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Transform your written content into an engaging experience with our interactive PDF creator. With the ability to create animated PDFs and elevate them into dynamic reading experiences, you can seamlessly integrate all types of interactive elements into a single, easy-to-read document. Keep your audience engaged and make your content stand out with Issuu's powerful platform.

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What is an interactive PDF?

An interactive PDF gives you more control than ever when it comes to crafting documents, product guides, employee manuals, and documents of all varieties. Your traditional (or flat) PDFs gain new life and dimension when you can incorporate video, audio, hyperlinks, and so much more! Our online interactive PDF maker adds a new element to business and personal communications, and makes creating interactive PDFs a breeze.

Traditional PDFs can be overwhelming to some audiences because they appear impersonal. By making interactive PDFs you inject your documents with personal elements that make communication more approachable and engaging. An interactive PDF is also more likely to reduce response time and keep you organized by keeping everything you need within one document. 

The process of making interactive PDFs is just as simple as creating a normal PDF but with added features like links and embedded content. The flipbook feature makes turning the pages feel more like reading a book than scrolling on a screen.

create interactive PDFs with Issuu

How to make an interactive PDF:

  1. Upload your PDF document. Issuu’s online interactive PDF maker will then convert it into a flipbook.

  2. Embed videos, links, shopping options etc. directly in your new flipbook. This newly added content will make your interactive PDF more engaging.

  3. Our Article Stories feature allows you to pull stories from your newly created flipbook and turn them into their own articles, ready to be shared on mobile.

  4. With our Fullscreen feature you can make the reading-experience immersive and less distracting. With our Embed feature, your new flipbook can be easily embedded in your website to ensure no one in your network misses it!


Next-level visual engagement.

Video is the ultimate visual engagement tool. Now you can enhance your interactive PDFs with embedded videos for a truly multimedia experience. Just post an embed link from YouTube or Vimeo and you’re on your way!

Add video to your interactive PDF


Go beyond static. 

A key feature of interactive PDFs is the ability to add links. With links, you can make your PDF shoppable, connect your content, and turn a static document into a deeply immersive and interactive experience. Links turn your PDF into a content hub, connected to your pages and blog posts.

PDF magazine shows how to add links to your content


Put your PDF right on your blog.  

With the Embed feature, you can put your interactive PDF anywhere on your site, whether that’s right on the homepage or embedded in a relevant blog post or landing page. Embed settings let you choose a display that matches your website’s theme. Our online interactive PDF maker makes the integration seamless.

Full screen view of the embed feature with page turning

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Interactive PDF: Frequently Asked Questions

  • When creating interactive PDFs, focus on customer engagement. Pick relevant videos and links to make communication more visual and interactive. Use callout text to include interesting asides or statistics that back up what you have to say in your PDF. Once you have engaging content, you make your PDF interactive by adding links, flippable pages, images and videos. If you have products to sell, you can include them as shoppable links. Design your PDF not just as something to be read passively, but something to click through, flip through, and explore!

  • Your audience can enjoy an interactive PDF the same way they would any other PDF but with the exciting bonus of interactive content. The reading experience includes links and videos.

  • Our online interactive PDF maker allows you to incorporate elements you could never include in a flat PDF. Videos and hyperlinks can be embedded into the document. You can even flip the pages like a book.

  • First, upload your PDF to Issuu, then start exploring the various features that turn a regular PDF into an interactive PDF. Think beyond static text. Add links and embed graphics and videos. Instead of just writing a document to be read, focus on creating a content experience. You can use your interactive PDF like a pillar page with links to blog posts and other content you want to highlight.


Are you ready to turn your static content into exciting interactive PDFs?

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