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Actor, Musician, Entrepreneur

Evan Ross

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Acting, Music and Dining


The dining scene in Southern California will shine a little brighter thanks to actor and musician Evan Ross’ foray into the restaurant industry. Ross and Ryan Phillippe have invested in The Hideaway in Beverly Hills, the brainchild of Jeffrey Best of Best Events. Newcomer Leona’s Sushi House becomes part of the San Fernando Valley with investment by Ross, Former La Loggia owner Frank Leon, and sushi chef Shigenori Fujimoto.

“I don’t know if I would call myself a restauranteur or even if I am inspired to become one,” says Ross. “I love being around people in a social environment. Even when I was young, I loved getting dressed up and going out, especially to dinner. I embrace the energy, and when I was young, I got involved with clubs [Warwick]. I am enjoying being a part of these two restaurants.”

His goal is to be all-inclusive and diverse, including food, beverage,

staff, and guest in his two restaurants. The Hideaway took over a partially hidden, below-street-level space on Rodeo Drive as an elevated Mexican surf-and-turf spot. Alex Moreno (formerly executive chef at Best’s Habana Restaurant in Irvine) and Viet Pham developed their cuisine. Julian Cox (Bestia, Otium) crafted the cocktail offerings, which includes a sweet and sour margarita made with Blanco and reposado tequila. A unique feature of The Hideaway is tableside tequila service, where guests can press a button that signals staff to bring more of the tequila of one’s choice.

“Chef Alex is a wonderful chef, an incredible human being, and he does everything with love,” says Ross.

The menu will include dishes found in small coastal food stands offering handmade tortillas flled with fresh, locally caught fsh and other fre-grilled proteins; all topped with a choice of a variety of salsas. Various favor blends, such as wasabi-guacamole sauce

Page 7 | Food & Beverage Magazine v February Issue 2023

(guacasabi), enhance the unique menu.

For atmosphere, there is the turn-of-a-knob so guests can adjust how loud the music is played in their personal space. There are intimate cabanas and a central freplace on a large patio with old Hollywood design elements.

Ross says he does not select his collaborators, but it will happen organically. One of them, Sylvain Bitton, is called by many the Master of Entertainment and offers party skills as an art. Growing up in a family of restaurant owners, Bitton was born and bred for his success in the nightlife and restaurant business.

“I have known these people for years, how they run spaces and treat people,” explains Ross. “They are the best part of our team. They treat everyone equally; they want every guest to have fun and be very attentive to detail. I am a huge fan of them.”

His second restaurant, Leona’s Sushi House, began when. “My wife Ashley [Simpson] introduced me to Frank [Leon]. He was what I was

in other spaces, including Warwick and opening up The Hideaway. Frank approached me about creating something new. During the pandemic, we discovered we had the same idea since my favorite food is Japanese cuisine. I wanted a vibe that me and my friends can go to dinner at night and relax without feeling rushed.”


Other people involved with the creation of Leona’s Sushi House include Rodney Burns, owner of Church Boutique and a fantastic artist and fne art furniture collector. Musician Lenny Kravitz, a close friend of Ross, helped design with Burns.

Leona’s Sushi House features a combination of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine with ceviches and a tiradito de tai with Japanese sea bream, rocoto chile, yuzu, and sea salt. There’s also the albacore with shishito peppers and Fujimoto’s yuzu sauce, in addition to more traditional nigiri, sashimi, and a variety of cut and hand rolls.

“Chef Shigenori is brilliant, and watching him prepare food is like watching someone dance,” laughs Ross. “The dedication, focus, and precision are really incredible. This is truly an experience for Frank and me. I have learned so much, especially discipline. He is truly a culinary star.”

Leona’s Sushi House has also developed a second menu honoring the Italian cuisine served before in the space the restaurant now occupies. This includes dishes such as shimeji mushroom risotto, black rice Peruvian chaufa paella, and an udon carbonara. A full lineup of cocktails features vodka, gin, and whiskey from Japanese producers. As for future collaborations and expansions in the food and beverage industry, “I am in the process of fguring it all out. I am creating several things right now, and it is a labor of love to create spaces that people enjoy. I want to be inspired with all of my projects,” says Ross.

The Hideaway is located at 421 N. Rodeo Dr., Beverly Hills, California. Visit and follow on Instagram @ thehideawaybh. Leona’s Sushi House is open at 11814 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, California. Visit and follow on Instagram @Leona.LA.

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Life without chocolate is a life that lacks something important.
Frederic Morton

La Neta Cocina y Lounge offers the La Neta Piñata, a playful sundae for the table, consisting of a heart shaped edible core, flled with cake bites, brownie bites, sprinkles, and mini sprinkle sugar cookies. The dessert is accompanied by a mallet to break open the heart to enjoy what is inside.

Debbie Does Doberge

A New Orleans take on a Hungarian sponge cake, a traditional doberge is a multi-layered cake flled with custard and covered in poured fondant. One of very few places in Louisiana left offering this decadent treat, Debbie Does Doberge in New Orleans features an array of classic and creative doberge cakes, along with other baked goods.

Located in Bakery Bar – yes, a spot where bakery and restaurant/bar converge, Debbie Does Doberge is serving up a special Mardi Gras doberge this February 2023. What says Mardi Gras more than King Cake? Cream Cheese King Cake Doberge combines two New Orleans dessert obsessions in one slice. Seven layers of cinnamon cake and six layers of cream cheese pudding are covered in cream cheese poured fondant and then decorated with purple, green and gold sugar and a king cake baby.

The Cream Cheese King Cake Doberge can be shipped nationwide through Goldbelly or picked up locally at Bakery Bar, 1179 Annunciation Street. https://debbiedoesdoberge. com/

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Fireman Derek’s Bake Shop, South Florida’s iconic treat emporium helmed by frefghter-turned-pie maker Derek Kaplan, remains the gold standard for notoriously decadent desserts in Miami-Dade and Broward counties. At 15 years old,  Kaplan  was squeezing limes by hand in his father’s apartment, perfecting the earliest rendition of his wildly popular Key Lime Pie for pocket change. Fast-forward to today, Kaplan has turned his childhood passion for pie into three thriving storefronts where he and his talented team of bakers churn out handcrafted, one-of-a-kind desserts combining rich, decadent favors in over 50 unique pies, cakes, cheesecakes, brownies, bars and cookies.

Amongst the stellar lineup of sweets, pie favors such as Key Lime, Cookie Monster, Salted Caramel and Brownie Bomb; decadent cakes and cheesecakes including Coconut Guava Rum, Strawberry Crunch, Red Velvet, Cookies & Cream and Nutella; and an array of baked goods including Chocolate Chip and Guava White Chocolate Chip cookies, S’mores Brownie and the Magic Bar.

The independent bake shop also serves a variety of handchurned ice cream favors inspired by bake shop favorites such as Guava White Chocolate Cookie Dough and Red Velvet Cake.

For more information, visit; follow on Instagram: @FDPies

STK Cotton Candy

The Cloud has made its return to the STK Steakhouse menu and is here to stay.

The Cloud is a jaw-dropping yet mouth-watering table-side dessert experience made up of strawberry marinated with ginger syrup, strawberry purée, swiss meringue, chocolate crumble cheesecake mousse, and vanilla ice cream all hidden below a cloud of strawberry cotton candy fambéed with Belvedere Vodka.

This decadent dessert is perfect for celebrations, Instagram stories, and really for any night out.

New Classic Cookie Brand Launches Peanut Butter Flavor

Mmmly, the new classic cookie brand offering indulgent snacks that are actually good for you, is ringing in the New Year with an original Peanut Butter favor.

This new take on the time-honored Peanut Butter cookie joins Mmmly’s line of soft-baked cookies that combine the perfect balance of protein, healthy fats, fber, and real fruit sugar with favor favorites that everyone craves.

“In many ways, Mmmly was founded on the nostalgia of baking and exploration in the kitchen with my grandma growing up,” says Nick Naclerio, Founder and CEO. “We wanted a favor that drove that feeling home even more, a favor that would bring people together the same way that gathering and sharing a meal or treat with a loved one does. We can’t wait to introduce this reimagined classic to our customers.”

The entire line consists of four delicious recipes that take better-foryou to a new level. Each favor comes in Cookie Box and To-Go Pack formats made for sharing, on-the-go, and all the snacking in-between.

About Mmmly

Mmmly is a new classic cookie brand offering indulgent snacks that are actually good for you. Mmmly’s original line of soft-baked cookies combine the perfect balance of protein, healthy fats, prebiotics, and real fruit sugar with a craveworthy classic favor. With Mmmly, there’s more room for food freedom, feeling good, and snacking at its fnest. Besides, what fun is a cookie with limits? Mmmly is available at select retailers including Sprouts Farmers Market, Whole Foods Market, and The Fresh Market. For more information, visit or follow on Instagram @eatmmmly.

Peanut Butter

Soft Baked Cookies:

Made with delicious nut butter, fresh minced peanuts, and coconut oil. Peanut butter goodness meets ingredient greatness.

Dark Chocolate Chip

Soft Baked Cookies:

Made with delicious nut butter, decadent chocolate, and regeneratively farmed dark chocolate chips. Chocolate chip goodness meets ingredient greatness.

Banana Chocolate

Chip Soft Baked Cookies: Made with delicious nut butter, regeneratively farmed chocolate chips, and real bananas. Banana bread goodness meets ingredient greatness.

Simply Almond Soft

Baked Cookies: Made with delicious nut butter, fresh minced almonds, and a hint of natural vanilla. Biscotti goodness meets ingredient greatness.

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Düsseldorf, Germany 19 – 21 March 2023 GET THE TASTE FOR BUSINESS. Trend Show for Craft-Drinks Order your e-tickets now! THE WORLD‘S NO. 1 International Trade Fair for Wines and Spirits This is what business tastes like! Düsseldorf will once again be the center of the wine and spirits sector – and with a unique international o ering. Experience the new vintages and trend themes from all over the world, concentrated over three days in a professional atmosphere. For show information: Messe Düsseldorf North America Tel. (312) 781-5180 _ For hotel and travel arrangements: TTI Travel, Inc. Tel. (866) 674-3476 _ A bad day spent baking is better than a good day doing anything else
If there’s cheesecake in the house, I’ll have some. Kelly Ripa

Show the Planet and Yourself Some Love: Sweet Upcycled Treats for All

These sustainable brands are making it easy to spread the love with upcycled sweets this Valentine’s Day. The newest trend for the conscious food consumer, upcycled sweets keep food waste at bay while simultaneously delighting that sweet tooth.

Recognized by Whole Foods as a 2023 top food trend, upcycled food consumption is growing in popularity. The upcycled food movement promotes foods that are made with ingredients that otherwise would have gone to waste. Through the Upcycled CertifedTM Program 496,103 tons of food waste is diverted annually. Second-chance ingredients like cacao fruit, green bananas, oat pulp, spent barley, and soy byproduct can give way to serendipitously satisfying upcycled treats. Enter upcycled cookies, candy, cakes, and more.

These Upcycled CertifedTM creations are changing the game when it comes to tackling food waste. Sweet ingredients can be stretched farther and fbrous waste can be made sweet—all while often offering a nutritional lift. These treats will be sure to love you back during this season of love.

Climate Candy


“Perfectly imperfect” fruits and vegetables fnd new purpose as Climate Candy. Unwanted but completely edible produce is dehydrated, sweetened, and transformed into a nostalgically chewy fruit candy that leans into its natural sugars and fruity favors.

Through the Upcycled CertifiedTM Program

496,103 of food waste is diverted annually.



Dark Chocolate; Milk

Chocolate; Sea Salt Milk

Chocolate; Coffee Milk

Chocolate; Orange Dark Chocolate

Supplant is dedicated to using the entire plant in their products. By gathering and processing fber-rich agricultural byproducts (like corn husks, stalks, stems, and cobs), their technology creates “sugars from fber.” Those sugars end up in a better-for-you chocolate bar approved by Chef Thomas Keller.

Blue Stripes Urban Cacao

Whole Cacao Chocolate Bar; Hazelnut Covered Cacao Beans; Dark Chocolate Covered Cacao Beans

Traditional chocolate production wastes 70 percent of the cacao pod—Blue Stripes wants to change that. Their clever chocolate confections utilize the entire cacao pod: shell, fruit, and beans. The result? Not your grandmother’s chocolate bar.

Simple Truth

Plant-based Chocolate Chip

Cookie Mix; Plant-based Sugar

Cookie Mix; Plant-based Brownie Mix

Okara four powers these spruced-up baker’s pantry staples. Okara is a nutrient-rich pulp byproduct of tofu and soymilk production. Remarkably, the prepared cookies are a seamless substitute for the cult classics— crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and sweet, as promised.

Page 21 | Food & Beverage Magazine v February Issue 2023

Upcycled Vanilla Oatmilk Cookies; Upcycled Chocolate Chip Cookies; Upcycled Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

These fancy cookies have their respective fancy fours to thank: they’re made from oat milk waste, Okara, and coffee cherries (the fruity pulp that surrounds coffee beans.) These players pack much-welcome fber, protein, and vitamins into a sweet and crispy, snackable treat.


Brownie Beast

Brownie Cookie Dough

This ready-to-eat cookie dough is for snacking or baking. Partnering with ReGrained, Doughp uses their upcycled Supergrain+ blend. It winds up checking all the boxes: rich, chocolatey, and sustainable with a nutritional boost.


Banana Babies; Banana Bites

Diana’s saves viable bananas from the scrap pile by using bananas with superfcial blemishes or imperfect shape. Their chocolate-covered bananas are frozen at peak freshness, and the fnal product boasts a quality that is far from compromised. It’s a win-win.

February Issue 2023 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 22
Fancypants Baking Co.
The newest trend for the conscious food consumer, upcycled sweets keep food waste at bay while simultaneously delighting that sweet tooth.

Sweet Laurel Expands to National Retail Distribution with Sprouts Partnership

Sweet Laurel, L.A.’s trendy, gluten-free bakery announced its frst mainstream grocery distribution with Sprouts. Sweet Laurel’s new grain-free, dairy-free, refned sugar-free baking mixes will be sold at Sprouts nationwide. The debut product line includes Sweet Laurel’s signature Chocolate Cake Mix, Pancake Mix and Scone Mix. All three items will be available in January 2023 in all Sprouts retailers including Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Tennessee, Pennsylvania and Washington. Sprouts is the frst retailer to carry the brand’s viral chocolate cake mix and new pancake and scone boxed mixes.

“Sweet Laurel is absolutely thrilled for the opportunity to be in a national grocery store chain for the frst time, and Sprouts is the ideal partner for this journey. Our shared philosophy to use only premium ingredients available aligns beautifully with our company’s mission. This product line embodies the ethos of what Sweet Laurel wants to accomplish as a brand, and now we can fnally meet people where they are—nationwide,” says cofounder Laurel Gallucci.

The new Sweet Laurel boxed mixes are made from only the most healthful ingredients some of which include: Almond four, Fair trade cacao, Himalayan pink salt, Arrowroot powder.

“We are thrilled to expand Sweet Laurel’s best-selling offerings to the health-conscious consumer on a national level to meet the increased demand for convenience and all-natural ingredients. With the rising prevalence of celiac disease, gluten sensitivity and the wide array of allergies in today’s world, baking from a Sweet Laurel mix is simple and delicious and can be done right in your own kitchen,” said co-Founder Laurel Gallucci.

Chocolate Cake Mix The viral chocolate cake is now a mix made from Almond Flour, Cacao Powder, Himalayan Pink Salt. SRP $9.99 for one 11 OZ box

Pancake Mix-Mix can also be made into Wafes. Ingredients: Almond Flour, Arrowroot powder, Flax seeds, Coconut Sugar, Coconut four, Himalayan Sea Salt, SRP $9.99 for one 10 OZ box.akeGlut

Scone Mix Almond Flour, Coconut Milk Powder, Dried Zante Currants, Coconut Flour, Himalayan Sea Salt. SRP $9.99 for one 9.5 OZ box

The Sprouts partnership represents the largest retail distribution expansion for the brand to-date. Sweet Laurel products are also available at Erewhon and

Page 23 | Food & Beverage Magazine v February Issue 2023
Sprouts shoppers will be able to find the following Sweet Laurel products in the innovation center:

Las Vegas is known for its countless dining hot spots, from Italian to Chinese to Mexican to Sushi. There are also numerous award-winning restaurants located all over the city which feature many celebrity chefs. In the local Summerlin community, there is a restaurant fying below the radar, owned by a world-renowned Asian celebrity chef.

Award-winning Chef Po Fai Lam was raised in a small community in Hong Kong. Beginning his career as an apprentice at a young age, Chef Lam then found his passion and has been creating exceptional Hong Kong-themed cuisine for over 50 years. A humble man, he is truly an artist who prides himself in not only his work but his ability to mentor and inspire those around him.

Chef Lam’s career has taken him to kitchens all around the world including Beijing, Manila, Toronto, and San Francisco. He now brings his authentic Hong Kong cuisine to his own restaurant, Chinglish Cantonese Wine Bar in Las Vegas, Nevada. Chef Lam and his wife, Anna, along with their daughter, Kitty, and her husband, Ken, are the founders of Chinglish


Restaurant Group. Located in Boca Park near Summerlin, Chinglish has won numerous awards. In the past two years, Chinglish has been acknowledged by Las Vegas Weekly and, most recently, was voted Best of Las Vegas for Best Chinese Food and Best Wine Bar. Its sister restaurant, Kosher Chinglish, is located right next door, specializing in the same delicious Cantonese favorites, prepared and served Glatt kosher.

The real driving force behind Chinglish is Chef Lam’s cuisine. All of the chefs at Chinglish are trained under his guidance. He spends his time assisting them in developing their craft and mentoring them to carry on the traditional way of Cantonese Food Culture. Above all, Chef Lam maintains his staff with love and support. The staff, along with regular Chinglish customers all refer to him as “dad,” which he tries to embody by treating his staff as family. To add to the restaurant’s feeling of intimacy, there is a window in the restaurant that allows guests to see into Chef Lam’s kitchen and observe the master at work. His dishes are his canvas on which he prides himself and is always concerned if a guest isn’t smiling. The staff, along with guests frequently comment, “You can taste the love in his food.”

The restaurant atmosphere exudes an upscale, modern feel with the end-goal being to create positive memories and experiences for all

February Issue 2023 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 26

guests and staff. The specialty items on the menu are the Peking Duck and “Poh Poh’s Dumplings,” which are hand-folded daily by “mom” (Chef Lam’s wife, Anna) using a secret recipe that has been in the family for many years. Designed to frame each of the items on the menu, the wine bar features an expertly curated wine list and specialty cocktails. Each dish created by Chef Lam is paired with wine or a cocktail to accentuate favor and create a memorable culinary experience.

Chinglish believes in spreading its core message of family and love beyond the restaurant by giving back to the community. In honor of its grand opening 2 years ago, all of the proceeds from that day were donated to Nevada’s largest food bank distributor, Three Square, to raise awareness for food insecurity. Meals have also been donated to the Shade Tree organization to help at-risk women in the shelter. Other organizations that Chinglish has lent its services to include the LVMPD Charitable Foundation, Vegas Fire & Rescue, Boystown (supporting at-risk youth), S.H.E.R.O. (to raise awareness for sex trafcking), St. Jude’s Ranch, Las Vegas Academy for the Arts, the UNLV Culinary Program and many more. Not only is this award-winning Chef an avid believer in helping his community but he is above all a family man, always dividing his personal time between his family and fnding more ways to give back.


Hammond’s Candies has been serving up mouth-watering sweets for over a century. Founded in Denver, Colorado, Hammond’s started as a small family business and has since expanded into an iconic international candy brand. Hammond’s secret is using the same careful craftsmanship that founder, Carl T. Hammond, Sr., put into all of his original family recipes. Andrew Schuman purchased Hammond’s Candies in 2007 and broadened its product lines. The company continues to thrive under his leadership today, and what was true in 1920 is still true today, “Nothing is more important than quality.”

In 2008, Hammond’s brought on Ellen Bruss Design to help rebrand and design packaging that would withstand the test of time. With every new Hammond’s product, EBD works on perfectly packaging the sweet treat that awaits inside. Bringing together a classic, yet bold design and a nostalgic approach to refect the long Hammond’s history, the branding catches your eye before you indulge into the favors of Hammond’s sweet treats.

A fan favorite and must try is Hammond’s small batch, handmade marshmallows. Launched in the summer of 2017, the line frst featured six delicious favors of snackable marshmallows. At 100 calories or less per serving, and all natural, these tasty treats are the perfect low-calorie indulgent snack and a must-try in s’mores and cocoa.

The marshmallow line has continued to expand and delight marshmallow lovers of all ages. Launched in January 2023, the Cinnamon Churro Marshmallows are the latest addition. Sprinkled with a blended cinnamon sugar mixture, they’re the perfect spiced snack. Hammond’s Marshmallows also feature favors such as Birthday Cake, Strawberry Crème, Peppermint, Toasted Coconut, Caramel Pumpkin, Vanilla Bean and Chocolate Chip.

Ready to devour these fuffy squares of marshmallow goodness? Hammond’s Candies can be found in Whole Foods, Cracker Barrel, World Market, Dillard’s, Fresh Market, Ace Hardware, and 1000’s of retailers around the country. Also fnd their world-famous, handmade candy canes internationally in Canada, England, Spain, Italy, Japan, and more. If you’re curious how lollipops, candy canes and other Hammond’s treats are made, bring your sweet tooth for a complimentary tour of the Hammond’s Factory in Denver, Colorado. For more information and easy online deliveries head to

February Issue 2023
Tis better to have lost and loved than never to have loved at all
Ernest Hemingway
Supplying the finest restaurants in America Learn More about our tabletop consulting services at SINGEREQUIPMENT.COM/TABLETOPCONSULTING Koloman, by Chef Markus Glocker, is a contemporary French restaurant in NoMad NYC. Featured here is the Palatschinken dessert by Pastry Chef Emiko Chisholm plated on Louison dinnerware by Arc Cardinal.

Worldly Inspiration from COJE Group’s


Chef Tom Berry, Chief Culinary Ofcer for Boston’s COJE Management Group, has always drawn cooking inspiration from his worldly travels and remains passionate about educating others around global cuisine and cultures.

Overseeing culinary operations for Boston hotspots including supper club Yvonne’s, Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar, a Mexicaninspired tequila bar; RUKA, a Nikkei restaurant; Cuban-inspired concept, Mariel; and coastal French & Basque-inspired Coquette, along with sister bakery/wine bar concept Cocorico, Berry has been able to able to put his mark on the Boston restaurant scene in a way that few had done before. It is his globally-inspired, social style of dining that has gained each COJE restaurant distinct recognitions year-after-year, making the group’s portfolio one of the most sought after in Boston.

In his work, Berry combines his signature fare with the traditional cuisines from South America, Cuba, France, Japan and Southeast Asia to design menus that offer guests an escape from reality and a taste of other cultures. He travels to each country from which he is pulling inspiration, spends time learning their culinary traditions and identifying the essence of

what makes each special.

During a research trip for Mariel, COJE’s Cuban-inspired concept, Berry spent time in Miami and Havana to learn more about Cuban food and culture. Inspired by the famous “Peso Pizzas” of Havana, Berry worked with the group’s pastry chef to develop a completely proprietary recipe for Cuban Street Pizza, a tradition in Cuba that’s rarely featured in the states.

The pizza consists of a slightly sweeter, thicker dough with a very thin, sweet tomato sauce, topped with mozzarella and gouda, cooked in pie tins. The dough slowly ferments for 3 days, leading to a crispy, chewy crust. Chef Berry then uses a blend of mozzarella and gouda and a “tomate fno” sauce that starts with a sofrito base to create the unique-tasting dish.  In addition, he also created his own fufu dough for the restaurant’s signature fufu gnocchi, and sourced hard-tofnd ingredients like the lulo fruit and bijol seasoning to pay homage to Cuban cuisine and favors.

Berry’s passion for global cuisine and his commitment to education around authentic, regional foods, extends even beyond the kitchens of his restaurants. In June 2023, Berry will embark on a culinary trip to Costa Rica with Oldways, a nonproft food and nutrition organization inspiring people to embrace the healthy, sustainable joys of the old ways of eating. He will join Walter C. Willett, Professor of Epidemiology and Nutrition at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, to give demonstrations and teach participants about the culture and cuisine of the country.

From educating participants about the fruit and produce native to the region, he will also be demonstrating how to use local fare to create healthful and delicious dishes, further helping mark Costa Rica on the map as an exemplary culinary destination. More information on the trip can be found at

Chef Berry continues to put himself out there to educate, motivate and push boundaries, while serving world-class cuisine in interesting, exciting ways that further elevate the social dining scene in Boston and beyond. Find more on Chef Tom Berry and COJE management group at

Berry’s passion for global cuisine and his commitment to education around authentic, regional foods, extends even beyond the kitchens of his restaurants.
Tuna Coco Crudo / Josh Jamison Fufu Gnocchi / Josh Jamison


Buying candy for your Valentine? Don’t get lost in the trufe! Before candy prices shoot up in stores or even worse, candy cannot be found on shelves due to the busy season of love, choose to make trufes yourself. It’s so easy! Plus, making homemade candy is a heartfelt gesture that will not go unnoticed by your sweetheart.


Let Ganache Cool Before Rolling: Trufes are chocolate candies made from a chocolate ganache center and then encased in dipping chocolate. Let the ganache cool in a shallow baking dish for about 30 minutes in the fridge to make it easier to form into tablespoon-sized rounds.

Add Flavor to Your Trufes: Inside of each trufe’s centers can include fruits, liqueurs, coffee, and more. For a delicious and unique spin to your trufes, add favor with LorAnn’s Super-Strength Flavors! LorAnn’s favors are 3 to 4 times stronger than typical extracts and can withstand the high temperatures of candy making like trufes. For dark chocolate trufes, bold and robust favors like peppermint and royal raspberry are very complementary. Subtle favors like amaretto, cookies and cream, and sparkling wine pair nicely with milk or white chocolate trufes. When favoring chocolate or coatings, make sure you are using an oil-soluble favor, so your chocolate does not seize.

The Secret Ingredient to Cream Centered Trufes: Invertase is the secret ingredient for cream-centered trufes. Creamy confections are often highly desirable for their rich taste and creamy texture. Invertase is a naturally occurring enzyme extracted from yeast and is used to convert sucrose into a liquid. When added to sucrose (table sugar) or foods that include sucrose, invertase splits the sugar into glucose and fructose, to transform it into a liquid form. Inverted sugar is frequently used in commercial candy recipes because it keeps treats fresh for longer periods of time.

Have The Right Equipment: With the help of a Dipping Tool Set, creating eye-catching, sweet treats is a breeze. With a tool set you can easily and securely dip fruits, candies, nuts and more into melted chocolate, cheeses, or other coatings. When coating trufes, use the dipping fork to seamlessly dip melted chocolate and then place trufe on wax paper for it to set.



14 ounces good quality chocolate (milk, dark, or white), chopped

1 cup heavy cream

2 tablespoons unsalted butter, softened 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon LorAnn Super-Strength Flavoring appropriate for use in chocolate like Peppermint, Orange, or Royal Raspberry.


½ cup ground pecans or pistachios

½ cup cocoa powder

12 ounces confectionery coating, melted


Line an 8-inch square pan with wax paper.

In a 2-quart saucepan, heat cream over low heat until just boiling. Remove from heat. Add butter and chopped chocolate; stirring until completely smooth. Add flavoring and stir to combine. Pour mixture into prepared pan. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until firm, about 1 ½ to 2 hours (or overnight).

Remove from refrigerator. Using a teaspoon or melon baller, scoop out small balls of the firm mixture and place on heavyweight dipping paper or wax paper. Once all of the mixture has been scooped, form each portion by hand into a round ball.

Roll truffles in cocoa powder, ground pecans, or coat with confectionery coating. To coat, use a dipping tool to dip each truffle into melted confectionery coating, then place on wax paper. When coating has set, place truffles in an airtight container and refrigerate for up to 2 weeks. Serve at room temperature.

*Makes about 30 to 40 truffles

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Unicorn Martini Indulge in a from R House Wynwood

Situated in the heart of Wynwood Arts District, one of Miami’s most culturally askew neighborhoods, R House is a contemporary Latin-inspired restaurant and bar heralded for its soulful menu and extravagant drag performances. Chef Rocco Carulli’s menu is nothing short of a love letter to Miami –mixing the favors of the Magic City’s Latin fair, his classic culinary training, and deep experience with global cuisine.

This local gem is most recognizably known for its bustling weekend brunch scene hosted by Athena Dion – Miss Ultimate Miami Drag Queen. It features an impressive spread of brunch items to nosh on while enjoying Miami’s most storied Drag performances for $55 per person. The over-the-top experience doesn’t stop there – the food and beverage offerings bring that same razzle dazzle you’d expect.

For those looking for something sweet, R House has the most over-the-top dessert cocktail that’s a ft for all queens. The Unicorn Martini ($15) is a piña colada topped with whipped cream, marshmallows, rainbow sprinkles, and edible glitter. Those looking to bite into sweetness can look forward to the Lovebird Trufes ($12). This dessert comes in two favors— spicy dark chocolate with strawberry dust; and coconut and white chocolate. The decadent treat comes with a shot of chocolate coquito with a

R House is located at 2727 NW 2nd Avenue in Wynwood.

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R House




Mis Amigos Tequilas was born and nurtured through the forward thinking of all of G&I Spirit Group USA’s valued employees, guided by the directors and founders of this uniquely styled company. R&I believes customer service and genuine interaction is the way to upsell in addition to high quality, unique products that stand out from the crowd. At the end of the day, the liquid has to be exceptional for all this to come together and it is.

Mis Amigos Tequila aims to educate the bars and venues they work with. This is with the goal of moving away from the sharp and bitter taste experience that most people associate with tequila, moving towards mouth-watering favors with smooth texture. It still holds that exceptional elegance and mystery plus there is nothing that draws the attention as a round of Tequilas being ordered, it just has that “je ne sais quoi” associated with it.

The versatility of Tequila is undoubtedly one of its key strengths, being consumed not only as a party shot but also sipped with or without ice and used in cocktails. The variants in favoured Tequilas is leading the way in the education through bartenders who enjoy the challenge of experimenting and getting away from the norm. As more consumers become aware of the diversity of variants, it is expected that this category will continue to grow year on year.

G&I Spirit Group USA worked for nearly 3 years to produce the Mis Amigos Tequilas Familia. Their frst range consists of Chocolate, Chocolate & Lime and Coffee Tequila all 25% ABV. They have received awards for all three favours as well as continuous outstanding reviews. With sales growing in excess of 35% growth per month, they pushed forward with their planned R&D on two more variants to join the collection.

In January 2020, they launched Mis Amigos Chocolate Cream and Strawberry Cream Tequila, both with a 15% ABV, and sold out in the frst 48 hours. Gina Duke, Spirit Development Director at G&I Spirit Group, stated, “We are overwhelmed by the response we are and have been receiving. We focus as a company on not only amazing products but on fantastic customer service.”

The Mis Amigos Tequila range will not stop there. Be on the lookout for many more favors in R&D which will be launching in 2023. Shop Mis Amigos Chocolate & Strawberry Cream Tequila now on

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UNLVino Announces Lineup

Events in the coming year concludes with Grand Tasting

UNLVino, in partnership with William F. UNLVino, in partnership with William F. Harrah College of Hospitality at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, will return with the 49th Annual UNLVino Food and Wine Festival. UNLVino continues its unique twist with UNLVino Presents, a fve-part epicurean experience designed to take guests’ taste buds on a culinary journey.

UNLVino Presents its Bon Vivant Dining Series to include three more immersive dining experiences featuring three local chefs and their restaurants. This includes Chef Tal Ronnen of Crossroads and Emeril Lagasse’s Delmonico Steakhouse, as well as a fnal dinner at UNLV hosted by Chef Hunter Fieri, UNLV Executive Chef Mark Sandoval, and hospitality students.

On Feb. 19, the fun moves to Crossroads, the frst fully plant-based inspired Italian and Mediterranean fne-dining restaurant on the Las Vegas Strip,

where Chef Tal Ronnen will prepare a three-course dinner with wine pairings from Gérard Bertrand for 50 people. Highlights from the menu include Chestnut Foie Gras, Scallop Linguine, and House Made Italian Sausage.

The Bon Vivant series on Apr. 20 will be hosted by UNLV Alum Hunter Fieri and the University’s Executive Chef, Mark Sandoval. UNLV hospitality students will work alongside Hunter and Chef Sandoval to create a four-course meal plated for 40 inside Hospitality Hall featuring wine pairings from Hunter Fieri’s winery, Hunt and Ryde.

Finally, the Grand Tasting returns on Apr. 29 from 6 to 9 p.m. with a guest list limited to 500 attendees. The fagship event will continue its elevated, more exclusive experience before ramping up for a historic bash in its 50th year.

The festivities began in November 2022 at Al Solito Posto, where the owner and Chef James Trees and Executive Chef Adam Rios hosted a four-course dinner with wine pairings supplied by Antinori Wine for 40 guests on their gorgeous patio. Chef Emeril Lagasse’s Delmonico Steakhouse on Mar. 6 has been sold out.

From its humble beginnings inside a warehouse, the annual UNLVino has grown into Las Vegas’ premier wine, spirits and food event. It serves as the year’s largest scholarship fundraiser for the University of Nevada, Las Vegas William F. Harrah College of Hospitality students. Founded in 1974, UNLVino began as a small wine tasting, with proceeds going to UNLV’s hospitality college fund. As UNLVino’s popularity grew, so did its host venues, moving from the warehouse into UNLV’s Thomas and Mack Center and eventually expanding to numerous Las Vegas resorts. Entering its 49th year, UNLVino has raised millions of dollars in scholarships and has become one of the city’s must-attend events of the year.

Each year the college organizes nearly 600 internships, welcomes more than 100 national hospitality brands to recruitment events, and pairs industry mentors with students.

The UNLV Harrah College of Hospitality is consistently ranked as one of the top hospitality programs in the world. They are studying just blocks away from the epicenter of the entertainment capital of the world, the Las Vegas Strip. UNLV hospitality students enjoy unparalleled access to hands-on, industry-relevant experience. Each year the college organizes nearly 600 internships, welcomes more than 100 national hospitality brands to recruitment events, and pairs industry mentors with students.

Tickets for the dining series can be purchased by visiting unlvino. com for $200 per dinner. The Grand Tasting is $200 per person if purchased in advance and $250 at the door. Those who purchase a ticket for a Bon Vivant Dinner will have the opportunity to buy a discounted ticket to the Grand Tasting for $100. All proceeds beneft the UNLV William F. Harrah College of Hospitality scholarship fund. Follow on Facebook and Instagram @ UNLVino49.

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We found that a staggering 1 out of 7 restaurants in the US lists an Oreo favoured product on their menu on meal delivery.

The global chocolate market size was estimated at USD 113.16 billion in 2021 and is anticipated to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.7% from 2022 to 2030. The United States is the leading world market for confectionery of any kind, with its cocoa and chocolate market estimated to

By leveraging Dashmote’s Data Analytics SaaS platform, we analysed the chocolate confectionery category across major US meal delivery platforms in Q3 2022. These were the key takeaways:

Oreo has the highest brand penetration rate in Q3, 2022, that 14% of Digital Storefronts (DSFs) on the US meal delivery platforms list an Oreo favoured product. This is followed by M&M’s with an 8.9%, and Mars with an 8.2% penetration rate.

Oreo controls 15% chocolate confectionery market share on US meal delivery, which is around 2 times more than Hershey’s (7.9%) and Fry’s (7.4%).This domination could be largely infuenced by the partnership with McDonald’s for the McFlurry, as well as the variety of Oreo sub-category products, such as Oreo milkshake and Oreo cheesecake

Mars Inc. dominates the chocolates category on meal delivery (35% manufacturer market share). They own strong brands such as M&Ms, Mars, Twix, Snickers and Milky Way. Mondelez (16% manufacturer market share) comes in 3rd just after Hersey’s (18% manufacturer market share).

There were in total 214k DSFs on Grubhub listing chocolate confectionery products, which was less than half of the 420k DSFs on DoorDash, and 548k DSFs on Uber Eats in Q3 2022. This could cause restaurants on Grubhub to generate fewer sales from snacks than their peers on other delivery platforms.

Sweets on Demand: An Analysis of Top Chocolate Confectionery Brands on US Meal Delivery

The history of chocolate can be traced back to around 1100 BC when cocoa was cultivated by the Maya, Toltec, and Aztec peoples for making ceremonial drinks. It was only in the Industrial Revolution, when chocolate production was modernised and developed through mechanisation, that signifcant advances in the chocolate-making process occurred. Today, chocolates can be consumed everywhere. The annual chocolate consumption in 2022 is projected at a staggering 7.5 million tons around the globe.

The global chocolate market size was estimated at USD 113.16 billion in 2021 and is anticipated to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.7% from 2022 to 2030. The United States is the leading world market for confectionery of any kind, with its cocoa and chocolate market estimated to be worth USD 19.4 billion. A study shows that US consumers ate, on average, 7 kilograms more chocolate during the frst year of the pandemic compared to the previous year.

With the ever-expanding interest in chocolates, it’s not surprising that the industry is expanding its sales channels into the meal delivery sector. The growing internet penetration rate, ease of ordering from home, and great availability of different brands are the main factors driving the growth of online meal delivery channels in the chocolate confectionery industry. By leveraging Dashmote’s Data Analytics SaaS platform, we analysed the chocolate confectionery category across major US meal delivery platforms in Q3 2022. After reading this article, you will have a clear understanding of the performance of top chocolate brands and manufacturers on US meal delivery in terms of market shares and market penetration rates.


Our data shows Oreo has the highest brand penetration rate in Q3, 2022, that 14% of Digital Storefronts (DSFs) on the US meal delivery platforms list an Oreo favoured product. This is followed by M&M’s with an 8.9%, and Mars with an 8.2% penetration rate. Reese’s (8.1%) and Hershey’s (7.4%) made it to the rest of the top 5 chocolate brands on US meal delivery in terms of the product listing.

As the most listed chocolate confectionery brand, Oreo controls 15% chocolate confectionery market share on US meal delivery, which is around 2 times more than Hershey’s (7.9%) and Fry’s (7.4%). This domination could be largely infuenced by the partnership with McDonald’s for the McFlurry, as well as the variety of Oreo sub-category products, such as Oreo milkshake and Oreo cheesecake. This domination in market share has proven that by partnering with restaurants and delivery platforms, chocolate confectionery brands, such as Oreo, can deliver convenience and accessibility to people looking for a sugary treat after a meal, that ultimately drive long-term business growth.


Mars, Incorporated dominates the chocolate category on the US meal delivery platforms with a 35% manufacturer market share. They own strong brands such as M&Ms, Mars, Twix, Snickers and Milky Way. Hersey’s, with an 18% manufacturer market share, comes in 2nd place. Mondelez, who owns the most listed brand Oreo, ranks 3rd with a 16% manufacturer market share on US meal delivery.

By analysing Dashmote’s data, we also found that Grubhub is falling short with its snack listings. There were in total 214k DSFs on Grubhub listing chocolate confectionery products, which was less than half of the 420k DSFs on DoorDash, and 548k DSFs on Uber Eats in Q3 2022. Specifcally, there were only 1k DSFs on Grubhub selling Ghirardelli, whereas on Uber Eats the number is 20 times more. This could cause restaurants on Grubhub to generate fewer sales from snack sectors than their peers on other delivery platforms.

Although a number of factors, including the growing consumer demand for vegan, organic, gluten-free, and sugar-free snacks, are changing the viability of the chocolate confectionery sector, the demand for chocolate consumption never falls behind. With e-commerce and meal delivery channels growing rapidly, there are still plenty of opportunities for chocolate confectionery brands to expand digitally and have their products reach a wider target market through meal delivery online. By following trends across the meal delivery market, global chocolate manufacturers can stay on top of the game. Dashmote is the leading big data and AI analytics company in the food & beverage industry. We help F&B enterprises by empowering leaders and analysts to track and analyse publicly available data to contribute to making strategic decisions for your brand. Are you interested in retrieving market insights across meal delivery and F&B? Please contact

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