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Official Quarterly E-Publication of the Grand York Rite Bodies of Florida Let York Rite Shine in ‘09

Vol. 3 Issue 1

2008 York Rite Masons of the Year

Also in this edition:

Sir Knight Jacob J. Krawiec Fifty Years - An Active Knight Templar York Rite Masons Making a Difference: Rt. Exc. George Aladro

Content Page 3 - Words from the Grand York Rite Communication Committee Page 4 - Fifty Years As An Active Knight Templar Page 7 - Capitular Masonic Education Page 8 - York Rite Masons Making A Difference: Rt. Exc. George Alardo Page 10 - York Rite Leadership Page 12 - 2008 York Rite Masons of the Year Page 16 - News From Across The State Page 22 - Grand York Rite District Meetings page 23 - York Rite Leadership: Assimilating New Knight Templars into our Ranks Page 26 - Grand Commander’s Homecoming Page 28 - 2008 Masonic Home Pilgrimage Day page 32 - York Rite University Page 34 - Glimpses of the Grand York Rite Convention Page 35 - Glimpses of the Grand York Rite Banquet Back Cover - In God We Trust Campaign

The Florida York Rite Mason Magazine

Volume 3 Issue 1 April 2009

Official Quarterly E-Publication of the Florida Grand York Rite Bodies

Article(s), Event(s), News, Announcements , etc, to be published in our next issue, need to be forwarded to the following Companions, on or before the next deadline: David A. Aponte - ; Charles “Chic” Cicero - or Ron Blaisdell -

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Words From The GYR Communications Committee

Let York Rite Shine in ‘09 Companions and Sir Knights: I apologize for the lateness of this issue. Unfortunately, I always reformat my hard drive once a year as part of my maintenance program. This involves putting back all my programs one by one. Seems the program that allows me to publish this magazine wasn’t cooperating with me. But finally, I was able to conquer the minor problem after a week or so. I can assure you it was a nice exercise for my gray brain cells. By now, we are all back from the Grand York Rite Convention. This issue marks the beginning of our 3rd year of publication. Time does fly even if we keep tabs on our calendar. To begin this 3rd issue, we are honoring our York Rite brethren. First, we honor a Sir Knight who has work for 50 continuous years for the betterment of Knights Templar at his local Commandery and the state of Florida: Sir Knight Jacob Krawiec. This Companion and Sir Knight has been a guide and inspiration to many Sir Knights in Florida. As in the formation of Knights Templar Second, we are honor those York Rite brethren that are making a difference in our local York Rite Bodies. Even, if the participation from the local bodies didn’t meet our expectations, we began a tradition that needs to continue. We have many unsung heroes in our local York Rite Bodies that work hard and long in the quarries. Many times these unsung heroes never receive ant recognition for their contributions to York Rite Masonry. We hope this will do some justice. Third, we have a new section, York Rite Masons Making A Difference, we acknowledge those York Rite Masons that contribute their skills and talents and make a difference beyond York Rite. In this issue, we recognize the work of Right Excellent George Aladro. In future editions, we will recognize other Companions and Sir Knights. These Companions and Sir Knights are individuals to emulate. These Companions and Sir Knights truly make York Rite Shine in 2009.

Finally, to all our Ladies and Sisters, who are mothers, we wish them a Happy Mother’s Day. To all our Companions and Sir Knights, who are fathers, a hearty and Happy Father’s Day. Also, on Memorial Day, let us remember those brave and valiant men and women of our Armed Forces that have given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and liberties. May God bless you all and may he bless America. The deadline for our next issue is June 15th. Please submit your articles, pictures, and events timely. Fraternally

S. K. David A. Aponte, Chairman

He that doesn’t want to reason is a fanatic He that doesn’t know how to reason is a fool. He that doesn’t make an effort to reason is a slave. W. Drumond

Events to Remember May 10th - Mother’s Day May 16th - Armed Forces Day May 25th - Memorial Day June 21st - Father’s Day June 24th - St. John’s the Baptist July 4th - Independence Day

Remember, You are the Image of York Rite, in particular, and Freemasonry, in general. Page 3

Sir Knight Jacob J. Krawiec Fifty Years As An Active Knight Templar By S.K. Marvin W. Gerhard, KCT, KYGCH, Right Eminent Past Grand Commander

The definition of active is: working, functioning, busy, participating. Jake was born August 16th, 1918. He grew up in a farm house built in the 1700's. As a young man he and his two brothers helped their dad work the farm. Working the farm was long hours and plenty of hard work. So Jake’s character was shaped early in life. During the great depression it was as many of you know very tough, but through hard work they persevered. A few years later they moved from the farm. Later his Dad opened a retail grocery store and Jake worked in it. When his dad decided to retire and move to Florida Jake bought the business from his father. Jake soon found out if he wanted to succeed he had to put in even longer hours than he did back on the farm. Jake kept the grocery store open from early morn until long after dark seven days a week. Year in and year out. Finally after WWII he sold the business and moved to Florida. At first he settled on the East coast, but a couple of years later he visited Indian Rocks Beach which is on the West Coast. He liked what he saw and stayed. However he needed a job. Jake was very fortunate when he secured employment with the United States Postal Service. It was through the postal service he made many friends, several of whom were masons. Then in 1955 Jake petitioned Star Lodge Number 72 in Largo and his Masonic career began. Jake joined Clearwater Chapter number 45 and Clearwater Council number 34 in the fall of 1958 and in January 1959 he was knighted in Springtime Commandery U.D. stationed at Dunedin. Then at the annual conclave of the Grand Commandery Knights Templar in May of 1959 Springtime Commandery number 40 was granted their charter. As Jake was progressing through the line at Star Lodge he also was a line officer in Clearwater Chapter number 45 and Springtime Commandery. When the Post Master decided to take an extended vacation Jake was given the title "assistant to the Postmaster." Later he became the "Assistant Postmaster." He also met a very pretty girl named Florence. With the added responsibilities at the Post Office, and listening to Beamon Matheson (Recorder of Springtime Commandery) "not to let that pretty girl get away because she is really nice." Therefore a few years later Jake married that pretty little girl. As the Post Office grew so did the responsibilities. Jake was working longer hours with more and more pressure. With Jake being married to Florence and the Post Office was demanding more and more of his time Jake had a decision to make Lodge or Commandery. Jake was Senior Warden of Star lodge

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and recently the newly elected Captain General of Springtime. Jake chose Springtime. That year Springtime had earned the Jesse E. Ramsdell Trophy when the Commander Harry Martin asked the “Inspector General How did we earn the trophy? I didn't realize we were that good.” The Inspector General replied, "you weren't the others were worse." What a lesson in humility. Jake became Commander in 1968 and again they earned the Ramsdell Trophy. This time they were that good. The next year Jake was honored by being appointed the District Deputy Grand Commander of the Third Chivalric District. In September of 1974 I joined the York Rite. It was in the Spring of 1975 during the conferral of the Orders I met a Sir Knight that was very strict and demanding. Every word had to be exact. I later learned he was the director of work. When I got home that night I told Betsy about him. I wasn't sure I would like him. He expected you to do only good work and be proficient in what you did. In 1975 after 26 years with the Postal service Jake resigned due to health reasons. His doctors had told him if you want to live to see retirement you need to do so immediately. Thus his career with the Postal service ended, but his career in Templary did not. His health improved. In 1979 I was elected Commander of Springtime Commandery and this very strict, disciplined Sir Knight had the responsibility of teaching me the Order of the Temple. He made sure in conferring the work I dotted every “i” and crossed every “t.” He must have succeeded because the following three year Springtime earned the prestigious Jesse E. Ramsdell Trophy. This Sir Knight deserves all the credit. Thank You Jake. In 1980 Jake was the recipient of the Knight Templar Cross of Honor as presented by the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar of the United States of America. On several occasions Jake was asked if he would serve in the Grand Commandery line, but each time he graciously refused. Jake was appointed assistant Inspector General to Sir Knights Lester Smith, and James Ratcliffe and on more than one occasion Jake would fly to Cour de Lion (Pensacola) or some other distant Commandery, inspect them, and then fly home. Jake was again asked in 1984 to serve in the Grand Commandery line. Jake’s reply “Thank You I'm honored, but it would interfere with my retirement." When R.E. Past Grand Commander Joe Aspley became the Inspector General he asked Jake if he would again assist. Continuing to faithfully serve the Grand Commandery he accepted. Time and time again his knowledge was sought; and eventually Jake accepted the appointment to the station as the INSPECTOR GENERAL. He served four as assistant and six years as Inspector General. A total of ten years. I don't know of any other Sir Knight in recent memory serving as Inspector General that many years. In the early eighties Jake's experience and dedication to

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freemasonry was again in demand. Tampa Bay Lodge Number 252 was struggling. Since many of his friends were members of that Lodge and he was visiting on a regular basis he moved his membership from Star Lodge to Tampa Bay. Jake was elected master in 1988 and when rehearsals of Tampa Bay lodge fell on a rehearsal night of Springtime Commandery the brethren and Sir Knights rehearsed at the lodge from 7pm to 8:30 pm them traveled to the York Rite Temple and rehearsed from 9pm to 10 pm. That's dedication, and that is leadership. Jake was elected High Priest of Clearwater Chapter Number 45 in 1989 and later served as the Illustrious master of Clearwater Council Number 34. In 1989 Jake was given a "Lifetime Appointment" as "Aide to the Right Eminent Grand Commander." He traveled the entire state, throughout the southeast, and even to the Northeast serving Templary. He has fulfilled that responsibility all these years and continues to do so by being a true friend. Jake is a member of the Knights Cross of Honor. Red Cross of Constantine, and many other Allied and Appendant bodies. After fifty active years as a Knight Templar Jake is still assisting when called upon. He is still recognized as the authority when it comes to the work. It would be impossible for us to list all that he has done for the Masonic Fraternity in general i.e. assisting with the General Grand Chapter and the General Grand Council Triennial 1984-1987, the Grand Commandery of Florida as District Deputy Grand Commander, as the Inspector General, and as the Chairman of the Committee on Work. From January of 1959 to January of 2009 is fifty years. To be an active Sir Knight fifty years is truly remarkable, but then if you know Jake you know he is truly a remarkable person. Eminent Sir Knight Jake, We salute you!

From left to right: S.K. Bob Burleson, S. E. Department Commander - Grand Encampment, Lady Krawiec, S.K. Krawiec and S.K. Marvin Gerhard, Past Grand Commander of Florida

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Capitular Masonic Education Our fraternity emphasizes education as a integral part of a brother’s upbringing. In our previous issue , we provided a series of questions for a Capitular Mason to answer. We hope you were able to get the answers. Below are the answers to those questions In the Mark Master degree, to what book is the Bible open to? Matthew 20 In the Mark Master degree, what is the importance of the penny? Reading the above Biblical passage will give you the answer. In the Mark Master degree, what is the title of the Brother that presides in the East? Right Worshipful Master In the Mark Master degree, what two working tools are emphasized? The Chisel and Mallet. In the Mark Master degree, what completed the Temple? The Keystone The Grand Chapter Essential is to be in the possession of only three people. Who are they? High Priest, King and Scribe How much does a District Deputy Grand High Priest receive for his services? Chapter 10 states:”...10.02 District Deputies’ Allowances.-District Deputies shall be allowed the same mileage for the use of their automobiles in the performance of their duties as allowed by Grand Chapter when attending a Grand Convocation. They shall render their expense accounts to the Grand High Priest for approval, who in turn shall send them to the Grand Secretary for payment...”

What do the By-Laws of your Chapter say concerning conflicts arising from your Stated Convocations falling on certain special days. (Answer depends on your Local By-laws.) What officers are appointed by the High Priest of your Chapter? Those that are not elective position: Captain of the Host, Royal Arch Captain, Principal Sojourner, Chaplain, Masters of the Veils (3) and Sentinel. What is the penalty for conferring our degrees in any manner or form other than that prescribed in the Ritual and Regulations of this Grand Chapter? Chapter 37.01 (Deviation Forbidden) states: “...a. No deviation shall be permitted from the work outlined in the Ritual adopted by this Grand Chapter...” Any penalty deriving from this prohibition, you need to read the Florida Masonic Digest as Chapter 44 (Penal Matters) states: “... 44.01 Procedure and Regulations Adopted - The regulations of the Grand Lodge shall govern in all cases of charges and trials consequent upon such charges...” What are the duties of the Grand Historian? No duties are specified . If a Charter is refused to a Chapter Under Dispensation, what happens to its members in relation to their former Chapter? The following Sections (Chapter XIII, Section 9 and Section 11) indicate that once the Chapter under Dispensation receives its Charter, you become a members of that and cease to be a member of your former Chapter, unless they indicate they want to be plural members. Who has exclusive jurisdiction of Capitular Masonry in Florida? Grand Chapter of R.A.M. of Florida

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York Rite Masons Making A Difference By S. K. David A. Aponte

Florida York Rite Mason Editor

Rt. Exc. George Aladro

The Florida York Rite Mason will publish short interviews with York Rite Masons that have distinguished themselves and through their work influenced other Masonic Bodies. Our first interview was with Companion and Sir Knight George Aladro. He is a Past District Deputy of the Grand Lodge of F. & A.M. and of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Florida. He is a highly respected brother and companion in South Florida. He is currently a member of the Masonic Home Board of Trustees, its Subcommittees – Budget (Member) and Masonic Home Activities (Chairman), the Jurisprudence Committee and its Subcommittees - Appeals (member). He is also Vice-chairman of the Independent Living Facilities Committee. YRFMM – Companion Aladro, I congratulate you on your many accomplishments as a Mason within our jurisdiction. R. W. George Aladro – Thank you. I want to take this opportunity through this magazine to send fraternal greetings to all my Masonic Brethren, Companions and Sir Knights. YRFMM – As a member of the Blue Lodge, Grand Lodge, York Rite and other Appendant Bodies, what are your thoughts on Masonic Unity? R. W. George Aladro – Masonic Unity is paramount to all of our success, regardless of what Allied or Appendant Order we belong to. I highly recommend a close working relationship between all the members of the Masonic Family. We need to work on the many things we have in common, together we can make a larger impact in our communities, so that all of us can attract new members and better recognition among our fellow Americans. YRFMM – What do you consider as one of the most important things that need to be emphasized in our Masonic Bodies?

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York Rite Masons Making A Difference R. W. George Aladro – Masonic Education, whether Blue Lodge, York Rite, Scottish Rite, Shrine or any other body is something we are in need of. Today our members move too fast through positions of responsibilities that can make or break any organization. Education on how to run the bodies, from committees needed to budget, from real property maintenance to insurance, from member responsibility to officer duties. How to plan, organize, communicate, and bring to fruition the goals previously set. Remember that we can only make men better if we quench their thirst of knowledge, nurture their hunger to service their community. Further, we need to improve our public image in our communities; our buildings need to have their façade uplifted, to show a warm and inviting appearance to our neighbors and the neighborhood of which we need to be active in. Offering our building for neighborhood activities. In general be one with our community. We need to have in place programs and plans that can help our communities and more especially our Brethren in cases of natural disasters, with a helping hand for those that cannot because of infirmity or aged help themselves. Caring for those less fortunate than us has always been a trait of our Fraternity. YRFMM – Technology has made huge advances during the beginning of the twenty-first century. How would you visualize its use for Masonic purposes? R. W. George Aladro – Technology has made huge advances during the beginning of the twenty-first century. Well the first and most important factor of the technology offer today is in communication field. It may seem odd but when I read the history of our Lodges and Grand Lodge it seems that, we had better communication with the penny post card than we do today, with all the technology available. We live in a society of instant everything, and although we have the means of instant communication, we very seldom use it, to promote, communicate and advance our purposes as Freemasons. Education will show the importance of communication and the benefits it will bring to the Fraternity as a whole. There are other innovations that can be used to teach our Fraternity such as Power Point, ability to record educational material on CD’s, ease of mail merge, and massed e-mail. A great example of the use of this technology is this York Rite Magazine, which in a very short time has become a great vehicle of communication with a very nice appeal and well laid out material. This is the way this technology can be used with a positive impact.

Let York Rite Shine in ‘09 Page 9

York Rite Leadership By S.K. David A. Aponte, Grand Generalissimo

As the social and economical environment changes, our Lodges, Chapter, Councils and Commanderies need to adapt. Effective leadership is critical for success. When times are good, leading a Lodge or any Masonic Body is exciting. Resources are plentiful, the brethren are satisfied, and the opportunity to grow is everywhere. However, when conditions are challenging, the excitement and positive energy tend to weaken. The attendance and participation diminishes. This brings worries and fears and present a major challenge for leaders who want to keep their Masonic Bodies active. As the saying goes, “...Good leadership is good leadership, no matter what...” However, during difficult times, leadership skills become even more important. Some leaders might be able to keep a lodge going, but you need high-performing leaders to succeed in tough times. Even though, leaders that can control operating costs and conserve cash are needed, it is those leaders who see opportunity - and who will strive to seize that opportunity, remain committed to their lodges, and can transfer their own positive outlook to the brethren around them that are needed. These leaders will do the following: A. Create New Opportunities

• Review the Body’s strategy - Figure out which objectives is being met, which ones need more emphasis, and which ones you should reconsider or drop as the environment around you changes.

• Lead by example - Now, more than ever, the leader will need to lead 'from the front' by setting an example. Take personal responsibility. Actively pursue new members. Show that they are willing to make extra effort to commit to the Lodge’s success.

• Listen - One of the ways that leaders can improve their Lodges is by really listening to the brethren. Look for innovative ways to add value without adding costs,

• Implement a continuous improvement plan - Lead the way in building a culture of continuous improvement in members.

B. Commit to Your People

• Invest time in leadership skills training - Leadership is key to success. The better your leaders are, the better it is for you, your lodge, and Freemasonry.

• Be creative with membership development and retention.

• Build a motivating Lodge or Masonic Body - It's easy to focus too much on specific tasks and the bottom line, espe- cially at a time when resources are limited. As a leader, however, you can't let that stop you in finding ways to motivate your members.

• Treat the brethren fairly

• Provide useful work for which people are recognized Match people's skills and interests with the work you need done.

• Foster good relationships

C. Project Positive Energy

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Good leaders provide hope and vision. These two qualities can keep a Lodge going. People need someone they can trust, who is inspiring, and knows how to get things done.

Expect great things from your people - Within reason, the more you demand, the more opportunity you give people to perform, which can be highly motivating. However, don’t push too hard, and remember to communicate your expectations.

• Keep in touch with your people. The more they know you care, the more likely they are to respond to your call for action.

• Be visionary

• Take care of yourself - Respect your own feelings and emotions during difficult times. Where appropriate, share your concerns with people you trust, and build a network of people you can talk to, however work hard to remain upbeat - if you’re constantly worried, others will sense this. Masonic leadership during good times doesn’t has the challenges as during tough economical and social changes. Under the latter conditions. Masonic leadership must keep a sharp eye on their environment, prepare themselves fro change, support their Lodges, and project enthusiasm and energy. By remaining positive, supportive, committed, and looking for new opportunities, you, as a leader, can help your Masonic Body survive - and succeed - through the difficult times. Leadership performance is critical to organizational success, so use all of the assets available to you.

MASONIC PERSPECTIVE I Knelt Where Hiram Knelt By Unknown Author Contributed by M. I. P. G. M. George Malone Last night I knelt where Hiram knelt

My words are safe within his breast

And took an obligation,

As though within my own;

Today I’m closer to my God,

His hand forever at my back

And I’m a Master Mason.

To help me safely Home.

Tho’ hereto fore my fellow man

Good counsel whispers in my ear

Seemed each one like the other,

And warns of any danger;

Today I search each one apart,

By square and compass Brother now!

I’m looking for “my Brother.”

Who once would call me a stranger,

And, as I feel his friendly grip,

I might have lived a normal life

It fills my heart with pride;

And risen to distinctions

I know that while I’m on the square,

Without my Brother’s helping hand

That he is on my side.

And fellowship of Masons.

His footsteps on my errand go

But God who knows how hard it is

If I should such require;

To resist life’s Temptations,

His prayers will plead in my behalf

Knows why I knelt where Hiram knelt

If I should so desire.

And took that obligation.

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York Rite Masons of the Year The names of many honorable and distinguished York Rite Masons are mentioned and awarded the several honors given at our annual Grand York Rite Convention. While their contributions to the Capitular, Cryptic or Chivalric Masonry are well deserving of theses honors, there are many other York Rite Masons who diligently labor in the quarries but are never mentioned nor nominated. This prompted your Grand York Rite Communications Committee to recognize the hard work done by these unsung workers. We requested each local York Rite Bodies to nominate one Companion/Sir Knight whose contribution and work has greatly helped their local York Rite Bodies during 2008. We only received five nominations. We hope the local York Rite Bodies will submit the nomination of their local York Rite Mason for the 2009 York Rite Mason of the Year. Let us recognize the invaluable contribution those unsung Companions / Sir Knights help our local York Rite Bodies strive and improve the several areas we work in. Now here are the 2008 York Rite Masons of the Year:

Companion/Sir Knight C. Alan Walls Ocala York Rite Bodies

Companion/Sir Knight Walls has been a York Rite Mason since 1998. He is very active and was elected as High Priest and Illustrious Master , 2005 and 2004, respectively. He is currently the Commandery’s Captain General. He has served as District Deputy Grand High Priest during 2006-2007. He was the Grand Chapter’s Grand Chaplain during 2008-2009. He was District Deputy in the 19th Masonic District during 2007-2008. He is the coordinator of the Ocala York Rite Bodies’ main charity fund-raiser, the Rose Charity Ball which is celebrated each February in Ocala. He was awarded the Gold Key in 2009. Companion/Sir Knight C. Alan Walls has been an asset to the Ocala York Rite Bodies.

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2008 York Rite Masons of the Year

Companion/Sir Knight James B. Hunt Jr. St. Augustine York Rite Bodies Companion/Sir Knight J. B. Hunt, Jr. is an leader in both the York Rite and Blue Lodge. He has been a York Rite Mason since 1977. He is well respected by all his Blue Lodge and York Rite Brethren. He’s presently the Treasurer of the St. Augustine York Rite Bodies and the Northeast York Rite College #114. He has been District Deputy of the Grand Council and Grand Commandery . He is currently the District Deputy Grand Master of the 13th Masonic District. He is a holder of the Gold Key Award, the Ish Sodi Award and the Grand Commandery’s Meritorious Award. He is the Grand Chapter representative to Maryland.

Most Exc. H. Warren Almand, Jr. Mariana York Rite Bodies An active York Rite leader since 1983. He A well-respected Mason, he’s presently the Secretary / Recorder of the Marianna York Rite Bodies. He has served as head of each local York Rite Body and District Deputy for all 3 Grand York Rite Bodies. He reached the highest office in Capitular Masonry in 2003 as Grand High Priest. He is currently the Blue Lodge representative to several Blue Lodges. Besides his labors in the Blue Lodge and York Rite, he is active in several Appendant York Rite Bodies. He is currently the Personal Representative of the Convent General K.Y.C.H. for Florida.

Companion/Sir Knight Raymond L. Duvall Pensacola York Rite Bodies A very active York Rite Mason since March 1975. He has advanced through the lines as High Priest in 1983, Illustrious Master in 1980 and Eminent Commander in 1988. He actively participates in various the degrees and orders.

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Companion/Sir Knight Albert Hadigian Ft. Pierce York Rite Bodies Companion/Sir Knight Hadigian affiliated with the Ft. Pierce York Rite Bodies in 1999. He continued with his Connecticut York Rite work ethics and has served Florida York Rite Masonry in many ways. He is the chief organizer and cook for the RARA Table Chapter, the CMMRF Table Council, The St. Lucie Commandery’s Easter and Christmas Observances. He not only does all the cooking and menu planning, but does most of the setup, cleanup and tear down for these major events. Albert is the Prelate/Chaplain for our bodies and provides us with this important function for all of our meetings. He is one of our major CMMRF supporters. He also is a strong supporter of the Blue Lodges in district 30. He provides Good of the Order instruction at each M&W meeting and plays music at almost all Degrees at four different Lodges in our District. He was appointed the Grand Organist of the Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters of Florida.

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They also have Chapeau cases, Malta and Red Cross Jewels, swords and belts.

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NEWS ACROSS THE STATE Gainesville Antient Craft Table Chapter Convocation By Rt. Exc. Corbin Elliot, Florida York Rite Magazine Correspondent Gainesville Chapter No. 2 of Royal Arch Masons held their Semiannual Antient Craft Table Chapter Convocation at the Gainesville Shrine Club on Tuesday, March 17, 2009. The High Priest of Gainesville Chapter, Exc.. Daniel Williams, stated : “He was happy for an excellent turnout and Capitular fellowship.” He also indicated the newly exalted Companions were impressed by the ceremonies and speeches. The Grand High Priest and Grand Line Officers were received in due form. The guest speaker for the evening was Rt. Exc. George Aladro (Past District Deputy Grand High Priest 2000-2001) one of the candidates for the Grand South of the M. W. Grand Lodge F. & A. M. of Florida. Included here are a few photos from the evening. The first picture, upper left, show the Grand Line Officers being received. From left to right in their red coats, were: M. Ex. Companion Harvey L. Ward, Past Grand High Priest, Rt. Ex. Companion Darryl A. D’Angina, Grand King, Rt. Ex. Companion Daniel Williams, District Deputy Grand High Priest, and M. Ex. Companion James Rudman, Grand High Priest of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Florida. The second photo, middle right, shows the speaker for the evening, R. W. Brother and R. Ex. Companion George Aladro, KYCH. The third photo shows M. Ex. Companion James Rudman, Grand High Priest, addressing the Table Chapter Convocation.

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NEWS ACROSS THE STATE Gainesville’s Pilgrim Commandery No. 7 Knights Eight By S. K. Corbin P. Elliott, Correspondent

ville Chapter No. 2. They completed the journey on March 7th, with the conferral of the Order of Malta and Order of the Temple in Pilgrim Commandery No. 7, K.T. Pictured here are the new Sir Knights seen kneeling and standing in the front row, with the officers of Pilgrim Commandery No. 7 and Order of the Temple cast on the side and in back of them. Kneeling in front was new Sir Knight Kenneth D. Adams. Standing from left to right in the first row were new Sir Knights: Larry Hartfield, Dan Joyce, Bernard “Bud” Kirley, William Ogle, Tom Partin, Paul Christenson, Tom Cox, and S.K. Darryl A. D’Angina, KYCH, OPC, R.E.G.K. of the Grand Chapter R.A.M. of Florida.

On Saturday, March 7, 2009, Pilgrim Commandery No. 7 dubbed and created eight new Knights Templar. The new Sir Knights began their journey in the York Rite on February 3rd, when they received the Mark Master Mason and Past Master Degrees of the R.A.M. Chapter in Gaines-

Shown standing from left to right in the back rows were Sir Knights: Jay Ebbling, David H. Elder, Captain General; Frank F. Camacho, PC, DDGC, District No. 8; behind Frank and w/o Chapeau, was Harvey L. Ward, Sr., OPC, KYGCH, MEPGHP; Dennis E. Haskins, PC; Charles T. Jones, Generalissimo, William H. Schreiber, KYCH; and Morton Wolfson. Also taking part in the Chivalric Orders but not pictured here were Sir Knights: Lloyd Wilkerson, KYCH, Corbin P. Elliott, OPC, KYCH, KCT; George Reinhart, and Wayne Thigpen, KYCH, PDDGC, PDDGHP.

Celestial Lodge Companion / Sir Knight CHARLES F. GOEHLE JR.

By S. K. Bill Horacio, Correspondent

Companion & Sir Knight Charles F. Goehle, Jr., age 90, of Lehigh Acres,FL passed away Saturday, January 10, 2009 in his home surrounded by his loving family. He was a loving husband to Frances "Peggy" Goehle, and the late Betty E. Goehle. Mr. Goehle was a very active member of the Masonic Fraternity. He was a Past Master of Lehigh Acres Lodge twice, High Priest of Poinciana Chapter, Master of Fort Myers Council and served twice as Eminent Commander of Fort Myers Commandery. He was honored with the title of Knight of the York Cross of Honor in 1981, He also served as District Deputy in all four York Rite Bodies, earning the rarely conferred title of "Four Winged Chicken" in 1991. Charles and his son Paul owned and operated Alva Air Conditioning for many years. In lieu of flowers, contributions were asked to be made to Hope Hospice or to the Knights Templar Eye Foundation.

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Sunshine Commandery No. 20 Visits Gulf Beach Lodge No. 291 By S. K. Ralph Vaughan, Contributor On April 2/2009, four Sir Knights from Sunshine Commandery #20 visited Gulf Beach Lodge 291, located on Maderia Beach, Florida to present an Americanism Program to the brothers in attendance. The program took about 25 minutes,with each Sir Knight taking a part. Sir Knight Ralph Vaughn, Eminent Commander started off by giving a brief account of the Inauguration of George Washington. Sir Knight Harry Klaus, Generalissimo spoke on the fact that fifteen of our past Presidents were Freemasons, and at least fifty of the fifty-six signers of the Declaration of Independence were also Freemasons. The fate of those fifty-six signers of the Declaration was given by Sir Knight Anthony Griffon, Captain General and how they pledged their lives for the freedom they believed in. Lastly, Sir Knight Donald Harriott, Recorder, related the story of the Masons and the Boston Tea Party, and concluded with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America as recited by Brother Red Skelton on his T.V. show. Also in attendance from Sunshine Commandery were Sir Knights Stan Szemer and David Webster. Sir Knight Paxton Mendelssohn, KCT from Middletown Commandery No. 71, Middeltown Ohio and Sir Knight John Carey from California. Photo:L-R Donald Harriott....Anthony Griffon....Harry Klaus...Ralph Vaughn...Shawn Rae, Worshipful Master Gulf Beach Lodge 291 F&AM

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Several Sir Knights from Damascus Commandery No. 2, Knights Templar in Jacksonville joined Masonic Brothers from Ribault Lodge No. 272, their families and hundreds of other worshipers at the annual outdoor Easter Sunrise Service at Jacksonville Beach on Sunday, April 12, 2009. The Brothers from Ribault Lodge with assistance from the DeMolay, Masonic young ladies groups, the Boy Scouts, Sea Scouts and their leaders provided hot coffee and donuts to the residents and visitors arriving as early as 45 minutes ahead of the 6:30 A.M. start time to get a place and listen to the music. It was an ecumenical service conducted jointly by the Ponte Vedra United Methodist Church, Community Presbyterian Church, St. Paul’s Catholic Church, and Sunrise Worship Center of Jacksonville Beach, through the Beaches Ministerial Association. Eight stalwart Sir Knights in uniform assisted other ushers in handing out programs and taking up the offertory collection. Following the beautiful service as the sun rose over the beach, many gathered at Ribault Lodge just five or six blocks away for breakfast. Pictured here were six Sir Knights assembled before the service began. Shown, left to right, were Corey D. Kosciuszko, Sentinel, Damascus Commandery No. 2; Corbin P. Elliott, KYCH, KCT, DDGC District 7, Grand Commandery of Florida; Samuel D. Hope, Commander, Damascus Commandery No. 2; C. Robert Cooper, PC, PDDGC, DDI, Grand Commandery of Florida; Lewis E. Duffey, Generalissimo, Damascus Commandery No. 2; and Leland E. Stanford, III, PC, PDDGC, Grand Commandery, K.T. of Florida. Other Sir Knights present in uniform, but not pictured here were William H. McClean, PC, Prelate of Damascus Commandery No. 2, and S.K. Dwight Hambosky.

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The Jacksonville York Rite Spring Festival Class, named in honor of Most Excellent Companion Darryl A. D’Angina, Most Excellent Grand High Priest of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Florida, received the Chapter degrees on Thursday and Friday, April 16th and 17th, and were exalted as Royal Arch Masons on April 17, 2009. They received the Cryptic degrees and Chivalric Orders on Saturday, April 18, 2009. Pictured below are the new Royal Arch Masons with most Excellent Companion Darryl A. D’Angina and the R.A.M. degree team at the Jacksonville York Rite Temple, after their exaltation on Friday, April 17, 2009. Seated, from left to right, in the first row were new RAM Companions: Kimbal Hutchinson, Kevin Matthews, and John A. Bacon; M. E. Companion Darryl A. D’Angina, KYGCH, OPC, M.E.G.H.P. of the Most Excellent Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Florida; and new Companions William L. Russell, Steven Wagner, and George Diamond. Shown standing, left to right, in the second row were: Wilmer T. Atwell, PHP, PDDGM; Corey D. Kosciuszko, M.2nd V; Hardin A. Goff; C. Robert Cooper, PHP, DDGM, PDDGC, PDDGHP, Ex.GM 1st Veil; Quinnie R. Williams, Sr., KYCH; Frank E. Kleese, Sr., PM, M.3rd V; Jimmy A. Dorsey, Conductor of Council; and A. Eugene Yarborough, PHP, PDI. Seen standing, from left, in the back row were: John A. Bovier, III, KYCH; Charles F. Erle, PHP; John A. Block, M.1st V.; and Rudin J. Boatright, Excellent High Priest of Jacksonville Chapter No. 12, R.A.M. The Chivalric Orders were conferred on Saturday, April 18, 2009, by Damascus Commandery No. 2, and Crusader Commandery No. 44, with the assistance of Sir Knights from St. Augustine No. 10, Pilgrim No. 7 and others. Shown below are the newly knighted Sir Knights, with the Commandery Officers and cast after the conferral of the Order of the Temple on Saturday afternoon. Seated, left to right, in the first row were new Sir Knights: George Diamond, and Kevin Matthews; Corbin P. Elliott, KYCH, KCT, DDGC District 7 of the Grand Commandery, K.T. of Florida; and new Sir Knights John A. Bacon, Steven Wagner, and Kimbal Hutchinson. Standing in the second row, from left were: Charles Robert Cooper, PC, PDDGHP, DDGM, PDDGC, DI, Recorder, Damascus Commandery No. 2; Burt F. Maguire, PC, KTCH, Recorder, St. Augustine Commandery No. 10; Wilmer T. Atwell, PDDGM, CG, Damascus Commandery No. 2; Quinnie Williams, Sr., KYCH; Charles T. Jones, Generalissimo, Pilgrim Commandery No. 7; Earnest Beeman, KYCH, PDDGHP, PDDGM, PDDGC; Robert Gagnon, KYCH; and Jimmy A. Dorsey, Std. B., Damascus Commandery. Standing, from left in the third row, were: J. B. Hunt, KYCH; PDDGM, PDDGC; Paul H. Gegenheimer, J.W., Damascus

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Let York Rite Shine in ‘09

NEWS ACROSS THE STATE Commandery; Frank T. Camacho, PC, PDDGC, District 8; and Corey D. Kosciuszko, Sentinel, Damascus Commandery No. 2. Recognized in the back row, were: Samuel D. Hope, Commander, Damascus Commandery No. 2; Darryl A. D’Angina, KYGCH, OPC, PDDGHP, PDDGC, REGHP of the Grand Chapter, RAM of Florida; Leland E. Stanford, III. The Cryptic Degrees were conferred at the Jacksonville York Rite Festival on Saturday, April 18th, by Hallmark Council No. 3, R. & S. M. Shown here were the new Royal & Select Masters with the Officers and degree team after the conferral of the Select Master Degree. Pictured standing in the first row, left to right were new Companions: Kimbal Hutchinson, George Diamond, and Kevin Matthews; Right Illustrious Companion M. Daniel Fullwood, R.I. Grand Principal Conductor of Work of the Grand Council, R. & S. M. of Florida; and new Companions John A. Bacon and Steven Wagner. Seen, in the second row were: William P. Goldwire; Ernest Beeman, KYCH, PDDGHP, PDDGM, PDDGC; and A. Eugene Yarborough, PIM, PDI. Recognized in the back row, were: Charles E. Middleton, Illustrious Master, Hallmark Council No. 3, R.& S.M., PDDGC; Leland E. Stanford, III, PC, PDDGC; Alexander E. Constant, Jr., EC, Crusader Commandery; Zeb Turner, III, EHP, Nassau Chapter, CG, Crusader Commandery; and Ed Constant, Crusader Commandery.


At the Grand York Rite Convention of Florida Grand Banquet on Sunday, April 5, 2009, Charles Robert Cooper, D.D.G.M., District #7 of the Grand Council R. & S. M., was named 2008 Cryptic Mason of the Year in Florida. At the Grand Banquet, attended by R.A.M. Chapter, R. & S. M. Council, and Commandery members and guests, then Most Illustrious Grand Master, now M. I. Past Grand Master Dencel R. Smith, called up Illustrious Companion Charles R. Cooper and his lady to the head table, where he was presented with the Cryptic Mason of the Year award. Illustrious Companion Cooper is from Hallmark Council No. 3 R. & S. M. in Jacksonville. Pictured above at the presentation were from left to right, M. I. Companion Douglas Slotow, Southeastern Regional Deputy General Grand Master; Most Illustrious Companion Dencel R. Smith, MIPGM, of the M.I. Grand Council Royal & Select Masters of Florida; Illustrious Companion Charles R. Cooper and Mrs. Charles R. (Clare) Cooper.

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2009-2010 District Meeting Information for Grand Chapter & Grand Commandery Friday 5/08/2009 - District 3 Tampa York Rite Masonic Center 4210 W. Oklahoma Ave Tampa 33616

Tuesday 6/09/2009 - District 4 Lakeland York Rite Temple 1106 East Main St. Lakeland 33801

Saturday 6/20/2009 - District 1

Harmonia Lodge No. 138 1896 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd. West Palm Beach 33409 (The Grand Commander’s Homecoming is after the District Meeting)

Tuesday 9/01/2009 - District 8

R.T. Schafer Lodge No. 350 2505 N.E. 9th Street Gainesville 32609

Thursday 9/24/2009 - District 5

Eola Masonic Lodge 3200 E. Grant Street Orlando 32806

Thursday 10/01/2009 - District 7

Jacksonville York Rite Bodies 1237 S. McDuff Ave. Jacksonville 32205

Thursday 10/08/2009 - District 6

Harbor City Lodge No. 318 1715 Avocado Ave Melbourne 32935 (A Table Council will be held and the Grand Council will be participating)

Monday 11/09/2009 - District 10

Pensacola York Rite Complex 189 W. Airport Blvd. Pensacola 32505

Thursday 11/12/2009 - District 2

Sarasota Lodge 2160 Main Street Sarasota 34237

Monday 2/08/2009 - District 9

Jackson Lodge No. 1 2818 Apalachee Pkwy. Tallahassee 32301

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York Rite Leadership Assimilating New Templars Into Our Ranks By S. K. HENRY A. ADAMS, Eminent Grand Senior Warden Chairman, Membership Committee

Over the past several months we have discussed, how to talk to prospective York Rite Members, what people want in an organization, even what drives them away from a group. Once we have their petition and elect them in our Bodies, what next?.

Assimilation of each new Templar should start when he is elected to become a member of our Order. Notification of his election should be given to him immediately. He should be congratulated by his Templar friends and assured of the wisdom of his course of action. He should be given the dates at once for receiving the degrees and the Orders of Knighthood. Some Past Commander or other highly qualified Sir Knight should be assigned by the Eminent Commander to act as his counselor from that time on. His advance to the Order of the Temple should be the signal for special notice to his Templar friends of the time of his Knighting. The evening of the Knighting should become one that he will never forget. Here is the time and place when important and lasting impressions will be made. .If the work is done in a dignified and exalted manner, he will respond - as thousands have done before him - and become deeply impressed. If the work is done in a careless manner, he will be forever lost to our cause. The ritualistic work should be programmed in such a way that there be no lost motion or wasted time. Everything should be well timed. A “stage manager” should be selected whose sole job is to see that the work moves smoothly and without gaps. The ritualistic work deserves the assignment of the best and most talented ritualists available. After all, it is the candidate who is the most important one to consider, and he is entitled to the best exemplification the Commandery can provide. After his Knighting, the new Templar should be warmly welcomed by every Sir Knight in the Asylum, and made to “feel at home” at once. He should be given some small assignment - no matter how small - so that he will return to the Asylum at the very next Knighting, when he can live over again the beautiful work in which he has participated. From that time on his Mentor should give him instructions about the customs and traditions of the Order. He should “take him under his wing” until he is thoroughly oriented. The follow-up process cements this fine relationship and secures his continued interest and involvement in the York Rite Bodies. If there is a drill corps in the Commandery, he should be invited to join. The sooner the newly knighted Templar learns how to handle his sward and tactics, the better member he will become. The early days and weeks of membership will often be decisive as to whether the new Sir Knight will take an active interest in Templar activities, or become absorbed in other affairs and fail to come back. Many Commanderies, at the time of the Knighting, will present a new Templar with one or more of the following: A membership certificate, a Knight Templar Lapel pin, an up to date roster and a calender of upcoming events.

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York Rite Leadership A special supplement entitled “New Member Packet” has been developed by the Grand Encampment Membership Committee that can assist you. Each of us has heard of the old “trap doors” created by building architects of the past. They were hinged platforms hidden in inconspicuous locations within the floor, and with the slightest tug of a pin, chain or rope, the person standing on the “trap door” would disappear from sight, and fall into a pre-determined chamber. They may have become prisoners and faced cruel torture, but generally were never seen again.

Are Chapters, Councils and Commanderies ready to properly introduce these new Companions and Sir Knights to our history and our heritage? Will this information stimulate these new Sir Knights to return to the Asylum, and want to become actively engaged in our travels, or will they fall through the “trap door” never to be heard from again. Recruiting new members for any fraternity is hard work. It requires time, and resources committed to a single purpose. But new Sir Knights can be lost in a heartbeat if they are not properly and personally welcomed and assimilated into the fraternity by its leadership. After the knighting, but before they return home, they need to be given a “new member packet” with their name on it by the Eminent Commander. What information should be contained in the information packet? The answer to what should be contained in this packet of information is endless, but here are a few suggestions that should be mandatory: 1. A personal letter of congratulations and welcome to the new Sir Knights signed by the Eminent Commander preferably on Commandery stationary. This letter should contain information on Stated Meetings, and invite him to attend the next one. A letter from the Grand Commander would be ideal if logistically possible. 2. A list of the Officers of the local Chapter, Council and Commandery along with their addresses both telephone and “cell phone” numbers and e-mail addresses. Include the names of their spouses. 3. A summary of special activities of that Commandery that may have become traditions and part of its local heritage: annual events, Quarterly events, Special Holiday events and planned events. Mention activities like trips , picnics, cookouts, festivals, parades and celebrations, that include the ladies and the entire family. Encourage them to attend and bring a friend. 4. History of your local York Rite Bodies: the dates of their Charters, the size of its membership, how many live out of state, how long have you met in the current building, interesting stories from you history, Public or Fraternal leaders (past and present) that are proud members. Include the ladies as they too may have assumed key leadership roles in selected organizations. This is a time to promote your long history. 5. List the names of any Masonic “Youth Groups” that may meet locally, and the names of the leaders along with their telephone numbers. Many new Sir Knights may have children or grandchildren who might fit the age criteria to belong. If not, at least give them a summary of the purpose of the organization. Informational brochures are available locally for DeMolay, Jobs Daughters, and Order of the Rainbow Girls.

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York Rite Leadership 6. A History of the glorious Knights Templar, and its evolution into the fraternity we now belong. The Grand Encampment Office publishes a list of the information that is currently available. It is distributed to each Grand Recorder and to the Officers of each Grand Commandery. 7.

A summary of the Philanthropies of each of the Bodies.

8. A description of the Knights Templar Education Foundation describing the scholarship program available to qualifying students. 9.

A Commandery or York Rite dues card with the new Sir Knights name on it.

As you know, we now live in an information age. People are busy, live in the fast lane, and are pressed for time. They want to participate in organizations if it is worth their time, and experience a sense of fulfillment by belonging. The sharing of information and knowledge is critical to making new Knights Templar and their family feels welcomed in a new fraternal order. Think about it. It’s the right thing to do. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Perhaps you’ll be starting a new tradition, but you will have eliminated the invisible “trap door”. You will also be displaying leadership, and retaining new members. Don’t talk about it, just do it! Don’t take a vote, just do it! Take charge. Make it happen. We cannot hope to build our membership if we cannot provide weekend degree programs within a reasonable time period and distance. One or two Sir Knights should visit the other Commanderies within your District and discuss ways in which this can be accomplished. Each Commandery should provide the teams for two or three different degrees. If this cannot be accomplished within the district, pursue an neighboring district, until all degrees are filled. Finally, a set date and location each year should be established well in advance so candidates can properly plan. If Scottish Rite and the Shrine can do it, and they are successful, we should also.

Knights Templar SWORD CASE 100% Leather

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 3650 RCA Boulevard Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410 (561) 627-2100 phone

Time: 7:00 PM Good Food and Great Entertainment

Price $35.00 per person Reservation and payment must be received before June 12, 2009

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RSVP – John Allen 561-588-8686 Make check payable to: Let York Rite Shine in ‘09 Palm Beach Commandery 1896 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd. West Palm Beach, FL 33409

  

  




  


                                  







     


      •   •   •   

 

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By S.K. David A. Aponte, Grand Generalissimo

On Saturday, March 21, hundreds of Floridian Masons visited the Masonic Home as part of Pilgrimage Day. Booths, arts and crafts, car exhibit show and bluegrass music complemented the day. A group of Masonic bikers, Widow’s Sons, presented a donation for our Masonic Home to our Grand Master, M.W. Joe Fleites. There are pictures of the remodeled cafeteria, it’s a cafeteria that doesn’t like a cafeteria. The pictures on the cafeteria will show why. The environment and care given at the Masonic Home makes me proud to be a Floridian Mason. The following pictures and their captions will give you a summary of what went on during Pilgrimage Day.

Diverse booths , Arts and Crafts and Vendors, lined up to show and offer their best and to visitors .

The Deputy Grand Master, R.W. Dale Goehrig, is having a hard time deciding what to buy.

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A craftsman from the Quarries. His specialty, wooden pen bodies. His work was very impressive and of quality.

Everyone, even those attending the booths, are enjoying a beautiful day.


M.W. Joe Fleites receives a donation for the Masonic Home from a group of Masonic bikers.

M.W. Joe Fleites and R.W. Dale Goehrig at the Car Show/Exhibit award ceremony.

There are two prominent Masons in this picture talking about their retirement at the Masonic Home. Can you guess who they are? (Hint - they’re sitting in the second bench) R.W. Ron Newton, Senior Grand Steward is the person responsible for the success of Pilgrimage Day.

Bluegrass music brings out the best foot stomping in everyone. The music entertained all those present.

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The Car Show was diverse. All the vehicles were wellmaintained and show-quality.

Some of the corners of the cafeteria are well decorated. Giving a home environment to the same.

This is a the remodeled cafeteria. A clean and eyeenjoyable environment.

One section is set up for a resident’s family gathering.

Remember, You are the Image of York Rite, in particular, and Freemasonry, in general. Page 30

Do you have a computer? Are you connected to the Internet? If you answered YES to the above questions, then....

Have you visited the Florida Grand York Rite website? York Rite Information in Florida

Events in our jurisdiction, News, Festival Dates, etc. Remember this is your website for York Rite information.

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York Rite University By Exc. Robert “Bob” Cooper, Master of the 1st Veil

The 2009 York University Weekend Leadership Retreat will be held at the Marriott Hotel in Lake Mary on July 31, August 1 & 2. Please take immediate action and return the form as soon as possible to assure that there will be room for you at this important training session. We have limited room accommodations, so it will be first-come-first served until the deadline of June 24, 2009 or we fill up, whichever comes first. The Retreat will provide a fast paced and detailed course of instruction, which will include "break-out" sessions designed to facilitate team-building exercises. The programs are practical and will provide you with specific steps you can follow to achieve success in leading your local Bodies. A Workbook will be provided to you and your lady at the Retreat, and is included in the registration price. The sessions begin at 6:30 p.m. Friday and end at noon Sunday. We encourage you to get the approval of your Bodies to attend this Retreat, so please take positive action at your next Stated Meeting to do so. It is important that you include your lady in your registration, as there will be training for her as well. This is an approved Grand York Rite Program, and as such it is appropriate that your Bodies help cover the expenses of both you and your lady to attend the Retreat if they can. Please feel free to make copies of the Registration Form for use by any other officers who wish to attend, including all Chapter, Council, and Commandery officers and members. In order to enable the Grand Bodies to obtain meeting rooms and excellent rates for everyone, it was necessary to reserve thirty rooms for the Retreat. Therefore, we must require that each person who registers also have a hotel room, no matter how close they may live to the Retreat facility. This ensures that each York Rite Body is treated equally and that everyone can share in the economies. To those who say, "Masons can’t afford first-class corporate-style training," I ask you to share the vision and help keep York University flying! If you believe you cannot afford it, please do not discourage those who can and will. I look forward to greeting each of you at the 2009 Retreat!

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York Rite University


JUNE 24, 2009

Name (for certificate)____________________________________________________________________ Name (for badge)_______________________________________________________________________ Mailing address _________________________________________________________________________ City & Zip _____________________________________________________________________________ E-mail ________________________________________________________________________________ Home Phone __________________________Busn. or Cell Phone ________________________________ Lady’s Name (for certificate)______________________________________________________________ Lady’s Name (for badge)__________________________________________________________________ Body name & number ____________________________________________________________________ Years a Comp/Sir Knight _____ Age _____ Offices held _______________________________________ Make Hotel Reservations at: 1-800-380-7724------- Request York University rate $86.00 + tax=$96.32

Registration fee: $50 individual----$75.00 per couple Includes Saturday /Sunday Breakfast & Admin Costs Lunch Saturday on your own—NO BANQUET SCHEDULED

PLEASE…Register ASAP in order to meet hotel room requirements. Mail this form and a check payable to “Grand York Rite Bodies” to York Rite, 1237 S McDUFF AVE., JACKSONVILLE FL 32205-8050 More information? Call 904-742-0471 or E-Mail to

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Glimpses from the Grand York Rite Convention

Pictures by S.K. Bill Horacio

Grand Commandery Of K. T. of Florida - Grand Line, District Deputies and District Instructors

Can you name each of the Sir Knights in the pictures? The Southeastern Department Commander and Past Grand Commander of Florida, S.K. Bob Burleson, acting as Installing Marshall escorts our incoming 2009 - 2010 Grand Commander, S.K. Ideal Baldoni II. The Ladies of the S.O.O.B. formed an Honor Guard. Behind the incoming Grand Commander is the Deputy Grand Commander, S.K. Charles “Chic� Cicero.

S.K. Ideal Baldoni II is pictured here with the Grand Encampment Grand Line Officers: the Right Eminent Deputy Grand Master, S. K. David D. Goodwin (on the left), S. K. Bob Burleson, Southeastern Department Commander, and S.K. Sid C. Dorris (on the extreme right), Right Eminent Grand Generalissimo.

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Glimpses from the Grand York Rite Banquet Pictures by S.K. Bill Horacio

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Glimpses from the Grand York Rite Banquet Pictures by S.K. Bill Horacio

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Glimpses from the Grand York Rite Banquet Pictures by S.K. Bill Horacio

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IN GOD WE TRUST CAMPAIGN By S. K. David A. Aponte, Grand Generalissimo

When we began our Masonic journey, we professed before all present our trust in God in all our daily doings. By federal law, the motto of our country is “In God We Trust”. Some in our society doesn’t seem to like this. Using the legal principle of separation of church and state, they have begun to erode some of the values upon which this great nation was built. The state of Florida has issued a new license plate in October 2008 with the motto “In God We Trust”. I got mine in March 2009. This made me think, how this would be a great way to show Floridians in whom Masons place their trust in. This is the main reason I begin this campaign. I am rerquesting all my Masonic Brethren, Companions and Sir Knights when it’s time to change their license plate , to request this new license plate. Besides, there’s no additional cost for this. You will pay the same amount that you regularly pay for a plate with the inscription “Sunshine State”. We now have the opportunity to show in whom we place our trust and reaffirm our belief in our Supreme Grand Master. Brethren, Companions and Sir Knights, I hope you can join me in this campaign and help bring this message to your local Masonic bodies (Blue Lodge, local York Rite Bodies, Scottish Rite valleys, etc.). Let us all show Florida our Masonic belief in God. Brethren, Companions or Sir Knights, if you take this message to Masonic Bodies in your area, please e-mail me to see how far this cable-tow can go. God bless.

The Florida York Rite Mason Grand York Rite Bodies of Florida P. O. Box 2740 Lake Placid, FL 33862-2740

Let York Rite Shine in ‘09 Official Quarterly E-Publication of the Grand York Rite Bodies of Florida

The Florida York Rite Mason Magazine Vol 3 Issue1  

Quarterly E-Magazine of the Grand York Rite Bodies of Florida - Ninth Issue.

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