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As long as we’re apart, we’re in this together. For your passion, your hard work, your support, and your spirit.

Here’s to you.

Red, White & Boozy 1½ oz Tito’s Handmade Vodka 3 oz sparkling water 2 oz cranberry juice

Add Tito’s Handmade Vodka and cranberry juice to a glass with ice. Slowly pour sparkling water for a layering effect. Drop in a few blueberries and enjoy.


We honor and remember the support of Chef Kerry Simon, Gary Cantor, Robin Leach, Chef Paul Prudhomme, & Gary Coles

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“Food & Beverage M book released on Jun By Debbie Hall

Many trends in the fo during COVID-19, w at restaurants and wil goal of opening (or r publisher of Food & book this July, Food rant Success.

The tag line for the bo

ing any restaurant

Michael offers decade creating phenomenall as well as the pitfalls and many failures to b zine Guide to Restaur

Anyone wanting to o pandemic) can ignite negative concerns an open a restaurant be strong and should be have demonstrated th enjoy different menu meal.

A dream deep in an happening in the includes restaurateur adjustments, and find Anyone with a passio one) will be guided b and beverage industry day.

The food and bever many global changi inflation, terrorist atta the pandemic of 2020


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our Desire

Magazine Guide to Restaurant Success” ne 30

ood and beverage industry have emerged with one confirming that people love to eat ll continue to do so. Helping those with a reopening) a restaurant, Michael Politz, & Beverage Magazine, has released his & Beverage Magazine Guide to Restau-

ook reads, “Proven process for start-

t business from scratch to success.”

es of expertise and real-life experience of ly successful food and beverage ventures, to avoid. As he admits, it has taken years be able to write Food & Beverage Magarant Success.

open a restaurant now (even during the (or re-ignite) that spark, burning away all nd quieting the naysayers. The desire to efore COVID-19 for many people was e even stronger now. Potential customers hat they want to eat out, try new cuisines, u items, and socialize with others over a

nyone’s soul remains, despite what is outside world. Entrepreneurs (which rs) will persevere, make any necessary d a way to make their dreams happen. on and goal to open a restaurant (or reopen by this book to become part of the food y, regardless of what is changing day by

rage industry remained strong through ing events, including wars, recessions, acks, crashing financial markets, and now 0.

Food and Beverage Magazine’s Guide to Restaurant Success combines several books, including how to start a business, succeed in the food and beverage industry, and achieve one’s purpose and aspirations. How will anyone know if they are ready, willing, and able to open a restaurant? Michael writes an entire chapter on how to determine if someone is prepared or should consider another business. He gives details on how to select the best location, menu, and staff. There is a step-by-step plan on how to open a restaurant, market it, and, ultimately, make smart decisions about how and where to invest money to grow the restaurant. In 2019, Michael was approached by Wiley publishing company to write a book from his perspective on how to open a restaurant with a budget from $25,000 to $100,000. Wiley is known for instructional and how-to books, and Michael was thrilled beyond words. Even with the dramatic changes, the food and beverage industry with survive, grow, and thrive. New products will be developed and implemented for safety, and new procedures will be put into place. The food and beverage industry is one of the cleanest in the world and will show the way to everyone else. “While writing this book, I found myself flowing in many different directions. I can see that if I had taken a different path, there would be different solutions. That’s how a stream flows; the water hits a rock, and flows in a different direction. I have become inspired to write a series of books about this subject,” says Michael. “I learned from being in kitchens with great chefs. All the places that I have been and all of the things that I’ve experienced has enabled me to write this book. As the process of writing this book became real, it became very challenging to make sure I gave the readers the right information that will help in their inspiration.” The bigger picture is to have entrepreneurs and restaurateurs succeed because of the lessons demonstrated in this book. To preorder “Food & Beverage Magazine Guide to Restaurant Success,” visit favorite sites including,,, and

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izen e w e f e H it u r Grapefr e f o h r e f f ö With Sch

You don’t always have to reinvent the wheel, but sometimes you want to make it a bit rounder. That’s exactly what the Schöfferhofer brewmasters thought when they looked at the wheat beer scene in Germany. They agreed, the traditional and Bavarian heavy beer style deserves an update. They tinkered and brewed and tinkered and brewed some more until they had something special in their glass: the first wheat beer brewed outside of Bavaria. A more elegant and slightly lighter version of wheat beer was exactly what consumers wanted in Germany. After years of growth, Schöfferhofer Hefeweizen reached a form of cult following.

But that’s exactly what happened and through countless taste tests and long nights at the brewery, they came up with the World’s first wheat Grapefruit beer. A beverage that just happened to introduce consumers to a whole new beer category. An incredible success story from the first keg ever brewed. When the Radeberger Gruppe USA introduced Schöfferhofer Grapefruit in a test market at the Food & Wine Festival in Florida, they ran out of beer long before the festival ended.

Because breaking tradition and convention was always something the brewmasters believed in, they figured they can give wheat beers an even more modern twist and unlock incredible new tastes that all revolve around wheat beer. The idea: take consumers on a journey around the world by combining German wheat beer with natural juice flavours from far away places. You have to be a little crazy to take the Carribean Grapefruit flavour or Middle Eastern Pomegranate and mix it with German wheat beer.


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This proved that the success Schöfferhofer Grapefruit enjoyed in Europe was not a fluke and that the beer has hit American consumer’s taste buds in the same way. Over the last couple of years - and many competitors following suit - Schöfferhofer Grapefruit continues to grow and even introduced another flavour just last year. Schöfferhofer Pomegranate is equally well-balanced like its big Grapefruit sister, but hits an entirely different taste profile. Both beers harmoniously blend German craftsmanship - in the form of Hefeweizen - and exciting natural juices that just scream summer, sunshine, and happiness. Both beers are quite light in alcohol, clocking in at 2.5%. It’s the perfect summer companion and an easy all-day drinker. Brewed to be shared with friends, it just also happens to go well with lots of different food. In these times of more home cooked meals, we see both Schöfferhofer mixed beers as the perfect Brunch beer. Whether or not you want sweet French toast or savoury salmon, the wheat beer / juice combination compliments every meal! Matter of fact, check out @SchofferhoferUS for a quick and easy salmon recipe that’s meant to be shared over a Schöfferhofer Grapefruit exclusively made by


Check the location finder on to get Schöfferhofer Grapefruit near you, or visit or to get it delivered in 60 minutes or less (restrictions apply). And make sure you follow @SchofferhoferUS on Instagram and Facebook for recipes! Ready to have Schöfferhofer Grapefruit on your menu? Find your local distributor here.

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The Same Size for Any Sized Business

Save time with portion cut solutions With Tyson Fresh Meats’ Portioned Protein Innovations Team, “same” never looked so different. We deliver quality portion cut products that help foodservice operations: REDUCE LABOR • PREP FASTER • CALCULATE EXACT PLATE COSTS /© 2020 Tyson Foods, Inc.


!"#$%&'%($#)* +,-* .'%(/#* 0""/*1%23'*4/2&#$5"($#* $3*6""7*&7*89$:*+:%(;9(;* +3(#&5"'*.":%<93' By Scott Harkey, Founder, Managing Partner, OH Partners Consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands are continuing to see a major shift in consumer behavior and mindset through the pandemic, giving them opportunities to market themselves in a new and innovative way. With more consumers eating and drinking at home and shopping for both groceries and spirits online through apps such as Instacart and Amazon, restaurants and CPG brands must shift their focus and react to the world’s current conditions in order to stay relevant. The path to purchase consumer packaged goods has changed, and consumers have a variety of choices when it comes to grocery shopping. According to the IRI CPG Demand Index, overall CPG demand has increased by 15% to 20% compared with the same period in 2019. CPG companies are seeing more consumers eating at home but also know that they are faced with more stressors than usual. With parents concerned about staying safe while taking on homeschooling with their kids and worrying about the state of the economy, they are seeking more value brands as they shop. Consumers are also on the hunt for brands that support causes they care about and that play a role in making the world a better place. The demand for action and emotional IQ from brands has increased significantly, and the brands that take the leadership position show their fans and advocates that they are being supported. Overall, companies that hold similar values and support relevant causes will have a greater connection with their consumers. This is especially crucial for premium brands that tend to be overlooked during a crisis or economic downturn because of cost concerns. These brands need to ensure they’re communicating value beyond their cost to illustrate shared consumer missions and values. We saw this during the pandemic with many beer and spirits brands

!"#$%&'( )*+% donating to restaurant workers’ funds and converting their distilleries to hand sanitizer factories. Other CPG brands looked for natural ways they could support shuttered local businesses relevant to their customers, such as RX Bar, who partnered with Studio Three in Chicago Shadowbox in New York to bring consumers workouts they could do from home. Media tactics for CPG brands are also being altered. Strategies that consist of television and sales ads are now put to the side, while social media, public relations, influencers, and digital marketing are the new way forward. For smaller brands that have traditionally relied on sampling to attract new customers, and especially for spirits brands who relied heavily on in-store and on-premises promotions and giveaways, there are many opportunities to partner with their promotional teams to build them up as experts and online influencers – in cooking, in mixology, in wine pairing. Live online tastings and demonstrations forced brands to connect with their customers and offer more meaningful content and interaction the way you may have previously interacted with your local bartender. Search and advertising options, not only within Instagram and other social media platforms, but through Instacart and Amazon are huge for changing consumer mindset. With more time on consumers' hands than ever before, companies have the opportunity to make an impact through these platforms to create an elevated brand identity that helps brands develop deeper connections and engagements. Engaging in public relations is also a way to change perception and obtain new brand fans. Every brand has a story to tell and utilizing influencers and thought leaders will help drive brand advocates far beyond basic value consumers expect. All brands, especially in the CPG and alcohol space, have had to adjust strategies and become agile to retain current brand fans and to gain new consumers. The companies that focus on relevancy and attentiveness through these tough times are the ones that will continue to earn more brand love and ultimately become operationally and strategically superior.

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Balancing Safety and Pr

Billions of people around the world have been mandated to remain at home during the ongoing Coronavirus crisis. Nearly every aspect of our economy has been affected, notably, the food industry. Though many restaurants remain open in some capacity, strict social distancing rules and tight budgets are forcing many consumers back into the kitchen. Some for the first time ever. Moms and dads are suddenly responsible for preparing three squares a day for their families and they are looking to the food production industry to help make those meals simple, delicious, and fun. This national lifestyle change has potential benefits for those of us in the food production industry. The demand for cook-at-home products is soaring, and many production companies are scrambling to ramp up supplies. However, the sudden nature of this growth has inherent risks. We all know that work done in haste is not always work done excellently, and with the national consciousness fixated on health (naturally and understandably) consumers have reasonable expectations for advanced food safety measures to eliminate risks of disease transmission. If food production companies, or any companies for that matter, want to thrive during this time, we must double down on


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our standards for quality. This idea sounds simple enough, but how do we instill confidence in consumers? I believe wholeheartedly that our consumers gain confidence in our products as well as our processes when we commit to transparency in our supply chain. Consumers want to be able to trace a product’s journey, from its very inception until the moment it reaches their table. And not only do they want to know that your facility is safe, but they want to know that the raw materials you use are sourced responsibly as well. While the rules that govern food production safety haven’t c h a n g e d , consumers are now paying closer attention. Your commitment to transparency today will give you a competitive edge in the market moving forward. Providing this level of transparency requires a commitment to excellence that must trickle down through your entire organization. Companies that promote lofty ideals from the board room, but don’t create systems to implement them on the ground end up falling short of their own goals. Even the greatest plans can’t survive a workforce that doesn’t buy into them. Creating an environment of excellence within your com666789*+*-./'7:"9

roduction in a Pandemic By Angie Fontes

pany makes it easier to catch problems at the source. When your values are integrated into the fabric of your organization, and your team believes in the standard of excellence you’ve set, each individual becomes a watchdog keeping their eye out for failures and inconsistencies in the system. Each individual becomes part of the solution to problems when the common goal is excellence. In part, this level of buy-in relies on a history of smart hiring decisions resulting in a team of people who value their work as much as they do their jobs. But even the perfect team should be bolstered by a culture of awareness. When each cog in the engine of your company feels responsible for recognizing and eliminating problems you can more easily avoid the long term ramifications of making costly mistakes. One way to improve your employee buy-in is to practice what you preach. Do you operate your team with a do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do mentality? Your employees will notice. If you prattle on about supply chain visibility and providing clean and healthy products for your consumers, yet maintain a less than tidy production space you’re extinguishing any momentum you might have had. In factory production a clean and organized workspace is crucial. If you want your team to get on board with strict standards, you must lead by example. Research shows that a clean workspace boosts productivity and improves physical and mental wellbeing. By removing clutter and other physical obstacles you’ll see workers’ output improve. And raising your cleanliness standards will improve your bottom line and protect your workers and consumers from exposure simultaneously.

families prepare meals at home at a higher rate than the months and years prior. Now more than ever the diligence and dedication of your workforce will determine how you stand coming out of this crisis. And in the darkest of times, it is these seemingly drastic measures that have the power to inspire confidence in consumers. Today, your workforce is depending on you to maintain the highest level of safety standards. These guidelines minimize the spread of illness as you team works hard to put food on their tables and the tables of your consumers. Our entire country is looking to the food production industry to balance increased production with stringent attention to cleanliness. If ever there was a time for us to stand tall with conviction, the time is now.

All of this is hard to achieve, but especially so when paired with an increased demand for food products as #$$%&'&()*)+,-)&.,-,/01)&& &&&2345&6773)


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• Connect to any TV • No Monthly Fee • No Contract • Personalize your Content

*Follows CDC Recommended Guidelines

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Josh Cellars Breaks into the Booming Barrel-Aged Wine Segment Launching a New Bourbon Barrel Aged Cabernet Sauvignon in Their Reserve Portfolio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Gummi Product becomes a

NEXTY Award Winner Albanese Confectionery Group Inc. answers consumer demand for flavorful candy ULTIMATE™ 8 Flavor Gummi Bears™, a new and unique gummi line from Albanese Confectionery Group, Inc., was just announced as the WINNER in the Natural Products Expo West 2020 NEXTY Consumer Choice Awards. Albanese, whose fans deem the "World's Best" gummies, elevates the gummi tasting experience in their new ULTIMATE™ line by using their signature texture, one-of-a-kind juicy true-to-fruit natural flavors, and colors from real fruits and vegetables.

The ULTIMATE™ 8 Flavor Gummi Bears™ are being The ULTIM recognized as a Consumer Choice in the category of the sh Food & Beverage on the NEXTY internationally supe coveted list. "We are thrilled the consumers Pe loved our new product as much as we do," The ULTIMATE™ 8 Flavor Gummi Bears™ : B said Bethany Albanese. "Taste and texture have always been our bottom-line, and we • Earned a 5 star rating in the NEXTY Consumer have never cut a single corner on ingrediChoice sampler program. ents. The ULTIMATE™ line is no exception. • Earned a 5 star rating by the majority of organic We crafted each flavor with care, skill, and eaters and Whole Foods. passion. We're also proud to say that these gummies have natural flavors, and Sprouts shoppers participating in the NEXTY colors from fruits and vegetables, are Consumer Choice sampler program. gluten free, fat free, MSG free, dairy free, • Earned a healthy, innovative, and inspiring rank and they are made in the USA." ing by over 90% of NEXTY consumers who look

for organic, low sugar products.

Through the New Hope Network, the NEXTY • Earned a high purchase/positive intent to A Awards recognize innovative, inspirational, purchase rating by nearly 90% of Whole Foods, Alb and integrity-driven products in the natural Walmart, Target, and Sprouts shoppers. distr products industry. The NEXTY Consumer Choice makin Award winner is determined by 1000 health-fothe Unit cused consumers who elected to sample products recipe for su from NEXTY and provide valuable feedback on their prodfinding a bett ucts.


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M ATE™ line offers eight innovative flavors: harply sweet Alphonso Mango, the freshly erior Amity Raspberry, the signature Asian ear, the earthy Black Currant, the intense Blood Orange, the powerful Crimson Cranberry, the honey-sweet Fuji Apple, and the bold Queen Pineapple. "The Ultimate™ 8 Flavor Gummi Bears™ really take flavor profiles to the ultimate level," said Dominique Albanese. "The variety of unique real fruit flavors give your palate the experience of biting into the actual fruit. From the skin on the outside, to the juicy flesh on the inside, your taste buds will be begging for the next flavor." About Albanese Confectionery Group, Inc. banese is a manufacturer, retailer, and ributor. For over 30 years, Albanese has been ng the World's Best Gummies and Candy in ted States. For years we've had a simple uccess, putting flavor and texture first, always ter way, and never taking ourselves too

seriously. Our gummies and chocolate taste different because we are different. All of our gummies and chocolates are made at our factory located in the heart of the Midwest and produced with only the highest quality ingredients sourced exclusively from American and European growers. Look for the Gummi with the "A" on the Tummy™ to make sure you have the World's Best in your hands.

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From all natural, shelf stable garnishes, to chef inspired seasonings and olive oil powders. We're here to make your creations easier, even exceeding your expectations in flavor and aroma.

14 Blends and 4 Olive Oil Powders to Choose From 4 oz Retail and 16 oz Wholesale

Available At:

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Graeter’s Ice Cream Celebrates 150th Birthday in a Sweet Way Beloved Ice Cream Co. Celebrates Birthday with Limited Edition Ice Cream, Bakery Items and More this Summer Graeter’s Ice Cream, family owned craft ice cream maker since 1870, is celebrating its 150th birthday with the creation of a special ice cream flavor and a limited edition birthday donut. Each of the specialty products will be released on July 1 coinciding with National Ice Cream Month and in celebration of Graeter’s birthday. Graeter’s new “Birthday Cake” ice cream flavor is a celebratory blend of cake pieces and sprinkles in cake batter ice cream. Meanwhile, the limited-edition birthday cake flavored donut, fully glazed, iced with rainbow sprinkles inside and out, is available at select Cincinnati-area scoop shops.

Friends and fans can celebrate Graeter’s birthday by visiting area scoop shops, or by searching for Birthday Cake flavor ice cream in Kroger, Giant Eagle, The Fresh Market, Dorothy Lane Market and Jungle Jim’s. The ice cream is also available for sale online -- while supplies last. Alongside the brand’s 150th birthday celebration, Graeter’s will also maximize the summertime months with their annual Bonus Flavor schedule with the first new bonus flavor launching on July 6. Different than years past, Graeter’s will be offering special discounts and perks to its loyal fan base on the Graeter’s App all month long. Local delivery and curbside pickup ordering is also available on the Graeter’s App. The app is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

thought it would," shares Richard Graeter, 4th generation family member, President and CEO of Graeter’s Ice Cream. "However, we still think the world needs something worth celebrating. With new flavors, such as our 150th Birthday Cake, to kick off the summer, we guarantee we’ll be able to offer consumers a taste of joy and happiness in 2020.” The Graeter family will also continue to host their annual, well anticipated coloring contest -- this year held digitally at In the spirit of celebration, Graeter’s has made plans to sponsor the Cincinnati Zoo’s Fiona FunK on July 26th. To keep up with July news and events, follow Graeter’s on social media @Graeters or visit

"Our anniversary year certainly hasn’t turned out the way we initially !""#$%$&'(')*+'$,*+*-./'$$ $$$0123$4551'


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How Data Reveals the Culprits Impacting Food Production Quality !"#$%&'%#()'*+*',-.#(/-*,'#0',+&1)# 2%'3/)*-4#2%-%4/'.#567/-8/19

Today, food and beverage companies have an increasingly complex set of challenges in front of them: more stringent regulatory requirements, economic uncertainty, surging demand, changing consumer preferences and a spotlight on food safety. There are many factors at play in the food and beverage industry that can make or break a company – even one wrong move has the potential to set a company off course for years. Quality mishaps can mean more than a literal poor taste in customers mouth. If they impact consumer safety, it spells disaster for a company’s public image. Also, an inability to quickly ramp up production to account for increasing demand in a certain food category could hurt the bottom line for companies that are being slowly edged out by competitors producing faster. Much of the difficulty in ensuring quality food production and ramping up operations to produce more volume comes down the difficulty in extracting insights from mountains of plant process data. There are so many hidden “culprits” that impact production quality – they may even elude the most brilliant data scientists in the world. This is where technology can take the reins, analyzing plant data to uncover new insights that will reveal the factors negatively impacting final product quality. Asset performance management tools can identify what is leading to variability in different plant processes, which helps improve product quality as well as operational efficiency (a critical component in keeping pace with demand). Boosting Quality Unlike the production of some products where small variances are of minimal importance, food and beverage production must be precise. A lapse in quality in


a batch immediately can categorize it as waste material, and it must be discarded. Not only does this slow down production, it also impacts the bottom line – unusable end-product is money down the drain. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to determine quality until the end-product is analyzed. Even if plants can test quality mid-production, pinpointing the reason for degradation of product quality is an even bigger hurdle. Advancements in technology can help predict quality in real time. It can capture process data and hundreds of production variables, modeling the best conditions for each respective process. Armed with insight into how to ensure the production of good quality product, companies can have more control over plant processes. The technology also provides real-time alerts when it detects certain process behaviors or variables that might lead to a ruined batch, helping companies entirely avoid product waste and giving them the opportunity to save product at different stages of production.

A scenario in which the application of technology would be advantageous would be if a food processing plant, for example, was stumped on why certain batches of the same product, made with the same process, ended up with different textures. Through automated analysis of hundreds of process variables, technology might uncover that the process that produces batches with the undesired, rougher

!""#$%$&'(')*+'$,*+*-./'$$ $$$0123$4551'

texture, might see a temperature spike mid-production that alters the quality. Upon further analysis, the data could reveal that temperature spikes in the process directly correlate to a certain time of day, when the equipment has been running for a certain period of hours. It might indicate a larger issue with the process equipment itself, overheating when active for too long. A dual benefit of asset performance management technology is that it also helps optimize production processes. Through modeling and simulation tools, companies can have a clear view into how to save time, energy and resources by simply adjusting the design of a process. Predicting equipment breakdowns is another value-add of technology, in that it reduces unintended plant downtime or asset malfunction by analyzing behavioral data patterns of assets. If struggling to meet surges in demand, it is in a food and beverage company’s best interest to apply technology to their operations to achieve a level of efficiency that previously escaped them. There truly is no telling the breadth of what plant data can reveal; however, it does highlight the value of all the data companies sit on every day that goes unused. It is a valuable reserve but only if captured and leveraged.


perfecting the modern cocktail with


!"#$%&'( )*#'+*,

For over 200 years, Noilly Prat’s world-renowned vermouth has been crafted by the sea using the original outdoor ageing process created by Joseph Noilly, who ran a well-established spirits business since 1813. Surrounded by the local vineyards of Marseillan and overlooking the oyster tables of the Étang de Thau, where Languedoc meets the Mediterranean, Noilly Prat Original Dry is crafted using a secret recipe of fine white wines, blended with around 20 herbs and spices carefully sourced from around the world. The unique outdoor aging process and the savoir-faire of the Maître de Chai ensure that the taste of Noilly Prat Original Dry is preserved from generation to generation and is now immortalized through the evolution of its iconic bottle and label. Known and loved by bartenders and chefs alike, the unique collection also includes Noilly Prat Extra Dry and Noilly Prat Rouge. Transport yourself to the South of France with a Noilly Prat Original Dry L’Apéritif, enjoyed over ice with a twist of lemon.


Ingredients 2.5 parts Noilly Prat Original Dry 1 twist of lemon 1 large ice sphere Method 1. Pour Noilly Prat Original Dry over ice sphere and stir once 2. Squeeze the lemon peel over the glass to release its essential oils 3. Garnish with the twist of lemon

!""#$%$&'(')*+'$,*+*-./'$$ $$$0123$4551'



Ingredients 1.5 parts Noilly Prat Rouge .75 part Coffee liqueur Chilled premium tonic water Orange slice Method 1. Build drink over cubed ice in a highball glass 2. Stir and garnish with a fresh orange slice or wedge


“vermouth service on draft”

Ingredients 2.25 parts Noilly Prat Original Dry Chilled Perrier® Frozen green grapes Small ice spheres Method 1. Stack ice spheres all the way to the top so one peaks over the wash line. 2. Pour Noilly Prat Original Dry over ice spheres and top with Chilled Perrier®. Garnish with frozen grapes


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BellyMelly Launches First-of-Its-Kind, Zero-Touch Dine-In Technology /&-0@1&A$="$!&'6$B"7;'$C&-=;<+;1=-$ ;1A$=D&$E"FF<10=0&-$:D&($G&+?&

8/2./'$ 9""#$ ")#')./+$ :2*;9")<$ &'223,'223$ ./;)"#1='5$ *$ 9)''$ >)5;?"9?.;5?@./#$ 5"21;."/$ ;"$ A'2:$ )'5;*1)*/;5$ *=)"55$ ;A'$="1/;)3$)'?":'/$*<.#5;$B8C4D?EFG$HA'$&'223,'223$ *::$)'("21;."/.-'5$;A'$#././+$'I:').'/='$J3$:)"(.#./+$*$ 9*5;K$'*53?;"?15'$*/#$-')"?="/;*=;$5"21;."/$9")$)'5;*1)*/;5$ */#$=15;"<')5$*2.@'K$LA';A')$;A'3$L*/;$;"$#./'$./$:')5"/$ ")$A*('$;A'.)$<'*25$#'2.(')'#G$

4/$ *##.;."/K$ &'223,'223$ A'2:5$ 2"=*2$ )'5;*1)*/;'1)5$ ="<? :';'$ L.;A$ ;A.)#?:*);3$ 5.;'5$ 9")$ ;*@'"1;$ */#$ #'2.(')3$ ")#')5K$LA.2'$*22"L./+$15')5$;A'$"::");1/.;3$;"$+.('$J*=@$ ;"$;A'.)$2"=*2$="<<1/.;.'5$*;$/"$="5;$;"$;A'<G

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


In Spirit


with Vedo Pitnjakovic

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

>)'*9'$ */$ 'HB)'55."/$ 1/2.?'$ */398./+$ '25'$ 78.592':.+$ 8*5$ )'2'*5'#$C'A")'D$$ ;"<'=9">?$ 5.95$ *9$ V]$ :)""A$ ")$ 6^_$ T&EG$ @8.>8$ +.('5$ .9$ 98'$ B')A'>9$C.9'$4$2""?$A")$./$@8.5?'3D$M8'$<*58$C.22$.5$6\_$R3'$^W_$ 78'*9$*/#$U\_$&*)2'3D$X"$/"9$C'$"Z$B19$C3$.95$N&2'/#'#$78.5F ?'3Q$ 2*C'2$ *5$ .9$ #"'5$ /"9$ 2*>?$ */3$ K1*2.93$ C19$ 5.<B23$ #"'5$ /"9$ <''9$ 98'$ MM&$ )'K1.)'<'/95$ "A$ *9$ 2'*59$ \`_$ R3'D$ 78.592':.+$ <*./9*./'#$98'$5*<'$C"992./+$*5$98'.)$"98')$'HB)'55."/5$'/51)F ./+$B'"B2'$98.5$.5$B*)9$"A$98'$5*<'$*@*)#F@.//./+$A*<.23D aB"/$ 1/C"H./+$ 78.592':.+$ ;"<'=9">?G$ 4$ /"9.>'#$ 98*9$ .9$ @*5$ <1>8$ 2.+89')$ ./$ >"2")$ 98*/$ "98')$ @8.5?.'5D$ M8.5$ .5$ #1'$ 9"$ .95$ 3"1/+')$*+'$59*9'<'/9D$ P/$ 98'$ /"5'G$ .9$ .5$ <1>8$ 5@''9')$ 98*/$ <"59$ "98')$ N;.+8FR3'Q$ @8.5?.'5$ @.98$ /"9'5$ "A$ ")*/+'$-'59$*/#$")*/+'$C2"55"<G$*2"/+$@.98$ B.B'$9"C*>>"$*/#$(*/.22*D 4$2"('#$98'$B*2'99'b$P/$98'$B*2'99'G$4$B.>?'#$ 1B$).B'$C')).'5G$9"Z''G$/19<'+G$*/#$9"*59'#$ /195D$ 49$ C)"1+89$ 1B$ @"/#')A12$ <'<").'5$ "A$ +"./+$9"$98'$.>'$>)'*<$58"B$*/#$98'$5<'22$"A$ A)'58$ @*c'$ >"/'5G$ @8.>8$ 4$ *2@*35$ ")#')'#$ @.98$B.59*>8."$.>'$>)'*<D$ P/$ 98'$ [/.58G$ .9$ .5$ 2"/+G$ 5B.>3G$ */#$ >)'*<3G$ '(">*9.('$"A$.>'$>)'*<D 4$ '/>"1)*+'$ B)'F")#')./+$ 3"1)$ C"992'$ */#$ 58*)./+$.9$@.98$3"1)$A).'/#5$C'>*15'G$.9J5$"/23$ ).+89$98*9$.9$.5$58*)'#$@.98$98'$"/'5$98*9$<'*/$ 98'$ <"59$ 9"$ 3"1$ *5$ *$ /"#$ 9"$ *22$ 98'$ B'"B2'$ @8"$>*<'$9"+'98')$9"$>)'*9'$;"<'=9">?$ d/L"3$.9$/'*9G$./$*$e"2#$R158G$")$./$*/$P2#$ :*2D$M8'$2'<"/$L1.>'$.5$L159$+"./+$9"$C)./+$"19$ 98'$)3'$./$98'$e"2#$R158D$ M8.5$.5$*$2.<.9'#F'#.9."/$)'2'*5'$98*9$8*5$/"9$ C''/$)'2'*5'#$9"$98'$B1C2.>$3'9D$M8*/?$3"1$9"$ 98'$A"2?5$*9$78.592':.+$A")$5'/#./+$98.5$9"$<'$ *8'*#$ "A$ 98'$ )'2'*5'$ #*9'D$ O"1$ >*/$ B)'")#')$ 78.592':.+$;"<'=9">?$"/$@@@Df*(.*)D>"<$$$$ */#$@@@D>*5?')5D>"<$A")$ghUDii$B')$h\W$<2D

Vedad “Vedo� Pitnjakovic is a freelance spirits & cocktail writer and contributing writer for Food and Beverage Magazine. vedo is based out of Las Vegas and has Ten years of experience as a bartender, consultant, and brand ambassador.

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The Post-Pandemic Litigation Surge:

!"#$%&'( )*+%

!"#$%"$&'()*'($+",'$ -(.%*,'*/%$0"'$ 1"234567$83%39*%3"/ !"#$%&'%(#)%*+,(-#%(.#/012&0"#3%45&,.0 :;($1"234567$)*/4(<3=$;*.$,)(/4(4$%;($ '(.%*,'*/%$3/4,.%'>?$='(*%3/9$*$;".%$"0$ /(#$="/=('/.$*/4$4*/9('.@$$1;3(0$*<"/9$ %;(<$3.$;"#$%"$'(")(/$*/4$.*0(A>$")('*%(@$$ &,BA3=$;(*A%;$"C=3*A.$'(="<<(/4$."=3*A$ 43.%*/=3/9$*/4$<*.D.$*.$%;($B(.%$<(*/.$ "0$)'(2(/%3/9$3/0(=%3"/$0'"<$%;($="'"/*5 23',.@$$!"#(2('?$%;3.$3.$*/%3%;(%3=*A$%"$%;($ 43/3/9$3/4,.%'>$#;3=;$3.$B,3A%$"/$B'3/93/9$ )(")A($%"9(%;('@$E;3A($.*0(%>$="/=('/.$ */4$(="/"<3=$'(*A3%3(.$<*>$.((<$<,%,*A5 A>$(F=A,.32(?$%;(>$*'($/"%@$$G$#(AA54"=,5 <(/%(4?$="<)'(;(/.32($'(")(/3/9H")('5 *%3"/$)A*/$=*/$*=;3(2($B"%;@$$ 1'(*%3/9$*$.%'"/9$1"234567$")('*%3/9$)A*/$ =*/$ /"%$ "/A>$ )'"%(=%$ >",'$ (<)A">((.$ */4$ 3/.%3AA$="/I4(/=($3/$>",'$=,.%"<('.?$3%$=*/$ )'"%(=%$ >",'$ B,.3/(..$ 0'"<$ %;($ #*2($ "0$ 1"234567$ A3%39*%3"/$ #;3=;$ 3.$ A3D(A>$ %"$ (<('9($*.$%;($=",/%'>$'(")(/.$4,'3/9$%;($ )*/4(<3=@$$:;3.$*'%3=A($)'"234(.$."<($%3).$ */4$ 9,34*/=($ 0"'$ ='(*%3/9$ )"A3=3(.$ */4$ )'"=(4,'(.$ 0"'$ '(")(/3/9$ */4$ ")('*%3/9$ 4,'3/9$%;($)*/4(<3=@$$:;($)'3<*'>$0"=,.$ 3.$ %"$ A*>$ %;($ 4(0(/.($ 9'",/4#"'D$ 0"'$ %;($ ="<3/9$="'"/*23',.$A3%39*%3"/$*'3.3/9$0'"<$ )*%'"/.$ #;"$ *AA(9($ %;(>$ ="/%'*=%(4$ 1"234567$#;3A($43/3/9$*%$>",'$'(.%*,'*/%@$ 1"/%3/,(4$"/$)9@$JK$

!""#$%$&'(')*+'$,*+*-./'$$ $$$0123$4551'



!"#$%#%&'()*+%,-.'/012%,#3)%!-4*/%&--(%&'() The anticipated fact pattern for a typical claim will consist of a customer claiming they contracted Covid-19 at a restaurant because of insufficient safety policies and procedures. The restaurant will claim its safety measures were adequate and the customer was infected elsewhere. Whether safety measures were adequate is usually determined by a jury with the benefit of expert testimony. The jury will have to decide whether the restaurant acted the same as a reasonably prudent person would in the same or similar circumstances. In other words, the jury will be asked whether the restaurant actions were reasonable. The defense your attorney can mount, and what the jury will think about your restaurant and its care for its customers, will largely depend on your reopening/operating plan. The stronger the plan, the stronger the defense. In other words, if your plan makes a stranger comfortable in taking their parents and children to your restaurant, you are moving toward a strong and defensiObviously, causation will also be ble reopening plan. 1

1 an element for the plaintiff to prove in such a claim. A discussion about proving causation is beyond the scope of this article.

5)$%,-93'3$)9$%@-4$'9)3%<"#$%A6)%B#3+%$-%;-**-C While it is ideal to document every aspect of your Covid-19 preventative measures, it likely is not feasible or practical. When this is the case, use a consistent, easy to follow routines which you ensure is followed. A strictly followed routine creates a strong defense. Litigation is slow and starts months, if not years, after the underlying events occurred. It is possible that you could find yourself sitting in a deposition testifying about service from three years earlier. Remembering the specific service given to a particular customer three years ago is difficult to impossible in the best of circumstances. This is where consistent routine is invaluable. It allows both you and your employees to confidently testify about exactly happened for this particular customer because that is what happened with every customer. A routine also reinforces the documentation discussed above. Being able to point to a policy and confidently testify that this was what was followed with every customer is powerful in litigation.

The best plans starts wi available. Admittedly, thi understanding of Covid-19 co most recent guidelines from gov bearers. The California Departmen covid19) and National Restaura covid19) provide detailed guidan reopening. Once you have made update your pl


The California Department of Pub creating a written worksite-specific This plan will form the foundation weaknesses will impact every aspe the litigation. The plan must t business. This will be a comp endeavor. As you draft your p are sued, you will have to e judge o


Increased notice is an increased d tions of entry and the rules for din menus (if you are using them), an regarding specific parts of the resta where to wait for a table) should be while all of your customers are undo by the pandemic, it is a good idea to r dining out. This notice should be inc at the door and on your menus an have the server reiterate the rules down. Your goal is to ensure your assume by dining

!"#$"%&'"()*%+& *+& "& +,%*-#& +."#,.-$/,#& "(& 01#2.3& 4,"#+-%& 5#"/$,3& 6& 7,,%,3& "%/&.*+&2#"8(*8,&*%8$1/,+&/,9,%/*%:&#,+("1#"%(+&":"*%+(&"&;"#*,(3&-9&(-#(&8$"*<+=&& !,&."+&+188,++91$$3&/,9,%/,/&#,+("1#"%(+&*%&"&.-+(&-9&/*+21(,+&-;,#&.*+&>?@3,"#& 8"#,,#=& &'"()*%+& ."+& A,,%& #,8-:%*B,/& "+& "& C-#(.,#%& D"$*9-#%*"E F12,#& G"H3,#E ,;,#3&3,"#&9#-<&>IJK@>IJL=&!,&8"%&A,&#,"8.,/&"(&.H"()*%+M<2A9=8-<=&


/,,01213*4*5%&*16%&%'()*11 111789:1;<<8*



ith the best information is is moving target as our ontinues to evolve. Review the vernment and industry standard nt of Public Health ( Association ( on policies and procedures for a plan, frequently check back and lan as needed.


blic Health guidelines recommend c plan for every restaurant location. of your defense. Its strengths and ect of your case and set the tone of touch on every aspect of your prehensive and time-intensive plan, keep in mind that, if you explain your reasoning to a or jury.


defense. Clearly display the condining at the entrance, on disposable nd on your website. Specific rules aurant (bathroom, one-way walking, e placed at those locations. Finally, oubtedly aware of the dangers posed restate the risks customers take when cluded with your rules and conditions nd website. It is also a good idea to and notice once the customer sits r customer aware of the risks they at your restaurant.

8'9,(1)"%:;1$<"0.)* In litigation, if it is not written down, it did not happen. This includes both your plan and its implementation. A plan is only as good as its execution. Even the most detailed plan is useless if it is not followed. Provide the plan to every employee, read through it with them, and document your training. Record when meetings are held, who attends, and what is discussed. When you are operating, make sure that the new policies are being followed and document these checks. While this may seem excessive, thorough documentation creates a strong defense. It can even stop litigation before it begins. Answering an attorney’s demand letter with a trove of documents that undercut what his client told him will make him think twice before filing suit.

?')5.-1$%@5.)*%#%7#.;1$ Including a waiver with your policies and procedures is worth considering. While a waiver is not a silver bullet to knock out litigation, it can significantly strengthen your defense. Signing a waiver could be a condition of entry or on the menu. If your menu is accessed by cell phones you could require the customer acknowledge they read, understood, and agree to the waiver before they can view the menu. No matter which method you choose, if you are considering using a waiver, consult with experienced counsel to draft it. The above is a generalized outline for restaurants. The particular policies and procedures necessary to create a strong defense will vary from restaurant to restaurant. The above is not legal advice and should not be relied on as such. When in doubt, have an experienced attorney familiar with restaurants and hospitality review your policies prior to distribution to your staff and prior to opening your doors.

!"#$%"&'()*+%,-"',.')'/%,)0')//#%1"&')/'(2%34&'5")%.#1'6%)-0"&'7'8""1"&')1-',.' 91#:1';#%'4,.'3%)<=)/,*')33%#)*4'/#'0,/,<)/,#1>'?,.'3%)*/,*"';#*2.".'#1'-";"1-@ ,1<' )//#%1"&.' )<),1./' =)03%)*/,*"' *0),=.' )1-' +2.,1"..' #:1"%.' ,1' )' A)%,"/&' #;' *#1/%)*/2)0')1-'/#%/'-,.32/".>'?"'*)1'+"'%")*4"-')/'<=)*+%,-"B=3+;>*#=>'

#$$%&'&()*)+,-)&.,-,/01)&& &&&2345&6773)


A meal isn't complete without a great drink.

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