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Model: Alison Skipper Photography by Kristia Knowles

We unveil the secrets of five couples who successfully and happily tied the knot without a hitch. Pg. 44

letter from the editor Planning The “I Do� Issue

pg 9

I Do Essentials Customizing Your invitations pg 12 Getting To know your florist pg 14 Fresh Linens pg 16 Place Settings pg 18 Chair Decor pg 20 Party favor Trends pg 22

Bridal Party Style

Retro Inspired Do pg 26 makeup pg 27 Divine Accoutrements pg 28 bridesmaids dresses pg 30 The Groom and His Crew pg 32 styles for moms pg 34 Your Pre-nuptial check-list PG 56 Music Guidelines PG 58 Ask the Expert PG 61

Bridal Fashion Pg 36

L i t t l e Pa l m I s l a n d R e s o r t a n d S p a P G 6 6

Venue Trends Reception Travel Destinations Honeymoon Travel Destinations

Table Trends

Ombre Cakes Tiny Comfort Bites THe science of signature cocktails the dining guide

pg 64 pg 66

pg 70 pg 72 pg 74 pg 76

Correction: In our October 2012 Best Of issue we erroneously printed the wrong location for the World of Beer, our selection for the best bar in Port Orange. The correct address is 3510 Nova Rd. Suite 101 Port Orange, FL 32129. We apologize for the error. F L O R I D I A N V I E W. C O M | 3

4 | NOVEMBER 2012

F L O R I D I A N V I E W. C O M | 5

Photography by Greg



6 | NOVEMBER 2012

You’ve got the dress we have the view. we could make a beautiful wedding together. Five-Star Quality Cuisine and Customized Menus Professional Consultation Services

F L O R I D I A N V I E W. C O M | 7

Issue 10 Volume 2 Brittany Demers EDITOR IN CHIEF Katherine Welch Graphic DEsigner Victor Rollins STaff photographer CONTRIBUTING WRITERs Carly Kilgore, Amanda Shuback, Oren Williams, Caitlyn Kelly, Sylvia Nikitas, Britni Patterson, Emily Macri , Leighton Chantel, Michael Raulerson , Katie Haines, Mandy Hancock. contributing PHOTOGRAPHERS Kristia Knowles

PUBLISHing company

Vanguard OmniMedia Group 517 S. Ridgewood Avenue Daytona Beach, FL 32114 publisher Angelo Figueroa Media consultants Louie Matthews, Nat Gerhart, Tia Rush, Kevin Butler. Advertising Sales office Contact: Tel: (386) 322-3900

To Subscribe call: (386) 322-3900 Floridian View is a monthly publication available for $19.95 annually.

We want to hear your view, send your letters to: Editor, Floridian View 517 S. Ridgewood Avenue Daytona Beach, FL 32114 Email us at: or call: (386) 322-3900 Letters may be edited for space and clarity and not all submissions will be published.

8 | NOVEMBER 2012

letter from the editor

the “i do” issue

planning the

“I do” issue

After months of planning and preparation, we are finally saying “I Do” to Floridian View’s special Bridal Edition. I feel like we’ve been planning an actual wedding of our own. And I guess we have —a Floridian Bride wedding. This issue has been a labor of love, and I am so thrilled to share it with you. We have created a vision to inspire ideas for that special day in our lives when we choose to unite in marriage with someone who has captured our heart and soul. The production of this issue was a collaborative effort with all the amazing and talented wedding vendors we have in our area. It has been wonderful to work with professionals in the industry who are truly passionate about providing quality services to couples planning their union. With their help we’ve brought new trends to the forefront, showcased interesting twists on tradition and featured timeless classics. We have learned a great deal about weddings and events, from how to select your music to the food you serve to finding a signature drink and, of course, picking the right dress. And we are happy… We want to thank everyone for their support and help with an issue we hope to make an annual event. We couldn’t have done it without you. And to all our future Floridian brides and grooms, we wish you all the best. Enjoy this amazing time in your lives, and have a blast at your wedding. Brittany Demers | Editor-in-Chief

F L O R I D I A N V I E W. C O M | 9

10 | NOVEMBER 2012

NOV 2012

I Do Essentials // invitations // linens // flowers // place settings // chairs // favors //


The Stage

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i do essentials


Customizing Your Invitations by Carly Kilgore

This season, nothing beats the clean, classic look of a letterpress invitation. The texture of the paper and the centuries-old relief printing method, synonymous with style and sophistication, has been revitalized among today’s eco-chic brides, as well as in everyday stationary. Companies are getting creative with color, typography and images in designing masterpieces customized for each bride. Here are a few of our favorite ways to do a modern letterpress.

12 | NOVEMBER 2012

Above: Invitations by Paper Dance Ormond Beach

i do essentials


Above: Invitations by Paper Dance Ormond Beach

Tying in the Theme Incorporate your venue or theme into your invites for a fun twist. We love the nautical starfish and seashell motif on these invitations as a chic way to announce your upcoming beach nuptials.

Personalized Patterns Nothing catches the eye like an intricate pattern, and the detail on these invitations from The Write Touch cannot be overlooked. The knotted monogram design and the grainy texture of these hand-cut invitations provide an experience for the eyes, as well as the hands.

Above: Invitations by The Write Touch Jacksonville

Painted Edges The thick stationary and hand-painted edges of these gorgeous William Arthur invitations allow the bride to incorporate her wedding colors in an original way. The script typography and curled design perfectly match the balance between fun and sophistication.

Above: Invitations by Paper Dance Ormond Beach F L O R I D I A N V I E W. C O M | 1 3

i do essentials


Getting To Know

Your Florist Flowers are with you every step of the way. A bouquet walks you down the aisle, flower petals shower you to your car, then beautiful centerpieces greet you as your enter your reception. That is why communication is key. Find a floral artist you can trust and include them in the plans so they can develop a sense of your style.

Bouquet by Simply Roses

Burlap and Lace Perfect for fall weddings, the burlap and lace trend remains something admired by brides and guests alike. The delicate balance between elegance and simplicity is difficult to achieve, but if you can pull it off, the effect is truly stunning. A little vintage, a little handmade, and very eco-friendly, brides can incorporate the natural look of burlap and lace in various elements of their ceremony. For the more rustic wedding, take note of this earthy bouquet. The lace and burlap incorporated in these bouquets complete this unique look.Productions, Orlando

14 | NOVEMBER 2012

Flowers by: Ruby Red

F L O R I D I A N V I E W. C O M | 1 5

i do essentials



Linens Think outside the classic white cotton tablecloth box. Pull your table setting from your natural environment to create your own signature linens.


The first step in creating your linen set is picking a color palette. You can draw inspiration from the location of your ceremony, reception or even your honeymoon. Find a picture that best represents the setting of your ceremony (classic white to beachy bright) and bring it with you. Select three neutral and two bright colors from the image, giving you five hues. Stick with these shades when developing your vision.


Use the rule of thirds—no matter how many fabrics you’re working with. For example, when using three fabrics, pick one large pattern and two smaller prints. For five fabrics, make the ratio two large and three small, and so on. When placed side by side, each pattern should complement the next, creating a cohesive look.


Shy away from repeating materials by selecting an array of textures. By using the color and pattern principles above, unconventional matches are kept harmonious. (Think burlap paired with raw silk.) This is your day, layer it your way. 16 | NOVEMBER 2012

F L O R I D I A N V I E W. C O M | 1 7

i do essentials

Place Settings


Settings If your wedding happens to fall around the holidays, use elements of the season to inspire your table settings.

Back to Nature Bring the outdoors in with rustic pine cones, vibrant moss and colorful flowers. These elements create a pleasing variety of color and texture that guide your eyes to the center of the table. Select different variations of plant species on alternating tables. For example, place a Longleaf pinecone on table one and a Shortleaf pinecone on table two. This is a surprising break in the sea of repetition.

Levels & Layers

When building your place settings, start from the floor and work your way up. Layer monochromatic pieces in order of height. Place the tallest pieces in the middle of the table and work your way out. Layer flat embellishments on top of each other for a dynamic table setting. 18 | NOVEMBER 2012

F L O R I D I A N V I E W. C O M | 1 9

i do essentials


Tying The Knot

Slipcovers, sashes and bows are an inexpensive way to transform the average pullout chair from backyard bbq to red carpet status.

Sash by: A Chair Affair, Orlando

Minimal Coverage Spice up an ordinary Chiavari chair by adding your own signature touch, such as this sash and bow combination, which incorporates the ruby red color from the place settings. Tie in your own wedding colors and recreate this distinctive detail.

Partial Covers Notice how the legs of the chair give height to the table setting. If your chairs have a unique quality, let it shine instead of covering it up.

Tall Covers

Give the illusion of tall backs by tying the knots of your sash on the very top of the chair. This style works best for long tables with rows of chairs.

20 | NOVEMBER 2012

Stretchy Covers Keep your chairs’ structure and form with these stretchy covers, accentuate with a beautiful bow.

F L O R I D I A N V I E W. C O M | 2 1

i do essentials

favors trends

The Key To The Heart One of the biggest wedding trends this season is the use of the key symbol, representing marriage to the one that holds the key to your heart. This tablescape incorporates a vintage-inspired, skeleton key print on the place cards and menus, and in charms that finish off the place settings. Work in personal touches or symbols of your own to make your wedding day truly special.

Vintage Stamps Create a one-of-a-kind wedding favor with this vintage key stamp found on

Table For Two Direct your guests to their table by writing their name and table number and presenting them with attached vintage keys. 22 | NOVEMBER 2012

F L O R I D I A N V I E W. C O M | 2 3

24 | NOVEMBER 2012

NOV 2012

Bridal Party Style // hair & Makeup// jewelry // bridesmaid // groom // mother of the bride //

F L O R I D I A N V I E W. C O M | 2 5 25 | ISSUE 6 | 2012

bridal party style

hair & Makeup


Inspired Do by Carly Kilgore

Retro-inspired style remains a trend for the Fall season, from accessories, jewelry, and even to bridal gowns. Our hair expert, Oren Williams, took this inspiration and fashioned a refined ponytail look that every bride would want. Here are the steps for recreating this retro-chic updo for your big day!

Step 1: Start by pin-curling your hair. Coil a small strand around in a circle on your scalp and continue twisting until you reach the ends of the hair. Pin down with two bobby pins to secure tightly to the scalp. When your entire head has been curled, spray with maximum hold hairspray for long-lasting locks.

Step 2:

After letting the curls sit for 15 to 20 minutes, unpin

them and tease the crown for some Mad Men-worthy volume.

Step 3:

Bring the curls back and pin all into a faux ponytail. Be

sure to leave just a bit of hair in the front to create an elegant swoop across the forehead, securing in the back.

Step 4: Top with an ornate, jeweled barrett. Perfect for hiding the pound of bobby pins poking out every which way. The bigger the hair accessory, the more your hairstyle will stand out.

26 | NOVEMBER 2012

Hair by Oren Williams, Master Colorist and Stylist Owner of Studio 10 Salon.

Peach Plum 'n’ Smokey Purple by Carly Kilgore Plum is one of the biggest trending colors this fall, and we love it on the lids and lips of our Floridian Brides. The smoky purple eye and peach-plum gloss looks stunning on everyone and is sure to make any bride feel like royalty. Here is a step-bystep guide to creating this look from our makeup expert, Caitlyn Kelly.

Step 1: Primer

Step 2: Foundation

After applying the eye shadow to the


Apply Dermalogica Concealing Spot

upper lid, use the Stila Smudge Stick

Primer to help the foundation and

Treament to any problem areas of

in Damsel on the lower lid and blend

lid makeup to adhere. It reduces the

the skin. This not only blends any

it with the same eye shadows. Lastly,

appearance of pores while leaving a

blemishes or redness, but actually

use Maybelline’s Volum’ Express “The

matte finish.

helps clear them. Next, apply Demure

Falsies” in Black Drama. This product

Mineral Foundation. Demure only

gives the illusion of false eye lashes, without

uses 100% crushed minerals from the

all the fuss, discomfort, and weighing down

earth—no talc, oil, fragrances,

of your lids.




preservatives or other harmful chemicals and skin irritants.

Step 3: Eyes The



Step 4: Cheeks Stila’s Plumeria Convertable Color (dual lip and cheek cream), as well as Maybelline’s Dream Bouncy Blush in

eye makeup was created using

Peach Satin, warm the cheeks.

Stila’s In The Light makeup

Step 5: Lips

palette & MAC’s Hoax eye

Blend MAC’s Russian Red with the

shadow. Start with a bit of the Sandstone color for the brows, and Bare as the base color for the entire lid. Then use the Kitten, Bliss, Sunset, and Hoax colors to create a well-blended ombre that has a slight cat eye effect.

Stila Plumeria dual color to continue the natural blends of plum and peach throughout the look.

Step 6: Finish Lightly apply Hard Candy’s “Welcome Matte” Mattifying Powder to blend the entire look and minimize any oiliness.

Makeup by Caitlyn Kelly

F L O R I D I A N V I E W. C O M | 2 7

bridal party style


Divine Accoutrements The finishing touch to every womans wedding dress deserves her utmost attention. These crystal embellishments take your gown from lovely to ooh-la-la. Haute Bride Bracelet $250

Anne Barge bridal belt $900

Sara Gabriel headband $180

Haute Bride chandler pear shaped earrings $180

Haute Bride belts $375 each

28 | NOVEMBER 2012

White Magnolia Bridal Collection in Jacksonville

F L O R I D I A N V I E W. C O M | 2 9

bridal party style


Multi-Purple Personalities Each bridesmaid has a style, body and hair type all their own. This presents a challenge when picking consistent attire. Lose the onesize-fits-all mentality, and give your bridesmaids a little freedom. Allow each to pick their own dress with one requirement, such as a universal color. Be cautious when presenting your stipulation. If you choose the color purple, don’t expect your bridesmaids to translate which shade of purple. Take a trip to Home Depot, pick out some color swatches from the paint section and give them to your bridesmaids. This simple guidance will ensure a look that is affordable, comfortable and consistent with your theme.

We have our bridesmaid in a strapless blue-ink A-line short dress from Love by Enzoani for $395. You can find it for your wedding party at For the Girls in Daytona Beach.

The Gift Of Unity: Give your bridesmaids a token of your gratitude, laced with unity. This clutch and shoe duo will string a common thread through your bridal party without cramping their style.

Gift Tip: Use this gifting opportunity to review the dresses for continuity.

30 | NOVEMBER 2012

F L O R I D I A N V I E W. C O M | 3 1

bridal party style


The Groom and His Crew

There is nothing more drab than a sea of black suits. The following tips offer an opportunity for individual style within the constraints of comformity.

Necks & Knots:

Be creative with his neckwear.

Explore the idea of a scarf, neck cloth, bow tie or even a man-necklace. Use the classic necktie as your last resort.

Collars & Cuffs:

Who says he needs a shirt with a

collar? A v-neck and leather necklace can bring his style from classic to trendy. Tie it all together with a leather watch and wristband.

Don’t be afraid to take the traditional black suit and have some fun with your man’s style. Try adding a little pop of color by incorporating your wedding colors with his bow tie. For some

Shoes & Socks: This is one area where standard is essential. Make sure he wears long, dark socks. You don’t want white socks peeking out every time he takes a step.

classic charm add a walking stick and a top hat. This allows your groom and his crew to create an interesting twist on a traditional look. This executive tuxedo our groom is wearing was provided by Jos.A.Banks. Above: Photo by Kristia Knowles

32 | NOVEMBER 2012

F L O R I D I A N V I E W. C O M | 3 3

bridal party style

mother of the bride & Groom

Bronze is the New Black Finding the perfect dress for the mothers of the bride and groom can be one of the hardest tasks on your to-do list. Today’s moms are hip and trendy, and we want them to feel amazing as they represent the two stars of the wedding. This season, bronze is the new black. It complements any color palette and is elegant and rich in color. Provide the moms with a few guidelines, like a neutral tonal range. This will allow them to get creative with textures and tones. By letting them select their own dress they will be sure to find styles they feel wonderful in and can wear over again. The dress featured is a great selection with its a silky taffeta floor length silhouette with sweetheart neckline in Antique Brown, $610 from Love by Enzoani. Available at For the Girls in Daytona Beach, FL.

Dress Tip: Make sure you tell them to stay clear of white, beige or champagne—those colors are to close to the bride. You want them to accent your look, not steal your thunder.

A Gift For Her: A great way to make the moms feel apart of the wedding party is getting something similar to what you give your bridesmaids. A matching clutch or chandler earrings are a perfect gift to bring continuity to your wedding party.

34 | NOVEMBER 2012

F L O R I D I A N V I E W. C O M | 3 5

36 | NOVEMBER 2012

Photography by Kristia Knowles Styled by The Collection in Winter Park St. Pucchi ball gown $6,660 *Prices subject to change F L O R I D I A N V I E W. C O M | 3 7

38 | NOVEMBER 2012

Reem Acra, Natural Waste Beaded Floral Cap Sleeve gown, $5400 *Prices subject to change F L O R I D I A N V I E W. C O M | 3 9

Monique Lhuillier, Fit and Flare gown $12,000 *Prices subject to change

40 | NOVEMBER 2012

F L O R I D I A N V I E W. C O M | 4 1

Oscar de la Renta gown $6800 *Prices subject to change

Vera Wang Mermaid gown $8100 *Prices subject to change

F L O R I D I A N V I E W. C O M | 4 3

44 | NOVEMBER 2012

happines comes in pairs We unveil the secrets of five couples who successfully and happily tied the knot without a hitch. Learn from these real weddings about how to save and where to splurge when preparing for your big day.

F L O R I D I A N V I E W. C O M | 4 5

Real Weddings

DECEMBER 31, 2011

Take time to enjoy the small things in life. Make certain to cherish one another daily and support the dreams and ambitions of one another. 46 | NOVEMBER 2012

StephAnie & Derrick

a dance just for him Bride and her Bridal party performed a stunning dance routine for the groom to the tune of Beyonce’s “Love on Top”.

Shoulder, sweetheart, fit & flare gown with feathers & Swarovski Crystals : Allure Couture Dress

Beauty is in the Details . . .

a touch of tradition Stephanie & Derrick jumped over the broom in

Ceremony & Reception : Hilton Daytona Beach Resort/Ocean Walk

honor of their enslaved ancestors who participated

Photography/Videographer : Michael’s Photography and Video

in this ritual because they were not allowed to have

Consultant : Sandra Strapp

formal weddings.

Gown : Allure Couture Hair : Fran Bruten Make-up : Khadijah McNealy Ring : Platinum Princess Diamond Ring Set Formalwear : Bride Beautiful (bride), Men’s Warehouse (groom) Invitations : Checkerboard’s Luminesce Invitations and Cards Flowers : Rachael Kasie Designs Catering : Hilton Daytona Beach Resort/Ocean Walk

As The Poem Goes Something Old: Shoes Something New: Earrings Something Borrowed: Bracelet Something Blue: Garter

Music : Bernard Rhome aka Romeo Cake : The Pastry Studio Honeymoon : Hawaii F L O R I D I A N V I E W. C O M | 4 7

Real Weddings

May 12, 2012

We promise to love one another with our whole heart for our whole life. 48 | NOVEMBER 2012


HOMEMADE PIE In lieu of cake, the bride’s Nana made a skillet apple pie.

LOVED ONES PITCH IN . . . Ceremony: Kenneth Parker Amphitheater in Port Orange, FL Reception: Port Orange Lakeside Community Center Photography: Michelle Sarkissian of Sarkissian Studios Gown and Veil: The David’s Bridal Collection Hair : Brooke Taylor Salon, Stylist Nicole Daggat-Brooks Make-up : The bride and her maid of honor did her own make-up via the help of YouTube. Ring : Kay’s Jeweler for Bride’s and Tungsten World for Groom’s Formalwear : David’s Bridal Outlet and Dillard’s Invitations : The bride created her own. Flowers : Flowers by Milk & Honey Catering : Ladies of First Baptist Church Daytona Beach


made all of the food as a wedding gift. Music : Jonathan Tony, a longtime friend of the Bride,

Something Old: The hat that the bride came home from the

played the acoustic guitar for the wedding music.

hospital in when she was born turned into a handkerchief.

Cake : The skillet apple pie made by the bride’s Nana

Something New: The Bride’s Dress

Honeymoon : Cancun, Mexico at an all-inclusive resort

Something Borrowed: The veil from Maid of Honor, Yaniris Bryant Something Blue: Undergarments

F L O R I D I A N V I E W. C O M | 4 9

Real Weddings MAY 12, 2012

We always try to go on a date night once a week. We also do little things for each other like giving a card and/or gift just because. As silly and cliche as it may sound, we strive to make each other laugh, do things together, and always say ‘I love you.’

Jeremy & Rachel

girls only Rachel & the girls coordinated right down to their matching robes. Talk about commitment!

keep it fresh

saving here, splurging there

Rachel opted out of a

Consultant: Terrie Sanders – Oyster Bay Yacht Club Event Manager

sticky, hot veil. Instead,

Reception: Oyster Bay Yacht Club Fernandina Beach, FL

she chose an elegant

Gown: Mon Cheri Bridals – Treasures Formals & Bridal in Roswell, GA

ivory Magnolia hair clip

Photography: Brooke Images Photography Atlantic Beach, FL


Hair: Jordyn Mooney – Yulee, FL


Make-up: Dominque Dowell – Friend Veil: A lovely flower from Wedding Rings: Harlin Diamonds – Atlanta, GA Formalwear: Men’s Warehouse Invitations: Rachel created herself! Escort cards: Flowers: Island Flower and Garden – Larry Miller, Amelia Island, FL

a taste of tradition

Catering: Oyster Bay Yacht Club – Fernandina Beach, FL

“My favorite part (and that of most of my guests)

Music: Island Sound – Justin Henshaw, St. Simons, GA

was our menu. It included fried chicken, shrimp

Cake: Publix, Fernandina Beach, FL

& grits, meatloaf, baby carrots, green beans, and

Honeymoon: Maui, Hawaii

an assortment of peach-themed desserts. A true Southern meal!” - Rachel

escort cards Rachel found these assorted escort cards for a steal. $8 on shop/morreldecor. Not sure what color or shape? Ask for a sample!

THe Luck of the english Something Old: My earrings Something New: The flower in my hair Something Borrowed: My Grandmother’s engagement ring had been passed down to my mom, who let me wear it for the day. Something Blue: The flower on my garter F L O R I D I A N V I E W. C O M | 5 1 F L O R I D I A N V I E W. C O M | 5 1

Real Weddings

June 3, 2012

Our faith in Jesus Christ and reliance on him and the path he has for our life is what keeps our romance alive. We are reminded daily that love is not a feeling, but an action, not a fleeting emotion, but a daily choice. We both understand that we must find our completion in Him and not in each other. The forgiveness we receive daily from God is what we try our best to portray within our own marriage.

52 | NOVEMBER 2012

Katie & Cameron

box store treasures Ceremony & Reception : Hiles Beach, New Smyrna Beach

Priceless Sentiment Something Old: A diamond heart necklace passed on from generation

Photographer : Mark Dickinson Photography Gown : Anya Bridal Warehouse, Atlanta, GA Hair : Devon Dempsey, The Beauty Bar in New Smyrna Beach, FL Ring : Jewelry by Dana Smyrna, GA

to generation.

Formalwear : JCPenny

Something New: A set of beautiful new

Flowers : Hobby Lobby Silk Flowers

diamond stud earrings Cameron gave to Katie the night before they wed. Something Borrowed: Katie’s veil was

Invitations : Target Catering : Publix Cake : Sugar Crystals Bakery New Smyrna Beach, FL Honeymoon : Carnival Cruise to Nassau, Free Port & Key West

loaned to her by mentor and friend, Nicole McHargue, (wife of the pastor that married them, Kyle McHargue). Something Blue: A blue pearl, ordered from Etsy, that was attached to her bouquet. It was engraved with the couple’s initials and date of the wedding.

F L O R I D I A N V I E W. C O M | 5 3

Real Weddings

September 10, 2011 54 | NOVEMBER 2012

laurel & william

historic luxury Ceremony & Reception : Casa Monica Hotel St. Augustine, FL Photography/Videographer : Kris Graham Photography Gown : Justin Alexander Hair : Melissa Way Make-up : Melissa Way Veil : A Hair Piece from Park Avenue Bridal Ring : Beards Jewelers Formalwear : Men’s Warehouse Invitations : Davids Bridal Flowers : Seahorse Florist Catering : Casa Monica Hotel St. Augustine, FL Music : Skip Kelly and Goliath Flores Cake : Publix Honeymoon : Puerto Vallarta

F L O R I D I A N V I E W. C O M | 5 5

You Said Yes, Now What?

Your Pre-Nuptial Check-List

by Katie Haines Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! Planning a wedding can seem overwhelming, but with a little organization you’ll be well on your way to hosting the perfect day.

9 or More Months Ahead Work out a budget and determine who’s paying for what Start a wedding binder with ideas & inspiration Compile tentative guest list Choose wedding party Book wedding date, venue & reception site Book officiant Book caterer Book photographer/videographer Take engagement photos Consider honeymoon destinations Announce engagement in local newspaper Hire a wedding planner, if desired Throw an engagement party, if desired

6-9 Months Ahead Purchase bridal gown Choose attendants’ attire Book florist Book music for ceremony and reception. Book honeymoon trip Order passports, if necessary Make appointments with the caterers Reserve all rental and electrical equipment Register for gifts Start a wedding website Finalize the guest list and compile addresses Select wedding invitations Order and send out save-the-dates cards, if using Reserve a block of hotel rooms for out-of-town guests Book a room for the wedding night

56 | NOVEMBER 2012 56 | ISSUE 6 | 2012

4-6 Months Ahead Choose and order wedding bands Meet with the officiant Create a wedding day timeline Book the rehearsal dinner and order invitations Arrange wedding day transportation Begin dress fitting sessions Sample and order the cake Schedule hair and makeup appointment and practice session Rent or purchase groom’s attire

2-4 Months Ahead Order or create wedding favors Plan bridesmaids’ luncheon Send guest list and addresses to shower hosts Finalize the details with vendors (menu, flowers, etc.) Write vows Choose readings and ceremony music Print programs, menus, place cards, etc Buy gifts for wedding party Purchase wedding day accessories (shoes, undergarments, jewelry etc.)

6-8 Weeks Ahead

Obtain marriage license Send change-of-address to post office Prepare documents for name change, if necessary Get final fitting for wedding dress Mail any final payments to vendors Pick up wedding rings Confirm times with all vendors Write any outstanding thank you notes

1 Week Ahead Pick up and steam dress Pick up groom’s attire Break in wedding shoes Assign small day-of tasks to friends and family Assemble welcome baskets and arrange for delivery to hotel Wrap gifts for wedding party Pack for honeymoon Get hair cut/colored Print out list of all vendor numbers in case of emergency Reconfirm timeline with all vendors and wedding party Send final guest list to the caterer Arrange for someone to return all rentals Arrange for gifts to be moved from reception site

1 Day Ahead Get manicure/pedicure Take decorations/favors over to the ceremony and reception site, if possible Hold ceremony rehearsal and rehearsal dinner Give marriage license to officiant Get a good night’s sleep

Mail wedding invitations Meet with photographer Review the playlist (and “do not play” list) and order of events with band or DJ Submit wedding announcement to local newspaper Purchase guest book Finalize the wedding day timeline

2-6 Weeks Ahead Mail rehearsal dinner invitations Count all RSVPs Follow up with people who did not RSVP Assign table seating Notify caterer of final head count

Wedding Day Y Follow your timeline Y Relax and enjoy the day

F L O R I D I A N V I E W. C O M | 5 7

music guidelines

Will Yours Be THAT Wedding . . .

or THE Wedding by Michael Raulerson and Leighton Chantel

If your reading this issue, you are already well on your way to having THE wedding of the season. But what’s really going to make or break it for you? The reception music and entertainment, plain and simple. Follow this guide for sweet music.

Call Me…Maybe The hardest step is always the first; Live Band or DJ? First let’s debunk the myth that live bands are for old-fashioned, formal events and DJs are for younger partygoers. Maybe you are thinking that DJs only do current popular music, but a live band can do that too. Either way, do your homework, host interviews and check reviews before making a decision. Preview a DJ or band at a live event, or check online to see if there is a recording of their work posted. On average, live music is going to be more expensive than a DJ. But it can really make the party THE party, if you choose wisely. Music can change the mood in an instant and set the tone for the whole night. Remember, this is your party and you are the main event, not the entertainer. So establish boundaries on what you do and don’t want.

Show Me What You’re Working With You only get one shot at making a good first impression, so put your best foot forward. 1. If you’re having photos taken between the ceremony and reception, a cocktail hour with great drinks and eclectic music will show off your personality and amuse guests while they wait. Make a custom playlist of songs representing the different stages in your lives. Your guests will not only appreciate your effort, but it will also put them in a celebratory mood. 2. The reception entrance song is everything. How you enter will set the level of formality for the evening. Make it personal. Make it fun. Make it you. Almost anything goes these days. We’ve listed some great ones below.

58 | NOVEMBER 2012

3. Keep the cheese factor low by shortening the father/ daughter, mother/son dances. If the songs are over three minutes long, have it cut in half for a solo dance, or have your guests join you halfway through the entire song. 4. Plan in advance who will be giving toasts, when and for how long. They can be a wonderful, affectionate tribute for a new couple, but even the most patient human can only pay attention for so long. Remember, your videographer should be circulating and collecting individual congratulations from your guests that you can watch later.

Bring’Em Out Here’s our list of the Top 10 Best Entrance Songs for your reception. We promise there’s one here that will make you look and feel as good as your wedding dress does. 1. “Best of My Love” by The Emotions 2. “Boom Boom” by John Lee Hooker 3. “First Night Of My Life” by Lucas Prata 4. “Good Feeling” by Flo Rida 5. “I Gotta Feeling” by The Black Eyed Peas

You like it hot, they like it cold Here are a few tips to get it just right: 1. Ditch the “everyone gather ‘round for the cutting of the cake” event. Yes, cut the cake. But have the entertainer make a quick announcement so those that want to take pictures can, but those who aren’t interested can keep the dance floor warm.

6. “More Bounce To The Ounce” by Zapp & Roger 7. “Say Hey” by Michael Franti Spearhead 8. “Shining Star” by Earth, Wind & Fire 9. “Tonight Is The Night” by Outasight 10. “We Found Love” by Rihanna

3. Keep the activities in one room. Why? So people will congregate and give your reception a “club feel.” Be sure to spend time on the dance floor, too. Seeing the main attraction onstage will encourage your friends and family to join in with you.

2. Have a bar close to the dance floor. If you want people to party, don’t make them go on the hunt for a refill. That’s just NCAA (not cool at all)!

4. Work out any musical differences within the bridal party (mothers-in-law included) prior to the Big Day. This is especially important in multicultural weddings. Explain what types of music will be played and to what extent. Be clear with your DJ or MC about what kind of “special requests” should be honored.

Up to you…

Wild Ones

Check Yes or No

Keep it classy, Florida.

1. Line Dances. Totally a personal choice, just be clear with your entertainment about what you want.

1. If you’ve got drinkers coming, you will need two bars. Lines suck.

2. Bouquet and garter toss. These traditions are fading out as more and more brides are preserving the items as keepsakes. Plus, there’s nothing more awkward than watching the 40-year-old man who caught the garter put it up the leg of the 13-year-old girl who caught the bouquet…just saying.

2. If you plan to party ‘til the sun comes up, bring out the late-night snacks. You don’t want people leaving early because they’ve run out of steam.

3. Introducing the entire bridal party. Rather than calling each person’s name out like they won an award or just graduated, consider bringing the group out as part of your entrance. 4. Disposable cameras. Even though most of us have smart phones with decent cameras, it’s still pretty cool to see how these develop - especially as the night goes on. Have them brought out later, when your guests are really starting to break it down on the dance floor. Your professional photographer can’t be everywhere at once, and your friends and family will make sure you get tons of candid shots. Priceless.

3. If your venue comes with noise or time restrictions, plan an after party close by and invite everyone. 4. Vendors are people, too! Remember to offer your photographer and entertainment the same food and drink as you offer your guests as a sign of respect and gratitude for their service.

F L O R I D I A N V I E W. C O M | 5 9



ORMOND BEACH 450 S.YONGE STREET U.S. 1 386.672.4751 60 | NOVEMBER 2012



ask the experts

Ask The Expert : Emily Macri Wedding Coordinator at White Blossom Weddings As a professional wedding coordinator, I have the privilege of really getting to know couples while we plan and design their dream weddings. This transition from engagement to marriage can feel overwhelming! Calm down, breathe deeply, and make your decisions one at a time. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers to help navigate the planning process.

Q “I would like to give nice wedding favors at my reception, but can’t seem to find anything that is unique and really shows our style as a couple. Do you have any ideas?”

A Wedding favors are a perfect way to infuse your personality into your celebration! Do you have a favorite love story? Pen a personalized note on the inside cover, wrap the book in burlap, and adorn it with a custom library card. Do you have a passion for cooking together? Print your favorite recipe to hang from a bottle of wine or spice jar. Whatever favor you choose, don’t miss out on the opportunity to express yourself and truly reflect your style.

Q “Family means the world to me and I would like to incorporate a sense of tradition into our wedding day. What are some contemporary ways to bring family heirlooms into my big day?”

A Even if wearing Grandma’s wedding dress doesn’t appeal to your fashion sense, there are still ways to symbolically carry generations of your family down the aisle. Have your florist use an heirloom handkerchief or lace veil to wrap your bridal bouquet and embellish with a brooch or rosary beads. Use your parents’ toasting flutes or dance to your

grandparents’ favorite love song. Have your caterer prepare a cherished family recipe, or have your officiant include a traditional reading or passage in the ceremony. Don’t forget to let your photographer know about all your sentimental details so each memory can be captured for future generations to treasure.

Q “When it comes to the music on my wedding day, how much direction should I give our band/DJ? I don’t want to come across as controlling, but I have a vision in mind for the soundtrack of our ceremony and reception.” A The professionals you choose to execute your wedding vision are good at what they do, but they are not mind readers. Chances are, your band or DJ wants significant input from you to ensure your wedding is exactly

how you envision it. Be sure to make a list of songs you must hear for your special dances, as well as a list of any songs or genres you definitely do not want included during your reception. Are your guests able to make requests? Do you want the standard polka number for Uncle Albert? Is there a special song from your college sorority you’d love to hear? Don’t be afraid to speak up! The average reception is only three hours long, so every song counts!

Q “Coming up with the style and design for my reception is overwhelming! I definitely want a sense of continuity and coordination, but I also want my own personal style to come through.  Where do I start!?”

A Instead of trying to come up with a wedding theme, find one or two elements you adore and build from there. I have coordinated weddings that were entirely designed around a pair of Louboutin heels or accent pillows for the lounge furniture. Take the decisions one at a time, and keep in mind that not every detail needs to match perfectly. Don’t be hesitant to use playful textures or vibrant colors to express your style. When your guests enter your ceremony and reception, your signature trademarks should shine through. F L O R I D I A N V I E W. C O M | 6 1


ask the experts

Emily Macri Q&A Wedding Coordinator at White Blossom Weddings Q “What style of lighting will look the best in my wedding venue?”

A Lighting is an essential tool in creating an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere. Depending on the size of your venue, there are many options available to set the desired mood for your event. In a ballroom setting, standard uplights pointing up from the floor will give a flourish of ambiance without looking overdone. In a billowy fabric tent, however, you may opt for a color wash treatment to more fully saturate the room with warmth. Pinlighting is a great technique where spotlights are installed overhead to highlight priority areas such as your table centerpieces or cake. A go-between light, or “GOBO.” can display your monogram or other custom design onto the wall or dance floor. Let there be light! Q “I can’t decide if I want my guests to have an assigned seat at the reception, or if I should have an open seating plan so my guests can choose their own seat. What should I do?” A When in doubt, plan it out. Although intimate gatherings could easily utilize open seating, it is not my recommendation for larger weddings. It is easy to assume that your guests would prefer to choose their own seat, but I have found the opposite to be true. Your guests need direction to avoid confusion about where family members or the bridal party will sit. Assigned seating will also allow you to rest assured that each invited guest will indeed have a place to sit for dinner. If you don’t want to assign seats, you need to at least assign table numbers so your guests can quickly and confidently navigate your reception. 62 | NOVEMBER 2012




Ask about our revolutionary SLIM Procedure™

CALL TODAY! Sergio M. Zamora, MD, FACS Aesthetic & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Diplomate American Board of Plastic Surgery 1890 LPGA Blvd., Suite 150, Daytona Beach, FL

(386) 274-5557

NOV 2012

Venue Trends // Reception // honeymoon //

Wedding Travel Destinations by Emily Macri, White Blossom Weddings

Florida travel can be synonymous with theme parks and family-style fun, but it’s time to discover what other hidden treasures are in your own backyard! Whether planning a bachelor weekend with the gentlemen, a relaxing retreat with the ladies, or a lavish honeymoon, you don’t need to go through airport security to find your little slice of heaven. We’ve rounded up these Floridian getaways, off the beaten path and definitely swoon-worthy vacation destinations!

F L O R I D I A N V I E W. C O M | 6 3

top reception venues

Reception Travel

Destinations One Ocean Resort and Spa

One Ocean Resort and Spa is the ideal backdrop to make your wedding vision come true, located on one of the most beautiful beachs on the East Coast. Your wedding day event is custom-designed to reflect your person style, from beachside ceremonies and casual receptions on the veranda, to exquisite weddings in the grand ballroom. 1 O c e a n B o u le v a rd At la n t ic B e a c h , F L 3 2 2 3 3 p h ( 9 0 4 ) 2 4 9 - 7 4 0 2 | w w w. o n e o c e a n re s o r t . c o m

The Peabody Resort & Spa

Discover new wedding possibilities at The Peabody Orlando. Whether you’ve envisioned every last detail or need a little inspiration, their on-site wedding coordinator will orchestrate an event, from an intimate poolside gathering to a grand ballroom affair, that is uniquely you. They have packages to accommodate any wedding style. 9801 Int er nat ional Dr ive O rl a n do, F L 328 19 | ph (4 07 ) 3 52-4000 w w w. p eabo dyo rlando.c om

Atlantic Center

of the Arts

If you are looking for a truly unique wedding backdrop, the Atlantic Center of the Arts in New Smyrna Beach, FL has extraordinary settings and stunning architecture, with interesting spaces to create the most magical experience for you and your guests. Its the perfect place to host your special day. 1414 Art Center Ave New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168 p h ( 38 6) 42 7- 69 75 | w w w. a c a 35. org

64 | NOVEMBER 2012

F L O R I D I A N V I E W. C O M | 6 5

top honeymoon locations

Honeymoon Travel

Destinations by Emily Macri and Britni Patterson, White Blossom Weddings

Little Palm Island Resort & Spa

The Florida Keys are home to this blissful piece of paradise. From the time you park your car and board the ferry to this private island retreat, you will receive impeccable service. The thirty suites on property are each nestled in a private thatched-roof bungalow with breathtaking ocean views. Amenities include the award-winning SpaTerre, where you can indulge in a massage, body treatments and fitness classes. Spend an afternoon in the quaint library or stylish boutique on property, or find adventure in chartered fishing excursions, snorkeling or scuba diving. You definitely won’t go hungry on this island-- Zagat lauded the award-winning Dining Room at Little Palm Island as “extraordinary to perfection” in every category: food, décor and service. You will definitely feel like you’ve received the royal treatment as you enjoy the exclusive service that has been enjoyed by highprofile travelers, celebrities, and presidents. Little Palm Island’s private beaches, outdoor showers and hot tubs, pool-side cocktails and dazzling sunsets will certainly allow you to unwind. To enhance your relaxation, the resort is for adults only and features a no-cell-phone policy in public areas so you may truly breathe deeply and enjoy your surroundings. This private island paradise is a breath of fresh air! 28500 Overseas Highway Little Torch Key, FL 33042 ph (305) 515-4004 |

The Breakers

In the heart of Palm Beach, you’ll find this 140acre oceanfront oasis. The stunning ItalianRenaissance design and sprawling grounds will have you breathless before you ever reach the valet stand! The Breakers is a perfect balance of history and innovation. While listed on the National Register of Historic Places, The Breakers also meets the highest standards for contemporary luxury, earning AAA’s 5-Diamond award. The amenities on property are simply unrivaled: Two 18-hole 66 | NOVEMBER 2012

It’s more than a destination. It’s love at first sight.

Relâche Spa

Gaylord Palms Resort

Sunset Sam’s - a Key West Grill

Rediscover the most important person in your life at Florida’s most engaging resort! Stunning indoor gardens celebrate the charm and natural beauty of the Sunshine State, while our brand-new resort pool and sports bar invite you to relax and unwind. We offer world-class service, amenities and dining, along with VIP access to Orlando’s many popular attractions. The only thing missing is you!

Book your getaway today!

or call (407) 586-6789 Other LOcatiOns Gaylord National National Harbor, MD (Washington, D.C. area) ®

GP-1111-12 ND Couple - FL View MAG 8.375x10.875.indd 1

Gaylord Opryland® Nashville, TN (Music City)

Gaylord Texan® Grapevine, TX (Dallas / Ft. Worth area)

7/6/12 11:19 AM

top honeymoon locations

championship golf courses, a 20,000 square foot oceanfront spa with ocean view fitness center, five swimming pools, luxury beach bungalows, Mediterranean-style beach club overlooking a private beach, 10 lighted tennis courts, and a wide selection of water sports. Hungry? The Breakers is home to nine restaurants with endless global selections and first-class room service options. Palm Beach is the Mecca of Florida shopping, and The Breakers reflects this tradition with its on-site designer boutiques. There are 540 guest rooms, but to truly feel like a celebrity, stay in the Imperial Designer Suite, which was designed by Badgely Mischka! You’ll receive a personal concierge, stunning ocean views, spa admission and 1,700 square feet of heaven. A getaway at The Breakers will be luxurious, entertaining—and never long enough! One South County Road Palm Beach, FL 33480 ph (888) 273-2537 |

Acqualina Resort & Spa on the Beach

Next up is another AAA 5-Diamond resort nestled between Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Acqualina Resort & Spa is the perfect marriage of great location and world-class service. When lounging in a cabana on one of the three relaxing pool decks here, you could easily forget that just miles away is the exhilarating nightlife of South Beach. Enjoy the best of both worlds as you soak up the sun in the lap of luxury and take in local entertainment at exclusive nightclubs, restaurants and shops along world-famous Lincoln Road. Stay in a specialty suite at Acqualina and enjoy being pampered with endless upgrades, floor to ceiling ocean views, and a private terrace overlooking the Atlantic. Love is in the details here, with flawless service at every turn. The five-star treatment begins at check-in and continues with a pool concierge, who will bring chilled towels, iced grapes and fruits, and delicious smoothies to guests every hour on the pool decks. Acqualina’s ESPA Spa is an award-winning 20,000 square foot sanctuary that overlooks the ocean. Drop in for a yoga class, indulge in an extensive menu of spa treatments, or take a dip in the private ESPA pool to fully appreciate all that Acqualina has to offer! The pulse of ultra-chic Miami and the rhythm of waves crashing on white sandy beaches are sure to get you moving. 17875 Collins Ave, Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160 ph (305) 918-8000 | 68 | NOVEMBER 2012

NOV 2012

Table Trends // cakes // catering // cocktails //

F L O R I D I A N V I E W. C O M | 6 9

table trends


Cake Trends Monochromatic cakes are rising in ovens of pastry chefs across Florida.

Ombre Cakes Ombre is trending everywhere especially in the cake world. Taken from the french word for “shading,” ombre is when the colors graduate into each other. The monochromatic look adds an element of your character to your wedding cake without having to bring in crazy patterns or lots of colors. Another cool trend about ombre cakes is that as the color changes on the outside it also does on the inside, giving your guests a little colorful surprise when they bite into it.

Ruffle Cakes Ruffle wedding cakes are an-up-and -coming trend. They’re light and gorgeous, giving an elegantly whimsical feel to your reception. These paper thin ruffles add some serious romance to any cake and can be appropriate for any wedding theme. Brides can mix and match ruffle layers or have solid layers if they want to have a cleaner look but still want to keep some texture. You can have ruffles alone, ruffles with accent flowers or ruffles as accents. These delicate confections are sure to be pleasing to the eyes of your guests, as well as their taste buds. These beautiful ruffled ombre design’s were created by Hollis Wilder, the two-time winner of Food Networks Cupcake Wars. She can be found Cake decoration by Sweet By Holly 70 | NOVEMBER 2012

table trends


at either her Orlando location of Sweet by Holly or her newest location in Jacksonville, serving delicious treats or hosting a decoration party. Sweet by Holly made USA Today’ Top 10 Greatest Places to Bite into a Gourmet Cupcake list.

Cupcakes Cupcakes never stop trending. Everyone loves a bite size treat to enjoy as their own personal sweet snack. Cupcakes can be pushed close together to resemble a more traditional wedding cake. You can bring a whole new elegance to cupcakes by stacking them on an antique glass cake platter or mixing and matching mini and classic cupcakes. These elegantly romantic cupcake treats are created by Sherri Meyers, owner and Executive Pastry Chef of The Pastry Studio. The Pastry Studio is located in the heart of Daytona Beach. Sherri and her team can create any vision you may have for your wedding, from stunning wedding cakes, to delicious desserts and candy bars. Sherri and her edible works of art have also been featured on the Food Network and MTV, and she was also a guest pastry chef on HGTV series All in Good Taste. Cake decoration by The Pastry Studio F L O R I D I A N V I E W. C O M | 7 1



1. Crispy Fried Green

Tiny Bites of Comfort

Tomato and Creamy

Comfort bites are the big trend this season, taking traditional southern food and making it into delicious bite-size treats.

& Chorizo Grit Cake

Goats Cheese Napoleon Roast Red Pepper Cream. 2. White Cheddar Topped with a Lightly Blackened Shrimp. 3. Fried Chicken Bites

Morsels of Comfort

with White Truffle Gravy.

Appetizers, hors d’oeurvres, tapas, whatever you like to call them, these starters are essential to keeping your guests at bay while your caterer plates the main course. This holiday season, brides are craving tiny morsels of flavor inspired by America’s favorite comfort foods. Florida’s chefs prepare unique renditions of southern favorites including: mac-n-cheese, chicken nuggets and fried green tomatos. Above: Catering by The Perfect Pear in Jacksonville

Mini Plates

Small plates give an opportunity for your quests to mingle and taste. The dining experience turns into a social event instead of guests chowing down. The many small plates also ensure there is something for everyone on your guest list. 4. Seared Scallop & Fresh Corn Relish with diced tomato, jalapeno, avocado, lime, radish sticks and cilantro, drizzled with cilantro oil and a jalapeño chip garnish. 5. Pork Tenderloin Wellington stuffed with mushroom duxelle, wrapped in a puff pastry and served with Madeira wine sauce Brussel Sprouts braised with bacon jam Butternut Squash Risotto. 6. Potato & Herb Crusted Mahi Mahi with bacon and chive beurre blanc. Potato Gratin with walnut, sage and gruyere. Honey & Ginger Glazed Carrots with tops. 72 | NOVEMBER 2012

Above: Catering by Puff ’n Stuff in Orlando

F L O R I D I A N V I E W. C O M | 7 3



The Science of

Signature Cocktails What’s Your Flavor? by Amanda Shuback

So much goes into finding Mr. Right, you would think that selecting the most outstanding food and beverage for the big day would be the easiest part. Truth be told, finding the perfect signature cocktail for you and your man can prove to be more complex than finding Mr. Right himself. Now you’re wondering, well what exactly goes into concocting our very own signature cocktail? Start out by assessing when your wedding will happen. Will you be a winter bride or a summer bride? Then you want to make sure that the color of your signature cocktail matches the color palette you have already established for your wedding. After you get through those questions comes the fun part, deciding which flavors best suit you and your hubbyto-be. Is it a fruity concoction that best exemplifies your relationship, or is it something with more bite? Once you have your drink down to a science, find a garnish that just adds that final touch to your masterpiece—a piece of fruit, a little umbrella for the more festive cocktail or even a sprig of mint. The final component to your perfect signature cocktail is finding a glass that fits both your styles, the wedding theme and, of course, the cocktail itself. Now that you know all the details, what would your signature cocktail be?

74 | NOVEMBER 2012

Sparkling, minty, salty, tangy, sweet, bitter, spicy, which of these adjectives describes your relationship?

F L O R I D I A N V I E W. C O M | 7 5

special advertising section

east central florida dining /////////////

the dining guide

key pricing $ under 10 $$ from 10 to15 $$$ from 15 to 25 $$$$ more than 25

meals b breakfast br b r u n c h l lunch d dinner new listing W wine list N nightlife R reservation accepted


$$ | $$$ | L,D | W | N | The Tavern

$$ | D | W | Anna’s Italian Cuisine

variety of entertainment, The Tavern is the place to be. The food attracts a lot of

An authentic Italian restaurant. Fresh Bread and pasta is made daily. From

local and European customers that can appreciate imported beer and a home

chicken picata to spinach cannelloni this family style restaurant offers fresh

-cooked meal. Come play darts, beer pong, poker and flip cup. 530 Seabreeze

ingredients, great service and amazing tiramisu. 304 Seabreeze Blvd. Daytona

Blvd. Daytona Beach 32118 | (386) 255-9900

With a warm pub atmosphere, great food, imported and domestic beers and a

Beach 32118 | (386) 239-9624 $ | $$ | L,D | Brickyard For almost two decades Brickyard Lounge has had a reputation with Daytona Beach residents for its warm atmosphere and excellent food. Best burger in town! Don’t be afraid to make a special request. 747 W International Speedway Daytona Beach 32114 | (386) 253-2270 $ | B,L,D | The Clubhouse Restaurant With daily specials, great-tasting food and convenient hours, you can enjoy a hearty meal here every day. Best known as Daytona Beach Banquet Headquarters, The Clubhouse has an amazing off-site catering division. Book

$ | $$ | L,D | Pho Saigon Vietnamese food from the freshest, finest ingredients. Serving choice meats and seafood, fresh rice and vegetables, and spring rolls, made fresh daily for a truly authentic experience. 312 S Peninsula Dr. Daytona Beach 32118 | (386) 257-4650 $$ | L,D | Sarge’s Beach Bar & Grill Featuring great burgers (Sarge’s Buffalo Burger), wings and shrimp, fresh from the ocean that you see from your bar stool. Best view from International Speedway Blvd. Great servers always smiling and happy to please you. 831 International Speedway Blvd. Daytona Beach 32118 | (386) 947-0999

your office party today! 600 Wilder Blvd Daytona Beach 32114 | (386) 257-0727 $$$$ | D | W | R | The Cellar Restaurant Housed inside of President Warren G. Harding’s family winter home in historic


Daytona Beach, this is the perfect place for a special occasion dinner. Operated by CIA graduate chef owner Sam Moggio and his wife Lina, The Cellar also offers a wine list and fine Italian dining for folks looking for a romantic night out on the town. 220 Magnolia Ave. Daytona Beach 32114 | (386) 258-0011 $ | $$ | L, D | Cruisin Café If you are a racing fan, this is the place for you! Dine in authentic race cars, cheer

$$$ | B,L,D | N | W | R | Azure Chef-driven, ocean-inspired cuisine artfully infused with regional flavors and a pinch of fun. The dinner menu features entrees and prix fixe menus with wine pairings. Beachfront dining is available overlooking the resort’s pools and the Atlantic Ocean. 2637 S Atlantic Ave. Daytona Beach Shores 32118 | (386) 767-7350

on your favorite drivers on their multiple screens, visit the Dale Earnhardt Sr.

$ | $$ | B,L,D | Bruno’s Pizza

tribute room and have one of the best burgers in Daytona Beach. 2 S Atlantic

If you are looking for great pizza, calzones or subs this is the great place to go!

Ave. Daytona Beach 32118 | (386) 253-5522

Dine in, take out or delivery (within five miles). Try the Margherita pizza, it doesn’t disappoint. 3218 S Atlantic Ave. Daytona Beach Shores 32118 | (386) 492-7845

$ | $$ | B, L | Dancing Avocado Kitchen

$ | $$ | B,L,D | Crabby Joes’ Deck & Grill

Featuring yummy vegetarian food, carnivores and vegetarians (and vegans) can

Located at the area’s famous Sunglow Pier, Crabby Joes is a favorite in the

dine side-by-side. Great wraps, salads, burritos and tons of healthy stuff - all

community. Serving fresh seafood, tropical drinks and breakfast, with food as good

made in house. Try the smoothies, and definitely leave room for dessert. 110 S

as the view. 3701 S Atlantic Ave. Daytona Beach Shores 32118 | (386) 788-3364

Beach St. Daytona Beach 32114 | (386) 947 2022

$ | $$ | B,L | The Cracked Egg Diner

$$ | L,D | Earl Street Grill

Locals and visitors have long appreciated this little restaurant that specializes in delicious

A great little place with great comfort food and a famous burger. It’s the perfect place to

breakfast, soups and hot or cold sandwiches. The pleasant, clean and sunlit diner is the

go before an event at the Ocean Center or the Peabody. Hidden in plain sight next to

ideal place to stop by for a quick bite. Don’t leave without trying their apple fritters. 3280

the Daytona Lagoon water park. 715 Earl St. Daytona Beach 32119 | (386) 239-8781

S Atlantic Ave. Daytona Beach Shores 32118 | (386) 788-7332

76 | NOVEMBER 2012

special advertising section

the guide $ | $$ | D | W | R | Porto Fino Restaurant Fine dining restaurant offering a full menu of genuine, old style Italian cuisine. Pastas, pizzas, veal, and many seafood dishes to choose from. Open nightly for dinner, takeout is available. Call for reservations. 3124 S Atlantic Ave. Daytona Beach Shores 32118 | (386) 767-9484 $$$ | $$$$ | D | W | R | Top of Daytona Situated on the 29th floor of the area’s tallest building, with a 360­­—degree view of Daytona Beach Shores and the Atlantic, the only thing better than the view is the food and wine list. Perfect for special occasions or everyday dining. 2625 S Atlantic Ave. Daytona Beach Shores 32118 | (386) 767-5791

DELAND $ | $$ | L,D | Angelina’s Pizza and Eatery Providing food with wholesome ingredients that nourish the body and simply taste better. Their menu is 100% trans fat free. Try the Sicilian Rice Balls and wonderful lasagna like mom used to make. 2687 S Woodland Blvd, DeLand 32720 | (386) 736-6999 $ | $$ | L,D | Bill & Frank’s Brick House Grill Located







DeLand, this is casual dining at its best with quality seafood,
















32720 | (386) 785-1237 $ | $$ | L,D | Cook’s Buffet Cafe Bakery Extensive expertly prepared buffet, large salad bar, fresh veggies and soup with wonderful dessert selections and more. Come experience this DeLand family tradition. 704 N Woodland Blvd. DeLand 32720 | (386) 734-4339 $$ | $$$ | L,D | N | W | Cress A critically—acclaimed, globally inspired, and locally sourced restaurant located in Historic Downtown. Visit Cress for an intriguing atmosphere with superb and interesting food and tastefully professional service. 103 W Indiana Ave. DeLand 32720 | (386) 734-3740 $$ | $$$ | D’Vine Gourmet Wines A unique bar with an eclectic atmosphere that encourages self-expression and networking of its sophisticated patrons. Join us in the art of wine tasting, and help us to encourage a thriving community of wine connoisseurs. 1431 Orange Camp Road Suite 112, DeLand 32724 | (386) 344-2863 $$ | $$$ | L,D | DeLand Stockyard Restaurant A true steak house established in 1921. Come in and get a great steak or burger while you relax by the fireplace in a rustic atmosphere. Best quality meats in DeLand. Great food and a cozy environment. 1915 Old New York Ave. DeLand 32720 | (386) 734-0210

F L O R I D I A N V I E W. C O M | 7 7

the guide

special advertising section

$ | $$ | L,D | DeLand Fish House Restaurant

$ | L,D | The Grotto With 60 beers on tap, 20

$ | $$ | B,L,D | Mainstreet Grill Casual American

A fish market serving fresh seafood from local waters.

different wines and a huge selection of bottled

dining in a historic setting. Sixteen years of award-

Generous portions, cold beer, and weekly specials.

beer, The Grotto is one of the most dynamic bars in

winning consistency. Premium steaks, seafood,

All you can eat shrimp on Tuesday/Thursday. 310 E

DeLand. Play on their professional Brunswick tables,

unique pastas, sandwiches and huge salads with

International Speedway Blvd. DeLand 32724 | (386)

karaoke, poker and live music on the weekends. 208

signature cinnamon rolls. 100 E New York Ave.


N. Woodland Blvd DeLand 32720 | (386) 747-6094

DeLand 32724 | (386) 740-9535

$ | B,L,D | Dick & Jane’s Cafe

$ | B,L,D | Hamptons’ Drive-In

Fresh baked goods, bistro sandwiches, freshly made

$ | $$ | L,D | W | Mirino’s Pizza and Deli

Chicken is their specialty. Serving up famous fried

salads and gourmet flatbreads in a quaint location,

A great little pizzeria and deli. Makes fresh-baked

chicken and wings, with great sides available in

with a fabulous gift shop featuring local artwork.

bread for all of their subs, fresh-made sauce, pizza,

family packs. Come experience the family legacy

Organic coffee drinks. 146 N Woodland Blvd. DeLand

meatballs, manicotti and canolli. Closed on Sunday

of great fresh fried chicken. 250 E. International

32720 | (386) 822-9280

and Monday. Cash only. 253 N Spring Garden Ave.

Speedway, DeLand 32724 | (386) 734-3860

DeLand 32720 | (386) 734-9724

$ | B,L,D | Emma’s All American Restaurant

$$ | $$$ | L,D | Karling’s Inn

Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a

$$ | L,D | W | Santorini Restaurant

Reminiscent of a mountaintop chalet, the Inn has

week. Delicious breakfast specialties, sandwiches,

Signature dishes like gyros, moussaka, macaronada

a reputation for excellent food and ambiance. The

burgers and subs. Hungry for dinner? Try the

and Shrimp Santorini. Join us for authentic and

cuisine is mainly Continental; but Master Chef

chicken-fried steak or meatloaf. Great kids menu

delicious Greek cuisine in the heart of DeLand. 210 N

Jimmy specializes in several German dishes, which


Woodland Blvd. DeLand 32127 | (386) 736-7726

reflect their cultural background. Serving brunch on

4850 N. US 17 Hwy. DeLeon Springs

32130 | (386) 985-4860

Sundays. 4640 US 17 Hwy. DeLeon Springs 32130

$ | B,L,D | Gram’s Kitchen

| (386) 985-5535

Best breakfast in West Volusia for over a decade.

$ | $$ | L,D | La Dolce Vita Ristorante

Known for its gourmet omelets, pancakes & waffles,

A full service family establishment serving Italian and

home-style lunch and dinner options feature their

Sicilian cuisine. Relax in comfortable dining rooms;

famous Biker Special 8oz New York Strip. 844 E

and browse the extensive menu selections of fresh

New York Ave. DeLand 32724 | (386) 736-9340

veal, chicken, seafood and more. 1498 S. Woodland Blvd. DeLand 32730 | (386) 736-3155

78 | NOVEMBER 2012

$ | $$ | L,D | Tom’s Pizza Serving a great collection of pizzas and specialties made with the freshest ingredients. Not just pizzacheck out their Jamaican jerk chicken salad and signature subs. 140 E Rich Ave. DeLand, 32724 | (386) 738-2511

the guide

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$ | $$ | L,D | W | Tomasita’s Cuban Bistro Offering authentic Cuban food and Cuban fusion, as well as Spanish cuisine inspired by the Canary Islands. Daily specials, ambiance, great service and family traditions. 803 W New York Ave. DeLand 32720 | (386) 734-3007 $ | $$ | L,D | Los Dos Compadres For authentic Mexican and Latin American specialities, visit Dos Compadres. Family owned and operated, food is fresh and made-to-order every time. 549 E International Speedway Blvd. DeLand 32724 (386) 873-4541

DEBARY $$ | L,D | Swamp House Riverfront Grill Perched over the historic St. Johns River. This is a great place to bring family and friends to eat fresh seafood and Louisiana specialties. Live entertainment, great menu and waterfront ambiance. 488 W Highbanks Rd. DeBary, 32713 | (386) 668-8891 $$ | L,D | W | R | Vienna’s Restaurant & Cafe Entrenched in the history and tradition of the world -renowned Austrian restaurant & coffeehouse culture. Sit back, relax and enjoy what our kitchen and cellar have to offer. Delicacies from the daily menu, focusing on traditional German cuisine. Live entertainment. 275 US Highway 1792 DeBary, 32713 | (386) 668-0620

FLAGLER $$ | $$$ L,D | W | Blue at the Topaz Relax at this upscale beachside restaurant. The chicken Cordon Bleu is a must-have. Grab a drink and enjoy the view. 1224 South Oceanshore Blvd. Flagler Beach, 32136 | (386) 439-4322 $$ | L,D | Giuseppe’s NY Pizza and Italian Restaurant Family owned and specializing in gourmet pizza and Italian cuisine. This is an area favorite for delicious, freshly authentic food. 301 Moody Blvd. Flagler Beach, 32136 | (386) 439-5404 $$ L,D | Golden Lion Cafe Enjoy a bird’s-eye view of Flagler Beach from the upper deck of this local treasure. With a full bar, warm and crispy fried shrimp, and their famous fish and chips, you can’t go wrong. 500 N. Scenic Highway A1A Flagler Beach, 32136 | (386) 439-3004 $$ | L,D | Fisherman’s Net A local hot spot. The best crab dip appetizer around. Leave room for an abundant platter of broiled seafood that is sure to satisfy. 500 S Oceanshore, Flagler Beach, 32136 | (386) 439-1818 $$ | $$$ | L,D | W | Flagler Fish Company Bringing you only the freshest and finest fish and seafood available. Choose from fish, Po Boys, Cuban sandwiches, lobster and gourmet sides. The casual atmosphere and friendly staff will keep you coming back.180 S Daytona Ave. Flagler Beach, 32136 | (386) 439-0000 F L O R I D I A N V I E W. C O M | 7 9

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the guide $ | L, D | Johnny D’s Beach Bar and Grill Check out this great beach bar and grill. The drinks are always cold, and the pet-friendly ocean-view deck is waiting. Drink specials from our full liquor bar, appetizers and much more. 1005 N Oceanshore Blvd, Flagler Beach, 32136 | (386) 693-4814 $ | L, D | Southside Hickory House Family run ocean-front BBQ with an oldfashioned hickory smoker. Great food at the best prices in a friendly atmosphere. Sumptuous beef brisket, pulled pork and whole chicken. 2444 S. Oceanshore Blvd. Flagler Beach, 32136 | (386) 693-4818 $$ | L, D | Turtle Shack Cafe Under $15 for lunch and $20 for dinner featuring a collection of over 50 beers, ¾ lb gourmet burgers and much more. Try the grouper and scallops, both house specialties. 2123 Florida A1A Flagler Beach, 32136 | (386) 693-4851

Lake Mary $ | $$ | W, L, D | Positano’s Italian Ristorante Authentic Italian food. The flavors of Positano, Italy. Delicious food, amazing sauces and generations-old dishes. 3837 Lake Emma Rd. Lake Mary, 32746 | (407) 833-9377 $$ | W, L, D | Tutto Bene Great Italian pasta. Old fashioned recipes await at this cozy Italian favorite. Save room for the great desserts. 601 Weldon Blvd. Suite 117 Lake Mary, 32746 | (407) 323-9666

maitland $$ | L, D | Francesco’s Ristorante In the authentic italian tradition. Simple, whole ingredients and combine them by hand with hear. The time-honored method of open-flame cooking lends unique flavor to the food. We utilize the intense heat of our wood burning ovens to lend unique flavor to our food. 400 S. Orlando Ave. Maitland, 32751 | (407) 960-5533 $$|$$$ | W, L, D | So Napa Grille More than a restaurant, So Napa is about a lifestyle. Deliciously simple California-inspired fare paired with the finest wines and great ambiance. 640 S Orlando Ave. Maitland, 32751 | (407) 637-2933

80 | NOVEMBER 2012

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F L O R I D I A N V I E W. C O M | 8 1

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the guide NEW SMYRNA BEACH $$ | L, D | W | That’s Amore A small piece of Italy right in the heart of New Smyrna Beach! Enjoy fresh Italian cuisine, with an atmosphere that will leave you feeling as though you’ve just been to Napoli. 103 S Pine Street New Smyrna Beach, 32169 | (386) 957-4956 $ | $$ | L, D | Barracuda’s Bar & Grille A true island inspired bar and grille, just steps from the beach. Enjoy fresh cuisine, killer cocktails and one of the best views in News Smyrna Beach. Entertainment Thursday through Sunday. 203 S. Atlantic Ave. New Smyrna Beach, 32169 | (386) 957-3931 $ | $$ | L, D | Boston’s Fish House An authentic seafood experience. Boston’s offers a diverse menu with great food and good prices. Worth the wait, it is a local favorite where everything is fresh and cooked to order. 1414 S Atlantic Ave. New Smyrna Beach, 32169 | (386) 424-0757 $ | $$ | L, D | Café Heavenly Try the authentic Maine Lobster Roll that is famous around town. Veggie creations, salads, flat-breads, wraps and award-winning lobster bisque. You must leave room for the homemade ice cream & gelato.115 Flagler Ave. New Smyrna Beach, 32169 | (386) 427-7475 $$$ | L, D | W | The Grille at Riverview Showcasing entertainment Friday and Saturday nights. Dine right on the banks of the Intracoastal Waterway while watching the sunset. The Grille offers expertly prepared seafood, steaks, pastas, salads and much more. 101 Flagler Ave. New Smyrna Beach, 32169 | (386) 428-1865 $$ | L, D | Johnny’s at the Flagler Tavern Good food and beach fun, this is one of the area’s best finds. With fantastic crab cake sandwiches and fried oysters, this is a casual dining heaven for everyone seeking a night out. 414 Flagler Ave. New Smyrna Beach, 32168 | (386) 426-2080 $ | L, D | Lost Lagoon Wings and Grill Get “lost” in their awesome cheeseburgers, fried pickles, wings and just about anything else you need for a great casual dining experience. Definitely try the “Suicide Burger” you are in for a treat. 515 N Dixie Freeway (US 1), New Smyrna Beach, 32168 | (386) 366-3360 $$$ | L, D | Off The Hook Raw Bar & Grill If you’re not a raw oyster fan, you will be after dining at this venue. There is plenty of other seafood on the menu, including cooked oysters. It’s a good place to catch a football game, if you don’t like your sports bars too rowdy. Service exceptionally and genuinely friendly. 747 E 3rd Ave. New Smyrna Beach, 32169 | (386) 402-9300

82 | NOVEMBER 2012

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the guide $$ | $$$ | L, D | W | Spanish River Grille The regions premiere contemporary Latin cuisine. Chef Henry and Michele Salgado prepare critically acclaimed specialties. 737 E Third Rd. New Smyrna Beach, 32169 | (386) 424-6991 $$ | L, D | Yu-Mi Sushi & Sake Bar Yu-Mi’s bustling little sushi bar is located in the heart of Downtown, where it serves the highest-quality food, artfully presented. Yu-Mi’s serves a fine selection of nigiri and maki sushi, traditional appetizers, beer, wines and sake. 761 E 3rd Ave. New Smyrna Beach, 32169 | (386) 402-8855

ORANGE CITY $ | B,L,D | Grams Kitchen Voted best breakfast in West Volusia for over a decade. Known for its gourmet omelets, pancakes, waffles, all prepared and served southern-style. Now serving dinner in the Orange City location.1501 S. Volusia Ave. Orange City, 32763 | (386) 774-5525 $ | $$ | B, L, D | Mi Tierra Restaurant Authentic







ingredients right in their kitchen. Dishes like sizzling fajitas, tamales wrapped in corn husks, enchiladas, homemade crispy tacos, soft tacos and traditional combination platters. 2235 S. Volusia Ave. Orange City, 32763 | (386) 774-1438 $ | B,L | Red Roof Cafe Located in the Historic 1876 Heritage Inn. Serving breakfast all day and lunch seven days a week. With so many items on the kids’ menu, this is sure to be a place the whole family will love. 300 S Volusia Ave Orange City, 32763 | (386) 951-3612

ORlando $ | $$ | L, D | Alex’s Cuban Cafe Typical Cuban dishes cooked to perfection. Familyfriendly and affordable, Alex’s is one of the area’s best places for great Cuban food. 941 South US Hwy 17-92 Longwood, 32750 | (407) 388-9720 $$ | D | W | R | Argentinian Steak House Choo Choo Churro With their main attraction, The Parrillada.Enjoy the traditional Argentinian cooking featuring the main attraction, churrasco, chorizo, short ribs and much more. An amazing night out. 5810 Lake Underhill Rd. Orlando, 32807 | (407) 382-6001 $$ | L, D | The Bistro on Park Avenue The restaurant has several, small dining rooms for private parties or business functions. Outdoor seating is available in the courtyard. Happy Hour every day from 5-7pm. Thursday from 5–9pm. 348 North Park Ave. Suite 5 Winter Park, 32789 | (407) 539-6520 F L O R I D I A N V I E W. C O M | 8 3

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the guide $$ | D | R | W | Cafe Italiano Established in 1965 this restaurant is a local legend.





authentic recipes brought from Napoli. 565 N. Semoran Blvd. Orlando, 32807 | (407) 342-8355 $$$ | L, D | W | Casa De La Paella Here the classic Spanish paella takes center stage with the delicious traditional Paella Valenciana, Seafood and vegetarian specialties.10414 E Colonial Dr Orlando, FL 32817 | (407) 736-9880 $ | L, D | Casa Linda Mexican and Latin Restaurant Classic Mexican and Latin food prepared in the authentic way. Drink and daily specials are available. 12014 E Colonial Dr. Orlando, 32826 | (407) 730-2929 $$$ | D | W | R | Gargi’s Lakeside Italian Ristorante Overlooking beautiful Lake Ivanhoe. The best classic Italian dishes and contemporary items continue to be served after 22 years. 1414 N Orange Ave. Orlando, 32804 | (407) 894-7907 $ | L, D | El Bodegon Tapas & Wine Restaurant Step through the varnished solid wood doors of El Bodegon and enter a world of flavor like no other. 400 S. Orlando Ave. Winter Park, 32789 | (407) 628-1078 $ | L, D | Park Plaza Setting the standard for exceptional food and service along Park Avenue for more than 30 years. Perfect for all occasions, with our European-style sidewalk café, neighborly bar and atrium dining room. 319 Park Ave. S. Winter Park, 32789 | (407) 645-2475 $ | L, D | Tacos El Rancho Mexican Grill Fresh ingredients, authentic recipes and expert assembly go into each and every burrito, taco, quesadilla and Mexican plate. 2194 S. Chickasaw Tr. Orlando, 32825 | (407) 482-8545 $$ | L,D | Papa Tony’s Italian Restaurant With their great Italian food, antipasta bar and specialities, this is a family favorite. Save room for the delicious zeppole. 300 South US Hwy 17-92 Longwood, 32750 | (407) 327-5155 $ | B, L, D | Old Cuban Cafe For the real Cuban experience and taste, this is the place. Great traditional breakfast, affordable prices and delicious pastelitos. 1672 N. Goldenrod Rd. Orlando, 32807 | (407) 281-7707 $$ | L, D | Paddy Murphy’s Irish Pub & Restaurant Situated in the heart of Baldwin Park. Provides that authentic atmosphere to enjoy the Emerald Isle’s renowned spirits, foods and live musical entertainment. 4982 New Broad St. Orlando, 32814 | (407) 622-4700

84 | NOVEMBER 2012

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ORMOND BEACH $ | $$ | L, D | The Black Sheep Taking a nod from the pubs across the pond. A comfortable environment to meet friends and family, share news, and dine. You’ll find great-tasting food and drinks at reasonable prices, breakbread with service that will make you smile. 890 S. Atlantic Ave. Ormond Beach, 32176 | (386) 673-5933 $ | $$ | L, D | Daytona Pig Stand Slowly smoked BBQ ribs, brisket, pork and chicken. Diane’s secret recipes will delight your pallette and fill your belly. Friendly family service will warm your heart. Catering available for any occasion. Conveniently located at Destination Daytona.1633 N. US1 Ormond Beach, 32174 | (386) 898-0360 $$ | L, D | De Vinci’s Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria Family owned and operated. De Vinci’s serves some of the area’s best pizza and freshest Italian cuisine. 197 N. Yonge St. Ormond Beach, 32174 (386) 673-2504 $ | $$ | L, D | W | The Dish If you are not really set on a particular entree for dinner, choose The Dish. You can sample several tastes and tapas without committing to huge portions. With over 300 wines, this is the place for connosseurs. 1185 W. Granada Blvd. Ormond Beach 32174 | (386) 672-3567 $$ | L, D | European Cafe & Schnitzel House Sixtenn different kinds of schnitzels, sauerbraten, Hungarian goulash, roasted duck, pierogies, wurst platters and much more European fare. All the food we serve is homemade from scratch, definitely worth the wait. 210 E. Atlantic Ave. Ormond Beach 32169 | (386) 672-8834 $$ | L, D | W | First Crush Wine Bar The Best selection of wines in Volusia County. Featuring 24 wines by the glass, 50 beers, and no corkage fee. Menu features homemade and fresh selections daily. 175 S. Nova Rd. Ormond Beach 32169 | (386) 310-4873 $ | $$ | L, D | Lagerheads Bar & Grill Right across from the beach, this is a great place for cocktails or an after-surf meal. Known for their amazing crab cakes and fish tacos. Save room for their homemade bread pudding, it never disappoints. 2986 Ocean Shore Blvd. Ormond Beach 32176 | (386) 265-1977 $ | $$ | L, D | La Gourmandise An authentic French bakery and pastry shop, where they always use the freshest ingredients and the same methods, technique and tools found in the finest bakeries of France. Everything is made from scratch. 359 W. Granada Blvd. Ormond Beach 32124 | (386) 672-5594 $ | $$ | B, L | Mango Sun Café and Grille Known as “Ormond’s Best Kept Secret” Offers a wide variety of breakfast menu items, along with endless luncheon choices. Eat in or take out. 1185 W. Granada Blvd. #5 Ormond Beach 32174 | (386) 672-6465 $ | $$ | B, L | Peach Valley Cafe The perfect spot for breakfast or lunch with family and friends. 185 E. Granada Blvd. Ormond Beach 32176 | (386) 615-0096 $ | $$ | L, D | D.B. Pickles Deli & Bakery From sandwiches, takeout to dine-in meals, there’s something for everyone in a family-friendly atmosphere. Huge menu with specialties, an amazing bakery, and daily specials. 400 S. Nova Rd. Ormond Beach 32174 (386) 672-1931 $$$$ | D | W | R | Rose Villa Lavish decor defines Rosevilla’s luxurious dining room. The fine cuisine is tantilizing to the palete, with fresh local ingredients and innovative dishes. Each course is beautifully plated. 43 W. Granada Blvd. Ormond Beach 32174 | (386) 615-7673 F L O R I D I A N V I E W. C O M | 8 5

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the guide $$ | L, D | Riptides A 12-foot shark greets guests at the door as they enter the fun and exciting atmosphere. Original photos & memorabilia from Ormond Beach makes you feel at home. Serving the freshest seafood, including shucked oyster from the raw bar. 869 S. Atlanic Ave. Ormond Beach 32176 | (386) 256-4799 $$$ | D | W | Stonewood Grille Whether you’re dining alone or with family and friends, you’ll make lasting memories over oak-grilled steaks, fresh seafood and exquisite wines in a casually sophisticated atmosphere. 100 S. Atlantic Ave. Ormond Beach 32176 | (386) 671-1200 $$ | L, D | W | Toscana Italian Restaurant The incredible kitchen team at Toscana offers a masterful collection of authentic Italian specialties and gourmet cooking. A must-try for fine Italian cuisine. 142 E. Granada Blvd. Ormond Beach, FL 32176 | (386) 615-0350 $$$ | L, D | Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar Serving delicious and reasonably-priced steak and sushi in a relaxed setting. Beautiful presentation, friendly service and great dinner specials. Free birthday dinner with a minimum of five adult dinners. 175 Nova Rd. Ormond Beach 32174 (386) 671-0979

PORT ORANGE $$ | L,D | W | Asian Sauce Box Specializing in traditional Fine Asian Cuisine with Japanese, Chinese, Thai and more. Great ambiance and good service. Relax in their beautiful dining room: take-out available. 5535 S. Williamson Blvd. Port Orange 32128 | (386) 322-5528 $ | $$ | B, BR, L, D | Aunt Catfish’s On the River No pretenses at this southern seafood joint on the river. All the servers are “cousins” and treat you like family. Down south cookin’ that you definitely don’t want to miss. Fresh seafood, ribs and libations in a unique atmosphere. 4009 Halifax Dr. Port Orange 32127 | (386) 767-4768 $$ | $$$ | L,D | Hidden Treasure Bar & Grill Located on beautiful Rose Bay. Serving up fresh foods with exciting dishes and unique ambiance. Great seafood, steaks and pastas. Their authentic menu and atmosphere create a truly enjoyable dining experience. Full liquor sports bar for your game-viewing pleasure. 5993 S. Ridgewood Ave. Port Orange 32127 | (386)756-9565 $ | $$ | BR, L, D | W | Malibu Beach Grill Specialties include casual steaks and seafood on an innovative menu with a California flair. This is the perfect place to unwind with a refreshing cocktail or enjoy a great meal. 5543 S. Williamson Blvd. Port Orange 32128 | (386) 492-2968 $$ | $$$ | L, D | Oyster Bay Crab House Grill Have lunch or dinner in this great little spot under the Dunlawton Bridge. Great lunch baskets and delicious seafood dinners. Try their delicious Manhattan-style clam chowder or the Cobb salad with Applewood chicken. Full bar. 65 Dunlawton Ave. Port Orange 32127 | (386) 3040048 $ | B, L, D | Pat’s Riverfront Cafe The best kept secret in the area, Pat’s serves breakfast all day, offering daily lunch specials with gorgeous views of the Halifax River. Intimate and old-fashioned, everyone here is treated like 86 | NOVEMBER 2012

family. 3300 S. Peninsula Dr. Port Orange 32127 (386) 756-8070

F L O R I D I A N V I E W. C O M | 8 7

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the guide $$$ | L, D | Port Orange Steakhouse Enjoy the finest wood-fired steaks, ribs, chicken, seafood and chops. Casual dining, comfortable atmosphere, great food and friendly professional service make for a great experience. 3851 S. Nova Rd. Port Orange 32127 | (386) 756-2660 $ | $$$ | D | W | Stonewood Grille Whether you’re dining alone or with family and friends, you’ll make lasting memories over oak-grilled steaks, fresh seafood and exquisite wines in a casually sophisticated atmosphere. 1078 Dunlawton Ave. Port Orange 32127 | (386) 760-2282 $ | L, D | World Of Beer Featuring the best in American craft beer and specialty imports from every region of the world. We rotate our draft selection daily, so you can always expect to find a new favorite on tap. 3510 S. Nova Rd. Port Orange 32129 | (386) 256-4992

PONCE INLET $$ | $$$ | B, L, D | Down the Hatch Seafood Company Dine while overlooking the inlet. Great steaks, fresh seafood and fantastic desserts. 4894 Front St. Ponce Inlet 32127 | (386) 761-4831 $ | $$ | B, L, D | Inlet Harbor Restaurant Not only a restaurant - it’s an experience. Fresh seafood specialties, great drinks and good times await. 133 Inlet Harbor Rd. Ponce Inlet 32127 | (396) 756-5590 $ | $$ | L, D | Racing’s North Turn Located on A1A heading to Ponce Inlet. Check out the old photos of the original Daytona track and relax on the Largest outside al-weather deck on the beach. Great seafood, steak & wings. Live entertainment nightly 4511 S. Atlantic Ave. Ponce Inlet 32127 | (386) 322-3258

sanford $$ | L,D | Sergio’s Italian Restaurant A local Italian favorite, Sergio’s serves authentic fare with great specials, and a buffet in a family-friendly environment. 2895 Orlando Dr. Sanford 32773 | (407) 323-4040

your ad here place your ad in east central florida’s premiere monthly publication. FOR ADVERTISING RATES CALl: (386) 322-3900 or email: 88 | NOVEMBER 2012

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F L O R I D I A N V I E W. C O M | 8 9

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90 | NOVEMBER 2012

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F L O R I D I A N V I E W. C O M | 9 1

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Floridian View now available at: 1900 West International Speedway Boulevard Daytona Beach 32114


Studio 277 Imaging, Hair and Make up









92 | NOVEMBER 2012

133 Inlet Harbor Road

Ponce Inlet, FL 32127

(386) 767-5590

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F L O R I D I A N V I E W. C O M | 9 3

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Imagine Your Wedding at the Casements and Rockefeller Gardens.

Former home of

John D. Rockefeller

It is the “Crown Jewel” of Ormond Beach and is an enchanting historic site that will make your special occasion a memorable one.

The Casements • 25 Riverside Drive, Ormond Beach, FL 32176 (386) 676-3216 • 94 | NOVEMBER 2012

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We invite you to The Grille at Riverview to host your special occasion. We offer a variety of settings to accommodate parties from 20-300 guests. Our Dedicated and Professional Culinary Team and Waitstaff will give you an Event to Remember!

The Manatee Room • The Promenade Room • The Key West Deck • Reef Bar • Nor th Deck

Contact Lynn Kenney, Banquet Manager • 101 Flagler Avenue New Smyrna Beach, FL 32169 • (386) 428-1865 F L O R I D I A N V I E W. C O M | 9 5

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Let Me Find Your Happily Ever After Home!

Call today

386-212-1670 email

96 | NOVEMBER 2012

The Cellar 1-2 Vert_Layout 1 6/23/12 2:40 PM Page 1 special advertising section

The Cellar






F L O R I D I A N V I E W. C O M | 9 7

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Ask me about Accident Forgiveness. With other insurance companies, having an accident can mean your rates rise as much as 40%. But with Allstate’s Accident Forgiveness, your rates won’t go up at all just because of an accident. Don’t wait! Call me today. Vicki O’Donnell (386) 767-3040 735 Beville Road South Daytona

Call me to put yourself in Good Hands®. Feature is optional and subject to terms and conditions. Safe Driving Bonus® won’t apply after an accident. In CA, you could still lose the 20% Good Driver Discount. Northbrook, IL. © 2010 Allstate Insurance Company


511 CANAL ST. NEW SMYRNA BEACH, FL 32168 OFFICE: (386) 428-2929



Connected to the Community. Connected to you. Through our Christian mission of hope, health and healing, Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center strives to promote wellness of the mind, the body and the spirit. We are a recipient of the 2012 Governor’s Sterling Award, which is the highest award an organization in Florida can receive for performance excellence. More than 400 physicians hold privileges to practice at our facilities, and we employ more than 1,700 care team members. Our specialties include cardiology, oncology, emergency care, surgical services, obstetrics, neurosurgery, stroke care, rehabilitation, weight-loss surgery, imaging, laboratory, home health, wound care, diabetes, hospice, physician practices and women’s services.

301 Memorial Medical Pkwy, Daytona Beach, FL 32117

To request a Physicians Directory, call (386) 231-2229.

For more information

Call (386) 231-6000 or Visit

F L O R I D I A N V I E W. C O M | 9 9

100 | NOVEMBER 2012

Floridian View Magazine - Bridal - Nov - 12  

This special edition of Floridian View Magazine is all about Bridal trends, an must have guide for planning your Floridian wedding.

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