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COVID-19 Reopening Guidance CASE STUDY: COVID-19 Buying Behavior



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Maison No. 9

The Same Size for Any Sized Business

Save time with portion cut solutions With Tyson Fresh Meats’ Portioned Protein Innovations Team, “same” never looked so different. We deliver quality portion cut products that help foodservice operations: REDUCE LABOR • PREP FASTER • CALCULATE EXACT PLATE COSTS /© 2020 Tyson Foods, Inc.



We honor and remember the support of Chef Kerry Simon, Gary Cantor, Robin Leach, Chef Paul Prudhomme, & Gary Coles

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Cover Feature


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Think Outside the Sink: Tips for Improving Restaurant Cleanliness

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p.11 p.27

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As long as we’re apart, we’re in this together. For your passion, your hard work, your support, and your spirit.

Here’s to you.

Red, White & Boozy 1½ oz Tito’s Handmade Vodka 3 oz sparkling water 2 oz cranberry juice

Add Tito’s Handmade Vodka and cranberry juice to a glass with ice. Slowly pour sparkling water for a layering effect. Drop in a few blueberries and enjoy.


One of the most important missions we have at Food & Beverage Magazine is to empower our 12 million readers each month. We do this through our editorial content as well as with our strategic partners to deliver the most valuable, essential, timely best practices, advice and inspiration about improving operations, service and efficiency. Never has the core of our partnerships been more important. The health and safety of our guests and employees has always been paramount in our industry, and to this publication. However, the COVID-19 pandemic crisis has made operators re-evaluate and process improve every aspect of their procedures and operations. Last June, in partnership with Dawn Professional Dish Detergent from Sam’s Club, we featured a series of best practices and tips for restaurant professionals to optimize restaurant cleanliness called "Think Outside The Sink." It featured a series of extremely effective and economical "hacks" for cleaning multiple surfaces in both the back and front of the house using Dawn Professional Dish Detergent. We were proud of that feature because it delivered value, effective and economical solutions which any operator could immediately implement. Today during this unprecedented time for all foodservice operators, saving time and money is more important than ever, but cleanliness and proactive adoption of changing regulations and standards means even more. Thanks to our partner, Dawn Professional at Sam's Club, and aligned with the latest information and standards from the CDC as well as local, state and other regulatory agencies, we are proud to re-issue the extremely useful restaurant cleanliness guide. Everyone that knows me as the author of The Food & Beverage Magazine Guide to Restaurant Success, knows I love things that make restaurant operators’ jobs better and easier. Operating a restaurant is one of the hardest endeavors there is, and it is my mission to help you in every way I can. We are all strategic partners as we move through this tome together. And this is one of the best ways I know to do this: we have to keep our kitchens cleaner than ever for our customers, and doing so economically is essential. We all need to “think outside the sink” about our overall operations and re-dedicate ourselves as we welcome back our staff and our customers. That commitment – and sticking together – will see us through. Stay safe, Michael Politz Publisher Food & Beverage Magazine

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To Raise O

by Drew Rec

It started on St Patrick’s, a day that we dread for an entire year. More than squeezing extra deuces and a third seating in for Valentine’s Day, more than trying to pour and distribute hundreds of glasses of champagne in a ten minute window before the 31st melts into the 1st, more than all the Mother’s Day brunches, St. Patrick’s looms large in the minds of any bar owner in America. For all it’s logistical headache’s, green messes, and overstaffing, it is a also a day when profits are made and relationships are forged amongst teams. There is a certain code among those that work in bars and restaurants. We have a shared trauma and history. It doesn’t matter where you have worked, we all have the same war stories to tell. After a shift, in a favorite watering hole, we can recount those moments of dread or joy with our chosen family and it is uncanny the similarities, from New York to Tucson to San Francisco, we all tell the same stories. So it is fitting that the shut down for us started the day before St. Patrick’s. As the preparations for one of the busiest drinking days of the year ramped up, so too did the news coming in from around the world. Dear friends had come back from a honeymoon in a nearly disserted Tokyo, a friend setting up shop in Italy abandoned all plans, and my own work trips started to move up by a few weeks out of mild fears that something was going on. In the whiskey business, St. Patrick’s Day is something we plan entire calendars around, but this year something was different. One by one, accounts started to notice a decline in sales. The week before we officially shut down in the Bay Area, things had already slowed to a glacial pace. Business levels were worse than that week every year, the city is abandoned for some party in the desert. I sat in one bar at happy hour, a bar that normally would have been bustling with folks coming in from the towering office buildings nearby, instead the entire, expansive bar top was populated just by two bartenders from down the street who had been called off due to lack of business, a fellow brand ambassador and my partner whom I had dragged along for a


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drink. That hap the night the NB it’s season. None particularly big bas we only occasionally television hanging in th the bar. First it was a gam it was another, and then j basketball was over for the ye then what was coming soon fo us. The next few days were people scaling back th parties, bars that would normally be packed for weekend were half or quarter full and then announcement was made that the six counties of would be going into a mandatory shelter in plac it’s kind on the West Coast and the most massiv New York City.

As of writing this, we are beginning to explore wh looks like in the Bay as a hospitality community. three months of staying home, wondering and worst, we are looking at concrete dates from ou ship, for reopening. Dates that will continue to target as we also grapple with the growing unrest munities over the continued injustice for people our nation and our state. A systemic inequity t been able to begin to address within our own in very recently. In the intervening weeks of lockdo tried every avenue available to us. To it’s credit C been responsive in trying to problem solve a industry. We have used words like “unpreced “pivot”, as business models have changed and revenue streams have been adopted. Cocktails emerged from every corner of the landscape. You to see a dive bar, as a starred restaurant getting and selling hand filled bottles curbside. There are unanswered questions, as we struggle to make work within the confines of our industries’ noto margins. Our colleagues and friends are still la ployed and questions of rent and loan forgive even been broached at the broadest levels. As w merits of commandeering city easements and pa 444567*+*-./'58"7

Our Glasses Once More

cord, West Coast Whiskey Ambassador

ppened to be BA called off of us being sketball fans, watched the he corner of me delay, then just like that ear. We knew or the rest of heir weekend r the holiday Monday the the Bay Area ce. The first of ve outside of

hat reopening y. After nearly d fearing the ur city leaderbe a moving t in our come of color in that we have ndustry, only own we have California has alongside the dented” and wholly new s to-go have u are as likely into the mix e still so many new models oriously slim argely unemeness haven’t we discuss the arking lots for

August Boatright Novela

restaurants, we haven’t accounted for how bars without full food programs get into the mix. And the biggest questions still are how to keep the staff and guests safe in this new environment. We have asked owners to add the role of epidemiologist to their ever expanding list of job titles, as if host, babysitter, plumber, accountant, hostage negotiator, cook, dishwasher, therapist, hospitalitarian, and job creator wasn’t enough. I know that when we come out of this, it will be a very different landscape. Many of our favorite bars and restaurants will not have made it though this crisis. We will be recovering for a very long time. But remember this is an industry that from week to week can survive oh-so early Mother’s Day brunches, and sweltering 4th of July’s and doing inventory at five in the morning on New Year’s Day after having executed two perfect seatings and having your dining room turned into a dance floor at the stroke of midnight. We are teams of people that chose to get into this field because we believe in hospitality. We believe that at the end of the day, while we might not be changing to world with our perfect dumplings or expertly stirred Rob Roy’s, we are changing one person’s day at a time. We are connecting with our fellow humans and expressing ourselves, our love, our passion through this craft. We wouldn’t pour our hours into it, forsaking regular relationships and the comforts of a 9-5 life, if we didn’t think it was worth it. If we didn’t know that what we do, day in and day out, holiday hours or just a Tuesday, have a ripple affect on our communities. Not just the community of dishwashers, bussers, hosts, bartenders, servers, managers and owners we chose to surround ourselves with, but every single person that steps through our doors. I know it can be hard to have hope at this moment, but in twenty years I want to be sharing a beer after a long day with someone who knows what it was like when everything shut down. When we didn’t know what the future held. It will be part of our shared history and hopefully will have better prepared us for the future. In the end, it will be like so many St. Patrick’s Days, another moment that we overcame our greatest fears and apprehensions and came together as an industry. And we will be able to raise our glasses once more, undeterred by what may come next.


2 oz Highland Scotch such as Aberfeldy 12 year Single Malt .5 oz Lacto-fermented Mango Honey* 4 dashes orange bitters Serve on the rocks

*Recipe for Lacto-fermented Mango Honey

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RumChata Limón! Caribbean Rum, Real Dairy Cream, Rich Vanilla, and Sunny Lemon! Available March 1st! Order now!

RumChata Limón™. Caribbean Rum with Real Dairy Cream, Natural & Artificial Flavors, 14% alc/vol. Agave Loco Brands, Pewaukee, WI. Please Enjoy Responsibly. RUMCHATA, RUMCHATA LIMÓN, and CHATA are trademarks of Agave Loco, LLC

RumChata® Freedom Bottle Program Reaches $1 Million Mark for Lone Survivor Foundation Military Family Programs The RumChata Foundation's annual Freedom Bottle program has raised more than $1 Million for Lone Survivor Foundation (LSF) since it began in 2014. The LSF logoed bottles will return to shelves this summer for the seventh year in a row, continuing RumChata’s longstanding support of the military. Lone Survivor Foundation is a nonprofit organization that was founded by retired Navy SEAL and New York Times #1 bestselling author, Marcus Luttrell. LSF provides a no-cost Post-traumatic Growth Program to help service members, veterans, and their families recover from combat trauma. LSF serves families from all U.S. military branches and service eras. Donations from the RumChata Freedom Bottle directly support LSF's life-changing program, including expanding its services to include a Virtual PTSD Symptom Management program in response to the COVID-19 emergency. Lone Survivor Foundation’s in-person and virtual programs use therapeutic tools to provide education, coping skills, and stress reduction. "The RumChata Foundation continues to amaze us with their generosity, and we are grateful for their appreciation for the men and women of our Armed Forces.” said Tom Fordyce, Executive Director of Lone Survivor Foundation. "Partnerships like the RumChata Freedom Bottle cam-

!"#$%& '()$*%

paign allow us to continue our commitment to serve our active duty service members and our veterans.” RumChata Freedom Bottles are available now in time for Memorial Day and will be on shelves and floor displays through the Fourth of July. All bottles sold benefit and support LSF. “We are extremely proud to have been able to support Lone Survivor Foundation over the years,” said Tom Maas, RumChata founder and master blender. “Reaching the million dollar mark could not have been accomplished without the help from our distributor and retail partners. Together, everyone’s commitment has made it possible to bring important programs and services to those who have served and are currently serving in our military.”

The RumChata 750 ml commemorative Freedom Bottle will be available across the U.S. More about RumChata and where it is available can be found at and on the RumChata Facebook page. More about Lone Survivor Foundation can be found at

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KidsLuv Introduces New Flavor,

Peach Me, I’m Orange,

Just in Time for Summertime Fun

KidsLuv, the vitamin enhanced, zero sugar kids’ beverage, recently introduces its newest flavor, Peach Me, I’m Orange, which will be sold on and The new flavor will join the brand’s two existing fun-luving flavors, Flying Fla-Mango and Starstruck Coconut. All three flavors have zero sugar, only 10 calories and 2g carbs, and nine essential Vegan vitamins and minerals in each serving. Launched in 2018, KidsLuv, created by Founder and CEO of The Luving Company Ashi Jelinek, is a unique kids’ beverage that features zero sugar coupled with a functional vitamin delivery system, giving kids a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals that their bodies need, without harmful sugars. All three flavors are 100% clean labeled, Certified Non-GMO, Vegan, Kosher and Gluten-free, and packaged in an 8 oz. recyclable, resealable, straw-free drink carton. In April 2020, KidsLuv celebrated a retail expansion into Walmart Stores and CVS Pharmacy, which welcomed KidsLuv original 4-packs of Flying Fla-Mango and Starstruck Coconut into over 2,000 total retail locations across 30 states. “We’re thrilled to welcome our newest flavor, Peach Me, I’m Orange, to the KidsLuv family,” says Ashi Jelinek, Founder and CEO of KidsLuv. “Summer might look different for many kids this year, but that doesn’t mean families have to settle for unhealthy kids’ beverages. Our third and newest flavor is a welcome solution for parents who are wearing many hats these days; serving KidsLuv will ensure kids get the hydration and nutrition they need, especially as we move into warmer summer days.” With dentists drawing links between gummy vitamins and cavities, KidsLuv aims to be a solution that parents can trust to be flavorful and functional, without sugar and artificial ingredients that traditional kids’ drinks contain. Nancy Guberti, a Functional Medicine Specialist and Nutritionist, recommends KidsLuv to parents as a convenient solution, “I recommend KidsLuv to my patients with small children as well as adults. It’s a wonderful alternative to juice and sugary beverages. There is no need to get anyone started or craving sugary drinks. Finally, there is a product that tastes great and does not contribute to obesity and is instead good for you!” In May 2020, KidsLuv will be distributed in Feed the Children’s Hope Boxes to over 800 families in the NYC area that have been greatly impacted during this unprecented time. Many of these boxes and products will be delivered “door to door” to families who have limited means of transportation to attain healthy food and beverage options. This donation aligns with the company’s ongoing mission to make a healthy drink option accessible and available to kids everywhere.


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!"#$%&'( )*+%

Covid-19 Buying Behavior U.S. Consumers Aren’t Traveling, Unless It’s to the Grocery Store or Pharmacy The bottom fell out, of course, on many U.S. consumer spending categories during the month of March. But others, like grocery, drug and discount retailers, actually climbed significantly last month as consumers cooked at home and stocked up their pantries and medicine cabinets for an extended stretch of sheltering in place. Meanwhile, consumers were doing much more of their shopping online, as online sales climbed dramatically faster than in-store sales in virtually every retail category. Commerce Signals, a Verisk Financial company and leading source of U.S. retail payment insights, has analyzed the impact of Covid-19 on a variety of B2C companies and categories during the first quarter of 2020. The analysis leverages permissioned credit and debit card data across 40 million U.S. households. Those insights, which are the most extensive and in-depth in the industry, highlight the dramatic impact the virus has had on a wide range of consumer-facing businesses. The hardest hit categories were in travel, hospitality, and restaurants. Compared to the same period a year earlier, card payments in March to Airlines were down 66.6 percent; Hotels and Motels, 52.2 percent; Auto Rental, 35.9 percent, Other Transportation, 56.8 percent; and Travel Agencies, 69.5 percent. Restaurants and Bars were down 36.0 percent in March, compared with March of 2019. (See Figure 1)

compared to a year earlier. Discount or mass merchant stores, including names like Walmart and Target, were up 16.3 percent, and drug stores grew payment card sales by 10.1 percent. Hardware store card revenues were up 2.7 percent. Wholesale retail, which includes Club stores and Amazon, was up 11.7 percent in March, as compared to the same period of 2019. Online sales in these growing retail categories all increased faster than in-store payments. For example, in-store grocery sales were up 26.8 in March, compared to a year ago, while online grocery sales grew 64.5 percent in the same year to year comparison. In-store card payments to discount/mass merchant retailers climbed just 1.9 percent for March, but on-line payments jumped 62.7 percent. In the last week of March, in-store payments to discount/mass merchant retailers fell 24.8 percent compared to a year earlier, while payments for online sale climbed a whopping 121.3 percent. (See Figure 2.) In other retail categories that declined during March, online sales fell much less than in-store payments and in some cases grew compared to the same period in 2019.

Also hard hit were department stores (down 41.6 percent), clothing stores (down 43.5 percent), and recreation (down 39.5 percent).

A week-to-week analysis of payment card data shows how the impact of Covid-19 began to take hold in February and then grew precipitously during March. For example, card payments to Airlines were down 2.7 percent and 2.1 percent during the first two weeks of February. In the second and third weeks of March, payments were down 58.3 percent and 91.6 percent, respectively. Payments to Hotels and Motels were up by 10.0 percent and 10.1 percent during the first two weeks of February. However, by the second and third weeks of March, payments were down 37.9 percent and 91.1 percent, respectively.

But there were winners as well. Grocery stores saw payment card sales climb by 28.8 percent during March,

Commerce Signals also conducted analysis of Covid-19’s impact on consumer spending in major cities across the


!""#$%$&'(')*+'$,*+*-./'$$ $$$01/'$2331'



How the Virus Is Causing Both Steep Declines and Increases in Consumer Retail and Category Spending

United States. Among regional differences, grocery, discount and drug store sales increases were significantly greater in Los Angeles than in Chicago, Dallas and New York. However, the decline in Hotel and Motel revenue was greater in L.A. than in those other cities. (See Figure 3)

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Accurate O

Building customer trust in Written by David Turner, V a global information servic

If we didn’t know it before patrons have been doing served up to restaurateur listings reflect accurate ho

During the COVID-19 reo at their usual capacity or t more than ever. Accurate, up-to-date onlin

How can restaurants upd

According to Open Tabl online before deciding w Apple Maps and Yelp info mation on operating hour

There are three main wa business listings: - Passively wait for - Manually update the major se - Work with a busi

Search engines passively c organically, but that data There are more than 100 s ly and may deliver incon form the customer searche

Business listings can be m online portal offered thro form like Google, Apple process and maintaining c challenging..

This is where business list listing management tools


!""#$%$&'(')*+'$,*+*-./'$$ $$$01/'$2331'


e You Open?

Online Listings Key to Reopening Post-Covid-19

n a time of uncertainty VP of business listings management solutions for Neustar, ces and technology company and leader in identity resolution

e the COVID-19 pandemic, we do now. Going out for dinner is a cherished ritual that’s been dearly missed. Loyal all they can to support their favorite local eateries during the lock-down, but a new set of challenges has been rs. As owners plan their much-anticipated reopening day, it’s critically important that they ensure their online ours of operation, capacity information, and safety protocols.

opening phase, people understand that restaurants are operating under extraordinary circumstances and won’t be their usual hours. But all this uncertainty is unnerving to customers, who value consistency and transparency now

ne business listing data will be key to maintaining customer trust and loyalty.

date their online listings?

le, 90% of diners research a restaurant where to eat, so it’s vital to keep Google, ormation up-to-date with the latest inforrs and location openings or closings.

businesses mitigate the disruptions from COVID-19. In fact, many companies are offering listings management toolsets for free in light of the pandemic.

ays for restaurant owners to update their

A listings management partner can ensure accuracy and streamline the process by using one tool to update all listings for a restaurant at once. By using broad data publishing approaches, even the smallest search platforms receive correct business information.

r third-party data to populate the listings each through online portals offered by ervices (Apple, Google, Yelp) iness listings management partner

These companies offer services to update individual restaurant location listings in a fraction of the time and re-verify business listing details to keep them from becoming outdated or compromising customer transparency.

collect third party data and update listings a is often slow to appear or is incorrect. search engines that pull data independentnsistent results depending on which plates.

The importance of maintaining customer trust.

manually updated one at a time through the ough each major online map listing platand Yelp. This can be a time-consuming consistent information across platforms is

According to BrightLocal, 80% of consumers lose trust in local businesses if they see incorrect or inconsistent contact details or business names online. Such inaccurate listings can result in frustrated customers and lost business. With mandated closures, and limits on large gatherings, the restaurant industry has arguably been hit the hardest by the pandemic. But the good news is that people want to resume being your customers. With accurate information, they’ll be booking a table in no time.

ting management tools come in. Business are the most effective way to help #$$%&'&()*)+,-)&.,-,/01)&& &&&231)&4553)


!"#$%&'( )*+%

Global Restaurant Leadership Conference Announced Winsight—the producer of the National Restaurant Association Show, the Restaurant Leadership Conference, Restaurant Directions and Global Restaurant Leadership Conference, and the parent company of Technomic—today announces a special one-time-only event, Restaurant Recovery Summit (RRS), that will occur Nov. 17-19, 2020, at the Sheraton Dallas in Dallas, and virtually around the world.

ipate. In the event the live conference cannot go on, the virtual event will still happen.

Leaders of major restaurant companies will be sharing their views on the ongoing coronavirus crisis, and the steps needed to recover from it. Already signed on to speak are David Gibbs of Yum! Brands, who stepped into the CEO role as the crisis was beginning; Ritch Allison of Domino's, whose delivery model and value offerings have weathered the storm; and Paul Brown, who is building a multiservice restaurant company with Arby's, Buffalo Wild Wings, Sonic, Jimmy John's and Rusty Taco. Additional speakers will be announced in the coming weeks.

Winsight is proud to launch this event with the support of the National Restaurant Association, which will be sharing policy initiatives with the Winsight audience. In addition, the event will support the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund, created by the National Restaurant Association's Educational Foundation, to help restaurant industry employees experiencing hardship in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The agenda will focus on 10 key areas of the restaurant business that are rapidly evolving: consumer experience; off-premise; labor; safety, sanitation and security; technology; supply chain; finance; menu evolution; engagement/loyalty; and operations. C-suite executives from the biggest restaurant companies in the world and the fastest-growing emerging brands will share their stories from the year that was, and their plans for the future. The in-person version of RRS will be supported by a virtual component that streams recorded sessions to operators all over the world. The virtual component will occur in parallel with the live event and the weeks after so that suppliers and operators with travel bans in place can still partic-

"One of the lessons of history is that calamity inspires innovation," said Chris Keating, head of conferences for Winsight. "The restaurant industry is full of creative entrepreneurs who can work together to inspire the greatest comeback in business history."

Major industry suppliers have pledged their support to this conference and to the recovery of the industry. The Founding Sponsors are The Coca-Cola Company, IFFCO, NCR Corporation, PepsiCo Foodservice and Unilever Food Solutions. Additionally, Chowly, Ecolab, Nestle Professional, Certified Angus Beef, Hormel Foods Corporation, Procter & Gamble, NuArx, OpenCity and Welbilt have already signed on. Winsight remains diligent in ensuring the health, safety and security of all attendees and are working to exceed guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization and local health organizations. In addition to several new safety measures, Winsight will be creating a contactless event and has implemented an attendee capacity limit to ensure proper social distancing. !""#$%$&'(')*+'$,*+*-./'$$ $$$01/'$2331'


!"#$% &$'()%$

Maison No. 9

9 Founders - James Morrissey, Post Malone, & Dre London

!"#$%&" '$(&) Introducing Maison No. 9: A New French Rosé Created By Post Malone & Global Brand Equities Grammy nominated, multi-Platinum recording artist, Post Malone, announces his latest creation, Maison No. 9, a new French rosé created and developed in partnership with friend and entrepreneur James Morrissey of Global Brand Equities, and Dre London, long-time music manager and Founder of London Entertainment. A thoughtful collaboration designed to break down the traditional perceptions around wine and its barriers for con-umers, Maison No. 9 is a light, high-quality, accessible rosé from Provence, France. Maison No. 9 was born from an idea to bring together a best-in-class winery with Post Malone’s love of the Mediterranean lifestyle and rosé. Morrissey, an Irishborn entrepreneur, introduced Post and Dre to the opportunity first over stories at dinner in Los Angeles, followed by a visit to the vineyard in Provence just ays later. Deep rooted knowledge of the entertainment industry, along with a shared hustle mentality and love of wine, gave the business partners confidence that the venture would succeed.

“Rosé is for when you want to get a little fancy,” says founder Post Malone. “It’s a nice switch up and I have been thinking about doing my own wine for a while. It was great to work with Global Brand Equities because they saw the vision and we got to do some super cool stuff. Maison No. 9 goes down smooth, and you’re all going to love it!” Working closely with winemaker Alexis Cornu, winner of fifteen gold medals and seven 90+ point rosé wines, the founders spent much of 2019 – inbetween Post’s sold-out tour dates – traveling frequently to the winery. They tried many grape varietals and sampled over fifty blends until they developed a new blend of premium rosé that they were happy with.


!""#$%$&'(')*+'$,*+*-./'$$ $$$01/'$2331'

"When the three of us decided to do this, we made it a priority to make something special. Even with hectic travel schedules, we make time to visit the winery frequently as it’s more than just a brand to us - it's a lifestyle. We set out to bring the best French rosé to the modern consumer, with a brand that speaks their language," states Morrissey, whose company, Global Brand Equities, creates premium wine and spirits brands in partnership with some of the world's best recognized talent. Maison No. 9 is a 2019 Méditerranée IGP, 45% Grenache Noir, 25% Cinsault, 15% Syrah, and 15% Merlot, easily identifiable by its soft, light “Provencal Pink” color that shines through the sleek, slender, sustainable all-glass packaging. Intense and inviting aromas of freshly picked fruit, such as ripe pineapple, pear and strawberry, meet hints of sweet French desserts once uncorked. The clean, dry, crisp finish is balanced and round with a texture that is mouthwatering and savory, perfect for drinking on its own or with a variety of dishes. The name Maison No. 9 was inspired by Post’s favorite tarot card, the Nine of Swords, and represents overcom ing the daily challenges we all face. The positive message is reflected in the bottle, and no detail was spared in the creative process to ensure the vision for Maison No. 9 came to life precisely as the trio intended. The wine lives in a taller, sleeker extra flint bottle featuring an elongated neck, designed for an easy holding experience while socializing and with a glass in the other hand. Post had an instant vision to create a solid glass custom closure for the bottle with “battlements” inspired by a medieval castle near the vineyard. Following months of intensive prototypes, a fully sustainable glass closure with the signature No. 9 was created to encour age re-use of the bottle. “We have opportunities to create a lot of new projects with Post, and we are highly selective about what we invest our time and energy into. It has to be something we are really passionate about. With Maison No. 9, we knew immediate ly that it was the right fit. Between the people, the project and the product, the vision was there to create something authentic on the French Riviera that Post truly loves,” says Dre London.


What is something you can’t smell, taste, touch, or see— but if you don’t have it you’ll never succeed?


Get more trust with Grain-Free, Paleo, and Keto Certification, exclusively from

In Spirit


with Vedo Pitnjakovic


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Vedad “Vedo” Pitnjakovic is a freelance spirits & cocktail writer and contributing writer for Food and Beverage Magazine. vedo is based out of Las Vegas and has Ten years of experience as a bartender, consultant, and brand ambassador.

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Ghost Restaurant Realities By Chef Wendy Gauthier

In the beginning, we never thought about conceptualizing a “ghost restaurant.” We’ve always done personal cheffing, meal delivery and catering. However, we decided to open up in a location that was a little more accessible to clientele because our meal delivery service was just getting so busy. We visualized a concept where customers could come in and choose from meals in display cases. While we do have a couple of tables, this was never going to be a dine-in restaurant and so our ghost restaurant was born! Now that the landscape has changed due to the pandemic, we expect a lot more restaurants will be opening or converting to this concept. The lack of a dining room and waitstaff means much lower overhead as an obvious benefit. We also have the freedom to explore so many more styles and cuisines. For anyone considering this venture, here are our biggest takeaways from being virtual restaurateurs. Location, Location, Location Many ghost restaurants open in less expensive, less desirable parts of town. However, we wanted an approachable storefront to offer carry-out service in a welcoming environment. We highly recommend paying a little more for a better location. The better location more than makes up for the increase in price to be in a desirable area. We also don’t have to worry about a lot of parking; patrons are typically in and out rather than parking and staying for a while. Does the Kitchen Size Matter? On the subject of space, obviously having a large kitchen is nice, but it isn’t necessary. One necessary consideration, however, is that you need a lot more prep space to package your meals. Aside from that, the kitchen size is simply a matter of timing and speed; a larger kitchen means more crew and faster production.


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An Online Presence is Key It’s important to keep in mind just how much time it takes to maintain your online presence. We have an online ordering system, which we update daily. We also post daily on both Facebook and Instagram letting customers know what’s available that day. We recently stopped posting for a time period of 3 days and saw a direct dip in sales. Expect to Tinker with Packaging Getting the packaging right was one of the bigger challenges. You can’t use the inexpensive styrofoam. You need to think about people traveling home with the meals as well as heating them up. Whatever packaging you choose, it needs a tight enclosure so nothing pops open during the ride home. It also needs to at least be microwave safe. Expect to Tinker with Menu Offerings You have to feel out your clientele. It’s not a restaurant, so you have to figure out what people want to eat when they’re dining at home. Since we already do custom personal cheffing, we also have the ability to offer some of the options people are used to with that service, like gluten or dairy-free options. With us, if someone comes in with a more specific request, we then recommend our personal chef services. A Team Effort is Vital Creating a collaborative environment is key. No single person can be everywhere at once. Every chef and every employee provides feedback from clientele as well as ideas. How Does Delivery Work? We already had our delivery service set up with our prepared meal delivery business. However, we also partner with DoorDash and a local delivery service. Delivery services are very easy to work with, though they do add to the cost. Maintain a Community within the Industry We’re constantly meeting with other chefs and visiting each other’s establishments. While we haven’t collaborated or partnered with any chef or restaurant yet, we regularly visit and then give shout outs by tagging each other on social media. It provides a solid sense of support, camaraderie and, of course, we all get exposure to wider audiences. There are tough times ahead for the restaurant industry and everything we can do to prop each other up helps us all as a whole.

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!"#$%&'%( )#*&+,-. Protein Bar Start Up Proves That

Diversity is Delicious UNiTE Food, a delicious new entry in the protein bar category, is bringing the world a little closer together with a line of protein bars inspired by comfort foods and favorite childhood flavors from around the world. Based in Southern California, UNiTE is the world’s first globally inspired protein bar. The company launched this month with three fun flavors, each made with wholesome, nutritious, real food ingredients and packed with nut butters, hemp seeds, and prebiotic fiber. Offering 10 grams of protein each, UNiTE bars are gluten-, dairy-, and soy-free. Researchers at find that millennials are more “multicultural” than previous generations, with a full 40% identifying as Hispanic, African-American, or Asian-American. More than 25% of millennials are first- or second-generation immigrants with strong ties to their countries of origin and nearly 75% say they appreciate the influence of other cultures on the American way of life*. In fact, according to recent data**, 67% of millennials consider themselves to be adventurous eaters. Says UNiTE founder and CEO Clara Paye, a naturalized American citizen, “I realized that I was bored with regular old protein bars because the flavors of my heritage were not represented. And I’m not alone! Shoppers are more diverse than ever and they’re looking for products that reflect their communities and tastes. So, I set out to use food as an instrument of inclusion and prove that diversity can be delicious with a line of protein bars inspired by favorite flavors from around the world. By making products that more people can relate to, we build more UNiTY for all.”


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Dole Inspires Everyday Adventure with a 2020 Salute to Pixar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

*7(-,$ 0#3)7+#8$ 57-)&%-#$ N-5($ 0+*5$ )"#$ (35 '*--#')&;-#$;3.3.3$()&'A#+($3.8$%&.#3%%-#$)3/ 6)*+,>$ 4$ C7/M($ X&0#>$ K*.()#+(>$ G.'?>$ F&.8&. G.'+#8&;-#(>$ @3+(>$ L3)3)*7&--#>$ B4XX[Y>$ E%> W7)>$ !"#$ Q**8$ :&.*(37+>$ @*'*$ 3.8$ )"#$ .#= W.=3+8$3.8$6*7-?

:*-#$3-(*$'+#3)#8$:WXYZ$C3.3.3$6)&'A#+$1##-$ ),$("##)($)*$53A#$&)$5*+#$#./3/&./$0*+$A&8($3 '*--#')$ 3--$ RV$ ()&'A#+($ 0#3)7+&./$ :&(.#,$ 3.8$ 1 '"3+3')#+(?$!=*$<#+(&*.($*0$)"#$("##)($3+#$.* 0+##$8*=.-*38$3)$===?8*-#?'*5?

!"#$07.$'*.)&.7#($=&)"$)"#$(755#+$-37.'"$* &.&)&3)&<#$ )"#5#8$ )*$ :&(.#,$ 3.8$ 1&23+M($ K*.( &.)#.8#8$ )*$ )3A#$ )"#$ ('3+#$ *7)$ *0$ 388&./$ 5* 3.8$ <#/#)3;-#($ )*$ )"#$ 5#3-)&5#$ +*7)&.#?$ @ :&(.#,$3.8$1&23+M($L3)3)*7&--#$;#'*5#($)"#$&. 7.&\7#-,$ :*-#$ '35%3&/.$ 8#(&/.#8$ )*$ %+*<#$ .#<#+$;#$)**$53.,$'**A($&.$)"#$A&)'"#.?

]&/"-&/")($ *0$ #3'"$ &.&)&3)&<#$ &.'-78#$ *+&/&.3 (%&+#8$ :*-#$ +#'&%#(>$ &.'-78&./$ #.)+##(>$ (&8#$ (*7%(>$(3.8=&'"#(>$(5**)"&#($3.8$8#((#+)($5 0+7&)($ 3.8$ <#/#)3;-#(^$ 035&-,90+&#.8-,$ (#+<&. 3.8$ "#3-)",$ #3)&./$ 3.8$ -&<&./$ )&%($ 0+*5$ K3+' 8&/&)3-$ 3.8$ &._7#.'#+$ #2#'7)&*.(^$ ;-*//#+$ 3 %3+).#+("&%(^$3.8$*)"#+$(7+%+&(#(?

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-(& #*",.!2& *1(& 7#&3($(4+)*(&8!%& 57& B(-!2& 81(& 2& ;+)I(2& ?5#.,(& M& NONO& +($()#(#&

&)5,&Q$)%&)3*.I.R )5,&')-.$.(#&*!& Q.T)+& 0$-#& )5,& !M&)I).$)4$(&'!+&

!'&)&#/(3.)$&L!$(& #*(+#2& ?53@2& )5,& !+(& (T!*.3& '+".*#& C!-(& *1.#& ')$$2& 5#/.+)*.!5&'!+&)& & *1)*& *1(+(& 3)5&

)$2& 31)+)3*(+R.5R & ,.#1(#2& #)$),#2& -),(&M.*1&'+(#1& 57& #"77(#*.!5#& 3"#W& '"5& #!3.)$2& )5,& .5X"(53(+&

DIY DOLE WHIP The classic treat you love is now available to enjoy at home! This dairy-free dessert is perfect for Summer or anytime you feel like adding a little sweetness to your day. With only five ingredients and minutes to prepare, it's almost as good as enjoying this treat while on vacation ... almost. Notes: For best results, freeze fruit in airtight containers.


1 cup ripe DOLE® pineapple, chopped and frozen 1 ripe DOLE® Banana, peeled and frozen 2-1/2 teaspoons powdered sugar 1/2 cup unsweetened coconut milk 1 teaspoon lime juice


Combine all ingredients in a blender or food processor. Cover; blend until smooth, about 2-3 minutes. Garnish with fresh pineapple. Serve immediately.

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s diners make their way back to their favorite restaurants, cleanliness will continue to be one of the most important things that drive them towards or away from an establishment.

Another report released by CheckIt revealed that while two-thirds of customers would not return to a restaurant because of hygiene, only about 16% are turned away by poor service. Not only is food quality, presentation, and service important, but a customer’s perception of the cleanliness can make or break an experience. Knowing a kitchen is clean is critical, but what’s happening outside the kitchen matters, too. So restaurants should focus on overall facility cleanliness if they want to lure customers and keep them coming back. Having the right cleaning product both in and out of the kitchen is key.


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Dawn Professional Dish Detergent available at Sam’s Club is a great product for cutting through grease and grime in the sink. But it can also be diluted to clean countertops, dining areas, tile walls, coolers, windows and more. Dawn Professional can do the work of several different products in a very economical and efficient way. In the sink, Dawn Professional Dish Detergent can save up to 6,000 gallons of hot water per year – one gallon can make 128 sinks and more than 640 gallons of solution. Plus, it can pull double duty on other restaurant surfaces as part of a wash, rinse, and sanitize process. So in addition to saving time, Dawn Professional can help business owners large and small cut operating costs when they use it both in and outside the sink.

Tips for Improving Restaurant Cleanliness Cleaning a restaurant once or multiple times daily is more critical now than ever. Not only do restaurant owners have to prepare for surprise inspections, but they also have to weather online reviews from customers – the good, bad, and ugly. A BrightLocal study estimates 90 percent of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business, and with photos of great meals comes complaints about restaurant cleanliness, which can quickly tarnish a reputation. So, taking cleaning seriously can drive positive word-of-mouth online and improve profits. Here are a few easy tips for tackling messes with Dawn Professional Dish Detergent.

Cleanliness is Key For foodservice operators, saving time and money is more important than ever right now. As customers find their way back to restaurants, a versatile product like Dawn Professional Dish Detergent from Sam’s Club can help operators provide a clean environment and save time and money by squeezing value out of every drop.

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• Connect to any TV • No Monthly Fee • No Contract • Personalize your Content

*Follows CDC Recommended Guidelines

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Breeze Introduces a New Digital Solution for Restauranteurs Breeze, a new software solution has launched to reinvent the dine-in restaurant experience and assist the hospitality industry in preparing to reopen and maintain a safe and profitable establishment, while adhering to the National Restaurant Association’s new social distancing guidelines. A sophisticated platform, Breeze is a digital interactive smart menu specifically created to facilitate the dine-in experience at a restaurant post lockdown. The platform allows dine-in customers to view menus, order and process payments from their personal devices by scanning a QR code – avoiding the hassle of downloading an app and eliminating the frequency of face-to-face interactions with restaurant staff. There is no need to download an app or sign up to an account, as the software integrates directly with a restaurant’s existing POS system. The platform is designed to be concise, navigable and aesthetically engaging. The sleek and minimalistic layout improves user experience, increases size compatibility with various menus and POS systems, and enhances loading speed and efficiency – leading customers to order more and faster. The platform is visually-led and allows restaurants to highlight their best items, update in real time and create multiple menus that are instantly interchangeable. Providing an interactive menu experience for customers will also increase average spend and ultimately drive incremental increases in revenue – allowing the restaurant to be sustainable and operate in a new post lockdown era. “Our goal was to create a tool that reassures customers it is safe to dine at their favorite restaurants, without facing inconvenient or awkward measures such as temperature checks,” says Stefan Kouumdjiev, founder of Breeze. “When executed thoughtfully, technology doesn't have to undermine the vibe or hospitality at a restaurant and can enhance the experience.” Set up and integration process is easy and seamless. A Breeze representative will integrate the software with the restaurant’s POS and test the platform on-site which takes no more than an hour. Once installed, a restaurant manager can update and make changes through their manager portal. Rather than taking a commission of restaurant sales, Breeze is a subscription-based service and charges a monthly flat fee. A number of New York and New Jersey based restaurants are already implementing Breeze as the way forward as they prepare to reopen in the coming weeks.

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THE NAKED MARKET RELEASES AVOCRAZY, FIRST-EVER SNACKABLE AVOCADO PUFF The Naked Market, a food and beverage company that creates innovative wellness snack brands, announced its newest product today – AvoCrazy - a plant based avocado puff. The introduction of AvoCrazy marks the third wellness snack launched by The Naked Market in just six months, joining Flock Chicken Chips and Beach House Bowls. The puffs are gluten free, vegan, non-GMO, and only 100 calories per bag. “Avocados are one of Americas favorite foods yet, aside from avocado toast and in salads, there has been very little innovation in how we enjoy avocados,” said The Naked Market CEO Harrison Fugman. “AvoCrazy will fill that void with avocado puffs that are delicious and nutritious. The AvoCrazy product launch is the latest example of our company’s ability to create highly unique and socially driven food brands in a timely manner as we continue to make an impact on the food and beverage world.” AvoCrazy embraces avocado’s booming popularity in the U.S. while also entering the emerging puffed snack category. Since 2017, healthy puffed alternatives have taken over snack shelves, and avocado consumption has doubled in the last decade, reaching an all-time high in 2019. AvoCrazy is the first avocado play in the puffed category and is backed with a socially conscious mission, disrupting the stale segment leaders in the market. As part of The Naked Market’s commitment to social consciousness and giving back, for every case of AvoCrazy sold, The Naked Market will donate one meal to hungry families, the homeless, and impoverished elders in the San Francisco community through a partnership with the SF Marin Food Bank. The Naked Market has raised +$3MM in its initial seed funding round with investors including Holtzbrinck Ventures, Econa Capital, and Sequoia Capital’s Scout Fund. Its advisory board is comprised of seasoned food & beverage executives, including Fresh Direct founder and former CEO Jason Ackerman and Gardein Protein and Yves Veggie Cuisine founder Yves Potvin.


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What restaurant owners should know heading into reo


!"#$$% &'()*+,-(% ./0,% 1,,2% 3'-0,4,56% 789(% 9(% :8/)% )8,4% :/2)% ;-*+% -,()/'-/2)(%-,*<,292= As a fifth-generation restaurateur and founder of VIP Insiders, I decided to seek a greater understanding of the future of the hospitality industry post-pandemic. In these uncertain times, I was certain that it is crucial to gain some grasp on what the average person wants and expects in this changed world. VIP Insiders, our technology company that builds mobile loyalty and rewards platforms for restaurants across the nation, conducted a study in April to understand the effects of Covid-19 on the restaurant industry. The survey was to help gauge how customers feel about reopening dining rooms and/or ordering from restaurants during the pandemic. Questions ranged from “What type of PPE do you want restaurants to use after reopening?” to “When do you feel your normal dining routine will go back to normal?” The shown results can now serve as guidelines for how restaurants will adjust to Covid-19 and how it will affect their bottom line. In just 24 hours, more than 8,500 diners took the poll. Participants


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ranged from restaurant customers a of foodie groups and social media have heard what politicians, doctors we need to know what the people w want. Restaurants survive on custo customers expect is pivotal in today

Only 14.5% of surveyors said they w their dining routine back to normal, be ready until the end of the year. In said their habits will return to norma predictions that have been circulatin to normal behavior until 2022 is far sumers noted they are highly likel service even as dining rooms reope takeout dining before Covid-19 may part of their daily operations now.

One of the most surprising results is keting. They are no longer turned media posts; instead, text messagin started with celebrities giving out th now transitioned into brands textin Luckily, text messages have a 98% o

When it comes to sanitizing and the to take seriously their adjusted appr not want anything disposable. It l include plastic silverware, single u plates, cups and menus. PPE is also g seeable future. A staggering 61.9% o to use both gloves and masks when

The results of this survey will hopefu hospitality workers. Consumers do forever, and long for the dining out continues to adjust, we must adapt one look forward to being in a crow good food and good company. 444567*+*-./'58"7

opening phases


and our colleagues to members sites. We’ve seen the news and s and our local leaders want, but who are actually paying the bills omers, and understanding what y’s economy.

were immediately ready to have , while 16.7% said they wouldn’t n better news, 86% of customers al in 90 days or less, proving the ng of consumers now returning r-fetched. However, 50% of conly to continue to use curbside en. Restaurants that did not offer y need to continue to make this

how customers respond to maron to catchy emails and social ng is the new preference. What heir “phone number” to fans has ng their customers offers directly. open rate.

e “new normal”, restaurants need roach. Only 14% of customers do looks like the new normal will use condiments and disposable going to be expected for the foreof survey-takers want restaurants n working.

ully serve as some good news for o not want to stay cooped up t experience again. As the world t with it in order to prosper. I for wded restaurant again, enjoying

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Instructional Technologies Inc offers a free ClearDrive online training course covering safe practices for consumer goods businesses as they remain on the front lines delivering essential products

In the wake of COVID-19, businesses of all sectors have found a need to bring goods and services directly to their customers. Most employers desire to create a safe work environment for both their employees and customers and now face the new challenge of educating their team members on best safety practices while delivering goods during the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Dr Deliveries to N cions associated with driving in operationswhere drivers are in and out of their vehicles frequently and have to navigate urban traffic hazards on busy roads over variable routes. “Many times each day, delivery drivers are making critical deliveries of supplies to homes and essential businesses,” said Thom Schoenborn, VP marketing at ITI. “Our new COVID safety course for delivery drivers helps them understand how the pandemic could affect their work and safety, and provides steps to

With 25 years of providing training solutions to the heavy duty trucking industry, Instructional Technologies Inc. (ITI) has announced free online training for delivery drivers on COVID-19 safety practices. COVID-19: What Delivery Drivers Need To Know is now available to businesses that are using employees to drive light- and medium-duty vans and trucks, or even use personal vehicles, to transport products. ITI’s COVID safety course for delivery vehicle drivers is part of its newly introduced ClearDrive online training program for delivery, vocational and mobile sales and service fleet operations. The defensive driving courses are focused on the unique hazards and distra-


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Drives More Neighborhoods keep themselves and others safe while they remain on the front lines delivering goods. We felt it important to offer our course free of charge to help keep delivery drivers, consumers and communities safe.” COVID 19: What Delivery Drivers Need To Know contains the most up-to-date information from the CDC and other reliable sources on the symptoms of COVID-19, on preventing the spread of the virus, and what to do if you get sick. It also addresses driver-specific concerns, including how to sanitize

high-touch areas in vehicles such as steering wheels and door handles, steps to manage stress in challenging times, no-touch delivery requirements for residences and businesses, masks, sanitation and social distancing. Each video section of COVID-19: What Delivery Drivers Need to Know, available to the public for free, is two minutes in length and the entire course takes about ten minutes to complete. The full course is available to ITI clients through the company’s Sentix Pro learning management system (LMS).

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It’s not what you expect from a tequila

Creamy. Velvety. Smooth. It’s not how you would describe most tequilas. But Tequila David Reyes isn’t like most tequilas. It’s quite simply the tequila of your dreams.

Taste it once and you’ll understand.

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Finest Soda on t h e Mot h er Road




easiest foodservice ever Naughty Chile Taqueria’s Quickies burrito mixes are One Scoop Wonders that


quickly add Mexican food


to your foodservice

w/ rice, beans, green chile sauce

offerings. Just thaw, 617813

w/ beef, potatoes, green chiles, cheese, green chilE sauce

ADOBO Chicken


scoop, roll, and wrap, and your food programs will climax.


w/ beans, rice, RED chile sauce

ALL dayparts are covered, so it’s perfect for both Grab ‘n Go and

712222 w/ pinto beans, red chile sauce

Delivery. You can go all day long! With a Low Labor platform that fits into your

712229 w/ eggs, potatoes, green chiles

current operations, there’s plenty of time for a happy ending!

617788 w/ eggS, sausage, potatoes, green chiles, cheese

712220 w/ refried beans

Available Nationwide. Order Today. Case Pack Size: 20 lb (4x5 lb) (303) 329-0900

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