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AUGUST 2021 COVER IMAGE Cyrus Dobre, Luc Belaire Rosé Brand Ambassador, Images Courtesy of Kyle Houck


We honor and remember the support of Chef Kerry Simon, Gary Cantor, Robin Leach, Chef Paul Prudhomme, & Gary Coles

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Rose Color Impact

Cyrus Dobre celebrates musical gastronomy

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8"9)'$ '/^"72$ 2@*)./+$ 3@'$ #)*?*3.<*;;7$ 9'*13.C1;$ 2A*)B;./+$ )"2'$ D.3@$ *$ ).<@M$ (.9)*/3$ A./B$ <";")K$ H@'$ C)1.3$ 9"1_1'3$ '/3.<'2$ 3@'$ A*;*3'$ "C$ 23)*D9'))7$ */#$ 9;*<B$ <1))*/3M$ )'C)'2@./+$ 913$ /"3$ 3""$ 2D''3K$ :'$ *AA'*)2$*3$@"12'$A*)3.'2M$)';'*2'$A*)3.'2M$'('/32M$*/#$ "3@')$('/1'2K$ Z4$)'*;;7$(.9'$D.3@$E1<$&';*.)'$*/#$*;;$"C$3@'.)$+)'*3$ A)"#1<32$*/#$3@'$"3@')$+)'*3$*)3.232$D@"$*;2"$'/^"7$ E1<$&';*.)'M]$@'$2*72K >123"?')2$<*/$<@""2'$C)"?$E1<$&';*.)'$F*)'$F"2GM$ E1<$&';*.)'$E1`'$F"2GM$E1<$&';*.)'$a";#M$E1<$&';*.)'$ E1`'M$*/#$E1<$&';*.)'$&;'1K H@'$ &1/$ &1/M$ ;"<*3'#$ ./$ E"2$ 0/+';'2M$ "A'/'#$ ^123$ 9'C")'$ 3@'$ A*/#'?.<$ ./$ b5b5M$ */#$ 8"9)'$ 9)"3@')2$ A*)3/')'#$ D.3@$ 3@'$ C*?.;7$ 3@*3$ "D/2$ H@'$ &1/$&1/$<)'*3./+$3@'$ I./B$J;.#')2$D.3@$A./B$ 91/2$?*#'$D.3@$#)*+Y "/C)1.3$ */#$ /"$ *)3.cY <.*;$ =*(")2K$ H@'$ +"*;$ "C$ 3@'$ 912./'22$ .2$ 3"$ +.('$ 9*<B$ b5$ A')<'/3$ "C$ A)"c32$ 3"$ >.37$ "C$ :"A'$ :"2A.3*;M$ ./2A.)'#$ 97$ *$ ?'?9')$ "C$ 3@'$ C*?.;7M$ a")'M$ D@"$ )'<'.('#$3)'*3?'/3$*3$3@'$>.37$"C$:"A'K$H@'$)'23*1Y )*/3$.2$2<@'#1;'#$3"$"A'/$;*3')$3@.2$7'*)$D.3@$*$+"*;$3"$ "A'/$ ;"<*3."/2$ D");#D.#'$ 3"$ #"/*3'$ 3"$ @"2A.3*;2$ ./$ ?*/7$<"??1/.3.'2K

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Z,12.<M$C""#M$*/#$#)./B$+.('2$'22'/3.*;$'/')+7M$A@72Y .<*;;7$ */#$ 2A.).31*;;7K$ E1<$ &';*.)'$ .2$ 3@'$ 2A.).3M$ H@'$ &1/$&1/$.2$3@'$A@72.<*;$*2A'<3M$*/#$?7$?12.<$+.('2$ 3@'$+""#$(.9'K] &")/$./$,*)7;*/#M$@'$.2$9*2'#$./$E"2$0/+';'2$D.3@$*$ (*).'#$<*)'')M$./<;1#./+$#*/<./+M$+7?/*23.<2M$*/#$^'3$ A*<B./+K$ 4/=1'/<'#$ 97$ @.2$ C*3@')M$ &"-$ ,"c#M$ */$ '/3)'A)'/'1)M$ */#$ @.2$ ?"3@')M$ 01)';.*$ 8"9)'M$ */$ Q;7?A.<$+7?/*23M$8"9)'$B/'D$@'$<"1;#$21<<''#$./$ ?*/7$./#123).'2K$ 8"9)'$ 23*)3'#$ @.2$ <*)'')$ 97$ A"23./+$ (.#'"2$ "/$ 3@'$ 2"<.*;$?'#.*$A;*3C")?$d./'$*/#$3@'/$23*)3'#$2@*)./+$ @.2$e"1H19'$<@*//';M$8"9)'$&)"3@')2M$@"23./+$D.3@$ @.2$3@)''$7"1/+')$9)"3@')2K$

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“After years of research, I am proud to introduce Dr. Hyson’s Headache Relief for chronic migraine and tension headaches. Previously available only to my patients, I am delighted to make my breakthrough system available to headache sufferers everywhere."

Call to Order 702-387-1757



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Summer of Wine

featuring Pure Wine, In Good Taste, & Suisun Valley

5 30 -802-502 3 · BR E W BI LTBR E WI N G.CO M

BrewBilt has earned its reputation for best-in-class brew equipment. Now we’ve teamed up with seasoned brewers to produce your bar or restaurant’s house beer– a cost-effective way to strengthen your brand and build customer loyalty.



WITH YOUR OWN HOUSE BEER Our white-label beers, designed and crafted by our team of brewing experts, incorporate the finest malts and freshest hops available. We will beat competitors’ prices!


WE BREW YOUR CRAFT BEER Food & Beverage Magazine v August Issue

AUGUST 2021 COVER IMAGE Royal Hollandia Cheese, Image Courtesy of FrieslandCampina


We honor and remember the support of Chef Kerry Simon, Gary Cantor, Robin Leach, Chef Paul Prudhomme, & Gary Coles

Food & Beverage Magazine® is owned and published electronically by Beautiful People, LLC. Copyright 1995-2016 Beautiful People LLC. All rights reserved. Food & Beverage Magazine® and distinctive logo are trademarks owned by Beautiful People, LLC. “” is a trademark of Beautiful People, LLC. No part of this electronic magazine may be reproduced without the written consent of Food & Beverage Magazine. Requests for permission should be directed to: The information contained has been provided by such individual, event organizers or organizations. The opinion expressed in each article is the opinion of its author, organization or public relation firm. Food & Beverage Magazine is not affiliated with any other food and beverage or hospitality publication.

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Cover Feature Story


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Inside this issue

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Chef Gary Baca




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Food & Beverage Magazine v August Issue

Stadium Chef Matt Cooper Executive Chef of Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Matt Cooper is the Executive Chef for Mercedes-Benz Stadium; one of the nicest sports & entertainment facilities in the world. The work that Matt and his team do is not only trailblazing but sets the standard for many other sports stadiums and arenas around the country. Matt has hosted some of the most momentous events including Super Bowl LIII, NCAA National Championships, the 2018 MLS Championship in which he was awarded a Championship ring, and most recently the Black Music Walk of Fame.

he learned and perfected over the years and put to work. After numerous interviews and tastings, Matt was offered the Executive Sous Chef position. After only 2 months of creating systems and procedures for the stadium and putting his stamp on each department, he was then offered the Executive Chef position. To help understand the magnitude of Matt’s responsibilities at the stadium, he is in charge of over 200 luxury suites, 53 concession stands, 7 clubs/ restaurants and high end non game day catering.

Matt began working in an Italian Restaurant at the age of 14. For 12 years Matt continued to work in the food industry which led to an opportunity that began his career path, Sous Chef for Turner Field for the Atlanta Braves. At that time, Matt set a goal to become an Executive Chef and accomplished it before the age of 30. He was then offered the Executive Sous Chef position with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. At this point of his career, Matt knew that he would need to focus on his craft to reach his full potential to become an Executive Chef. Without formal training or culinary school, Matt was told he would never succeed as a Chef. That made him more adamant to achieve his goal. After years of traveling to various stadiums, arenas, convention centers & amphitheaters, Matt was able to hone his craft.

When Matt isn’t at MBS, he is working on “Reset Atlanta”, a program he hopes to bridge the gap between leftover food and food insecurity by collaborating with locals to help feed the community.

It was then that he knew he was ready. On a trip back to Atlanta to see family, Matt drove by Mercedes Benz Stadium during its construction phase and saw this as his moment to take everything

When Covid-19 hit the US and our country locked down, Matt and his team would show up daily to prepare 5,000 full meals per week. These meals were delivered door-to-door throughout the city to help feed the community that was harshly affected by the pandemic. Matt has also helped create the food donation program with Second Helpings Atlanta. With this program, the team at Mercedes Benz Stadium take all the leftover food and create amazing meals that get distributed all throughout the city. When it comes to the Food & Beverage program at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Matt and his team do an amazing job at staying ahead of the curve when it comes to creativity and innovation.

Food & Beverage Magazine v August Issue



Food & Beverage Magazine v August Issue

Job Board

Food and Bev Mag Launch Blog We’ve teamed up with Jobbio to help get the hospitality industry back booming Without a doubt, Food & Beverage Magazine is the most popular publication dedicated to the food and beverage industry, consistently ranked first among all restaurant industry websites. We deliver an array of up-to-the-minute industry news, research, and tools to improve operations and purchases. What’s more, Mobile has grown by leaps and bounds in the past year. However, as a whole, this wonderful industry that is the beating heart of this country has suffered greatly as a result of the global pandemic. Restaurants, hotels and bars all over the world have gone through closures and staff have lost jobs. However, in the last few months, things have started to improve, as businesses reopen and try to get back to normal. We wondered how we could help. A partnership with Jobbio to create an exciting new job board felt like a natural thing for us. The goal is to get as many people back working in the hospitality industry as possible. We want to ensure that businesses land their perfect teams, and talent land their dream jobs. It’s that simple.

We’d like to introduce you to F&B Jobs, a job board platform powered by Jobbio, and bolstered by thousands of incredible jobs in the US hospitality sector. The board is a practical solution to some of the biggest hiring challenges in the US right now. From posting a role to making an offer – every step can be done from one platform – all living on F&B. Speaking about this exciting partnership,Michael Politz, Publisher of Food and Beverage Magazine said: “Given the state of employment in the hospitality industry I am excited to team up with Jobbio to be able to help in facilitating successful employee placements to aid in business success. The right people are a vital part of any establishment.” Echoing Michael’s sentiments, Stephen Quinn, CEO of Jobbio added: “The outbreak of COVID 19 resulted in extremely difficult times for the hospitality industry as a whole, but as the world begins to reopen, we want to help rebuild the industry. Partnering with Food and Beverage Magazine seemed like a natural fit in order to achieve that goal. Together, we’ve created a job board that will aim to get people back working in hospitality.” If you’re interested in applying for jobs, check out all the brilliant available roles here now. And if you’re a hiring manager looking to land some brilliant talent, get in touch with us – we’d be happy to help!

Food & Beverage Magazine v August Issue


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!""#$%$&'(')*+'$,*+*-./'$$ 01+123$4221' Food & Beverage Magazine $$$v August Issue


BELVEDERE VODKA PARTNERS WITH KWAME ONWUACHI, MAXWELL OSBORNE, AND ORIGINAL ROSE TO LAUNCH BELVEDERE ORGANIC INFUSIONS AND BRING NATURE TO NYC Belvedere, the world’s first super-premium vodka, will partner with Kwame Onwuachi, Maxwell Osborne, and Original Rose, to celebrate the launch of Belvedere Organic Infusions and bring nature to New York City. As a natural evolution of Belvedere’s Made with Nature platform, Belvedere partnered with three sustainablyminded game-changers from various walks of life to launch the new range via an exclusive interactive set of greenhouse installations: Kwame Onwuachi (James Beard “Rising Chef of the Year” focused on eliminating food waste), Maxwell Osborne (co-founder of Public School brand, which recently launched a sustainable basics line called Version Tomorrow), and Original Rose (plant-based design studio run by Olivia Rose, focused on small-batch goods and upcycled materials). This range of super-premium organic flavored vodkas represents Belvedere’s first USDA-certified organic offering, meaning the Belvedere Organic Infusions range is crafted using only real ingredients which are farmed with no artificial pesticides, additives, or chemicals, allowing the natural taste of each ingredient to shine through.

BLACKBERRY, LEMONGRASS WITH AN HINT OF SAGE: a rich texture of ripe blackberries

and fragrant sage with notes of peppery lemongrass and vanilla.

LEMON, BASIL WITH A TOUCH OF ELDERFLOWER: a succulent texture with lemon tart and herbaceous basil, followed by floral elderflower and juicy Muscat grapes.

PEAR, GINGER WITH A DROP OF LINDEN HONEY: a luscious mouthfeel of juicy pear, warm spiced ginger and rich set honey.

New Belvedere Organic Infusions are available now

for purchase in-store in California, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, and Texas for SRP $36 per 750-ml.

Each new flavor was created with unique, multi-layered combinations of all-natural fruit and botanical infusions, all offering a sophisticated yet well balanced flavor and entirely new taste experience. “We launched Belvedere’s Made With Nature Platform in 2020 to deliver new and exciting yet natural products to a more conscious consumer,” said Allison Varone, Vice President of Emerging Brands, Moët Hennessy. “With the Launch of Belvedere’s Organic Infusions, we are taking that a step further by offering our consumers an incredible way to experience nature in NYC and enjoy these new offerings.” The interactive greenhouse structures designed to celebrate the launch of this range, will be housed at Elizabeth Street Gardens, one of the city’s most beloved public gardens and used for exclusive private events. This immersive experience will celebrate the release of Belvedere’s new organic flavor innovations and in tandem raise awareness for the protection of the magical green space. Each structure will be uniquely designed by Onwuachi, Osborne, and Original Rose, and inspired by Belvedere’s newest Organic Infusions flavors:


Food & Beverage Magazine v August Issue

Kwame Onwuachi is a James Beard Award-winning chef, and author of the critically acclaimed memoir “Notes from a Young Black Chef,” which is being turned into a feature film by A24. Kwame’s resume is incomparable: he has been named one of Food& Wine’s Best New Chefs, Esquire Magazine’s 2019 Chef of the Year, and is a 30 Under 30 honoree by both Zagat and Forbes. He’s also been featured on Time’s 100 Next List and has been named the most important Chef in America by the San Francisco Chronicle. Kwame was born on Long Island and raised in New York City, Nigeria, and Louisiana. Onwuachi was first exposed to cooking by his mother, in the family’s modest Bronx apartment, and he took that spark of passion and turned it into a career. From toiling in the bowels of oil cleanup ships to working at some of the best restaurants in the world, he has quite a dynamic collection of skills and experiences. Onwuachi trained at the Culinary Institute of America in New York City and has opened five restaurants before turning thirty; including the groundbreaking Afro-Caribbean restaurant, Kith/Kin, in Washington, D.C. Next up, Kwame will appear as a judge on season 18 of Top Chef this coming April 2021. He first appeared as a contestant on the show in season 13.

Born and raised in New York City, designer Maxwell Osborne represents the restless energy of the city in which he lives and works. Having co-founded Public School in 2008, he continues to define the landscape for menswear and women’s wear through a specific New York state of mind, blending ideas of convergence, re-appropriation, and disruption. After receiving many accolades for Public School, including the CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund award in 2013, the CFDA Swarovski Men’s Designer of the Year 2013 and the CFDA Menswear Designer of the Year 2014, and the 2019 top prize in the CFDA/Lexus Fashion Initiative, the designer continues to grow and be recognized by his peers.

Olivia Rose is the artist and designer behind Original Rose. Born and based in New York City, Olivia’s green thumb has been featured across the world in partnerships with high fashion and street style brands. Bringing plants to new audiences with her company Original Rose, she has successfully created a new narrative around plants and home decor.

Food & Beverage Magazine v August Issue





Food & Beverage Magazine v August Issue

Chef of The Month

RENAISSANCE MILWAUKEE WEST HOTEL AND ELDR+RIME MARK ONE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY Offering sophisticated style and brilliant service, the upscale property provides a unique and comfortable home away from home for leisure and business travelers while the local restaurant has been the go-to spot for many community residents and visitors.

Eldr+Rime, recently nominated by Milwaukee Magazine’s Reader’s Choice as “the best new restaurant” in Milwaukee, leverages its beautiful outdoor space to provide the freshest ingredients in its culinary and beverage offerings. Named the “Chef’s Garden,” the approximately 2,500 square foot outdoor space is equipped with several cedar planters which provide a variety of fresh herbs and editable botanicals to be used in the daily preparation of food and cocktails at Eldr+Rime. Executive Chef Gary Baca and his team of culinary professionals can be seen heading out to the garden on a daily basis and picking out the ingredients to be used in the restaurant’s seasonal dishes. “Freshness and food cannot be separated if you want to experience the true flavors of nature’s offerings,” said Chef Gary Baca, who has expertly led several restaurants over his career spanning more than two decades.

Nestled in the heart of Milwaukee’s western neighbor, just minutes from downtown, Renaissance Milwaukee West, located at 2300 N. Mayfair Rd., Wauwatosa, marks its one year anniversary as it continues to serve as a unique hub for both travelers and locals alike. The adjacent restaurant, Eldr+Rime, has been a wonderful addition to the community and was recently nominated by Milwaukee Magazine’s Reader’s Choice as “the best new restaurant.” In celebration of the oneyear anniversary, Eldr+Rime will be offering a complimentary glass of bubbly to all diners during full dinner service from August 10th through August 14th.

With the ever-evolving guests’ preferences and environmental changes, Eldr+Rime aims to develop its offerings that provide fresh perspectives to the constantly changing scene in the restaurant business. “Many diners have developed a curiosity towards indifferent foods these days. Farmers’ markets are more popular, people are gardening at home with a goal to get the freshest ingredients in their home-cooked meals. With our herb garden, we aim to continue inspiring this lifestyle,” added Baca. Specializing in steak, seafood, and progressive American cuisines, Baca worked at Michael Jordan’s Steak House and has previously been the Executive Chef and Partner at Lettuce Entertain You, overseeing culinary operations at Chicago’s Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab, Scoozi and more. A La Cañada Flintridge, California native, Baca studied at Santa Barbara City College and University of California, Berkeley.

Food & Beverage Magazine v August Issue


“We are so grateful for the warm reception we have received from the local community. It has been very exciting to welcome visitors to Wauwatosa and the Milwaukee area with the first Renaissance hotel in the state of Wisconsin, and this highlypraised independent restaurant concept,” said Vik Khokhar, General Manager. “To thank our community for their continued support throughout the pandemic, we invite guests to join us in celebrating a year of success and many more to come!” Designed by hospitality design firm Simeone Deary Design Group, the Renaissance Milwaukee West’s distinctive style is elevated, timeless, and sophisticated, while creating an unexpected sense of discovery for guests, bringing downtown Milwaukee’s culture to its bustling western neighbor of Wauwatosa. Celebrating the hotel’s proximity to the local shopping district, the space was designed with fashion in mind, creating a Tailor and Seamstress concept —an admiring nod to the dedication and passion of the trades and the contrast between masculine and feminine. Expressing the unique qualities of their craftsmanship and tradition, the tailor influences the masculine forms of the hotel’s architecture while the seamstress brings in beautiful feminine design details. The two sides embody the idea


Food & Beverage Magazine v August Issue

of reflecting on the past while coming together to create a dynamic future. Visual lines throughout the Renaissance Milwaukee West emphasize the art of garment construction, while the stitching and weaving of textiles inform the fabrics. Furniture within the hotel is expressive yet functional and classically styled with a twist, such as guest room pieces inspired by a sewing bench and spools of fabric. The color palette is neutral on the architectural shell while embracing unexpected accents throughout, while the decorative lighting focuses on the tools of the trade including fabric construction, button details, and hangers –turning simple crafts into art. Catering to a wide range of guests and needs, Renaissance Milwaukee West is located within close proximity to businesses including Milwaukee County Research Park, Medical College of Wisconsin and several other large and small corporations. Guests staying at the hotel also have easy access to experiences and entertainment at Miller Park, Wauwatosa Village, Milwaukee County Zoo, Wisconsin Expo Center, Historic Third Ward, Fiserv Forum, and more. The property is managed by Concord Hospitality Enterprises.

Standing 12 stories tall, Renaissance Milwaukee West boasts 196 modern guest rooms and suites, featuring distinctive style with touches of whimsy. In each guestroom, visitors may enjoy high-quality pillow top beds with cotton-rich linens and fluffy pillows, convenient and modern amenities and the ability to stream movies and TV shows on 55-inch HDTV with Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, YouTube and other services. Eligible guests and Marriott Bonvoy members may also use the Club Lounge with concierge services available. Catering to a wide range of guests and needs, the hotel features several amenities including a 12th floor fitness center, lobby bar and beautifully designed event space on the top floor that provides panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

Renaissance Milwaukee West offers more than 9,864 sq. ft. of flexible meeting space for memorable events of all sizes including a 4,500 sq. ft., Revel Hall, a high-end ballroom, that can be divided into three sections and provide a wide range of set up options. Each room is equipped with modern furnishings, AV capabilities to include virtual conferencing, high-speed Wi-Fi and floor to ceiling windows with natural lighting. The hotel also provides skilled planners, a dedicated in-house events team and Navigator services to help discover the events’ full potential.

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Food & Beverage Magazine v August Issue

Beyond The Lobby

How Ghost Kitchens Hurt and Help Restaurants and Chefs, by Holly Powers-Verbeck

Today’s big question is whether it matters to owners and chefs if restaurants have no tables and chairs. Since 2014 delivery has grown 300% faster than dine in and post-pandemic awareness of this fact is at an all-time high. Eager to capture this segment of business the focus of restaurant owners and the work of chefs is shifting. The take-out boom is here and outsiders are prepared to n reshape restaurants’ historical role in our lives and global economy without regard for the enduring importance of talent relationship or anticipation of the pain of foisting a new economic deal on an old system. Enter the ghost kitchen. Restaurants rely on high foot traffic locations and suffer high start-up costs, protracted timelines to open and years of work to break even. Ghost kitchens, on the other hand, offer turnkey commissary space for lease at a mere fraction of the price and time. Forget high foot traffic; they’re positioned in a delivery

radius of a high volume of online customers. Forward thinking restaurants and entrepreneurial chefs can secure rentable kitchen stations in a shared space to prepare delivery-only brands. Just kitchen. No tables, no chairs. Known as commissary, virtual, dark or cloud kitchens, their promise lies in the marriage between food, technology, delivery apps and real estate. This four-part recipe paints a future of food manufacturing by restaurants and cooks (no FOH staff) coupled with the phenomenal $10.2 billion-peryear customer base of third-party courier platform partners like DoorDash, UberEats, GrubHub and Postmastes. But who do these kitchens really benefit? Travis Kalanick introduced ride-sharing with Uber and now he’s focused on ‘revolutionizing food through delivery’. He sees CloudKitchens as the hub of a new sector of the ‘shareable market’ and there’s a half billion dollars backing his efforts to acquire real estate across the country. The delivery-only model gives chefs and restaurants everything they need in a brick and mortar without all the hassle. Similarly, Reef Technology (formerly ParkJockey, operator of 4,500+ U.S. parking facilities) struck a $1 billion deal to transform common parking lots into community hubs utilizing proprietary mobile containers (translation: mobile kitchens). DoorDash Kitchens currently operates in Redwood City, CA. KitchenUnited, backed by Google’s venture branch, GV, and Amazon are also queued up. The cooks and restaurants are about to be shaken and stirred by players with tremendous influence.

Food & Beverage Magazine v August Issue


Here’s what we know right now. Cooking for delivery can be great. For restaurants, ghost kitchens are a great way to capture delivery demand and expand their delivery footprint without sacrificing the bottom line. They facilitate expansion into new markets without the time and cost of traditional buildout. With opportunities to develop and A/B test multiple digital brands on a built-in customer base some suggest this path can future-proof restaurants. If delivery is where you want to excel, this is where to be. Off-premise ghost kitchens are fabulous ‘onramps’. Finally, entrepreneurial chefs can enter the game with significantly less risk and hassle. Since ghost kitchens are essentially a demandgeneration tool, app-based data can identify cuisine gaps in regions chefs can fill by starting their own operations (the data can even pinpoint menu items in demand). Using the kitchen’s own fulfillment and customer base, independent chefs get the kind of help they need to step into owner-operator status. Likewise, ghost kitchens are a staging site for brick-n-mortar restaurants; before opening day they’re profitable with fully trained staff in a space that can be repurposed for overflow catering and large orders. Margins are going to software developers and venture companies while creating greater problems and complexities for an industry unprepared for its pitfalls. In a culture which prioritizes profits and convenience over the people who do the work, it’s a little sad to picture line cooks packed into windowless warehouses taking orders from phones and tablets.


Food & Beverage Magazine v August Issue

Whether ghost kitchens are a dream or nightmare, and who benefits most from them, will become evident in time. For operators who seek expansion, a lack of forethought for the staff performing the work, may increase the strained gap between restaurant owners and kitchen staff. To be clear, there’s nothing dreamy about the ghost environment for the employee-worker. Likewise, chefs lacking a clear plan of ownership may enter the game with less risk only to discover they traded their old boss, tables and chairs for their new boss, the algorithm. As technology and delivery reshape the industry the need to develop new, mutually-beneficial relationships between restaurant owners and the culinary teams who are their operation’s backbone expands. In this way, ghost kitchens hold great promise for everyone. Columnist Holly Powers-Verbeck, owner and founder of Lake Tahoe’s premiere culinary staffing company since 1997, formed in 2018 to help chefs build and restaurant owners scale their businesses with private chef staff services.

Virginia’s Premiere Specialty Food & Beverage Expo This event showcases the specialty food and beverage industry in Virginia: those who make amazing products and those who want to help sell them in a retail setting.

Greater Richmond Convention Center Wednesday, March 30, 2022 | 9am - 4pm Find out more and register at: *This event is not open to the public. You must register to exhibit or attend.

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!""#$%$&'(')*+'$,*+*-./'$$ Food & Beverage Magazine $$$v01+123$4221' August Issue


forever ocean’s sustainable seafood After many years of planning, development and innovation, Forever Oceans will soon be launching their first revolutionary, sustainably-raised seafood product: the Forever Oceans Kahala. Monica San Miguel, the Chief Marketing Officer at Forever


Food & Beverage Magazine v August Issue

Oceans, said that the Kahala, which will launch this fall, is a uniquely versatile, sashimi-grade fish. This exclusive fish species has been bred to be higher than normal in beneficial omega-3 fatty acids, and is raised without hormones or antibiotics.

Although the Forever Oceans’ Kahala is sashimi-grade, it happens to be an extremely versatile fish. Forever Oceans has partnered with dozens of top chefs to research and develop recipes and have proven that the Kahala is well suited for all manner of preparation. They’ve also assembled a culinary board which produces the Ocean Raised Seafood Blog, and the Ocean Raised Podcast.

and contamination, and this process also limits the environmental impact the fishery itself has on the environment. . According to San Miguel, the mission of Forever Oceans is, “to raise high quality fish, scale the production, and bring this sustainable protein to the world.” As time goes on, more fish will be available and more products are in development.

arise, they can be detected early and immediately corrected.This efficiency eliminates waste and reduces risk.

What sets Forever Oceans apart from traditional fisheries is their focus on sustainability, and the unique role that technology plays in what they do. The company was founded over 10 years ago, by CEO Jason Heckathorn.

The fish are fed by robots, and can be viewed by live camera feeds 24 hours a day. Custom requests can be met as well. For example, if a customer wishes to purchase a higher fat Kahala, the nutrition of the fish can be adjusted accordingly.

He developed a technology that would allow for a closely calibrated environment in which to raise fish. The technology allows for the constant remote monitoring of the environment, the health of the fish, and more, in real time. When issues

The location where the Kahala is raised is far offshore, in very deep ocean water. Further out and deeper than has been done commercially in the past. The deep ocean water allows the fish to be raised in a high quality environment, away from pollutants,

As for the flagship Kahala, the product will initially be a food service offering. Eventually, the product will be available in retail and direct to consumer markets. According to Forever Oceans, retail sales of seafood from 2020 to now are up around 27%, making it more important than ever to raise healthy, high-quality, sustainable fish.

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Cover Feature

Cultured Flavors for Sophisticated Palates

FrieslandCampina Debuts Royal Hollandia Dutch Cheeses


Food & Beverage Magazine v August Issue

Food & Beverage Magazine v August Issue



ilk is the foundation of FrieslandCampina, which has recently introduced Royal Hollandia imported Dutch cheeses to the United States. A combination of Dutch cheeses, including Mild Gouda, Aged Gouda, Maasdam, Edam, Chili Pepper, and Mediterranean Herb, are offered in different forms to meet the needs of consumers and chefs. Wheels, wedges, snacks, and slices fit every need along with the new Royal Hollandia Entry Packs cheese allowing the consumer to try cheeses in smaller sizes at smaller price points. “We at FrieslandCampina are extremely excited to bring Royal Hollandia branded cheeses to the US Market, says Debbie Seife, Marketing Director of FrieslandCampina for US and Canadian markets. “The Royal Hollandia line is based on creativity, and innovation originating in Holland and has been handed down for generations to create this truly superior and delicious line of cheeses.” The traditional mild Gouda is offered in a red wax wheel or wedge format featuring a mild taste and creamy texture. The Aged Gouda (seven months) is produced in a traditional Dutch process and is ripened for a rich, full flavor and a subtle sweet taste with a bite. Another traditional Dutch cheese, Maasdam, combines a slightly sweet and nutty flavor with a creamy texture. Maasdam forms holes (eyes) while ripening, combining the creaminess of Gouda with the nuttiness of Swiss Emmental cheese with a slightly lower water content. Edam, another traditional Dutch cheese, is known for its round shape and red wax coating with a mild and mellow flavor in a smooth and creamy texture. Along with its red wax ball, Edam is also available in a loaf form. Beechwood Smoked cheese is carefully smoked on Beechwood, giving it a smoky flavor in a very creamy base and sold in a link format, much like a sausage. Mediterranean Herb masterfully merges the flavor notes of black olives, tomatoes, basil, and garlic in a creamy texture. Chili Pepper combines creamy Dutch cheese with diced chili peppers to add a special kick. Spiced Leyden is a classic Dutch cheese spiced with cumin seeds to give the creamy cheese a pleasant, slightly spicy taste. Its Mild Goat Cheese, produced with 100 percent pure pasteurized goat’s milk, featuring a mild and creamy taste. “While Royal Hollandia cheeses are sold in a variety of formats, we discovered that when consumers went to the deli, which is where we sell our retail, they are always looking to try new cheeses for entertaining,” explains Seife. “They wanted smaller pieces at a lesser price point. The Royal Hollandia Entry Packs compliments the deli case with its new size of cheese.”


Food & Beverage Magazine v August Issue

Entry Packs are available in six varieties that are perfectly portioned in 3.5 to 4 ounces exact weight pieces. All product ships in shelf-ready packaging are easy for retailers to stock and easy for consumers to shop. These are the perfect addition to any cheese case, and all varieties in the case take up just over one foot of space. Royal Hollandia Entry Packs are available in five varieties, including Mild Gouda, Creamy Swiss, Smoke Flavored Gouda, Chili Pepper, Mediterranean Herb, with Parrano® Originale available as the sixth item in the lineup. All Entry Packs have easy-to-read descriptors with pairing suggestions and a flavor profile scale, allowing ease of purchase into the specialty cheese category or trial of a new cheese type. The Royal Hollandia brand offers retailers exceptional product standout on the shelf and at the counter. The visible brand offers strong assets that help consumers navigate the deli and drive purchases. This new product has consumer-friendly packaging, making it easy for customers to select the cheese of their choice with easy-to-read cheese types, flavor descriptors, and an import symbol. Pairing options and a flavor scale are also included on the entertainment cheese assortment of wedges and Entry Packs. “This is appealing to customers already shopping in the deli department. It is also engaging to consumers that want to try something new at the right portion size at the right price,” says Seife. While the different formats of wheels, wedges, snacks, and slices fit entertaining, it is also a very broad category, according to Seife. Social and entertaining times can just include a couple, friends getting together (even just two people), or visiting with a family member. Royal Hollandia cheeses are made with the highest quality ingredients using Dutch milk and produced in Holland. FrieslandCampina is a co-op owned by Dutch farmers who care about the products produced, including the milk from Dutch cows. “We say that our products come from grass to glass since we own the chain from milk to production to packaging,” states Seife. “This offers transparency for the consumer.” The tradition of producing Royal Hollandia premium cheese products began over 150 years ago, delivering premium cheese products. Dutch cheesemakers have a long a rich history in cheese-making using premium Dutch milk, with this process ingrained in their culture, making them expert cheesemakers. As for choices in cheese, “I believe our customers are looking for variety, the best price for value, and the right size for their needs. Consumers are looking for quality, consistency, and approachability,” she says.

Food & Beverage Magazine v August Issue


percent goat’s milk to create a unique, full-bodied taste and delicate aroma. Traditionally ripened for five months, Vermeer, an award-winning Aged Gouda cheese, has a delicate, fruity flavor and contains less fat and less salt than classic Gouda cheeses. It is available in retailers and grocery stores throughout the US (adutchmasterpiece. com).

“I love cheese, and I have worked in the industry for a very long time. Our brands are very well received from consumers, and we have conducted many tests with high results in many areas including taste and branding.” Royal Hollandia wheels, balls, bulk products, and wedges offer a wide variety of products perfect for consumer entertaining. Royal Hollandia Snacks, available in Mild Gouda, Smoke Flavored Gouda, and Chili Pepper, are the ideal premium grab-and-go snacking option as well as for lunchboxes. The pouch is made from fully recyclable paper and can be merchandised standing up or hanging from the peg hole.

Extra Aged Gouda, ripened for one year with a firm texture and a rich tangy flavor. There is Vincent, where Gouda meets Parm for a rich, sweet-tasting, fully ripened Dutch Cheese matured for six months. Frans Hals Premium Dutch goat’s cheese naturally matured up to six months is made from 100

The Gayo Azul brand (gayoazul. com) can trace its roots back to the Caribbean when Dutch cheeses were very popular. The products are used for entertaining and cooking for the Hispanic demographic and are available in the US in the southeast region, with distribution expanding into the northeast. FrieslandCampina products appeal to restaurants, foodservice, chefs’ retailers, and sophisticated cheese lovers. For more information, visit www.

Royal Hollandia premium sliced cheeses offer consumers delicious and flavorful options. They are the perfect pack size for premium slices at 4.93 to 5.64 ounces in eight packages per case and offered in a peel and resealable tray with peg holes. They are available in five varieties, including Mild Gouda, Creamy Swiss, Mediterranean Herb, Chili Pepper, and Smoke Flavored Gouda; they are shipped in a shelfready package for easy merchandising options. Other brands include A Dutch Masterpiece including Rembrandt,


Food & Beverage Magazine v August Issue

Food & Beverage Magazine v August Issue


Events In Motion

Gaze Behind the Mask Experience the celebration and excitement at PR&F Awards 2021

PR%F Awards 2021, the original buyers’ competition, is going unmasked! The deadline to submit brands for consideration for the hotly anticipated PR%F Awards 2021 is rapidly approaching with the deadline Sept. 3.

PR%F Live! Along with an in-depth interview with the brand creator about their brand, Jennifer will do a taste evaluation on air. This video will be given to the brand for their marketing and distributed to all PR%F Awards outlets and

The judges, beverage industry buyers, anticipate finding new brands to tempt their guests and consumers with high-quality spirits, wines, beers, mixers, and cocktails. This prestigious honor for winners (along with potential business) is the ultimate competition with more than 300 categories. The multiplicity of buyers matches the diversity of the PR%F Awards.

The judges are looking forward to the total exposure of products being judged in addition to the doubleblind tasting experience. As evidenced by Fox’s television shows, The Unmasked Singer and The Unmasked Dancer, the new, entertaining procedure for judging encompasses intrigue, expectations, surprises, and big reveals.

PR%F Awards 2021 is now two competitions in one— PR%F Awards-Masked, Double-Blind Tasting and PR%F Awards-Unmasked, The Total Package. PR%F Awards credits the diverse and distinctive categories of international and domestic spirits, wine, and other beverages. Every submission will automatically be entered in both competitions, with the opportunity to win TWO medals per entry.

The PR%F Awards will continue its tradition of creating a double-blind tasting competition with buyers rating submissions in all categories in a 100-point rating system. After tasting points are accumulated, the distinguished panel of judges will evaluate each brand unmasked, showing their naked contents. Judges will see and feel the bottle, can, or product, read the ingredients and see the overall marketing package (look, feel, and approach) the brands want to convey to the patron. The submission process will include a 400-word synopsis of the brand (written by the entrant), including the wholesale and retail price points submitted to all judges.

For more bang for the buck, along wtih entry into both PR%F Awards competitions, another package includes a streaming video hosted by James Beard Award winner Jennifer English will be presented on


Food & Beverage Magazine v August Issue

“We are very pleased to expand our PR%F Awards platform in 2021 to include a competition duo—blind tasting for one medal and The Total Package for an additional medal. While an exquisite taste is top of the list for buyers, the look, feel, and the personal stories, each told by the entrant, also add to a buyer’s desire to acquire a brand,” says Michele D. Tell, executive director of PR%F Awards.

whiskey, novelties, coffee liquors, frozen concoctions, boxed wines, and ciders.

PR&F Awards continues to grow and evaluate, adding new categories of trendsetting beverages. One of the biggest trendsetters, according to CBS News, is canned wine and ready-to-drink packaged beverage (RTD), including cocktails, wine, fusion, margarita, bloody Mary, and bourbon.

The rating system is Century Award (100 Points voted unanimously), Double Gold (96 to 99 points, Gold (91 to 95 points), Silver (85 to 90 points), and Bronze (79 to 85 points).

The inclusion of the Women-Owned Spirits category in PR%F Awards showcases the explosion of women-owned brands, female master distillers, blenders, mixologists, and executives as diverse and distinct as their product. “We have always thought big about this business and had some experiences of not being taken seriously—maybe because we are women, not with traditional industry backgrounds or because our brand name rhymed, or all of the above. Essentially the message was to stay in our lane. Instead of being discouraged, we used that energy to fuel the fire and make our brand a huge success. Success is way better than revenge. We have proved you can be successful, have a fun brand, and do it in a way that works for us,” explains co-founders Erica Blumenthal and Nikki Huganir of Yes Way Rosé. People around the world love their carbonated drinks, as evidenced by the category of spirited seltzers climbing in sales, according to VinePair. The category of mixers includes energy drinks, fruit, coffee (caffeine and caffeine-free), tea (caffeine and caffeine-free), tonic, ginger beer, water, and CBD-infused beverages. Mocktails also embrace the new era of spiritless with its own category. Other categories include New World whiskey, champagne, sparkling wines, Japanese

Subcategories include Kosher, organic, and gluten-free. One product can be entered in multiple categories, so for example, if it is also gluten-free, it can be entered in the gluten-free category as well.

The entrant fee is $495 per entry/SKU for submission into two competitions—PR%F Awards Masked Tasting Competition and PR%F Awards Unmasked for The Total Package Competition. All submissions must arrive at Opulent Wines & Spirits no later than Sept. 3 at 5 p.m. Pacific Time. Submissions can be mailed to Opulent Wines & Spirits, Attn: The PR%F Awards, 4691 S. Valley View Blvd., Las Vegas, Nevada, 89103. For those with distribution in Nevada, contact the distributor directly to arrange for shipment to Opulent Wine & Spirits. Without an importer to the US, international entrants contact PR&F’s exclusive importer, PARK STREET, at to arrange for import to the US. For more information about this outstanding opportunity, specifications, and pricing, email proofawardsvegas@gmail. com,, or call 1-888-959-7260. The PR&F Awards 2021 private judging competition will be held Sept. 28-29 at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino ( For more information, visit www. Are YOU ready to see what is behind the mask honoring the best while predicting the trends? The judges are ready...

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Summer of Wine

!""#$%$&'(')*+'$,*+*-./'$$ Food & Beverage Magazine $$$v01+123$4221' August Issue


In ood Taste Innovative Sin le Serve Si s

Travel the world with your taste buds as your guide with In Good Taste, an innovative experience that’s delivering small batch wines in chic single-glass decorative bottles directly to your door. Their fun and enlightening virtual tastings walk you through a flight of 8 one-of-a-kind, hard-to-find wines and are the perfect way to connect with your partner, friends, and coworkers! In Good Taste Highlights: • Explore more and commit less with 8 unique wines in each tasting flight • Discover a new region or style of winemaking you wouldn’t have considered • Each wine is handpicked and available in limited batches • Experiment on your own or join their complimentary virtual tasting • Find your favorite and then order a full size bottle • Single-glass bottles are 187ml Your palate expanding experience awaits! $65 for 8 single glass bottle tasting kits $29 & up for 4-6 packs of wine mini bottles


Food & Beverage Magazine v August Issue

The Father-Son Duo Who Invented Purifiers to Eliminate Wine Headaches Now Has a New Sustainable Solution Dr. David Meadows and son Derek continue to innovate with their latest creation, The Phoenix® Reusable Wine Purifier. purifying one bottle of wine, users simply remove and dispose of the Bio-Pod™ cartridge. Each new bottle requires a new Bio-Pod™ to purify the wine. Aside from the resin within the filter, all other components of the Bio-Pods are bio-renewable. “This was a challenging problem to solve. It required a lot of engineering focus,” said PureWine™ CoFounder David Meadows. “Our customers were asking for a reusable, sustainable option and we are excited to bring The Phoenix® to them! “Wine is meant to be enjoyed. We believe that every glass of wine should be great, without suffering through headaches and other side effects. The Phoenix® offers people this opportunity and we believe it will really revolutionize how people enjoy wine in the future.” The Phoenix® offers the same core benefits as the existing single-use PureWine™ purifiers, The Wave® and The Wand™.

There now is a sustainable way to make a good bottle of wine great, and eliminate side effects for wine drinkers. PureWine™, the highly-touted wine purification brand, just launched The Phoenix® Reusable Wine Purifier, the next step in its journey to let people savor the wine, not the wine headache. After five years and more than eight million onetime-use products sold, The Phoenix® is the brand’s first reusable offering. Customers have been asking them for a sustainable version of their product and now they’ve delivered. The Phoenix® Starter Kit, which includes a pouring device, three Bio-Pod™ cartridges, and air tube, is a cost-effective, eco-friendly wine purifier. After

It all started when David and his son, Derek, loved to indulge in a great bottle of wine. What they didn’t like was how it made them feel afterward. Both suffered from wine headaches, congestion, and skin flushing from red and white wine. “I think one of the most fundamental things that really excited us was the idea of creating a pioneering father and son venture,” said Derek. “When you have a technology that is worth bringing to market, worth getting great people involved, that was a pretty fun moment.” Like true scientists (David is a chemical engineer), they headed to the lab to look at the chemistry of wine and research what the culprit was that turned many an enjoyable time into one filled with wine allergies. They set out on a five-year journey to solve a 9,000-year-old problem – unpleasant reactions to drinking wine.

Food & Beverage Magazine v August Issue


They spent an intense period conducting experiments in their kitchen and at a local university laboratory bouncing results off of one another and “testing” more than a few bottles of wine in the process. It all came together when they found the perfect way to selectively remove the histamines (biogenic amines: histamine, putrescine, cadaverine, and tyramine) and sulfite preservatives in wine without changing the natural taste, color, or quality of this age-old beverage. When their lab testing showed that the wine purification system was working, they excitedly toasted “To Your Health!” - the motto they would use for their future company. This breakthrough led to the founding of PureWine™ Inc. in 2016.

the health-related industry too, we couldn’t have projected it initially. It aligns perfectly with the “better for you” movement within food and beverage that is exploding with many new and exciting products.” Today, as they celebrate their continued success, The Phoenix® Reusable Wine Purifier is already generating buzz for what is anticipated to be the next best-seller. What’s next? David and Derek are far from finished innovating new ways to enjoy wine and other spirits, and promise there will be even more reasons to toast in the years to come.

With the research to back up their theory, the next step proved to be a game-changer. The duo got to work manufacturing wine purifiers for both individual glasses of wine and wine bottles. That turned into The Wand™ and The Wave®. Little could they imagine at the time that they would become a household name for wine drinkers in the U.S. and across the globe. David and Derek now hold a broad range of patents based on selectively filtering out those histamines and sulfites from all types of wine and other alcoholic beverages. The brand is a top-selling barware item in leading wine/liquor outlets, including Total Wine & More, Cost Plus World Market, BevMo!, Ace Hardware, Buc-ee’s, Wegmans, The Grommet, and Costco. com. PureWine™ has received numerous accolades as a top wine gift by leading media, including Good Morning America, The Today Show, Real Simple, Star Magazine, BuzzFeed, Patch, Refinery 29, Chowhound, and Celebuzz, among others. “We truly are creating a new industry,” said David. ”To redefine, not only the wine industry but also


Food & Beverage Magazine v August Issue

S IS N E INTNE S WE S SS I TI N SENDS PETITE SI H T STIN IT T EDI Five wineries share tasting samples

Suisun Valley, California, July 2021 --- The Suisun Valley Vintners & Growers Association has launched an awareness campaign for the worldclass Petite Sirah produced in this AVA, which borders the Napa Valley. “Our soils and climate have been recognized as a world-class environment for growing Petite Sirah by wine industry experts including Chuck Wagner of Caymus Vineyards,” explains SVVGA board member Lisa Howard of Tolenas Winery. “Our goal is to increase recognition of these outstanding wines,” she explains. The group is sending media a set of five 2-ounce bottles of Petite Sirah from Caymus-Suisun, Mangles Vineyard, Tenbrink Winery, Suisun Creek Winery and Wooden Valley Winery, along with fact sheets for the wines and background information. Also included are links to brief videos where the five winemakers discuss their wines: watch?v=w44NzBTPC_w&t=1s

“We are excited to share the different styles and interpretations of Petite Sirah from our valley.” shares Steve Tenbrink, winemaker of Tenbrink Vineyards and longtime grower of Petite Sirah. “There is nothing petite about Petite Sirah,” comments Chuck Wagner, winemaker/owner of Caymus Vineyards in Napa Valley, also a vintner in Suisun Valley: he makes Petite Sirah under the Caymus-Suisun label. Also known as Durif, the grape has a deep inky color and full bodied and complex flavors with soft velvety tannins and is famously one of the major grape varieties in France’s Rhone Valley. Many of the SVVGA growers attribute Suisun Valley’s rich deep soil and climate to its stunning production of this grape. Whether vineyard growers are trying new and improved spacing or pruning techniques or choosing to dry farm or adjusting their drip irrigation schedule, they are always honing their craft when growing this bold grape. Wine does start in the vineyard as they say.

Food & Beverage Magazine v August Issue


“Once the grapes are off the vine the winemakers have the exciting opportunity to allow the fruit and wine to flourish. Since Petite Sirah from Suisun boasts such soft tannins, winemakers can allow the wine to show itself; there’s no need for them to put in an excessive amount of aging, or additions.” comments Gina Richmond, winemaker/co-owner of Mangels Vineyards. Some have coined the area as “The Petite Sirah Capital of the World”. In their campaign to boost awareness of this grape, the SVVGA wineries are also courting restaurateurs, finding that Petite Sirah is also an extremely versatile food pairing wine. “We established Suisun Valley as the 12th official California American Viticultural Area in 1982, just one year after our neighbor, Napa Valley, was designated,” says the son of the Suisun Valley AVA founder and winery owner of Wooden Valley Winery, Ron Lanza. The word/name Suisun means “west wind”. Located southeast of Napa Valley (sharing a county line), Suisun Valley lies in the foothills between the Vaca Mountains to the east and the St. George Range to the west. The Suisun Bay that connects to the San Francisco Bay sits to the south, lending a cooling coastal breeze. The soil is made up of volcanic rock, silt, sand, and clay. More than 28 varieties are planted within this eight-mile long and threemile-wide AVA. Suisun Valley has been cultivating grapes since the 1800s. The early grapevines were head pruned and considered field blends. Mangels Winery was the largest winery in the area at that time and produced most of the local wine.


Food & Beverage Magazine v August Issue

After the establishment of Suisun Valley as an AVA, Suisun Valley was subsequently inducted into the North Coast AVA in 1983. The North Coast AVA includes other AVAs such as Napa and Sonoma. This inclusion recognized Suisun Valley’s Mediterranean climate and its ability to grow and produce premium wine grapes and luxury wines. In 2003 the Suisun Valley Vintners & Growers Association was created and today there are 15 winery members. Albarino, Barbera, Cabernet Sauvignon (multiple clones), Cabernet Franc, Gamay, Chardonnay, Grenache, Mourvèdre, Muscat Canelli, Pinot Noir, Petite Sirah, Petit Verdot, Pinot Grigio, Primitivo, Riesling, Roussanne, Sangiovese (Brunello Clone), Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, Syrah, Tempranillo, Zinfandel, and Viognier, among others are all planted within the 3,000 acres of the AVA. Winery members are Back Road Vines, Black Smith Cellars, Caymus-Suisun, GV Cellars, King Andrews Vineyards, Mangels Vineyards, Plough Family, Rock Creek Vineyard, Suisun Creek Winery, Sunset Cellars, Tenbrink Family Winery, Thor Family, Tolenas Winery, Villa Capricho and Wooden Valley Winery. Suisun Valley Vintners and Growers Association represents this Rustic Wine Country and typically hosts three events annually. August 8th they will be celebrating their annual Passport Sunday Event. This event celebrates the areas diversity in varietals and welcomes visitors to taste through the valley with a one day tasting pass. Most of the wineries are open for tastings (some by reservation), and all are available for DTC via their website.

Food & Beverage Magazine v August Issue


Industry Leaders CHEF RAYMOND WELLS TS Steakhouse Chef Ray discovered his passion while cooking with his grandmother in Syracuse. He started his culinary journey working in the deli department at Wegmans. His passion for the culinary arts eventually led him to the prestigious Culinary Institute of America (CIA), which helped him land an internship at Turning Stone. After graduating from the CIA, Chef Ray returned home to Upstate New York and began working fulltime at Turning Stone as a cook. He worked his way up through the ranks, fine-tuning his craft along the way, and eventually earned a spot as Chef de Cuisine at one of Turning Stone’s most awarded restaurants, TS Steakhouse. CHEF JOSEPH KOLO


As a child, Chef Joseph could be found making his own creations in the family kitchen, mixing his very own sauces. Growing up in the small town of Bath, NY, he worked at several restaurants in the Finger Lakes region before attending the Culinary Institute of America (CIA). He spent his externship in California at Erna’s Elderberry House, a luxury, award-winning restaurant. After graduating from the CIA, Chef Joseph returned to Upstate New York as the Chef de Cuisine at Wildflowers, Turning Stone’s Forbes Four Star-rated restaurant and one of the most celebrated restaurants in New York. CHEF WEI-SEN LIANG

Peach Blossom

Growing up in Taiwan, Chef Wei-Sen learned to cook from his father, who was a head chef at a five-star hotel. With admiration for Martin Yan, a Chinese-American chef and food writer, Chef Wei-Sen first enrolled in a Chinese bakery school and then continued his education in the United States at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America (CIA). Chef Wei-Sen has been showcasing his experience with Asian cuisine at Turning Stone since Peach Blossom opened in 1998. In addition to being a skilled chef, he is also an award-winning ice sculptor. Chef Wei-Sen has attended the World Ice Art Championships in Alaska, winning first place for two years, and he now uses that skill to help design beautiful ice sculptures for banquets and weddings at Turning Stone.


Food & Beverage Magazine v August Issue


Tin Rooster

Cooking at a young age was a family affair for Chef John. His mother taught him how to create authentic southwestern cuisine at just 13 years old, which laid the foundation for his career. Chef John started out on a ranch outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he mastered his craft of smoking meat. Now the Pitmaster and Chef at Tin Rooster, he defines his cooking style as “rustic with a lot of technique.” Chef John incorporates the best of several regional styles of barbeque – Memphis, Texas and Carolina – into a flavor experience that is uniquely Tin Rooster.


Upstate Tavern

Recently celebrating his 15th anniversary with Turning Stone, Upstate Tavern’s Chef Dustin has lived in Central New York his whole life. From a young age, his interest was in baking and pastry, but as he grew to appreciate the culinary arts, this expanded to include more savory foods. Chef Dustin received his associate’s degree from MVCC and his bachelor’s degree in Culinary Management from SUNY Delhi. With more than 17 years of experience, he draws his inspiration from the ongoing changes within the culinary world, where new ideas are developed and old ideas are refined. Chef Dustin feels this is an exciting time to be a chef, especially at Upstate Tavern, which showcases popular local cuisine, craft beers and New York State wines.

Food & Beverage Magazine v August Issue



Food & Beverage Magazine v August Issue

Industry News

Quenching Thirst Musician and Entrepreneur Tony Lanez develops and donates One Umbrella water for communities in need.


ater is the essence of life. Tony Lanez, Canadian-American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and entrepreneur, announced the launch of Umbrella Water partnering with Ehtarrie Johnson-Konigsegg, on social media earlier this year. However, the water is not yet available for sale to the general public. Instead, he personally delivered cases of his Umbrella Water product in Texas and Shreveport, Louisiana, with Flint, Michigan next on his list. “We created the water and launched in Texas because of the need. There was a big drought, so for the first round, I personally handed out water,” explains Lanez. “We wanted the first experience with the water to be intimate and given directly to the people who needed the water.” Cities in Texas include Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin. Partnering with Artesia Springs Alkaline Water based in San Antonio, Lanez is impressed and grateful for how quickly and professionally the company produced Umbrella Water. The water, 16.9 fluid ounces, (500ml), is packaged in a beautiful blue-tinted bottle labeled “Umbrella Water presented by Tory Lanez” with a PH level between 9.1 to 9.5, one of the best water available. The name is part of his legacy under Lanez’s company, One Umbrella, his record label and management company founded in 2014. “When you hold an umbrella, you hold on to the handle and look up to see all of the spokes stretching out the fabric covering and protecting you. I envision each spoke as a small business or brand that will become stronger being connected to the one umbrella,” says Lanez. “Everyone under my umbrella is protected, and we keep each other strong, watching each other’s backs.”

and entrepreneur, Lanez welcomes the challenges, relishing the excitement. He is often the first to create a project or business in the United States and, with his dual citizenship, becomes the first Canadian to implement something new and different. The same is true when Lanez crafts a new development in Canada, and it becomes a first in the US.

spring water because of the known health benefits. This includes hydrating the body, aiding in detoxification of the body and providing protection against toxic effects of elements such as mercury. Umbrella Water helps to absorb minerals into the body better, neutralizes acid components in the bloodstream, aids in weight loss, and reduces bone loss.

“I am so thrilled to stand on different platforms and realize I am making bigger steps as a Black mogul and corporate businessman. I always make sure everything goes right and that it lands me in the right position. My background and experiences are a plus for me, not a negative.”

The distribution plan for the public to purchase Umbrella Water is being negotiated with a goal to offer it to the consumers later this year.

Born in Ontario, Canada, Lanez first lived in Montreal before the family moved to Miami. Rapping since he was young, Lanez’s mother was diagnosed with a rare illness and would pass away before he became a teenager. After that, the family moved frequently, and he became homeless at the age of 12 through his tween years after his mother passed away. Lanez remembers the looks he would get from people when he would ask for a change to survive. Many would view him with contempt, and others would look through him as if he didn’t exist. But that motivated him to vow to never treat anyone with disrespect and to really help others.

As for other projects, Lanez dropped Playboy which is available on all streaming platforms, including Apple Music, iTunes, Pandora, SoundCloud, and Spotify. He is also working on a reggae/dancehall album, an ‘80s-theme album, a podcast and developed a new cannabis line Black Leprechaun. “Most importantly, I want to help my community. There is a big need for change in our community, and I want to be part of that for positivity,” he states.

While Lanez is an entrepreneur and understands business, he did not launch Umbrella Water for strictly monetary profits. When his fans reached out to him about the dire circumstances in Texas, Lanez discovered many residents didn’t have water to boil to drink, cook or bathe. Many people had to endure cold living spaces with no heat.

The motto of the water is You’re Covered. “Water is life, and we all need water for nutrients, health, and taking care of our body,” adds Lanez.

“I immediately tried to figure out how I could help and reached out. I called companies about delivering water to those areas, and there was always a conflict with their schedule. That is when I decided I was going to create my own water company to donate water.”

As a Black Canadian-American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer,

He wanted to give out the best water, which is why he chose alkaline water instead of

Food & Beverage Magazine v August Issue



Food & Beverage Magazine v August Issue

Restaurant News

Heart of a City Water Street in Nevada revitalizes food scene. Today Water Street (, the hub of downtown Henderson, Nevada, eclectically blends professional sports with food, beverage, and entertainment. There are over a dozen unique restaurants and bars, along with casinos, the Lifeguard Arena, and Water Street Plaza within walking distance. The Lifeguard Arena is the official practice facility of the Henderson Silver Knights, a professional ice hockey team for the American Hockey League, bringing sports lovers to the city. Henderson was developed in 1941 for people working in Basic Magnesium Plant, which produced munitions for World War II. Water Street became its hub, offering retail and service. When the war ended in 1945, magnesium was no longer needed, and many workers moved away. But, with its proximity to Las Vegas and its small-town appeal, new residents moved it, and Water Street fluctuated between thriving and challenging times. The Water Street District was developed to revitalize and transform Water Street, along with dedicated business owners, residents, and those who love the city’s history. A flourishing mecca for foodies and sports lovers, here is an overview of places to go when exploring Southern Nevada.

Biscuits and Bourbon This is not your parents’ breakfast place. Yes, there is a fantastic breakfast menu but also lunch, dinner, and happy hour. Indulge in the wide selection of signature cocktails, bourbons, whiskeys, beers, wines, and spirits while enjoying the smoked meats, sides, and other inspired entrees, including its 10-hour smoked brisket available from noon. “It was the intimate and hip vibe and growing energy on Water Street that spoke to me. While the Knights and the Raiders were definitely part of the draw, it’s the desire to make Henderson part of the valley’s thriving food scene that landed me here. As a native of Henderson, I finally felt like it was the right time to do something big in my hometown. My excitement and enthusiasm for Water Street can’t be contained,” says Matt Coleman, culinary director.

Mojave Brewing This family-friendly brewpub features a rotating cast of cleverly named beers across the spectrum of styles. It is the only brewery in the Vegas Valley that produces its own cider as well as cask ale, a more naturally carbonated product, prime and clarify as it’s been done for hundreds of years.

According to John Griffith and Nate Carney, co-owners, “We opened on Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 2, 2020, six weeks before COVID-19 changed the world. The irony of our opening date is that it was also Groundhog’s Day, which is often how people described their lives at the height of the pandemic. We love the shared pioneering spirit of our entrepreneurial neighbors on Water Street.”

Food & Beverage Magazine v August Issue


Juan’s Flaming Fajitas & Cantina Flaming Fajitas features tender marinated meats, seafood, vegetarian dishes, and authentic desserts. With flavors created with quality, fresh ingredients, and inspired by traditional Mexican dishes, this is a great place for the entire family to come and enjoy their next meal. Enjoy its world-class margarita from the cantina while cheering on a favorite sports team.

“The small-town camaraderie amongst the business owners on Water Street has made all the difference in owning and operating our restaurant here. As for me personally, Water Street reminds me so much of my hometown, Ada, Oklahoma, where I learned how to cook delicious and authentic Mexican food from my Uncle, who owned six restaurants. That was more than I needed when deciding to open my second restaurant on Water Street,” says owner Juan Vazquez.

Hardway 8 “We wanted to elevate what most people know sports bar food to be,” explains owner Bryant Jane. “For instance, instead of just doing mozzarella sticks out of the freezer, we do a large piece of mozzarella that’s hand-breaded, fried, and sliced tableside. Our executive chef, Stephanie Prociw, runs a scratch kitchen, so everything is made in-house. We are proud to offer a rotating list of 20 Nevada draft beers in addition to craft cocktails and wine lists. Going through the pandemic made us more aware of the importance of supporting local businesses, so we are always looking to feature beer from our neighbors like Lovelady and Mojave Brewing.

“Water Street has a very small-town America feel located just a stone’s throw from the hustle and bustle of the Las Vegas Strip. Everyone supports one another down here, which is refreshing. Over the past few years, it’s been great seeing not only locals out and about but now tourists coming to explore Water Street as a destination for bars, restaurants, and entertainment options.”


Food & Beverage Magazine v August Issue

Sticks Tavern The Mother and son duo pool talent with culinary director Jordan Camacho and entrepreneur and business maven Robin Camacho landed with Sticks Tavern, a fun sports bar featuring elevated sports bar food.

“Water Street feels a little like Fremont East in downtown Las Vegas felt ten years ago,” says Jordan. A native of Reno who grew up in Elko and nearly “every small town in Nevada,” Jordan says he particularly feels at home on Water Street. The Camachos frequently welcome hockey jersey-clad patrons to Sticks, and the bar is a proud sponsor of an adult hockey team at Lifeguard named the “Drunken Knights!”

Purple Penguin “Purple Penguin is known for the ultimate cool treat—a snowy cone of ice dripping with flavorful, fanciful, and colorful syrups. The snow cone brings people back to some of their most cherished childhood memories, and we love stirring up that nostalgia in our guests. Popular flavors include Tiger’s Blood (strawberry and coconut), Fuzzy Navel (light peach flavor), and Blue Raspberry,” explains owner Gabriel Webb. “Despite the fact that we opened our new shop in early 2020 before the pandemic brought everything to a screeching halt, we survived the unprecedented year, thanks in part to the collegial spirit that exists amongst business owners here. “Our proximity to Lifeguard Arena has helped our business to flourish because skating on ice and eating ice just go handin-hand. As kids in hockey jerseys make their way here after having lunch or dinner, we are taking advantage of the growing energy in the area and look forward to the parades and special events on Water Street.”

Food & Beverage Magazine v August Issue


HOLLYWOOD HARD ROCK & CASINO, HOLLYWOOD, FL. Are you running your restaurant? Or is your restaurant running you? Learn from the best marketing & operations leaders in two full days! NCAA ATHLETE PROMOTIONS GHOST KITCHENS DIVERSITY & INCLUSION THRIVING WITH A $17 MINIMUM WAGE USING DATA TO FIND & RETAIN HIGH VALUE GUESTS



Food & Beverage Magazine v August Issue

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