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Chairman & Rectors’ Annual Review...................................2 Headmaster’s Report...........................................................4 Council Members & 2017 Milestones.................................6 Leavers’ Dinner • Toast to St Peter’s.............................................................8 • Toast to Leavers..............................................................10 • Toast to Stayers...............................................................12 Grade 7 Leavers.................................................................14 2017 Staff Notes & Photos................................................15 Farewells & Welcomes......................................................19 Obituaries..........................................................................23 St Peter’s celebrates ‘The Year of the Woman’.................24 ‘My Story’ Transformation Initiative..................................25


Senior Prize Giving.............................................................28 Chapel Awards & Scholarship Winners.............................30


Grade 5 ............................................................................. 72 Grade 5 Market Day..........................................................74 Grade 5 Camp at Klein Kariba ...........................................75 Grade 6.............................................................................. 76 Grade 6 Camp to Goodland Farm......................................78 Grade 6 House Plays..........................................................79 Grade 7 ............................................................................. 80 Grade 7 Market Day..........................................................82 Grade 7 Keys Camp to Waterberg Game Lodge................83


Grade 7 Production...........................................................86 St Peter’s School of Music.................................................88 Mandela Day.....................................................................90 Book Week........................................................................91



Chapel Events....................................................................92 St Peter’s Day, Servers and Bell Ringers.............................93


Swimming..........................................................................94 Tennis & Equestrian...........................................................95 Hockey............................................................................... 96 Netball............................................................................... 97 Athletics............................................................................. 98 Cross Country....................................................................99

STEM Room.......................................................................31 The new Library and Coding & Robotics Lab.....................32 Multi-Purpose Surface.......................................................34 Chapel and Staffroom Alterations.....................................35 Head of Junior Prep’s Report – Heather Kissack................36 First Day of 2017................................................................37 Grade 0 .............................................................................38 Grade 1 .............................................................................45 Grade 2 .............................................................................49 Camp Out..........................................................................53 Mums and Daughters Craft Morning.................................54 Book Week, ‘Dress Up Day’...............................................56 Sports Day.........................................................................57 Swimming..........................................................................58


MADD Evening...................................................................60 Grade 3 .............................................................................62 Grade 3 Day Camp to Serobe............................................65 Grade 3 Market Day..........................................................66 Grade 4..............................................................................68 Grade 4 Market Day..........................................................70 Grade 4 One-Night at Camp Nelu......................................71



CAMPUS CAMERA..................................................100 Old Girls...........................................................................102 Dads & Daughters Dinner................................................103 SPEET Week.....................................................................104 PA EVENTS..................................................................106 COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPS............................108 ST PETER’S FOUNDATION....................................110 Isematholeni Programme, Donor Function & Conference with UJ.........................................................110 2017 Sunset Carols..........................................................111



Chairman & Rectors' Annual Review It is worth noting the areas of influence of the constituents of the school.

Steve du Toit Council Chairman

• It is Council’s role to sustain the school into the future. The focus should not merely be on their ­children, but on their children’s children • The PA should seek to fulfil the needs of the present constituents • The Old Boys and Girls should work to preserve the best of the past


Baptism and admission to Communion services were held during the year. The Chaplaincy was involved in developing a new RE syllabus, Divinity for Life, to make Christianity more relevant to our young pupils.


The Business Manager, Heidi Christodoulou, resigned to emigrate to Australia. Her 6 years of excellent service saw her managing R40 million worth of campus building projects, increasing accountability in budget management and developing a new, more effective P&L template. David Hala, Deputy Head: Pastoral Care, has accepted the position as Headmaster, Kyalami Prep. This makes him the 6th St Peter’s staff member to be appointed to a headship in recent years.


• Five significant projects were undertaken during the course of the year: • Enlargement of the Girls School library, staff room and offices • Renovation of Dodson Hall • Entrance to the Boys School Admin Block and Dodson Hall • Construction of a multi-purpose surface on Brecknock field • The installation of a wooden gallery, rear entrance and repositioning of side entrances in the Chapel. The latter was made possible by the generous donation of ­materials and labour by 2 parents. The school acquired a property adjacent to the Girls Junior Prep carpark. The existing house is currently being used to house the After School Programme while the remainder will currently be used for overflow parking. The majority of this plot has been expropriated for a high speed interchange on the proposed PWV9 Highway between Johannesburg and Pretoria.


• Traffic A traffic engineer was commissioned to conduct a study of the campus in order to assist in reducing congestion 2


• •

and ease of access and egress. Once again, the high volume of traffic on Witkoppen Road emerged as the most debilitating factor with no easy solution. Exco is, nevertheless, again looking at possible solutions. The speed and carelessness with which some parent drivers negotiate the school roads and carparks remains a serious concern. It is inconceivable that some drivers can be so indifferent to the safety of our children and the school is reviewing additional measures to combat this. NOSA The school was awarded a 4th star in recognition of its Health & Safety practices. Security Lance Camphor, an experienced Security Manager with Fidelity, was engaged as Campus Security Manager following the resignation of Elvis Majola.


International benchmark test results showed the schools to be performing above the international average in English and Maths, while also identifying areas for further improvement. The schools’ requested feedback from senior schools demonstrated that its leavers were generally well-prepared for high school with disproportionately large numbers in Greg Royce A-sets of various subjects. The Rector high number of prefects and 4 Head Boys/Girls underline this aspect. The school won its Umalusi accreditation in a visit from government assessors in September. In an effort to increase personal responsibility for progress, the school introduced pupil-led academic conferences with parents and teachers. • •

Boys Scholarships: 30 offered to 19 boys Girls Scholarships: 12 offered to 8 girls


Incidents at other prominent independent schools during the course of the year have heightened awareness of discriminatory practises and contributed to distrust between families and the schools which they attend. In some cases the media has contributed to this by high­ lighting only certain aspects of a situation. The school has continued to work towards promoting better understanding between communities and awareness of unconscious bias for both children and staff. A weekly programme allowing staff to share their feelings and experiences was introduced, based on Stanley Bongwe’s book, 100 Lessons in Diversity. An additional programme for pupils is to be piloted at the end of this year with a view to introduction in 2018. YEARBOOK 2017

The relationship between the Transformation Committee and the school has proved to be exceptionally helpful in identifying and eliminating instances of unconscious bias and improving communication. Initiatives included an altered format for My Story evenings, the Soccer Festival and a parent address to new Gr 0 parents. The Diversity Committee celebrated the ‘Year of the Women’. The school also trained a facilitator in order to be able to offer ­Investment in Excellence, a self-development course, to support staff who reported significant benefit from this. A black Finance Manager and 3 teachers were appointed for 2018. Diversity enrolments Year


Gr 0








Gr 0







• Budgeting Total expenditure is broken down below, with the bulk directed towards maintaining a high quality product:

Expenditure  Teaching and Aftercare  Catering  Grounds, Maintenance, Security, Cleaning, Utilities  Administration, Insurance & Marketing  Finance, Operations, HR 14% 7%

6% 6% 67%

Careful control ensured that the school met its budget while at the same time funding significant capital projects. In determining the 2018 tuition fee increase, strong cost-cutting exercises were implemented with the proviso that product wasn’t affected, resulting in an increase below 7%. The Girls School fee was affected by the following two factors: • The Junior Prep programmes in the Boys and Girls schools are identical, although the Girls fee was ­substantially less. • The Headmaster’s quest to improve the sporting and musical offering by increasing the number of coaches and teachers.



The school’s training programme aims to develop capacity, enhance teaching ability, promote leadership behaviour and a growth mind-set which continually seeks to improve on all we do. 6 staff attended a workshop by Kath Murdoch, the world authority on Inquiry-based Learning. Knowledge gained will assist in accelerating the implementation of ­personalised learning for pupils at St Peter’s.


The Foundation Manager, Monica Sloane, worked extremely hard to secure funding to support the schools’ projects. Thanks to donations from the Oppenheimer Memorial Trust, Metrofile and many individual parents, the ­Foundation was able to provide funds for the school to continue its community partnership and intern programmes. The latter costs over R1.5 million per annum. We aim to grow the endowment so that community initiatives and the intern programme can be funded without having to rely on donations each year. Currently, we rely solely on ongoing donations to keep these alive. Many parents were generous in their support and companies were able to use their donations to the Foundation in order to meet their BEE targets as the projects are BEE compliant. The 7th annual Sunset Carols was well-attended. For the first time, INCE, the Integrated Communications Specialists, sponsored this event. This enabled further contribution to be made to the running of the intern programme.


Reading and pupil and teacher support programmes ­continued at Sefikeng and Diepsloot Schools with volunteer parents taking on even greater roles. Once again, school training and workshops were offered to teachers from our twinned schools. Benefiting charities included CHOC, the SPCA, Hearts of Hope, Hospice, the Smile Foundation and the Making a Difference Campaign.


Scott Hauptfleisch was appointed as the IT Integrator for both schools in order to accelerate the integration of IT into teaching and to align hard and software needs with academic and administrative programmes.


Two new members commenced during the course of the year: Dr Shrey Viranna in the Finance Portfolio (now CEO of Life Healthcare Group Holdings Ltd) and Advocate Phumlani Ngcongo.


During the year, the Old Boys held a cricket match against The Ridge and hosted an evening with Donavan Rule, who presented his photos on his travels around 6 continents. The Old Boys will be launching a bursary fund next year.



Headmaster's Report 2017 SCHOOL REPORT

at the same time starting an academic journey to ensure we are providing our girls with the A reflection of my second year as Head critical skills they will need in the future. of St Peter’s Girls Prep School: As usual, our International Benchmark Results (IBTs), our local Grade 7 BenchThe first thing that comes to mind is how marking process and our wonderful privileged I am to work in the St Peter’s scholarship results confirmed that our environment. I work with the most core skills are indeed, in place. wonderful girls, amazing teachers, hugely In terms of 21st Century teaching, we supportive parents and incredible experimented with an Inquiry-Based educational leaders in one of the most Lesson, which we called ‘Exploration and beautiful and well-resourced schools around. Learning.’ It involved a number of teachers Once again, our teachers have gone over collaborating in an extended weekly period and above their core duties to ensure that Darrel Webb in attempt to provide the girls with meaningevery girl is loved, cared for and supported, Headmaster ful project-based assignments. This integrates every day. Our support staff always go the the fundamental principles of the FLP extra mile to ensure our campus looks Programme, namely, interest-driven, incredible. There is no doubt that our girls maximum engagement and accelerated learning, into our have embraced the many opportunities that St Peter’s has units of inquiry. We also introduced STEM (Science, presented to them, throughout this year. Technology and Mathematics). We have reflected on both In our Junior Prep, Mrs Heather Kissack and our Junior these processes and will be making some adjustments for Prep staff have continued to make this crucial phase of the added educational benefit next year. educational process as fun-filled and as beneficial as Pam also introduced an Access to Teacher time this year, possible. This year’s strategy has included: the successful which gave the Senior Prep girls a timeslot to get reinforceintroduction of a new reading programme, Time2Read, ment from their respective teachers or simply use it as a making Thinking and Learning Visible, designing a new time to read or do homework. reporting system, implementing relevant IT in the classOur Student-Led Conferences were introduced to reinforce room and making use of ‘Maker Space’ creativity. a mindset that the girls need to take responsibility for their JP events have included - Year of the Woman, Mothers and Daughters Craft Morning, numerous coffee mornings to own learning. This process also required a change in our engage with parents on numerous academic, emotional and reporting process. Constructive feedback in this regard, will enable us to make further improvements in the New Year. sporting topics and the termly ‘Little Mozart’s Concerts.’ Mrs Rachel Amm and her Middle School teachers have Heather and Mrs Leigh Lidgey have also continued to make a significant difference to our Community Partnership ensured that our little ones coming up from the Junior Prep, have felt cared for and loved. Rachel has taken school, Sefikeng. Their focus has been upgrading their literacy programme and there is no doubt that their weekly numerous Middle School assemblies this year and is always looking at ways to enhance the effectiveness of our Middle visits have achieved just that. School teaching. Our JP Isematholeni Intern Programme has continued to In terms of staffing in the Senior Prep, we say a sad provide our amazing interns with the teaching skills and farewell to Mrs Lee Pace, who is retiring to spend time with experience that will no doubt provide them with the her daughters. Lee has served our school with distinction ­opportunity to teach, once fully qualified, anywhere in our for the past eight years. country. We also say a sad farewell to Miss Jabulisile Mtshweni. In terms of JP staffing, we are delighted to congratulate Jabu started her teaching career as an intern here at the following staff who have been promoted to Lead St Peter’s and is going to gain further experience at Steyn Teachers in 2018: Mrs Janet Buck will lead our Literacy City School. Mrs Cathy Linnell, sadly, will be leaving us at programme, Mrs Sheena Steyn will lead our Numeracy the end of the first term. Cathy is taking up a new position programme and Miss Lauren Keeve will lead our Ed Tech initiatives. We are also thrilled to announce that Mrs Robyn as Head of Maths in the Boys School. Our very own Mrs Kerryn Schmidt will replace Lee Pace, von Ginkel (our current Remedial Therapist) has been as Head of IT and Coding. Miss Biotumelo Ledwaba, who appointed as our new Grade 1 teacher and Miss Lerato has taught previously at Reddam Waterfall and Jan Celliers Mafatle has been appointed as our new Grade 0 teacher. Lerato has had a number of years at St Peter’s, as an intern, Primary, will replace Miss Mtshweni. Mrs Leigh van Rooyen has been appointed as our new librarian when she ­completes and is more than ready to take up the challenge of a full her locum for Mrs Leigh Tennant in February, next year. Mrs time teacher. Mrs Leanne Fleming has also been appointed Carmen Whitfield has been appointed as our new Remedial as our dedicated JP Physical Education Teacher in 2018. teacher in the Senior Prep. Carmen is actually a qualified Our JP Department has many exciting initiatives in the Educational Psychologist, but will initially be focused on pipeline for 2018 – all will be revealed at our Information assisting any of our girls who require remedial assistance. Evenings next year. I am also delighted to announce the following promotions In the Senior Prep, under the watchful eye of Pam van Gass, 2017 has been a year of cementing the core academic in the Senior Prep: Mrs Rose Nkomo is our new Head of skills or three ‘Rs’ of Reading, Writing and ‘Rithmetic’ whilst isiZulu, Mrs Leigh Tennant, is our new Head of English, and 4



Mrs Ritchie is our new Head of Thinking Skills for 2018. On the Girls School Management Team (MANCO), Mrs Amm, Mrs Eggett and Mrs Schmitt have all been promoted to Directors of their respective areas. We have achieved some excellent sporting results this year. Our new Netball Club on Saturday mornings has proved to be a great success and hugely beneficial for our netball girls. It’s been wonderful to see so many girls at our early morning tennis practice sessions. This dedication has paid off and is evident in the results our tennis girls have achieved this year – particularly our First Team girls who travelled to the Midlands to play a number of schools. Our hockey girls also did really well on their tour – also to the Midlands. Our swimmers and athletes did themselves very proud this year. I was particularly impressed with the number of girls who took part in our various voluntary Cross Country and Biathle events that took place towards the end of this year. We say a sad farewell to Mrs Kagiso Musi this year and thank her for her incredible commitment to our school over the many years. We wish her everything of the best as she joins St Catherine’s next year, to be closer to home. We are however, delighted to announce that Mrs Keitumetse Makola will be joining us next year. Keitumetse has taught at Brescia House for a number of years. She has a degree in Sports Management and I know she will add tremendous value to our school. We are also delighted to announce the employment of Miss Charné Badenhorst. Charné is a qualified biokineticist and joins us as a Master Coach. There is no doubt that she too will have a significant impact on our sporting programme next year. A huge thank you to our Sports Department, very ably led by Liz Ashmore. Under the amazing leadership of Marguerite Schmitt, Music has continued to grow from strength to strength in our school. We have had more girls than ever learning an instrument. A large proportion of these girls undertook theory and practical exams and achieved phenomenal results. Our iPad Band continues to grow and the girls had a number of opportunities to perform. Our various choirs performed at the highest standard, and our Chamber Choir enjoyed their tour to White River and Nelspruit. Our thanks goes to Hugo who ensures that the Chamber and Chapel Choir always provide thrilling performances. Next year, our strategic imperative is to take our Orchestra to another level. We have employed a number of new teachers who will take various ensembles during the day, which will culminate in an orchestra practice once a week.

In terms of transformation, a significant number of courageous conversations have taken place this year, not only in our staffroom between teachers, but in parent forums hosted by our Transformation Committee and at Council level. ST PETER’S GIRLS PREP SCHOOL

This year, Mrs Cara Eggett focused all her energy on our Pastoral Care Programme in the Senior Prep. Girls needing special attention are mentioned at morning meetings and we have met once a week with Father Richard and Pam van Gass to discuss girls at risk, either emotionally or academically to ensure we are supporting them one way or another. This year Cara has also developed a document that outlines what aspects of leadership are taught at different levels within the school, culminating in a leadership programme that takes place in Grade 6 and Grade 7. Our first ever Grade 7 Keys Leadership Camp took place early in the year. This camp focused on critical leadership skills that our Grade 7s were able to implement throughout the year. A huge thank you to Mrs Cathy Linnell who organised this camp. In terms of transformation, a significant number of courageous conversations have taken place this year, not only in our staffroom between teachers, but in parent forums hosted by our Transformation Committee and at Council level. The overarching theme being that discrimination of any form will never be tolerated at St Peter’s Prep and that every child, employee of St Peter’s and parent feels welcome and accepted as an equal member of our family. This year we were delighted to appoint Mrs Thobile Kizito into a position of class teacher, Miss Lerato Mafatle as our new Grade 0 teacher and we were delighted with an increased diversity of parents who have volunteered to be class reps and involve themselves in various committees. I would like to thank Mrs Susan Wolfenden for her incredible effort in chairing our Transformation Committee and Mrs Malope Mabizela who co-chairs our Parents Association and who has been instrumental in persuading so many parents to become involved in school committees. Malope organized the most amazing Football Festival this Year. In terms of building projects, we have completed our new Media Centre and Coding Room, our new Staffroom and our multipurpose surface. Our Chapel has also been renovated thanks to some incredibly generous donations from a few of our parents. Financial considerations have delayed the building of our new classrooms until 2019, and the upgrade of Keys Pavilion will take place after that. I need to thank so many people for their support and commitment to our school this year. On a personal note, I would like to thank my dear wife Jo for putting up with all my nonsense, and my kids, Jess and Jont for their understanding of needing to share their dad with 500 girls! Thank you too, to Greg and Rob for their support, to the chairman of Council, Mr Steve du Toit and the Council for their commitment to our school and their support. To our EC (Grainne Formby, Nicky Thompson, Ellen Ngcongo and Cathy Page) and our PA (Robyn Doak, Malope Mabizela and the team) for all their work behind the scenes to ­communicate with parents and raise money for the school. To my Management team, the Girls School Exec and our administrative support for their dedication to our school, in particular Non and my PA, Paula. Most importantly, though, a huge thank you to our girls, our teachers and all our parents for making our school what it is today and this, I believe, is the reason why I’m so privileged to teach here! YEARBOOK 2017


Council uncil CoMembers STEVE DU TOIT Chairman

Rt. Rev. STEPHEN MOREO Bishop of Johannesburg (The Visitor)


ROBYN DOAK Joint Chair – Parents’ Association

THANDI CHAANE Transformation LWAZI BAM Without Portfolio



PROF. NICOLA KLEYN Marketing * MIKE ILSLEY Chairman, College Council

WILLIAM MZIMBA Foundation Chairman MALOPE MABIZELA Joint Chair - Parents’ Association





*ROB MACAULAY Headmaster: Boys School *DARREL WEBB Headmaster: Girls School 6


*HEIDI MüLLER Business Manager

*RUI MORAIS Headmaster: College


Pupils • 12 Scholarships awarded to 8 girls • First week-long leadership camp for Grade 7s • Compulsory Community Service for Grades 6 and 7 introduced • First group of Matrics – Founder class of 2006 Staff Development • St Peter’s hosts University of Johannesburg Teaching Methodology Conference • St Peter’s hosts National Pastoral Care Conference for primary and high schools • 2 teachers attend 2017 National Coalition of Girls’ Schools (NCGS) Conference, Washington DC • 3 teachers visit the Inter­ national School, Zambia • 2 teachers attend inquirybased learning with world authority, Kate Murdoch, Dubai Transformation • 2 Interns appointed to permanent staff • Transformation – staff tell their own transformation stories in weekly meetings • “Year of the Woman” celebrated. Gcina Mhlope, writer, poet and social activist is guest of honour • St Peter’s, ‘My Story’ workshops adopted by other independent schools • My SA Story Evenings include screening of “Beyond the River” for parents and a theatrical performance of “My Father’s Coat”, Michael Charlton, portraying SA History from Mzilikazi to Mandela • Support and Maintenance staff view “Beyond the River” on campus • Stanley Bongwe Presentation “100 Lessons in Diversity” to all staff • First family Soccer Day, ­doubly over-subscribed • St Peter’s trains a facilitator to enable Support Staff to attend IiE self-development programme Community Partnership • Mandela Day – Pop Up Shop for St Peter’s Community • Inaugural Books and Balls initiative at Diepsloot ­Combined School (DCS) • Gr 2 Interns present “Read for Africa” holiday ­programme at DCS

Milestones tones iles2017


Academics • Introduction of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) to Grade 6 and 7 • Integration personalisedlearning principles into extended timetable Exploration and Learning sessions. • Introduction of ‘Scratch programme’ as a start to Coding • Time2Read – new researchbased reading programme for Grade 0-4 introduced • Introduction of Access to Teachers: to increase contact time between pupils and staff to provide academic support in the afternoon • SeeSaw App for parents ­enabling them to view ­photos and videos of activities taking place at school • Introduction of ‘Closing ­Circles’, in the JP, as an end to the academic day – to consoli­date the day’s learning • St Peter’s Values – revisited in order to focus more on character development, in the context of the research of Professor Martin Seligman (University of Pennsylvania) • isiZulu readers recorded and QR codes attached, to improve pronunciation and listening skills Spiritual • Chapel service for first ­Matrics hosted for founder girls and their parents • Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day Chapel Services • New House banners for Chapel • Woman’s Day Chapel service Sport • JP Coffee Morning on Sport Philosophy for parents Campus Development • Media Centre extended to include additional ­computer area to allow for personalised learning • Multi-purpose sports surface constructed • Chapel expanded to include a gallery and new entrances (parent donation) • Senior Prep Staffroom enlarged • Pastoral Care office refurbished • Royce Hall sound system upgrade • Climbing Wall installed in Junior Prep • Aftercare facilities upgraded


Grounds/Greening/ Environment • Bekabee waste management company engaged to ensure that campus waste is sorted and either recycled or destroyed responsibly • Invasive alien combatting project continues with removal of over 100 deodars (pines) and Australian black and green wattles • School compost project: fields survive the drought well; R90,000 per annum saved by cessation of use of chemical fertilizers • 20+ indigenous trees planted

Marketing • Comprehensive Strategic Marketing Communications Plan drafted • New Surveys in Google format: 2017 Parent Information Evenings; New Parents’ first experience of Prep Schools; • New improved Staff Induction Programme designed • Weekly Newsletter format improved • School Shop: branding audit of all items sold • List of school uniform items common to both schools compiled for parents • Signage on campus updated Foundation • Oppenheimer Memorial Trust donates R300,000 to St Peter’s intern programme • 23% more of Gr 7 leaver parents donate all or part of their deposits to the St Peter’s Foundation • The CIDA Foundation agrees to fund 4 St Peter’s interns as a pilot to a possible larger future partnership • Well-known and prestigious independent school appoints 1 intern to a permanent teaching position, endorsing the quality of the St Peter’s programme

Music and Cultural • iPad Band joins Choir on tour for the first time • St Peter’s Girls hosts first ISASA Music Cluster Meeting • Music Coffee morning ­introduced for parents IT • Full-time IT technician ­appointed to Girls School • Engage – new comprehensive MIS programme acquired • Campus IT Integration ­Director post introduced HR • St Peter’s hosts a workshop on the role of HR in Transformation for all Gauteng schools • Survey by 21st Century ­remuneration consultants ­reveals an extraordinarily high Employee Value ­Proposition rating of 87% for prep school staff

Safety & Security • Improved NOSA rating – 4 stars awarded • Appointment of experienced security manager • Camera system upgraded and 20 new cameras added • Anti-hijacking systems ­purchased for school vehicles • Vehicle security stickers: new design • Crisis Management training workshop for management Quality Assurance • Kitchen achieves outstanding results in 2 Health ­Department Hygiene Audits: A+ for Microbial Risk, A for Facilities and A for Hygiene Practices.

Parents’ Association • PA contribution makes it possible to construct all-purpose surface in 2017



s ’ P Leavers' Dinner Toast to St Peter’s t S o t t s a o T

Good evening Mr and Mrs Royce, Mr and Mrs Webb, special teachers, school leavers of 2017 and ­fellow parents. I am Angela Schaefer, ­probably better known as Zozzie Schaefer’s mom. It is indeed my privilege this evening to extend our collective thanks and appreciation to the school, to the teachers and to all the support staff, for the wonderful primary school years that our daughters have spent here. With the highest ­standards of teaching, care, support and nurturing, which is my impression of the last eight years, our girls have been supremely well prepared to move confidently, and happily, into high school next year. I have a real feeling of nostalgia standing here this evening, having been a parent at the school since its inception. Many sentiments and emotions come to mind as I reflect on a personal journey at St Peter’s Girls’ Prep, which began 12 years ago in 2006. Our older daughter, Annabelle, who has just written her last matric exam, joined the brand new St. Peters Girls’ Prep as a grade 1 pupil in a class of only 13 girls. At that stage the school consisted of two grade 1 classes taught by Shelli Golden and Nadine Leamy, and three grade 0 classes taught by Ros Benson, Janet Buck and Belinda Ramsden. And that was it.

There were no senior girls, nor was there a Royce Hall, nor a girls’ pool, nor a science lab, and Mrs Hugo ran the library out of, what is now, the science lab. Our school concerts and prize-givings were held in the library but in those days, it was the school hall and contained only an overhead projector and enough chairs to seat staff and 52 parents. Still, our girls had the best of everything then as they do now. Brand new classrooms with new equipment every year, new facilities and new experiences as the school grew and developed. The best teachers were recruited and personally selected by Trish Attlee as the outstanding founding head and we would wait with baited breath for the newsletter to come out introducing them. It has been extraordinary; a journey of transformation into what we see today as a leading girls’ primary school in Johannesburg, if not South Africa. It’s not often that parents have an opportunity to see a new school take shape around their children. There have been many occasions that have stood out for me over the years but the one of most significance and that really touched me was on the 13th of October this year. The inaugural grade 7s, class of 2012, Matrics of 2017, were invited to a special chapel service, organized by the one and only Mrs Eggie. The school prayed for them and wished them well for their upcoming matric exams. As I sat in the beautiful new gallery looking down over the girls, I was overwhelmed by a sense of warmth and gratitude. I was struck by a number of things. First and foremost was the ethos of the school, rooted so deeply in the chapel and emanating so strongly from within its confounds. In this current

Angela Schaefer




time, where so much is changing, and the values and morals of our community, and society at large, are under constant threat, I was warmed and encouraged to feel that strength of what is good and wholesome. The second thing that stood out to me was how safe and secure you girls are within the school. It was as though the chapel was a little nest, and you girls were the baby chicks nestled closely together inside the nest, with the teachers looking on from the edges, and making sure all their little chicks were safe and that nobody fell out. This sense of safety and security must be appreciated and valued because high school is often a different story. I remember Annabelle, phoning home in tears one day shortly after starting high school and saying: “Mom, nobody cares about us here. The teachers aren’t interested in us. We can’t even ask questions!” She was shocked and bewildered. But that is the reality of high school. You will fly from your little nest here where you have been so loved and ­nurtured, and you will have to stand on your own two feet. Thirdly, I saw a very visible sense of pride and ­camaraderie amongst the matric girls that day, so much the richer for the years they spent here. And I know that this bond exists amongst all St Peters girls, and will remain amongst our leavers of 2017 too. Lastly, and probably most notably, as I looked around, it became evident to me that so many of the teachers that were sitting in the chapel that day, had been there from the very beginning or thereabouts. To me, that speaks ­volumes. Teaching is a hard profession, especially in this day and age, where so many demands are placed on teachers, from managing a time-consuming profession, their own families, sport, extramural activities to dealing with the ever-more-so demanding parent. Many teachers leave their profession through disillusionment and ­disappointment. But, these special people at St Peters are here, and still here, not because it’s easy, but because they are dedicated and committed to education and to the future of all of you girls here tonight.


Our family has come a full circle and our time is up. Even though my job tonight is to thank the school, I would like to close by wishing each and every Grade 7 girl every happiness and success as you embark on the next stage of your school career. • Move forward to your new school with confidence and enthusiasm. • Make the most of opportunities and friendships. • Remember that new schools provide an excellent opportunity for you to reinvent yourself, by trying as many new experiences as possible, and • Make an effort to stay in touch with your primary school friends; you have a common heritage and many memories together. Finally, a huge vote of thanks, once again, to all the teachers and staff. Darrel, your positive energy, your broad-mindedness and your giftedness in blending ­tradition with new age technology and modern education are an inspiration. You, and each one of your staff, has enriched our daughters’ lives and education in innumerable ways and shaped them indelibly as they move forward now in their school careers. Whilst a simple thank you appears to fall far short of the mark, I close with a Shakespeare quote from the Tempest: “ I can no other answer make but thanks, and thanks and ever thanks. “ Can I please ask you all to stand and raise your glasses to the teachers, and to the school itself?



Leavers' Dinner - Toast to the Leavers Good evening Mr and Mrs Royce, Mr and and even sometimes on her legs and arms! Mrs Webb, colleagues, parents and Ah, Julia the Bear Shooter! She’s a especially Grade 7 leavers of 2017 quiet young lady and they say that still As I stand here tonight, I am water runs deep. So what’s different reminded of the proceeds in a about Julia? Well she has Dutch blood courtroom where one is to give a sworn in her veins and we all know that some statement by raising your right hand of the greatest artists in the world were and say, ‘So help me God.’ Tonight I also the Dutch Masters: Van Gogh and raise my right hand to say, ‘So help me Rembrandt. Well, she must be related to God not to be a cry baby and shed a tear them because her art work is of the same until I am done with this leavers Speech.’ brilliant standard. Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Ladies and gentlemen it is such an Van Beerschoten… they just belong together. Rose Nkomo honour to be afforded this opportunity to On the other hand Laura makes Art such an bid each and everyone of you girls farewell effortless thing to do. Piet Mondrian a Dutch as you move on to high school. painter once said, ‘The position of the artist The number 7 in 2017 symbolises is humble. He is essentially a channel.”. This completeness and perfection in the Bible. You have quote fits in perfectly with the artist that Laura has completed your journey here at St Peter’s Prep and you are become. She is humble in her talent yet produces about to embark on an exciting and yet challenging journey outstanding art pieces. Laura, I have no doubt that your to high school. A chapter in your life is closing and a new hand can never execute anything higher than what your one is just about heart can imagine. to begin. You will be faced with many new interesting, Leaving a mark is definitely what Mvuko has done with her different and wonderful experiences. The greatest gift that outrageous laughs. A day without a laugh in Mvuko’s life is a you have been blessed with is choice. Know yourself, day wasted. Everybody laughs the same in every language because the choices you make will always have because laughter is a universal connection and that’s what consequences. makes you special Mvuko, you bring people together. What an As you progress through life... you become more and exciting way to end the Grade 6 camp with Alix Hardy being more responsible for the way it starts to map out, by the run over by two warthogs, yet she picked herself up and choices you make. Life is not a rehearsal and often there continued with the trail walk. Alix you will be a great comedian are no second takes… but there are always consequences. one day and I will be the first one in the queue to purchase Dare to stand alone and fight for what YOU believe in. Even tickets to your comedy show. Catherine and Michaela both if you are called a nut!!!! We all know just how tall the nut possess a kind and loving nature. When looking for a loyal became after it stood its ground. friend, in them you’ll find the answer. India is an outgoing, The title of my speech is ‘I was here…’ This was inspired talented, popular young lady both in and outside the classby my favourite artist Beyonce whom I know most of you room. I have no doubt that she will succeed in life. girls love. The lyrics of the song that I would like to pass on Six to seven hours of school, almost an hour or two of to you are that you want to leave your footprints here at cross-country practise and squeezing in homework, am St Peter’s, knowing that there is something that you left sure your parents never call you lazy Owami and Victoria. behind, knowing that you’ll leave with no regrets, but leave No matter how bad Emma’s day is, she is sure that there is something to remember so that you won’t be forgotten. always someone waiting for her at the barn. Most people Jess Cassidy we will know that you were here by your say that riding isn’t a sport and they are right. It is not a love in keeping Mr Wilson involved in long… very long… sport… it is Emma’s life. Dakota I am sure that when the very, very long stories about your descendants who almost earth floods from global warming, as a swimmer you will single-handedly won both World Wars and who had even rule the world. The following statement is true for Kelly more animal adventures than Jock of the Bushveld! that good things come to those who swim, as swimming When one looks at Kristy you get the impression that did not build her character but instead revealed it. she’s such a sweet, charming, gentle girl. But wait… put a Mieke, Meg Joubert and Amy McDermott, someone hockey stick in her hand and a gum guard in her mouth and once said that dancers work just as hard as policemen, she becomes Killer Kris!! She will make your eyes go misty. always alert, always tense, but the only differences is that You have to understand netball to know why Kayley is policemen don’t have to be beautiful at the same time. such a great netball player. She is a graceful, long range Jenna and Lesedi you were Mr Webb’s acolytes and I have shooter who when she is on song, no one can break her no doubt that you will rub shoulders with the who’s who of rhythm. Kayley is the best netball captain coupled with countries in future as you excelled in your roles. Kendra your dedication, brilliant attitude and always having a smile on outstanding performance in the arts was evident in the role her face you played in ‘Pied Piper of Hamlin’ earler this year. Charlize William Shakespeare will always be remembered for Theron must be careful, otherwise she will be replaced soon writing very long plays and poems. He doesn’t even come by another young South African girl called Kendra. close to Amy Urmson though. If you provide five lines for Ally van Zijl if I were friends with Adelle, I would tell her to an answer – Amy needs 15. She writes such long answers run for her life as your loud voice that comes through your they go onto the back of the page, the cover of the book beautiful singing is sure to give her a run for her money. You 10



are such an amazing singer. It is true that in life you only live once but in Amy Ralph’s case she gets to serve twice. Your love and skill in tennis reminds me of Garbińe Mugurunza who defeated Venus Williams in July this year. You are passionate about tennis and sacrifice your sleep to come for early morning practises. I won’t be surprised one day when I hear that you are rubbing shoulders with Serena Williams. Nothando one day you will reach for the stars with that violin of yours just like Vanessa-Mae who is well known all over the world and in 2006 was once ranked as the wealthiest young entertainer under 30 in the UK. Paige you are surely one of a kind by defeating all odds and challenging yourself to take on to playing a saxophone which is one of the musical instruments played by boys or men. Keiomarah I have no doubt that NASA is waiting for your application to come through in a few years to come. The majority of the women who have worked in NASA are from the United States. I can’t wait to see or read about our very own St Peter’s girl making history and shooting for the stars in space, one day. It is true that dynamite comes in small packages. Botshelo and Megan Barrow communication, teamwork, perceiving what needs to be done and doing it, punctuality, self-confidence, and the list goes on, have made serving on the altar a great place to start building these skills. You have served the God and the community of St Peter’s with humility, dedication and love. No one will ever stop Isabella Polla from running. She puts in a 110 percent into Athletics hence she became the Athletics Vice-Captain. The Greyhound and the North African ostrich do not compare to her running skills. What do you call an organised person and always willing to help? Let me give you an answer… Tannah Proudfoot. Highly organised people enjoy something many of us endlessly strive for, which is success. Yasmeena you showed true grit over the past two years by believing in yourself and never letting anyone bring you down. You kept going and took on the challenges of being in a new school with broad shoulders. Georgina’s grace, poise, hard work and dedication have ensured a wonderful character foundation. Alex Urban I think the mould was broken when you were made, as being humble is one of your greatest assets. You have managed to stay humble, original and real. Lulu has such amazing leadership qualities. She is forever busy, yet she makes and finds time to socialize with friends. Her actions have inspired others to dream more, learn more do more and become more. Melissa’s self-belief and hard work will always earn you success, I have never seen such a hard working person, yet, she still finds time in between to be witty. Izzy Welland doesn’t believe in keeping calm and following the rules and is not afraid to challenge authority. You could be a great politician one day and I wouldn’t mind jumping ship and joining your ­opposition party, Izzy. Caitlin, you have shown what it means to be resilient. Your degree of self-motivation is outstanding and you understand the value of a growth mindset. Jess Willson I’ve never come across a person who is so humble about her smartness. Maybe you should have been one of the members of the ‘Smarties.’ Allison you only joined the 2017 Grade 7 group this year but it feels like you have been here since Grade 0. You ST PETER’S GIRLS PREP SCHOOL

slotted in easily and made lots of friends even in the Grade 0 classes. I think they love you and look up to you with eyes full of love. The footprints that you leave behind are those of a true St Peter’s girl. Emily how could I forget your servant heart, sensitive nature and kindness to those around you. I asked one of your fellow mates to describe you, and they said they you are such an inspiration to them. The mere fact that you came to school even though you had lost someone very close to you the previous day, speaks volumes about you. Chloe, you made your mark in the hockey festival at St Stithians, when you jumped so high that one of the photographers couldn’t help themselves but take a shot of that jump. Dynamite truly comes in small packages. Tiisetso and Kylah you are such reliable, trustworthy and friendly young ladies. You both possess a special gift of motivating your fellow students when they feel down and out. Laoise a good friend who sings like a bird. Your kind heart and forever helpful nature is a one of a kind. Courtney I am definitely sure that if you were placed in the Garden of Eden with those fruit trees, you would have gone on hunger strike. But, your love of art and immaculate drawings of pigs would have saved you. You are a born artist. Tintswalo your grace, poise, hard work and dedication to your academics and sports have ensured a wonderful St Peter’s girl. Jade, I love the sense of joy that surrounds you. There is never a dull moment in your life. You have made school look like an easy journey despite the hurdles that one goes through. Last but not least, Alyssa, we could all learn something from your boundless energy, exuberance and enjoyment of life. You have found it difficult though to be involved in soft discussions, your boisterous voice has made you stand out from the rest. As you moved from grade to grade, you acquired a lot of knowledge in all the academic subject areas. Along with your teachers and classmates, you developed those core competencies that have been at the forefront of the new curriculum the last couple of years, such as communication, creative and critical thinking, collaboration and have grown in the social and emotional areas with all the work you did at St Peter’s Girls Prep School. In conclusion, to you young Grade 7 ladies, a chapter in your life is closing and a new one is just about to begin. You have the pen, you guys are now the authors of your own lives. Your imagination is your only limitation. You were indeed here and left a mark. If at Primary school you did not receive a trophy or a badge it’s okay. If you did not participate fully in the school life then you are lucky because life is a like a life cycle, high school gives you a second chance. Each and everyone of you made your own footprint be it in a significant or non-significant way. Leave the past, engage the present and with God, create the future. Acknowledge the vision that God has given you and have the courage to go through with it. Dream big and always dream beyond your ability. Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land amongst the stars!!!! Thank you, mantombazane. Together with your teachers, I wish you the very best as you advance to Grade 8. Ladies and gentlemen and girls, I would like to propose a toast to the Grade 7 class of 2017. YEARBOOK 2017


Leavers’ Dinner Speech - Kristy Leonard How did it get late so soon… it’s night before its afternoon? December is here before its June, my goodness how the time has flewn… How did it get so late so soon. The words of Dr Seus could not be more appropriate this evening. Good evening Mr and Mrs Royce, Mr and Mrs Webb, Teachers, Parents and most importantly girls of 2017 “Flewn” really describes our primary school career, because Wow it has “Flewn”. Sorry Mr Wilson, I know it’s not really a word. We are honoured to speak on behalf of the Grade 7 leavers of 2017. Tonight we celebrate 8 years of our lives, the special friendships and memories we have made. Many of us started this journey together, but we had wonderful girls join along the way, sadly we also said good bye to special friends. I still remember arriving on our first day of Grade 0 to the St Peter’s Welcome Banner, this was the start of an amazing 8 years. We thought we were so big, with our oversized bags and long skirts. Looking at our short skirts now  – I think we have grown.


It feels like in the blink of eye we’ve gone from the tiny Grade 0s to celebrating this special occasion with my sisters who have become my family. We have formed strong bonds over the years but we really pulled together during Grade 5. Before Grade 5 we were the ‘naughty grade’ the grade no teacher ever wanted to teach, but after that year something changed, maybe it was Mrs 12

Mayne and Mrs Aspeling or maybe it was girls turning into young ladies. The teachers never quit on us, they told us we could become a phenomenal grade if we tried hard – so that’s what we did – we tried hard and because of those teachers backing us we became the grade we are today.


The mediocre teacher “tells”. The good teacher “explains”. The superior teacher “demonstrates”. The great teacher “inspires”. I would like to thank all the teachers who have inspired us: Mr Wilson: Your special banter that we have in our daily lessons will be cherished forever – we will never forget Meatloaf or Sipho the Pig and all your psychic skills written behind the board. When days are tough you are our ­inspiration and motivation. You’ve shown us how to be strong and independent women but always how to have fun. Mrs Linnell Never before was maths such fun, we love the fact that you can act like one of us – a 13 year old. We can see every girl has a special space in your heart, but you have that same space in our hearts too and we will never forget our crazy maths lessons. Juffrou Schoeman: Ag jou, Moegoo. The passion for us girls shows in everything you teach us, whether it was on the netball court in Grade 6 or our Afrikaans lessons every day. We don’t think we will ever have such an amazing Afrikaans teacher again and one with as much passion as you.


Mrs Eggie Hellooooo Boys!!!!. You have shown us the way and taught us how to be wonderful girls. You have a soft spot for each girl and you know us back to front. School would not be the same without you. All our laughs and memories will definitely never be forgotten. You have really been an amazing mentor to me and have helped me through some challenging times this year – thank you. Mrs Pace Our weekly IT lessons are always a blast and we have learnt so much from you. I’m not sure our parents are ecstatic, as we are now techno savvy, and social media experts We will take all that you’ve taught us to High School and beyond. We wish you farewell and good luck with your future.

SPORTS DEPARTMENT Mrs Ashmore: You have given us the leadership and guidance to be passionate and want to be the best and win, yet to know the importance of participation and enjoyment. Thank you for being such a great coach and role model. Miss Clarke: We will always remember the time and effort you spent teaching us to always give 100% of our best. Ms Musi: We wish you well at St Katharine’s, but know St Peter’s will always be your favourite. Miss T: We all wonder about you – twenty something… going on 13. Your energy leaves many of us envious.

Kristy Leonard Mr Webb: We had no idea what to expect when Mrs Attlee was replaced by a “Man” – he sure had big boots to fill. I’m happy to say that you have filled them. You have taught us great morals, which we will carry with us wherever we go in life; you have taught us to never give up and to have grit and determination. When it’s time to work, you must put your head down and work hard, but when it’s time to have fun and run around, run hard and have tons of fun. Thank you to all these teachers who have been with us for all or some of our St Peter’s journey. When we move on to the next chapter of our lives, you and all you’ve taught us will never be forgotten.


Fortunately school has not always been about work, we have certainly had some fun times that we will keep close to our hearts and will help us to remember our sisters forever. Some of these times were, Moms and Daughters Tea, Dads and Daughters Camp out and the Nativity Plays. Our acting careers have grown immensely. We would really like thank Mrs Aspeling for your love and passion, working with us girls. At the end of every year the excitement and buzz YEARBOOK 2017

Leavers’ Dinner Speech - Keiomarah Chigudu filled the air “the best time of the year”– CAMP! Friendships over these days would grow and become stronger or girls who had never spoken to each other before at school, ended up being best friends. Mr Webb I know it’s a bit too late for me to be expelled, but I’ll still keep some of the stories censored. Our memorable moments: Cutting Mrs Eggie’s jeans so she didn’t have to wear her incy wincy yellow polka-dot bikini to swim in the disgusting dam with Vukie the germ freak. Mr Thackwell and Mr Wilson singing songs around the camp fire about all the girls and their boyfriends. So as this chapter of our lives closes, as we go off to new schools, where we will make new friends. Let us remember the ­foundation that St Peter’s Girls have given us. We all said the Key’s Promise together: I promise to do my best to be respectful of others and of my world. I will try to show resilience, tolerance and love in all that I do. I will act with honesty, integrity, courage and humility at all times Remaining loyal to the values of St Peter’s Girls. As we leave St Peter’s, may we take this promise with us into our lives and wherever we go. So don’t cry because it’s over – smile because it happened. Good Luck Class of 2017. You will be a St Peter’s Girl forever!

Being young is a time we will never forget. Jungle gyms and monkey bars tired us out but, clarinet and violin made us bright but it was the drums that really let out the inner rockstar hidden inside each one of us. We learnt to write and read and saw the world in a new light. We seek to know, and to know we have to seek knowledge, and to seek knowledge, we have to seek a teacher. Through their teachings we have been prepared for the years to come. Many of them go unnoticed but today they shall have their recognition. To Mrs Schmitt Mrs Schmitt’s beautiful music was no match for our out of time, out of tune voices in the junior choir! Marimbas or piano her support has never wavered. She once told us that good luck was for the unprepared so made sure that we had a plan and we could do everything to the best of our abilities. We owe her a big thanks. To Mrs Van Gass Who let our a little hands explore colour and texture. Our love for doodles and colour had become a passion, even though our drawings resembled hieroglyphics Mrs Van Gass was our greatest cheerleader. To Mr Royce Mr Royce is the keeper of stories. He always seem to amaze us! He changed the way we thought, empowered us and made us see we could make a difference. Mr Royce challenged us to be our best, to leave a legacy we will we be remembered for and to change the world. To Mrs Nkomo The languages of this land and what have earned us a reputation of a rich diversity. UNkosikazi Nkomo uthisha


wethu. Usifundisa isiZulu futhi unabantwana abathathu. Sikuthandile ukufundiswa uNkosikazi Nkomo. Usisizile kanye nezimpilo zethu. Siyabonga Nkosikazi Nkomo. To Mrs Kizito Mrs Kizito is a person who can be described as kind, humble and sometimes forgetful! I hope she has her purse. She has helped us overcome many tasks. To Mrs Mtshweni To Mrs Mtshweni who is talented in the field of social science, Afrikaans, isiZulu and netball. We wish you well on your journey ahead. To Mr Blackhurst The time had come and we became senior. We were becoming women, looking forward to the future. Mr. B saw to us with only kindness in his heart. The game of life board was where we lived our second lives. Real estate and tax became our daily problems and to be honest we don’t know how you guys do it!Competitions always brightened the mood and I think we can all say the lotto wasn’t really a lotto with Alyssa winning all the time! Like Mr B might have said, he is truly fantasmagorical! To Miss Ritchie Back in the classroom Miss Ritchie never seemed to get enough of us! I know we could be hard to teach at times, but you got through it and it takes a strong person to do that while keeping us occupied and to be honest she made fish sounds interesting! To Mr Thackwell Many of us find a way to express ourselves through English. May it be an essay or a poem, we found ourselves on paper. Mr Thackwell being a musician, author and English teacher made him an inspiration to my peers and me. When he was found full swing in a

Keiomarah Chigudu song or reading about river gods there was only passion. Mrs Van Der Watt The way we felt has also come in other forms, pencil, pastel, paint, Mrs van der Watt has helped us convey our feelings through art. She helped unlock the creativity buried deep inside of us. Her kindness and passion for art have made her incomparable. When you have a sisterly bond as strong as ours, you have many memorable moments. The tales of our failures and successes have brought us together. So next year we’ll be in high school starting a new chapter and closing an old, looking ahead and reflecting on the past. We have come along way, from children who knew nothing to the women of tomorrow. This may be considered as a goodbye, but I see it as a good luck to our future doctors, scientists and innovators. You have a long road ahead. We all said the keys Promise together: I promise to do my best, to be respectful of others and of my world. I will try to show ­resilience, tolerance and love in all that I do. I will act with honesty, integrity and courage and humility at all times, remaining loyal to the values of St Peter’s Girls. You will be a St Peter’s Girl forever.



Leavers 2017 Kayley Amm St Peter’s College Megan Barrow Diocesan School for Girls, Grahamstown Laura Blom St Peter’s College Jade Brett St Peter’s College Jessica Cassidy St Peter’s College Keiomarah Chigudu St Peter’s College Mieke Coetzee St Peter’s College Alyssa De Sai Beaulieu College Kelly du Plessis St Peter’s College Jenna Dunstan St Peter’s College Chloe Ferguson St Anne’s Diocesan College Michaela Ferraris St Mary’s School, Waveney Emily Guimareans St Anne’s Diocesan College Alix Hardy St Peter’s College Emma Jewell Brescia House School Megan Joubert Diocesan School for Girls, Grahamstown India Kruger St Stithians Girls’ College Tiisetso Leballo Dainfern College Kristin Leonar St Mary’s School, Waveney Nothando Magadla St Stithians Girls’ School Botshelo Magomola St Anne’s Diocesan College Allison Maher St Peter’s College Owami Maphosa St Andrew’s School for Girls Catherine McConnell St Stithians Girls’ College Kylah McCreedy St Peter’s College Amy McDermott St Peter’s College Lesedi Mochela St Mary’s School, Waveney Tintswalo Mokhare St Mary’s School, Waveney Mvuko Nesengani St Stithians Girls’ College Isabella Polla St Peter’s College Tannah Proudfoot St Mary’s School, Waveney Amy Ralph St Stithians Girls’ College Laoise Robertson St Andrew’s School for Girls Yasmeena Sabra Radley High School Georgina Schaefer Diocesan School for Girls, Grahamstown Paige Schmidt St Peter’s College Kendra Tsehlwane/Rae St Peter’s College Dakota Tucker St Stithians Girls’ College Alexandra Urban St Peter’s College Amy Urmson St Mary’s School, Waveney Julia van Beerschoten St Peter’s College Alexandra van Zijl St Mary’s School, Waveney Courtney Webber St Stithians Girls’ College Melissa Welch St Mary’s School, Waverley Isabella Welland St Peter’s College Victoria West-Russell Bridge House School Caitlin Whittal St Peter’s College Marie-Louise Williams Roedean School (SA) Jessica Wilson St Peter’s College




2017 N School otesNotes

RECTOR Greg Royce




EXECUTIVE Pamela van Gass HDE (JCE) BA (SA) – Deputy Head: Academics Heather Kissack H. Dip Ed (JCE), M.Ed. (College of New Jersey, USA) – Head of Junior Prep Cara Eggett B. Physical Education (Hons) (UJ) – HOD: Pastoral Care Rachel Amm BA (SA); HDE (JCE) – HOD: Middle School Jean Macleod Dip.Ed; HDE (ECE) – Marketing Marguerite Schmitt B. Soc. PGCE (SA) – HOD: Music Remember Rabali N6 Civil Engineering (JTC) – HOD: Admin Liz Ashmore BA; PGCE (RAU) – Director of Sport Catherine Linnell B.Prim Ed (WITS), BEd (Hons) (SA), Ed Man (SA) HOD: Science and Additional Culture & Learning Hugo Roodt B.Mus (Hons) (UP) – Director of Choirs Fr Richard Wossler BTh (SA) – Chaplain Scott Hauptfleisch B.Psych.Ed (RAU) Hons (Gloustershire, UK) – Director: IT Cecilia Neto Operations Manager ACADEMIC STAFF Julia Aitken B Prim Ed (Wits) Melanie Aspeling DE (PETC) HDE (UNISA) – HOD: Drama Tony Blackhurst B.Econ. BA (Hons) (Cum Laude) (Univ of KZN) – HOD: Maths and IT Educational Resource Development Janet Buck H.Dip.Ed (JCE) (Pre-Primary, Junior Primary) Wilna Coetzee B.Sc. ( University of Stellenbosch) Ingerid de Bruyn BA (University of Stellenbosch), PGCE (Cum Laude) (UNISA) Sue Garner NTSD (Infant Teaching), Gifted Ed Cert (SA), Instrumental Enrichment (UJ) TEFL (Rand Int Lang Ctr) Kerry Glass BA (University of KZN, PMB); PGCE (SA) Shelli Golden H.Dip.Ed (JCE) (Pre-Primary, Junior Primary) Megan Haas H.Dip.Ed (JCE), Honours (Learning Support) (SA), Diploma (Gifted Ed) (SA) Chloe Hall BA (Rhodes) and PGCE (SA) Catherine Holm BSc (OT) (UCT), PGCE (SA) – HOD: Media and Creatical Learning Specialist Jenny Hugo BA (SA) B.Bibl. (SA) – Librarian Colleen Ireland B Phys Ed; M. Ed (WITS) Lauren Keeve BSc; BA Hons (NWU), PGCE (UNISA) Thobile Kizito H.Dip.Ed (Edgewood) Leigh Lidgey BA (Hons); PGCE Nicola Mayne B. Soc.; PGCE (TUKS) Zanele Mbatha Dip in Library Information Studies (SA) Catriona Montagu B.Ed Hons and M.Ed (WITS) Jabulisile Mtshweni B Ed (SA) Charmaine Ndzwane Dip.Montessori Ed – Teacher Assistant Rose Nkomo B.Ed (Hons) (KZN) Lee Pace B.Sc; B.Proc (SA) UED (Rhodes) Bronwyn Peake HDE (JCE), Dip. Sp Needs Ed (UJ), BA Ed Psych (SA), B Ed Sp Needs Ed (SA) and M Ed Incl Ed (WITS) Jane Ritchie B.Com, PGCE, ACEME – HOD: Thinking Skills Kerryn Schmidt MBA (GIBS); PGCE (SA); BA (Hons) (SA); BA (Stellenbosch); ECD Dip (Intec) Ronel Schoeman H.Dip.Ed (PTC) Sheena Steyn B.Com (UJ) PGCE (SA) B.Ed Hons Inclusive Ed (Cum Laude) (UJ) Alyssa Stockers BA (Hons) (WITS) PGCE (Cum Laude) (UNISA) Leigh Tennant BA (Rhodes) PGDIP (Stellenbosch) PGCE (UCT) Ron Thackwell H.Dip Ed (UCR) – HOD: English Dip Theology (RBC) BA (SA) Belinda van der Watt Rick Wilson H.Dip Ed (UCR) PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Toni Clarke-Buchanan B.Ed (UPE) Kagiso Musi Dip Exercise and Nutrition (UFS); B.A Sport Dev (UJ); B.A (Hons) Sport Man (UJ) PGCE (SA) Tshego Mashabela Dip. Sport Management (U of Tech, Tshwane) MUSIC Jessica Da Silva Lara Rishworth Erna Knoetze Faye Prinsloo Janet Bottomley Mareli Roodt Marwileen van Zyl Olga Korvink Ute Liebenberg Shirli van Vledder Sidney Joseph Leon van Zyl Julia Patrascoiu Jacques van der Walt

B. Mus (WITS) – Junior Prep Music Teacher Music Administration Piano and Flute Piano Piano Piano Piano and Voice Violin Violin Clarinet and Saxophone (Woodwind) Drums and Percussion Guitar Cello Percussion and Choir Master


ACADEMIC SUPPORT UNIT Lisa Human BA Speech and Hearing Therapy (Hons) (WITS) Fiona van der Zee BSc. Occ Therapy (UCT), SI certified Saskia Leenstra BSc. OT, NDT Trained, SI Qualified, Tomatis Level 2 Kathryn Tarlton BSc O.T. UCT, SI certified, Tomatis level 2 Samantha Schultz BSc. Physio; (Stellenbosch) Robyn van Ginkel BSoc Sc Pscyh (UCT); PGCE Foundation Phase (UNISA; ACE Learning Difficulties (UNISA) Wendy Wentzel BA Social Work, HED.Post Grad.PrePrim, B.Ed.Rem, M.Ed. Educ.Psych – Educational Psychologist ADMINISTRATION/CENTRAL SUPPORT Kelly Bongers Admissions Officer Trevlyn Bunting Operations Administrator/PA Verginia Canale Payroll Supervisor

Esty Christodoulou Maureen Eyres Connor Fraser Dieter Gloss

Paula Gouveia

Dalys Radloff Moira Hodgson Tshepo Kekana Kamohelo Kotsi Emma Makinta Duduzile Malinda Lee- Ann McCleland Bonolo Morena Heidi Müller Lizelle Nel Nonhlanhla Majokane Monique Pheiffer Maureen Phungo Zuzi Roy Jenny van Wyk


Nosipho Makhaya

BA; PGCE, BA (Hons); BTech HR Man.; Masters Marriage & Family Therapy – HR Director Debtors’ Clerk IT Administrator IT Manager PA to the Headmaster PA to the Rector B.Com Finance (SA) – Financial Manager (B Com Management) (SA) Accountant Assistant Chaplain & Administration Music Administrator B Com(UJ) HR Administrator (National Cert HR Management) (RAU) Payroll Administrator IT Support Engineer B.Com(Hons (RAU); CA (SA), PGCE (UNISA) – Business Manager Debtors’ Clerk Receptionist Creditors’ Supervisor Creditors’ Clerk Operations Assistant Debtors’ Supervisor Staff Nurse


Monica Sloane Vanessa Palk


Sharon Rabilal Valarie Kariwo Thandi Xundu

Foundation Manager Foundation Co-ordinator

Catering Manager Assistant Catering Manager Girls School Functions Co-ordinator

SCHOOL SHOP Leslie McMurchie Nadia Thompson Cynthia Wheeler


Trish Attlee Barbara Millar Maggie Molefe Mercy Shereni Dorcus Mothapo

Aftercare Manager Aftercare Assistant Manager Aftercare Supervisor Aftercare Supervisor Aftercare Kithchen Supervisor and Assistant


Lance Camphor Lourens Rudman John Mabvira Daniel Selekisho Tyson Banda Eddie Maeteletja Patrick Makebe Shepherd Masocha Plaki Ramonyai Caiphus Serema Lucky Shongwe


June Tromp

Security Manager Maintenance Manager Maintenance Technician Driver Driver Maintenance Assistant Maintenance Assistant Maintenance Assistant Maintenance Assistant Maintenance Assistant Maintenance Assistant Intern Mentor

GIRLS PREP SCHOOL INTERNS: Michele Hala Maria Shilaluki Jo Harmse Penny Thantsha Lerato Mohapi Janine Parkin Itumeleng Kumalo Lerato Mafatle BOYS PREP SCHOOL INTERNS: Lydia Teleki Catherine Senyakanyaka Bonolo Molefe Gugu Nkosi Solly Sithole Keneilwe Rahube Thandi Mramba Lungile Khanyile



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Greg Royce - St Peter's Prep Schools Rector

EXEC COMMITTEE Back: Cecilia Neto, Jean Macleod, Hugo Roodt, Scott Hauptfleisch, Rachel Amm, Cara Eggett Front: Remember Rabali, Marguerite Schmitt, Heather Kissack, Darrel Webb, Pam van Gass, Liz Ashmore, Paula Gouveia Insert: Fr Richard Wossler

JUNIOR PREP STAFF Back: Kagi Musi, Shelli Golden, Leanne Fleming, Kerry Glass, Toni BuchananClarke, Kerryn Schmidt, Lauren Keeve, Catriona Montagu, Janet Buck Front: Bronwyn Peake, Sheena Steyn, Tshego Mashabela, Heather Kissack, Darrel Webb, Charmaine Ndzwane, Zanele Mbatha, Jessica da Silva

SENIOR PREP STAFF Back: Ron Thackwell, Cath Holm, Tony Blackhurst, Marianne Crane, Belinda van der Watt, Megan Haas, Nicola Mayne, Rick Wilson, Ronel Schoeman Middle: Thobile Kizito, Tshego Mashabela, Colleen Ireland, Jane Ritchie, Wilna Coetzee, Cathy Linnell, Rose Nkomo, Leigh van Rooyen, Kagi Musi, Julia Aitken Front: Alyssa Stockers, Mel Aspeling, Cara Eggett, Rachel Amm, Darrel Webb, Pam van Gass, Marguerite Schmitt, Lee Pace, Sue Garner




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Admin Staff Paula Gouveia, Remember Rabali, Kelly Bongers, Lara Rishworth, Nonhlanhla Majokane, Thandi Xundu

Marketer Jean Macleod

Interns Above: Janine Parkin, Jo Harmse, Lerato Mafatle, Lerato Mohapi Below: Maria Shilaluki, Michelle Hala, Penny Thantsha, Tumi Kumalo

IT Department Team Connor Fraser, Brian Magalefa, Scott Hauptfleisch, Dieter Gloss, Bonolo Morena

St Peter’s Foundation Monica Sloane, Vanessa Palk Girls Prep Therapists Kathryn Tarlton Saskia Leenstra, Fiona van der Zee, Lisa Human




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Central Services Back: Monique Pheiffer, Maureen Phungo, Trevlyn Bunting, Jenny van Wyk, Zuzi Roy, Esty Christodoulou Front: Duduzile Malinda, Cecilia Neto, Heidi MĂźller, Moira Hodgson, Lizelle Nel, Verginia Canale

Maintenance Team Back: Lucky Shongwe, Caiphus Serema, Plaki Ramonyai, Eddie Maeteletja Front: Patrick Makebe, Lourens Rudman, Shepherd Masocha

Drivers Daniel Selekisho and Tyson Banda



Kitchen Team Back: Tebogo Mmola; Constance Bambo; Tshepiso Mashiane; Dolphin Shalang; Howard Mathabatha; Maria Rammala; Isaac Tshuma; Maria Monedi Front: Paulina Dlamini; Lucy Rantho; Portia Malinga; Sharon Rabilal; Martha Lepule; Valarie Kariwo; Tebogo Mohlola

Aftercare Team Dorcus Mothapo, Trish Attlee, Barbara Millar, Mercy Shereni, Maggie Molefe

School Shop Team Lesley McMurchie, Nadia Thompson, Cynthia Wheeler


Staff aff StFarewells

Debbie Meyer was recruited from Beaulieu College and started in the HR department, Central Services, as Senior HR administrator in February 2015. During 2016 a decision was taken to restructure HR and payroll out of CSS and place individuals at each school for ease of access and for the benefit of staff at each school. The College advertised an HR manager position for which Debbie applied. She was the successful applicant and started at the College on 1 May 2017. During her time in the Central HR group, she defined herself as a strong administrator who was dependable, sincere and hardworking. She was an amazing team member who will be sorely missed.

Jabusile Mtshweni started at St Peter’s Girls Prep School as an intern in 2010 and qualified as a teacher in 2014. She proved herself as an asset and was hired as a teacher at the beginning of 2015. She has worked in a number of classes from Grades 3 to 7 as linguist specialist (both Afrikaans and isiZulu) as well as a Social Sciences teacher. Jabu’s affable personality has allowed her to form a special bond with the girls as well as members of staff at St Peter’s Girls Prep. Jabu, as we say goodbye to you, these are words that some of the girls have said about you: ‘Miss Mthsweni is talented’; ‘she has a great attitude’; ‘she likes to laugh’; ‘she is generous’ and ‘she is funny’. Finally, Jabu, some people come into our lives and quickly go. Others stay awhile, make footprints on our hearts and we are never, ever the same. Your love and laughter will echo through the walls of St Peter’s. You’ve left a footprint in the hearts of all at St Peter’s Girls Prep School. From all of us we say: Ndlelenhle!

Jane Malinga was born in Ermelo and grew up in Hamanskraal. Jane started her working career as a domestic and thereafter spent 18 years at Enterprise IG in catering. She then joined St Peter’s Schools in January 2007 as a Cook. Jane loves baking and cooking and would spend hours preparing food before going home to her family in the holidays. Another love of hers is going to church and looking after her goats and chickens at home. We will miss her beautiful wide smile, her motherly and comforting nature and her wicked sense of humour. Nomsa Malinga, we wish you well and pray for your health. Hambagahle, Nomsa Malinga, Sibufisela impilo nhle.

Kagiso Musi joined the Sports Department at St Peter’s Girls Prep in 2016 and is leaving us all too soon. When she started, Kagi quickly established herself as the netball guru, introducing the girls and her fellow coaches, to new and exciting drills. Kagi (or Miss Lucy as she has been referred to on more


Heidi Müller joined St Peter’s as Business Manager on 6 January 2012. It is a function of the job that the work of the Business Manager often goes unnoticed by staff and parents. During her tenure she managed the finances and contracts of a number of building projects including the new Boys and Girls Junior Preps; extensions to the Girls Prep Library, Staffroom and offices; the new multipurpose surface on Gunn Field; the extension to Dodson Hall; the new Boys Prep parking area below Dodson, as well as the purchase of the adjoining portion of land adjacent to Brecknock field. None of the above could have happened without

sound, predictive financial ­modeling. Shortly after she joined us, Heidi decided to enroll for a PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate of Education) in order to better understand the environment in which she was working. At the time, she was a single mum and the sacrifice of her time was thus especially significant. She successfully completed the course with outstanding results. We will miss her creative suggestions in all areas of school management as well as her irreverent sense of humour. Any school which secures her services will be exceptionally fortunate. We wish her, her husband, Markus and her children Jacqueline and Sebastien, every success as they emigrate to Australia.

In December 2017, we sadly bid farewell to John Mabvira from the Prep School Maintenance Department as he accepted a promotional post to join St Peter’s College as their Maintenance Supervisor. John spent ten years at the Prep School, three years as a casual worker and seven years as a permanent employee. John grew up In Zimbabwe and his love for construction began as a schoolboy when he would work in his uncles construction business during the ­holidays. John has two daughters and in his spare time enjoys watching soccer. He is a Mamelodi Sundowns and Arsenal supporter.

than one occasion), has also played an important role in preparing the Junior Primary girls for hockey and swimming. Kagi has made some firm friendships on the staff and will be sorely missed by

her colleagues and pupils alike. We will miss her sense of humour and the good-natured banter that she shares with the girls. We wish you the fondest farewell and may God hold you in the palm of his hand as you continue your journey in teaching small people to be the best version of themselves!



Staff aff StFarewells

Jenny Hugo has given many years of dedicated service to our St Peter’s Prep School family. She began her commitment in 1995, firstly at the Boys’ School, where she spent a productive ten years before being invited, by Trish Atlee, to start the library in the new Girls School. Here, she served another ten years, attending to the needs of staff and girls. Jenny worked out that she has taught and helped at least fifteen hundred children during her time at both schools! An amazing feat! As a Librarian she has been an adaptable, patient and creative lady. She cares for the individual and her needs. So much so, girls often called her Mom or Gran! That is testimony to her love and generous spirit. We could always depend on her attention to detail and accuracy in her sleuthing skills, pertaining to any research topic. Jen’s creativity was obvious with the interesting, beautiful boards inside and outside the library. They were filled with ­stimulating topics/articles and photographic collages of important, fun functions held at school. Jenny ran the library efficiently and with great pride.


Although a library is a tranquil and studious environment, there are times when it is a hive of industry! All of us have seen tables of mothers and grans who come and work collaboratively to cover books and help with the smooth running of our library. This does not happen by chance. There was a special lady organising behind the scenes. It has always been a happy and harmonious atmosphere, with many laughs! Even though when times were serious or sad, Jenny would always add a quip and have everyone laughing and giggling. Jenny, we wish you a happy and fulfilled retirement. You will be sorely missed. We are grateful that you are not leaving St Peter’s Prep permanently, as the School Archives are going to keep you busy. This final quotation is a tribute and incisive message. Written by Kavita Ramadas, we believe it epitomises you. ‘We need women who are gentle, so strong they can be gentle, so educated they can be humble, so fierce they can be ­compassionate, so passionate they can be rational and so disciplined they can be free.’


Lee Pace ‘Eager to help and to be of assistance to all!’ is one of the phrases, which could deftly describe the actions of Lee Pace since starting at St Peter’s Girls Prep, in 2010. Lee has been based in the IT Department for the past eight years, sharing knowledge and ideas in an inspiring and exciting way. There is no job too difficult or too challenging for this lady to sink her teeth into. Lee is well qualified academically, and she has worked in both the private sector and the educational environment. She has a wonderful

sense of humour, which she often shares with her colleagues. As she prepares for the next stage of her life, we wish her well with all her plans and future objectives. We hope that she will find the time to enjoy the company of her two daughters, Steff and Nattie! We expect to hear news from Grahamstown as well as from Charlotte, in the US! She will enjoy filling her spare time with sewing, reading and puzzles. In the famous, wise words of Dr Suess, ‘You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.’ Enjoy your future aspirations and may they bring you and your children much happiness!

Megan Baker It is bittersweet to say goodbye to a friend and colleague. We are very sad to lose Megan, but we are happy for her in that she’ll have a break from teaching and will then be back teaching her first love, which is the Middle Group, namely, the four year olds in a Pre-Primary School. Megan has been a great colleague and friend to all in the JP and many in the SP. She has been a role model and a wellloved teacher, The Grade 0 team have laughed together so much over the past six

years. Our sense of fun and love of the ridiculous has been a gel that has bound us together. Megan’s bubbly sense of humour, deep empathy, sensitivity and caring for all around her, has set her apart and made her very special. We would like to take this opportunity to say farewell and to wish her great happiness and success for the future! As Megan closes the St Peter’s Girls Prep chapter of her book, we leave her with these words: ‘An awesome teacher is hard to find, difficult to part with and impossible to forget!’ YEARBOOK 2017

Staff aff StWelcomes Dalys Radloff Anyone who has been in contact with the Rector’s office this year will have encountered his particularly helpful and obliging PA, Dalys Radloff. Dalys joined St Peter’s Prep staff in January 2017. She has experience as a legal PA and was PA to the Head of Woodridge Prep for six years. She starts work at 05:30 each morning to fit in with the Rector’s work habits. She loves the dynamic and pro-active thinking of the school as well as the care shown for the whole school community. Dalys is married to Vic, a Family Unit Head and Life Science teacher at St Stithian’s. They have three sons, Justin, James and Joshua, all of whom who have finished school.

Julia Aitken (Grade 3 Teacher) started teaching at St Peter’s Girls Prep in January of this year. She has been locum teaching at St Peter’s since 2014. Julia studied a B.Prim Ed degree at the University of Witwatersrand. Julia has taught at Houghton Primary School and Kyalami Preparatory School. Julia is married to Peter-John and they have two daughters, both of whom are at St Peter’s Girls Prep School. As a family they enjoy spending time in the Kruger National Park or at the beach. Julia is an avid reader and enjoys spending quality time with her family.

Bonolo Morena. She was born in Khutsong at Carletonville, west of Johannesburg, where she was raised by her grandmother along with her younger sister and cousin. She matriculated in 2010 at Badirile High school she then went to live in Pretoria for 4 years to study Information Technology at Damelin College and graduated in 2015. She started as an IT intern in St Peter’s in 2015 and then joined the permanent staff

in 2016. She is now an IT Support Engineer at the Girls School. She enjoys reading books and listening to music or going out on weekends with her friends. She intends studying further next year through Tshwane University of Technology to do her (Btech in Information Technology). She currently stays in Fourways.

Howard Mathabatha joined St Peter’s in the kitchen as a casual employee. He became permanently employed in January 2017 as a cleaner. Howard is an avid sports fan whose main love is soccer. In his spare time, he enjoys playing soccer and watching the matches on TV.

Alyssa Stockers was born and raised in Kwa Zulu Natal. She left home and came to Johannes­burg in 2009 to study BA Dramatic Arts (Hons.) at the University of Witwatersrand. She specialized in Acting and Television Production and spent a few years in the Television Industry, Art Directing and Sound Assisting. She then attained the national ISASA Mathematics & English teaching internship and was placed at St Peter’s Girls Prep whilst she studied a PGCE through UNISA. She completed her PGCE Cum Laude. Alyssa now enjoys her post as a specialist teacher teaching differentiated lessons in Mathematics and English in Grade 3, Drama to Grade 4 and Exploration and Learning in Grades 5 and 6. Alyssa’s hobbies are photography and dance.


Wilna Coetzee has studied B.Sc. Consumer Science Ed. at Stellenbosch University and worked in Stellenbosch for a clothing company as a co-ordinator and buyer. She moved to ­Mpumalanga after she was married and worked as a Grade 3 teacher. The family moved to Singapore after their first child was born and they lived there as expats for 10 years. Wilna started teaching again as a substitute teacher at the American International School of Maputu. Wilna is married to Johan and they have two daughters who are both at St Peter’s Girls Prep School. Wilna enjoys cycling, painting, traveling and loves spending time with family and friends.

Caiphus Serema joined St Peter’s Prep in May 2017 as a Maintenance Assistant. Caiphus grew up in Garankuwa and attended Mabubane Technical College doing construction. He went on to work at Stocks & Stocks and Murray & Roberts doing Plans Interpretation. Caiphus worked at Electrical Wholesalers carrying out sales and stock control and thereafter worked in maintenance for The Don Suite Hotels. Caiphus enjoys gardening and attending church. He is married to Kate and has five children, with ages ranging between 12 and 29 years of age. The youngest being twin daughters.

Lance Camphor In July 2017 we were delighted to welcome Lance Camphor as our Security Manager. After matriculating, Lance practiced as a Deacon for a year and went on to be a Priest in the Old Apostolic Church for a period of two years. Lance has extensive knowledge and ­experience in the security industry having been in this field for 15 years, most recently, in the position of Area Manager for Fidelity Security Services. We have no doubt Lance will add value to St Peter’s.



Staff aff StWelcomes

Lara-Jayne Rishworth (Music ­Administration) matriculated from Collegiate Girls High School in 2010. She has completed grades 8 in Flute, 7 in Saxophone as well as grade 5 Music Theory. She went on to study a diploma in the culinary arts as well as in hospitality management which she completed from Capsicum Culinary Studio. She has worked in various 5 star hotels and thoroughly enjoyed her post as head of administration. Lara has plans to complete her music teaching licentiate in the upcoming years. After her marriage to Dylan and thereafter the birth of her son David she decided to pursue a more family orientated path in her courier. After their recent move from Port Elizabeth Lara feels truly blessed to have found this post at St Peter’s Girls Prep. Lara enjoys spending her spare time rowing (for which she had received provincial colors in her high school career) as well as cycling with her husband. She is also a very keen photographer.

Lee-Ann McCleland We would like to welcome Lee-Ann who joined the HR and payroll department in June 2017. She has been in the HR, IR and Payroll field for the past 15 years and was the HR Manager at Penryn College for the last five years. She comes with extensive HR experience in schools and is a valuable member of our team. She is an optimistic, positive, and hardworking person. She has already made such great ­contributions to the team and we look forward to all that she is still yet to offer.

Tebogo Mmola joined St Peter’s as a cleaner in January 2017. He previously worked at Ntjilo’s Cleaning Services. In his spare time, Tebogo enjoys listening to music and socialising.


Lourens Rudman joined St Peter’s as the Maintenance Manager in January 2017. Lourens grew up in Messina and after school completed a three year diploma in Mechanics at Volkswagen SA, followed by a four year diploma in Draughting at Sasol.

We welcome Vanessa Palk to the St Peter’s Foundation as a valued member of the team. She has a B.Com degree and began her working career in the financial sector. After many years working abroad, more recently in a fundraising role, the family returned to South Africa. Once the children came along, Vanessa decided to stay at home during their ­formative years. This allowed her to work as a volunteer at various charities, where her passion lies. Vanessa is married to Walt and they have three daughters at the Girls Prep School.


Lauren Keeve matriculated from ­Hoërskool Randburg in 2008. She studied Consumer Science at North West University Potchefstroom. After completing her Honours degree, she went on and studied landscape design where she moved to Cape Town to work as a landscaper. In 2015 a teaching ­opportunity arose and she moved back to Johannesburg and started as an Intern at St Peter’s while doing her PGCE Foundation Phase through UNISA. She qualified as a teacher in 2017 and started as the school’s Junior Prep Afrikaans teacher. Lauren enjoys weekends away in the bush, swimming, socialising and spending time outdoors.

Lourens spent six years in the United Kingdom where he owned his own security company. Following the birth of his son he and his wife decided to return to SA to be close to family and he started his own construction company. Lourens is married and has three school going children. Before joining St Peter’s Lourens spent a year at Reddam School in Maintenance. Wild life and bird watching are his passions and he enjoys listening to 80’s and 90’s music. We love having Lourens around as his enthusiasm and delightful nature is contagious.

Lucky Shongwe The last member to complete our Maintenance department joined us in November as a ­Maintenance Technician. Lucky grew up in Limpopo, Sebasa, is married and has a 12 year old daughter and a six year old son. Lucky has been working many years in maintenance and construction, having spent the last nine years in the role of Foreman at Gauteng Painting and Renovations (Pty) Ltd. Lucky was part of the team carrying out ­renovations to Fawlty Towers and the change room renovations at the College. His workmanship and great attitude were noted and we were delighted when he applied for the vacancy.

Ndivhuwo Nengovhela joins us as Finance Manager. Ndivhuwo is married to Halley and has a 2 year old son Andani. Ndivhuwo joins us from Legalwise where she held a risk management role, she loves reading, running and spending time with her family.


s e i Obituaries r a u t i Ob

REX FRAMPTON PENNINGTON In September, we learnt of the sad passing of Rex ­Pennington, former teacher and governor of St Peter’s Prep School. Rex was an extraordinarily talented man as a Christian, leader, educator and sportsman. He was ­educated at Cordwalles and Michaelhouse where he completed his matric, at the age of 16, with distinction. Rex won a Rhodes scholarship and completed a P.P.E. and MA at Oxford and thereafter taught for three years in the US before joining Bishops as a Housemaster and later, Vice Principal. In 1969, he was appointed Rector of Michaelhouse where he prohibited corporal punishment and worked against the influence of the apartheid ­government. Following his retirement, he taught at St Peter’s for three years and then headed PACE ­Commercial College in Orlando West, which was closed during the Soweto riots. After this time, he served on the Council of St Peter’s School, driving transformation and wrote the history of the school, a task of which he commented, ‘The job took me two and a half years and I loved every minute of it.’ The school is fortunate to have been touched by Rex’s life and our deepest sympathies go to his wife, Sarah and children. RICHARD TODD 1971-1989 Richard Todd preceded Anthony Parnell as the third Headmaster of St Peter’s School. He was a man of great energy and vision and in his first year, persuaded Council to double the school’s enrolment. During his tenure he succeeded in achieving the above and built the Waveney and Founders Boarding Houses, now the Girls School. In addition, he built the original boys’ Grades Block, support staff quarters and purchased adjacent land to establish Newlands and Somerset fields. Many old boys remember planting grass on these on a Saturday morning. Richard appointed Mike Clackworthy and the school’s first permanent Chaplain. We also have him to thank for the many mature trees on campus. He planted 600. His greatest achievement was undoubtedly opening the school to all races in 1978.

Rex Pennington

Richard Todd

As the boys were due to arrive, Mr FW de Klerk, then a Nationalist Party MP, telephoned Richard Todd to warn him that his action was illegal and threatened him with sending police to physically remove the African children from the school. Todd warned him that in that event he would ensure


that the international press was present to witness the removal. The police never arrived. He resigned from St Peter’s in 1980 to assume the headship of Hilton College where opposition to his non-racial stance resulted in his resignation, only 2 ½ years following his

appointment. He went on to establish the LEAF Organisation. His mission was to establish worldclass, non-racial schools, primarily providing education opportunities for talented Black children denied a proper education. He is survived by his wife, Judith, and four children.



St Peter’s celebrates

The Year of the Woman

Breast Cancer Talk

Gender Sensitivity Week

Girls JP noticeboards

Year of the Woman event with Gcina Mhlope




isiZulu noticeboards

Year of the Woman talk and breakfast

Transformation 'My Story' initiative

‘Beyond the River’ movie viewing for parents and staff




Girls School nterns Stories IInterns’ Penny Thantsha I was born, and brought up by my Gran, in Limpopo province. My mom died when I was 13 years. I had no contact with my father and my two sisters got very ill and died. Sadly, my Gran

Maria Shilaluki I was born in Limpopo and am 27 years old. My mom, who received some support from my father, raised me. My dad died when I was 8 years old. My uncle assisted financially wherever possible, from then on. I have four brothers and we went to school in Limpopo. From there, I attended the University of Limpopo, with assistance from my uncle.

Itumeleng Kumalo I was born in ­Johannesburg and matriculated at Bryanston High School. My dad died in 2007 My mom is a ­receptionist so my family coped reasonably well, financially. I had great support from family too – particularly my uncle. ‘The intern programme 26

From 2009-2011 I began a homework support group in the community – this assisted with funds for my studies. In 2010, I set up a ‘Spaza’ shop and although it was quite difficult, I was able to fund my degree. ‘Being involved in the Intern programme has exceeded my expectations. I have gained invaluable knowledge and experience. I have improved my IT skills considerably and have also mastered the complicated workings of all the printers/laminators, etc. Financially it has also been a great help and I can honestly say that I just love every minute being a part of this fantastic programme’

has opened up a lot of opportunities. I chose teaching because I am ­passionate and my dream is to change someone’s life and ensure that this world becomes a better place. I live by the motto ‘If you think you can, you can and if you think you can’t, you can’t – you always right”! Everyone is so helpful here


died from kidney failure in 2016. I now live in with my son in Ivory Park. I support him alone. It is difficult financially, but I try to make ends meet! ‘Being a part of this amazing programme at St Peter’s has made me realise that my calling is to

be a teacher. The mentor teachers are extremely helpful and put 100 % into everything they do. They don’t mind working after hours and they are always thoroughly prepared for their day’s work. Hard work pays off – I love the programme so much.’

Lerato Mohapi I was born in Wattville, Benoni and I last the last of three siblings. I attended Magalelagase Primary School and matriculated at Ephes Mamkeli Secondary School. After matriculating, I attended the University of Pretoria to study Education. Unfortunately, I was forced to leave owing to financial difficulties. My parents are divorced and both have been unemployed for most of their lives. I have a brother and a sister. My daughter is three years old and I support her alone. I live in Benoni with my mom who helps

me care for my daughter. I hope to move closer to St Peter’s Prep Schools. ‘I was very fortunate to get a position on the St Peter’s Intern Programme. It gave me a chance to make my dreams a reality. I needed this opportunity for my whole family.’

at St Peter’s and I am gaining invaluable knowledge all the time. It has enabled me to start ­understanding myself more and to realise my love for teaching. I am very grateful’.


Michele Hala

Janine Parkin My name is Janine Parkin and I am 21 years old. I live in Paulshof, Johannesburg with my mother and brother. I attended St Peter’s College and matriculated in 2014. ‘I heard about the Intern Programme at St Peter’s Prep School for people interested in Foundation Phase teaching, which I was!

Lerato Mafatle I was born and raised in a town called Virginia, in the Free State. I attended Lakeview Primary and later went to Harmony High School. I furthered my tertiary studies at Durban University of Technology and later continued at the

The Intern Programme is a real ‘eye opener’ into what teaching is all about. I am so grateful for such an amazing opportunity to have everyday teaching experiences whilst I study for my degree. I have found my passion through the programme and that makes me truly happy’!

University of Kwazulu-­ Natal, where I completed my Honours in Dramatic Arts and Performance. I moved to ­Johannesburg and worked as a drama teacher: that is where my love for teaching was inspired! The St Peter’s Isematholeni Intern Programme has allowed me the opportunity to invest in this dream.


My name is Michele Hala. I was born in Johannesburg and attended both school here. I am married and have two children – a son and a daughter. I started my working career in the advertising business, working as a Graphic Designer. After the birth of my daughter, the frenetic pace of an advertising agency with its long and inconsistent hours was not conducive to the life of a family. I decided that a change of career was necessary. I stayed in the field of art and design and ran a painting studio, teaching adults. ‘It has always been my ambition to study

education and teach children. I am extremely privileged to be a part of the Intern Programme at St Peter’s and to have this opportunity to work with experienced teachers, learning from them and being a part of the daily events of the school. It is both inspirational and motivating to see the children growing and learning and to be involved in the process.’

Jo Harmse My full name is Johandri Harmse, but I go by the name of Jo. I come from an ­Afrikaans background, but I was brought up speaking English. I went to Maragon Primary schools and then to Monument Hoër, until matric. ‘I’ve always been very active and enjoyed a variety of different sports including Netball, hockey and show­ jumping; however, I’ve always been interested in working with children. To have an opportunity like this is a dream come true. Being around children and learning from them has been something I’ve always seen myself doing. I am so truly grateful for this and I’m excited to be able to help the young children of today open their minds and encourage them to reach for the stars.’ YEARBOOK 2017




Outstanding Academic Achievement Grade 5MA Zoë Earlam Lara Gasson Megan Gaunt Tayla Paton Annabelle Villet Grade 5NM Nina Coetzee Ruby Logan Aarya Maharaj Almaaz Mudaly Consistent Academic Achievement Grade 5MA Jessica Barrow Kate Dracatos Gabrielle du Toit Kganya Mabizela Grade 5NM Emily Alston Cayla Dhaeyere Gabriella Godlonton Kaitlyn Kruiskamp

Consistent Academic Improvement throughout the Year Alexandra Barry Lucy Jewell Academic Progress Kayleigh Craig Georgia Parker

GRADE 6 ACADEMIC AWARDS Academic Colours are achieved in Grade 6 for an overall average of 80% and above. Emma Barron Lauren Els Lauren Fox Eryn Glover

Greg Royce, Darrel Webb and Fr Richard Wossler


‘The Legacy’ singing group

Clare Keegan Emma Kruse Emily Lidgey Keotshepile Moleah Erin Mommsen Gina Rebel Olivia Sorour Hanna Wannell Tyler Wratten Grade 6 Academic Subject Prizes are awarded to the girls who received the top result in each subject. Mathematics: Lauren Fox Keotshepile Moleah English: Tyler Wratten Afrikaans: Lauren Els Caitlin Celliers Keotshepile Moleah isiZulu: Nchoana Liphoko Pelonolo Moerane Exploration and Learning: Olivia Sorour Science and Stem: Clare Keegan Grade 6 Academic Improvement Certificates are awarded to the girls who improved the most in each of the subject areas. English: Larissa Pillay Afrikaans: Isabelle Barrow isiZulu: Emily Lidgey

Exploration and Learning: Andile Tekana Mathematics: Tawananyasha Muchineripi Science and Stem: Frances Jandrell


Colours Re-awards are presented to the girls who achieved Academic Colours last year and have achieved an overall average of 75% or above this year. Megan Barrow Keiomarah Chigudu Mieke Coetzee Kristy Leonard Amy McDermott Lesedi Mochela Tannah Proudfoot Amy Ralph Georgina Schaefer Paige Schmidt Amy Urmson Alexandra van Zijl Lulu Williams Jessica Wilson Academic Colours are awarded to girls who have achieved an overall average of 75% or above for Grade 7 in 2017. Jenna Dunstan Kelly du Plessis Megan Joubert Botshelo Magomola Allison Maher Owami Maphosa Catherine McConnell

Cappella del Coro Trophy Awarded to Kelly du Plessis and Mvuko Nesengani


Tintswalo Mokhare Mvuko Nesengani Dakota Tucker Courtney Webber Melissa Welch Grade 7 Academic Subject Prizes are awarded to the girls who achieve the top results in each subject. English: Amy Urmson Afrikaans: Mieke Coetzee Mathematics: Keiomarah Chigudu Exploration and Learning: Amy Urmson Art and Drama: Paige Schmidt Science: Mieke Coetzee and Amy Urmson isiZulu: Mvuko Nesengani IT: Lulu Williams Academic Improvement Certificates are awarded to the girls who improved the most in each of the Grade 7 subject areas. English: Isabella Polla and Caitlin Whittal Mathematics: Megan Barrow and Isabella Polla Art Lulu Williams and Isabella Polla isiZulu: Lesedi Mochela and Dakota Tucker Afrikaans: Yasmeena Sabra Exploration and Learning: Nothando Magadla and Botshelo Magomola

Clara Schumann Trophy Awarded to Nothando Magadla



Trish Attlee Award Megan Barrow, Tannah Proudfoot and Kayley Amm

Science and Stem: Emma Jewell Drama: Alexandra van Zijl IT: Laoise Robertson Bilingualism Awards are presented to the pupils who receive the top average across two languages. English/Afrikaans Mieke Coetzee English/isiZulu Keiomarah Chigudu Lesedi Mochela All-round Excellence in Sport The Sports Award is awarded for exceptional allround sports achievement. The recipient always gives of her best and displays sportsmanship at all times. She puts the needs of her school and team before herself. Kristy Leonard Cappella del Coro Trophy is awarded in appreciation of outstanding and dedicated participation in the Chapel Choir. Awarded to Mvuko Nesengani and Kelly du Plessis

Dux Scholar Mieke Coetzee, Amy Urmson

Clara Schumann Trophy Outstanding achievement and excellence in Music Awarded to Nothando Magadla Inter-house Trophy The inter-house trophy is awarded to the house which earned the highest number of points. This year it goes to: Waveney Waveney won the ­Interhouse Athletics, CrossCountry, Tennis and the Biathle Challenge Trish Attlee Award The recipients of the Trish Attlee Award demonstrate consistency in their performance and are a widely involved in school life. They are enthusiastic and have a positive attitude. They demonstrate humility in their dealings with others and support and encourage fellow pupils.

Council Award Kristy Leonard

Keys Award The recipients of this prestigious award are recognised for their commitment to excellence, demonstration of intrinsic motivation, and diligence and effort over a significant period of time. These girls uphold the values of St Peter’s at all times and are an asset to the school. They have, therefore, shown true leadership potential. Keiomarah Chigudu Mieke Coetzee Lesedi Mochela Amy Ralph Paige Schmidt

Dux Scholar The Dux Scholar has received the highest promotional mark average for her final Grade 7 report. This award is given for top academic achievement. Mieke Coetzee Amy Urmson Council Award The Council Award is presented in recognition of outstanding all round excellence. The recipient demonstrates sincerity and an exceptional attitude to every activity she undertakes. She must hold Colours in at least 2 areas of school life. It is an award of merit and is awarded by the School in appreciation of the contribution the recipient has made to life at St Peter’s. This year’s worthy recipient: Kristy Leonard

Kayley Amm Megan Barrow Tannah Proudfoot

Keys Award Keiomarah Chigudu, Mieke Coetzee, Lesedi Mochela, Amy Ralph, Paige Schmidt


Darrel Webb used the example of a juggler to explain that it’s okay to make mistakes! This is when you learn the most!




Chapel Awards

& Scholarship Winners

The Hugo Award recipient is voted for, by the Grade 7 girls. The recipient of this award shows humility, grace, inner strength of character and courteousness. She displays a dignified attitude, upholds the values of St Peter’s Prep School and is a good ambassador for the school.


Jessica Cassidy Hugo Award, Easter Term

Yasmeena Sabra O’Connell Award, Easter Term


Mieke Coetzee Hugo Award, Advent Term

Jessica Cassidy O’Connell Award, Advent Term

The O’Connell Award is voted for by the teachers. The recipient of this award is cheerful and determined. She has remained positive, demonstrating resilience and perseverance in the face of challenge.


Mieke Coetzee Hugo Award, Trinity Term

Alexandra Urban O’Connell Award, Trinity Term


Back Row: Nothando Magadla, Meike Coetzee, Kelly du Plessis, Laoise Robertson Front Row: Megan Joubert, Marie-Louise Williams, Kristin Leonard, Paige Schmidt These girls were awarded, a total of 12, scholarships to prominent ISASA high schools. CONGRATULATIONS!




New Spaces


One of the building projects for 2017 was the extension of our Science lab – transforming it into a new STEM room. Here, in this flexible space, hands-on, practical lessons incorporating Science, Technology, Engineering and ­Mathematics take place. We hosted the Grade 3 and 4 Young Scientist Club there, and in addition to this, all Grade 4 – 7 STEM lessons have taken place there. It is a space where we encourage the girls to make, and learn from, mistakes while working on their projects. They are encouraged to make changes, and add things, to their designs to improve them – until the girls are satisfied with the end product.




New Spaces

Alterations to the Library and the creation of The Coding and Robotics Lab




New Spaces

THE NEW LIBRARY The library underwent some changes this year, owing to the extension of the staffroom below. It has grown to include flexible areas that allow girls to complete various types of activities, accessing spaces that suit their purpose. The library has been designed to encourage creative and critical thinking, group work and collaboration, independent study, research and

reading. It continues to boast an impressive collection of books and the quiet space to read remains a firm favourite amongst the girls. The extension of the library and removal of a previous wall and passageway opened up the space to include the current computer room and a new Coding and Robotics Lab.

CODING AND ROBOTICS LAB Coding is the most commonly used language in the world today and to ensure that our girls are well equipped for the future, Coding is going to become a formal part of the curriculum from 2018. Our Coding programme dovetails with a Robotics programme that all girls participate in from the Junior Prep through to Grade 7. The Girls School now sports a world class Coding and Robotics Lab attached to the Media Centre. St Peter’s Girls Prep endeavours to equip and prepare our girls for a future in which technology plays a significant role. ST PETER’S GIRLS PREP SCHOOL



New Spaces

Multi-purpose Surface

Brecknock Multi-purpose Surface




New Spaces

Chapel and Staffroom Alterations

Chapel alteration

Staffroom alteration




Junior Prep

t r o p e R Head of Junior Prep's Report s ’ p e r P r Junio — Heather Kissack Princess Diaries in the Year of the Woman (Or How to Grow Really Strong, Confident and Independent Girls) When thinking about growing our girls, I think of all the character traits proven to make them strong: optimistic, hard­ working, resilient, passionate, authentic, confident, embracing change and having a strong sense of self, values and my short article I will look at these attributes and reflect on how our activities during 2017 fostered the development of these in our girls. To be Optimistic: So I begin on a positive and optimistic note. This year, 2017 has been another amazing growth point for the Junior Prep Girls School. The staff, support staff and girls have all made this critical learning space dynamic, engaged and there has been endless learning and fun! Our girls are naturally optimistic, however, it is critical that the girls have role models around them that reflect a positive approach to life and all its nuances and we certainly have teachers that are warm and loving, dedicated and passionate and positive to life and learning. To be Authentic: On this note, and in an effort to build a strong sense of self and making thinking and learning visible, we started a new initiative called ­‘Inspiration’; an ‘assembly’ once a week for the girls to showcase their learning. We celebrated Book Week, Arbour Day and had many guest speakers that were part of our Year of the Woman initiative. Parents came in and shared their careers and superpowers. We had doctors, pilots, teachers, engineers, nurses and other professionals. This is an initiative we will grow our girl’s confidence and 36

voice in the years to come. To Be Change Agents: We continued to embrace change in this crucial phase of the educational process and make it as fun and as beneficial as possible. We have focused on making learning relevant and real through units of inquiry that speak to what the girls are interested in, and have done away with thematic work as much as possible. We have modified our approach to Homework and have started to actively call it Home Learning. The very successful introduction of a new reading programme, Time2Read has developed skills in decoding and spelling and we are thrilled with the success. Reflecting on our reporting system meant we were able to develop outcomes that drove focused curriculum focus. The girls are constantly reminded that they need both Grit and resilience to be successful and our Bounce Back award and use of language that reflects a Growth mindset is ­encouraged in every aspect of the school day. To Be Hard Working: Our girls and teachers modelled the aspect of being hard working in all aspects of the school programme, but none more significant than the IT and technology initiatives this year. We have implemented STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) by developing relevant curriculum in the classroom and making use of “Maker Space” creativity. This included Lego, Six Bricks, Beebots, and specific Apps that are used to extend and integrate learning wherever we could. The teachers have been extraordinary in providing opportunities to problem solve and be as creative as possible, and develop curriculum that supports and extends learning at every opportunity.


To demonstrate our Core Values: The ­celebration of community and recognise our ‘family’ values were again high­ lighted at Grandparents day, Grade 0 Screenings and Orientation mornings, Mothers and Daughters Craft Morning, numerous coffee mornings to engage with parents on academic, emotional and social skills, sporting topics. Termly “Little Mozart’s” Concerts, Grade 2 music mornings, and the Thinking Skills open morning demonstrated our transparent and highly innovative environment. We have also created a scaffolded approach to the girls development as far as their skills through Grade 0 Nativity, Grade 1 Eisteddfod, and Grade 2 Service of Thanksgiving, have all provided for opportunities for parents to engage and participate in the JP space. To Be Passionate: We have continued to grow the Community Partnership School, Sefikeng, initiative. With the the guidance of Monica Sloane in the Foundation and the passion of Leigh Lidgey, Staff, Interns, and parents, we continue to make a significant difference to reading in Grade 1. Going forward there are exciting initiatives in Grade 0 and in Grade 2. Thank you to all the parents that model that supporting this initiative really makes a difference. A Strong sense of self: An important and essential aspect of role modelling includes the JP Isematholeni Intern Programme. This has continued to provide our school with strong teachers who are supported in an environment of life-long learning. We have also proudly got another Intern starting in the JP as a Grade 0 teacher in January. We are again modelling what we hold to be important about role models for our girls.

Heather Kissack To Have a Strong Voice: To grow leadership skills in our girls that is collaborative and community driven is critical. The JP staff has worked collaboratively at creating a strong, functional team that supports growing our strengths. I must congratulate the following staff who have taken a formal role going forward. Our Lead Teachers in 2018 include; Janet Buck who will drive our Literacy initiatives, Sheena Steyn who will lead our Numeracy investigation around best practice and Lauren Keeve who will lead our ­collaborative Ed Tech and coding initiatives. Bronwyn Peake will lead Thinking Skills at the Girls JP. I am also excited to congratulate Leanne Fleming who will head up JP Physical Education and a new position. She will grow a specifically designed JP Curriculum that develops skills and works ­conscientiously toward the introduction of competitive Sport in the SP. In closing, I am thrilled to say that we go from strength to strength. I cannot thank this amazing team, teachers, specialists, interns, ­therapists and of course the support staff. To Remember Rabali and Kelly Bongers, congratulations to you ladies for making every day run so smoothly. I also wish to thank all of you, parents, for our commitment every day. However, it is all your girls that make this school what it is. I am committed to growing every one of them into unique, strong and happy young woman. YEARBOOK 2017

Junior Prep

First Day of 2017




Junior Prep

Allie Miller and Sibabalwe Zulu Charmaine Ndzwane (teacher assistant)

Janet Buck

0 JB

Isabella Parreira and Georgina Sithole Kirthanya Naidoo and Unathi Nkomo

Luyanda-Jaanai Gimani-Mpatsi and Jamie Haas Rofhiwa Tshikhudo and Samantha Hutchins

Tshegofatso Mphahlele and Siana Alwar

Megan Dijkstra and Saskia Berry



Tayla Strangway Driver Pitman and Shreya Redhi

Ziyanda Mkhwanazi and Samara Manikum


Junior Prep

Hannah Saunders, Jessica Garden Megan Baker

Leanne Fleming

0 LF.

Itumeleng Kumalo (Intern)

Isabella Redfern, Jody Glass, Sienna Holmes

Luthando Mahlasela, Alyssa Brueton, Sibongisiwe Mlilo

Farrah Naude, Tshegofatso Mpakati, Olivia Belford

Tawana Dube, Chloe Freemantle

Mudanalwo Matodzi, Yatika Pillay, Erin Bygate Riley Venter, Unabo Nkomo, Taylor White




Junior Prep

Kerryn Schmidt


Emily Elliott and Allegra Gilbert

Sibusile Dlamini and Amelia Beukes


Kate Holding and Lila-Rose Hattingh

Tshiamo Machele and Catherine Long

Tayla Reid and Matlotlo Seotsanyana


Rebecca Strauss and Bella-Rose Simmonds


Maya Kingston and Xintian Li

Reatlegile Mokhou and Keratilwe Nhlapo

Daniella Tindall, Jemma van der Merwe and Esthea van den Heuvel


Junior Prep

Lerato Mafatle (Intern)

Tawana Buruuru & Angelina Salt

Shelli Golden



Ashley Thwaits & Jasmine Lang

Natalie Peake & Lunga Mbalula

Seanna Kandasami & Maxine Robertson

Gemma Bruinders & Mia Harris

Morgan Wraight & Helena Papas Amantle Khama & Kate Vermeulen

Zoe Mvulane & Sophia Israni


Isabella Benjamin & Courtney Howes

Charlotte Alston & Sienna Jackson



Junior Prep

Grade 0 Activities

Grade 0KS Building a farm from blocks Grade 0KS Getting creative with pastels

Grade 0KS Reading in the Reading Corner

Posing in the playground! (Grade 0 SG)

Snack time (Grade 0 SG)

Grade 0KS Shopping

‘Simon Says’, with a twist (Grade 0LF)

Construction activity - modes of transport (Grade 0 LF)

Free drawing ceative activity (Grade 0 LF)

Rhyming words (Grade 0LF)

Walking with Mrs Kissack at the Zoo (Grade 0 SG) The incubator came to St Peter’s Girls JP (Grade 0 JB)

Technology and thinking Skills work (Grade 0 JB)

Character dress up day (Grade 0 SG)

Valentine’s Day in Grade 0 JB!



Book Week Dress-up Day Grade 0 JB


Junior Prep

Grandparents Day




Junior Prep

Nativity Play




Crested Barbets



Joseph, Mary and Innkeeper




Shepherds Goats


Wise Men



Junior Prep

Bernadette Moalosi, Skyla Jerome, Sarah Less

Penny Thantsha (Intern)

Chloe Hall



Ella Porter, Mayita Mutangara

Hannah Brits, Georgia Pattrick, Abby Van Vuuren

Jordan Edwards, Zuri Lutchman, Alice Walker

Aurora Gilbert, Kopano Mahlangu, Taylin Hilliard-lomas

Tamira Pillay, Sheura Shao, Brigitte Wattam


Jessica Barbour, Keamogetswe Musi, Julianna Polla

Pippa Pearse, Mikayla Van Aswegen, Palesa Motlomelo

Sienna Pretorius, Giulia Astengo, Zoe Stockill



Junior Prep

Leigh Lidgey

Danielle Couvaras, Usiphile Sithole, Mimangaliso Nkonyeni

Emma Sampson, Rendani Phalanndwa

1 LL

Georgia Bain, Pia Parbhoo, Zanetta Mtshaulana Emily O’Neill, Edem Afordofe, Lily Carey

Noella Carlin, Sonam Marrie, Jordyn Holmes, Campbell Baxter

Janine Parkin (Intern)

Samantha Linnell, Lolontle Mudeme, Kiara Thomson

Rylee McGhee, Kayla Munilall, Amara Pillay



Ongezwa Sishuba, Kirsten Wolter, Orifha Mangale

Catherine Kirkwood, Gabrielle Lorden


Junior Prep

Sheena Steyn


Lerato Mohapi (Intern)

Erin Driver, Mincili Nkonyeni, Tamar Harris, Amy Ellis


Lucy Ponting, Sarah Adams, Melissa Laroque, Kiara Jansen, Lily Barlow

Rachel Romanis, Lily Prowse, Chloe Lai, Lethabo Nkadimeng, Antigoni Christos

Alexandra Ehlers, Georgia Bongers, Isla Hughes, Isabella Ingham-Brown, Taylor Visser

Evangelina Scribante, Kelly Ritchie, Chishamiso Mutangara, Jessica Ramsay, Sarah-Joy Spence


Jemma-Kate Spencer, Gabriella Pon



Junior Prep

Grade 1 Activities

Word building on the inter-active board (Grade 1 CH)

Coding words with giant lego (Grade 1 CH)

Kaemogetswe making a pizza on our Dominos outing! (Grade 1 CH)

Grade 1 CH enjoying some hot chocolate on a chilly winter’s day

Grade 1 LL Making smores as a heat experiment

Grade 1 LL maths station work Grade 1 LL floating our anti-waste boats

Grade 1 LL group sightword story

Flashlight Friday (Grade 1 SS)

Using Beebots to find mental maths answers (Grade 1 SS)

Celebrating 100 school days! (Grade 1 SS)

Floating our boats made from recyclable waste (Grade 1 SS)




Junior Prep

Neo Makinta, Ellah Jackson, Tayla Ramsay

Catriona Montagu


Jo Harmse (Intern)

Nicole Litten, Amy Wilson


Keitumetse Ngcongo, Tyra Sibisi, Imogen Del Fabbro

Kyla Makomva, Gemma Lancaster, Kirsten Phillip

Chloe Bradshaw, Caylee Jacobsz, Sanha Maharaj

Alwande Kota, Kirsten Pharoah

Letitia Sun, Mia Lloyd, Jemma Murray

Michelle Du Preez, Moitheri Machele

Olivia Morris, Holly Page Grace Anderson


Mia Joyce, Anna Lyon, Aimee Boyd



Junior Prep

Bronwyn Peake


Kelly Rohland, Skyla Visser & Gabriella van den Berg Michelle Hala (Intern)


Dineo Seotsanyana, Makhauta Ramoriting & Mahlohonolo Malie

Madison Gershow & Courtney Hibberd

Rebecca BramwellJones, Milani Lusu & Rebecca Fraser

Khensani Hlongwane, Izabella Hallowes & Morgan Segar Mia Willson, Jordan Mietz & Anna Law

Zoe Dube, Mila Liefferink & Nonkululeko Hlangu

Simone Mabuza, Otylia Nejthardt & Tshiamo Motsamai

Ropafadzo Manikai, Millla De Beer & Noa Thomas




Junior Prep

Mbasa Nodada and Ntebogeng Manyaka Maria Shilaluki

Kerry Glass



Miraya Gajathar and Lily Coltham

Marang Motsohi and Anele Zikalala

Mikayla Moodley and Hayden Ford

Lia van den Berg and Samantha Aitken

Chante Makofane and Georgia Davies

Chloe van Schalkwyk and Gabriella Steytler

Siya Belle and Zoe Shaw

Zara van der Merwe and Camryn Owen


Chloe Takawira and Olivia Bortolan Maita Shamu and Ava Couvaras

Riddhi Maharaj and Jessica Moon

Oratile Mmolawa and Caroline Joubert



Junior Prep

Grade 2 Activities Making a cup cake stand, using recycled materials (Grade 2 CM)

Dressed up for book day (Grade 2 CM)

Being archaeologists and discovering the dinosaurs in our fossils (Grade 2 CM)

All dressed up in the colours of the Greek flag (Grade 2 CM)

Designing and building cupcake stands (Grade 2 KG)

Learning at Spur (Grade 2 KG) Book week dress up! (Grade 2 KG)

Loving our creative time! (Grade 2 KG)

Working at Spur for the day was awesome! (Grade 2 BP)

Rewarded with a lovely meal. (Grade 2BP)


The Cupcake Challenge (Grade 2 BP)


Spur Sizzling Studies (Grade 2 BP)


Junior Prep

Camp Out




Junior Prep

Mums and Daughters

Craft Morning




DSG Reflections on a school journey Reflecting on my journey through school, as I enter my final weeks of matric, I’ve realised how influential these 12 years of our lives are. I could not be happier that I spent my foundation and most-formative years at modern and charming St Peters, while essentially growing into the person I am today at traditional and wonderful DSG. While contrasting each other in terms of age, but complementing each other regarding learning – both inside and outside the classroom – I could not feel more certain that my choice of schools has equipped me to go out into the world and follow my dreams. Annie Schaefer

Families who are interested in viewing this leading independent boarding school please contact Vanessa Bowes | or 046 603 4300

En Avant

Junior Prep

Book Week - Dress-up Day

Grade 0 JB

Mrs Heather Kissack

Grade 0 MB

Mrs Zanele Mbatha

Grade 0 KS

Grade 0 SG

Grade 1 LL

Grade 1 CH

Grade 1 SS



Grade 2 BP


Junior Prep

Sports Day




Junior Prep

Swimming Grade 0 Demonstration

Grade 1 & 2





Four established programmes require funding



Intern Programme – growing teachers for South Africa


Community Partnerships – supporting our partner schools: Sefikeng Primary and Diepsloot Combined School

Bursaries – giving previously disadvantaged children the opportunity of education at St Peter’s


Longevity – ensuring the sustainability of St Peter’s Prep for generations to come


How to Support:

Give a Gift, Change the Future

Should you wish to contribute or learn more about our programmes, please contact: Monica Sloane 011 705 3423 | |







Contributions towards BEE score and/or18A Tax Benefit Certificate

Middle School

Middle School

MADD Evening

Mrs Marguerite Schmitt, thank you for the music!

Mrs Rachel Amm, thank you for your hard work!


Grade S




Middle School


Grade S

Well done, girls!




Middle School

Hannah Raath and Shernelle Holmes

Colleen Ireland

Megan Kleynhans, Rethabile Mathe and Kate Linnell


Carrey McCreedy and Aphiwe Ndendwa Tatum Pratt, Dakota Wratten and Mbaliyethu Maqheyana

Bailey Sanders and Thadina Mokoena Lulibo Koza, Jade van der Merwe and Keitumetse Rankoe

Isla Gibson


Mahaylia David, Paige Edmundson and Tamara-Lee Hogerzeil


Casey Short, Madison Edwards and Angelina Qing Wang

Kate Yaman, Isla Elphinstone and Storm Osborne


Middle School

Georgia Alston, Amy Armstrong, Gisellá Astengo

Madison Baxter, Emily Ball and Nikiwe Bam

Julia Aitken



Kyla Hegland and Imani Kizito

Luana De Amaral, Jessie Earlam and Tessa Hayward-Butt

Emma Lockley and Kelly Klintworth

Tanaka Matambo and Caitlin Miles

Olivia Pettitt, Thatohatsi Tshwale and Jamie Turner


Taryn Mashoko and Gomolemo Magomola

Karabo Magagane, Brooke Nell and Olivia Palk

Ella Van Schoor, Cara Wolter and Alexandra Morgan-Fizelle



Middle School

Jamie Frayne and Yifei Sun reading all the imaginative poetry

Genevieve Egger and Georgia-Ann Alp looking at the Haiku poems

Megan Haas



Holly Djikstra and Caitlin Barbour are ‘Singing in the Rain’

Talia North and Abigail Hughes are fascinated at all nouns in the Noun Town

Jessica Davies, Zenzi Madondo and Katlego Mphahlele with their fantastic cat creations

Alexia Smedmor and Kayla Kloppers are involved in doing Random Acts of Kindness


Sydni Muller and Kira Hannan are adding to the Push Pin poetry

Leelu-Maya Myburg and Belicia Tshidibi are researching elephants


Mrs Haas’s haasies are Zimile Jekwa and Isabella Palk

Caitlin Hayward-Butt and Georgia Wright loved making Easter decorations

Ira Fick and Grace Morris are Afrikaans stars

Whooooo loves to paint -Mokgethwa Masilela and Aadya Sharma doo!


Middle School

Grade 3 Day Camp

The Grade 3 girls spent their one-day camp at Camp Serobe, near the Vaal River. The highlight of this happy time was a zip-line ride, which started in Gauteng, crossed the Vaal River and ended in the Free State!




Middle School

Grade 3 Market Day




communications and brand agency

Middle School

Aobakwe Machailo, Sarah Thompson and Sarah Diack

Tafadzwa Nkomo, Hayley Schubach, Scylla Govender and Siphesihle Mahlangu

Ingerid de Bruyn


Layla Hancock and Mackenna Ward


Zoe Makhanda, Tamia Makomva and Sejal Menon

Adanna Nwaoshai and Emma Gordon

Ella Watling,Tayah Morgan and Georgina Grota



Yamani Pakade and Cara Formby

Rachel Rostron, Hanna Aitken and Emily Walker

Tyler Boyd and Erin Osborne

Afezekile Ngcaba and Mbalienhle Mzimba


Middle School

Emily Tannenberger and Angelina Barrow

Sophie Lidgey and Khumo Mochela

Rachel Amm



Avheani Mutepe and Kyra Lancaster

Naysa Mbolhi and Grace Potgieter

Iona Gibson


Kate Stobart and Jamie Hardy

Mulalo Ramabulana and Sheila Rabali

Eve Corbett and Ella Hegarty

Mia Jansen and Caitlin Langton

Erin Rice and Grace Langton

Annabelle Roberts and Allison Phillip

Caitlin Thackwell and Isabella Horwood

Leah Thompson


Thakgallo Zonke and Mukumela Netshitangani


Middle School

Grade 4 Market Day




Middle School

Grade 4 One-Night at Camp Nelu Grade 4 girls spent one night away at Camp Nelu, which is nestled at the foot of the Magaliesburg Mountain Range, in the Hekpoort area.




Senior School

Annabelle Villet and Ella Page

Tea Piper and Georgia Parker

Mel Aspeling


Kate Backman and Kganya Mabizela

Jessica Buttle and Kananelo Maqheyana


Rofhiwa Mangale and Bandile Tapela

Tannah O’Neill and Daisy Lennox

Lucy Jewell and Kate Dracatos

Jessica Raath and Chloe Inwani

Jamie Joyce and Mia du Plessis

Megan Gaunt and Tayla Paton

Gabrielle du Toit and Samantha Martin

Zoë Earlam and Chloë Mocke Jessica Barrow and Abby Turner



Lara Gasson


Senior School

Alyssa Schumacher, Madison Wagner and Alexandra Barry

Niki Mayne



Alexis Cilliers, Nina Coetzee and Kayleigh Craig

Cayla Dhaeyere, Zoe Jackson, Grace van der Merwe and Bianca Morrow

Sophia Palk, Emma Cassidy, Emily Alston and Kaitlyn Kruiskamp

Tamlyn Martin, Sophie-Mae Farmer and Gabriella Godlonton

Diopelo Mahlagare, Aarya Maharaj and Almaaz Mudaly


Ruby Logan, Tanna McCreedy, Arya Ramkissoon and Abigail Edgar

Keneilwe Ntjilo and Sophia Baynes



Senior School

Grade 5 Christmas Market

Christmas Bucks

Summer Snowmen Santa’s Reindeers

Radiant Reindeers

Jolly Jingles Secret Santa

The Grinch’s Graveyard

Santa’s Stable

Red Nose Reindeers

Christmas Corner

Rockin’ Reindeers

Santa’s Workshop

Candy from Heaven




Senior School

Grade 5 Camp at Klein Kariba

The Grade 5 girls enjoyed their two-night, away trip to Klein

Kariba – 6kms from Bela Bela.






Alec Lockley

Jordan Cilliers

Pelo Moerane

Thikho Matakanye

Erin Raath

Anna Beart

Lauren Fox

Tawana Muchineripi

Jaime-Rose Standfest

Tshepi Moleah

Sydney Pollock

Sienna Lenci

Mikyla Mutangara

Megan Eagle

Adina Chabana

Kyla Pestana

Andile Tekana

Tyler Wratten

Eryn Glover

Isabelle Barrow

Gina Rebel

Lauren Els

Hayley de Villiers

Erin Mommsen

Hanna Wannell

Meghan Baxter

Senior School

6 Ronel Schoeman

Grade 6 RSI RS


Senior School

Clare Keegan and Olivia Sorour

Cassie Dare, Sydney Thokhoane and Lebone Tshelto

Leigh Tennant



Zoobie Cross and Mia Jackson

Gemma Pettitt, Kelsey Elliot and Emma Kruse

Heidi Viljoen and Hollie Brown

Danny de Villiers and Zenande Mbatsha

Kate Potgieter and Emma Barron

Larissa Pillay and Frances Jandrell

Emily Lidgey, Romy Myers and Megan Smit

Nchoana Liphoko and Caitlin Celliers


Serena Wolfenden, Megan Yates and Summer Tucker



Senior School

Grade 6 Camp to Goodland Farm

The Grade 6, two-night camp was to Goodland Farm in the Seringveld Conservancy – 45 km from Pretoria and 15 km from Cullinan.




Senior School

Grade 6 House Plays

Queen Midas by Oliver House Emperor’s New Hair by Waveney House

The Three Little Elephants by Founders House

Aladdin and the Magic Pickle Jar by Founders House Spiderella by Oliver House

Little Late Riding Hood by Waveney House

Cheetah and Sloth by Oliver House Slurping Beauty by Founders House




Senior School

Alix Hardy, Emily Guimaraens, Isabella Polla

Jane Ritchie

Mvuko Nesengani, Keiomarah Chigudu, Lesedi Mochela, Tiisetso Leballo



Courtney Webber, India Kruger, Dakota Tucker

Alex Urban, Michaela Ferraris

Amy Urmson, Kristy Leonard, Melissa Welch, Alyssa de Sai, Jess Cassidy, Chloe Ferguson

Kayley Amm, Nothando Magadla, Kelly du Plessis, Amy Ralph



Julia van Beerschoten, Catherine McConnell, Jenna Dunstan


Senior School

Jessica Wilson, Kendra Rae, Owami Maphosa

Rose Nkomo


Megan Joubert, Paige Schmidt, Mieke Coetzee, Megan Barrow

Botshelo Magomola, Georgie Schaefer, Laura Blom, Emma Jewell, Amy McDermott


Isabella Welland, Tintswalo Mokhare, Laoise Robertson, Jade Brett, Caitlin Whittal

Allison Maher, Tannah Proudfoot, Lulu Williams Yasmeena Sabra, Victoria West-Russell, Kylah McCreedy, Alexandra van Zijl




Senior School

Grade 7 Market Day




Senior School

Grade 7 Keys Camp to Waterberg Game Lodge




Senior School

Grade 7 Activities

Activities in the STEM room Building bridges

Disecting fish

Grade 7 isiZulu girls hosted a tea for the Helpers on campus




Senior School

Grade 7s Last Day






7 Production

The Pied Piper of Hamelin Mel Aspeling Director ‘Welcome to Hamelin!’ ‘The Piper’s tune so magical, musical!’

‘Easy pickins – there’s so much to eat!’

‘We’ve tried traps!’

‘It’s that music, it’s so cheesy!’

‘Follow the Piper to the Gorgonzola!’ ‘Peter needs the Piper!’

‘He makes the music to lead rats away!’



‘The most important man in Hamelin town!’

‘Hamelin’s a rat-free zone!’



‘Hamelin, the sun’s always shining!’ ‘Someone called, I heard it deep within!’

‘Everything is wonderful, everything is fine!’

‘Life is a party all of the time!’

‘Is there a chance that we could make amends?’

‘Come on and dance in the street!’

‘Birds in the trees are singing for you!’

‘Who wants to work, when there’s fun to be had?’

‘Is it too late to say sorry?’

‘No more rodent vermin!’

‘Happy birthday, Mrs Aspeling!’





St Peter's School of Music

Grade 3 Cello Open Morning Choir Festival with St Peter’s College

Hugo Roodt (Head of Choirs)

Grade Grade 2 Recorder 2 Recorder Group Group

Jacques van der Walt (Conductor of Choirs)

Jessica da Silva (JP Music)

Mrs Lara Rishworth (Music Administration)

Marguerite Schmitt HOD Music)

Induction of the 2017 Head Chorister

Little Mozart’s Concert JP girls show their parents how to play the Marimbas

Musical Showcase









Mandela Day

A remembrance service for Nelson Mandela, 18 July

‘Pop-Up Shop’ initiative for Mandela Day





Book Week - Dress-up Day

The Library

Thank you to our wonderful mums and grannies who help cover books in the Library





Chapel events

First Holy Communion

Induction of the 2017 Chapel Servers Induction of the 2017 Chapel Servers Head Server - Mieke Coetzee

Sunday prayers





St Peter's Day, Servers and Bell Ringers

9 Lessons and Carols Service

St Peter’s Day Eucharist with Bishop Steve Moreo





Swimming Individual Inter-house Gala

Girls 50m Gala Winners





Tennis & Equestrian

Waveney - Inter-house Tennis winners






Grade 5

Grade 4

Grade 6

Grade 7

Pretty spectators

Mandy and Kristy Leonard - thanks for presenting the prizes, Mom!


Waveney, the winning House!

Captains give their speeches


Staff vs the Grade 7 girls ‘No cheating allowed!’




Grade 4

Grade 3

Grade 7

Grade 6

Grade 5

Lulu Williams thanks her mom, Christine, for presenting the prizes.

The Netball Captains congratulate everyone on a great season

Waveney House - the winning team!

Staff game - Some good marking happening here . . .

Staff game - It is important to stretch before the match!

Staff game -Thandi Xundu, showing her skills


Staff game - The girls dressed as teachers!





Greg Royce and Darrel Webb enjoying the day

Oliver - winners of the Spirit Award!



Waveney, athletics champs of 2017!



Cross Country

Cara Eggett congratulates Grade 3s on a good race Grade 3 - first three girls in Grade 3s stretching before the run

First three in Grade 4

The finish line!

Top three in Grade 5 First three over the line in Grade 6

A happy group of Grade 7s with Liz Ashmore and Darrel Webb

First three in Grade 7

Hayley de Villiers, finishing the Grade 6 race

Always a good sport - Mr Webb participating in the Grade 7 event!

This is what sportsmanship is all about! Waveney - the winning House!




Campus Camera

Campus Camera

Book Creator IsiZulu books Grade 4 reading to Grade 2 Fun on the giant chess set

Love is in the Air on St Valentine’s Day

Maths Cluster meeting hosted by St Peter’s Girls Prep

Visitors from Harvard University are shown around the Girls School 6 March

Serena Wolfenden receives a High Five Award

Fire Drill

A Prayer Service for South Africa - 4 April

General Knowledge Quiz participants




Campus Camera

Pastoral Care Conference

Erin Osborne’s cute creation!

Collection for Knysna Relief - June Farewell Mrs Jenny Hugo (12 June)

Inter-school General Knowledge Quiz - St Peter’s Girls Prep team

Farewell Mrs Megan Baker (8 April)

Farewell Hayley de Villiers, we will miss you (1 August)


Happy Mothers’ Day Chapel service and tea



Campus Camera

Old Girls Tea

Our Old Girls Tea is an annual event. Old Girls are invited back to the school to meet up with friends and teachers from the past! It’s wonderful to see them.

Matric Old Girls Chapel Service

Our first ever group of Matrics was invited back to a Chapel Service - to pray for their upcoming exams and their futures. They came from schools all around the country.




Campus Camera

Dads & Daughters Dinner

Darrel Webb brought his daughter, Jess (St Peter’s Old Girl and Founder pupil), to the Dads & Daughters Dinner






‘Taste Buddies’ experience

Creating Music Games Grade 5 Flower Arranging

Grade 6 & 7 outing to Soweto

Grade 6 crafts





Orchestra demonstration

Safety talk

Photography course

Skype session with an Explorer

Talent Show




PA Events

Fun'draising Events

Autumn Carnival

Fun, Family Soccer Day

Golf Day




PA Events

Staff Variety Show

Mr Scott Hauptfleisch - Director




Community Partnerships

Community Partnerships

Grade 0 host Sefikeng for a Puppet Show

Grade 1 outing to the zoo with Sefikeng School

Grade 2 Sefikeng Edu Vet experience & visit to Summerfield Retirement Village

Grade 3 outing to Amazing Mazes with Sefikeng




Community Partnerships

Grade 4 making sandwiches for disadvantaged communities

Grade 5 make soup for Khulani ECD

Grade 6 Buddy reading with Sefikeng Gr 2s each week

Grade 7 end-of-year Christmas party with Sefikeng Grade 1s




St Peter’s Foundation

Foundation Initiatives

Donor Thanksgiving Service and Cocktail Party

2017 St Peter’s Foundation Isematholeni Programme Interns Gladys Nakedi, Itumeleng Kumalo, Michele Hala, Lerato Mohapi, Lerato Mafatle, Maria Shilaluki, Penny Thantsha, Solly Sithole, Lungi Khanyile, June Tromp (Intern Mentor), Thandi Mramba, Catherine Senyakanyaka, Jo Harmse, Janine Parkin, Lydia Teleki, Bonolo Molefe, Nash Rahube, Gugu Nkosi

Prof. Naidoo from UJ and the interns

‘The Isematholeni Foundation Phase Professional Development Programme’ in association with UJ




St Peter’s Foundation

2017 Sunset Carols




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