2017 Florida Flower Trials Hosted by #FNGLA

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Trial Sites: Walt Disney WorldÂŽ, Harry P. Leu Gardens and UF/IFAS Orange County Extension Service

2017 Trial Plant Details

1533 Park Center Drive Orlando, Fl 32835 www.fngla.org


Trial Growers & Landscape Firm

NOTES C O LO R PA L E T T E / C O LO R S A B O V E A R E 4 C CMYK: 50 / 0 / 100 / 0

CMYK: 74 / 32 / 95 19

CMYK: 51 / 60 / 70 / 40

PMS Coated: 376C

PMS Coated: 7742C

PMS Coated: 7519C

PMS Uncoated: 382U

PMS Uncoated: 363U

PMS Uncoated: 4625U

FONTS: Myriad Pro Bold + Myriad Pro Semi-Bold

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Ball Ingenuity Develops and supports new plant programs for Ball with a diverse product assortment. www.ballingenuity.com

Begonia Whopper® Series

(full sun to full shade) Begonia Whopper® Red with Bronze Leaf Improved Begonia Whopper® Red With Green Leaf Improved Begonia Whopper® Rose with Bronze Leaf Improved Begonia Whopper® Rose with Green Leaf Improved Begonia x benariensis Height: 34” (86 cm) Spread: 22” (56 cm) Three varieties have been improved for better uniformity and even more flower power! Whopper® produces extra-large flowers up to 3” across and keeps blooming from Spring through the end of Fall, a must for crating 55 MPH drive-by color. This is THE landscape begonia! Recommended for growing in 4” (10-cm) pots to sell as a green plant to landscapers, or in gallon containers in bloom. Begonia Whopper® seed is offered exclusively through Ball Seed.

Beginning as a wholesale cut flower operation started by George J. Ball in 1905, Ball Horticultural Company has grown into a leader in all facets of horticulture. Their global family of breeders, research and development teams, seed and vegetative producers, and distribution companies has a strong presence on six continents in 18 countries and through 42 individual Ball companies including three which are participating in the FNGLA Florida Flower Trials program: Ball Ingenuity, Ball FloraPlant and PanAmerican Seed. Ball Horticultural Company’s mission is to be the world leader in the research, breeding, production and marketing of ornamental crops. Their” Pillars of Growth” which lead all they do: • Color the world. • Create excitement in the world of flowers. • Always be the first choice for service. • Continually improve our cost position. • Grow a green future. Ball Ingenuity Develops and supports new plant programs for Ball with a diverse product assortment. Informational Contact: Jeff Gibson Landscape Business Manager Ball Horticultural Company 630 624 7412 jgibson@ballhort.com Find Ball products at a grower near you.

Whopper Red with Bronze Leaf Improved www.FloridaFlowerTrials.org | 3

Whopper Rose with Bronze Leaf Improved

Whopper Rose with Green Leaf Improved Whopper Red with Green Leaf Improved


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Canna Cannova® ‘Bronze Orange’ (full sun) Canna x genera Height: 30” to 48” (76 to 122 cm) Spread: 14” to 20” (36 to 51 cm)

The bronze foliage offers striking contrast with the flowers and is a great option for mixed combinations or in-ground plantings. It’s the first F, canna series from seed offers an easy-to-grow option in this heat-tolerant class. It works well in 4-in. (10-cm) pots to 2 gallons and is the second bronze foliage variety in the series!

Celosia IntenzTM Classic (full sun) Celosia argentea Height: 18” (46cm) Width: 12” (30cm)

This upright, low maintenance, heat tolerant and very striking spikey bloom celosia flowers spring, summer and fall. It’s bold purple color makes a statement in the garden. For growers, available as unrooted cuttings and as rooted liners.

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Ball FloraPlant is a leading breeder/ producer of vegetative products, every one backed by the Ball Certified Plants® disease-free certification process. Ball FloraPlant has won critical acclaim for its genetics and reliable supply of disease-free certified cuttings. Informational Contact: Jeff Gibson Landscape Business Manager Ball Horticultural Company 630 624 7412 jgibson@ballhort.com

Coleus FlameThrowerTM

(full sun to shade) Coleus FameThowerTM Chili Pepper Coleus FameThowerTM Habernero Coleus FameThowerTM Salsa Verde Height: 12” to 18” (30 to 46 cm) Spread: 16” to 18” (41 to 46 cm)

Solenostenom scutellariodes

Find Ball products at a grower near you.

A “Season Extender” with colorful, compact, bold foliage with combo-friendly, heat-tolerant plants to celebrate the Summer. With stunning colors and patterns, FlameThrowerTM is lowmaintenance, high-impact and is ideal for large pot programs and landscaping. Compact to medium coleus is greatr for quarts and mixed containers. Its available as certified, disease-free cuttings through the Ball Certified Plants program.

Chili Pepper Coleus Its uniquely colored and shaped leaves add texture in the garden and containers. Great garden performance in sun and shade. ‘UF81910’

Habanero Coleus Fiery orange leaves have a touch of purple at the center and edges. Ideal for small pots, mixed containers. ‘UF9837’ PPAF

Salsa Verde Coleus Salsa Verde is an exciting lime green color addition that is similar in habit to Chili Pepper on the vigorous end of the series. This compact to medium coleus is perfect for quarts and mixed containers.


6 | www.FloridaFlowerTrials.org

Chili Pepper


Salsa Verde

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Petunia ColorRushTM Pink (full sun) Height: 10” to 412” (25 to 30 cm) Spread: 24” to 36” (60 to 90 cm)

This Petunia features big vigor and even bigger garden performance! Mounds of color hold up in the heat and rain. Ideal for landscapes and large baskets.

AngelMist® Spreading Bluebird Angelonia (full sun) Height: 4” to 10” (10 to 25 cm) Spread: 12” to 20” (30 to 51 cm)

Angelonia angustifolia A great blue bicolor, summer’s heat transitions the bicolor to lavender blue two-tone. AngelMist is a great season-entending plant and has a unique color which expands the first largeflowered spreading angelonia series for big impact in baskets or in the ground.


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Salvia Mysty

(full sun) Height: 12” to 18” (30 to 46 cm) Spread: 12” to 18” (30 to 46 cm) This compact new salvia is about 25% to 35% less vigorous than Mystic Spires making it a better variety for mixes. Covered with true blue flowers all season, the dark green-leafed plants are naturally more compact, well-branched and very free-flowering. These heat-hardy plants are great for late Spring/Summer programs and are Ideal for middle of the garden borders, as well as 10” to 12” (25 to 30-cm) mixed containers.

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PanAmerican Seed is also in the Ball Family of companies and is a leading breeder/producer of innovative premium seed products backed by industry-leading quality, research, delivery and support From annuals to vegetables, PanAmerican Seed has been serving the industry for almost 70 years. Informational Contact: Jeff Gibson Landscape Business Manager Ball Horticultural Company 630 624 7412 jgibson@ballhort.com Find Ball products at a grower near you.

Alternanthera Purple Prince

(full sun to partial sun) Height : 10” to 16” (25 - 41cm) Width : 18” to 20” (46 - 51cm) Spacing : 12” to 14” (30 - 36cm)


10 | www.FloridaFlowerTrials.org

Alternanthera brasiliana This is the first compact seed alternanthera as an easyto-grow alternative to vegetative varieties. It’s durable carpet of ruby/burgundy foliage is ready to take on any Summer condition including drought and rain. Imagine this unique colour accent in large cityscapes and as a “spiller” in high-impact containers! Great in low-maintenance landscapes for professionals and for home gardeners alike. May flower under very short days; light plants at that time of year to prevent bud formation.

Begonia ‘Megawatt Red Bronze Leaf’ (Shade to partial sun)

Height: 20” to 28” (51 - 71 cm) Width: 16” to 24” (41 - 61 cm) Spacing: 12” to 16” (30 - 41 cm)

Begonia interspecific Megawatt debuted for 2017 as a fresh, high-energy option in begonias, pushing this must-have class to a whole new level with great timing benefits, a unique colour, ultimate garden power and more. These bigger-than-life hybrids open the door to earlier Spring sales for gardens, planters and baskets. Performs well in heat. Bronze-leaf varieties are faster to flower than green-leaved in long days. Performs well in Florida’s heat with no deadheading. With this introduction, PanAmerican Seed now offers a complete interspecific program, starting with fastest-to-market BabyWing® for day-neutral growing…Megawatt for big Spring sales…and Dragon Wing® to round out the season. MEGAsize + MEGAcolor = MEGAsales!

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Celosia First Flame™ Scarlet

(full sun) Height: 10” to 14” (25 - 36cm) Width: 10” to 16” (25 - 41cm) Spacing: 10” to 14” (25 - 36cm)

Celosia plumosa Excellent, brightly coloured Summer crop finishes 10 to 14 days earlier than competing varieties to reduce production costs. Branching like a regular C. plumosa to produce full blooms, First FlameTM is uniform across all colours for a fuller look in containers. This plant makes great border plants; also good in containers-and ideal for Asian and southern markets. The series features outstanding, bright colour and great habit – fits well with Red and yellow. It’s color holds very well in sun and high light levels.


12 | www.FloridaFlowerTrials.org

Dianthus Jolt™ Pink Magic (full sun) Height: 16 to 20” (41 - 51cm) Width: 12 to 14” (30 - 36cm) Spacing: 10 to 14” (25 - 36cm)

Dianthus barbatus interspecific Shocking Summer Color from the most heat-tolerant Interspecific Dianthus: electrifying colours and all-season performance make Jolt stand out in landscapes and premium containers. It’s a highly durable plant able to withstand hot conditions with few disease issues. It continues to flower without setting seed and is grower-friendly-- with well-branched plants are easy to produce with less to no PGRs. Perfect for Summer premium grower choice quarts and gallons, it commands a higher price point. Strong dark green foliage with flowers opening white, then light pink, maturing to dark pink; optimal color pattern results from high light and cool night temperatures. An All-America Selections National Winner, Jolt Pink continues to stir up consumer excitement with extra publicity and promotion.

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Ornamental Pepper Midnight Fire (partial sun to sun) Height: 9 to 12” (23 - 30cm) Width: 14 to 16” (36 - 41cm) Spacing: 12 to 14” (30 - 36cm)

Capsicum annuum Distinctive dark black foliage is accented by purple fruit which mature to bright red. This eye-catching combination is sure to result in fast sell-through. Plants are well-branched plants are perfect for stunning Autumn combination planters and large container programs at retail. Best in 6” and 8” pots, gallons and Mum Pals programs.

Ornamental Millet Copper Prince (partial sun to sun) Height: 24” to 36” (61 - 91cm) Width: 18” to 24” (46 - 61cm) Spacing: 10” to 16” (25 - 41cm)

Pennisetum glaucum With a mounding and upright habit, this unique accent plant is appealing at retail and make a dramatic statement in mixed containers, gardens and landscapes. This exciting new color joins the only ornamental millet seed assortment on the market. Copper Prince begins as a light caramel color, deepening to copper as it sends up rosy, foxtail-type panicles. With late summer interest, its wide blades and excellent tillering and with height and spread like Jade Princess, this variety is perfect for large containers and landscape use.


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Pentas Lucky Star™ - Series (full sun)

Pentas Lucky Star™ Dark Red Pentas Lucky Star™ Deep Pink Pentas Lucky Star™ Lavender Pentas Lucky Star™ Pink Pentas Lucky Star™ Violet Pentas Lucky Star™ White Height: 12” to 16” (30 - 41cm) Width: 12” to 14” (30 - 36cm) Spacing: 8” to 10” (20 - 25cm)

Pentas lanceolata Non-stop color means plants look better getting off the truck and they just keep getting better! Plus, this color-rich series has a tight, compact habit which keeps them looking tidy with virtually no effort. The promise of continuous, showstopping color on full, lush plants…now that’s a huge plus! With the fastest follow-up blooming of any pentas on the market and a one-week bloom window, Lucky Star maintains a consistent show of color from retail through end-of-season. Follow-up blooms do not eclipse the prior flush, so plants stay compact, tight and ready with minimal work.

Dark Red


Deep Pink




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A third generation family farming and shipping business, Our success is due to our unparalleled service and quality. Bates & Sons started in 1945 after founder Emmett Bates returned home from WWII to his wife Mildred and their daughter Nan and two sons Don and Fred. The first caladium planting was a 5 gallon bucket of mixed caladium varieties. Fred and wife Nancy and Don and his wife Dot became a part of the business in the 1970’s. Terri and Sheri, the next generation, joined in the early 1980’s and the business became Bates Sons & Daughters. Current owners are Sheri Bates and Terri Bates. Sheri is the CFO and oversees warehouse and shipping operations. Terri is the in-house horticulturist and oversees the field operations. In addition to caladium bulb production, they have operated a pre-finished potted caladium greenhouse business for the last 20 years. The majority of our employees has been with us over 20 years and are experts in processing and counting caladium bulbs. Informational Contact & Orders: Terri Bates 863 465 3274 terri@caladiumsonline.com

Flamingo Double


16 | www.FloridaFlowerTrials.org

Caladium ‘Flamingo Double’ (full sun to shade, best in sun) Height: intermediate

A fancy leaf caladium with a neon pink center and a green border. Performs very well in the full sun. Uses include all container sizes and landscape plantings- sun or shade. Must de-eye for 4” and 6” pots. A Bates Sons & Daughters exclusive- released for sale this year.

Caladium ‘Icicle’ (full sun tolerant)

A white strap with a creamy center and a green border. Can tolerate full sun. Uses include hanging baskets, border plantings, 4” or 6” pots. Does not need de-eyeing. This is a UF developed variety and is being released for sale this year.

www.FloridaFlowerTrials.org | 17

Caladium ‘Hot Pink’ (full sun tollerant) Height: tall

A striking statement with its large fancy leaf, bright pink center and green border, ‘Hot Pink’ can tolerate full sun. Uses include large or mixed containers and landscape plantings. Must de-eye for 4” or 6” pots. A Bates Sons & Daughters exclusive. It will be released for sale in 2019.

Caladium ‘Tinkerbell’ Height: short This variety looks like a Thai caladium with its very thin, long leaves accented with pink and green variegation. Growing to a typical maximum of just 6”-8” high, it has an interesting look for a hanging basket or even for small pots. It is sun tolerant and should never be de-eyed. This caladium will be released in 2019 or 2020 and is a Bates Sons & Daughters exclusive.


18 | www.FloridaFlowerTrials.org

Caladium ‘Pearl Blush’ (full sun and shade)

A white strap variety caladium with pink and white veins. In full sun, it tends to have more pink stripes. Uses include hanging baskets, 4” or 6” pots, and border plantings. A Bates Sons & Daughters exclusivereleased for sale this year.

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An independent family business in its 6th generation, Benary is a 170 year old “start-up” company operating three breeding facilities in USA, the Netherlands, and Germany! Its core business is the development and distribution of seed-raised bedding ornamentals. Today, Benary is one of the leading breeding companies worldwide in this field. Professional quality products are offered to growers and young plant producers through a wide network of distributors and brokers around the world. Today, it exports more than 85 % of the seeds into 120 countries worldwide. Benary stands for premium quality flower seed for efficient young plant production and extraordinary garden performance. Benary was founded in 1843 in Erfurt (former Eastern Germany), which was the center of the European Ornamental Industry. After World War II, the family business was completely disowned by the socialist government and was refounded by Friedrich Ernst Benary to Hann. Münden, Lower Saxony. This was in 1946. Contact: Scott Hanes 831 288 2803 shanes@benary.com


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Bed Head Calocephalus (full sun to partial shade) Height: 8” garden height Calocephalus ‘brownii’

Exceptional for all kinds of containers, this is the first Calocephalus from seed! It’s distinctive appearance is a perfect combination plant with extravagant character. It is well suited as fall crop and an accent in beds and it heat tolerant. Not for resale or disribution outside the USA and Canada.

Arctic Blue Salvia

(full sun to partial shade) Height: up to 18”

Salvia farinacea ‘Arctic Blue’ An early and persistent flowering annual plant. Uniquely colored purple-blue speckled with white flowers, this Salvia has spikes of blue flowers. Upright bushy growth to 30-60cm. Best in full sun to semi shade conditions. Ideal for bedding or pots. Flowers much of the year and does respond to the occasional trim to re-vitalise growth.

www.FloridaFlowerTrials.org | 21

Rudbeckia hirta series (full sun) Height: 12 to 28” (50-70 cm)

Plants for border; pot and container plants; and, cut flower production

Rudbeckia hirta ‘Denver Daisy’ Flower power is no understatement for this beauty as large masses of golden flowers adorned with rusty red rings cover Denver DaiSY from late spring until first frost. Strong, dense flower stems ensure ‘Denver Daisy’ will not flop or fall over in adverse weather conditions. Growers will love this rudbeckia because of its high germination rates and high percentage of usable seedlings. This plant is ideal for 1G production.

Rudbeckia hirta ‘Prairie Sun’ Prairie Sun has very large 6.4” flowers with light yellow tips on golden petals that encircle a green center. This variety looked so bright and sunny in more than 70 Fleuroselect and all american Selections field trials judges ruled ‘Prairie Sun’ a winner in North America and Europe. With a potential of up to 30” in height, the unique color combination and sturdy habit make this variety a winner in virtually any garden location.


22 || www.FloridaFlowerTrials.org www.FloridaFlowerTrials.org 22

Rudbeckia hirta ‘Toto’® (full sun) Height: up to 14”

Rudbeckia hirta ‘Toto Gold’ Rudbeckia hirta ‘Toto Rustc’ Rudbeckia hirta ‘Toto Mixed’

Toto Gold

Toto Rustic

Compact, well branched and early flowering, the Toto® trio is ideally suited for 4-5” (10-12 cm) pots. Toto® Gold and Toto® rustic both received Fleuroselect Quality marks for their beautiful habit and abundant summer long flowering. The beautiful 2.4” (6 cm) round flowers of the Toto® series make an excellent presentation in any planting. The three separate colors (the third being ‘Lemon’ which was not part of the trial as a solo entry) can also be found in the well balanced Toto® mix. Toto® rudbeckias are excellent choices for borders, combination containers, or specimen pots on the patio.

Toto Mix

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Aiming to expand the use of caladiums in landscapes and pots by rejuvenating classic varieties and developing 21st-century relevant new caladium varieties, Classic Caladiums utilizes state-of-the-art technology to deliver the highest performing tubers possible. Located in Avon Park, Classic Caladiums is a 250 acres in house production with 100 additional acres for contract production. In house production is done on sand land and approximately 2/3 of the area is done on raised-plastic mulch beds similar to strawberry and tomato production. Over 90 total varieties are currently grown: 40 industry standard and 50 proprietary varieties. Contacts: Robert W. Hartman 863 441 2592 Brian Russel 828 578 0430 Pam Green (customer service) 863 453 0014 Florida Sources of New varieties, include: American Farms; Brad’s Bedding Plants; Costa Farms; Knox Nursery; and, Pure Beauty Farms.


2424| www.FloridaFlowerTrials.org | www.FloridaFlowerTrials.org

Caladium ‘Berries N Burgundy’ (full sun tolerant) Height: intermediate to tall

Caladium ‘Berries N’ Burgundy’PPAF is a fancy-leaved 2015-16 introduction. Berries N’ Burgundy has a very distinctive look with a bronze background and a pink and white center and bright pink primary veins. Berries N’ Burgundy’s habit is improved with deeyeing for smaller pots.

Caladium ‘Flare’ PP (full sun tolerant)

Height: short to intermediate A rich pink/red often shiny strap (lance) leaf variety introduced in 2013. ‘Flare’ is tolerant of full sun conditions and works well in the landscape as a short to intermediate variety. ‘Flare’ is reminiscent of a shiny strap ‘Rosebud’ but with a deeper richer color. ‘Flare’ is useful in 4” and larger pots, baskets and as a border plant in combination/patio planters.

Caladium ‘Tiki Torch’ PP (full sun tolerant) Height: short to intermediate

Scarlet red with a broad chartreuse margin red strap, this variety was introduced in 2013. ‘Tiki Torch’ is tolerant of full sun and works well in the landscape as a short to intermediate variety caladium. ‘Tiki Torch’ is best in 4” and larger pots, baskets. Beautiful in its own right but in combination/ patio planters its chartreuse border makes it a universal companion plant. This color pattern is unique color among strap leaf caladiums.

Caladium ‘White Pearl’ PP (full sun tolerant)

Height: short to intermediate Scarlet red with a broad chartreuse margin red strap, this variety was introduced in 2013. ‘Tiki Torch’ is tolerant of full sun and works well in the landscape as a short to intermediate variety caladium. ‘Tiki Torch’ is best in 4” and larger pots, baskets. Beautiful in its own right but in combination/ patio planters its chartreuse border makes it a universal companion plant. This color pattern is unique color among strap leaf caladiums.

www.FloridaFlowerTrials.org || 25 25 www.FloridaFlowerTrials.org

Caladium ‘Fast Flash’PPAF This fancy leafed caladium variety is one of the most popular caladium varieties on the market! Specifically bred to eliminate two signifiant flaws typically associated with the ‘Red Flash’ variety: poor branching well even when de-eyed; and, it is very slow sprouting and therefore doesn’t have a pot crop time that is compatible with other caladium varieties. Classic Caladiums preserves the classic ‘Red Flash’ look hence the name ‘Fast Flash.’ This variety is as fast as our fastest fancy varieties and branches well-- making it an excellent potted plant. ‘Fast Flash’ is a variety that meets consumer demand while addressing the needs of the commercial pot grower.

Caladium ‘Summer Breeze’ PP As its name implies, this fancy leaf variety will remind you of a warm summer day with a light breeze blowing. ‘Summer Breeze’ makes large leaves if not de-eyed, which are real show stoppers in shaded landscapes-- but should be de-eyed for pot production. ‘Summer Breeze’ is ideal in 6” and larger pots and was recognized as a “Plants of Distinction” in the 2013 University of Georgia trials in Athens.


26 | www.FloridaFlowerTrials.org

Danziger: “Dan” Flower Farm, founded in 1953, is one of Israel’s leading floriculture companies.

Impatiens hybrid Sun Harmony® Series (full sun to partial shade) Sun Harmony® Blush Sun Harmony® Compact Lavender Sun Harmony® Deep Orange Sun Harmony® Deep Pink Sun Harmony® Magenta Sun Harmony® Orange Sun Harmony® Pink Sun Harmony® Purple Sun Harmony® Salmon Sun Harmony® Scarlet Sun Harmony® Violet Sun Harmony® Vivid Pink Height: 16” to 20” tall

From a small family business, growing and selling cut flowers, the nursery developed into a company of 200 employees, with approximately 80,000 square meters of state-of-the-art greenhouses specializing in asexual reproduction of plants.

Best in quarts and gallons and blooming profusely and continuously from early spring through fall, Sun Harmony varieties offer excellent garden performance in full sunlight or partial shade. Plants thick, succulent stems and sturdy habit make them a durable favorite.

Today, they produce young plants and cuttings for the local market and for more than 60 countries all over the world and they have put a special emphasis on breeding varieties for cut flowers and bedding plants. A talented and experienced team of breeders equipped with a highly advanced tissue culture lab, breeds, tests and introduces new & improved varieties every season. Contact: Dana Fernandez 616 899 2197 dana-fer@danziger.co.il


www.FloridaFlowerTrials.org | 27


Compact Lavender

Deep Orange

Deep Pink








Vivid Pink


28 | www.FloridaFlowerTrials.org

Phlox Phloxstar Series

www.FloridaFlowerTrials.org | 29

Petunia Capella™ Series Capella™ Indigo Capella™ Purple Diamond Capella™ Red Lips Capella™ Pink Lace Capella™ Purple Veins Capella™ Red Capella™ White

Bred with a focus on uniformity and earlyblooming, varieties in the Capella series are very weather tolerant, standing up well to rain, wind and other weather. The series also has the added benefits of being self cleaning. Capella varieties are notable for their striking colors and controlled habits.


Pink Lace


Purple Veins


30 | www.FloridaFlowerTrials.org


Portulaca oleracea Pazzaz™ Series Pazzaz™ Neon Pink Pazzaz™ Campino Pitaya Pazzaz™ Campino Vanilla Cherry Pazzaz™ Nano Fuchsia Pazzaz™ Nano Hot Pink Pazzaz™ Nano Orange Pazzaz™ Nano Yellow

Portulaca ‘Pazazz™ are heavy bloomers with large flowers over top of shiny-green succulent foliage. The Pazazz™ series of portulaca are trailing plants which spread in the landscape. As hanging baskets and window boxes, they provide the “spiller.” This series is known for iridescent blooms and maintaining a beautiful display through periods of low rainfall, extremely hot weather, and low fertility.

Nano Hot Pink

Nano Yellow

Nano Orange

Campino Pitaya

Neon Pink

Nano Fuschia

Campino Vanilla Cherry

www.FloridaFlowerTrials.org | 31

Hem Genetics, a sister company of Hem Zaden BV, was founded in April 1998. Aimed at the professional grower market, Hem Genetics’ concentration is breeding, development and marketing of both seed and vegetative -aised ornamental potted plants and bedding plant varieties. Hem Genetics hasfocused efforts in its breeding program developing varieties which require less or no plant growth regulators (PGRs). Hem Genetics is the only company in the world offering natural dwarf varieties. Contacts: Joe Messer 260 982 5303 jrmesser02@manchester.edu

Lavandula multifidi ‘Blue Torch’ Height: 18” to 20”

A new, fast lavender from seed, ‘Blue Torch’ has fern-like grey foliage and 18-20” tall flower stems of lavender blue flowers. One of its attributes is that it is very fast growing from seed; It will produce a finished, flowering gallon pot in only 14-16 weeks from sowing, or 7 to 9 weeks from a 288 plug. The foliage had a bold, oregano scent. It is not as hardy as most lavenders, probably only to zone 8B or 9, but it survives summer better than most. It isn’t happy in our Florida summers but it survives and comes back into full beauty when the autumn arrives.

Barry Ruta 813 645 2167 bruta@ix.netcom.com


32 | www.FloridaFlowerTrials.org

Catharanthus roseus/Vinca F1 Solar Red Improved Catharanthus roseus/Vinca F1 Solar Burgundy Height: 18” to 20”

Solar Red Improved

These upright-growing F1 Hybrid Vincas are bred for uniformity both in time to flower as well as plant habit, forming a mound-shaped plant in the landscape. They are selected for large flowers with rounded overlapping petals from their first flowers produced – often others have ‘gappy’ flowers until the plants mature. They have good tolerance to disease. Solar Red is improved for 2017-18.

Cineraria maritima ‘Quicksilver’ This new Dusty Miller variety has several things going for it – ‘Quicksilver’ is more compact and free-branching than older types, like its sister variety ‘Silverado’ or the old ‘Silverdust.’ Much effort has gone into grading and sorting/sizing seed to increase the germination, as Dusty Miller is notoriously poor. Both the new ‘Quicksilver’ and ‘Silverado’ have a seed standard of 90% plus germination.

www.FloridaFlowerTrials.org | 33

Dianthus x hybrida Dianthus x hybrida F1 ‘Supra Pink’ Dianthus x hybrida F1 ‘Supra Purple’ Dianthus x hybrida F1 ‘Supra Salmon’ Dianthus F1 ‘Supra’ is a series that is a cross between Dianthus chinensis with a perennial species, and this marriage provides several benefits. Being interspecific, it does not produce seeds, so puts more of its effort into producing more flowers, and is a very prolific bloomer. The perennial species imparts both winter hardiness – they were trialed in Minnesota, and were winter hardy in zone 4B, but also from trials in Central Florida, ‘Supra’ has proven to be one of the “Summer Survivor” trial subjects! ‘Supra Pink’ is a new variety for the coming year, and won an AAS award! Supra Purple won an AAS award also in 2006. And, ‘Salmon’ is an improved color for 2016-17.

Supra Pink


34 | www.FloridaFlowerTrials.org

Petunia grandiflora F1 Limbo GP Petunia grandiflora F1 Limbo GP ‘Burgundy Picotee’ Petunia grandiflora F1 Limbo GP ‘Rose Picotee’ Hem has long been the leader in the Grandiflora Petunia market with their genetically dwarf Limbo series. It stays compact with no PGR use, making it more economical in production plus it is safer for the environment. Over the past few years, improving the genetics for the best garden performance has been a priority. As of 2017, all Limbos are now Limbo *GP* which allows them to grow a little wider in the landscape without stretching in height, and they have the same retail characteristics as the older Limbo series. New for 2017-18 is another genetic breakthrough with the addition of three Picotee colors to the series, the two in the trial plus Red Picotee, Two more are coming next year. Picotees, like Blue petunias, are genetically tall-- and it took some time to breed this stretch out of those colors – and here they are!

Burgundy Picotee

Rose Picotee

www.FloridaFlowerTrials.org | 35

Tomato F1 ‘Sweet Valentines’ This is the FIRST edible product from Hem Genetics. Tomato ‘Sweet Valentines’ is a compact, hanging tomato variety meant for use in patio containers or hanging baskets. The prolific fruit literally hangs all around the compact plant. Very sweet, delicious heart-shaped tomatoes are produced abundantly in this determinate F1 hybrid Tomato. Consider doing 6” pots or hanging baskets as a promo for Valentine’s Day!

Catharanthus roseus Solar Avalanche series Vinca F1 Solar Avalanche ‘Apricot’ Vinca F1 Solar Avalanche ‘Violet’ Vinca F1 Solar Avalanche ‘Rose’ Introduced in 2016-17, this spreading series of vinca have performed really well in trials here and across the country. While often “trailing” vinca often produce more upright shoots with the spreading/trailing ones, this ‘Solar Avalanche’ is nice and flat and uniform in the landscape and hangs beautifully in a basket – no stalky irregularities. The varieties are selected for large, full, rounded petals with prolific flower production.


NOTES Violet Rose

36 | www.FloridaFlowerTrials.org

Sakata is a world leader in breeding and producing vegetable and ornamental seed; and, vegetative cuttings.

SunPatiens ® Compact series (full sun to partial shade)

Impatiens x hybrida hort SunPatiens® ‘Compact Blush Pink’ Impatiens x hybrida hort SunPatiens® ‘Compact Fire Red’ Impatiens x hybrida hort SunPatiens® ‘Compact Lilac’ Impatiens x hybrida hort SunPatiens® ‘Compact Orchid’ Impatiens x hybrida hort SunPatiens® ‘Compact Purple’ Impatiens x hybrida hort SunPatiens® ‘Compact White’ Impatiens x hybrida hort SunPatiens® offer unrivaled three-season flower power and increasing consumer brand preference creates pull through demand at retail. These remarkable plants represent a breeding breakthrough: robust, sun-loving, heat-loving impatiens which thrive in full sun or part shade and deliver continuous color from spring through hard frost. SunPatiens® are an excellent alternative to seed impatiens, offering non-stop color and impressive 3-to-1 coverage in the garden.

Sakata breeders around the world work diligently to develop varieties which offer superior performance and set new standards for the industry. 2013 marked our centennial year. We are proud to have joined the ranks of the few companies which have had the honor of celebrating this significant milestone! Contact: Bob Croft Sakata Seed America 616 791 2307 bcroft@sakata.com

Compact SunPatiens® are bred for smaller container production with the best habit for strong retail appeal. Not affacted by downey mildrew and no PGRs needed when you grow as recommended.

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Blush Pink

Fire Red Orchid

Lilac White


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For nearly 30 years the breeders at Suntory Flowers in Japan have been transforming the global landscape in living color!

Angelonia ‘Sungelonia Deep Pink’ Height: 12” to 15” Width: 8” to 12” Sungelonia angelonia provide beautiful, upright color in beds or make elegant thrillers in combo pots. Unlike other angelonia, which can get floppy, plants are well supported with dense foliage and flowers, excellent branching on a compact, well-balanced form. Available in Blue, Deep Pink and White, Sungelonia offers superb heat and humidity tolerance.

It all began with vigorous, weather tolerant Surfinia petunias. Then came the invention of Million Bells calibrachoa, the very first series in this genus on the market. Especially nice for Florida has been Sun Parasol mandevillas. The superior performance, variety of forms and color range took mandevilla from tropical niche to a major mainstream tropical enjoyed in the North and South. The latest Suntory plants catching on in the South are the highly disease resistant and low maintenance Sunrosa landscape roses, which were just installed at Leu Gardens Contact: Delilah Onofrey 440-522-1447 donofrey@gmail.com Southern liner sources: Sun-Fire Nurseries: 941 924 8676 Knox Nursery: 407 654 1972 Davis Floral: 706 283 1396 Sunbelt Greenhouses: 912 384 3806 Dupont Nursery: 225 659 2822

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Petunia ‘Surfinia Summer Double Rose’ Height: 12” to 16” Width: up to 40” Surfinia Summer Doubles are the best double petunia ever! They offer outstanding heat and rain tolerance. Fresh blooms continuously cover old, keeping deadheading to a minimum. Proven in the South, Surfinia Summer Double petunias offer award-winning garden performance, including the University of Georgia’s Classic City Award. Compact mounding plants fill small containers or very large hanging baskets nicely.



Catharanthus Soiree ‘Ka-wa-i-i Coral’ Catharanthus Soiree ‘Ka-wa-i-i Lavender’ Height: 6” tp 10” Width: 12” to 18” These micro blooming varieties are tiny but terrific! The word, “kawaii,” means cute in Japanese. Each flower has a cartoon-like, abstract shape. Plants are just covered with vivid color. Choose from Pink, Coral or Lavender. Foliage is attractive, glossy green with small leaves, and densely branched. In the garden, plants remain compact. Soiree thrives in the heat, is low maintenance and provides excellent coverage all summer.


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Scaevola ‘Surdiva Sky Blue’ Scaevola ‘Surdiva Fashion Pink’ Height: 6” to 10” Width: 18” to 24” Check out the most modern scaevola breeding! New Surdiva varieties offer rich, vivid colors, controlled growth and outstanding heat tolerant. Plants are compact and branching and two weeks earlier to bloom than previous introductions. Surdiva has a mounding, semi-trailing habit. An excellent choice for beds, borders and containers!

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Visit other floriculture-oriented trial locations throughout the United States: California Spring Trials (formerly California Pack Trials): http://www.gpnmag.com/californiaspringtrials Dallas Arboretum Trial Gardens: http://www.dallasplanttrials.org/ Trial Gardens at UGA: http://ugatrial.hort.uga.edu/ All-America Selections: http://www.all-americaselections.org/ Michigan State University Trial Gardens: http://trialgardens.hrt.msu.edu/ Plant Trial Database: http://planttrials.org

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