natural products also offer flavors of Morocco, Mexico, and India. “We draw inspiration from…places that can be out of reach for many,” Engel observes. While COVID has held up Engel’s international ingredients and made stores less willing to consider new products, oo’mäme continues to gain acclaim (including a slew of Scovie hot sauce

awards) and fans from the represented regions. In addition to being sold by HEB and Whole Foods, oo’mämewas recently featured on HSN and has already been invited back. “We [have also] found a very experienced Amazon retailer who has taken us on and hope to grow our business on that platform,” Engel adds.

I’m a firm believer that doing what you love is a key component to inner happiness! - Gabe DiSaverio

Good for Your Jaws While New England may not be considered a hot sauce center, Gabe DiSaverio hopes to change that. “I want to put us on the map as a spicy region,” the NH resident says. Though the food industry can be a shark tank, the founder of The Spicy Shark ( took a page from his days with Boston Beer Co. (makers of the wide range of Sam Adams beers) and expanded his line to include Scoviewinning sauces, hot honeys, and even hot maple syrup. “Recipe creation…lets the creative juices flow,” DiSaverio maintains, “but scaling…is…not nearly as simple as just multiplying the ingredient list.”

Determined to create dressings that make salads healthier and also help the environment, Mann began experimenting with plant-based ingredients and refused to add sugar.

Page 39 | Food & Beverage Magazine v March Issue 2022


O ERI V SA DI Despite years of industry experience, DiSaverio admits scaling has been a challenge, especially during COVID. “My already tight margin has [shrunk] dramatically,” DiSaverio explains, “and I haven’t felt comfortable raising my price.” Even so, DiSaverio has grown from farmers markets to Whole Foods markets and even aquariums! On July 30, he will host the inaugural New England Hot Sauce Fest ( at which The Spicy Shark will partner with other sauce makers and donate proceeds to shark-supporting organizations like Blue Ocean Society and The Seacoast Science Center.








“Our goals are to be the largest craft hot sauce in the country,” DiSaverio says, “and to continue to raise awareness…[to] help in shark and ocean conservation.” While the sea may often be rough, DiSaverio is buoyed by his passions and looks forward to circling ever-bigger competitors as time goes on. “I love hot sauce and all things spicy,” he reiterates, “and I’m a firm believer that doing what you love is a key component to inner happiness!”







March Issue 2022 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 40




Turkey is surrounded by four seas, including Mediterranean Sea, rich in diversity of fish species. Natural richness including inland resources provides a major advantage in having a large variety of aquatic species, mainly sea bass, gilt head bream, rainbow trout and bluefin tuna. Total annual fishery production of Turkey is over 540.000 tons, including fresh water production. The current fish farms are particularly located in the Aegean region and aquaculture facilities completely adapted to EC norms. Fresh and chilled fish export followed by mollusks, frozen Page 43 | Food & Beverage Magazine v March Issue 2022

fish, fish fillets, crustaceans, mollusks, octopus, baby clam, spider crab, lobster, jellyfish, squid, shrimp and cuttlefish. Turkish aquaculture sector continues to intensify and diversify by investing in development of new species and modifying its systems and practices. With the target of supplying high quality egg throughout the year and developing new species, Turkey Aquaculture hatcheries are equipped with advanced technologies. In addition to eggs supplied from various wild catch brood stocks

with the techniques of natural and photo period all year long, genetic selections of species are also practiced. Fish go through various juvenile stages until reaching maturity. From eggs they hatch into larvae, which in turn carry a yolk-sack which is the source of continued nutrition. When the yolk-sack is depleted, the tiny fish must be capable of feeding themselves. At this point they are known as fry and pass-through various stages of development until grown to market-size. This development period is known at the juvenile stage and the smaller the fry the more sensitive, intensive care is required for satisfactory growth. One of the keys to the attractive taste of the Turkish products is the care at juvenile stage. Healthy, wellfed juveniles, result in a quality of flesh that has enabled a global acceptance of these products. Manufactured feeds are an important part of modern commercial aquaculture, providing the balanced nutrition needed by fish. The feeds, in the form of granules or pellets, provide the nutrition in a stable and concentrated form, enabling the fish to feed efficiently and grow to their full potential. The special feeds used in Turkish Aquaculture sector are being produced by extruder technologies. The solubility period of the feed pellets is long enough

for fish to recognize and consume the feed, thereby enabling stable nutrition. The high up-take rate of the feed by the fish is not only nature-friendly, but by totally consuming the feeds there is no organic waste to degrade an aquatic environment. The key components of fish feed are fishmeal, fish oil, vegetable proteins, cereal grains, vitamins and minerals. The contemporary Turkish seafood sector is giving utmost importance to hygiene and quality, for assuring quality of Turkish Seafood; physical, chemical, microbiological and organoleptic parameters are being checked continuously. Shelf life, flesh quality and residue analyses are rigidly controlled. All components the production; packaging and processing materials, ice used in packaging are being analyzed as a part of our standard procedures. Producers within the Turkish seafood industry are obliged to conform to quality systems that minimizes environmental impacts of their activities and increases the efficiency of farming. With full compliance to EU and FDA Regulations as well. Our off-shore marine fish farming practices are one the world’s toughest legislation.

March Issue 2022 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 44

Mediterranean Sea Bass With its high economic and nutritional value as well as its delicious taste, seabass has a big share of the seafood world. Naturally growing in Marmara, Black Sea and Aegean Sea and farming in West and South-West coasts, seabass takes its unique taste from deep seas and special feeding techniques. Grilled, baked and steamed are the most popular cooking styles in serving healthy and awesome tastes with seabass.

Mediterranean Sea Bream Worldwide in all cuisines, it is most popular choice of fish lovers. From Aegean to Mediterranean grows in all our seas and reach to its highest flesh quality. With its white meat and well-balanced fat levels it is the actor of good cooking experiences. It is the premium actor of our export markets with its big potential.

Page 45 | Food & Beverage Magazine v March Issue 2022

Rainbow Trout Rainbow Trout is a widespread farmed species in the rich water courses of Central Anatolia. With this potential, Turkey is the biggest producer of Rainbow Trout. Specially smoked and frozen forms have a prominent share in the West European Export markets.

Bluefin Tuna

“The contemporary Turkish seafood sector is giving utmost importance to hygiene and quality, for assuring quality of Turkish Seafood”

The most widely known species of Tuna fish in Turkey is Bluefin Tuna which has the highest economical value in world trade. Farming works are usually performed by fattening the individuals picked from the natural stocks. Tuna fish is the basic ingredient in receipt of traditional sushi and sashimi, therefore almost all of the tuna fish grown in Turkey are exported to Japan.

March Issue 2022 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 46

January Issue 2022 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 44


Truffles. A mystery for many, a delicacy to others and a treat for all. For centuries, truffles have been highly sought after for their earthy, complex layers. Each truffle can add endless delights to your culinary kitchen creations. To be such an amazing ingredient, truffles are grown in the dirtiest of places. Truffles grow underground, near the roots of oak, pine and poplar trees. Truffle pigs sniff out their hiding spots with expert precision. There are many different varieties of this strange looking fungus. Some truffles are not edible but many have found their way into dishes worldwide. The most popular truffles are black and white, though others are also used such as garlic and burgundy. Most chefs and restaurant owners are highly versed in the world of truffles. Used sparingly due to their high cost and pungent flavor, truffle-laden menu items are sure to add an extra touch of class to any table. According to Dave Persaud, Sabatino Tartufi VP of Marketing, “For a first-time truffle experience, I would definitely recommend using our fresh truffles. There’s nothing better than the real thing. However, truffles are one of the most expensive ingredients in the world, so I often recommend our Truffle Zest® truffle seasoning for folks looking to enjoy truffles on a budget. It’s the best-selling truffle

seasoning in the world and made with real black truffles. Truffle Zest can be added to anything to add a touch of real truffle flavor. Chefs have been using it for years to season meats, seafood, pasta, and even popcorn.”

Truffles are one of the most expensive ingredients in the world, so I often recommend our Truffle Zest® truffle seasoning for folks looking to enjoy truffles on a budget. Mr. Persaud went on to describe several ways that Sabatino Tartufi truffles can be used. Truffles are best enjoyed in simply prepared dishes where the truffles can be the primary focus and are allowed to shine. A simple buttered pasta or a pasta with a mushroom cream sauce with fresh truffles shaved on top are great examples. One trend that continues to be very popular in homes and in restaurants is mac and cheese with

March Issue 2022 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 48

truffles. It ties together a traditional comfort food with a touch of elegance and luxury that only truffles can add. For a slightly more contemporary version, Cacio e Pepe with truffles has become fairly popular on restaurant menus. The popular Italian pasta dish features the creaminess of pecorino cheese with a hint of spice from cracked black pepper. The addition of truffles rounds out the flavor with the rich, earthiness truffles are known for. In some cases, fast-casual and casual restaurants will feature our allnatural truffle oil instead of fresh truffles to offer their diners a more cost-effective dish. Sabatino Tartufi was created in 1911 by Sabatino and Giuseppina Balestra in Umbria, Italy. Today, the company is the world’s largest truffle specialist. Currently, Sabatino Tartufi is led by 5th generation family member, CEO Federico Balestra. We have been focused on truffles for over 110 years now. What started out as a business focused on distributing truffles and truffle products around Italy has now evolved into a global business. Thanks to innovation and investments in our growth as a company, we now have a truly global footprint. We now distribute our truffle products to every corner of the globe. I think if past generations saw what the company has become today, they would be extremely proud. In order to see if it truly is easy to cook with truffle products at home, I purchased two products from Sabatino Tartufi-Truffle Hot Sauce and Truffle Honey. Since it is recommended to use truffle ingredients as a way to enhance simple foods, I decided on a simple and easy flavor profile-air fried chicken wings. I generously seasoned the wings with salt and pepper before frying them to perfect crispiness. On a few of the wings, I coated them with the Truffle Hot Sauce. My tastebuds were not ready for the additional layer this specialty hot sauce provided.There was a nice layer of heat followed by the recognizable, earthy flavor of truffles. A welcome treat to this traditional game day food. Next, I sprinkled some of the wings with a generous dusting of Old Bay seasoning. Each wing was then carefully drizzled with the Truffle Honey. This was truly next level. I’m not sure I can eat dry rubbed wings without truffle honey in the future. Truffles. This delicacy is for everyone-James Beard winning chefs and home chefs alike. Credits for info/quotes: Dave Persaud, VP of Sabatino Tartufi via email

Page 49 | Food & Beverage Magazine v March Issue 2022

Truffles. This delicacy is for everyoneJames Beard winning chefs and home chefs alike.

2-34":%/ ;*%&-'(/<-"&=

March is Women’s History Month and to celebrate, we’re highlighting a few exceptional women entrepreneurs that inspire us. From winemakers and those influencing what’s in your nightcap to women leading the hospitality space, we’re spotlighting the impressive female pioneers in each industry.

Page 51 | Food & Beverage Magazine v March Issue 2022

Female Winemakers In 2011, Heidi joined Distinguished Vineyards and Wine Partners (DVWP), a collective of wineries including Dough Wines. Years later, in 2019, Heidi worked alongside an esteemed panel of James Beard Foundation-honored chefs and sommeliers to craft the style of Dough Wines. Dough Wines is proud to support the James Beard Foundation’s work to create an inclusive, equitable and sustainable food culture through an annual donation.

Title: Head Winemaker Family Owned (Y/N)? No

As a brand and as a community of food & wine lovers, we support positive changes to the culinary arts and beverages professions. “Conceptualizing Dough wines with the James Beard Foundation—the first ever partnership of its kind-was such a fun, collaborative process,” says Heidi. “It was a really interesting and unique opportunity to gain additional perspective on the wines from people with trained palates in different fields, and something I always try to think about with each vintage of Dough.”

Maya Dalla Valle

Maya Dalla Valle is a second-generation winemaker, and Dalla Valle Vineyard’s wine director, whose great talent, impressive educational pedigree, and unique trails and ideas are heralding a new era for the iconic brand. To pursue a career as a winemaker, Maya earned a master’s degree in viticulture and enology from Cornell University, and a Master of Business and Science degree in vineyard and winery management from France’s prestigious Bordeaux Science Agro. Training with the best, Maya also gained invaluable hands-on winemaking experience at Ornellaia e Masseto, Bodegas Rolland, Pétrus and Château Latour. Once she cultivated her skills, Maya returned to Dalla Valle and joined the winery as director in 2017 – making the estate a true multigenerational winery. In January 2021, Maya was named the estate’s winemaker.

Heidi Bridenhagen

Title: Winemaker, Dalla Valle Vineyards Family Owned (Y/N)? Yes

Location: Napa Valley, CA Social Handles: @dallavallevineyards

March Issue 2022 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 52

Anne Dempsey’s passion for wine comes from a family tradition started in the 1920s, when her grandfather migrated from Tuscany to the U.S. to start his own business. Her passion for wine grew thanks to experiences in New Zealand and South Africa, she then returned to her homeland to refine her Californian knowledge, producing wines across Napa and Sonoma counties. Today, Anne is the winemaker of Skyside, where she seeks to discover special vineyard sites across the North Coast and explore the possibilities of new regions.

Anne Demsey

Location: Napa, CA Social Handles: @Skysidewines

Title: Winemaker, Skyside Family Owned (Y/N)? No

Meghan was working for the NFL team the Denver Broncos when she started to make wine in her Denver basement. She would go on to pursue wine education and experience working in Bordeaux, Chile, Italy, and South Australia before she made her way to Napa. At Burgess Cellars, Meghan seeks to uphold their storied winemaking traditions while innovating through means such as promiscuous farming. Location: Napa Valley, CA

Meghan Zobeck

Social Handles: @burgesscellars

Title: Winemaker, Burgess Cellars Family Owned (Y/N)? No

Jaimee had moved to San Francisco to pursue graduate school for painting, but ended up igniting her passion for wine while working at the restaurant Locanda and under famed sommelier Rajat Parr at RN74. From there, Jaimee focused on building her education in every facet of the business, from the cellar and vineyard and the northern to southern hemispheres. Upon visiting Stony Hill Vineyard for the first time, Jaimee felt as if the estate was made up of ten different clos within the property, and each of those parcels can serve as looking glass into the history of California terroir and the future of transparent winegrowing.

Jaimee Motley Title: Winemaker, Stony Hill Vineyard Family Owned (Y/N)? No

Page 53 | Food & Beverage Magazine v March Issue 2022

Location: Napa Valley, CA Social Handles: @stonyhillvineyard

Brittany Sherwood

Brittany was fascinated with biology and living organisms— an interest that led to her enrollment in the pre-med program at UC Davis before finding her passion for wine and shifting her major to Viticulture and Enology; she would go on to gain winemaking experience in Europe and Oregon. Under the Lawrence family’s leadership, Brittany is excited to carry the iconic Heitz Cellar’s traditions forward. Brittany’s approach to winemaking is one of minimal intervention that highlights each vineyard’s unique qualities, as well as vintage expression. Along with Heitz Cellar’s Associate Winemaker Aaron Huntsberger, Brittany also crafted the inaugural vintage of Brendel, a collection of modern and distinct Napa Valley wines. Location: Napa Valley, CA

Title: Winemaker Family Owned (Y/N)? No

Social Handles: @heitzcellar

Women in Wine/Spirits

Philana Bouvier Title: President Family Owned (Y/N)? No

As President of Demeine Estates, Philana provides leadership and vision in creating a best-in-class sales and marketing organization, focusing on a dynamic and growing portfolio that includes Heitz Cellar, Burgess, Stony Hill, Brendel, Ink Grade, and Champagne Legras & Haas. Over the course of her career, Philana has established her reputation as an inspiring, engaging leader in the wholesale community. Due to her passionate and unwavering dedication in supporting women in leadership wholesale positions, Philana served as both Chair and Vice Chair of the Women’s Leadership Council (WLC) for the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America (WSWA), and one of the founding members of the Advisory Board. In addition. Philana is the Co-Founder of Be the Change, whose mission is to create a diverse beverage industry through facilitating job placement with companies committed to creating real change through diversity and equity training, measurable results, and long-term policy. Location: Napa Valley, CA

March Issue 2022 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 54

Sydney Edwards Title: National Brand Manager and Marketing Director Family Owned (Y/N)? No

Sydney Edwards is National Brand Manager for The Pale by Sacha Lichine and Marketing Director with Shaw Ross International Importers, a leading wine and spirits importer in the United States. For eight years, Sydney worked as brand strategist and marketing coordinator for Whispering Angel and played an essential role in the launch of The Palm by Whispering Angel. While developing market strategy, Sydney was instrumental in establishing Whispering Angel in the United States as a luxury, lifestyle brand through influential social media campaigns and high-profile food and wine events. The Pale launched in April 2021, and this chic, stylish and irreverent rosé has grown to national distribution over the course of the year. Location: Miami-Fort Lauderdale Social Handles: @thepale

Elizabeth Pritchard is the Brand Manager for Horse Solider Bourbon, an all American, ultra-premium whiskey crafted by the legendary U.S. Army Green Berets who answered the country’s call days after 9/11 with a daring insertion, on horseback, into northern Afghanistan. Since the brands inception in 2015, Elizabeth has been involved in every aspect including distilling the liquid, brand development, and leading the design for the Horse Soldier Bottle. Prior to Horse Soldier Bourbon, Pritchard founded EP Lifestyle and she holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Western Ontario.

Elizabeth Pritchard Title: Brand Manager Family Owned (Y/N)? No

Location: St. Petersburg, Florida Social Handles: @horsesoldierbourbon

Julie officially joined the organization in September 2021 for its first-ever all-female leadership team. A transformational and energizing visionary with an extensive background in nonprofits and corporate leadership, Previously, as the first female Executive Director and CEO of nonprofit arts organization Educational Theatre Association (EdTA), Theobald helped to move the ninety-year-old institution into the digital age. Theobald doubled EdTA’s operating budget, forged new partnerships, and transformed the widely respected nonprofit into a twenty-first century organization.

Julie Cohen Theobald Title: Executive Director, Court of Master Sommeliers Family Owned (Y/N)? No

Page 55 | Food & Beverage Magazine v March Issue 2022

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

A Master Sommelier since 2008, Emily has participated in all levels of examination and education for the Court of Master Sommeliers, Americas. She was a founding member of the Diversity Committee and previously served on the Board of Directors from 2013-2015. She currently works as Vice President of Wine & Beverage Experiences at Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurants.

Emily Wines

Location: Oakland, California

Title: Chair, Board of Directors, Court of Master Sommeliers Family Owned (Y/N)? No

Women in Hospitality

Sarah Eustis Title: CEO of Main Street Hospitality Family Owned (Y/N)? Yes

Sarah Eustis founded Main Street Hospitality in 2014 with a vision that leverages three generations of family hospitality leadership. Now at the forefront of the independent hospitality landscape, Sarah evolved Main Street into an expanding collection of properties through her commitment to stewarding a meaningful and memorable guest experience, unique to each destination and hotel. Her hospitality career began at fourteen in the housekeeping department at the Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge, MA, which has been in her family for over 50 years. With properties ranging from new builds to landmark establishments, Main Street now owns and operates five properties in The Berkshires, two in Rhode Island, and maintains a growing pipeline of projects in one-of-a-kind destinations throughout the Northeast. A passionate leader, Sarah pioneers the organization with a continued commitment to community and an approach to hospitality that focuses on connecting people in meaningful ways. Location: Stockbridge, Massachusetts Social Handles: @mainstreethospitality,

March Issue 2022 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 56

Helene Henderson Title: Founder of Malibu Farm Family Owned (Y/N)? No

Amy Sur-Trevino Title: Executive Chef at Malibu Farm at The Seaport Family Owned (Y/N)? No

Sue Glasscock Title: Co-Founder + Chief Creative Director Family Owned (Y/N)? Yes

Page 57 | Food & Beverage Magazine v March Issue 2022

Helene Henderson started Malibu Farm with cooking classes and farm dinners at her farm property on Pt. Dume in Malibu, California. She opened what was meant to be a 6 month pop up in an abandoned Ruby’s at the end of the Malibu Pier. After two very successful years with long lines and rave reviews, Malibu Farm expanded to the front Restaurant & Bar on the Pier and today there are currently Malibu Farm locations at the Malibu Pier, the Four Seasons hotel in Lanai, Hawaii, at the Eden Roc Nobu Hotel in Miami as well as Malibu Farm at Pier 17 in the Seaport district in Manhattan. Although Malibu Farm has grown, they are still a locally owned small business based out of Malibu Farm, California. Malibu Farm works hard to offer only sustainable seafood where the food is simply prepared and there are no secret ingredients. Here Helene puts the focus on whole wheat flour and whole grains, lots of veggies and fruits. Social Handles: @heleneharriethenderson

Growing up in South Padre, Texas, Amy Sur-Trevino was immersed with the sounds, scents, and flavors of the ocean. Her Spanish heritage where the kitchen was the focal point of all social interactions, instilled in her a deep appreciation and hunger for delicious food with equally heartwarming fun. Amy’s passion, hard work ethic and incredible talent fueled her ascension in Manhattan’s Eataly to become Dave Pasternack’s Head Chef at Il Pesce. There Chef Dave “The Fish Whisperer” Pasternack took her under his wing and showed her the tricks of the trade and the epitome of farm totable -sea to table unity. In April 2019, Amy went into training with Jean-Georges Management Culinary team and went onto running the Paris Café by Jean-Georges Vongerichten. She was promoted to Executive Chef at Malibu Farm in February 2020. Social Handles: @amyleesur

Sue Glasscock founded The Ranch in September 20210 with her husband, Alex. The couple’s passion for healthy and balanced living through outdoor activities and appreciation for nature were the guiding principles in creating their first fitness and wellness retreat located in Malibu, California. As Co-Founder and Chief Creative Director, Sue oversees all aspects of the guest experience outside of the program itself, including the interior design of all rooms and common areas, curation of amenities and the landscape design throughout the property including the on-sire certified organic garden. Sue also manages the development and design of The Ranch’s branded beauty and apparel lines, including the packaging of all branded products. Sue also oversaw the development of The Ranch’s second, selfpublished cookbook FOOD FOOD FOOD, released in Spring of 2020. Location: Malibu, California Social Handles: @theranchmalibu,

Velma Mendes Title: General Manager of Wave Resort Family Owned (Y/N)? No

Lois Freedman Title: President & CEO of Jean-Georges Management Family Owned (Y/N)? No

Velma Mendes serves as the current complex General Manager of Wave Resort + Bungalow Hotel located in Long Branch, New Jersey, where she is responsible for the executive management and operations for the Dual Luxury Resort properties on the beach. Velma is a veteran hotelier with experience in the hospitality industry spanning nearly 30 years. Starting her career in 1994, Velma moved to China, where she opened hotels as a Front Office Manager for Gloria International Hotel Group, then JW Marriott in Hong Kong. Velma made the long journey back home to New York in 1998 working as the Director of Front Office for The New York Helmsley Hotel. Beginning in 2002, Velma was named General Manager of many prestigious hotels located throughout New York, Chicago, and New Jersey such as The Helmsley Middletowne Hotel, The Beekman Tower Hotel, The Hotel Roger, Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel, St Jane Hotel and Hyatt House Jersey City, to name a few. Social Handles: @Waveresort,

Lois Freedman is the President & CEO of Jean-Georges Management and in charge of overseeing the development of the iconic Tin Building, which is slated to open in New York City in Spring 2022. Upon graduating The French Culinary Institute in New York City in 1986, Lois worked side by side with Jean-Georges at Lafayette, which garnered four stars from the New York Times, introducing culinary aficionados to his innovative take on classic French cuisine. For the last few decades, Lois has been instrumental in molding the Jean-George brand into an award-winning restaurant group. Currently serving as CEO and President of Jean-Georges Creative Culinary Management, she has been responsible for the overall concepts, service, and creative decisions for the Mercer Kitchen, 66, Matsugen, V Steakhouse, Spice Market, Perry St., ABC Kitchen, ABC Cocina, Dune in the Bahamas, The Inn at Pound Ridge, The Fulton, and the upcoming debut of the Tin Building at The Seaport in downtown Manhattan. Location: New York, New York Social Handles: @jgrestaurants,

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As seen in The New York Times, The Seattle Times, Condé Nast Travel Magazine, The Dallas News, The National Post, The Los Angeles Times, International Wine & Food Magazine, Tik Tok, Instagram, etc. Judy Lam Maxwell ... Specialist in Chinatowns around the world · Local Historian in Vancouver, Canada and Honolulu, Hawaii · Master's degree in History · Ambassador and Director of the Vancouver Asian Heritage Month Society · Member of numerous Chinatown and other Historical organizations across North America · Public, Private, Corporate, and Special Event Tours and Dumpling Classes Experienced in ... Customized tours of Chinatown and Greater Vancouver since 2010 · Vancouver tours include Chinatown, Gastown, Granville Island, and combined locations · Gourmet Dumpling-making Classes since 2015 (SOOooo delicious!) · Tours of Honolulu's Chinatown Enquire ...














“2020 really hit us hard when we had to shut down our coffee shops. We lost about 60% of our revenue” Hannah Ulbrich, the owner of Copper Door in Denver said, “We’ve slowly been able to rebuild that, but eCommerce went well above what we were expecting, and that’s actually where came in”. Hannah Ulbrich is among the many brick-and-mortar business owners who took a heavy hit when the pandemic happened, wiping out almost all foot traffic and shutting down wholesale channels as well. Fortunately, their grit and flexibility to turn to digital in order to stay afloat has paid off. Hannah started using in 2020 when the supply chain became disrupted. Online sourcing became a seamless way to fulfilled her needs How the B2B E-commerce Boom has Changed the Game The pandemic dramatically accelerated the rapid expansion of digital technology, and transformed how industries across the board operate. From billing and payment systems, to information management and storage, from managing customer relationships, to helping employees stay connected and motivated, business owners and operators who are successfully adopting these new tools and technologies have seen the opportunity to gain more efficiencies, and achieve new levels of growth and profitability. While all sectors of the worldwide economy were disrupted by the pandemic in one way or another, the Food and Beverage industry was among the most severely impacted. As the pandemic has hindered traditional sales channels, food and beverage companies have turned to e-commerce and online trade shows that are offering access to more markets and global suppliers, greater

operational flexibility, and the resilience to survive and thrive during challenging times. In fact, “71% of 2,500 SMBs credit getting online as the reason they survived the pandemic…even as simple as restaurants adopting QR code menus to up efficiency while easing labor burdens.” (Source: B2B Pulse/January 2022) In addition, e-commerce and online trade shows also prove to be more efficient with less time commitments and zero travel expense. It becomes a natural choice for many industry experts. Dale Harris, the World Barista Champion, has found the experience of looking for new supplies on quite “refreshing”. “If I was looking for an amazing coffee to share,” Harris said, “I would first start with those Arabica Coffees on, and add Single Origin Roasted and Ethiopia to refine my choice because I prefer tasting where a coffee came from.” is providing business owners and procurement managers with more possibilities of suppliers when international traveling is still under some restrictions. It has been hosting a series of online trade shows that have resulted in tens of thousands of new connections. For example, in December 2021, hosted an online trade show, the Global Food and Beverage Selection, that featured 1,600 exhibitors from all over the world, showcasing over 282,000 food and beverage products. Many exhibitors felt that the procurement orders they have received, including those from countries halfway across the world, would have been next to impossible to achieve at an offline event. March Issue 2022 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 60 March Expo 2022 – The online event to take businesses to the next level’s largest online event in the first half of this year, March Expo 2022, is a month-long online trade event that connects millions of buyers and suppliers around the world in 200+ countries and regions. It is set-up to drive even more food and beverage sector connections by giving buyers access to an unmatched array of suppliers to choose from, offering competitive prices at different MOQs and quality levels, through suppliers from different countries and regions. This allows food and beverage buyers to find exactly what they need, how and when they need it, and at a price that works for them and their business.


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ABOUT COOKIE POP SNAX-Sational Brands Group premiere popcorn brand, Cookie Pop, is composed of the popular Cookie Pop varieties such as Cookie Pop with OREO®, Cookie Pop made with CHIPS AHOY!®, and newest flavors, Cookie Pop made with NUTTER BUTTER® and proprietary original holiday flavors Cookie Pop Iced Gingerbread. Cookie Pop is the leader in the industry as a sweet & savory pioneer, combining delicious signature cookie coatings with low-sodium, non-GMO corn, at only 150 calories per serving. The combination has become the go-to snacking item at both Hollywood premieres and at-home movie watching.

Expo Product Highlight: Cookie Pop made with NUTTER BUTTER® in the 5.25 oz bag which first debuted in a 1oz variety pack this past Fall / holiday season. A portion of all proceeds are donated to official charity partner Ryan Seacrest Foundation. Follow @CookiePop_CandyPop #CandyPop on social media and visit online http://www.cookiepopcandypop. com #CookiePop BOOTH NUMBER: 5546

ABOUT CANDY POP SNAX-Sational Brands Group premiere popcorn brands, Candy Pop, featuring flavors Candy Pop made with BUTTERFINGER®, Candy Pop made with TWIX®, Candy Pop made with SNICKERS®, Candy Pop made with M&M’s® Minis, Candy Pop made with Peanut M&M’s®, and their latest flavor, Candy Pop made with SOUR PATCH KIDS®, among others, and the recently debuted proprietary original holiday flavor, Candy Pop Peppermint Hot Chocolate. Candy Pop is the leader in the industry as a sweet & savory pioneer, combining delicious signature candy flavors with low-sodium, non-GMO corn, at only 150 calories per serving. The combination has become the go-to snacking item at both Hollywood premieres and athome movie watching. Candy Pop made with SOUR PATCH KIDS® features real Sour Patch Kids bitz.

Expo Product Highlight: Candy Pop made with SOUR PATCH KIDS® has become one of their latest best-sellers and in-demand product flavors, the latest collaboration with Mondelez Candy Company A portion of all proceeds are donated to official charity partner Ryan Seacrest Foundation. Follow @CookiePop_CandyPop #CandyPop on social media and visit online #CandyPop BOOTH NUMBER: 5546

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ABOUT PENNE STRAWS BY PASTA SNACKS PENNE STRAWS by Pasta Snacks. This has become a consumer favorite over the last few years, gaining attention as the go-to chip alternative, created by successful food industry entrepreneur Jerry Bello under his SNAX-Sational Brand Group umbrella. The delicious taste, perfect crunch, and lowcalorie ingredients are offered in the shape of actual penne pasta noodles. The gently baked snack are gluten free, seasoned to perfection, and offered in a variety of tasty plant-based flavors such as Cinnamon Churro, Marinara, Lemon Garlic, Mac & Cheese and Sweet Pepper, inclusive of three vegan flavors. Made with all-natural ingredients inclusive of Lentils & White Beans, the snack is nonGMO, OUD Kosher certified, and cholesterolfree. Crafted from durum wheat semolina

flour and farro, a higher protein grain for a more nutrient-dense product and baked with fine seasonings. The results are a robust taste and crispy texture throughout. Expo Product Highlight: Marinara Flavor Gluten Free, Low Calorie and Delicious A portion of all Pasta Snacks proceeds will be donated to the Ryan Seacrest Foundation across all flavor varieties throughout 2022. You can enjoy healthy, feel good snacking with a purpose! Follow on social media @ eatpastasnacks and visit online at #PENNESTRAWS BOOTH NUMBER: 5546

ABOUT DAH! DAH! merges the time-tested, ancient wisdom of India’s culinary traditions with the precision of modern methods and technologies to produce premium, slowcultured yogurt products high in probiotics in dairy and plant-based offerings. DAH!’s current product line-up includes their award-winning hero product Lassi, a slowcultured yogurt smoothie cooked at a lower temperature for a more extended time yielding a smooth, richly textured, intensely flavorful product.; Dahi, a traditional Indian yogurt that’s smooth and creamy; and Almond, a plant-based yogurt that contains an entire serving of almonds in each cup. Each is crafted with better-for-you, wholesome ingredients, like whole milk and real fruit, packed with 15 billion probiotics per serving (60 billion total in 32-oz. cartons), which is the highest amount of probiotics per serving on the market, and is gluten-free,

kosher and slow-cultured with no artificial flavorings or essences. The brand just unveiled an official partnership with Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi as board advisor and culinary consultant. Expo Product Highlight: Tomato with Mixed Berries is the newest flavor to join DAH!’s existing portfolio of Lassi yogurt smoothies, along with Plain (with no added sugar), Vanilla with Cardamom, Strawberry with Mint, Peach with Honey, and its awardwinning and best-selling flavor Alphonso Mango (with mangos sourced from India). DAH! Mango Lassi yogurt smoothie took home the Gold Sofi Award in the Yogurt & Kefir category in 2020. To learn more about DAH!, please visit BOOTH NUMBER: 5658

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ABOUT CALIWATER Caliwater is defined by a drive to create innovative, fresh cactus based functional beverage, that connect us to the Earth and to one another. Inspired by the lush and varied landscapes of California, Founders Oliver Trevena (Actor/Host/Entrepreneur) and native Californian Vanessa Hudgens (Actress / Music Artist /Influencer / Entrepreneur) looked to their own desert regions to locally source Prickly Pear cactus fruit, known for its rare and potent healthful properties. Their vision - to sip on Cali in a can. Prickly Pear is brought to life in beverage form in their quickly growing canned cactus water product, which is not only delicious and organic, but super hydrating and refreshing, and of course filled with rare antioxidants and digestion benefits. Caliwater is the leading cactus water on the market, pioneering a new category. The functional benefits of cactus water include being high in antioxidants

(which is great for the skin), is known to reduce cholesterol levels, offers a natural elimination of hangovers, regulates blood sugar levels, and possess antiviral properties, offering a variety of benefits for digestive health. Only 25 calories per can, organic, vegan, Kosher and non GMO. Expo Product Highlight: 2 Signature Organic Flavors Ginger & Lime and Wild Prickly Pear A portion of proceeds from all sales of Caliwater is donated to No Kid Hungry. ( [5 cents from every can sold up to one million dollars will be donated.] Follow @Caliwater on instagram and visit them online at BOOTH NUMBER: N221

SHEILA G’S BROWNIE BRITTLE Sheila G’s Brownie Brittle is the original thin & crispy brownie snack. Light and sweet with a rich brownie taste- and at only 120 calories per serving, Brownie Brittle is the perfect treat for any occasion. Keto: Brand New! Brownie Brittle KETO is thin, crispy, and full of chocolate brownie flavor. With only 2g net carbs, and no added sugar, this will be your new favorite go to sweet snack!

Expo Product Highlight: Gluten Free Meyer Lemon: Their award winning Blondie Meyer Lemon is now available in Gluten Free! In league of its own for flavor- both sweet & refreshing and only 130 calories per 1oz serving, it’s the perfect sweet snack that fulfills that craving without all the guilt. Follow @browniebrittle and visit online at Booth Number North Hall 1214

PATH WATER: PATH is the answer to single-use plastic water bottles that are clogging our environment. Made in the U.S., PATH is the first 100% reusable and infinitely recyclable bottled water in a sturdy aluminum container. The sleek 20.3-ounce bottles are lightweight, refillable, and affordable, making them a sustainable solution to curb our dependence on single-use plastic. Aluminum is one of the easiest materials to recycle. Almost 75 percent of aluminum produced in the U.S. is still being used—not sitting in a landfill or floating in the ocean. And unlike plastic, which can only be partially recycled, aluminum can be infinitely recycled back into itself. Filled with responsibly sourced, ultra-purified water that goes through a meticulous seven-step reverse osmosis process, PATH provides consumers with three delicious,

thirst-quenching water Sparkling, and Alkaline.



Expo Product Highlight: Still: PATH Still comes filled with our fresh electrolyte water that is ultrapurified and pH balanced; our reverse osmosis filtered water will keep you hydrated, healthy, and active. All PATH bottles feature a wide mouth, which allows for easy refilling so you can reuse your lightweight aluminum water bottle; it’s purified bottled water in a reusable, recyclable, and future-friendly package. Booth Number: N747

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GOODLES: Expo Product Highlight Cheddy Mac and Mover & Shaker Descriptions: Cheddy Mac: Classic creamy cheddar mac tastes like your childhood, but eats like a balanced meal. Groovy! Mover & Shaker: Our cacio e pepe-inspired mac is savory, peppery-parmy, and always down for a gooder time. Together, you’re unstoppable.

BRAND Overview: GOODLES began with a big idea for a very small thing: to create a super nutritious Mac & Cheese that looks, cooks, and tastes just like a normal, delicious noodle. Meet GOODLES! We pack your Mac with both the good stuff you want and tons of yum! Including 14g Protein, 6g Fiber and 21 Nutrients for a healthier, tastier Mac & Cheese. And that’s a pretty huge deal. Little things with big impact—we call them “gooders” and they are everywhere, making a tastier, kinder, happier world. BOOTH# N2035

SUPER COFFEE: Expo Product Highlights: Blueberry Muffin: It’s a bakery in a bottle… meet Blueberry Muffin Super Coffee. The morning motivation you’ve always wanted, but without the added sugar. With 10g of plant based protein and MCT Oil, you can now fuel your day with something so delicious, you’ll feel like you’re having dessert for breakfast. Cinnamon Roll: Imagine the taste and smell of cinnamon rolls freshly out of the oven, but without any of the added sugar. Cinnamon Roll Super Coffee is just as crave-worthy as the real thing, but is naturally enhanced with MCT Oil and plant-based protein. No baking required! Brand Boilerplate/Descriptive Brand Paragraph Super Coffee® is the third best-selling bottled coffee brand in the US, behind only the Starbucks Frappuccino and Dunkin Donuts bottled coffee. With a mission to mass-produce positive energy through

innovative products, the company’s product line portfolio includes both cold and hot coffee options, including Super Coffee, Super Creamer, Super Espresso, Super Cold Brew, and Super Coffee Pods and Super Coffee Grounds. They also recently added 5 Plant Based Super Coffee and Super Creamer SKU’s to their product portfolio. Developed in 2015 by the DeCicco brothers who are all former D1 student-athletes, the brand has set out to create a world where everyone is energized and inspired to create positive change in their lives, and the lives of others, for a collective brighter future. To date, the Austin based brand has been endorsed by athletic superstars and iconic leaders such as Alex Rodriguez, Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Baron Davis, Boomer Esiason and more.. www. Booth Number: #N1800 North Hall Level 200: Hot Products

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New Products TO MAKE PASSOVER PERFECT Kayco presents exciting lineup of traditional and innovative Kosher-for-Passover products

Shani Seidman Chief Marketing Officer of Kayco

By Debbie Hall Photos Supplied

It is a brand-new year in 2022, and Kayco announces an exciting lineup of both traditional and innovative products for those who keep kosher and new flavor profiles for those looking to enjoy new products. In addition, Kayco, the most trusted name in quality Kosher products, expands its Kosher-for-Passover offerings just in time for the celebrations. The leading Kosher food distributor in America, Kayco prides itself in offering the top names in Kosher products, with top brands including Manischewitz, Gefen, Heaven & Earth, and Tuscanini. Keeping a sharp eye on consumer trends, Kayco has built its most impressive portfolio of Passover products yet, with trending innovations, unique products, and expansions of traditional Passover items in breathtaking new packaging.

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“We call this our own Super Bowl,” says Shani Seidman, Chief Marketing Officer of Kayco. “While we sell delicious and delightful products throughout the year, this is the time we want to introduce our latest, innovative products.” Seidman has been working in the branding industry for the past decade, and started at The Manischewitz Company in 2017 and stayed when Kayco acquired the company in 2020. After transitioning Manischewitz as part of Kayco, she was named Chief Marketing Officer, encompassing all its kosher food brands. All of this occurred one month before the lockdown due to the pandemic, presenting a number of challenges in the food and beverage industry. People keeping Kosher still needed the products, and other consumers searched for new food products to try and add to their meals.

Manischewitz offers immense brand recognition and is a leader in offering Passover offerings. Highlights include a better-for-you update to traditional horseradish (white and beet), gluten-free wafers, sea salt, and potato chips (salted, unsalted, and rippled). The horseradish adds flavor to potatoes, beets, peas, broccoli, leeks, and topping for roast beer and prime rib. The inventive tastes are perfect for those who love the root-based sauce, whether they keep Kosher or try new food items.

chestnuts, packed bean mixes, canned vegetables, baking supplies, sauces and condiments, desserts, instant noodle soups, and fruit juices. Kayco is committed to quality and kosher certification. To satisfy any sweet tooth this Passover and all-year-round, Heaven & Earth launches some fun, delicious, and better-foryou products for the whole family to enjoy. New products to

Transforming the traditional matzo, delicious, new variety of chocolate-covered matzo (available gluten-free) features chocolate mint, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate flavors. While made with the same quality as traditional, these products invoke fun with great taste. A salty cracker topped with a little chocolate adds a new element of flavor. One of the most recognizable Kosher brands is Gefen featuring products for the entire spectrum of Kosher consumers from ultra-Orthodox to traditional, with a strong presence in every marketplace. Gefen offers nuts, honey bear,

Kayco is committed to quality and kosher certification

February Issue 2022 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 4

tempt include brand-new no sugar added dark chocolate with 70 percent cocoa solids, no sugar added milk chocolate, and no sugar added milk chocolate with hazelnuts. In addition, Heaven & Earth also has a new line of taffy ropes as awesome Passover goodies, made with natural flavors and colors in such flavors as watermelon, fruit punch, blue raspberry toffee, tropical coconut pineapple, and chocolate mint taffy ropes. “The Tuscanini brand is dear to our hearts,” says Seidman. “It is a fantastic, high-quality brand sourced from Italy. We travel to Italy several times a year to meet with our suppliers who guide us on what is exceptional and unique to each region. We always want to offer the best in premium Italian food products.” This year, new Kosher-for-Passover offerings include freshly squeezed lemon juice made from 100 percent Sicilian lemons. Tuscanini tomato paste (in an easy-to-squeeze tube), peeled tomatoes, diced tomatoes, whole cherry tomatoes, and crushed tomatoes are all made with Puglia tomatoes for an acidic potency. The Tuscanini Premium Quality Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Italy made with only 6 percent acidity packaged in an 8.45-ounce glass bottle is perfect for dipping bread and enhancing other dishes. Spicy, jarred Calabrian peppers in oil and premium cooking wine made of Rosso Toscano and White Muscat grapes preserved in olive oil will take cooking to the next level. Other authentic made-in-Italy foods with the highest quality ingredients for a real taste of Italy include sauces, jams, and condiments. Frozen pizzas topped with fresh julienned cheese are fired in a genuine brick wood-fired oven for flavorful meals anytime. Parchment crackers and gourmet potato chips make elegant snacks. Tuscanini foods truly stimulate the palate like no other. “Passover is one of the most widely celebrated Jewish holidays, with food playing a prominent role in the celebration,” says Seidman. “During the holiday, no bread or leavened grain can be eaten, so Passover food has the special certification. Kayco is proud to offer the most robust portfolio of Kosherfor-Passover products that blend the traditional with the innovative.” Passover (Pesach in Hebrew), one of the most beloved holidays in the Jewish calendar, commemorates the exodus of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. This year’s celebration

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begins at sundown on April 15 and lasts through sundown on April 23. There is a cultural element to enjoying Kosher foods, and Kayco takes pride in the quality of innovative products that are only available where Kosher foods are sold. However, the flavor profiles add different, delicious elements for foodies, not just those keeping Kosher. According to Seidman, people interested in Kosher and Jewish ethnic foods can visit, the leading resource for all things Kosher, including recipes, products, and video content geared toward everyone from those keeping kosher to those who want to learn more about the tradition. The site features top-quality kosher recipes by award-winning chefs, exciting articles and helpful cooking tips, addictively delicious and entertaining cooking videos, and everything anyone needs to make unforgettable meals. “ is geared for everyone Jewish, Kosher or not, whether you are a new cook still trying to figure out how to make a boiled egg to a gourmet chef looking for new and creative ideas to impress important guests,” adds Seidman. is geared for everyone Jewish, Kosher or not, whether you are a new cook still trying to figure out how to make a boiled egg to a gourmet chef looking for new and creative ideas to impress important guests

“ has thousands of recipes, hundreds of original videos that will teach you techniques to take your cooking to the next level, advice about wine pairings to elevate your meals, articles about the latest cooking trends, interviews with top restaurant chefs, and so much more. The site allows you to interact with the community. Try a recipe, review it, and tell them how it came out, so you to help other readers. Even if you run into trouble when your dough doesn’t rise or your soup is too salty, ask for help, and their expert chefs and helpful community will offer you advice.” As for the upcoming year, “We at Kayco will continue to listen to consumers and innovate and delight our consumers with new products,” says Seidman. For more information on Kayco Kosher Foods, visit For details on Passover recipes, chef suggestions, and everything else Kosher-related, check out Follow Kayco products on facebook and Instagram at @ manischewitzco; @tuscaninifoods, @heavenandearthfoods and @kosherdotcom.

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