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FANTASY Coloring Artbook for Adults illustrated by Julia Westlin


Westlin Media www.westlinmedia.se First edition Copyright 2016 Julia Westlin/JuliArt All rights reserved including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form. Illustrations: Julia Westlin Graphic design: Lotta Westlin Printed in Sweden 2016 by Trydells Tryckeri ISBN 978-91-983805-0-7

Welcome to my world!

Music & Art have always been the biggest passions of my life. It is my source of energy which I can not live without.  I start with a fresh blank sheet of paper, and I begin to express myself in that very moment. I capture whatever feelings come through me. It’s meditation for me.  I have always preferred to draw with ink since it cannot be erased. You basically need to correct your mistakes, and make something good out of it.  By receiving overwhelming requests from wonderful people around the world, following me on my social media, I have decided to put together this Coloring Artbook for adults. Behind each illustration, I have included uplifting quotes to give this book an extra dimension. My love for writing poems was the start of my music career. This is the first time that I have put them together in the same frame.  I hope that you will love this Artbook as much as I loved making it for you. Big hug, Julia Westlin

”In the silence I found my voice, loud and clear through the colors of my own choice.” - Julia Westlin

”Time and age are like a piece of jewelry. You choose to wear it around the clock, or not.” - Julia Westlin

”You are the colors in light. You are the stars in my night. There’s no doubt in my mind, you are the one.”    - Julia Westlin

�Flexibilities in life take us further. Dare to take a new path, take a chance, try something new, feel impulsivity, stay positive, be your own guideline.� - Julia Westlin

”Keep that feeling, and live it.”

- Julia Westlin

”When everything feels broken and heavy on your back, remember that everything around you has a great impact. When the focus is out, you’re not thinking clear. Take a moment to relax and exhale. Step by step you’ll get there.” - Julia Westlin

”When I was a kid, the apple trees in our garden were my favorite place to draw. I climbed to the top with the pens in my hands, and without any fear of falling. The branches always braced my back so perfectly as I lay. My safe spot, where I could be myself and do what I wanted, in my own way.”   - Julia Westlin

�Positive thoughts are the first steps out of the dark.� - Julia Westlin

”You’re my fire. You’re the warmth of sun, my ocean. The one I choose forever. I’ll hold your hand forever.” - Julia Westlin

”Cherish the priceless moments in life because they don’t come in copies.” - Julia Westlin

”You can stand in complete light, in front of someone who will never see you. Yet you can stand in darkness, and another will see you completely. It’s what you are made of that is beautiful.” - Julia Westlin

�Imagination is one of the richest qualities one can own.� - Julia Westlin

”Dreaming awake in an atmospheric space. The world outside the world, is my place.”   - Julia Westlin

”We live in the reality we create. Choose your choice and be your fate.” - Julia Westlin

”For the time you wait, becomes the time you waste. In the time that you listen, is where you’ll find your rythm. It’s all around you. Fall into the motion.”    - Julia Westlin

�In every part of your being there are energies. You automatically magnetize to what you are sending out. Everything you do is important, because YOU are important in this world. A feeling, a thought, an action is so much bigger, meaningful and more powerful than anything else. Love, is to keep sharing light even if it fades in any corner around you, because we all have the power to re-charge each others batteries daily. Just by a simple & priceless gesture, Kindness.�   - Julia Westlin

�Be patient and trust life, everything happens for a reason.� - Julia Westlin

�Passion, Vision. Creativity & Ambition. Love, Dedication. Trust & Communication. Generosity, Imagination. Patience & Inspiration.� - Julia Westlin

�Roots are tied beneath us not above us, reach for the sky and dare to dream high.� - Julia Westlin

”Freedom is when you actually do what you want to do.” - Julia Westlin

�The most important thing, is to always give the best of yourself in every situation.� - Julia Westlin

�Living in peace with the rest of the living, is to live in peace with yourself.� - Julia Westlin

”One pure definition of happiness, is to find an untouched spot in nature and just, BE.”    - Julia Westlin

”When words can’t speak what the heart feels, I turn it into art. Setting it free without loosing myself. ” - Julia Westlin

”Love, is the way we love.”

- Julia Westlin

�Magic comes from beautiful stories. Stories come from ordinary people. Ordinary people create magic. Magic creates illusion. Illusions create imagination, and imagination creates life.� - Julia Westlin

�As long as your being is present, even the darkest of darkness has a light.� - Julia Westlin

�You will find your own way when you start listening to the silence, and start appreciating your own ideas, of yourself.� - Julia Westlin

�What makes sense in this world is worth everything.� - Julia Westlin

�What brings you to the present, to the right now? Not the past nor the future. What do you do for your inner self, away from expectations of others including your own? What do you like, what makes you complete? What do you do to capture each moment in a meaningful way for you? No time, no date, just now? What opens you up completely to express freely with no fear of failing or falling? This is all that exists. This moment. Right now.� - Julia Westlin

�Let your spirit run free, and let your dreams manifest into reality.� - Julia Westlin

�Life is too short to be spent on things that makes you unhappy. Follow your dreams. Dare to take a chance. Dare to fail. Dare to grow.� - Julia Westlin

�Good things happen when you believe in them. When you make them happen.� - Julia Westlin

”Success is a state of mind, beyond the greed of materialistic need that makes you blind. Only you can tell what’s enough, and remember that all diamonds were born in the rough.”     - Julia Westlin

”See with your heart.”

- Julia Westlin

Julia Westlin, the multidisciplinary artist from Sweden has several strings to her harp. When she is not writing, singing, or producing music, she is creating visual art.   Her passion for drawing began when she was very young and with time, it has developed into an outstanding and unique art form.   Julia’s love for imagination, fantasy and nature inspired her to create this dream filled, coloring art book, in all their shapes and details. The illustrations in this book are sharpie free-hand drawings.   Like a feather in the wind, her artistic talent carried her to Canada where she has been living since 2012. Julia works as an independent musician and artist in her own company; JuliArt.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/juliawestlin Instagram: www.instagram.com/juliawestlin Youtube: www.youtube.com/juliawestlin Webpage: www.juliawestlin.com

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