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The Hard Honey Taste Experience

JUNE ISSUE 2023 COVER IMAGE Hive20 PUBLISHER MICHAEL POLITZ DIRECTOR & EDITOR-IN-CHIEF LAUREN KANE SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT MANAGER SHELBY POLITZ EUROPEAN FOOD ADVISOR ATTILIO BORRA DIRECTOR OF PROGRAMMATIC SALES BARB ROGERS NATIONAL ACCOUNT DIRECTOR MIKE LEVINE SENIOR ACCOUNT MANAGER SUSAN GOLD ACCOUNT MANAGERS ANITA DAVID COLLIN MILLINGTON CONTRIBUTING EDITORS MICHAEL POLITZ LOUIS LOMBARDI DEBBIE HALL STEPHANIE BLITZ CONTRIBUTING WRITERS LAUREN MCINDOO SUSAN GOLD ANITA DAVID FREDERICK BACKMAN SHELBY POLITZ AUSTIN VALDEZ RYAN SLATTERY We honor and remember the support of Chef Kerry Simon, Gary Cantor, Robin Leach, Chef Paul Prudhomme, & Gary Coles Food & Beverage Magazine® is owned and published electronically by Beautiful People, LLC. Copyright 1995-2016 Beautiful People LLC. All rights reserved. Food & Beverage Magazine® and distinctive logo are trademarks owned by Beautiful People, LLC. “” is a trademark of Beautiful People, LLC. No part of this electronic magazine may be reproduced without the written consent of Food & Beverage Magazine. Requests for permission should be directed to: The information contained has been provided by such individual, event organizers or organizations. The opinion expressed in each article is the opinion of its author, organization or public relation firm. Food & Beverage Magazine is not affiliated with any other food and beverage or hospitality publication.

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Hive to Hand Hive₂O creates a new beverage category:

The Hard Honey Taste Experience

Welcome to the tantalizing world of Hive₂O, where honey takes center stage in a new beverage category that promises a Hard Honey Taste Experience like no other. Hive₂O is revolutionizing the industry with its commitment to pure, sustainable ingredients and a taste that appeals to all palates. With a history of success in the functional beverage space, the founder of Hive₂O returns to change the perception that compromising on quality is necessary to be successful in the Ready to Drink (RTD) space. We had a chance to sit down with David Bee, the visionary founder and CEO of Hive₂O, who has returned to the beverage business with a mission to redefine taste, quality, and sustainability. Join us as we explore the inspiration behind Hive₂O, the challenges of the beverage market, and the remarkable journey that led to the creation of these exquisite beverages. I read that you once had a very successful beverage business years ago. What made you decide to go into the beverage business again? I’ve learned a great deal about the market and discovered that healthy ingredients and great tasting products are still difficult to find. I wanted to change the perception that you could not produce a successful beverage that is pure in nature, uses sustainable ingredients and appeals to all taste-buds. Not all beverages are created equal and you cannot cut corners if you want to create something amazing. Aside from rigorous research, we did testing and more testing and realized that to achieve preeminence, we had to go back to basics; Simple, Clean and Pure ingredients. I like to call this a 20 year overnight success!

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Why did you get into the beverage market again knowing how competitive it was? Because not much has changed in 20 years and I felt the need to reenter the stagnating Beverage market and deliver the best tasting drink experience in a can. The one thing that has changed over time is people’s desire to consume RTD’s (Ready-To-Drink). With the stagnation in innovation and the market not demanding something better, we can become conditioned to have lower standards. This is something I like to call “palate bending”, which essentially means, we as consumers lower our expectations of what our taste buds actually enjoy vs. what we will accept. Creating a beverage that appeals to varying taste sensitivities can be challenging but not impossible. Our journey began by finding the best ingredients and creating epic flavor experiences for every type of consumer. There are really only 2 types of palates, a hard & soft palate that essentially decides for us what we like or dislike. Then it comes down to taste perception and a variety of 4-5 different individual preferences. The R&D that went into Hive₂O is about delivering a sensory experience of taste for everyone, instead of creating different flavors that have been repeated over and over again. Our flavor profiles are influenced by smell, texture, ingredients and taste. We under-carbonate so the flavors are not overtaken by bubbles to achieve effervescence with a beginning, middle and end of the taste waterfall. This ensures a sensory experience by contributing to the mouthfeel and taste perception of each carefully thought-out flavor profile.

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"We had to go back to basics; Simple, Clean and Pure ingredients. I like to call this a 20 year overnight success!"

Why create both Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic drinks? The market is changing and while many people still enjoy drinking alcohol in most social environments, many others want an alternative and do not feel the desire for Alcohol. For those looking for a complex substitute, or just something to enjoy in between drinks, we wanted to create an adult tasting/looking beverage that could be enjoyed without the side-effects. With so many brands choosing to go the co-packing route, what made you choose to create your own production facility? Creating a unique tasting experience requires quality control and reducing the amount of hands that touch your product. To ensure quality, taste and consistency it was important that our Chicago Hard Honey facility was vertically integrated to make everything in-house to maintain our motto “Hive to Hand” (@Hive2Hand). Being in the industry since 2004, we understood the size of the market and decided to build out our bottling and canning line along with every piece of equipment needed to produce up to 4 million cans per month. The plan is to build similar facilities in other States as we expand our beehive footprint and increase local honey production. What inspired the beautiful, clean design? Our design took over 80 iterations to get the sleek premium look that makes it unique enough to be a part of the decor at a high end club,

restaurant or gracing the most elegant tables at a Mindy Weiss Wedding! When you’re making a product that only has four to six ingredients, those ingredients must be top shelf because we don’t use anything to mask any of the flavors. We wanted the design to fit the aesthetics of transparency, sustainability and quality. Why choose honey as your main source for your product? Honeybees only live for 3-4 weeks and are incredibly important for the planet and the survival of our species. Many of us don’t realize bees are responsible for ⅓ of our food crops and without them, scientists say we would only live for another decade. Knowing their intrinsic value, it only made sense to use Honey as our sustainable base for one of the most natural resources that cannot only be sourced and used in abundance, but is replenishable as well. The benefits of raw honey vs. corn syrup, sugars and synthetic sweeteners are endless. Hive₂O’s foray into the competitive beverage market is an inspiring example of thoughtfulness in the face of vertical marketing brand creation. With a deep understanding of the evolving demands of consumers, Hive₂O aims to break the cycle of mediocrity and provide a sensory experience of taste for everyone. By having a vertically integrated production facility and commitment to sustainability, Hive₂O sets a new standard in the industry, proving that excellence can be achieved from “Hive to Hand.”

Not all beverages are created equal and you cannot cut corners if you want to create something amazing. June Issue 2023 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 8

THE BEE NECESSITIES Honeybee survival is immensely important for our agriculture and natural ecosystems due to the bees crucial role in pollination. Bees are essential pollinators that play a vital role in pollinating a wide variety of crops, including fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and forage for livestock. It is estimated that honey bees contribute to the pollination of approximately one-third of the world’s food crops. Without honeybees, many plants would struggle to reproduce, leading to reduced crop yields and potential food shortages. Scientists are concerned that problems facing bees could have a devastating impact on our food supplies and ecosystems. Dr. J from Planet Bee quotes “The honey bee is our primary commercial pollinator, on which most of our nutritious foods are dependent. Bee pollination supports healthy productive farms and ecosystems by increasing the genetic diversity, fruit and seed production of flowering plants on which humans and wildlife depend for food, resources and ecological services.”

Hive₂O donates a percentage of their product proceeds to partners like PlanetBee.Org that are mission based, dedicated to the protection and growth of the Honeybee population through multiple verticals. David Bee, founder and CEO of Hive₂O” says “It is our responsibility to ensure the honeybee flourishes and that we protect it by not only using the fruits (honey) of their labor to benefit but to guarantee we replenish-it. Like the bee, we must return more than we take to assure their protection and growth with sustainability practices. Bees are the only species that positively impact our past, present, and future. It’s on us to do more than just consume & survive, we must give back and thrive /PX BWBJMBCMF GPS QVSDIBTF BU 8IPMF 'PPET .BSLFU Page 9 | Food & Beverage Magazine v June Issue 2023


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JUNE ISSUE 2023 COVER IMAGE Kevin Hart, Gran Coramino PUBLISHER MICHAEL POLITZ DIRECTOR & EDITOR-IN-CHIEF LAUREN KANE SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT MANAGER SHELBY POLITZ EUROPEAN FOOD ADVISOR ATTILIO BORRA DIRECTOR OF PROGRAMMATIC SALES BARB ROGERS NATIONAL ACCOUNT DIRECTOR MIKE LEVINE SENIOR ACCOUNT MANAGER SUSAN GOLD ACCOUNT MANAGERS ANITA DAVID COLLIN MILLINGTON CONTRIBUTING EDITORS MICHAEL POLITZ LOUIS LOMBARDI DEBBIE HALL STEPHANIE BLITZ CONTRIBUTING WRITERS LAUREN MCINDOO SUSAN GOLD ANITA DAVID FREDERICK BACKMAN SHELBY POLITZ AUSTIN VALDEZ RYAN SLATTERY We honor and remember the support of Chef Kerry Simon, Gary Cantor, Robin Leach, Chef Paul Prudhomme, & Gary Coles Food & Beverage Magazine® is owned and published electronically by Beautiful People, LLC. Copyright 1995-2016 Beautiful People LLC. All rights reserved. Food & Beverage Magazine® and distinctive logo are trademarks owned by Beautiful People, LLC. “” is a trademark of Beautiful People, LLC. No part of this electronic magazine may be reproduced without the written consent of Food & Beverage Magazine. Requests for permission should be directed to: The information contained has been provided by such individual, event organizers or organizations. The opinion expressed in each article is the opinion of its author, organization or public relation firm. Food & Beverage Magazine is not affiliated with any other food and beverage or hospitality publication.



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AN ULTRAPREMIUM TEQUILA MADE WITH PASSION AND HART In just the past few years, tequila has seen a significant growth in popularity — particularly within the US market. No longer the stereotypical college fraternity party drink of choice, tequila has earned its way into the premium spirit category. This is due to a variety of factors including the introduction of new flavors, a greater social media presence and the proliferation of celebrity-owned brands like Kevin Hart’s Gran Coramino™.

“I knew exactly what I wanted Gran Coramino to taste like. I just needed someone who could bring that authenticity and high quality product to fruition,” said Hart, Founder of Gran Coramino Tequila. “Juan, my partner James Morrissey from Global Brand Equities, and myself decided on every aspect of this product. We worked tirelessly to create the perfect Reposado Cristalino and Anejo and I couldn’t be happier with the result.”

Hart’s passion for tequila began long before the mass market appeal for this particular spirit took place. He had been wanting to create a tequila brand of his own for years but was waiting for the right partner to bring his vision to life.

Knowing this gives some context to the Gran Coramino tagline, which is Hard Work Tastes Different. It is not just a clever phrase. It is the essence of how this premium tequila came to be and what makes it stand out among the sea of mass marketed spirits. Both Hart and Beckmann are dedicated to their crafts, putting their heart and soul into all they do. So it should come as no surprise that Gran Coramino is made with 100% blue agave tequila crafted at La Rojeña Distillery in Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico, the oldest distillery in Latin America.

It was important to Hart that his tequila make a unique statement amidst the plethora of other tequila brands. That ideal collaboration presented itself when Hart met 11th generation tequila maker, Juan Domingo Beckmann.

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It is first aged in eastern European oak barrels and finished in California Cabernet wine casks to reflect the state that Hart calls home. The liquid is then transformed into a Cristalino tequila, which is a unique slowfiltration process that Beckmann invented for the tequila industry more than 10 years ago. Delivering a complex, deeply smooth flavor with a crystal-clear appearance, the quality and craftsmanship is unmatched and gives customers a premium experience with every sip. “Kevin is a proven leader and true tequila aficionado whose creativity, passion, and enthusiasm have driven him to unparalleled success in all of his endeavors,” said Beckmann, Founder of Gran Coramino Tequila. “From day one, it was clear both Kevin and I share the same philosophy for producing tequila of the highest quality, entrepreneurial drive, and care for the people who make and enjoy tequila.” Since inception, Gran Coramino has been about people coming together and building a sense of community. Being that Hart’s fans and culture served as a significant inspiration in the creation process it was very important to him that this Tequila be correctly presented to his generation. As a result, both the tequila novice and the experienced connoisseur will appreciate the extremely smooth, easy to drink yet sophisticated Cristalino. Presenting notes of vanilla, toffee, berries and light spice, it is the perfect drink for everyone. “I consider myself a tequila expert – it’s been my drink of choice for years, but I created Gran Coramino with people like myself and people who may be new to tequila in mind,” said Hart. “I was committed to crafting a premium, luxury tequila while still making it accessible so that anyone can try and enjoy it!”

Hart of Magazine a Cristalino being Page has 9 | long Foodthought & Beverage v as June Issuethe 2023best-kept secret

in tequila and something that deserves to be introduced to those who have never had the opportunity to taste it. Beyond building awareness and exposure, using Gran Coramino as a vehicle for making a positive impact was also a priority. As entrepreneurs, long-time philanthropists, and tequila lovers from diverse backgrounds, Beckmann and Hart first bonded over their passion for tequila. However, they quickly realized they shared a commitment of giving back to their respective communities in a meaningful way. Recognizing the importance of bringing financial resources and learning opportunities to deserving small businesses, Gran Coramino is proud to donate $1 from every bottle sold to support diverse entrepreneurs and their endeavors. Working with trusted partners in Mexico and the United States, Gran Coramino is helping close wealth and opportunity gaps through cash grants and programs.

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“We’ve been working with Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) to create the Coramino Fund — a give back program providing $10,000 grants to Black and Latinx owned small businesses all over the country,” stated Hart. “I know that pursuing the path of entrepreneurship is hard work. I also know that some of our best and brightest have historically been excluded from opportunities or lacked the resources to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams and we want to do our part to break down those barriers.” Every time someone purchases a bottle of Gran Coramino, they can find satisfaction in the taste and their contribution to minorityowned small businesses making strides towards their goals and solidifying their place in the world of entrepreneurship. Both the Gran Coramino Cristalino and Gran Coramino Añejo offer a feel good opportunity with a sophisticated flavor combination worth savoring. The Cristalino. This crystal-clear beverage begins with aromas of cooked agave that give way to notes of vanilla and butterscotch perfectly balanced by subtle floral and berry flavors. The perfectly paired flavors innately mingle on your palate before smoothly transitioning to the long and balanced oak-laced finish. The Añejo. Deep amber in color, this special tequila is matured for over a year in American oak and French oak barrels before being blended with an Añejo matured in ex-cognac casks. The result is a unique flavor combination of rich oak, nuts, toasted cacao, and coffee bean with an oak-laced long and sweet finish that never disappoints.

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Hart’s personal favorite way to drink Gran Coramino is the Cristalino Highball. Although he is quick to mention that it’s also equally palate pleasing on the rocks. However, there is no wrong way to enjoy the premium Gran Coramino Tequila products.

In need of inspiration? Here are a few recipes guaranteed to receive rave reviews.

THE BELOVED INGREDIENTS • 2oz Gran Coramino Cristalino • 0.5oz Lemon Juice • 0.5oz Agave • 5 Concord Grapes • 2 Cucumber Slices • Coupe Glass

METHOD In a cocktail shaker, add concord grapes and cucumber, then muddle Add Gran Coramino Cristalino, lemon juice, and agave syrup Add fresh ice, then shake and strain into coupe glass Garnish with cucumber slice, concord grapes, and mint sprig

EVERY TIME SOMEONE PURCHASES A BOTTLE OF GRAN CORAMINO, THEY CAN FIND SATISFACTION IN THE TASTE AND THEIR CONTRIBUTION TO MINORITY-OWNED SMALL BUSINESSES MAKING STRIDES TOWARDS THEIR GOALS AND SOLIDIFYING THEIR PLACE IN THE WORLD OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP. As Gran Coramino gets ready to celebrate its one-year anniversary, there are plenty of new ventures on the horizon, including the first ever Coramino Cup. This innovative, nationwide cocktail competition is aimed at recognizing the hard working, nightlife bartenders. Allowing them to showcase their skills among grueling, nightly challenges, this live event will be hosted by Hart himself and is scheduled to take place this coming July 9th or 10th in Las Vegas, Nevada. Be sure to tune in for this event and all the other exciting Gran Coramino-related ventures to come! Gran Coramino Reposado Cristalino and Gran Coramino Añejo are available at, ReserveBar and at retail locations nationwide for a suggested retail price of $49.99. For more information, please visit and follow @GranCoramino on Instagram. ABOUT GRAN CORAMINO™ TEQUILA Gran Coramino is a tequila brand founded by two world-class masters of their crafts, Juan Domingo Beckmann and Kevin Hart. As entrepreneurs and tequila lovers, Juan and Kevin first bonded in Tequila, Mexico over their passion for what tequila is and can be, as well as their shared values and desire to innovate the tequila category. Launching first with Gran Coramino Reposado Cristalino, the tequila is matured in Eastern European oak barrels, finished in California Cabernet wine casks and slow-filtered for smooth flavor and crystal-clear color. Gran Coramino will donate $1 from every bottle sold to support diverse entrepreneurs and small businesses from communities in Tequila, Mexico and the United States. Gran Coramino is available at a suggested retail price of $49.99. For more information, please visit and follow @GranCoramino on Instagram. Page 13 | Food & Beverage Magazine v June Issue 2023


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ABOUT GLOBAL BRAND EQUITIES Global Brand Equities (GBE) is the leading producer, owner, and operator of disruptive consumer brands in the spirits industry. Founded by international entrepreneur James Morrissey, the GBE portfolio consists of investments in brands that live in high-growth categories. Responsible for some of the industry’s most successful product launches globally, the company continues to innovate and evolve beyond the average industry standard. Creating longterm growth of brand equity is a priority for all of the GBE businesses, and its foundations are deep rooted in the liquor, manufacturing, and entertainment sectors, ensuring longevity and the ability to scale at a global level. The growing portfolio which Includes Maison No 9 French Rosé, Mercer + Prince Canadian Whisky and Sunny Vodka continues to receive exceptional accolades from leading experts. ABOUT PROXIMO SPIRITS Proximo is a global innovator of quality spirits that create excitement with every sip. Its unique portfolio of brands includes the world’s best-selling tequila, Jose Cuervo®, the most-awarded tequila in the world, 1800® Tequila, Mexico’s best-selling premium tequila, Gran Centenario®, Bushmills® Irish Whiskey from the world’s oldest licensed whiskey distillery, Stranahan’s® Rocky Mountain Single Malt Whiskey, Proper No. Twelve® Irish Whiskey, The Kraken® Black Spiced Rum, TINCUP® American Whiskey and Pendleton® Canadian Whisky. Learn more at

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ABOUT KEVIN HART Emmy & Grammy nominated Kevin Hart was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he launched his career as a comedian during an amateur night at a local comedy club. Over the years Hart has become Hollywood’s box office powerhouse, opening ten films at number one at the box office with $4.23 billion revenue at the global box office. Hart is the Chairman of HARTBEAT and Founder of HartBeat Ventures. Both of these companies play an integral part of his eco-system serving as an incubator for extraordinary growth and creativity. Hart continues to develop, star, and produce feature films and television and podcasts via HARTBEAT for his various partners which include Netflix, Peacock, Sirius XM and Audible. In 2020 Hart released his seventh hour long stand-up special, “Zero Fu**ks Given,” which quickly became Netflix’s biggest stand-up special of 2020 and earned him a Grammy nomination for “Best Comedy Album”. Hart also earned Emmy nominations for “Die Hart,” for “Outstanding Actor in a Short Form Comedy or Drama Series” along with an Emmy nomination for his Docu-series, “Don’t F**k This Up”. Kevin is a New York Times Best Selling author twice over and his first Audible original, “The Decision,” was nominated for an Audie award for “Best Original Audiobook in 2021.” Kevin’s brand partnerships include Fabletics Men, JPMorgan Chase, Hydrow, NutraBolt, Gran Coramino, AP, Sam’s Club & Old Spice.

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Unveiling the Origins and Remarkable Benefits of Olive Oil, and tips on what to look for when you want to buy it at the store.

Attilio Borra

Exploring International Foods & Nutrition

Olive oil, known as “liquid gold” in ancient times, has been cherished for centuries due to its exceptional flavor, versatility, and numerous health benefits. Derived from the fruits of the olive tree (Olea europaea), this natural oil has a rich history and continues to captivate people worldwide. In this article, we delve into the origins of olive oil and explore the remarkable benefits it offers. The origins of olive oil can be traced back to the Mediterranean region, where olive trees have been cultivated for thousands of years. Ancient civilizations, such as the Greeks and Romans, revered olive oil for its culinary and medicinal properties. The olive tree itself became a symbol of peace, wisdom, and fertility. The historical significance of olive oil extends beyond its traditional uses, as it played a crucial role in religious ceremonies and even served as an ancient currency.

Page 19 | Food & Beverage Magazine v June Issue 2023

Olive oil is extracted by pressing the olive fruit. The process involves several stages, beginning with the harvesting of ripe olives. The fruits are then washed and crushed to form a paste. The paste is subsequently pressed to separate the oil from the solid matter. This traditional method, known as cold-pressing, ensures that the oil retains its natural flavors, nutrients, and health-promoting compounds. There are different types of olive oil, each with distinct characteristics and uses. Extra virgin olive oil, the highest quality and most sought-after type, is obtained solely through mechanical means and without any chemical processing. It possesses a superior taste, aroma, and a rich green color. Virgin olive oil is also obtained mechanically but has slightly higher acidity compared to extra virgin olive oil. Pure or refined olive oil undergoes further processing, including refining and filtering, to remove impurities and enhance its shelf life.

What Health Benefits does Olive oil have? Heart Health: Olive oil is renowned for its heart-healthy properties. Its monounsaturated fats, such as oleic acid, can help lower bad cholesterol (LDL) levels while increasing good cholesterol (HDL). This, in turn, reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke. Antioxidant Powerhouse: Loaded with powerful antioxidants, such as polyphenols and vitamin E, olive oil protects the body against oxidative stress, reducing inflammation and combating free radicals. These antioxidants contribute to various health benefits, including promoting healthy aging and reducing the risk of chronic diseases. Anti-inflammatory Effects: Olive oil contains a natural compound called oleocanthal, which exhibits anti-inflammatory properties similar to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Regular consumption of olive oil has been linked to a decreased risk of inflammatory conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis and certain cancers. Digestive Health: The consumption of extra virgin olive oil has been associated with improved digestion and a reduced risk of digestive disorders. It can help stimulate the production of bile, aid in the absorption of nutrients, and promote a healthy gut microbiome. Brain Function: Olive oil is considered a key component of the Mediterranean diet, which has been associated with a reduced risk of cognitive decline and neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s. The monounsaturated fats in olive oil help maintain healthy brain function and protect against age-related cognitive decline.

The olive tree itself became a symbol of peace, wisdom, and fertility.

What kind of schemes the industry uses to produce a less expensive Olive oil? While the vast majority of olive oil producers adhere to ethical and legitimate practices, it is important to acknowledge that, like any industry, there have been cases of fraudulent activities or deceptive schemes employed by a small number of individuals or companies. These schemes aim to mislead consumers and compromise the integrity of olive oil products. Adulteration involves mixing olive oil with lower-quality oils or substances, such as seed oils or vegetable oils. This dilution allows unscrupulous producers to reduce costs while maintaining the appearance of pure olive oil. Adulterated oils may lack the health benefits and flavors associated with authentic olive oil.

Mislabeling, it occurs when producers intentionally misrepresent the origin, quality, or classification of their olive oil. For example, labeling a bottle as “extra virgin olive oil” when it does not meet the required standards or using misleading geographical indications to imply a specific origin that is inaccurate. Counterfeiting, it involves creating imitation packaging or labels that resemble established and reputable olive oil brands. These counterfeit products are often of inferior quality and are sold at a lower price, deceiving consumers who believe they are purchasing a genuine product. Some producers may use improper processing methods or machinery that compromise the quality of the olive oil. This can include using excessive heat during extraction or employing chemical solvents, resulting in a lower-quality oil with diminished nutritional value and flavor. Olive oil classifications, such as extra virgin or virgin, have specific standards regarding acidity levels, sensory attributes, and production methods. Some producers may blend lower-quality oils with small amounts of higher-quality oils to achieve the desired classification, deceiving consumers and undermining the authenticity of the product. It is important to note that these deceptive practices are not representative of the olive oil industry as a whole. Many reputable producers take pride in maintaining high-quality standards and adhering to strict regulations. In response to fraudulent practices, organizations, regulatory bodies, and certifications have been established to ensure the authenticity and quality of olive oil products, providing consumers with reliable choices.

What is the difference between a mono cultivar and a mixed cultivar olive oil? Mono cultivar olive oil is made from a single variety of olives. In other words, the oil comes from olives of the same cultivar or variety, which are harvested and processed separately. This allows for the unique characteristics and flavors of that particular olive variety to be highlighted in the oil. Mono cultivar oils often showcase distinct aromas, flavors, and intensities, providing a more focused and specific tasting experience. Some popular mono cultivar varieties include Picual, Arbequina (Spain), Frantoio (Italy), and Koroneiki (Greece). Mixed cultivar olive oil, also known as a blend or cuvée, is produced by combining olives from different cultivars or varieties. The blending process involves carefully selecting olives from different cultivars, either harvested separately or together, to create a harmonious and balanced flavor profile. By blending different varieties, producers aim to achieve a well-rounded and complex olive oil that showcases a combination of flavors, aromas, and intensities. The specific cultivars used in the blend can vary depending on the desired characteristics and the expertise of the producer.

From its ancient roots to its modern-day prominence, olive oil has earned its place as a versatile and highly regarded ingredient in both culinary and wellness realms. Differences and Considerations: Flavor Profile: Mono cultivar oils tend to have a more pronounced and distinct flavor profile, reflecting the characteristics of the specific olive variety. Mixed cultivar oils, on the other hand, offer a balanced and harmonious combination of flavors from different olives, resulting in a more complex taste.

Both mono cultivar and mixed cultivar olive oils have their merits and can deliver exceptional taste experiences. The choice between the two depends on personal preferences, desired flavors, and intended culinary uses. Exploring and experimenting with different varieties and blends can enhance one’s understanding and enjoyment of olive oil.

What should we look for when purchasing a bottle of Olive Oil? When purchasing a bottle of olive oil, it is essential for consumers to carefully examine the label to ensure they are getting a high-quality and authentic product. Here are some key things to look for on the label: Quality Classification: Check for the quality classification of the olive oil. The highest quality is “Extra Virgin Olive Oil,” followed by “Virgin Olive Oil.” These classifications indicate that the oil is made purely from olives and has undergone minimal processing. Harvest Date: Look for the harvest date or “best before” date on the label. Freshness is crucial for olive oil, as it tends to deteriorate over time. Ideally, choose oils with a recent harvest date, typically within the last year. Origin: Check for the country or region where the olives were grown and the oil was produced. Some regions have a reputation for producing high-quality olive oils, such as Italy, Spain, Greece, or California. Look for specific geographical indications or certifications like PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) or PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) that indicate the oil’s origin and quality. Extraction Method: The label should mention that the oil was extracted using mechanical means, preferably “cold-pressed.” This indicates that the oil was obtained without excessive heat or the use of chemicals, preserving its quality and flavor. Acidity Level: Extra virgin olive oil should have an acidity level below 0.8%. The label may indicate the acidity level, but it is not always required. However, a lower acidity level generally indicates higher quality. Bottle Color: Olive oil is sensitive to light, so look for dark glass bottles or packaging that protects the oil from harmful UV rays. Light exposure can cause oxidation and deterioration of the oil. Certification or Seals: Look for certifications or seals from reputable organizations or regulatory bodies. These may include the International Olive Council (IOC) seal, USDA Organic certification, or specific regional designations. These certifications provide an added assurance of quality and authenticity.

Consistency: Mono cultivar oils provide a consistent flavor experience, as they are sourced from a single variety. Mixed cultivar oils may vary in taste from batch to batch or year to year, depending on the composition and proportion of different olive varieties used in the blend.

Tasting Notes: Some labels may include tasting notes or descriptors that provide information about the oil’s flavor profile. These can give you an idea of the oil’s aroma, fruitiness, bitterness, and pungency.

Versatility: Mixed cultivar oils often exhibit a versatile flavor profile that can complement a wide range of culinary applications. Mono cultivar oils, with their distinctive flavors, are sometimes preferred for specific dishes or pairings where their unique characteristics can shine.

From its ancient roots to its modern-day prominence, olive oil has earned its place as a versatile and highly regarded ingredient in both culinary and wellness realms. Its remarkable health benefits, ranging from cardiovascular support to anti-inflammatory effects, make it an invaluable addition to a healthy lifestyle. So, embrace the rich history and harness the benefits of olive oil and let this liquid gold grace your table and enrich your well-being.

Exploration: Mono cultivar oils offer an opportunity for olive oil enthusiasts to explore and appreciate the distinct qualities of different olive varieties. Mixed cultivar oils can provide a broader exploration of flavors and allow consumers to experience the artistry of blending different olives.

Page 21 | Food & Beverage Magazine v June Issue 2023

I hoped you enjoyed this article, let me know your experience on Olive oil write me at: I’ll make sure to reply you for all the info you inquired. This is it for now, until next time, I’ll see you in the Kitchen. Ciao.


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Summer is all about memories, Copa Di Vino offers your business a chance to create a unique and memorable dining experience your customers will remember for years to come. Copa Di Vino’s new Sauvignon Blanc and Red Blend wines will prepare your business to capture the summertime customers looking for an exciting wine to pair with your delicious food. Both Red Blend and Sauvignon Blanc wines have gained tremendous popularity in recent years. The versatility Sauvignon Blanc and Red Blend offers, allows your restaurant to pair them with many different types of foods, making these portable premium wines an excellent choice for outdoor dining, food truck, pizza parlor, café, and more!

Take advantage of this consumer trend and increase sales and revenue, especially on to-go orders.

Copa di Vino is available through your local wine or beer distributor. Contact us: Phone: 541.298.8900 email: @copadivino

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APPLYING MACRO-TRENDS TO BOOST BAR MARGINS THIS SUMMER BY LORI BOLIN, PRESIDENT AND CHIEF STRATEGY OFFICER AT BREWLOGIX Warmer weather brings about change in the hospitality industry as consumer behavior and beverage preferences shift from “colder weather trends” to “warmer weather trends”. Savvy bar, taproom, and restaurant managers can examine these trends to increase margins and serve-up a successful summer beverage program. At BrewLogix, we analyzed nearly a billion ounces of on-premise draft depletions to identify macro-trends within the U.S. that could have relevance to most on-premise bars and restaurants this summer. Applying learning from these trends, however, is very local and specific to you and your customers.

Page 23 | Food & Beverage Magazine v June Issue 2023



ABV: The percentage of throughput derived from higher ABV beverages decreases as colder weather decreases, while the percentage of throughput derived from lower ABV beverages increases as warmer weather increases. NOTABLE: In 2023, low-to-no ABV beverages are projected to make up an even greater portion of on-premise depletions as we progress into the summer.

Flavor Notes: The percentage of throughput derived from darker, richer, creamier, smokier, and roasted flavor notes decreases as colder weather decreases, while the percentage of throughput derived from lighter, crisper, more refreshing flavor notes increases as warmer weather increases.

Additionally, we see a shift in throughput percentage from year-round “top sellers” compared to “all other taps”. For many bars and restaurants, we often see year-round favorites that make up the top two-three draft products. As summer approaches, these products may remain in top positions, but their collective throughput is a smaller % of the whole while “all other taps” increase in their contribution to the throughput pie – and if designed properly, can be a key to boosting margins.

June Issue 2023 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 24

How can you apply these macro trends to boost your summer draft program? FIRST, LET’S LOOK AT HOW CONSUMER BEHAVIOR CHANGES AS THE WEATHER GETS WARMER: • Social groups increase in size. As weather gets warmer, more people say “yes” to the dinner invite, the drinks after work, the Saturday bike ride to brewery tap rooms… In general, meet-ups are larger and (notably) more people have a say in where they go to find the menu options that make everybody happy. • Social groups expand in age and drinking preferences. As cold weather dissipates, social groups stretch the edges of their inclusion. “Everybody’s welcome!” is the rallying cry with the sober-curious, the cocktail savvy, the health-crazed, and the Cicerone trained craft beer nerd all equally expecting a great experience at your bar. • Beverage consumers are looking for more variety – especially in the summer. While craft beverage consumers have long been known for their willingness to try almost anything… in the summer, the average beverage consumer is seeking out “what’s new” with greater intentionality. NOW, HERE ARE A FEW SUGGESTIONS TO INCREASE THROUGHPUT AND MARGINS: • Beverage Mix/Local Agility. Forge relationships with your local craft breweries and distilleries to stay up to date on new offerings, highlighting products from the community. Encourage your local brewers to make you aware of their topperforming summer brews with popular summer flavor notes. Explore cideries and kombucha brewers in your area who are innovating fruit-forward flavors for the summer with a range of ABV levels that expand your “other taps” with increasing throughput potential. Remember, there’s great opportunity with this segment of your draft program as seasonal products and small-batch premium offerings can delight customers while positively impacting your margins. • Social Media Marketing. Use your social media and your outbound email blasts to promote your range of beverage options and your new products on tap. Even if you’re a full service restaurant, during the summer, refreshing beverages are an attractive draw to bring in traffic and maximize ticket averages. • Beverage Menu. If your menu is designed for the beer nerd, you may want to consider re-organizing the beverage menu for the summer to speak to a broader customer base. For example, consider organizing by category features like, “What’s New!” “Trending Styles” “Summer Hits” “Low-to-No Alcohol” or even a “just for you” section for the vegan, the gluten-free-er, and the abstainer, with premium products curated just for them. You may find increased loyalty and increased margins by meeting the summer guest in their summer mindset. • Operations. Consider offering kegged cocktails (both with and without alcohol) to increase efficiency and consistency while boosting margins. • Staff Knowledge & Feedback. A well-trained staff that can advise customers on beverage choices with efficient ease will improve the guest experience and lead to add-on and upsells that create wins for everyone. Gaining your FoH team’s feedback about guest beverage requests and comments will also keep your draft program well-tuned to customer preferences. If you are looking for a simple way to improve your team’s knowledge of draft products, explore - a great source of free, straight-from-the-brewer “BrewKnowledge” that is easy to absorb. A shift from “colder weather” to “warmer weather” can help you heat-up your beverage program’s profitability. Let consumer behavior and changing beverage preferences inspire your plans for a successful summer! Cheers!

Page 25 | Food & Beverage Magazine v June Issue 2023

LORI BOLIN Website | LinkedIn Lori Bolin is the President and Chief Strategy Officer for BrewLogix, a technology solutions company influencing the next trajectory of growth in the beverage hospitality and craft brew industries. The company uses the unique insights of cloud-powered and Internet of Things (IoT) technology to help bars, restaurants, taprooms, and breweries elevate customer and staff experiences that drive profitability and brand loyalty. Lori serves as the visionary for the BrewLogix ecosystem and is the primary product consultant for the company’s newly released Performance Platform designed specifically for the on premise environment. In addition to her passionate work in the hospitality industry, Ms. Bolin is the owner of a private consulting firm that focuses on creating competitive advantage for small-to-midmarket businesses through strategic innovation. She is also co-owner of Crossroads Kombucha, a craft kombucha brewery in the Midwest. She is a Certified Beer Server in the Cicerone® Program and has served as a judge with Kombucha Brewers International.

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Knives Out MasterChef ’s Nick DiGiovanni Sharpens his Skills in his Debut Cookbook

By Ryan Slattery

MasterChef finalist and viral video phenom, Nick DiGiovanni is adding author to his growing resume. Knife Drop: Creative Recipes Anyone Can Cook is a collection of recipes curated from his life experiences. For example, there is his twist on his grandmother’s Scalloped Scallops, while the Browned Butter Lobster Rolls trace to his New England roots (he went to Harvard University and still lives in Boston). “I could tell a story for every recipe that’s in the book,” DiGiovanni says. “I drew from a lot of different backgrounds in compiling these recipes, oftentimes adding a creative twist. The inspiration came from everywhere.” Other easy-to-make recipes include a decadent Blueberry Brie Grilled Cheese, a Smoky Mezcal Rigatoni and his Viral Pasta Chips and Dino Nuggets. He also collaborates with recognizable chefs such as Andrew Zimmern, Robert Irvine and Joanne Chang. In all, there are more than 100 recipes home cooks can flawlessly execute, and the good news is most are weeknight recipes cooks can follow and complete on a work day. Knife Drop also includes advice on equipment, ingredients and techniques, so home cooks of any ability level can pick up new skills. “I really think it’s important that everyone learn at least the basics when it comes to cooking,” says DiGiovanni. “I wanted to keep it realistic and keep it accessible. No one is going out and buying crazy ingredients like Wagyu or crab legs. I wanted the recipes in Knife Drop to be simple, delicious food spins on classic dishes.” DiGiovanni remembers falling in love with food when he was eight or nine years old. He gained national attention as a finalist on MasterChef and has risen to fame as a social media superstar. DiGiovanni has nearly 11 million followers on TikTok and 10 million people subscribe to his YouTube channel. His stint on MasterChef came about by accident. DiGiovanni said he was walking to class one day and saw a flier advertising auditions for the show. It became a “life-changing” moment. Page 27 | Food & Beverage Magazine v June Issue 2023

“I remember sort of looking at it and saying ‘why not?’ I was doing everything I possibly could with food so why not add one more thing to the list. I showed up to the audition and then everything else was kind of a blur after that.”

“It’s really fun to open people’s eyes to new things. Anytime you have a collaboration, it’s fascinating for people because you have these two people that might both be in the food space, or maybe one is in the food space and one is a professional athlete or a DJ. I just like teaching people to appreciate food and where it comes from.” More Information: Knife Drop: Creative Recipes Anyone Can Cook will be released June 13, 2023.

DiGiovanni says that, while his heart might have “skipped a few beats” meeting Gordon Ramsay and being on the show, he wasn’t intimidated by the Hell’s Kitchen chef. “It sounds cliche, but I have always treated everyone like they’re just another person. It was a very unique experience,” DiGiovanni says. The relationship he built with Ramsay has continued. DiGiovanni has famously collaborated with Ramsay and a number of other chefs, athletes and musicians posting video recipes to his social media platforms. DiGiovanni has judged Ramsay’s beef Wellington, made Nutella iced coffee with Joe Jonas, and avocado ice cream with Tom Brady. He called the experience collaborating with Brady “surreal,” and he was quite impressed with the finished product. “I had never eaten avocado ice cream before. It was actually pretty good,” DiGiovanni admits. For DiGiovanni, the tutorial videos are a creative way to engage with fans. “It’s really fun to open people’s eyes to new things. Anytime you have a collaboration, it’s fascinating for people because you have these two people that might both be in the food space, or maybe one is in the food space and one is a professional athlete or a DJ. I just like teaching people to appreciate food and where it comes from.”

Photo credit: © Max Milla

BLUEBERRY BRIEGRILLED CHEESE Regular grilled cheese is delicious, but if you’re craving something with a better balance of sweet and savory, try this.

YIELD 4x sandwiches PREP TIME 5 minutes COOK TIME 20 minutes Credit line: Excerpted from Knife Drop reprinted by permission of DK, a division of Penguin Random House LLC. Copyright © 2023 by Nick DiGiovanni.

Ingredients • 8 Thick Slices Of Sourdough Bread • 4 Tbsp Mayonnaise • 4 Tbsp Blueberry Jam Or Preserves • 6oz (170g) Sliced Brie • 1 Cup (140g) Fresh Blueberries • 2 Cups (226g) Grated Sharp White Cheddar • 4 Tbsp Unsalted Butter, Divided

Directions Using a pastry brush, lightly coat one side of each slice of bread with mayonnaise, about 1/2 tablespoon per slice. Place 4 slices of bread on a work surface, mayonnaise side down. On each of the 4 slices, spread a thin layer of blueberry jam, about 1 tablespoon per slice. Evenly distribute the brie, blueberries, and cheddar over the jam. Close each sandwich with a slice of bread, mayonnaise side up. In a large nonstick pan, melt 2 tablespoons of butter over medium heat. Add 2 sandwiches and cook on one side for about 5 minutes. Use a weight, such as a small pan lid, to press down the sandwiches. Flip and cook for 5 minutes on the other side, until the exteriors of the sandwiches are browned and crisp and the cheese has melted. Transfer the sandwiches to a serving platter. Repeat the cooking process for the remaining sandwiches. Serve immediately.


Ingredients • 1lb (454g) Pre-Made Pizza Dough • All-Purpose Flour, For Dusting • High-Heat Cooking Oil, For Greasing • 1 Cup (113g) Freshly Grated Fontina Cheese • 2/3 Cup (67g) Freshly Grated Romano Cheese • 1/2 Cup (50g) Freshly Grated Parmesan Cheese

My first restaurant job was in Providence, Rhode Island. The restaurant, Al Forno, is known as the “birthplace of grilled pizza.” It’s the best pizza I’ve ever had. This is a spinoff I created with my friend Andris, who eats, sleeps, and breathes pizza.

• 1 (14.5oz [425g]) Can Of Whole San Marzano Tomatoes • Kosher Salt, To Taste • 3/4 Cup (20g) Fresh Basil, Chopped • 3/4 Cup (20g) Fresh Flat-Leaf Parsley, Chopped • Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, To Finish

YIELD 3x 10-inch (25cm) pizzas PREP TIME 15 minutes COOK TIME 25 minutes

• 6 Scallions, Thinly Sliced

Excerpted from Knife Drop reprinted by permission of DK, a division of Penguin Random House LLC. Copyright © 2023 by Nick DiGiovanni.

Photo credit: © Max Milla

Directions Divide the dough into 3 equal portions, each about 5 1/3 ounces (150g), and place on a lightly floured baking sheet. Cover with plastic wrap and rest at room temperature until needed. Oil the grill grates and preheat the grill to 400°F (200°C). In a medium bowl, lightly mix the Fontina, Romano, and Parmesan cheeses until evenly combined. Set aside. Add the tomatoes (with juices) to a large bowl. Using your hands, crush the tomatoes into a slightly chunky purée. Adda pinch of salt. Set aside. On a lightly floured work surface, use a rolling pin to roll out 1 ball of dough as thinly as possible, using flour as necessary to keep the dough from sticking to your hands or the work surface. You want an extremely thin crust, as it will puff up a lot when it cooks. When the grill is hot and oiled, use your fingertips to gently lift the dough and drape it onto the grill. Cook for 1 to 2 minutes or until grill marks appear. Using tongs, flip the dough. Working quickly, brush the dough with olive oil and sprinkle evenly with 1/3 of the grated cheese mixture. Use a spoon to add several large dollops of tomatoes across the dough. Sprinkle some of the basil and parsley over the top of the dough. Close the grill lid and cook for 4 to 5 minutes or until the cheeses have melted. Remove the pizza from the grill. Drizzle a little olive oil over the top and sprinkle a healthy dose of raw scallions over the pizza before serving. Repeat steps 6 to 8 with the remaining dough and toppings.

Page 29 | Food & Beverage Magazine v June Issue 2023


The Texas Restaurant Show is designed to give restaurateurs access to the tools they need to seat more tables, sell more food, and make more money. Take a deep dive into a variety of impactful learning opportunities including inspiring education sessions, keynote presentations, and exciting live demos - all providing solutions that you can immediately implement. Our programming delivers national insights, key-connections, industry trends, new technology, and all-around great ideas to help you and your business succeed. Exhibit or attend at


GHOST KITCHEN CONFERENCE & VIRTUAL RESTAURANT SHOW The Texas Restaurant Show schedule will expand to feature the Ghost Kitchen & Virtual Restaurant Conference (GKC) on Friday, July 7 and Saturday, July 8. The Texas Restaurant Association will continue to offer an industry deep-dive educational session on Saturday, July 8 and then more than 20 educational sessions during the trade show on Sunday, July 9 and Monday, July 10. OnTrend Concepts will also manage an OnTrend Ghost Kitchen & Off-Premise Pavilion, featuring more than 30 exhibit booths during the Texas Restaurant Show. SCAN HERE TO ATTEND

Restaurant operators register free with code FBM23

The Texas Restaurant Association is the essential resource providing advocacy, education, and benefits to advance the restaurant and food service industry in the State of Texas.

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The Nation’s Highest Concentration of Award-Winning Chef’s Under One Roof Miami, it’s time to feast your senses! Julia & Henry’s opens its doors June 3rd—Operated by King Goose Hospitality, this seven-level culinary and entertainment destination located in Downtown Miami will showcase the world’s largest concentration of award-winning chefs under one roof, amongst other intriguing attractions. With 26 culinary concepts housed in the heart of the venue, an iconic three-story atrium space, visitors will experience an unapparelled gastronomic journey. From sunrise to sunset, indulge in mouthwatering dishes crafted by James Beard Award Winning chefs and talented creators recognized by the World’s 50 Best Rankings including Tomas Kalika and Renzo Garibaldi, Miami culinary scene movers and shakers, Michelle Berstein and José Mendín, as well as top ten best pastry chef in France, Yann Couvreur—just to name a few. Sip on specialty wines, craft beer, and artisanal cocktails at bars located on each level with menus curated to provide the perfect beverage pairing according to the unique culinary concepts on that floor. Make your way to the basement and discover Jolene, a high-energy retro sound room by the creators of Broken Shaker, named one of The World’s 50 Best Bars two consecutive years. And there’s more… Coming soon, floors four and five will serve as a music-centric creative incubator equipped with state-of-the-art recording studios, unconventional communal workspaces as well as a tattoo parlor. Imagine grabbing a refreshing aperitif at the 3rd floor cocktail bar and taking a flight of stairs up to listen in on budding artists (or even established ones) recording a demo! Last (but definitely not least), Julia & Henry’s rooftop will be transformed into Torno Subito by Massimo Bottura, a three-Michelin star chef, widely regarded as the best in the world. And the handpicked protégé of Bottura, Chef Bernardo Paladin, who paved the way for Torno Subito Dubai’s first Michelin Star, will be Head Chef of Page 31 | Food & Beverage Magazine v June Issue 2023

Torno Subito Miami. The historic landmark constructed in 1936, was re-developed by Stambul Development with a mission in mind: to revive the past and build the future of Downtown by reinstating the notoriety of Flagler Street to become the center of activity it once was.

CULINARY CONCEPT HIGHLIGHTS BY CHEF: Massimo Bottura: A concept brought from Dubai, Torno Subito, means “be right back” in Italian. Massimo Bottura, world renowned three-Michelin star chef, named the concept after an exhibit by artist Maurizio Cattelan. The art?—a sign at the door of the art gallery “Torno Subito” only with no one ever to return, and the line of art enthusiasts left wrapped around the corner. It’s this kind of playful irony that pulses through the veins of Torno Subito—Think authentic Italian food that brings you straight to the kitchen of your Italian nona (the one you wish you had) in a whimsical modern setting that radiates color. In fact, the design concept is inspired by Bottura’s childhood beach vacations to Rimini. Michelle Bernstein: James Beard Award Winning Chef, Michelle Bernstein was thrilled by the response to her fried chicken at Michy’s and this became the catalyst for the creation of Michy’s Chicken Shack. This concept is bringing the most delectable and decadent selection of fried (and not) chicken available anywhere. “Our inspirations are far reaching and represent many cultures and techniques because we wanted to reflect our community in our food, and we are driven to create comfort food that is satisfying and affordable,” said

Luncheria provides a moment in which to pause and nourish—a much needed respite in a busy day, an escape where one can savor a delicious cafecito while remembering to inhale. It is a soulful and enjoyable experience that represents one of the better parts of their day. Bernstein. Also by Bernstein is an all-day lunch spot, Luncheria, which she describes as “our love note to Miami and its multi-ethnic Latino culture.” Luncheria provides a moment in which to pause and nourish—a much needed respite in a busy day, an escape where one can savor a delicious cafecito while remembering to inhale. It is a soulful and enjoyable experience that represents one of the better parts of their day. Tomás Kalika: South America Best Chef nominee, Tomás Kalika, is debuting his first US restaurant, Mensch. A casual twist on his high-end, award-winning restaurant, Mishiguene (ranked No. 18 on Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants), Mensch will bring a fresh Mediterranean menu with global influence. Renzo Garibaldi: A butcher shop and rustic, yet elevated restaurant rolled into one, Osso is the place for premium cuts and delicious barbeque—from perfectly grilled ribeye, to flavored sausages, to short rib that falls off the bone, Julia & Henry’s visitors need not feel coy when digging their teeth into these succulent cuts that have landed Osso on Latin America’s 50 Best list six consecutive years. José Mendín: Picture this: succulent wagyu beef topped with onion confit, gruyere melt, and thyme aioli—Woah! Well, June by Chef José Mendín has this in store and much, much more…Think a burger joint with gourmet ingredients and bold global flavors that will leave you awe-struck. Also, by Chef Mendín, HitchiHaika, is a fast-casual gyoza concept inspired by a hitchhiking dumpling that travels the world, picking up new tastes along the way to bring you gyozas you never thought possible. Yann Couvreur: A French bakery—bearing the name of its esteemed chef, one of the top ten pastry chefs in France—brings sophisticated and yet approachable pastries made from 100% natural seasonal ingredients to Miami. Led by Chef Couvreur, the bakery’s philosophy revolves around the delicate balance of

flavors, employing minimal sugar to accentuate the decadent taste of the fresh premium ingredients.

BAR CONCEPTS BY FLOOR: La Epoca: As guests make their grand entrance through the main doors of Julia & Henry’s, they are wowed by La Época, a natural wine bar nestled at the base of the three-story tall wine tower. Take a seat in the blue velvet chairs and embark on a world tour that tantalizes your taste buds. With the menu curated by renowned natural wine sommelier and Co-owner of NIU Kitchen, Karina Iglesias, La Época is simply wine bliss. BoxElder Craft Beer Market: Step into the elevator encapsulated by wine bottles and make your way to the second floor to discover what will be the hub for local craft beer culture. BoxElder Craft Beer Market is a celebration of craft beer and the great brewers behind it. Specializing in rotating taps, Boxhelder regulars will be on the cusp of the latest greatest beer trends. The Lasseter: Named after the first bar in Miami, The Lasseter sets the stage for an epic libation experience on the third floor of Julia & Henry’s. With the menu curated by Unfiltered Hospitality, a consulting group with an industry leading team boasting awards like Food & Wine Magazine’s 10 Best Mixologists and Top 10 Bartenders by Miami New Times (to name a few), these cocktails offer a full sensory experience to elicit moments of awe. Jolene: Jolene is a retro-themed high energy sound room in the basement of Julia & Henry’s inspired by the fierceness and femininity of Dolly Parton. Curated by BarLab, the creators of Broken Shaker—named one of The World’s 50 Best Bars two consecutive years—Jolene will showcase the best of local music culture and the global dance music circuit on a cutting-edge audio system for those looking for craft cocktails and after-hours dancing.

June Issue 2023 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 32


Located in a historic landmark in the heart of the city center, Julia & Henry’s was designed to create a positive impact on the changing landscape of Downtown, honoring the building’s roots as well as the current needs of the community. According to the City of Miami Planning Department, the building was constructed in 1936 during the depression-era. The unveiling of the five-story Walgreen Drug Store, representing a significant investment of $1.5 million, was seen as a testament to the confidence in the city’s future. It became a community beacon and social meeting ground, featuring an 88-foot soda fountain along with a separate ice cream plant. Until 2018, the building was owned by the Alonso family who operated it as La Epoca, a retail store that once was the third largest department store in Havana until it was confiscated by the Castro regime. La Epoca closed its doors in 2016 as the family shifted its business model away from retail operations; however, visitors will be reminded of this historical context as they make their grand entrance through the main doors of Julia & Henry’s and are wowed by La Época, a natural wine bar nestled at the base of the three-story tall wine tower. The history of the property and Miami is honored throughout the project as everything from its name to its use, and even some of the concepts housed in the building, pay homage to those that have come before its most recent purchase and re-development by Stambul Development, who went above and beyond the historic preservation code outlined by the Miami-Dade County Office of Historic Preservation (OHP) to scrupulously preserve every historically significant component of this iconic (now) 7-level property. Julia & Henry’s is a stunning example of Streamline Moderne architecture, which emerged in the 1930s representing the last phase of the Art Deco era. Stambul Development meticulously maintained the aerodynamic design, long horizontal lines and curving forms typical of that style. Daniel Peña Giraldi of Stambul is no stranger to historic building preservation and embarked on this project with a mission in mind: to revive the past and build the future of Downtown by reinstating the notoriety of Flagler Street to become the center of activity it once was. “Historic buildings are cultural artifacts that tell a story of our past, and we have a responsibility to preserve and adapt them for the future. Preservation is not about turning back the clock” remarks Pena Giraldi. “It’s about finding ways to make historic buildings relevant to modern needs while maintaining their historical significance.”—And that’s exactly what he accomplished with Julia & Henry’s: Once a community beacon with an 88-foot soda fountain and separate ice cream parlor located on Main Street of the burgeoning city of Miami; today an all-day entertainment and culinary destination for locals and tourists alike serving as a catalyst of the revitalization of Downtown.

MODERN-DAY USE OF THE HISTORIC LANDMARK: When the building was initially purchased, Stambul Development launched the project with a question posed to the local pedestrians of Flagler Street: What should this building become? Stickers were strung across the building’s windows along with sharpies made available for the purpose of writing an answer. The Downtown local’s votes were clear: more restaurants, bars, entertainment, workspace, and art. As an answer to their feedback, Julia & Henry’s was born.

Page 33 | Food & Beverage Magazine v June Issue 2023

Every single food vendor within the property was strategically selected to create the perfect mix of culinary concepts that represents the global community of Downtown Miami. The curation for the food and beverage component of the operation was led by Gluttonomy, a food and beverage marketing and innovation agency.

“We were fortunate to partner with this project and help bring an incredible lineup of talent that also believes, like we do, in Miami and in Downtown. The result makes us incredibly proud as we have Massimo Bottura who has repeatedly been named the world’s best chef, along with Michelle Bernstein and José Mendín who have helped put Miami on the map and who represent the top-level of the Miami culinary scene,” explained Nidal Barake, Founder and Director of Gluttonomy. “We are also introducing the Miami market to the likes of Tomas Kalika, an amazing chef from Argentina whose restaurant Mishiguene was featured on the World’s Best list along with Renzo Garibaldi, a Top 50 Latin American Chef and one of the best butchers on the planet. Putting this together required work and a lot of passion.” The founders and chefs of each concept collaborated closely with interior designers hired by Stambul Development to create unique spaces that reflect the personality and story of each brand. The result is a transcendent collaboration between chef and designer. As guests embark on a gastronomic journey, every bite is savored amidst an eclectic collection of design elements from 26 different concepts—a metaphor of the vibrant tapestry of the city’s cultural landscape. Featuring classic comfort foods, grab and go items, and menus made for adventurous palates, the collection of concepts offers a wide variety: From gourmet desserts and homemade pastries to intricately topped wagyu burgers, to fresh poke, authentic Italian pizza, classic fried chicken and much, much more—each restaurant concept tells its own story through its customized design and creative recipes. “We are an all-day venue,” said Daniel Peña Giraldi of Stambul Development. “The experience will appeal to all five senses. Arrive in the morning, grab breakfast on the go at the outdoor windows that open early, known as the ‘ventanitas,’ or come inside when it opens and check out the cafes and bakeries. Come back for lunch, get some work done at a workspace. Come back with friends for happy hour. Listen to local musicians rehearsing in the recording studios. Have dinner at the rooftop restaurant, serving up cuisine prepared by a Michelin Star chef. Go to Jolene ‘til 4am, then have some arepas. It’s almost a 24-hour venue.” As Julia & Henry’s has attracted a wide variety of talent, King Goose Hospitality (KGH) has been functioning as the operator behind the project, cultivating a cohesive experience within the building. According to Andrea Petersen, CEO of KGH, she looks

forward to Julia & Henry’s representing Miami’s development into a metropolitan city that has attracted talent from around the world. “Julia & Henry’s is the perfect way that anyone coming from anywhere can experience what Miami has become: an entertainment and culinary center that represents all the cultures, regions, and talent who come here,” said Petersen. “It is all about quality and excellence presented in an accessible, casual setting. It’s a distinctive quality experience that is very aligned with the Downtown crowd. It is a place where locals will gather, and a place where tourists will come to feel like locals.”


Julia & Henry’s is a seven-level culinary and entertainment destination located in the heart of Downtown Miami on 200 East Flagler Street. Named after the founders of Miami, Julia Tuttle and Henry Flagler, the redeveloped historic landmark pays homage to both the city and building’s history, while paving the way for a new social scene in Downtown. With 26 culinary concepts to choose from visitors will experience an unparalleled gastronomic journey from sunrise to sunset. Think mouth-watering dishes crafted by James Beard Award winning chefs as well as talented creators recognized by the World’s 50 Best Rankings housed in a stunning three-story atrium space, with each culinary level offering specialty wines, craft beer, and artisanal cocktails at bars expertly curated to provide the perfect beverage pairings according to the culinary concepts on that floor—All this flanked by Jolene, a high energy basement sound room by the creators of Broken Shaker, named one of The World’s 50 Best Bars two consecutive years and (coming soon) Torno Subito, a rooftop restaurant by three Michelin Star Chef Massimo Bottura. Also in the making, the fourth and fifth floors will be converted into a music-centric creative incubator equipped with state-of-the-art recording studios, unconventional communal workspaces as well as a tattoo parlor. The venue will host weekly experiences and events, ensuring no two visits are alike. With diverse interior design and citywide views, to flavors and history, to stories and entertainment, Julia & Henry’s beckons locals and tourists alike to “Feast Miami.” Hours of Operation Sun-Thurs: 11:30 AM-10:00 PM Fri-Sat: 11:30 AM-11:00 PM *Ventanitas hours vary

Happy Hour Mon-Fri: 4:00 PM-6:00 PM June Issue 2023 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 34

Authenticity in Every Drop

Your one-stop shop for plant-based oils

Scan here and see what Catania can do for you! | 800.343.5522























*+.)/(%01 2,3/


By Russ Spencer, Senior Director of Restaurant Success at Craftable

The temperature isn’t the only thing rising this season–so are opportunities to drive sales within your hospitality business. To ensure your bar or restaurant is set up for success, invest time and resources into the technology needed to secure historical, industry, and current data to make decisions that improve your overall bottom line. CURRENT MARKET SNAPSHOT Historically, operators have used year-over-year data to predict future sales, inventory, labor and more. This data can provide operators with a greater understanding and proactive approach to challenges that may arise. However, operations over the past few years have been anything but conventional due to the COVID pandemic and may not be relied upon to make these crucial predictions. It’s important to consider smaller data sets such as quarter over quarter, week over week, and day over day. Technology that can track data and provide further insight helps operators make the necessary decisions to improve their bottom lines. Operators should take into account the number of guests and tickets. Guest counts define the business’s market share, tickets define the number of party transactions, and sales define what happens with the market’s share. Understanding the traffic flow of guest counts and tickets helps operators schedule more efficiently, and understanding the product mix helps determine how to order and stock accordingly. Page 37 | Food & Beverage Magazine v June Issue 2023

TO ENSURE YOUR BAR OR RESTAURANT IS SET UP FOR SUCCESS, INVEST TIME AND RESOURCES INTO THE TECHNOLOGY NEEDED TO SECURE HISTORICAL, INDUSTRY, AND CURRENT DATA TO MAKE DECISIONS THAT IMPROVE YOUR OVERALL BOTTOM LINE. EFFICIENTLY MANAGE RESOURCES Operators should also consider their business’s largest cost factors, food and labor. Two of this year’s top industry challenges include higher food costs and understaffing. According to the National Restaurant Association’s (NRA) 2023 State of the Restaurant Industry Report, 62% of operators say their restaurant can’t support customer demand with the number of staffers they currently have on hand. When looking to control labor, it’s important to consider productivity and efficiency. Productivity is measured by the number of guests divided by labor hours. Labor efficiency is measured by how efficiently a given workforce can accomplish a task compared to what was scheduled. Consider, “How many hours did I use versus how many hours did I schedule?” Operators should revisit this data set regularly to ensure that labor is used efficiently. No restaurant wants extra staff working when it’s quiet, and employees will appreciate being provided better coverage and tips during busier times. BALANCE DEMAND WITH HOURS, FOOD AND LABOR To drive business during slower hours, operators should consider offering deals to entice new customers. According to the 2023 NRA report, 79% of adults would likely take advantage of discounts for dining on off-peak days. To balance labor and cost, add “speed scratch” items that require less labor. That labor can then be reallocated to drive sales. Instead of using one back-of-house staff member to cook and two to prep, use a speed scratch item to free up one of the preppers. Operators can also use tactics like batching cocktails to streamline customer service and reduce wait times. OPTIMIZE YOUR OFFERINGS Although food prices are predicted to increase at a slower pace in 2023 compared to 2022, it is still above the historical average rate. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s 2023 Food

Price Outlook, all food prices are predicted to increase by 6.5% this year, with a 4.9 - 8.2% prediction interval. With this rise in cost, operators should categorize menu items based on the highlow relationship to profitability and popularity, also known as menu engineering. This process analyzes each menu item’s contribution to profit against how often it is purchased. Customers’ purchasing behavior is often influenced by their visual attention to a menu item. With a greater understanding of each item’s popularity and profitability, you should design a menu to drive maximum profit while balancing execution and brand integrity. Shortening the menu and letting your star dishes shine will achieve this goal. When trimming your menu, introduce variety into the mix, even while cutting back the ingredients and labor needed to produce plates. You can utilize ingredients left over from favorite dishes and incorporate them into creative, new dishes. INCORPORATING TECHNOLOGY Operators should integrate technology to streamline and make operations more efficient. More than half of operators surveyed by the NRA said that using tech to enhance rather than replace human labor and automation will become more common in 2023. Comprehensive real-time data is critical for restaurant owners and staff to optimize operations and customer experiences. Utilizing platforms like Craftable, which integrates with POS systems like Square, can help provide full visibility into hospitality operations, connecting purchases with sales data and labor in real-time. TAKE ACTION For operators, it’s important to note that success doesn’t come from what is done occasionally, but rather consistently. Use this season as an opportunity to jumpstart regularly reviewing business operational insights and use strategic tactics–resource management, balancing demand with labor and optimizing offerings–to support immediate and long-term growth.

Russ Spencer,

Senior Director of Restaurant Success at Craftable Website | LinkedIn Russ Spencer is the Senior Director of Restaurant Success at Craftable, a cutting-edge technology company that empowers restaurants, bars, hotels, and hospitality businesses, both big and small. Bringing over 30 years of experience as an accomplished multi-unit operator working in day-to-day hospitality operations, Russ has a strong understanding of the benchmarks needed for a restaurant’s financial success. In 2015, he began consulting with independent restaurants to find profitability within their operations. Through COVID-19, Russ was part of a team of specialized consultants focused on using government legislation to help small businesses navigate the uncharted times by maximizing their pandemic relief benefits and setting up their businesses for long-term success. Using this information, he helps take early measures to address opportunities with tailored solutions to increase operations’ margins and efficiencies.

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135° EAST

30A Distilling Co drew inspiration from Florida beaches, cane sugar from Louisiana, and fresh peaches from Chilton County, Alabama, for a truly immersive southern experience. The vodka base is distilled pure and filtered clear, and the famous peaches add a bright sweetness that will make you feel like you’re on vacation all year long. Use it in a simple vodka soda, or get creative with a peaches ‘n’ cream cocktail.

135° East’s ingredients merge East and West to create the perfect balance of dry gin with spicy sansho pepper and floral, citrusy notes of yuzu each blended in 135° East Gin. Each botanical is sourced from local farmers or specialized vendors then distilled separately to preserve the botanicals’ characteristics. This process allows better control of the final blending process when sake spirit is added. Once distilled, the gin has a typical soft sweetness which gently intwines and harmonizes the five Japanese botanicals. It is a refreshing sip for summer days served with tonic and fresh citrus.

A-SHA NOODLES A-Sha Noodles is a cult-favorite brand known for their patented, 100-year-old legacy noodle recipe from Tainan, Taiwan. They have launched their first ever Hello Kitty Boba Kit online and in Albertsons nationwide. The all-in-one Boba Kit comes in a specially designed, Hello-Kitty themed package with 8 packs and everything you need to make Brown Sugar Latté bubble tea at home in under 5 minutes.

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ATORIA’S FAMILY BAKERY Atoria’s Family Bakery’s personal Traditional Pizza Crusts make any meal let’s-just-eat-what’s-in-the-fridge easy. Whether it’s making a meal for the entire family or just a quick dinner for one, these individual crusts will make people say, “Home is where the pizza is.” All Atoria’s Family Bakery flatbreads are a mighty meal solution, ideal for wraps, pinwheels, panini, dips, chips and any meal or snack throughout the day. But their newest flatbreads were designed for pizza. Each crust is baked with real, simple ingredients and no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. The Traditional Pizza Crust is made with real olive oil to give the crust a crunchy bite with a soft inside.

BÄRENJÄGER HONEY BOURBON The only imported honey bourbon where American heritage meets 18th century Germany, Bärenjäger Honey Bourbon is a delicious blend of premium honey liqueur infused with American bourbon whiskey. Produced in Germany by Schwarze & Schlicte with over 350 years of distilling tradition, this smooth and all-natural bourbon stands out from its competitors. A balanced oaky taste with distinct lingering honey notes makes Bärenjäger Honey Bourbon ideal for sipping straight, over ice, or as the addition to any summer cocktail. Photo credits: Beautiful Booze Cocktails

BOMBARDA RUM CO Bombarda Rum Co is proud to announce that its Falconet Dark Rum Blend has been awarded the prestigious Best in Show and Double Gold Award at the recent Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America event in Orlando, FL. The competition is one of the most highly regarded in the spirits industry, attracting entries from some of the world’s most respected producers. The Best in Show award is the highest possible accolade, reserved for spirits that are deemed to be of exceptional quality and taste. The Falconet Dark Rum Blend is a carefully crafted blend of aged rums, with a rich and complex flavor profile that is both smooth and full-bodied. Awards like these are a testament to the company’s dedication to producing high-quality rums. The Falconet Dark Rum Blend is a true representation of Bombarda’s commitment to producing rums that are true to the history and culture of rum-making.

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TRENDING PRODUCTS COSMIC CARROT CHEWS™ Cosmic Carrot Chews™ are the newest kid-friendly snack from Eat the Change®. They are created by gently-cooking organic carrots and infusing them with organic fruit juice and natural flavors, then dehydrating the carrots to create a yummy, chewy texture. Eat The Change has created the first to market vegetable kids’ snacks designed for kids (ages 3+). It is made from just four simple ingredients like organic carrots and fruit juice. Cosmic Carrot Chews™ are USDA organic certified, OU Kosher, Vegan, contain one full serving of carrots, and are sweetened with only organic fruit juice. Each pouch is considered an excellent source of Vitamin A and provides a healthier alternative to the “fruit snack” category.

CHEF JOE’S CAROLINA RED BARBECUE SAUCE Chef Joe’s Carolina Red Barbecue Sauce is a culinary masterpiece that captures the essence of traditional Carolina barbecue flavors. Created by Chef Joe Gera from the YouTube channel, From Scratch: With Love, and inspired by his work with various professional and collegiate sports leagues, this sauce is a harmonious blend of tangy, smoky, and slightly sweet elements that will elevate any grilled or smoked dish to new heights. Crafted with a deep appreciation for the region’s barbecue heritage, Chef Joe’s Carolina Red Barbecue Sauce features a rich tomato base infused with a symphony of spices like paprika, garlic, and black pepper. The key ingredient that sets this sauce apart is the carefully balanced blend of vinegar and mustard, which gives it a distinctive Carolina-style tang. With its bold taste and superb craftsmanship, this sauce is a testament to Chef Joe’s culinary prowess and his love for the art of barbecue.

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BULWARK ORCHARD There’s nothing quite like Bulwark Orchard Peach cider when it comes to non-alcoholic beverages. The delicate aroma of tree ripe peaches calls to mind warm summer breezes. Crisp and lightly sweet, this delicious drink is infused with juicy fruit flavors adding a bright note to the apple blend.

• • • • •

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DRY Soda Co.’s Rosé Soleil brings a delicate botanical-infused, sparkling zero-proof Rosé to the table. Crafted with hints of strawberry, rose, and oak, Rosé Soleil Botanical Bubbly Reserve gives a fruit-forward bouquet and a crisp finish with every sip. Inspired by Provence-style Rosé, this zero-proof sip emulates a dry, minerally, yet delicately floral sparkling Rosé, made alcohol-free without sacrificing any flavor or complexity. Packaged in premium 64-ounce glass bottles and sold individually, DRY Botanical Bubbly Reserve is made with all-natural, non-GMO, low sugar, and Kosher ingredients, and is free of gluten, caffeine, and sodium.

Denver Beer Co. has teamed up with their good friends at Local Hive Honey to bring you Backyard Buzz Honey Wheat, a refreshing take on a traditional wheat ale. The result is a light, easy-drinking wheat beer that is crisp and refreshing, with a perfect touch of sweetness from locally sourced Colorado honey. This summer we raise a glass to the local bees- we all love a good Backyard Buzz. Like all of Denver Beer Co.’s beer, Backyard Buzz is brewed and packaged using 100% solar power. The beer will be offered in cans and on draft across Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and Kansas, and available at all Denver Beer Taprooms.

CRAIG’S VEGAN Made with real organic Chamberlain Coffee, Craig’s Vegan Cold Brew Coffee ice cream is a modern, plant-based spin on the frozen dessert you know and love. Churned to perfection with full-bodied coffee hand-roasted with care, Craig’s and Chamberlain Coffee are a match made in heaven. Craig’s Vegan ice cream is made with a creamy, premium cashew base that is 100% vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free and kosher. The brand uses the freshest, natural ingredients and there are no added preservatives, artificial flavors, colors or high fructose corn syrup. Craig’s Vegan is available at select retailers nationwide and online. In addition to Craig’s LA restaurant and its scoop shop in the heart of Resorts World Las Vegas, Craig’s Vegan can also be found on the menus of popular restaurants like Johnny Rockets, Fatburger, and Burger Lounge in iconic classic shakes.

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ELECTROLIT Electrolit added Blue Raspberry to its expansive line of hydration beverages in 2023. Blue Raspberry is a classic flavor packed with Electrolit’s scientifically-backed formula to hydrate consumers while tasting great. Electrolit Blue Raspberry is a classic convenience store take on Electrolit’s tried and true formula. Each 21 fl. Oz serving of Electrolit contains 326 mg of electrolytes alongside real glucose - a natural source of energy that boosts the body’s recovery from dehydration. Every bottle is carefully constructed in a state-of-theart facility with a fully automated and integrated manufacturing process. With such, Electrolit seeks to make premium-grade hydration accessible and suitable for all consumers. Scientifically formulated with magnesium, sodium, potassium, calcium and glucose, Electrolit provides complete hydration and replenishment when electrolytes and ions are low. Electrolit is available at Walmart, Kroger, HEB, 7-Eleven, Circle K and more, and online channels.

FABRIZIA Fabrizia’s Italian Style Lemonade ready-to-drink canned cocktail is made with Fabrizia Limoncello, freshly squeezed lemonade from Sicilian lemons and premium vodka to bring you “summer in a can.” Fabrizia imports lemons from their lemon grove in Sicily, Italy and uses them as a foundation for their spirits products. The Zest is infused in pure alcohol, which produces the bright yellow color found in their Limoncello and the remainder of the lemon is juiced to form the foundation of their canned cocktails. The lemons are grown in a perfect microclimate. The rich volcanic soil and warm winds from the Mediterranean Sea produce the most fragrant lemons in the world. Fabrizia’s ability to source the finest fruit from Italy to produce their Italian Style Lemonade freshly, without adding artificial coloring or preservatives, puts their company in a unique position to provide an authentically prepared, outstanding canned cocktail with a distinct Italian twist.

FAST PENNY SPIRITS Fast Penny Spirits is a woman-owned and operated amaro distillery and Certified B Corp™. Based in Seattle and inspired by the founder’s Italian heritage, the company is committed to stirring up change. Blended with a combination of the highest-quality, wild-crafted, organic, and consciously sourced botanicals, Fast Penny’s spirits are rich, herbaceous, and captivating. Luxurious and refined, their Italian-style amaro is beautifully complex to sip on its own or swirl into a cocktail. Amaricano Rossa is unapologetically rich and full with aromas of toasted sugar and dark fruit. Rounded black truffle, vanilla bean and cocoa nib with a savory and lightly bitter finish seal the deal. With a constant eye on environmental impact and a 3% Pretty Penny give-back program, Fast Penny Spirits is dedicated to supporting and empowering women, local communities, and the hospitality industry.

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Blueberry Swirl is a small-batch, handcrafted spirit by the master distillers at Fordham Lee Distillery. Imagine the taste of sweet blueberry ice cream blended with white whiskey.

Flying Embers’ new Pineapple Sunset Hard Kombucha is shaping up to be the ready-to-drink beverage of the summer. A tropical spin on the classic sunrise cocktail, this 8% ABV Hard Kombucha delights with big bursts of fresh pineapple, balanced with tart pomegranate and a subtle splash of coconut, perfectly capturing that magical summer sunset moment in a can. Only 155 calories per can, Pineapple Sunset, like all of Flying Embers’ Hard Kombuchas and Canned Cocktails have no sugar, no carbs and are made only using fresh, organic ingredients. Perfect for all of those summer party situations whether on a patio, a beach, by a pool or passenger on a boat.

Sipping on Blueberry Swirl is a taste of nostalgia linking you back to a simpler time. Enjoy over ice for a refreshing dessert drink or mix with ice cream or iced coffee for a sweet and chilling treat.

FILA MANILA Fila Manila, the #1 Filipino American food brand, and Kasama, the small batch Filipino rum brand that brings a breath of fresh air to the rum category, have collaborated to bring customers Isla Sauce —a boozy pineapple rum sauce that brings a taste of the Philippines straight to home kitchens across the US just in time for the Summer grilling season. The name nods to the 7,000+ islands that make up the Philippines and the bright, sunny flavor profile celebrates the spirit of the Southeast Asian country. Kasama x Fila Manila’s Isla Sauce also aims to modernize and play into the nostalgia of classic Asian sweet and sour sauce with a tangy yet sweet profile that’s tropical and fruity, complete with a splash of Kasama rum and crushed pineapple made to complement your favorite summer and grilled dishes.

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FUSION JERKY New from Fusion Jerky, Japanese BBQ. Soaked in a marinade of soy sauce, salted mirin, and sesame make this sweet and savory treat one that will jostle your taste buds with joy. Handcrafted and minimally processed using beef raised in the USA, with no preservatives, no added MSG, no added nitrites, and gluten-free, delivers a uniquely delicious and tender artisan jerky.

GIMME Gimme Seaweed’s Chili Lime Roasted Seaweed Snacks are USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified, only 30 calories per serving, and an excellent source of vitamins B12 & K and iodine. What’s more, each 10g pack is equal to a serving of veggies. These umami rich snacks are roasted to light and crispy perfection. This flavor can be found in Whole Foods Market nationwide and online.

GLENMORANGIE Glenmorangie Original 10 Years Old is the perfect single malt for everyone’s summer drinks rotation. Hailing from one of Scotland’s most renowned Highland distilleries, The Original is light, bright, and ready to enjoy neat, over ice, or in a refreshing highball. Scotch is often an afterthought when it comes to summer imbibing, but the key to choosing the best single malt for sweltering temps is to avoid anything overly smokey and heavy, and instead, opt for a lighter expression with more delicate fruit flavors. Glenmorangie 10 Years Old’s notes of orange, honey, vanilla, and peach make this a summer ideal, ready to enjoy poolside and beyond.

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TRENDING PRODUCTS GLENROY, INC. As part of Glenroy, Inc.’s TruRenu® sustainable flexible packaging portfolio, and made with 100% polyethylene, the recyclable STANDCAP is poised to help major food & beverage brands in their efforts to achieve their sustainability and ESG goals. Not only does the recyclable STANDCAP have the potential to eliminate millions of pounds of plastic from being produced every year*, it also delivers a lower carbon footprint through using 42% less fossil fuel, emitting 52% less greenhouse gas emissions, using 70% less water, and reducing landfill waste by 30% (as compared to the rigid plastic alternative). Furthermore, the recyclable STANDCAP can help eliminate food waste through its ability to evacuate nearly 99% of the product inside. *Glenroy estimates that if just one leading condiment manufacturer switched only 10% of its ketchup bottles to the recyclable STANDCAP, it would eliminate 2,600,000 pounds of plastic from being produced and landfilled every year

HARVEST SHREDS Harvest Shreds are a sustainable shredded plant protein loaded with craveable umami and boasting 16g protein (3 oz portion) with a clean, low-fat label. It provides an all-natural, mouthwatering, blank canvas, allowing chefs to build layered signature flavor combos while creating myriad dishes with just one protein. This vegan, shredded, umami-laden plant protein addresses the key challenge facing the alt meat protein category: a craveable taste and texture that rivals the experience of eating meat that’s also Better for You — Better for the Planet. The shredded form’s versatility makes it ideal for multi-use: bowls, wraps, stir fries, tacos, sandwiches, scrambles, and mains.

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HELL FIRE DETROIT HELL FIRE DETROIT is an artisan hot sauce company founded by Don Button. It was launched in 2015 at Making it in Michigan where it was awarded best of show for quality, flavor, and brand design. Made by hand with fresh fire-roasted chiles, this hot sauce highlights the unique characteristics of heat and flavor profile of the Habanero chile. Habanero was featured on Season 9 of Hot Ones, a popular YouTube show, where celebrities attempt to be interviewed as they eat increasingly hot chicken wings. HELL FIRE DETROIT is sold in over 350 stores in Michigan and over 200 stores in other states and countries.


ITHACA HUMMUS If you’ve ever enjoyed a crunchy cuke, straight from the garden or a giant pickle from the pickle tent at the farmer’s market…you will love this hummus. This curiously crisp and fresh dill pickle hummus blends real Grillo’s Pickles with Ithaca’s distinctive cold-crafted hummus. The next showstopper to take over your summer BBQs, Ithaca Grillo’s Pickles Hummus levels up burgers and hot dogs with a tangy, pickleforward bite and is a crave-worthy dip for potato chips or any crunchy treat. Plus, it’s plant-based, vegan, Non-GMO Project Verified, glutenfree and contains no artificial ingredients.

KETTLE BRAND It was kind of a BIG day in the world of potato chips when Kettle Brand, a pioneer in the premium kettle-cooked category, elevated snacking to a new level this year by unveiling Kettle Air Fried, the new kettle-cooked potato chip. Backed by an innovative “We Got an Air Fryer” social campaign, Kettle leveled up the already bold, signature Kettle flavor with new air-fried flavors like Jalapeno, Sea Salt & Vinegar, and Himalayan Salt. Kettle Air Fried delivers a light and beautifully crispy texture that’s packed with flavor and comes with 30% less fat. It’s also made with patent-pending technology that marks the future of the potato chip category. The brand has been a leader in the category since 1978 when its founder sold chips out of the back of a van.

LA TIERRA DE ACRE Born out of Cabo’s chic Acre Resort for which the brand is named, La Tierra de Acre’s gold award-winning Cenizo Mezcal is the go-to mezcal for all of your elevated smoky summer cocktail needs. Although the Espadin variety is most common, La Tierra de Acre’s Cenizo Mezcal has a complex taste profile with spicy, peppery notes, an earthy texture along with a very smooth finish making it great to sip or a nice way to up your cocktail game this summer. There’s nothing like a fresh and spicy Mezcal Margarita for that summer BBQ.

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Leaves of Leisure and FrutaPOP are launching a limited edition herbal tea-infused rosé ice pop for Summer 2023 featuring Leaves of Leisure Picnic in the Park Tea.

Lola Snacks is on a mission to support gut health since 70% of Americans struggle daily with gut issues from bloating to IBS. Lola Snacks are the first energy bars to focus on self care and nourish your gut to stop the BS in IBS, boost immunity and give you more energy. Founder and CEO Mary Molina started Lola Snacks because her family was having gut health issues and she needed a snack that tasted good, supported gut good health with pre + probiotics, plant-based and free from gluten, dairy and sugar alcohols. It all started with the original flavor Cranberry Almond named after her daughter LOLA and now includes Dark Chocolate Cherry, Dark Chocolate Almond, Dark Chocolate Peanut and Blueberry Almond that tastes like a blueberry muffin and is available in retailers nationwide and online.

The rosé wine and hibiscus tea pairing is the perfect boozy delight for summer outings with friends, picnics in the park and backyard BBQ’s.

MCCAIN FOODS Introducing award-winning McCain Mini MashersTM. They’re a new way to do potatoes. Crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside and crazy good. Perfect for customizing with signature sauces and seasonings. These ready-to-fry potato shareables are delicious on their own, or ready to customize with sauces and seasonings and can be cooked in under three and a half minutes to allow for maximum culinary creativity that keeps customers coming back for more.

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MOJO MOJO mousse is an artisanal chocolate mousse made in the oldfashioned, traditional Belgian way. With fresh and high-end ingredients, the brand offers four different flavors: Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, Hazelnut and Milk Chocolate and Passion Fruit Mousse. MOJO Desserts are available in several stores across the U.S., such as Butterfield Market and Fresh Direct. The mousse is also available at the MOJO Mousse Bar in East Harlem, NY.

MOZART CHOCOLATE LIQUEUR Mozart Chocolate Strawberry is a light creamy strawberry chocolate liqueur with fruity strawberry flavor and elegant notes of vanilla. Masterly perfection and indulgence with an exceptional taste are the characteristics of Mozart Chocolate Liqueur. A symphony of natural raw ingredients, blended in defined proportions to enhance the overall flavor profile. Experience the light strawberry chocolate sensation, a delicately melting indulgence by Mozart Chocolate Liqueur. It is perfect for warm weather days served in a boozy milkshake. Photo credits: Gluten Free & More Magazine

NATURE’S BAKERY Nature’s Bakery’s Double Chocolate Brownies are deliciously fudgy and make perfect soft-baked bites for your next snack break. Made with wholesome whole grains, real cocoa and dates, this plant-based, dairy-free, and nutfree brownie is 100% delicious. Nature’s Bakery Brownie can be purchased starting today online and, followed by an in-store release at select national retailers beginning Summer 2023.

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NORTH DAKOTA SWEET CRUDE In a town as small as Zap, ND, there are no strangers, and there’s always a reason to celebrate. 100 years ago, occasions were toasted with Martin Weidner’s “smokehouse moonshine” – a crude spirit that mixed well with the rugged nature of North Dakotans. Old man Weidner passed his recipe on to his children, who shared it with theirs. Generations of Weidners have added their polish but left the liquor unrefined– as a good hooch should be. In recent years, the Weidner brothers were known to share it with the farmers who invited them to hunt their land, keeping on the tradition of toasting with friends and neighbors. A 75 proof, sweet liqueur, very smooth with a strong cinnamon flavor and lingering notes of citrus, ginger, and lemongrass, no burn. Enjoy straight, on the rocks or in mixed drinks but always in good company.

NUTPODS Nutpods, the popular plant-based coffee creamer brand, announces its bold move to expand into a new category with its first coffee-based ready-to-drink product, Creamy Cold Brew. The Creamy Cold Brew is available in two fan-favorite flavors - Classic and Vanilla Caramel - and offers a multi-serve, premixed cold brew and coffee creamer product, offering a zero-sugar alternative to the rapidly growing beverage category. nutpods Creamy Cold Brew is available in the refrigerated section of select retailers such as Sprouts and will become available in Walmart and Target this summer. The new cold brew product is also available soon on

OCEAN SPRAY Ocean Spray has announced a new partnership with The Hershey Company for a line of sweet treats made from real fruit. The new snack line features a delicious chocolate experience with Milk Chocolate Dipped Cranberry Bites and Dark Chocolate Dipped Cherry Infused Cranberry Bites, surprising your taste buds with sweet flavors. Ocean Spray has continued to expand its foods and snacking portfolio introducing a variety of new products. The new collaboration with Hershey allows for unexpected flavor pairings offered in multiserve resealable pouches in both 5oz and 8oz for the entire family for snacking, on-the-go, as well as perfect to mix into trail mix and sprinkle on top of ice cream. Milk Chocolate Dipped Cranberry Bites and Dark Chocolate Dipped Cherry Infused Cranberry Bites will be available in select stores across the United States including Walmart, Publix and regional grocery stores.

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TRENDING PRODUCTS OSENA The founders met at Wharton during their MBA education. Vicente had a background working on the AB InBev innovation team, where he felt that too many copycat brands were entering the spiked seltzer market. He knew that coconut water, because of its naturally occurring electrolytes, was already being used as a hangover cure. Why not mix alcohol and coconut water and create an alcoholic beverage with a base that actively fights the hangover? He and his partner, Chris, spent the coming years fine tuning the process, and ensuring the quality of the liquid was second to none. Osena started in only 3 states, but in 2023 they will expand to 10 new states, and the Caribbean, as the demand for a true differentiator in “Beyond Beer” and “Better-For-You” continues to be strong. Osena is the only spiked coconut water that ferments the sugar out of the coconut milk, reducing the sugar to zero grams and only 100 calories, while still retaining all the nutritional benefits such as all the electrolytes. A rehydrating drink that is targeted at the healthier adult drinker, with a variety of flavors.



Steak-N-Eggs -THE ULTIMATE MEAT SNACK: Protein perfection defined with 25-28g of great-tasting, satisfying, portable steak strips. For on-the-go active lifestyles, there is no better nutritious snack to fuel your mind, body, and steak cravings. Keto and Paleo friendly, gluten-free and have Zero Sugar. Also, stating they have the first MEAT product in the history of the USDA to receive an approved nutrient claim, which is for the essential nutrient Choline, providing a whopping 190mg, along with 38 other naturally occurring nutrients. Just real food for ingredients. Made from premium cuts of lightly seasoned bottom round beef and 100% of the nutrition from 1 whole egg. Real foods never contain ingredients. Real foods are the ingredients. Ovation Foods is also on the cutting-edge of food science with a proprietary drying method of whole egg to keep all of the “raw” nutrients in-tact providing the most nutrient-dense superfood snacks available.

Pari Foods is a minority, woman owned certified (MWBE) organization supplying the world’s longest and finest quality Basmati Rice across the United States. They developed its innovative new product - Regal Harvest Smoked Basmati Rice. This Basmati Rice is grown in the foothills of the Himalayas, aged for 2 years and smoked with natural willow wood. Smoking gives an appetizing twist with its unique smoky aroma and earthy, toasty flavor. It complements all cuisines. It has a convenient resealable Zipper Pouch and is easy to cook. Regal Smoked Basmati Rice is also the Specialty Food Association’s SOFI New Product Winner of 2022 and a culinary showstopper. Regal Harvest Smoked Basmati Rice’ revolutionary new flavor will upgrade menu offerings and also give higher yields and profits.

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PASS THE HONEY Restaurants are turning to quality sweeteners that tap into nature while elevating a dish’s texture and flavor. The story of fresh honeycomb touts authentic sweetness, environmental bee sustainability, and culinary versatility across menu and dayparts. Outside of classic charcuterie boards, fresh honeycomb can play a star role in grab & go breakfasts, handhelds, entrees, and pastries. Until now, honeycomb has been a notoriously difficult ingredient to handle back-of-house due to its delicate structure. Pass the Honey’s pre-portion, fresh honeycomb unlocks operational ease and commands a premium price point consumers are willingly paying.

PEJU Province is a PEJU fan-favorite year after year. Served chilled, this ruby wine emits a gorgeous floral bouquet enticing the nose with aromas of herbs, violets, nutmeg, and tart plum. Plush tannins give Province structure, while bright acidity refreshes the palate with flavors of cranberry, ripe raspberry, and Queen Anne cherry. This proprietary blend is perfect for sunny days, backyard barbecues, or any occasion when red wine seems like too much and white wine not quite enough.

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POI DOG Sweet pineapple, deeply savory miso, fragrant Chinese five- spice. These are the notes that make Poi Dog Huli Huli sauce sing. “Huli Huli” means “to turn” and refers to Hawaii’s favorite chickens turning slowly on sizzling spits. Huli Huli smoke is a siren song for people to line up, knowing that their fingers would soon be oil slicked and blackened, tearing into chicken flesh, seasoned with soy, pineapple, and a lot of smoke. Poi Dog’s Huli Huli sauce grabs all these essences and memories and bottles them – but the sauce is versatile. Use it to baste chicken, but also give mushrooms, vegetables, burgers, and more a deep, sweet umami flavor.


PRINGLES® Meet your new favorite snack for the pool or beach that offers a punch of spiciness that’s outrageously delicious. Each Mexican inspired Pringles® Las Meras Meras Habaneras crisp brings a bold, mouthwatering taste of roasted habanero chili peppers, lime, and salt for a taste experience that hits the spot every time. Available now at select retailers and 7-Eleven stores nationwide as a C-Store channel exclusive.

PRAIRIE FRESH USA PRIME Prairie Fresh USA Prime is a one-of-a-kind premium pork line that sets an entirely new standard of quality that makes it easy for consumers to experience restaurantquality meals at home. With grilling season around the corner, this premium quality pork is made possible by Prairie Fresh’s connected food system that begins with collaboration with farmers, processing plants and networked supply chain colleagues allowing for control at each step of the production process from farm to delivery. Prairie Fresh’s proprietary three-step evaluation process sorts top-tier cuts for tenderness, marbling and color to achieve tender, juicy, high-quality pork with every single bite. Available in tenderloins, boneless loins, loin backribs, spare ribs and shoulder butts, Prairie Fresh USA Prime is as close as it comes to pork perfection, keeping consumers coming back for more.

PULPOLOCO SANGRIA Pulpoloco Sangría offers a unique twist to the traditional sangrias found on shelves today. In addition to an authentic, natural formula that is crafted and imported from Spain, the drink utilizes CartoCan technology for packaging and manufacturing. There are three refreshing and delicious flavors: Crisp White, Soft Rosé, and Smooth Red. This ecofriendly packaging alternative is fully recyclable and reduces carbon emissions by up to 80 percent, making it an excellent option for consumers who prioritize sustainability in their purchasing decisions. With this paper-based can, Pulpoloco Sangria is an environmentally conscious brand that appeals to today’s consumers.

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What has delicious peanut butter flavor and all the ingredients you need to start your day? RXBAR A.M. Honey Cinnamon Peanut Butter protein bars. They are deliciously soft and crispy and made with real, simple ingredients. Plus, they contain 10g of protein (15% of your daily value) to make busy summer mornings easy. Each bar is made with soft-rolled oats, peanut butter, pumpkin seeds, and a dash of cinnamon. An A.M. protein snack that pairs perfectly with your morning coffee. Simple ingredients for A.M. energy. No fillers and no B.S.

Creator of Sattva Vida Energy Bites brings a new grab-and-go offering to market. The 2-packs are the same delicious bites in three of the brand’s signature flavors: Cocoa Craze, Peanut Envy, and Chia Crunch. These bites are primarily made from dates and nuts - simple and fresh ingredients. Customers choose the gluten-free, vegan Energy Bites over sugary energy bars and pastries for a healthy snack.

QUINN Quinn launched the first gluten-free Pizzeria Filled Pretzel Nugget. This twist on a nostalgic snack has been reinvented with better-for-you ingredients and bold, savory flavors jam-packed into a crunchy gluten-free pretzel nugget. Made with a blend of lentil and sorghum flour, an ancient grain that is naturally gluten-free and better for the environment due to its drought-tolerant properties, along with sun-dried tomato powder that can be traced to the fields of Northern California, Quinn continues reinventing classic snacks using real food, no natural flavors, and ingredients you can trace back to the source, without sacrificing taste. Quinn “Pizzeria” Pretzel Nuggets are Certified Gluten-free, Non-GMO Project Verified, vegan friendly, and made without corn, soy, wheat and dairy.

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SISTRY FOODS San Diego’s Sistry Foods, whose founders are three sisters Daphne Khairo, Diane Zoura, and Darlene Zoura and daughters of Iraqi immigrants, are a health-conscious trio that created a line of three versatile sauces – Jalapeno Cilantro, Ranch, and Chili Chipotle. The sauces, which can be purchased on Amazon, are perfect for sandwiches, salads, and dunking crackers, chips, and veggies. The jars don’t need to be refrigerated once opened and they are easy to take on roadtrips. All three sauces are dairy free, vegan, gluten-free, soy free, Paleo diet-friendly, Keto diet-friendly, and Whole30 dietfriendly. Daphne, Diane, and Darlene created the sauces because of several allergies, lactose intolerance, and/or vegan lifestyles with either themselves, their children, or other members of their family. The one allergy that the sauces don’t accommodate is nuts, though. Almonds are a main component to them. Ultimately, Sistry Foods is a clean and transparent product.

THE SPARE FOOD CO. “Whey-st not, want not” applies well to Spare Tonic. The twist on the proverbial saying is behind every sip of the category defining functional beverage - a chef-crafted, climate-friendly probiotic sparkling tonic. The Spare Food Co., a company at the forefront of the upcycling food movement (repurposing overlooked and unused ingredients in new ways), expanded their signature beverage brand which utilizes fresh whey produced as part of Greek-style yogurt manufacturing, with the introduction of an exciting new flavor this year: Passion Fruit & Yuzu. The fifth in the Spare Tonic portfolio is made with only four ingredients - whey, fruit, spice, and a touch of honey. It is delicious and nutrient-rich, chock full of probiotics, electrolytes, and B-vitamins - the ultimate thirst quencher that can go from day to night, whether to jumpstart your day, after a workout, as a mocktail, or at a lively party with a splash of mezcal or gin.

THIS LITTLE GOAT Created by award-winning Chef Stephanie Izard, This Little Goat Chili Crunch is a savory powerhouse that harmoniously blends the flavors of hondashi, sesame, and garlic. Put it on cheeseburgers, chicken, and sushi, or wherever a kick is needed. This Little Goat’s Chili Crunch is a fun and playful interpretation of chili crisp with the addition of crispy masa chips, providing the perfect textural experience.

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Tractor Beverage Company is the first and only certified organic, non-GMO beverage solution dedicated to the food service industry. From Tractor’s line of all-natural, non-carbonated refreshers, Farmer’s Punch is a vitamin-packed fruit punch perfect for staying hydrated in the summer heat. Bushels of strawberry, blueberry, cranberry, and grapes combine with apples, pomegranate, and cherry for a farmstand fresh sip full of antioxidants. Tractor’s handcrafted beverages feature real, clean ingredients that deliver on taste, functionality, and experience without any artificial preservatives, pesticides, colors, sweeteners, or flavors.

Uncle Waithley’s Vincy Brew is a small-batch non-alcoholic carbonated ginger beer developed by mixologist Karl Franz Williams and inspired by his grandfather, Uncle Waithley, who lived his entire life on the island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. A non-alcoholic premium ginger beer developed from a family recipe, carbonated Uncle Waithley’s is an ideal mixer to add bite to cocktails and mocktails or is refreshing as a solo beverage. Uncle Waithley’s is uniquely enhanced with Scotch Bonnet, a pepper prized throughout the Caribbean and Africa, giving the all-natural drink a spicy finish. Williams combines the Scotch Bonnet with ginger, turmeric, lime and mineral water to produce a ginger beer with a bite like no other.

SLATER’S 50/50 BEEF & BACON HOTDOGS New Slater’s 50/50 Beef & Bacon Hotdogs are the perfect franks for summer! The hearty and delicious hotdogs are 50 percent beef and 50 percent bacon, making for THE most flavorful premium frank on the market. The robust, quarter-pound franks are bursting with bacon flavor without having to wrap a regular hotdog with bacon strips. They can easily stand alone on the grill, paired with your favorite toppings or pack a big flavor punch in smaller bite-sized portions when entertaining a crowd. Slater’s 50/50 Beef & Bacon Hotdogs are currently distributed in select Kroger stores in Atlanta, Nashville, Louisville and Columbus, Ohio, Ralphs Grocery Stores across California as well as other retailers across the country.

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MAKE YOUR GRILL A CAN’T-MISS ATTRACTION ENJOY CONSISTENTLY SUPERIOR BEEF AND PORK RAISED IN THE U.S.A. This summer, up your grilling game with premium beef and pork that raise the bar for taste and tenderness. Recreate your own restaurant-quality eating experiences at home with a complete line of Premium Black Angus Beef™ and All-Natural* Heritage Duroc Pork — available exclusively from Creekstone Farms®.

Make Your Summer Grilling Extraordinary

*Minimally processed, no artificial ingredients.

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A BAR ABOVE Keep your straws clean and organized with A Bar Above’s dishwasher basket for small items. This practical basket makes it easy to wash all of your straws, picks, and cutlery in the dishwasher. Throw all your straws, cocktail spoons, picks, chopsticks, dishwasher safe cutlery, pour spouts, and more kitchen accessories into one single basket, saving space in your dishwasher. This basket fits perfectly in commercial glass racks and opens the door to easily using reusable metal straws in your business.

MARY’S GONE CRACKERS Mary’s Gone Crackers – the leading organic, gluten-free, non-GMO cracker brand - expanded its product line with a new item that is unbelievably cheezee and unexpectedly vegan. Mary’s Gone Cheezee Plant-Based Crackers deliver the creamy, mild cheddar appeal of your favorite cheese without going anywhere near a dairy farm! The crackers are offered in two distinct flavors: Plant-Based Cheddar Flavor - Terrifically toasty with a notably tangy cheddarosity Plant-Based Cheese & Herb Flavor - Remarkably rich with heavenly hints of rosemary, thyme and oregano. With the organization’s continued commitment to organic, gluten free and non GMO snacks, you can trust that these cheese flavored snacks will add a delicious yet healthy addition to your snack rotation. The snack is also perfect for consumers that may be lactose intolerant, allowing them to enjoy the flavor of cheese without the use of any real dairy products. They join the current portfolio of crackers and graham-style Kookies.

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SPARKLING BOTANICALS BY RISHI Sparkling Botanicals by Rishi, ready-to-drink beverages that elevate sparkling botanical tea, launched Blue Tea Jasmine this month by blending rare ingredients sourced directly from artisan growers across the earth to create a sparkling violet color liquid and concord grape-like flavor. Blue Tea Jasmine is an ode to Butterfly Pea Flower, the beguiling and brilliant blue flower tea of Thailand. The R&D innovation team at Sparkling Botanicals thought to combine it with Rishi’s signature Moonlight Jasmine Green Tea, fragrant lemongrass and zesty lemon to create something entirely new and bold. The beverage is made with real plants, no additives or added sugars.

PICKLE JUICE Pickle Juice –pioneers in providing scientifically proven methods to prevent muscle cramps and dehydration –released their Chili Lime as the latest innovation of their 2.5oz Extra Strength Pickle Juice shot. Pickle Juice believes in providing natural and healthy aid to the physical aches and pains that interfere with the daily activities of a variety of consumers. Their products are USDA Organic certified, sugar and caffeine-free, and provide instant cramping relief now complete with added heat and the delicious flavor combination of chili and lime. Pickle Juice is scientifically proven to stop muscle cramps, a condition that affects approximately 60% of adults. Each Pickle Juice shot contains a proprietary blend of grain and vinegar – putting a halt to muscle cramps before they start. Pickle Juice is available in a 1-gallon extra strength pickle juice, 16 ounce pickle juice sport, 8 ounce pickle juice sport, 2.5 ounce pickle juice shot, and more.

SPLENDOR WATER SPLENDOR Water is a volcanic, artesian water sourced from a natural aquifer in La Maná, Ecuador that boasts an array of natural properties that promote optimal health, including naturally occurring minerals, electrolytes, and colloidal gold and silver. SPLENDOR filters over centuries through basalt and lava from the Cotopaxi, one of the world’s highest active volcanoes, believed to be among the strongest energetic centers of the world due to its unique equatorial positioning. Ranking among the top 10 purest waters in the world, SPLENDOR’s signature indigo blue bottle aids in preserving the water’s inherent properties.

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PERLICK As summer rolls in, patio seating is opening up and what better way to serve patrons than with a satellite bar? Better yet, a mobile bar on wheels that you can take wherever you need it to go in order to best serve guests. Perlick’s Tobin Ellis Signature Series Limited Edition Mobile Bar features stunning luxury surface finishes designed to complement any upscale space and has been optimized with added functional enhancements to keep bartenders comfortable while they work. Bar and restaurant owners can now add a chic bar station to their venue while providing their bartenders with the equipment they need to serve drinks efficiently, comfortably, and safely amidst ongoing labor shortages.

This summer, make your grill an irresistible attraction with this Natural Prime Whole Strip Loin Roast from Creekstone Farms®. This is the same high-quality cut of USDA Prime Natural Black Angus Beef that’s served in many of America’s finest steakhouses — naturally tender and delicious, made from Black Angus cattle humanely and sustainably raised in the U.S.A. on a 100% vegetarian diet, naturally free from artificial ingredients, added hormones and antibiotics. With this 12–14lb. Natural Prime Whole Strip Loin Roast, you’ll be the executive chef of your own intimate backyard steakhouse. Feel free to custom cut your own Black Angus steaks as thick as you like and recreate your favorite restaurant experience for your family and friends in the comfort of your own home. So, when you’re ready to take summer grilling to the next level, look for this Natural Prime Whole Strip Loin Roast online.

BIG NOSE KATE™ The extraordinary life of Maria Izabella Magdolna Horony, a Hungarian immigrant turned orphan, is a tale for the ages. Broadly known as Mary Katherine, Katie Elder and Katherine Cummings, she was later feared and revered everywhere simply as the inimitable Big Nose Kate. She was a one-of-a-kind spirit deserving of a one-of-a-kind spirit. BIG NOSE KATE™ western whiskey is a first-of-its-kind blend of straight American Rye Whiskey and American Single Malt, crafted by award-winning Master Blender, Melissa (Mel) Heim. This is NOT another bourbon. In fact, it’s not bourbon at all. Curious and satisfying, this ground-breaking blend captures essences of the West with bold spice, dry Earth, and sweet undercurrents. What makes it Western? Simple: It’s wild. Please visit to learn more about this unsung hero, her ‘big nose’, and to locate a bottle near you.

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FEVER-TREE Made using the same expertise expended to procure its award-winning tonics, gingers, and sparklings, Fever-Tree’s newest mixer, Fever-Tree Margarita Mix is entirely crafted with naturally sourced ingredients, free of GMOs, and contains no artificial sweeteners or colors. Classic Margarita Mix is crafted with the finest Mexican Limes, Mexican agave & a touch of Spanish sea salt. Expertly blended, creating the perfect balance of sweet & tart for a deliciously, refreshing Margarita. Simply add tequila and shake or stir over ice for a deliciously zesty & authentic margarita. Fever-Tree Classic Margarita complements premium spirits by leading with savory aromas, full flavors, and lasting refreshment. The new mixers come in 750 ml bottles, which are perfect for sharing with friends and family.

BLENDQUIK BlendQuik is the world’s first mason jar design in a portable blender. Smoothies, protein shakes, baby food, dressings - you name it. BlendQuik will mix it, creating delicious, mess-free meals and drinks as a way of life! Enjoy your creations straight from the sleek jar featuring a next-generation ergonomic design. BlendQuik’s ten stainless steel blades blend ingredients silky smooth, resulting in dramatically better blending. Just blend and sip! There’s no need to open the top lid after blending.

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CHOMPS The new Chomps Taco Beef Sticks unite the beloved popular taco seasoning blend that consumers know and love from their dinner tables with an on-the-go, high quality snack. Seasoned with paprika, cumin and chili powder, it’s first to category with a zesty, flavorful kick perfect for snacking and cooking. The sticks have a beef collagen casing and consist of only grass fed and finished beef. At 9-10 grams of protein, Chomps contain no added sugar or harmful ingredients and are free from the top nine top food allergens. There is no wheat, dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, fish or shellfish found in their products, nor artificial preservatives, MSG, fillers, binders, artificial nitrates or hidden ingredients. All Chomps’ farmers raise animals humanely and in facilities regularly audited to certify all animal welfare guidelines.

STEEPED COFFEE Steeped Coffee is a revolutionary way to enjoy a premium cup of coffee, offering convenience and exceptional taste. Unlike traditional brewing methods that require bulky equipment or single-use plastic pods, Steeped provides a single-serve, eco-friendly solution, perfect for at-home, at work, or on-the-go. Each fully compostable Steeped Pack contains craft-roasted, freshly ground coffee that’s triple nitro sealed for peak freshness and flavor. From its ethically-sourced and fair trade coffee beans to its fully compostable bags, Steeped obsesses over every detail so you don’t have to. And making Steeped Coffee is 100% hassle-free – all you need is water. The award-winning Fair Trade Certified and Organic Breakwater Blend is a full-bodied crowd-pleaser with a subtly sweet and rich smoky flavor and a glimmer of citrus notes.

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COCKTAIL KITS 2 GO Cocktail Kits 2 Go make kits that have everything you need to craft cocktail (and mocktail) classics all in one pocket-sized, take-anywhere package, just add your spirit. For instance, the Old Fashioned Kit includes everything needed to craft a perfect American Old Fashioned - aromatic bitters, sugar cubes, muddler/mixing spoon, and instructions for making the drink as it has been made since the late 1800s--all tucked into a vintage-styled, travel-sized tin. Whether you like your drinks sweet or dry, Cocktail Kits 2 Go gives you the options you need to craft your favorite cocktail or mocktail in the air, on the road, or just enjoying (virtual) happy hour at home. Crafted in the USA, Cocktail Kits 2 Go is a travel-size cocktail kit boutique based in NYC. We aim to upgrade happy hour by bringing simplicity and portability to the craft cocktail/mocktail experience.

PARLOR COLD BREW ON TAP Café-quality cold brew, conveniently on tap: Parlor Cold Brew on Tap boasts rich chocolate tones balanced by delicate vanilla top notes. Originally developed for New York City’s busiest and most discerning cafés, Parlor Cold Brew is sourced and roasted by the Parlor team with the same standards as any of their whole-bean offerings, then brewed and packaged with the utmost precision. Consider this simple to use, multi-serving tap box your one-stop (coffee) shop: a convenient cold brew option for the quality-conscious. Each box contains twelve servings—simply pour over ice and enjoy.

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GOLDEN AGE SPIRITS Golden Age Spirits’ Marque Reserve Exxtra Añejo Rum™ is a highly awarded, small batch, blended aged Caribbean rum with zero sugar that supports coral restoration. Pronounced \märk\, it is named after the infamous Letters of Marque that gave rise to the Golden Age of Piracy, a license for privateers to plunder and disrupt enemy vessels at the behest of foreign kings and queens. Golden Age Spirits supports leading clean ocean nonprofits via their initiative. Marque Reserve is a blend of rums from Panama, Barbados, and the Dominican Republic. Each one individually aged at least 8-years in ex-Bourbon barrels, before blending. It has a soft vanilla nose, a smoky oak and slightly sweet caramel palate with a seductively smooth finish. This masterly blended rum is at home in an Old Fashion, Manhattan or on the rocks. Its sophisticated taste profile will satisfy bourbon and rum connoisseurs alike.

MOONSHINE MAMA’S ELIXIRS AND TONICS Moonshine Mama’s Elixirs and Tonics has emerged as a shining star in the realm of health-conscious beverages with their exceptional range of turmeric elixirs. This innovative business has tapped into the growing demand for natural and holistic wellness solutions, offering a delightful blend of taste and health benefits with their functional shots and ready-to-drink beverages. Each bottle is infused with the powerful anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric, renowned for its numerous health benefits. This golden elixir not only tantalizes the taste buds but also provides a natural boost to the body’s immune system, aids digestion, and promotes overall well-being. With their wholesome and rejuvenating turmeric elixirs, they offer a refreshing and guilt-free alternative for those seeking a delicious way to support their wellness journey.

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MAXX ICE Spring into summer with cool, soft, refreshing, and chewable nugget ice. The Maxx Ice Countertop Nugget Ice Dispenser produces up to 33 pounds per day of the nugget ice your customers, office team, and friends and family crave. Featuring a sleek, compact design, this nugget ice dispenser is ideal for any kitchen, office, lobby, or breakroom. The ice storage bin holds 3.3 pounds of ice at a time so you always have fresh chewable ice on hand. Easy-to-use electronic controls let you dispense nugget ice with the push of a button. This ice maker is equipped with an air-cooled compressor. A clearance of 2” from the wall is recommended to promote adequate cooling air circulation. With its stylish stainless steel finish, the Maxx Ice Countertop Nugget Ice Dispenser will complement any space.

BEATTIE’S After making waves in Canada and taking home The Platinum Spirit Award at the World Beverage Competition, this family-owned and -operated Distillery has set their sights on the U.S. These naturally gluten-free, farm-crafted spirits will now be available in the United States, quickly expanding to every state. Made with five generations of farm-crafted pride. Beattie’s founder, Ken Beattie, a fifth-generation potato farmer was on a trip to Canada’s East Coast when he saw an opportunity to expand the family business. On a leap of faith and a lot of hard work. Beattie’s Distillers was born. They grow, mash and care for their farm-to-bottle potato spirits all on their own. With everything under one roof, the Beattie family knows they have to work hard. Famous for their Classic Potato Vodka, Beattie’s also offers four full-bodied flavored Vodkas and a navy strength Gin.

VEGGIE UNDERGROUND Veggie Underground introduces the first and only plant-based cheese made with real red bell peppers. Vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free, GMO-free, palm oil-free, cholesterol-free. Superior meltability. Perfect for pizzas, grilled, hot and pressed sandwiches, burgers, cold sandwiches, sauces, casseroles, salads, toppings, baked goods and more. Made in the USA with 100% domestically sourced ingredients.

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VAHDAM® INDIA VAHDAM® India, the global wellness brand and leader in organic, premium teas, and spices from India, has launched Iced Teas. The new iced tea line showcases the best of VAHDAM’s 100% real tea sourced directly from India. VAHDAM’s pitcher tea bags will allow consumers to make bountiful portions, giving them and family and friends ounces of happiness and refreshment in every sip. Made with 100% Real Black Tea, the tea bags are plant-based, biodegradable and devoid of any plastic. One tea bag makes a single-quart pitcher of iced tea and has only 35 calories per serving. Each box includes 26 pitcher tea bags that are unsweetened, have no added sugar, and come in 4 delicious flavors: Lychee Rose, Strawberry Vanilla, Hibiscus Cranberry, and Mint Passion. The teas are available on Amazon and online.

WHEYSKEY Wheyskey is a first-of-its-kind, barrel-aged specialty spirit handcrafted from upcycled whey. With the launch of Wheyskey, the womanowned, award-winning spirit company Wheyward Spirit is once again revolutionizing spirit categories with a sippable, versatile, and sustainable offering where customers can taste a difference and make a difference. Instead of using a traditional grain, Wheyskey upcycles underutilized whey and ages the spirit in sustainably sourced oak barrels. As an aged version of the original Wheyward Spirit, the distinct flavor naturally created during fermentation and distillation fully blossoms through aging during its farm-to-cask-toflask journey. Wheyskey features notes of oaky vanilla, toffee, and warm spice to create a smoother, lighter, and approachable aged spirit that is perfect for the summer. Sip straight or use in place of a standard aged spirit for a bespoke twist on cocktails. The spirit has no additives or flavorings and is gluten, grain, and lactose-free.

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“Food brings people together on many different levels. It’s nourishment of the soul and body; it’s truly love.” – Giada De Laurentiis

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CHEF KWAME ONWUACHI TO LAUNCH NEW RESTARANT AT SALAMANDER WASHINGTON DC In partnership with Sheila Johnson’s Salamander Collection, acclaimed chef will return to the nation’s capital to create bold new dining destination

Chef Kwame Onwuachi Photo Credit Storm Santos

Acclaimed Chef Kwame Onwuachi is returning to the nation’s capital this fall to open a new restaurant at Salamander Washington DC. He will once again partner with the Salamander Collection, the hospitality company founded by renowned business leader Sheila Johnson. Located along the capital’s vibrant Southwest waterfront, the new restaurant will undergo a re-design by celebrated architects Bentel & Bentel. The fresh and imaginative new concept will be unveiled later this year. “The time is right to return to DC, and I can’t think of a more appropriate location to open a new restaurant that speaks to the character and lineage of DC than at this storied Salamander property,” said Onwuachi. “As a child, I spent summers in DC with my grandfather, a professor of Pan African studies at Howard University, who shared his passion for the city with me. I fell in love and can’t wait to return.” Onwuachi, who currently owns Tatiana in New York City, has penned multiple books like his successful memoir Notes from a Young Black Chef and the bestselling cookbook My America: Recipes from a Young Black Chef. He also been a contestant and a

judge on Bravo’s Top Chef. In 2019, he was acclaimed by Esquire as its Chef of the Year, recognized by Food & Wine as one of its Best New Chefs, and named by the James Beard Foundation as “Rising Star Chef of the Year.” Tatiana has already been hailed as the city’s best restaurant by the New York Times and received multiple stellar reviews. The DC restaurant opening once again brings Onwuachi together with Sheila Johnson, with whom he has built a special relationship. The pair bonded during the pandemic and created The Family Reunion, a celebration of diversity within the hospitality industry. Now in its third year, the multi-day culinary event, held in partnership with FOOD & WINE, has quickly become the premier gathering of culinary professionals of color in the country. Taking place at Johnson’s Five-Star Salamander Resort in Middleburg, VA, this year’s event, which takes place August 17-20, is already sold out. “From the moment we launched Salamander Washington DC, I wanted to help bring Kwame back to our capital,” said Johnson. “He is an inspiration and a generational talent, and we look forward to playing our part in his next success.”

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In September 2022, Johnson brought her welcoming and diverse style of luxury hospitality to the heart of the nation’s capital at Salamander Washington DC, and guests have enthusiastically responded to the hotel’s approachable level of service. The restaurant launch is part of an overall property redesign, creating the warm and welcoming environment for which Salamander is renowned. The restaurant partnership with Onwuachi is also the latest in a series of significant achievements for Johnson, who was recently named CEO of the Year by the Washington Business Journal and is publishing her memoir Walk Through Fire in September. She is also Vice Chairman of Monumental Sports & Entertainment, which owns the NBA’s Washington Wizards, the NHL’s Washington Capitals, and the WNBA’s Washington Mystics, for which she serves as President and Managing Partner. To receive restaurant updates, including opening details, visit www.salamanderdc/kwame.

Above: Sheila Johnson - Photo Credit Drew Xeron Below: Salamander DC Evening - Provided

About the Salamander Collection The Salamander Collection is privately owned and operated, and based in Middleburg, VA, just outside Washington, D.C. Founded by entrepreneur Sheila Johnson, it has a luxury portfolio featuring the Forbes Five-Star Salamander Middleburg, an equestrianinspired property in the Virginia countryside; Salamander Washington DC, an elegant hotel located along the capital’s vibrant Southwest waterfront; Half Moon, the storied resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica, featuring three distinct experiences including the acclaimed Eclipse; the newly renovated and reimagined Aurora Anguilla Resort & Golf Club, located along two miles of pristine beach on Rendezvous Bay, Anguilla; Aspen Meadows Resort, which features sweeping views on 40 beautiful acres in Aspen, CO’s west end and newly renovated Herbert Bayer-inspired accommodations; Hotel Bennett, a spectacular grand hotel in Charleston, SC, overlooking the city’s historic Marion Square; and Innisbrook Resort in the St. Petersburg/Clearwater area, which hosts the PGA TOUR’s Valspar Championship each year on its famed Copperhead Course.

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Results may vary. Profit Margin savings are dependent on selected plan* June Issue 2023 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 76



(Seattle, WA) Chefs sometimes use spirits from their restaurant bar to flavor a dish, but few have access to an artisanal distillery with five varietals and over 15 award-winning spirits that richly inform their food and cocktail menus. Chef John Wahlke of Fremont Mischief, who with owners Mike and Patti Sherlock, and James Beard Award-winning author James O. Fraioli, launch Spirited Cooking from the Pacific Northwest. The book will be available for purchase starting May 21, 2023 at the distillery and at {$34.95; Hardcover} Mike and Patti built the distillery-adjacent restaurant in Mischief’s tenth year and hired John to craft amazing food and cocktails to complement the spirits. His artistic and joyful experimentation with fresh food made him the ideal match. John grew up in the city of Federal Way, Washington, and took his first culinary job at a small mom-and-pop in the Des Moines, Washington area. As his skills improved, he transferred to higher end restaurants. His career took him to Seattle’s Oceanaire seafood restaurant, the historical Salish Lodge & Spa, a move to Portland, Oregon to butcher for New Seasons Market and later, as catering chef for the Nines Hotel. A return to Seattle

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led him to a position as Food & Beverage Director and Executive Chef for Downtown Seattle’s Columbia Tower Club, and hotels: Hotel 1000 and the Grand Hyatt. The beautifully photographed cookbook celebrates seasonal, sustainable, and responsibly sourced ingredients from the Pacific Northwest that are the foundation for both the kitchen and the distillery. John’s love affair with camping, kayaking, and foraging feed his inspiration and motivation. The recipes in Spirited Cooking from the Pacific Northwest come from wild resources found in Washington State’s cold, clean watersDungeness crab, sturgeon, salmon, bull kelp, and lush green forests- lion’s head mushrooms, salmonberries, stinging nettles. Cocktails found in the book also benefit from regional delights: fir tips, raw honey from bee hives at the distillery, fiddlehead ferns. “Cooking at Fremont Mischief affords me the freedom to be creative,” says John. “I am energized by using wild and seasonal products from the kitchen in our cocktails, and creating dishes that are harmonious with Mischief’s spirits.”

The local, and sustainably grown raw materials and/ or organically Pacific Northwest produced grains and grain varieties used in Mischief spirits, echo John’s commitment to the food. Crafting small batch, fine spirits require a scientific approach, true artistry, and a continuous eye for detail. Guests want to know where their food comes from, how it was produced, and how it was handled in production. John and Patti work closely with their growers, millers, and maltster to maintain purity and quality throughout the distillery process. Says Patti: ”When we first met John, we had an instant connection; he is like us in so many ways. Spirited Cooking from the Pacific Northwest speaks to the intersection of our spirits and John’s cooking.”

June Issue 2023 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 78

Spirited Cooking from the Pacific Northwest Recipe Highlights: “Spring Rain in the Puget Sound Lowlands” Gin-Cured Sockeye Salmon, Seared Sturgeon with Spring Risotto, Espresso Encrusted Lamb Loin with Parsnip Puree & Spring Gremolata, Fir Tip Vesper

“Warming Tides and Summer Berries” Dandelion Gremolata, Heirloom Tomato Gazpacho with Sourdough Toast Points & Dungeness Crab, Snail & Fungi Flatbread with Stinging Nettle Pesto and Gin Olive Oil, Trailing Blackberry Manhattan

“Late Harvest in the Fields” Northwest Chowder, Wild Mushroom Bisque with Douglas Fir Foam & Chanterelle, Bourbon Apple Camembert Crisp with Garlic Caramel Sauce, Ginger-Spiced Toddy

“Frost in the Cascades” Apple & Chestnut Bisque, Snow Day (Winter) Salad with Guanciale & Potato Vinaigrette & Sprouted Lentils, Persimmon Crème Brulee, Rose Hip & Rye


About Fremont Mischief Located in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood, Fremont Mischief was founded in 2009 by Mike and Patti Sherlock just as craft liquor distilling became legal in Washington State. They produce five varietals (rye whiskey, bourbon, gin, vodka, brandy) and 15 spirits. The tasting room is open Wednesday-Sunday from 11am6pm. 206-632-7286. C132 North Canal Street, Seattle. Northwest-inspired dishes and cocktails are enjoyed at the Distillery’s on-site restaurant. It is led by Chef John Wahlke. Hours are Thursday-Friday 4pm-10pm, Saturday 1-9pm, Sunday 1-7pm 206-402-5755. About Award-Winning Author James O. Fraioli James O. Fraioli of Culinary Book Creations, is a James Beard award-winning, culinary author with more than 40 books to his credit and more in production. He has written books with chefs/restaurants including: John Ash, Seattle cocktail emporium Canon, Sammy Hagar and Guy Fieri. His culinary titles have been featured on the Food Network; been selected personally by Ellen DeGeneres as gifts for her television audience on The Ellen DeGeneres Show; and been showcased in People, O, The Oprah Magazine, Vogue, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times. Page 79 | Food & Beverage Magazine v June Issue 2023


100% Blue Agave Tequila Craft Flavors Included!

Tequila is the #1 spirit among young drinking age consumers. Diversify your offering with SALT. SALT Tequila is a smooth 100% Blue Agave Tequila, with a hint of flavor. Citrus, Berry or Chocolate arrive ready for your staff’s creative mixology ideas or see our website for a host of great drink recipes.


Sneak Peek from Tiffani Thiessen Enjoy this exclusive sneak peek into one of Tiffani Thiessen’s favorite Summer recipes from her upcoming cookbook, Here We Go Again: Recipes & Inspirations to Level Up Your Leftovers. Stay tuned for the launch of Tiffani’s second cookbook, Coming Out on September 26, 2023.

Page 81 | Food & Beverage Magazine v June Issue 2023

Grilled Pulled Pork Burritos R EC IPE BY T IF FA NI T HI ESSEN

Cilantro Rice

Chipotle Pinto Beans

To Assemble

1 1⁄4 cups long-grain white rice

2 tablespoons vegetable oil

4 (10-inch) flour tortillas

1 cup fresh cilantro stems and leaves, plus 1⁄4

1 vine-ripened tomato, diced (about 3⁄4 cup)

2 1⁄2 cups pulled pork

cup roughly chopped cilantro leaves for serving

4 garlic cloves, minced

1 cup shredded cheese

1 small red onion, roughly chopped (about 1 cup)

2 tablespoons finely chopped chipotle in adobo

(I like pepper Jack here)

1⁄2 cup Mexican beer or other lager- style beer

2 teaspoons ground Mexican or Italian

Vegetable oil

3 garlic cloves, smashed

oregano leaves

Crema, hot sauce, sour cream,

1 1⁄2 teaspoons kosher salt

2 teaspoons ground cumin 2 teaspoons kosher salt

guacamole, or salsa, for serving

2 tablespoons vegetable oil

2 (15-ounce) cans pinto beans, drained, with

1 1⁄4 cups low-sodium chicken stock 1⁄2 lime

1⁄2 cup liquid reserved

Make the cilantro rice: In a medium bowl, add the rice and cover with cold water. Drain. Repeat twice more, or until the drained water runs almost clear. On the final drain, make sure to remove as much excess water as possible. Set aside. In a blender, combine the cilantro stems and leaves, onion, beer, garlic, and salt. Blend until the cilantro and garlic are pureed and the mixture is bright green. Set aside. Heat the oil in a 2-quart saucepan with a tight-fitting lid or a Dutch oven over medium heat. Add the rice and cook, stirring often, to coat the rice in oil and evaporate any remaining water, about 2 minutes. If the rice begins to stick to the bottom of the pan, scrape the bottom with your spoon to release the rice. Add the pureed cilantro mixture and cook until the beer reduces almost completely and the raw onion flavor is cooked out, about another 2 minutes. Scrape the bottom of the pan again to release any rice. Add the stock, bring to a boil, reduce to a simmer, and cover. Cook over low heat until the rice is tender, about 20 minutes. Remove the pot from the heat. Let the rice sit, covered, until all the liquid has been absorbed and the rice is tender and fluffy, about 6 minutes. Remove the lid and squeeze the lime over the rice, followed by a sprinkling of the chopped cilantro. Gently fluff the rice with a fork to combine. Set aside and cover to keep warm.

Make the beans: Heat the oil in a medium saucepan over medium-low heat. Add the tomato, garlic, chipotle in adobo, oregano, cumin, and salt. Cook, stirring constantly, until the tomatoes melt and become a sauce and the garlic and spices are toasted, about 6 minutes. Add the beans and their reserved liquid and cook, stirring often, until the beans are heated through and the flavors have melded, about 5 minutes. Cover and set aside. Assemble the burritos: Lay a tortilla on a clean work surface. Add a quarter of the rice (about 3⁄4 cup) in a strip down the center, leaving about a 1-inch border on the two edges. Top the rice evenly with a quarter each of the beans, pulled pork, and cheese. Fold one of the longer sides of the tortilla up and over the filling, pulling it tight against the filling. Fold the two shorter sides of the burrito in toward the center and continue rolling the burrito to seal. Lay the burrito seam side down and repeat with the remaining 3 burritos. Heat a large cast-iron pan or sauté pan over medium-low heat and add enough vegetable oil to just lightly coat the pan. Add a burrito seam side down and cook, rotating every minute or so, until golden brown on all sides and the edge is sealed, 4 to 5 minutes. Repeat with the remaining burritos. Serve with sour cream, guacamole, and/or salsa, if desired.

June Issue 2023 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 82

Page 51 | Food & Beverage Magazine v June Issue 2023

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