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September - November 2013

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September - November 2013

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National Mill Dog Rescue Helping Puppy Mill Survivors | pgs 70-71

September - November 2013

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t appears television commercials has increased to the point where it is impossible to change a channel without seeing a commercial. For example national news on at 6:30 PM at night will speak on two stories and go to a commercial. While I understand they have to make a living it seems to be out of control. Are we purchasing cable only to view commercials all night long? Chuck J. - Tampa, FL


ales clerks that do not acknowledge you when you enter a business or even look at you when you pay for your purchase.


Terry F. - St. Petersburg, FL

rivers who never seem to leave on time in the morning and drive very reckless to get to work on time. Seems like they could realize leaving a few minutes early would give them more time to get to their destination safely . Christine C. - Lutz, FL

September - November 2013

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September - November 2013

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Reviewed by: Steven Dowshen, MD


t’s school time again! worries only stick around for a You’re probably feeling little while. Let’s find out more excited and maybe a little about going back to school. sad that summer is over. Some kids feel nervous or The First Day a little scared on the first Most teachers kick off the school day of school because of all the year by introducing themselves new things: new teachers, new and talking about all the stuff you’ll friends, and maybe even a new be doing that year. Some teachers school. Luckily, these “new” give students a chance to tell 14 For All Ages! |

something about themselves to the rest of the class. When teachers do the talking on the first day, they often go over classroom rules so you’ll know what’s allowed and what’s not. Pay close attention so you’ll know if you need to raise your CONTINUE TO NEXT PAGE

hand to ask a question and what the rules are about visiting the restroom.

Kids & Teens | NEWS

You might already know a lot of kids in your classes on the first day. But it’s a great day to make a new friend, so try to say hello to kids you know and new ones that you don’t. Make the first move and you’ll be glad you did and so will your new friend!

Get Oriented The first day of school is your first chance to find your way around a new school, or learn the pathways to new classes in your old school. It’s a lot to learn in one day, so don’t be surprised if you need a reminder or two.

Moving to Middle School? Sixth grade often signals a move to middle school or junior high, where you’ll find lockers and maybe a homeroom. This is just what it sounds like — a classroom you’ll go to each morning, kind of like your home in the school. In middle school, you might move from classroom to classroom for each subject. Your teachers know that this is a big change from elementary school and will help you adjust.

It might help to write a few notes to yourself, so you’ll remember the important stuff, like your locker combination and that lunch starts at 11:43, not 12:10. Before you know it, your fingers will fly as you open your locker and you won’t have to check your notes to know what time lunch starts!

Most teachers let you pick your own seat on the first day, but by the second or third morning, they’ll have mapped out a seating plan. At first, it’s a good idea to write down where your seat is in your notebook so you don’t forget. Feeling Good on Day One Seeing friends you haven’t seen in a while can make the first day a good one. You also can make the day feel special by wearing an outfit you like. Maybe you got a great T-shirt on vacation, or your new sneakers put a spring in your step. If you wear a uniform, you might wear a favorite watch, a new hair band, or a piece of jewelry to show your personal style. It can make you feel good to be prepared and have all the supplies you need. Some schools distribute supply lists before the year begins, so you can come stocked up on pencils, folders, and whatever else you’ll be needing. Once you’ve covered the basics, you might tuck an extra few dollars in your backpack for an emergency (like forgetting your lunch money). Or maybe you’d like to bring along a book or magazine to read while you’re on the bus. Whatever you put in your backpack, make sure you pack it the night before. This prevents the morning panic when you can’t find your homework or lunch box. Speaking of lunch, that’s something else that can help you feel good at school — whether it’s the first day or the 100th day. Help your parents pack it the night before if you don’t like what’s on the menu at the cafeteria. Try to include a variety of foods in your packed lunch, especially fruits and vegetables.

A Bad Start? What if you hate school by the end of day one? Teachers recommend giving things some time to sort themselves out — once you know your way around the building and get adjusted to the new routine, you’ll probably feel better. If those feelings don’t fade, talk to your mom, dad, teacher, or school counselor. Here are a few final tips for a fantastic school year: • Get enough sleep. • Eat a healthy breakfast. • Try your best. • Use good work habits, like writing down your assignments and turning in your homework on time. • Take your time with school work. If you don’t understand something, ask the teacher. • Keep a sense of humor. One teacher we know shows his new students a picture of himself graduating high school — a grinning ape in a red graduation cap and gown. This usually makes the kids laugh, and it’s a good way to remind them that school is fun!

©1995-2013. The Nemours Foundation/KidsHealth®. Reprinted with permission

September - November 2013

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Get Better

Kids & Teens | NEWS

grades at school Learning Strategies

Author Lisa Klain


verybody tries their level best to perform good at their academic studies, yet only a few find it easy to learn more and study less to make good grades. These few students are not the smarter ones; rather they are the students who exactly know how to learn things and how to get better grades. Learning is a serious job and if you are in a class with many students, learning also becomes a competitive job. Our desire to be at top doesn’t let us feel happy with mere success in school examinations, rather we try to reach at top and gain best possible grades as describes at You can easily get better grades in your school examination by following the better learning strategies that will make it possible for you to optimize your learning capacities and make the best use of your hard work. In order to succeed at school, it is not necessary that you should try to be a bookworm. Many of the students who always remain in touch of their books to memorize the formulae, theories and problem solving techniques often fails to get better grades. This is so because they keep trying to memorize things without interlinking the ideas behind the various topics and subjects and that doesn’t allow them to learn things practically. 16

For All Ages! |

You may get average grades if you try hard to memorize things. Yet, if you really want to excel in your studies and to earn the topmost grades, you will need to play smart and intelligent. Memorizing things is not the correct process; rather you should try to make your mind active enough to make learning process easier than it is for the most of the students. With better learning approach, you will gain more time and confidence. This will let you take part in your social life and to enjoy other streams of learning like sports and recreational activities. Proper learning strategy Instead of locking yourself with books like a bookworm and trying to memorize every word of the book without actually understanding it, you need to follow the holistic manner of learning. Instead of wasting your energies in trying to rote memorize everything mentioned in your curriculum; you should start making connection between the ideas. There are many specific tactics to learn things in an easy manner. If you are willing to know more about the smarter and better learning strategies to learn more and study less please visit the website




ave you ever felt that life gets lonely after a point? You need real good friends or people in life with whom you can share quality time, hangout, reveal your secrets, etc. Except for a few bunch of people, most of us would agree. We want people to like us and be our friend, because that brings happiness. However the big problem is that in spite of this need so many of us struggle with making friends. “I am nice, but no one cares”, “Why they don’t invite me for the party?”, “Oh again I will have to do the project solo, as no one wants to be with me!” Have a charming personality – the first and foremost thing that is visible to others is personality. By personality I don’t mean good looks. Looks are a very small part of overall personality. It does have an edge but only in the initial stage, or else a good looking person would never be lonely. People look out for someone who is smiling, happy and comfortable being themselves. Be the first to greet someone, be the first to say

make friends



Written by Amruta Desai hi. This shows confidence and gives positive vibes to people you encounter. Give compliments – Yes this may sound like an old trick, but it still works. Who doesn’t like a genuine compliment? I am sure you love it. Everyone does. Compliment is not false praise. Please don’t misunderstand; you don’t want to go there, as it is a big turn off. Compliment means finding something truly worth acknowledging. Its means you noticed, it means you care and most beautiful part is you care enough to share. This is a great quality people look for. Be reasonable – Make people comfortable when they are around you. No one likes to be with someone who has emotional imbalance. If you are someone who can not take jokes, or someone who believes in my way- just my way, then you are better off without friends, because in any relationship people lookout for someone who has their emotions (like anger, sadness, etc) in control and accepts people the way they are. Make yourself interesting – I believe that an interesting person needs no friend, but on the other hand everyone wants to be around interesting people. The reason is they have many things to talk about, many activities to do; in short they are far from boring. So do you want to sound interesting? Then develop the habit of reading, its very informative, travel to new places and broaden your horizon, join communities where you can find people with different interests, try one new hobby every year. Just be the most Interesting person. Don’t break the rules – This is by default the last but not the least important point. Be truthful of your words. Be a good listener and avoid judging people. Show kindness and share. Have a good sense of humour. Stop complaining and spread your smile on the way. September - November 2013

Florida Creative Living | For All Ages!



l o o Sch

a m h t s and A Take Charge

Reviewed by: Elana Pearl Ben-Joseph, MD


aving asthma can be tough. You might feel different from your friends. You might get angry that you have to think about your breathing and remember your rescue medicine wherever you go. You might even feel lonely because it seems like you’re the only one who has a problem.

action plan work best for you, including what you can do to make treatment at school less of a hassle. For example, you may be able to take controller medications at home so you don’t have to bother with remembering them at school. You’ll want your rescue medicine with you at school, of course.

But lots of teens have asthma. And by keeping it under control, you reduce the risk of having a bad flareup and having to rush off to the school nurse, your doctor’s office, or the emergency department.

Tips for School You can also take these steps to help get a handle on your asthma at school:

Take Charge Taking the medicine your doctor has prescribed — exactly as he or she prescribed it — is the best way to control asthma. Your doctor will work with you to create and implement an asthma action plan that takes into account your school schedule and activities. This written plan may include all your medications and when and how you should take them, things to watch out for that can trigger an asthma flare-up, early symptoms of a flare-up, what to do if you have a flare-up, and when to seek emergency care. The plan might also tell you how and when to use a peak flow meter and tips about asthma and exercise. Your doctor will talk to you about how to make the 18 For All Ages! |

Talk to your teachers, coaches, and friends. The more people who know about your asthma, the more help you’ll have in coping with it. You don’t have to make a big deal about it, but letting people know means they can help you out. For example, your homeroom teacher will understand your request to close the windows when the pollen count is high and your gym teacher will know that you can’t run outside in really cold weather. And by telling your friends, you may find you’re not as alone as you thought — millions of teens have asthma, and some of your classmates probably do, too. CONTINUE TO NEXT PAGE

Make sure your school has a copy of your action plan. The school office and health office should both have copies of your plan, and so should the athletic department if you play any sports. In some cases, you may want to discuss the plan with coaches or the school nurse. Figure out the best way to follow your plan. Some schools let teens carry their medications with them, whereas others require them to be kept at the health office. The school nurse or your teacher may be able to suggest ways of fitting treatment into the school day. For instance, maybe they can suggest a good time and place for you to take a peak flow meter reading. Do the best you can to manage triggers. You don’t control your school environment, so it can be tougher to manage triggers there. But there are a few things you can do. If you have exercise-induced asthma, make sure you have access to your rescue medications before and during gym class. If chalk dust, cigarette smoke, pollen, or mold are a problem, let a teacher or the school nurse know. Exposure to these often can be reduced or eliminated. And being able to relax and take control in stressful situations can help you avoid flare-ups. Knowing how to prevent and control asthma flare-ups can take away a lot of the fear and frustration you might feel when they happen. And being prepared for tests and learning relaxation techniques can help you avoid flare-ups related to test stress. Don’t assume you can’t play sports. Asthma affects more than 20% of elite athletes, and 1 in every 6 Olympic athletes, including gold medal winners. So there’s no reason you should have to skip sports, gym classes, and other physical activities. But you’ll definitely want to talk with your doctor about sports participation, so you’ll know manage things. Here are some tips:

Focus on Flare-Ups Following your action plan should mean you don’t have flare-ups very often. Chances are, though, that you won’t be able to prevent every single flareup. That means you always need to be prepared for one, especially at school. Learn how you feel when a flare-up is coming on — do you have a tight chest? Do you feel tired? Do you have a cough, even though you don’t have a cold? Are you wheezing? If you have a peak flow meter, this might be a good time to use it (again, a quick duck into the health office or locker room can make this easier).

• Make sure your gym teacher and any coaches understand your asthma and its triggers. They can help you make If you feel the symptoms of a flare-up, adjustments like running indoors instead of outdoors get the help you need. This means you should always have access to your when the pollen or mold count is high. inhaler — either in your backpack or the • If you need to rest or stop and use your medication, do it. health office — and you should use it Your teammates would rather have you healthy and able if you need to. Let people around you know what is happening. Don’t ignore to fully participate. the attack or hope it will go away on • Don’t feel bad if you have to sit out a game or practice. If its own. Take charge of it and you’ll be you’re having symptoms (even if it’s just a common cold), breathing easier soon. you shouldn’t work out until you feel better. This isn’t being wimpy — it’s managing your asthma. ©1995-2013. The Nemours Foundation/KidsHealth®. Reprinted with permission

September - November 2013

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Kids & Teens | STAYING SAFE



Prepare In Advance

Reviewed by: Kate M. Cronan, MD


For All Ages! |


ost babysitting jobs go smoothly and the worst thing that happens is a fight over the last ice pop. But for the rare times when an emergency does happen, you need to be ready to handle it. That means thinking ahead and planning for anything that could happen.

may sound basic to ask for this kind of information, but it’s so basic that many people forget. If you need to call 911 from the home phone, the dispatcher will probably be able to tell where in the United States you are located but will still need an address. Every family should have a fire escape plan with more than one exit from the home, as well as a designated meeting place outside the house or apartment building. Be sure that both you and the kids know them. To feel even more prepared, make it a fun activity to practice the escape route with the kids.

Prepare in Advance Like a surprise pop quiz, some emergencies — such as choking or seizures — require that you know the material. Before you even begin babysitting, it’s a good idea to learn basic first aid, the Heimlich maneuver (for choking), and infant and child CPR. These allow you to begin Ask parents if the smoke alarms in the home are providing emergency care to a child while you working and how recently they’ve been checked. are waiting for help. Parents can never test them too often. To sign up for these courses, check with your local hospital, YMCA, or Red Cross. These groups provide training in things like CPR and the Heimlich maneuver (and may even offer extensive babysitting courses). Some high schools do, too.

Finally, ask the child’s parents to show you where they keep fire extinguishers. If you’re not familiar with using one, read the instructions or ask the parents for a demonstration. If you smell smoke or see a flame in the house, call 911, gather the children, and put the fire escape plan into action right away.

Poisoning When you arrive at your babysitting job, take a quick look around to make sure no medications or household cleaning products have been accidentally left within the reach of kids. Check inside any cabinets that are easy for a child to get to. If, despite your safety efforts, you suspect a child has taken a medication Top Things to Know About Emergencies or a poison, call the poison control number. In the • Know the full address of the home where United States, the toll-free number is 1-800-222you’re babysitting in case you need to call services (if there’s a fire, for tent/uploads/2013/09/830_image.gif example). Because you’ll have to attend courses and make a real commitment to learn these lifesaving procedures, talk it over with your parents before signing up. That way they know how important it is to you and can drive you to classes if you need them to.

• Be sure you have easy access to emergency numbers. Have parents post numbers for the poison control center and other emergency info in an obvious place. • Don’t pat a child who is choking on the back or put your finger in his or her mouth. • Only do CPR or the Heimlich maneuver if you’ve been properly trained. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could injure a child. Fire When you babysit for a new family, ask the parents to write down their full home address. It September - November 2013


Florida Creative Living | For All Ages!


Kids & Teens | STAYING SAFE 1222. If the child becomes unconscious, call 911 right away and then contact the parents. The poison control center will ask about the type of poison or medication you suspect the child took, an estimate of how much, and a few details about how the child is doing. The poison control expert will then give you instructions about whether the child needs to go to the emergency room or the doctor’s office, or can be watched at home. As soon as you can, contact the parents to alert them to the problem. If the child needs to go to the emergency room, it’s helpful to take the bottle of pills or the household product along with you. Choking Preventing choking is much easier than treating it. When you arrive at your babysitting job, make it a habit to get down on the floor and scope it out to search for any risky items within reach. Remove anything that could be dangerous. You might think of kids choking on things like coins, small toys, or other tiny objects that they can pick up and put in their mouths. But foods can be a choking hazard, too. Avoid serving these foods to young kids: • carrots or celery • cheese cubes • fruits with pits or seeds (e.g., cherries, watermelon) • grapes • gum • hard candy • hot dog chunks • nuts • popcorn When feeding kids, have them sit down and keep them calm while eating to help them avoid choking. Don’t give kids younger than 4 any hard, smooth foods or any of the foods listed above. Always cut food into small pieces for toddlers and preschoolers. If a child begins to choke, can’t make sounds, or is turning blue and you know the Heimlich maneuver, do it right away. If you haven’t had


For All Ages! |

training in this maneuver, call 911 immediately, then call the parents. Don’t pat the child on the back or put your finger in his or her mouth — this could make things worse. If the child can make noises and cough, it’s best to stay calm and watch to be sure things don’t get worse. The episode will usually pass. Contact the parents as soon as you can to let them know this has happened. Be Prepared, Not Scared! It may seem scary to think about this stuff — it certainly brings home what a huge responsibility babysitting can be. Although it’s unlikely you’ll ever need to react to a serious emergency, just knowing what to do can help you feel more confident. Plus, knowing things like CPR or the proper way to do the Heimlich maneuver could give you an edge over other babysitters: Parents feel much safer when their sitters know these lifesaving techniques. ©1995-2013. The Nemours Foundation/KidsHealth®. Reprinted with permission

Senses Experiment:

Kids & Teens | SCIENCE & TECHNO

Catch the Penny! Reviewed by: Eric H. Chudler, PhD

WHAT THIS EXPERIMENT SHOWS: How two eyes help you better judge where objects are.

WHAT YOU NEED: • Five pennies • Small paper cup or rinsed-out yogurt cup • A table where you and a partner can sit

WHAT TO DO: 1. Put a cup in front of your partner. It should be about 2 feet away from him or her. 2. Ask your partner to close one eye. 3. Hold one of the pennies in the air about 18 inches above the table. Move it around slowly. 4. Tell your partner that you’ll drop the penny whenever he or she says, “Drop it!” The idea is for your partner — with one eye closed — to judge when the penny is over the cup so the penny will drop into the cup. 5. Give your partner five tries with one eye closed, then five tries with both eyes open. Which way worked best?

HOW CAN YOU FIND OUT MORE? September - November 2013

Florida Creative Living | For All Ages!


Kids & Teens | SPORTS

Playing Fair With Others


f you’re into sports, you’ve seen it happen. You’ve probably even experienced it: Football players shaking hands after four quarters of knocking each other around. Tennis players leaping over the net to shake hands with their opponents after a hard-fought match. Soccer players exchanging jerseys after an intense 90 minutes. Even boxers touching gloves at the beginning of each round, then hugging each other after beating each other into a pulp for 12 rounds.

Reviewed by: Steven Dowshen, MD What Is Sportsmanship? Sportsmanship is defined as: • • • •

playing fair following the rules of the game respecting the judgment of referees and officials treating opponents with respect

Some people define good sportsmanship as the “golden rule” of sports — in other words, treating the people you play with and against as you’d like to be treated yourself. You demonstrate good sportsmanship when you show respect for yourself, your teammates, and your opponents, for the coaches on both sides, and for the referees, judges, and other officials.

It seems like competitors in every But sportsmanship isn’t just reserved for the people on the field. event, from spelling bees to hockey, Cheerleaders, fans, and parents also need to be aware of how behave this way. What’s going on? they behave during competition. Sportsmanship is a style and an attitude, and it can have a positive influence on everyone It’s all part of sportsmanship, a great around you. tradition in sports and competition that means playing clean and handling CONTINUE TO NEXT PAGE both victory and defeat with grace, style, and dignity. 24 For All Ages! |

Win or Lose, Sportsmanship Helps You Get Through In the last few years, taunting, trash-talking, gloating, and cheap shots have become all too common in sports. You’ve probably seen athletes who take their own successes too seriously, too. They celebrate a goal with a prolonged victory dance or constantly brag about their abilities. This is the exact opposite of what sportsmanship is all about. This kind of behavior might make you feel tough or intimidating to an opponent, but keep in mind it can also cause you to lose the match. Plenty of games have been lost to penalties gathered from “unsportsmanlike conduct.” Everyone feels great when they win, but it can be just as hard to be a good sport when you’ve won a game as when you’ve lost one. Good sportsmanship takes maturity and courage — when you work really hard at a sport, it’s not easy to admit you made a bad play or that someone has more skills than you. In competition — as in life — you may not always win but you can learn something from losing, too.

When you do lose — and it will happen — don’t take it out on your opponent, blame the officials, or blame your team. Take it in stride. When you lose, lose with class. Being proud of how you performed, or at least being aware of things you need to improve for next time, is key. When it comes to losing, good sportsmanship means congratulating the winners promptly and willingly. Also, it means accepting the game’s outcome without complaint and without excuses, even if you sometimes might feel the referees made a few questionable calls. When you win, the trick is to be a gracious and generous winner. Good sportsmanship means acknowledging victories without humiliating opponents, being quietly proud of success, and letting victories speak for themselves. Even if you win by a landslide, good sportsmanship means still finding ways to compliment your opponents.

Practicing Good Sportsmanship So what does it take to demonstrate good It’s pretty tough to lose, so it definitely doesn’t help sportsmanship in real-life situations? Here are matters if someone continues taunting you or your some examples of things you can do: team after the competition is over. Sometimes it’s hard to swallow your pride and walk on. But there’s • Learn as much as you can about your sport. always the next match. Play by its rules. Show up for practice, work CONTINUE TO NEXT PAGE

September - November 2013

Florida Creative Living | For All Ages!


Kids & Teens | SPORTS •

• • •


hard, and realize that on a team, everyone deserves a chance to play. Talk politely and act courteously toward everyone before, during, and after games and events. That includes your teammates, your opponents, your coaches and their coaches, the officials presiding over the game, and even spectators (who can sometimes be loud about their opinions). Stay cool. Even if others are losing their tempers, it doesn’t mean you have to. Remind yourself that no matter how hard you’ve practiced and played, it is, after all, just a game. Avoid settling disputes with violence. If you’re in a difficult situation or someone’s threatening you, seek help immediately from your coach or from an official. Remember, too, that if you respond with violence you could get penalized, which could hurt your chances of winning. Cheer your teammates on with positive statements — and avoid trash-talking the other team. Acknowledge and applaud good plays, even when someone on the other team makes them. When officials make a call, accept it gracefully even if it goes against you. Remember that referees may not be right every time — but they’re people who are doing their best, just as you are.

For All Ages! |

• Whether you win or lose, congratulate your opponents on a game well played. Fair and Fun Good sportsmanship means not having a “win at any cost” attitude. Most athletes who don’t have a “win at any cost” attitude are more likely to talk about how much they love their sport and how much personal satisfaction and enjoyment they get from participation. Most people won’t go on to play professional sports, and only a few will win scholarships to play at college. But many forget to have a good time during the years they do play because they’re so focused on winning. And, unfortunately, parents and coaches sometimes put too much pressure on athletes, emphasizing winning at all costs. So although it’s great to be a champion, it’s even better to have enjoyed the process of trying to reach the top. It’s best to play fair while having fun. Sportsmanship Off the Field Learning good sportsmanship means finding that the positive attitude learned on the field carries over into other areas of life. At school, for example, you’re able to appreciate the contributions made by classmates and know how to work as part of a team to complete a project. You may enjoy more success at work as well, because a big part of learning good sportsmanship is learning to be respectful of others, including customers and coworkers. ©1995-2013. The Nemours Foundation/KidsHealth®. Reprinted with permission

Kids & Teens | DOODLE CORNER

Spooky Halloween

Crossword Puzzle

Across 5. Scary creature like Frankenstein 8. Boo! Yikes, it’s an apparition! 9. Delicious brown candy 12. The holiday name 13. Howdy partner, this costume might make you want to ride a horse! 16. Pumpkin carved 17. A celebration of the holiday with lost of people. 18. Ring the doorbell and say...

Down 1. Pointy hat and broom 2. They fly, but they are mammals 3. What do you wear? 4. Bobbing for this fruit 6. All our bones 7. Meow, don’t let this animal cross your path. 9. No cob for this candy 10. Covering for your face 11. The round light in the sky at night 14. He wants to drink your blood! 15. A scary house filled with ghosts is said to be...

September - November 2013

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Age 10


DJ - Fort Pierce, Florida 28

For All Ages! |

Adult Living


Picture Provided By Zane Kuhle


For All Ages! |

Adult Living |NEWS

By Chuck Johnson Staff Writer It’s early in the day at Dade City Wild Things when we arrive to get an update on ‘Tony’ the tiger who swam with many over the years and to learn more about the two new additions who will soon take his place in the pool amazing both children and adults alike.


It’s hot in Florida with temperatures in the 90’s and ‘Tony’ the tiger while once a young male tiger, who so many traveled great distances to swim next to him in a large swimming pool and feed him from an oversized baby bottle, now lies quietly in his enclosure where he will now be observed from afar. ‘Tony’ has reached a size, which at 250 pounds plus,and an age that prohibits him from being near anyone other then his handlers. While still gentle in nature, state law prohibits him from being near visitors and maintained in an approved enclosure. While adorable when small, these cats grow quickly, are powerful and must be treated with respect.

be aware of that at all times.” Johnson who started work as a volunteer some months ago at the park was considering a career in finance however fell in love with the animals and now is deeply involved in the training programs of the tigers plus other animals as well. It was amazing to view ‘Tony’ who is quite large however gentle. He rubs his large head against the wire enclosure and allows Kelsey who spent so much of her time with him as he grew matured, to rub his ears never giving a sign he is a large animal capable of the respect we must provide for safety reasons. But alas, not all is bad for ‘Tony’ , who has a girlfriend named ‘Bella’ who shares his living quarters.

Training the big cats starts at an early age and is an important ingredient in the parks program. That advice is echoed by Randy Stearns the head trainer who oversees that program. “From the time they are small we train them not to use their claws,not to bite and play with specific As Kelsey Johnson, the trainer reminds everyone that items we provide. You have to get in on the “tigers are a wild animal and while we may think they ground floor with big cats however they have are calm, they may be having a bad day. We have to CONTINUE TO NEXT PAGE

September September - November - November 20132013Florida Florida Creative Creative Living Living | For |AllForAges! All Ages!

31 31

Adult Living |NEWS bad days as well as adults do. You must be able to read them well and know when to leave them alone. It is simply a matter of respecting the cat.” Stearns paused for a moment and then stated, “ It’s simple, train them while they are young so a year from now when we have a 300 pound cat we do not have a problem”. Stearns has been around and training animals the large majority of his life. Growing up he obtained the title of ‘Tiger Man’ due to his involvement with the animal. ‘I would not wish to do anything else’ Stearns related. His mother Kathy Stearns and his family were always involved in helping animals in distress, therefore this is the same only on a larger scale. “What we need to do is educate the public that we are attempting to allow each species to survive. I know many do not like to see caged animals, however in many cases if we did not take them they could be destroyed. The animals are well treated here, many have an opportunity to perform in a safe setting, they get exercise and apparently enjoy themselves. If we can provide a safe setting where children can be educated on animals and the problems we face with extinction today, I’ll be pleased”. It has been almost one year since we wrote on ‘Tony’ and his impression on so many who traveled from considerable distances to just touch and feed him. His ability to charm any person who observed him was created by his trainer’s who now will turn their talents to two additions at Dade City Wild Things who are named ‘Remington’ and ‘Thunder’, both small in size and full of energy. While ‘Remington’ was more interested in moving about, ‘Thunder’ was more interested in chasing his furry partner and playing a game of ‘got-cha’. While still in training, both tigers should be ready to meet the public at the end of the summer allowing many to take a dip in the clear blue pool and ‘Swim With The Tigers’. While Remington was the off spring of parents 32 For For All All Ages! | Ages! |

already at ‘Wild Things’ Thunder came to the park from a park in North Carolina. Kathy Stearns, the founder of Dade City Wild Things again reminded us that the exhibits they have grew from a love and care of animals which grew and grew in nature.‘We have some pretty elaborate plans for the park this year which will allow us to have all day tours, educational programs in the area of wildlife, programs which are centered on the children and we are hopeful to have a snack shop nearby on the grounds, which combined with a tour of the park it should make for a most exciting day for any family.” Mrs. Stearns went on to say that cost in several parks where wild animals can be observed has risen to the level where a family is unable to afford a day at a park. ‘Not here’ she stated. ‘We want to make this an affordable park, one which reflects the days of the past here in Florida and one which is educational and anyone can have a great day.’ A quick tour of he park reveals a Florida panther, a zebra who wants to race with the golf cart we ride in, lions, ‘Tarzan’ a full grown tiger who is ‘Tony’s’ uncle, birds, monkeys and many other species of animals who make the tour interesting. CONTINUE TO NEXT PAGE

a veterinarian available for shots, treatment of medical problems and the like. And never forget, they get large very fast. You would have to have the appropriate permits, secure enclosures and the list go’s on and on. It Is simply best to let those who can handle the cats safely, do it. Remember, they are wild animals and they can cause damage. It’s best for the animal and best for the safety of the public”. There is something about holding a three month old actual tiger in your arms or reaching out to pat his head as he growls but does not scratch. They are a magnificent animal. It is a new exciting experience which I am hopeful many will have the opportunity to experience. We would also be remiss if we did not offer our congratulations to Kelsey and Randy who have announced their engagement to be married. They both love the big cats and are perfectly suited. Congratulations to you both. The question is ‘What tiger will be the ring bearer’.

Later, after ‘Remington’ and ‘Thunder’ have been put down for their morning nap, Kelsey and Randy , stopped their hectic morning work schedule to speak on the situation of the dwindling tiger population in the world today. ‘It is scary’ Stearns pointed out. “In 1913 we had over 100,000 tigers and now that number is reduced greatly. That is an amazing number we all need to reflect on. While many do not think keeping wild animals in public parks is the right thing, what is the alternative. In their homelands they are being displaced by growth and expansion of farming lands. They need large areas to hunt and roam. If they turn to killing livestock to survive the farmers hunt and destroy them. It’s a bad situation all around and hopefully we can preserve much of the wild species that could be or already is endangered. We should not as a world wait till we no longer have the big cats to learn we made a tragic mistake.”

Dade City Wild Things. My second visit and just as interesting as the first. For a family who started taking in and caring for a few wild animals, Mrs. Stearns and her family have created an interesting location to spend some time and learn more about ‘wild things’ and how they live. If you are ready to hear the lions roar or stare a tiger or panther in the eyes, or meet ‘Remington’ or Thunder’ up close, you may call (352) 567-WILD(9453) or check on to for more information.

Look how BIG

Tony The Tiger as grown!

Thinking of trying to raise such a large animal. Think again. Randy reminded us that “These cats eat at east ten pounds of meat on a good day, sometimes a Tony The Tiger little less in hot weather. You must have, like we do, September- -November November2013 2013 Florida FloridaCreative CreativeLiving Living| For | ForAllAllAges! Ages! September


33 33


For All Ages! |

FL Seller of Travel Ref.# ST 38227

September - November 2013

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Greer Jennison Featured Artist


y work is a mixture of realism and artistic impressionism. My aim is to not only capture the likeness of the sitter but to express emotion and character in a moment in time—memorializing the client’s life, achievements and unique personality and creating a work of art that will be cherished as an heirloom by future generations.

I relocated to the United States in 1997 and undertook commissioned portraits in my spare time, attending as many workshops as I could at the Scottsdale Art School in Arizona. My inspiration and motivation was fueled by my membership in the Portrait Society of America and, in particular, by the support of my mentor Judith Carducci.

I recently retired from my day job and moved to Florida to commence a full time career as an artist specializing in commissioned portraiture. My Born in Halifax, Yorkshire, England, I have always studio is located in the Santaella Studios’ Churchill loved art, with a strong desire to draw since I Gallery, near to Ybor City in Tampa. was a young child, and I knew in my heart that I always wanted to be an artist. Self-taught since I have been privileged to study under such excellent studying art in college, I did not anticipate that it tutelage as Judith Carducci, Chris Saper, Kerry would take so long or involve so many hurdles Dunn, Linda Taylor Brandon, Charles Miano, Kerry until I could begin to pursue my dream to be an Vosler, Joanie Falk, William Whitaker, Tony Pro, artist. among others. I am Also a member of the Portrait Society of America, the Cecilia Beaux Forum and 36

For All Ages! |

Adult Living |NEWS

A stroke of genius Portrait Artist

Portraits – Landscapes – Still- Life –Figurative Fine Art

COMPLETION Oil portraits typically take 6 - 8 months to complete. Clients will participate in a proof reading review of the portrait to enable any necessary adjustments to be made.

the Portrait Institute of America. My mediums are primarily oils, pastels, charcoal and conte crayon. I would describe my work as a mixture of realism and artistic impressionism. My aim is to not only capture the likeness of the sitter but to express emotion and character in a moment in time—memorializing the life, achievements and unique personality of my subject and creating a work of art that will be cherished as an heirloom by future generations.

Please visit my beautifully designed website – for additional examples of my art. You can also find me on Facebook where all of my upcoming art shows are announced and other examples of my work are displayed.

Commissioned Portrait Process: CONSULTATION – A free consultation is arranged with the client to meet and discuss the subject, the pose, size of portrait, clothing, background and budget. A photographic shoot is scheduled where the client and artist will participate in taking digital photographs, selecting a pose for the portrait and the price.




1906 N. Armenia Ave. Tampa, FL 33607



September - November 2013

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Photos provided by Lindsey McSweeney Livingston Sandy Feet Photography 38

For For All All Ages! Ages! | |

Saturday August 3, 2013 7000 people stood strong, at the St. Lucie Locks to see the damage being caused by the pollution.

September -- November November 2013 September 2013

Florida Florida Creative Creative Living Living| |For For All All Ages! Ages!


Saturday August 10, 2013 Thousands turned out along the Treasure Coast beaches to form a human chain to protest to protect our waterways for wildlife and humans.


For For All All Ages! Ages! | |



T T O C S K C I R R O N R E V CONTACT GO the Governor at Email (850) 488-7146 Call orov r/ -scott/email-the-governo -g


September September -- November November 2013 2013 Florida FloridaCreative CreativeLiving Living| For | ForAllAllAges! Ages!

41 41

Protect Our WATER,


Sandy Feet Photography

For For All All Ages! Ages! | |

before it’s to Late! September September -- November November 2013 2013 Florida FloridaCreative CreativeLiving Living| For | ForAllAllAges! Ages!

43 43


For All Ages! |

September - November 2013

Florida Creative Living | For All Ages!


Adult Living |NEWS

t c e n n o h t Rec i W


Incre Way here are times in every relationship when other commitments take priority over your husband or your boyfriend, but these times can hurt a relationship. When you start to notice that you haven’t been as close as you once were, you will want to start taking steps that will reconnect you with your partner and re-establish the strong relationship that you once had.



Realize that the mess can wait

Some women believe that they are being constantly judged by how their house or their living space looks. However, this is far from the case. Instead of making cleaning the majority of your free time, why not allow yourself to let more things go at the end of the day to make room for your relationship? Instead of having the laundry always done and 46

For All Ages! |

2 3

the kitchen always shining, isn’t your relationship worth the time?

Take time for yourself

Many women will feel more connected in their relationships if they take the time to make themselves look good. Something as simple as getting out of sweatpants and tee shirts at the end of the day and into nice jeans and a well-fitting top can help you feel more confident and thus, more attractive to your partner. You don’t have to look like a model, but taking care of your appearance can help you feel like one.

Create a date

At least once a week, you and your partner need to get out of the house and on a date. Too often, CONTINUE TO NEXT PAGE

Your Husband Or



edible ays Written by Mailcucan long relationships think that they are ‘past’ that, so they settle into a dull life of staying at home. When you were first dating, you went to the movies and out to eat why not try to do that more now? Sure, you won’t be able to do it every week, but if you try, you will both have something to look forward to.


Stop your thinking

Many times, a woman can become frustrated by everything that she is handling, especially when she’s a mom as well as a career woman. When this happens, you might feel as though you could scream at your partner for not being helpful enough, romantic enough, etc. But is this really going to reconnect your relationship? It can help to stop your thinking for a few seconds before you share these kinds of feelings. You might find that you’re actually feeling something else that’s not directed at him.

5 6

Put the spotlight on him

When you take the time to do something special for someone else, you will reap the benefits of feeling closer to them as well. Something as simple as packing a lunch or writing a love note in their wallet can be a great way to help your partner know that you care. Everyone likes to feel special.

When you can’t get away

It’s time to be creative if you’re unable to get away from the house. Maybe you can create date night at home, or work together on some goals that you’ve wanted to accomplish. Play board games do whatever you both like to do together. If you have a home remodeling project, don’t leave it just for him, do it together to get more couple time.

September - November 2013

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Halloween Fancy Dress

Guide to a

Fanciful Costume


For All Ages! |

Written by Robart Alex


any people from around the world are fond of celebrating parties and attending festivities. While some keep celebrations simple, others make each party of their lives more enjoyable and interesting. One way of doing this is by wearing costumes according to the party’s theme. In children’s parties, usual themes include animation such as famous cartoon characters. Another favorite subject is the use of fictional and fancy dresses or costumes. Certainly, there are numerous themes to consider in merrymaking, and selecting one could be a daunting task for any party planner.


Festivities are times of social gatherings to celebrate, to be happy, and to enjoy not only the company of relatives and friends, but also the wonderful food. Since it should always be happy times, spoiling any celebration is a big no-no. The same is true during costume parties, so never wear anything that could upset or insult anyone. Hence, choosing the most suitable outfit in accordance to the theme is significantly essential.

Traditional Party Themes

Christmas has been in the tradition of many people to celebrate every year. During this time, wearing of costumes is also popular, like dresses with Christmas designs as mistletoes, Santa’s face, candy canes, stockings, etc. Aside from Christmas, Halloween is similarly celebrated worldwide especially in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. People tend to organize Halloween parties and wear different attires like Halloween fancy dress. The most common outfit designs during such celebration would include vampires, bats, skeletons, witch costumes, and other violent or scary characters.

Spice Up

Halloween parties are usually gruesome, scary, or brutal; thus, sensible outfits must be chosen carefully and worn properly. It is inevitable that simple Halloween costumes would appear boring to

Adult Living |HOME a lot of people. But in order to make outfits more attractive and interesting, additional accessories are reasonable instead of wearing a plain scary costume. In fact, any Halloween attire could be fascinating enough, however it is always best to incorporate scary make-up, hairstyle, and other accessories like mask, necessary footwear and head dress.

Affordable Costumes

Party outfits need not be costly because there are various competent sources of a Halloween fancy dress plus accessories and other needs. There are do-it-yourself books or guides on fancy or fictional costumes, as well as information from magazines, television shows, and of course the internet. Besides customized or home-made outfits, thrift shops also offer different costumes on various party themes. Apparently, online stores likewise provide affordable fictional attires and fancy dresses. They also present big discounts, special offers, and at times promotional codes on select items.

Boys Versus Girls

Usually, boys wear the classic type of costumes like the famous Frankenstein or The Hulk. Despite of its simplicity, such attires remain classy yet attractive and eye-catching. Moreover, classic types are common, easy to find, and frequently cost cheaper compared to other modern outfits. On the other hand, girls prefer to dress in from cats to witches, devils, and vampires. Similarly, such attires are considerably classic yet elegant and interesting. Moreover, others go with the advanced approach similar to handpainted skeleton on the face and body, plus modern accessories and props.

September - November 2013

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Adult Living |HOME

Any animal found locally will most likely be turned over to the county animal control who will be able to trace the tag and return the pet to the owner. The other alternative is to plaster all the telephone poles in your area with a photo of your pet and hope for the best.

I’ll go with the registration tag. In addition, in the event of a dog bite incident the tag will also reflect that proper vaccinations have been administrated and assist the animal control office in this area of concern. Recently I took two of my three pets into my veterinarian and was pleased with the examination and vaccination process. I was also surprised at the reasonable cost. Therefore I would suggest to those who have not done so, get the vaccinations for your pet and protect both the animal and the public. It will be a worthwhile investment for you and your pet. If you have concerns as to the cost discuss it with your veterinarian who may have additional information and assistance in this area. They want the animals properly vaccinated as much as you do. Therefore in checking additionally into this subject to find out financially where we stand with our pets I find this interesting piece of information.

Do Not Wish to

Register Your Pet? By Chuck Johnson Staff Writer

hile on occasion many in our Community have failed to register their pets for a variety of reasons. Some may forget, some for financial reasons, however in the end registration is a good thing for us all.


To properly register your pet you arrange with your veterinarian for the proper vaccinations and then pay a fee to the county which will register the pet and provide you with a tag for the animals collar. Of course a name of the animal and a telephone number should always be in your pets collar. As the old saying go’s, ‘Without this tag... I’m just another stray’.

That is an understatement. 50

For All Ages! |

In China today, especially in cities like Beijing or Shanghai you are restricted to only one pet. Yes, that is correct. One (1) pet per household. Smaller dogs are the norm and any vicious dog is prohibited. Farmers are allowed guard dogs to protect their livestock. It is obvious that the China government is aware that having a pet is part of the western culture and will try and cash in on this 2.1 billion dollar industry expected to peak in 2017 in that country. Think that the fee in Florida is to high to register you pet? In China each dog must have a ‘residence permit’ and has to wear an ID tag and which will display a photo of the animal, the sex and breed. I suspect it also has information on the owner. The cost is $160.00 for the first year and $80.00 for each year after. And to top it all off, if you fail to register the animal they will fine you $800.00. Yes that is $800.00. Therefore perhaps it is cheaper to register our pets here at home. Yes, it is most likely true. The government will have a registry of all our pets, their names, sex and breed but really if your pet is not doing anything wrong we have nothing to worry about.

Adult Living |HEALTH & BEAUTY

Is Beauty only

Skin Deep? Kara Lee, local Tampa Bay Model shares her skin care and make up tips and how to smile for the perfect photo!

1 Care for YOUR Skin: 2 Protect YOUR Skin:

Always wear sunscreen and hats! Religiously take Vitamin D Supplements to make up for lack of sun exposure.

I always prime my face before I wear makeup with moisturizer or makeup primer. And always make sure my brushes and applicators are either always washed clean and replaced as needed. I exfoliate 3-5 times a week, but it depends on every person’s natural skin state. Secret Tip: If I am out with no makeup and have an impromptu date/ outing I freshen with a little lip gloss on my eyelids and lashes to give a shimmer and widen the eyes, pinch my cheeks and put a bright color on my lips.

Eating Green and Clean:

3Modeling and Photo Tip: 4

I focus on eating clean healthy non greasy, non-sugary foods. “If you won’t rub it on your tongue, then don’t rub it on your face.”

For smiling in photos, think of holding your tongue flat to the roof of your mouth, separating your jaw just a smidgen and activate your muscles around your eyes for September November 2013 face Florida For All Ages! “smeyes” And... laugh, it increases blood- flow to your andCreative feedsLiving your | skin!


Adult Living |HEALTH & BEAUTY


Can Get

Great Benefits From Whey Protein Written by Taylor Ryan


re you concerned about taking care of your body before and after strenuous activities or workouts? Do you try to avoid supplements that contain additives and possible side effects? I am very particular about what I am putting into my body at all times. I hate the idea of eating or taking something that I am not sure about what it is suppose to do or what side effects may be caused. If you are interested in better health and improved physical fitness you have surely heard that bodybuilders and other athletes are turning to a simple, natural supplement called whey protein. Whey is the only supplement I take besides my daily multivitamin 52

For All Ages! |

that I feel safe taking. So lets cover a few questions or concerns many women have about taking protein.



Protein levels are depleted through exercise. Muscles require amino acids to prevent deterioration, give endurance and build mass. Proteins supply these amino acids to the muscles which is why athletes use whey protein. If you want to gain muscle you have to make sure you have the building blocks for it. Women need protein the same ways that men do so do not be afraid of it.



Commercial whey protein comes from cow’s milk. Whey is the by-product of making cheese and was usually thrown away as a waste product. Now researchers know that whey protein is high quality, natural protein that is rich with amino acids essential for good health and muscle building. It is naturally found in mother’s milk and also used in baby formula. It is being considered for use as a fortifier of grain products because of its considerable health benefits and bland flavor. Although protein is also found in other foods such as meat, soy and

vegetables, whey protein is proven to have the highest absorption (digestion) levels in comparison to all others.



Whey protein has many health benefits including immune support, bone health, sports health, weight management and overall well being. And as women, we need all the help we can get to keep out bones strong and supportive. Plus overall health is not a bad thing either. The better nutrition you have in your life the less likely that the flu or other bugs will come knocking on your door. Because amino acids are ‘building blocks’ for the human body it is sometimes used by patients to speed up the healing of wounds or burns. The high quality protein that comes from whey makes it a recommended choice for those who need optimal benefits from restricted diets including diabetics, those on weight management diets and even ill patients not able to consume enough protein in their diet to assist with healing.




No, women lack the hormones that men have that allow them to get those large bulky muscles. Women will get an overall toned appearance without looking like the Hulk. Those women you see in body building competitions more often than not achieve their unusual frame by injecting additional hormones or supplements into their body. But no, with the use of whey you will not look like these women.



If you buy the powder you will be able to do a lot more than just simple shakes. But for shakes be create. Mix the whey with milk and maybe add some strawberries or blueberries to make the best shakes around! When you bake cookies scoop some whey in for a power cookie If you drink coffee but some chocolate whey in to make a great mocha. The possibilities are endless, get your creative juices going!


Whey protein is a food and so it does not have the risks associated with other supplements. That said, too much of anything carries risks. Extremely high use of whey protein can overload the liver which can cause serious problems. Moderation is always recommended. If you are lactose intolerant you might try whey protein isolate which has less than 1% lactose and should be tolerable for most users. Whey protein is a natural and healthy way to bring protein into your diet and increase well being. September - November 2013

Florida Creative Living | For All Ages!


Adult Living |HEALTH & BEAUTY

Travel Guide

Travels in Italy Part One – Site Seeing in Venice Written & Photos Provided by Erin Starr


For All Ages! |

just returned from my first trip to Italy. My mother wanted to make sure that I had seen it and she invited me to go on a “Grand Tour” with her in June 2013. She and my sister Faith spent a week with a tour group in Milan before I met her in Venice. Faith returned home to the United States and Mom and I took the vaporetto from the Venice airport to the main Island. The first thing we did after dropping our luggage off at the hotel was to get back on the vaporetto and make our way to Saint Mark’s Square (Piazza San Marco.) This is the main area for site seeing in Venice and you must go and experience the crowds and pigeons and cafes. Mom and I were surprised at the number of tourists walking around on a dry day with parasols they had purchased from vendors along the canals until we saw the pigeon phenomenon. Those parasols really do come in handy. I recommend buying one (for about 5 to seven euros) immediately. Nobody is safe!


My mother is a very savvy traveler and she has been to Italy many times. She recommended going to Mass in the Basilica rather than buying a ticket and standing in the very long lines in the hot sun. We checked to see what time Mass would be the next morning and then went straight to Florian’s, a café right on the piazza famous for its vast selection of high end snacks and desserts. We then headed into the alleys to do some window shopping and visited the bell tower in the piazza. We tried to be in the tower for the playing of the “Angelus” but our timing was off by about a half an hour. We got there at 6:00 and the bells didn’t play until 6:30. But, we heard them while we walked the alleys again and found a small restaurant for dinner. The next morning we got up and dressed for Mass. In Italy, you must have your shoulders and knees covered to enter into most churches. (Please be respectful of the attendees of the Mass too. Talking and taking pictures while Mass is being said is a big No-no.) We took the vaporetto to the piazza again, walked past the long lines in front that had paid to see it and went around the side of the Basilica where we were ushered right in to attend Mass. Mass was beautiful and we were given the full hour to look around at the splendor without having to battle the heat and crowds. And it was FREE! It helped that we are Catholic so we were able to understand exactly what was going on and even knew the prayers said in Latin that day. After Mass we hopped onto a vaporetto with the intention of going to the Island Murano where they make beautiful CONTINUE TO NEXT PAGE

September - November 2013

Florida Creative Living | For All Ages!


Adult Living |TRAVEL glass. But, we noticed that there was a vaporetto stop for Cemetery Island along the way. So, we got off there and walked around a little bit just to see if what we had heard about if from childhood stories was true. I guess the water level wasn’t high enough and we didn’t hear any bones banging around inside the caskets that day. But, it was quite beautiful and serene and well worth the short stop. From there we hopped back onto the vaporetto and made our way over to the island of Murano. There we ate lunch and then walked the town browsing in shops and purchasing trinkets to take home as souvenirs. There is a museum and foundry where you can watch a glass blowing demonstration but we skipped that because of the heat (and also because I live in Saint Petersburg, Florida where glass blowing is popular and it is easy for me to go to Gulfport or downtown if I want to see a demonstration.) But, it is a great thing to see if you don’t have that sort of thing easily accessible near where you live. The next morning we hopped on a train and went to Naples. More on that in my next installment! Things I wish I had done differently in Venice: 1. I would have liked to stay an extra day and take my time seeing things there. 2. It would have been fun to dress up one night and go dancing in the piazza. 3. Mom was very tired. Venice is a difficult place if you are elderly or handicapped. Going over bridges requires walking and lots and lots of stairs. Most do not have ramps. 4. Getting on and off the vaporettos (vaporetti in Italian,) was also a challenge and an adventure for Mom when the water was choppy. And, if it rains the vaporettos get crowded quickly and you might end up standing outside on the boat getting wet. Once again, I recommend buying that parasol right away! 56

For All Ages! |

Things I enjoyed the most: 1. Saving some money on tickets. Europe can be very expensive and it is important to watch what you spend as the exchange rate is not one-to-one against the dollar. Everything costs about 25% more there than anywhere in the United States. 2. Not having to stand in line in the hot sun to see the Basilica. (My mother is a smart lady!) 3. Shopping in the alleys of Venice. 4. Taking the vaporetto instead of a bus or a taxi. Boats are fun, what can I say?

September - November 2013

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Crossword Puzzle Down

Across Across 1. Cattle farm 6. Wooden pin 9. Cutlass 14. Ablaze 15. Mature 16. Spooky 17. Overwhelming fear and anxiety 18. An opposing argument 19. Rapidly 20. Kind of table 22. Pit viper 24. Pastry item 25. Chicken 26. Beer 29. Ness 31. Olympic field event 36. Pile 38. Breakers 40. Flat-bottomed boat 41. In a relaxed manner 42. Mythical cave-dwelling creature 44. Song 45. Affirm 46. Stead 47. Violence by an unruly mob 48. Erase 50. Rational 52. Single 53. Edible tuber 55. In the past 57. Plug 62. Bother 66. Pontifical 67. Frozen 69. A relative by marriage 70. Sports venue 71. Deplete 72. Baked in an oven or on a griddle 73. Cash 74. Female sheep 75. Measuring instrument

1. Ecstatic 2. A great distance 3. Three squared 4. Thin potato chip 5. Feverish 6. Step 7. Self 8. Writing style 9. Furniture item 10. Sobbed 11. Using speech rather than writing 12. Food grain 13. Cervid 21. To the lowest degree

23. Conjunction 25. Valiance 26. In front 27. Depart 28. Tripod 30. Knitting stitch 32. Box lightly 33. Oddity 34. Employee organization 35. Condition 37. Heaped wood used as a funeral rite 39. Jumping insect 43. Relating to the moon 49. Oculus

51. Self-interest 54. Come into existence 56. Unit of weight 57. Junk e-mail 58. Starchy tuberous root 59. Overt 60. Part of a window 61. Frolic 62. Sort 63. Smudge 64. Bowling alley 65. Pitcher 68. Sound made by corvine birds

View our next issue for the correct answers to this Crossword puzzle. 58

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A sudoku puzzle is a logic puzzle which is solved using logic and reasoning. Though the number of squares in the grid may vary, a standard Sudoku puzzle is a 9x9 grid divided into nine 3x3 blocks in which some of the numbers are given. The object of the puzzle is to fill in the rest of the grid using only the numbers 1 through 9 so that no number repeats in any block, row or column. The difficulty is determined by how many and which numbers are given and where they are placed in the grid and can range from very easy to extremely challenging. Though sudoku puzzles generally use numbers as symbols, no mathematical skills are required to solve the puzzle. View our next issue for the correct answers to this Sudoku puzzle.

Answer Guide

June - August Issue

Crossword Puzzle


September - November 2013

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September - November 2013

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Adult Living | ARTIST CORNER Elegant Shells

Elegant Shells

Artwork: Big Sur Seashell Mirror

Artwork: Home Decor

Location: Tampa, FL

Price: $4,300.00 Either contact Heather at Or visit my shop to purchase: www.elegantshells.bigcartel com

Location: Tampa, FL

Price: $195.00 per linear foot Either contact Heather at Or visit my shop to purchase: www.elegantshells.bigcartel com

Elegant Shells

Elegant Shells

Artwork: South African Chandelier

Artwork: Interior Fireplace

Location: Tampa, FL

Price: $3,200.00 Either contact Heather at Or visit my shop to purchase: www.elegantshells.bigcartel com

Location: Tampa, FL

Price: $195.00 per linear foot Either contact Heather at Or visit my shop to purchase: www.elegantshells.bigcartel com

Adult Living |BAND DIRECTORY Attention band members, are you having a hard time finding gigs? Would you like to be listed for $40? Have a sound recording of your music? With the paid $40 you get to have one of your band songs to be listed on our website. Let Florida Creative Living give you that exposure to have your phone ring! 62

Ages! | For For All All Ages! |

September - November 2013

Florida Creative Living | For All Ages!


Heather Kendall Designs Elegant Shells 64

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eather Kendall, owner and founder of Elegant Shells, creates custom seashell designs including mirrors, chandeliers, lighted sconces, fireplaces and home decor. Heather has been designing with seashells for over 13 years now and her pieces can be found in beautiful homes and select stores throughout the United States, Bahamas, Canada and Europe.


The designs of Heather Kendall have been featured in publications including: the duPont Registry, Garden Design, foam, ocean home, FLORIDA travel & life, housetrends, bay, FLAIR, Waterfront home & design, Tampa Bay Metro, Southern Living IDEA HOUSE and many more. As a child, she spent most of her free time on the water, boating, diving, swimming and beach combing. Her love of the beach and sea shells was instilled in her and can be seen in her beautiful custom creations.

Heather is based in South Tampa, Florida. You can contact her via email: or by phone: 813.629.3439 to discuss your dream of owning a unique piece of sea shell art. To view some of the endless design possibilities, please go to her website: and her FaceBook page: Lead time is 4-6 weeks. Call today. September - November 2013

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Adult Living | BUSINESS DIRECTORY My Paradise Planner Clearwater, FL

Travel Agent

O: 888.373.3677 MyParadisePlannerTravel

Doug D’Souza Jewelry Design

Gulfport, FL

O: 727.954.7350 DougDsouzaJewelryDesign

Trim Nutrition Clearwater, FL

GypsyCat Creations


O: 727. 230.1438 metabolixwellnesscenter

Gulfport, FL Artist

O: 727.492.6037 GypsyCatCreations

Pia’s Trattoria

Gyspy Thread Dunedin, FL

Etsy Store


For All Ages! |


Gulfport, FL

O: 727.327.2190

Italian Restaurant

Sea Breeze Manor Bed and Breakfast Gulfport, FL


O: 727. 343.4445

Soup 2 Nuts Gulfport, FL Business Services

Florist Fire Largo, FL Florist


Design Plus Lutz, FL


O: 813.994.6006 SignsbyDesignsPlus

Tampa’s Arlington Road Band

Lutz, FL


O: 813.376.8256 tampasarlingtonroad

Damsel in Defense

Tampa, FL Personal Protection

O:813.679.2518 pro1637

Mermaid Minerals

Gulash Graphics

Elegant Shells Tampa, FL Home Decor


Lutz, FL Design Firm

O: 813.994.5110 C: 813.458.1098

St Pete, FL


O: 727.637.4615 twitter/

Main House Antique Center

MJ Real Estate Lutz, FL Real Estate Agency

O: 813.948.6814 C: 813.376.8646 maryjohnsonrealestate

St. Pete., FL


O: 727.552.2492 Facebook page www.facebook. comElegantShellsDecor

Tampa, FL

Pure Romance by Kathryn Health & Beauty

O:813.830.3060 kathryn.1?fref=ts

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Tampa, FL

Prints Charming Booth, LLC

Event Planning

O: 727. 599.7249 printscharmingboothtampa

Working Women Of Tampa Bay Tampa, FL Community Organization

O: 888.998.6483


For All Ages! |

Plexus Slim

Vero Beach, FL Health/Weight Loss

Crystal Mazzoli 772-918-4948 Mandy Shepherd 772-713-4043

W4CY Radio Wellington, FL

Internet Radio

O: 561.506.4031

Adult Living | Chef’s Delight

Simple Salad

Serves 4

Diabetic’s Lemon Terry Foster Serves 12 Cheesecake *If you cannot use crumbs made from graham crackers, make your crumbs from sugar-free butter cookies or sugar-free vanilla wafers.

By Tanya Sharkey

Ingredients: 4 Roma Tomatoes, large chop 1 cucumber, large chop 1 avocado, large chop 5-6 hard boiled eggs, large chop 5-6 red potatoes boiled, cut in half, slice (could also use fingerlings or other small potato) assortment of mixed greens (could also add herbs, watercress, etc) 2-cans Good canned tuna (Albacore, sustainable, preferably imported from Italy) I like to use one can in Olive Oil, one in water, no extra salt. Dijon Vinaigrette Dressing: In jar mix 1/4 cup olive oil, 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar or fresh squeezed lemon,tablespoon of Dijon mustard, handful chopped cilantro, pinch salt and pepper to taste, shake. Taste dressing, add more of anything you need. To serve, line up ingredients on rows on a platter and drizzle dressing over top, Mangia!

By Linda Wilson

Ingredients: 1 1/4 graham cracker crumbs* 1/4 cup Splenda granular 1/3 cup butter, melted 1 pkg (3-oz) sugar-free lemon gelatin mix 2/3 cup boiling water 2 bars (8-oz each) light cream cheese 6-oz. lite/firm silken tofu grated rind of 1 lemon juice of 1 lemon 1 cup sugar-free frozen whipped topping, thawed Fresh fruit of your choice, optional

In a small mixing bowl combine the graham cracker crumbs, Splenda, and melted butter until mixed together well. Using the back of a large spoon, press the mixture on the bottom and up the sides of an 8-inch springform pan. Chill the crust for about ten minutes. In a blender container mix the lemon gelatin mix and the hot water; slowly add in the cream cheese and the tofu. Continue to mix until smooth. Pour the mixture into a large mixing bowl and add the lemon rind, lemon juice and the thawed topping. Pour into the prepared pan, smoothing the top. Chill for 4 hours or more. Before serving garnish with more whipped topping and fresh fruit/fruits of your choice, if desired.

September - November 2013

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National Mill Dog has rescued over

6,300 puppy mill survivors.

Photos Provided by Theresa Strader 70

For All Ages! |

Donate Or Adopt TODAY!

By seven years of age, Lily was worn out. Commonplace in the industry, she had received little to no veterinary care throughout her life, the result of which, for her, was terribly disturbing. Due to years of no dental care, poor quality food, rabbit bottle watering and no appropriate chew toys, the roof of Lily’s mouth and lower jaw, had rotted away. Her chest was riddled with mammary tumors and she was absolutely terrified of people. Strader brought Lily and twelve others home from the auction and declares that even for a highly seasoned rescuer, the following months were the education of a lifetime in rehabilitation. That she would take up the cause for the mill dogs was never in question and National Mill Dog Rescue was promptly underway. In five short years, NMDR has amassed over 1,300 volunteers and has rescued over 6,300 puppy ational Mill Dog Rescue rescues, mill survivors. rehabilitates and re-homes retired commercial breeding dogs from Run almost solely by volunteers, NMDR has puppy mills. NMDR gives these pledged to put an end to the cruelty of the puppy dogs a new beginning and a final mill industry. Through widespread informative chance to find happiness and comfort in a loving home. efforts, NMDR hopes to educate the public to acquire their companion animals through reputable breeders or better yet, from shelters and rescue groups across the country.



To rescue, rehabilitate and rehome discarded breeding After her rescue, Lily spent the remainder of her dogs and to educate the general public about the cruel life as a beloved member of the Strader family realities of the commercial dog breeding industry. where she received medical care, warmth and companionship. In time, Lily found courage and National Mill Dog Rescue was established in February her disfigured little body educated countless 2007, in honor of a forgiving little Italian Greyhound people about the horrors of the puppy mill named Lily. Theresa Strader, NMDR’s Founder and industry. Lily died peacefully in the arms of her Executive Director, rescued Lily from a dog auction loving family in May 2008, fifteen months after in Missouri. Prior to that day, Lily had spent the first she was rescued. seven years of her life as a commercial breeding dog, a puppy mill mom. Determined that her years of living in misery would not be in vain, Strader started NMDR, giving a voice to mill dogs across the country. During her years as a breeding dog, Lily spent all of her days confined to a small, cold wire cage in a dark, foul-smelling barn. Never was she removed from her cage for exercise or socialization. In her dreary confines, Lily was forced to produce one litter after another with no respite. Like all commercial breeding dogs, she was a veritable breeding machine whose worth was measured in only one way - her ability to produce puppies.

National Mill Dog Rescue Theresa Strader Founder and Executive Director

September - November 2013

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Adult Living | TECHNOLOGY

The Technology Of TOMORROW

The Fountain of Life

A great example of human-centered design, the Fountain of Life birth pool combines hi-tech hygienics with thoughtful ergonomics to calm and comfort soon-tobe new parents. A friendly and easy to use interface helps monitor water quality and temperature as well as controls the built-in water cycling filtration system that disinfects water before flushing out. The hexagonal shape was adapted for the birthing posture and tactile handles and foot pedals add grip so users can hold on and let er’ rip! Designer: Yu Liu Read more at

UnCasted Cast It’s bad enough that you have broken your arm and have to be out of action for almost three to four weeks; you also have to endure an unsightly cast. Unless something like this really techenabled U-Cast pops up! Totally impressed by its innovative approach of incorporating design into something very medical. Designer: Joh Minwho Read more at


For All Ages! |

September - November 2013

Florida Creative Living | For All Ages!



For All Ages! |

September - November 2013

Florida Creative Living | For All Ages!


Adult Living | VA Memoirs


A War Hero Story Cpl. Ian T. Zook

23 August 1980 – 12 October 2004

By Chuck Johnson MSG/U S Army (Ret)


he date is November 11, 2013 and it is called ‘Veterans Day’.

It is a day set aside to give our thanks to the thousands of men and woman who have served and continue to serve in our nations military and remember those who made that supreme sacrifice. This should not just be another day where some may have the day off from work or a day to start up the BBQ grill. This should be a day when we stop, take a moment and remember we’re a free nation because of the sacrifice of so many who asked for so little. A little history. It all started in World War 1. Fighting had ceased some seven months 76

For All Ages! |

previous when the armistice between the Allied Forces and Germany had gone into effect. Actually the fighting had halted on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. For that reason November 11th 1918 is generally known to many as the end of ‘the war to end all wars “. In November 1919, President Wilson proclaimed November 11 as the first commemoration of what was called ‘Armistice Day’ by speaking the following. “ To us in America,the reflections of Armistice will be filled with solemn pride in the heroism of those who died in this countries service and with gratitude for the victory, both because of the thing from which it has freed us and because of the opportunity it has given America to show the sympathy with peace and justice in the councils of the nations.” CONTINUE TO NEXT PAGE

Actually Armistice Day was created to honor those of sent to some foreign land. He did it because he World War 1 however after World War II which saw so was dedicated to his country, he knew he had many lives lost, in 1954 Armistice Day was changed to to ‘do his part’. Veterans Day. Ian had been riding in an armored vehicle a few We all remember so many that deserve recognition weeks earlier which was struck by a roadside for their service, however I would like to mention one bomb and sustained minor injuries. He young Marine who gave it all for our country. This continued to serve and was later in a separate young marine has been on my mind for some time incident was fatally injured on October 12, since his death and he is one of many that deserve to 2004. be remembered. In Port St. Lucie Florida, in which Ian grew up Ian Zook was a young man of age ten and the son of the city honored him by naming a park in his Trooper Mark Zook of the Florida Highway Patrol. name. The Ian T. Zook park located on North Manville St. in that city. While it seems like a Ian had a passion to learn to play the guitar and while small token for a man who gave his life for his I was no musical genius on that instrument when he country it keeps his name alive to those who asked for a lesson I attempted to teach him what I enter the park and is a good thing. I wonder if could. He was a fine young man and I was sure that he they know who he truly was. A United States would follow in his fathers footsteps who was a Florida Marine, who answered the call. Highway Patrol Officer. I truly enjoyed his enthusiasm and had no doubt he would be successful in life. This Veterans Day let us remember Cpl. Ian Zook and all the fallen service members who The years separated us and while I spoke to his father answered that call. Let us remember the folded on occasion I never saw Ian again. I departed Ian’s flags handed to the relatives of the fallen and to home town of Port St. Lucie Florida in 2003 and shortly those who survived, however still live with the thereafter learned of his death while he was serving injuries of those conflicts. in Iraq. Yes, it is time to remember them on November Ian was a 24 year old casualty of war. A war often 11,2013 and every day. debated as questionable by some, needed by others. What is a known fact is that Ian was not drafted, he did They deserve that..and more. not have to join the United States Marine Corp and be

Photos provided by Mothers of America’s Military Fallen

September - November 2013

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Soup 2 Nuts

Virtual Assistance Social Media Marketing Terry Foster

Email: Find Us on Facebook: Soup2Nuts-Virtual-AssistanceSocial-Media-Marketing

Get assistance when you need it for big or small administrative tasks and social media marketing. • • • •

You pay only for the time spent on your project No vacation or sick days to pay No insurance or tax to file We customized our fees to fit your budget

We pride ourselves in providing affordable rates for the small business owner. Ask about our Summer Rate Specials for Social Media Marketing! 78

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September - November 2013

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Florida Creative Living - 12th Issue  

Fall issue featuring Florida Based Businesses, and Giveaways.

Florida Creative Living - 12th Issue  

Fall issue featuring Florida Based Businesses, and Giveaways.