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We honor and remember the support of Chef Kerry Simon, Gary Cantor, Robin Leach, Chef Paul Prudhomme, & Gary Coles

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It’s no secret — people love pizza. And they want to enjoy it whenever and wherever they please. This is where API Tech’s innovative Smart Pizza Vending Machine comes into the equation. From design to manufacturing, API Tech has a reputation for developing tailor-made industrial quality machines. For the past few years, the company has been making its mark in the food tech industry with the creation of their Smart Machines.

Active in France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, and the United States of America, the Smart Machine concept has proven its ability to meet the current and future needs of consumers. Among the vast array of products API Tech has created, the Smart Pizza Vending Machine rises to the top. A tremendous success among professional pizza makers and a big hit with selfproclaimed pizza lovers across the globe, the Smart Pizza Vending Machine is revolutionizing the quick service food experience.

Nowadays, people spend less time in the kitchen preparing meals and cooking than previous generations. From work schedules to children’s extracurricular activities, life’s seemingly never ending responsibilities result in a lack of time. Thankfully, the Smart Pizza Vending Machine is convenient, fast and consistently delicious. So, you are probably wondering how this whole thing works.

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Not all pizza vending machines are created equal. The Smart Pizza Vending Machine can cook two pizzas simultaneously in two hearth ovens — the only proper way to cook a pizza. It also has the capacity to store up to 96 pizzas (the highest number among competitors) and 200 different varieties. The freshness and quality of the pizza is preserved in a refrigerator and only takes 3 minutes to go from ready-to-order to ready-toeat. And for those who are environmentally conscious, the Smart Pizza Vending Machine uses refrigerant R290, a gas that signifcantly reduces the impact on atmospheric pollution.

If you think all of that is impressive, wait until you experience the exceptional customer service and maintenance that’s included with your purchase.

Each Smart Pizza Vending Machine is linked to API Tech’s network, allowing for real-time issue alerts and solutions for fxing them. The business owners will also love the capabilities of API Tech’s Smart Pizza Software that provides remote access to real-time sales, cooking settings, price and display controls, and more. But it’s not just about the technology, it’s about the time it saves.


As more customers want to eat pizza any time of day or night 365 days a year, there has been a growing need for pizzeria owners and employees to achieve a better work/life balance. The Smart Pizza Vending Machine allows these individuals to work less overtime while creating more revenue generating opportunities.

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BEST PIZZA, based in Luxembourg, bought its frst Smart Pizza Vending Machine two years ago and placed it in a university. After just three months they already experienced a return on their investment. Since then, the company has bought ten more machines.

A restaurant can close as early as 8pm and let the machine do the pizza baking and selling. The machines include detailed photos and descriptions for every product, making it easy for consumers to consider all their pizza options. There’s also a mobile app that allows customers to order online and collect their pizzas at the desired time and location. Now that’s some smart ROI.


When trying to fnd the perfect location for your latest and greatest pizza machine, it’s important to keep these key factors in mind. You want to choose a place where people can see your machine from the street and have easy access to parking. Placing your machine in a spot where there is a lack of food options is a wise choice. Locations near hospitals, gas stations, and universities also have a track record for performing well.

In Germany, BK Groupe has partnered with a frozen pizza brand and Tesla. They are now placing API Tech’s Smart Pizza Vending Machines at each Tesla charging station. 100 have already been installed and they have made a purchase order for 700 more machines to be installed in the next two years.

In fact, API Tech’s Smart Pizza Vending Machines average a one year ROI and 85 percent of the customers who have bought one machine buy a second machine within a year. With over 3,000 machines installed across Europe, it should come as no surprise that America (the country that consumes the most pizzas per year) is expected to experience a signifcant Smart Pizza Vending Machine presence in the coming months and years.

With three production factories in France and another one currently being built in Braselton, Georgia, API Tech is able to produce 180 new machines per month. Fully designed and developed in-house, the Smart Pizza Vending Machine is just the beginning. API Tech’s current range of Smart Machines will soon welcome new developments for the distribution of other food products. No matter how you slice it, this Smart Machine technology is a win-win for business owners and consumers alike.

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Made In New York partners Gary Vaynerchuk, Guy Oseary, Eytan Sugarman, Ryan Tedder, and DJ Clue



























We honor and remember the support of Chef Kerry Simon, Gary Cantor, Robin Leach, Chef Paul Prudhomme, & Gary Coles

Food & Beverage Magazine® is owned and published electronically by Beautiful People, LLC. Copyright 1995-2016 Beautiful People LLC. All rights reserved. Food & Beverage Magazine® and distinctive logo are trademarks owned by Beautiful People, LLC. “” is a trademark of Beautiful People, LLC. No part of this electronic magazine may be reproduced without the written consent of Food & Beverage Magazine. Requests for permission should be directed to: The information contained has been provided by such individual, event organizers or organizations. The opinion expressed in each article is the opinion of its author, organization or public relation firm. Food & Beverage Magazine is not affiliated with any other food and beverage or hospitality publication. INDUSTRY LEADERS • TRENDS • BEVERAGE • CUISINE • CHEF • RESTAURANT • HOSPITALITY Creator Series PLNT BURGER PLANT-BASED FAST FOOD A POWER PUNCH FOR ATHLETES EDITOR’S PICK: K-12 BEST IN CLASS
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Established in 2018, Made In New York Pizza embodies a New York City pizzeria serving the best pizza in Manhattan. Its four locations have become the epitome of what people think when they picture New York-style pizza. It doesn’t matter if it’s a square or a triangle as long as the favors satisfy its customers’ palates. The newest and fourth location opened this month, marking the latest in the brand’s expansion, with the third location opening in Spring. The four locations include two on the Upper West Side on Amsterdam Avenue, one midtown on 7th Avenue, and one West Village on Hudson Street.

The partners behind Made In New York include a who’s who from the music industry and entrepreneurial world, including Gary Vaynerchuk, Guy Oseary, Eytan Sugarman, Ryan Tedder, and DJ Clue.

Art was also a key element in the design and planning of Made In New York Pizza. As a result, Sugarman and artist Eric Faraci collaborated on over 1,100 images that he felt told a mixed story of Sugarman’s New York City. This was a combination of moments from sports, movies, landmarks, people who grew up in New York, and people who represented New York. The partners saw Alex Alperts’ work, and Sugarman loved how he marries all these components into one cohesive image that almost reminds him of a board game, as funny as that sounds.

All three artists worked with Sugarman, who loved the art component in the design of the pizzerias. “To me, it’s an expression of my New York told through the art and the product. We’re telling a story of all New York means to me,” says Sugarman

Sugarman, restaurateur and creator and chief operator of Made In New York Pizza, is a native New Yorker who grew up on the Upper West Side. He entered the hospitality world in the late 1990s, becoming a partner and top operator at the hottest New York nightlife and restaurants, such as Suede. Throughout the 2000s, he partnered with Justin Timberlake on Southern Hospitality and Daryl Strawberry on Strawberry’s. During the last decade, he has been a partner in the successful

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Hunt and Fish Club and recently took over the historic and iconic White Horse Tavern. He has advocated for New York nightlife, restaurants, and hospitality within the New York World, leading various initiatives to support hospitality owners. Sugarman brought five partners together for Made in New York, all long-time friends that wanted to create an iconic pizza entity. Now endorsed by culinary and celebrity luminaries, Made In New York Pizza has expanded to reach multiple neighborhoods in Manhattan so more people can quickly get the pizza they desire, and all locations feature NFTs in its artwork.

The partners of Made In New York Pizza spoke during a round table with Food and Beverage Magazine about the growth and popularity of Made In New York Pizza.

Guy Oseary: I would invest in anything Eytan Sugarman does. He is a hard worker and a good man. When he mentioned he was going into the Pizza business, I was all in. Pizza s my guilty pleasure..I love it..and what better place to get into the pizza business than in New York City.

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Eytan Sugarman: I created Made In New York because I wanted to create an authentic New York slice shop experience just like the places I grew up with. It had to be a very specific flavor profile and true to its roots. There are many styles of pizza, but I grew up with a New York round pie cut into eight triangular slices, and I wanted the customer experience at Made In New York to be very specific and authentic.

Gary Vee: I have been a prior investor in Eytan Sugarman’s businesses, including Hunt and Fish Club. I have also had a longtime friendship with him for about 15 years. I reviewed the man’s character, and I’m incredibly confident in his ability to operate.

Ryan Tedder: I’ve known Eytan Sugarman for 20 years, invested in multiple restaurants with him, and trusted his instinct on the pulse of New York City. You combine that with pizza, and our other partners, Gary Vaynerchuk, DJ Clue, and Guy Oseary, and being lifelong friends helped make the choice easy.

DJ Clue: I’ve been friends with Eytan for 25 years, and when he came to me with the idea, I thought it was great as a pizza lover. The city could use a great pizza brand if the product were amazing. I believe we have achieved that. I always have people complimenting me on the pizza.

Eytan Sugarman: My passion for the product attracted me to the pizza business. Again it’s what I grew up on. Pizza was a fairly inexpensive luxury that even poor kids like me could afford occasionally. It’s hard to express how much of a treat it was when my beloved father had a few extra dollars and would treat us to a few slices at Vinnies Pizza on West 73 Street on our way home from school. I’ve been in the hospitality business for over 20 years, owning fine-dining restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. I wanted to enter the fast-casual market too, and there was no better way than to produce a product I grew up on and loved.

DJ Clue: As a pizza lover, I knew there was a need for a new strong brand in the city.

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DJ Clue:

Guy Oseary: When Eytan asked I was all in. And what better name than Made in NY Pizza? It all came together magically.

Eytan Sugarman: Made In New York was born from wanting to recreate a small portion of my childhood. I grew up on the Upper West Side, and we opened our first pizzeria right in my parents’ neighborhood. It was just three blocks from where I went to elementary school and the neighborhood that first introduced me to my favorite food, pizza.

Gary Vee: It came about because he asked, and I couldn’t have said yes faster. He didn’t even finish the sentence of being involved, and the answer was yes.

DJ Clue: There were a couple of conversations and brainstorming. I knew it was a great idea. As a kid in school, Friday was pizza day, and I always looked forward to it. It was a no-brainer.

Eytan Sugarman: Our focus at Made in New York is to give the authentic, quintessential New York City slice shop experience—a nice selection of pies, round ones, square ones, some thicker, some lighter, appropriate toppings in a casual but comfortable environment.

DJ Clue: I’m a big critic when it comes to food. Our pizza is top-tier. We wouldn’t have it any other way. Daily quality checks are a must.

Eytan Sugarman: Core values ultimately come from the culture of the brand. It was a brand born of passion, love, and friendship. A boy from New York City, his old partner from his nightclub days, and close friend Ronnie wanted to create a slice shop reminiscent of the ones they grew up with. We service our customers to the best of our

Guy Oseary: Gary Vee:

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Eytan Sugarman: The most exciting part of the business for me has been evolving the art and design of the locations to be a part of the expression of the overall product. We incorporate custom, curated street art into each of our stores, once again molding the overall product to touch all the senses and ultimately be a love letter to the greatest city in the world.

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Eytan Sugarman: Best sellers are our famous Spicy Pepperoni Square which got an 8.3 rating from Dave Portnoy on Barstool Pizza Review. Our classic plain slice is always a winner, and people rave about our Vodka Sauce slice and the New Margherita made with Stracciatella Cheese.

DJ Clue: Definitely our spicy pepperoni since it’s legendary

Ryan Tedder: It’s the most enjoyed and eaten food on earth. Eytan and I are absolute snobs regarding pizza, whether it’s New York, Naples, Rome, or New Haven. We know the difference between good and great. With his experience in the New York restaurant scene (combined with our level of absolute pizza snobbery), I knew there was a good chance of success.

Four years ago, Eytan told me he wanted to start a pizza restaurant that could become a chain. He knows pizza is my favorite food on earth, and I knew he would source the best pizzaiolo and the best menu in Manhattan. After 20 years, I have trust in that guy, and the name Made In New York Pizza has a great ring to it.

Eytan Sugarman: The custom art installations were chosen by me as a further expression of capturing so much of what makes New York City, in my mind, the greatest city in the world. We have an old-school 1980s-style custom grafti mural on the foor of our West Village store made painstakingly by legendary grafti ar tist Lord Henry. It’s reminiscent of the grafti I grew up with on the subways and walls during the period where New York City street art was born. I co-created a collage painting with over 600 images with a great young Canadian artist named Eric Faraci. Eric is a big Gary Vaynerchuk fan and contacted me after seeing me on Gary’s show. Eric drove a painting he created for me from Canada to give to me personally. We began this work over 38 nights of discussing and dissecting thousands of possible images before narrowing it down to the fnished product. I’m so proud of it, and we have one in each of our stores. We also have hand-painted murals by another great young artist named Alex Alpert, who does a wonderful job of marrying images we pick together into a fnished product that speaks to the beauty and character of the neighborhoods we are a part of.

Ultimately Made In New York started as a passion project and a labor of love from a boy from New York City who wanted to put out a product that expressed his love for his hometown. This is about the food he grew up with, along with a group of friends who were inspired by his vision and wanted to take that journey together.

said Sugarman.

Gary Vee: Pizza is one of the most iconic staples in our society, especially in New York City. When you have somebody who is so New York in their DNA, like Sugarman, and has the pedigree to be an operator for over three decades, it becomes one of the easiest investments of all time.

To reach out to the artists, follow Lord Henry @lordhenryli (west village), Eric Faraci @ericfaraci, and Alex Alpert @alex. alpert.

For more info and locations, visit Follow on Instagram @ Madeinnewyorkpizza, Facebook @ madeinnewyorkpizza and Twitter @ Madeinnypizza.

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How Chicago’s Michelin-starred Esmé Made Its Mark Combining Art and Food

You won’t fnd Chef Jenner Tomaska’s name on the door of his Michelin-starred restaurant in the heart of Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. It was never about building a reputation or being pretentious. Of course, the chef and his wife and partner Katrina Bravo are proud of the distinction and everything they’ve accomplished in a few short years, but for them it’s a story of how food and art interact.

Tomaska opened Esmé in August 2021 with the idea of it becoming a fun, approachable community-focused restaurant. One that not only shares the creative endeavors of local artists but elevates that vision pairing art with perfectly plated, photogenic dishes. It’s that combination that attracted the attention of foodies all over the world.

Esmé, which in French means beloved, is a 42-seat space flled with natural light shining through the restaurant’s 20-foot-tall windows.

“You’re in the middle of the city and there are literally people walking down the sidewalk as you’re in the middle of your 12-course meal,” Tomaska says. “I think that’s kind of cool.”

Minimalist, well-lit Esmé doubles as an art gallery with the featured artist’s work proudly displayed as Tomaska’s complex tasting menu compliments and blends its surroundings into the dining experience.

“The space is like a gallery. It’s very bright. We don’t turn the lights down during service so the art can be seen on the walls,” he explains. “We want everyone’s art to be showcased at its best. I think the formality of fne dining or tasting menus is dated at this point, like the pretentiousness of the service could be a bit unwelcoming. Esmé is meant to be fun.”

Every four months, Tomaska partners with a diferent artist and tells an entirely new story creating a unique 12-course menu ($235-$265 per person) and plating on it the collaborator’s

custom artwork itself. The process takes about six months to execute but is constantly tweaked during the three-month installation.

“There’s never enough time,” Tomaska jokes.

Tomaska says he and his wife meet with the artist and draw inspiration from what they’re “trying to express.” Sometimes, that can be light and bright with fun, colorful dishes, and other times the artwork is more subtle with delicate plating.

Tomaska’s latest whimsical partnership with Chicago artist Emmy Star Brown launched June 30. This one is a bit more personal. Tomaska was introduced to Brown’s work when noticed the artist’s eye-catching art hanging on a wall of the apartment of his now wife when they began dating (more than a decade ago).

Together, Tomaska and Brown are taking diners down the road to a more playful time allowing them to channel their inner child over the course of the meal. The art is imaginative and includes illustrations, lettering, canvas work and murals. Tomaska even challenged Brown to use her admiration for Alexander Calder to create a mobile that is lowered during the meal to reveal one of the dishes.

“I really pushed her out of her comfort zone,” Tomaska explains. “She’s never worked with wood before but did for this menu and there’s one hanging over every single table. So you pull it down from a raised position to eye level right and it unveils the next course.”

“As a self-taught muralist and painter, I have always enjoyed challenging methods and mediums,” Brown says of the project. “This year I have been taking on a new exploratory approach by looking at my work through a multi-dimensional lens, a nod to

my creative hero Alexander Calder. It’s an honor to introduce my latest work in wood, resin, glass, and mobiles with Esmé.”

As for Tomaska’s tasty creations. “I don’t look at my food as art. I’m not about the smoke and mirrors as much as I used to be, or the theatrics.”

Some may argue with him on that. The edible masterpieces he pairs with the artwork make for a memorable meal. For example, his Corn On The Cod features a piece of cod wrapped with roasted corn and served with a carrot and peach bisque. The fun dish is served on a corn printed plate Brown created specifcally for Esmé. Another stunner is a Squash and Daylily salad shaped in a bouquet and served with paint-colored purees on the side.

Despite his claims, Tomaska is innovative himself. He is wrapping cabbage around poussin and baking it in a hand-crafted clay pot that is shaped like a rooster. When it’s brought to the table it’s cracked open to reveal its contents.

“What’s cool about this is we take this piece of art that takes a tremendous amount of time to make, come out the table and smash it open and it’s gone right,” he explains. “Food is the same way. You get a dish that was made specifcally for you. Someone took the time to craft the properly and make it look a certain way because that was what they had envisioned and then you eat it and it’s gone forever. So it really embodies that conversation about whether food is art.”

At Esmé it is.

August Issue 2023 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 16
Every four months, Tomaska partners with a diferent artist and tells an entirely new story creating a unique 12-course menu ($235-$265 per person) and plating on it the collaborator’s custom artwork itself.

LAS VEGAS – Southern Glazer’s Wine, Spirits & Beer of Nevada is thrilled to announce the exciting addition of Jennifer Huether, the esteemed frst female Master Sommelier in Canada, to its exceptional team. Not only is she now one of the few female Master Sommeliers in the city of Las Vegas, but she is one of only 25 female Master Sommeliers in the entire world. Jennifer’s addition to the city is a momentous occasion for the local hospitality industry.

Having achieved remarkable milestones throughout her career, Jennifer Huether brings expertise and a wealth of experience to her new role at Southern Glazer’s. With her passion and trailblazing spirit, she has made a lasting impact on the wine world, inspiring countless individuals along the way.

Huether’s arrival in Las Vegas creates an extraordinary opportunity to showcase her talent, knowledge, and dedication to her craft. “I am so excited to be in one of the culinary capitals of the world and to both learn from and create with some of the most distinguished people in this industry,” said Huether.

The city’s dynamic culinary and wine scene will undoubtedly be elevated by her presence, as she continues to break barriers and empower aspiring sommeliers, especially women, in this traditionally male-dominated industry.

“I am proud that Southern Glazer’s is trailblazing the path and serving as a vessel for more female Master Sommeliers,” said Executive Vice President and General Manager, Southern Glazer’s Wine, Spirits & Beer of Nevada, John Landry. “This is a special occasion that marks a step in the right direction for the wine and culinary scene of Las Vegas.”

August Issue 2023 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 18
“I am proud that Southern Glazer’s is trailblazing the path and serving as a vessel for more female Master Sommeliers...”
said Executive Vice President and General Manager, Southern Glazer’s Wine, Spirits & Beer of Nevada, John Landry

About Jennifer Huether, MS

Jennifer Huether is a trailblazing force in the world of wine. As Canada’s frst and Las Vegas’ only female Master Sommelier, she has garnered international recognition for her exceptional expertise and unwavering commitment to the industry. Jennifer’s journey began with a deeprooted passion for wine, leading her to acquire numerous qualifcations, including the Sommelier Certifcation from ISG, the Diploma of Wine from WSET, and the coveted Master Sommelier title. With over a decade of dedication, she has mentored aspiring sommeliers, conducted masterclasses, represented renowned wineries, and created an unprecedented footprint in a traditionally male line of work. Jennifer’s advocacy for diversity and sustainability and engaging speaking style have made her a sought-after voice in the industry. Her impact continues to resonate, as she educates and inspires others with her vast knowledge and passionate approach to the world of wine.

About Southern Glazer’s Wine, Spirits & Beer of Nevada

Southern Glazer’s Wine, Spirits & Beer of Nevada is the state’s leading beverage distribution company and a division of Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits. Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits is the world’s preeminent distributor of beverage alcohol, and proud to be a multi-generational, family-owned company. The Company has operations in 44 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, and Canada, as well as brokerage operations through its WEBB Banks division in the Caribbean, Central and South America. In 2022, Southern Glazer’s was listed as one of Forbes Best Employers for Diversity. In 2021, Southern Glazer’s was selected as a U.S. Best Managed Company by Deloitte Private and The Wall Street Journal, as well as named by Newsweek as a Top 100 Most Loved Workplace. Southern Glazer’s urges all retail customers and adult consumers to market, sell, serve, and enjoy its products responsibly. For more information visit Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @sgwinespirits.

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MEDIA CONTACT: Destiny Farley Revenue Media Group / Cell: (702) 538-0243

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Balsamic Vinegar

A Tale of Ancient Origins and Exquisite Qualities

Balsamic vinegar is a treasured culinary delight that has been enchanting taste buds for centuries. With its distinctive sweet and tangy favor, this dark, syrupy elixir adds depth and complexity to a wide range of dishes. But what is the story behind balsamic vinegar, and what qualities make it so special?


Balsamic vinegar origin can be traced back to ancient Rome where it was known as “balsamum” or “balsamite.” It was initially used for medicinal purposes due to its alleged healing properties. The Romans believed that balsamic vinegar could cure various ailments, and its use was prevalent throughout the Roman Empire. The name “balsamic” derives from the healing properties when it was used as a remedy to treat sores, or for migraines. During the Renaissance period, balsamic vinegar’s reputation continued to grow in Italy, particularly in the cities of Modena and Reggio Emilia. Historical records suggest that balsamic vinegar was offered as a gift to emperors and royalty. Notably, it is said that the Duchess of Modena gifted a barrel of balsamic vinegar to Catherine de Medici, the queen of France, during the 16th century. This gesture further elevated the status of balsamic vinegar as a symbol of prestige and luxury.

The production and consumption of balsamic vinegar associated with aristocracy and nobility, became a highly sought-after condiment among the elite. The barrels used to age the balsamic, are stored in attics, where the vinegar can age undisturbed and beneft from seasonal temperature fuctuations. It is said that the aging process would be a well-guarded secret, with families passing down the knowledge only to the next generation, creating a sense of mystery and exclusivity around this prized condiment. The tale goes that each family in Modena or Reggio Emilia would have its own set of barrels, and as a daughter would marry and move to her new home, her family would gift her with

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Attilio Borra

a small barrel containing a bit of their own aged vinegar to start her own collection and continue the tradition.

Today, some balsamic vinegar producers still follow traditional methods, cherishing the heritage that makes this product so special.

There are 2 kind of balsamic vinegar: the IGP (Indicazione Geografca Protetta), which in English translates to Protected Geographical Indication and the DOP (Denominazione di Origine Protetta) which translates to Protected Designation of Origin. Two product variants that differ in terms of production processes and raw materials. Both types have a certifcation that safeguards both their identity and quality, and a disciplinary that keeps the tradition intact. From the choice of grapes to the aging process, we are faced with two completely Italian products, regulated at European level to guarantee consumers the certainty of purchasing a product of the highest quality. But what are their differences?

The differences between these two kinds of balsamic vinegar lies in their geographical indications, production methods, kind of grape used, and quality standards.

The IGP Balsamic Vinegar (Protected Geographical Indication) has specifc production guidelines, but they are generally less stringent than those of DOP balsamic vinegar.

The IGP balsamic may include a blend of different grape varieties that come exclusively from the Lambrusco, Sangiovese, Trebbiano, Albana, Ancellotta, Fortana and Montuni vines. The grapes are pressed entirely including the skin, seeds and stems, process which is not allowed in DOP balsamic vinegar production.

The IGP balsamic is obtained from partially fermented and/or open fames cooked and/or concentrated grape must. At least 10% wine vinegar that is at least 10 years old are added to the must.

The concentration is continued until the initial mass of must has reached its ideal density at a temperature of 20°C. In addition to the vines mentioned above, the musts - exclusively cooked and concentrated ones - must have a minimum total acidity of 8 g/kg and a minimum net dry extract of 55 g/kg. The addition of any other substance is prohibited.

The preparation of the IGP Balsamic takes place with the classic method of acidifcation through the use of selected bacterial colonies. The next phase is the refnement which takes place inside barrels made of precious wood, such as oak, chestnut, mulberry or juniper. The minimum refnement period is 60 days, counted from the moment in which the raw materials, mixed together in the right proportion, are sent for processing. At the end of the refnement, the product obtained is subjected to an analytical and organoleptic examination, entrusted to a group of expert technicians and tasters: this is the step to be overcome in order for the product to be certifed as Balsamic Vinegar IGP.


After 60 days of aging in wooden barrels, the Balsamic Vinegar can undergo a further aging period. If this phase lasts for more than three years, the fnished product will be able to boast the “aged” classifcation.


The Balsamic Vinegar of Modena thus obtained can be placed for direct consumption. It is placed in glass, wood, ceramic or terracotta containers of various capacities.


The wording Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is placed on each package, accompanied by the IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) certifcation mark and if the product has been aged for more than three years, the wording “Aged” also appears on the label. Producers associated with the Protection Consortium are permitted to use the Consortium logo on the label.


IGP balsamic vinegar tends to have a milder favor compared to DOP balsamic vinegar due to its shorter aging period and different production methods. It’s best used as condiment for salads, to make homemade glaze, or used to be cooked with different kind of meats.

Balsamic Vinegar DOP (Denominazione di Origine Protetta) ricetta originale Protected Designation of Origin original Recipe.

This balsamic vinegar is produced with a tightly regulated production methods and must meet strict quality standards. DOP balsamic vinegar can only be produced with grapes in two specifc regions of Italy: Modena and Reggio Emilia. The grape predominantly derived from 2 specifc varieties such as Trebbiano and Lambrusco.


DOP balsamic vinegar lies in its elaborate production process. The key to its exquisite taste is the careful selection and handling of the grapes. Grape is scrupulously selected, freshly crushed and the grape juice contains no skins, seeds, and stems. The must is boiled for several hours in open vessel containers at a temperature never lower than 80°C, before being poured into the “mother barrel”. Here it fnds an ideal environment for alcoholic fermentation and the following acetic fermentation. After two years, the cooked must, which has now become a thick and dark liquid, is transferred to the largest of the battery’s wooden barrels, which play a pivotal role in defning balsamic vinegar’s profle. The battery of barrels can vary in number and they are usually made from different types of wood, such as oak, cherry, chestnut, mulberry, fg, juniper, and ash tree. Each type of wood contributes its own distinct nuances to the fnal product. Each producer uses a different wood sequence of these barrels as their own exclusive “recipe” to make their unique vinegar.

The barrels are in different sizes, the biggest is for the fresh must and the smallest is where the fnal product is extracted. Every year, during the cold season, a quantity of product suitable for the fnal use is taken by hand from the smaller barrel, using the transfer technique, and at the same time this is replenished with that of the previous and more capacious barrel, through an operation called topping up. These operations are essential so that all those natural transformations can take place which will allow the fnal product to reach the harmony between favors and aromas that make the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena D.O.P. an

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inimitable product. The experts are authorized by the Ministry of Agricultural and Forestry Policies (MIPAAF) and taste the product certifed producers want to commercialize, authorizing its bottling only after a careful and rigorous organoleptic examination which verifes its visual, olfactory and gustatory aspects. All this takes place in the maximum anonymity of the sample to guarantee its impartiality. Because of this transferring process as the vinegar ages, it’s impossible to determine an exact age of the balsamic. The minimum aging period, required by the production disciplinary of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PDO, is 12 years. The real Balsamic Vinegar of Modena DOP can only be bottled in the typical 100 ml cruet designed by designer Giorgetto Giugiaro.


DOP balsamic vinegar is renowned for its rich, intense, and complex favor profle, with a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. Balsamic vinegar elevates dishes to new heights, making it an indispensable ingredient in any discerning chef’s kitchen. It is incredibly versatile in the kitchen, since it enhances meats, elevates fruits, and pairs excellently with cheeses and desserts, my personal suggestion is to put few drops on top of a vanilla ice-cream scoop and pair it with a warm slice of apple pie. So, the next time you savor this dark, velvety treat, remember the centuries of tradition and craftsmanship that have made balsamic vinegar one of the world’s most cherished culinary gems.


Balsamic vinegar IGP or DOP, offers several potential health benefts, thanks to its natural properties and the presence of certain compounds. However, it’s important to remember that these benefts are associated with moderate consumption as part of a balanced diet. Balsamic vinegar is rich in antioxidants, such as polyphenols, which help protect the body’s cells from oxidative stress caused by free radicals. Antioxidants play a role in reducing infammation and lowering the risk of chronic diseases. Also the polyphenols in balsamic vinegar may help reduce LDL cholesterol levels, often referred to as “bad” cholesterol, which can contribute to heart disease when elevated. When consumed in moderation, it may promote a healthy digestion. In fact the acetic acid in vinegar has been shown to enhance the body’s ability to absorb essential minerals from the foods we eat. Some studies also suggest that balsamic vinegar may help improve insulin sensitivity and regulate blood sugar levels. This can be benefcial for individuals with type 2 diabetes or those at risk of developing the condition. Balsamic vinegar is low in calories and can add favor to dishes without adding excessive amounts of sugar or fat. Using balsamic vinegar as a dressing on salads and vegetables can help enhance their taste without signifcantly increasing calorie intake. Acetic acid, a key component of balsamic vinegar, has been shown to possess antimicrobial properties that may help inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria.

Important Considerations: While balsamic vinegar does offer potential health benefts, it is essential to use it in moderation. Balsamic vinegar, like all types of vinegar, is acidic, and excessive consumption may lead to dental enamel erosion or digestive discomfort in some individuals. As with any dietary change or supplementation, it’s always best to consult with a healthcare professional, especially if you have any underlying health conditions or concerns about incorporating balsamic vinegar into your diet.

Since there are a lot of Balsamic Vinegar in commerce, it is very important to look for the original kind when you are in your favorite local food store or supermarket, so make sure you look for the IGP mark on the label and of you want to buy the Original Recipe one, get only the one in the unique 100ml bottle which has also printed all the certifcation and the DOP mark on the label. My personal suggestion is to avoid buying the already made glaze especially the ones in the squeezable bottles, they are usually products made with artifcial favors, chemicals, and containing a lot of sugar, so if you want to have a good and favored glaze here is an easy recipe for you to make at home.


200 ml balsamic vinegar IGP (do not use the DOP original recipe, it would be a waste of this precious product)

25 gr Honey

50 gr Sugar

15 gr Corn starch

50 ml Red wine (a good kind not the one in a carton)


Put the balsamic vinegar, sugar and honey in a saucepan. Then place on the heat and as soon as it comes to a boil, lower the heat and cook for 6/7 minutes.

Meanwhile, dissolve the cornstarch in the red wine, mixing it very well to avoid lumps. Once your balsamic vinegar has boiled for at least 7 minutes and the sugar has dissolved, add the wine, mix very well for a few minutes to incorporate everything. Continue to cook until you have a thick and full-bodied balsamic vinegar glaze, stir occasionally to prevent it from settling on the bottom and burning.

Adjust it to your desired consistency, if you like it more thick or more liquid, think that it has to slip off the spoon to season your dishes. Finally, remove your balsamic vinegar glaze from the heat, place it in an airtight jar and let it cool completely before putting it in the fridge.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I invite you to write me for more recipes and comments to, This is it for now, until next time, I’ll see you in the Kitchen. Ciao.

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With the exponential growth of the beverage industry in recent years, there are numerous methods brand manufacturers can implement to match increasing consumer demand. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic severely disrupted the beverage industry, leading to a notable rise in in-home consumption vs. serving consumers out-of-the home.

Now, reaching the endemic stage of the pandemic, these dynamics have shifted again, reaching higher consumption levels than recorded pre-pandemic. In fact, according to Statista, revenue in the US beverage market is projected to reach $89.53 billion USD this year and continue growing with an annual growth rate of 16% until 2027.1 This compels brand manufacturers to integrate automation practices into their operations to ensure greater speeds and efciency to meet growing consumer demand.

As a global leader in the design and manufacturing of beverage packaging machines, R.A Jones has been supplying multipacker machines to many

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1. Portfolio Manager - Beverage & Robotics at R.A Jones
Rich Clifton

of the major beverage brands, co-packers and distributors for decades. With beverage companies offering a greater variety of drink options today, R.A Jones was challenged with developing new technological advancements in packaging machinery that could increase the speed in which manufacturers could produce different multipack can sizes.

R.A Jones responded with the launch of Orbi-Trak TC-6, an innovative carton feed technology which could be easily integrated into its popular Meridian XR MPS-300 machines, enabling beverage and food manufacturers to run a variety of canned product confgurations at an unprecedented speed of 345 cartons per minute. This new speed up kit surpasses the current standard speed of 300 cartons a minute, making R.A Jones’ multipacker machines the fastest in the industry.

Orbi-Trak TC6 is outftted with six possible spindle carton pick and place locations rather than four. With two additional spindle locations, R.A Jones has expanded the number of spindles used which increases the speed capabilities of the machine, boosting overall production rates. The speed up kit can be added to Meridian XR machines already in service or new machines to sustain speeds of 345 cartons per minute for 4, 6 and 8 pack confgurations, while also improving carton handling for larger confgurations.


The new carton feed system design did not come without trial and error; experience has shown that increasing carton speeds can lead to carton handling issues and lowered efciency rates, which result in production line downtime. However, with the company’s long history and expertise in developing advanced packaging solutions that disrupt markets and drive consumer trends, R.A Jones was able to re-engineer the spindle rotation so it was synchronized and would not interfere with the carton being picked up. By slowing down the spindle speed, the carton can better align with the speed of the air frame chains, allowing for a smoother hand off between the two devices. The matching speed is essential in preventing improperly formed cartons jams while still providing customers with improved reliability and increased efciency.


However, beyond the overall growing market, there are a few consumer beverage trends brand manufacturers should be aware of. For example, research demonstrates that following the heels of the pandemic, consumers have started to move away from sugary drinks and turn more to functional and health-focused beverages.2

August Issue 2023 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 26

To address these trends, a CPG can substantially increase fexibility within their production line by implementing equipment that expands its capacity to change can diameters. Brand manufacturers that can accommodate various beverage can sizes, such as the standard and sleeker specialty cans, within the same machine can increase production capacity and maintain greater efciency rates.

R.A Jones was able to accomplish this by upgrading its mid-range packaging machine to allow for greater fexibility for single-tier can multi-packing. As a result, manufacturers can now run greater can and carton size ranges from 4-and 6-packs of standard and sleek cans, all the way up to 24-packs at speeds of 210 packs per minute on the new compact Meridian MPSC-210.

With no signs that the beverage market is going to let up, brands must look to partner with OEMs that are going to help them meet consumer needs and stay ahead of the curve.

To learn more about R.A Jones’ multipacker machines and the new speed up kit, visit


A successful entrepreneur, producer, writer, author, talk show host, and philanthropist is following his newest passion and vision to enter the spirits industry. Self Made Tequila, produced from the fnest blue agave, has been launched as the most awe-inspiring, smooth, and favorful American-owned tequila.

The visionary behind the tequila is Dee Brown, founder and CEO of The P3 Group, Inc., the nation’s largest African American-owned, public-private partnership real estate development frm. Like all brands Brown created, tequila symbolizes the success achieved through hard work and commitment. Food and Beverage Magazine spoke with Brown about entering the beverage industry and the growth of Self Made Tequila.

Why did you decide to enter the food and beverage industry?

Dee Brown: My decision to venture into the food and beverage industry represents a logical progression in my goal of growth diversifcation for my existing holdings and investments. As a serial entrepreneur and investor with a keen interest in expanding my portfolio, I have consistently sought avenues that align with both my strategic objectives and market trends. The tequila industry not only presents an excellent opportunity for steady growth but also allows for diversifcation in a constantly evolving sector.

Why tequila?

Dee Brown: Tequila is an internationally beloved spirit produced in Mexico. It has recently experienced a remarkable surge in global popularity, with a particular increase in demand occurring in the United States. This rising demand refects a growing appreciation for tequila’s complex favors and unique characteristics and signifes potential opportunities for industry growth. As a result, investments in the tequila market have the potential to

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Like all brands Brown created, tequila symbolizes the success achieved through hard work and commitment

yield signifcant returns, as the value of these investments may escalate alongside the increasing demand for this sought-after spirit.

One key aspect contributing to tequila’s investment potential is its limited supply, which the Mexican government strictly regulates. Tequila is exclusively produced in specifc regions of Mexico, ensuring the authenticity and quality of the spirit. Moreover, premium tequila must be crafted using 100 percent agave, distinguishing it from lowerquality counterparts. Additionally, premium tequilas must be produced and bottled in Mexico. This stringent control over tequila production establishes a sense of exclusivity, thereby increasing its desirability and potential value as an investment opportunity.

When did you frst taste tequila?

Dee Brown: I tasted tequila for the frst time while in college. However, it was until I received a bottle of premium tequila in celebration of successfully completing one of my projects years later that I fell in love with the beverage. Sipping Self Made premium tequila now represents a taste of success for me.

Where did the name come from?

Dee Brown: Our iconic brand was birthed from the idea that what we consume/drink should refect who we are and all we stand for. The Self Made Tequila was frst tasted onboard SELF MADE, my 100-foot luxury super yacht and at other exclusive VIP events. The Self Made brand serves as a beacon of hope, inspiration and a reminder that this country offers endless opportunities to those with the ingenuity and work ethic to pursue them. When you enjoy Self Made Tequila, you are making a commitment to pursuing your dreams and inspiring others in the process.

Let’s talk about Where the Tequila comes from and where is the distillery based?

Dee Brown: Self Made Tequila and the distillery are in the heart of Tequila land, Tequila Mexico. The town of Tequila is located in Mexico’s western state of Jalisco. It’s known for its production of the famous spirit and sits near the foot of the Tequila Volcano. Self Made is a premium tequila, which means it I produced and bottled in Mexico.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

Dee Brown: I grew up in the rural Mississippi Delta in Clarksdale. When I was growing up, I always knew I wanted to own my business and be my own boss. I have never held a traditional job and have always been motivated to chart my course and create my own lane.

The Brown Foundation was founded in 2015 by Brown as a 501(c)(3) Community Development Corporation in 2019. Its purpose is to build stronger communities by fostering economic development, providing affordable housing, eradicating hunger, and increasing access to education. Its goal is to rid communities of slums and blight and improve the quality of life in the communities they serve by improving access to sanitary housing, increasing access to education, and healthy food, all of which are important to fulflling its purpose.

Self Made Tequila is currently distributed in 43 states and is available online at Follow on Facebook and Instagram @selfmadetequila and Twitter @tequilaselfmade.

The Self Made brand serves as a beacon of hope, inspiration and a reminder that this country ofers endless opportunities to those with the ingenuity and work ethic to pursue them.





















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“ ”


See Exactly How Much Texture Plays Into Making a Great Dish

To say that Joshua Weissman has been cooking his entire life isn’t an exaggeration. From what he recalls, the 27-year-old social media star and bestselling cookbook author fell in love with cooking at the age of three when he says he was regularly in the kitchen assisting his mom–a Texan who specialized in cooking Southern dishes, like chicken fried steak.

As a kid, Weissman was told that food cooked at home was better than anything one helluva cook.

“She was like we’re gonna make it and it’s going to be better at home,” he recalls. “She would say, ‘It’s healthier for us and it brings the family together.’ I was all about it. There was a sort of magic about it that I loved.”

By the time he was eleven, Weissman was developing and selling recipes to local magazines. At 17, he published a diet-related cookbook with a “bunch of sort of weird, confusing things,” he says a deal, are you gonna say no at 17? I was writing recipes at that age because I wanted to.”

With 8 million YouTube subscribers, 7 million on TikTok and 1.6 million Instagram followers, it’s safe to say the content creator has come a long way in the

bestseller, Joshua Weissman: An Unapologetic Cookbook, he’s releasing a new cookbook, Joshua Weissman: Texture Over Taste, this October.

“I’d love to say that I had this grandiose plan, a longterm goal, but I didn’t realize what I was building at the time,” Weissman says.

His social media videos are both fun and educational. His “But Cheaper” videos show how to save dough and make simple dishes, while his “But Better” series is a tutorial on how to recreate popular fast food favorites from scratch. Things like Dominos pizza, IHOP pancakes and Popeyes chicken sandwich.

“Cooking can be as complicated or as simple as you want it to be. If you’re just starting out then I hope you’re thinking about how to apply these things to your cooking. For a more experienced cook, they can pick up some additional knowledge on how great texture is achieved.”
Joshua Weissman

people that making something great doesn’t require rocket science,” he says. “So it’s kind of like second nature to me. I can go and eat anything and be able to recreate a recipe for it.”

But one of Weissman’s favorite videos was when he caught and then cooked king crab in the Arctic Circle, then challenged a famous Norwegian chef in a cooking competition.

“It was the most adventure that I had had in years because I’m always in the kitchen working on recipes or flming,” Weissman explains. “So it was cool to get out and do something big.”

Weissman’s next big thing is Texture Over Taste. The 75

how to make fried chicken, churros, and arancini. “Chewy” features recipes like New York-style bagels, pastrami bacon, and baseball-sized chocolate chip cookies. “Aerated” features a cheese foam, and challah bourbon french toast casserole. Readers will learn how to make buttery mashed potatoes, baked mac and cheese, and tres leches in the “Creamy” section, while “Fluid” means birria

features a 72-hour short rib, pork belly, and a Texas toast smashburger.

“I scanned the cookbook marketplace to see what hasn’t been talked about,” explains Weissman on how the book came about. “The one thing they all talked about was

because it’s missing the other half of the conversion which is texture. So that’s what I wanted to focus on.”

He continued, “Cooking can be as complicated or as simple as you want it to be. If you’re just starting out then I hope you’re thinking about how to apply these things to your cooking. For a more experienced cook, they can pick up some additional knowledge on how great texture is achieved.”

Weissman’s favorite thing to make right now are birria tacos made from oxtail or short rib and served with a chile sauce.

“I’m a big fan. I make them all the time,” he says. “Technically, it’s done with goat, but I like it with beef just because it’s easier to market to some of my friends.”

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!"#$!#%&' (#'!&)(&*! '"+,

The Texas Restaurant Show marked its 86th year with a spectacular event from July 7-10, 2023, in Houston, TX conducting educational sessions, and 500 exhibit booths, it was a grand success.

Attendees of the Show were able to take part in free educational sessions covering everything from family-owned business succession planning, day-to-day management opportunities, employee retention, technology advances, customer service, and marketing. The tradeshow booths

featured products ranging from restaurant equipment, solutions to point-of-sale systems.

Highlights of the 2023 Show were “At the Table” interviews by Texas Restaurant Association (TRA) President & CEO Emily Williams Knight with Brandon Busch, Regional Vice President, Landry’s Inc., Josh Halpern, CEO, Big Chicken, and Alicia Kelso, Executive Editor, Nation’s Restaurant News. An additional highlight was a surprise performance by BMI recording artist and Yellowstone actor Ryan

Page 37 | Food & Beverage Magazine v August Issue 2023

Bingham. The performance was enjoyed along with a tasting of Bingham Bourbon by TRA PAC donors and supporters.

The show also provided numerous networking and socializing opportunities for attendees, including a preferred partners reception on Saturday Night, a pastpresidents dinner and the Texas Restaurant Awards & Lonestar Bash, at the 713 Music Hall, hosted by the workforce development arm of the Texas Restaurant Association.

New in 2023 was the co-location of the OnTrend Concepts Ghost Kitchen Conference with the Restaurant Show adding to the industry insights and conference focused on the emerging ghost kitchen, virtual food delivery, and cloud-based restaurant technology trends.

The Texas Restaurant Association serves as the advocate and indispensable resource for the foodservice industry in Texas. As a leading business association, the TRA represents the state’s $95 billion restaurant industry, which comprises of upwards of 55,000 locations and a workforce of 1.4 million employees.

For more information about membership and partnership opportunities with the TRA and for updates on the 2024 Texas Restaurant Show in July of 2024 in San Antonio, TX please visit

Where Prep Meets Simplicity:



What is Overnight Food Preparation?

Imagine it’s a busy Saturday night and it just turned 11pm, and you’re happy to walk out and lock that door. It’s closing time and instead of getting ready to deep clean the kitchen, you’re about to go home to enjoy your night. No cleaning required at all. Now Imagine instead of coming in for a morning shift hours before opening to do the bulk preparation work that requires you or your staff being there. Instead, you come in just before the store opens with you and your team’s station fully stocked with everything you need to operate already prepped for the day. Overnight Food Preparation does just that. Chef’s Prep® is a simple service that allows restaurant operators to outsource all of their most tedious time-consuming food preparation tasks.

A.M. Food Prep is the frst Overnight Food Preparation service that allows restaurants the fexibility to operate with up to 60% less staff and still maintain faster order times.

How does A.M. Food Prep work?

A.M. Food Prep is a simple yet revolutionary service. When your restaurant closes there is no need to clean up. We have a team of experienced culinary professionals that come in right where you left off. We then close the store

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according to your store’s procedure. Then prepare every item on your restaurant’s menu. This includes butchering, preparing vegetables, portion-sizing, marinating, sauce creation, & anything else needed for your store the next day. We then clean and stock each station for the morning crew so staff can come to work at store opening and not hours before.

The Problems A.M. Food Prep Solves

The source of what defnes a store’s growth is Labor Costs. All restaurants are looking for ways to cut costs while still upholding high quality standards.

Chipotle Mexican Grill® most recently implemented an Ai robot called Chippy to lower restaurant labor cost. This is great for a single operational task like frying tortilla chips but for something truly transformative, that will change how your kitchen operates, you’re going to need A.M. Food Prep. Brand reputation and quality are what builds a successful restaurant group but consistency of food prep is the biggest obstacle when maintaining and growing that brand. Finding the right combination of staff dedication and performance can be challenging at best. Restaurants are looking to maximize profts and protect the restaurant. When working with Chef’s Prep®, we solve this issue by ensuring the consistency & quality of your food is always above expected standards. Which allows for consistent growth of your restaurant.

How can I remove the most stressful part of kitchen operations?

Since the very beginning, restaurants have always depended on in-house staff, to not only receive food shipments but also prepare, process, and cook every item on the menu. This business model may have worked back before 3rd party delivery apps like Doordash® were a thing. But today that model just doesn’t work. Customers eat at restaurants 3X as often as they did just 10 years ago. The restaurant industry also has one of the highest employee turnover rates of all professions at an eye watering 66% employee turnover rate year over year. But what if you could avoid all of the headaches of hiring, training, and onboarding 35+ employees. Imagine that same store that currently needs 35+ employees, running smoothly with only 14 of your best employees that only have to cook, they never prepare anything. That’s the power of A.M. Food Prep, it is an overnight food preparation platform that allows restaurant owners to unload all of their most tedious time-consuming tasks. By removing the food preparation work from your kitchen operations, you have a streamlined kitchen that requires 60% less staff and operates 15% faster than your current traditional kitchen.

How much does A.M. Food Prep cost?

Chef’s Prep® gives you the fexibility to operate with only 40% of your current staff. This savings is what’s used to pay for the service which typically results in a net savings on each and every store we service. For more information on how to get started or how this would work for your brand please write me at: or visit our website at

August Issue 2023 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 42

As the hospitality industry evolves, so does the perception of tea’s role in delivering exceptional guest experiences. We have enjoyed getting to know The Metropolitan Tea Company and are excited to introduce their environmentally conscious products as well as their incredible business practices that remind us of the power we all hold to have an impact that extends far and wide beyond just creating a new CPG. By recognizing the value of luxury tea and investing in tea sommeliers, hospitality outlets can set themselves apart and attract discerning customers seeking unique and indulgent experiences. In this three part eco-adventure, we’ll uncover the secrets to tackle these hurdles and create a greener, posher, and a more delightful hospitality experience.

tea in hospitality settings absolutely impacts the overall experience of customers/guests and creates memorable moments that increase the likelihood of those guests returning. More than ever, enlightened hospitality settings are understanding that the guest experience is from A to Z and tea has become an important aspect of not only the overall experience but is also in harmony with guests’ lifestyle choices.

Upscale hospitality settings are often training one of their staf at our facility to become their site’s tea sommelier. This becomes an addedvalue proposition to the outlet and as with any value-added element, can improve revenue.

During the pandemic and the high incidence of ‘stay at home’, tea consumers experimented with diferent teas. During this experimental stage, they realized that luxury tea is nuanced, exceptionally enjoyable, and benefcial to their health. Some have even compared the experience to a bottle of vintage wine versus common tea being like newly packed wine in tetra packs.

consumers will be more inclined to visit the property for Afternoon Tea and other oferings they have created.

%8 One of the challenges is educating staf about the evolving array of items that can now be composted. Realistically, luxury, upscale, and premium hospitality locations are separating compostable materials already, such as food scraps. Compostable tea bags are simply part of the food waste stream so it is only a matter of training F&B staf that these tea bags can be included with the food waste.

At our Production Facility in North America, we’ve been 100% solar-powered since 2012 with our rooftop array, reducing interior summer temperatures by 8 degrees and eliminating the need for air conditioning. The shading efect extends the fat roof’s lifespan and saves millions on replacements, while a 200-acre farm protects wetlands and wildlife. Our LED lighting cuts power consumption by 80%, and radiant heating allows for a 2-degree thermostat reduction. We reuse carton boxes and repurpose excess cardboard on-site, optimizing shipping space. Employees receive public transit subsidies, and electric vehicles have preferred parking. We prioritize constant evaluation and efciency to foster a sustainable work culture.

In the past, F&B has primarily looked at the cost per tea bag as the thought is that tea is tea, and what can you do with tea anyway? We always like to think of this as: ‘Yeah, I suppose… that being the case, would you think that there is a diference between a Toyota Corolla and a Mercedes 450? They are both cars.’

We travel extensively throughout the world on farm audits and relationship building. During these times we share information on excellent sustainability practices that we may have seen elsewhere. We try to explain the ethos of reduced pesticide use and how this can make their products more valuable and obtain higher returns. In addition we explain the benefts of reinvestment in their farms and how this will create additional global demand for their produce and we encourage them to take steps to improve quality which will give them higher returns. In essence, our extensive knowledge is shared creating a synergistic relationship between ourselves and our supply partners.

opportunities for tea to be integrated into menus have really exploded in recent years. Tea mocktails and cocktails have risen in popularity and started trending. Baking and other culinary delights can be infused with tea to heighten the favor and culinary nuances. Ideas like Earl Grey Scones or a smoky lapsang souchong steak rub are sure to surprise and delight guests. Ofering Chefs the creativity and experimentation to create local pairings with the exclusive teas will increase the probability and

This is the frst of a three part tale of compostable twists and tea-infused triumphs in the realm of hospitality. Embrace the green revolution, train those tea sommeliers, and let creativity fow as tea infltrates menus like never before. It’s not just about sipping tea; it’s about savoring the essence of luxury while being kind to our planet. Cheers to compostable teas, innovative blends, and unforgettable experiences that leave both guests and Mother Nature with a satisfed smile. Keep brewing brilliance and remember, the future is steeped in sustainable decadence!

August Issue 2023 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 46 ! " # $ % " & ’ $ ( ! &$ ) ’ &$ " * $ + ) , ). $ ( & / $ 0 1 $ ! " ’ 2 0 ( / + 0 ( . $ ’ & ( ( 0 1 3 ’ $ 0 4 2 / 5 ( $ ( ! &$ " 6 & - / + + $ & , 2 & - 0& 1 5 &$ " * $ 5 ) ’ ( " 4 &’ 7 3 ) & ’ ( ’ 8 The
of luxury
! " # $ % " $ " ) $ ’ &&$ ( & / $ 9 &0 1 3 $ 0 1 ( & 3 - / ( &%$ 0 1 ( " $ 4 & 1 ) ’ $ 0 1 $ 5 - & / ( 0 6 &$ / 1 %$ 0 1 1 " 6 / ( 0 6 &$ # / ’ : $ / 1 %$ # ! / ( $ 2 " ( & 1 ( 0 / + $ 9 & 1 & * 0 ( ’ $ % " $ " ) $ ’ &&$ 0 1 $ % " 0 1 3 $ ’ " 8 The
# ! / ( $ / - &$ ’ " 4 &$ " * $ ( ! &$ 5 ! / + + & 1 3 & ’ $ ( ! / ( $ ( ! &$ ! " ’ 2 0 ( / + 0 ( $ 0 1 % ) ’ ( - $ * / 5 & ’ $ # ! & 1 $ 0 1 ( & 3 - / ( 0 1 3 $ 5 " 4 2 " ’ ( / 9 + &$ 4 / ( & - 0 / + ’ : $ / 1 %$ ! " # $ 5 / 1 $ ( ! & ’ &$ 5 ! / + + & 1 3 & ’ $ 9 &$ /
- & ’ ’
! " # $ % " & ’ $ ( ! &$ 5 " 4 2 / 1 $ 2" 4 " ( &$ & 1 6 0" 1 4 & 1 ( / + $ / 1 %$ ’ " 5 0 / + $ ’ ) ’ ( / 0 1 / 9 0 + 0 ( . $ 9 & . " 1 %$ ) ’ 0 1 3 $ 5 " 4 2 " ’ ( / 9 + &$ 2 / 5 ; / 3 0 1 3 $ 4 / ( & - 0 / + ’ 8
Embrace the green revolution, train those tea sommeliers, and let creativity fow as tea infltrates menus like never before.


More than 50 brands of beer, wine and spirits will showcase their latest product innovations to buyers from the nation’s largest retailers and foodservice operations during ECRM’s On & Off Premise Adult Beverage session, to be held September 17-19 in Bonita Springs, Fla.

Buyers and sellers will connect in-person for private, pre-scheduled face-to-face meetings, which will be complemented with tons of opportunities for networking, education and fun. Among the activities scheduled are store tours of Total Wine & More, Sprouts and Publix, and roundtable discussions during which all participants can engage with

Page 47 | Food & Beverage Magazine v August Issue 2023

their peers in discussions about the latest trends, the boom in zero-ABV cocktails, the state of adult beverage delivery and product innovation (our very own Michael Politz will moderate one of the roundtables!)

The session wraps up with ECRM’s annual Grand Tasting Event. Sponsored by F& Beverage Magazine, each brand will have the opportunity to submit three products for tasting. Participants will vote on Best Wine, Best Spirit, Best Beer, and Most Innovative Product, and the winners will receive coverage in the magazine!


To register for ECRM’s On & Off Premise Adult Beverage Session, contact Amanda Tomsik at


! " #$%& ’ ( ) " $ ( & * #+ , - & . / 0#0$1&203+ - +#& 45 - 6 , 1&%01$ " #78&6 ( $+# - & ( 6 , &9 " " , &$ ( 1$ - :

Moonshine and liqueur might be a dichotomy to some, but North Dakota Sweet Crude Liqueur combines smokehouse moonshine with smoothness.

Their products are unique as 75-proof liqueurs, which is higher than most liqueurs, yet still very smooth, unlike other high-proof spirits. The two favor profles create bookends for the human palate, and the mouth feel provided by the real caramelized sugar is a unique aspect of the products. From a marketing perspective, the brand is associated with a state with a persona of a group of nice, honest, hardworking hometown people with rugged individualism from a state not known for distilleries.

Its history begins when the Weidners, who are German, immigrated to America to western North Dakota by way of Ukraine in the early 1900s. At the time, North Dakota was dry, so that Martin Weidner would distill spirits in the family smokehouse.

Founded in 1913 along a Northern Pacifc Railway branch line, celebrations in the small town 100 years ago were toasted with Martin Weidner’s smokehouse moonshine, also known as “wedding whiskey,” which was described as a crude spirit. Martin passed his recipe on to his children, who would then share it with their children. Tweaks would be made, but everyone would remain true to the recipe.

“I remember my frst taste of North Dakota Sweet Crude. The family was celebrating Grandpa and Grandma Weidner’s 50th anniversary in Beulah [North Dakota] at the Veteran of Foreign Wars club. It was a large, rowdy get-together with music, food, and dancing,” says Arthur Weidner, owner. He was given a taste and loved it.

Arthur and his brother Christian would distill the family recipe for their enjoyment and hand out bottles as gifts. Soon, their neighbors and friends asked for more, so Arthur and Christian wrote a business plan to develop the distillery. The name “North Dakota Sweet Crude” honors the region and its history, launching Doodlebug Beverages and its line of Crude Spirits.

“Crude in the name is for the spirit that used to be distilled in an unrefned fashion. We still source locally produced agricultural products. Corn and sugar beets are grown on our family farm in the Red River Valley, making it farm-to-table,” he says.

The white sugar produced from the sugar beets is caramelized in the clean room on machinery developed and built with the help of North Dakota State University engineering students. The products are distilled in partnership with Chris Montana, former president of the American Craft Spirit Association and owner of Du Nord Craft Spirits.

Along with North Dakota Sweet Crude Liqueur, Sweet Crude Orange was produced for the brand. Both liqueurs use an herbal tea blend and can be enjoyed straight, on the rocks, or used in one of more than 80 cocktail recipes. The brands are distributed in hundreds of markets and online, as well as served in hundreds of establishments. More than a dozen A-B houses have picked up the liqueurs for distribution.

According to Future Moonshine Market, “the market of moonshine is projected to grow at a robust CAGR of 6.6 percent between 2022 and 2032, totaling around $314.5 million by the end of 2032.” Beverage Dynamics reports that liqueurs are a frequent ingredient in many popular cocktails. FiftySeven Daily is quoted as, “A shift in the type of premium liquor people seek out, mindful moderation, and the evolution of newly embraced formats are just some of the spirits trends that look set to shape how people drink over the coming months.”

Consumers want to know the backstory and how a spirit is produced, and Crude Spirits are the perfect addition for retailers, restaurants, bars, and lounges. Doodlebug Beverages also support several charities at various localities within its distribution territory as part of its presence.

For more information, visit and follow us on Facebook and Instagram @crudespirits and Twitter @crudespiritsND.

August Issue 2023 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 52


½ shot North Dakota Sweet Crude

½ shot Sweet Crude Orange

Dollop of whipping cream Mix the two chilled liqueurs in a small glass and top off with the cream


DENOMINATION: Sweet Liqueurs


COLOR: Deep Brown


SCO: Orange blossom, citrus tones and vanilla



2 ounces Sweet Crude Orange

3 ounces Sprite, 7-Up, Sierra Mist

1 ounces orange juice Mix and serve on ice and top with an orange wedge


2 ounces North Dakota Sweet Crude

4 ounces Lemonade

Combine together and pour over ice.

NDSC: Cinnamon to caramel and black tea


SCO: From orange to caramel, cinnamon and cardamom.

NDSC: Strong cinnamon favor and lingering notes of citrus, ginger, and lemon grass, very smooth, no burn

FOOD MATCH: Fruit-based desserts, ice creams, holiday desserts, and ideal to prepare cocktails




Page 53 | Food & Beverage Magazine v August Issue 2023
CONSERVATION: Cold storage ! " #$%& ’ ( ) " $ ( & * #+ , - & . / 0#0$1&203+ - +#

In the past few years, Miami’s restaurant scene has grown exponentially, with local chefs and restaurateurs sharing their unique cultures and stories through the plates they serve.

As a Cuban-American and third-generation restaurateur, Eileen Andrade grew up in the kitchen of Islas Canarias, an iconic Cuban restaurant opened in 1977 by her grandparents, Raul and Amelia Garcia and now run by her parents.

At frst, Andrade had aspirations in fashion, with her brother, Jonathan, showing more interest in the restaurant industry (a third sibling is a doctor), but when a stylist job didn’t pan out, Andrade rethought her future. “I asked my mother if I could work at the restaurant and I absolutely loved it,” she said. Soon, the fedgling chef worked her way up. “My culinary school was working the line. I worked all the stations and our chef took me under his wing,” says Andrade. Andrade continued her culinary experience in Korea, where her then-girlfriend was living.





In 2011, Andrade and her brother Jonathan opened CubanCube, a food truck that offered Cuban fare, including the croquetas that Islas Canarias is famous for. In 2014, Eileen — with the help of her brother Jonathan — opened Finka Table & Tap. For the frst time, the young chef allowed her culinary creativity to shine with a menu that blended Cuban, Korean, and Peruvian favors. Located southwest of the City of Miami in the suburban Kendall neighborhood, Finka swiftly became a local hotspot for its craft cocktails and savory dishes like sriracha pork ribs and Cuban fried rice.

August Issue 2023 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 58
Steak Frites Charred Octopus Beef Tataki

Just recently, Andrade opened Amelia’s 1931, named for her grandmother. The restaurant initially opened in 2018 as a small, casual Cuban diner. Though the tiny restaurant proved popular, the chef admitted that its diminutive size just wasn’t lucrative enough. Add a global pandemic to the mix and Andrade made the decision to close it and rethink the business model. “We were busy, but it was too small for it to make sense,” she says. Then, as if by serendipity, the adjacent drycleaning business closed, making the space available. “I remember it was on my 30th birthday and I thought, what a great birthday gift,” she shares, adding, “I’m 34 now, so the renovations took a bit longer than expected.”

The transformation of Amelia’s from a humble diner to an upscale dining establishment was worth the wait and the expense.

Guests enter what seems to be an old-school dry cleaner shop to fnd a washing machine and hanging clothes — a tribute both to the original tenant and Andrade’s seamstress grandmother (some of the clothes actually belonged to Abuela Amelia). The clean laundry serves as a curtain into Amelia’s lounge.

Halibut Cocktails
Tamal en Cazuela Topped with Pulled Oxtail

The lounge area is flled with comfortable vintage furniture — much of it sourced from friends and family or procured by Andrade’s girlfriend, Lauren. Amelia’s now offers a full cocktail program. “People know our Finka cocktail program is great, but Amelia’s defnitely has an elevated bar program compared. Our beverage manager, Alex Aportela, really geeked out on this menu,” says Andrade. Cocktails include the Yass Queen, made with Earl Gray-infused vodka, all-spice dram, fresh lemon juice, and orange blossom honey syrup, sprayed with Ardbeg mist and topped with grated nutmeg; and the Cereal Killer with clarifed Japanese whisky, lemon, honey, Cheerios, and strawberry champagne air.

The dining room features handstenciled walls and custom-made booths and lamps. Andrade said this attention to detail was key to her vision. “we spent a lot of time to give the Kendall neighborhood something it doesn’t have.”

The menu incorporates Andrade’s signature Asian/Cuban favor profle with dishes such as escargot with umami butter and Cuban bread

points; gochujang paella with clams, shrimp, octopus, halibut, and peas; and pan-seared halibut with pickled Thai chili, haricot vert, black garlic beurre blanc, and arroz con pato.

Andrade says that having two restaurants just a few miles from each other is the key to her hands-on approach to restaurant ownership. “My regulars who go to both restaurants are sometimes amazed that they see me at both. But you have to make the rounds to keep that spark and magic. I think it’s important. I have wonderful managers, but when you own something it’s different.”

The young restaurateur says that she and her girlfriend have aspirations to open a bar together, but stresses it’s “down the line — like in four years or so”.

For now, the chef is happy to cultivate her restaurants and cater to her guests. The strategy seems to be working: Finka just celebrated its ninth anniversary. “What I have now is a good balance. I think that’s the key. Don’t spread yourself too thin. You have to have the time to care about what you have.”

! " # $% & ’ ! ’ ! ( AVAILABLE IN MARKET




Learn more at @sunshinepunchofficial


The AUTEC ASM865A Maki Maker is an efcient and easyto-use kitchen tool capable of consistently creating up to 1,300 rice sheets per hour for high-quality sushi dishes. Chefs of any level of expertise will appreciate its intuitive design which is easy to maintain and is simple to operate. With the tedious and time-consuming task of creating rice sheets being taken care of with the push of a button, chefs can focus more on being creative and experimenting with various sushi creations, from traditional rolls to sushi burritos and rice sandwiches. From high-end to fast-casual sushi restaurants, the ASM865A is featured in some of the best kitchens in hospitality across the nation including state-of-the-art stadiums like the renowned SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles amid the 2023 Super Bowl.


People love pizza and they want to enjoy it whenever and wherever they please. This is where API Tech’s innovative Smart Pizza Vending Machine comes into the equation. From design to manufacturing, API Tech has a reputation for developing tailormade industrial quality machines. For the past few years, the company has been making its mark in the food tech industry with the creation of their Smart Machines. Active in France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, and the United States of America, the Smart Machine concept has proven its ability to meet the current and future needs of consumers. Among the vast array of products API Tech has created, the Smart Pizza Vending Machine rises to the top. A tremendous success among professional pizza makers and a big hit with selfproclaimed pizza lovers across the globe, the Smart Pizza Vending Machine is revolutionizing the quick service food experience.

August Issue 2023 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 64


Barsys, the full-service platform connecting consumers with the world’s best spirit brands, bars and mixologists, just announced its latest innovation in home bartending. An evolution from Barsys’ existing product line, this sleek and circular cocktail maker combines advanced technology with modern design to enhance the cocktail enthusiasts’ at-home entertaining experience. Entertainment meets performance art, Barsys 360, effortlessly crafts cocktails with up to six ingredients, ranging from spirits to fresh juices and carbonated beverages, allowing you to customize and choose your favorite fresh ingredients, and also making it the perfect replacement for your spirit display. It is a game-changer for cocktail enthusiasts who want to elevate their home bartending expertise.The Barsys 360 is available in Midnight Black and Polar White, available exclusively at


Breville Commercial announces the launch of the Smoke Bubble™ Kit, which creates edible smoke-flled bubbles atop cocktails when used with the company’s award-winning and best-selling Smoking Gun® Pro and Smoking Gun® (Breville’s consumer version). Now professionals and consumers can garnish cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages with food safe, smoke-flled bubbles that – literally – burst with smoky favor and aroma. The Smoke Bubble™ Kit includes two fuid ounces of the Bubble Liquid™, a bubble barrel, a ceramic dip tray, an atomizer, and a travel case for compact storage. The Bubble Liquid™ is made of vegan ingredients and encapsulates the specifc favor and aroma of the wood chips (e.g. apple, hickory, cherry and mesquite) used with the Smoking Gun® Pro or Smoking Gun®. While the two fuid ounces that come with the kit produce hundreds of bubbles, a Bubble Liquid™ Refll 2 Pack is available.

Page 65 | Food & Beverage Magazine v August Issue 2023
• •• • •• • •••• • • • • • • •• • • • • • • • • • ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ! " # $ % & ' ( ) " * , - $ . - ( # / 0 # ( 1 • •• • • ••• •• •• • •• • • • • •• •• • •• • • • • • •• • • •• •• • • • • •• • •• • • •• •• • • •• • • •• • • • • • • •• • • •• • • •• • • • • • • • • ••• • • •• • • • • •• • ••• • • •• • •• • • • •• • • • • •• •• • • ••• • ••• • • •• •• • •• • • ••• • • • • • • ••• ••• • •• • •• • • •• • •••• • •• • • •• • •• ••• • • ••• •• • • • • •
230)4054- 6%78 9$)"* :-0$# ; <%'4 #% =%'$ >?0(-


WiFi is not enough. To capture customer data and insights, and engage with guests automatically in a meaningful, personal way, restaurants, bars and franchises need integrated WiFi technology. It all starts with a simple little box: The CogoBuzz Revenue Generating Hotspot. Just one connection to guest Wi-Fi stores guest info and triggers automated, habit-based SMS text messages. What happens from there is the real magic. The technology integrates with social media, email and digital displays to provide real-time offers, reward loyal customers and bring back lost customers. The Revenue Generating Hotspot supports connecting to countless other systems, from every major CRM and loyalty system to every email platform, to allow legacy marketing solutions to remain in place. The result is the ability to change customer behavior while driving immediate revenue across multiple platforms and locations.


The CityCheers app is the frst Super App for the hospitality industry, assisting operators from discovery and reservations to messaging and loyalty, through the customer checkout process. Every restaurant and bar receives a FREE app listing that patrons use to stay current on menus, specials, and events and that venues use to communicate directly with their best customers. The CityCheers app also connects to the venue’s food delivery, reservations, loyalty, or any other third-party partner - so that patrons have everything in one place. And, with integrations with the nation’s leading POS platforms, CityCheers’ patented ExpressCheck mobile payment technology allows patrons to tip, pay, and go right on the app, whenever they’re ready. No more asking for the check or taking out a credit card! CityCheers charges patrons 50 cents for each ExpressCheck transaction, which allows the company to offer the platform to restaurants and bars free of charge.

Page 67 | Food & Beverage Magazine v August Issue 2023

The Epson ColorWorks C4000 Color Inkjet Label Printer is a compact color label printer designed to help food and beverage businesses create eye-catching labels. The ColorWorks C4000 can help food and beverage organizations produce high-quality, color labels to boost brand appeal and perceived quality, clearly distinguish between cuisine and food types, and highlight allergens and dietary attributes. It delivers crisp, photo-quality color labels on demand, at up to 1200 dpi resolution, eliminates the need to preprint labels, and has a fast time to frst label. It is engineered for reliability with PrecisionCore® technology, is easy to operate and delivers durable, high-quality labels. The C4000 is compatible with ZPL II®, SAP® and major middleware for seamless integration with existing workfow to help maximize the mobility and efciency of business processes.


Enjoy single servings of freshly frozen treats with ColdSnap – the revolutionary countertop appliance that creates blissful frozen confections from shelf-stable ColdSnap pods in two minutes or less. Choose from premium ice cream, non-dairy frozen desserts, frozen lattes, smoothies, protein shakes, cocktails, and boozy ice cream. ColdSnap’s frozen treats are made with high-quality ingredients like milk, cream, and fruit, and boast an uncommonly creamy texture thanks to a proprietary freezing process. There is no preparation or cleanup – just insert a ColdSnap pod into the machine, and in 90-120 seconds your treat is dispensed. Food does not touch the machine during freezing, mixing, or dispensing. ColdSnap is the forerunner of a more sustainable future for the frozen confections industry. ColdSnap’s recyclable pods are stored at ambient temperature and are frozen on demand, saving big on the energy required to keep products frozen. ColdSnap is launching in commercial settings later this year.

Page 69 | Food & Beverage Magazine v August Issue 2023

Maxx Ice Intelligent Series Ice Machines are designed to consume up to 40% less water than similar competitor units and produce ice up to 20% faster. These Intelligent Series self-contained, air-cooled ice machines are perfect for any free-standing or built-in applications for foodservice, hospitality, and entertainment applications. The durable stainless steel and black trim exterior is easy to clean and service, and the polyethylene storage bin liner includes an antimicrobial agent for improved sanitation as well as an interior LED light to illuminate ice when the bin door is open. The digital controls and front-breathing design with vertical evaporator delivers years of easy to operate and reliable ice production. Supplied with four 6” black leveling legs and 5-15P NEMA plug, installation is a breeze, and most of Maxx Ice’s Intelligent Series Ice makers meet Energy Star, UL and NSF guidelines and are available standard in 120V, and international voltage is available upon request.


Hellometer is the world’s frst AI timer for quick service restaurants. Their computer vision technology helps restaurants grow drivethru and dining room revenue, using cameras to monitor and report on each guest’s experience. Hellometer replaces legacy vehicle loops with cameras that measure each guest’s experience, from the moment they pull into your lot. Hellometer is also the world’s only dining room timer, letting you manage lobby guests with the same data as your drive-thru and is a fully featured surveillance solution; all for what restaurant operators are already spending on security anyway. Hellometer has recently been announced as a brand approved solution for CKE Restaurants. They are also an Intel technology partner and winners of both MURTEC’s and Yale’s startup competitions. Hellometer is deployed worldwide across some of the most recognizable brands including: Hardees, Sonic, Dutch Bros, Dunkin’, Subway, Culver’s, and Church’s Chicken restaurants. Operators can begin their two-month risk-free trial by their website.

Page 71 | Food & Beverage Magazine v August Issue 2023


Stellar Pizza’s team of experts consists of 30 previous SpaceX employees that are using their combined 90 years of rocket science experience to develop a new model that offers affordable, high-quality pizza in a fraction of the time. Stellar’s truck transforms raw pizza dough and fresh toppings into a fully baked pizza in under fve minutes (100 pizzas per hour) with the maximum capability to produce a single pizza every 30 seconds. Currently, the truck is utilizing a mobile app to take orders on campus at USC and UCLA and around Los Angeles, with ultimate plans for expansion across the country.


Snappy’s self-serve kiosk provides a convenient and friendly way for customers to place and pay for their own orders. The accessible, touch-screen kiosk is Ideal for quick-service restaurants looking to reduce labour costs and streamline their ordering process. The all-in-one system empowers customers to take their orders into their own hands, reducing wait times, easing labour shortages and ensuring order accuracy. By implementing a quick and efcient self-serve experience, restaurants can enhance customer satisfaction while reducing dependence on staff—a helpful solution to industry stafng shortage issues. Snappy’s selfserve kiosk also seamlessly integrates with third-party platforms like Doordash, Uber Eats, Skip the Dishes, Fantuan, Google and Apple services, further increasing customer convenience.

August Issue 2023 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 72


Get ready to experience the next level of outdoor pizza cooking with Turpone’s ground-breaking 12″ Propane Pizza Oven featuring a Rotating Pizza Stone. This innovative oven is designed to take your pizza-making to new heights, delivering mouth-watering pies with a crispy crust and bubbling toppings in an astonishingly quick 90 seconds. The portable Turpone oven goes beyond traditional pizza-making. Its lightweight design and efcient battery powered motor means that you can bring it anywhere. The addition of Turpone’s cast iron skillet allows you to use the oven like a traditional BBQ, making it a great and versatile cooking appliance for camping, tailgating or any outdoor activity. Don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionize your outdoor pizza cooking. Try Turpone’s innovative propane pizza oven with its rotating stone today and enjoy a perfectly cooked pizza in just 90 seconds, every time.


TabitPad is an all-in-one solution which replaces a restaurant’s existing Point-of-Sale systems and leverages mobile connectivity to streamline restaurant operations, extend sales opportunities, and elevate the overall experience for both operators and customers. Tableside interaction with the customers eliminates the need for servers to write down orders (or attempt to memorize them) and then have to key them into the POS terminal. The app’s intuitive workfow guides the server through the order taking process, ensuring they capture all relevant details, while providing the best customer service. The app-driven up-sell and cross-sell prompts provide servers with additional sales opportunities during the order taking process. Tabit customers have seen a 12-15 minute decrease in table turn time during peak times. The intuitive interface cuts down on training time, boosts customer loyalty and offers advanced monitoring and reporting, enabling operators to make smarter decisions, backed up by better data.

August Issue 2023 v Food & Beverage Magazine | Page 74

IT support and connectivity play a decisive role in the age of digital hospitality. The possibilities for companies to create commercial added value are virtually unlimited. WMF Professional Coffee Machines has created the digitisation team “WMF CoffeeConnection” to help decision-makers navigate the jungle of opportunities and implement effective solutions. At the core of the new consultation offering are WMF experts who put customer requirements in the focus. The frst consulting area establishes transparency (by displaying data) on the activities of the connected coffee machines, while the second focuses on optimising business processes and accelerating data fows through IT integration. The third area concentrates on ways to expand the customer’s business and innovative business concepts and models requiring in-depth IT interaction – such as options for payment directly at the coffee machine, integrated customer loyalty programs, unmanned stores and minimarkets or robot cafés. Together, the components, functions and interfaces of the WMF coffee machines and the digital platform “WMF CoffeeConnect” form the technological basis for all customer concepts.

Page 75 | Food & Beverage Magazine v August Issue 2023

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