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FLACK and Itica Itica is very pleased to be helping FLACK to improve the way it uses technology to manage the business elements that support the fantastic work FLACK does in Cambridge. Itica has a policy of supporting organisations that provide unique services to their communities. Examples of organisations Itica supports are: A

Sky Badger Finding help for disabled childen and their families. artsdepot High quality visual and performance arts for all. Furniture Resource Centre New and recyled furniture with a social dividend.

About Itica Itica is a team of highly experienced individuals who bring their collective experience to bear on all aspects of business and technology. If you have a technology challenge, just ask Itica and...

Relax... technology delivered

Furniture Resource Centre FRC is a leading social enterprise running commercial businesses that produce financial profits and create a social dividend by giving people in poverty and unemployment the opportunity to change their lives. Itica ran the process that transformed FRC’s technology from a complex legacy “nightmare” to an integrated, enterprise class, “Cloud” service. This substantially reduced costs, increased flexibility and provided scalable technology for the future. “I was impressed by the absolute professionalism with which you conducted the supplier selection process” Phil Tottey Deputy CEO & FD Furniture Resource Centre

t ca 01223 393 539

www.flack About the front cover ... Steph is a FLACK Peer Member, renowned for her fiendish puzzles and prowess as FLACK’s Chief Badge Maker. She is also loyal, kind and extremely thoughtful.

Inside this issue...

photo: Mark Woods-Nunn

About FLACK ...

Sun Shock by Lucky di Salvo

FLACK is a new kind of what’s on magazine for Cambridge. We’re different in two important ways. Firstly, we cover the kind of events that can be hard to find out about in the city, from free films and exhibitions to live music, stand-up comedy and even bike maintenance workshops. Secondly, homeless people are core members of our production team. FLACK - which is also a registered charity – offers them training, support and a sense of vocation; helping them to get back on their feet. All of which gives our readers a new way to explore Cambridge, beyond old divisions like town / gown or homeless / housed.

Why FLACK? Well ... homeless people get a lot of flack! (aka random criticism) ... and ‘to flack’ means to publicise and promote and that’s what FLACK is all about... providing a positive insight into who homeless people are, what they have to say and offer.

Subscribe to FLACK Make sure you don’t miss next month’s issue. Subscribe online to receive your copy of FLACK in the post at the beginning of every month. Editorial : Advertising : Listings : Volunteer : Published by FLACK Cambridge, City Life House, Sturton Street, Cambridge CB1 2QF Registered Charity Number : 1136657 Printed by BPC Litho

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04 05 06 -07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 -15 16 Object of the Month & FLACK Effect 17 Remembered Friend 18 Cambridge Listings 19 - 31 FLACK is written for your information and entertainment. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the publication, FLACK cannot be held responsible for the use of information that it publishes. The contents should not be relied upon as a substitute for medical, legal or professional advice. FLACK is a forum for discussion, and opinions expressed in the paper are not necessarily those of FLACK

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Editorial ~ Steph Clarke


t’s been a few months since I was last in this space. And a bumpy few months they were, with many highs and lows. One low coming when we thought December would be our last issue. Thankfully hard work and generosity averted this. A high in being one of the elite few who have stood on a TEDx stage and said their piece, which is why it’s not me pictured above. You know who I am, I’m on the front cover and this is my speech for TEDx ... This is my friend Cindy at the FLACK photo-shoot, she and I have several things in common. The first being that FLACK gave us somewhere to be ourselves when we needed it most. Each of us had hit a low when we first came to FLACK. Our situations had leeched our confidence and we were feeling all but useless, nobodies at the bottom of a dark well. There seemed no reason even to look for the light at the top, there was no way out anyway. There were plenty of people who would help you be more comfortable, let you know you’re not alone; show you the odd slippery handhold. What we needed was a ladder. FLACK was our ladder, but we had to climb it ourselves. With the encouragement of their easy acceptance of us, faults and all, we climbed. We’ve both had a hand somewhere in every issue of FLACK since our pictures, and Cindy’s story, appeared in the launch issue last October. Even if it was just with production and editing, we helped. And now here I am speaking to all you you (at TEDx). Terrifying. And Cindy is now being paid for doing just what she wants to, working at FLACK helping people who are NOW where we were then. In her words from the March Issue; “The transformation from chaos to stability is 100% the FLACK effect.” I said it then, I still believe it now. You should know by now that you are holding a magazine packed cover to cover with great articles, poetry, fun, care and listings. So all that is left to say is this: may you find your ladder and the strength to climb it. Steph X

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Kevin C. Dooley - Making Recovery Loud and Clear!

by Jude Evans


n May, FLACK took part in a student-led political think-tank forum exploring issues of homelessness at the Wilberforce Society hosted by the Cambridge Union Society. Along with our very own Creative Director, a panel of experts presented the facts and perspectives surrounding the plague of exclusion we challenge here at FLACK HQ. One of the panelists was Kevin Dooley. Suited and booted, Kevin knocked us over with his own journey of recovery and subsequent training in counseling. The brutality of his past life and how it affected his spirit was loud and clear, as was his rejection of the idea that people are past saving. He moved us. How could a man from such a dark background be so well? This self-made man has survived a heartbreaking set of circumstances...grief, deprivation, punishment, homelessness, sectarian political violence/hatred, and has stared death in the face too many times. In an article from the Independent in 2001 Kevin stated - “Once I get myself properly sorted, I would like to start up some kind of initiative for the homeless...” Kevin mused that a creative project for the homeless was the way forward. Profound coincidence or what? He had practically foreseen FLACK! “Every person healed is a family healed. Every family healed is a community healed.” From an early age Kevin remembers feeling disconnected from his community, and after the family separation, he and his brother spent summers in the comfortable south with their mum, and attended school there. Glasgow by comparison was a ‘grey city’ - factories and grubby streets, where he learned to fight. The summers in England singled him out as a ‘posh boy’ – different. At home alcoholism and violence were a normal part of everyday life. By fifteen he deeply mistrusted authority, social workers wanted to take him away from his family, police were violent. It was routine to be assaulted at the station “you had no rights and you were going to be physically beaten up”. Kevin eventually rejected the brain washing that he felt would turn him into a stereotypical smallminded protestant-hating catholic. He couldn’t even PAGE 6 | FLACK | JULY 2012

get involved in sport because of the divide. Again – feeling separate “I’d lost my sense of identity”. When he ran out of places to belong he found criminality “ I asserted that I was free from church and state. I became independent”. Now a professional expert who is writing, giving talks and saving lives, Kevin is the perfect example of transformation, now living his own potential to the max! Kevin is a crusader. His canny tenacity and wealth of ‘insider’ knowledge is a breath of fresh air. What is his aim? To make recovery visible! To spread the message that recovery is possible and totally realistic. He knows – he’s been there. Ex-offender, ex-drug user, ex-homeless Kevin has removed all the negative labels attached to him and replaced them with fantastic new ones. Pride, self-respect and altruism is his new outlook on life and as a counsellor and in his advisory capacity he promotes this. “The most beautiful people aren’t born – they’re made. The most beautiful, compassionate people I’ve ever met became beautiful through suffering... through loss.” At the heart of Kevin’s approach to recovery is Positive Psychology. This can be defined as ‘scientific understanding and effective interventions to build thriving individuals, families and communities...positive psychologists seek to find and nurture genius and talent and to make normal life more fulfilling. It adopts “a holistic approach to human existence through investigations of creativity, free will and human potential.” Kevin strongly believes self-esteem, selfeffectiveness, self-autonomy and self-belief are the core building blocks for real change. The similarities of addictive behaviour are overwhelmingly outnumbered by the myriad of varying circumstances of the sufferer. Combinations of circumstances specific to the sufferer must be understood and unlocked before real growth can take place. Kevin works with individuals, groups and employers. He feels employers need to understand that an employee struggling with a drink/drug problem needs help and understanding rather than


Above: Kevin Dooley then (2001) Below: Kevin Dooley now

tough consequences and condemnation. For instance, a man/woman has been drinking and using recreational drugs at weekends for some time without the knowledge of his employer – he/ she seems capable and O.K. Out of the blue, already with a taste for a party, they suffer a painful break-up which sends them reeling and crossing over from party-lover to addict, subsequently they lose job, house, friends, family...everything? Does it need to go that far? Could an intervention initiative be accessed before the worst happens? Anyone can develop problematic substance abuse issues – a clinical way of saying -people who use drugs aren’t simply bad people doing bad things!! They’re human beings in our community who if ignored, if left alone, may fall off the edge of the planet. Someone’s son, daughter, mother, father deserves the chance to heal. Kevin and I share the opinion that drug abuse and addiction is a health issue and still much misunderstood - sufferers stigmatized as morally defective and/or excluded from their community. Once mistrust sets in on both sides, rectifying the situation becomes very, very difficult. The criminal justice system cannot heal this pandemic. I personally don’t understand how punishment can cure disease!? Too often, the addict is punished, stigmatized, ignored, excluded – trapped in a cycle of self-hatred and left completely out of touch – terrified of their own feelings. Practical provision is all well and good but emotional support and life-skills are the catalysts for sustainable recovery and re-integration back into the wider community. In this respect it seems clear to me that FLACK and Kevin were always going to be natural bedfellows. I can only imagine what it was like for Kevin to visit a place he could once only dream of. I’m proud to call him a friend who has become something of a hero of mine in a relatively short space of time. The guy is simply a force of nature. He glows with positive well-being and carries a message of hope and possibility for everyone, anyone – even me. Kevin’s ‘testimony’ can be found on our YouTube channel Kevin’s on-line autobiographical blog can be found at: http:// If you want or need Kevin’s expertise, get in touch: Kevin C. Dooley, Addiction Recovery Consultant. Tel 07403 894 149. E-mail info@ JULY 2012 | FLACK | PAGE 7








N A OH K C N B EN Y D by Steph Clarke E AG A D With Acrossword I the help Oof theUacross clues below, fit the pieces in the grid to form a that is symmetrical, left U S T to right and top to bottom. T H EC A H S tasting T D / Sour Not rich Find these inAboots I DN C I A C Chinese martial arts Genuine L A A S RH AO O of clothR/ Primate H P O Scrap Zero / Black substance U H U R UA S C I M StealthilyRdeceitful Heavenly O W messenger R E A A E T G A Natural eye protection For above / Turns wolf? T R C L AN U T I O N A K A K H A N TG A N A L H E A IE L E G D O D N A G WU SL NS CA D I D U U O A A I C O I A O A R IR D O C AI D R OPC OAO SA R A G E R N P U A E N I I D I C A R R D H O C O P T S T U T I A I CW U SU HD O WS H SU S R W A U S R E A E T H S R E U OW A HR A H ARC U T A N W H L I HUAL UST P C AO O N LC S H S A C H T I L N N A E A C R L A T K AL N I LE R C RE YK O E I T E A R KW A A A M A C E UAK SD I D G A AG EH I N A AP E K A AN E D N G L K S U O CA I I RDD A A U ND NU A E DND N U O C E D E L A L V S GIO DUEI ISD I O CU S P ATO O C D A IU IAS L H I NDU R I ID A AUR U A SN O ISA I O D I N I O B S U W O W I T A S N I E R E A UU SP A SOT SE AH S U A NRR N A TA S H U A C G T A W S H L I N H K T E S C NT SA H C G N NAS H AN HT C S I A N AH E LS T I Y AE Y E S LTHSE A L I IASL H R E SD TKA KI C N E E E D N A H L H E H S H O UE I T U G EHSN LH A E M E Y N E EYO AOC U ON E O EA M EA M A I M MH R S D S A D H A UN A EE GP AW U I I S AR U YO A O T A LA A I O IO D S I T O AC O C E OA U E E AAA LI A I I L ID NIN TS E P L I C N A C I P B A L S A A RNP I OS O SAT CA B N I N AI NNM S P O O A H B O H O I A H NA N LAB N I VLN A RH V DH IG L R N A N A G AE I U H H L SU A S H O NGH O L CA B C G N E A W E A E W G G H E C A AG NR EG E I LCNE A YA C S E EL T RU A NN O NR A I TA N GCA E A H O E C S N E E L C W T I A I U H N I L N H TW M N L AMHOA N TH NT E BT NEI HAY L AN OH ETCT HU O A EU AINTHU C C A E I R H A I O E T C I U OR H R O H L I G AM AO H TRO G A HG T H A O I R H C A I I TH Y O U TH I N N A A U N AI B L ND A I U I A I AI E H E C I P A P EH AO N O I T A D SI A OA U EA SB N II N HI AN P EN NA IOP TNO NN O V A GI D AN P R E AA R R P HE EE LV I CCG NG PA N G B A A R G V A R G L E N O G I SC NA LGG E RV NVNA E WHCRH E N A H A E AN LG ELI C RG T A E N NA H N O I W T U L E E A R AN GV E E R L HA EU NS L A O R W E G L E R O ER ARW H A H O E RCS HI H YH L A E E W H I O Y T A E O NE AR GUE R AE W A L RE O T R CH M H URE ILE H AH L AH AP C A I M N G PAGE 8 | FLACK | H JULY 2012 U EA I T A L IA ET T L A UA

Pieceword Puzzle



FLACK Recipe

Earn extra cash by selling

by Steph Clarke

and support a local charity FLACK Vendors buy their copies for £1 and sell for £2. Five free copies to get you started. Nine City Centre pitches. FLACK vendors average £30 - £40 income per day. Work when it suits you within the limits of your time, benefits or family commitments.

Drop by our office at:

City Life House Sturton Street Cambridge CB1 2QF

Baked Bananas

Or give us a call on:

(01223) 366532

Bananas - 1 each Dark Chocolate


Mon-Fri 10-5 Sat-Sun 11-3

Mixed Spice





Bramble AJelly


2) Cut slit in bananas along inner curve

Enjoy 2-for-1 meals at CB2 Restaurant Cafe, Norfolk Street for a limited time only (valid until 31 July).

3) Cut or break chocolate in to smallish manageable chunks

Simply cut this voucher out and show it before ordering.

1) Pre-heat oven 200C approx

4) Push bits of chocolate into bananas 5) Press gently on ends of banana to open slit slightly and push in some bramble jelly with the handle of a teaspoon 6) Sprinkle with mixed spice 7) Press banana back into shape and wrap tightly with foil 8) Bake for approx 30-35 mins or until soft to touch 9) Serve ~ delicious with (FLACK Flavour) icecream. Bananas can also be cooked this way on a BBQ may need slightly longer cooking time.

5/7 Norfolk Street, Cambridge, CB1 2LD Tel: (01223) 508503 Opening times: Mon-Thu: 10AM-11PM / FriSat: 10AM - Midnight / Sun: 10AM-10:30PM JULY 2012 | FLACK | PAGE 9


Go Ape While Facing Your Fear by James Elliott, FLACK’s Head Gardener


he day began with some apprehension as we parked and walked toward the visitor centre set in the tranquil surroundings of Thetford forest in Suffolk. Squirrels and pheasants stalked about peripherally in the surrounding woodlands and the soft acoustics of the towering trees gave a sense of calm. In a beautiful timber-framed lodge we were welcomed by hypnotherapists John Clifford and Susan Banks with a friendly and open discussion about phobias, of heights in particular, and the symptoms we tend to exhibit when reacting to them. Introduction over we exchanged some humorous anecdotes of vertigo through the coffee and yummy biscuits, then the hypnotherapy session quickly followed. This was given in soothing tones and with assurances of the safety of the method which was based on a process of relaxation that initially appeared unintrusive, but, as I later reflected with hindsight, proved to be uncannily effective. By now well primed, we headed across to the ‘Go Ape’ – the UK’s number one tree top adventure site. An initial signing of disclaimers and fitting of harnesses was followed by a thoroughly supervised training area session where the safety system procedures were gone through. By now the realisation of what was in store for us through the forest apparatus of zips, climbs and traverses had fully dawned. The only way was forwards and the exhilaration intensified as each platform offered a partial view of the challenges ahead. Toothy adrenaline-fuelled grins were involuntary and behind us we heard the shrieks and whoops of other participants undergoing the same experiences. Swinging into giant cargo nets and foofooing for long distances is a great way to experience the mature forests of Thetford, there is plenty of time to gawk about with delight. I let out a few uncharacteristic woohoos and surprised myself and present company. Only the trainer and safety supervisor who appeared periodically to check on PAGE 10 | FLACK | JULY 2012

our progress seemed unsurprised. The final two challenges were, firstly, the aptly titled ‘Tarzan Swing’ – a small step for a non-phobic person and a little leap of faith for the phobiaafflicted kind. This was the acid test of fear-facing endeavours and was not attempted by all - there is a mincer’s alternative. I glanced down briefly to see Sue and John peering up with mild expectancy, they had accompanied us unobtrusively throughout. There too was our safety supervisor, present for the closing stages to help guide us to this point. Everything that had preceded carried over enough momentum to allow me to take that leap. I wasn’t disappointed and was grinning very hard indeed even during the event. The very last step was another extremely long zip slide to the waiting congratulations. We strolled back through the woods and felt like we had really partaken of its atmosphere and seen it from every angle. The issuing of certificates followed as we handed back the harnesses and reclaimed our valuables. My chest puffed out briefly and we shook hands and thanked everybody present, even those who weren’t remotely involved in the tremendousness of the day before making off to the nice warm car. Pay attention to the instructions given pertaining to suitable attire and footwear to make the absolute most of the occasion. Participation also provides the opportunity to raise funds for your favourite cause or charity. A truly rewarding experience and a must do. Make a booking at


Cambridge Remembered

City Life House 2012 photo: Toby Peters

by Mark Woods


new column for places in and around Cambridge that have evoked or involved a particular memory from times gone by: maybe a tree or a chimney pot, a bird or a sculpture park, a fountain or a rose

The Howard Mallett 50 years on ‘(A) glittering temple of communal activity’ Architect’s Report 1968 This is where FLACK operates since its move into the building in June 2011. Built in the World Cup Year ’66 for the princely sum of £57,750 it was opened as a youth club in 1968 by the honorary alderman Howard R. Mallett. It is a comforting thought that the building lives on, - sufficiently flexible to meet the changing needs of young people, the Club also provides them with an excellent opportunity for social activities in pleasant warm surroundings with a ‘high standard of decor’ Cambridge City Council Official Opening Leaflet continuing to fulfil its original purpose of providing community space right in the heart of Cambridge and helping FLACK thrive. A friend’s mother remembers the crazy nights of the youth club learning the latest dance and getting the gossip, before the building evolved to become the Café Africa and later the Chinese Community Centre.

< The Howard Mallet in 1968

The design of the building has been described as both Corbusian and Smithsonian - two of the greatest modernist architects of the 20th century. Red brick, sporting its own chimney, with sexy darkened windows, and a maze of aluminium warm air ducts inside, to me it is warm and friendly. With exciting open spaces that house Cambridge Community Circus, the Pro-Am Fight Centre, Menagerie Theatre Company, NACRO and a commercial gym, a rich diverse neighbourhood. Ballet dancers, kick boxers, ex-offenders and vulnerable women and the homeless find comfort between its walls. It is a fine example of Cambridge’s ability to be all-inclusive, essential criteria for a civilised society as we move further into the 21st century. The building could be a hub along with the other community projects in the locality such as Squeaky Gate and Cambridge 105FM to really put Cambridge on the map in this field. It would be nice if the Howard Mallett Building was considered for listing and protection by the English Heritage as a prime example of a 60’s youth club. What do you think? Please feel free to contribute your ideas or memories of places that have changed or disappeared from Cambridge: uk. JULY 2012 | FLACK | PAGE 11


FLACK to Work

Members of FLACK recall their experience of work trials


n the current economic climate we are hearing a lot of debate about ‘work trials’ – hmmm! Mysterious stuff. According to the jobcentreplus website, ‘A Work Trial is a trial in an actual job vacancy and Employment on Trial is designed to encourage the unemployed to try a new job.’ Three FLACK members share their experiences of these schemes. Funnily enough, all three are now in employment, though not necessarily as a result of the following! All names have been changed.

Mr. R


saw a job advertised at the jobcentreplus website and phoned up as instructed. It was a cleaning job and despite having previous experience and references I was told to turn up for a ‘work trial’ at 5 am at a busy town centre pub after the assault of a Saturday night. I found myself at a bombsite with around ten hopeful candidates just like me. We slaved away for two hours til the whole pub looked brand new. When we finished we got a very informal ‘cheers’. I confronted the supervisor. I mean, they did not even care to take our name or contact details…how were they meant to get hold of us to say who gets the job? I followed up by phoning in, only to find that the same trends were happening on a weekly basis, repeated ‘trial shifts’ being offered without a clear progression into paid employment. One might wonder how a company can carry on like this, after all it is a bit risky, such as if no one calls in for a trial. I happen to know that this particular company has its own team of regular work force, some of whom work and guide the ‘hopefuls’. So, the company can carry on taking risks like this as they have their normal workforce to fall back on. This is taking advantage of people’s desperation and is utterly disgraceful.



had found a job which I thought was going to be really good, so I applied for the position as bartender at a great hotel in Cambridge. The employer seemed really happy with the experience I would bring (I had run a bar in Mallorca in the past) and from the interview alone I felt I had made a really positive impression. They offered me a trial shift unpaid. I agreed as I really did feel I could do the job with my PAGE 12 | FLACK | JULY 2012

eyes shut. My shift lasted for four hours but it took the bar manager to tell me that my shift was over for me to stop, as I was having the time of my life. In the debrief he stated that he was really impressed on how I worked under pressure. He didn’t see any reason why the hotel wouldn’t offer me a full time job but it wasn’t up to him. He said that the manager would be in touch. I left feeling really proud of myself. As promised after a couple of days the hotel manager called, but told me that I was unsuccessful. It really knocked my self-esteem being turned down like that and I felt I had been used and abused. If I was offered another of these unpaid trials I would definitely turn it down.”



he atmosphere was friendly as I waited for my interview for a work trial at a local supermarket. Everyone we saw seemed cheerful and polite, a feeling that stayed when I had been called into the office. The first thing I was told was that my timing was fortuitous as this was the last recruitment for a while and they wouldn’t dream of offering me a work experience post if there wasn’t a job available at the end of it. After a training day in my chosen department, tills, I was then supervised working with the public until I was confident enough to work alone. The training and supervision was enough that I was working alone, by choice, by the end of the first day. I enjoyed every minute, even the not-so-good moments when I had to refuse sales. Everyone was helpful and friendly, the company has a policy of ‘happy employees makes for better customer service’, and I witnessed this on a daily basis. The company can only currently offer me part-time employment and were very understanding about my preferred hours and for my working times to leave me free to pursue my voluntary work with FLACK. The job has now become formal, and I have enjoyed my time working with the company, with no noticeable change of attitude from trial to work. Have you had a similar or wildly different experience of such a scheme? Write to FLACK with your thoughts…


Courage by Jerry Gregory


ike my dad used to say “I’m not getting any younger and the worst fear in my life is that I won’t be able to protect things I love the most in my life”. He always said “be hard, be stronger but most of all earn your respect not by fear and power, earn it by who you are and what you’re doing”. What I’ve learned through all these years of my life and fighting is to respect others and expect them to respect you. Help those who really need it and punish those who deserve it, and never judge anyone by their skin colour or by the name they call God. Battle won by violence is as good as a failure. Courage is not something that only the bravest and strongest have, it’s something that’s living in each and every one of us and that’s what makes us so strong together. We as people may not always be together, we may fight with each other but in the face of great danger we can stand together and fight as one. Remember to show what you’re really like to those you love, be their dream and the best man they’ve ever known but if you have to, be the worst

FREE* LEGAL ADVICE Ian Tyes specialises in:

Housing Family Benefits

Free Drop-In Thursdays 12 noon - 2pm FLACK, Citylife House, Sturton St, CB1 2QF Free Drop-In also available at Wintercomfort, Victoria Ave between 9.30am - 12pm

For appointments at other times mobile: 07958 579396 email: (*Appointments are normally free if eligible for legal aid)

Peters & Co 01279 453 331

Jerry (right) with FLACK Vendor, Kieron

nightmare for those who will make a threat to anything good in your life. Although a twig will break, a bunch of twigs is strong. Always be you and don’t pretend to be someone else, even if people don’t accept you like that, because it’s better to be respected and liked by one true friend than have millions of them who only like you when you’re not yourself. No matter what, always believe in yourself, always try to see good things in the worst situation, and never give up even if there is no spark of a chance to win.

Jerry’s self-defence classes Martial arts, self-defence, body workout and personal trainer First session is free and a year’s membership available if you subscribe to FLACK magazine. Personal training also available. Tuesdays 5.30 - 7pm ~ Jesus Green Saturdays 2 - 3.30pm ~ Parker’s Piece contact Jerry for details: 07589 671079 or email

Regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority

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REally-USEful Cambridge charity provides low-cost furniture for people on low incomes. A report by FLACK Facilitator Diane Morrison, who talked to Re-Use volunteer Jane


ane has been volunteering with Re-Use for three years. She paid FLACK a visit to tell us about what it involves and how it benefits both volunteers and the customers served. Jane moved with her four children from Germany to get away from an abusive marriage. She arrived in Cambridge with nothing, and sought temporary accommodation with her sister. Fortunately for Jane, the Council provided her with a flat within seven weeks and she began to rebuild her life. Just three months after the trauma of her marriage breakdown, Jane made the step towards volunteering with Cambridge Re-Use; she needed something to occupy her and give her life a structure. The manager at Re-Use was extremely supportive and helpful, giving her advice about how to claim benefits and also providing her with household appliances and furniture. She found the people at Re-Use much more helpful than the agencies she had been to where she felt she was often fobbed off with a leaflet; in contrast there was a definite personal touch and because she felt she was doing something useful she was able to begin to recover. Jane says the personal support she was given is characteristic of the general atmosphere at Re-Use; the volunteers always have time to chat and

PAGE 14 | FLACK | JULY 2012

be welcoming to donors, volunteers and customers. Jane got her secretarial qualifications at college after she left school, and had worked as a PA before she was married. Jane had always wanted to work in forensic research but the life of a barracks wife didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t allow her this opportunity. She hopes that in the future she will be able to achieve this aspiration, but in the meantime she is enjoying her work at Re-Use helping customers at reception and driving the delivery van. Whilst Janeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s life as a military spouse meant she and her children could travel and live in relative luxury, she told FLACK that she is much happier now even though she is comparatively much worse off, subsisting on benefits. Her volunteering helps to give her some focus and to feel part of something meaningful and valuable. She noted that it is extremely difficult for people, especially single parents, to get back into the job market even if they are willing and able like her, as there is a dearth of jobs which provide a liveable income and it is very costly to support a family. Cambridge Re-Use, formerly Cambridge SOFA, was established in 1988. Re-Use provides lowcost furniture and electrical appliances for people on

www.flack benefits and low incomes (below £16000 per annum for single people and £21000 for couples). They are located on Cherry Hinton Road (address below) and can deliver items to customers’ homes for £10-20. Everything is donated by members of the public and Re-Use only sell good quality items which have been safety-checked by the volunteers. Re-Use is open Monday to Friday between 10 am and 4:30pm, but you must register as a customer with proof of your eligibility (such as benefit letters) in order to become a customer. Anyone can apply to be a volunteer and, as Jane testifies, this is a valuable and enjoyable way to give back something to the community. She was made very welcome and given the support and training she needed to feel confident in the role. Jane highly recommends Re-Use as a great community service for people on low incomes and as a place to volunteer. No time to volunteer? Currently there is a significant need for donations. Re-Use will take good quality unwanted items including every kind of household item that is needed to make a house a home, and working electrical items (they cannot accept any gas appliance). Please consider donating to Re-Use as, unlike with other charities which sell items to the general public, donors can be secure in the knowledge that their item will go to

Spot the Ball answer The ball was in box 4C. Did you get it right?

someone who is on a low income and who would otherwise find it very difficult to afford the kinds of home items that many take for granted. Re-Use will collect large items from within a 20-mile radius of Cambridge. To donate please call the number below or email.

send an

Unit H, The Paddocks, 347 Cherry Hinton Road, Cambridge, CB1 8DH 01223 576535

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Gypsies and Witches by Jade Rivers

Jade with her grandad, whom she knew as Dad

The old man with his trilby hat

Then your own sin was your umbrella

He always had a dog, no sense in cats

You couldn’t waste his time talking about the weather

The old man and his hedgehog stick Roamed the roads with his horse And he loved a cup of tea The old man with his family around the fire Has a heart like the ocean Never abide any liar Pride ‘n’ loyalty, gentile and yet bold To be shouted at or cussed meant he loved your bones, he loved your soul But if you weren’t family

PAGE 16 | FLACK | MONTH 2012

Fortune -tellers and tarot cards Killer heels and broken hearts The old man with his blanket of care All he wants is to protect you Know you’re safe, know you’re there And this old man with his horse and his hedgehog stick Bold as brass is the love in his eyes He will love you forever Because he knows you have survived


Object of the Month #10 by Josie Camus (Fitzwilliam Museum)

View of the Grand Canal View of the Grand Canal. Canaletto. 1730s


ast month it was hard not to get caught up in the damp but determined celebrations of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee hip flotilla making its way down the Thames. And you may have noticed these scenes being compared to a 250year-old painting of a similar (but sunnier) Thames flotilla by Italian artist Canaletto. So this seemed like a good month to have a look at one of the Fitz’ own Canaletto paintings View of the Grand Canal: a crisp and convincing portrayal of eighteenth century Venice, which was Canaletto’s home city and favourite subject.

FLACK EFFECT by James Elliott

Fraternity with the FLACK massif Learning about opportunities and activities Ability to engage with the wider community Communication with people Keeping in touch with life in the city


met Toby at Wintercomfort for the homeless after FLACK was suggested to me as a place to volunteer. I had been attending appointments at A4E and sent on a mandatory work placement that I was unable to complete. Looking back, I was in a psychotic state and extremely isolated and fearful. “Come along on Saturday”. I didn’t know that FLACK was a magazine or the first thing about what participation might entail. The huge relief at finding a placement to remain eligible for JSA was the immediate benefit.

The painting is full of gondolas, which are a bit like punts, except that the canals in Venice are too deep to punt properly, so they kind of row... And like Cambridge, Venice was no stranger to tourists, who were Canaletto’s main customers. One of the city’s regular visitors was artist and critic John Ruskin (who our beloved Anglia Ruskin University is named after.) He used to stay in the Gritti palace, which is the big square building in the left of the picture. These days it is the most expensive hotel in Venice, but Ruskin stayed there for 15 shillings, which included 6 rooms and meals! Although it is tempting to see Canaletto’s paintings as near photographic likenesses of Venice and London in his time, it is worth bearing in mind that the exact view of the canal he has painted here never quite existed. He built it up from different sketches, so as to make a pleasing composition, as that’s what artists do.. So we shouldn’t be too disappointed if the jubilee flotilla we remember wasn’t as sunny as the one in the painting. This object can be found in gallery 7, on the first floor. Looking back to that first day, I watched some testimonials and it moves me now to remember what a humanising effect they had. It was the first evidence that I wasn’t alone in my experience of emotional struggle and that other people had felt the courage and confidence to communicate theirs. I began to hoover frantically in order to work as a volunteer satisfactorily. Ramona stopped me one day and said, “you don’t have to hoover everything all the time, you can do other things”. Gradually, the selfconscious panic about just being anywhere started to subside and I began to notice the extent of this fraternity by observation. Inclusion of everyone fuelled the firm and I was invited to contribute according to my readiness to do so, in whatever capacity. Since then I have been able to contribute a bit to most aspects of production as well some content and development of the FLACK garden. This is now flourishing and perhaps best reflects very well my own journey from a past desolation to a prospective future that has the potential to give back. James is a long-standing member, quiet but very loyal and hardworking, and an excellent poet, gardener and listener. FLACK definitely wouldn’t be what it is now without him – Diane, FLACK Facilitator

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Remembered Friend

Michael Terence Paul Hancock (Smichael) 1950 - 2012 A man who worked hard and played hard, all his life.


ichael came from Hitchin and from an early age loved ‘The Falling Over Water’. As a young man Michael had several jobs, which were very physically demanding and soon became a very well built and powerful man. With his blonde hair and powerful physique, he soon had the ladies eating from his hand. A ‘charmer’ with the ladies and a ‘drinking god’ with his mates. Michael had various jobs ranging from a coal man to a chef on ferry ships. No matter which job Michael did, he always made a little bit extra, on the side.........for ‘Liquid Refreshments’. Eventually Michael’s 2nd marriage broke down and after falling on hard times, eventually found himself living on the streets of Cambridge. After a stay at 222 Victoria Road homeless hostel, Michael moved to 451 Newmarket Road on 16th April 2007. He soon fitted in and became “The Daddy” of the house. Holding court in the lounge and telling everyone of all the wonderful adventures he had had and all the things he used to get up to. He would spend hours sat with his friends at 451, playing cards, pool, watching films and having a few too many beers. Jungle Book was a particular favourite of Michael’s, he would watch it over and over again with the rest of the lads and join in with the songs. Then on more sombre occasions he would watch a ‘Weepie’ with Glyn and they would sit together with a box of tissues. He loved his garden when he was married and continued gardening at 451, creating planters and hanging baskets which made the garden look absolutely stunning. He would also spend time in the kitchen, cooking for everyone in the house. Sometimes not completing the task, as drinking out of ‘Damp Glasses’ sometimes made him a little wobbly. Michael had an amazing effect on people he met. From friends, volunteers and staff past and present. Whenever I bumped into people the first person they would ask about was Michael. People from Germany and Greece have returned over the years to visit Michael to see how he was getting on. Before Michael went to ‘The Big Bar In The Sky’, he contacted his family and was reunited with them. He spent weekends away with his brothers back in PAGE 18 | FLACK | JULY 2012

Michael with his portrait in pastels by John Glover.

Hitchin and on holiday. He also had visits from his ex-wife and they became friends again. Michael wanted to continue with his hobby of ‘Liquid Refreshments’ and to remain at 451, which he regarded as his ‘Home’ until the end and he accomplished that. Michael will be dearly missed by everyone at 451 and everyone else who was his friend. It was an honour to be part of your life Michael and we will meet again in ‘The Big Bar’ I know you’ll have a drink waiting for us. Rest in Peace my friend. Love Bluebell Editor’s Note: 451, Newmarket Road provides accommodation for long-term heavy drinkers. Residents aren’t asked to stop drinking, but in a safe, secure and comfortable home residents are able to reduce their drinking to a level that dramatically improves the quality of their lives, sometimes enough to enable them to move back into the community.



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Dictionary Def: flack (verb) ~ to publicise or promote.

FLACK LISTINGS are researched by our volunteers and homeless members. FLACK’s mission is to offer our readers a new way to explore Cambridge, beyond old divisions like town / gown or homeless / housed.

FLACK Flowers ~ photo: Toby Peters


Roadside Britain exhibition tour and book launch Babylon Gallery, Waterside, Ely, Cambs CB7 4AU

Mon 2 to Sun 8 July Check website for times Free Sam Mellish (extreme sports documentary and editorial photographer), photography critic Max Houghton and social and cultural historian Joe Moran, represent the traditional and quintessential aspects of British trunk-roadside culture, with emphasis on location and environment.

Classic & Vintage Bus and Coach Day Cambridge Museum of Technology, Riverside, Cambridge CB5 8LD

Sun 29 July 11am to 5pm £3.50 or less Static display of classic and vintage buses

and coaches. Free bus rides on vintage vehicles. Transport stalls. John Wakefield: 01223 843802; Andy Baker: 01353 741367

FLACK Recommends

Craft & Design Showcase Babylon Gallery, Waterside, Ely, Cambs CB7 4AU

Sat 14 Jul to Sat 25 Aug See website for times Free Annual selling show with local artists.

Cambridge Open Studios All four weekends in July. 11am to 6pm Free Annual event – 200 local artists throw open their doors, across Cambs.

If FLACK was an Ice Cream Flavour, it would be:

Open Eco Gardens

various gardens around the city

Saturday July 14th various times visit website to book Food ~ Wildlife ~ Water ~ Permaculture . Eco-Gardens around Cambridge open for tours. Ideas and inspiration for gardens of all types. Including FLACK’s very own vegetable garden! Tours must be booked: 01223 301842

Toffee, ‘cause it’s tough. JULY 2012 | FLACK | PAGE 19


Home Energy Fair

Emmanuel United Reformed Church, Trumpington Street, Cambridge CB2 1RR

Thur 5 July 7pm to 9pm Free Hosted by Transition Cambridge, meet suppliers/installers of: roof insulation, cavity wall insulation, solid wall insulation, energy efficient windows, solar PV panels, solar hot water panels, heat pumps, heating controls, firewood. With short talks. Check online for more details.

FITZWILLIAM FIVE This month’s Fitz 5 were chosen by Lottie, our resident hairdresser and beautician and Antonio, our resident robot maker and geologist!

Designed to Impress: Highlights from the print collection Running until 7 October

Charrington Print Room (16)

Admire a selection of the Museum’s most spectacular prints not normally on public display. Masterpieces by some of the greatest Old Master printmakers, including Rembrandt and Dürer, will hang alongside prints by later artists such as Degas, Whistler and Picasso.

Scrutinising sgraffito: conservation of Medieval Cypriot glazed bowls Wednesday 4 July, 1:15pm Penny Bendall, Independent Ceramics Conservator

Alexandra Zappa, Department of Antiquities (Conservation) FREE but space limited. Admission by token, available from 12.45 on day of talk.

It’s Magic!

Tuesday10 July, 10-11:30am £3 per child. Ages 2 – 5 Explore work in the collections and make art of your own in the studio to take home. Booking essential, tel. 01223 332904 or email fitzmuseum-education@

Think you can’t draw? Think again!

Wednesday 25 July, 10am-12pm £15 (£10 concessions). This drawing workshop offers a way of working for those wanting to be more confident with their drawing skills. You PAGE 20 | FLACK | JUNE 2012

don’t need to be an expert, just willing to open your mind and experiment. Booking essential, tel. 01223 332904 or email fitzmuseum-education@

Domestic bliss

Thursday 19 July, 2-3pm £5 per person. An introduction to some of the beautiful and bizarre objects designed for the home on display in our Applied Arts galleries with Julia Tozer. Booking essential, tel. 01223 332904 or email fitzmuseum-education@


Cambridge Folk Club

The Golden Hind, 355 Milton Road, Cambridge CB4 1SP

All welcome but discount for members. See their website.

Hedgepig, with Richard de Bastion Fri 6 Jul Doors 7.30pm £8 or less

Open Stage

Fri 13 July Doors 7.30pm £4 or less

The Larks, Lekta, Holly Tamar Fri 20 July Doors 7.30pm £7 or less

Cambridge Folk Festival

Cherry Hinton Hall, 369 Cherry Hinton Road, Cambridge CB1 8DB

Thur 26 to Sun 29 July From £19 (kids go free) Popular annual event – day tickets or camping. ‘Folk’ in broadest sense – stalls, food etc. Often sold out well in advance. Discounts for locals.

Elm Tree –live music

16a Orchard St, Cambridge CB1 1JT

Free Live music at central-Cambridge ‘small, quirky, single-bar’ pub. Sun 1 July 8pm: ‘The Scissors’ (indie pop); Thurs 12 July 9pm: ‘The Silverbacks’ (blues with rhythm); Sun 26 July 9pm: ‘TC3’ (acoustic country & folk). 01223 508632

Play-House at the Fountain Inn 12 Regent Street, Cambridge CB2 1DB

Every other Thurs (including 5 July) 10pm to 3am Free With DJ Lee Scott, deep, groove-based. Future sounds assured. Jump in with both feet and experience some deep house treats. Also ‘Butter’ every Fri (£2/3) for house, disco, techno, classic hip hop, dubstep and dnb; and ‘HouseOlogy’ on Sats (free before 11pm) for ‘those old tunes that made club music what it is today’.

The Demon Barbers: Time Gentleman Please J2, Junction, Clifton Way, Cambridge CB1 7GX

Tues 10 July 8pm £10 or less Folk, clog, sword and Morris dance collides with some of the youngest dance forms (B-boying, popping, krump and beatbox) in new fast-paced dance show touring the UK. Think Riverdance with a false moustache & Stomp with bells on’.

Craig Charles Funk & Soul Club J2, Junction, Clifton Way, Cambridge CB1 7GX

Fri 13 July 10pm to 2am £12 Night of funk and soul with Craig Charles (Red Dwarf etc) and five-piece funk/soul/ rock jam-band Bijoumiyo.

Mallory Knox

J1, Junction, Clifton Way, Cambridge CB1 7GX

Sat 14 July 7pm £7 Their debut album (start of 2013) ‘is already one of the most anticipated rock debuts of the last decade’. Can’t say more than that...

Fingerstyle Collective

J2, Junction, Clifton Way, Cambridge CB1 7GX

Tue 24 July 7pm £12 Four acoustic guitarists, from Canada, the US and the UK, do their thing: Don Alder ‘phenomenal fingerstyle playing

www.flack and rich voice’; Dan LaVoie ‘composing and performing on the rare harp guitar’; Justin King ‘percussive “tapping” playing style, consisting of a variety of influences ranging from Flamenco to Celtic music’; Stuart Masters ‘combines Western and Indian Classical, Folk, and Celtic influences... with pure, haunting vocals’.

El Hombre sin Nombre...

Skankin Ska ‘n’ B

1st Tues of month

Man on the Moon, 2 Norfolk St, Cambridge CB1 2LF

Fri 13 July Doors 8pm £6 Chu Nah Mi are 7-piece funked up Ska ‘n’ Roll band. Bring your dancing shoes. Also Ska Masters and DJ Tim Faberge – Spaghetti Rocksteady, apparently.

Bushfari sound Man On The Moon

Every Thurs 8pm to late £2 For ages 18+. Roots, reggae, dub with live DJs, voals and guests. Previously at Devonshire Arms on Mons. Check online for other dates.

Winter Kings Reunion with Rebel Icons (supporting), Fred’s House (opening) The Portland Arms, 129 Chesterton Road, Cambridge CB4 3BA

Fri 20 July Doors 8pm £5 Cambridge-based folk/rock outfit reform for a special gig.

Ukelilly, Megan Parry and Naomi Randall

The Geldart

1 Ainsworth Street, Cambridge CB1 2PF

1st/3rd Thurs of month 8.30pm Free Live Spanish and flamenco-style acoustic guitarist seranades dinners.


8.30pm Free Cocktail of pumping rock/boogie keyboard, seasoned with slower blues, jazzy arrangements of standards and original compositions.

Live Folk Music

2nd Tues of month 8.30pm Free Unplugged, traditional fiddle-led music from around the British Isles and beyond.

Lost in Austin

1st/3rd Weds of month 8.30pm Roots, country and blues music -harmonica and even spoons! Also exhibitions... 01223 314264


Pop-up cinema

Cambridge’s Big Weekend, Parker’s Piece

Sat/Sun 7/8 July Free Day and evening Celebrating the arrival of the Olympic torch, feature films, locally-produced shorts, and family favourites. Check website for times.

Wed 25 July 8pm £6 or less Folk rock, acoustic singer/songwriter.


Check online for other July dates, including Sunday folk club and Friday comedy.

With British Science Association, series of films, presentations and discussions on science issues at backbone of many best-loved films. Includes Little Shop of Horrors (2 Jul) with discussion of ‘real lives of carnivorous plants’. Check online for other events planned to May 2013 (all early on the month).

Acoustic Routes

CB2 Bistro, 5/7 Norfolk St, Cambridge CB1 2LD

Sat 7 and 28 July Series of small concerts in Cambridge, presenting ‘the finest acoustic music’ (folk). Tend to sell out in advance so check their website early for events, which are usually at CB2 in Norfolk St.

Cambridge Picturehouse, 38-39 St Andrew’s Street, Cambridge CB2 3AR

y Happy Birtha

and Mam

D ad,

e Jade Lots of lov

FLACK Ice Cream Flavours Chameleon Wasabi Pea Carbon Nut Pistachio - Cool but Nutty

Autism-friendly screenings

Cambridge Picturehouse, 38-39 St Andrew’s Street, Cambridge CB2 3AR

Check online for dates/times £3 In partnership with The National Autistic Society, low lights are left on and the volume reduced. Customers can move around, make noise or take a break during the film.

Vanishing of the Bees

Brackenbury room, Impington Village College, New Road, Impington, Cambs CB24 9LX

Weds 4 July 7.15pm £3 Presented by Histon and Impington Climate Change Action Group. Filmed across the USA, in Europe, Australia and Asia, this documentary examines the alarming disappearance of honeybees and the greater meaning it holds about the relationship between mankind and mother earth.


Blithe Spirit

Tues 10 July to Sat 14 July 7.45pm From £7 Hit 1941 comedy by Noel Coward, presented by BAWDS.

Images of Dance

Tues/Weds 17/18 July 7.30pm £12/10 London Dance Studio tour with new ballets.

Much Ado about Nothing Gardens of Anglesey Abbey, Quy Road, Lode, Cambridge CB25 9EJ

Thur 12 to Sat 14 July 6.30pm £14 or less Outdoor theatre from Viva Theatre Company and RSC Open Stage events. Tickets from Abbey Box Office or 0844 249 1895.

JULY 2012 | FLACK | PAGE 21



Open Air Theatre at Wandlebury: Wild

Wandlebury Ring, Gog Magog Hills, Babraham, Cambs CB22 3AE

Wed 4 to Sat 7 July 8 pm £12 or less Walkaround performance inspired by, created in and performed in Wandlebury, by In Situ. For ages 16+. Bookings and more information.


Leper Chapel, Cambridge CB5 8EG

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‘Overruled’ and ‘A Phoenix too Frequent’ ADC Corpus Playroom, St Edward’s Passage (opposite King’s College)

Wed 18 to Sat 21 July 8pm £12 or less From In Situ: one of the most frightening and gripping plays ever written. A nightmarish world of bloodshed, war and political violence. For ages 16+.


Mumford Theatre, Anglia Ruskin University, East Road, Cambridge CB1 1PT

Wed 4 to Sat 7 July 7.45pm £5/8 Comedy double bill (Bernard Shaw and Christopher Fry) by Combined Actors of Cambridge – local amateurs. Check their website for auditions for future productions.

Fri 13 July 7.30pm, Sat 14 July 2.30/7.30pm £9 or less From Riverside Theatre Company: with candour, humour and insight, explore issues that confront many young people today: prejudice, identity, self-worth, literacy, sexuality, substance abuse and perseverance.

Romeo & Juliet

Cambridge Comedy Festival Junction and two other venues

Tues 17 to Sun 22 July Eves £6+ 40 shows over 6 days. For ages 16+ (apart from kids show). See website for more information.

Cambridge Shakespeare Festival Gardens of 6 Cambridge colleges

Mon 9 July to Sat 25 Aug 7.30pm eves exc.Suns £15 or less (season tickets available) UK’s best loved open-air Shakespeare festival returns, in its 25th year, with 8 productions. Also 7 charity performances. Book online or from City Centre Box Office. 07955 218824

PAGE 22 | FLACK | JULY 2012

Tues/Weds 17/18 July 2.30pm and 7.30pm £8.50 or less From The Performance School, Impington. Chorus of Love Geeks congregating to tell ‘the love story to end all love stories’.

A Middle-Aged Man’s Uncertainty Theory

Anglia Ruskin Drama Studio, Covent Garden, Cambridge

Tues/Weds 24/25 July 7.30pm £8 or less Big Squirrel production, explores in a surreal and hilarious way the uncertainties of life as seen by a fifty year old taxi driver.

The Railway Children

Wimpole Estate, Wimpole Hall, Arrington, Royston, SG8 0BW

Sat 21 July BBQ from 6.30; 7.30pm £14 or less Heartbreak Theatre Company present open air theatre in Old Rectory Garden. Bring a chair or rug. Booking essential. 01223 20600

Poetry, Language, Code and Games Artists Play

Ruskin Gallery, Anglia Ruskin University, East Rd, CB1 1PT

Tues 3 to Thurs 12 July (continues) 10am-8pm; Sats/Suns: 10am to 5pm Free Exhibition on interrelationship of text code and visual image.

The Emperor (formerly Globe) 21 Hills Road, Cambridge CB2 1NW

Programme of comedy (from 8pm – with free icecream), karaoke, gigs and trips to Newmarket racecourse (20 July: Kool & the gang). Check website for details. 01223 464633


Summer Choral Concert

King’s College Chapel, Cambridge CB2 1ST

Fri 6 July £5.40 Celebrating the arrival of the Olympic torch in Cambridge. Academy of Ancient Music and Choir of King’s – Mozart’s Requiem, Handle’s ‘Dixit dominus’ and new work. Book online or from ‘The Shop at King’s’ on King’s Parade. 01223 789340

Josh Kemp’s Jazz Prophets

Cambridge Modern Jazz Club, Hidden Rooms, 7a Jesus Lane, Cambridge CB5 8BA

Fri 20 July 8pm £16 or less Josh Kemp (tenor sax); Tim Lapthorn (piano); Mick Hutton (double bass); Dave Smith (drums). Book online.

Cambridge Summer Music Festival Fri 13 July to Sat 4 August Check website for dates, locations and times. Run by local charity, you can join as a Friend.

FLACK Ice Cream Flavours Mint Choc Chip Blood, Sweat and Tears


Cambridge Summer Music Festival Picnic Concert Wandlebury Ring, Gog Magog Hills, Babraham, CB22 3AE

Sat 28 July 3.30 pm Free (suggest £4 donation) Outdoor concert for all the family with Cambridge City Brass Band and Arco Iris.

East Anglia Chamber Orchestra

West Rd Concert Hall, 11 West Road, Cambridge CB3 9DP

Sat 7 July 7.30pm £15 or less Four works: Vaughan Williams Overture from The Wasps; Schumann Concert Piece for 4 horns; Mozart’s cantata for soprano – Exsultate; Jubilate K165. Book online.

Cambridge Summer Recitals: Melvyn Tan

Jubilee Gardens Summer Riverside concerts

The Big Weekend/Olympic Torch Relay

Suns to 12 August 2.30 to 4.30pm Free All kinds of brass, jazz and military bands play in pleasant gardens by the river.

Fri 6 (from 6pm) to Sun 8 July (from 12 noon to 10/8pm) Free Starts on Friday with live music and fireworks (10pm). Olympic Torch events on Saturday – massive carnival and lots of community talent (and stalls). Sunday is packed with music and even a Mela. Check online for programme.

Jubilee Gardens, Ely, Cambs CB7


London to Cambridge Bike Ride Sun 22 July From £18.50 entry 60-mile charity ride to raise funds for Breakthrough Breast cancer. Start in North London and ends at Midsummer Common. Give them your support?

Open Eco Gardens Various, around Cambridge

Sat 28 July 1pm and 7.30pm £25 or less (combined tickets possible) Two recitals from ‘most thoughtful, elegant and refined of pianists’. Book online or from ADC. 01223 300085

Sat 14 July 11am to 2pm Free (probably) Tour around local ‘Eco gardens’ – ones with food growing, water conservation, wildlife or permaculture. Will include allotments, community, domestic, college and public gardens. Still time to include your ‘patch’. Check online for details.

Chesterton Choral Society

Fishing Activities Day

Chesterton Methodist Church, Green End Rd, Cambridge CB4 1RW

Mons 7.30pm to 9.30pm Subs rates: £52/£26/ year. Well-established local amateur mixed choir - with the emphasis on enjoyment. New singers welcome – no audition required. Sight reading is an advantage but not essential. Check online for more info.

Anglia Chamber Choir

LAB 028, Lord Ashcroft Building, Anglia Ruskin University, East Rd, Cambridge CB1 1PT

Every Thurs 5pm to 7pm Local choir singing range of music. Membership is open to all at Anglia but also local community, by brief audition. Prior experience of sight-reading music recommended. Contact Paul Rhys for more information..

Milton Country Park, Milton, Cambridge CB24 6AZ Sun 29 July Day of ‘fishy fun’ for all ages, from Cambridge Fish Preservation & Angling Society. Check online for details.

Big Bike Ride

Sun 8 July £12.50/£30 entrance (adults) Charity bike ride to celebrate Olympic year. Family-friendly Silver route (12.5 miles) or gold route (125 miles). See Cambridge News website for information including advanced registration.

Register for September’s Bridge the Gap Charity Walk Early bird by Thur 9 Aug £10 (or free) Walk is on Sun 9 September.

FLACK Ice Cream Flavours

Parker’s Piece, Cambridge

Wandlebury Cross Country Race 2012

Gog Magog Hills, Babraham, Cambs CB2 4AE

Sat 28 July £10 or less Charity 2.5 or 5-mile run, for EACH, for ages 17+. Run by Newmarket Joggers. Need to register.


Milton Country Park, Milton, Cambridge CB24 6AZ

Sun 15 July With South Cambs District Council, opportunity for all ages to try new outdoor sports and take part in the Cultural Olympiad. Check online for details.

PAW Walk

Grafham Water, Huntingdon , Cambs PE28 0BH

Sun 29 July 10.30am £6 or £20/family (dogs are free) A 3- or 9-mile ‘walk your way to a healthy heart’ around the SSI water park, raising funds for Wood Green Animal Centre and Papworth Hospital. BBQ or bring a picnic. Free event T-shirt and goody bag. All abilities welcome. Pre-book online. 0844 248 818

Coton Countryside Reserve Scramble

Mon 23 July 6pm Free Checking panoramic views and wildlife. Enjoy a summer evening at the Reserve where wildlife is busy and wonderful sunsets can be admired. Meet at the Martin Car Park, Grantchester Road, Coton.

Tom Hardy Flavour JULY 2012 | FLACK | PAGE 23


Body Active Sports Massage Clinic

Kelsey Kerridge Sports Centre, Queen Anne Terrace, City Centre, Cambridge, CB1 1NA

Suns, Mons See website for details.

Bodywork’s community classes

Bodywork, dance studio, 25–29 Glisson Rd, Cambridge CB1 2HA or 17 Brookside CB2 9JE

Mons to Fris eves; Sat am From £5 Adult classes for aerobics, ballet, contemporary jazz, pilates, street dancing, yoga and zumba. Check website for current timetables and prices.

Cambridge University Botanic Garden 1 Brookside, Cambridge CB2 1JE

Admission charge Extensive programme of events and short courses for all ages and interests - and a great place for a day out – recommended by a Flack volunteer. See their website for more info, including on their Friends membership and events.

Cambridge Cycling Campaign Well-established and very enthusiastic local group. Organises social/leisurely rides and has monthly meeting (with some external speakers) – all welcome. If you join, you get a useful newsletter – but their website is packed with info about cycling in and around Cambridge. Recommended by Flack volunteer.

Cambridge Cycling Club Local group of 250+ sporting and racing cyclists. Organises 40-mile beginner club runs – for all ages and regular time trials. Sunday runs from Addenbrooke’s bus shelter at 9am. See their website for more information.

FLACK Ice Cream Flavours Chili and Chocolate Post-It and Blue-Tac

PAGE 24 | FLACK | JULY 2012

Cambridge Parkrun

Milton Country Park, Milton, Cambridge CB24 6AZ

Sats 9am Free Not a race, but regular volunteer-run 5km run. For all ages and abilities- for your own enjoyment (or to help train for charity event). Meet-up in cafe afterwards too. You must register in advance the first time (bring your bar-code along) – see website for details (zillions of FAQs).

Cambridge Summer in the City Events funded each year by the Council throughout the summer. Not just the big festivals (Midsummer Common Fair, Big weekend, Olympic Torch Relay) but also jazz bands on a Sunday in our parks (Aug and Sept). Links to other festivals like Strawberry Fair, Arbury Carnival, Chesterton, Cambridge Comedy and Folk Festivals. Good opportunities for volunteering. Check out their website.

Fizzyfit Classes

Venues across Cambridge

Weekdays eves £4 Whole-body workout and Bootcamp classes – aerobics based (can do fitness testing). Also classes for business. Check website for where and when and what to bring. 07795 297998

Cambridge Fencing Club

Netherhall Upper School Sports Hall, Queen Edith’s Way, Cambridge CB1 8NN,

Thurs 7pm to 10pm See web for fees Three-weapon club for men and women aged 16+. Younger ages (from 8+) can learn fencing at Cambridge Cadets or Cambridge Sword (on same website, different afternoons/nights and locations). You need to join.

Yoga Classes – with Cynthia Richardson

Several venues around Cambridge (including Greens)

Days, eves £7 (or by block) From beginners to more advanced. Also half/full-day workshops, private tuition and retreats in Bali! 07954 388505


Cambridge Guitar Club St James Centre, Wulfstan Way, Cambridge CB1 8QJ

Thur 19 July 8pm to 10pm £4 or less Monthly club event for classical/acoustic guitar, with ensemble playing for first 30 mins. All ages but under 16s must be with adult. www.cambridgeguitarclub

Knit club at John Lewis

3rd Floor Brasserie, John Lewis, Grand Arcade, 10 Downing Street, Cambridge CB2 3DS

Tues 31 July (and monthly dates to November) 10am to 11.45am Free, with refreshments Open to knitters of all abilities. Leaflet in Haberdashery section.

Understanding lace knitting

John Lewis, Grand Arcade, 10 Downing Street, Cambridge CB2 3DS

Thur 5 July 10.30am to 4pm £40 Workshop with Sarah Hatton to demystifying lace knitting. For knitters who can follow a basic pattern. Book at Haberdashery section.

Vacanze, Natura e Trekking

La Dante in Cambridge, The Lodge, Hawthorn Way, Cambridge CB4 1BT

From Wed 4 July 10am to 11am or 6pm to 7pm £60 (for 4 weeks) New fun conversation workshops held in Italian. Find out about the best natural parks, refuges, food, trekking and bike tours – and hear your Italian flourish. Booking essential. Check online for other July events. 01223 315191

Rowan at Cambridge Open Studios Rowan,40 Humberstone Rd, Cambridge CB4 1JG

Sat/Sun 14/15 July 11am to 6pm Free Well-established local charity and arts centre offers informal drop-in workshops for ‘junk modeling’ (Sat 11am), ‘trainer

www.flack prints’ (Sat 2pm), ‘paint polo’ (Sun 11am), and ‘clay motion’ (Sun 2pm). For all ages and abilities. Materials provided. And find out what their artists and crafters (including students) make and do all year around; also venue for events and classes. 01223 566027

Dowsing for Beginners Wandlebury Ring, Gog Magog Hills, Babraham, Cambs CB22 3AE

Sat 14th July 11am to 1pm or 2pm to 4pm £10 Claimed to help find water, pipes and underground features, or help with health problems and reveal natural earth energies. Two-hour intros - try it for yourselves. John Baker is a tutor and member of the British Society of Dowsers and a professional water and archaeological dowser. Just 14 people per session, so pre-book. 01322 525975 John:

Beginners Poultry Course Education Room, Home Farm, Wimpole Hall, Arrington, Royston SG8 0BW

Sat 7 July 11am to 4pm £60 (includes lunch and book) Learn how to keep chickens and ducks – including visit to Wimpole poultry unit. 01223 20600

Clay Oven Courses at Wandlebury

Wandlebury Ring, Gog Magog Hills, Babraham, Cambs CB22 3AE

Sat 21 July 10am to 3.30pm Learn to build your own clay oven and experience the fantastic taste of genuine outdoor cooking.

Cambridge SMUG Local branch of SMUG - where you can learn, teach and meet up with other photographers who share your passion. Check website for joining details.

FLACK Ice Cream Flavours Neapolitan Revenge (Serve Cold)

Get Away to Spain in your Lunch Hour Cambridge Central Library, 1st Floor, Grand Arcade, Cambridge CB2 3QD

Tues 12.30pm to 1.15pm £8 or less No need to book. 561854

Cambridge Spanish Language Group Friendly gathering of people from around Cambridge who enjoy speaking spanish and share a common interest in the Spanish and Latin American culture. Check the website for dates and locations.

Cambridge Speakers Club Royal Cambridge Hotel, Cambridge CB2 1PY

Every other Tues 7:15pm for 7:30pm Local branch of non-profit Toastmasters International. Learn to ‘public speak’, also leadership and presentation skills. Open to new members of any background. Check website for dates (3, 17, 31 July) and fees (can attend as guest free).

Cambs Beekeepers Association Local group of bee enthusiasts. Offer talks, introductory courses or visits to apiaries at Wandlebury. See their website for more information

Circus Skills

Citylife House, Sturton St CB1 2QF

Suns (most of year) Workshops timetabled between 3pm to 8pm £5 or less From Cambridge Community Circus (CCC) – a voluntary organisation to promote, teach and perform circus skills in the Cambridge area. Various drop-in circus skills workshops. All ages 7+. Also local juggling group. Check online for more info. 08717 334446

Illuminate Cambridge-based charity providing subsidised (or sometimes free) life coaching for unemployed or on minimal income: ‘helping people to help themselves.

They run the Confidence for Change flexible training programme. Check their website for courses. Sam: 01223 520124; Maria: 07974 952724;

Italian Language Classes Centre at St Paul’s, Hills Rd, Cambridge CB2 1JP

With Guiseppina Morselli – evening/ day. All levels and for exams. Group and individual.

01223 512 351

Menagerie Theatre Company Local independent new writing theatre company – and neighbour of FLACK. Develop productions but also run corporate training workshops (communication skills) and writerdevelopment courses.

FLACK Ice Cream Flavours Coconut Gorgonzola Baileys Long Hours and Lots of Coffee Flavour

White House Arts

72 Fen Road, Cambridge CB4 1UN From £60 (day) to £150 ish for 10 weeks Well-established local arts centre/studio, over-looking North bank of river. Great programme of day- and eve classes, oneday workshops and weekend/short courses – throughout the year. You can even float down the river drawing (on a boat). Art, crafts, and related activities. Could be the start of a new career? Recommended highly by Flack volunteer.


Three Cemeteries Green Day Mill Rd, Ascension and Histon Rd cemeteries

Sun 15 July Annual celebration of the three Victorian cemeteries in Cambridge. Check website for details.

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Diamond Way Meditation Two locations in Cambridge

Tues 8pm Free (donations welcome) Local Cambridge branch of national Tibetan Buddhism network organisation holds regular weekly sessions, newcomers welcome. Check website for details of times and locations.

Falun Dafa

Kings College Cambridge (contact for details)

Sats 10am to 12 noon Free Local branch of international (apolitical) organisation (also known as Falun Gong). Learn and enjoy this ancient (spiritual) practice for improving body, mind and spirit. Just five gentle and easy to learn exercises. All welcome. Avoid tight clothing. Miatra: 07956 493481

listen of bring your own tale. Also perform at events and venues around Cambs. See their website for more information.

progress of genomics in the NHS. Offered by local public health genetics charity PHG Foundation. Must book.


Calling all SMEs in the Cambridge Region

Big Summer BBQ

Cambridge Blue pub, 85 – 87 Gwydir St, Cambridge CB1 2LG

Fri 13 July 5pm to 11pm £26 or less 14 local networking groups combine for networking event and party. For those interested in technology, creativity, ideas, bio-tech and friendly networking. Also raise money for local Emmaus. Book online.

CURLY SAYS ... did you know a year’s subscription to FLACK costs just £24 ?

Taoist Tai Chi Society of Great Britain

SmartLIFE Centre, Kings Hedges Road, Cambridge CB4 2QT

Weekly, day and eves Free, once a member Local branch of national society. Gentle set of movements to promote health and wellbeing: beginner, continuing and health recovery (for people with chronic illnesses or recovering from injury). For people of all ages and in all health conditions. You need to join the society (variable fees, which will be explained to you), pay an annual fee (special rates are available). New classes from May in St John’s Church and Arbury Community Centre. Check website for all locations, dates and contacts.

Tues 3 July 9am to 1pm Free (inc lunch) Workshop to help identify how public, community and voluntary organisations and small and medium-sized businesses can prepare for and help to deliver the Green Deal in Cambridgeshire. This is an important chance to be involved in shaping the local delivery of this Government flagship policy. Places are limited, by invitation only.


Local group devoted to talking about philosophy in the convivial atmosphere of Cambridge’s pubs and cafes. Regular events on their website and links to an archive of talks.

Cambridge Storytellers

CB2 Bistro, 5-7 Norfolk Street, Cambridge CB1 2LD

4th Wed in month Stories traditional, contemporary, bizarre, tender, bawdy or spine-chilling. Come to

PAGE 26 | FLACK | JULY 2012

Mon 2 July 9am-11am Transform the way your organisation manages any workplace issues by taking part in a new initiative. Mediation is an effective dispute resolution tool that helps parties reach a satisfactory solution together and strengthens the employment relationship.To find out more join The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and its mediation training provider for a ‘Mediation Breakfast Seminar’ For further information, and registration for the Breakfast Seminar, contact Kara.Allen@bis.

The Green Deal in Cambridgeshire

Various locations across Cambs

Cambridge Alehouse Philosophers

Moller Centre, Management Training and Conference Centre, Storey’s Way, Cambridge, CB3 0DE

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Genomics in the NHS: are we there yet? Hughes Hall, Cambridge CB1 2EW

Tue 5 July 4.30pm to 7pm Free Overview of policy context for clinical implementation (plus examples) of the

Please book your place on the workshops by registering 0191 264 3252

Could HMRC help to fund your business growth? St John’s Innovation Centre, Cambridge

Fri 6 Jul 10am to 1pm Research and Development tax credits were first introduced into UK legislation in 2000 and since that date HMRC estimate that there are over 180,000 companies in the UK who are eligible to claim R&D tax credits but don’t - costing SMEs an estimated £12bn. Recent changes to the legislation in the 2012 Budget have made the rewards even greater and it is the only UK tax credit currently that can result

-www.flack in cash being paid to your business. This workshop is sponsored by Jumpstart a science and technology company specializing in R&D Tax credits. To book your place on this workshop through:. 01223 420252


Cambridge City Foodbank

Fountain Inn, Regent St, Cambridge CB2 1DB

National programme of free emergency food (for 3 days) to support people at times of crisis – run locally from 3 churches. Agencies give vouchers, which can be swapped. Good for volunteering. See their website for how you can get involved. 07772 538628

Last Thur of month 7.30pm Free

Fare Shares Cafe

Cambridge Darkroom

More than a local camera club – for people who love taking photos. 30-minute talk plus discussion over a drink.

Cambridge Game Developers

You need to join to find out the location

First Mon of month. Community for game-development professionals and hobbyists around Cambridge - for networking, sharing ideas, looking for a new job, and having a fun time together.


Last Weds of each month Friendly local network of people interested in graphic and web design, media of all kinds, literature and publishing, visual arts, multimedia, performing arts. Check website for location and any fees but you can just turn up.

Connected Cambridge Career Transition Group Upstairs, CB2 Café, 5/7, Norfolk St, Cambridge, CB1 2LD

2nd Mon of month 6.30pm Free (buy drink/food) For those in the middle of, or foresee, a need to make a significant change in their career. Whether you are moving to selfemployment, downshifting or upgrading to a fulltime job, the CTG aims to provide a forum for mutual support and advice. Check website first to register interest. 01223 850173


Check website for locations and dates

Free Local network of people using free Drupal software for websites.


Emmanuel United Reform Church, Trumpington Street, Cambridge CB2 1RR Tues to Fris 10.30am to 3pm Run with MENCAP, the cafe ‘aims to feed visitors, workers and volunteers in body, mind and spirit and, offer friendship and a purpose to all’. Traidcraft goods on sale too. Good place for volunteering – including with support. Recommended by Flack volunteer –‘for when the Fitzwilliam Museum cafe is too full’.

Food4food Community Cafe

St Andrew’s Hall, Saint Andrew’s Road, Chesterton, Cambridge CB4 1DH

Tues to Fri 12 noon to 2pm Social Enterprise from Wintercomfort. Great food and company - and you help the homeless and vulnerably housed in Cambridge. They also do outside catering too – check the website for menus and prices. Flack volunteer recommends the biscuits. Flack magazines available via honesty box too!

Foodcycle Community Lunch

Centre at St Paul’s, Hills Rd, Cambridge CB2 1JP

Sats 12.30pm £2 donation appreciated Three-course lunch from Cambridge hub of national food waste charity. All welcome.

Music @ food4foodcafe St Andrew’s Hall, St Andrew’s Road, Chesterton, Cambridge CB4 1DH

Last Fri of month 12 noon to 2pm Live music with your delicious lunch from Wintercomfort’s food4food cafe.

FLACK is proving a great way to earn some extra money. Some of our vendors are saving for a rent deposit for instance. ANYONE can sell FLACK on the same basis as Big Issue Vendors. They buy their copies for £1 sell for £2 and agree to abide by FLACK’s Vendor Code of conduct. Five free copies for every new vendor to help them get started. Badging up and Information Sessions @ the FLACK Base. Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm Saturday - Sunday 11am - 3.30pm FLACK has agreed the following pitch locations with the City Council:

Sidney Street between Boots and M&S Passage

Market Square between M&S and Oasis

Petty Cury outside Boots

Christ’s Pieces Drummer Street Entrance

Fitzroy Street Grafton Centre Entrance

Sussex Street Sidney Street Junction

Downing Street John Lewis Entrance

St John’s Street All Saint’s Passage

Mill Rd Co-Operative Supermarket

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Sunday Salsa Lounge

Man on the Moon, 2 Norfolk St, Cambridge CB1 2LF

Suns 7.30pm for beginners; 8.30pm Live band (Salsa Caliente) once a month.

Thursday Salsa Social Club Cambridge Cuban Salsa, Cambridge Working Men’s Club, 125 East Road, CB1 1DB

Thurs 7.30pm From £6 Weekly class and party. Also beginners/ improvers courses. No partner needed. ‘Two left feet highly welcome’. See website for times and prices.

Lindy Hop (swing) dancing

Mons, Weds 7.30pm to 10.30pm £5 or less Well established non-profit society. Two weekly events: ‘Speakeasy’ (Mons, 7.30pm) at Man in the Moon, Norfolk St (with live Jazz) and ‘Class night’ (Weds, 7.30pm) at Centre for St Pauls, Hills Rd. Also workshops, events and performances. See website for start of next 4-week course or just turn up. All ages welcome (it is quite physical) - no need to bring a partner. Wear loose clothing and flat-soled trainers.

Cambridge Theatre School Bodywork, dance studio, 25–29 Glisson Rd, Cambridge CB1 2HA or 17 Brookside CB2 9JE

Mons to Fri eves; Sat am From £5 From Bodywork Dance Company. For ages 3 – 18 years. Classes for ballet, breakdance, choir, commercial, contemporary, jazz, musical theatre, tap. Check website for current timetables and prices.

Kizomba Infusion

Centre at St Paul’s, Hills Rd, Cambridge, CB2 1JP

Monthly on Sats 7pm Three levels of class followed by social dance – with ‘world famous Nelson Campos’, from Guinea-Bissau. Check website for details.

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Dance Offensive

Centre at St Paul’s, Hills Rd, Cambridge CB2 1JP

Free Classes for ages 11–18. Hip hop, breaking, capoeira, contemporary, ballet, physical theatre. Check website for dates and locations. 07880 787706

Egyptian bellydancing classes

Several venues in Cambridge (and Ely)

£75 or less (10-week course, all start in Sept 2012) Cambridge-based, well-established, professional belly dancer Emma teaches beautiful and expressive modern dance – fun and friendly. From beginners to intermediate. Also, belly dance ‘tasters’, workshops and private lessons. Check website for details (and great photos). 07985 117592

Greek Dancing

Centre at St Paul’s, Hills Rd, Cambridge CB2 1JP

Weds 7.30pm (beginners) 8.30pm (intermediates) from £16 (block of 4 or 8) Fun, social – for everyone. No partner necessary. Contact for start dates of courses. Sofia: 0796 1025187


Hairy Maclary and Friends J1, Junction

Sat 21 July 11am and 2pm £10 or less For ages 2–8 years. Music, singing and favourite Hairy Maclary stories - for all the family.

Kids Comedy Workshops With Rob Gee J3 at Junction

Sun 22 July 10.30am (8 – 12 years), 1.45pm (12 – 16 years) £10 (parents free) Learn how to dissolve an audience into laughter, or make them groan and howl, depending on your whim.

Comedy Club for Kids J3 at Junction

Sun 22 July 3pm £10/5 New for Cambridge Comedy Festival. Best comedians on the circuit – without the rude bits. Ideal for ages 8 to 11 years.

Tommy’s Baby Race

Milton Country Park, Milton, Cambridge CB24 6AZ

Sun 22 July 10am £14.50 register (plus parking) An 8 Km ‘buggy race’ around the Park to raise money for Tommy’s. Race-day entertainment for kids. Free goody bag. Check online for details.

Explosive science

Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge, Lensfield Road, Cambridge CB2 1EW

Thur 5 July (7pm) and Sat 7 July (3pm) Free Join Professor Chris Bishop for spectacular family lecture packed with explosive demonstrations. Ages: 7+ Warning: loud bangs! Need to book. 01223 336 300

Cambridge & London 2012

Various locations Wed 2 May to Sun 9 Sept Cambridge University hosts variety of events highlighting the City’s Olympic links and the cultural diversity of countries competing in the Games. Special displays in museums, archaeology, maths and sport and things for schools. See ‘London 2012’ website for more details.

Summer Holiday Activity: Bug Hunt Wandlebury Ring, Gog Magog Hills, Babraham, Cambs CB22 3AE

Tues 31 July, Tues 28 Aug 10am to 12.30pm £6.50 or less, adults free Search for creepie crawlies with sweep netting, tree shaking and woodland floor foraging. Also, craft activities including making your own bug home from natural and recycled materials. Ages 5+ (children must be accompanied) Booking essential.


Mucky Pups go on a summer safari

Wicken Fen, Lode Lane, Wicken, Ely, CB7 5XP

Wed 11 July 10.30am to 12 noon £3.95 Range of seasonally themed activities and arts and crafts for young pre-schoolers. Tickets from Visitor Centre. 01353 720274

Archery Taster Wandlebury Summer Holiday Activity

Wandlebury Country Park, Babraham, Cambridge CB22 3AE

Tues 24 July 10am to 11.30 am;11.45am to 1.15pm or 2.15pm to 3.45 pm £6.50 per child (CPPF members£5.00), adults free. Come and try your hand with a bow and arrow. We will be running three introductory sessions for children aged 8 plus. Please note children must be accompanied. Ages 5 + Booking is essential as places are limited. Bring a drink and a snack. 01223 243830 bookings@

Wandlebury Summer Holiday Activity: Travel Back Through Time

Wandlebury Country Park, Babraham, Cambridge CB22 3AE

Wed 25 July 10am to 12.30pm £6.50 per child (CPPF members £5.00), adults free Track down evidence of the past around the site, then make Celtic styled artefacts and minature wattle and daub. Ages 5+ (children must be accompanied). Booking is essential as places are limited. Bring a drink and a snack. 01223 243830 bookings@

Buggyfit National franchise for postnatal fitness, with several trainers in Cambs. Mums (from 6 weeks) and babies meet to get into shape together, mostly outdoors (including on Cambridge commons). Check online for local contacts.

Kiddy Cook Workshops and Events

Various venues in and around Cambridge

sessions. Local franchise of national programme for cookery workshops (etc) for kids aged 2–11 years.

FLACK STOCKISTS! 07867 797831

Little Scrummers Rugby

Netherhall Sports Centre, Queen Ediths Way, Cambridge CB1 8NN

Sats am Free trial (£30 membership and £6/ class, includes kit) New Cambridge branch of non-contact rugby classes for kids aged 2–6 yrs. Help to improve gross motor skills, and sporting ability by early introduction to sport - can increase confidence and self-esteem. Need to book.


Art and Craft Market

All Saints Garden, Jesus Lane, Cambridge, CB5 8BP

Every Sat, weather permitting Fris too in July/Aug Free Well-established open-air arts and crafts direct from the artist. Right in the centre of town.


Car Boot Sale Cambridge Cambridge City Football Club, Milton Road, Cambridge, CB4 1UY

Every Sunday 7am-12noon Free Cambridge’s original and car boot sale. 100s of bargains, all hard-standing. Pitches from £7. 07807 684274

Emmaus Cambridge

Green End, Landbeach, Cambs CB25 9FD

Mons to Sats: 10am to 5pm (8pm on Thurs) First community in the UK for formerly homeless. Runs second-hand shop with every type of bargain household furniture, goods, bikes and collectables. Can deliver for small charge. Discounts are available for those receiving some benefits - bring proof or referral letter. Donations of goods always welcome – check website for details. Also cafe. 01223 863657

Post Office Newmarket Rd Best One Express Fitzroy St Post Office King St Your News Victoria Ave North Cambridge Children’s Centre Cafe Campkin Rd Spar Barnwell Rd Nip In Mill Rd Hazelwood Stores - Hazelwood Close And an extra special thank you to our Honesty Box Hosts: Visitor’s Centre Milton Country Park The Box Cafe Norfolk St Coffee Savoy Newmarket Rd The Corner House Newmarket Rd Jocalatte Burleigh St The Champion of the Thames King St Emmanuel United Reformed Church Cafe Trumpington St CB1 Cafe Mill Rd Cafe Brazil Mill Rd Urban Larder Mill Rd The Portland Arms Mitcham’s Corner The Carlton Arms Carlton Way Food 4 Food Wintercomfort Cafe St Andrews Hall, Chesterton Mace Green End Rd, Chesterton St John’s Innovation centre Botanical Gardens Brookside Blue Ball Granchester Emmaus Landbeach Future Business Fitzroy St. Indigo Coffee House St. Edward’s Psg The School Run Centre Hope St. Yard The Studio Room Fitzwilliam Museum Rejuvenate Hills Rd The Cambridge Blue Gwydir St First and Last Melbourne Place The Free Press Prospect Row If you would like to stock FLACK in your shop or support FLACK by hosting an Honesty Box - please contact: Amber on 07923 097413 or email

See website for dates. Some free taster JULY 2012 | FLACK | PAGE 29

www.flack CAMBRIDGE 105FM

July Highlights from Cambridge’s CommunityOwned Radio Station Ezio - Songsmith Sessions Suns 10pm to midnight Recorded-as-live sessions from Ezio Lunedei’s ‘Songsmith Sessions’ night at the Alma.

Summer Sportsweek

Suns 6pm to 7pm Sideways look at national/local sports stories from Chris Duerden and Brian Harris. Getting excited about Olympics, European Championships, Test matches, Tour de France, Open Golf, Formula 1 and Wimbledon.

Pete Robbins

Fris 12 noon to 2pm Pete comes out from his ‘Night of the Artisans’ show to keep you company on a Friday afternoon. Includes your ‘Friday Five’. Check online for more info – including podcasts. 07919 070490


Olympic Torch Breakfast at Kettles Yard Kettle’s Yard, Castle St, Cambridge CB3 0AQ

Sun 8 July 6.30am to 7.30am Free Celebrate the torch pass by Kettles Yard – with coffee and croissants – and a (very) early morning opening of the gallery.

All the Bells

St Peter’s Church, next to Kettle’s Yard, Castle St, Cambridge CB3 0AQ

Fri 27 July 7.45am to 8.30am Free As part of Martin Creed’s ‘art for Olympics’, get up early and bring a bell to join in the national ringing to mark the opening day of the Olympics.

Olympic Torch Stall

East Barnwell Community Centre, Newmarket Road, Cambridge CB5 8RS

Sat 7 July 3pm to 6pm Free Make, Do and Mend, cheer on the torch. Drop by the stall to see all the home-made goodies for sale. Also at Leper Chapel PAGE 30 | FLACK | JULY 2012

open day on Sun 8 July.


This local not-for-profit offers creative (and empowering) workshops (including some life skills) for people with experience of mental health distress. Amazing range of activities from cleaning to foraging to rag rugging to Wing Chun Kung Fu. Also volunteering opportunities galore. Check online for details. 01223 521634

Interested in volunteering? Our lovely volunteers have researched some fantastic roles provided in Cambridge for you to give something back in your free time. Please get in touch if this led to something positive (or otherwise!) listings@flackcambridge.


Fun Dog Show

Great Shelford Recreation Ground, Woollards Lane, Great Shelford, Cambs CB2 5LZ

Sat 7 July 11.30am Local annual dog show. Fun activity classes including ‘Best Rescue dog’ and ‘Dog Judge wants to take home’. Side-shows and £10 microchipping. See website for more informatioon – and for volunteering opportunities.

Wintercomfort Fundraising event Trinity Hall, Cambridge

Wed 4 July Check website for more information

Knit cafe

Emmanuel United Reform Church, Trumpington Street, Cambridge CB2 1RR

Thurs 2pm to 4pm Sociable and industrious time – needles and wool provided. Knit or crochet for people less fortunate than yourself. Check with the co-ordinator first.

Funky Days with Inspire

Centre at St Paul’s, Hills Rd, Cambridge CB2 1JP

Fridays 10am to 3pm £45/day (within block of 7 days) For adults with disabilities, ages 16+. Can use IPBs. Write poems and songs, rap, photography, film-making, dance, music and fun. From ‘wellbeing through arts’ charity. Transport can be available. Need to book. Also sessions at Inspire in Milton on Thurs. 01223 441106

Cambridge Parkrun Cambridge Parkrun is a free 5km event for runners of all standards, which takes place every Saturday morning in Milton Country Park. You could be organising the finish funnel, operating the timer, or registering the runners’ positions on the computers. We usually start volunteers out on a general marshalling job, so they get a feel for how we operate. But if you really want to do something in particular, please let us know and we’ll see what we can do. Time commitment: Saturday mornings, as often as you like (weekly runs) CRB required: No How to apply: email to register as a volunteer

Wintercomfort for the Homeless Overstream House,Victoria Avenue CB4 1EG

Wintercomfort supports those who are homeless or at risk of losing their homes by offering them basic amenities, opportunities for educational development and recreation, and a range of services designed to help them achieve greater autonomy. Role: Project Assistant working with East European Migrants To provide language help to Wintercomfort staff working with people experiencing homelessness in Cambridge. The aim is to help them on a pathway to training/employment. You will need working knowledge of at least one Eastern European language, good communication skills and the ability to ‘see the person underneath the problems’ with a non-judgemental attitude. Time commitment: Two hours per week. CRB required: Yes How to apply: Complete the application form at uk/?p=310. 01223 518140


Cambridge University Hospitals Cambridge Biomedical Campus

Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 0QQ

Volunteers assist on the wards at mealtimes by helping patients with menu choices, distributing meals, assisting patients with cutting up food, opening packets and feeding patients. Full training is provided. MUST BE OVER 18

per week for six months. How to apply: Phone the Manager at Cambridge University Hospitals on 01223 244749 to arrange an initial meeting or to receive an application pack 01223 586616

Time commitment: Breakfast times (7:309:30am), lunchtimes (11/11:30am–1/1:30pm), or dinner (4/4:30pm–6/6:30pm) Mondays to Sundays.

Women’s Royal Voluntary Service

Minimum of two hours per week for six months.

The WRVS run a trolley service that offers refreshments and toiletries to patients on the wards at Addenbrooke’s hospital. This is an exciting opportunity to join a sociable organisation, working with others. The profits from WRVS’ two coffee shops and trolley services go back into the hospital to help improve services.

CRB required: Yes How to apply: Call 01223 586 616 or email to request an application pack, or apply online at 01223 586616

Cambridge University Hospitals Role: Meeter and Greeter in Oncology Volunteers provide information, listening, empathetic support and guidance to cancer patients and their relatives. MUST BE OVER 18

Role: Trolley Volunteers

Must be over 18. No specific skills or qualifications required but friendly, outgoing personalities would help in this role. Time commitment: Minimum of two hours per week for six months. CRB required: Yes How to apply: As Above

FLACK Ice Cream Flavours

Time commitment: Minimum of two hours per week for six months.

Battenberg Flavour

CRB required: Yes How to apply: As above

Left In The Sun for a Bit Too Long Flavour

Women’s Royal Voluntary Service Cambridge Biomedical Campus, Hills Road, CB2 0QQ

More than 40,000 volunteers enable WRVS to run local services to support older people in communities all across Great Britain.

Soft Centered, Warm Hearted Flavour Dog Food Flavour (Curly’s Favourite!)

WHERE’S MY LISTING? Gutted your listing isn’t here? Scan the QR code to join FLACK Listings!

Cambridge Arts Theatre 01223 503333

ADC Theatre 01223 300085

Corn Exchange 01223 357851

Fitzwilliam Museum 01223 332900

Botanic Gardens 01223 336265

Local Secrets Website 0845 2071205

The Junction

Faculty of Music

University of Cambridge

Cineworld 0871 220 8000

Vue cambridge 08712 240 240

Arts Picturehouse Cambridge

Must be over 18.

Time commitment: Minimum of two hours

A FLACK selection of websites with information about what’s on in Cambridge. (we can’t include everything!) 01223 511511

Volunteers are needed to help run coffee shops at Addenbrooke’s hospital, serving customers, taking payment or preparing drinks and snacks and providing a listening ear. This is an ideal opportunity if you want to want to make a difference to your local hospital, make new friends and develop skills in catering, retail and working in a hospital environment. No specific skills or qualifications required but friendly, outgoing personalities would help in this role.


CRB required: Yes

or visit the listings page to sign up for our free reminder service - click on ‘Cambridge’ 0871 902 5720

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if you need... Help to enable IT to drive business value. Flexible, experienced IT resources, as required. Fully managed, secure, robust, online IT Services.

technology delivered


t ca 01223 393 539

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