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St Peter’s College

is an independent co-educational Anglican day school espousing Christian values and providing a balanced, caring, varied and modern environment.

Our Aim

is to ensure each child’s individual potential is achieved through exposure to a wide range of excellent academic, sporting, creative, cultural, community, and entrepreneurial activities, based on international standards.

Our Goal

is to create and maintain an environment where trust and respect for the individual prevails; where diversity is valued, and where individual responsibility is fostered within the context of teamwork.

The unique contribution of each student, staff member, and parent, is valued within an environment of opportunity, thereby providing the inspiration necessary to equip our students with the knowledge, skills and confidence required to succeed in the new millennium.





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Rui Morais

St Peter’s College Headmaster


20 years

of service at the college

Headmaster’s Address 2022

Dear Staff, Parents and Students

This has been quite an extraordinary year in so many respects but, I feel especially honoured to lead our community and to play my role in ensuring that we continue to celebrate our illustrious history whilst working together to further develop and enhance this liberal and progressive Anglican school. As we come to the end of the 2022 Academic Year, it is a good time to reflect on what we have achieved, update you on some important changes as look forward to an even more successful 2023.

It is an exciting time to be at St Peter’s College. We have a great leadership team which thrives on change, diversity, and progress. I am proud and honoured to be able to reiterate that I am fortunate to be working with some of the best educators that I have had the privilege to work alongside. The drive, passion, and determination; underpinned by skill, knowledge, and empathy, has seen teaching and Learning continue to raise progress and achievement, despite the ever changing social, learning and emotional needs that we are confronted with.

Our students and staff are working hard to ensure that 2023 continues with real momentum; there is such positive energy in our school and it’s great to feel it. Our school environment generates a great deal of positive feedback from the wider community. On Open Day on Saturday, 26 March, we had many comments from prospective parents and students who were impressed by the number of outstanding facilities and what the College has to offer. Our teachers have been amazing! The fact St Peter’s College has continued to operate seamlessly, with a consistently high standard of professionalism, is a tribute to their resilience and sheer strength of character.

We are privileged to have several staff join St Peter’s College and I want to take this opportunity to inform you of recent developments around staff promotions, resignations, new posts and appointments for 2023:

• HOD Business Studies – The current HOD Mrs Vuyelwa Kekana has accepted a post at Steyn City and is replaced by Mrs Halisha Ramlall, the HOD at the UCT online school.

• HOD of Creative Arts – With Mrs Crystal Miles stepping down as HOD, we have appointed Ms Staci Howard to replace Crystal from January 2023. This is an internal appointment.

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• Social Science – Mrs Patricia Bossinger, who is the HOD at St Alban’s College will join St Peter’s College in January 2023 to replace the late Mr Francois du Toit.

• Physical Science – Mrs Gwyn Zimmerman has accepted a post at St Stithians Girls, therefore both Mr Dylan Hayes and Ms Kgaogelo Mangena will be teaching some of Gwyn’s senior science classes in 2023. We have appointed Mr Dylan Cooper from Penryn College to teach the junior Technology classes in place of Dylan Hayes.

• Afrikaans – Mrs Rose Koffman has resigned as a member of the Afrikaans Department. We have appointed Mrs Nicolene Lehman, a very experienced senior Afrikaans teacher in a locum position to allow the college time to appoint a replacement for Rose.

Please join me in welcoming the new staff to the College.

The 2022 Academic programme has been another busy year with many changes. It is an exciting time, as change is the new norm. We have a great leadership team which thrives on change, diversity and progress. The team is focused on accelerating learning and using current theory and evidence to improve professional practise. The Teaching and Learning which we are seeing at St Peter’s College in 2022 and beyond, is brilliant; the opportunities being afforded to our students is of the highest quality and meets the diverse range of learning needs.

Academic innovation has always been encouraged at St Peter’s College. Our Academic faculty, under the leadership of our Deputy Headmistress of Education, Mrs Shelly Matthews and her HOD (Head of Department) team have been instrumental in ensuring that the college continuously implements the best academic practice.

In 2023, the Module subjects will be run over a Term where the Grade 8 and 9 students will study three modules per Term. This will give the Elective Subjects more contact time, while still accommodating the new Elective Subjects introduced in 2022. Project-Based Learning will become a module alongside the Elective Subjects. The HODs have spent much time this Term planning on how to introduce rigorous projects into the elective modules. It is a privilege to see the passion and commitment of the teachers to promote the love of learning via the One Problem One Day cross-curricular days which will continue in 2023. We continue to promote blended learning.

During August of 2022, eleven teachers completed a 30-hour online course, the Active Connected Teaching Course (ACT) run by Professor Craig Blewett. He has

a PhD in education technology. The ACT model is the first of its kind when it comes to cohesive taxonomy of digital age pedagogies.

The Microsoft Innovation Expert (MIE) list was released at the beginning of September 2022. We are proud to announce that thirty-seven of our teachers were accepted into the program, eleven were renewal applications, and twenty-six were accepted for the first time.

We are proud to announce that St Peter’s College was awarded Microsoft Showcase status. We are one of six schools in South Africa who met the exhaustive criteria to achieve this status. Microsoft Showcase Schools form part of an exclusive global community, recognised and celebrated for educational transformation that includes vision and innovation in teaching, learning and preparing students for the future.

The Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Expert program recognises educator visionaries who are using technology to achieve better learning and student outcomes. Congratulations to our 37 members of staff who were recognised as MIE Experts for the 2022-2023 year.

What defines us as a college, is the courage, creativity and resilience with which successive generations of Old Petrians have responded to challenge, rather than the intrinsic nature of these challenges themselves. I am proud, and honoured, to be able to reiterate that I am fortunate to be working with some of the best educators that I have had the privilege to work alongside. The drive, passion and determination; underpinned by skill, knowledge and empathy, has seen Teaching and Learning continue to raise progress and achievement despite the ever changing social, learning and emotional needs with which we are confronted. The Academic team is aware of areas to develop and, through reflective practise, address these areas as individuals and as a whole staff approach.

A requirement for continued membership of ISASA for member schools, is that they undertake a Core Model evaluation that must be conducted once in every six-year cycle. St Peter’s College underwent the IQAA (Independent Quality Assurance Agency) evaluation process 4 years ago, hence we are due to conduct another survey in 2024. However, a new independent quality assurance agency, OISESA (Office of Independent Schools Evaluations) was established at the beginning of 2022 to oversee and implement this process.

St Peter’s College has been selected for a Quality Assurance Visit by OISESA during 2023. OISESA has confirmed that they will be onsite on 13-14 March,

although the evaluation process will commence in January 2023.

In the interim, we decided to undergo an “Academic Climate Survey” with our parent and student body. School self-evaluation is primarily about school improvement and development. This self-evaluation process will enable us to take initiatives that will improve the quality of education that we provide for our students, to affirm and build on what is working well at St Peter’s College, to identify areas in need of development and to decide on actions that should be taken to bring about improvements in those areas. The results from this survey will assist the College in putting a strategy together for implementation in 2023 which will ensure continuous academic improvement.

The world after COVID-19 is unlikely to return to the world that was. Many trends already underway in the global economy are being accelerated by the impact of the pandemic. Edward David Asihene Obeng (born 1959) a British organisational theorist, educator, and author, serves as a professor at Henley Business School and his concept of the New World proposes that we have moved (as a world) from an age when we could learn faster than our local environment (the ‘Old World’), to a new age where the local environment of individuals, organisations, and governments changes

hinder performance is minimized and the potential for diversity to enhance performance is maximized.

Hence, the St Peter’s College Executive has been focused and deliberate in driving Transformation and the Skills & Equity Committee have recently undergone extensive training to ensure that all members understand their roles and responsibilities within the committee.

The entire College leadership team comprising of the College Executive team, Heads of Department and Grade Heads underwent the intensive Dare to Lead™ training course which is a courage-building programme, which develops the skills of individuals, teams, leaders, schools and organisations to create the capability needed to become braver and develop more courageous cultures. The world needs to reset, problem solve, connect, create empathy, and stand up for what is right. Skill sets of courage-building will be practiced getting the learning “in your bones”. Contemplate on where you need to have more courage in your life, before the workshop.

Our Campus Development has quite literally sprung into life over the past few months. A few days of warming temperatures with a little sunshine have banished memories of winter, encouraging us all to be increasingly optimistic about the future. When planning for the 2023 academic year, with the launch of our move towards a sense of “normality”, I am delighted to be able to report that the news is mostly extremely positive.

faster than we can learn (the ‘New World’). He argues that, because of this shift, most of the concepts, best practices, and assumptions that we commonly used to plan, manage, lead, organise, and govern are obsolete and damaging to the lives of individuals, society, and organisations. Obeng describes this as smart failure for a fast changing world and is perhaps best summarised by Eric Hoffer’s reflection that “In a time of drastic change it is the learners who inherit the future. The learned usually find themselves equipped to live in a world that no longer exists”.

In my Headmaster’s report to Council in 2020 on the topic of Transformation and Diversity, I had reported that as a College that embraces diversity, we needed to create a system and environment that welcomes and stimulates Employment Equity leading to valuing differences and similarities. We needed to be proactive in creating and sustaining an organizational climate in which the potential for diversity-related dynamics to

Due to popular demand, we can report that we have had continued growth in student numbers. With this healthy interest at all points of entry, including Grade 9-11, there is every expectation that the College will receive its biggest contingent of new students in its history when we open for the 2023 Academic year in January.

On the back of these confident predictions, the St Peter’s College Council granted authorisation to move to the next stage of planning and preparation for an exciting new capital development, the first significant investment in our academic infrastructure since the onset of COVID-19 in 2020. The building of our new state of the art Maths Centre has been completed and the state-of-the-art Indoor Basketball Centre and outdoor arena is also nearing completion.

We have a few CAPEX projects planned for 2023 which are part of our wider green energy plans and a move to significantly reduce our environmental impact and dependence on power and water supplied by utility companies.

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“What defines us as a college, is the courage, creativity and resilience with which successive generations of Old Petrians have responded to challenge...”

Water Harvesting - We have begun inserting water storage facilities at various key points in the college to capture rainwater. We are also going to be investing in solar energy, that will produce enough energy to cover a great portion of our power needs.

We are currently in talks with Eskom to lease/purchase the land adjacent to St Peter’s College which will enable us to expand our parking capacity exponentially and will go a long way to ease the pressure on the traffic flow, especially during peak times.

We will be introducing a new food serving area on the “College Flats” for our students, staff and parents. The area has already been paved and we have been in negotiations with our current service provider who will be introducing a portable caravan/vehicle which has been refurbished for this purpose. It will have a different and exciting menu, such as, shwarmas. We will be placing a number of tables/chairs and umbrellas on this site for the use of our College community.

event in the 20-year history of this event, in what was the 17th edition of the Festival.

In all, large numbers of College staff, parents and students worked tirelessly on registration, food, refereeing, clean-up and judging at the Festival. Over 3 000 participants, 1 000s of parents and community members and 42 schools came through the College gates and participated and supported the many activities on offer.

In conclusion, to all our students, remember to take the values that have been instilled in you at St Peter’s College, our Core Values or 4Rs of, Relationships, Respect, Responsibility and Resilience with you as you carry on through life. Show the world you care. Be a thinker. Always work hard. Communicate effectively through any means possible and continue to make those meaningful connections to develop as a unique individual. Try to remember that, as you face big changes, you are not alone. We will be thinking of you. There are good things waiting for you just around the corner. So, step out with confidence and take new opportunities in your stride.

Bursary Trust Committee

Our Heritage Day celebrations began with a memorable Eucharist Service led by the Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Johannesburg, the Revd Dr Steve Moreo as only St Peter’s College can. What a special and powerful message by Bishop Steve to our staff and students in his sermon – definitely “Food for the Soul”.

“There’s something special about this school, there’s a vibe, an Africanness about the space, the learners and the teachers.”

It was wonderful to see the myriad of cultural attire worn by both, our staff and students. Together, the St Peter’s College community celebrated the pride in being who we are, One Nation, All South Africans!” A special word of thanks to all our staff and students who joined in sharing with us the beauty and the glory of this, South Africa’s National Day. South Africans all over the world, gather to celebrate Heritage Day in style, in line with the theme: “United in our diversity, we share one unique, national culture!

The Sports & Cultural Festival took place from Thursday, 22 – Sunday, 25 September 2022 and was a resounding success. It has undoubtedly been the most successful

To the families leaving St Peter’s College this year, thank you for being part of our unique and special community, your contribution has been appreciated. To the students at St Peter’s College - thank you for making this such an amazing place. We look forward to a more settled, but equally amazing 2023. For my part, I am enormously grateful to the St Peter’s College family for your continued support and encouragement. I am looking forward to the new academic year and wish everyone the very best for a little rest over the December holidays.

College council members

6 5
Rui Morais Headmaster Desmond Mahony Chair College Council Stacey Mogale Legal Projeni Pather Marketing Prof. Zeblon Vilakazi Academic Rob McCauley Rector Prep School Michelle David Transformation Les Whittal Campus Development Ndivhuwo Nengovhela Senior Finance Manager Ndivhuwo Nengovhela Rui Morais Rui Morais College Headmaster Gerard Deeb Desmond Mahony Kari Vemer Judith Ramuthaga Nosipho Nkosi FR Trevor Prince Bishops Rep Catherine Inglis Human Resources Cathy MaCleod IT
“To the families leaving St Peter’s College this year, thank you for being part of our unique and special community, your contribution has been appreciated.“
Parmi Natesan Vice Chair College Council

Executive Members

Headmaster at St Peter’s College, Rui Morais, is a highly versatile and dynamic professional with a successful background in leading substantial strategic improvements in standards of teaching, learning and providing support to students, delivery staff and management personnel.

Rui’s exceptional interpersonal and communication skills ensure that he naturally develops a strong rapport with others while developing curriculum and management strategy. Yet, these relationships often extend beyond traditional business interaction. His reputation as a motivational and inspirational team player is well-founded, and he finds fulfilment in coaching and empowering others towards fulfilling their potential and making a positive contribution to the achievement of their personal objectives.

As a competent strategist, Rui has also proven his ability to influence policy and developments with direct and positive impact on education and learning. Coupled with his strong planning capabilities, this characteristic provides clear direction for the future of St Peter’s College, taking into consideration all aspects involved in increasing establishment ranking.

“I embrace the challenge of identifying next steps for positive turn-around, correcting errors and implementing appropriate change management courses of action” he says. With Rui at the helm St Peter’s college looks set to grow from strength to strength.

“ It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” - Albert Einstein

Revd. Kabelo Motlhakane

Chaplain and Head of Transformation & Inclusion

School Chaplain and Head of Transformation at St Peter’s College, Reverend Kabelo Motlhakane, is unique amongst his fellow specialists in transformation and belonging, as possibly the only ordained priest that holds both callings.

St Peter’s espouses Anglican Christian values in every facet of its activities and promotes a deep-seated culture of respect across colour, creed and background as outlined in the school’s Mission statement and core values of respect, honour, compassion, collaboration, resilience and responsibility.

Reverend Kabelo’s role reinforces this approach as he serves both as the school’s spiritual leader and as a consciousness for all matters relating to the intersectional nature of race, religion, sexuality, gender, and other social differentiators. On an overarching level, he aims to ensure that all who enter the St Peter’s College Campus feel safe, heard, seen and appreciated.

“My role is integral to how individuals, especially those who belong to marginalised groups (both historically and contextually), interact with the school’s content and the symbols and culture the school embodies, “ he says. “As an ordained Anglican priest, my departure point for the work of transformation and belonging is always from the perspective that Jesus is an active liberator and one that finds common ground in spaces of great conflict.

When I facilitate conversations and engage our students and staff, I try to unearth the humanity at the core of our diversity. Ours is a humanity that is made in the one undivided image of a loving God, and it is from a place of love for humanity, creation, and community that all I do comes from. I believe that nothing human can ever be alien to me; everything good and bad that another human being can do, I am equally capable of.”

A qualified Chartered Accountant with a strong background in the audit, advisory and financial services industry, Ndivhuwo Nengovhela fulfilled the role of Executive Finance Manager at St Peter’s Prep School for four years before joining St Peter’s College as Senior Finance Manager in September 2021.

Ndivhuwo’s career success is built around her ability to continuously create organisational value across various fast-paced environments. That characteristic, combined with in depth knowledge and skills of technical and industry elements, provides the perfect foundation for managing the St Peter’s College Finances.

At St Peter’s, the role of Senior Finance Manager is to navigate the College through the finance, governance, risk management and systems landscape towards financial sustainability and growth. However, together with overall financial oversight and risk mitigation aspects, come significant Business Management responsibilities. As part of the Senior Executive team involved in developing and implementing the strategic direction for the College, Ndivhuwo’s contribution includes scoping and proposing optimal organisational business structure and the planning, accessing, negotiation and implementation of the most appropriate capital structure and debt funding.

Her proficiency in driving seamless operations and rapidly assessing and fulfilling requirements has informed her career journey thus far and now benefits the College’s financial team. Ndivhuwo describes her professional and personal outlook with a quote by Tony Robbins; “Only those who have learned the power of sincere and selfless contribution, experience life’s deepest joy: true fulfilment.”

Brian Armitage Deputy Head, Student Affairs

Brian Armitage has an in-depth understanding of, and unwavering belief in, the holistic programme on offer at St Peter’s College. His 26 years of teaching Mathematics, Technical Subjects and Mathematical Literacy, coupled with extensive managerial experience as Head of Department, Grade Head and Head of CoCurricular have prepared him well for his role as Deputy Headmaster, Student Affairs. At St Peter’s, the role of Deputy Headmaster includes managing the Pastoral Care Team and overseeing the Student Programme in line with the overall strategic plan and objectives of the executive committee.

The Grade Pastoral Care Team comprises of five Grade Heads, five Grade Heads Assistants and two Educational Psychologists; all of whom are focused on meeting the emotional, physical and academic needs of the students. The student programme is designed to value the unique contribution of each individual. Towards that end, pastoral and academic staff collaborate in nurturing confidence and maturity in an atmosphere of opportunity and enquiry, and through excellent structures of care. Brian’s career success revolves around his ability to relate to young people and forge strong relationships with students, staff and parents built on trust. His knowledge of the education environment and insight into current familial and socioeconomic pressures make him particularly effective in his role.

He believes that in an ever-changing world, young people must embody values that will enable them to thrive within diverse communities. At St Peter’s, the core values are Relationships, Respect, Responsibility and Resilience and students are encouraged to live these values in every aspect of their lives. The Pastoral Care team oversees many necessary aspects of school life that contribute to the social and emotional wellbeing of the students under their care. Their goal is to develop young people with vision, energy, and enterprise; who are not afraid of hard work, who value teamwork, and who bear the good of the greater community in mind at all times.

8 7

St Peter’s Operations Manager, Lynda Kirkland, is another example of a string of long-term connections between the College and its staff members. Her first engagement in St Peter’s College take place way back in its founding days when Lynda’s son, Matthew Kirkland, was one of the Colleges founding students and her initial volunteer work at the school shop, led to her appointment as Personal Assistant to former St Peter’s Rector, Mr Greg Royce. She continued to work for several school heads until finally family commitment saw her relocating to Port Alfred, where she owned and managed a successful gym for a few years.

However, when St Peter’s call to take up the position of professional assistant came in 2015, she took on the challenge with enthusiasm. The rest, as they say, is history! Her ongoing commitment and talent lead to Lynda taking up the reins in Operations in 2020, where the portfolio encompasses the planning, directing, coordinating, and overseeing of all operations, including oversight of the building and assets maintenance staff, drivers, security services and various outsourced service providers, including grounds and cleaning teams. In keeping with the school’s ethos Lynda’s roll focuses predominantly on the day-to-day activities that create a safe, clean environment in which staff and learners can perform to their maximum.

As a member of the executive, Lynda also scopes out the college infrastructure into the future to ensure that the college community continues to have a clean, well maintained and safe, campus in which to realise their potential.

Shelly Matthews

Shelly Matthews has a teaching career that spans over 20 years, more than 10 of which have been spent at St Peter’s College, where as Deputy Head of Academic, her role is integral to the institution’s offering of a relevant yet diverse education in a co-educational environment.

St Peter’s approach is focused on preparing young people holistically and guiding their future according to their strengths and interests rather than concentrating solely on academic achievements. Shelly’s own passion for continuous development is perfectly aligned with that of the College. She studied teaching, taught for 10 years in an HOD role at Sacred Heart College before returning to Wits University to complete her honours degree in Education. The importance of lifelong learning is one of the fundamental messages that she and her team try to impart to their students on a daily basis.

St Peter’s graduates go on to attend both local and international universities and the school itself boasts a 100% pass rate with around a 90% rate of university passes. The education they receive at the College prepares them well for the challenges of tertiary education and a healthy number make the Dean’s list or receive high-level scholarships.

The academic team encourages St Peter’s students to be the change they would like to see in the world, and strive to provide them with a healthy learning foundation to help them become these agents of change. Nelson Mandela’s words of wisdom, encapsulate Shelly’s own philosophy around learning: “Education is the most lethal weapon, because with it you can change the world.”

Nosipho Nkosi heads up the Marketing, Alumni & Admissions portfolio at St Peter’s College, as executive team lead. This portfolio contributes both strategically and operationally to the growth and positioning of St Peter’s College by ensuring that the College remains a strong, recognisable and engaging brand that lives out its values. Under her leadership, the St Peter’s brand continues to be recognised as one of the leading independent schools in South Africa.

A natural passion for sustainable development, youth and leadership development has positioned Nosipho as a mentor and coach within her community, where she facilitates access to entrepreneurship, higher education and skills development. This is a drive that underpins her work at the College as well, where her role is to build high impact strategies around inclusivity and diversity, while nurturing the talent and potential of scholars and teams alike, as outlined in the institution’s vision.

Nosipho’s career history includes a diverse training ground in marketing and communication, programme management, business development, fundraising and coaching. Add to that her 14 years in public relations and communication working within the education and NGO sectors and you have a recipe for marketing success.

At the heart of her personal philosophy is a strong belief that the child must be at the centre of all that education does and aspires to be. “At the heart of education, is the future of all nations.” Nosipho is focused on utilising St Peter’s marketing campaigns as a medium through which to grow an ever-expanding pool of young leaders and advance St Peter’s relationships with stakeholders across multiple disciplines.

Toni’s ability to realise the benefits of healthy working relationships, combined with in-depth knowledge and skills of Human Resource Management; Labour Relations; Talent Management and Psychometrics is at the heart of her career success and contribution to the College.

Practical exposure to a variety of functional sections during an early internship role at Shine, (a niche consultancy focused on improving performance and reducing stress in the workplace, through enabling healthy relationships) laid a strong foundation of workable knowledge and competency across her various areas of practice.

Now, as part of the Senior Executive team at St Peter’s, Toni is involved in developing and fulfilling the strategic goals of the College by effecting Human Relations aspects that harness optimal organisational potential.

Toni believes that investing in ALL personnel makes the organisation functionally more effective, because through working together, everyone achieves more. The phrase “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” first coined by the philosopher Aristotle, sums up her approach to the HR function at St Peter’s!


Nosipho Nkosi Marketing Manager 9
Toni Batchelor Human Resources Manager One of the strongest testimonies to the value and integrity of St Peter’s is the enjoying of relationships that so many of its employees have with the institution and their unwavering dedication to furthering its goals.
Lynda Kirkland Operations Manager


S t a f f

S f f

m e m b e r s

Dylan Hayes Victor Gumbo Ian Havenga Ritesh Hariram Staci-Leigh Howard Ryan Hammond Abigail Greeff Nicholas Govender Shelley Elias Karen Grobbelaar James George Rykie Gaudin Izak Botha Matthew Amner Toni Batchelor Tasha Botha Tayla-Rae Barnardo Brian Armitage Nicole Candy Ashenda Dorfing Cathlyn Dracatos Dario Doneda Jeffrey Chimwanda Berna De Beer Laila Jeebodh-Desai Rose Koffman Vuyelwa Kekana
12 11
Lynda Kirkland Kathryn King Mathew Kirkland Revd. Kabelo Motlhakane Phangisile Mtambo Nelisiwe Msomi Wisdom Moyo Nhlanhla Motloung Gwyneth Zimmerman Liberty Zelembu Crystal Miles Claire Whyte Marsha Weber Cynthia Wheeler Rui Morais Suzette Meyer Lucas Mlaudzi Nhlanhla Mashiloane Ouma Molobane Juanita Viegas Makoena Molepo David Short Shanel Sooku Mmatlou Mojela Christelle Van Schalkwyk Kevin McCarthy Natania Van Rooyen Shevon Ronne Sammy Thage Sonja Theron Shelly Matthews Vusimusi Senkululu Nthabiseng Matakalatsa Nontobeko Sangweni Aamir Samaai Holly Ryder-Nimb Elize Mariette Evelyn Naidoo Dumisani Ndlela Caleb Nel Lovemore Ngobene Ndivhuwo Nengovhela Lomé Robertson Lebo Maphalala Storm Ripley-Evans Brittney Madhanlal Nkosinathi Ndlovu John Mabvira Dayaradika Lutchman Siyabonga Kumalo Antonio Lottering Kgaogelo Mangena Cornel Malan Christopher Rabambukwa Mahidi Maeko Sello Malaga Admire Munharira Nosipho Nkosi Marli Oosthuizen Maureen Phungo Phaswane Moganedi
14 13
Natalie Lindsay Nikita Anthony Mieke Coetzee Jessie Du Preez Wonga Duma Jenna Dunstan Matthew Eggett Robyn Anderson Javan Govender Morgan Groves Alix Hardy Tyla Hutchison Ashina Keshav Erin George Qhawe Makaula Oratile Malete Siviwe Mavimbela Jadyn Naude Saiyen Pather Trent Pieterse Ethan MacLeod Jaiyesh Pillay Grade 12 CNE Troy Rossouw Paige Schmidt Tristan Svoboda Eryn Webb Jessica Wilson
a d e 12 Caleb Nel CNE Jeffrey Chimwanda JCH Juanita Viegas JVI Kgaogelo Mangena KMA Vuyelwa Kekana VKE Register Teachers Cornel Malan A's B's C's 257 283 187 Matric Pass Rate Bachelor’s Degree Pass 100% 96%
matric results Statistics 16 15
head grade head assistant Daya Lutchman
*Absentee: Gregory Hudson

Grade 12 jch

Grade 12 jvi

Grade 12 KMA

Grade 12 vke

Caleb Akaloo Serene Bekwa Jade Brett Kendra Chettiar Sheldon Chettiar Aidan Davies Luyanda Duma Grant Hunter Tyler Koekemoer Nyaradzo Mapurisa Caite Lemos Sebabatso Makoro Mayur Moodley Cole Osborne Amy Martin Andrew Shiller Tumisho Semenya Jami Smit Kabelo Theku Khanyisile Vilakazi Caitlin Whittal Tinetariro Zororo Isabella Beyers Jessica Cassidy Zi-Ting Chiang Kamogelo Dikoma Emani Ebrahim Dryston Govender Kayley Amm Nosipho Hlatshwayo Liam Kirchmann Khensani Mahlaule Taryn Marsh Andrew Moss Chelsea Hickson Bonakele Tshiloane Julia Van Beerschoten Alexandra Urban Isabella Welland Edlyn Taruvinga Bradley Perrins Maya Pillay Craig Plumb Isabel Silva Monét Steenkamp Siyanda Ntuli Khaya Jonga Keitumetse Mathabe Kylah McCreedy Emily Moss Chantelle Musika Aaron Pillay Tahani Mabunda Kaitlyn Ramnath Alexandra van Zijl Emily Scholz Zhang Ziyin Kgabiso Sebashe Angelina Seymour Matthew Thomas Rejo Thomas Liam Porteous Rae Kendra Tshelwane Andrew Brooks Keanen Burnett Luca Davie Kelly Du Plessis Aimee Farquharson Reece Johnson Chiedza Mugadza Nomvula Baloyi Ndita Lesenyeho Naume Seipobi Georgia Maralee Daniela Dal Medico Fulufhedzani Makatu Isabella Polla Lungelo Thabethe Lukholo Jezi Amy Mc Dermott Jonathan Pretorius Justin Warren Jenna Joubert Wanga Monsengo Caitlin Schulz Themba Zimu Claire Beekman Heath Lutge Kayla Naidoo Daniel Silcock Amal Bhana Jordan MacDonald Khutso Phasha Oliver Skudder *Absentee: Joshua Willson, Laura Blom *Absentee: Joshua Naude
17 18
*Absentees: Xolani Konela, Ndumiso Somdaka

2022 grade 12 top achievers

At St Peter’s, no child is left behind. A team of dedicated professionals offer academic, spiritual and emotional support throughout the educational journey. It’s an approach that has proved successful year after year. We highlight the importance of personal achievement within an environment that balances high academic standards with sport, music, culture and religious practice. A clearly defined value system underpins our ethos.

The 2022 matric results show a continuing upward trend. There were 257 A symbols, 283 B symbols, 187 C symbols and some outstanding individual achievements.

Headmaster Rui Morias has paid tribute to deputy headmistress Shelly Matthews and the rest of the school’s academic staff, recognising their contribution to the success of the college: “St Peter’s College benefits every day from the dedicated energies and time devoted by the members of our academic staff. Our college is successful because of the standard of teaching and all the extra opportunities offered to the students, as well as the hard work that takes place.”

5 Distinctions

Mc Dermott

Top Achiever and Dux Scholar - Matric Class of 2022

7 Distinctions

7 Distinctions

Amy Amy Mc Dermott obtained a magnificent 7 distinctions for her matric results. She has also been acknowledged in the IEB Commendable Achievement List forplacing within the top 5% in 5 or more subjects, in addition to acquiring a rating of Level 7 in Life Orientation. Isabella Beyers Oliver Skudder Khensani Mahlaule Mieke Coetzee Paige Schmidt Keanen Burnett Angelina Seymour Justin Warren Rejo Thomas Jessica Wilson Julia van Beerschoten Morgan Groves Robyn Anderson Kayla Naidoo Amy Martin Laura Blom Maya Pillay Alexandra van Zijl Emily Scholz Grant Hunter Monét Steenkamp Eryn Webb
“These results are a true reflection of everything we stand for at St Peter’s – our hardworking, articulate students are a credit to the college and an inspiration to their peers.” Rui
Morais, Headmaster

Matric final assembly

Grade 8 ASA

g r a d e


Grade head grade head assistant

Grade 8 NGO

Natania Van Rooyen

Dylan Hayes



Aamir Samaai ASA

Nicholas Govender NGO

Natalie Lindsay NLI

Nelisiwe Msomi NMS

Nontobeko Sangweni NSA

Itumeleng Keebine Maesela Kekana Emma Lockley Yonela Magagula Seroto Makgoba Taryn Mashoko Alupheli Chonco Hannah Coltman Jean de Villiers Hlumelo Dikana Matthias Hassam Chloe Jacobs Naledi Muoe Bethel Musungo Thulo Nkhato Ziphozonke Notununu Storm Osborne McKayla Otto Carrey McCreedy Tannah Peters Caleb Pryor Lesego Rebese John Singleton Max Sze Myles Penman Caitlin Barbour Sienna De Gregorio James Beekman Seth Cathey Chantelle Chen Kimi Daly Federico Imbriolo Georgia Otto Nikhil Khimjee Kgaugelo Malapane Isang Monametsi Daniel Morgan Kahla Delport Annabeth du Toit Jamie Frayne Ethan Gotthardt Tamara-Lee Hogerzeil
Zethu Sechemane Raees Thomas Jade Van Der Merwe Boitumelo Tau Ayesha Wahab

Grade 8 NLI

Grade 8 NSA

Grade 8 NMS

Grade 8 sel

Kgotsofalang Segoale Hugo Sze Vayun Vallabh Isabella Pereira Nicolene Reddy Kathleen Thema Jamie Turner Kyra Whitty Sophie Zhang Georgia-Ann Alp Emma Bailey Owen Barrow Jaiden Buldeo Luke Burnett Krishna Chandran Shayan Mohan Keletso Monametsi Lisah Nyandoro Tishar Pillay Mbaliyethu Sithole Justin Spencer Claudia De Muelenaere Jarryd Ferguson Oliver Fouche Erin Haslam Matthew Horwood Michael Kellock Kate Yaman Simile Zamxaka Camryn Thornton Wanele Vilakazi Nina Von Wielligh Tristan Vermeulen Wandile Vilakazi Olivia Ward Vihaan Vallabh Jared Osbourn Jonathan Sampson Casey Short Kinaya Sokay
28 27
Sonali Hansrajh Siyanda Dibate Mashadikana Kekana Matthew Dracatos Banele Khumalo Stacy Kamunda Imani Kizito Masekela Mabusela Rachel Badham Gabriella Chikwanda Bokang Gandela Mahaylia David Kirav Gordhan Luana De Amaral Connor Noakes Nazeeha Norath Hulisani Rabali Khuliso Mokgala Nathan Mukadi Lisa Naidoo Ndegwa Matheri Shemaya Musau Atharv Polji Aisha Mugadza Luca Alunni James Ferreira Kirsten Cloete-Hopkins Benjamin Davison Nikira Chetti Shantini Natesan Inathi Nkungu Hlaziya Notununu Denzel Musadziruma Tadiwa Mushaike Daisha Naidoo Leila Van Den Berg Mpho Mandlazi Gontse Malebaco Mpilo Maphumulo Retang Mashigo Teagan McVeigh Lefika Mazibuko Mabutho Zulu Masego Makhetha Thadina Madinane Ofentse Makine Tshepang Mafojane Lerato Malope Gomolemo Magomola Oratilwe Maroga Kaiyushka Kisten Luthando Langa Thakgalo Makola Lehlohonolo Gcaleka *Absentee: Rowan Graham Aiden Fleuriot

Grade 9 bmA

g r a d e

Grade head


Grade 9 KMC

Abigail Greeff

grade head assistant



Register Teachers

Brittney Madhanlal BMA

Kevin McCarthy KMC

Lomé Robertson LRO

Marsha Weber MWE

Ryan Hammond RHA

Shanel Sooku SS0

Aryan Heera
30 29
Reabetswe Lecoge Lewela Mabitsela Khanyisile Mthimkhulu Sienna Martinaglia Kyle Naidoo Aobakwe Machailo *Absentee: Jamie Hardy *Absentee: Farren Lambrechts Martin-Jude McGregor, Balulekile Ncube James Fulkes Duduzile Konela Mbali Konela Anam Hilita Erin Lambrechts Scylla Govender David Van Zijl Sheila Rabali Madison Otto Kamal Naraghi Heinrich Ohlhoff Sravya Ghantasala Georgia Comodikes Likhanye Siyabonga Nhlapo Dia Deepraj Natalie Jena Rorisang Mlilo Miguel Noonen Oliver Ehlers Xavier Kalify Gabriel Morris Keabetswe Pelo Triana Govender Aziwe Mbangi Baliziwe Mzimba Genavive Wesson Kiara Govender Skyler May Avheani Mutepe Sarah Thompson Matthew Erasmus Chinenye Mamabolo Akudzwe Museva Lisekho Qilingana Nurjehan Botha Oliver Brooks Cade Chetty Hanna Aitken

Grade 9 LRO

Grade 9 RHA

Grade 9 MWE

Grade 9 SSO

Matthew Mayne Chulukunyathela Jordan Thembelihle Khumalo Philani Manyosi Siphesihle Marlowe Bhekinkosi Masondo Erin Osborne Vicky Mwamba Bokang Mtabela Daniel Mulinga Tondani Mudzunga Nigel Mutsonziwa Amber Hamilton Caitlyn Atkinson Jack Cowling Sarah Dhanipersad Madison Simon Fraser Oratile Mothibi Joe Manicom Luke Bakos Neriah Govender Oliver Goetzsche Isabella Guthrie Alupheli Ntlabati Tshiamo Mogale Lukhanyo Molefe Lwanda Morake Tawana-Nyasha Njowa Tafadzwa Nkomo Nitya Rowjee Revaughn Padayachee Grace Potgieter Rahini Pillay Relebogile Raletsemo Oneo Ntsimane Chloe Roux Disha Sawarjith Cassidy Scott Jadon Van Wyk Hayley Schubach Luvuyo Sondlo Michaella Smith Ethan Tedder Jayden Chabana Sarah Diack Mia Jansen James Basson Krithi Bhana Gianna Bisschops Kgosietsile Diale Angelia Ferreira Jiya Khandoo Thembisile Khosa Luke Inglis Kristian Kaufman Thandolwethu Maphumulo Tshinakaho Maponya Bohlokwa Molefe Mushinge Kamanga Sophie Lidgey Nsovo Mabunda Tebogo Khumalo Kopano Kobokoane Nikhil Maharaj Cole Lamberti Kyra Lancaster Mosi Mutua Mbalienhle Lucas Naidoo Tayah Morgan Asanda Msibi Anesu Musungo Bryce Mashoko Jaime Meth Yara Naidu Kwenzeka Ntombela Liam Moodley Saihira Moodley Rachel Rostron Tayha Salgado Kgosi Suping Abdullah Osman Latib Nyasha Phiri Lefalaka Ratau
32 31
Adanna Nwaoshai Tyrone Wilding Khethelo Xaba Sandile Nzimande Gabriella Quaresma *Absentee: Luke Wilson *Absentee: Nathan Dlamini, Lucius Uys *Absentee: Angelica Sta Ana

Grade 10 DGA

g r a d e 10

Grade head grade head assistant

Grade 10 MKI

Ritesh Hariram

Tayla Barnardo Register Teachers

Dominique Gaydon DGA

Mathew Kirkland MKI

Winnie Khanyile WKH

Phangisile Mtambo PMT

Sonny Dlamini SDL

Storm Ripley-Evans SRI

Mpho Moyo Mahlatse Pela-Magagane Abby Turner Jabulani Musau Keneilwe Ntjilo Tlotlisang Bambo Daniel De Paiva Mahira Chothia Malcolm De Amaral Matthew Brandon Emma Cassidy Lunje Duma Lara Gasson Diego Jardim Saba Eskandari Paula Fernandez David Joffe Boipelo Mavimbela Virginia Mosconi Kishan Khimjee Lehlogonolo Malete John Shaw Kate Dracatos Sage Maddock Ella Page Daniel Wilson Drisania Govender Diopelo Mahlagare Georgie Pearse Chiquita Mbazo Ethan Govinden Zara Perumal Jonathan Chellan David Hunter Keira Riley Merina Naidoo Jodie Scott Nina Coetzee Heinrich Klopper Luke Nefdt-Epstein *Absentee: Ssu Chun Li, Floyd Nkoma, Kieran Young
34 33
*Absentee: Lorelai Cathie, Connor Louw

Grade 10 PMT


Grade 10 Sri

Grade 10 SDL

Grade 10 WKH

36 35
Madison Foggitt Daniel Joffe Thomas Jolley Kayleigh Golden Reitumetse Mafojane James Crossley Kaden Badenhorst Tessa Charsley Susan Cilliers Sebastian Brück Julian Comodikes Luke Marais Xiluva Mathebula Ndzalo Mayayise Jignesh Mitha Karabo Matlali Devan Natesan Paul Porter Olesego Rancho Yolisa Samsam Benjamin Quiding Grace Van Der Merwe *Absentee: Ethan De Kock, Keira Lawrenz Thomas Horn Bolaoane Makoa Zarah Jimba Lindokuhle Kalake Justin Joubert Tshepang Mathabe Letsinhlanhla Dlamini Aphane Zac Frayne Ahvay Bagratee Damita Devsheel Gareth Copley Tia Ogle Katherine Penman Erin McRae Enock Mukadi Mulamba Tristan Meyer Amal Moyo Aphiwe Skosana Lara Stephan Arya Raghubir Claire Rogers Michela Richa Yamiko Hassam Luke Hutchison Tapiwa Katito Daisy Lennox Kganya Malope Bupe Kamanga Zia Abdool Razak Kate Backman Hailey Chetty Serge Churnosov Kynan Corlett Yashiv Bhimma Tumisho Mashile Nosipho Masondo Ryan Naiker Liphé Pama Kamva Phuthuma Vhudihawe Mukwevho Jaden Rabilal Abigail Rambau Victoria Toussaint Daniel Vergotine Gabriel Vurden Adia Sithole Luke Dracatos Antonio Legoinha Anthony Denga Yolisa Letsoela Kian D’sa Ethan Kerspuy Mia Du Plessis Keegan Crozét Nihaan Bharath Jinelle Bicker Caarten Tamaleigh Chamburuka Daniel Bodika Arya Ramkissoon Kamohelo Makgatho Bataung Rankae Sinesipho Nyati Kyle Pheiffer Tabitha Oxford Ashleigh Terclavers Sienna Robinson-Shepherd Gabriel Silva Mmabatho Suping Zethu Simelane *Absentee: Ketshegofadicwe Ramatong

Grade 11 AHO

g r a d e 11

Grade head

Grade 11 BDB

Sonja Theron

grade head assistant

Suzette Meyer

Register Teachers

Alexis Homveld AHO

Berna De Beer BDB

Evelyn Naidoo ENA

Kathryn King KKI

Rose Koffman RKO

Shruti Behadar Kathryn Bowes Michaela Dal Medico Thomas Eagle Qhama Filemon Julien Counson Caitlin Govender Frances Jandrell Yash Kalicharan Alexandra Lockley Jaiden Maharaj Babalo Jezi Valjean Malan Tshiamo Masebe Elizabeth Muoe Micheal Mupfeki Grace Nyapfungwe Dominique Moodley Angelia Poobalan Meagan Roux Jaime Standfest Saiyen Subban Iman Watson Seth Schmidt Tayla Singleton Joshua Buttifant-Sewel Lea Krdzalic Reabetsoe Mothusi Emma Cope Harpreet Kumar Jenna Van Der Westhuizen Sarah Naidoo Justin Padachi Megan Eagle Hapiloe Baholo Tinevimbo Mabvira Emma Barron Sozizwe Madolo Lee Janssen Amae Prinsloo Bradley Du Plessis Sienna Lenci Molebogeng Vilakazi
38 37
Kuhlekonke Ngwane *Absentee: Jordan Morris, Mikhail Pillay, Ben Wefelmeier *Absentee: Siphosihle Sithebe

Grade 11 ena

Grade 11 RKO

Tanaka Dendere, Jenna Eagar, Tyra Scorgie, Liliana Uys

Grade 11 kki

New Mathematics Centre

Langalethu Nkosi

Katherine Kellock Hannah Britton Thabo Khumalo Lejanku Ratlabala Atida Museva Luca Damilano Joshua Mahabeer Amy Roux Welile Mweli Daniella De Villiers Osvaldo Matias Nicholas Steenhoff Diya Naicker Simhika Dhuleep Lara Taylor Pelonolo Moerane Paige Pickard Nicholas Fubbs Keotshepile Moleah Jamie-Lee Williams Rethabile Qwesha Maniche Sowki Mikael Mulaudzi Rebecca Van Rensburg Sibahle Ngcanga Thikho Matakanye Larissa Pillay Remo-Okeditse Mosupi Bailey Rousseau Rivonan Chetty Megan Goulding Anele Gumede Diya Bheema Livia Bisschops Cheyenne Cherti Sia Maharaj Ethan Maistry Olwethu Marlowe Daniel Holmes Emily Lidgey Megan Smit Takondwa Mphande Trishana Buldeo Tanyaradzwa Yu-Qian Chiang Sebastian De Emily De Vries Dimitri Hadjidemetriou Tanith Bucceri Tanyaradzwa Khosa Caitlin Kruger Clayton Kunzwa Olwethu Mbazo Kiyan Naicker Madison Jordaan
Tadiwanashe Ndudzo Tshinakaho Neswiswi Kate Potgieter Iman Siphuma Atlegile Thage Ryan Ward 40 39
Fayth Naidoo *Absentee: Maxine Lambrechts, Gina Rebel *Absentee: Kuhle Fadane, Leogo Ramafoko *Absentee: Regine Tshibunda

2022 Awards Co-curricular Academic &


The award is made based on the highest aggregate mark of 80% and above in each of the subjects.

Yonela Magagula

Business Studies - 87.32%

Kahla Delport

Physical Science - 92.5%

Georgia-Ann Alp

Dance and Movement Studies - 80.7%

Myles Penman

Dramatic Arts - 94.3%

Aisha Mugadza

History - 94.84%

Bokang Gandela

IsiZulu First Additional Language - 87.1%

Shantini Natesan

Life Orientation - 96%

Kate Yaman

Life Sciences - 90.9%

Luca Alunni

Mathematics - 95%

Gabriela Gasparotto

Accounting - 98%

French Second Additional Language - 99.6%

Information Technology - 94%

Nazeeha Norath

Geography - 91.9% Music - 94.8%

Technology - 93.51%

Claudia De Muelenaere

English Home Language - 86%

Afrikaans First Additional Language - 96.9%

Art - 91.3%



Students must achieve an overall average of 78% in Grade 8 and 9, and 75% in Grade 10 and 11 or more. This average is derived from marks attained in Term 1, Term 2, Term 2 Examination, Term 3, and the Term 3 Examination, in all subjects.

Grade 9


The award is made based on the highest aggregate mark of 80% and above in each of the subjects.

and Movement Studies - 85.3%

Khanyisile Mthimkhulo

IsiZulu First Additional Language - 93.7%

Erin Osbourne

Technology - 92.74%

Farren Lambrechts

Visual Art - 91.1%

Georgia Comodikes

Mathematics - 94.9%

Dramatic Arts - 97.1%

Accounting - 96.61%

Sarah Dhanipersad

Music - 96%

Information Technology - 94.2%

Life Sciences - 93%

Business Studies - 94.4%

Jiya Khandoo

English Home Language - 88.72%

Physical Science - 96.12%

History - 97.71%

French Second Additional Language - 97%

Afrikaans First Additional Language - 93.3%

Geography - 95.2%


Students must achieve an overall average of 78% in Grade 8 and 9, and 75% in Grade 10 and 11 or more. This average is derived from marks attained in Term 1, Term 2, Term 2 Examination, Term 3, and the Term 3 Examination, in all subjects.


Well done to Sarah Dhanipersad who attained an outstanding average of 92.8%.

8 44 43
Connor Noakes 78.19% Ryan Fraser 78.53% Stacy Kamunda 78.62% Matthew Horwood 78.63% Raees Thomas 79.17% Nikhil Khimjee 79.29% Wandile Vilakazi 79.47% Kathleen Thema 79.52% Sonali Hansrajh 79.53% Matthew Dracatos 79.68% Seth Cathey 80.29% Vayun Vallabh 80.55% Zethu Sechemane 80.93% Bokang Gandela 81.01% Georgia-Ann Alp 81.32% Jamie Frayne 81.78% Luthando Langa 82.26% Nina Von Wielligh 82.84% Boitumelo Tau 83.27% Olivia Ward 83.55% Vihaan Vallabh 83.67% Kirsten Cloete-Hopkins 83.83% Lisah Nyandoro 83.86% James Ferreira 84.35% Kaiyushka Kisten 84.39% Kahla Delport 84.67% Gabriella Chikwanda 84.80% Yonela Magagula 84.93% Nikira Chetti 85.53% Chantelle Chen 86.75% Erin Haslam 86.85% Aisha Mugadza 87.80% Shantini Natesan 87.96% Myles Penman 88.21% Luca Alunni 88.43% Sienna De Gregorio 88.54% Claudia De Muelenaere 88.70% Nazeeha Norath 89.18% Lisa Naidoo 89.59% Leila Van Den Berg 90.00% Kate Yaman 90.29% Gabriella
& Kate Yaman
The Golden Crossed Keys award is awarded to the top learner in each grade who attains the highest overall average based on the results obtained during the year. This is the pinnacle achievement for Grade 8.
Morgan Bands (Left) 78.00% Lucas Naidoo 78.00% Kristian Kaufman 78.00% Hanna Aitken 78.20% James Basson 78.60% Duduzile Konela 79.43% Tshinakaho Maponya 79.43% Chloe Roux 79.48% Sandile Nzimande 80.23% Revaughn Padayachee 80.23% Tawana-Nyasha Njowa 80.29% Tayha Salgado 80.29% Kiara Govender 80.91% Oliver Brooks 81.71% Amber Hamilton 81.85% Sarah Diack 81.93% Disha Sawarjith 81.97% Isabella Guthrie 82.21% Sophie Lidgey 82.27% Mbali Konela 82.65% Yara Naidu 83.27% Nsovo Mabunda 83.40% Avheani Mutepe 83.41% Saihadi Moodley 83.45% Kyra Lancaster 83.57% Krithi Bhana 83.63% Triana Govender 84.94% Aobakwe Machailo 85.72% Sarah Thompson 85.74% Rahini Pillay 86.86% Farren Lambrechts 87.27% Sravya Ghantasala 89.27% Georgia Comodikes 90.626% Eve Corbett (Left) 90.79% Jiya Khandoo 92.03% Erin Osbourne 92.19%
The Golden Crossed Keys award is awarded to the top learner in each grade who attains the highest overall average based on the results obtained during the year. This is the pinnacle achievement for Grade 8.

Grade 10


The award is made based on the highest aggregate mark of 80% and above in each of the subjects.

Nina Coetzee

Afrikaans First Additional Language - 98.7%

John Shaw

Accounting - 92.6%

Reneilwe Ntjilo

History - 77.9%

Zarah Jimba

Visual Art - 88.9%

Tian Ogle

Mathematical Literacy - 93.5%

Xiluva Mathebula

Engineering Graphics and Design - 93%

Mpho Moya

Life Orientation - 95.6%

Dramatic Arts - 97.1%

Physical Science - 89.6%

Business Studies - 93%

Zahraa Norath (Left)

Geography - 91.9%

IsiZulu First Additional Language - 94.8%

Life Sciences -85.4%

Music - 92.9%

Heinrich Klopper

French Second Additional Language - 96.9%

Mathematics - 96.4%

Information Technology - 96.7%

English Home Language - 89.4% Further Studies Mathematics - 93.7%


Students must achieve an overall average of 78% in Grade 8 and 9, and 75% in Grade 10 and 11 or more. This average is derived from marks attained in Term 1, Term 2, Term 2 Examination, Term 3, and the Term 3 Examination, in all subjects.

Grade 11


The award is made based on the highest aggregate mark of 80% and above in each of the subjects.

Kathryn Bowes

Accounting - 90%

Grace Nyapfungwe

Business Studies - 85.7%

Ryan Ward

Engineering Graphics and Design - 92.9%

Shruti Behadar

Life Orientation - 98%

Trishana Buldeo

Information Technology - 83.6%

Katherine Kellock

Dramatic Arts - 92.6%

Further Studies Mathematics - 84.6%

Maxine Lambrechts

Visual Art - 88.9%

Geography - 88.6%

Pelonolo Moerane

French Second Additional Language - 90.5%

Mathematical Literacy - 92.4%

IsiZulu First Additional Language - 92%

History - 87.7%

Emma Cope

English Home Language - 86.7%

Afrikaans First Additional Language - 92.2%

Music - 93.9%

Life Sciences - 84.9%

Mathematics - 94%

Physical Science - 91.2%


Students must achieve an overall average of 78% in Grade 8 and 9, and 75% in Grade 10 and 11 or more. This average is derived from marks attained in Term 1, Term 2, Term 2 Examination, Term 3, and the Term 3 Examination, in all subjects.



Well done to Emma Cope who attained an outstanding average of 91.29%.

46 45
Boipelo Mavimbela 75.73% Thomas Horn 75.77% Bolaoane Makoa 76.24% Tamaleigh Chamburuka 76.26% Keneilwe Ntjilo 76.59% Khishan Khimjee 77.09% Zia Abdool Razak 77.26% Abby Turner 77.86% Jinelle Bicker Caarten 78.61% Arya Ramkissoon 80.77% Zarah Jimba 81.27% Tessa Charsley 81.73% Lara Stepan 81.81% Ndzalo Mayayise 82.26% Julian Comodikes 82.26% Yolisa Samsam 82.64% Zethu Simelane 84.44% Devan Natesan 84.61% Xiluva Mathebula 85.77% Lara Gasson 86.63% Victoria Toussaint 86.91% Nina Coetzee 89.36% Zahraa Norath (Left) 90.69% John Shaw 90.80% Mpho Moya 91.77%
The Golden Crossed Keys award is awarded to the top learner in each grade who attains the highest overall average based on the results obtained during the year. This is the pinnacle achievement for Grade 8.
Well done to Heinrich Klopper who attained an outstanding average of 93.84%.
Tyra Scorgie 75.29% Caitlin Kruger 76.11% Rethabile Qwesha 76.23% Michaela Dal Medico 76.70% Sozizwe Madolo 77.19% Remo-Okeditse Mosupi 77.34% Rebecca Van Rensburg 77.44% Liliana Uys 78.04% Seth Schmidt 78.30% Megan Eagle 78.31% Justin Padachi 78.46% Jenna Eagar 78.67% Keotshepile Moleah 79.46% Megan Smit 79.79% Megan Goulding 79.97% Grace Nyapfungwe 81.37% Sienna Lenci 82.47% Ryan Ward 82.49% Takondwa Mphande 82.59% Gina Rebel 82.96% Trishana Buldeo 83.26% Lara Taylor 83.64% Diya Bheema 84.61% Shruti Behadar 84.74% Emma Barron 86.29% Maxine Lambrechts 86.39% Kathryn Bowes 87.53% Katherine Kellock 87.60% Pelonolo Moerane 89.13%
The Golden Crossed Keys award is awarded to the top learner in each grade who attains the highest overall average based on the results obtained during the year. This is the pinnacle achievement for Grade 8.

Academic Trophies 2022


Erin Osborne - The Jacubec Trophy:

This trophy is awarded to a Grade 9 student who has made a consistent contribution to the school in the three areas of academics, culture and sport. This year’s recipient has been involved in many areas of college life. She has excelled academically attaining an average of over 80% every term; she has played netball and basketball; and she has attained half colours in Drama.

Sravya Ghantasala and Sarah Dhanipersad

The Junior Natural Sciences Cup:

This cup is awarded to the junior learner or group of learners who have shown particular aptitude, interest or ability in a research or investigation.


Half-Colours - awarded from Grade 10 onwards:

a) An average of 75% must be achieved for: a. Grade 10-11: Term 1, Term 2, Term 2 Exam, Term 3 and Term 3 Examination


b) A minimum of a 65% average must be achieved in every subject.

At least 6 distinctions (a recorded mark of 80% or more) through the course of the year

Half Colours are awarded to

Nina Coetzee

Heinrich Klopper

John Shaw

Lara Gasson

Kishan Khimjee

Boipelo Mavimbela

Mpho Moyo

Keneilwe Ntjilo

Zia Abdool Razak

Victoria Toussaint

Thomas Horn

Zarah Jimba

Eve Corbett; Erin Osborne; Rahini Pillay; Nitya Rowjee and Grace Potgieter

Grade 9 Entrepreneurship Day

The Grade 9 Entrepreneurship Day Project aims to help the students think about becoming job creators and not job seekers. There are challenges to explore their entrepreneurial potential and to take the opportunity to develop the necessary skills to become successful business owners one day. This is done through simulating the process from a business idea to a business plan and hopefully culminating in a profit. To this end, the winning business will be the one that is the most professional and not necessarily the group is the most profit.

Mpho Moyo and Heinrich Klopper

Grade 10 AP Mathematics Commitment Trophy:

The Advanced Programme Mathematics award for commitment, enthusiasm and perseverance in Grade 10.

Maxine Lambrechts

Grade 11 AP Mathematics Commitment Trophy:

The Advanced Programme Mathematics award for commitment, enthusiasm and perseverance in Grade 11.

Bolaoane Makoa

Lara Stephan

Arya Ramkissoon

Full Colours are awarded to:

Full colours will be awarded when the candidate fulfils the half-colour criteria for two years. This achievement need not be consecutive. Available from Grade 11 onwards.

Zethu Simelane

Julian Comodikes

Xiluva Mathebula

Ndzalo Mayayise

Devan Natesan

Yolisa Samsam

Michaela Dal Medico

Megan Goulding

Rethabile Qwesha

Jenna Eagar

Justin Padachi

Megan Smit

Ryan Ward

Maxine Lambrechts

However, from Grade 11, candidates may be awarded Honours if the candidate achieves academic half-colours in Grade 10 AND the candidate obtains at least a recorded mark of 80% or more through the course of the year.

47 48
Keotshepile Moleah Seth Schmidt Remo-Okeditse Mosupi

Student LEADERSHIP COuncil

The awarding of Prefect Blazers to the Student Leadership Council 2022:

Caleb Akaloo

Claire Beekma

Jessica Cassidy



Mieke Coetzee

Kelly Du Plessis

Matthew Eggett

Alix Hardy

Nosipho Hlatshwayo

Reece Johnson

Jenna Joubert

Tahani Mabunda

Fulufhedzani Makatu

Qhawe Makaula

Siviwe Mavimbela

Warwick Meth

Wanga Monsengo

Siyanda Ntuli

Khutso Phasha

Aron Pillay

Paige Schmidt

Emily Scholz

Kgabiso Sebashe

Angelina Seymour

Justin Warren

Isabella Welland

Executive Head of Pastoral: Nomvula Baloyi

Executive Head of Academics: Issabella Beyers

Executive Head of Co-Curricular: Grant Hunter

Head of School: Serene Bekwa

2 0 2 2

Kathryn Bowes Takondwa Mphande Trishana Buldeo Pelonolo Moerane Grace Nyapfungwe Sienna Lenci Lara Taylor Gina Rebel Shruti Behadar Diya Bheema Katherine Kellock Emma Cope Emma Barron Honours are awarded to: White Blazer: A White Blazer is awarded to Grace Nyapfungwe for obtaining honours in Academics, full colours in Debating, full colours in Netball, and for having met the Community Service requirements of St Peter's College A White Blazer is awarded to Emma Cope for obtaining honours in Academics, full colours in Music, full colours in Swimming and for having met the Community Service requirements of St Peter’s College Grace Nyapfungwe Emma Cope

Co-curricular 2022


Senior Girls:

Nosipho Hlatswayo

Stephen Brent Trophy for Sportsmanship and Spirit


Junior Girls:

Gomolemo Magomola

Sportsmanship & Athlete of the Year

Junior Boys:

Ndegwa Matheri


Mushinge Kamanga

Athlete of the Year

Senior Girls: Jenna van der Westhuizen


Michaela Dal Medico

Sir Samuel Trophy for the Female Athlete of the Year

Senior Boys: Connor Louw


Osvaldo Matias

Greg Drakoulas Trophy for the Male Athlete of the Year


Junior Girls: Georgia Comodikes


Yara Naidu

Most Improved Player

Scylla Rai Govender

Athlete of the Year

Junior Boys:

Matthew Horwood


Jean de Villiers

Most Improved Player

Bethel Musungo

Athlete of the Year

Mpho Moyo

Most Improved Player

Zethu Simelane Player of the Year

Senior Boys:

Bonakele Tshiloane

Stephen Brent Trophy for Sportsmanship and Spirit

Michael Mupfeki

Most Improved Player

Seth Schmidt

Athlete of the Year


Junior Girls:

Farren Lambrechts

Athlete of the Year

Senior Girls:

Michaela Dal Medico

Sportsmanship & Female Athlete of the Year

Senior Boys:

Tristan Meyer


Sozizwe Madolo

Male Athlete of the Year


Junior Girls: Rachel Badham


Isabella Guthrie

Most Improved Player

Keletso Monametsi Player of the Year

Senior Girls: Bupe Kamanga


Reabetswe Mothusi

Most Improved Player

Jodi Scott Player of the Year

Junior Boys: Siyabonga Nhlapo


Siyanda Dibate

Junior Boys: Kimi Daly


Tishar Pillay

Most Improved Player

Caleb Pryor

Player of the Year

Senior Boys:

Graig Plumb


David Hunter

Sweatband Trophy for Most Improved

Senior Player

Grant Hunter

John Pilkington Plate for Best Senior Player of the Year


Junior Girls:

Akudzwe Museva


Ethan Tedder

Most Improved Player

David van Zijl

Junior Player of the Year

Aron Pillay

Senior Player of the Year and Desi Ledl

Coach’s Trophy Receipeint


Junior Girls: Taylor Lutge


Kiara Govender

Most Improved Swimmer

Erin Haslam

Swimmer of the Year

Senior Girls: Livia Bisschops


Most Improved Player

Mathew Mayne Player of the Year

Jean de Villiers


Iman Watson

Most Improved Player

Jiya Khandoo

Wakefield Trophy

Devan Natesan Player of the Year


Junior Boys: Lucius Uys


Jonathan Sampson

Most Improved Player

Oneo Ntsimane

Athlete of the Year

Senior Boys:

Nicholas Steenhoff


Avhay Bagretee

Illsley Trophy for Most Improved Player

Saiyen Subban

Michael Marchant Award for Cricketer of the Year

Sienna Martinaglia

The Penhalonga Horsemanship Trophy

Georgia Otto

The Joan Delport Trophy for the Most Valuable Rider

Erin George

St Peter’s Top Rider of the Year

Equestrian Trophy

Tamara-Lee Hogerzeil

Equestrian Excellence Trophy


Lee Jassen

Sportsmanship Award for incredible commitment and determination to



Thomas Eagle


Jaime Meth


Andrew Moss

Most Improved Golfer

Bailey Rousseau

Golfer of the Year

Senior Boys:

Daniel Joffe and David Joffe

Most Improved Player

Sosizwe Madolo

Fair Play Trophy for Sportsmanship

Qhawe Makaula

Miguel Morais Trophy for Player of the Year


Junior Girls: Rachel Rostron


Erin Osbourne

Most Improved Player

Jaime Meth Player of the Year

Senior Girls: Georgia Moralee


Tanith Bucceri

Ashleigh Robertson Trophy for Most Improved Senior Player

Caitlin Whittal

Robyn McEvoy Plate for Best Senior Player of the Year


Yara Naidu

Most Improved Player

Khethelo Xaba

Player of the Year

Senior Girls: Olesego Rancho


Michela Richa

Most Improved Player

Zethu Simelane

Player of the Year


Matthew Eggett

Van Goidsen Trophyfor Sportsmanship

Matthias Hassam

Lewis Cup for Most Improved Junior


Joshua Mahabeer

Most Improved Senior Player

Kynan Corlett

John Forbes Players’ Player of the Year


Nigel Mutsonziwa

Best Junior Player of the Year

Reece Johnson

1st XV Player of the Year


Lara Taylor

Most Improved Swimmer

Michaela Dal Medico

Ray Trophy Senior Swimmer of the Year

Junior Boys: Cole Lamberti


Abdullah Osman Latib

Most Improved Swimmer

Kimi Daly

Swimmer of the Year

Senior Boys: Ethan Macleod


James Crossley

Most Improved Swimmer

Reece Johnson

Ray Trophy Senior Swimmer of the Year



Michaela Dal Medico

Best Open Water Swimmer

52 51

Matric dance 2022


The aim of the academic programme at St Peter’s College is to foster a love for learning that will promote the desire for our students to be lifelong learners. This is only effective when the students are fully engaged and challenged by the academic programme. The teachers employ several creative strategies to engage their students in an interactive process of teaching and learning. In 2022, I was excited to see the wonderful learning opportunities on offer to our students and realised the importance of sharing this with the greater community so that all stakeholders can share in the success of the academic programme on offer at St Peter’s College. Here is a glimpse of what happens at St Peter’s College daily.

Often the association with Core Mathematics is that there can be no creativity and that the subject does not lend itself to the incorporation of a digital literacy. Our Mathematics Department was eager to get on board with Blended Learning. The Mathematics Department signed up to learn to draw graphs on GeoGebra. The teachers used GeoGebra to produce a Grade 12 Mathematics Portfolio Task. Initially, the students received notes on how to setup equations for the different graphs using GeoGebra. This was followed by the students being guided by the teachers on how to draw basic graphs. Finally, the students were given a picture of a boat on the sea, and they had to find the equations with the restrictions to represent the boat and waves. Both the teachers and the students alike enjoyed the challenge and mastery of this task. The picture graphs were submitted on Teams under assignments. Well done to the Mathematicians.

Robyn Anderson - drawing of an Emoji using graph equation

In Grade 8 and 9, students are required to develop the skills around the Literature Essay. The department noticed that many learners were struggling with the idea of using quotations to support a body of work. Consequently, we asked our students to highlight and organize quotes, in their respective novels, that speak to the development of the novel’s setting. Students were then required to use their researched quotes to digitally build the world of their novels in Minecraft. In doing so, the student was able to see how the quotes in their novels would manifest as physical objectsmoving from the imaginative into reality. Student’s, after building their worlds, definitively understood how the quote related to content. The novel studied was “THE NO.1 LADIES DETECTIVE AGENCY” and is set in Botswana.

This is an example of the work produced by a Grade 9 English student. The image showcases Mma Ramotswe’s beautiful garden. I placed her garden in front of her kitchen window so she could have a good view of anyone who tries to spit in her garden, “At first when she saw them doing that, she would shout at them from the window,” I filled her garden with many trees and shrubs, “...and it was well endowed with trees and shrubs...” as well as an array of different flowers and her pumpkins and pawpaws.

In the subject Drama, one of the areas that students find most difficult, is creating a strong physical character that is different from themselves. So, I thought, “how can I push them to excel in this area without making it unpleasant for students?” I strained my brain and eventually I decided that maybe they could do an animal monologue. This would be the furthest from themselves. To build the skills I took them on an outing to the Pretoria Zoo, where they had to really observe five animals, finding space in the gardens of the Zoo to record videos of themselves being those animals. This led to a follow-up task, where they had to perform a monologue for their Practical Cycle Test as one of these animals. It worked so well, creating valuable skills and yet still being a whole heap of fun!

“One Problem One Day (OPOD) is an innovative, cross-curricular means of testing. Two subjects integrate to create a problem appropriate for 20th-century education to stimulate higher cognitive thinking within our students. Students are given a situation that requires research, planning, and problem-solving.

In 2022, the Social Sciences Department teamed up with the Technology Department for One Problem One Day. The problem that Grade 8 students looked at was the road extension of Van Der Bijl Avenue. However, this extension will cut into the St Peters College driveway and parking lot to merge into the R55. As a result, the development will have a sizeable geographical impact on the area once construction commences.

Students had to use their knowledge of Geographical information systems (GIS) to provide a solution to this problem. This task was cross-linked to technology. They used their IT Skills to create a digital topographic map of the new extension and to write a report on the issues and solutions St Peters College would face in the commencement of the new road. Students could apply their understanding of GIS to the problems faced by this new development. The Grade 8 and 9 students were exposed to the basics of GIS during their Geography lessons. This task created the opportunity for higher cognitive thinking and problem-solving, which will assist students in becoming problem-solvers.”

In the spirit of our Proudly South African Ethos and our diversity, the African Languages Department hosted another Culture & Language Day for our Grade Nine students on Friday, 10 June 2022. We shared something from our backgrounds, customs, and traditions with each other. This afternoon promoted our values - to respect each other, have better relationships and realise our responsibilities as students at St Peter’s College. It played an important role in enhancing our values. It was an afternoon of fun, learning and understanding each other. Students took part in playing Kahoot, as well as Zulu and Afrikaans dancing.

Classroom mapping design

Senior French students have the opportunity to write the DELF exam (Diplôme d’Études en Langue Française) in grades 10, 11 and 12. The DELF certificate is an official qualification issued by the French Ministry of Education to certify the French proficiency of students learning the language. It is also internationally recognized which has benefits for students applying to universities and for jobs, especially overseas. The examination is facilitated by the Alliance Française of Johannesburg.

It is our aim to ensure that students reach at least B1 level French and write the B1 (intermediate) level exam by the time they are in grade 12 with the aim of reaching B2 (intermediate to advanced) by the end of the grade 12 year.

Dario Doneda Karen Grobbelaar
Zulu Dancing at the Grade 9 Cultural and Language Day Staci-Leigh Howard
Brittney Madhanlal

In May 2022, the Grade 9 students visited Constitution Hill. The students visited the Old Fort, Women's Jail and the notorious Number Four prison. They heard stories about some of the people imprisoned there, saw the terrible conditions in the prison and learnt about antiapartheid activists held at the prison complex. They also saw the chambers of the Constitutional Court and saw a group of protestors who had been sleeping outside the court for over a month. The visit created a springboard for discussions in class the next day and assisted the students in the creation of a memory box. Students collaborated in pairs to research the life and role of an anti-apartheid activist and prepared a memory box with artefacts chosen by them which linked to the activist's story before presenting it to the class.

St Peter’s College Entrepreneurship Day is one of our favourite Business Studies projects of the year because students, teachers and parents get a front row seat to amazing creativity from our young entrepreneurs… our students. From the outside, Entrepreneurship Day may seem like a morning where the students have pop-up stalls, but the grade 9 participating students understood that there is so much more going on below the surface that others might miss at first glance. The College was not able to host this monumental educational event due to Covid-19, as a Business Studies team, we were delighted to reintroduce this project to our grade 9 students of 2022. The project sets a foundation to our students who would like to open their own business in the future. It allows for innovation and creativity to take place in their educational journey.

An entrepreneur is a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks to do so. That is not only what we are trying to get our students to understand, but to pursue the related synonyms that can also describe an entrepreneur. Through this project we want our students to be resourceful traders, dealmakers, self-promoters, movers and shakers, go-getters, and high-flyers. We celebrated the ideas that they came up with and the failures that they experienced along the three-month project of planning and preparation, this allowed our students to develop a growth mindset that that enabled them to come up with solutions when trouble came their way.

St Peter’s College is very proud to offer Dance and Movement Studies as a subject to our students. It is the exception rather than the rule for a co-ed school to offer this. Besides two visits to live performances by Joburg Ballet at the Nelson Mandela Theatre, our students were also exposed to dance experiences offered by dancers and choreographers within the profession. In 2022, students participated in Greek Folk Dance, Pantsula (a uniquely South African Dance), West African Dance as well as Meditative Movement. All these activities enrich our students’ exposure to different dance forms and build their confidence as performers.

The St Peter’s College English Department endeavours to prepare our students for the digital spaces they will be exposed to in their professional careers. As a result, the Grade 8 and 9 curricula seamlessly integrates the required academic content together with technology.

In Grade 10 Physical Science, we made use of the Book Creator Application to create electronic textbooks for the students. These eBooks allow for the incorporation of embedded content such as videos, as well as links to exercises and memorandums. The goal was to create a comprehensive set of notes for the students that would allow for updates. The eBook also provides students with one collated platform of all the activities and memoranda from the section. In 2023, the goal is to expand on the eBook that was created and create a library of books covering all of the sections in Grade 10. The downloading of a version of the book that will allow for students to add their own personal notes and worked examples will also form part of the use of the application in 2023.

Another example is the use of Book Creator. The Grade 8 and 9 students were shown an example of a ubiquitous marketing strategy that did not make use of the Cinematic Technique as described by the curriculum. Our students were tasked with creating their own marketing campaign using the correct Cinematic content. Students were placed in groups and then asked to market the best aspects of our school to the community. Our students used Cinematic Technique to drive the photography they would use in the campaign. They then uploaded their work to Book Creator. Book Creator is an app which allows the user to create novels, comics, pamphlets, marketing texts and stories using a digital platform. As a result, our students were able to use Cinematic Technique together with a digital platform to produce a new text.

Memory box Ryan Hammond Izak Botha Nicole Candy
Shelley Elias Shelly Matthews

community outreach cosmos city

Rui’s 2oth anniversary dinner


In the morning of my life

I shall look to the sunrise, At a moment in my life

When the world is new, And the blessing I shall ask Is that God will grant me, To be brave and strong and true, And to fill the world with love My whole life through.

And to fill the world with love And to fill the world with love And to fill the world with love My whole life through.

In the noontime of my life

I shall look to the sunshine. At a moment in my life when the sky is blue, And the blessing I shall ask will Remain unchanging

To be brave and strong and true, And to fill the world with love My whole life through

And to fill the world with love

And to fill the world with love And to fill the world with love My whole life through.

In the evening of my life

I shall look to the sunset, At a moment in my life

When the night is due And the question I shall ask Only I can answer

Was I brave and strong and true? Did I fill the world with love My whole life through?

Did I fill the world with love, Did I fill the world with love, Did I fill the world with love, My whole life through

70 69


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