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Volume 9, Issue 2


The Florida District’s own Mattie Fraser has announced plans to run for Civitan International President-Elect at the 2013 Civitan International Convention in Denver, Colorado July 3—6! See page 15 for more information on her candidacy.

April 2013



V O LU M E 9 I S S U E 2

Welcome from Junior Civitan Governor Dear Junior Civitans and Civitans, Welcome to the 2013 Florida District Junior Civitan Convention and Florida Civitan District Meeting! You are in for a fun and relaxing time here in the Double Tree Resort in Orlando, FL. As your governor this year, I had the chance to participate in the annual Sno-Do fundraiser for the Civitan International Research Center, where I journeyed to the frozen Canadian north in late January and was fortunate to ride a snowmobile through the icy wilderness. I absolutely had the time of my life! In my local club, Bishop Moore, we are currently participating in a project for the MD Anderson Hospital. Another project that I participated in, and many you went to, was the Polar Plunge at Aquatica Water Park in early February. Although the weather was quite warm that day, the waters in the wave pool were not, as the plungers can easily state. I sincerely hope that you have the most excellent and exciting time here in Orlando and that you take back memories and experiences with Junior Civitan and Civitan which will last a lifetime. Yours in Civitan, Daniel Bowen

Junior Civitan Update—Penny Bonawitz, Junior Civitan Chair It has been a very busy year so far for the Junior Civitan Clubs in the Florida District. The first District event was the Polar Plunge at Sea World’s Aquatica in Orlando on Feb. 2. Four clubs participated: St. Petersburg, Leto, Ocoee and Bishop Moore with over 40 people either plunging or watching. We raised over $2,900 for the Special Olympics program in Florida. We had a great time and hope more clubs will join us next year! The next District event is the upcoming District Convention. It is going to be amazing! Lots of games and gettin’ to know ya events mixing the young and old and not so old together will be played on Friday evening and on Saturday morning. So put on your thinking caps and do some stretching to get ready for the fun! I would like to celebrate those clubs that have earned the 10% increase in membership and they are: Ed White, sponsored by Uptown, Gold Gate, sponsored by Naples, Lake Howell, sponsored by Frontier, Robert E. Lee, sponsored by Uptown, Miami Jackson Sr. High, sponsored by Miami Springs Hialeah, Naples, sponsored by Naples, Plant City Boys, sponsored by Plant City, St. Petersburg, sponsored by St. Petersburg and Walker Middle Magnet , sponsored by Tampa Metro. We have lost North Pinellas and Lee Middle School Clubs this year, nine clubs are down in membership and the others have maintained membership. First, I would like to thank all the wonderful Civitans that are working with the Junior Clubs. I would like to encourage all the Civitan Clubs that sponsor Junior Clubs to get involved with these amazing young people if you are not already and help their clubs grow. Help them get new members and fill out paperwork. Help them attend District and International events each year and see how empowering the Junior Civitan program is throughout the world.


SUNBEAM Volume 9, Issue 2


Governor’s Notes In this issue’s Chaplain’s Corner, Phil Nordstrom asks pursuant to the Civitan Creed of “My Hands do the Work of the World” what are your hands doing ??? Well, after working on the Club Notes for this Issue of the Sunbeam I know the answer---our Civitan hands are doing a lot. The Arlington Club’s hands were busy raising $10,000 to benefit their local causes and our Flagship Charity, the CIRC. The Leesburg Club’s hands were, as always, busy barbequeing to raise money for their local causes, with a new generation of barbequers having now taken the helm. The Sunset Club’s hands were busy with a Chili Cookoff to raise money for Volusia Arc and their other local causes. And as I compose this, I am just back from Naples where I attended the 3rd Annual Dancing Under the Stars Show. Nery and Bob Kircher put on a FABULOUS fundraiser with live music, dinner, and dancing to raise money for Challenger Baseball League to bring sports to the developmentally disabled and for their scholarship fund. And Bob Kircher and Steve Steenberge are already busy staging our District Convention and Installation Banquet next September 13th and 14th in Naples, Florida. And Civitan Uptown’s activities are literally, almost too many to list. The Uptowners continue to support their six Flagship Projects, along with our national Flagship project the CIRC. And as the ladies of Uptown prepare for their 30th Anniversary in May, they have much to be proud of, particularly for sponsoring and supporting the other clubs in their area, including Southpoint, Pine Castle, Arlington, and Saint Augustine. It is amazing the number of Civitan officers you talk to who reference having been mentored by Mattie Fraser or Jean Smith. One set of Civitan hands was just nominated to be Grand Marshall for the 2013 Strawberry Festival Parade in Plant City, Florida. CONGRATULATIONS TO PAT POGUE. The Plant City Club have been long time participants in the Strawberry Festival . Also continuing a long tradition, Sandy and Charlene Saunders of the Orlando Civitan Club were judges at the Plant City Strawberry Festival Youth Parade. Continued on Page 5

What’s Inside Welcome from Junior Civitan Governor and Jr Update Florida District Governor’s Notes District Officers and Florida District Calendar Growth and Retention The Chaplain’s Corner

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Club Beams Mattie Fraser Candidacy Information

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1 V O LU M E 9 I S S U E 2


Governor: Bob Brightman

Governor-elect: Bob Kircher

Immediate Past Governor: Lana Suggs

Past Governor Director: Gay Aaron

Area Directors: Area 1: Area 2A: Area 2B: Area 3: Area 4: Area 5: Area 6:

Deb McCoy Mattie Fraser Linda Weinstein Robert Dietz Viki MacKenzie Nery Kircher Elly Currie

Secretary: Deb McCoy

Treasurer: Ruthe Kurtz

Chaplain: Philip Nordstrom

Judge Advocate: Robert Dietz

Sergeant-at-Arms: Ronald Spitznagel

Committee Chairs Awards, Nominations, Lana Suggs

Bulletin/Newsletter Hillary Brightman

Candy/Coin Box: Jeanne Davison

Council of Past Governors Gay Aaron

Don DeVane Scholarship Jeanne Davison

Finance: Fruit Cake: Pat Kirk

Growth & Retention, Historian and Training Coordinator: Helen Galloway

Junior / Campus Civitan: Penny Bonawitz

Public Relations: Tricia MacKenzie

Registrar: Lynn Maurer

Time & Place Steve Steenberge

Website: John Edward Dietz

International Foundation Liaison for the District: Steve Steenberge

FLORIDA DISTRICT CALENDAR - 2013 January 1 Deadline to submit material for Winter Sunbeam January 13-17 Governor-Elect Academy, Birmingham, Alabama (tentative) January 27-31 Junior Civitan International. Sno-Do, Barrie, Ont., Canada January 25-29 Clergy Appreciation Week January 31 Quality Achievement Award Applications due to International; January 31 Postmark Deadline Shropshire Application due to International February Clergy Appreciation February 2 Junior Civitan Polar Plunge, Orlando March Junior Civitan District Environmental Project March 8-11 Junior Civitan Int. Dance-a-thon, Midland, Ontario, Canada March-April District Meeting, Time and Place TBA April Civitan Awareness Month & Junior Civitan Advisor Appreciation Month Apr. 1 Deadline to submit material for Spring Sunbeam April 6 Florida District Junior Civitan Convention, Daytona Beach April 30 Area Directors’ Semi-Annual Visit with Club Presidents Due May TBA Florida District Board Meeting, Conference Call 9 a.m. June 1 All Club Officer elections should be completed for 2013-14 year June 20-23 Junior Civitan International Convention, Charlotte, NC July 1 Report of 2013-2014Club Officers to Civitan International and Governor-Elect Bob Kircher July 1 Junior Civitan Club Year Begins; Officers Assume Duties for 2013-2014 (report due) July 1 Deadline to submit material to Summer Sunbeam

July 3-6

93rd Civitan International Convention, Denver

August 15

Awards Applications postmarked to Awards Chair Suggs

Sept. 13-14 Florida District Board Meeting and Annual Convention & Installation Banquet, Naples Sept. 30 Oct. 1

Area Director’s Year-end Report with Club Presidents due Deadline to submit material to Fall Sunbeam

CIVITAN PASSION … Speaks with Action




V O LU M E 9 , I S S U E 2

Helen Galloway, Growth & Retention Chair

“The richest persons are those who give most in service to others.” Financial wealth is only one measure of success. The truly happy and successful individual is an individual who may be healthy, financially secure, challenged in a career and is making a difference in the lives of others. In today’s economy and with the lifestyle issues we encounter, it is not always easy to render service to others. But Civitans always find a way to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate. Whatever their individual situation is, they have discovered that service to others is exactly what Albert Schweitzer said: “The only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve.” I hope that all our clubs will make a dedicated effort to get on the Energy Bus and share this special feeling with others. Invite others and show others what your club is doing in your community. Give others the opportunity to experience that warm feeling of service. As you have read, Governor Bob noted that our district has a deficit in membership, but he feels that this is not insurmountable. Let’s prove he is correct! ANOTHER CHANCE TO RIDE THE BUS! Club presidents and presidents-elect have received the informational flyer regarding the 2013-14 Club Presidents/Presidents-Elect Leadership Training. This provided detailed information on the training, answered many questions and announced the summer training schedule. Officers may attend any session convenient regardless of the location. Club presidents should be planning for your new officer elections within the next couple of months so that the incoming leaders may schedule the training. New club officer report forms must be submitted by July 1, 2013. Reports from previous sessions indicate that this opportunity for leadership training is one of the best c courses ever. Our leaders can get on the Energy Bus and assure the best for their club by following Ralph Waldo Emerson’s directive: “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm and knowledge.”

Governor’s Notes

(cont. from page 3)

And our Civitan hands do some very unusual things----(See Club Notes for Heart of Florida Civitan)—such as cleaning used soap from Hotels for reformation and distribution to developing countries through Clean the World. And Jenny Treadwell’s hands (Civitan Lake Eola) just returned from driving her YELLOW SCREAMING MIMI dragster at the Gator Nationals. So keep those Civitan hands busy. And I ask those hands to reach deep this year to support our Flagship charity, the Civitan International Research Center. I ask as many clubs as possible this year to support a Golfer for the Breakthrough Golf Tournament, or for Chip and Putt. And as we go into our Florida Civitan District Meeting and Junior Civitan Convention, special thinks to our Time and Place Chair Steve Steenberge and our Junior Civitan Chair Penny Bonawitz. Steve had our April meeting all lined up for Melbourne but suddenly the arrangements fell through. Steve had to regroup and start all over again, so he did twice the normal work for this District Meeting. He and Governor Elect Robert Kircher are already at work on the District Convention for September 13-14 in Naples. And Penny Bonawitz took on the Junior Civitan Chair position, for a second year in a row. A BIG CIVITAN THANK YOU TO PENNY AND STEVE!




8, ISSUE 2 V O LU M E 9


Spring is a beautiful time of the year. The Red Ruffle Azaleas at our back door are in bloom. The Drake Elms in the backyard have new leaves in the new green. Everywhere you go, if you look, you will see new life occurring in God’s world. And, it is so beauti-

the person you assisted more beautiful. It assists them in enjoying the world we live in. Then there is the second way, and that is to physically make the world more beautiful. This could mean something as simple as landscaping the wheelchair ramp you built last week.

Remember, God’s world is made up of nature and people. Both need our love and care. That said, I beful! lieve our main duty as Civitans is to “reach out in service to others.” When we do this God is pleased as The second statement in our Civitan Creed says: “MY He looks down on us and gives us a pat on the back HANDS do the work of the world and reach out in ser- by giving us a warm feeling for helping someone. vice to others. Our God is capable of giving us as many warm feelAs Civitans it is our duty to live up to our Civitan ings as we are willing to work for. Let’s all resolve to Creed. What are your “hands” doing? Have they re- keep God busy this spring “patting us on the back” as cently done something to make our beautiful world we reach out to help those less fortunate than us more beautiful? Maybe you have something on your navigate their lives on this earth. Remember, Civitan schedule to do in the near future to enhance the Passion Speaks with Action. beauty of our world. If not, I encourage you and your club to reach out and plan something to do this spring In His Grace, that will make your world in your area more beautiful. Phil As I see it, there are two ways to make God’s world more beautiful. One is to help someone in need. There are many ways to do this, from building a wheelchair ramp to taking someone without transportation to visit their doctor. This makes the world of

2013 CIVITAN INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION 2013 Civitan International Convention in Denver, Colorado July 3—6!

The 2013 Civitan International Convention at the Sheraton Denver Downtown is just around the corner. Click on the above link for more information. Hope to see you there!



V O LU M E 9 , I S S U E 2

CLUB BEAMS ARLINGTON CIVITAN CLUB The Arlington Civitan Club is in its third year, and there have been some ups and downs, but Club President Lee Conrey has been doing a spectacular job with the “small but mighty” club. Lee has led the club in a number of fundraising projects that have raised about $10,000, and they have assisted over 20 agencies. Arlington Club members Bruce Bradley, Deb Thorpe, Susan Best, Kelly Grace, and Lee Conrey visited Uptown Civitan, their sponsoring club, at the February 26th Uptown meeting.


Citrus Civitan continues to serve dinner monthly at the downtown Orlando men’s shelter. On April 27, Citrus Civitan sponsored its annual fundraiser in downtown Orlando, the “Putt Pub Crawl”. This fun event, in which teams compete on unique miniature golf holes at nine pubs within walking distance of each other in downtown Orlando, is always a fun event.

FIRST COAST CIVITAN CLUB Florida’s First Coast Civitan Club – Chartered September 2001 Sadly we lost Ann Kohler Shearer, Civitan on Feb 7th, 2013. Ann always volunteered her time with Fletcher Junior Civitans picnic in October at the ARC and assisted in preparing the dinners for the Living History Dinners. Ann was also Paul and Cyndi Schmidt's daughter-in-law's mother. Our club sent a donation to International Research Center in memorial for her service to our club and community. Left: Ann Kohler Shearer deceased and right Sharon Russell, Civitan preparing the fall living History Dinner.

FUNDRAISING FOR American Cancer Beaches Relay for Life April 27th & 28th: 2013 Donation Quilt made by the Beachbums Quilting Group for Florida’s First Coast Civitan Club in memory of our loved ones that have lost their battle with cancer and in honor of those that have won. The drawing was held on April 27.



V O LU M E 9 , I S S U E 2

CLUB BEAMS FIRST COAST CIVITAN CLUB (cont.) May 6 – 12 Northeast joint Fundraiser: The Tournament of Professional Champions (TPC) is just around the corner. It runs from Monday, May 6th through Sunday, May 12th (Mother’s Day). Randall Smith, Fl’s 1st Coast Civitan club member, coordinates the volunteer roster for all our clubs in Northeast Florida. If you know of anyone who might be interested in helping out and having fun please contact Randall Smith. (904) 240-1737. Please pass this on to friends, relatives and co-workers and encourage them to participate. Remind them that there is no cost, and they get fed and get a chance to see the 5th Major and all of the big name players. For those of you who participated in the past, we want to thank you again. For those who have not, we hope you will join us and bring friends. Please let me know if you have any questions.

FRONTIER CIVITAN CLUB Members have gotten back in full swing since the holidays. They recently participated in the Downs Syndrome Clinic at the Howard Phillips Center in Orlando and are working to help organize the April Mothers Cupboard fund raiser. Frontier provided the refreshments for the Area-Wide Golden Heart Awards reception April 7 and hosted the annual Charity Tea to benefit the Central Florida Children’s Home, which was one of its early projects many years ago. Members will handle registration for the May Best Buddies Friendship Walk in downtown Orlando and representatives will attend the upcoming district meeting with members of the Bishop Moore and Lake Howell Junior clubs. Much discussion has already begun on holding the 3rd annual Christmas Tour of Homes. To get further ideas for the event, many members and friends traveled for the second year to the St. Simons, GA tour of homes which has been underway for over 50 years. Along with learning helpful tips, this is always a great fellowship weekend! The club heard an interesting speaker from the “Give Them Wings to Fly“ organization,, which is working to provide underprivileged youth with musical instruments and lessons. The club agreed to work toward assisting the group in getting instruments donated or provide financial support. A membership meeting was held April 30 with several guests invited.

HEART OF FLORIDA CIVITAN CLUB The Heart of Florida club, as it has for many years, held a Valentine’s Day Party for the children at Edgewood Youth Ranch. The Heart of Florida club also has a back to school party each fall for the youth at the ranch. The club members also recently volunteered at the Orlando Museum of Art for their bulk mailing and their First Thursday event. The club members also continue to usher for the Orlando Shakespeare Festival. The Heart of Florida members also again volunteered on February 26 with the Clean the World Project. This is one of their more unusual volunteer activities — you clean used soaps from hotels which are then reprocessed and reformed and sent to developing countries. This time the volunteers actually unwrapped 2,500 surplus soaps. Heart of Florida also participated in the April 7, 2013 Golden Heart Awards sponsored by the Orlando Area Civitan Clubs. On April 9, members volunteered at A Gift for Teaching, where they regularly volunteer.



V O LU M E 9 , I S S U E 2

CLUB BEAMS LEESBURG CIVITAN CLUB The Leesburg club was founded in 1960 and has been famous for many years for its major fundraisers--hosting BBQ’s. The club has its own smoker and caters many BBQs in the Leesburg area. It is very labor intensive, but has worked as a major source of fundraising for the Leesburg club for many years. A new generation has just taken over the BBQ duties, and we wish them well. As another fundraiser, at the District Meeting on April 6, the Leesburg Civitan Club raffled off a beautiful embroidered blanket. THANKS LEESBURG CIVITANS! On February 19, 2013 the Leesburg club held an open house at the Leesburg Public Library, with Past International President Gay Aaron speaking. The club members showed the CIRC video, followed by light snacks and beverages. This is the third Open House the Leesburg Club has held with this format, and they have secured at least one new member at each meeting. I have attended two of the open houses, and the Leesburg club does a great job and has found a format that works for their club. CONGRATULATIONS LEESBURG. And congratulations to Kathy Parrish who has been selected by the Leesburg Women’s Club as volunteer of the year. The Leesburg Civitan club has also recently joined the Downtown Leesburg Partnership, and Sandi Moore from the Downtown Partnership recently spoke at the Leesburg Club meeting. The Leesburg Club was also honored by past Governor Lana Suggs at the April 6 District Meeting with an Honors Club and a Distinguished President award for their past president, Trish Mlekodaj. Trish e-mailed me to let me know her husband was coming to the Orlando district meeting to see her get her award and stated “HE’S NOT A CIVITAN YET.” I think he will be soon. THAT TRISH IS A RECRUITER.

NAPLES CIVITAN CLUB Naples Civitan Club is the home club for the Florida District’s Governor Elect Bob Kircher, and it is also a beehive of activity. Governor Elect Bob Kircher attended the Governor elect Academy in Birmingham in January. PLEASE SEE HIS REPORT ON THE DISTRICT WEBSITE. The Naples Club in February held its 24th Valentine’s Dinner-Dance for the clients of the Foundation for the Developmentally Disabled (FDD). Everyone danced to the music of Tommy T, and the evening culminated with the crowning of a King and Q ueen. The Naples Civitan Club immediately moved on to preparing for its March 16, 2013 Shining Stars Show Dinner-Dance. GovernorElect Kircher’s wife, Nery, coordinated the event which my wife, Hillary, and I attended. The music was great, the food was great, the dancing was great, and the company was great. The evening was FABULOUS and benefited the scholarship fund, and Challenger Little League, providing sports opportunities for the developmentally disabled.

Naples Civitan Club Members and Guests Enjoying The Shining Stars Show and Dinner Dance



V O LU M E 9 , I S S U E 2

CLUB BEAMS NAPLES CIVITAN CLUB (cont.) Dinner with the Junior Civitans and their advisors. Club members continue with their YEAR ROUND PROJECT of Supplies for Soldiers. In January the Naples Civitan Club was also selected as one of three local organizations in Naples in 2013 to be honored with the DIAMOND VOLUNTEER AWARD!!!! During Clergy Appreciation Week the Naples Club recognized Rev. Donald E. Treglown from Faith Lutheran Church and Reverend Michael Orsi, Ed.D., Chaplain at Ava Maria Law School for their help with the Supplies for Soldiers Project and in appreciation for their dedication to God and their communities.

NORTH TAMPA CIVITAN CLUB The North Tampa Civitan Club has had a busy last several months. Their election of officers produced a great set of new faces to head up their fast moving club. Duane Bishop is the new President and Mike Crochet is the new Vice-President. All members were assigned committee positions and they are off for another moving year. As in the past, they held their annual Christmas party for about 50 children at Caminiti Exceptional Child Center in Tampa. They delivered fruit cakes to area food centers for the Christmas holidays. Also in December, about ten members worked at the area “Toys for Tots” warehouse, helping get the toys ready for delivery. Their annual Christmas party for members and spouses was held at Mike Crochet’s home. A great time was had by all. On Saturday, March 23, eight club members spent the day at the University of South Florida, working with the kids at the annual “Special Olympics 2013 Area VIII Summer Games. This was a full and active day but worth all the effort. This is going to be an active year for the Club. They have great member participation and are expecting an exciting year.

ORLANDO CIVITAN CLUB Orlando Civitan Club is the Orlando area’s oldest Civitan Club, chartered in August of 1924. The Orlando Club does regular visits and events with the VA Hospital, and provides sundries to the Veterans. The Orlando Club is also a long time supporter of the Russell Home for Atypical Children, which is a private home providing long term care for 27 residents with serious disabilities. The Orlando Club periodically sponsors fundraising Teas at the Russell Home, and periodically stocks and re-organizes the Russell Home pantry. The Orlando Club recently repaired and remodeled one of the restrooms at the Russell Home. The Orlando Club just completed a clothing drive for the Russell Home and delivered six large bags of clothing for the residents’ use. The Orlando Club also prepared Easter Baskets for their annual delivery to the home’s residents. The Russell Home operates solely from donations and is run by the children and grandchildren of the founder. The Orlando Civitan Club has developed a long term and ongoing relationship with the Russell Home.



V O LU M E 9 , I S S U E 2

CLUB BEAMS PINE CASTLE CIVITAN CLUB Pine Castle Civitan members started off the year by writing thank you notes to their sponsors from Uptown Civitan Club and to members of the Pine Castle staff. The club has collected “tabs” to support the Ronald McDonald House. Its members also clip coupons for their service project and forward the coupons to Military dependents overseas for use in Base exchanges.

SOUTHPOINT CIVITAN CLUB CONGRATULATIONS ON THE SOUTHPOINT CLUB’S 8TH ANNIVERSARY - APRIL 15, 2013 The March 15th issue of the “Southpoint Scoopette” indicates the 24 Southpointers are just as busy as ever. Their speaker on March 1, 2013 was Gary Dickensen from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, who revealed that his math teacher in High School was Southpoint President-Elect Adair Harris. Club Member Debra Guide brought a guest and potential club member, Diana Rosito, to the meeting. The Southpoint Club continues to collect items for the Southpoint Run for the Roses to be held on May 4, 2013, and members are volunteering for the Tournament Players Championship on May 4 and for CAMP I AM SPECIAL. Congratulations to Southpoint for raising $484.00 at their Feb 16, 2013 Miche purse party. The Southpoint Club members also participated in and provided refreshments for the Beaches Fine Arts Concert. The April 5, 2013 Southpoint Scoopette indicates the speaker for their May 27th meeting will be Joel McEachin of the Historical Society and on June 7, Bill Brinton of Scenic Jacksonville. CLUB MEMBER MATTIE FRASER HAS ANNOUNCED HER CANDIDACY FOR CIVITAN INTERNATIONAL PRESIDENT-ELECT 2013—14!

SOUTH JACKSONVILLE CIVITAN CLUB The Malcolm B. Knight Grant was established by the Civitan Club of South Jacksonville Inc many years ago to honor one of their beloved charter members. The Club annually presents a very deserving teacher with a financial grant of $300 to be used in any way the teacher desires to improve the quality of education in their classroom. The grant is given to a teacher who goes above and beyond in working with students who are physically or mentally challenged. This year’s recipient is Robert Pappaceno, a BESsT Program teacher of 33 students, grades 6th-8th. BESsT stands for Behavioral Education and Social Skills Teaching Program. It is their most restrictive setting in the school system for students with Emotional/Behavioral Disabilities. Mr. Pappaceno currently teaches math and social studies. One of his recent lessons involved his purchasing a go-cart and tools for his students to build and take apart in order to teach math concepts. Mr. Pappaceno is able to motivate his students by being very creative and innovative. His next goal is to build a green house and plant vegetables to integrate into the Science and Language Arts Curriculums. His enthusiasm, love and passion for teaching is an inspiration to all.



V O LU M E 9 , I S S U E 2

CLUB BEAMS ST PETERSBURG CIVITAN CLUB CONGRATULATIONS TO THE ST PETERSBURG CIVITAN CLUB ON THEIR 92ND ANNIVERSARY! Congratulations to the St Petersburg club on having just installed two new members—Bob Nestor and Gregg Rose. Bob and Sue Ellsasser also just transferred to the St Pete Club from Maryville-Alcoa Civitan Club in Tennessee. Welcome from the Florida District Civitans Bob, Gregg, Sue, and Bob! The St Petersburg Civitan Club was chartered in April 1921 and has celebrated its 92ND Anniversary. We are excited to see the Club welcoming new members, insuring its continued vitality. I n addition to installing new members, the St Pete Club also presented St Pete College with the first of two annual Civitan scholarships. And the St Pete Club continues to support the Special Olympics in many events throughout the year. The club continues to celebrate annually Clergy Appreciation week, Civitan Awareness Month, and their annual Police and Fire Awards luncheon. During Clergy Appreciation week, the St Pete club presented “Four Chaplain Awards” to Carol Conway, President of Suncoast Voices for Children and Susan Dwyer. The St Pete Club also recently presented St Pete College with the first of two annual Civitan scholarships. The St Pete Club has recently had Sandy Gregg, Pinellas County Schools Resource Officer and Guardian Ad Litem as speaker. And on March 23rd the St Pete Club’s meeting was at their Beach House, and their speaker was from Suncoast Seabirds Sanctuary which is about six blocks down the beach from their clubhouse. Don’t we all wish our clubs had a beach house. And the St Pete Civitan Club isn’t done yet---THEY JUST LOWERED THEIR DUES !!!! In these economic times that certainly can’t hurt recruiting.

SUNSET CIVITAN CLUB Congratulations to the Sunset Civitan Club and their President Karen Johnston on their 7 new members this year! That brings club membership to 46. And they are 46 active members! I was fortunate to attend their Chili Cookoff, which raised $1300.00 to support the club’s charitable activities. And my wife purchased a Sunset Club Cookbook, which are for sale in the Civitan Marketplace on the District Website. I was happy to see Junior Civitan volunteers from their recently chartered Daytona Mainland Senior High School assisting. The Junior Civitans also assisted in clean up, and were able to box up 40 meals for the homeless shelter. The Juniors also assisted in the Club’s participation with the Special Olympics Area Games. It sounds like the Daytona Mainland High School Juniors are off to a good start. The Sunsetters are also participating in April in the Law Enforcement Torch Run, which benefits the Special Olympics. The Sunsetters continue their special relationship with Volusia ARC, and through club member David James, who is CEO with ARC, scheduled their March meeting at ARC to watch the Yellow Squares dance group practice, followed by a Pot Luck Dinner. The Sunset Club is also preparing for a big change. They have met in the same location for many years, compliments of one of their club members. However, starting in April they will be meeting in Daytona, just off of Speedway Blvd behind the Carrabas Restaurant. It is hoped the central location and proximity to the Speedway, airport, colleges, and central Daytona will assist in club recruiting.



V O LU M E 9 , I S S U E 2

CLUB BEAMS TAMPA METRO CIVITAN CLUB Tampa Metro Civitan had a very busy quarter of service to their community. At the opening of the Florida State Fair in February, they presented the Outstanding Citizen of the Year Award to John Sykes, before Governor Rick Scott and some 1000 other state and local dignitaries. This is the highest civic honor bestowed in Tampa. They handled the awards at the State and Area Special Olympics events around the state, including basketball, in four counties; track and field Summer Games in 2 counties, and equestrian. They also helped raise funds for Special Olympics at February’s Polar Plunge with the Florida District Junior Civitans and by manning the beer concession at the Creative Loafing/Tampa Bay Club Sports Field Day.

TREASURE COAST CIVITAN CLUB TREASURE COAST CELEBRATED ITS 13TH ANNIVERSARY ON MARCH 28, 2013! The Treasure Coast Civitan Club just sponsored its 7th Annual Golden Heart Award event, which is one of its Flagship projects. This year they honored 20 care giving siblings of handicapped brothers and sisters, and had 147 people in attendance. The Orlando area clubs have also now launched a Golden Heart Award Project. Treasure Coast Civitan has had two Miche purse parties and raised $774 for its charitable activities. Congratulations to the Treasure Coast Club for again being an honor club! On March 28, 2013 the Treasure Coast Club celebrated it’s 13th Anniversary, highlighting Charter Members and welcoming three of its past club presidents. Treasure Coast volunteered 9 hours stocking shelves with food for families needing assistance at Harvest Food for the Needy. And Treasure Coast Civitan proves that coin boxes DO work---they are servicing 11 boxes and just sent a $225.00 donation to the CIRC. The club just received a thank you letter from Mothers and Infants Striving for Success (MISS) for toys donated previously, and in March the Club again collected food for donation to the House of Hope food bank.



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CLUB BEAMS UPTOWN CIVITAN CLUB HAPPY 30TH ANNIVERSARY UPTOWN! As usual, Uptown hit the ground running in January. Sharon Kantor and eight volunteers fed the homeless at the Clara White Mission. Penny Powell and 18 Uptown members ushered guests at the Beaches Fine Art Festival. Members collected pill bottles for a “No More Homeless Pets” project. Members prepared meals onsite at the Ronald McDonald House. Ex-Governor Lana Suggs installed Junior Officers at Ed White and Robert E. Lee Junior Civitan Clubs. In February, Uptown held its “Murder Mystery at the Alhambra” fundraiser and sold over 300 tickets. Nancy Greene sold over 100 tickets all by herself! Uptown continues its active speaker programs opening the year with Michael Fraser, Esq., who described his foundation’s work to help women in Haiti, and continuing with Dr. John Trainer of Jacksonville University who spoke about the expansion of nursing and health degrees offered at JU. In February, Bob Mark, Directory of the culinary school, spoke. Uptown also set a membership goal for September 30, 2013 of 90 members, and the last figures I saw indicated they were well on their way with six new members. Uptown is in countdown to its 30th anniversary with the luncheon on May 21st. As part of the countdown to 30 it is celebrating its flagship projects. Uptown raised over $65,000 for Pine Castle, and Pine Castle was able to get matching funds and build an athletic center. Uptown has raised over $31,000 to benefit Grove House of Jacksonville, which provides residential assistance for the developmentally disabled. The Bridge of Northeast Florida, surveying at-risk children of Florida, was a flagship program for two years. Seamark Ranch was Uptown’s most successful project to date, netting $67,000 from a golf tournament in the first year, and $160,000 from “An Evening with Jeff Foxworthy” in its second year. Pine Castle was the seventh Flagship project, and Uptown raised $51,000 the first year with “Dance for the Castle” and $74,500 the second year with its “Celebrity Poker Tournament”. Uptown has had numerous other flagship projects which have cumulatively had a significant impact on the Jacksonville area. The Uptown Club has also supplied numerous Civitan leaders at the District and International levels. As it approaches its 30th anniversary, the awardwinning Uptown Civitan Club has much to be proud of.

WEST ORANGE CIVITAN CLUB Since the beginning of the year, club members have sponsored two of their popular bingo events—one at the Edgewood Childrens Ranch and one to celebrate Valentine’s Day at the Health Central Park. The club sponsored registration for three Juniors and the sponsor of the Ocoee Junior Civitan Club to attend the April District meeting which was combined with the Junior Convention. Members hope to volunteer with the Big Orange Games at the end of April and begin planning the annual bowling fund raiser. The club also donated five cases of special zippered bags to the PACE Center for Girls in Ocala and one case to Primrose Center.



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Mattie Fraser Announces Candidacy for CI President Elect!

Hi Everyone… I have submitted the paperwork to International stating my intention to run for CI President-Elect for the election in Denver. Until the spring CI Board meeting, anyone serving on the International Board had to wait a year before they could run for PE. That was eliminated and I became eligible to run. I wanted to share with you the brochure that outlines my credentials. I would be very appreciative if you would be willing to support my candidacy and, importantly, vote for me in Denver. I would also be pleased if you would share this brochure with your friends, and I would be glad to send the brochure if you would like me to do that. Many thanks, Mattie Fraser




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April 2013 Sunbeam  

This is the April 2013 edition of the Civitan Florida District's Newsletter. Please Note: In the section for Uptown, the 30th anniversary da...

April 2013 Sunbeam  

This is the April 2013 edition of the Civitan Florida District's Newsletter. Please Note: In the section for Uptown, the 30th anniversary da...