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Gift Book Gifts with a purpose

Gifts with a Purpose Every year I’m faced with giving gifts to family and friends who already have what they need and what they want. So I have to ask, what’s the purpose in giving the gift? Usually I rationalize it by telling myself that it’s the thought that counts and that I want my friends and relatives to know that they are loved


Consider giving a gift with a purpose-one that can change lives! Your tax deductible gift to Focus on Persecution in the name of one of your friends or family members will make a real difference to a brother or sister in Christ. In addition, we’ll send a handwritten card to your special someone--acknowledging the gift that was made in their name. Best of all, you will have given a gift with a real purpose!

Brad Winkler Founder, Focus on Persecution


Gifts for Everyone Focus provides Bibles, Christian books and other media resources to encourage and equip the church in countries where persecution occurs. Your gift can literally change lives!

A Gospel Tape Players These hand powered tape players are given to pastors, evangelists and lay leaders to bring lessons into extremely remote areas (think no electricity). $40

Bibles The Word of God provided in each villages’ indigenous language. $8 B

Bible Training Lessons Used in our mobile Bible Schools, these lessons provide two years of intensive study to pastors in persecuted areas. $10


Motor Bikes for Evangelists and Trainers You can provide the way for the Gospel to move forward. One motor bike - $1,500. A share of a motor bike - $150.



(Left) This trainer heads out to teach for several days at a Mobile Bible School. (Above) A young man listens to a Bible lesson with a hand powered cassette player.

Gifts for Families Focus ministers directly to the individuals and families that have endured persecution providing comfort, encouragement and sustenance to continue. Their needs are as varied as their circumstance. Your gift could make a real difference. Provide Food for a Month When families are forced to flee an area, they rarely have food. You could provide the food to minister directly to a persecuted Christian family. $40

Medical Attention As you might imagine, families who flee persecution generally are in need of medicine and/or a doctor’s visit. $10 G


Family Support The families of pastors who are imprisoned rarely have enough support. Not only is their main support removed, but they are generally expected to provide food and clothing to the jail! You can provide loving support for one month for a family whose family member is in jail. $50 H

Provide Clothing Some families who have been forced from their homes because of their faith have almost no clothing, other than what they have on their backs. You could minister to them by providing new clothing. $40 F


Purchase Land for Relocating Families Many governments have confiscated the land of Christians. In most agrarian areas, this not only denies the family a house, but also their farm and livelihood. Your gift could restore their ability to provide a living and would demonstrate the active love of Christ - $5,000. One share of the land $100.


Micro Business Startup Persecuted Christians who need to be relocated within a city, require some form of income. You could help provide the startup funds for a small or “Micro� business that would allow the family to be a productive member of society. A share of a micro business $25. J

K Legal Fees In many counties, Christians are beset with legal trials simply because of their faith. You can help provide valuable legal council that may make the difference. $1,000


Gifts for Students Focus provides practical Christian educational opportunities for those who have endured persecution and wish to enter the ministry in their country. The gifts on these pages directly help persecuted Christians gain a better Biblical education.

L Sponsor a Student You can help provide a loving Christian education and a practical life skill to young people from persecuted villages. One Student for one month - $45.

M Print Bible Lessons These lesson books are used by pastors and church leaders in a two year intensive study program. One Bible Lesson - $10. N Mobile Bible School Every month, many mobile Bible schools are held in persecuted areas. Pastors and leaders are able to pursue a two year Bible training session. One school session - $300.

Sponsor Trainer Travel You can help the trainers of the mobile Bible Schools travel to their various locations. $100 per month per trainer. O

P University Scholarships The mobile Bibles Schools need more trainers! To keep


Teaching pastors and leaders the Word of God with practical evangelism tools, this trainer in Myanmar enjoys his purpose in life.


A Bible school student also learns a practical trade so that he can become a productive member of his village.

up with the demand you can sponsor a year of university education for a future trainer. Several young people have committed to increasing their education so they will qualify as trainers in the future. One year of college tuition, room and board $2,500. One month of college expenses $209.


Both of these young men have committed to being trainers. You can help send them to college for additional training. Your investment in them will continue on for years as they teach thousands of students.

Q “Underground� College Dorm Two different Christian colleges in persecuted nations have had problems housing all their students. Both colleges are holding classes secretly. These dormitories will be constructed to resemble apartment dwellings, so they don’t attract attention from authorities. Each dorm will cost $3,500. You could provide housing for one Christian student for $60.

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Purpose To give a gift with a purpose, please complete this form, cut it from the catalog and mail it using the enclosed business reply envelope.


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THE PROBLEM Annually over 250,000 Christians are brutally killed for their faith in Jesus Christ. Millions more are actively persecuted by governments, neighbors, and family members.

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All donations are tax deductible. All gift designations will be honored 100% unless that project is fully funded, in which case the funds will be used for a similar project.

WHO WE ARE Focus on Persecution is dedicated to ministering to persecuted Christians around the world. We also believe their testimonies must be shared to glorify Godʼs faithfulness. WHY WE SERVE Motivated by our faith in Jesus Christ and scriptures like Hebrews 13:3, we believe Christians are to encourage, equip, and embolden our brothers and sisters who are persecuted for their faith. HOW WE SERVE Focus provides Christian educational opportunities, Bibles, Christian literature, and other forms of media to help strengthen and encourage the church on the “front-line” of the gospel. YOU CAN MINISTER Partnering with Focus on Persecution provides tangible ways to honor God and minister to those Christians who are undergoing persecution for their faith. You can minister to these faithful. The Focus on Persecution newsletter is published monthly. You may subscribe by emailing to or by mailing a request to: Focus on Persecution PO Box 1042 Bartlesville, OK 74005 All donations to Focus are tax deductible. Please address donations to Focus On Persecution, PO BOX 1042, Bartlesville, OK 74005. For secure online donations please visit We promptly receipt any donation above $5.

Gift Book--Gifts With A Purpose  

Do you ever have someone that's impossible to get a gift for? The Focus on Persecution Gift Book may be your answer. Inside are ways to gi...

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