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fall classics

FA FALL CLASSICS PATTERNS Atlantic Star Jumper Last Leaf Cardigan Original Rolled Collar Lady of the Lake Classic Thrums

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Atlantic Star Jumper BFL 2/8, BFL Colourwork Shown in Buttercream and Wintersleep A twist on traditional Fair Isle with variegated yarns. Knit top down, using both semisolid and multicoloured yarns for the colourwork. A new classic.

Last Leaf Cardigan by Fiona Stevenson Coraline, Shown in Beet This oversized cardigan is perfect for cool weather. Thick wooly collar can be worn up or down and sleeves can be knit long for cuffs. A great beginner sweater.


Original Rolled Collar BFL 2/8, BFL DK or BFL Aran Shown in Cedar and Nori Originally knit for men, we’ve stolen this one as the ultimate boyfriend sweater. This re-release of our 1980’s classic rolled collar fits like a dream. A flecked/marled effect is achieved by holding one strand of BFL 2/8 in a subtle series colour with a strand of BFL DK in a coordinating colourway. It can also be knit using a single strand of BFL Aran with a contrasting hank for the collar.

Lady of the Lake Jacket Curlylocks, Kid Silk Shown in Tiger Lily This long-time favourite has been re-released using our Kid Silk and Curlylocks. Knit side to side, this allows yarns to stripe vertically. The open front allows for different placing of shawl pins – either at the top to create a flattering A-line swing opening or in the middle to create a square silhouette.

Classic Thrums BFL Aran with Wool Sliver Shown in Blackberry and Ruby Our best selling kit for nearly 15 years. Thrumming is an old technique that is just so much fun. By pulling small tufts of sliver, these are knit into a garment creating a fuzzy warm layer on the inside and irresistible polka dots on the outside.

PHOTO CREDITS Ruth Gallo Cover Photo | Last Leaf Cardigan | Original Rolled Collar | Lady of the Lake | Classic Thrums | Landscape Shots

DeeDee Morris Atlantic Star Jumper



yarn: BFL 2/8 and BFL colourwork

100% Blue Face Leicester

sizing: S/M/L – 4 Skeins of BFL

Colourwork including 1 multicoloured variegated 300g of BFL 2/8 in a Subtle Series colourways. XL – 5 skeins of BFL Colourwork including 2 multicoloured variegated 425g of BFL 2/8 in a Subtle Series colour.


yarn: Coraline

100% Corriedale Wool

sizing: M – 8 skeins

L – 9 skeins XL – 10 skeins


yarn: BFL 2/8, BFL DK or BFL Aran

100% Blue Face Leicester

sizing: S/M/L for a marled look (as shown):

BFL DK Main colour – 4 (5, 6) skeins BFL DK Marle/Collar Colour – 1 skein BFL 2/8 Marle/Collar Colour – 3 (3, 4)


BFL Aran Main Colour – 6 (7, 8) skein BFL Aran Collar – 1 skein

LADY OF THE LAKE yarn: 4 skeins Kid Silk (70% Kid Mohair, 30% Silk), 2 skeins Curlylocks (78% Kid Mohair, 13% Wool, 9% Nylon).


yarn: 1 skein BFL Aran, 60g Wool Sliver

100% Blue Face Leicester

sizing: One size

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