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Polymaker Brand Book 2014



Designed by Ryan Flomerfelt Mather



Table of Contents

Direction Who is our customer? What are their needs?

Logo What is the future of polymaker? What might the future needs of the company be?

Typography Cleaner, tighter type for a global brand

Colors Creating an updated set of vibrant colors

Implementation How to use the guide


Branding Direction


polymaker’s brand values are innovation and a superior user experience.


The 3D printing industry is a very interesting

This is a distinct advantage for polymaker

place to be a brand because the majority

because we have developed a respect for

of the players involved have a heavy focus

design that will be communicated to our users

on engineering and technology, and not so

through our products and our dedication to a

much of a consideration for design. This

delightful user experience.

makes a lot of sense because the nature of the very product at stake is heavily influenced

It also manifests itself in the company’s

by the technology. In a similar manner, one

dedication to innovation. Other companies

would expect a fashion company to have

focus on driving down costs or leveraging

a very strong design department, with a

immense marketing campaigns to derive

comparatively small engineering department.

success. At polymaker, we make a concerted effort to drive sales with exciting, new products which have never been seen before.




CAD User

These users are people who simply choose

The co-creators are users who scour

CAD users are the most likely to invest in

to download files from online repositories.

Thingiverse for SCAD files. They have

polymaker filament. A large portion of these

These are the users who printed all of the files

collections of their favorite files and enjoy

users are hobbyists, engineers, and designers.

that came on the SD card when they bought

playing with apps that allow them to toggle

They are often creating prototypes and scale

a 3D printer. They are mostly printing novelty

options that control the final shape of the

models from scratch, and will have an idea of

objects that have meaning to them.

object that they will print.

how they want their part to function after it is manufactured. Sometimes, these parts need to be mechanically stable. Other times, visual quality is the most important aspect.




polymaker needed a clean logo that reflected the brand values in a more interesting way.


It’s all about context

Makerbot is one of the main producers

This scenario is even worse! Everyone who

of 3D printer filament. Their logo is fairly

reads this logo immediately ends up reading it

well designed because it is simple and well-

as MMakerbot, which is frustrating.

proportioned. The choice of typeface evokes the technical backround, but it is totally devoid of overly complicated references to geometry. The typography in the logotype could be improved, but the real pitfall in this logo is its redundancy. It does not make sense to have both the (M) and MakerBot right next to each other. It reads as “M-MakerBot�. This forces everyone who encounters the logotype to have an embarrassing stutter! 12

Reference the hierarchy above. The phrase reads as “Robot. Ulitmaker.

PayPal has done an excellent job navigating

Original”. The use of logo and logotype here is more sophisticated

the problem of having a logo with the same

than to the left because there is no redundancy between the logo and

letter as the logotype. The two ‘P’s in the Logo

the logotype. The robot adds an element of character and style to an

are a different size, and by overlaying the two to

otherwise boring logotype, which does not say much about the values

create a composite shape, the logo is successful

of the brand.

in separating itself from the logotype. It reads first as a form, then second as letters.


Adjusting the logotype

Many changes have been made to the initial logo for polymaker. First, the kerning of the ‘oly’ was adjusted so that it would have a better rhythm of spacing from the start to This is ‘polymaker’ set in gotham rounded.

the end of the logotype. Second, the loop at

Take note of how the custom typeface is

the bottom of the ‘y’ was shortened to make

more technical witout compromising the

the flow from ‘poly’ to ‘maker’ more natural

approachable feel of the brand.

and energetic.Third, the shape of the ‘m’ was altered to increase legibility. An ‘e’ was added to give the logotype a timeless appeal. The last change was the shortening of the shoulder of the ‘r’ to end the logotype on more of an upward, optimistic gesture.


The Polymaker ‘y’ was one of the most distinct elements of the logotype.

The ‘y’ has been simplified so that the emphasis can remain on the logo. Since we are trying to emphasize the legitimacy of filament as a consumer product, we also want the focus on the logo form, which symbolizes filament, not the process of creating layers, which is generally relevant to 3D printing.

All of the letterforms in the polymaker logotype are generated by hand. Above, find the progression from the old ‘m’, which was entirely geometric, into the current version, which is a marriage between a geometric and humanistic form. More specifically, it is a compromise between the original geometry and the lowercase ‘m’ from Gotham Rounded.


Logo ideation

The first step in generating logo concepts was

The next step was taking the three most

the sketching of 200 thumbnails. Nothing was

promising directions, and fleshing them out

off-limits for this round. The emphasis was on

more concretely in vector format. The focus

quantity, not quality.

here was on positive/negative space, form, and versatility.



Preliminary logo concepts

This logo concept is a cobination of a spool

However, this logo is not the best option

gesture and a wing. This represents the

because it appears to sporty and simplistic.

ambition and agility of polymaker in a way that

It doesn’t pair well with the logotype, or the

relates to our product.

overall message of the brand.

The round features and movement inherent in the logo pair well with the logotype as well as the existing branding.


This logo is a representation of a 3D printed

The up and to the left motion of the logo

Below are some alternate geometries for this

sphere. The large ovoid shape is the top half

compliments the up and to the right motion of

logo concept.

of the sphere, which is solid, and the two small

the logotype.

lines represent two layers of filament which have been extruded.

This logo is not as easily animated as the one to the left, but there are many possibilities for

It also represents polymaker’s vision for a

animating the two pieces of “filament� during

focus on material exploration because it is an

various interactions.

abstraction of X-ray vision of a sphere. This logo is not as compelling of a form as the one to the left either.


Final logo concept

This logo concept is the strongest of those

The gesture of the logo is very simple. It is

Below are some alternate colors and

presented because the abstraction of a spool

easy to draw this logo on a napkin, and it can

geometries for this logo concept.

and filament is elegant and well-proportioned.

be used as a component in other forms and contexts easily. Another advantage of this logo is that it can be easily animated to produce beautiful interactions. For example, on a loading screen, the two “filament� line segments could revolve around the center they are concentric with, creating interesting color moments when they intersect with the other geometry.



This is a 3D extruded form for the new logo. This form is simpler and avoids the ‘poly-s’ confusion that many people had with the previous iteration. Do not use this form in close proximity to the logo or logotype, or when a user is encountering the brand for the first time. An example of a suitable application would be a t-shirt, or a tattoo.





polymaker needed an updated set of typography guidelines that work consistently in a number of different contexts.


Typography specimens

These typographic specimens were created to show how different typefaces harmonize together. To the right, find Gotham Rounded paired with Roboto. Observe the character of the Gotham Rounded ‘Q’ and how it harmonizes with the rounded characters of Roboto well. Use Roboto for body text, captions, helper text, or anything else that Gotham Rounded is a very geographic typeface, which makes it is very

needs to be very legible. Roboto is more legible than Gotham Rounded,

interesting to look at, but slightly less legible than Roboto, which is a

and uses the space much more efficiently.

more humanist typeface. A strength of Roboto is that it looks great at many different sizes. Google uses a modified version of Roboto for that

Avoid using very thin weights of Gotham Rounded when it is being

very reason.

paired with Roboto. At thinner weights, the rounded edges are hard to discern, making it appear too similar to Roboto. It creates an unpleasant

Use Gotham Rounded for large, display type. It will serve you well as

vibration when two very similar typefaces are paired because readers

titles for slides, or headers on websites. You can find it in use today for

are unsure of which typeface they are looking at - a thought that gets in

many young companies websites.

between them and the content that they are trying to read. Another way to prevent these vibrations is to ensure that Gotham Rounded and Roboto are always displayed at different sizes - Gotham Rounded being larger than Roboto.




The quick brown fox jumped high over the lazy dog. after jumping over said lazy dog, the fox continued on his merry way, eating bugs and whistling coyly at a rabbit from across thew way. Depending on who you were rooting for, between the fox and the dog, you might see this as either a resounding success, or a tragic failure.

Here, Gotham Rounded is paired with Frutiger

The above specimen, showing Gotham

45 Light; the result is not harmonious. Frutiger

Rounded with Roboto Slab looks good. The

is a sans-serif font which is also very legible

typefaces pair well. However, the feel that this

at a number of different scales. It appears too

pairing gives off would better suit a company

formal when paired with Gotham rounded.

that manufactured high quality wooden toys, or organic food products. The serif evokes

Pairing Gotham Rounded with a more serious

a feeling of nostalgia that we do not seek to

typeface could be successful, but it would

imbue so much in the Polymaker brand.

need to be more drastically different. Roboto Slab would be a good option, but sans-serif typefaces match the feel of the brand better.


Here we have Gotham Rounded paired with Gotham HTF. The pairing is obviously very harmonious because the two typefaces were designed together. However, at larger sizes, the Gotham HTF carries with it some of the same charisma as Gotham Rounded, which doesn’t pair as well with the brand message as Roboto does.


Gotham HTF


The lazy dog - 20 pt

The lazy dog - 20 pt

The lazy dog - 18 pt

The lazy dog - 18 pt

The lazy dog - 16 pt

The lazy dog - 16 pt

The lazy dog - 14 pt

The lazy dog - 14 pt

The lazy dog jumped - 12 pt

The lazy dog jumped- 12 pt

The lazy dog jumped over - 10 pt

The lazy dog jumped over - 10 pt

The lazy dog jumped over - 8 pt

The lazy dog jumped over - 8 pt

The lazy dog jumped over the jealous fox- 6 pt

The lazy dog jumped over the jealous fox - 6 pt


Typography specifications

Don’t judge a book!



Gotham Rounded Medium

Gotham Rounded Medium

80pt on 102 pt leading

25pt on 34pt leading

95% Polymaker Night Sky

95% Night Sky

Note: avoid putting Gotham Rounded type close to the logotype because it causes a dissonance since the two typefaces are similar in form.


Don’t judge a book by its cover!

Don’t judge a book by its cover! This filament changes color form purple to teal when extruded - wow.


Body Text

Roboto Light

Roboto Light

20pt on 34pt leading

10pt on 17pt leading

95% Night Sky

80% Night Sky




polymaker needed an updated set of colors that grab attention.


Night Sky



C: 91

C: 0

C: 63

M: 68

M: 0

M: 0

Y: 46

Y: 0

Y: 23

K: 36

K: 5

K: 0

R: 30

R: 241

R: 75

G: 64

G: 241

G: 195

B: 84

B: 242

B: 202

Polymaker Night Sky (Night Sky, for short)

Polymaker Paper (Paper, for short) is the

Polymaker Foam (Foam, for short) is the

is one of the two supportive colors chosen

second supportive color. Paper is excellent for

real power-house color out of the three main

for the brand. Night Sky is great for title text

providing a warm, supportive background for

colors. The bright cyan component speaks to

that is on a light background, or for creating

text and image.

the company’s futuristic vision and energetic

a ground for vibrant pops of color, especially

style. The blue component speaks to the

warm ones. Night Sky’s subdued blue tones

Most bright colors will look good with Night

comfort that a company focused on superior

allow Foam to shine.

Sky and paper, so when choosing colors, it is

usability provides.

best to let your decision be guided by how well Avoid placing Night Sky in close proximity to

the color resonates with Foam.

Foam can be used liberally in a number

a 95% grey if possible, because it will make

of contexts, especially with the logo and

Night Sky appear too saturated, and cause an

logotype. Night Sky, Paper, and Foam call

unpleasant dissonance.

all be used on top of each other in any combination because they have been designed specifically for this application.


These Josef Albers color studies show the range of applications that the Three core Polymaker colors can be used in. Each center square is shown at 50%


More Colors

Gold C: 0

R: 242

C: 52

R: 135

M: 7

G: 212

M: 0

G: 197

Y: 85

B: 61

Y: 93

B: 76

K: 7

Welcome to the Experimentals. These colors are named as such because they were developed to add energy and excitement to compositions that designers create for polymaker in the same way that experiments are the driver behind material innovation for the company. Almost any color should work with Night Sky and Paper, but the Experimentals are guaranteed to harmonize nicely with Foam as well. Use Experimentals for buttons, icons, and other elements that are critical to a composition in a native polymaker product.


Grass K: 0



C: 51

R: 137

C: 0

R: 242

M: 62

G: 112

M: 73

G: 106

Y: 0

B: 178

Y: 62

B: 92

K: 0

K: 0

When it comes to playing with the Experimentals, you should stick to 100% or 50% opacity when overlaying Night Sky, or Paper. Stay to 100% whenever overlaying Foam. Otherwise, the result is too muddy and hard to differentiate. When on top of white, feel free to experiment with different opacities. 10% Experimental Gold is used on the Logo Header page.



Now, let’s see these colors in some action. To show off the versatility of Night Sky and Paper, they are paired here with three randomly generated colors. Now, the cohesion with the brand message is clearly lacking, but the colors still work fairly well. Since Polymaker is dedicated to a deep investment in innovation, there will be a myriad more products to come down the pipeline. If desired, a new color can be issued, and as it’s shown to the right, it is fairly easy to find a color that will work well.




you have all these tools. now what are you going to do with them?


Made with Science Polymaker has been working hard this summer to bring a new suite of innovative materials to market.

The advertisement above takes advantage of the vibrance of the Experimental Colors by placing a vector graphic of opacity 50% on top of a photograph taken from around the office. The Salmon used in the title of the text block pairs nicely with the purple of the vector graphic, which helps the eye dart around different parts of the composition.


We’ve got our eyes on the future Working at polymaker means being able to work on short-term and long-term projects. No more week-long turnarounds. Our project leaders have experience working in all different areas of the product development cycle from start to finish, and work with you to understand your needs.

Gradients are a great way to create some

In addition to gradients that go from one

dimension in a composition without over-

color to another, a gradient that goes from a

complicating things.

Polymaker color to a 10% different (lighter, darker, bluer, more red, etc.) color is also

The gradient above goes from Gold to Salmon.


It’s a radial gradient that was dragged from left to right to creat a bit more of a sense

Notice that the body text is 100% Night Sky

of atmosphere than if it were a standard

instead of 80% to provide extra contrast with

rectangular gradient.

the background.


Chameleon Filament Don’t judge a book by its cover! This filament changes color form purple to teal when extruded - wow.

There is an interesting relationship between figure and ground in this advertisement because the Aubergine recedes into the background since it matches the purple in the photograph it is placed ontop of.


Designed with care You can always tell how much filament is left in the spool just by glancing across the room.

There is drop shadow on the text box here. The the characteristics of the drop shadow are: 1 pica size, 1 pica distance, and 10% opacity, black color.


These patterns were generated with the old ‘y’ from the polymaker logo.


Feel free to do whatever you want with the forms in the logo! Use them as elements to compose form. You can use it as a playful constraint.


Logo-based patterns

These patterns can be used for a number of

This is an example of applying one of the

things from packaging, to web adverising.

patterns in a non-conventional matter. Here, the pattern has been extruded and placed over a gradient to provide an almost comically dense sense of atmosphere.


polyFlex polyMax polyPlus polyWood

This is an example of how the logo could be

This is an example of how one could utilize

This is an example of how the logo could be

animated in the context of a short loading

the brand colors to co-ordinate new product

treated as a single color element as a tag on

screen or introduction to a video.

launches. Notice how the ‘p’ stays lowercase

apparel or an embossed mark on paper.

to remain consistent with the brand, allowing the name of the product to shine.


Meet Shelly, A cute snake

Shelly is for use with internal tools and

Shelly looks good in any color she wears, so

documents. For example, t-shirts that are

feel free to experiment with different colors

given out to the employees, or a document

and even gradients! Shelly also looks good

that explains the standard operating

at different sizes. You can use her to call out

procedures of a printer. Shelly’s name comes

helper text in a technical document, or as the

from 蛇,and 力.

sticker to cover the apple logo on a macbook.


您好, 欢饮Polymaker 新年快乐!!





When setting the logo on to a page, follow the

Keep in mind that these are all just guidelines,

above placement guide. You can use these

and they are meant for you to play around!

units as a standard unit of placement. Since the ‘o’ is a component of the logo itself, it

You cannot change the logoform or logotype,

should be very easy to move around and play.

or change the main colors in the specification, but feel free to add new colors, remix and ocmpose the existing materials to form interesting composites.


Xiaofan Luo CEO | Polymaker 123.456.7690

Sample business card front

Sample business card back

Xiaofan Luo CEO | Polymaker 123.456.7690

Alternate business card front

Sample business card back

Note that the intersection becomes white then

Note the increase of weight for Xiaofan’s name

the logo is placed on a dark background.

in this example since it is light text.


100 Maker Way San Francisco, CA, 94104 123.456.7890 Dear Stratasys, We are honored to receive your most recent offer to purchase polymaker. I am sad to report that our stance has not changed, and we believe that we can best serve the 3D printing community by continuing to be a small, private, independent company. In regards to the dates you provided for giving a lecture on your campus, they all work. Please follow up with my assistant to confirm dates as soon as possible. We look forward to a productive and mutually beneficial relationship in the future with Stratasys. Sincerely,


Xiaofan Luo

Working within the contraints of the guide Constraint:

How to remix:

The geometry and colors of the logo and

Animations and compositions created with

Consistency is key! However, of course there

logotype as presented here

the logo and logotype (such as the patterns)

will be some things that slip as polymaker is a rapidly building brand and there are a lot of

The typefaces used in the specification

The size of the type or leading for non-print

needs that need to be sated.

publications. Consider using Gotham HTF in some contexts.

Just try your best to implement the guide in a way that is consistent and everything will be

The three main colors specified

Adding new colors in combination with Paper


and Night Sky Don’t present the extruded ‘poly’ logo, or Shelly

Conjure creative uses for those forms for

in a context where a user is encountering

when users are already familiar with the

the brand for the first time, like in an

brand, like merchandise, 404 pages, or mail

advertisement or pamphlet

that comes from technical support.



Polymaker Re-Brand 2014  

Ryan Mather :

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