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Who we are?


’m sure you would agree that traveling with kids can be fun—but certainly challenging and frustrating at times …

As a passionate traveler who refused to give up traveling after starting a family, I continued to travel with my kids, trying to have as much fun as possible while maximizing the opportunity to enhance their knowledge—always trying to get them to take in a little more than just what they saw in front of them … Well, this was not an easy task! Being a Learning Solutions Expert in a significant global corporation, I kept asking myself, What am I doing wrong? I simply had to find a better way. So I started to develop unique resources, content, and solutions for my kids. Soon I started sharing my materials and my knowledge with other parents and friends from all over the world. In return, I received tremendous feedback and a great gift— other parents started to contribute their knowledge, and they shared my “activities” with their friends … The result was the birth of the Kids’ Travel Guide series and the FlyingKids group.


specially designed for kids! Unique travel guides and activity books in one, the Kids’ Travel Guides are the fun way to discover new places around the world! The interactive guidebooks tell your kids everything they need to know about the country or city you plan to visit. From packing at home to seeing the sights during the trip, Leonardo—the kids’ tour guide— makes it interesting with fun facts, “juicy” information, quizzes, special tasks, kids’ diary, and coloring pages. And when the kids return home, the book will become a souvenir of their trip that they can treasure for a lifetime.


Kids’ Travel Guides – Country


reat no matter which city you plan to visit. Gives kids an overview of the country: its geography, flags, and symbols; fascinating history; local culture and food; and even some useful words in the language.

Kids’ Travel Guides — Helping kids get the most out of family travel ... to • Before the trip: Kids look forward to traveling! Helps kids know what expect and involves them in the preparations. e and • During the trip: Kids have fun and learn! Encourages kids to explor the be open to new places and experiences. Parents join in or relax while kids enjoy being active. • When returning home: Kids treasure the memories! Gives kids a wonderful and special souvenir to share and show off.


Italy: Ever wondered

why Rome is known as the Eternal City? Or how Giotti became the official painter for the Pope? Why do people throw a coin into Trevi Fountain, and why does the Leaning Tower of Pisa lean?

Thailand: Money in Thailand is called the Thai baht, but how much is the baht worth in your country’s money? Whose picture is never allowed on Thai money? Can you guess why? Why can you never go hungry in Thailand? The UK: Grammar might

be dull, but when you teach the meaning of unusual sayings and words, UK English is a delight. And between England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales, there are often many names for the same thing—an example: bap, batch, cab, barm, muffin, bridie, rowie, stottie, and oggie all mean the same thing!


Kids’ Travel Guides – City


ocuses on a specific city and the main attractions kids must visit and get to know. Provides background information on the city: its relevant history, how it looks, its transportation system, and many other fascinating facts.

Leonardo keeps kids interested with fun facts, challenging tasks, special tips, and exciting quizzes at every site they visit.


Country + City – 2 in 1


ombines the information and value of both the Kids’ Travel Guide — Country and the Kids’ Travel Guide — City.

• All about the country: its geography, flags and symbols, and fascinating history, as well as culture, food, and some useful words in the language. •

Everything about the city: its relevant history, city map, transportation system, and many fascinating facts and things to do.

Rights sold to Vietnam

Rights sold to Vietnam

Rights sold to Vietnam


Rights sold to Vietnam

Rights sold to Vietnam

Spain: What book is

considered to be the world’s first novel? Did you know the author was in the Spanish navy and was captured and held for ransom by pirates? Who is Ratoncito Pérez and why do Spanish kids get excited to see what he brings?

Paris: What does Paris

look like? How did Paris get its name? Can the kids help Leonardo find the names of the streets around the Arch of Triumph? How tall is the Eiffel Tower, and why was it built? What are some secrets about the Notre-Dame Cathedral?

New York City:

What’s so special about New York City, and how did it become one of the most important cities in the world? So many fun things to do in NYC: Central Park, the wonders of the Met (yes, even for kids!), and many more famous sights.



he perfect way for kids to learn about the world through coloring pages and fun activities! Great for family vacations or learning at home, the Kids’ Activity Book series is an introduction to the world! Designed with younger family members in mind (ages 4–8).

Educational and engaging coloring books are perfect for flights, car rides, hotel rooms, and downtime while seeing the sights. Packed with full-sized coloring activities, interactive puzzles, and games on every page, the books feature special kids’ tour guide Leonardo, who keeps your youngsters actively involved and entertained!


Kids’ Activity Book

Kids’ Activity Book



Kids’ Activity Book — USA tours the United States from East Coast to West Coast. 

The Kids’ Activity Book — Europe tours five of the most-visited countries in Europe. 

Leonardo will take your youngest travelers from New York City to Washington, DC, and then across the country to California, where they’ll travel from San Francisco to Los Angeles, and then head south to San Diego.

Leonardo will take your youngest travelers to Spain, France, Italy, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Your kids will color the attractions and highlights as they explore each country and truly enjoy discovering new places.


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Rights catalog flyingkids 2018  
Rights catalog flyingkids 2018