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Russell Barnett

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BODY SHOP Insurance Recommended & Approved 931-967-9000

Cheapest Prices On Tires

Russell Barnett – Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge 2756 Decherd Blvd, Winchester, Tennessee 931-967-9000 2

24-Hour Wrecker Service

Russell Barnett – Chevrolet GMC 1981 Cowan Hwy, Winchester, Tennessee 931-967-4513

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Automotive Family

essee Winchester, Tenn

Tullahoma, Tennes


Four Locations

Quick Lube and Oil Open 6 Days A Week! with Saturday Service at Chrysler

Transmission Specialists Certified Diesel Technicians

Russell Barnett – Ford 4055 Tullahoma Hwy, Winchester, Tennessee 931-967-2277

Available in Winchester at Chrysler & Tullahoma at Kia

Russell Barnett – Kia 915 South Anderson St., Tullahoma, Tennessee 931-455-6066

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Our They pay people to do this? This was my thought as I tucked a notebook in the nook of my arm and headed out to sell newspaper advertising in Winchester. Many years later I realize it was good I felt that way because the pay would be too low to be the incentive. It would be all about the rush of excitement I get when I see my ideas come to life on the printed page. The first time I met Elaine Hillis Nelson we were attending a Tennessee Press Association meeting. She supplied one of my life’s “Ahha” moments. Tossing her mane of shiny red hair, she simplified the hour long sales train-

The question became, “How can we offer them a new way to showcase their business?” Focus magazine is the answer. Our area abounds with an eclectic mix of products and services provided by professional, caring people who share their neighbors pride in family and community. Turn the pages of Focus and discover the dedication of local business owners who have served this market for many, many years. See the fresh new faces who are building their dreams in beautiful Southern Middle Tennessee.

How can we offer Southern Middle Tennessee businesses a new way to showcase their business? FOCUS is the answer. ing session by declaring, “It’s all in knowing how to dance.” When our paths crossed over 20 years later, I was impressed by her publishing experiences, especially her role of publisher at a New York Times owned paper. I was managing the Coffee County Shopper and introduced her to the Free Paper Industry. Through our involvement in the Southern Advertisers Papers Association, the regional group, and American Free Community Papers, the national group, we traveled the US and Canada sharing ideas and gleaning wisdom from our peers. During the last year, we realized we wanted to utilize our experience in print and strengthen the relationships we’ve forged with Southern Middle Tennessee businesses.

When you visit their business or use their services, tell them you enjoyed getting to know them as they shared their story in Focus magazine. Elaine and I are called the “Tennessee Twins” by our friends in the national Free Paper Association, not because we look alike, because of our pride in the state we call home. We have reached retirement age, but can not resist feeling the ink in our blood flow with the ageless excitement of seeing our ideas come to life on the printed page. We welcome you to share our excitement as you explore the pages of Focus and gain a new appreciation of the Southern Middle Tennessee business community.

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Page 12 -Kathy Bennett Photography Page 12 -Coldwell Bankers Lynch/ Rigsby Realty and Auction Page 13 -Downtown Winchester Merchants Page 14 -Hammer’s Page 15 -Southern Manor Page 16 -Moore-Cortner Funeral Home Page 17 -Bennetts Pharmacy Page 17 -Discount Floor Page 17 -Spencer’s Flowers

Page 17 -Pirates Cove, GiGi’s Beads Page 18 -Shenanigans, Sweet CeCe’s Page 18 -Cash Loans of Middle Tennessee Page 19 -Air Evac Page 19 -Manchester Pain Clinic Page 21 -Youthful You Page 22 & 24 -John Roberts Toyota John Roberts Nissan Page 23 -Citizen’s Community Bank

Published twice a year by IDS Unlimited, January - July and July - January. Graphics by For information on advertising, call Brenda at 931-273-0834 or Elaine at 931-588-1156

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Looking for Assistance... LifeAid Medical can help. LifeAid Medical Equipment is your local source for quality home medical equipment, supplies and service. We provide free, direct home delivery, set-up and assembly assistance to meet the needs of our customers regardless of age.

A Few Reasons to Contact Us: LifeAid Medical Equipment is accredited by the Healthcare Quality Association on accreditation. We offer trouble free ordering with certified technicians. We have a Respiratory Therapist on staff, offering professional knowledge and peace of mind. Come and visit our large showroom with many items in stock, our certified Orthopedic Fitter will help you choose comfortable shoes that fit just right. Customer satisfaction is our goal and our guarantee!

24 Hour Emergency Service Only one medical alert pendant can call for help even when you can’t. Fast Access to Help 24 Hours a day 365 days a year

Your One Stop – Custom Cabinets With over 30 years experience Michael Sherrill makes your dream kitchen come alive! • Refacing • Mantles • Entertainment Centers • Kitchen Islands • Granite, Formica, Quartz

Full Service From Inspiration to Installation 931.393.3111 306 E. Carroll Tullahoma, TN

Ease of Use -With just a push of a button you can stand or recline Style -Pride Lift Chairs not only fit any décor, they add to it. Reliability -Engineered for high quality and long lasting durability.

Take Care of Your Feet Our shoes, slippers, socks and inserts are designed to keep your feet healthy

M - F 8am - 5pm – 1241 S. Jackson St., Tullahoma 800-279-034 1– 931-455-0111 –

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A recession is not only tough on the pocketbook – it can also be bad for your health. More and more Americans are lying awake at night worrying about the economy and their personal finances, according to the National Sleep Foundation’s annual poll about the nation’s sleep habits.

Getting Enough Sleep For good health, quality and quantity of slumber matters It’s estimated that one-third of Americans are losing sleep over the current state of affairs in the country, according to the most recent poll results released in March 2009. The average adult gets just six hours and 40 minutes of sleep per night, according to the study. An increasing number of Americans (20 percent) report that they get less than six hours of sleep per night. Nearly one-third (27 percent) attribute their lack of good sleep to distress over their personal finances, the economy or employment. And the poll found a significant rise in the number of people – 64 percent – who experience a sleep problem at least a few nights a week. The Institute of Medicine estimates that 50 to 70 million Americans chronically suffer from sleep disorders and sleep problems. The number of Americans with sleep problems has increased from 13 to 20 percent in just eight years – and this daily fatigue impacts life in many ways, from our physical functioning to our mental alertness and ultimately, our long-term health. How important is sufficient sleep? Important enough that the U.S. Army recently revised its recommendations for the amount of nightly sleep for infantrymen, from four hours per night during deployment to a minimum of seven to eight hours, to sustain “operational readiness.” The National Sleep Foundation confirms that while needs vary, most adults require between seven and nine hours of sleep. Teens and children need even more – from nine to 14 hours each night. This data confirms what common sense has long told us: the more wellrested we are, the better equipped we are to deal with the challenges that come our way each day, whether the issue at hand is national security or negotiating the hook-up line at school carpool. Sleep is a time for the body to restore and regulate various internal functions that keep us healthy. This includes muscle and tissue repair, the removal of toxins from the body, hormone production and maintenance of the body’s circadian rhythms. Lack of sleep can cause stress, make us more prone to illness and depression, decrease our energy level, and affect our memory. The longterm effects of insufficient sleep are more than just chronic drowsiness or difficulty in focusing on and performing daily tasks. Sleep deprivation has been linked to an increased risk of hypertension, diabetes, obesity, depression, heart attack and stroke. Poor sleep has many causes, from lifestyle to medical conditions. A proper diet, regular exercise, and an established sleep routine are simple ways to promote good sleep. Sleep apnea is a common disorder that affects the quality of our sleep. A person who has sleep apnea stops breathing for 10 seconds or more during sleep – and these episodes can occur as many as 50 times an hour. The two types of sleep apnea include obstructive sleep apnea and central sleep apnea. Obstructive sleep apnea is more common and involves the blocking or narrowing or airways in the nose, mouth or throat – generally due to the relaxation of the throat muscles and tongue during sleep. Central sleep apnea is caused by a malfunction of the central nervous system, and generally seen in people who have 6

suffered a stroke, heart failure or other forms of heart and lung disease. Symptoms of sleep apnea include loud snoring, feeling sleepy during the day, tossing and turning during the night, insomnia, and awakening with headaches. Sleep apnea can be diagnosed through a simple test ordered by your doctor and is treatable in many ways, from modifications in your diet to the use of a breathing device at night. The Center for Sleep Medicine at Heritage Medical Center provides a comprehensive approach to the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders. The center offers a home-like atmosphere designed to help patients feel as comfortable as possible during their sleep evaluation. Our experienced, registered sleep technicians utilize computerized equipment to perform detailed sleep evaluations and generate comprehensive diagnostic reports.

Getting Enough? The body’s sleep requirements change as we age. The National Sleep Foundation recommends the following guidelines for selected age groups:

Infants 2 months 2-12 months Toddlers/Children 12-18 months 18 months – 3 years 3-5 years 5-12 years Adolescents Adults

10.5 – 18 hours* 14-15 hours*

13-15 hours* 2-14 hours* 11-13 hours* 9-11 hours 8.5-9.5 hours 7-9 hours

* including naps Other mild sleeping disorders can be treated through behavioral therapy, medication or alternative therapy. This might include relaxation or breathing exercises, prescription medications, a new exercise routine or meditation. Be aware that medications for a sleeping disorder are generally prescribed by your doctor and are intended for short-term use. For more information on getting a good night’s rest, contact your physician to see if a sleep evaluation is right for you.

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7KH6LOYHU0LQH jewelry & gifts

7DPHOD+DPSWRQ One-Of-A-Kind Pieces 311 N. JACKSON ST., TULLAHOMA, TN 37388 t.0/5)364"5


Gift Certificates Available

Improving Quality of Life with Caring Touch

Tullahoma On-Site Bodywork & Massage Owner, Susie Alexander-Newman, LMT

We Have Moved!

311 N. Jackson St. Suite 7, Tullahoma ~ 931-393-2445

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Meaningful Tributes Begin at Grant Funeral Services Planning a meaningful, final tribute, can be a stressful task. Pam and Glen want to make this difficult time easier for you. “We opened Grant Funeral Services to offer an affordable Pam and Glen Grant way to honor your loved one,” explains Pam. Their caring, no pressure attitude is a comforting approach.

Estill Monument Company A Lasting Memorial For the Life of Your Loved One 600 S. Main Street Estill Springs 931-649-5949

Because You Treasure Their Memory

A monument from Estill Monument offers a lasting memorial and those special pets can also be remembered, at Rainbow Bridge.



bow Bridg n i a

Pet Crematory & Services

600 S. Main Street, Estill Springs 103 Peters Rd., Estill Springs t931-649-3585



Your Solar Energy Store







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Upcoming Events September 8th

Franklin County High School Pep Rally

Old Fashion Fun on the Square. Bands, Cheerleaders, Football Players, a true Pep Rally for Homecoming! Get your lawn chair and join us starting at 5pm and go well into the evening. There will be prizes, face painting booths, a live remote by WCDT, and a dunking booth led by the Key Club. Plan to join us.....GO REBELS!

September 24th Miss Franklin County Pageant The contestants prepare for the pageant inside the historic Franklin County Courthouse, the pageant is held outdoors. Open to residence of Franklin County, 0-18 years old. Festivities begin at 1pm. The West Side of the Square is closed WRWUDI¿FDOORZLQJIRUWKHDXGLHQFHWREULQJWKHLUPRVWFRPIRUWDEOH chair and enjoy seeing the contestant’s parade around the Square in the lovely pageant attire. For more information check our Face Book Page; Miss Franklin County Tennessee or the WDPC.

October 1st

Southern TN Plunge Marathon & 1/2

7KLVHYHQWLVFHUWLÂżHGDQGVDQFWLRQHGPDNLQJLWD qualifying race for the Boston Marathon. Registration is available on the event website

October 15th

A Taste of Autumn - Free Fall Festival

Kids In-School Art Contest, Chili Cook-Off, Miss Autumn Pageant, Hay Rides, Pumpkin Painting, Kids Costume Contest and more! This year the Franklin County Humane Society will host a Pet Costume Contest. This event is sponsored by the Winchester Downtown Program Corporation Events Committee; the fun begins at 10am.

November 4-6th 19th Annual Holiday Open House People come from all around to shop and enjoy the refreshments the Merchants have. You will receive a discount on every purchase at participating stores. Merchants have ornaments with discount amounts up to 90% off; you select an ornament to see what your discount amount is. Great fun, good food, and savings galore!

December 10th Santa Claus Comes to Town Downtown Winchester on December 10, 2011 from 10:00am to 4:30pm. Pictures with Santa, Face painting, Fire truck rides, Christmas crafts for the kids to make plus other activities on the Square. The children LOVE this event! There’s something for everyone and it’s FREE!

For more information and to stay up to date with all events and happenings in Winchester, visit Read Focus on line at



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You are invited to Discover more by the lakeshore! A New Beginning In the past few years, the Winchester Downtown Program Corporation has sparked a rebirth of downtown. A major restoration of Winchester’s historic building facades is preserving timeless architecture for generations to come. The hustle and bustle of Downtown Winchester swirls around the impressive Franklin County courthouse, built in the art deco style of the early 1900’s. The square features broad sidewalks, quaint shops, restaurants and regular community events like concerts and wine tastings.

Kiwanis Club









Public Library

K Hwy

K S. College Street

1st Avenue SE

2nd Avenue NE




N 2nd Avenue SE


N. College Street

S. Porter Street B

Hammer’s Parking

Kiwanis Park Amphitheatre



City Parking

Dinah Shore Blvd

N. Porter Street

1st Avenue NE

Bates Groceries

In the middle of it all, fine coffee to fine art and lots of cool stuff in between. You’ll find it all around historic downtown Winchester. Don’t mind the construction, all the shops, restaurants and boutiques are open and ready for visitors! As a result of these efforts and outstanding community support, new businesses are thriving, new festivals and events are growing and visitors are accepting our invitation to “Discover more by the lakeshoreTM!�


City Parking

IFf Hwy 50

A Sunny’s Dance Studio B Burger King C Kathy’s Hair Dimensions D Wenger’s Furniture & Gifts E Designer Cakes F Soul Flowers G Reggie’s Places H Gentlemen’s Choice I Philpot’s Barber Shop



Aa Cc


N. High Street Gg Hh

City Parking J Coldwell Bankers & Lynch-Rigsby Realty & Auction K Whiffenpoof’s L Oldham Theatre M Winton Realty & Auction N Custom Designs by Randy O John T’s BBQ Smokehouse P The Alteration Shop Q Hammer’s Department Store

City Parking

2nd Avenue SW



1st Avenue SW



Tims Ford Lake

S. Jefferson Street W


1st Avenue NW

2nd Avenue NW

N. Jefferson Street T


Photo courtesy of: Karen McCallie Off the Beaten Path Photography R Bunny’s Gym S Initial It T Anything But Ordinary U Kathy Bennett Photographer V Merle Norman Cosmetics W Arezzo’s Italian Restaurant X Lily’s Boutique Y Scallywag’s Z San Miguel’s Coffee Company

Aa Blue Front Drugs Bb Wishing Well Antiques & Gifts Cc First Avenue Gallery & Framing Dd The Courtyard Ee Winchester Antique Mall Ff Inside Stories Gg Swafford Property Shop Hh Jc’s Butcher Block


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Uptown Style in a Downtown Store

Lynch Real Estate and Coldwell Banker Rigsby Realty

Teams Join Together M

An Array of Wicker Sit and Enjoy! NEW! Bridal & Baby Registry Fun Fashion for Tots

Furnish Your Home Reflecting Your Good Taste


3 South College St. Winchester, Tennessee


argaret B. Lynch, owner-broker of Lynch and Lynch Real Estate and B.J. Rigsby, owner-broker of Coldwell Banker Rigsby Realty, announce the merger of the two real estate firms on August 3rd. The new real estate firm will be Coldwell Banker Lynch-Rigsby Realty and Auction, LLC, located in the Lynch building on the Square in Downtown Winchester. Office hours will be Mon-Fri 8:30-5, Sat 9-1 and appointments are available after hours by calling 967-1672. “We are excited to merge our offices and become one real estate company serving Franklin and surrounding counties� said B.J. Rigsby. “We are also looking forward to expanding our auction services and I will be focusing on commercial properties to help bring additional businesses into our county.� The new firm will have a total of 22 licensed real estate agents and 5 employees. Margaret Lynch stated, “I love selling real estate and the fact is, I’m getting older but I do not want to retire. My daughter-in-law, Ashley has recently joined the Company and that made me begin to think about the future and the younger generation coming up in the business. Therefore I approached B.J. about merging our offices together and becoming one of the largest Coldwell Banker Franchises in the area. B.J. has a strong real estate background, having grown up with both parents being in the business and owning his own firm for many years; it just seemed like a good fit! I am excited about this new business venture and I know that Lynch-Rigsby will be a company I will be proud to be a part of.� Coldwell Banker Lynch-Rigsby Realty and Auction, LLC, agents have so much knowledge and experience and they are eager to continue to learn and use the tools that Coldwell Banker has to offer. Coldwell Banker has national name recognition and a large referral network that will allow LynchRigsby Realty and Auction to provide the best service to their clients. They also have outstanding training and education programs for agents to participate in to include the latest marketing strategies and selling techniques. The new blue and white signs are going up all over the county, so look for Coldwell Banker Lynch-Rigsby Realty and Auction signs to appear in your area soon. And remember, “Our name has changed, but our roots run deep.�


Realty & Auction, L.L.C. For All Your Real Estate Needs Call 967-1672 or 967-1693 23 S. College Street On The Square In Downtown Winchester Remember Our Name Has Changed...But Our Roots Run Deep! 12

Showcase your business in Focus-Call 931-273-0834

Downtown Winchester Merchants Welcome You Fashion and Accessories as Unique as You

Complete Floral Service Č°É€É†ÉƒČ§Č˛ÉƒÉ…ÉŠČŞÉ…É€ÉƒČśÇľțȥČŞČśÉƒÉ‡ČşČ´ČśÉ„

Lily’s Boutique

Custom Designs

Monday - Thursday 9-6 Friday & Saturday 9-8

Florist & Gifts


8FEEJOHTt#JSUIEBZTt1SPNT 1BSUJFTt"OENBOZNPSF On The Square – Winchester – 931.967.9500 and find us on the web



Winchester Antique Mall


Wishing Well Antiques & Gifts


10-4 Mon, Tue, Thurs, Fri and Sat 122 1st Ave., N. W., Downtown Winchester, TN

A quaint little store located just off the square in Downtown Winchester, specializing in finding unique treasures from the past. From furniture to fishing lures, the Wishing Well offers a continuous flow of unusual finds gathered from estate sales and auction houses throughout the south. 112 1st Ave. NW – 256-656-5015 –

Complete Auction Service

You’ll Always Look Your Best When you Choose...


Winton Auction & Realty


Bill Anderton, Owner Auctioneer-Broker 2IÂżFH &HOO

Hair Dimensions Kathy Dority Owner, Stylist

License #88

PO Box 160 – 116 1st Ave., S. E., Winchester

Your Family can Depend On Us Our friendly service and professional consultations gives you the assurance, your family always has the best care.

Serving the area since 1949


100 S. Porter St. – Downtown Winchester


Open 11:30 - 6pm Tues - Fri 4$PMMFHF4USFFUt

/WEJ/QTG6JCP# %QUVWOG5VQTG Costume Rentals for children & adults Vintage Clothing Jewelry & Accessories "OUJRVFTt$PMMFDUBCMFT Gifts and More!

Say “I Saw It In Focus� Get up to 15% OFF!

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A Block Long Unique Shopping Experience Downtown Winchester is showcasing a new look, and nowhere is it more evident than the Hammer’s Block. Three generations of the Hammer’s family have made it a local icon. Colorful awnings and contrasting paint showcase the architecture of the six buildings. Three entrances invite shoppers to explore the departments, each a speciality shop filled with quality name brands priced below those big box stores. Watch for surprises sprinkled throughout the entire store. Begin your experience at the west entrance greeted with two Surprises... shoe polish on the left and candy bars on the right. Welcome to the Men’s department. Dress pants and jeans, casual and dress shirts, hunting clothes and camouflage, boots, dress and athletic shoes are displayed throughout. Surprise...Delicious Blackburn Jellies in attractive reusable glass mugs. A Home Decor Store is next. Area rugs, outdoor ornaments, silk flowers, upholstery, drapery, fashion fabrics and bedding. Surprise...Foam rubber to pad a window seat, make throw pillows or soften a bed. Silk flowers bloom eternal in seasonal colors. Brighten a home with these or arrange for a memorial tribute. Next stop, fabrics for fashion, draperies, outdoor cushions or furniture upholstery. Surprise...fanciful kites are a child’s delight. They are found in the children’s department among outfits for play, school or Sunday best. Hammer’s toy department is always fully stocked with fun and educational toys. Watch for specials when it’s time for Santa to fill those Christmas wishes. Racks and racks of quality name brand fashions and shoes are value priced in the Ladies’ Department. Surprise...delightful big dogs along the back wall. Hammer’s prices are always a value. Don’t let a holiday pass by without checking out the exceptional savings. Mark your calendar for these events. Don’t miss any opportunity to spend a day in Winchester and shop the block long shopping adventure at Hammer’s.

HAMMER’S On the Square in Winchester z 931-967-3787 14

Feature your business in Focus-Call 931-588-1156

Southern Manor

a family of caring


Senior Living at its BEST Services z24 hour professional staff, including Nurses zThree nutritious meals daily & snacks

approved by dietitians zRegular health and wellness assessments zResident safety and well-being checks zEmergency call system zDaily active social, cultural and educational

programs zWeekly housekeeping and bed linen service zScheduled local transportation zMaintenance of the apartment, common

areas, and grounds

Amenities zAttractive private suites, studio and 1 bedroom zAll utilities included, except telephone and

cable TV zCozy community areas including living room

and dining room zMulti-purpose room for activities or reserve

for special events zKitchenette in each suite zPrivate mail service

eing part of a family is what Southern Manor Living Center in Winchester is all about. The idea behind creating one-of-a-kind residences that would carry the Southern Manor Living Centers, LLC name was simple-to offer a community where individuals, residents and caregivers become part of a family. “As a part of the family we want the residents to feel at home in their daily activities, in making friends and creating their own individuality in a secure and private atmosphere. We feel this will have a strong impact on the wellness of the community,” explains director Portia Vaughn. Southern Manor Living is built on one level to allow residents easy access to the outside gardens and porches. The garden in Winchester showcases bright blooms and attracts birds and butterflies. There’s an outdoor grill for picnics on the back patio and comfortable furniture, including rockers on the front veranda to relax, read and just enjoy the surrounding beauty. The facility offers a choice of private suites, a studio or onebedroom apartment, with all utilities included except telephone and cable TV. Each has a kitchenette. Residents have lively conversation while enjoying three nutritious meals and snacks daily, all approved by dieticians. Social interaction abounds by the fireplace that can viewed from the living or dining room. A multipurpose room is a hub for activities and can be reserved for special events. Activity includes cultural and educational programs daily. Daily housekeeping and bed linen service makes days almost chore free. Scheduled local transportation to appointments, shopping excursions, and scenic drives are planned weekly. Private mail service is provided. In addition to the services provided to every resident, Southern Manor offers services and care for residents who need even more personal attention. Inquire about your special requests. “Southern Manor is Winchester’s and Franklin County’s only licensed assisted living facility,” Vaughn explains. “Our short term care that ranges from one day to 2 months may provide the freedom a caregiver needs to continue their career or attend to other family and business matters.” she continues. Southern Manor Living Centers, LLC has 25 years of healthcare experience from its parent company, Healthcare Corporation of America. They have a strong commitment to making continuous improvements in the quality of healthcare delivery. “We have flourished by creating fresh and innovative approaches to healthcare markets around the world. By building residences in smaller communities, we are creating a complete care and living setting equipped to meet the total needs of the senior population,” the company concludes.

Southern Manor is proud to have been voted Franklin County’s finest assisted living residence in the local newspaper’s poll.

Ask about our Daily Assistance Additional Services Short Term Care from One day to Two Months 3619 Cowan Hwy, Winchester, TN 37398 ~ www. southernmlc. com (931) 967-9765 Read Focus on line at


Continuing a Tradition with Honor The

tradition of offering an individualized, caring service initially characterized Moore-Cortner Funeral Home and presently characterizes what our firm endeavors to provide to every family that we serve. Our funeral home has never been bought or sold to any corporation or individual, and we are proud to have remained a father-son business. We recently celebrated eighty-three years of continuous service by adding a new chapel to the pre-Civil War building that houses Moore-Cortner Funeral Home. The chapel was designed to complement the architecture of the original building. The addition provides a reverent setting in which to hold services, and underscores the beauty of the past and the hope of the future. Our intention is provide a setting intended to honor loved ones and to provide comfort for the families that we serve. We are proud that our building meets or exceeds all American Disability Act requirements.

Tradition is respected here in other, special ways. An original 1876 horsedrawn carriage is available for funeral use. You will find that everything is planned for your comfort, from our expanded parking areas to the beauty of our chapel and main building.

A Beautiful Place of Honor

Our Franklin Memorial Gardens was designed to be a place of solace. The grounds and planting honor the memory of a life that has touched your own. We are proud to be able to offer such a beautiful, peaceful place of reest. Franklin Memorial Gardens, Franklin county’s first perpetual care cemetery, was established in 1957.


None of us want to burden our families during a time of grief, PrePlanning your funeral allows you to relieve those you love of financial burden and helps your family carry out your wishes. At Moore-Cortner, we offer pre-arranged funeral plans from the most economical to whatever you and your family desire.

How Can We Serve You?

We can both meet your needs and work within your budget. We are able to offer and suggest appropriate ar-

Our Commitment: To provide your family with caring, thoughtful service.

Moore-Cortner Funeral Home Franklin Memorial Gardens 300 First Avenue, N.W. Winchester, Tennessee 931-967-2222


rangements for the type of funeral and burial preparation that best suits your needs.

Jennings-Moore-Cortner Funeral Home 181 Majors Blvd., Lynchburg, Tennessee 931-759-4552

Showcase your business in Focus-Call 931-273-0834

%HQQHWW’V 3KDUPDF\ “Your Health Is Our Business� 1201 Dinah Shore Blvd., Winchester 931-967-2777

Home of the Bloody Marty & Our Delicious Hand-Scooped Ice Cream Cones! Vera Bradley Bags & Accessories – Tyler Candles

call today for all your prescription needs

Holiday Sparkle For Your Home H

Ceramic Porcelain Variety of sizes & colors 1st grade tile Best Pricing

OOrnaments OTrees OWreaths OCustom Designs

Discount Floor Tile Quality Flooring at an Affordable Price 887 Industrial Drive, Winchester 931-967-7479 – 931-967-0189

Fun in the Sun Starts Here New and Used Wakeboard Boats 3UR6KRS‡6HUYLFH‡6WRUDJH

Christmas Starts Here

Spencer’s S Sp p ’ F Flowers

308 Second Ave. N. W., Winchester, TN t304&

Spotlight Your Business in the January - July 2012 issue of FOCUS Brenda: 931-273-0834 Elaine: 931-588-1156 or email: MAGAZINE

Come Explore Our


One Of A Kind Selections

Ć&#x;ȡĆ&#x;ČˇĚƒÉ ÎŽĆšČłČŻČ˛É

5335 Lynchburg Rd. Winchester, TN 37398 931-962-2493 Wed. - Fri. 9am - 5pm 4BUBNQNt4VOBNQN

Jewelry As Unique As You... 931.393.3111 &$BSPMMt5VMMBIPNB

Custom Jewelry and Repair

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Come enjoy the beauty of the mountain... and then relax with a fantastic deli sandwich in a fun atmosphere at Shenanigans in Sewanee. A restaurant with a wonderful menu for the whole family!

A Financial

Helping Hand

First Loan


Complete your meal at Sweet CeCe’s where you can create your own frozen yogurt treat.

CELEBRATING THIS TIME OF YEAR Hikers and Bikers, Less Car Traffic, More Parking Places, Music Festivals, Farmers Markets and Lake Cheston, American Celebrations


In the seasons of life, we often need a financial helping hand. Cash Loans of Middle Tennessee understands and offers friendly, prompt service.

CASH LOANS A Great Place To Eat

12595 Sollace Freeman Hwy, Sewanee, TN 37375 931-598-5774

What’s all the TALK

of Middle Tennessee


$800* or:

F Loans

Vacation Back-To-School Holidaysand more...

about? 41 University Avenue – 931-598-5500 18

no active bankruptcy, income of at least $800, home phone number or contracted cellphone, no active military, no delinquent credit, 3 months on job

Feature your business in Focus-Call 931-588-1156

709 Dinah Shore Blvd., Winchester, TN 37398

931-962-1240 *Subject to our liberal credit policy

When the Worst Happens, Time is of the Essence... I

t is called the Golden Hour-meaning the time from a traumatic injury until you reach definitive care, which can improve your outcome. The Air Evac medical team are the professionals who combine the speed of helicopter transport with trained emergency staff to take full advantage of that Golden Hour.

Membership with the Air Evac Lifeteam offers significant benefits. A part of the AirMedCare network which has over 965,000 members in 25 states, it is America’s largest air medical membership network. It provides the highest levels of care and access for you, your family and your community. Through the AirMedCare Network, members share the same best-selling membership plan, under the same terms and conditions at the same low price. Life is full of dangerous possibilities but you can affect the outcome of a medical emergency including a heart attack, a stroke, a serious auto accident, other trauma producing accidents. When you become an Air Evac Lifeteam member, you will be supporting the healthcare needs of your friends and neighbors as well as your own family. The membership base helps support operations in rural areas where having a quick response time to emergency medical situations can save lives.



The best part of the worst day of your life Lynn Taylor is the Membership Sales Manager for Air Evac Lifeteam covering Coffee, Franklin, Grundy, Warren, Cannon, Rutherford and Moore counties. In business since 1988, the parent company based in West Plains, Mo., has 15 bases in the state of Tennessee. She invites you to contact her at 931-841-5307 to discuss membership for your family. Corporate plans are also available. Have your benefit director call for details.



Let Us Help! We Can Make You Pain FREE

Don’t suffer another day. We treat our patients with dignity and respect.


Now Accepting New Patients

Manchester Pain Clinic $BMM/PX'PS"O"QQPJOUNFOUt 48PPEMBOE4Ut.BODIFTUFS 5FOOFTTFF Read Focus on line at


You’re On The Right Road Come on in to Russell Barnett where The Customer Always comes First T

he Customer Always Comes First!” Russell Barnett, owner, credits this motto for the growth of the Russell Barnett Automotive Family. In 1981 Barnett purchased the Ford dealership in Tullahoma. In 2000 what is now Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge and KIA in Winchester joined the family and in 2001 KIA relocated in Tullahoma. In 2009 the family added the Ford and Chevrolet dealerships in Winchester. The family connects with Southern Middle Tennessee drivers through their staff of local professionals. John Colley is the general manager at KIA, Doyle Searcy and Rex Russell man the helm of the Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge facility, Jerry Little, manages the Chevrolet dealership, Russell’s nephew, Keith Barnett, and Russell’s son Alex Barnett share the responsibility at the Ford Dealership. Seems the family tradition is continuing through generations. 20

will have your ride looking and drivIn addition to offering the Ford, ing like new. Their work is insurance Chevrolet, KIA, Jeep and Dodge line recommended and approved. of new cars, customers will find abunIf your family needs a larger vehicle dant choices of dependable, affordable for special trips or vacations, U-Save pre-owned vehicles in stock at all four Auto Rental is the answer. The KIA locations. dealership is your rental headquarters “The new technology in today’s in Tullahoma and the Chrysler-Jeepvehicles require trained professionals Dodge serves the Winchester area. and our service department personRussell and his family are proud nel is certified in their fields to ento call Southern Middle Tennessee sure your vehicle delivers top perforhome. mance,” Barnett explains. The Family invites you to visit any Service can be found six days a of our locations. Be assured you will week because the Chrysler dealership always receive the best in service and offers quick lube and oil changes on value because at Russell Barnett “The Saturday. Customer Always Comes First!” Recently a customer purchasing tires at one of the locations named a tire chain and declared, “Why, you are cheaper than they are!” Tire buyers will find when they compare the same quality tires, the dealerships’ prices For more information and to meet the will be lower. Had an accident? The Body Shop staff, visit

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Center for Anti-aging and Medical Weight Loss


more information or to schedule an appointment.

plans, Lipotropic Injections and protein supplements are the staples of our successful weight loss program. We also offer the aggressive HCG weight loss progam which has yielded rapid and safe weight loss results. Our team looks forward to helping you reach all your weight loss and aesthetic goals. Our office hours are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 9-5:30pm and we accept walk-ins and appointments. Please call us at 931-580-6654 or contact us at for

You is a progressive medical center for Anti-aging and Medical Weight Loss located in Shelbyville, TN. Our team is directed by Dr Lynette Adams and Nurse Practitioner, Ashley McFarland. We offer medical aesthetic services including Botox, Juvederm, Chemical Peels, Obagi Skin Care, Clarisonic Brushes, and Latisse for eyelash enhancement. Our successful medical weight loss program has assisted hundreds of clients in meeting their weight loss goals. Personalized diet and exercise

<287+)8/<28 Center for Anti-aging and Medical Weight ight Loss

Ashley McFarland, Nurse Practitioner Lynette Adams, MD

HMedical Weight Loss/HCG Weight Loss HLipotropic Injections/B-12 shots HBotox HJuvederm HObagi Skin Care HLatisse HClarisonic HChemical Peels

10% off Any Product or Service

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1608 N. Main Street Suite B Shelbyville, TN 37160 931-580-6654 Read Focus on line at




In an era of fast paced lifestyles finding two automobile dealerships in one location is a welcome convenience. John Roberts Toyota, 2610 Hillsboro Hwy. and John Roberts Nissan, 2747 Hillsboro Hwy. are located across the street from each other just off I-24, exit 114. They offer a unique one stop shopping experience that extends to 24/7 on line. The dealerships buy, sell and trade new and pre owned vehicles, provide service departments with cutting edge equipment and highly trained technologists. The well-stocked parts department features genuine Nissan parts.

“Selling our vehicles at prices that are a real value, and giving everyone special attention, has contributed to our success.”

Visitors to the facilities appreciate the modern, stylish architecture. Inside the stage is set for doing business conducted in a professional, courteous manner. Roberts Insurance, LLC is the latest addition to their roster of services. Personalized all encompassing insurance coverage is offered for home, auto, life and health.

“If you have five minutes to save money on your insurance coverage, ask for your free multi-carrier insurance quote,” “If you have five minutes to save money on your insurance coverage, ask for your free multi-carrier insurance quote,” invites Catitlin Roberts Jennings, owner and operator of Roberts Insurance Company, LLC. “Area buyers recognize the value of one stop shopping,” declares General Sales Manager, Shane Davis. “For the past two years John Roberts Auto Group has been voted Manchester Finest in the local newspapers’ poll.” John Roberts Auto Group is owned by John R. Roberts. His father Charles Edward (Bay) Roberts started the Nissan dealership in 1977. John’s sister, Jan Roberts Caldwell, is the parts and service director for both facilities. Now the third generation of the Roberts family is taking their place in the operation. Internet Manager John Roger Roberts, Jr., John’s son, and Caitlin Roberts Jennings, his daughter, are carrying on the dedication to excellence that has earned customer loyalty through generations of local families. John Roger and Caitlin are attending the NADA Academy opening the door to further opportunities in the automobile industry. It will allow them to become dealer principals if they choose. “As a young man, I enjoyed working with my Father, but it wasn’t until my last year of college I decided I wanted a career in automotive retail. It has been an exciting experience. Our vision of progress in the area is being fulfilled and our goal of being just a step ahead means we are positioned to meet the needs of our friends and neighbors. Selling our vehicles at prices that are a real value and giving everyone special individual attention has contributed to our success,” Roberts stated. “We sincerely appreciate the trust and support of our customers,” he concluded. From anywhere in the Southern Middle Tennessee area, all roads lead to the John Roberts Auto Group. Take that drive today and enjoy the many advantages of one stop shopping. 22

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Our Name Says It All T

wenty years ago when a local group of investors chose the name Citizen’s Community Bank, it included the ingredients that would set them apart from other financial institutions. “When Citizen’s know their neighbors and can make decisions locally, we can better meet the financial needs of the people,” explains Dennis Walker, President.

Banking On-Line Business & Bill Pay On-Line Checking Services .::No Monthly Service Charge .::Free Debit Card .::Unlimited Check Writing

Investment Services .::Retirement Accounts .::Savings Bonds .::Standard Checking

Loan Services .::First & Second Mortgages .::Home Equity Loans .::Home Improvement Loans .:: Farm Loans .:: Small Business Loans .:: Commercial Loans .:: Auto Loans .:: Construction Loans .:: Personal Loans .::VA/FHA .:: and Much More

This concept is proving to be the right choice as the bank has the highest market share in the county. Numerous times it has received recognition as one of the top banks in the nation. “It is our goal to serve the financial needs of our Citizens, to give back, to build and strengthen our Community, enrich the lives of residents, and offer new opportunities for our children,” Walker continues. The bank does this through many venues. They support both Huntland High and Franklin County High’s players and sporting events. Each year the bank recognizes two seniors from each school, one receiving a Vocational Education scholarship and one a Scholastic scholarship. They salute the bus drivers, teachers’ aides and the schools’ support staff with an appreciation banquet They were the premier sponsor for the Agriculture Pavilion Program and are now a sponsor for the Volunteers in Medicine Program. They contribute to the annual 4th of July Celebration in Huntland. These efforts and many more, are the banks way of showing their appreciation to their customers and building a strong Community with a bright future. The staff at all three locations are trained professionals who know their customers’ names and greet them with a friendly smile. Their expertise provides guidance in making those all important financial decisions. Citizens Community has three convenient locations: the main office at 1418 Dinah Shore Blvd. in Winchester, a drive through facility at 2176 Decherd Blvd., and a branch at 534 Main Street in Huntland. It provides all facets of financial services for all ages, from that first savings account to retirement planning. Come discover the difference at the bank where their name says it all, “Citizens

Citizens Community Bank “Our Name Says It All”

Huntland Branch 534 Main Street Huntland, TN 37345 Phone: 931-967-3342

Main Branch 1418 Dinah Shore Blvd. Winchester, TN 37398 Phone: 931-967-3342

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Decherd Branch 2176 Decherd Blvd. Decherd, TN 37324 Phone: 931-967-8957 23




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