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01 Volume Terbitan Agustus 2019


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CONTENTS Introduction about PCB


Fanart Corner by Shindie


Naruto and Their Impact in Our Society


Malang Destination of Otaku Places


The Sims, From Doll House to Gigantic Simulation Game


Seiyuu : Voices That Makes Us Feel The Medium


Genshiken, A View of an Otaku


What is Virtual Youtuber ?


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Japanese Cultural festival Naisho 3 at Atma Jaya University, DKI Jakarta


our childhood we’re continuously distinguished by some animation or even comics as a medium. Before the internet era, missing one episode of some animation is really a regretful day where we can’t join the discussion in the school at the next day. Or maybe some of you interested in light novel or even video games, playing and reading the interesting plot within the medium. All of this is called ‘Pop Culture’ as a term during the 1980, normally a pop culture is a thought, ideas, attitudes, perspectives, or even an image that is looked by some group or even mainstream media. These ideas become a reality not only in their mind, but everyone can enjoy these ideas in different medium. Pop Culture Basics or PCB is a mini magazine from FLAC official magazine LINGUAZINE, this mini magazine is more focused to 1 specifics topic, which is pop culture in general. Learning the basics is easy actually, pick your nostalgic franchise either it’s in animation, comic, novel, video game, or other medium that we can physically use. For example in this lesson we will pick each medium and explain it for you guys. Along this first issue of out mini magazine, we will mainly focused on familiar topic which common people know or have heard of it somewhere in their life. But at the very end, we will tell about the topic in more broad from the tv animation ‘Genshiken’, a slice of life genre tv animation about a university student in some sort of an otaku circle. We hope this first issue can be an ground work of an idea about pop culture for our long term publication about this topic. 002

Fate Series Fanart - Mordred


Drawn by Shindie @sandiputra1998


Naruto and Their Impact in Our Society


Remember “Naruto” ? most of you maybe remember this tv animation as a classic series with the context “finding your ninja way”, by the intrigue style of action animation and great lore. It was an instant hit among boys and even girls, for some kids, this shows manage to capture the the essence of Japan unique culture. Finding your favorite character isn’t hard either, there’s a lot of ninja, because for the most part in Naruto, every episode will introduce a new character and their

character development is suprisingly great, where we can see many of our favorite ninja become better or mature in later to come. Aside from that let’s dig deeper in Naruto franchise from 4 aspects; animation, music, character, and story. Let’s talk about the animation Aired since 2002 for the original tv animation (for Indonesia it was around 2004 that TRANS TV managed to aired the animation to the Indonesian audience), Naruto tv animation really improved accross time and generation, with many new animation techniques being introduce along the way. There’s a lot of humor being depicted in the early days of Naruto, where we can see many of Japan cultural reference, this is was the part of us being introduce to the lore of Naruto.




Those cultural references is what define a Pop Culture, in some sort by being a medium and introducing us some ideas from the creator. Learning something unique is what makes us intrigue as a human being.

How about the music? Who doesn’t remember the catchy song of “Blue Bird” by Ikkimono-gakari ? or even “Silhouette” by Kana-Boon ? while those song are from the recent Naruto series, that make us connected between the people who watch Naruto, when we hear some of it lyrics or some of it melody, our legs feels like we need to move and that makes a phenomenon where we feel like some sort of a long distance friends. Sure we don’t know who they’re especially at some convention, but we sure does have some same opinion about something. What makes a Pop Culture such an impact in our society, is that when we doesn’t even know each other but in a relatable way we like some stuff over another, that makes us part of a broader community. Also don’t forget about the bombastic feeling in the BGM (Background Music) and SFX (Special Effects), where we feel energized or even get tense when the situation is getting worse. The feeling that we’re almost belong there is such an unique saying that this medium really completely captivate us. Naruto isn’t always the main character As the title shown “Naruto”, we know that this story will be focused on Naruto itself as a son of a former Hokage, we’re shown that this world is trully hard but lovable with all of the goodness we see and the bad things we see in human nature. You may see many scenes that depicting how hard life is or even how to enjoy life to the fullest. Friends and foe, each has their own story and background, we may see a character progression that is long and takes a lot of episodes to even finish their arc, but that lore is what keep us getting back to Naruto, to see how they finish their task. For example:




As we introduce to the cast like Sasuke, we find his background is suprisingly unique, but at the same time we found that Sasuke itself is a great person from anyone perspective. Every characters in here, HAS a lore to finish and in every story we heard there’s a lot of background we see also, which is a great placement for some cultural references.

Imagine if the story didn’t have any cultural reference Aside from ninja, Naruto is mainly a combined Japanese mythology and culture, which many of the Japanese word that came from the series are never intended to be translated because of “plot” reason. For example: we might called ramen as an instant noodle here, imagine if ramen is called in a different ways. We might not have an interest at it because for many people instant noodle is basically not a favorite food in all means. But translation error sometimes happen, like in one TV animation of Pokemon which called “onigiri” as “jelly-filled donuts” or “Satoshi” called “Ali”. But Naruto almost protected their identities as a Japanese animation with many of their culture is depicted there, and that references is what makes us really interested at their culture, because our favorite characters love it.



As much of the story progressed, we found that not only Japanese culture is being introduced along the story, but the creator thought is also being introduced, as we see from the early days of Naruto into his mid-life crisis, we sometimes think that the world is unfair but as the time goes by, we think the past action that we do is going to make us “somebody” in the future. Not only that but, Naruto is a global sensation from Japan, because many of the animation from Japan doesn’t get a global recognition or getting fan community in accross region. When meeting someone new to the pop culture, just ask them if they already seen Naruto or heard of it. Basically that’s what Pop Culture is, by being a medium of thought from the creator which later then introduced people to some culture or idea.



NARUTO NARUTO Source: Source: KAORI KAORI Nusantara Nusantara

© Masashi Kishimoto / TV TOKYO Corporation


History of Naruto In Indonesia


Comic series by Masashi Kishimoto, which published by Weekly Shonen Jump from 1999.

TRANS TV first aired Naruto TV animation series in 2004

Global TV then continues to aired Naruto TV animation GlobalTV in 2007, although with a lot of continously “repeated” episode. Komisi Penyiaran Indonesia included Naruto in the “List of tv shows” that has a problem at 2008.

In 2018, Naruto finally finished in Indonesia with the final episode of Naruto Shippuden.

Boruto as the succesor of Naruto aired in Global TV

008 008





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MALANG Places to visits

“Otaku Cafe”

RECOME N COMENDATI Otsukare Anime Cafe What’s Good ? “Enjoy the great selection of coffee” “Watch anime and listen to the anisongs together” Instagram: @otsukarecafe Lokasi: Jalan Bendungan Sigura-gura Barat Raya no. 34 kav.4, Malang, Karangbesuki, Sukun, Kota Malang, Jawa Timur 65145


The Sims, From Doll House to Gigantic Simulation Game So what others example of Pop Culture that we can imagine again? let’s check a western approach, every gender across ages loves this game and people also buy this game because the depth of craziness that we can do. Yes, from the creator of “SimCity”, Will Wright created another phenomenome which is “The Sims”.

The Sims is basically a life simulation game that inspired from SimCity which was developed by the same studio “Maxis”. Ever wonder what are the simulation people doing in the SimCity, how do they work? how do they eat? do they socialize often? From a simple idea of creating a room with furniture to creating a crazy simulation of people doing normal or wierd stuff, The Sims in a nutshell is god like simulation where we create our own people and manage them by controlling their life. You can do endless stuff the limits is only your imagination, you wanted to create a family of alien from outer spaces? you CAN, wanted to create a romantic college experience? you CAN. Limitless stuff that you can do, is what makes this game still has a dedicated community who support the game until today. Gameplay as basic as life itself Somewhere in life, you will be fortunate to live but sometimes disasters will happen like dieing in the pool without some ladder to climb up the pool when you need to eat or even SLEEP! In this game you can create a sims and kill them, it’s so fun to see their reaction. For the gameplay itself there will be 4 section from The Sims 1 - 4

© Electronic Arts Inc.


The Sims 1, the mother of all The Sims series. As the base game that will be the template for all the series to come. The game takes places in a small suburb outside of simcity, with a pre-rendered objects and sims. It’s fun to see things happen in asymmetric views to represent us as a player that control sims doing. Just hover your mouse and done you already do the things that sims offers. But the unique things is that they have their own languange “Simlish” to not represent a country or culture. The Sims 2, carries what the first game great and improve it in every aspects. Maxis hits a homerun with this game, which is not only better in visual with 3D graphics, but the complexity of making our own unique story better than ever, While the mechanics is still the same, but we can now see the whole suburb of simcity and create our unique world. The Sims 3, although the previous town building is lost, we still can enjoy a brand new looks of polished 3D sims. Not many aspects of gameplay is added but a brand new idea called open world is sure convenient because we can now see where sims go and what do they do (many of the action is still rabbit hole so we can’t see their jobs, etc).

The Sims 4 look back to the basics and ask what is more crazier than before? well emotion, we didn’t see any real emotion in the past game with some static and defined faces, we can see they’re doing something but not seeing their faces smile, while this improvement seems minor it sure does make some interesting story mode.


The Sims as a whole is a magnificent example of how western creator can create everlasting Pop Culture that spans across gender and ages, while many western comic is also a Pop Culture icon, it failed to capture a large audiences of gender and ages. Pop Culture in itself isn’t always about animation, by the means it is a medium for us to have fun and make the most of it even greater as a consumer, fans, modders, and even to be a creator itself. Many of us thought that by consuming foreign influence may be bad for our attitude, but not all that we consume as a entertaiment is bad, with The Sims we can create our unique story just like a movie studio that create a movie or we can also make plan later in life even creating a model for our home in the future. Will Wright once has a bad day, but that day turns out to be a lesson and an idea for the future. While we might asked ourself what to do in the future, maybe we should see the present, or am i too overthinking about a simple game? maybe, but maybe not either, because in the end, Pop Culture is around us no matter what we pick for our leisure time.

Š Electronic Arts Inc.


Seiyuu : Voices That Makes Us Feel The Medium

大橋 彩香


Seiyuu or known as Voice Actors, is a person who voiced a character normally in an animation or even drama CD. Their job is simple but keeping the same voices with different accent is a hard job especially when the industry is pack with a lot of people that wanted to take part in the job. As for the example, i will use my favorite seiyuu for reference. Ayaka Ohashi or known as well as Hegochin, is a Japanese Voice Actress and also a singer. As a seiyuu, normally they work under some agency, which for her is Horipro, and if a seiyuu is going to be a singer then he/she normally will be on a label company to provide all the resource for music production, for this case she’s under Lantis labels.


Even for a simple jobs, seiyuu does a lot of work, they normally have a tight schedule because they need to keep up their voices.

Profile Born 13/09/1994 Age 25 (2019) Height 160 cm Blood A Type Hobbies Going karaoke, reading light novel.

© HoriPro Inc.


Genshiken, A View of an Otaku

© 2004 Kio Shimouku/KODANSHA/GENSHIKEN Partnership

Finally we reached to the topic that i wanted to tell, an animation that really depicted our passionate for the medium as a whole. It’s “Genshiken”, the society for the study of modern visual culture. This tv animation is an adaptation from the comic series by Shimoku Kio, which depict the life of a college club otaku and their member lifesyle in those area. So let’s talk about the modern visual culture The basics things that i can depict of this word is pop culture, this is a group that research and create many aspects of pop culture. In the tv animation and comic, they depicted as a club that created fan magazine or known as fanzine, which is a term to tell someone that they created their own books without a publisher, so thus this group itself is a productive college otaku that created things overall, while in the same time they’re just a bunch of otaku that love doing their own stuff. I can recommend another otaku tv animation that you can enjoy like “NHK ni Youkoso!” which tell about a Hikkikomori or a shut-in person who doesn’t wanted to interact or come back to the society. Because in a very basic sense an otaku is very diverse, from the productive otaku that wanted their favorite things grow to even an otaku that just consume the medium as a whole while beeing Not Educated, Employed, or Training. 015

So basically it’s just a bunch of an otaku doing stuff? well, yeah... the tv animation itself didn’t said that but their action reflect who they’re, while they said they’re different from the manga research club, anime research club, and computer club, they basically all of those club merge together to become one entity who doesn’t see any difference in many related stuff of an otaku world. The harmony lies in that they © Shio Koo / Kodansha / Genshi Ken Second Generation Production Committee don’t just focused on one topic but they focus on the medium itself, and how can they improve it any further so that many person may enjoy it someday. In the beginning we’re shown our main character, which is an normal otaku that just enjoy the medium as a whole, but then he thought he wanted to join some manga or anime research club in the college as a freshman, but he decided to check this so called “Genshiken”. Suprisingly he joined the club because the interesting factors that lies in Genshiken and as time went and go, he soon become a more active otaku that enjoy all the medium has to offer, but he didn’t want to get deep into the medium as a negative influence, so he become interested in editorial stuff especially when he already published one fanzine during his college year. But life itself doesn’t lead to the right way, during his search for a position as a editor, many company rejected him due to the lack of skill and passion for him at the medium, this makes him very angery and so desperate but then again he come back and try his luck again when he was encouraged by his club member. As a community and a club, they have a solid friendship because they have something in common over another. Because in the end, our medium has a lot of fans in the world from the east to the west, everybody loves and have heard pop culture itself. Due to this we can see many different fans depict their passion and expression about this medium as a things to be engaged over another. While many of them only enjoy the medium, but many more is leaning to be a part of the industry as a whole, and that makes us FLAC as a community that wanted to pursue everyone mind from being a consumer to be a creator. 016


VIRTUAL YOUTUBER 101 “What is Virtual Youtuber ?”


What is Virtual Youtuber In the era of technology, surely everybody know Youtube and many dreams to be a streamer as a job to do at home. But today, there’s another form of streamer which is Virtual YouTuber or commonly known as “VTuber” which can be referred as a virtual talent artist because many of them isn’t only stream content but singing their own music or even be a brand ambassador. Normally the person recorded on a video camera with some application, and poof your faces instantly become an anime-like character on the video.

How do they move their arm? There’s a technology called “motion capture” to capture a person movement and immediately reflected on the motion of the character in the screen. Is it hard to be an indenpendent VTuber? Most of the popular VTubers are managed by some businesses with many people involved on the productions. But today there’s a lot of applications to make individuals webcast themselves as VTuber as recording TikTok on their smartphones. How about local Indonesian VTuber? As of 1st Agust 2019 we known more than 15 active Indonesian VTubers making content daily, with the most active one is Maya Putri.

© Maya Putri


KIZUNA KIZUNA AI AI The mother of all virtual youtuber, she’s known all over mainstream appeal. Her name is... Kizuna Ai (Hai Domo ~), for a newcomers be sure to watch her video as she’s the first VTuber to become a mainstream attention since 29 November 2016. her persona is kinda... wacky (i guess), the expression and her comment in each video really make some unique experience especially in her early video. The 3D model is kinda rough in her debut, but the expression which uses Face rig is really excellent (always checks her face). most of her video doesn’t have a background, but who care? we only needed the let’s play and Q&A (right..?). Her appearenced really make a splash in youtube community, especially in Japan. Which is your typical waifu dream ~

“Hai Domo!” © Kizuna AI





ZINE Edition

Majalah Pop Culture dalam lingkup Linguazine dari Foreign Language And Culture. Terbitan 12 Agustus 2019 © FLAC Community Group

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