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Another effective insecticide from FMC Agriculturaland Crop Protection Products is the Starbunch Insecticide with active element, Bifenthrin. This insecticide helps in regulating rust thrips from the development of the banana fruit up to the time it can be harvested together with giving bell injection. A kind of pesticide, insecticides are similar to fungicides and herbicides. They kill mites, spiders, insects and ticks by actinic action. With that being said, FMC advise customers to be vigilant in storing and handling Starbunch. · Do not recyle its packaging when storing food. · Prevent granules from falling to rivers, brooks and other water courses to protect these from getting polluted. · Always keep sacks closed prior to storing it in a cool, airy place. · Do not store it near foods, animals, animal foods, fertilizers and other pesticides. · Keep it away from kids. · Do not leave empty packaging or throw it within the area. · Do not store Starbunch Insecticide under the sun’s rays for a long time. · Do away with used sacks from the other group. · Empty sacks need to be destroyed and buried in a local lawful disposal area or in an official dangerous waste dump. Alternatively, dig it in a pit 500 mm in depth purposefully tagged and created for this reason further from water courses, tree roots and other plants and crops.

Shun from burning empty sacks.

Stocking up and handling Starbunch Insecticide must be strictly observed to prevent used sacks from contaminating the environment. While it can be useful for crops and other plants, it can be very unsafe to people. Article Source -

Control Rust Thrips in Banana with the Use of Starbunch Insecticide