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Volume 8, Issue 4

September 2012

Luminations from Lana … What a grand time had by everyone attending the 8th Annual Florida District Civitan Convention held at the Wyndham Orlando Resort in Orlando, Florida. Our International President, Bill Buscher and his lovely wife, Sharon, joined us as our special guests and installed our 2012-2013 district officers. Other special guests included the Don DeVane Scholarship recipient, Autumn Coppinger and her family; Daniel Bowen, 2012-2013 Junior Civitan Governor and Rebecca Algera, 2012-2013 Junior Civitan Public Relations Chair; and Sam Dempster, Immediate Past Junior Civitan Governor and his parents. We had six “first timers” attending the convention. The Miche fundraising opportunity was well received by our attendees and the 40% predicted profit on sales was very inviting. All in all, it’s been a great year! The learning experience has been tremendous and I truly have learned how to multitask. Family responsibilities, community and church activities do not cease so you can take care of the business of the Florida District. It has been challenging but also an opportunity to grow. And boy, have I learned how to prioritize! Did I meet all my goals? “No.” Did I try real hard? “Yes.” Did I have fun trying? “Yes, lots of fun!” I had the chance to bond with my fellow Governors, about 22 of them. I was privileged to visit many clubs within the District. I visited our Civitan International Headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama and, while there, toured the Civitan International Research Center and talked with the young scientists and researchers who are looking for cures for brain disorders, other diseases, and disabilities. What a grand time had by everyone attending the 8th Annual Florida District Civitan Convention held at the Wyndham Orlando Resort in Orlando, Florida. Our International President, Bill Buscher and his lovely wife, Sharon, joined us as our special guests and installed our 2012-2013 district officers. Our other special guests included the Don DeVane Scholarship recipient, Autumn Coppinger and her family; Daniel Bowen, 2012-2013 Junior Civitan Governor and Rebecca Algera, 2012-2013 Junior Civitan Public Relations Chair; and Sam Dempster, Immediate Past Junior Civitan Governor and his parents. We had six “first timers” attending the convention. The Miche fundraising opportunity was well received by our attendees and the 40% predicted profit on sales was very inviting. All in all, it’s been a great year! The learning experience has been tremendous and I truly have learned how to multitask. Family responsibilities, community and church activities do not cease so you can take care of the business of the Florida District. It has been challenging but also an opportunity to grow. And boy, have I learned how to prioritize! Did I meet all my goals? “No.” Did I try real hard? “Yes.” Did I have fun trying? “Yes, lots of fun!” I had the chance to bond with my fellow Governors, about 22 of them. I was privileged to visit many clubs within the District. I visited our Civitan International Headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama and, while there, toured the Civitan International Research Center and talked with the young scientists and researchers who are looking for cures for brain disorders, other diseases, and disabilities. Continued on page 3

What’s Inside District Officers and Florida District Calendar Governor 2012-2013 The Chaplain’s Corner Club Beams Governor-Elect 2012-2013 Be Prepared

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Florida District Convention Junior Civitan Civitans at the Helm Senior International Director Region Two Report Changing of the Guard

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DISTRICT OFFICERS 2012-2013 2012

Governor: Bob Brightman

Governor-elect: Bob Kircher

Immediate Past Governor: Lana Suggs

Past Governor Director: Gay Aaron

Area Directors: Area 1: Area 2A: Area 2B: Area 3: Area 4: Area 5: Area 6:


Deb McCoy Mattie Fraser Linda Weinstein Robert Dietz Viki MacKenzie Nery Kircher Elly Currie

Secretary: Deb McCoy

Treasurer: Ruthe Kurtz

Chaplain: Philip Nordstrom

Judge Advocate: Robert Dietz

Sergeant-at-Arms: Ronald Spitznagel

Committee Chairs Awards, Nominations, Lana Suggs

Bulletin/Newsletter Hillary Brightman

Candy/Coin Box: Jeanne Davison

Council of Past Governors Gay Aaron

Don DeVane Scholarship Jeanne Davison

Finance: Fruit Cake: Pat Kirk

Growth & Retention, Historian and Training Coordinator: Helen Galloway

Junior / Campus Civitan: Penny Bonawitz

Public Relations: Tricia MacKenzie

Registrar: Lynn Maurer

Time & Place Steve Steenberge

Website: John Edward Dietz

International Foundation Liaison for the District: Steve Steenberge

Sept. 15 Deadline to submit material for Florida Sunbeam Newsletter October 1 New Civitan Year .. Civitan PASSION...Speaks With Action October 27 World Junior Civitan Day November Youth Involvement Month

November 3 District Board Meeting— CONFERENCE CALL 9:30 a.m. November 15 Deadline for Club Officer Training Certification December 1 Honor Club/Competitive Awards applications for 2011-2012 due to International with copy to Immediate Past Governor Clapp; District Awards applications for Outstanding Club, District Awards applications for Outstanding Club, Outstanding Club President for 2011-2012 to Immediate Past Governor Suggs

2013 January 1 Deadline to submit material for Winter Sunbeam January 13-17 Governor-Elect Academy, Birmingham, Alabama (tentative) January 20 Junior Civitan Polar Plunge, Orlando January 27-31 Junior Civitan International. Sno-Do, Barrie, Ont., Canada January 25-29 Clergy Appreciation Week January 31 Quality Achievement Award Applications due to International; January 31 Postmark Deadline Shropshire Application due to International February Clergy Appreciation February 2 Junior Civitan Polar Plunge, Daytona Beach March Junior Civitan District Environmental Project March 8-11 Junior Civitan Int. Dance-a-thon, Midland, Ontario, Canada March-April District Meeting, Time and Place TBA April Civitan Awareness Month & Junior Civitan Advisor Appreciation Month Apr. 1 Deadline to submit material for Spring Sunbeam April 6 Florida District Junior Civitan Convention, Daytona Beach April 30 Area Directors’ Semi-Annual Visit with Club Presidents Due May TBA Florida District Board Meeting, Conference Call 9 a.m. June 1 All Club Officer elections should be completed for 2013-14 year June 20-23 Junior Civitan International Convention, Charlotte, NC July 1 Report of 2013-2014Club Officers to Civitan International and Governor-Elect Bob Kircher July 1 Junior Civitan Club Year Begins; Officers Assume Duties for 2013-2014 (report due) July 1 Deadline to submit material to Summer Sunbeam

July 3-6

93rd Civitan International Convention, Denver

August 15

Awards Applications postmarked to Awards Chair Suggs

Sept. 13-14 Florida District Board Meeting and Annual Convention & Installation Banquet, TBA Sept. 30 Oct. 1

Area Director’s Year-end Report with Club Presidents due Deadline to submit material to Fall Sunbeam

CIVITAN PASSION … Speaks with Action




Luminations from Lana


I was installed as Florida District Governor at the International Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana, and witnessed the 2013 Governors’ Installation Ceremony in Tallinn, Estonia in Northern Europe; and now, here we are putting the finishing touches on a year well spent . . . Enriching Lives Through Service. The Civitan Creed is not just something I recite. It resonated in me the first time I read it. I figured if I live the Civitan Creed, then I would not have to recite it, but I do anyway. When asked what is “Civitan,” I can reply and you can too, “I am Civitan.” Thank you for allowing me to represent you as the 2011-2012 Florida District Governor. Thank you for presenting me with the District Honor Key and the Civitan Fellow. Thank you one and all for all the help, expertise, guidance and support you have given me this past year. I truly could not have done it without you. Thank you for a fantastic year! Now it is time to pass the gavel, the banner, and the responsibility to the next Florida District Governor … Bob Brightman and his officers for 2012-2013 which were installed by Civitan International President Bill Buscher! The theme for the coming year is Civitan PASSION Speaks With Action! I know each of us will do all we can to continue to make us the Fabulous Florida District!


Governor 2012-2013 … Bob


As I write this, I still have a couple of days left as Governor-Elect, but I am beginning to suspect what I have gotten myself into. I am counting on all of you to get me through this year. Lana, congratulations on your Shropshire Fellow and District Honor Key, and you should be proud of what you accomplished this year. It scared me a little though to see how happy you were to be leaving office. I am amazed at how rapidly my calendar is filling up. I am attending the Frontier Installation on Oct 5, the Autism Clinic on Nov. 2nd, the District phone conference Nov. 3, just got the notice for the Governors update conference in Birmingham next March, and have scheduled the Uptown Clubs 30th Anniversary Lunch for next May (oddly I was at their 25th anniversary also --I am just going to pencil them in for every five years). And I am still going through e-mails, so I suspect there may be a few more surprises in there. For those who were not in attendance at the District Convention in Orlando, I hope you get a chance to talk to someone who was in attendance. We had six First Time attendees at the Convention. We had some highs and lows at this year’s convention. The highs were the award presentations which are listed elsewhere in this issue. Congratulations to the Uptown Club for receiving the Shropshire Outstanding Club Award at the International Convention in Estonia, and I am certainly not going to fail to mention that Lake Eola Civitan received first place in Estonia for the largest percentage increase (292 %). Congratulations to all our award winners at the District Convention in Orlando. First time convention attendee Karen Johnston, incoming President of Sunset Civitan, got to collect numerous awards on behalf of her club. Sunset’s outgoing President Ruth Phelan has done an outstanding job, and it was for that reason, that Karen Johnston also got to collect, on behalf of Ruth who was in Ohio, this year’s District award for Civitan of the Year. The low point of the convention was when George Corey turned in the charter for Central Civitan Club. It was clearly a very painful and difficult moment for George and for Elizabeth Corey who have been pillars of Civitan. Now that a little time has elapsed, I want to assure George and Elizabeth that Civitan will be staying in touch with the Coreys, and that the Coreys should concentrate on and be justifiably proud of the contributions they have made to their club and Civitan and the many people who have been helped through the years as a result of their efforts. And this is going to be a continuing mantra for me this year, and certainly not the last time you will hear this from me. I would like to see us increase the Florida Districts support for the CIRC. Would your club consider a fundraiser this year specifically to benefit the CIRC ? Would your club sponsor a golfer or an additional golfer at this year’s BreakThru Golf Tournament?? How about for the Putt N Chip???






At the Florida District Convention at the Wyndham Resort in Orlando a brief Memorial Service was held to honor and remember Florida District Civitans who have gone on since our District Convention in 2011. As was done in the fall issue of the Florida Sunbeam the last five years, I want to honor those who passed on this past year. Gene Caruthers – Tallahassee Civitan Club Marjorie DeWay Howell – St. Petersburg Civitan Club Norris Reynolds – Orlando Civitan Club Ray Young – Central Civitan Club Ethel Zoller – Sunset Civitan Club The hands of these Civitans did the work of the world and reached out in service to others. Also, their heart beat for every friend, bled for every injury to humanity and throbbed with joy at every triumph of truth. In addition, they practiced the Golden Rule of doing for others what they would want done for them. Can you (me) say that? Each of us needs to make sure we do our best in following the Civitan Creed. When we do, we can be sure we are working to make this a better world for all people. We thank the Lord for these Civitans. They gave of themselves to make their communities a better place for all citizens. No one knows when our Lord is going to call us home. Remember, we are on Heaven’s most wanted list! In addition to honoring the Civitans named above who

passed on this year, a moment was taken to honor Florida District Civitan’s family members who have gone on this year and members of our Armed Forces who have given the ultimate sacrifice this year to guarantee our freedom to worship and our other freedoms in the United States of America. Remember, our freedoms are not free. Be sure to thank God each day for the freedoms you have in the United States of America. Our 2012-2013 Civitan theme is Civitan PASSION Speaks with Action. Let each of us strive to do it with a spirit that at the end of the year the Lord will be able to look down on us and say; “Well Done.” Remember the Lord will help us do this if we will look to Him and ask Him for His help. Isaiah 41:13 says; “For I am the Lord your God, who upholds your right hand, Who says to you, Do not Fear, I will help you.” Let’s be sure we seek the Lord’s help in making the adjustments we need to make in order to be better Civitans in helping others. Also, it is good to remember that: “Sorrow looks back, Worry looks around, and Faith looks up.” In His Grace, Phil

Count Your Blessings ... Note from Editor: In last month’s Sunbeam, there were errors in the Chaplain’s column on my part. My apologies to Chaplain Phil Nordstrom. Here is the “correct” and complete version of Phil’s July column. COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS Author Unknown I’ve never made a fortune, And it’s probably too late now. But I don’t worry about that much, I’m happy anyhow. And as I go along life’s way, I’m reaping better than I sowed. I’m drinking from my saucer, ‘Cause my cup has overflowed. Haven’t got a lot of riches, And sometimes the going’s tough. But I’ve got loving ones all around me, And that makes me rich enough. I thank God for His blessings, And the mercies He’s bestowed. I’m drinking from my saucer,

2 VOLUM E 8, I S S UE 4

Cause my cup has overflowed. I remember times when things went wrong, My faith wore somewhat thin. But all at once the dark clouds broke, And the sun peeped through again. So Lord, help me not to gripe, About the tough rows I have hoed. I’m drinking from my saucer, ‘Cause my cup has overflowed. If God gives me strength and courage When the way grows steep and rough. I’ll not ask for other blessings, I’m already blessed enough. And may I never be too busy, To help others bear their loads. Then I’ll keep drinking from my saucer, ‘Cause my cup has overflowed. When I think of how many people, In this world have it worse that I do. I realize just how blessed, Most of us really are.




CLUB BEAMS During the summer, club activities traditionally show down as members are enjoying vacations and time with family and friends as well as attending the International and District conventions. But, Florida Civitans are committed and continually serve others. Here is a brief review of club activities.

Arlington – Club members have been working hard and in June held a Stampin’ Up! fundraising event generating $900+ for operating expenses. They have collected canned goods for the Second Harvest Food Bank, and held an event to benefit Mother’s for Traumatic Brain Injury Hope raising $1254 for the organization. A membership meeting is planned for November. Each year at a Stampin’ Up Convention, one of their demonstrators in honored with the Heart of Stampin’ Up! Award. Recipients of this award embody the spirit of Stampin’ Up!’s Statement of the Heart as they make a difference in people’s lives. Lee Conrey, Arlington’s President and a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator, received that honor based on the extraordinary kindness, dedication, generosity, or a willingness to serve others that has been a part of the Arlington Civitan Club’s commitment to the community. Well done, Lee!! As requested by incoming Governor Bob Brightman, Bruce Bradley, President-Elect, attended the recent Florida District Convention and shared the ups and downs of this two year old club, which is now definitely on “up.” (Lee pictured right; Bruce left) Auburndale – The club continues to be active with Polk County Special Olympics and provides volunteer support to the local SO coordinator. They are diligently working to increase their membership and look forward to a positive year. Gene Albrigo, (pictured right) speaking for a mature club with low membership, attended the Florida District Convention and shared the plans for the Auburndale Club for thinking “outside the box” to help increase membership. We wish them all much success as they work toward that goal. Clay County – Plans are well underway for future club activities. Their monthly dances for those with special needs began in August, the popular Bingo for Bucks at Dr. Lake Nursing Home is planned as well as support for Ronald McDonald House and the Clothes Closet. This small club is very busy making a difference in their community. Charlotte ACTION – This club has been very active during the year raising funds to form the Charlotte Challenger Little League Baseball program and it is well underway. Membership recruitment and other projects have continued. Citrus -- Their twice a month meeting schedule continues with one meeting at lunch and the other held in the evening as a fellowship/recruitment meeting. They continue their work with the Coalition for the Homeless and are working on a fall wine tasting fundraiser. Clearwater – Members keep busy during the summer with favorite projects and continue to work closely with the Challenger Jamboree and Little League program. President Earle Lusk and his wife, Jessie, represented the club well at the International Convention in Tallinn. They also attended the recent Florida District Convention along with longtime Clearwater Civitans … Carl and Betty Leiby and Fred Nova-Mesky. Florida’s First Coast – The club recently held a Stamp & Crop event for the ARC Beaches Extension and collected canned goods for the Second Harvest Food Bank. They were pleased to award the Henry Cook Scholarship to a Fletcher Junior Civitan in August raising funds for this by participation in the TPC fundraising opportunity. Frontier – School supplies and clothing were purchased for two young students from Coalition for the Homeless and support was provided for a member’s co-worker who lost everything in a fire. Plans are underway for the annual installation banquet held jointly with the Citrus Club and the club’s spectacular Holiday Tour of Homes!





… two

Gainesville – This club continues with their great service to the community with the Life South Blood Center and building wheelchair ramps in the area. The club was excited to sponsor a new Junior Civitan club! Ron Spitznagel, represented this club at the Florida District Convention. Heart of Florida – This club is always busy with service projects, youth projects and fellowship events. Service areas include the Orlando Museum of Art, Orlando Shakes, and the Winter Park Day Nursery. As they have done for 24 years, they will have their back-to-school party for the kids at Edgewood Ranch. A fundraising garage sale will be held in October. But Heart of Florida is most excited to be the first club to hold a Miche Purse Party which was a huge success! This is a special project for all Civitans with proceeds from the sales going to the Civitan International Research Center. Four members attended the Florida District Convention. Lake Eola – This vivacious club held a three party trivia tournament during the summer with $1000 in prize money given out in the series. They will participate in the Down Syndrome Walk and the Howard Phillips Center Autism Clinic as well as the November Feed Florida First event. Leesburg -- The club’s World Famous Chicken BBQ’s are as popular as ever and the schedule is growing! They are providing support to Sunrise ARC with support for their new internet café for clients and are working with the Ronald McDonald House. Members Deb McCoy and Trish Mlekodaj along with new member, Doyle Finney attended the recent district convention and everyone was excited to see Doyle honored as Outstanding New Member of the Year! (Pictured Trish, Doyle and Deb) Naples – Projects, fundraisers, education and social programs keep this club busy as well as securing a net increase of 5 members for the year. They are active with their junior club, the Collier Challenger Little League and held their 2nd Annual Naples Shining Stars Show dinner-dance. At the District Convention, Syd Fishman, PIP, and Governor Lana requested that attendees bring items to send to our troops overseas. As you can see, many responded with items and some with money. North Tampa – This growing club is staying busy with interesting programs and community projects. They assisted with the Public Food Bank program for the needy delivering bags of donated food to centralized distribution points. They also held their first Pancake Breakfast at the church of a member and sold tickets, cooked pancakes and bacon, waited tables and cleaned up! Proceeds will go to the Civitan International Research Center and the Family Justice Center of Hillsborough County. Word is that the pancakes were great! Claxton Fruitcake is on their upcoming agenda as they are major providers in their area. Orlando – As a long-time major supporter of the Russell Home, the club will be volunteering at the upcoming Elvis Impersonator program to benefit the home and collected needed food items for the Home at the district convention. Members volunteered at two Neighborhood Watch programs and are already planning the annual Magnolia School Christmas party. They are pleased to welcome four new members and an honorary associate member. The Florida District Convention attendees were asked to bring food items for the Russell Home. As you can see, Sandy Sanders had a lot of food to take to them (pictured right). Pine Castle – Continuing to be active; members recently watched a video on Civitan International, heard about hurricane preparations, were visited by a seeing-eye pup in training and had a visit from Southpaw, the mascot for the Jacksonville Suns baseball team. Pine Castle members also celebrate their members’ birthdays where they receive a card and everyone sings “Happy Birthday” to them. Plant City – The club was thrilled to have long-time president, Pat Pogue, awarded the Plant City Chamber of Commerce “Good Egg” award for her dedicated service to the community. Plans are being made for their annual activities including the Christmas party at JF Robinson School, the local Pig Jam, and the Strawberry Festive Youth Parade to name a few.






St. Petersburg – Members and quests celebrated July 4th with a club BBQ at their Beach Club complete with fireworks on the beach. Last month the club held their 64th Annual Fish -A-Thon with the St. Petersburg Parks Dept. with 241 young people fishing. They were pleased to have members of their St. Petersburg Junior Club also help with the event. Several l members participated with the September Special Olympics Bowling. (Pictured are first timers Roger and Sandi Stanford with Robert Dietz, Lori Clapp, and Gay Aaron)

South Jacksonville – Their annual Malcolm B. Knight award was a cash contribution to a Special Education teacher for program activities and supplies. The club held a meeting at Pine Castle and contributed funds to them as well. Back-toschool supplies were donated recently to two special education teachers. Members look forward to the installation of officers as Barbara Carroll will be installed as president. Barbara is the daughter of the club’s founder and first president, Cecil Carroll. Southpoint – Continuing to stay busy, the club made blankets for the Linus Project, worked at the TPC, and cooked dinner for 200 disabled young people at Camp Promise. They have outstanding speakers at most of their meetings, Club members also met for a social time and made greeting cards (in packages of 10) that they sold at the Florida District Convention. They look forward to a busy Fall! (Pictured Mattie Fraser, Sandra Harris, Carri Kroehler, Adair Harris.) Sunset – This club has had an incredible year with activities and eight new members joining in the service of Civitan. They have now chartered their new Mainland High School Junior Civitan Club and are working on their fall fundraiser, Splendor in the Glass (a wine tasting event.) During the summer, members participated in the South Daytona Fun Days with a fun activity booth as part of this community service project. Tallahassee – The group has had an active year of service to their community and interesting guest speakers and a presentation from Hall of Famers to those doing important missionary work. Under the enthusiastic leadership of Charlie Hair the club has continued their tradition of discovering specific needs in the area and helping to meet these needs. This trend will continue as incoming President Andrea Stephenson has already set up a planning meeting for the new year. Tallahassee received the bronze award for Candy Box from International for 2010-11. Tampa Metro – As dedicated supporters of Special Olympics, members volunteered at the Hillsborough County Special Olympics Swimming event, the Golf Tournament at Bloomingdale Golf Club, and presented awards at the Area Special Olympics Aquatics competition. Several members have worked with Verizon’s volunteer group at the Temple Terrace Tech Center and provided physical labor for a yard project at A Kids Place parent's home. A number of members attended the Florida District Convention including Pat Kirk, Penny Bonawitz, Lori Clapp and Steve Steenberge. Treasure Coast – The club held its annual Installation Banquet on September 27. Incoming Governor-Elect Bob Kircher installed the officers (pictured right), and initiated new member, Laura Husnander. Area 5 Director Nery Kircher also attended. President Polly Forestier, PIP, reviewed the past year and laid out goals for 2012-13, including their signature Golden Heart Award event. Members will be providing manpower to the Harvest Food & Outreach Center as they stack shelves. They just helped the Salvation Army with a cart full of new school supplies for 75 children that attend the school and up to this delivery only had 2 items each. Needless to say, the teacher was so excited and appreciative





… four

Uptown – Forever active, members continue to serve the homeless at Clara White Mission, serve dinner at Ronald McDonald House and provide a wonderful reception for the PACE Center for Girls graduation. But they socialize in fun events as well, even a boat ride down Black Creek with the St. Johns Riverkeeper followed by lunch, attending the Plein Aire Art Show followed by lunch, a tour of the Anheuser Busch facility followed by lunch of course, and attendance and a brunch is planned for a Gem Show. The club generously donated to the Gateway Girl Scout Council, the Jacksonville Speech and Hearing Center and the North Florida School for Special Education. The PACE Center for Girls has been chosen as the recipient for next year’s flagship project. Successful membership events were held recently making for a positive result in members serving the community through Uptown. Laura McLaughlin (pictured right) spoke about the success of a mature club, as requested by incoming Governor Bob Brightman. West Orange – After a summer break, members are ready to begin activities including working with the Ocoee Junior Civitan Club, playing bingo with residents at Health Central Care Center, and providing a booth at the upcoming Ocoee Founder’s Day events in November. The club’s booth will sell the popular Miche purses.

Governor-Elect 2012-2013 … Bob Kircher Greetings, Florida District Civitans! It is that time of year to change gears as we Civitans transition from Enriching Lives Through Service and to accelerate our engines full bore into Civitan Passion Speaks with Action for the new 2012-2013 Civitan campaign. Florida Civitans celebrated successes at the Civitan International Convention at Tallinn, Estonia and the Florida District Convention in Orlando. Yes, communities felt a positive impact as you were dedicated to improving them by assisting people with developmental disabilities. There is no question that our Civitan Clubs fill a significant need in society. You can pat yourselves on the back, but it is also time to step up the pace. What do I mean by stepping up the pace? I mean fueling it by adding Civitan passion. According to incoming Civitan International President, Joe Parker, we need to focus our passion towards growing the membership. Therefore, we need to channel our energy to revitalize our own clubs and build new ones. How can you help and make a difference? Try the following. What cause or passion convinced you to become a Civitan? Relay that fervor and inspiration to a prospective new member and don’t forget to make the sale by asking them to join.. In closing, let me say, we have a wealth of experienced, talented, gifted Civitans in the Florida District so lets put that knowledge and skill to work and demonstrate how Civitan PASSION Speaks with Action.

Be Prepared …

Helen Galloway, Leadership Training Coordinator

Another famous organization lives by being prepared! Civitans should follow this lead and assure that our clubs are prepared to meet the tenets of Civitan. Effective, enthusiastic and educated club leaders make this happen! As you know, excellent training is offered to these officers to accomplish this result. Here is the training report as of September 20. Congratulations to certified clubs: Orlando, Tallahassee, Clearwater, Gainesville, South Jacksonville, Leesburg, Civitan Lake Eola, Uptown, Sunset, Heart of Florida, Citrus, Treasure Coast, Southpoint, Arlington and Saint Augustine. There is still an opportunity for several clubs to also be certified. If you have the workbook to complete, the deadline to send to International is November 2. New secretary and treasurers should complete their training online by November 15. Be Prepared!




Florida District Convention … Orlando …

Mattie Fraser

DISTRICT AWARDS FOR 2011-2012 … ENRICHING LIVES THROUGH SERVICE Florida District Civitans enjoyed a dessert social on Friday night, September 14. A Civitan bingo game prepared by Robert Dietz and Bob Brightman challenged new and longtime members to “remember what happened when” at the Florida and International levels. A music contest was won by Doyle Kenney of the Leesburg Club. A number of International Awards from 2010-2011 were awarded (see previous page). On Saturday, six first timers were welcomed by Governor Lana Suggs, Chaplain Phil Nordstrom held a memorial for Florida District Civitans who had passed away since last year’s convention. Civitan International President Bill Buscher Presented Governor Lana with a patch for the District banner that tells of a visit from the Civitan International President from International, and Mattie Fraser, Senior International Director Region Two shared a recollection of the exciting Civitan International World Congress held in Tallinn, Estonia. Steve Steenberge reported on support for the CIRC. Polly Forestier presented the District challenge on behalf of past Governors which had been approved by the Florida District Board, calling for 15 new clubs, that’s three Clubs per year for the next five years … Civitan’s 100th Anniversary! Incoming Governor Bob Brightman had requested a Club Spotlight from three clubs … a mature success ful club, Uptown Civitan, given by President Laura McLaughlin; a mature club having membership issues, Auburndale Civitan, given by Gene Albrigo; and a two-year old club, Arlington Civitan, given by President-Elect Bruce Bradley. All gave insightful comments on the status of their clubs. Judge Advocate Robert Dietz explained the election process. The following candidates were presented and duly elected. Governor Bob Brightman Governor-Elect Bob Kircher Directors: Area 2A Mattie Fraser Area 2B Linda Weinstein Area 4 Vicki MacKenzie Directors completing the second year of their term: Area 1 Deb McCoy Area 3 Robert Dietz Area 5 Nery Kircher

Area 6 Elly Currie

See Junior Civitan section for information on the Junior Civitan Governor and PR chair presentation. A fundraising opportunity, “Miche” (purses), was introduced and explained. Many were very interested in this way to have a fundraiser without requiring any work on their part and receive 40% of the profit. This also provided an opportunity for funds to be raised to benefit CIRC. Many of our members happily purchased these beautiful purses. In addition to the Miche fundraiser, three additional activities raised money for the CIRC … a small quilt (handcrafted by Kathy Parrish of the Leesburg Club); guess the amount of string in a bottle (Sandy Sanders, Orlando), and a $75 gift certificate to a restaurant (Nery Kircher, Naples). At lunch, CI President Bill Buscher was our keynote speaker and shared the latest activities at the International level. Liz Corey and Governor Lana presented a $1,000 check to Autumn Coppinger who received the Florida District Don DeVane Memorial Scholarship. Governor Lana also presented a Junior Fellow to Sam Dempster, Florida Junior Civitan Governor for last year. Then came the 2011-2012 District awards for many clubs … fruitcake awards and competitive awards (pictures to follow). The banquet Saturday night was a fun time for all!! CI President Bill Buscher gave a motivating installation for the new officers that will be responsible for leading the District for 2012-2013. Three outstanding Florida District Civitans were recognized with the District Honor Key. Recipients are hardworking and dedicated Civitans … Pat Kirk, Tampa Metro; Syd Fishman, PIP, and 57-year member of Civitan and member of the Naples Club; and Governor Lana Suggs, Uptown. A wonderful group of deserving Civitans.!!! The theme selected by the incoming Civitan International President Joe Parker is Civitan PASSION ... Speaks with Action. I know the Civitans of this great District will work hard to show our passion in all that we do.

P AGE 10



Florida District Convention … Orlando INTERNATIONAL AWARDS FOR 2010-2011 … PAY IT FORWARD Immediate Past Governor Lori Clapp was assisted by Senior International Director Region Two Mattie Fraser in presenting awards for 2010-2011 Pay it Forward International Awards:

HONOR CLUB & DISTINGUISHED PRESIDENTS Honor Club Heart of Florida Southpoint Sunset Tallahassee

Distinguished President Ruthe Kurtz Debra Guide James Dorsey Lawton (“Gene”) Caruthers

Honor Club of Distinction Distinguished President Lake Eola Naples Uptown

Robert Brightman Robert Kircher Patricia Ellis

Pictured above right Bob Kircher, Bob Brightman, Lori Clapp, Carri Kroehler accepting for Debra Guide, Laura McLaughlin accepting for Pat Ellis, and Mattie Fraser Far right, Lori, Mattie, and Jim Dorsey Near right, Lori, Ruthe Kurtz, Mattie

CIVITAN INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIVE AWARDS Outstanding Club Website, Second Place Outstanding Club Newsletter, Second Place Outstanding Service to People with Disabilities, First Place Dr. Courtney W. Shropshire Outstanding Civitan Club Increase in Club Membership, First Place Candy Box, Bronze

Lake Eola Uptown Uptown Uptown Lake Eola Tallahassee

Right... John Dietz accepts awards for Lake Eola Below ...Laura McLaughlin accepts Uptown awards Right … Deb McCoy accepts candy box award on behalf of Tallahassee Club

Uptowners Accepting Award

P AGE 11



Florida District Awards 2011-2012 …

Travel & Attendance Awards Uptown

Outstanding New Member Doyle Finney, Leesburg

Lori Clapp

Outstanding New Member Evelyn Velilla, Naples, accepted by Bob Kircher

Civitan of the Year … Ruth Phelan, Honor Keys —-Patricia Kirk, Tampa Metro MVP 2012 Sunset, accepted by Karen Johnston Syd Fishman, PIP, Naples, Lana Suggs, Uptown Jayne Fishman, Naples Presenters Mattie Fraser and Bill Buscher Nery Kircher, Naples HM—Honorable Mention Karen Johnston, Sunset

Competitive Awards — Enriching Lives Through Service Outstanding

Clubs 29 & Under

Clubs 30 & Over

Club Scrapbook

1-Clearwater, HM Pine Castle

1-Uptown; 2-Southpoint

Club Bulletin

1-Naples; 2-Heart of Florida; Clearwater 1-Uptown; 2-Southpoint; 3-Sunset

Education Award

1-Clearwater; 2-Naples; 3-Leesburg

1-Uptown; 2-Tampa Metro; 3-Southpoint

Fellowship Award

1-Clerwater; 2 Naples

1-Uptown; 2-Tampa Metro; 3 Southpoint

Junior Club Sponsor



Joint Junior/Senior Project



Single Youth Project

1-Arlington; 2-Naples

1-Uptown; 2-Sunset (Citizenship Awards); 3-Sunse (Holiday Gifts for Kids)

Total Youth Project


1-Southpoint; 2-Uptown

Single Service to People With Disabilities


1-Tampa Metro (Special Olympics); 2-Sunset (Santa Shop for ARC); 3-Southpoint

Total Service to People With Disabilities


1-Tampa Metro; 2-Sunset; 3-Uptown

Single Community Service With Disabilities


1-Uptown; 2-Tampa Metro (Neighbor to Neighbor); 3-Frontier; HM-Sunset (Make em Smile)

Total Community Service


1-Uptown; 2-Tampa Metro; 3-Southpoint

P AGE 12



Florida District Convention ‌ Orlando ‌





5 6



9 8



1. First Timers 2. Chaplain Phil Nordstrom Presents Memorial 3. CI Pres. Buscher presents banner patch to Gov. Lana 4. CI President Bill Buscher 5. Sr. International Director Region Two Mattie Fraser 6. International Foundation Liaison Steve Steenberge 7. Elected Past Governor Director Polly Forestier, PIP 8. CI President Bill Buscher and wife Sharon 9. Area 3 Director Robert Dietz Introduced Miche 10. Miche Purses and Civitans (buying purses) 11. Autumn Coppinger, Don DeVane Scholarship Recipient, with her family and Liz Corey and Governor Lana

P AGE 13


Florida District Convention … Orlando …




P AGE 14



Florida District Convention … Orlando …


L A N A PASSING OF THE BANNER from Uptown to Heart of Florida




P AGE 15




Penny Bonawitz, Junior Chair

Florida District Junior Civitans are off to a fabulous start this year! The first new club for the year has been chartered – Mainland High School Junior Civitan Club! This great club is sponsored by the Sunset Civitan Club. Daniel Bowen, Florida Junior Governor, and his amazing board are meeting on a monthly basis via Skype to conduct business, keep connected and stay motivated. The Board has formulated a calendar for the year to include FLOAT (Florida Officer and Advisor Training) to be held in Orlando, September 29. Other events include a district meeting at the St. Petersburg Beach House on November 10, a district project – Polar Plunge at Aquatica at Sea World on February 2, and the district convention in Daytona Beach April 6. Governor Daniel Bowen and PRC Rebecca Algero will be participating in the Juniors Annual Sno-Do and Dance-A-Thon and spoke at the district convention regarding donations. Daniel Bowen, 2012-2013 Junior Civitan Governor spoke at the Florida District Convention requesting support for Sno-Do so he can participate in the snowmobile ride in Barrie, Ontario from individuals and clubs. He received several checks at the meeting. Rebecca Alberga, Junior Civitan Public Relations Chair, also requested support for Dance-A-Thon. Rebecca also received a number of checks from those attending. It is hoped that all clubs, as well as many individuals, will also wish to support these two hard-working Juniors in their quest to raise money to attend the Sno-Do and Dance-A-Thon events and raise money for the Civitan International Center. You can contact both of these Juniors through Penny Bonawitz ...17731 Currie Ford Drive, Lutz, FL 33558-8037, or e-mail at her at Governor Lana with Rebecca and Daniel

Governor Lana and Immediate Past Governor Lori Clapp presented a Junior Fellow to Sam Dempster who served as Junior Civitan Governor for 2010-2011. Sam was accompanied by his parents. Governor Lana and Lori with Sam and his parents

2011-2012 Civitans at the Helm … 22 Clubs (2/3) + Florida District Civitans at the Helm is one way that Civitans can support the great research being undertaken at the Civitan International Center at UAB Birmingham. Your dollars, once you have reached Helmsman level, are eligible to be matched by the Chesapeake Foundation. Two-thirds of Florida clubs participated. If your club is not listed below, you have the opportunity to make sure that it is on the list next year. This research helps ALL of us. HELMSMAN ($10 or more per member) Florida’s First Coast, Leesburg, Saint Augustine (first time), Sunset, West Orange NAVIGATOR ( $25 or more per member) Arlington (first time), Central, Clearwater, Heart of Florida, Orlando, South Jacksonville, Florida District * (associate - Over $1000 since 1991) CAPTAIN ($50 or more per member) North Tampa * (associate), Plant City * (associate), Seminole, Southpoint * (associate), Tallahassee * (associate), Treasure Coast * (associate), Uptown * (associate) ADMIRAL ($100 or more per member) Lake Eola (first time) * (associate), Miami-Springs-Hialeah * (associate), Naples * (associate) Tampa Metro * (associate)

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The Florida Sunbeam Mattie Fraser, Publisher 13110 Ebbtide Court Jacksonville, FL 32225 E-mail: Helen Galloway, Editor 618 Albertson Place Orlando, Fl. 32806 E-mail: If undeliverable, please return to: Mattie Fraser, Publisher 13110 Ebbtide Court Jacksonville, FL 32225 E-mail:

Civitan —- Enriching Lives Through Service FLORIDA DISTRICT WEB SITE… See the great Florida District web site by John Edward Dietz, Website Webmaster!

Senior International Director Region Two … Mattie Fraser The last two years as your International Director for Region Two have just flown. It has been my privilege and honor to serve the Civitans of Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina and be a part of the International Board. I have met and worked with many wonderful people to hopefully aid the Civitan program worldwide. Our many activities help all the communities where we have Civitans who are Enriching Lives Through Service.

One such program that Civitan is very proud of is our flagship project, the Civitan International Research at UAB-Birmingham. This world-renowned research is making changes in so many ways for so many people, young and old. A number of ways that help Civitans meet our commitment to this outstanding project is through our Fellows Program and Civitans at the Helm. Changes were made to the Fellows Program during the summer International Board meeting. The current amount for all three Fellows, is $1,000 minimum contribution each, which has not been raised since the inception of the program. Starting in October, 2012, the minimum contribution level will become $1,200. For Junior Fellows, the current amount of $250 will become $300. New Fellows categories have also been established: Junior Research Center Fellow … $600. Sustaining Research Center Fellow, recognition category for a one-time minimum contribution of … $2,500. The details and brochures are being prepared and should be available in the near future. Also an additional category has been established for Civitans at the Helm. It is Admiral of the Fleet at the $200 per member level. There’s something for everyone. As my term comes to an end on September 30, I thank each of you so much for your friendship and support. I look forward to working with you in the future as Civitan PASSION …Speaks With Action.


Changing of the Guard ... For the past several years, we have enjoyed serving you as editor and publisher of the Florida District Sunbeam. However, it is time now for us to allow others to share their expertise and knowledge. We have enjoyed being a part of the publication that helps spread the great work that all Civitans do around the Fabulous Florida District!! We know you will help Hillary Brightman as she assumes this activity.

Helen Galloway and Mattie Fraser

Florida District Sunbeam September 2012 Edition  

The September 2012 Edition of the Civitan Florida District Newsletter