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March, 2018

What’s Inside?

Huskie Pride!

The HUSKIE REPORT By Dr. Scott J. Hunt, superintendent


pring is here ... Well, almost! The end of the third grading period usually signals spring break, final exams and graduation. It seems that this year the end of the grading period has brought us more snow days than we typically get in March. This spring, we are preparing already for next year. Students are registering for classes and new kindergartners are enrolling. We are currently setting staffing for the 2018-2019 school year. We are very thankful that the community supported our levies last May and this November. That support has put us in a position where we are able to hold current staffing levels and we do not have to cut staff to prepare for next year. The next Huskie Report you get we will getting ready to open up the new school year.

School Safety and Security In light of recent tragic events nationally and threats locally, it is important to note that student and staff safety is ALWAYS one of our biggest concerns. We know that these tragic events, as reported by national media, are unsettling and we know it is our obligation to maintain a high level of safety and security for everyone. We have numerous security measures in place including locking doors, guest sign-in, cameras, and others we can’t share with the public. We practice emergency drills several times throughout the year for a reason. While they may seem mundane and useless, recent school tragedies have shown us that emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere, and it is important to be as prepared as possible. Most importantly, we encourage everyone to say something if you see

something. We can not do this alone. You are our eyes on the ground and often have a better idea of things being said outside of school than we do. No incident should ever be deemed too small to report if there is ANY concern. We have a zero tolerance policy for threats made against our schools and the well-being of those inside our buildings. Such threats will be taken seriously, reported to the authorities, investigated and disciplined appropriately. There are numerous ways to report incidents - tell a member of the staff, email, text (if you have phone numbers), phone calls, Let’s Talk (which also has an app you can put on your phone to report things, - the messages come directly to District administrators), anonymous calls can also be made to the Safer Schools Ohio hotline at: 844-SAFEROH (844-723-3764). Again, we can not stress enough that if you see something, say something.

The The Cardinal Cardinal Board Board of of Education Education

Mr. Ken Klima, Board president

Mrs. Wendy Anderson, Board vice president

Mrs. Katie Thomas, Board member

Mrs. Linda Smallwood, Board member

Mrs. Barb Rayburn, Board member

Advanced Communications: Thanks to some creativity and carefully managed settings, CHS has another way of communicating; add us on snapchat at cardinalhigh. The advanced communications class is reminding students about events at CHS while adding a little fun each week such as wacky Wednesday contests. The class has also been instrumental in the PRIDE rollout at CHS this year by creating videos for each hashtag. Check out the Determined #I Can & I Will video ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTjgp_Sphxs.

2 March 2018 - A Publication of the Cardinal Local School District ~ HUSKIE REPORT

The HUSKIE REPORT CHS Huskie Report Update

(l-r) Luke T., Camille C., Ashley G., and Robbie B.

Basketball Records

Congratulations to the CHS students of the month Lillian G., Ashley P., Abby G. and Olivia M.! Way to go everyone!Â

Students of the Month

It was a record breaking season for both the boys and girls varsity basketball teams this year! Not only did they both have fantastic regular seasons, but several players have broken and/or tied school records! Along with shattering her mom’s single-season rebound Record with 298, junior Camille C. also set the single-season block record with 65 this year. Fellow junior Ashley G. broke the school record for number of assists in a single game with 10 and then tied the school record for number of three pointers in a game with five. On the boys side, senior Luke T. makes history with a career free-throw percentage of 82 percent and junior Robbie B. has tied the school record for three pointers in a single game four times in two seasons with six. All of these athletes were recognized for their efforts at the March 14 Board of Education meeting and again at the Winter Sports Banquet on March 20. Congratulations to our outstanding athletes on career seasons!

The recognition of one student in each grade level nine-12 has resumed for semester two at CHS. Students are nominated and voted by staff and will earn a home-cooked breakfast before school, a certificate, and their picture posted on social media.

Start with Hello CHS volunteer students headed down to JES for the kick-off of Start with Hello Week by role playing a school scenario where a new student was isolated. The Sandy Hook initiative is meant to reduce isolation and encourage students to see someone, reach out and say hello. The volunteer students traveled to other Geauga elementary schools to perform and support the movement. At CHS, students watched a Sandy Hook video ( https://www.youtube. com/watch?v=A8syQeFtBKc ) during lunch, wore green, and wrote caring messages on the cafeteria bulletin board for all to enjoy.

HUSKIE REPORT ~ A Publication of the Cardinal Local School District - March 2018



NHS Prince and Princess Ball The American Cancer Society fundraiser hosted by the CHS, National Honor Society was a huge hit with our JES students. Attendees gathered autographs from visiting characters, enjoyed face painting and coloring while also dancing to Disney-themed tunes. Themed cupcakes and wand cookies along with punch and popcorn were also a hit with the attending royalty.

PRIDE The CHS PBIS team is preparing for the last hashtag (#Everybody Matters) to be rolled out next month. New signs are hanging in the building and hashtags are being tallied. The team is planning the end of year activities for students who have earned hashtags for their appropriate behaviors.

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Productive: #Get‘RDone Respectful: #GiveIt2GetIt Involved: #Teamwork=Dreamwork Determined: #ICan&IWill Empathetic: #EverybodyMatters

4 March 2018 - A Publication of the Cardinal Local School District ~ HUSKIE REPORT

Credit checks, Scheduling and CCP CHS students and their advisory teachers spent time reviewing their transcripts, courses and credits earned to date. Then, Mrs. DeRamo met with each grade level to review scheduling, the course selection guide and making recommendations about the upcoming year. Students are currently scheduling for the upcoming school year. Families were invited to attend a College Credit Plus (CCP) meeting as well as 20182019 Scheduling meeting during parent teacher conferences. CCP courses are available at CHS or students can attend on campus courses. CCP paperwork is due no later than April 1 and schedules were to be entered into Infinite Campus by March 9.


Seventh-and-eighth-grade teams.

Fifth-and-sixth-grade teams.

Seventh-and-eighth-grade teams.

Some of our middle school students have put their math skills to the test! In February, 12 fifth and sixth graders competed in the Greater Cleveland Council of Teachers of Mathematics (GCCTM) problem solving competition. Sixth-grade participants were: Emma G., Lily K., Anna L., Alli B., Ryan N., Nicco G., Jackson P., and Jamie M. Fifth graders included: Mitchell M., Carter S., RJ F., and Aiden M. Students did a great job earning two red ribbons and one blue ribbon! Then, on Saturday, March 10, 2018 Cardinal Middle School hosted the

Math Competition Teams

annual seventh-and-eighth-grade GCCTM tournament where 525 students from 40 different schools competed at six different sites in the Greater Cleveland area. At the Cardinal Middle School host site 14 teams of seventh graders and nine teams of eighth graders from three different schools including CMS participated in four rounds of math competition. CMS had four seventhgrade teams and four eighth-grade teams participate in the contest. The seventhgrade teams included Audrey A., Sabrina C., Ethan D., Ana F., Ava G., Troy H., Nathan

L., Tim M., Hennessy M., Cassie N., Jenna O., and Owen V. One seventh-grade team earned medals and three teams earned blue ribbons. The eighth-grade teams included John A., Justin B., Chloe D., Stevie H., Lorelei H., Anthony L., Milanie M., Olivia O., Mia P., Brenden S., Colby T., and Edward Y. Two eighthgrade teams earned blue ribbons and two teams earned red ribbons. Congratulations everyone!


HUSKIE REPORT ~ A Publication of the Cardinal Local School District - March 2018


The HUSKIE REPORT Future City A group of 20 Middle School students participated in the Future City Project during the second grading period in Mr. Spence’s class. These students were challenged to create a futuristic city that would address key issues, including making an age-friendly city. The Cardinal Future City team completed research, wrote an essay paper, created a virtual city, built a model, and developed a presentation summarizing the city features. The presentation team (eighth-graders: Lauren S., Justine B., and Chloe D.) went down to Columbus on Jan. 20 to compete in the Future City state competition. Sixth-grader Jackson P. joined the girls as he had a key role in the model. The presentation and model received very high scores. Cardinal scored high enough to present before the top five session of VIP judges and hundreds of spectators. The team finished in fifth place, which is the highest finish of any Cardinal team since we first began participating in 2014. Along with placing in the top five, Cardinal also received a special award for Most Environmental City.

Spelling Bee CMS hosted the District Spelling Bee for students grades three eight on Jan. 19. Middle School students who participated included: (Fifth-Grade)

Madelyn E., Ana M., Carter T., Carter S., Troy C.


Jamie M., Ryan N., Carlie W., Emilea M., Angelina J.

(Seventh-Grade) Gavin B., Hennessy M., Andrew T., Brooke T. (Eighth-Grade)

Conner C., Justine B., Grace P., Matthew M.,

Sarah S., Chloe S.

Congratulations to Justine B. for her runner-up finish and Madelyn E. for her third place finish! (left) Fifth-grader Madelyn E. shakes the hand of Superintendent Dr. Scott J. Hunt after coming in third place in the 2018 District Spelling Bee. Center is eighth-grader Justine B who finished second. The Spelling Bee winner was third-grader Emily P.

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6 March 2018 - A Publication of the Cardinal Local School District ~ HUSKIE REPORT

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The HUSKIE REPORT CMS First Semester Recognition CMS Paw PRIDE winners First Semester 2017-2018

P = Productive R = Respectful I = Involved D = Determined E = Empathetic

Grade Five

Troy C., Cal C., Izabella C., Morgan C., Starr D., Kayleigh D., Madison G., Kaylynn G., Katelyn H., Matthew H., David H., Gabe J., Aubreigh K., Jack L., Rylie L., Briana L., Hunter L., Matthew L., Ruth L., Christopher L., Lawrence M., Ayden M., Nicholi M., Mary M., Ana M., Sydney P., Brenna S., Carter S., Grace S., Charles S., Maxwell S., Lance S., De’Jon S., John T., Olivia T., Carter T. and Damion W.

Grade Six

Austin A., Clayton C., Jamie C., Christian C., Alissa D., Alydia D., Cheyann F., Aidan G., Emily G., Damian G., Gabriel H., Angelina J., Amanda K., Emma K., Joseph K., Anna L., Megan L., Neil L., Alyssa L., Jamie M., Caleb M., Alexander M., Emilea M., Kylie M., Liliana M., Ryan N., Samuel O., Jackson P., Ryan R., Juliane R., Lindsey R., Kyle S., Wesley S., Jazlyn S., Rylee W., SuAnne Y. and Zoey Y.

Spring Testing at CMS

It’s that time of year again ... CMS students are preparing to take state tests in April and May.

Test Taking Tips: For the Body

For the Test

• Get a good night’s sleep. • Get up a little bit earlier to avoid rushing the morning of testing. • Pick out your clothes the night before to avoid wasting time. • Wear comfortable clothes/something that makes you feel confident. • If you wear glasses, clean them and don’t forget them. • Eat a good breakfast, but do not overeat.

• Actively listen to directions when given and carefully read directions on the test. • If you don’t understand something, ask questions before the test begins. • Eliminate answers you know don’t make sense, then check remaining responses for key words. • Narrow your choices down to two answers, but if you still cannot decide, make an educated guess. • When you finish, check flagged questions for completion before submitting your test.

For the Mind • Realize that no one gets every answer correct on the AIR test. • Make a commitment to do YOUR best. • Think positively about the test. • A positive attitude counts double. • Recognize and accept anxious feelings. • Use positive self-talk to get through those normal feelings. • Do not get discouraged because of difficult test items.

Grade Seven

Gavin B., Noreen B., Morgan B., Sabrina C., Kelsi C., Ronee C., Chance C., Aiden C., Michael D., Anessa F., Paul G., Makya G., Ava G., Troy H., Madison H., Hailey H., Trevor H., Hailey K., Timothy M., Sheryl M., Paxton M., Edward N., Katlyn P., Cameron P., Aaron P., Isabella P., Logan R., Jacob R., Miranda R., Jeremy R., Kyle S., Evan S., Alyssa S., Colleen S., Joshua S., Dylan S., Brooke T., Owen V. and Michael W.

Grade Eight

Timithy A., April A., Brett B., Olivia B., Justine B., Meghan B., Kathryn Ann B., Emily D., Dominick D., Tyler D., Haley D., Chloe D., Trace F., Autumn G., Lindsay H., Lorelei H., Benjamin K., Renee K., Madison L., Michael M., John Mark M., Mary Beth M., Mattison M., Natalie M., Annie N., Paige P., Jeremy R., Chase S., Sarah S., Anthony S., Michael S., Austin S., Payden S., Colby T., Grace W. and Tyler Z.

Important Dates April 10 & 12 Grade 5 & State Testing ELA April 17 & 19 Grade 7 & State Testing ELA April 23-27 ELA Make-ups April 23 & 24 Grade 5 & State Testing Math April 26 & 27 Grade 7 & State Testing Math May 1 & 3 Grade 5 & State Testing Science May 7-11 Math & Science Make-ups

6 8

6 8 8

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HUSKIE REPORT ~ A Publication of the Cardinal Local School District - March 2018



(left,) Third-grader Emily P. smiles in shock after spelling the word “facilitate” to win the 2018 Cardinal Local School District Spelling Bee. Emily beat out 31 third-eighth graders to become the first third grader to ever win the Bee. (right)Superintendent Dr. Scott J. Hunt congratulates the final three contestants in the 2018 District Spelling Bee. (l-r) Winner Emily P. (third-grade), runner-up Justine B. (eighth-grade), and third-place winner Madelyn E. (fifth-grade).

District Spelling Bee 2018 History was made in the Cardinal Local School District on Jan. 19, when third-grader, Emily P. won the District Spelling Bee! Emily beat out 31 other contestants in grades three-eight to take home the crown. She won the Bee in the 11th round after correctly spelling the words ‘conundrum’ and ‘facilitate’. Emily’s fellow classmates and even some Middle School students gave her a standing ovation after her victory; there were also a few happy tears and a lot of hugs for her. Emily represented the District at the Geauga County Spelling Bee on Feb. 15 and made us all proud as she competed against fifth through seventh graders from other county schools. Other Jordak students who participated in the District Spelling Bee include third-graders: Alaina H., Olivia C., Olivia K., Capri B.,  Haylee T., and fourth-graders: Riley H., Justin N., Elisabeth M., Sam G., Bethany C., and Grayson Y.

Great job to everyone who participated!

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8 March 2018 - A Publication of the Cardinal Local School District ~ HUSKIE REPORT

First-grade student Olivia K. tells Kindergartener Corwin B. about her parrot. First-grade students had to research an animal of their choosing and then do a presentation on it to their fellow students.

First-Grade Animal Adventures Animal adventures in first grade at Jordak last week! Mrs. Horvath’s students capped off their animal research project by setting up displays and inviting their fellow students to come in and learn more about different animals. Mrs. Horvath’s students had to research an animal of their choosing and then create some kind of display (which could have been a poster, pictures, a habitat or in some cases a combination of those things) and then give a presentation on the animal they studied. Students researched everything from dogs and rabbits to turtles and spiders! There was a lot of great information shared and new and exciting things learned by other students about animals! We were all very proud at the hard work they did and with their presentation skills.

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Liam C., Dillan C., and Gracyn K. jump rope as they help kick off the February Jump Rope for Heart Campaign. Students collected more than $2,000 in donations throughout February which will benefit the American Heart Association.

Jordak third-graders Olivia C., Alayna H., and Charaiya T. navigate constellations with the help of volunteer and Cardinal retiree, Gail Duchscherer (above) The interactive display was part of the COSI on Wheels hands-on science center that visited school Feb. 1 and 2.

COSI ~ Columbus’ Dynamic Hands-On Science Center! On Feb. 1-2, COSI came to Jordak!! The pups at Jordak always have a great time when this fabulous program visits. This year students in K-4 are learning about “Astounding Astronomy”! COSI on Wheels presented a 45-minute assembly for students that took them on a journey to the sun and other planets in the Solar System. Students learned about various planetary environments, ways we’re exploring other planets, and then got to participate in several interactive stations afterwards to reiterate the topics they just learned about. Students stood on scales to see how much they would weigh on different planets, they used microscopes and magnifying glasses to explore minerals, walked circles around the sun to demonstrate planetary rotations, mapped constellations, assisted fellow classmates in steering rovers on Mars, and several other things! Our students have a blast every year and we’re always so grateful to the Cardinal PTA for bringing this educational program to us and to the volunteers who help students learn at the interactive stations!

Jump Rope For Heart Fundraiser Our Jordak Elementary School students once again jumped at the chance to help the American Cancer Society. On Jan. 31, students attended a special assembly to kick off the Jump Rope for Heart campaign. Students learned about the importance of good heart health and how they can help others by raising money for this campaign. The event has become an annual tradition in February as pups see how much good they can do for others while supporting heart health awareness! A special “shout out” to Mr. Kithcart - who, along with several student volunteers, offered to jump rope to help kick off the campaign! This year, our students had opportunities to earn the new Scare Squad Monsters at various monetary increments. There were seven monsters in all, and each has an important heart health message. Thank you for helping us raise more than $2,000 to help save lives once again this year!

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HUSKIE REPORT ~ A Publication of the Cardinal Local School District - March 2018




Kindergarten teachers, Courtney Dyer, Rosa Dasco, and Ashley Derecskey dress like they’re 100 years old to celebrate the 100th day of school.

Kindergarten students celebrate the 100th day of school Feb. 14 by dressing like 100 year olds! Students always enjoy this special day.

Kindergarten student, Gabrielle R. dresses the part to celebrate the 100th day of Kindergarten on Feb. 14.

Celebrating 100 Days of School! Kindergarten and first-grade students and teachers dressed up as 100 year olds on the 100th day of school Feb. 14. While dressing the part, students worked on math centered around the number 100 and also created structures in teams with 100 cups.  Additionally, songs about the wonderful number “100” could be heard throughout the halls! Kindergarteners, Cameron F., Aliya L., and Summer B. work together to stack as many cups as they can in 100 seconds. The activity was one of many students participated in to celebrate their 100th day of school Feb. 14.


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10 March 2018 - A Publication of the Cardinal Local School District ~ HUSKIE REPORT

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The HUSKIE REPORT Upcoming dates:

Fourth-grade student Leah G. was so surprised to have her opinion on Presidential Powers featured on the WVIZ/PBS ideastream program Newsdepth. In her opinion, the presidential pardon is the most important.

Chase D. and Brody S. have their opinion on creating a law featured on the WVIZ/PBS Ideastream program Newsdepth. The boys said they’d create a law banning loud cars at night so everyone could sleep better!

NewsDepth Authors from Jordak! We are excited to share that three more of our Huskie Pups have had their opinions featured on the WVIZ/PBS ideastream program Newsdepth - that makes six total opinions featured from our students this year! NewsDepth is an awardwinning instructional program via PBS which uses the news to connect Ohio third through eighth graders to Ohio’s standards.   NewsDepth invites students to respond to authentic non-fiction resources, providing opportunities for writing and deeper exploration. Fourth-graders Brody and Chase wrote about what law they would create if they





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could and their thoughts on banning loud cars at night was a hit! They said, “this law is important because nobody there will get woken up. This will make life more restful for everyone!” The boys said they were so excited to see their opinion featured when they watched the program in class! Way to go Chase and Brody! The additional student to have their opinion featured is Leah G. Leah wrote about which Presidential power she thought was the most important. Of veto, pardon, and executive order, Leah said she thought pardon was the most important because, “a president is the only one who can get a criminal out of jail. First, the president has to think about what the criminal has done and decide if jail is the best place for the involved person. I think the president’s most important power is the pardon because he or she must make a decision about somebody’s life.” When we asked Leah what went through her mind when she saw her opinion featured on the program she said she was so surprised because she never thought she’d have her opinion featured! Keep up the great work everyone! To watch any of the episodes, go to http:// video.ideastream.org/show/newsdepth/

March 26-30: Spring Break April 2: No School April 7: Athletic Boosters Reverse Raffle, 5:30 p.m. at Mespo Expo April 10: Third-grade Spring Concert, 6:30 p.m. at CMS April 10: Fourth-grade Spring Concert, 7:30 p.m. at CMS April 11: JES Academic Rallies April 11: Early Release Day April 11: BOE Meeting, 6 p.m. April 13: Kiwanis Fish Fry, 4:30-7 p.m. at CMS April 18: Early Release Day April 18: CMS PTO Meeting, 6:30 p.m. April 23: Music Booster Meeting, 7:00 p.m. at CHS April 25: Early Release Day April 27: Kiwanis Fish Fry, 4:30-7 p.m. at CMS May 2: Early Release Day May 3-4: JES Grandparents Day/Book Fair/ Plant Sale May 4: CMS Family Night (Incoming fifth- graders), 6 p.m. May 4: CMS Talent Show, 7 p.m. May 5: Prom May 7 - 11: Teacher Appreciation Week May 7: Athletic Booster Meeting, 6 p.m. May 7: CHS Spring Concert, 7 p.m. May 8: CMS Band Concert, 7 p.m. May 9: Early Release Day May 9: BOE Meeting, 6 p.m. May 10: Kindergarten Concert, 6:30 p.m. at CMS May 11: Cardinaires Dinner Show, 7 p.m. at CMS May 14: CMS Choir Concert, 7 p.m. May 16: Early Release Day May 16-17: Eighth-grade Gettysburg Trip May 17: Senior Clap Out / Dinner / Awards May 18: Kiwanis Fish Fry, 4:30-7 p.m. at CMS May 19: Graduation, 10 a.m. May 22: Spring Sports Banquet, 6 p.m. May 23: BOE Meeting, 6 p.m. May 24: 3rd Grade Academic rally May 25: Early Release Day / Last Day of School / Fourth-Grade Graduation

HUSKIE REPORT ~ A Publication of the Cardinal Local School District - March 2018 11

Profile for Scott Jones

Huskie Report March 2018  

Cardinal School District, Middlefield Ohio March, 2018

Huskie Report March 2018  

Cardinal School District, Middlefield Ohio March, 2018