How To Choose E-Liquid For Your Vaping Device

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E-liquid is better known as vape juice or vape liquid and it is the fluid you use in your electronic cigarette or vape kit to create a flavoured vapour. They are made from three main ingredients, this includes flavourings, vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol. Most of them include nicotine, which is popular for those that are using vaping as an alternative to traditional cigarettes. You also get e-liquid with no nicotine, ideal when you are trying to quit nicotine altogether.

There isn't only one type of e-liquid on the market, though they do all fall into a few categories. If you are new to vaping, then you will want to know the different e-liquids, enabling you to make an informed decision on which one to use in your vaping device.

All e-liquids contain a ratio of two ingredients; vegetable glycerine (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). VG is thick, where PC is slighting thinner. Different ratios affect the viscosity of the liquid and work with different devices. They also have an effect on the throat hit and vapour that they produce.

E-liquids with VP tend to produce large vapour clouds and don't have a throat hit. Those with PG provide a hit at the back of the throat that many prefer when they are changing over from traditional cigarette smoking. Those with higher PG tend to produce a subtle amount of vapour.

E-liquid bottles should all indicate what PG and VG ratio they have and which ingredients they contain. You can use this information to identify what type of vaping experience you want and what device you need to go with the ratio you select.

E-liquids with more than fifty percent VG are best suited for kits with coils that have less than 1 ohm resistance. These coils are provided for sub ohm or DTL vaping. Those with more than fifty percent PG are best for kits that have a coil of more than 1 ohm resistance, provided with classic e-cigarettes or MTL vaping. Vape juice with a 50/50 liquid is suitable for most tanks, coils and kits. Kits with a coil resistance below 0.4 ohm may not benefit from this liquid and you may want to consider one with a higher VG percentage.

The easiest way to find out what e-liquid is best suited for your particular device is to identify the ohm rating on the coil. Replaceable coils will always display their ohm rating. The rating should be on the metal casing and this will be useful in choosing a higher PG or a higher VG vape juice. The safest bet is to choose a 50/50 vape juice if you are unsure as this will work in the majority of devices.

The next important decision is what nicotine strength you need. E-liquids offer nicotine from 18mg down to 3mg and this is determined by the number of traditional cigarettes you smoke each day. If you smoke up to twenty cigarettes daily, then a 12mg vape juice should work. If you have more than twenty cigarettes daily, you will want to consider 18mg and if you only smoke or one or two daily, you can choose a 3mg nicotine vape juice.

Most people choose a 50/50 e-liquid as they provide the best of both with an excellent balance of PG and VG. This e-liquid can be used in the majority of vape kits and pod vapes and provide a balance of vapour production and flavour.

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How To Choose E-Liquid For Your Vaping Device
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