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The conventional car has a very simple pricing system - you pay according to the horsepower, size, furnishing, and axle load, year of model or auxiliary fittings. The electric car follows a similar pricing structure but in a different way. With the EV, your price will depend on mainly the type of motor in use or the set of batteries the car is running on. Typically, a factory made EV will cost about $35,000 but many of the electric cars we see around are home made conversions. These are cars that once used gasoline and have been converted to electric. The price you pay for the electric car will depend on how you are going about the conversion. If you are buying a kit, then you may have to spend about $2200. This cost excludes other petty fittings that you may need to make the conversion complete. Some people would rather want to buy individual components and then fix them one by one. This approach would cost about $6000 but in the end you get exactly what will fit your car so there may be no extra cost. Choosing one motor type over the other can cause about 50% difference in your electric vehicle cost. AC conversions tend to be much expensive over their DC counterparts. The fact is AC motors provide better acceleration and higher power. The kind of car used for the conversion will also determine how much your cost will be. Some cars require small modifications to get the conversion done, others elaborate changes. The more changes you need, the more expensive the conversion becomes.

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==== ==== Download Electric Car Conversion Guides And Videos from the Below Link! ==== ====

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