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VOL 6. ISSUE 1 2013 THE REAL SWINE. While this man carries the burden of poverty, others splurge the pork funds that are rightfully his. William Lutz

Gauge of a free society

Business sector disappointed M

indanao Business Council (MBC) Chairperson Vicente T. Lao expressed his disappointment to the government and the military as armed conflicts between rebel groups continue to impede economic developments in Mindanao. “If you (government) cannot help businessmen you can’t expect the businessmen to support the government,” Lao said during the “High Summit on Security Sector Transformation and Prospects for Post-Conflict Philippines” forum held at Ateneo de Davao University last September 26. Lao suggested that community developments, not bullets and guns will solve the problem of insurgency

PEACE FORUM. Lt. Col. Ricardo Cruz III, EastMinCom chief and MBC Chair Vic Lao chat on matters concerning peace in Mindanao, during the “High Summit on Security Sector Transformation and Prospects for Post-Conflict Philippines” forum held at Ateneo de Davao University Finster Auditorium last September 26.Vincent Rell Gonzaga

ConCom approves new Samahan Constitution BY VINCENT RELL GONZAGA


he Samahan Constitutional Commission approved the third and final reading of the new Samahan Constitution last October 2, held at Ateneo Roxas Grounds. The new Constitution amended and replaced the current provisions under articles V, VI, VII and VIII. Article V or the Legislative Department provision mandates the creation of Council of Representatives.

the creation of Council of Representatives. In the current 1982 Constitution, the Samahan Central Board (SCB) is both the executive and legislative branch of the student government; a kind of Constitution similar to the Marcos era. In the new structure, the SCB will stand as the executive department while the Council of Representatives will be the legislative


branch. However, the legislative branch, being a different department from the executive, will not be part of the central board itself. Only the President, Secretary-General and Treasurer, as well as the appointed committee heads and members will comprise the Samahan Central Board. Because of this, Social Science Representative Apoint that this will dis-

discourage anyone to run as representative since they will not be recognized as part of the central board. “I would rather choose to be appointed (as committee member) than to strive hard to run and campaign as division representative,” Gabut told COMPENDIUM. Samahan President Robin Tongcua also questioned the flexibility of the CONCOM, 14

gency in Mindanao. “This war will not be won by the military. It will be won by the economic program that could be properly put it place,” Lao said. He also mentioned the recent burning of construction equipment by the New People’s Army, which his company owned. Meanwhile, Lt. Col. Ricardo Crauz III, chief of Eastern Mindanao Command assured Lao that they are looking for a solution to the problem through establishing military detachments near construction sites. “We assure you sir (Lao) that we will place military patrols in the area to address this problem,” Cruz said. BUSINESS, 14

Song writing workshop with the maestro BY HANNA MAE SALCEDO


ilipino composer Ryan Cayabyab gave a workshop to professional and amateur composers at the “Song Writing Workshop with the Maestro” held at the Finster Auditorium, Ateneo de Davao University last September 13. Cayabyab’s original Filipino compositions, orchestra direction works and teaching career have earned him the title “Maestro” in the entertainment industry

gave song writing tips and shared his experiences in the industry. The workshop was the composer’s way of encouraging Filipino song writers to write songs and to develop their passion for music. Mr. Cayabyab also encouraged aspiring songwriters to start writing now and to share compositions with as many people as possible. He pointed out that being too protective of

one’s songs is not good for starting song writers. He also stressed that the best way to get feedback is to allow other people to listen and give comments about their songs. Among the songwriters who joined Maestro to the workshop were Philippine Popular Music Foundation (Philpop) Festival top 12 finalists including Ganny Brown, who wrote SONG,

Mixed reactions on SK polls postponement

A call for relief




t’s final. The Sangguniang Kabataan or the SK elections will be rescheduled between October 28, 2014 and February 23, 2015. This after the Congress had ratified the proposed measure in order to introduce reforms in the SK system. Under the proposed measure, lawmakers agreed to leave the youth council post vacant until new officials are elected. Head of the Senate local government committee, Senator Bongbong Marcos said that they will reform the SK.

“We are trying to reform the system. Why would we hold over a system we are not satisfied with?,” Marcos said. However, Senator Francis Escudero voted against the ratification of the bicameral committee report saying that doing this is essentially abolishing the SK. In a similar note, Rendell Cagula, Kabataan Partylist Region XI Coordinator said that they acknowledged the reported corruption in SK, however, its abolition will not solve the problem.

postponement of the polls will also lead to the abolition of SK. “The passing of the bill to postpone the upcoming 2013 SK elections will clearly lead to the de facto abolition of youth representation in the LGUs,” Cagula told COMPENDIUM in a text message. He also challenged President Aquino to veto the bill. As of this writing, Aquino has yet to sign the bill before it can be implemented. MIXED, 14

BY EANNA MARIE FERNANDEZ teneo de Davao University Samahan Central Board, under Buklod Atenista opened Zamboanga relief operations last September 16. Help from both students and faculties in kind and cash were brought to Zamboanga under the partnership of Amnesty International. Heaps of goods have already been donated at the bin near the Roxas gate and approximately 8,000 pesos have already been collected. But according to Buklod ambassadress, regose, not a lot of people responded at first and one of the probable reasons they look at is

Ateneo welcomes MMFF University Caravan BY MAURA VIGILIA


ndependent film Directors Paul Soriano and Pepe Diokno inspired a lot of young film makers in the 2013 Metro Manila Film Festival New Wave University Caravan at Ateneo de Davao University, September 19. Direct Soriano Launched the MMFF Student Film Competition which includes the; MMFF New Wave Student Short film Competition, New Wave Animation Category, Cinephone Competition, and New Wave Full Feature Film Competition. After announcing the said competitions, Soriano never failed to encourage student film enthusiasts to join and motivate them whenever there are rejec-

tions. “No one’s going to call you, if you are only sitting in your room all day, nothing’s going to happen. Dreaming is easy, but making the dream happen that’s what separates you from the current,” Soriano said. Moreover, Director Pepe Diokno lectured on Cinematic Storytelling which gave the listeners tips on how to come up with a great output on their stories, and how to maximize available materials in making it happen. Young as he is, direct Diokno also shares his experiences about making independent films and the rejections he acquires before getting to what he is now. ATENEO, 14

PHILIPPINE CINEMA. Director Pepe Diokno giving his talk on the history of Philippine Cinema

because most students are not aware of the situation in Zamboanga. She also said that after sharing the information through the social networking sites and classroom to classroom dissemination only then did the response grew. But the group is still happy that somehow, some Ateneans involve themselves with issues like this. “We also hope that the people will focus on rehabilitation kasi mas mahirap ‘yun (because that would be harder).” Torregose said. The program is under the Humanitarian Aid Program of Buklod Atenista

that aims to respond to other Ateneo school’s needs. In this case, it is the Ateneo de Zamboanga. “Aside from that we help our sister school because of the Humanitarian Aid, it is also a practice for the Atenean spirit [that is to be men and women for others]” Torregose said. Tthe Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) separatist group attacked Zamboanga City last September 8, forcing civilians to evacuate from their houses which were occupied by the rebel group. After weeks of fighting, reports say A CALL, 14

Men and women for others BY EANNA MARIE FERNANDEZ


ore than a hundred Ateneo de Davao students gathered and cleared the coasts of Sitio Bucana, Lasang, Davao City during the celebration of the International Coastal Cleanup day last September 15. 97 countries united in clearing coasts and waterways while informing people of the hazards of human waste. Some of the collected trash was then recycled by the ArTcoclube members and was exhibited in “Yaman ng Dagat”. Ecotenista head Lem Manalo stressed that the event became an avenue for Ateneans to preserve and save mother nature from destruction. “I always wanted to bring these issues to my fellow Ateneans especially on shark finning, dolphin poaching and marine debris,” Manalo said. Due to rapid industrialization and urbanization-

non-biodegradable garbage has swarmed the seas and clogged the waterways. This has caused the death of marine life and the stunting of economies in affected areas. In the 2012 International Coastal Cleanup day, an approximate of 10,149, 988 pounds of trash were collected by volunteers and they said that there are still so much to be done. The activity was initiated by Ocean Conservancy and was a kick-off activity for Ecotenista’s Ocean Awareness Week. Other events for the week were(___) an Exhibit held at the Ateneo Thibault Grounds. The Exhibit showed inforgraphics and videos about the ocean’s current situation. There was also a film showing that also showed students a glimpse of the marine life.

Philippines to host APEC 2015 BY: CHRISTINE CUDIS


he APEC Leaders’ meeting is going to be in Metro Manila. The objective of the conference is to address the security concerns for the heads of states from the 21 countries who will be attending the event. A source in the know of the meetings said “they

have decided to confine the APEC Leader’s Meeting in Manila to give into the security concerns raised by the various governments.” The Philippines is now shortlisting the eight cities and destinations as possible venues for high-level meetings. Several local govern-

ment units are also striving to be among the eight cities, these include Cebu, Tagaytay, Clark, Subic, albay, Iloilo, Bacolod, Boracay and Davao. The overall coordinator for APEC NOC, Guillermo Luz, said that some of the APEC meetings on the run

to the APEC Leader’s Summit. Foreign undersecretary Laura del Rosario said the criteria for selection of venues include facilities and infrastructure, power and water conditions, and medical services availability.

PDAF scholars, activists join pork barrel forum Valuables missing at BY VINCENT RELL GONZAGA the Guidance Center Chairperson, Paul Niño region will be merged. Its just af- tance Fund. Purisima stressed that Dotolla , who also spoke aim is to maximize the lim- for the first time “Weterarethenotabolition of it (pork barrel), but also to the persecution of those who are involved in the 10-billion peso scam.” Pagbabago Davao representative Atty. Fatima Adin Purisma emphasized during the “Pork and Means: Politics of Discretion and the Pork Barrel System” forum held at University of Southeastern University Social Hall last September 25. Most who were present in the forum are scholars who are recipients of the Priority Development Asis-

the pork barrel as a whole, including the PDAF and the Presidential pork, must be scrapped. She added that these funds should be rechanneled to proper implementing government agencies to be used for basic social services. “The job of the legislators is to legislate, not to make basketball courts. So instead of asking financial aid from them, just go to DOH or CHED directly,” Purisima said. Youth Act Now Davao

during the forum revealed that the pork barrel has been used in politics patronage. “Those who are in alliance with the President, of course will receive the pork. However, the opposition had reported that they weren’t able to receive pork barrel or the process of it is being delayed,” Dotolla said. He also linked the issue to the proposed Davao Regional State University System, in which all the five state-universities in the re-

ited budget for SUCs allotted by the national government. “They are going to implement this because of the budget cuts, but just think of the 10-billion peso that were misused, it could help the SUCs a lot,” Dotolla added. However, both Purisima and Dotolla admitted that the mere rechanneling of funds will not totally eradicate corruption. “It is in the system, it’s a culture, but atleast we can minimize corruption,” Purisima said.



sling bag with netbook and its accessories went missing just inside the University Guidance Center around 1pm last September 20, Friday. The anonymous victim identified as a college student from Humanities and Letters Division, who is also a member of the Peer Consultant Program of the said office. “I left my black sling bag on the Peer Desk around 12nn knowing the fact that the desk is only accessible to the peers, counselors, student assistants, and the clerk,” she said. The bag contained her younger sister’s netbook, charger, mouse, memory card reader, compact disk drive, warranty papers and receipts. The missing items cost in the estimated total of 25 thousand pesos. It was the first time of the Guidance Center to encounter such problem. “Over the years, we at the Guidance Center assures that no one shall take whatever will be left inside the office by the peers,” Ryan Tristan Digan, a guidance counselor said. The guidance office had

started the investigation last September 21. There were already three suspects under the investigation. All of them stated that they didn’t know how the bag went missing, because of the other duties they were attending in the guidance center. “The only thing and the last resort which proves that they are indeed innocent is through reviewing the surveillance cameras,” she added. Last September 25, the victim and the guidance counselors went in Ateneo de Davao University Matina Campus to go over the past recorded footages on the day the bag, together with its valuable contents, went missing. But the result was unproductive. They have been using these cameras for ten years already yet these were not maintained. These are old, analogue type models; that’s why one can’t even see the faces of the students and guests entering the gates. These were improperly positioned that’s why one can’t tell who are going out of the VALUABLES, 14

Ateneo, Colegio celebrates Moon Cake Festival



teneo de Davao University, with the collaboration of Colegio de San Ignacio, took part in the celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival held at Ateneo’s Thibault Grounds last September 18, 2013. Anthonette Tan, President of the Ateneo Filipino-Chinese Community, which organized the event, expressed her delight in making the event possible. She wanted to make the Chinese students of Ateneo feel like home through this celebration, despite being far from it. “Even though they are far from their nativeland, they are (still) celebrating it. We (let them) experience what the festival is all about.” Colegio de San Ignacio Director Emeritus, Rose Cementina said this cele-

celebration is also significant for the students as part of their Chinese subjects. “We have Chinese as our subject. Mandarin is taught from pre-school to highschool.” Cementina said. She also added that through this experience of celebrating the Moon Cake Festival here, it would give them a picture of their own tradition. The program ended with the distribution of mooncakes. The Mid-Autumn or the Moon Cake Festival is a Chinese celebration to enjoy and thank the successful reaping of rice and wheat with food offerings made in honor of the moon. It is celebrated every full moon of the eight month of the Chinese calendar. This year, they celebrated in from September 19-21.

Ateneo’s ‘Glee’

Miss Gay University, affirmation of LGBT rights




rom the team who created the fun-filled events experience for Ateneans, from Blue Starrt party for a cause, to Volleytenista sports battle, to Foto Modelo Ateneo, Red Lens presents another awaited event – the Gleetenista ’13. The very first Gleetenista ’13 is a choir show competition to be held on October 6, 2013 at SM Lanang Premiere Cinema 6 with the theme “Mash-up That Filipino Tune”. It is an event that aims to appreciate Original Pinoy Music and showcase talents of young Filipinos as well. Various divisions in Ateneo create a 7 to 10-member group to represent their division. As an adaptation from the famous musical series Glee, division representative groups will compete through a variety show – a group performance of singing while dancing and acting. Each group should create a 3-5 minute mashup of a maximum of 5 original Filipino songs in which they can incorporate creative stories and unique performance elements. Each performance will be judged according to the blending of the elements and of course the over-all performance level of each group. Among the participating divisions are Accountancy Division, College of Engineering & Architecture, Humanities and Letters Cluster, College of Nursing, National Science and Mathematics Cluster, Computer Studies Division and School of Education.

“Gleetenista is really a great opportunity for those who want their talent to be exposed not only to the Ateneo community but to everyone, as well. However, it is quite abrupt. Preparation is more than two weeks only and groups might not be able to give their best because of the constriction of time. Nonetheless, this will surely be a good event to unite students in pursuance of their talents” Joshua Medroso, participant, said. Aside from the aforementioned objective of the event, Gleetenista also carries being a show for a cause. All proceeds of the event will go to cancer patients of the House of Hope. “People should really watch out for Gleetenista as it is the first of its kind. It will show off Ateneo talents through a Glee-inspired show choir setting. And people can trust us that we can give them a show worth the money they paid since they’ve witnessed the previous success of the events like Blue Starrt, Volleytenista & Foto Modelo Ateneo--all organized by the brilliant Red Republic Productions” says event organizer Ralston San Pedro. Gleetenista along with the other events are projects headed by fourth year mass communication students of Ateneo de Davao University as part of their training in events-organizing. With all these, Gleetenista indeed is not just a show but an occasion that trains skills, hones talents, exposes arts, appreciates culture and helps lives.

BY SHIEVAR OLEGARIO his has become a space or an opportunity for us to not only celebrate but also affirm our rights, our identities and also of course our struggles as LGBT. “ Hadji Balajadia, Ateneo de Davao Univeristy (ADDU) professor answered when asked about the significance of Miss Gay University, held at the CAP Auditorium, last September 21. Miss Russia, John Lester Marimon, was hailed the newly crowned Miss Gay University 2013. Ms. Argentina, Ever Balunos bagged the 1st Runner up place and Ms. Australia, Micolle Catayas, 2nd Runner up and

and who also won the People’s Choice Award. The 3rd Runner up spot went to Ms. Kosovo. There six judges who completed the judging panel. Including in the set of judges were Mr. Gay World Philippines 2012 Carlito Rosadino and Miss Internation Queen 2012 Kevin Balot who served as the chair of the judging panel. The first set of special awards were also given to Miss Kenya who won the Best Editorial award, Miss Korea who was named Miss Photogenic and Miss Venezuela who was hailed Miss Congeniality. Second set of special awards were given to Ms. Argentina who won Best

in Costume, Ms. Vietnam who won the Best in Playsuit, Ms. Kosovo who won Best Performer and to Ms. Russia who won Best in Long Gown. In the first elimination round, 10 out of the 15 candidates got in. Each of the top ten candidates underwent an answer portion where each candidate can select a picture from the eleven pictures and must describe the chosen picture without any time limit. The answer portion served as the major basis for choosing the Top 5 candidates. Q&A For the final question and

answer portion, each of the Top 5 candidates randomly picked from a bowl of questions. Miss Russia picked the question “Can a cross-dresser of a school uniform in a Catholic school still be a good and dignified student?” He answered: “When we enter in an institution that means that you must abide with the rules and regulations set by the university so you must all wear the prescribed dress code. A cross-dresser of a school uniform in a Catholic school makes him or her not a good student because he or she is not following simple instructions howevMISS GAY, 14 er it

Ateneo Business Center to empower entrepreneurship students BY HANNA MAE SALCEDO


he Ateneo Business Center (ABC) is an exciting avenue for the Entrepreneurship students of the Ateneo de Davao University to hone their entrepreneurial skills. Last January 21 was a great day, especially for the Business and Management department since it was the grand opening of the ABC at CM Recto Street, Davao City. The location was originally for Ateneo’s rentable space.

But the university’s administration decided to use it as a training area for its Entrepreneurship students to prepare themselves for the real world of business. According to Entrepreneurship Department Chair Jess E. Delgado, putting up ABC was a desire of the school to put students into action. They also want students to apply what they have learned in class and objectify them through this.

However, Delgado said, pursuing the project was not easy at all, they also encountered a lot of difficulties. “The biggest challenge is to raise funds; the biggest challenge is to convince parents and financial institutions to invest on a particular idea from a particular student who did not graduate and have not proven anything yet,” Delgado said. ABC is divided into four

main sections; it proudly features the Box, Hub, Cup and iCampus. The Box is where Ateneo de Davao merchandise souvenir items from Stay Blue like tumblers, t-shirts and jackets can be purchased. Products from Animars, Metanoia, Petcharms and Belle Perfumes are also found in The Box. The Hub section offers food products that include stores like Captain Melon, Boyd’s All Rice, Sub

Xpress, Choco Morez, Go Milk, and Dairy Royale that can be enjoyed in practical prices. On the other hand, The Cup section of ABC caters University Hue Café. It is a place to hang out, to chill and talk about anything under the sun. The iCampus section is where everything is all about Apple products and accessories with special discounts for Ateneo faculty, students and alumni.

Throwback: Pork barrel evolution





ays, weeks and months had passed since the issue of pork barrel scam exploded in mainstream media. Initially, whistle-blowers pin-pointed Janet Lim Napoles as the “mastermind” of the 10-billion peso pork barrel scam. Last September 16, 2013, the Office of the Ombudsman filed cases of plunder against Napoles, three senators and two former congressmen. Also accused of malversation of public funds, direct bribery and other graft and corrupt practices were three former congressmen and 29 other individuals. Justice Secretary Leila de Lima emphasized that these were just the “initial batch” of people accused to defraud billions of pesos of public funds. But have you ever wondered how did the concept of pork barrel start? Political Analyst Tony La Viña gave a brief history of the pork barrel system during an interview in Umagang Kay Ganda. He said that the term pork barrel originated long ago in American history

wherein slave owners gave their slaves a barrel of salted pork that they would have to fight over. “Iyang salitang yan (pork barrel), insult talaga ‘yan. Ginagamit ‘yan sa karne na ilalagay sabariles tas tinatapon sa mga alipin during noon panahonng American slavery era, siyempre pinag-aawayan nila yan,” La Viña said. He also said that this concept was used by Americans in allocating the funds for the congressmen. Before, representatives fight over the allotted budget in order to have funds for their districts. They brought this concept in the Philippines during their occupation. La Viña said the Americans used the pork barrel to “divide and rule the Philippine assembly”. “There were Filipinos who wanted independence. Some wanted statehood so some Americans used the pork to appease their allies,” he said. La Viña also added that during the Martial Law era, wherein the congress was abolished, former President Ferdinand Marcos

also abolished the pork barrel system. “There was no pork barrel but that does not mean there was no corruption. The money just went to the cronies of Marcos”, he said. But it was revived during the time of former President Corazon Aquino. In 1990, the pork barrel was called Countrywide Development Assistance Fund (CDF). Ten years later, it was renamed as the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF). Congressmen receive 70 million pesos annually and 200 million pesos for senators. These funds must be used in project implementation in their respective constituency. However, this system may bid farewell anytime soon as the call for its abolition becomes stronger. Now, the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee continues its investigation on the alleged 10-billion peso pork barrel scam, which according to reports, is just the tip of the iceberg.

ABC manager Zardin Anne Rashid believes that ABC is an “empowerment” to the entrepreneurship students before going out to the real business world. “It is an empowerment to the young and dynamic entrepreneurship students of (the) university to test their entrepreneurial skills and get the hype of the business world,” Rashid said.

Samahan Presents New Constitution Draft ollowing the first Samahan Constitution reading held last August 30, the Samahan Constitution Commission (ConCom) 2013 conducted the second constitution reading last September 16 & 18 at F305, F308, F306 and F311. Major ammendments include that of what is covered by articles V, VI, VII, VIII. Among these changes are the adding of the judicial and executive department and a cluster student government in which a governor stands as representative of each division. The readings of the Samahan Central Board Constitution primarily aim to solidify together with the students the set of rules in which the running of the university will be based from not only this year but as to the coming years as well. Other changes proposed were the abolishment of the General Assembly of Club Presidents, the need to elect class presidents, Office of Student Affairs involvement in the Board of Adjudicators and the replacement of the Secretary-General by the President in case of permanent vacancy.

The first reading of the Constitution was basically intended to lay down the draft of the new proposed structure of the Samahan Central Body System which is of course still subject to change, opening it to scrutiny to the studentry and accepting suggestions which will later be deliberated by the officials. The second reading, on the other hand, was set to answer after being deliberated the question, suggestions and clarifications raised by the students during the first reading. Last October 2, the third and final reading has been held. Commissioner Rogelio Adlawan, Jr. said the session discussed the details and hammered the ideas to improve the Constitution for the welfare of the students. “It is the finalization of the developed draft through the first and second reading. This session wherein the draft will be put to a referendum for the second semester” Adlawan said. He added that after three readings, the Constitution will now be passed to the Samahan Central Board. They will be reviewing it, then pass it on to the Students Affair Committee

(SAC )who will again review it and give the signal of its approval before the constitution is made a referendum. The constitution will take effect immediately after ratification. On the other hand, it was noticable that only few students attended the readings. Despite the apathy of most students towards the readings at least there were still some who took time to listen and take part in the construction, development and solidification of the Samahan Constitution. One of the attendees is the freshman BS Education Jason Tajores who believes that “we students are the ones most affected of this decision regarding the Constitution that is why it’s so important for us to know and not just remain uninformed”. It will always be upon the student’s decision whether or not to take part in these businesses of the university but of course, giving our say is more than a responsibility. To participate is a chance, an opportunity and a privilege. Stand, speak, and take part in the development of a better Ateneo community.

Youth: The vulnerable population for HIV-AIDS BY HANNA MAE SALCEDO


mong the most vulnerable population for HIV are young people who are sexually active, Dr. Jordiana R. Ramiterre said, head of Reproductive Health and Wellness Center (RHWC) of the Davao City Health Office. Ramiterre said it is all because of the heavy influence of media and online social networking sites that today’s youth are more liberated. Most of them are sexually active nowadays and exploration also happens during adolescents. “It’s difficult to monitor the affairs and engagements of the youth, including students, given the presence of modern communication equipment that they also

possess. Most of the time, parents are not aware of persons whom they are communicating with,” Ramiterre added. However, Dr. Ramiterre said the key affected population are those people in prostitution, those people engaging in MSM’s (men having sex with men) and injecting drug users. The number of cases with Human Immunodeficiency Virus-Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (HIV-AIDS) are increasing as RHWC recorded 765 HIV cases of HIV-AIDS in region XI. In months of January to August of this year shows that there are 112 cases of HIV positive individuals.

January- 20, February- 10, March- 13, April- 17, May12, June- 16, July- 14 and August- 10. “Cases are increasing every month. But these are actually clinic base. It does not speak for Davao City or Region XI,” Dr. Ramiterre said. RHWC, in partnership with Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) and the Alliance against AIDS in Mindanao (ALAGAD-Mindanao), is a clinic and testing/screening center under the city health office that serves as an access and service center for persons with HIV-AIDS. Apart from giving free HIV testing, the RHWC and other institutions here

also provide HIV education and prevention, even going down to the barangay level. Dr. Ramiterre explained that HIV causes AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) wherein an infected person’s immune system is totally impaired, usually leading to death. However, medication can delay the onset of AIDS, managing HIV and AIDS is actually prevention of opportunistic infection that can cause other illness to those people who are living with HIV-AIDS. “But ultimately, there is no cure. The Anti-retroviral drug just suppresses the virus and it needs maintenance,” Dr. Ramiterre said. The anti-retroviral

drugs are free through Phil Health, but it is just for HIV. If the person has acquired other infection due lack of immune defence the treatment for that is not free anymore. But according to Dr. Ramiterre, the most important thing to do to prevent HIV-AIDS is to be educated. Dr. Ramiterre said that fear of stigma and discrimination are the main reasons why people are hesitant to undergo HIV testing. “It’s your choice because the services are already in place. People often asked what the go-

vernment is doing, because it’s rising (HIV-AIDS). But the thing is, what are individuals doing to protect themselves? I think every individual should be responsible,” Dr. Ramiterre added. Testing and treatment are free through Phil Health. And there are also groups doing psychosocial support, advocacy, and education. Dr. Ramiterre said that young people have to be educated; they have to know their own risk, because they are the ones preventing these things from happening. It’s not government preventing it from happening.

Izzy: The secret ingredient BY CHRISTINE JOICE CUDIS


tatements of disgust went all over the social networking sites when one of the Atenista’s secret ingredient to their favorite drink was revealed to public. Around 2:30 in the afternoon of August 30, a poor fourth year student Julio Marco Serrano bought a medium-sized Mocha Latte from Ice Capades. Everything was normal after that because it was his usual routine to buy drinks from the food court every day. It was not until he felt something stuck in his straw. It may be a small piece of ice that is in the straw so he just did not mind it and continued sipping the yummy drink. But when he the stuck object finally went out his

friends were shouting and screaming in fright of what they saw from Serrano’s mouth. What appeared to be a chocolate chip was not really chocolate at all; it was Izzy, as what he fondly named it, the ipis’ (cockroach) right eye and with its head attached. Serrano did not yet panicked but he wondered if Izzy’s head was in his drink, then where is the rest of its body? He decided to empty his already one-thirds full cup in the ground, and there lied the naked body of Izzy the ipis, swarming in the remains of the Mocha Latte, never thought why it has that shade of brown until Marco posted the picture on the networking site on the same day.

The victim reported the incident to Office of the Student Affairs (OSA) to appeal for what had happened. “I remembered sabi nung mga taga OSA kanina na dapat Ipiscapades ang new name ng store nila.”, added Serrano. Days after the uproar, the stall of Ice Capades has finally ended its years of business with the school. Christine Mae Lape, a student who was a loyal customer of the shop said that “I felt that I also drank cockroach. It was so horrible; I can’t even drink the same flavor anymore.” Until today, the Ice Capades have not given any statement with regards to this issue. And up to this date they are still under suspension by the OSA.

The healing balm of a scarred society BY EANNA MARIE FERNANDEZ


ifferences often bring misunderstanding. And misunderstandings often bring conflict. And in a country where there is more than a hundred dialects and religious groups and ideals that are almost as many, it is not hard to see why there are conflicts that rise from time to time. In conflicts such as the recent Zamboanga siege, Christians are not the only ones who are pushed to the wall. Muslims, Tausugs, and other Indegenous groups are also held at the noose of horror. “The impact and damage of this show of force in Zamboanga has been so big and heavy that it has

reopened the wounds of mistrust and fear. We need a deeper, comprehensive healing.” Fr. Angel Calvo of the Peace Advocates Zamboanga said. This is now where institutions for interreligious dialogue come in. These institutions play an important part in generating understanding among all. And one of these institutes is the Al Qalam Institute of Islamic Identities and Dialogue in South East Asia. The institute is under the University Research Council of the Ateneo de Davao University. According to Mussolini Sinsuat Lidasan, the Executive Director of Al Qalam, the institute aims for peace

in Mindanao, for interreligious dialogue which is in line with the vision and mission of Ateneo and the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue. Since its official partnership with the University in 2011, Al Qalam has created programs so that people, especially the youth, can become aware of other religions especially the Islam. Some of their programs were Voices; a round table discussion on Mindanao history, people and culture, and The Strengthening Grassroots; an interfaith dialogue and understanding program. There was also the Bandung book launching that was participated by

many civil society movements who aims for social change and understanding. The book that was launched then contained research and discourses in Africa and Asia, and was authored by scholars and activists of social and solidarity movements from Africa, Asia and Europe. Al Qalam also does research for the betterment of their programs and to better the coming to life of their vision and mission. Their research includes the history and genealogy of the Maguindanao Sultanate. And they also proposed for the Ateneo to have a Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Study. Lidasan said that

through this, the institute hopes to bring understanding to not only Christians and Muslims, but to the other religions and indigenous groups as well. He also hopes that their efforts would eradicate the Muslim stereotyping despite even the Zamboanga terror attacks. “We can’t avoid that (stereotyping), we can however, manage the possible problems… [Ateneans should] transcend from stereotyping. Ipakita natin na ang Atenean ay talagang men and women for others. (Let’s show that Ateneans are really men and women for others.” Lidasan said. Due to the devastation brought by the arms raise

in Zamboanga, Al Qalam now partners itself with the United Nations Volunteer Alumni Network Mindanao, National Ulama Council of the Philippines, Ateneo de Zamboanga, and other organizations for the project entitled; Keep the Faith, Zamboanga! Rise up, Zamboanga! It is a project for the psychosocial and interreligious dialogue for the rehabilitation of Zamboanga City. Institutions like Al Qalam are reminders to everyone that they can help out. And that sometimes, people just need to look beyond the differences, and celebrate the similarities instead.

Expert: ‘Fluency in activism, a class issue BY VINCENT RELL GONZAGA


n expert recognized the fact that most people who might express opinions and insights on public issues, may not be really cognizant of the core of the issue, as reflected in their social class. This was the observation of psychologist, Hadji Balajadia referring to the recent Million People March, a protest against the misuse of the pork barrel, wherein an approximate of 3,000 attended the rally. Balajadia labelled it as an ‘issue of fluency’ among those who participate in the march-rally who were initially asked by COMPENDIUM regarding the pork barrel itself. Most who were interviewed seemed to lack concrete and correct knowledge as to what pork barrel is. “Not everyone who may

participate in an advocacy may have depth and the fluency pertinent to the issue,” Balajadia admitted. He recognized that this observation might destroy the power of the advocacy, that’s why he challenged the media to simplify the issue in such a manner that the common masses could understand. “Media tends to be echoic; it does not in some way or the other links the impact of pork barrel to the real realties of the everyday life of the common taxpayers,” he added. Balajadia emphasized that the ones who are fluent pertinent to the issue are the ones who belong to a higher social class, who are eloquent and articulate when it come to discussions of issues. He also said that this matter mirrors the class issue, in which the lower and middle class tend to keep soundless, while the higher

class would freely express opinions since they were well-educated on main issues. For Balajadia, those who belong to the higher class were insulted and astonished just to figure out that their taxes just went to the pockets of public officials, on that note, they reacted fervently. “The ones who will be on the forefront there will be the class that is most affected, most hard-hit. Because it is their stake that is very much under threat here,” he added. Balajadia also challenge the organizers and initiators of protest-rallies such as the Million People March to briefly orient the people on key facts pertinent to the issue. In the end, he said, the issue of pork barrel is an issue of governance therefore all must be knowledgeable and aware of it since everyone is affected.

Life in a dormitory BY MAURA VIGILIA


ne of the best living options when you go to college or when you separate from your parents for school are dormitories. Dormitories near schools are the most practical and most accessible for students especially in college. Some students might not consider going away from their parents and be independent but others might think the other way. For some, being away and living alone might be an opportunity for them to see what life is over there. If others are like snails that always stay on their shells to find comfort and security, others are like horse who wanted to run everywhere and be free.

Dorm life is challenging. You must deal with everything and everyone. You are far from home, so it means, dorm mates and friends are your only families available. Unlike home, you must follow rules and regulations inside a dormitory. Wash your plates after eating, always turn off the lights when leaving, lower the volume of the television when watching, and of course always clean your place, these are some rules inside it. Along with these rules, being friendly to everyone is a requirement. Not all can understand your attitude and not all can deal with it. If you do not want to be

the subject of the dormers inside your dormitory, be nice to gain friends. Good thing about living in a dormitory is that, you are living with unique people in the same roof which allows you to see the world in different perspectives. Living in a dormitory gives you so much freedom that will lead you to experience things you never experienced before and never expected to do. Staying late at night, skipping classes, staying in a coffee shop until it closes, and late night bar parties, are some of these things. You can do all these without any restraints from your parents. But this is the challenging part of it; you must con-

trol yourself from being so free or else you will find yourself not going to school anymore and find yourself failed to all your subjects. Freedom is maximizing in learning new things not just experiencing them and learning nothing at all. Living in a dormitory allows a student to delay the responsibilities of adulthood for a few more years and fully experience college. However, if there were a lot of perks in living in dorms, probably all people who are living in it will agree that dormitories are places where sadness and loneliness happen. All pillows and blankets went through days of being wet before the owner gets used

with the life in college and living alone. Money and time budgeting are the two worst things to deal with. It seems that they are always never enough. Sometimes, eating canned goods are the solutions to save money. You cannot buy things and foods you like and often times need. When it comes to time, you always wish to add an hour or even hours to a 24hour day so you can do all the required school works and dorm chores, because nobody will do it for you except yourself. You always feel the wave of nostalgia when you are alone. The silence in the

the surroundings allows you to miss the people you used to live with, in your home especially your parents. However, some students keep their selves busy in school-related activities in order to get rid of the loneliness and longing. By that, they can prevent their selves form being so emotional. To conclude, living in a dormitory forms you to a better person by how you adjust and deal with the hardships and freedom from living in it. Above all, living in a dormitory provides you an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to familiar what life really is and it is an important part to have a complete college experience.


Let the Majority Speak


t has been more than a month since the explosion of the pork barrel scam. Thousands, if not millions of Filipinos exercised their right to peaceably assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances. They call for the abolition of the pork barrel in unison. Aside from march-rallies,most voices were expressed online by netizens through the social media, who are basically coming from the middle and the higher social class. With left and right protest rallies and social media campaign, it seems that the only voice that are being heard are from those who agree of the pork barrel abolition. We haven’t heard yet from those who wanted to oppose. Now, how about those who don’t have access to the internet? Those people who are unaware of the issue because they don’t have TV sets or even radio? Those commoners who are very much focus to earn for a day, than to pay attention to rallies and protests?

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From the sociological standpoint, these people are the masses. They comprised the majority in the Philippine population in which 70 percent are the farmers, 15 percent are the workers and seven to eight percent belongs to the petty bourgeoisie or the lower middle class. They are the majority, therefore in a democratic country wherein by definition, it is the ‘rule of the majority’, their voices must be heard. Let us remember and realize that these people, the farmers, fishermen, ordinary people who cannot afford medication and hospitalization as well as education for their children, are the direct beneficiaries of the controversial pork barrel. Without the pork, where will this people seek refuge? The call to abolish the pork is really one-sided and insensitive. Those who wanted to scrap it are not really benefiting from the ill-fated pork barrel. Think about it.

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Mission to act upon


n whatever activity there is in the university, Ateneo aims to be building one united community in strive for development and excellence. One of the events most prepared for by Ateneans is the annual fiesta celebration. Every year has been a challenge for organizers to make it as enjoyable, enriching, and full of learning at the same time. Where every division brings out everything they’ve got to compete with other clusters, the biggest objective behind remains. May it be in the field of performing, intellectual contests, physical races and all other competitions, we prepare our best to beat other divisions in every activity possible. But all these are for one purpose – to strengthen and equip each everyone so that we may be able to build a stronger foundation and be able to go out and stand the test of the outside community as one solid faction. However, during the latest Ateneo fiesta 2013 few unwanted things turned out. First, during the yearly fiesta practice of this section called Palarong Pinoy where all divisions participated in completing games including sack race, tug of

war, dragon’s tail, pokpok palayok and many more, a division stood out during the announcement of winners complaining against the results to the event host. That this group did better and should have won over the other. So much violent reaction caused the host to break down in tears yet decided not to bring out the issue further. Another issue is during an event called Foto Modelo Ateneo Season 3. Each division sent four (4) persons to stand as representatives of their division to compete in the field of modelling, designing and photography. It went well until the day after the event culminated when someone from an unknown division posted in the confession page of the university. The post directly complained against the organizers of the event saying that the results were biased basing it to last year and this year’s results. It just happened that the organizing division, Humanities and Letters got the champion title in a row: bagging 3 out of 3 major awards in last year season 2 – champion both female and male model and photographer; and getting 3 out of 4 major awards in

Y this year season 3– champion female and male models again and champion designer. It is important that competitors know that joining any competition entails the risk of losing. Therefore, everyone must be ready to accept the possibilities. And complaining about not winning and criticizing co-participants would not be a good quality of an educated Atenean. It is sad on the part of many that an intended unifying event turned Ateneans against fellow Atenean. May it not only be a case to just pass by the ear of people but serve as a reminder to everyone that a true Atenean doesn’t only bear in words but show in action the mission of Ateneo which is to promote communities of peace and human well-being, social justice, gender equality, good governance.

We can do more

outh representation, especially in the government is very important for the building of the nation’s future. However, there seems to be a problem with the current system of this representation, the Sangguniang Kabataan or SK itself. What is meant to be the training ground of the country’s next leaders, is now abused and used by political clans to establish and perpetuate their dynasty. Lawmakers reportedly believe that the SK has become a breeding ground for corruption. Annually, the Sangguniang Kabataan has an allotment of two billion pesos, a big and tempting amount of money. Anyone that can manipulate the frail and vulnerable minds of these youths could take advantage with the funds being given to them. Because of these, lawmakers are now considering the abolition of the SK since it become idle and useless in all endeavours in the barangay. However, this is an understatement. The real reason here is that the youth leaders are

not-well trained and there is a lack of orientation for them. Imagine, how can a 15 or 16 or 17 year old lead the council? Of course, he or she as well as the councillors will just listen and follow to the mandate of a higher and older barangay official, which in the long run can manipulate and take advantage them. With such system, these youths will eventually become corrupt and shameless. But the other hand, if trained and guarded well by third parties that are tasked to safeguard the council, the youth will definitely bring out the best of them. They have been recognized to be more cognizant on public issues and active on social affairs. The youth of today has been the key players for the society’s greater good through social involvement like tree planting activities, community service and among others that are often initiated by youth organizations. From this standpoint I ask, if they are going to totally abolish, scrap, remove or whatever they want to call it, the SangguniangKabataan, are we just

going to disregard the competencies and the skills of these young and enthusiastic Filipino youths? Are we just going to let these youth organization stand on their own without someone from their generation to represent and aid them in a greater scale? Are we just going to hinder them from the opportunity in serving the youth in a much larger scope? Yes, I admit that there are really flaws in the current system which is basically 22 years old. Now there is intergenerational change where the youth participation is more different than when it was years ago. The enthusiasm and dedication of the youth are the key to the development of this country. So, instead of scrapping the SK system, sustainable reformation is what really needed. In this way, we can live Rizal’s cliché saying, “The youth is the hope of the motherland”.

Same street scenarios


e cannot walk on major cities in the Philippines without noticing them, and if you are too busy not to notice them, they will make their presence known no matter what with universally known motions. Hands outstretched and they are asking for money. Thumbs pressed against their middle and ring fingers with matching lifting their hands to their mouth and they are asking for food. They are usually on the highways and busy streets tapping car windows and passengers in a jeep. They also congregate on sidewalks, fast food outlets and outside malls to catch

passing individuals. They reach their hands out with a tin can or a plastic cup to beg for coins from whoever passes by. Others beg for their own while others beg for the syndicate. Oftentimes it is a woman with a baby held on her hands, children with their infant sibling, with an old folk, a handicapped or sick person that can break your heart if you allow to. They look pathetic that it is difficult to say “no”. In encountering them every day, people somehow develop tactics to avoid them. First is not to look into their eyes. Second is to pretend that they aren’t there. And third is to establish a villain look that would turn them off. Well, these scenarios are not shocking because Philippines is a developing country. And developing countries around the world share same problems such as unemployment, widespread poverty, poor, healthcare and uncompetitive education program. But the sad thing is that as days pass into week and

weeks into months then years, their number is getting bigger and bigger. The children become teens; their faces harden after many years of malnutrition and exposure to cruel weather conditions, their faces are marked by violence for they mostly end up as criminals and drug addicts who are tired of poverty. Compassion is no longer their friend. But still, their needs are rarely acknowledged by the government and the society. And when they are, it is for disgust, judgment and strong arm of law. But who are really to blame to these unfortunate individuals’ circumstances? Is it themselves, their family, the society or the government? In the Philippines there is a law called Anti-Mendicancy or the Presidential Decree (PD) No. 1563 that was signed during Marcos administration on June 11, 1978. The Law defined mendicant as “any person who has no visible and legal means of support, or law-

ful employment and who is physically able to work but neglects to apply himself to some lawful calling and instead uses begging as a means of living” (Section 3, Par. 3, PD 1563). Section 2 of the law states that the purposes of its creation is to prevent the commission of mendicancy, exploitation of infants and children through mendicancy and provide habilitative services for those already exploited or in immediate danger of exploitation, and to promote the rehabilitation of minors found begging and mendicants by providing an integrated developmental package of preventive, habillitative, interceptive, remedial or rehabilitative services. But where are these habilitative services now? Why are there still so many people in the street who are asking for food and money to strangers? Why are there still people who don’t have decent home to secure them?

It just implicates that the government failed to

do its part in uplifting the lives of these people. It seems that the government was just passing a law that they do not care to implement. There is a law that could tone down the number of beggars but is not intensified. It has been 35 years since the law has been passed and we still go through our days with the same street scenarios. Beggars are victims of the stupid system of the government, of the corrupt so called “public servants” and passive society. Beggars deserve respect. They are also humans. They need counsel. They have to be educated. They should not be treated and considered as inferior individuals. They should be treated equally. According to a Chinese proverb “Give a man a fish; you have fed him for a day. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime.” The problem of the increasing number of beggars in the Philippines need long term solutions. Giving

them money or food won’t solve the problem. They have to learn how to earn on their own, feed their family, and buy their other necessities through decent ways. However, it is hard for them to do that because they don’t have the means. And that is the role of the government; to provide means for beggars. Since the government always takes pride about the improving economy of the country, the masses should fairly feel the progress. Beggars should be educated that there are many ways to get out from their miserable lives through governments programs and laws that would best solve the problem. But then, making programs and passing laws is not enough, it has to have implementation, sustainability, feed backing, and evaluation if it is still appropriate to use as time passes by. (Published in Sunstar Davao last September 28,2013)

Will Mother Mary be happy?

NOTEWORTHY QUOTES BY VINCENT RELL GONZAGA “It is very important to lead by example – to have religious tolerance, to make sure we’re abiding by the rule of the law and not engaging in torture.” -President Barack Obama Answering one of the questions in an exclusive interview with Rick Warren, a top religious leader in the USA.

“It’s better to talk for a thousand years than fight a dayswar and lose lives unnecessarily.” -Mayor Rodrigo Duterte Addressing to the government to continue the peace talks with the rebel groups, particularly the MNLF in the midst of the Zamboanga standoff.

“I’m not in favor that the Senate should get the opinion of any government agency on this matter. This is unprecedented that instead of signing the subpoena, he sought an advice of other agency.” -Sen. Teofisto Guingona III Referring to the refusal of Senate President Franklin Drilon to subpoena Janet Lim Napoles in the ongoing Senate inquiry into the alleged pork barrel scam.

“As our young leaders, you can do great things for out nation’s present. Let us not wait for tomorrow for you to use your potentials and make a difference in the society today.” -Davao del Norte Governor Rodolfo del Rosario Urging the youth sector to step up participation in development, during the 7th Pag-asa Youth Association Socio-Cultural and Sports Competition.

“We don’t not see how the materials collected by journalists through interviews with MNLF fighters can be considered national security matters, would only show up the shoddy work of those who seek to build cases against the rebels.” -National Union of Journalists of the Philippines Secretary-General Rowena Paraan.


he Ateneo de Davao University’s(ADDU) college fiesta, an annual celebration every August to commemorate the blessings and holiness of Mother Mary and the school’s patron saint St. Ignatius of Loyola. Usually it is celebrated on August 14 to 15 but this year it was moved to September 8 and 9 due to the bomb threats that rocked Mindanao last August. The new date for the college fiesta is perfect since it falls on the birthday of Mother Mary; still there is a reason to celebrate. The celebration pushed through in the new dates without any changes and the bomb threats were merely forgotten already. The fiesta was still the same as it was a few years back. The same theme is still celebrated—a feast for Mother Mary. The fun remained constant and the same activities were retained such as the Group Dance showdown, Parades from different departments and the Sayawten. But the despite the most awaited activities that gives entertainment and fun, do the Ateneans still care about the reason for the celebration? Usually most Ateneans would come to the fiesta for the fun or the competition. Competitions in the fiesta days are extremely intense. Each department aims for victory and pride

Saying that the NUJP was ‘extremely disturbed’ when the Zamboanga Prosecution Office asked atleast three journalists to provide information on their meetings with the MNLF separatist group.

-Former Councilor Pilar Braga Giving tribute to our teachers for the sixteenth World Teachers Day

Saying that the Nation is already in crossroads and Filipinos must vote for someone who is truly in favor of environmental protection

blamed for. What’s outraging was that the host was just doing her job that time which is to announce their disqualification. Such event that had happened proved how some Ateneans forget the true essence of the celebration. The feast was supposed to be a celebration for Mary where happiness and fun dominates. The kind of attitude that had happened in Palarong Pinoy just portrayed the strong desire to win that sportsmanship was forgotten. It’s hypocritical if you try to look that some celebrate the feast just to give pride to their own departments and forget what the feast is all about. They’re just there for competition’s sake. Competitions are held but that doesn’t mean that the friendship from the other departments isn’t maintained. Also they must knew that as students of ADDU, they must live with the values of St. Ignatius such as men and women for others and cura personalis—care for the other person. Another event that violated the college fiesta and the values of a catholic school was the Ignition. Ignition was the closing dance party for the college fiesta held at the Roxas open field. Dance parties are usual in fiesta celebrations. There will always be a time when everyone dances like there’s no tomorrow to feel the celebration. What happened in Ignition was just the same as how I described dance parties above but went over the top that already questioned whether it was appropriate for the school.

A huge number of people went to the Ignition and most of them danced like there’s no class the next day. What’s disturbing was that some of the people who went were either rude or loss their dignity as a student from a catholic school. Some were throwing bottles of water up in the sky. Some were even splashing the water from the bottle to a group of people. There were even girls who danced like almost of a stripper in a club. There are even other girls who became very animalistic that they don’t mind if they are being surrounded with men who tried to violate them. The Ignition just turned the school into a club where becoming sinful trends. It’s ironic how a catholic school allowed such event. Such event violated the catholic values that the school reflects upon. It’s okay to have such event but the organizers must learn how not to go over the top. The Ignition was just outrageous and must not be continued anymore. If it will still continue in the succeeding fiestas then there is a huge possibility that it would turn half of the students into sluts, drunkards and people who almost party everyday that they forget schoolwork. The students and fiesta organizers must always put in mind that their reason for the celebration is of course Mother Mary and they must always reflect on the theme and on the values that Mary taught to the world. Without such reflection then the fiesta would just be a useless and hypocritical celebration.

Guidance Center: What would it benefit to Ateneans?

“There’s one thing in common among all the doctors, lawyers, architects, nurses, engineers and accountants, the one that shaped and inspired them are our teachers

“We stand at the crossroads where as a nation we have to make important choices in order to create a better future for the next generation of Filipinos.”

so most of them really do everything they can just to get to the top. Let’s take for example what happened to the Palarong Pinoy 2013. The Palarong Pinoy is a competition between each department where they play games that are purely made in the Philippines. A clash happened between the Business and Management (B&M) department versus the Social Sciences(SS) department while playing the game “Dragon Wars.” The department representatives and the Palarong Pinoy committee decided to give each team 30 seconds to catch their opponent. If both teams fail to catch their opponent equal scores are given. Department representatives of both teams agreed to tell their players not to move to have a win-win situation. In a twist of events both teams failed to follow the agreement. One team moved that caused the other team to move also. There was an uncertainty on what team moved first since both representatives claimed that their team didn’t move first. When the tension heated up during the game, one player from the B&M department crossed over the boundary line that caused disqualification to the B&M. When the tension heated up during the game, one player from the B&M department crossed over the boundary line that caused disqualification to the B&M. When the host, Jemimah D’Lonsod, announced that B&M was disqualified, a lot of complaints were raised. Some were even shouting their complaints to the host like she is to be

Guidance Center call slips are not trash. They are sent to tell you that the school is also concerned on what you are experiencing; may it be your academic performance, emotional adjustment, and even your personal difficulties. When you go to the guidance center and tell your

problems to a counselor, you may observe that most of the time, he/she just listens, nods and give you different options- in which in the end, don’t satisfy you at all. You might wonder why. Guidance counselors are not there to pick the option for you. You have your own freedom to choose. They are not the ones who will solve your problem because in the end, it is still your decision which prevails.

The guidance counselors may not be the people you go to ask for financial support, but they can guide you and help you out of a tough situation. If you are having a bad day with your math or sciences, they would call peer consultants and scholars to tutor you. The guidance sessions you are participating every semester are not for the benefit of them. They do this to show that the Ateneo is not just good in molding

students to the greatest they can be; but it is also their duty to instill goodness in their hearts. Yes, moderately, they become your emotional and spiritual formators- for they’re also the one generating options for you to decide when you’re emotionally imbalance. They know that each student has a different personality; a different story to share; and has different preferences.

65 Years of Excellence BY MAURA VIGILIA


he much awaited Ateneo fiesta was successfully celebrated with this year’s theme, “Mother Mary, Faithful Companion in our Journey towards 65 years of Excellent Service in Mindanao and beyond.” The Fiesta was moved on September 8-9 from its original date on August due to several bomb threats in the city. Fr. Joel Tabora said that the fiesta will never be cancelled, so they decided to move it to the dates to honor the Feast of the Nativity of Mary. A Mass has been offered on September 8 held at the Roxas grounds right after the very colorful parade of each divisions. Everyone was gathered to welcome the presence of God throughout the whole celebration. “Since Mary is our mother, at the outset of this Fiesta, especially on her birthday, I am certain she wants us to enjoy ourselves

in Fiesta! She is probably saying: “Wow! What a wonderful way to celebrate my birthday – with so much talent, so much excellence, so much sportsmanship, so much joy, that comes to play at the Ateneo Fiesta!”, Tabora said. Different colors; blue, violet, red, yellow, green, white, pink, and orange draped Roxas grounds as each division cheered for their talents in this year’s Group dance. The heat of the sun did not hinder the students to be amazed by the grooves of each contestant as they danced OPM music which was this year’s theme. The Accountancy Division was announced the Champion of the event, followed by Business and Management Department and School of Engineering and Architecture got first runner up and second runner up. Another highlight of this year’s fiesta was the

11th season of Star Search. High notes and beautiful voices filled the Finster Auditorium as the contestants battled it out to get the prize. In the end, Accountancy Griffin’s Ann Valerie Pamplona was crowned the grand champion of the competition. S i m u l t a n e o u s l y, Musikahan Three (3) Seasons of love was held at the Roxas Grounds showcasing different bands singing local and international songs about heartbreaks and love. The place was filled with love as some couples shared their stories, and also occupied of hopes from students who went in the event alone. “All of us are capable of loving, but are not able to end it happy”, Kim Fabular, a singer, said during her performance. The 2nd day started filled with creativity as divisions made artistic and meaningful arts

from scrapped materials and filled the Dotterweich grounds in the Installation Art Competition. Accountancy won the competition, while 1st and 2nd runner up goes to the Business and Management division and Humanities and Letters Department respectively. At night, Roxas grounds was again dominated by students as they witnessed one of the main highlights of the Fiesta, the Sayawtenista 2013. Nine (9) Divisions competed for this year’s title as they danced different Festivals around the Philppines. Choreography must be in line with the theme which is the Convergence of Filipino Fiesta. The Kadayawan Festival inspired choreography of the BM Vipers dominated the stage defeating other divisions and amazed the crowd with their colorful costumes and powerful actions which was definitely

the reason for their win. The Mambulak Mudpack festival inspired routine of the Accountancy Department ranked 2nd place and School of Nursing’s Lubi-lubi festival inspired choreography won 3rd place. Though everyone was able to give their full efforts in the competitions of the fiesta, only one division reigned supreme. Defeating other divisions, Griffins really mightily soared as they won the Overall Champions for this year’s fiesta. Yellow-colored crowds dominated the audience as they shout their heart out after announcing their triumph. “The road was not easy. We had to overcome a lot of struggles. The “triumph” of Accountancy was, of course, a collective effort and I will forever be

thankful and grateful to every single Griffin who invested their time, effort and love to the division,” Eloisa Ramirez, Accountancy Division Representative said. Business and Management Division, the Vipers placed 2nd runner up and the school of Engineering and Architecture, the Tigers was ranked 1st place in the overall result. And to conclude the Fiesta, a party was held for the first time to bring together all Ateneans after two days of competing with each other in the event called; Ignition. The celebration of every year’s fiesta concludes that Ateneans can be united as one to give and offer thanksgiving to God through Mary and apply the Ignatian Values through different competitions prepared for them.

Business... FROM 1

ConCom... FROM 1

Song... FROM 2

However, Col. Edgardo de Leon, EastMinCom assistant chief of staff opposed and said that this would give the rebels more reason to attack Lao’s company because they might think that he is collaborating with the military. De Leon proposed an alternative, instead of military detachments to the sites, posters or signages must be installed there stating the provision of the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law or CARHRIHL. In this way, de Leon added, people would become aware that they are protected by law from any military of rebel afflictions. This would also remind the rebel groups that there leaders are also signatories of the CARHRIHL.

Also, Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP) Assistant Secretary Jennifer Oreta discussed the updates on the peace process with the rebel groups. She said, in the Philippine Development Plan, under the chapter of peace and security, the government intends to win the peace. “Peace is not simply an absence of war or conflict but it is really the sum total of the conditions that ensure human and social well-being in all dimensions,” Oreta said. She also emphasized that there will surely be a lot of challenges but there are also opportunities. Oreta invited everyone to be knowledgeable in all the peace processes in order to be equipped with whatever is to come.

new Constitution, particularly in the election of representatives; whether the new Constitution permits the election of new representatives if new colleges and schools will emerge. “We don’t know if the Constitution will really cater the demands of the future to the studentry; if the Constitution will be flexible to the changes of time,” Tongcua said. ConCom Chair Cel Delabahan answered that the said provision, particularly Section 2 clearly states that ‘one representative shall be elected from each cluster’. However, to some Samahan volunteers, who were present in the third and final reading, Delabahan’s response was vague. The commission also added Article VII that mandates the creation of Board of Adjudicators (BOA), Samahan’s

Judiciary Department. This will be composed of nine adjudicators in which they will vote for a chief adjudicator. Similar to the judiciary branch of the Philippines, BOA will act as justices; interpret the Constitution and make court decisions. Despite the confusion and queries raised during the final reading, the Constitution had already been approved after the majority of the commissioners voted in favour of its ratification and no one objected the motion. The Constitution draft will be submitted to the SCB and will determine whether or not to endorse it to the Office of Student Affairs (OSA). Ones approved the new Constitution will be implemented in the school year 2015-2016, after a year of its ratification and another year of transitory period.

Miss Gay... FROM 4

A Call... FROM 2

Valuables... FROM 3

Mixed... FROM 2

should not be the only basis in judging the person’s dignity because what defines our dignity is beyond what our eyes can readily see.” Audience cheered when Ms. Russia was midway in answering the question without any unnecessary pauses. Ms. Russia took the place of last year’s winner Ms. Thailand, Mashee Sheng who was crowned Miss Gay University 2012.

that more than 10,000 houses were razed and more than 100,000 people have already been displaced many of which are staying in 33 evacuation centers around the city. The standoff still continues after MNLF insisted to raise their flag at Zamboanga city hall, in which the local government denied due to its unconstitutionality.

gates carrying someone else’s bag. “A lot of students complained about their lost DSLR’s, laptops and other valuable items, going here with hope that they will still be able to retrieve them through reviewing CCTV’s. But they were unsuccessful,” Edwin Urquia, the AdDU Physical Plant Administrator, said.

Former President Ferdinand Marcos issued Presidential Decree 684 in 1975, which established the first youth council, Kabataang Barangay. Under Republic Act 7160 of 1991, it was change to Sangguniang Kabataan and the first SK elections were held in 1992.

the song “Askal”, Jungee Marcelo who wrote the song “Pansamantagal”, Adrienne Buenaventura who wrote the song “Sometimes That Happens” and Raffy Calicdan who wrote the song “Space”. The four finalists also shared their experiences

with the crowd and performed their winning songs. The Maestro’s evident passion to impart his knowledge and experiences inspired the participants more. Cayabyab’s Philpop sponsored the workshop.

Ateneo... FROM 2 “Always start with small things,” Diokno added. Last year’s MMFF Cinephone winners from Davao City were also given a chance to share their experiences before and after joining the contest. For college category, Anju de Vera, a Mass Communication student of Ateneo de Davao University delivered a speech, sharing his hardships and his victory. He also shared the rewards of the

He also shared the rewards of the risk he took in joining the said competition. “After all, we only need two things to change the world, a pen and a camera”, he stressed. Many were expected to join this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival Student Film Competitions that can surely compete to some of the award winning films all over the county or even in the world.



You stared at me by the glass window with your smart eyes Very slowly, you approached me that cause my excitement

unable to move nor breathe,

My hands

you held were your prison.

Your promises crumbled like innocence.

I fought

bravely to no avail

But undaunted I remained despite it all.

I walked

straight, never looking back

For when I lost you, I saw and found myself.


My heart beat so hard, wishing that you may be the one; The one to take me out from my boring and lonely world.


Creep to Your Soul

The moment you come closer to me, I felt something special between us, The moment you held me, your eyes were undeniably admiring me, And the moment you touch me, I knew that you like me; My colour, form, and other features of my body. A moment later, you asked to take me out which surprised me. Maybe it’s too fast, but I just can’t resist your decent proposal. From then on, you were happy to have me every time you needed me. And I was also flattered by the way you cared for me. You always take me with you, wherever you go. You took me to parties, dance floors and even to dinner tables, And when you’re tired, you take me to bed with your fingers pressing my body; Your sweet words made me alive all night even when I’m tired. When you needed someone to talk, you bring me close to your tender lips; You hold me gently and talk to me softly. But when you’re satisfied of what you needed from me, You just simply put me off and left me somewhere else. After all, I’m just nothing... but a cellphone of yours!

It’s a rhythm, it’s a step, it’s a boy Yours is the name that echoes to me in the morning It sounded so good, it felt like I’m still dreaming But it was no dream, for you are a reality from the beginning. With every step in our dance of life You taught me to sway perfectly with you, without you knowing To pirouette with grace even if nobody’s watching And then I learned to creep in the shadows of your soul. You were no good at first sight but then you caught me at first stare Your eyes were faded almond with the sun rays And strong hazelnut in a dark room I knew them, I loved them since day one. For how long I could keep this, I don’t know I’m waiting for you to decipher this jigsaw I’m hoping that you will finally see not just the song That behind the rhythm and the step, is you all along.

If the 10B pork barrel went to sports funds? W

hat if the misused and wasted 10-billion peso pork barrel didn’t go to the pockets of the few elites but instead used to the country’s sports funds? Ten billion pesos! It can already build around 37,000 basketball courts, 11,000 tennis courts or 130 track and field facilities. The Davao del Norte Sports Complex for instance costs 248 million pesos during the time it was built. So if the 10-billion pesos was used to build such state-of-the-art complex, we already have 40 sports complex throughout the country. However, these are all assumptions. The lack of sports facilities in the country greatly affect the morale and proficiency of our athletes, especially in joining international sports event. They feel intimidated and insecure as they witness how foreign athletes do their trainings and how well they are. During the 2012 London Olympics, Philippine team went home with no medals.

The last time that the country bagged a medal was during the 1996 Olympics at Atlanta, USA in which Mansueto Velasco won a silver medal in boxing. Philippines, home of the world renowned singers, dancers and best athletes. Paeng Nepomuceno, Manny Pacquiao, Philippine Dragon Boat Federation and among others we offer you our sincere prayers, that time will come, our government will soon realize how important you are in the image of the country. We also salute you for enduring the hardships you always encounter due to the lack of support from the government. We commend your dedication to still raise our Filipino pride to the whole world. We only hope that with the revelation of the pork barrel scam, our government will soon become honest and considerate enough to look, even just a glimpse, to our sports condition and other sectors that are in need of support.

AdDU Conquers DACS Swimming 2013 BY MAE BORNILLO


Davao Champions Cup 2013 Opens


he heat for Davaoeño basketball enthusiasts rolled as Davao Champions League officially opened last September 21, at the Davao City Recreation Center. Davao Champion League is Davao City’s version of the annual awaited national sports fete – UAAP and NCAA wherein the winner will have a chance to represent the Davao Region in the Mindanao Regional Championship of the Philippine Collegiate Champions League this coming November 9 to 11, 2013. Davao Champions League, now on its 4th year is an annual event of basketball competition headed by Phoenix Petroleum Philippines in coordination with Samahan ng Basketbol ng Pilipinas (SBP). The 7-weeks playoffs aim to provide an avenue for young players to showcase

their skills and prowess in the field of basketball and be discovered in bigger leagues outside the city. Fifteen colleges and universities will be joining the tournament. The University of Mindanao Wildcats, Jose Maria Colleges Kings and the Ateneo de Davao University Blue Knights head their respective brackets in this year’s edition of the Davao Champions League. These three schools are set in their own brackets in the tournament to fight through to the championship. Jose Maria College Kings will spearhead Bracket A, consisting of MATS College of Technology Navigators, Davao del Norte State College Sharks, Holy Cross of Davao College Crusaders and the Davao Central Colleges Blazing Towill. University of Mindanao Wildcats leads bracket B which includes AMA Computer Titans, University of

puter Titans, University of Immaculate Conception Eagles, Davao Merchant Marine Academy Mariners and the San Pedro College Blue Stallions. Bracket C will be primed by Ateneo de Davao University Blue Knights consisting of Agro Industrial College Sailors, John Paul II College of Davao Saints, STI College Olympians and the Rizal Memorial Colleges Bulldogs. The champion of the tournament will get P15, 000. The 2nd placer pockets the amount of P10, 000 followed by the 3rd prize P5, 000 and P3, 000, respectively. Davao Champions League is yet another arena for great Davaoeno skills. It is an affair not only anticipated by players but an event awaited by a lot of enthusiasts expected to constantly be an avenue of great skills exposing and developing sports proficiency.

teneo reigns over DACS 2013 swimming competition topping 4 out of 6 categories and being declared as over-all champion. Both elementary boys and girls teams bagged the champion. AdDU elementary boys earned a total of 13 gold, 10 silver and 2 bronze followed by Stella Maris Academy with 1 gold, 2 silver, and 6 bronze. Assumption college of Davao picked 3rd place with 1 gold and 2 bronze. AdDU elementary girls, on the other hand, took home a total of 12 gold, 8 silver, and 4 bronze.

Following the line is high school boys team who owned all 13 gold medals and 9 silver beating University of Immaculate Conception and Stella Maris Academy. AdDu high school girls got 2nd place after Stella Maris’ 8 gold, 5 silver, and 2 bronze with 3 gold, 4 silver and 9 bronze. It was a close fight between the college men category as Ateneo and Holy Cross had an 8 all gold. But AdDU took back the lead attaining 7 silver and 2 bronze over HCDC’s 4 silver and 5 bronze.

College women category obtained 2nd place with 4 gold next to Holy Cross of Davao College’s 4 gold, 5 silver and 3 bronze. Ateneans who topped the ranks in their category include Bianca Trinidad and Zoe Hilario of grade school girls with all 4 gold, Jonas Velasco of high school boys also with 4 gold, college men category’s Sam Trinidad with 4 gold and 1 silver and college women’s Le’an Cantil with 4 gold. Second place over all was dig by HCDC and 3rd place as picked by Stella Maris Academy.


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