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Change in this industry is inevitable, but the one constant is Food & Beverage Magazine— The March 2016 issue marks our 15th year anniversary. F&B mag will continue to spotlight all the upcoming, as well as existing culinary talent. Nor will we forget industry the professionals we have lost this past year including our friend, Chef Kerry Simon. We will also be looking ahead to the prominent chefs, sommeliers, mixologists, food artists and beverage innovators in the industry who are making the predictions and setting the trends, with new ideas, and healthy alternatives that is making its way into restaurants across the nation. We’re also extremely proud of our newest advertising partner, “Barry Callebaut” one the world’s largest cocoa producers and grinders. Each month we feature their “Pastry Chef Of the Month.” - Micheal Politz • Publisher

Along with “CHEF ROLLS” Chef and Sommelier of the Month.




March 2016

“From reading an issue of Food & Beverage Magazine in 2007. To becoming an industry professional in 2016.� We Will Continue To Be The Industry Go To Resource.





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March 2016

Q&A with

Chef Tina Tomasello F&B • WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SAVORY DISH? TT • Like a true Italian, Cacio e Pepe! F&B • WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE DESSERT? TT • Chocolate Chip Cookies (She Has A Secret Recipe) F&B • WHAT IS YOUR INSPIRATION? TT • Cliché as it may be, I believe you can find inspiration in anything—books, art, your daily commute—and especially from the people around you. I love to talk with my team and gain insights about what they like and dislike or what we can improve on. At the beginning of my career, I was a chronic over-thinker, always looking for a way to force inspiration and innovation, but I’ve learned that it’s important to look at the whole picture. That important lesson has really come into play at Eataly, especially with desserts at our “casual yet elegant” restaurant, Baffo Ristorante. I work closely with our chef to coordinate desserts with the full menu, and make certain that the entire experience, from antipasto to secondi to dolci, is a smooth (and delicious) one.

F&B • WHAT IS THE MOST REWARDING THING ABOUT YOUR PROFESSION? JH • One of my favorite things about being a pastry chef is by far seeing the pure bliss of our guests when they try the desserts. At Eataly, we have a full-sized kitchen with a giant glass window in the front, so guests are able to see the production of every dessert from start to finish. It is so encouraging and inspiring to see their eyes widen and their smiles when they look at the wide array of Italian desserts while I am working with my staff in the kitchen. Above all of that, the absolute most rewarding aspect of being a pastry chef is working shoulder-to-shoulder with my staff, whether it’s teaching them new things, talking through special techniques or a new trend we saw in a cookbook, and watching (and helping) them develop their very own sense of “pastry style” over time. Chef Tina Tomasello Q&A On Next Page >


F&B • TT •


When you’re starting off, it can be easy to let small obstacles or setbacks affect your drive and passion, but take those experiences as opportunities to learn! This industry is not easy — long hours and holidays mean you are going to spend a lot of extra time in the kitchen, but it’s important to always keep your passion for what you do at the forefront of your mind. Set goals and go after them with everything you’ve got!

F&B • NAME ONE DESSERT/PASTRY THAT REALLY MADE AN IMPRESSION ON YOU? JH • I was given a great opportunity to complete my culinary externship at Walt Disney World in the Disney College Program, where there are two sides of the program: sweet and savory. Ironically, I was on the savory side. I remember watching the pastry team put together all of the desserts, playing with different platings of chocolate garnishes and creating beautiful confections. The thing that struck me the most was that I had no knowledge of the production of sweets; it seemed completely foreign to me. Since I like to be well-versed in most everything, this didn’t sit well with me, and when I returned to school, I changed to focus more on sweets. That is by far the most impactful moment in my career, as it made me switch my focus to what my passion is today: sweets.

F&B • WHAT’S NEXT FOR YOU? TT • Overall, I am focusing on learning more about products, desserts, and the entire culinary world, but also pushing myself to see what I can create. In the future, my dream would be to drop everything and move to London to open an old school candy shop (think: taffy, fudge, and rock candy! )



March 2016

AGRUME By Chef Tina Tomasello White Chocolate Mascarpone Cream Ingredients


132g 304g 320g 149g 2g 7g 454g

Melt the white chocolate and set aside. Dissolve gelatin in cold water; melt in microwave and set aside.

Callebaut W2 White Chocolate Cream Cheese, Soft Mascarpone, Soft Sugar Meyer Lemons, Zest Only Gelatin Mass + 150g water Heavy Cream, whipped to soft peaks

In a mixing bowl, paddle the cream cheese, mascarpone, and Meyer lemon zest together until smooth. Add the sugar and mix until well incorporated. Slowly add in the melted chocolate and the melted gelatin mass. Fold in the whipped cream.

AGRUME Recipe Continued On Next Page >


Orange Sponge Cake Ingredients 188g Pastry Flour 188g All Purpose Flour 15g Baking powder 400g Eggs 300g Sugar 60g Invert pugar 200g Butter 250g Milk Zest of 5 oranges

Kumquat Sorbet Ingredients 500g Kumquats 600g Water 400g Sugar 200g Powdered glucose 3g Citric acid

Preparation Cream the butter, sugar, invert sugar, and orange zest together. Add the eggs one at a time, scraping the sides down. Add half the dry ingredients. then add the milk, finish with with the remaining dry ingredients. Pour into a parchment lined half sheet pan and bake at 325 F.

Preparation Blanch and shock the kumquats 3x times and puree until smooth. Make sure to use enough kumquats to make 500g of puree. Bring the water, sugar, glucose powder, combine, to a boil and cool for 20 minutes. Cool completely. Spin in an ice cream machine or Paco Jet, per the machine’s instructions.

Full Dessert Assembly: Cut the cake into long strips, pipe the cream on top. Garnish with candied pistachios and candied citrus with kumquat sorbet on the side.



March March 2016 2016


By Chef Tina Tomasello

Milk Chocolate Crema Ingredients 700g Half and half 30g Sugar 140g Egg yolks

Preparation Dissolve the powdered gelatin in the cold water and set aside until needed.

400g C823 Callebaut Milk Chocolate Make a crème anglaise with the half and half, sugar, and egg yolks. 10g Gelatin mass Pour over milk chocolate and 50g Cold Water whisk until dissolved. Melt the gelatin mass and fold into the chocolate. Put aside and keep at room temperature until

CASTAGNA Recipe Continued On Next Page >


Chestnut Sponge Cake Yields 1 full sheet pan (more than is required)

Ingredients 260g 2.5g 70g 260g 30g 210g 230g 120g 200g 410g 180g

Butter, soft Kosher salt Invert sugar Yolks Grape seed oil Confectioners’ sugar Chestnut flour Bread flour Pastry flour Egg whites Sugar

Orange Marmellata Ingredients 350g 10g 3g 125g 30g 3g


Orange segments Dark brown sugar NH pectin Dark brown sugar Luxardo triple sec liqueur Citric acid Zest of 1 orange

Preparation Make a meringue with the egg whites, salt, and 180g sugar, whip until medium peaks. Set aside. Cream the butter and the confectioners’ sugar until pale. Scrape down the bowl and add the yolks a little at a time. Add the invert sugar, salt and oil and paddle until smooth. Add the dry ingredients. Fold in the meringue. Pour onto a parchment lined sheet pan and bake at 325 F

Preparation Cook orange segments, zest, and 1st addition of brown sugar (10g) to a light simmer. Add the 2nd addition of brown sugar (125g) and pectin together. Cook, stirring occasionally until 215 F, and then add the citric acid and the Luxardo. Then, pour onto a silpat until it sets.


March 2016

Chestnut Cream Ingredients


600g 600g 400g 1 600g

Combine the sugar, chestnuts, milk, and cinnamon stick in a large pot.

Chestnut, peeled Whole milk Sugar Cinnamon stick Heavy cream

Bring to a simmer and cook slowly until the chestnuts are soft. Puree until smooth. Allow to cool completely. When cool, whip with an equal amount of heavy cream until you obtain firm peaks.

Cocoa Nib Croccante Ingredients 200g 200g 200g 100g 200g

Sugar Soft butter Glucose syrup Cocoa nibs Rice flour

Preparation Cream all the ingredients together until smooth. Freeze. When needed bake in the desired shape at 325 F on a silpat.

CASTAGNA Recipe Continued On Next Page >


Chocolate Sauce Ingredients 937g Water 1500g Sugar 1125g Heavy cream 375g Callebaut 70-30-38 Dark chocolate 375g Callebaut CP-777 Cocoa Powder Callebaut Salted Caramel Crispearls™ as needed

Preparation Bring the water to a simmer. Combine the sugar and cocoa powder together and whisk until well combined. Add to the simmering water and whisk until dissolved and smooth. Add the dark chocolate and whisk until melted. Finally, add the cream and bring back up to a simmer. Strain.

Assembly: Use a half sheet pan frame. Cut the chestnut cake to fit the frame and trim the top so it is level. Pour half of the Milk Chocolate Crema in the frame, place in the freezer to set. When set, pour the orange marmellata on top and spread evenly. Place in the freezer until set and when ready, pour the remaining the milk chocolate crema on top. Allow to freeze overnight. Cut into desired size, garnish with sauce, croccante, whipped chestnut cream, and Callebaut Salted Caramel Crispearls™. PAGE 12


March 2016


COVER STORY There is an increasing demand for both nutritious and affordable meal options. Grown, a first-of-its-kind fast food restaurant developed by Shannon and Ray Allen, opening March 2016 in South Miami, aims to fill that void in the market with “real food, cooked slow, for fast people.” With a focus on delicious, nutrient-dense fare, the innovative concept marries the quality of farm-to-fork cuisine with the convenience of fast food dining.

As South Florida’s growing culinary scene continues to evolve and place a heavier emphasis on sourcing local and organic ingredients.

“At home I do my best to prepare delicious, nutrient-dense meals for our five children.” - Shannon Allen



Grown’s Owners/ Co-Creators Shannon, creator/executive producer of The PreGame Meal TV show and former member of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation,

March 2016 And Ray, two-time NBA Champion, 10-time NBA All-Star and Olympic gold medalist, will make it possible for people on-the-go to access high-quality foods at affordable prices. “Grown was born out of frustration,” says Shannon. “At home I do my best to prepare delicious, nutrient-dense meals for our five children including our son Walker, who is living with Type 1 diabetes. Like most busy families we juggle homework, afterschool sports and everyday commitments

Widely recognized for their passion and advocacy of healthy living, the duo enlisted the assistance of a team of professionals referred to as the “Kitchen Cabinet” to make their vision a reality. Key members who have lent their talent and expertise include Michael Rose of Rose Capital Advisors; Tara Mardigan, Director of Nutrition at Fruit Street Health, co-author of Real Fit Kitchen and former team nutritionist for the Boston Red Sox; Asha Loring, Executive Director of Health in the Hood; Faheem Mujahid, fitness expert master trainer and holistic lifestyle coach; Sally Sampson, founder of ChopChop, The Fun Cooking Magazine for Families and Gabriele Marewski, founder/creator of Paradise Farms Organic. Continued On Page 16 >


COVER STORY Continued From Page 15 The approachable and easy-to-navigate organic menu will be overseen by Executive Chef Todd Kiley, an industry veteran with experience at Boston’s Legendary Restaurant Group, Rainforest Café, Legal Sea Foods and Back Bay Restaurant Group. Grown is perfect for those looking to change or enhance their eating habits with better-for-you options. “People want to be healthier, eat cleaner and feel better about what they’re putting in their bodies,” says Ray. “I know this from personal experience, and when Grown opens it will very much be a concept unlike anything else designed to be accessible by everyone, from the weekend warrior to the soccer Mom and anyone in between.” From its open kitchen, the restaurant will serve a robust selection of locally-sourced, organic breakfast, lunch and dinner items at accessible price points ($4-$18) including small-batch soups made from scratch daily, fresh spun salads, sandwiches and wraps, gluten-free baked goods, made-toorder cold-pressed juices, fruit smoothies, and fair trade coffees and teas. For those on the move, Grown will have a full service drive-thru, grab-and-go options, carry-out, and family-style meals to go all featuring locally-sourced, fresh seasonal produce.


Practicing sustainability beyond the kitchen, Grown will utilize pulp-free and compostable paper products, 100% recyclable cups, BPA-free storage containers, and plantable menus and kids meal packaging that will encourage even their youngest guests to cultivate their own gardens. Originally designed by HKK Architects, the open and inviting 1,900 square-foot space will boast several unique environmentally-friendly features including an urban rooftop garden where a team of local farmers are cultivating a variety of vegetables, salad greens, microgreens and herbs. Chefs will transport the greenery to the kitchen with the use of an outdoor dumbwaiter system custom-made for the restaurant. Grown’s rustic façade, viewable from the busy streets of South Dixie Highway, is crafted from 100-year old reclaimed barn wood. Guests will be welcomed into the airy dining room by a refreshing palette of crisp whites and ocean blues, gorgeous custom-made birch millwork and LEED-certified lighting. Serving as the focal point of the central dining room will be a floor-toceiling living versa wall complete with planters filled with both edible and aromatic vegetation.


With indoor seating for up to 38, guests can enjoy their meal at the communal wrap-around bar, or at one of the many booths or tables; those looking to enjoy the comfort of the outdoors can dine on the patio with seating for up to 42. For private luncheons, dinners or small parties, guests can enjoy the private enclosed space, known as the Kindergarden, which will also house upcoming special events such as nutritional workshops, cooking classes and wellness demos. Encouraging a family-friendly environment, the restaurant will have engaging play areas for kids of all ages featuring an interactive iPad bar equipped with nutritional and fitness themed games designed to educate them on healthy eating habits as well as a hands-on “IdeaPaint” wall that will allow kids to express themselves artistically. Grown is located at 8211 South Dixie Highway. In addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner service daily, the flagship location will offer delivery and catering for private events.

Telephone: (305) 663-GROW Website:

March 2016

Photos By April Belle



F&B Magazine & Chef Roll: FEATURED CHEF

Chef Liana Robberecht, Executive Chef WinSport Calgary, Alberta

Ortiaga began his career at March Restaurant in New York City as a Sous Chef, where he was then promoted to the role of Chef de Cuisine at the restaurant. What was it like being the first female chef at Calgary Petroleum Club?? Being named the first female chef at what is perceived to be a male-dominant private club was a thrill and an honor -but maintaining the title of executive chef there for over a decade was the real achievement for me.

It’s been 6 months since you made the move to WinSport, how are you settling in? It’s a different world for sure. I’ve been settling in slowly, taking time to observe, get to know the operation, the people, and the “how-tos”. With the amazing support system provided by WinSport management so much can be achieved. It’s a blank canvas and I see opportunities everywhere, so I’m excited for the future. Jason McKay, the director of the Food & Beverage Operations, is a big picture thinker and has already opened up so many possibilities - for example we’re ordering beehives at the end of February, and plans for an on-site garden are also in the works.

How and when did you become involved with Women Chefs & Restaurateurs? What kind of impact has it had on your career? I spotted a WCR booth at a big food show in Chicago; curious I walked over and started to ask questions. Liking what I was hearing I then said, “well, I’m Canadian...” and the response was “we love Canadians!”



How and when did you become involved with Women Chefs & Restaurateurs? What kind of impact has it had on your career? I have been a member for over ten years and it has been a hugely rewarding experience, both personally and professionally. The resources are invaluable - from personal advice, to tips on techniques from the best chefs in our industry today - all given with no ego or expected favors in return. The association is incredibly valuable to me and has become a huge part of my life.

Which other organizations are you involved with in the food community? Slow Food Calgary and international gastronomic society, Chaine des Rotisseurs. How do you channel your aesthetic eye as a painter into your plating techniques? Art is a large part of who I am and food is another medium I can express myself with. I’m obsessed with food and art - the textures, layers, depth, and colors. Having the ability to think two, and three dimensionally is a gift I never take for granted. I visualize shapes, and positive and negative spaces before I start plating - there’s nothing like that feeling after you finish

How do you channel your aesthetic eye as a painter into your plating techniques? Continued On Page 20

March 2016

Chef Liana Robberecht


Continued From Page 18 Art is a large part of who I am and food is another medium I can express myself with. I’m obsessed with food and art - the textures, layers, depth, and colors. Having the ability to think two, and three dimensionally is a gift I never take for granted. I visualize shapes, and positive and negative spaces before I start plating - there’s nothing like that feeling after you finish a concept... step back, take a minute and reflect. I love it.

How would you describe Calgary’s culinary scene? How has it changed over the years? Calgary’s food scene is on fire. We have incredibly talented chefs, and award winning, internationally recognized multi-cultural restaurant concepts. It’s a small, tight-knit community. Chefs here really collaborate, share ideas, thoughts, advice, and help each other out – it’s one big family. As to how the food scene has changed I would say…. we ain’t all steak and ‘taters

What is your favorite thing about Canadian food culture?

I love the diversity.

Learn more about Chef Liana Robberecht on her Chef’s Roll profile, or follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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March 2016


Copita Tequileria y Comida partners, Larry Mindel and Joanne Weir, are thrilled to welcome Daniel Tellez as the new Executive Chef at their popular contemporary Mexican restaurant located in the heart of downtown Sausalito. Daniel brings a depth of culinary experiences to the Copita kitchen from his many years spent working in Mexico City. His foundation in authentic Mexican cuisine makes him the perfect fit to take the helm in the kitchen

Daniel has introduced his new menu at the restaurant, which includes all of his new dishes along with interpretations on several of Copita’s most popular items. In staying true to Copita’s philosophy of offering fresh, flavorful dishes inspired by seasonal Mexican cooking, Daniel will present a 100% gluten-free menu that highlights locally-sourced ingredients.

“Chef Daniel Tellez Brings Mexico City Flavors to Sausalito; Launches New Menus.”

“We are so thrilled to have Daniel join the team,” - commented Weir.



“We are so thrilled to have Daniel join the team,” commented Weir. “His background and passion for Mexican cooking and his global talent are a great addition to our kitchen.” Mindel adds, “Copita showcases the love that both Joanne and I have for contemporary Mexican cuisine and tequila.

March 2016

The restaurant has become a dining destination for both locals and visitors alike. With the addition of Daniel, this dream has been taken to the next level.” In his new role, Daniel will continue to evolve Copita’s menu to present contemporary Mexican cooking rooted in tradition. Expertly combining his vast experience cooking in Mexico City and abroad with a California approach to cooking, the new menu will be filled with fresh, bright flavors. Enhancing Daniel’s menu are ongoing tequila offerings including over 120 tequilas, tequila cocktails and flights, alongside wines on tap, beer, aqua frescas and other non-alcoholic drinks.

Mussels al Mezcal Mezcal, Green Tomatillo, Onion & Butter Steamed Black Mussels, Chile de Arbol Oil ($8) Tuna Tostadas House-Cured Ahi Tuna, Chipotle Aioli, Kumquats, Smoked Olive Oil ($12) Poblano Crab Soup Poblano, Sweet Pea, Dungeness Crab, Bacon, Tortilla Strips ($7) Kumquat and Borage Ceviche Fennel, Onion & Orange Marinated Flounder, Serrano ($14) Lobster Taco Butter & Black Bean Poached Maine Lobster, Cabbage Slaw, Serrano Aioli ($10) Baja Style Cod Omission Beer-Battered Cod, Avocado, Wasabi & Parmesan Aioli, Cabbage & Seaweed Slaw, Micro Shiso ($13/$21) Lamb Bírria Slow-Cooked Lamb, Sesame Seed & Chile de Arbol Salsa, Avocado, Lamb Jus ($21)

Signature items will also remain on the menu with Daniel’s take including the Mexico City Style Quesadilla’s, Trio of Tamalitos, Papas Bravas, Classic Ceviche, Pork Belly Tacos, 24 Hour Carnitas and Wood-Roasted Chicken. Born in Mexico City, Daniel fell in love with cooking at a very young age, as he worked alongside his grandmother cooking every weekend for his 56 cousins. Daniel’s broad culinary background includes varied cuisines and many high level positions. He most recently spent time at Anona Neobistro, where he was a partner and executive chef. “simple but flavorful.”

Copita Tequileria y Comidais: Copita is open every day beginning at 11:30am Monday through Friday and weekends at 10am. 739 Bridgeway, Sausalito, CA 94965.



ESSEX JUNCTION, A 200 SEAT GASTROPUB OPENS BLOOMFIELD, NJ Experience Management Group opens Essex Junction Craft Kitchen & Bar, a neighborhood restaurant and craft beer bar in the heart of rapidly growing downtown Bloomfield, NJ. The 200 seat gastropub offers guests signature dishes of elevated comfort food accompanied by a rotating list of 40 craft beers with 16 on tap, a fun cocktail program revolving around notable New Jersey natives and artisanal wines. The owners have created a lively, accessible area destination where guests can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily along with weekend brunch and happy hour. Located just steps from the Bloomfield train station, Essex Junction will also be serving breakfast from a convenient pass-thru window for commuters on the go. The stunning 4,080 sf. seat custom-designed space has a dining area for 90, bar space for 70 and 40 seats outside for seasonal, al fresco dining. CEO & Partner Jeremy Goldberg, a North Caldwell native, CIA graduate and 3-star Miami restaurateur, has returned to his New Jersey roots to open Essex Junction. Jeremy said, “Community is of utmost importance to me and I am proud to open a fun, community social gathering place that I believe area residents will enjoy.” Jeremy was recently voted onto the Bloomfield Center Alliance’s Board. PAGE 25


As part of its mission to support community, Essex Junction will run an ongoing promotion to benefit the Bloomfield Educational Foundation – when guests order and then post their Jersey celebrity namesake cocktails on social media (and show evidence of same to their server), 50% of the proceeds of that drink purchase will be donated. In addition, there will be other special events and activities such as “Friday Buck a Shuck Oysters”, trivia night and more supporting local causes. Essex Junction is also proud to feature New Jersey local businesses’ products such as craft beer from Magnify, Carton, Kane, Rinn Duin breweries; spirits from Jersey Spirits Distilling Co.; dessert from Anthony’s Cheesecake.

March 2016

Essex Junction, the first of several planned gastropub concepts by the group, is a polished industrial chic space designed by JAB Design Group and is one of several new businesses sprouting in Bloomfield, a town undergoing major redevelopment.

The space features the work of talented and in-demand Brooklyn graffiti artist Nicholas Forker and incorporates Bloomfield historical references. Bloomfield’s Mayor Michael Venezia stated, “We are excited Essex Junction chose Bloomfield as their home and the redevelopment is attracting more top tier talent from around the country. We are pleased to welcome them, along with other new businesses that are quickly making Bloomfield’s downtown a vibrant, new destination.” Consulting Chef Doug Vincent, a CIA graduate and successful restaurant consultant in New Jersey, has created a menu of house-made dishes with universal appeal using quality, seasonal ingredients including some vegetarian items that are sure to please such as: SNACKS: chorizo mac and cheese and mini fish tacos - mango and avocado slaw; APPETIZERS: Peking duck meatballs, beer braised PEI mussels, Asian-style crispy calamari with Sriracha aioli; SALADS: quinoa - arugula, mint, green apple, roasted beets, goat cheese, citrus; sandwiches (choice of fries or salad): buttermilk fried chicken - bacon, tomato jam blue cheese slaw and Bloomfield burger - two custom blend patties, American cheese, secret sauce on potato bun; ENTREES: beef short rib pappardelle, Atlantic salmon - sautéed spinach, warm quinoa salad; SIDES: orange caramel Brussels sprouts and truffled cauliflower gratin DESSERTS: Paola’s sticky icky bacon buns, Anthony’s seasonal cheesecake. The bar will have a strong craft beer focus, with 40 exceptional selections, 16 on-tap including four featured local NJ brews, a cold brew coffee and growler fills available. For the beer lover, a loyalty program will be available as well as discounts for New Jersey Craft Beer (NJCB) members. Artisanal wines by the glass ($8-15) and bottle, ranging from ($30 - $120) will be offered. The menu features a fun list of hand-crafted cocktails incorporating artisanal spirits and are named for famous New Jersey natives such as: The Queen’s Cocktail (Queen Latifah), Premium 90210 (Ian Ziering). Specialty coffees and teas come from local Yogic Chai in Montclair. Juices from Liquiteria will also be available. The space at Essex Junction will be available for semi-private events. Off premise catering available. Located just off Bloomfield Avenue, it is easily accessible from The Garden State Parkway (Exit 148), Routes 3 and 280. There is a parking garage and metered street parking available.

Essex Junction Craft Kitchen & Bar / 90 Washington Street, Bloomfield, NJ 07003 551-208-6808/





March 2016 IQA is proud to announce the promotion of Bo Byrne to the position of Executive Chef. Byrne takes the position after working as TIQA’s chef de cuisine since October. “Bo is well respected in the local restaurant community, and it’s been a great pleasure to have him on our team at TIQA,” noted TIQA owner Deen Haleem. “We’ve seen the incredible work he’s capable of, and look forward to seeing his touches to our seasonal menus.” As Executive Chef, Byrne will lead a team of skilled kitchen staff, introduce new Mediterranean-inspired cuisine to TIQA’s menu, host exclusive prix fixe meals at the restaurant’s Chef’s Bar and assist in planning menus for special events.

ABOUT TIQA: TIQA serves pan-Mediterranean cuisine with an emphasis on fresh, high quality ingredients and authentic flavors in its seasonal menus. The restaurant has its own bakery, providing a wide range of Mediterranean breads and sweets for guests, and recently added a retail stand for sales of its baked goods. The space offers six distinct venues for guests to enjoy: the main dining room, lounge, chef’s bar, main bar, patio, and private dining area. Bo Byrne was a member of the first graduating class at SMCC’s culinary school, where he studied under Will Beriau. Byrne spent 13 years working with restaurateur David Turin, acting as head chef at each of three different restaurants during that time.

TIQA is open Monday – Wednesday from 11:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m., Thursday – Saturday from 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 a.m., and Sunday from 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m., with lunch and dinner offered daily and a brunch menu available on Sunday. TIQA’s Chef’s Bar is offered every night of the week but Saturday, giving guests an exclusive opportunity to see the kitchen in action and celebrate the cuisine of specific Mediterranean regions. Complimentary valet services are available to dinner guests. PAGE 28


Whether on a vacation, tired after a long day of work or simply looking for a special place to go on “date night,” consumers are highly engaged with looking for the next great restaurant to satisfy their hunger pangs, or simply entertainment cravings.

WHEN THOSE PANGS and cravings emerge, these days they’re likely to go online. But if they come to your website will it provide them with the information they’re looking for to make a decision to make a reservation? You can find a number of great firms that are able to design any website for you. However, the best option would be to find a company that specializes in designing and developing restaurant websites. IdeaWork Studios is a full-service agency that works with restaurants to help them develop, or modify, websites to best attract their target audiences. Through their work they’ve discovered some “must do’s” and best practices that help them make sure they’re addressing audience needs.


March March 20162016 HERE ARE SOME OF THE ESSENTIALS TO HAVING A GOOD RESTAURANT WEBSITE: IMAGE AND ATMOSPHERE When consumers are walking down a city street looking for a place to eat, they get a sense of the restaurant from its “curb appeal”; they can peer into the windows to get a sense of the atmosphere or ambience. Those elements are important to potential diners and they’re equally as important on your website. Your website needs to quickly and clearly convey the atmosphere of your restaurant. Consider the different atmosphere that the Hooters and The Inn at Pound Ridge website convey. Your image needs to be as immediately apparent to website visitors as it would be to those strolling past your restaurant. PHOTOGRAPHY Diners are moved visually by images of the offerings that restaurants have to provide. That means that your website must contain not only photos, but vibrant, high quality, professionally done photos. Instagram shots just won’t do it here. MENUS “What’s on the menu?” It’s a critical question and one that your website needs to answer. Chances are, those visiting your website are also checking out the competition; how are you going to display your menu offerings in ways that will set you apart and, ultimately, make them choose you? Keep in mind that, unlike in your actual restaurant setting, servers aren’t available to answer questions or provide additional information.

Whether or not to include pricing on your menu will be a decision that will be tied, to a large degree, to your desired image, but is an important consideration. For many diners, it’s an obvious question and one they’ll want to find answers to on your site. MOBILE OPTIMIZATION When hungry travelers are on the road they’re often turning to their mobile devices to find a spot to eat. When they do, your site needs to be optimized to display well in the mobile environment and to provide the kind of contextualized experience they’re looking for. For instance, while on the road they’re likely most interested in your hours and location. CONTACT INFORMATION Don’t overlook the obvious. Those who visit your website are making a decision about where to go to eat. If you don’t tell them where you’re located, or give them easy-to-find information about how to make a reservation, you may lose them to the competition. And there’s a lot of competition in the restaurant industry.

IDEAWORK STUDIOS is a full-service agency that works with restaurants to help them develop, or modify, websites to best attract their target audiences. Through their work they’ve discovered some “must do’s” and best practices that help them make sure they’re addressing audience needs.

Think of your restaurant’s website as your restaurant! It should convey the same sense of atmosphere, ambience and brand that you attempt to achieve in your physical facility and it should provide an easy to understand, and navigate, experience for visitors whether they’re on a laptop, tablet or mobile device



FROM SWEET HEAT TO COLD COMFORT, this year blueberries are trending everywhere you turn. For example: Sweet Heat--if this is the moment for Sweet Heat, it couldn’t be better for blueberries. Their tinge of natural tartness, their lush full mouthfeel, their affinity for the assertiveness of spices.... Especially successful are the contrasting heat of various peppers with blueberries; red pepper and cilantro-garlic; blueberry jalapeno lime. The onion family marries well with blueberries such as onion/tomato/balsamic; shallot/red wine vinegar; the pungency of curry spices; arugula and mint.

BLUEBERRIES: GOING WITH THE GRAIN Every day it seems brings the discovery of “new” grains, most of them ancient! This is a case of what’s old is new again, especially since these grains fit right into our current quest for healthy, wholesome ingredients. In addition to their high nutritional quotient, these grains have intrgiguin backgrounds and histories. Their culinary traditions-- Mediterranean, Turkish, Lebanese—make them among the trendiest of new/old foods around. Best of all, they are blueberry-friendly!


March 2016 Blueberries are synergistic with oats, amaranth, buckwheat, chia, millet, quinoa, sorghum, teff, kamut, farro, spelt etc. With heightened interest in gluten-free products, blueberries are a popular ingredient; their presence lends the gluten-free formulations a homey and old-fashioned attraction. Blueberries can serve as the basis for vegan snacks and formulations as well with other special diet foods. Blueberries are also compatible with nuts and seeds, which are a customary accompaniment to many grains.

with caramelized garlic, thyme, wasabi, salted pistachio, or ají chili peppers. They sparkle with vivid, complementary flavors like maple, orange blossom honey, light molasses, balsamic and ginger. For a blue-onblue effect, they can pair with cheeses like Stilton or Roquefort. According to recent trend-spotting reports,


Product developers, food designers and chefs exploring the magical combination of sweet and savory have discovered that Highbush blueberries combine beautifully with sweet, hot, savory and salty ingredients. In the attached you can see how the images of savory pot pie and bread pudding illustrate pairings of savory and sweet in various ways. Blueberries are great in trendy flavor pairings that are unusual and inspiring, making possible cookies and other “sweets” with a sly, savory side:

the pairing a “new” or “innovative” or “multicultural” flavor with a familiar one is a brilliant way to appeal to consumers’ craving for adventure while still offering something familiar enough to not be too intimidating. Blueberries help ease consumers into an adventurous flavor profile because they work well in flavor combinations with spices, botanicals, floral, citrus and herbaceous because blueberries complement and enhance as well as balance flavors.

the pairing a “new” or “innovative” or “multicultural” flavor with a familiar one is a brilliant way to appeal to consumers’ craving for adventure while still offering something familiar enough to not be too intimidating. Blueberries help ease consumers into an adventurous flavor profile because they work well in flavor combinations with spices, botanicals, floral, citrus and herbaceous because blueberries complement and enhance as well as balance flavors. Blueberry sweetness adds excitement to the smoky qualities of sauces and salsas. In the attached Blueberry Sauce Menu, you can see how blueberries make luscious synergies with cayenne, garlic, mustard, tamarind, wasabi…ad infinitim; and with herbs from tarragon to mint. From the Incas and Aztecs to European confectionary traditions, the cacao bean has had an affinity for fruit; and so the fruitiness of blueberries shines in chocolate-based moles, sauces and condiments. Continued On Page 31 >


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with caramelized garlic, thyme, wasabi, salted pistachio, or ají chili peppers. They sparkle with vivid, complementary flavors like maple, orange blossom honey, light molasses, balsamic and ginger. For a blue-onblue effect, they can pair with cheeses like Stilton or One of the great advan- Roquefort. According to retages of formulating with cent trend-spotting reports, blueberries is the flexibility of versatile formats available year-round: fresh, frozen, dehydrated, freezedried, concentrate, juice, puree and osmotically preserved, shelf-stable; whole, diced, powdered. Blueberries provide appealing color, lush flavor and intriguing effects like blue swirls the pairing a “new” or “inand patterns; they add novative” or “multicultural” fruit identity, texture, col- flavor with a familiar one is or and flavor excitement. a brilliant way to appeal to Blueberry’s attractive color consumers’ craving for adand sweet, fruity, burst-in- venture while still offering the mouth flavor provide something familiar enough bright, bold possibilities in to not be too intimidating. a wide variety of baking Blueberries help ease consumers into an adventurous applications. flavor profile because they Health and Wellness trends work well in flavor combinaare having a big effect on tions with spices, botanicals, the use of antioxidant in- floral, citrus and herbaceous gredients and blueberries because blueberries compleare one of the hottest ingre- ment and enhance as well as balance flavors. dients in the arsenal. PAGE 33

The role of blueberries is being studied rigorously in all these areas and just as rigorous is the concern that all claims for beneficial effects be supported. Foods like blueberries which are associated with the benefits of antioxidants became musthaves in people’s every day diets, but blueberries are especially successful because they are an easy-to-formulate ingredient for product development in all categories, especially beverages. BEAUTY FROM WITHIN:

Blueberries are a go-to ingredient for beverage innovators exploring the current trend for “beauty from within” drinks containing fruit extracts, antioxidants and other “beauty enhancing” ingredients. There are already blueberries in a realm of products that make the claim for antioxidants. Products now touting “beauty from within” comprise a category of ingestibles also called cosmeceuticals or nutricosmetics.

March 2016 Nutricosmetics are entering the marketplace through a variety of nutraceuticals, beverages and functional foods that purport to beautify the body from within. According to this trend for “eating beauty,” foods and veggies are marketed as beauty enchancers. They generally contain antioxidants, fruit extracts, sport a superfruit halo and promulgate natural approaches to nourishing skin and general wellness. Thanks to all the good news about antioxidants and health benefits, blueberries have a place at the forefront of such product development. Consumers identify blueberries as beneficial and seek them out in blueberry-containing products as well as ingredients in themselves.


One ongoing trend is the emphasis on getting one’s nutrients from real foods and ingredients. Blueberries have always been popular because of their natural deliciousness but their popularity soared with the advent of antioxidant-awareness According to analyses of New Product Trends, “real ingredients”

are the choice of today’s consumers, from boomers to millennials. They fit healthy diets from low carb to low fat. Consumers see blueberries as a value-added ingredient because they are linked to heart health, anti-aging properties, cancer prevention, improved eyesight and better memory. Blueberries are a natural ingredient, nothing added, no preservatives. Highbush blueberries provide the best that nature has to offer: nutrients and delicious, sweet, real fruit benefits with rich, full flavor.


One ongoing trend is the Parents comment that blueberries and products containing blueberries are favorites with their children. For today’s consumer, food is nourishment and it is also lifestyle. With fruity, burst in the mouth flavor and healthy profile, blueberries give products lush taste, broad appeal and a clean label. Virtually fatfree, low in sodium, carbohydrates and cholesterol, blueberries are a delicious source of minerals, folate, and vitamins.

With blueberries, beverage makers get the perfect storm for consumer appeal: beloved lush flavor and an established identity with antioxidant benefits.


Convenient blueberry formats provide sweetness and the advantage of enriching products naturally. Blueberries and blueberry formats can mean reductions in sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, or other sweeteners. FOOD SAFETY

In the category of natural products and ingredients, credibility problems may arise for those which make health claims that are insupportable with solid research. When consumers feel misled by products and ingredients promoting “heart healthy” or other attributes, this can damage public trust in the basic ingredient. The U. S. Highbush Blueberry Council does not engage in such practices. In short, blueberry’s attractive color and sweet, fruity, burst-inthe mouth flavor provide bright, bold possibilities in a wide variety of food and beverage applications.

Source: U. S. Highbush Blueberry Council, c/o Thomas J. Payne Market Development, 865 Woodside Way, San Mateo, CA 94401;



F&B Magazine & Chef’s Roll: FEATURE SOMMELIER Joshua King General Manager at Coconutz Chicago, IL Everyone has a story. Tell us how you knew you wanted to become a sommelier… what was your “light bulb” moment? Honestly, my passion didn’t start until af- intertwining with our food menu, the futer my first class. I was in my early 20’s in ture of wine as we see it, and the experiFlorida with little idea of what a Somm ence we create for our guests was. The restaurant I bartended for offered the class for free so I took it to drink What is the most rewarding thing about your free wine. Little did I know, there was no profession? wine tasting involved with the first test, The personal connections I make with just mass amounts of studying. But it guests is by far the most rewarding. Our was the studying for that test that really program incorporates varietals average opened my eyes to the vast world of wine. consumers may not recognize, so I love Hearing it described as a living organism when I have the opportunity to hear their was my lightbulb moment. Sure liquor is preferences, but present a wine they’ve made from fruit and other living things, never had before. Even better is changing but wine is different. Not only does the a guest’s outlook on a particular varietal product change with every time it’s made simply through sampling one from a difbut also the maturation process once bot- ferent country, produced under different tled was outstanding to me. When I was conditions. ASSEO FIRST came to breathes, Restaurant told, “A bottle of wine lives, What is the most difficult part of your job as a Guy Savoy in 2011, where he began ages, hits its prime and eventually dies. sommelier? We, as buyers, a direct that in the role ofhave sous chefeffect andon eventualContinuous knowledge. There is Always life. ” I was hooked. ly advanced to chef de cuisine. In his more to learn, which keeps the job exJULIEN ASSEO What role does aas typical day of workchef, look like for will new executive Asseo citing. With never ending progression you? continue the legacy of expertise and in technology, climate changes and conI am the GM of a newly opened Restaurant restau- sumer preferences, there is no limit to the quality of food of which rant and lounge,issoemblematic. my days consistHailing of extent of information we as Somms have Guy Savoy juggling everything from developing access to. from Libourne, a small town in the marketing strategies and coming up with southwest of France, Asseo’s passion What’s the wine culture like in city? Any regionspecial promotions, to menu design and for food and wine was ignited by his staff training. The best part of my day is al trends you’ve observed? experiences at his parents’ dinner service when I get to interactvineyard. with The wine culture in Chicago is amazing. At thetalking age about of 16,food, Asseo decided to very lucky to live here, and I have guests, wine and ex- I’m follow his all things learned so much since moving here five periences. I’mpassion privilegedfor to work with a food by theBrendan LycéeSmith Hôtelier years ago. Chicago has some of the finest greatstudying team here asatwell. restaurants in the country, so naturally has been a drivingnear force behind our wine de Gascogne Bordeaux, where program, and his aknowledge on a of diverse he obtained Bachelor Arts wine in comes along with that. However, it is also a very cocktail and spirit focused range of wines is truly impressive. His culinary arts. background has led us down some excit- city so it’s sometimes hard for wine to get the spotlight it deserves. ing paths when it comes to our menu,

Welcomes New Executive Chef



March 2016

Sommelier Josh King

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March 2016

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If you can commit to the full scope of what the industry requires, go for it! There are many entry points for someone to find their passion within the world of wine, so explore until you find what pulls you in.

What’s next for you?

Which wine region is top on your list of places to visit?

Alto Adige, where Italy meets Austria and Switzerland. I’d love to experience the beautiful mountains and landscape, plus 98% of the total vineyard area is DOC Classified.

What was the biggest “break” that helped launch your career? Becoming a Bacardi Ambassador, actually. Through the various travel and events, this program launched my understanding of the industry. Interacting with the most talented professionals helped shape an understanding of where this could take me professionally, and I was able to really shape the path I wanted my career to grow into.

What advice do you have for someone considering a similar career path?

This is an industry that, at face value, seems like straight up fun. And it is, if you have a true passion. You have to love learning, teaching and even the obligatory office work that accompanies any job.

My team and I are currently undergoing a project to bring a more upscale food and beverage program to a beautiful neighborhood less known for those particular things. It is challenging, exciting and already very rewarding. Every time a new guest tells us, “I’m so glad you’re here now,” it makes our day. I would love to continue doing just that, providing awesome product for everyone to enjoy, and helping wine reach more unassuming markets.

What was the last wine that really made an impression on you? Croatian Wines have been my most recent obsession. The Babic varietal especially.

If you could change one thing about the wine industry, what would it be? More Old World wines!

What is your definition of success in our industry?

Creating something unique that inspires people to try something new. If you can change just one person’s perception of an entire varietal with just one sip, that’s not a bad day’s work.



The position of Sales Director for its super-premium, new-style gin effective immediately. Soden will work closely alongside Brockmans’ senior management and with the brand’s U.S. Market Managers to continue the successful, international sales growth of this distinctly original gin.

“I have been a longtime spectator in the burgeoning gin category,” said Soden. “I’m thrilled to take an active role with the fantastic team of professionals at Brockmans Gin to accelerate growth of the brand in existing and new markets. Brockmans is truly a standout in the modern gin category and delivers on the its promise of ‘a gin like no other.’ Soden joins the Brockmans team with an extensive background in the beverage alcohol industry.



Most recently, John was the Vice Predisdent of Strategy and Development for Edrington Americas and prior to that, the Southeast Division’s Business Unit Director at Pernod Ricard USA where he lead a large team to significantly grow the value of the business. Other notable roles include: Manging Director of Dublin-based Phoenix Strategic Management; Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Castle Brands; among other senior industry positions targeting the U.S., Ireland and other European territories.

March 2016 In his new role, Soden will work to develop Brockmans’ route-to-market capabilities and coverage across Europe and the U.S. The move is part of a broad expansion strategy for the company. In 2015, Brockmans Gin enjoyed a year-over-year increase in the UK of 200% with an increase in international sales of over 50%. The brand is already strong in Spain, where sales are up 23% year-over-year, as well as the UK and the U.S. Brockmans Gin is also available in Australia, Canada, Norway, Luxembourg, Belgium, Ireland, Germany and Switzerland, with plans to further expand its global footprint in 2016.

“­ We’re excited to be bringing our gin to people across the world,” said Neil Everitt, Chief Executive of Brockmans Gin. “We believe that John Soden is the perfect candidate to help with this global growth and enable Brockmans move to the next stage of developåment. John brings a wealth of experience and knowledge within the beverage industry to the team and we welcome him very warmly.” Brockmans Gin is available in 750 mL at an SRP of $34.99. For more information, visit PAGE 40


In its first major announcement in the New Year, Cape Classics celebrates its appointment by lauded Domaine Philippe Colin to become the brand’s exclusive importer in the United States. Nearly 15 wines from the 2014 vintage will hit U.S. shelves in April, and will be distributed by Cape Classics’s partners nationwide. This new addition to the importer’s portfolio of fine wines comes on the heels of several significant recent acquisitions in France, securing Cape Classics a position as a very serious player in the French category, specifically in the hallowed region of Burgundy. “In reviewing our long-standing U.S. business in the wake of the many changes taking place, I felt that it was time to find our way back to a more traditional import partner who placed a strong emphasis on personalized relationships, who held professionalism to the highest level and who was committed to the highest standard of brand and people management possible,” commented Philippe Colin, Proprietor and Winemaker at Domaine Philippe Colin. Philippe Colin “Cape Classics seemed a good choice for our business, not only because they have made a very successful entré into the importation of French wines to the U.S., but they are also perfectly positioned to champion the launch of Topiary, our new South African winery project in the United States. Domaine Philippe Colin is eager to start this new journey with Cape Classics.” Domaine Philippe Colin’s legacy is deeply linked to that of the remarkable Michel Colin, Philippe’s father, who can trace his Chassagne-Montrachet lineage back to the 1850’s, when the legendary Michel Colin-Deléger settled in the appellation. Over a century later, Michel Colin established his winery in 1987 and quickly gained an impressive reputation as one of the foremost producers in this region of Burgundy. Today, the estate spans 30 acres primarily in the Chassagne-Montrachet area, but also in Santenay, Puligny-Montrachet and Saint-Aubin. Philippe’s winemaking philosophy is one of little intervention, respecting the soil and natural processes.



March 2016

Andre Shearer

Grapes are hand harvested and treated with great care in the cellar. Through his thoughtful winemaking processes, he has been able to not only safeguard the distinguished and legendary heritage created by his father, but also to create his own unique and ethereal benchmark in his highly expressive wines. “Burgundy is home to some of the world’s greatest wines, and we knew that if Cape Classics was ever to be taken as seriously in France as we are in South Africa, it would be critical for us to ultimately work with the best that Burgundy offers,” remarks Andre Shearer, Chairman and CEO of Cape Classics.

• Domaine Philippe Colin Bourgogne Chardonnay 2014 - $34.99 • Domaine Philippe Colin Saint-Aubin 1°Cru Les Combes 2014 - $64.99 • Domaine Philippe Colin Saint-Aubin 1°Cru Le Charmois 2014 - $64.99 • Domaine Philippe Colin Chassagne-Montrachet 2014 - $59.99 • Domaine Philippe Colin Chassagne-Montrachet 1°Cru Les Chaumées 2014 - $89.99 • Domaine Philippe Colin Chassagne-Montrachet 1°Cru Les Vergers 2014 - $109.99 • Domaine Philippe Colin Chassagne-Montrachet 1°Cru La Maltroie 2014 - $109.99 • Domaine Philippe Colin Chassagne-Montrachet 1°Cru Les Chenevottes 2014 - $109.99 • Domaine Philippe Colin Chassagne-Montrachet 1°Cru Clos St Jean 2014 - $89.99 • Domaine Philippe Colin Chevalier-Montrachet 2014 - $424.99 • Domaine Philippe Colin Bourgogne Pinot Noir 2014 - $31.99 • Domaine Philippe Colin Chassagne-Montrachet Les Chênes 2014 - $59.99 • Domaine Philippe Colin Santenay 1° Cru Les Gravières 2014 - $59.99



overseeing all culinary operations at the 148-room boutique lifestyle hotel. Having worked with acclaimed chefs including Joël Robuchon, Joseph & Thomas Keller of French Laundry and Per Se, among others, Dahmani plans to transform culinary offerings at Viceroy Miami, starting with the debut of a new menu at the Downtown Miami hotel’s signature restaurant, 15th & Vine Kitchen and Bar.

“Just in the last few years, Miami has become widely-recognized for its culinary scene,” says Alex Novo, general manager of Viceroy Miami. “Chef Dahmani’s vast and impressive expertise is the recipe we need to contend with so many great options.


We’re delighted to have Chef Dahmani and know our guests will be impressed with his innovative cuisine and passion for food.” Dahmani built his career over 20 years, working in world-class resorts, palaces, estates and several upscale restaurants around the world. Most recently, Dahmani served as executive chef at Sheraton Club des Pins Resort in Algeria, managing a staff of up to 147 with functions that included scheduling, menu planning and purchasing for a resort with multiple restaurants. Additionally, the Miami Beach resident’s experience extends to Blue Waters Resort, Curtain Bluff Resort and Big Banana Restaurants’ The Beach Restaurant, where he was executive chef at all three Antigua based establishments. He was also instrumental in the pre-opening and opening of Joseph’s Brasserie, Lombardi’s, Ibiza and Aladdin Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, N.V.


A culinary relationship 17 years in the making comes full circle in Orlando Chef Masaharu Morimoto and Patina Restaurant Group today announced the appointment of Yuhi Fujinaga as Executive Chef of Morimoto Asia, at Disney Springs at Walt Disney World Resort. Beginning immediately, Chef Yuhi will be overseeing the day-to-day culinary operations at The Iron Chef ’s first-ever pan-Asian restaurant. “I met Chef Morimoto as a young chef in Hawaii, where I grew up. We bonded quickly over our love of fresh fish, big flavors and new cooking techniques,” said Chef Yuhi. “Through working alongside him at a variety of events throughout the country, I have been inspired by him and his approach to cooking and am thrilled that it’s come full circle.”

March 2016

Previously, Chef Yuhi was Executive Chef at Patina Restaurant Group’s New York City-based, Sea Grill. A protégé of Chef Ed Brown, who established the restaurant as one of the top seafood destinations in the city, Chef Yuhi has also worked at New York’s Bar Basque. He lived and worked in Spain at the esteemed Echaurren with Chef Francis Paniego, at Casa Solla with Chef Pepe Solla, and at Gaminiz with Chef Aitor Elizegi. He held posts at the Michelin-starred restaurants Eighty-One and Alain Ducasse at the Essex House. Known for his modern cooking style, Chef Yuhi draws inspiration from his Japanese heritage and upbringing in Hawaii, where he learned to cook from his grandmother. From her, he learned that the quality of the ingredients is as important as the technique in which used to prepare them. Over the years, he has developed techniques that keep the food simple, yet full of flavor.

“Being a great chef comes from within and I know Chef Yuhi is dedicated and passionate to creating inspirational, world-class dishes,” said Chef Masuharu Morimoto. “I am confident that he will continue to showcase his talent and vision to our guests at Morimoto Asia.” Morimoto Asia is Chef Morimoto’s newest and first Pan-Asian style restaurant. The menu is an eclectic take on some of Chef Morimoto’s favorite Asian flavors including L.A. BBQ kalbi ribs, pad Thai, Peking duck, Chinese-inspired sticky ribs, sweet-and-sour whole fried fish and Singapore laska noodles. Chinese dim sum includes items such as dumplings, shumai, shrimp har-gao and grilled chicken bao. The restaurant also includes an intimate 14-seat sushi bar offering unique ocean seasonal specialties from Japan and around the world. A variety of specialty sushi rolls, sushi platters and seafood towers featuring highlights from the raw bar are also offered to guests not seated at the sushi bar. Morimoto Asia is open Sunday11:30 a.m. to 1 a.m.; Monday through Thursday 11:30 a.m. to 12 a.m.; Friday and Saturday 11:30 a.m. to 1 a.m. The restaurant’s second floor Forbidden Lounge late-night menu is served daily from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m.



the luxurious, LEED Platinum Certified wine country retreat in the heart of Napa Valley, has announced the appointment of Nate Lindsay as the new executive chef.

Lindsay will oversee all aspects of the culinary experience at Bardessono and for Lucy Restaurant & Bar, the hotel’s award-winning, signature restaurant presenting innovative, garden-inspired cuisine that embodies the property’s “exceptional by nature” modern aesthetic and eco-spirit. “We are delighted to welcome Chef Lindsay to Bardessono and excited to watch Lucy thrive from his fresh culinary vantage, talent and enthusiasm,” said Sileshi Mengiste


divisional vice president, Luxury Division Remington Hotels. “Chef Lindsay brings a balanced approach to food thanks to his successful background of intuitive leadership and creative talent – all critical traits to help ensure continued growth and success at Lucy and Bardessono.” Most recently, Lindsay was the executive chef at the farm-to-fork restaurant, Jardenea, at Melrose Georgetown Hotel in Washington D.C., Lindsay embraces the philosophy of serving inventive dishes through artful presentations with the use of the highest quality seasonal ingredients. Noted by Parade Magazine as a chef who “takes the whole farm-to-table trend to a whole new level,” Lindsay’s talent at creating harvest-centric cuisine is revered by national media outlets and the DC community. “I’m very excited about this next chapter in my career,” adds Executive Chef Nate Lindsay


In a newly released video, the Pure Tin Mark of Distinction Campaign presents an insight from Master Sommelier Tim Gaiser on how to pass the Certified Sommelier Exam. In fact it could all hinge on how you evenly.

“To someone who has been a sommelier and teaches sommeliers, this is really what we’re looking for. This is the best of all worlds. In terms of function and ease of removal, it’s the best capsule by far,” says Tim Gaiser, Master Sommelier. Tim Gaiser is joined in the video by Paul Wagner, Napa Valley College Instructor and founder of Balzac Communications and Marketing.

March 2016

The two cohorts have a lively discussion about pure tin capsules, exploring why they perform better than other capsules and how they positively affect packaging and brand identification. “The Pure Tin Capsule lends itself to different colors and different designs. And I think it adds a lot of appeal and also just attractiveness to the packaging of the bottle,” adds Gaiser. Using a highly specialized artisanal process, a few international renowned manufacturers produce pure tin capsules as a premium, ultra-high quality product designed for top of the range wines and spirits. The capsules are then personalized by the delicate artistic work of embossing, coloring, ornamentation and decoration. “Pure tin capsules offer the best sensory experience because they have that color saturation, they have the richness of the texture, they cut cleanly and they are not sharp,” says Paul Wagner. “They are everything you want out of a capsule.” Click Here To Watch Video

Smashburger, the rapidly expanding better burger restaurant known for its fresh, smashed to order burgers, today announced that Michael J. Nolan,

who was previously overseeing Franchising and Development at Corner Bakery, has been appointed to the position of Executive Vice President - Chief Development Officer. Mr. Nolan will oversee the company’s Development (Real Estate, Construction, Design, Facilities), Franchise Sales and IT departments effective immediately. “Michael’s extensive experience in successfully growing national and international brands will be invaluable to Smashburger as we continue to grow our footprint across the country and internationally,” commented Scott Crane

Smashburger’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “Having served on the Smashburger Board of Advisors for the prior four years Mike already possesses a keen understanding of the tremendous opportunity and challenges facing this great brand. We’re confident he will be an integral member of Smashburger’s core executive team and will be instrumental in advancing Smashburger’s operating platform, franchising program, restaurant development processes and enhanced Information Technology services that will be critical to the brand’s success as we continue our rapid expansion across the globe.” Michael has more than 25 years of experience in restaurant development strategy and executive level management. Before serving as Corner Bakery’s Executive Vice President and Chief Development Officer, Nolan held executive level management positions at Bloomin’ Brands, Inc.



To celebrate the completion of “Water for Life…for All”, Barry Callebaut’s global employee volunteering program to raise awareness of sustainability issues and collect funds to help cocoa communities, 26 “Water for Life Champions” from around the world visited Cameroon cocoa 26 “Water for Life Champions” from around the world visited Cameroon cocoa communities in January 2016.

The 26 Water for Life Champions participated in a week-long immersion experience in cocoa in Cameroon, with a special focus on water related challenges and solutions in cocoa growing communities. For most of them, it was their first time in Africa, their first time seeing cocoa trees, and their first time visiting rural communities. They sent excerpts of their travel diaries to share with us their impressions.


Sustainable cocoa farmers apply good agricultural and business practices, which result in better yields and incomes. They engage in responsible labor practices, protect the environment, and are able to meet the needs of their family. Barry Callebaut aims to help cocoa farmers to reach this level through farmer training, farmer support and farmer finance. Sustainability in the cocoa sector is centered on the cocoa farmer. Cocoa farmers worldwide face challenges such as aging trees, pests and diseases, and depleted soils. The sustainable cocoa farmer is applying good agricultural and business practices, which result in better yields and incomes. For More Information. Visit www.


Awarded Company General Manager of the Year for 2015 at Hard Rock International’s recent Global Conference. Hard Rock selects its top stars from its venues in 68 countries and hundreds of partners worldwide based on criteria like financial performance, unique sales accomplishments, community contributions, creativity, strategic marketing, philanthropy, brand loyalty and leadership. Reynolds received this honor after only being at the Las Vegas Strip location for six months – before managing the Strip location, he was at the Hard Rock Cafe Seattle which won Sales & Marketing Cafe of the Year under his leadership.

March 2016

as Chief Executive Officer at the beloved Paul Martin’s American Grill restaurant group. With more than 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Kaemmer’s extensive experience leading restaurant groups such as Tijuana Flats, Boca Restaurant Group and P.F. Chang’s., as well his passion for growth, company culture, and culinary excellence, provides a welcome addition to the Paul Martin’s American Grill team.

Paul Martin’s American Grill most recently opened its tenth restaurant in Pasadena, California in January 2016. In his role as Chief Executive Officer at Paul Martin’s American Grill, Kaemmer will focus on overseeing strategic operating plans to grow sales as well as new business development, in addition to overseeing the management and direction of the company. “We are thrilled to hire Brad Kaemmer as Chief Executive Officer at Paul Martin’s American Grill. As we continue to develop, create and adhere to our goals and targets for the future, we are assured with his experience and attitude, he’s the right fit for the role

Brad Kaemmer Founded in 2007 by Brian Bennett and Paul Fleming, the restaurant concept focuses on serving dishes made from scratch with the highest quality ingredients, prepared simply and all offered at accessible prices. With locations in Arizona, Texas and throughout California, a growing brand.

Riordan is an expert culinary leader with a prestigious culinary background and more than 20 years of experience in the food and beverage industry. Riordan brings an exceptional understanding of both the luxury market place and locally inspired dining. In his new role as Executive Chef, Riordan will have the significant task of overseeing all culinary functions at Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort & Spa, including oversight of restaurant concepts and menus for Ko’Sin and the resort’s signature and award winning restaurant, Kai. Additionally he will oversee meeting and group banquets, event catering, guest room dining for the 500 room resort and all culinary staff recruitment and training. Riordan will work closely with Kai’s Chef de Cuisine, Ryan Swanson, to maintain the signature restaurant’s sophisticated Native American inspired cuisine and the level of personalized and elegant service that guests have come to cherish in Arizona’s most celebrated restaurant. “We are thrilled to welcome Thomas Riordan,” said Bunty Ahamed, General Manager”.



IMPROVING EFFICIENCIES reduces the amount of food waste being sent to America’s landfills The food and beverage industry are unfortunate contributors to the more than 1.3 billion tons of waste. Large portion sizes, overly abundant menu choices, undesired plate accompaniments, and management and staff behavior top the list as drivers contributing to the excessive waste begging for efficiency. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, 10 percent of food purchased by restaurants becomes kitchen loss before ever reaching the consumer while the average diner leaves 17 percent of his or her meal uneaten and 55 percent of these potential leftovers are not taken home. When looking at the farm to fork process regrettably 40 percent of food goes uneaten which is why the Food Waste Reduction Alliance (an initiative of the Grocery Manufacturers Association), the Food Marketing Institute (representing food retailers), and the National Restaurant Association (representing the foodservice industry) have come together to define an unprecedented goal for the U.S.: to reduce food loss and waste being sent to America’s landfills. However, the management of waste with the sole goal of reducing what is sent to landfills is difficult in the fast-paced food and beverage industry and relying on the restaurant industry to divert the waste from landfills is not what will ensure the goal is met. PAGE 49


It is imperative to understand what is being wasted so it can be reduced. The most effective, efficient and nimble way to reduce the amount of food waste going to landfills is to focus on what incorrect decision, preparation procedure, or improper purchasing action resulted in creating the waste. A tool is needed that can identify opportunities to eliminate operational inefficiencies, including altering prepared offerings and quantities, purchasing practices, and preparation habits. Unfortunately, transparency into one’s waste stream isn’t readily accessible, as most restaurants have no knowledge of what is tossed into the garbage or why it is tossed. In order to get a better understanding restaurants have been conducting “waste dives” and in most instances this is exactly how it sounds. Waste dives or assessments demand a hands-on approach requiring the unpleasant and odorous task of sorting out the waste, manually recording the findings, and in some cases measuring the categories of waste over a defined period of time to establish weekly fluctuations. Once the manual tasks are completed restaurants then need to track down the appropriate hauling invoices to match the waste charge with the waste item.

March 2016

Thankfully, there is clean technology in the marketplace that can reduce the waste generation and then provide a more efficient means to divert and dispose of it. Onsite aerobic digesters safely turn your food waste into liquid slurry and send it down standard sewer lines, but only a few have the ability to record and analyze every morsel of food that is wasted. Those few onsite digesters equipped with an on board scale can weigh and categorize food waste each time it is added, determining where, when, and what food waste is being disposed of. The data can be further customized by department, shift, or menu item to effect upstream activities such as planning, purchasing and production in order to reduce the generation of waste. Specifically, the Eco-Safe Digester solution helps with reducing waste volume, waste collection frequency, and overall waste budgets. It can also potentially reduce workers’ compensation claims by eliminating some of the moving pieces involved in waste management, and it can help with human capital management through salary reductions, as less man-power is needed. BUT THAT IS NOT ALL The digester serves up data on a simple dashboard, meeting the needs of all of their customers.

Whether quantifying environmental impact, remotely monitoring utilization or performance of the digester, measuring the impact of seasonality, benchmarking locations across geographies, or monitoring disposal costs savings, the built-in analytics can be tapped into anytime from any electronic device. Having the knowledge of what is being wasted and to what magnitude will allow the industry to reach the important goal of reducing food waste being sent to landfills. Waste can be a result of poorly executed policies, inefficient processes, inconsistent practices or simply bad behavioral habits. No matter the cause, implementing smart clean technology can make a difference in not only keeping waste out of landfills, but more importantly, preventing it altogether. Mr. Celli is a lifelong waste industry veteran. Most recently he was co-founder and CEO of Interstate Waste Services from October 2000 until November 2006, during which time the company achieved growth of over $150 million in revenue. During his time at Interstate Waste he was responsible for all aspects of the business including collection, recycling, landfills and emerging technologies. After selling his interests in Interstate Waste he transitioned to BioHiTech America. With over 25 years of Waste Industry experience, Mr. Celli has leveraged his knowledge of the traditional waste industry to facilitate the development of the Eco-Safe Digester and BioHiTech Cloud to begin the transformation of the organic waste industry.



WALK-ON’S RESOLVES TO START 2016 ON A SAVORY NOTE The New Year deserves a distinctly delicious burger, and Walk-On’s Bistreaux & Bar is stepping up to get 2016 off to a lip-smacking start. Throughout the month of January, WalkOn’s is serving up the Smoked Gouda Turkey Burger, a new twist on its traditional Turkey Burger, featuring a perfectly seasoned turkey patty, three slices of smoked gouda cheese, three slices of thick cut bacon and fresh sliced peppadews. It’s served on a warm brioche bun fully dressed with homemade chipotle mayo, sliced tomato, red onions and spring mix, with a side of crispy shoe-string fries. It’s a mouthwatering masterpiece designed to satisfy even the most discerning burger aficionados.

But don’t wait too long to try it out. New Year’s celebrations don’t last forever, and this limited-time Burger of the Month will only be around till Jan. 31. Participating locations only. Walk-On’s now has seven locations – two in Baton Rouge and one each in New Orleans, Lafayette, Houma, Shreveport and Lake Charles. Other restaurants are under construction in Juban Crossing, Zachary, Covington and Lubbock, Texas. Several additional markets across the Southern United States are likewise on the drawing board. PAGE 51


To inquire about franchising opportunities, qualified applicants may contact Walk-On’s Enterprises President & COO Scott Taylor at For a complete menu and more information, visit ABOUT WALK-ON’S ENTERPRISES Walk-On’s Enterprises is arguably the most distinctive restaurant company in America. Its concepts are fresh, fun and original, from Walk-On’s Bistreaux & BarSM – voted ESPN’s “#1 Sports Bar in North America” in 2012 – to Happy’s Irish Pub and Walk-On’s Catering. Additional growth lies ahead, as the company expands on its winning combination of delicious, affordable food and drinks presented in an uncommonly warm and friendly atmosphere. For more information, visit, or contact Ladd Biro at Champion Management at or 972.930.9933. Walk-On’s now has seven locations – two in Baton Rouge and one each in New Orleans, Lafayette, Houma, Shreveport and Lake Charles. Other restaurants are under construction in Juban Crossing, Zachary, Covington and Lubbock, Texas. Several additional markets across the Southern United States are likewise on the drawing board.

March 2016

THE COFFEE BEAN & TEA LEAF® WELCOMES JEFF HARRIS AS THE BRAND’S NEW CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® is pleased to appoint Jeff Harris as Chief Financial Officer. A veteran finance executive with nearly 30 years’ experience, Harris will oversee all financial functions of the company, as well as the supply chain, human resource, risk management and legal teams. He will report directly to President and CEO, John Fuller. “We are excited to welcome Jeff to our executive management team,” said John Fuller. “His experience will be a strong complement to our executive team and will be invaluable as we continue to drive our global strategic growth initiatives.” Harris was most recently CFO/COO of Purple Wine Company, a $70 million diversified wine operation based in Graton, CA. He has also served as Chief Financial Officer for fashion brands such as Stella & Dot and Gymboree and worked in finance leadership positions for entertainment companies such as Lucasfilm Ltd. and Disney.

“It’s an ideal time to join a great brand like The Coffee Bean®,” said Harris. “I look forward to being a part of the company’s continued trajectory of expansion and growth both domestically and internationally.” Having the knowledge of what is being wasted and to what magnitude will allow the industry to reach the important goal of reducing food waste being sent to landfills. Waste can be a result of poorly executed policies, inefficient processes, inconsistent practices or simply bad behavioral habits. No matter the cause, implementing smart clean technology can make a difference in not only keeping waste out of landfills, but more importantly, preventing it altogether. As a global brand and business, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® has grown to over 1,000 stores with a strong presence throughout Asia and the Middle East. Most recently the company announced new stores opening in Paraguay, Bangladesh, Japan, and expansion into China with the opening of 700 stores over the next decade. About The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Born and brewed in Southern California since 1963, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® is the oldest and largest privately-held specialty coffee and tea retailer in the United States. Embodying a passion for connecting loyal customers to one another with carefully handcrafted products, Please visit for more information.


RumChata Hosts Chicago’s Football World Championship 30th Anniversary Event Benefitting Lone Survivor Foundation and Gridiron Greats RumChata sponsored an evening reuniting members from Chicago’s 1985 World Championship Football Team at Soldier Field on January 26, to celebrate its victory on the exact date and time of the championship game thirty years ago. The private event benefitted and raised awareness for Lone Survivor Foundation and Gridiron Greats.

MORE THAN 450 RETAILER and distributor guests attended the event featuring forty-one players, plus coaches and personnel from the championship team. Lone Survivor Foundation and Gridiron Greats were each presented checks in the amount of $30,000 to help them continue their efforts to help those in need that have battled for their country and those who have battled on the football field. “As a brand that prides itself on bringing people together to celebrate good times, we instantly said yes to hosting this very special event when we were approached by former championship team player Jim Morrissey,” said Tom Maas, RumChata founder and master blender. “We are very proud to be able to use this event to benefit two important organizations, Lone Survivor Foundation and Gridiron Greats.” About Lone Survivor Foundation The Lone Survivor Foundation, which was founded by Marcus Luttrell, author of the 2007 #1 New York Times best-selling book, Lone Survivor, about his survival and loss of fellow service members in Operation Redwing, established the foundation to honor and remember American service members by providing unique educational, rehabilitation, recovery, and wellness opportunities to U.S. Armed Forces members and their families. About Gridiron Greats The Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund (GGAF) is a non-stock, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization providing financial grants and ‘pro bono’ medical assistance to retired NFL players in dire need. The organization focuses on the humanitarian side of post-football related issues, which include coordination of social services to retired players who are in need due to a variety of reasons including inadequate disability and/or pensions. RUMCHATA®, CARIBBEAN RUM WITH REAL DAIRY CREAM, NATURAL & ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS, 13.75%ALC./VOL. PRODUCED AND BOTTLED BY AGAVE LOCO BRANDS, PEWAUKEE, WI 53072 FOR THE LATEST RECIPES GO TO: WWW.RUMCHATA.COM • PLEASE ENJOY OUR PRODUCTS IN A RESPONSIBLE MANNER.



March 2016



“We turn the best ingredients into extraordinary products” ITALIAN CUISINE signifies so much more than the country’s typical delicacies. Italian cuisine is a story that emerges from the Italian lifestyle, culture, passion and tradition surrounding food. “Buy Authentic Italian Food, get more,” is the simple and direct message that Italy is using to communicate this lifestyle, culture, passion, and history of Italian cuisine in the United States, where Americans still possess a keen interest and respect for Italian gastronomy. It is in Italy’s passion for beautiful things, in its energy and tradition that lie the secrets to a cuisine capable of turning the simply normal into something perfectly unique. Italians know how to create tasty products merely with their own hands. They take their land’s simple ingredients and true flavors and combine them with centuries of experience, tradition and innovation. The result is extraordinary products to be enjoyed on dinner tables the world over.



March 2016

There are 600 different kinds of cheese produced in Italy, each steeped in history. Some of them date back to Roman times, but thanks to the many generations of cheese masters this extraordinary art remains cherished and celebrated. Quality comes from discipline and tradition. By pronouncing salame with the American “ ” sound, you are actually saying the plural form of arguably the most tastiest cured meat in Italian cuisine. With a slight correction from our Italian advisors, we have the even more wonderful “salumi” carrying with it an entire world of Italian cured meats, from aged prosciutto, to smoked speck and cooked mortadella. Each product created with the passion and care, characteristic of Italy’s culture of production of authentic food.


Pasta is the heart and soul of Italian cuisine, and with good reason. Even in this seemingly simple product, with origins dating back to 1154 Sicily, there is an entire universe to be discovered and again, as with all things, authenticity matters. Last but certainly not least, olive oil. The majestic olive tree, which can grow up to 40 feet in size and live for hundreds of years, is only the beginning of the journey of care and attention that goes into creating this exquisite product which many associate the great health benefits of the Mediterranean cuisine with. The authentic products of Italy are ready to be shared with America, and more! For suggestions on how to make the best use of authentic Italian products visit




March 2016





WHEN JAMES A. MAY embarked on his pioneering journey to bring stevia to America in 1982, his passion was driven by the pure sweetness of the stevia plant and the many benefits it offered. Mr. May made it his mission to distinguish his products in the marketplace by producing a better-for-you, great tasting natural sweetener. Mr. May is Founder and CEO of Wisdom Natural Brands®, the family-owned company responsible for creating the SweetLeaf® family of products. SweetLeaf® Stevia Sweetener is the sugar alternative with zero calories and zero carbohydrates, a non-glycemic response, and great taste in any food, beverage, or recipe. It is the ideal sweetener for the 21st century. SweetLeaf contains no sugars and no artificial ingredients and is increasingly recommended by an ever-growing number of chefs, dietitians, health professionals, and, of course, moms! SweetLeaf has become the world’s most trusted stevia brand™ and has won a score of national and international awards for taste and innovation. The SweetLeaf family of products goes beyond powders, including Sweet Drops™, Water Drops™, and SugarLeaf®. From flavoring a water bottle, encouraging hydration, to savoring scrumptious recipes by gourmet chefs, the delicious uses of SweetLeaf are endless. Still, it’s at the daily kitchen table where the most fulfilling uses of SweetLeaf are enjoyed. The SweetLeaf story started with a simple stevia leaf that has changed lives around the world, one sweet sprinkle and drop at a time. CUT THE SUGAR, KEEP THE SWEET The 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, provided by the USDA and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), recommends all Americans cut the amount of sugar in their diets in order to achieve healthier eating habits. SweetLeaf can help you do this deliciously.



March 2016


iNGREDIENTS 2¾ cups flour 1 tsp. baking soda 2 tsp. baking powder ¼ tsp. salt ¼ tsp. nutmeg 2 packets SweetLeaf® Organic Stevia ½ cup canola oil 1 tsp. vanilla extract 1 egg 1 cup plain yogurt 1 cup blueberries, fresh or frozen DIRECTIONS:

Preheat oven to 350°F. In a large bowl sift flour, baking soda, baking powder, salt, and nutmeg. Set aside. In another large bowl, whisk together SweetLeaf® Organic Stevia, oil, vanilla, egg, and yogurt. Add the dry ingredients and stir. Add blueberries and combine. Add the mixture to greased muffin tins. Sprinkle 2 to 3 berries on top of each muffin. Bake 25 to 30 minutes and allow to cool completely. Makes 12 large muffins.

Now any recipe can be a SweetLeaf recipe with our easy online Conversion Calculator. To substitute SweetLeaf Stevia® for sugar, visit: PAGE 60


For fruit snacks with benefits, think Dole. Always popular, 4-ounce size DOLE® Fruit Bowls® in 100% Fruit Juice deliver approximately 3/8 cup fruit and 1/8 cup juice for USDA child nutrition programs, and–with the addition of new Cherry Mixed Fruit for foodservice– are available in seven varieties. A leader in the packaged fruit category, Dole makes healthier menus easier with innovative, convenient, and portable fruit snacks. For customers, DOLE® Fruit Bowls® in 100% Fruit Juice deliver flavorful fruit, specified to Dole premium quality standards, in easy-open, portion-controlled packaging. Product labels reflect Dole dedication delivering snacks with health and wellness benefits: non-GMO*, no artificial sweeteners, rich in Vitamin C, and BPA-free packaging.

For more information about the real fruit benefits of DOLE Fresh Frozen and Packaged Fruits, or to browse the recipe database, visit www.dolefoodservice. com. To contact a Dole representative, call 800-723-9868.


March 2016

* No genetically modified (or engineered) ingredients

About Dole Packaged Foods Dole Packaged Foods, LLC is a world leader in growing, sourcing, distributing and marketing fruit and healthy snacks. Dole sells a full-line of packaged ambient fruit, frozen fruit, dried fruit, and juices. The company focuses on four pillars of sustainability in all of its operations: water management, carbon footprint, soil conservation and packaging. For more information please visit or Ž, TM & Š 2016 Dole Packaged Foods, LLC.



TAKE A LOOK AT THE MENUS of popular restaurants around the country and, under appetizers, some variation of potato chip will be listed. Customizing potato chips–whether fresh or processed–is an easy way to bring signature flavors to the table on one of America’s favorite mediums. From jalapeño kettle chips to truffled Parmesan chips to honey butter chips, the humble potato chip is ready to stake its claim to culinary innovation fame.

As a premier producer of the Russet and yellow flesh potato varieties–the primary chip potatoes Idaho growers and processors know a bit about the making of premium quality potato chips. The Idaho Potato Commission (IPC) keeps a recipe database filled with creative chip ideas (BBQ Potato Chips, Frozen Potato Chips, Wasabi-Dusted Chips, PAGE 63 34

and Chocolate Bacon Potato Chips among them), and IPC’s Dr. Potato can be counted on for expert advice on best practices for chips. The downloadable IPC Foodservice Toolkit dispenses tips on potato selection, storage and handling. All year round, operators rely on the IPC Foodservice website for product information.


and recipe inspiration. The site houses a helpful size guide and Idaho® potato preparation tips, as well as answers and solutions to operational and culinary FAQs

March 2016

About the Idaho Potato Commission Established in 1937, the Idaho Potato Commission (IPC) is a state agency that is responsible for promoting and protecting the famous “Grown in Idaho®” seal, a federally registered trademark that assures consumers they are purchasing genuine, top-quality Idaho® potatoes. Idaho’s growing season of warm days and cool nights, ample mountain–fed irrigation and rich volcanic soil, give Idaho® potatoes their unique texture, taste and dependable performance. These ideal growing conditions are what differentiate Idaho® potatoes from potatoes grown in other states. For more information, visit: 661 S Rivershore Lane, Suite 230 | Eagle, Idaho 83616 | tel 208.334.2350 | fax 208.334.2274 |





March 2016




Dos Equis is making a festive day even more interesting by giving LDA+ consumers everything they need for their best Cinco de Mayo celebration ever.

The fully-comprehensive, 360° program featuring national TV advertising, media partnerships, limited edition packaging and a national sweepstakes, will encourage consumers to celebrate with Dos Equis and enter for a chance to win items from the Most Interesting Man’s coveted collection of worldly possessions guaranteed to upgrade any Cinco de Mayo Celebration. PAGE 67

“As the upscale Mexican import of choice, Dos Equis Cinco de Mayo program has all the elements to stand out from the competition during the weeks leading up to Cinco de Mayo, a holiday typically cluttered with Mexican beer brand promotions,” said Andrew Katz, VP Marketing for Dos Equis. “By upping the stakes and making things even more interesting this celebratory season, Dos Equis will be the beer of choice for Cinco de Mayo.” To drive awareness of the program, dedicated TV spots running from late March through Cinco de Mayo accompanied by heavy-up social media support.

March 2016

Will initiate program buzz and drive mass conversation. Additionally, Dos Equis is partnering with digital vendors including Evite, Google Search, Ibotta, and Drizly to deliver targeted content and offers designed to drive shoppers online to enter the sweepstakes and instore to purchase Dos Equis.

“As the upscale Mexican import of choice, Dos Equis Cinco de Mayo program has all the elements to stand out from the competition during the weeks leading up to Cinco de Mayo.”

In-store, eye-catching, scalable displays will encourage shoppers to choose Dos Equis to elevate their Cinco celebrations. In addition, limited-edition primary and secondary packaging.

For Dos Equis Lager and Ambar will drive appeal and purchase while compelling IRC (instant redeemable coupon) and MIR (mail in rebate) offers (where legal) provide retailers with secondary display opportunities to drive higher basket rings. On-premise, custom designed POS elements will drive engagement and incremental sales of Dos Equis. In select accounts, Dos Equis ambassadors will be on hand to sample patrons (where legal), invite them to enter the sweepstakes and encourage them to choose Dos Equis for a more interesting Cinco celebration. Through pre-shop tactics, instore and on-premise merchandising and on pack messaging, Dos Equis will invite consumers to enter the program sweepstakes for a chance to win items from the Most Interesting Man’s coveted collection of worldly possessions. Whether it’s a trip to his hacienda in Mexico, his Spanish guitar as seen in last year’s Cinco commercial or the portrait of a woman from his last TV appearance, all prizes are one of a kind items guaranteed to upgrade any Cinco celebration.




THE NATION’S TOP culinary and hospitality talent will gather for the Women Chefs & Restaurateurs (WCR) 23rd Annual National Conference for two days of mentor sessions, panel discussions, cooking competitions and celebrations April 17 – 18 at the InterContinental Los Angeles Century City.

This year’s conference boasts a Who’s Who of groundbreaking leaders in hospitality including WCR founding members Barbara Lazaroff and Mary Sue Milliken; Dominique Crenn, Mei Lin, Sherry Yard, Nyesha Arrington, Nancy Silverton, Brooke Williamson and many more.

This year’s theme, “Imagine Your Dreams and Ignite the Future,” will offer valuable strategies for women to develop their hospitality careers and maximize opportunities, and will cover a range of topics including social media, artisanal milling, GMOs, equal pay, advances in kitchen technology and much more.

Talent Talks: First-person perspectives from top industry leaders including James Beard Award winner Bricia Lopez, Guckenheimer’s Chief Innovation Officer, Helen Kennen; and Google’s Executive Pastry Chef, Pauline Lam.

For more information, pricing, and to registers to attend the WCR 23rd Annual National Conference, visit For specialty rates at the InterContinental Los Angeles Century City during the conference, visit this link. Guests may also call (866) 329-1010 and identify themselves as an attendee of the WCR 2016 Annual Convention by using the code, WC1. The specialty room-rate deadline is March 31, 2016.



March 2016

Breakout Sessions: Intimate educational seminars and demos covering everything from butchery to artisanal milling, understanding contracts to creating a profitable, modern day wine list, mixology trends to sustainability and more. Fourth Annual WCR Food Games: Celebrity Chef Coaches Nyesha Arrington and Mei Lin lead three teams in three rounds of exciting competition for best use of a secret ingredient. Renowned chefs Nancy Silverton and Brooke Williamson will be among the judges who decide which team will reign supreme.

Grub Crawls: Three tempting food-filled journeys through L.A.’s top, gastronomic neighborhoods – Downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, and Mid-City/Fairfax District with stops at Grand Central Market, Musso & Frank, Joan’s on Third and many more. Opening Night Kick-Off Party: Guests are welcomed to eat, drink and be merry while taking in the coastal beauty of Santa Monica’s Annenberg Beach House “Women Who Inspire” Awards Gala: Hosted by Food Network’s Waylynn Lucas and Ron Ben-Israel, these awards fete the best and brightest while guests indulge on gourmet delights on the legendary New York Street backlot at Hollywood’s historical Paramount Pictures Studios. Click Here To Register PAGE 70



AT A YOUNG AGE Samantha loved being in the kitchen side by side with her mother, it wasn’t until she was in high school when she discovered she wanted to attend school for baking and pastry.

After enrolling in the culinary program for baking and pastry at the Art Institute of Houston, Samantha was aiming for a career in designing cakes, until she discovered the art of plating class by her instructor Manuel Catemaxca. After the first couple of semesters in school she decided to get into the competitive side of pastry and wanted the experience in competition She then learned her instructor Catemaxca was to compete in the Chef Olympics in Germany. PAGE 71

she decided to stay and help after classes to learn the techniques and guidelines. As she traveled to Germany to watch the competition she fell in love with the level of passion and dedication personified by the chefs. A natural in the competition forum, Samantha brought home two silver and two bronze medals at ACF competitions in Houston, Dallas, Las Vegas, and Conroe. At the age of 19 she became a pastry cook at Bedford by Robert Gadsby, who apprenticed with renowned chefs Alain Chapel, Joel Robuchon and Alain Ducasse. Bedford served to expose Samantha to a new level of cuisine and execution, a level she would strive to achieve and ultimately exceed.


After working under the Sous Chef Matthew Nall he showed her another passion, a passion of Michelin star restaurants she has never seen before. Gadsby and Nall played a great roll in teaching Samantha all about fine dining and what it took to be a great chef, they set the guidelines. A year later she started at The Hilton Downtown Houston Houston where she gained knowledge and experience in high volume production.

“She started 2016 off with her first publication for her plated desserts in the top selling pastry magazine So good, which is a biannual international magazine.”

Ready to focus on her own creations and growth, she returned to the restaurant and accepted a position at Tony’s. She worked under the Vallones and Executive chef Grant Gordon

formally of Café Boulud and Cyrus. She then started to create her own menus and express her culinary voice for the first time. After working at Tony’s she traveled through Germany, Italy, France, Amsterdam, and Spain to gain an understanding and appreciation of the techniques employed by pastry chefs worldwide. At the age of 22 she became the Executive Pastry Chef at Triniti. With the support of Executive Chef Ryan Hildebrand, she attended lectures and hands on classes at The French Pastry School on chocolate application in the pastry world under Chef Thierry Mulhaupt as well as attending PreGel to learn under Ramon Morato. Most recently working under Chef Francisco Migoya with a class on modern Chocolates. Almost three years into working at Triniti she took a stage at Eleven Madison Park. An eye opening experience, her time at Eleven Madison Park encouraged her to push her own limits even further. As she did, she began competing again in national competitions such as ICC Star Chef New York and twice at Pastry Live in Atlanta. Samantha plays an integral role in all aspects of the culinary program at Triniti. She has developed seasonal menus working closely with the savory side of the kitchen to produce cohesive, collaborative menus that reflect her talents and growth as a true professional artist.



SOME SPECIAL events require a bumper supply of Fresh California Avocados and Cinco de Mayo is one of them. For Fresh California Avocado lovers, Cinco de Mayo salutes an historic date with a celebration of menu signatures that feature their favorite seasonal fruit. Good news for operators, Cinco de Mayo also kicks off the peak of Fresh California Avocado ripeness and availability, and offers an ideal opportunity to showcase the fruit to its best advantage. Blessed with a mild, nutty taste, a rich, smooth texture, Fresh California Avocados infuse any dish with a unique California style and appeal. For Californians, the “good” in “good for you” means something delectable like the veg-centric Stuffed California Avocado Quinoa Salad or the classic California Avocado Flatbread Sandwich. In the Golden State, diners might start with a Verde Margarita and add a side California Avocado Cornbread. After all, it is Cinco de Mayo! For more California-style Cinco de Mayo menu ideas, visit to preview the Fresh California Avocado recipe database and serving suggestions. Also on the site, find a variety of helpful resources–nutrition, selection, storage and handling information– for optimizing Fresh California Avocado usage. PAGE 73



Stuffed California Avocado Quinoa Salad

About the California Avocado Commission Created in 1978, the California Avocado Commission strives to increase demand for California avocados through advertising, promotion and public relations, and engages in related industry activities that benefit the state’s nearly 4,000 avocado growers. The California Avocado Commission serves as the official information source for California Avocados and the California avocado industry. For information about California avocados, visit Foodservice, or join us on Facebook at and @CA_Avocados on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram for updates.

March 2016

Editors & Publishers,

From March 13 - 15, 2016, the fairgrounds in Düsseldorf, Germany will again host ProWein, International Trade Fair for Wines and Spirits. This leading international event will feature over 6,000 exhibitors from 50 countries and attract about 50,000 trade visitors from around the globe. As a trade only event, this is where real business is done.

If you are planning to join us in Düsseldorf for ProWein 2016, please click the button below to pre-register for the show as a member of the press. The deadline to pre-register is February 12, 2016. PAGE 74


DOUG KOEGEBOEHN the new Chief Marketing Officer; joins the Irvine-based company with more than 20 years of marketing experience in the quick service restaurant industry. Koegeboehn will lead brand, marketing, digital, menu, and overall communications strategy efforts. He will also oversee the newly-formed Visionary Department, a forward-thinking marketing division dedicated to building brand loyalty among younger generations.

Explore franchise opportunities with Wienerschnitzel! We are the Worlds BEST Hot Dog Chain, with a devoted customer following for over 50 years. You are cordially invited to review all the reasons to potentially invest in a classic American brand. Here, we offer you an engaging opportunity to learn more about our value and positioning for growing successful franchise partners in both new, and existing markets. Every great success story has a beginning. May this exploration process serve as one of yours! Enjoy ~ Chili Cheese Dog, please! PAGE 75



March 2016

RumChata Baby Ingredients 1 part RumChata Splash Of Irish Whiskey 1 part Patron Cafe XO

DIRECTIONS Pour chilled Patron Cafe XO into shot glass. In a shaker, add a splash of Irish Whiskey to RumChata and shake vigorously. Layer on top of Patron Cafe XO. PLEASE ENJOY OUR PRODUCTS IN A RESPONSIBLE MANNER.





March 2016


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